Book Title: Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan in Sculptures and Architecture
Author(s): Kanchansagarsuri
Publisher: Aagamoddharak Granthmala
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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shree Aagamoddharak Granthmala Book No. 59 SHRI SHATRUNJAY GIRIRAJ DARSHAN IN SCULPTURES AND ARCHITECTURE A Scene of Beautiful Jain Temples on Giriraj Before 100 Years Author and Collection made by Aagamoddharak Shishu Acharya Kanchansagarsuri Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shree Aagamoddharak Granthmala Book No. 59 SHRI SHATRUNJAY GIRIRAJ DARSHAN IN SCULPTURES AND ARCHITECTURE Author and Collection made by Aagamoddharakshishu Acharya Kanchansagarsuri Publisher Aagamoddharak Granthmala, Kapadwanj. Vir Samvat 2508 Vikram Samvat 2038 A. D. 1982 Aagamoddharak Samvat 33 Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Books Available at: Dineshchandra Nagindas Parikh Bazar, Kapadwanj-387 620 Somchand D. Shah Babu Building, Palitana-364 270 (Saurashtra) Jagatchandra Sarabhai Nawab Mandvi Pole, Chhipamavji Pole, Ahmedabad-380 001. Shree Jainanand Pustakalay Gopipura, Surat-395 001. All rights reserved with the Publisher First Edition Copy 500 April 1982 (c) Printed in India Parts 1 to 3 by Creative Printers Private Limited Shree Industrial Mills Estate, Gomtipur, Ahmedabad-380 021 and Part 4 by Shree Parshva Printery 147, Tamboli Khancho, Doshivada Pole, Ahmedabad-380 001 and Published by Aagamoddharak Granthmala C/o. Ramanlal Jaychandbhai Shah Kapadwanj-387 620 Price Rs. 180/ Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DEDICATED TO LATE REVERED GURU AAGAMODDHARAK ACHARYA MAHARAJSHRI ANANDSAGARSURISWARJI Who was a perpetual flux of knowledge; Who was living dictionary of Aagam; Who made 'Aagam' understandable and interesting; and Who initiated knowledge to me. -- Kanchansagar Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Education Gl 1 zrI zatruMjya tIrAjapatine vaMdu sadA bhAvathI 1 I worship shree shatrunjay tirtharajpati with sincere heart. Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Publisher's Note PUBLISHER'S NOTE In 1954 A.D. (V.S. 2010) Shri Aagamoddharak Granthmala (Series) Trust was established with the advice of Aacharya Shri Manikyasagarsurishwarji who was chief disciple of the late Aagamoddharak Acharya Shri Anandsagarsurishwarji. The publication of "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan" in Gujarati was 58th in the series. We have also published 14 volumes of "Aagam Jyot". Acharya Maharaj Shri Kanchansagar authored the book "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan" in Gujarati, which serves as the base to the present book - 59th in the series and the first in English -- published by us. The manuscript of English was sent to the press and the proof-reading services were requested of Shri Rameshchandra Chunilal Vora. He asked for the Gujarati Volume. Comparing the two, he got confused and sought the help of his friends and received the blessings of the author, which together resulted in this new publication which is the transliteration. To enrich and beautify the present volume, all the photographs of the original text are included with additional information. About 500 inscriptions in Devanagari characters are also included in this book. Our Granthamala is a non-profit organisation. Most of the books are gifted out to donors. The suggested retail price is only an indication of the present day cost of publication. Shri Bachubhai Chunilal Shah, Manager of M/s. Creative Printers Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad has done a beautiful work of not only printing the matter and the photographs but also advised us with his constructive suggestions. We are indebted to him. We are also thankful to the author, compiler, editor, and transliterers. Please excuse us for any error in the book. V.S. 2038 A.D. 1982 Ramanlal Jaychand Shah For, Aagamoddharak Granthamala Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan FOREWORD I have great pleasure in introducing this valuable publication to the devout followers of Jainism as well as to the ardent lovers of Indian history, culture and archeology. Mt. Shatrunjay, situated in the eastern part of the peninsula of Saurashtra, ranks as one of the most sacred sites for the Jains. It is popularly regarded to be the most outstanding Jain place of pilgrimage in Gujarat. It is also known as Siddhachala (Mount of the Siddhas) and Giriraj (King of Mounts) on account of its religious sanctity. Mt. Shatrunjay is surmounted by a temple-city consisting of nine Toonks or groups of temples surrounded by a security wall each. They contain about one thousand temples enshrining more than eleven thousand icons in all. Jain tradition associates the mount with the visit of several Tirthankaras, Chakravartis, Ganadharas and renowned kings of hoary antiquity. In his "Shatrunjaya Mahatmya", Shri Dhaneshwarasuri narrates sixteen renovations of sacred sanctuaries on this mount. The work dates itself in V.S. 477 (420-21 A.D.), but it alludes to renovations dating as late as V.S. 1371 (1315 A.D.)! Traditional accounts of historical character can be traced back upto the early centuries of the Christian era. The extant architectural form of the temples on the mount can hardly be traced prior to the Chaulukya period (942-1304 A.D.). The extant epigraphic re. cords in the temples date from V.S. 1587 (1531 A.D.). Prabandha works of the Chaulukya and post-Chaulukya periods contain traditional and historical accounts about the construction and renovations of temples on Mt. Shatrunjay. "Pethada-rasa" and "Samara-rasa" narrate the restorations made by Pethada and Samara Shah in 1278 and 1315 A.D. respectively. Contemporary inscriptions record subsequent restorations made by Karmashah and Tejpal Soni in 1531 and 1594 A.D. respectively. Most of the other temples on Mt. Shatrunjay are built during the modern period. In modern times James Tod described Shatrunjay in his "Travels in Western India" (1839) and A. K. Forbes gave its brief traditional account in his "Ras Mala" (1856). VI Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Foreword The first systematic work on the art and architecture of Mt. Shatrunjay was contributed by Dr. James Burgess and published in 1869 along with 45 illustrations by Syxes and Dwyer. In 1888-89, Henry Cousens copied 118 inscriptions on Shatrunjay, 33 of which, dated V. S. 1587 to 1710, were edited by G. Buhler and published in Vol. II (1894) of "Epigraphia Indica", along with brief contents of the remaining ones. They were reproduced with revised notes by Muni Jinavijay in his "Prachina Jaina Lekha Sangraha - Part II" (1921). A few of them are also included in "Inscriptions of Kathiawad" (1944) edited by Shri D. B. Diskalkar. In his "Somanatha and Other Medieval Temples of Kathiawad" (1931), H. Cousens devoted a chapter to the temples on Mt. Shatrunjay. It gives an architectural and archeological treatment to the subject. A number of books on Mt. Shatrunjay are written and published in Gujarati for the general traveller and/or pilgrim. Panyas (now Acharya) Shri Kanchansagar Maharaj prepared a new work on Mt. Shatrunjay in Gujarati and got it published in Aagamoddharak Series, Kapadvanj, in 1979 A.D. In 22 chapters the author therein dealt with the religious sanctity of the hill, the religious rites and practices to be observed there and a list of the Jain sanctuaries on the hill. The work was enriched by 120 illustrations with introductory notes as well as by the text of about 500 inscriptions. The publication met with high appreciation by readers and it inspired the author to get it translated into English, so as to enable more readers to avail themselves of his valuable publication. The translators have rendered Part 1 of the Gujarati work into eight chapters with some omissions, abridgements and alterations in sequence. The first three chapters are of Mahatmya character. Chapter 4 gives a brief account of the sixteen renovations of Shatrunjay Tirtha as narrated in "Shatrunjaya Mahatmya" by Dhaneshwarasuri. In Chapter 5, the author describes the different phases of pilgrimage to the sacred sanctuaries on the hill. The chapter is appended by a table of Temples and Idols in the different Toonks and a table about the erectors and dates of the Toonks. Chapter 6 deals with various rituals on Shatrunjay. In Chapter 7, the author gives a list of outstanding architectural monuments on the hill. In the last chapter the learned author brings out some novel facts about the late origin of the road between Vaghanpole and Hasthipole as well as the original location of Shavasomji's Toonk. VII Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan The author was somehow inclined to be content with Part 1 in the English version. But I am happy to note that he readily agreed not only to incorporate Part II on Inscriptions in this publication but also to give the text of the Sanskrit inscriptions in Devanagari characters. This is a very valuable section of the work from the historical and archaeological point of view. The publication will also prove to be valuable on account of being illustrated with as many as 134 photographs with introductory notes on them. The importance of the publication would have further enhanced if the author could also incorporate an interesting introduction to the architectural and sculptural features of the different monuments on Mt. Shatrunjay. In fact the Jain temple-cities on Mt. Shatrunjay and Mt. Girnar require a detailed description in several volumes, corresponding to those on Mt. Abu by Muni Jayantavijayaji. I wish opulent associations like Sheth Anandji Kalyanji's Pedhi could fulfil this long-felt desideratum by undertaking studied projects on these sacred sites. "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan" by Acharya Kanchansagar illustrates one of the best publications on the subject, embodying a valuable contribution by an enthusiastic Jain saint and scholar. I wish the publication will meet with adequate response from lovers of Jain religion, history and archaeology. AHMEDABAD 380 009 August 5, 1981 Hariprasad G. Shastri Retd. Director, B. J. Institute of Learning and Research, Ahmedabad vu Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Preface PREFACE In 1969-70 A.D. we took 85 photographs of Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj. James Burgess (who must have written many articles on Jainism as can be inferred from "Indian Antiquary", A.D. 1903) wrote "Shri Shatrunjay" in A.D. 1869, which was reprinted by the Gujarat Government in 1976. Both of these inspired me to write the book "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan" in Gujarati. The work was started in 1976-77 and some more photographs were also obtained. Shri Shatrunjay is unique for the upliftment of Jivatma'. Innumerable saints became Siddhas on this very sacred hill, which carries a subtle vibration for the awakening of deserving 'Jivatmas'. The permission for taking more photographs was obtained from Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust. The photographs were filled with grandeur, the literature was very inspiring, and the love was so overflowing that it could not but help me to write "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan". o I very much appreciate : 'Chaturvidh Sangh' (Sadhus, Shravaks and Shravikas) for their sincere co-operation. Shri Bachubhai Chunilal Shah of M/s. Creative Printers Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad; and Shri Jaswantlal Girdharlal of M/s. Parshva Printers Ltd., for beautiful printing of the matter and photo-plates. Dr. Chinubhai J. Nayak, Principal of H. K. Arts College, Ahmedabad, for introducing the photographs in English. Dr. Hariprasad G. Shastri, Retired Director of Sheth B. J. Institute of Learning and Research, Ahmedabad, for contributing Foreword. O Shri Prabhudas Dharamshi Mehta of Ahmedabad for his deep interest in Jainism. Shri Ratilal Dipchand Desai for suggesting to retain inscriptions in Devnagari characters. Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan o For photographs/blockso Shri Jagannathbhai of Mahendra Art Studio (Photograph No. 1) o Shri Rajnikant Bhikhabhai (No. 2 and 3) o Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust (No. 2, 3, 7, 29, 45, 48, 50, 73, 85, 109, 115, 116A, 116B and 118) O Jain Journal (No. 31, 35, 40, 44, 51, 62, 80, 81, 84, 110, 111, and 112) o Shri Sarabhai Manibhai Nawab (No. 113, 114, 117, 119 and 120) o Shri D. N. Rathod (No. 121 to 134) O Shri Kapurchand Varaiya (Title Photo and No. 4) My preceptor, the late Acharya Shri Anandsagar Maharaj asked me in 1939-40 A.D. to copy Image Inscriptions and Prasastis (appreciations) of manuscripts. Starting from Kapadwanj (my birth place) to Palitana and upto Bombay, I collected almost 3,000 inscriptions, of which more than 500 of Shatrunjay Giriraj are reproduced in the present volume. Muni Pramodsagarji was highly ambitious for the Gujarati volume, and I could not have finished the book without his sincere efforts. Grace of Lord Aadishwar and blessings of my Guru are of course inevitable ingradients which present themselves through me. I do not happen to know English language. Shri Ratilal Chhaganlal Shah translated the Gujarati text into English. The manuscript of English text was sent to Shri Bachubhai of M/s. Creative Printers Pvt. Ltd. He requested Shri Rameshchandra Chunilal Vora for proof-reading services, who asked for a copy of the Gujarati volume. Reviewing the two, Shri Vora got utterly confused. He consulted his friends - Shri Shrenik Shah and Shri Narendra Sarabhai Jamnadas Shah. The three friends transliterated the original volume, abbreviated it and a sort of new version has been created. Jain Merchant Society, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380 007. V.S. 2037, Ashadha Vadi 1, 18th July 1981. - Kanchansagar Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ It so happened that we got ourselves in the noble service of transliteration of "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan". The book was originally a Gujarati publication, which was translated into English. The manuscript was handed over to us, reviewing which we humbly felt that the spirit of the original text was unknowing injustified. Keeping in mind the English reader - Jain or otherwise - we have tried to be brief and subtle. We consulted the author (Acharya Shri Kanchansagarji) at every step. Hence the book has his blessings. The Jain terminology has been printed in a single quote and is explained in the glossary at the end of the book. English is a universal language. Presently, the religion in general and Jainism in particular are spreading throughout the world. We have tried our best to appeal to the modern mind towards the significance of of Shri Shatrunjay. We do not happen to be English literaries and hence the reader is requested to absorb the spirit rather than the terminology. Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan CONTENTS Page No. Publisher's Note Foreword Preface Contents Photographs of Aadishwara Dada, Giriraj, Patta of Shri Shatrunjay, Aagam Stambha and Muni Maharajas Part 1 : Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Chapter 1 : Shri Shatrunjay Laghu Kalpa Chapter 2 : Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya (Grandeur) Literature on Shatrunjay 'Samavasarans' on Shatrunjay Mahavir 'Vani' on Shatrunjay Story of Kanduraj Story of Shukaraj Story of Susharma Brahmin Story of a Peacock Story of a Lion Story of a Swan Giriraj Vs Mahavideya Kshetra Chapter 3: Suryavart - Significance of Suryakund Story of King Mahipal Story of Shri Chandraraj Chapter 4 : Renovations of Shri Shatrunjay First Renovation by King Bharat Second Renovation by King Dandavirya Third Renovation by Ishan Indra Fourth Renovation by Mahendra Fifth Renovation by Brahmendra XII Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Contents CONTENTS (Contd.) Page No. Sixth Renovation by Charamendra Seventh Renovation by Sagar Chakravarti Eighth Renovation by Vyantarendra Ninth Renovation by King Chandrayasha Tenth Renovation by King Chakradhar Eleventh Renovation by Ramachandra Twelfth Renovation by Pandavas Thirteenth Renovation by Javadsha Fourteenth Renovation by Bahad Mantri Fifteenth Renovation of Samarasha Sixteenth Renovation of Karamasha Seventeenth Renovation Chapter 5: Yatra (Pilgrimage) Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 o Sheth Narasinh Keshavji Toonk' Chaumukhji Toonk (Savasomji Toonk) o Chhipavasahi Toonk (Bhavsar Toonk) o Sakar Vasahi Toonk o Nandishwar (Ujamfoi) Toonk o Hema Vasahi Toonk o Modi (Prema Vasahi) Toonk o Bala Vasahi Toonk o Motisha Sheth Toonk o Ghety's Baari Table 1 : Jain Temples and Idols in Various Toonks on Shri Shatrunjay Table II : Information about the Persons who Erected the Various Toonks and Its Year of Installation on Shri Shatrunjay XIII Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Chapter 6 Jain Rituals on Shatrunjay Twenty-one 'Khamasanas' CONTENTS (Contd.) One Hundred Eight 'Khamasanas' Three 'Pradaxinas' Seven Yatras with 'Chhattha' 'Chhattha-Attham' Important Dates Ninty-nine Yatras' of Giriraj ('Navvanoo') 'Chaturmas' A Tradition of 'Patta Juharwa' 'Payagas' (Hill Tracks) of Shatrunjay Chapter 7 Art of Architecture Chapter 8 Some Facts Old and New Glossary Part 2 134 Photographs of Shri Shatrunjay and Its Art and Architecture XIV Part 3 Explanatory Notes on Photographs in Part 2 Part 4 Inscriptions of Idols, Temples, etc. on Shatrunjay (in Devanagari Characters) Page No. 28 333895 36 1-136 1-15 1-116 Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ sala sAme morArIkTM nAradana 2. zeTha zAMtidAsano saMvata 1698 ne paMcatIthI nA kapaDAnA paTamAMne zatrujya girirAjana paTa 2. A pata of Shatrunjay From the Punchtirthi Cloth Pata Prepared by Sheth Santidas of Sumvat 1698. Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ svastizrAvikamasAvI natijAmAtA dhirAjayAdasAhanIakacharapatibAdhakatanapara hAravijayasUriyodayagiridinakarayAdara dIDa maMdAjAtavAdadanArakalIvijadAsa mahaya. jagatastinadyArakAdIrAjasAgarasasviramAnITAvarAnahAra) zrIhadisambhAramRriSamupAnekavAvanAdivazyarikaradhanyAno jayAdavAdahimadAvAdadAstayAnamArA saMyatrIhinAmagi mAnAyaprasAdA didhamakAmanA mAnAnAtasA bAgA nidAno nasakAratamanuSyadevAyasaranayaMdharavatavamahAvidedAtAtA nAgatAva mAnadiharamAnadhasAzvatAjA sAmyatajAnatI zAzvatatApitAzrInaujayagArimAritArimArbapatamunisubAzrIjIranalAyAdhanAzrInavarSamAya nAthadevakuniyA raThamaninAgarakanikamalanadhAra karadATakananA vArasariyAmAyAlayAtamA kiyAlayakAra: ziyA 3. zeTha zAMtidAsane 1698nA kapaDAne paMcatIthI paTa banAvanArano ahevAla 3. A report of Panchtirthi Pata of Cloth Prepared by Sheth Santidas of Samvat 1698. Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 4. so varSa pahelAMnI girirAjanI jayataLeTI. 4. The Jay (Taleti) of Shatrunjay before hundred years. Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 5. saMvata 2035mAM sudhArelI derIo sahitanI jaya taLeTInuM dRzya. 5. Aview of Reconstructed group of temples in Samvat 2035 under the Jay taleti of the Shantrujaygir Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 6. saMpAdaka upAsya zrIzAmaLApArzvanAtha 6. An image of Shyamla Parshwanath Worshipped by the Collector (Author) Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ girirAja zatruMjaya uparanA maMdironI bhUmi nAkaao. pALIta... 4 - ka pramANUpaSH S9 199 puche a mU trivedI sthapati pInAi tA. 17* 7. girirAja uparanAM maMdiro ane tene pharate koTa. 7. A view of Giriraj temples and its rampart. Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 8. dhyAnasthasvarga gata AcArya zrIAnaMdasAgarasUrIzvarajI ma. 8. Acharya Shree Anandsagar Surishvarji giving blessings. Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ pUti-phaTAone paricaya TAITala peja-girirAja upara maMdiranI manohara racanA dekhADatI, temaja girirAja kevo manahara dekhAya che, tevuM so varSa pUrvenuM duSya. (paM. kapuracaMdA vAriyAnA saujanyathI) zreSThi karamAzAhe saM. 1587mAM karelA jirNoddhAra vakhatanA pratiSThita, lAkhenI AMgI sahitanA zrI AdIzvara dAdA, (A AMgI akSayatRtIyAnI che.) zAMtidAsa zeThe 1998 mAM paMcatIrthone paTa kapaDA para banAvela ane te be banAvelA. temAMno eka hAjA paTelanI poLamAM che. ane eka zeTha. A. ka. nI piDhI pAse che. temAMthI vacce je zrI zatruMjya girirAjane paTTa hatuM te atre Ave che. (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI) zeTha zAMtidAsanA paMcatIrtha kapaDAnA paTTapara je karAvanAranI prazasti lakhI che tene bleka AmAM chAkhe che. mArganA navA aMkamAM hAjA paTelanI poLanA paTTanI vistArathI pazasti ApI che. paNa je ze. A. ka. pAse paTTa che temAM je pati che temAMnI atre ApI che. te e paNa pUrvAvAra kare che ke zAMtidAsa zeThanI pahelAM paNa paTTa juhAravAnI prathA hatI ne paTTo karavAnI prathA hatI te sAbIta kare che. (ze. A. ka. nA saujanyathI) 4. je varSa pUrve zrIjayatalATI kevI suramya dekhAtI hatI te, tathA dhanavasahIne dekhAva AmAM dekhAya che, (paM. kapuracaMda vAraiyAnA saujanyathI) 5. saM. 2035 mAM ze. A. ka. nI peDhIe A talATInA oTalA upara je derIo jIrNa thaI hatI tene sudharAvIne navi suMdara banAvI te dekhAvavALI jayatalATI 6. saMpAdakazrIe pratiSThita manahara sahastraphaNA zrI pArzvanAtha bhagavAnamAMthI dhyAna mATe taiyAra karAvela zrIzAmaLA pArzvanAthajI zrI zatruMjya girirAja para je maMdire AkhA nagara racanA jeTalAM che, te maMdironA tala tathA te badhA maMdirone AvarI lete keTo je che, tene jaNAvanAra A pheTo che, A AkhIe keTa sudhinI mAlIkI che. A. ka. nI che. (ze. A. ka. nA saujanyathI) 8. dhyAnasthasvargata, AgamavAcanAdAtA, AgamamaMdiranA saMsthApaka. amArA parama pUjya guru deva AcAryazrIAnaMdasAgarasUrIzvarajI mahArAja. (AzIrvAdadetA) Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ * loa 241014 2d'H, $459014 (poraid) 9 Shree Jain Aagam Stambh, Kapadwanj (Gujarat) This is the Jain Aagam Stambh at Kapadwanj (Gujarat) constructed during the V.S. 2036. It is 45 ft. high with an Umbrella type structure on its top, three Gadhas and a Pedastral. Its beautifully carved balconies are attractive. On the top of the Stambha, there are sculptures of four Sasana Devatas. The eleven balconies contains sculptures of 11 Ganadharas. The 12th balcony has a sculpture of Acharyadev Shri Anandsagarsurishwarji Maharaj, in a meditation posture. Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 10 dhyAnasthasvata AAgAmohAraka AcArya deva zrIzmAna dasAgarasurIdhara. mahArAja 10 Dhyanstha Swargata Shree Agamoddharak Maharaj Acharyadev Shree Anandsagarsurishwarji (A.D. 1875-1950) Acharyadev Shri Anandsagarsurishwarji Maharajsaheb was born in 1875 A.D. at Kapadwanj, a religious town of Gujarat. From the childhood he was not for the worldly life. He assumed "Diksha" at Limbdi (Saurashtra) from Gurudev Zaversagarji Maharaj. In a very short period he learned all "Jain Aagams" by himself. He did some research work about all fourtyfive hand-written Aagams. He lucified Aagams for the modern man, which helped earned the title of "Aagamoddharak". He was the pioneer in erecting Aagam Mandirs at Palitana and Surat in Marble and Copper Plates respectively. He left his physical body at Surat, Gujarat, on 7th May 1950. Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 11 svargata gacchAdhipati pU. AcAryadeva zrImANiyasAgarasurIzvarajI mahArAja 11 Swargata Gachhadhipati Pujya Acharyadev Shree Manikyasagarsurishwarji Maharaj (A.D. 1892-1975) The birth place of Shri Acharyadev Manikyasagarsurishwarji is Jambusar, Gujarat. He was a great disciple of Shri Anandsagarsurishwarji Maharaj and succeeded him as the next "Gachhadhipati". He was not only well versed in Jainism, but also very loving and compassionate towards the seekers. He left his physical body at Lunawada, Gujarat, in 1975. Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 12 svargata gacchAdhipati pU. AcAryadeva zrIhemasAgasUrIzvarajI mahArAja 12 Swargata Gachhadhipati Pujay Acharyadev Shree Hemsagarsuriswarji (A.D. 1905-1981) Acharyadev Hemsagarsurishwarji Maharaj was born at Zeera, Saurashtra. He was the disciple of Acharyadev Anandsagarji Maharaj. He was the "Gachhadhipati". He has translated many ancient Jain scriptures in Gujarati language, which endeavour continued till he lived. He left his physical body at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 1981 A.D. Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 13 AcArya zrIkaMcanasAgarasUrijI mahArAja (lekhaka, saMgrAhaka) 13 Acharya Shree Kanchansagarsuriji (Author and Collector) (A.D. 1912) Parekh family is very famous in Shree Visa Nima Gyati of Kapadwanj, Gujarat. "Kantibhai" is the 'Sansari' name of Acharya Shri Kanchansagar. His parent's name are Somchandbhai and Manekben. He was initiated in 1931 A.D. He received the title of 'Ganivarya' in 1965 A.D. and 'Panyas' in 1973 A.D. The last Gachhadhipati, Shri Hemsagarsuri Maharaj conferred on him the title of 'Acharya' in 1980 A.D. His unusual sobraiety, overflowing love and compassion can be experienced even by the strangers. He is deeply associated with the Aagam Mandirs of Palitana and Surat. (By Pramod) perienced teen boy the strangere he is "deeply associated with the Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 3 14 lekhakazrInI tripuTI 14 A Team of Three including Author (1) Late Munishree Kshemankarsagarji who had always assisted the author in editing work of various publications. He died of a poisonous bite of an animal in V.S. 2011. Acharya Shree Kanchansagarji (Author of this book). Late Munishree Janaksagarji who devotedly assisted and served all his fellow Munis. He expired in V.S. 2022. (2) Acha (3) Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 15 saMpAdaka, munizrI pramodasAgara 15 Editor, Munishree Pramodsagar Munishree Pramodsagarji, who is the editor of the book "Shree Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan" (1st and 2nd Edition in Gujarati), assumed 'Diksha' in V.S. 2002. He devotionally spends his time in service of Jainism. Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ GEBED SSSSSSSS BEST SOBRE Bench www. SERDERE EUS PH Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHRI SHATRUNJAY GIRIRAJ DARSHAN All of us should make an effort for the liberation of our 'Jivatma'. Obviously, therefore, we must attend to the obstructing factors and pursue active Sadhana' to eradicate these obstructions. The enemies of 'Jivatma' are of two types - internal and external. Recognising the internal and external enemies, finding means to extinguish them and by utilising the same, we must achieve the liberation of our Jivatma'. The external enemies of 'Jivatma' are the worldly opponents. The internal enemies are the lusts, the anger, etc. To win over them, there is a need for a Kshetra' which is unique in producing some extraordinary results. 'Shri Shatrunjay' (helper in victory over enemies), is a place which helps in attaining the goal of liberating our Jivatma'. Many are the hills and mountains ! But the hill should be such whose extremely pious 'Kshetra' can increase the possibility of liberating our Jivatma'. This is the HILL which is extremely pious. That is why He is called Giriraj. The Jivatma' can be liberated by worshipping this extremely pious Giriraj. Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan CHAPTER 1 SHRI SHATRUNJAY LAGHU KALPA (1) O great souls, please listen with devotion the significance of Shri Shatrunjay 'Tirtha' which has been described in flying colours by Kevali Shri Aemutta to the perceptor Narada. (2) On the 'Chaitri Poornima', Swami Shri Pundarik became 'Siddha' with 5 crores saints on this Shatrunjay 'Tirtha' that is why it is known as Pundarik Giri. (3) The king of Vidyadhar', Nami and his brother Vinami, got them selves enlightened with 2 crores of saints. Two brothers, Dravid and Varikhilla, attained 'Moksha' with 10 crores saints. (4) Eight and a half crore youngmen, including the sons of Krishna, Pradumnakumar, Shambakumar and others, attained 'Moksha', and Pancha-Pandavas attained 'Mukti' with 20 crores. Perceptor Narada also got himself out of the cycle of birth and death with 91 lakhs, on this 'Tirtha'. (5) Thavachhaputra (with one thousand), Saint Shuka (with one thousand), monk Selag (with five hundreds), the sons of Dasharatha including Rama, Bharat and others (with three crores), who attained 'Moksha on Shri Shatrunjay, I bow down with reverence. (6) Worship Shri Rishabhadev and the other innumerable great 'Kshatriyas' and saints who became 'Siddhas' on Shri Shatrunjay by eradicating their lust. (7) The area of Shri Shatrunjay 'Tirtha' was 50 yojans (1 yojan = 4 miles approx.) at base, 10 yojans at the top and its height was 8 yojans. (8) Just by performing pilgrimages to Shatrunjay with awareness, one gets the same 'Punya' that he can get with celebacy and austerity at other 'Tirthas'. Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Laghu Kalpa (9) In Shatrunjay one gets the same 'Punya' by observing a single 'Upavas' which can be earned by offering choiced food to a crore of people at other 'Thirthas'. (10) All the sacred places of 'Trilokas' are considered to be worshipped just by worshipping Shri Pundarikgiri. (11) While serving Shri Sangh proceeding towards Shatrunjay one attains 'Punya' whether he reaches or not. One attains crore times 'Punya' even if he is unable to reach, whereas one who reaches attains infinite 'Punya'. (12) By worshipping Pundarikgiri all the places, where the monks became 'Kevalis' and the saints attained 'Moksha', are considered to be worshipped. (13) By worshipping Pundarikgiri one attains a hundred times more 'Punya' than by worshipping all of the following sacred places: (a) Shri Ashtapada 'Tirtha' ('Nirvana' place of Shri Rishabhadev) (b) Sametshikhar Tirtha' ('Nirvana' place of twenty Tirthankaras) (c) Pavapuri 'Tirtha' ('Nirvana' place of Mahavir Swami) (d) Champapuri 'Tirtha' ('Nirvana' place of Vasupujay Swami), and (e) Girnar Tirtha' ('Nirvana' place of Neminath). (14) On Shri Shatrunjay, one attains a unit 'Punya' by worshipping an idol, 100 times 'Punya' by installing an idol, a 1,000 times 'Punya' by getting a temple constructed, and infinite 'Punya' is earned by defending it. (15) One who installs an idol or erects a temple on Shri Shatrunjay will enjoy the kingship of Bharat Kshetra, will enter the gates of heaven, and ultimately will attain Moksha'. (16 & 17) One who is having noble desires and remembering Pundarikgiri, if he does - (a) Navkarshi will gain 'Punya' of two 'Upavas'; (b) Porshi will gain 'Punya' of three 'Upavas'; (c) Parimuddha will gain 'Punya' of four 'Upavas'; 3 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan (d) Ekashanu will gain 'Punya' of five Upavas"; (e) Ayambil will gain Punya' of fifteen 'Upavas'; (f) One 'Upavas' will gain 'Punya' of 'Maskhaman' (30 'Upavas'). (18) A person who completes seven pilgrimages of Shri Shatrunjay, observing a 'Chaththa' without drinking water, will attain the 'Moksha' at the third birth. (19) Even today it is observed that one who performs 'Anashan' on Shatrunjay will reach the heaven happily even if he has no prior Sadhana'. (20) By offering a 'Chhatra', a 'Dhwaja' (flag), a hand-fan, a 'Chammar (Chouri tail), and a 'Thal' (dish) at Shatrunjay one becomes a Vidyadhara, whereas by donating a chariot he becomes 'Chakravarti'. (21) At this Tirtha' one attains the 'Punya' of a 'Upavas' by offering a garland of ten flowers, two 'Upavas' with a 20's, three with the 30's four with the 40's and 'Punya' of five 'Upavas' by garlanding 50 flowers. (22) At this 'Tirtha', by offering 'Dhupa' (Krishnaguru etc.) one gains 'Punya' of 15 'Upavas', by offering camphor one gains 'Punya' of 'Maskhaman' (30 fasts), while offering the needed things to a monk one gets 'Punya' of a few 'Maskhamanas'. (23) On Shri Shatrunjay just by performing 'Prakshal' and 'Pooja' one attains 'Punya' which is more than that of offering gold, land or ornaments at other 'Tirthas'. (24) One who devotionally remembers Shri Shatrunjay 'Tirtha', successfully gets over the fears of jungle, thief, lion, ocean, poverty, diseases, enemy, fire, etc. 4 (25) The preceding stanzas are composed by Purvadhara in "Saravali Payanna". One who reads, recites or listens will attain Punya of a pilgrimage to Shatrunjay Tirtha'. (Here concludes "Shri Shatrunjay Laghu Kalpa".) Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya CHAPTER 2 SHRI SHATRUNJAY GIRIRAJ MAHATMYA (GRANDEUR) "As far as the mature magnificence is concerned this Giriraj declares through the tall beautiful, well-aligned and bright Jain temples that He does not have a parallel in all the three worlds; as on this very 'Tirtha Shri Pundarik Ganadhar and other saints have attained 'Moksha'. Delightfully, I always bow down to Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj, the mind glori'ier." - SHRI AAGAMODDHARAKA LITERATURE ON SHATRUNJAY In A.D. 1869, Syxes and Dwyer Co., Photographs, Bombay published an English book "Shatrunjaya" written by a Western literary, James Burgess. He included 45 photographs in it. Government of Gujarat reprinted the book in 1976. Thereafter in a quarterly named Jain Journal, 'Shatrunjaya' was republished from Calcutta. If a foreigner could do it before 100 years, he really deserves a lot of appreciation. Reviewing the book, the present author determined to pursue and continue the compilation of "Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan". Shri Dhaneshwarsuriswarji composed "Shatrunjay Mahatmya" in Sanskrit which also serves as a basic reference to the present volume. Shri Pundarikswami wrote a "Shatrunjay Mahatmya" in 1.25 lakhs Shlokas'. Gautam Swami did it in 25,000 'Shlokas', whereas Shri Dhaneshwarasuriji did it in extreme brevity. In India, in the State of Gujarat, in Saurashtra, "Shatrunjay Hills" are situated in Palitana. 'SAMAVASARANS' ON SHATRUNJAY Acharya Shri Shrutasagarsuriji (in the time of the fourth 'Tirthankar' Shri Abhinandan Swami) says, "Shri Rishabhadev, Ajitnath, Sambhava Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan nath and Abhinandan Swami had their Samavasarans on Shatrunjay, and 'Samavasarans' of future 19 'Tirthankaras' will be definitely held here". Even the twenty-second 'Tirthankar', Shri Neminath performed the pilgrimage of Shri Shatrunjay while as a "Grihasthi'. . Shri Dhaneshwarsuriji suggests that even a single devotional listening of Shatrunjay Mahatmya is far more rewarding than listening to all other 'stotras' combined. Siddhachal is the best pilgrimage in all the fourteen 'Kshetras'. Among Tirthas', Siddhachal is the best; among gods, 'Tirthankar' is the best; and among 'Poojas', 'Meditation' is the best. Therefore, meditation upon 'Tirthankar' on Siddhachal is beyond words ! Even by the rememberance of Shri Pundarikgiri, the mental, the oral and the bodily sins committed by ignorant people are eradicated. Even the wild animals reach heaven by having 'Darshan' of the 'Arihant'. It is said that one who has not seen the Giriraj has missed a great opportunity of his life. When Lord Mahavir came with his disciples to Giriraj, 64 Indras landed on Shatrunjay. They arranged for 'Samavasharan'. The king Ripumall respectfully requested Lord Mahavir to give them 'Deshana'. MAHAVIR 'VANI' ON SHATRUNJAY Lord Mahavir says, "O Indra, the significance of Shatrunjay can be experienced, but cannot be described. How can a dumb man describe the taste of sugar ? The sins are eradicated just by remembering the name of Shatrunjay. It has 108 names. Assets are multiplied and adversities are averted just by reciting 108 names of Shatrunjay every morning. Siddhachal is the best pilgrimage on the face of earth." "One attains far more 'Punya' by worshipping Shatrunjay than that of Ashtapad, Meru, Vaitadhya, Sametshikhar, Vaibhar, Pushkar, Ghataki and Jambuvruksha, in descending order.' "In 'Avasarpini Kaal' magnitude of Shri Shatrunjay decreases (along with the rest of the world) while in 'Utasarpini Kaal' every thing gradually increases. In 'Avasarpini's First Aara (era) 80 yojans, second 70's, third 60's, fourth 50's and fifth 12 yojans was the magnitude of Shatrunjay, whereas in the sixth Aara its size will be 7 'Haaths' (1 Haath = approx 1.5 ft) and hence the Giriraj is eternal." Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya "Among 21 principal peaks, Shatrunjay and Siddhakshetra are the main ones. Sadhakas become Siddhas on Siddhachal." "Do not just repeat 'Dharma, Dharma' like a parrot. Experience it, worship there (on Shatrunjay) and you will be free. Even a single pilgrimage of Siddhachal washes away the sinful dirt. A man with right understanding attains the Ultimate by meditating on Pundarikgiri. It is not amazing that the bliss of 'Advaita' is experienced here." "In this universe, the five difficult things are - (1) Wealth through truth, (2) birth in a noble family, (3) Siddhakshetra, (4) Samadhi, and (5) Chaturvidha Sangh'. Five things are hard - (1) Pundarikgiri, (2) Worthiness, (3) The first Tirthankar' (4) 'Parmeshti', and (5) 'Paryushan'. Similarly, the following five are not easy either : (1) Shatrunjay, (2) Shivpur, (3) The Shatrunjee River, (4) Shantinath, and (5) 'Samyak Daan'." anyak 8Shiny, th "Innumerable Tirthankaras have witnessed Siddhakshetra and a lot of great Jivatmas' have attained Siddhapad on Shatrunjay Tirtha. Even in future a lot of fortunate Jivatmas' will attain the Absolute." "On Siddhachal, wild animals like peacock, snake, lion, etc. have attained a higher form of life by blessings of pilgrims on Shri Shatrunjay. In the past they have gradually attained It and so will they in future." "Through touching Shatrunjay the sins committed in childhood, youth, old age and in 'Tiryancha stage' are exhausted. By regularly worshipping Shatrunjay, 'Daan', 'Sheel', 'Charitrya', bodily-oral-mental 'Punya'; meditation, austerity, etc. are attained. A man who visits Shatrunjay, serving or defending the 'Sangh', respecting the pilgrims is welcomed in heaven with his entire family. Conversely, one who harasses the pilgrims, receives the grave suffering of the ultimate hell. The sins committed in Tirthakshetra become 'Vajralep'." "The 'Punya' attained by worshipping a Jain idol on Shatrunjay is infinitely more than worshipping all the idols of the Three Worlds. As soon as the word 'Shatrunjay' is received from the Guru, violence and other sins can never be committed." "A person earnestly desiring pilgrimage of Pundarikgiri exhausts, at Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ each step, the sins committed in innumerable lives. One who touches it cannot have disease, anxiety, suffering, separation, 'Durgati' or sorrow." "It is forbidden to urinate or excravate on Shatrunjay as the whole of Giriraj is divine." "Worshipping Giriraj bestows both, the worldly happiness and liberation. This king of 'Tirthas' is ordained by Shri Aadinath Bhagwan' and hence it destroys grave sins. Only he, who has performed austerity and donation in prior lives, can please the Lord and visit Siddhagiri even for a moment." Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan "In spite of knowing the significance of Siddhachal, Bhagwan' cannot describe it fully." "The Footprints of 'Dada' are worth worshipping through which the great 'Jivatmas' became sinless and worthy of respect." "By offering 10 garlands while worshipping the Lord on Shatrunjay one attains the "Punya" of four 'Upavas'. Similarly, adding in the units. of 5, 'Punya' worth six, eight, till a month-Upavas' ('Maskhaman') is attained'." "By observing a single 'Upavas', one attains 'Punya' which is more than donating gold and other things at other 'Tirthas'. One may observe celebacy and perform severe austerity at other places, however, attains the same 'Punya' even by observing a single 'Upavas' on Shatrujay. In this Tirtha one realises all wishes if he observes "Dashvidh Pachhakhan" remembering Pundarik. By observing two 'Upavas', wealth is (1) 'Navakarshi' (2) 'Porshi' (3) Parimadhdh' (4) 'Ekasanu' (5) 'Ekalthanu' **Pachhakhan' is contract between a master and a disciple. A disciple desires to perform a certain self-disciplinary ritual. The master gives his consent only then a decision is arrived at which is called 'Pachhakhan'. Jains believe only in 'Pachhakhan'. 'Pachhakhan' starts either from the morning or from the evening. There are ten kinds of 'Pachhakhan', viz., (6) 'Ayambil' (7) 'Upvas' (8) 'Abhigrah' (9) 'Vigai' (10) 'Deevas Charimam' 8 'Kevali (Breaking a fast after approx. 1.5 hr after sunrise) (Breaking a fast after approx. 3 hr after sunrise) (Breaking a fast after approx. 6 hr after sunrise) (Single meal during daylight hours) (Single meal during daylight hours observing strict awareness so as to involve bear minimal movement during the meal) (See Glossary) (Fast without food) (Delibration) (Avoiding the consumption of oil, butter, milk, curd, etc.) (Decision to postpone the consumption of food, water, etc. until next day). Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya gained. By observing three 'Upavas' 'Moksha' is attained. The severe austerity of a month's 'Upavas' at other Tirtha is equivalent to the renunciation of all kinds of food just for two hours." "Usually one who bears signs of a 'Sadhu' is respectable on 'Siddhagiri even if he is ugly, agitating or disrespectful to his 'Guru'." "On this Giriraj, please do not speak ill of others, do not think of hurting others, do not covet somebody else's wife, do not trick in achieving the wealth of others. Neither stay with a person of opposing attitudes nor trust his words. Do not hate your enemy. Do not hurt others. Do not plan with malicious mind. Not only that but also perform noble deeds through the gracious heart." Sanghapati', who presides over the 'Chaturvidha Sangh', observing 'Chha Ree', reaching Siddhachal, attains Tirthankarpad." "The eternal 'Rayan' tree is uniquely sacred as it has Dada's Footprints under it. The blindness is averted by the milky juice of 'Rayan'. Previously 'Dada' has preached 99 'Purvas under this tree, hence it is. the highest pilgrimage. Demy gods reside on its branches, leaves and fruits. As soon as a 'Sanghapati', who is filled with utter devotion, takes a round around this tree, the aforesaid gods shower over his head. One who worships the sacred tree with devotion knows his future through special dreams." "The deserving bachelors shall be wedded to their coveted beauty (Moksha) on Siddhachal." After listening to Lord Mahavir, Indra informs other 'Devas', "This (Shatrunjay) is the king of hills. The Giriraj eradicates the sins and purifies both earth and heaven. Its 108 peaks include Udaygiri and others. Shri Shatrunjay is eternal and is always attended to by "Yakshas' and 'Gandharavas'. 'Yogis' reside in its caves. Divine herbs grow on it. River Shatrunjee is pious due to Giriraj. Here the gardens like Suryodyan and the lake Suryakund beautify the Giriraj. Here highly deserving saints achieve perfection." One 'Purva' = (84,000 x 84,000) years. 9 Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan The preceding theories will be justified by the following religious stories : (1) STORY OF KANDURAJ The family Goddess of Kanduraja, Ambica, describes the magnificence of Shatrunjay saying, "O wise king, do not wander at other places, just remember Shatrunjay. Exhaust your 'Karmas' by worshipping Siddhachal." The king of Chandrapur, Kanduraj, was on the wrong track. He caught T.B. Compassionate Ambica advised him, "in spite of earning nobility through 'Dharma', one who destroys 'Dharma' cannot flourish." The king got depressed but Ambica encouraged him to visit Giriraj. He had to pay for his 'Karmas' before he could reach Giriraj. He became a 'Sadhu,' worshipped Lord Aadishwar, exhausted his 'Karmas', became Kevali' and freed himself from the clutches of 'Samsara'. (2) STORY OF SHUKARAJ King Mrugadhwaj (son of king Rishabhadhwaj) was proud of his magnificent wives. A parrot in his garden insulted him saying, "You are only a frog of a well. A daughter of perceptor Gangali, Kamalmala, is the most beautiful". The king followed the parrot and worshipped 'Dada' (Aadinath), By mere co-incidence Gangali happened to be in the temple, who requested the king to visit his Ashram and accept his daughter with gratitude. Thus 'Dada' granted his prayer. With the help of parrot, the king and the new queen, Kamalmala, reached back to their kingdom. When Kamalmala was pregnant 'Dada' informed her, "that parrot's soul has taken the form of your first son". They named him Shukaraj. The child Shukaraj lost his speech due to the rememberance of his previous life. Shri Datta Kevali asked the child to pray with rituals and the child Shukaraj surprisingly did it aloud. Dutta Kevali explained to the king that Shukaraj was utterly confused at the cross-relations of his last two lives. His present life's father-mother were his wives in the previous life. Guru made Shukaraj known of the secrets of Samsara. 10 Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya Prince Shukaraj was sent to defend Vimalachal at the request of 'Yaksha'. (The message was conveyed through perceptor Gangali.) Shukraj went to Vimalachal and started living there. One night, he heard a woman's cry. Shukaraj learnt from her that a 'Vidyadhar' was kindnapping her and he ("Vidyadhar') lost his powers while crossing Vimalachal. Shukaraj found the lost Vidyadhar' who transferred rest of his powers to Shukaraj. Shukaraj went to king Vayuveg to return his lost daugher, who returned the favour by getting her married to Shukaraj. On the other end, Shukaraj's mother, Kamalmala, was extremely worried for not having any news about her son. She prayed to Chakreshwari Devi and sent the message through Her. Shukaraj explained to Goddess Chakreshwari the circumstances and requested to convey his mother that he would soon be home after worshipping the Tirtharaj Shatrunjay, which he fulfilled. Shukaraj's father Mrugadhwaj desires to have 'Diksha'. A young boy, Chandrank, meets with Mrugadhwaj who says he is the son of Chandravati (wife of Mrugadhawaj). The king gets confused, so Chandrank suggests to check it with 'Yogini' Yashomati in the jungle. The king visits the 'Yogini' and learns that Chandrank was a son of Chandravati and Chandrashekhar (through incest) who are brother and sister. Yashomati was Chandrashekhar's wife. Chandrashekhar worshipped "Kamdev' and gained the power of disappearing, which he exercised to have sex with his sister (Chandravati). Thus Chandrank was born of Chandravati and brought up by Yashomati. When Chandrank became a youngman, Yashomati begged for sexual relations which shocked Chandrank, when Yashomati explained that he was, in fact, son of Chandravati. On hearing this, Chandrank visited Mrugadhwaj. Yashomati got frustrated from both - Chandrashekhar and Chandrank - so she decided to become a 'Sadhvi', but ended up in becoming 'Yogini'. King Mrugadhwaj got furious but 'Yogini' cooled him down. Prince Shukaraj succeeded to the throne and Mrugadhwaj takes Diksha' and eventually becomes a 'Kevali'. Prince Hansaraj, his mother Kamalmala and the unfortunate Chandrank receive initiation through 11 Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Kevali', whereas king Shukaraj adopts 'twelve Vratas* of Jainism. Chandrashekhar loves Chandravati and hates Shukaraj. He worships a goddess and asks for a boon through which he can resemble Shukaraj. While king Shukaraj goes on pilgrimage with his two wives, Chandrashekhar takes over the kingdom resembling Shukaraj. He charges that a Vidyadhar has kidnapped both of his wives. When the real king Shukaraj returns, the minister requests him to leave as he has been charged with kindnapping the king's wives. Shukaraj gets away as he could sense the fraud. On his way, his plane suddenly stops on Siddhachal, where Kevali Mrugadhwaj explains the complexities of his prior 'Karmas'. King Shukaraj worships 'Dada' and repeats the 'Navkar Mantra' in the cave of Siddhachal for six months. He got over his 'Karmas', and the goddess informed the fake Shukaraj (Chandrashekhar), "You better run away." Real king Shukaraj returns to his kingdom. In this Siddhachal Tirtharaj one can win ('Jay') over his enemy (Shatrun') by Mantra 'Sadhana'. That is why the Tirtharaj became known as the 'Shatrunjay'. Eventually, king Shukaraj and his wives get initiated and they all get liberated. Now the crook Chandrashekhar starts repenting. Through the advice of saint Mahodaya, he goes to Shantrunjay, performs severe austerity, exhausts his hedious 'Karmas', and surprisingly gets realised. *The faith on Jainism is called "Samyaktva" (Ideal frame of mind). The twelve commandments are proclaimed to save the Jivatma' from unnecessary violence and sins: 1. "Pranatipat Virman Vrat" : To abstain from gross and subtle violence. 2. "Mrushavad Virman Vrat" : To abstain from gross and subtle lie. 3. "Adattadaan Virman Vrat" : To abstain from stealing. 4. "Maithun - Svadara Santosh Virman Vrat" : To abstain from over indulgence even from ones own spouse. 5. "Parigrah Pariman Vrat" : To limit the acquisition of wealth and properties. 6. "Dig Pariman Vrat" : To control mobility to limited places. "Bhogopbhog Virman Vrat" : To abstain from unnecessary eating, drinking, etc. "Anarthdand Virman Vrat" : To abstain from unnecessary hardships to others. "Samayik Vrat" : 'Aaradhana' for about an hour. 10. "Deshavagasik Vrat" : 'Aaradhana' for a limited time. "Paushadh-Upvas Vrat" : To renunciate meals for a day and living at monestary like a saint for the intended time. "Atithi Samvibhag Vrat" : For our own welfare donate discriminatively and for the right cause. Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Mahatmya On the top of preceding two grand stories there also exist a few short stories on the grandeur of Shri Giriraj : (a) STORY OF SUSHARMA BRAHMIN A lazy brahmin named Susharma had a major family struggle on not receiving 'Bhiksha'. In passionate anger he killed his wife, son, daughter and a cow. Following the 'Narkagati', he became 'Drashti Vish Sarpa'. A great saint was describing Shatrunjay Mahatmya to Vidyadharas, which was overheard by the snake, who received Jati Smaran Gnan'. "Vidyadharas' put him on the Siddhagiri. There is a 'Gokhala' near RayanPagla Deri signifying it. (b) STORY OF A PEACOCK Lord Aadishwar was meditating on Shri Shantrunjay. There was a fortunate peacock in the vicinity, who got enlightened and in pursuing 'Sadhana', reached 'Siddhapad', in the following life. A peacock has been encarved near Rayan-Pagla Deri. (c) STORY OF A LION Once Lord Shantinath was in meditation on Giriraj. The lion missed him frequently which made him think that He must be a great man. It gets the rememberance of its previous life. Advised by the Lord, it quits violence and eventually reaches 'Moksha'. (d) STORY OF A SWAN Some saints were proceeding towards Siddhagiri. They saw a dying swan. They recited 'Navkar Mantra' and the swan died blissfully on Giriraj. Eventually it attained realisation. (e) GIRIRAJ Vs MAHAVIDEYA KSHETRA Shri Gautam Swami was 'vidyadhar' named Vegavan, in 'Mahavideya Kshetra', in his third previous life. He could not accomplish his 'Sadhana' there for a long time whereas on Siddhagiri he could do it in just two months. 13 Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan CHAPTER 3 SURYAVART - SIGNIFICANCE OF SURYAKUND To explain the significance of Suryakund a few stories are narrated : (1) STORY OF KING MAHIPAL At the foot of Girnar, in Giridurga, king Suryamalla had a son named Mahipal, who received "Khadaga Siddhi Mahavidya' from his 'Guru'. He conquers over a demon, initiates him into a non-violent religion. While worshipping Shri Neminath Bhagwan, Mahipal comes to know of Mahakal 'Yaksha' through a 'Yogini'. On the way Mahipal met a saint who revealed the secret of Mahakal. Perceptor Vishvamitra became 'Tapabhrashtta' by an 'Apsara'. They got a daughter named Shakuntala. King Dushyant fell in love with her. Through the curse of Durwasha Rishi, Dushyant forgets all about Shakuntala. The miserable Vishwamitra becomes the Mahakal Yaksha, in the next life. Mahipal conquers over the Yaksha' and advises him, "Mercy is supremely better than vengeance". Then Mahipal once saved princess Gunsundari from the clutches of a 'Vidyadhar' and safely took to her parents. Sometime later, Mahipal wins over other princes in 'Swayamvar' and marries Gunsundari. On his way back, Mahipal suffers from fever and boils which eventually turns into leucodarma due to his prior Karmas'. Incidentally it was Chaitri Poornima' when Vidyadharas come to worship 'Dada' on Shatrunjay. Wife of Chandrachud Vidyadhar says, "I am advised by 'Dada' to wait here for eight days and worship Him with all my heart. It is more blissful than heavenly happiness." On the way back, Chandrachud and his wife visit Suryakund and take with them some water from the 'Kund'. From the plane they saw Mahipal's camp, and they sensed that somebody is suffering from leucodarma. They sprinkled the 'Kund' water with compassion. Miraculously Mahipal got rid of his disease. Mahipal proceeds towards Shatrunjay. On the way, a meditating saint reveals that Mahipal was king Shrinivas in his previous life. While hunting he accidentally killed a saint whereby he received leucodarma in his present and previous six lives. 14 Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Suryavart Significance of Suryakund Mahipal, accompanied by his Guru, visits Suryavarta garden, bathes in Suryakund, worships 'Dada' and erects a temple with an idol on Siddhachal, Mahipal succeeded to the throne and ruled very fairly. He also erected a few more temples on Shatrunjay and Girnar. His son Shreepal succeeded him. Mahipal got initiated by saint Kirtivijay on Shatrunjay. With severe 'Aaradhana' he reached 'Moksha'. (2) STORY OF SHRI CHANDRARAJ There was a king named Virasen of Aabhapuri. The queen's name was Viramati. While hunting king Virasen found a princess Chandravati bound by a 'Yogi'. King relieved her, whose father got them married. They had a son named Chandrakumar. Viramati was not fortunate to have a child. Viramati received a few powers from an 'Apsara', instead of a boon for a child. King Virasen and Chandravati got 'Diksha' in the time of Shri Munisuvrat Swami. King Chandraraj got married to Gunavali. Viramati and Gunavali became good friends. Viramati would use her mystic powers to put king Chandraraj in deep spell of trance. Both Viramati and Gunavali used to visit a few distant places through flying objects. King sensed the mischief. Once he pretends to be in deep sleep and secretly follows them when they reached Vimalapuri. Princess Premalalachhi of Vimalapuri was tricked into marrying leucodarmic Kanakadhwaj through making Chandraraj as a dummy bridegroom. Gunavali felt that the bridegroom must be her husband Chandraraj. After marrying Premla, Chandraraj tries to convey his real identity through symbols which Premla fails to understand fully. Gunavali and Viramati returned back to Aabhapuri and Chandraraj followed them secretly. Gunavali's hunch proved itself in Aabhapuri when she found some wedding ceremonial signs on Chandraraj. She informed Viramati about it. The step-mother got annoyed at the interference of Chandraraj in her private affair. She uses her power and transforms Chandraraj into a cock. On this side, Premlalachhi disapproves of the fraud played with her. She was charged as 'Vish Kanya'. She informs her father about the fraud. She starts becoming religious. On meeting Muni Janghacharan, 15 Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Premla became a perfect 'Shravika'. The Muni told her that she will get her husband back after 16 years. A 'yogini' also informed her that stepmother Viramati has transformed Chandraraj into a cock. mothers vagant ains In Aabhapuri, Viramati controls the reins of the kingdom. For the welfare and safety of Chandraraj (cock), Gunavali, in full consent with the minister, gifts the cock to a performer (Nat). The team of performers reached Vimalapuri in due course of time. Visiting the king's court, and reporting that they come from Aabhapuri, Premla gets interested in details. The secret is revealed and Premla is allowed to keep the cock. Now the king realises that Premla was right about the fraudulent marriage. Premla visits Pundarikgiri with the cock. The cock jumps in Suryakund in sheer depression. The thread around his neck breaks and he gains back his original form of Chandraraj. Premala and Chandraraj worship 'Dada' on Siddhachal and start an enjoyable life. Chandraraj remembers Gunavali and writes to her. Viramati comes to know and proceeds to kill Chandraraj wherein she herself gets killed. Chandraraj and Premla return to Aabhapuri, meet Gunavali and live happily. They got prince Gunshekhar and Manishekhar. At the time of Samavasaran of Shri Munisuvrat Swami, they receive knowledge of their previous lives. Chandraraj gets 'Diksha' along with his wives and eventually they all attain 'Moksha'. 16 Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Renovations of Shri Shatrunjay CHAPTER 4 RENOVATIONS OF SHRI SHATRUNJAY In the Fourth Aara twelve renovations took place : FIRST RENOVATION BY KING BHARAT Bharat was son of Shri Rishabhadev. The day Rishbhadev attained Keval Gnan', Bharat receives a Chakra'. Bharat worshipped the Lord first and then the 'Chakra'. With the help of Chakra', Bharat won all the six continents of Bharat Kshetra. Lord Aadishwar reached Shatrunjay and a 'Samavasharan' was organised under the 'Rayan' tree, where Saint Pundarik was advised to settle there, as the glory of Shatrunjay would help him and others to attain 'Keval Gnan'. On Chaitri Poornima, Pundarik Swami attained 'Moksha' with 5 crore saints. Chakravarti King Bharat arranged for a 'Sangh' to Shatrunjay and erected a magnificent temple of Lord Aadishwar. An idol for Pundarik Swami was also installed. SECOND RENOVATION BY KING DANDAVIRYA After a long time, in the 'Vansha' of Bharat, there was a king named Dandavirya, who worshipped Shatrunjay and renovated old temples which were made by Bharat. THIRD RENOVATION BY ISHAN INDRA After a long period, in 'Mahavideya Kshetra', Ishan Indra heard about the glory of Shatrunjay. He visited the Giriraj and renovated the old temples and erected a few more. FOURTH RENOVATION BY MAHENDRA A lot of time passed, when a few great Jivatmas' visited Siddhagiri on Chaitri Poornima. Mahendra and others got through heavy tests and 17 Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan were permitted by 'Dada' to renovate the old temples and erect a few new ones. FIFTH RENOVATION BY BRAHMENDRA It was about time for the next renovation when a few fortunate Jivatmas' celebrated the birth festivity of a Tirthankar', after which they visited Shatrunjay and served 'Dada' with great devotion. Brahmendra renovated the old temples and erected a few more. SIXTH RENOVATION BY CHAMARENDRA Quite a few centuries passed, when Chamrendra and others heard of the glory of Siddhagiri at Nandishwaradveep. They visited Siddhachal and undertook the sixth renovation. SEVENTH RENOVATION BY SAGAR CHAKRAVARTI Chakravarti Sagar heard of the glory of Shatrunjay from Shri Ajitnath. He arranged for a 'Sangh' to Siddhagiri and devotionally fulfilled the seventh renovation of the 'Tirtha'. EIGHTH RENOVATION BY VYANTARENDRA At the advice of Shri Abhinandan Swami, Vyantarendra managed the eighth renovation of Shri Shatrunjay. NINTH RENOVATION BY KING CHANDRAYASHA In the city of Chandraprabha, king Chandrayasha ruled in the time of Shri Chandraprabhu Swami. Father of Chandrayasha was saint Chandrashekhar. In due time, saint Chandrashekhar visited Chandraprabha (Prabhas Patan) and advised Chandrayasha to erect a temple of Chandraprabhu Swami. King Chandrayasha arranged a 'Sangh' to Siddhagiri and renovated the Tirtha. TENTH RENOVATION BY KING CHAKRADHAR Lord Shantinath reached Hastinapur after fulfilling a 'Chaturmas' at 18 Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Renovations of Shri Shatrunjay Palitana. His son, King Chakradhar, desired the title of 'Sanghpati'. Blessed by the Guru, he arranged a 'Sangh' to the Shatrunjay and performed the tenth renovation of Giriraj. ELEVENTH RENOVATION BY RAMACHANDRA The younger brother of king Rama received initiation, attained Keval Gnan' and 'Moksha' with a thousand saints on Shatrunjay. Shri Rama undertook the eleventh renovation of the Tirtha. TWELFTH RENOVATION BY PANDAVAS In the time of Neminath, Pandavas performed the twelfth and the last renovation of the Fourth Aara. In the Fifth Aara, four renovations have been finished and the fifth one is on the way: (1) THIRTEENTH RENOVATION BY JAVADSHA [Vikram Samvat (V.S.) about 105] Tirtha Shatrunjay was in trouble due to laxity of Jains and the fear of thieves and wild animals. Pilgrims almost quit visiting Giriraj. In Mahuwa (Saurashtra) there lived a rich man named Javadsha. The Moghuls attacked Saurashtra and conquered it. Sheth Javadsha was a great Jain even under the Moghul rule. He pleased the Badshah with his diplomatic tact and received permission for trade and industry. He made lot of money and erected a Jain temple in Mahuwa. Gradually the Jains gathered together, learnt about the significance of Siddhachal, its current deterioration and hence a need for renovation. Javadsha did "Aaradhana' of Goddess Chakreshwari. Saint Vajraswamiji came to Mahuwa. Javadsha arranged for 'Sangh' to Shatrunjay accompanying Shri Vajraswami. In spite of the obstacles from jealous and mean elements, they did reach Palitana. They worshipped Shatrunjay with great rituals and installed a new idol of Lord Aadishwar. Overjoyed Javadsha and wife died on Siddhagiri and attained the higher level of existance. Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan (2) FOURTEENTH RENOVATION BY BAHAD MANTRI (V.S. 1213) In the time of King Kumarpal, Bahad, son of Udayan Mantri started converting the wooden temples on Shatrunjay into the stone ones at the wish of his father. As it was a big job they started accepting donations. Bhima Vaniya was poor but extremely devotional. After garlanding 'Dada' with the flowers of one Rupee, only 7 paisas were left with him. when he heard about the need for donation he nervously went in and hesitantly bestowed all his assets (7 paisas). He was put on the top of the list! When Bhima reached his cottage he was surprisingly received well by his wife ! Bahad Mantri in the presence of Shri Hemchandracharya completed successfully the second renovation of the Fifth Aara. (3) FIFTEENTH RENOVATION OF SAMARASHA (V.S. 1371) In V.S. 1369 Moghuls destroyed most of the temples on Shatrunjay. All the Jains were shocked and Deshalsha of Patan went to pieces. Samarasha was a brave and smart son of Deshalsha. Saint Siddhasensuri described the glory of Shatrunjay and its Fourteen renovations. Deshalsha's desire to renovate was entrusted to his son Samarasha. Smart Samarasha pleases Suba Alapkhan of Patan and receives a written declaration permitting him to renovate Shatrunjay. Muni Balchandra was invited from Girnar to supervise over the carving of idols. Forgetting the internal differences of opinions, Sadhus', 'Sadhvis', 'Shravakas' and 'Shravikas' of all different 'Gachhas' joined the Sangh. On Maha Sudi 14 of V.S. 1371 in Pushya Nakshatra the 'Prathistha' was performed by Shri Siddhasensuriji. Five hundred Acharyas, over 2000 'sadhus' and innumerable 'Shravakas' joined the festivities. (4) SIXTEENTH RENOVATION BY KARAMASHA (V.S. 1587) in Chitod (Mewad), there lived a rich man Tolasha. Karmasha was his youngest son. Shri Dharmaratnasuriji forecasted that Karmasha will renovate Siddhagiri. 20 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Renovations of Shri Shatrunjay Karmasha favoured Prince Bahadurkhan which was returned by him when he became king. A written permission to renovate Shatrunjay was granted. The idol of 'Dada' was carved from a beautiful stone saved by Vastupal for any possible mishap. In V.S. 1587 on Vaishakh Vad 6, in Shravan Nakshtra, the 'Pratishtha' was performed by Shri Vidyamandansuriji. Karmasha also managed to get abolished the state tax on pilgrims to Shatrunjay. (5) SEVENTEENTH RENOVATION It is mentioned in 'Shatrunjay Mahatmya' by Shri Dhaneshwarsuriji that the Seventeenth renovation will take place at the appropriate time. 21 Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ There are four kinds of 'Tirthas''Naam' 'Sthapana', 'Dravya' and 'Bhaava'. There cannot be an easy liberation without 'Tirtha'. Shri Shatrunjay is unique in which it includes all the four kinds of 'Tirthas'. The First Tirthankar, Shri Aadishwar, blessed Shatrunjay. The first temple was erected by Bharat Chakravarti. Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan One can reach Palitana by train, bus, etc. There is a lot of temples and caravansarais in Palitana. Most of the pilgrims start on Giriraj from Jay Taleti. The Giriraj has over a 1,000 temples. CHAPTER 5 YATRA (PILGRIMAGE) PHASE 1 There is a Babu temple on Jay Taleti. The 'Yatra' has approx. 3,745 ladder steps, spreading over two miles. Its height is 1,800 ft above MSL. PHASE 2 Climbing up one passes through Pagla-Deri, 'Kunds' and resting places (Visama). At Hingalaj Hada the slope is steep. There is a scenic view of Palitana from here. Proceeding further comes Hanuman Dhara, where the way bifurcates one going to Dada's Toonk and the other towards Nav Toonk. In the direction of Dada's Toonk there comes Ramapole. At present, the Giriraj has a fort around all Toonks and each Toonk has a security wall. The main gate to the fort is of Ramapole, whereas the other two gates are for Nav Toonk and Ghety's Baari. 22 Through Ramapole one goes to Vaghanpole via Sagalpole. One can see a beautiful series of temples on both the sides from the gate of Vaghanpole. There is a Nemnath temple which has a 'Ranga Mandap (porch) containing partly prepared structures for wedding ceremony (Chori'). Proceeding further, there comes Paap-Punya Baari (Gates of Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Yatra (Pilgrimage) Moksha). Via Kumarvihar there comes a famous Suryakund where king Mahipal got rid of his leucodarma and the cursed cock gets converted into Chandraraj. List of Temples : Keshavji Nayak, Bhandari, Chandraprabhu Swami, Sambhavanath, Parshvanath, Ajitnath, Aadinath, Dharmanath, Mahavir Swami, Shreyanshnath and in Chaumukhji's temple there is a statue of Shri Dhaneshwarsuriji who wrote "Shatrunjay Mahatmya". Between Haathipole and Ratanpole there is a flower chowk. PHASE 3 In Ratanpole there is Dada's temple, which is the principal and magnificent one on Shri Shatrunjay. The 'Kalash' on its peak is goldplated. The present idol of Shri Aadishwar Dada has been installed in V. S. 1587 by Karmasha. Tejpal Soni beautified it with sheer grandeur. In V.S. 1650, this temple is devotionally named as Nandivardhan. 'Darshan' of Dada is extremely blissful. We cannot but forget everything and glide into an indescribable 'Bhaava'. If you really love Him, you would not like to leave Him. It is advisable to have three 'Pradaxinas' of Dada. In the first round, there is Sahastrakut, Rayan-Pagla Deri, carvings of a Snake and a Peacock, Ganadhar-Pagla Deri and Simandhar Deri. In the second round, there is a new Aadishwar temple made by Vastupal-Tejpal, Meru, Samavasaran and Sametshikhar temple. Whereas in the third round comes the following temples : Five brother, Bajariya, Nemnath, Visviharman and Ashtapad. In V.S. 2032, a new Toonk has been added which includes over 500 idols reinstalled from Ratanpole. Going ahead, one sees temples of Gandhariya Chaumukhji and Pundarik Swami. PHASE 4 As is already seen, the other way from Hanuman Dhara proceeds to Nav Toonk. There is a tomb of Pir Angarsha near the gate. SHETH NARASINH KESHAVJI 'TOONK' In V.S. 1921 this 'Toonk' was established. It has the following temples: 23 Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Samprati Maharaj, Shantinath, Babu Harakhchand, Sumtinath, Sambhavanath, Rishabhadev, Hala Kundivala, Narsinh Natha, Marudevi Mata, Chaumukhji, Chandraprabhu, Ajitnath and Kumthunath. CHAUMUKHJI TOONK (SAVASOMJI TOONK) The area of this Toonk is 270 ft x 116 ft which was made by mandering the peak. The main temple in this Toonk was erected in V.S. 1675 by Sava-Somji. The top of its peak can be viewed from a distance of 20-25 miles. This Toonk was constructed later than the surrounding Toonks. Sheth Savachand was an honest businessman of Vanthali. People trusted him with their assets. Once he got in money crisis through a jealous competitor. Savachand drew a 'Hundi' on Sheth Somchand of Ahmedabad, where he did not have an account. Savachand could not help but cry and a couple of tears made it through the 'Hundi'. Sheth Somchand encashed the 'Hundi' realising a highly specialised situation. Later when Sheth Savachand came to Ahmedabad to thank and settle the account with Sheth Somchand, the latter said, "It is my duty to help the other Jain in trouble". They decided to erect a temple on Giriraj. List of temples in this Toonk : Aadinath, Pundarik Swami, Shantinath, Parshavanath, Khimji Somaji, Simandharswami, Dhanrupmal, Ajitnath. In the back of Savasomji Toonk, there are temples of Pandavas and Sahatrakund. CHHIPAVASAHI TOONK (BHAVSAR TOONK) In 14th Century, Chhipas erected Shri Rishabhadev temple. Perceptor Nandisen composed 'Ajit-Shanti Staven' here. There are other temples of Shreyansnath, Neminath, Parshvanath, Ajitnath and Shantinath. SAKAR VASAHI TOONK In V.S. 1893, Sakarchand of Ahmedabad constructed this Toonk. On the top of the main temple of Chintamani Parshvanath there also exist temples of Chandraprabhu and Padmaprabhu. 24 Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Yatra (Pilgrimage) NANDISHWAR (UJAMFOI) TOONK In V.S. 1893, Sheth Premabhai of Ahmedabad erected a temple of Nandishwar in the memory of his aunt Ujambai. There are temples of Kumthunath and Shantinath. HEMA VASAHI TOONK Sheth Shantidas of Ahmedabad had a grand son, whose grand son Hemabhai, in V.S. 1882, erected the principal temple of Ajitnath, which contains a major Shila Lekh. Temples of Pundarik Swami and Chaumukhji also occupy the vicinity together with a Sthanak of Goddess Khodiyar. MODI (PREMA VASAHI) TOONK In V.S. 1843, Modi Premchand Lavji of Ahmedabad arranged for a Sangh to Shatrunjay and erected the temples of Shri Rishabhadev and Shri Pundarik Swami. In the porch of the temple of Sahatrafana Parshvanath, there are two 'Gokhalas' of 'Sasu-Vahu', which resemble those of 'Derani-Jethani' in Delwara (on Mount Abu) by Vastupal-Tejpal. There are also temples of Ajitnath and Chandraprabhu. Proceeding further, there stand Manekbai's Deri and a temple of Adabadaji. From a hill stone Adabadji's gigantic idol was carved out, which was installed in V.S. 1686. The sitting posture of Adabadaji is 18 ft tall and 14.5 ft broad. It echos in there due to the hugeness of the temple. Adabadji is one of the names of Lord Aadishwar. Once a year (only) on the day of Jyeshtha Vad 11, the bathing, worshipping and adoring ceremonies are performed. BALA VASAHI TOONK Proceeding further from Adabadaji, there stands Bala Vasahi Toonk which was constructed by Deepchand Kalyanji (Balabhai) of Ghogha in V.S. 1893. There are temples of Aadishwar, Pundarik Swami, Chaumukhji, Vasupujya Swami, Ajitnath and Shantinath. MOTISHA SHETH TOONK In V.S. 1893, Sheth Motichand Amichand of Bombay erected the main temple of Lord Aadishwar, after filling a deep valley. There are also 16 other big temples in this Toonk. 25 Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ GHETY'S BAARI On one side is Dada's major toonk and all the rest on the other. In the mids of both is gate going to Ghety's Paag. Down at the base there is Ghety-Pagla Deri. Sr. No. Name of Toonk 1. 3. 2. Chaumukhji Toonk (Kharatar Vasahi) Chipavasahi Toonk 4 5 7. Jain Tamples and Idols in Varlous Toonks on Shri Shatrunjay (in V.S. 2032)* Temples No. of Metal Idols Dada's Toonk Sakar Vasahi Toonk Nandishwardweep 6. Hemabhai Toonk 26 Toonk Modi Toonk 8. Balabhai Toonk 9. Motisha Toonk Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan TABLE I Total Total No.of Idol 4,339 89 48 1,359 288 265 525 270 3,011 11,094 50 10 I 1 1 I 458 145 665 Big 44 23 6 2 2 4 4 4 16 105 Small 289 212 14 (7 without idols) 35 (8 without idols) 6 34 (3 without idols) 31 13 *Ref: This table is taken from the book 'Shri Giriraj Sparshana', published by Somchand D. Shah, p. 143, (V. S. 2032) 181 815 Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Yatra (Pilgrimage) TABLE II Information about the persons who Erected the various Toonks and Its Year of Installation on Shri Shatrunjay** Name of Name of Erector's Year of Date of Pratishtha Toonk Erector Mother's Name Father's Name Caste Pace Instal- lation Dada's Taradevi (V.S.) 1587 Tolashah VishaOswal Karama- shah (16th Renovation) Chitod ghadh Vaishak Vad 6 Chaumukhji Sava Somji Jasmadevi Jogaraj 1675 Vaishak Dasha porwad Ahmeda- bad Sud 13 Visa 1794 Chhipavasahi Lakhachand Bhandari Shivachand Ahmeda- bad Ashadh Sud 10 Oswal 1843 Prema vasahi Premchand Modi Lavji Modi Dasha- Ahmeda Shrimali bad Maha Sud 11 Dadi-Jadav 1886 Hemavasahi Hemabhai Sheth Vakhat. chand Sheth VishaOswal Ahmeda. bad Maha Sud 5 Ujambai Jadabai 1889 Ujamvasahi Vakhatchand Sheth Visha. Oswal Ahmeda bad Vaishakh Sud 13 Kalyanji 1893 Balavasahi Deepchand (Balabhai) VishaShrimali Ghogha Bandar (Port) Rupadevi Amichand Visha 1893 Motivasahi Motisha Sheth Cambay (Bombay) Maha Vad 2 Oswal Premchand 1893 Sakarvasahi Sakarchand Ahmeda- bad Maha Sud 10 Shrimali * *Ref. : This has been taken from the notes on "Renovation of Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj", by Sarabhai Manibhai Nawab Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The 'Jivatma' is caught by eight kinds of 'Karmas. One becomes a 'Siddha' only after exhausting all eight kinds of 'Karmas'. Among 84 lakhs of different life forms, only human form is capable of becoming 'Siddha'. It takes a pure and innocent mind, a healthy body and the wealth acquired through justifiable means. To pursue their 'Aaradhana', Jains perform certain rituals which are described below in brief. Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan (1) TWENTY-ONE 'KHAMASANAS' Shri Shatrunjay has 21 principal names, descriptive of historical stories signifying its rituousness. Pandit Virvijay has composed a 39 stanza (Dooha) which are grouped in 21 division containing the principal names. A pilgrim recites one division and makes one 'Khamasana'. This is how he finishes 21 'Khamasanas'. Siddhakshetra Vimalachal Surgiri Mahagiri Punyarashi Shreepadgiri Indraprakash CHAPTER 6 JAIN RITUALS ON SHATRUNJAY 28 The principal 21 names are as follows: Mahatirtha Dradhashakti Muktinilayagiri Pushpadant Mahapadma Prithvipith Shri Subhadragiri Kailash Kadambagiri Ujjavalgiri (2) ONE HUNDRED EIGHT KHAMASANAS Shri Shatrunjay has about 108 peaks. Ninty-nine historic names of Shatrunjay are included in a 'Pooja' by Pandit Virvijay. Shri Sujashavijay, worthy disciple of Shri Kalyansagar, composed a devotional epic of 108 stanzas containing these 99 names. Pilgrims recite each stanza and make a 'Khamasana'. Sarvakamdayak Shashvatgiri Pundarikgiri Siddhakshetra Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Rituals on Shatrunjay The list of 99 names of Shri Shatrunjay is given below: Shatrunjaygiri 2. Bahubali 3. Marudevi 4. Pundarikgiri 5. Raivatgiri 6. Vimalachal 7. Siddharaj Tirtharaj 8. Bhagirath 9. Siddhakshetra 10. Sahastrakamal 11. Muktinilaygiri 12. Siddhachal 13. Shatkut 14. Dhank 15. Kadambagiri 16. Lohitdhwaj 17. Taldhwaj 18. Surapriya 19. Punyarashi 20. Mahabal 21. Dradhashakti 22. Shatpatra 23. Vijayanand 24. Bhadrankar 25. Mahapith 26. Surgiri 27. Mahagiri 28. Mahanand 29. Karmasoodan 30. Kailash 31. Pushyachandra 32. Jayant 33. Anand 34. Shreepad 35. Hastagiri 36. Shashvatgiri 37. Bhavyagiri 38. Siddhashekhar 39. Mahajash 40. Malyavant 41. Prithvipith 42. Dookhahar 43. Muktiraj 44. Manikant 45. Mahidhar 46. Kanchangiri 47. Ananddhar 48. Pushpakand 49. Jayanand 50. Patalmool 51. Vibhash 52. Vishalgiri 53. Jagataran 54. Akalank 55. Akarmak 56. Mahatirth 57. Hemgiri 58. Anantshakti 59. Purushottam 60. Parvatraj 61. Jyotiroop 62. Vishalbhadra 63. Subhadra 64. Ajaramar 65. Kshemankar 66. Amarketu 67. Gunkand 68. Sahashtrapatra 69. Shivamkaru 70. Karmakshaya 71. Tamokand 72. Rajarajeshwar 73. Bhavataran 74. Gajchandra 75. Mahadev 76. Surkant 77. Achal 78. Abhinanda 79. Sumati 80. Shreshtha 81. Abhayakand 82. Ujjavalgiri 83. Mahapadma 84. Vishvanand 85. Vijavbhadra 86. Indraprakash 87. Kapadri 88. Muktinilaya 89. Kevaldayak 90. Charchgiri 91. Jayakamal 92. Saundarya 93. Yashodhar 94. Khitimandan 95. Kamook 96. Sahajanand 97. Mahendradhwaj 98. Sawarthasiddhi 99. Priyankar. (3) THREE 'PRADAXINAS' Some pilgrims perform three 'Pradaxinas' consisting of 3, 12 and 24 miles of Shri Shatrunjay as an extended and expanded 'Sadhana'. 29 Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan (a) Three-mile 'Pradaxina' : There is a three-mile fort encircling all the temples on Shri Shatrunjay. A pilgrim desiring to perform a three mile 'Pradaxina' walks all around the fort. (b) Twelve-mile 'Pradaxina' : On Falgun Sud 13, every year, a twelve-mile round trip is undertaken. Almost 20,000 pilgrims join this 'Pradaxina' and the bliss experienced is beyond words! Proceeding East from Ramapole one comes to Devki-Shat-Nandan Deri on a hillock; then comes Ulakha-Navan-Deri, Ajitnath-Shantinath Deri, Chilan Talavadi, Bhavada Hills, Samba-Pradyumna Deri, Sidhhavad Deri, Aatpur camp and Palitana. The facilities for food, water and rest are available at Aatpur. (c) Twentyfour-Mile 'Pradaxina': A very few strong and healthy pilgrims start on a 24-mile round trip, starting from Palitana to Bhandaria - Kadambgiri - Hastigiri and back to Palitana. (4) SEVEN YATRAS WITH 'CHHATTHA' It is said that one who completes seven pilgrimages of Shatrunjay observing two 'Upavas' (without water) attains 'Moksha' in the third life. (5) 'CHHATTHA-ATTHAM' Seven 'Chhatthas' and two 'Atthams' have to be accomplished by a pilgrim within a year. At each step 'Sadhak' is given a different ascending 'Mantra'. (6) IMPORTANT DATES A list of special festive dates is as follows: (1) Kartiki Poornima, (2) Maha Vad 13 (Posh Vad 13 as per Gujarati) which is also called Merootryodashi, (3) Falgun Sud 8, (4) Falgun Sud 13, (5) Falgun Vad 8, (6) Chaitri Poornima, (7) Vaishakh Sud 3 (Akshaya Trutiya), (8) Vaishakh Vad 6, (9) Ashadh Sud 14. (7) NINTY-NINE "YATRAS' OF GIRIRAJ ("NAVVANOO') Lord Aadishvar visited Shri Shatrunjay on Falgun Sud 8 for 99 'Purvas' (One 'Purva' = (84000 X 84000) years). Every year He visited on the same day invariably. 30 Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Rituals on Shatrunjay Knowledgeable people do their 'Navvanoo' during winter and summer months in such a way that Falgun Sud 8 is included. Normally pilgrims accomplish 108 'yatras'. One attains 'Punya' of another yatra by visiting Ghetyni Paag. One who performs 'Navvanoo' has to visit at least nine times Ghetyni Pagg, and nine times 'Nav Toonk'. Observing 'Ayambil', one has to finish two 'yatras' in a day, while observing a fast one has to finish three 'yatras'. Likewise there are few other specific conditions to complete the 'Navvanoo'. (8) 'CHATURMAS' India has a monsoon between Ashadh and Kartik (July to October). Jainism is extremely aware of 'Amhinsa' (non-violence). The hills are very slippery in monsoon. Shree Shatrunjay is the great place for Aaradhana. The glory of Giriraj is innumerable. For the foregoing reasons, the great Jain Masters have prohibited climbing up Shri Shatrunjay during monsoon months. A lot of devotional pilgrims come to Palitana and settle here for four months of monsoon ('Chaturmas'). Jains are allowed to touch only any part of Shri Shatrunjay hills while keeping their feet on the plain ground. Shri Shatrunjay is God incarnated on a large scale. Any stone at the base is His feet. A devotional pilgrim attains the 'Punya' by touching Shri Giriraj as that of worshipping 'Dada'. (9) A TRADITION OF 'PATTA JUHARWA' Jain 'Sadhus' and 'Sadhavis' are not allowed to travel during the four months of monsoon. A lot of 'Sadhus' reach Palitana before monsoon to pursue their own 'Sadhana'. Pilgrims of 'Chaturmas' get a chance to pursue their 'Aaradhana' under the guidance of a 'Guru'. At other places also the 'Sadhus' grace Jains with a four-month stay, 'Chaturmas'. On Kartiki Poornima Shri Shatrunjay is open again for pilgrimage. A lot of fortunate Jains visit the Giriraj on Kartiki Poornima but to benefit those, who cannot reach Palitana, there is a tradition to visit Shri Shat 31 Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan runjay through 'Bhaava' by Worshipping the 'Pattas' of Shri Shatrunjay. The 'Pattas' are artistic paintings of Shri Shatrunjay on high quality durable cloth. On Kartiki Poornima, all Jains worship Shri Shatrunjay either at Palitana or on the outskirts of their own town or village through the tradition of 'Patta Juharwa'. (10) 'PAYAGAS' (HILL TRACKS) OF SHATRUNJAY It does not take a lot of guts to realise that a hill has a peak but it has to have a number of tracks from the base. In the time of Lord Aadishwar the hill track to Shatrunjay was from Aatpur. Presently, most of the pilgrims start from Jay Taleti. The other hill tracks to Shatrunjay include Ghety, Rohishada, Ghandhol, Jivapara, etc. 32 Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Art of Architecture CHAPTER 7 ART OF ARCHITECTURE Shri Shatrunjay is not only great in philosophical dimensions but also is unique in the marvellous art of architecture. A list of highly significant tourists attractions is as follows: (1) Dada's gigantic temple, old artistic carvings and beautiful decorations. (2) New Aadishwar temple, beautiful 'Pootalis'. (3) The (so-called) Simandhara Swami temple, its exterior art. (4) Gandhariya Chaumukhji temple, unique carving where the sculptor has really performed a hearty job. (5) The new artistic gates of Ramapole, Sagalpole, Vaghanpole, Haathipole, Ratanpole and Nav Toonk. (6) Kumarpal Maharaja temple, beautiful yellow-stone door frame, depiction of prenatal fourteen dreams of Trishala (Lord Mahavir's mother), artistic ceiling. (7) Chaumukhji temple on high pedestal, with 100 pillars. (8) Having a resemblance of a house-door is a temple containing two huge marble elephants. Wall carvings of Nandish wardweep and Ashtapad whose intricacy can be appreciated only by an artistic eye. depicting (9) Samavasaran temple, following Amijara, exactly 'Samavasaran'. (10) Neminath's Chori temple, plenty of art and beauty, carved ceilings, shaking statues. (Lord Neminath refused to marry his fiancee Rajul at the last minute due to overflowing compassion towards poor animals that were to be slaughtered for preparing wedding meals.) 33 Page #67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan (11) Entering Ratanpole, a rare five-peak temple. (12) Before Ramapole, a carved cave and statues. (13) Entering the 'Nav Toonk' gate, Samprat Maharaj temple, ancient yellow-stone inner door frame. (14) Savasomji temple at a panoramic height. (15) Pandava temple, ancient. (16) Chhipavasahi Toonk is pretty. (17) Mollavasahi temple, great art of 14th Century. (18) Artistic arrangement of Nandishwar Toonk. (19) A beautiful low level structure of Modi's Toonk, 'Sasu-Vahu Gokhala'. (20) Adabadaji temple, a gigantic idol carved out of a hill stone. (21) Babu's temple at Jay Taleti, art in plenty. (22) A museum of Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust near Jay Taleti, magni ficently arranged ancient wood work. (23) Jain Aagam Mandir near Jay Taleti. 34 Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Some Facts - Old and New CHAPTER 8 SOME FACTS - OLD AND NEW (1) The Vicerory of India (under British Rule) agreed that the Jains should pay Rs. 60,000/- a year to the Maharaja of Palitana for the upkeeping of Shri Shatrunjay. Aagamoddharak Acharya Shri Anandsagarsurishwarji instilled a donation of Rs. 11 lakhs so that its interest will automatically pay the annual dues of Shri Shatrunjay mentioned above. After A.D. 1947 (Indian Independence), when the States merged in the Union of India, Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai used his good offices and the annual dues was abolished. Subsequently, the interest income (of Rs. 11 lakhs mentioned above) was well employed to construct ladder steps all the way upto the top and also those of Ghetyni Paag. (2) Before V.S. 1890, there was a big valley at Ramapole. Sheth Motisha got it filled and built the 'toonk'. (3) The present author (Acharya Shri Kanchansagarji Maharaj) has come to the following two conclusions : (a) The road between Vaghanpole and Haathipole must have been newly constructed, in the 17th century, as only two temples are old ones, whereas all the rest are new ones. The temple of Kumarpal and Neminath ("Chori') are the old ones. The new road does some inevitable injustice to the old temples as the front-end and the back-end are reversed - the present front door was the back door in past judging from the architectural principles. (b) Savasomji's Toonk must have been built on a hill, partly flaten ed by mandering a high peak as it occupies the central location, whereas the surrounding toonks were constructed much earlier than Savasomji Toonk. 35 Page #69 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan GLOSSARY Aagam Aagamoddharak Aaradhana Advaita Amhinsa Anashan Apsara Arihant Classical literature on Jainism Renovator of Aagam Spiritual practice Non-dual Non-violence Fasting to death Demy goddess A liberated soul helping the world through sheer compassion Three-day long fast without food Regressive serpentile time period A Jain single meal fast during day-light hours, food which does not contain oil, sugar, milk, butter, etc. Atthama Avasarpini Kaal Ayambil Bhaava Identification; emotional height; special feelings Lord; God; Arihant Food received through charity Bhagawan Bhiksha Chha 'Ree Chaitri Poornima Chakra Chakravarti Charitrya Six 'Ree' - (1) Not consuming 'Sachit' (live) things, (2) Taking a single meal, (3) Walking, (4) Sleeping on the floor, (5) Celebate, and (6) Performing two essential rituals. Full-moon day of Chaitra month Divine supreme weapon A supreme king of all the six areas of Bharat Kshetra (India) To leave the all types of sins with promise (Integrity) Four months of monsoon in India (July to October) Jain organisation of Sadhu, Sadhavi, Shravak and Shravika Two-day long fast without food Structure erected for wedding ceremony Chaturmas Chaturvidha Sangh Chaththa Chori 36 Page #70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Glossary .. Dada Darshan Derani-Jethani Deri Deshana Deva Dharma Dhupa Lord Aadishwar (Rishabhadev) View; Audience Sisters-in-law - Younger brother's wife is called 'Derani' and elder brother's wife is called Jethani'. Temple (normally a small temple) Surmon One of the gods Religion; real duty incense; Burning of concentrated incense on livecoal Initiation into monkhood (Sainthood). A snake so poisonous that it can kill just by fiercely seeing Wealth; material Baser existence Diksha Drashti Vish Sarpa Dravya Durgati Gachhas Gandharwa Gokhala Grihasthi Guru Groups One of the demy gods A gap in wall House-holder Master Hundi Draft Jain Jivatma Jati Smaran Gnan Follower of Lord Mahavir Bound self Knowledge of previous and prior lives Kalash Kamadev Karma Kartiki Poornima Keval Gnan Kevali Ritualistic pot God of Love Deeds Full-moon day of Kartik month Highest knowledge Jain equivalent of attaining the highest knowledge Special weapon power Khadaga Siddhi Mahavidya Khamasana : On your knees; Kneel down 37 Page #71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Kshatriyas Kshetra Kund Mahavideya Kshetra Mahavir Maskhaman Moksha (Mukti) Naam Narkagati Navkar Mantra Navvanoo Nirvana Paag (Payaga) Pagala Parmeshti Paryushan Patta Pooja Pootalis Pradaxina Prakshaal Pratishtha Punya Ranga Mandap Rayan Sadhana Sadhak Sadhu Sadhvi Samavasaran 38 Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan : : : : : ......... : : : : : : : Warriers Place; area Pond A particular plane of living according to Jainism where realised beings abide. 24th Tirthankar A 30-day long fast without food Liberation Name Hell stage Primal Jain Mantra Ninty-nine pilgrimages of Shri Shatrunjay Death of Mortal; realisation Hill track Footprints God Eight-day long austerity period of Jains An artistic paintings of any Jain Tirtha on high quality durable cloth; carved and beautifully painted on a marble wall. Ritual to apply scandal wood paste marks on an idol; Songs in praise of god. Dolls Round trip on foot Bathing an idol (milk and water are used in it) Idol installation ceremony Merit Porch A kind of fruit Spiritual practice Seeker Monk (Male) Monk (Female) A Jain Pedestal (from where Tirthankar gives surmons) Page #72 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Glossary Samsara Samyak Daan Sangh Sanghpati Sasu-Vahu Sheel Shila-lekh Shlokas Shravak Shravika Siddha Siddhapad Sthanak Stotra Swayamvar Worldliness; 'T', 'My' sense Appropriate donation Jain organisation of Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak and Shravika One who organises Sangh Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Character Inscription on a stone Stanzas Jain (Male) Jain (Female) Realised being A stage of realisation Sacred place Single sitting recitation Challenge marriage; in ancient India the father of a princess would set certain challenging tasks, the prince who accomplishes the said task only becomes eligible to marry that princess. One who commits breach of austerity Sacred place for pilgrimage A liberated soul helping the world through sheer compassion A stage of Tirthankar After death dissatisfied Jivatmas obtain such forms prior to next birth A group of temples Three words - Hell, Heaven and Earth Tapabhrashtta Tirtha Tirthankara Tirthankarpad Tiryancha stage Toonk Trilokas Upavas Utasarpini Kaal Vajralep Vani Vansha Vidyadhara A fast without food, consuming water only during broad day-light hours, observed by Jains Progressive serpentile time period Impossible to eradicate Speech; Surmon Lineage One of the demy gods; Possessor of certain mystic powers. Page #73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Visama Vish Kanya Vratas Yaksha Yatra Yogi Yogini Yoni 40 : Glossary Resting place Cursed virgin Jains practice self-discipline with specific conditions (See footnote on Page 12) One of the demy gods Pilgrimage A male practitioner of Yoga : A female practitioner of Yoga : Life forms; vagina. Page #74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEEBEEBEE 9. sil Collezie, usluge zaad de$eil. 1. Shree Giriraj, View From the Palitana Station. Page #75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2. mULanAyaka zrI AdIzvara bhagavAna, pratiSThita, 1587 (2. bhI. zAha) 2. Shree Adeashver Bhagvan, Established, 1587 (R. B. S.) Page #76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ tIrthAdhirAja zrI zatrujaya 3. vartamAnamA vitarAta ane zata bhinnabhinna paTemAMnI ra girizAnI 2. (2. bhI. zAla) 3. One of the Patts, from Different Patts, Being Printed And Prepared. (R. B. S.) Page #77 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ int 4. vi. saM. 1780 mAM citarAvela. zrIgirirAjane paTa 4. Patt of Shree Giriraj, Painted in Samvat 1780. Page #78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 5. zrI girirAja, bhADavAnA DuMgara taraphathI (naM. 1). 5. Shree Giriraj, View from Mount Bhadwa (No. 1) Page #79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 6. zrI girirAja, bhADavAnA DuMgara taraphathI (naM. 2) 6. Shree Giriraj, View from Mount Bhadwa. (No. 2) Page #80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 7. dAdAnI TuMka, bhADavAnA DuMgara taraphathI 7. Dada's Group of Temples, View from Mount Bhadwal Page #81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 1. Pelega3 28 orai, 81 Golferior. 8. Shree Giriraj, View from Road to Siddhvad. Page #82 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 9. hastagiri, bhADavAnA DuMgara taraphathI. 9. Hastgiri, View from Mount Bhadwa, Page #83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 10. Sellige lahuail 2. 10. A Small Temple of Kalyan Vimal. Page #84 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 99. 0410121Ha H'lez. 11. Temple of Balashram. Page #85 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 12. meghamuninuM su5, rANAvAva pAse. 12. Stoop of Megh Muni, Near RanaVav. Page #86 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 93. $42419 H'lez. 13. The Temple of Keshariaji. Page #87 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 18. Bulell duelal 6185. 14. The Seat of Bhatha Talati. Page #88 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 15. zrI vardhamAna jaina Agama maMdira, 15. Shree Vardhaman Jain Agam Mandir. Page #89 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ' 16. Agama maMdira, TAvara sahita. 16. Agam Mandir, with Tower. Page #90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 99. Bil 674 dalel. 17. Shree Jay Talati. Page #91 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 96. il 21229dil sl. 18. The Cave of Saraswati. Page #92 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 96. Bil 4dque es. 19. A group of Temples of Dhanavasahi. www Page #93 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 20. 21HG2dail . 20. Small Temple of Shree Ram and Shree Bharat. Page #94 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 21. navaTuMkano dekhAva, hanumAnadhArA taraphathI. 21. View of Nav-Toonk From Hanumandhara, Page #95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 22. hanumAnadhArA. 22. Hanuman-Dhara. Page #96 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ jy'ti| 3. 2aamaan4/ 27. 23. Gate of Rampole. Page #97 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 28. 21 PR2161, Eqflueries rell. 24. Giriraj as Seen From Devki-Shat-Nandan. Page #98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 25. zrI zAMtinAtha bhagavAnanuM derAsara, devakISanaMdana taraphathI. 25. Temple of Shree Shantinath Bhagavan, From Devkishat Nandan. Page #99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 26. rAmapoLamAM paMca zikharI derAsara. 26. Temple of Five Domes in Rampole. Page #100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 27. mAtIzAhanu daherAsara 27. Temple of Motishah.. Page #101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 26. auguTAIL ERA. 28. Gate of Vaghanpole. Page #102 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ www 3DS SSS 29. bhulavaNInA eka taraphano dekhAva. zeTha. A. ka.nA saujanyathI) 29. A View of Bhulavani. Page #103 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 30. 199ilzi si alhaladl 22. 30. The Sauare of Shree Neminath in Bhulavani. Page #104 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ WWW 31. bhulavaNI, traNagaDhamAM prabhu. (jai, jana lanA saujanyathI 31. Prabhuji, in Bhulavani Three Gadh. Page #105 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 32. bhulavaNImAM, eka ghumaTanI apUrva kotaraNI. 32. Unique Carvings, in One Dome, in Bhulavani. Page #106 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 33. 484414-il ul. 33. Window of Pap-&-Punya. Page #107 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 34. bhulavaNI taraphathI javAne raste. 4. Road From Bhulavani End. Page #108 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 35. vAghaNapoLanI aMdarano rasto. (jana jarnalanA saujanyathI) 35. A Road, Inside Vaghanpole. Page #109 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 38. 4144 sily 21242. 36. Temple with Hundred Pillars Around. Page #110 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 37. zrI sumatinAtha bhagavAnanuM maMdira. 37. The Temple of Sumatinath. Page #111 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ karo RE 38. kumArapALanA derAsaranA gabhArAnI bArazAkhanI kotaraNI. 38. Carvings of doors of Kumarpal's Temple. Page #112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 39. kumArapALanA derAsaramAM, eka bAja, cauda svapna vagere. 39. Carvings of Fourteen Dreams, And Another in Kumarpal's Temple. Page #113 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 40. hAthIpaLane jano daravAjo. (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI) 40. Old Gate of Hathipole. (Jain Journal) Page #114 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 41. hAthIpoLanA vartamAna daravAjo. 41. Present Gate of Hathipole. Page #115 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 82. deiluhiel yaual Real. 42. Entrance Road, From Hathipole. Page #116 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 73. ELEL-i asal Pal2 HS4. 43. Mandap for Mass Prayers, in Dada's Group of Temples. Page #117 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 87. Sil BALEL2 ELELTI ER 212. (614 o cal Pilotyeil) 44. Temple of Shree Adeaswerdada. (Jain Journal) to of Shree Adeaswerdada. (Jalina Journal Page #118 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ che. daE che." * dArI . mA sarad, hAtha mAro ka - - ema ja che nA jANo kat tcheje ke A U ht Her 1 nA jAma |||IIT 1 lin TE 31 9 '' Latitida che - Hi 45. navAAdIzvaranA derAsarane pAchalo bhAga. (zeTha. A. ke.nA saujanyathI) 45. Back side of New Adeswar Temple. Page #119 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 46. dAdAnA derAsaranI pAchaLano gokhalo. Balcony at the back side of Dada's Temple. 46, Page #120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 47. dAdAnA derAsaranuM zikhara. 47. Dome of Dada's Temple. Page #121 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 48. kumArapAlanA maMdirano eka bhAga. (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI) 48. View of Kumar Pal's Temple. Page #122 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 49. dAdAnA derAsaranI DAbI bAjAne bhAga. 49. Left Portion of Dada's Temple. Page #123 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ b00 ek van a | 50. dAdAnA derAsaranA dakSiNa taraphanA daravAjAnuM tAraNa (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI) 50. The Gate of southern side of Dada's Temple. Page #124 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ain Education International | | 51. rAyaNa pagalAnI derI. (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI) 51. Small Temple of Rayan Pagala. Page #125 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THOR ******** 52. sImaMdhara svAminA derAsaranuM zikhara. 52. Dome of Temple of Simandhar Swami. Page #126 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 'phaka jAma 53. sImaMdhara svAminA derAsarane eka khUNo. 53. A Corner of Temple of Simandhar Swami. Page #127 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ R 54. pAMca bhAionA derAsaranuM zikhara. 54. Dome of Five Brother's Temples. Page #128 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 55. 2032 nI pratiSThAvALI navI Tuka. 55. New Bunch of Temples Built in Samvat 2032. an Education International Page #129 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 56. saM. 2032 nI pratiSThAvALI navI TukanA mULa nAyakajInA maMdiranuM zikhara. 56. Dome of Temple of Mulnayakji Established in Samvat 2032. Page #130 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 57. dhArIA caumukhajInuM maMdira. 57. Temple of Gandharia Chaumukhji. I Page #131 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ uc. Hall asl 24419. 58. View of Motishah's Toonk. Page #132 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ye. Beal 414degLLil ouel. 59. Entrance to the way to Ghety Payga. Page #133 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 50. GULALLIS asal 2914 60. A Gate of Group of Temples of Balabhai. Page #134 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 59. HUMSOLLS-11 222. 61. A Small Temple of Manekbai. www Page #135 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 62, adabadajI (zrI AdIzvara dAdA) (ja. 18rna lanA saujanyathI). 62. Idol of Adabadji (Shree Adiswar Dada). Page #136 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ A 63. adabadajInu derAsara The Temple of Shree Adabadji. Page #137 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 64. modInI Tukane daravAjo. 64. Gate of Modi Toonk. Page #138 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 54. Helal asaj E21212. 65. A Temple of Group of Temples of Modi. Page #139 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ $EUR. Helcil e shi sil 15 221242. 66. Shree Chandra Prabhu Temple in Modi Toonk. Page #140 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 69. 2412391 5119431 t. 4. 67. Balcony No: 1 of Sasu And Vahu. Page #141 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sl. 2012 al 14&L . 3. 68. Balcony No. 2 of Sasu And Vahu. Page #142 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 69. sahastraphaNA zrI pArzvanAthanuM Arasanu derAsara. 69. Marble Temple of Sahastrafana Parswanath. Page #143 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 70. hemAbhAInI TuMkanA daravAjo. 70. Gate of a Group of Temples of Hemabhai. Page #144 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RE 71. sAkarazAnI Tukano eka bhAga. 71. A Portion of Toonk of Sakarshah. Jain Education Interational Page #145 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 72. zrI ajIta zAMtinAthajInI derI. 72. A Small Temple of Shree Ajit-Shantinathji. Page #146 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 73, chIpA vasahInuM derAsara. (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI ). 73. Temple of Chhipa Vasahi. Page #147 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ | E EE 74. ujamabAInA maMdirano dekhAva. 74. Sight of Temple of Ujambai. Page #148 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LILLI 75. navaTuMka taraphathI dekhAtI dAdAnI duka na. 1. 75. Dada's Toonk Appearing from Nav-toonk. No. 1. Page #149 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 76. navaTuMka taraphathI dekhAtI dAdAnI TaMka naM. 2. 76. Dada's Toonk Appearing from Nav-Toonk. No. 2 Page #150 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ che. 19. F ind it is :: 3 : FILE ::::::::: A '', , assistant . * 77. simaMdharasvAminA derAsaranA pAchaLano bhAga. 77. Back side of Simandhar Swami. Page #151 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 78. uparathI dekhAtuM bAlAbhAinuM derAsara. 78. Temple of Balabhai as seen from above. Page #152 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 79. pIranI daragAha pAsethI dekhAtI dAdAnI Tuka. 79. A Group of Temples of Dada as seen from Near Dargah of Pir Page #153 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 80. dAdAnI TuMka taraphathI kharatara vasahI TuMkane dekhAva (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI). 80. View of Khartar Vasahi Toonk from Dada's Toonk. Page #154 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 81. rasavAmajI, (caumukhajI) nA derAsarano eka bhAga. (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI ). 81. A Portion of Temple of Savasom (Chaumukhji). Page #155 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ (2. 144%aj (1242. 82. Dome of Temple of Chaumukhji. Page #156 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ (3. 114404| H'ler il cal fleil. 83. External carvings, of Temple of Chaumukhji. Page #157 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 84. caumukhajI bhagavAna (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI). 84. Idol of Chaumukhji. Page #158 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ kharatara vasahInAraMgamaMDapanA koNIdAra taMbha (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI). 85. Scene of Pillars. Karatarvasahi (Rangmandap.) lain Education International Page #159 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 15. 26 feel relaj E21212. 86. The Temple of Narshi Natha. Page #160 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 87. saMprati mahArAjanuM derAsara. Temple of Samprati Maharaj. 87 Page #161 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ca payA thavAre olm 88. saMprati mahArAjanA derAsaranA gabhArAnI bArazAkha. 88. Interior door of Samprati Maharaj's Temple. Page #162 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 89. zeTha kezavajInA derAsarano eka bhAga. 89. One part of Sheth Keshawji Temple. Page #163 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 90. zeTha narazI kezavajInuM derAsara. 90. The Temple of Sheth Narshi Keshawaji. Page #164 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ faithfittit B a tt che ke # # # # t ter ja kahe che ke rIte ka da ka kema ke keda Batti Ben the hakake che ke ka yo che ? l # # # # $ 8 jo A 91. navaTuMkamAM praveza karavAno daravAjo. 91. Gate for Entrance in Nav-Toonk. Page #165 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 92. navaTuMkathI UtaravAno rasto. 92. Way Down from Nav-Toonk. Page #166 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 63. aflueriestail 2. 93. A Small Temple of Devkishatnaadan. Page #167 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 67. 64141 660-22. 94. A Small Temple of "Ulkha" water. Page #168 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ kad , 95. ulakhA jaLa AgaLa caityavaMdanA karatAM. 95. Praying at "Ulkhajal". Page #169 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 96. cillaNa talAvaDIthI dAdAnI Tuka. 96. Dada's Group of Temples from Chillan Talavdi. Page #170 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 97. ajItanAtha-zAMtinAdhanI derI. 97. A Small Temple of Ajitnath-Shantinath. TEC Page #171 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 20170 98. cillaNa talAvaDI. Chillan Talavdi. 98. Page #172 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 9. zAMba pradyumananI derI. 99. A Small Temple of Shamb Praduman. Page #173 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 10. bhADavAnA DuMgara para jAtrALuo. 100. Yatriks upon The Bhadva's Mountain. Page #174 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 101, bhADavAnA DuMgarathI utarato jAtrALuo. 101. Yatriks passing by Bhadva's Mountain. Page #175 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 902. f1693- 321. 102. A Small Temple of Siddhavad. Page #176 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 103 cha gAunA paDAvamAM yAtrALuo. 103. Pilgrims at the camp, after "Chha-Gao." Page #177 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 10%. 9 OLLO AL 4319. 104. Camp after pilgrimage of "Chha-Gao". Page #178 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 105. cha gAunA paDAvamAM sAdhuo. 105. Saints at the camp after pilgrimage of "Chha-Gao". Page #179 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ - 106. gheTInI pAyagAnI derI. 106. A Small Temple of Gheti's payga. Page #180 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 107. gheTInI pAyagAe zrI siddhAcala zaNagAra Tu'ka. 107. Shree Siddhachal sangar Toonk at Geti's Payga. Page #181 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 108. zrI siddhAcala zaNagAranI TuMkanI bIjI bAja. 108. The other side of Shree Siddhachal Sangar's Toonk. Page #182 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SOODAY 109, mAlhAvasahI : zreyAMsajinanuM caturvizati jinAlaya (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI). 109. Molahavsahi Shreyansjin's Chaturvishati Jinalay. Page #183 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 110. caumukha ane bIjA maMdiro (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI). 110. The Caumukh and other Temples. Page #184 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ - THE 111. bhulavaNI aMdarano bhAga (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI). 111. Interior of a Room in the Bhulaoni. Page #185 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 112. uttara bAjuthI zatrujaya (jaina jarnalanA saujanyathI). 112. Satrunjaya - from the North Summit. Page #186 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ GENERAL PLAN JAINA TEMPLES ON MT: SATRUNJAYA IN PALITANA. Scale, 1500 feet-12 inches. 100 993. 812 674 Hal Hlerial (211. H. 1910141 Pilotal) (al. 96-92-9487) 113. General plan of Jain Temples on Mount Shatrunjay in Palitana (S. M. Navab) (D. 18-12-1944) Page #187 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 114. drAviDa vArikhilanI derI, caumukhajInI Tukane dekhAva. (sA. ma. navAbanA saujanyathI). 114. Little Mandir of Dravid Varikhillaji, The View of Chawmukhji Toonk. Page #188 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ T 115. devamaMdironI nagarI : tIrthAdhirAja zrI zatruMjaya (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI), The City of Devmandir's--Tirthadhiraj Shree Shatrunjay (By Sheth A.K.) 115. Page #189 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 11. A jayAM devAdhideva zrI AdIzvaranA besaNAM che, te garavA girivara zrI zatruMjaya (ze. A. ka. nA saujanyathI) 116-A The Holy Giriraj Shree Shatrunjay where Shree Devadhidev Adishwar. (By. Sheth A. K.) 116. B devamaMdirothI zobhAyamAna tIrthAdhirAja zrI zatruMjya (ze. A. ke. nA saujanyathI) Tirthadhiraj Shree Shantrunjay with Beautiful Devmandirs (ShethA. K.) 116-B Page #190 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ rAjakIya ne' . . IE RE IN PL A . ; , 117. zrI zAMtinAthajI, zatruMjaya (sA, ma. navAbanA saujanyathI). 117. Shree Shantinathjee, Shatrunjay (By. S. M. Navab) Page #191 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 118. (saM. 2032) nUtana jinaprAsAdanA mULanAyaka bhagavAnuM zrI RSabhadeva (ze. A. ka.). 118. (S. V. 2032) - Mulnayak Bhagwan Shree Rushabhdev of Nutan Jinprasad. Page #192 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ hato E' Hu ja |a||||| | | | | SITE FEELI 119, zrIsahastrakuTanI eka bAju, zatruMjaya, (sA. ma. navAbanA saujanyathI) 119. One side of Shree Sahasrakut, Shree Shatrunjay (By S. M. Navab) Page #193 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TA NA A NAPNEUSTIKE IATRIKE GIEINETERISTRATERETERIRIGO THINKITHIRT INNIENENANTIKH EPEIROTIKESE O IKIKIRIKUKN. 12o. Grgest sala tis se, 144HROi, leeiseis (eal, H. amadl iloveil). 120. One hundred Seventy Jin, Samavasaran, Fourteen Rajlok (By S. M. Navab ) Page #194 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 121 vAghaNapoLanA daravAjA pAse vAgha ane hanumAnajInI mUrti 121 An Idol of Tiger and Hanuman near the Gate of Vaghanpole 122 zrI RSabhadeva zAsana adhiSThAyaka zrIpadayakSa 122 Shree Rishabhadev Shasan Adhisthayak Shree Kapardi Yaksha Page #195 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 123 zrI bhairavajI 123 Shree Bhairavjee 124 vyAdhravAhanA zrI cakezvarIdevI 124 Vyagravahana Shree Chakreshwari Devi Page #196 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Tche. 125 zrI RSabhadeva zAsana adhiSThAyikA zrIcakrezvarI devI 125 Shree Rishbhadev Shasan Adhisthayika Shree Chakreshwari Devi maka 126 hAthIpaLanA dvArano eka bhAga 126 Upper Door Frame of Hathipole gate Page #197 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 127 zrI sametazIkharajInI racanAno eka bhAga 127 A Section of Shree Sametshikharji Rachana 128 vi. saM. 1587mAM karamAzAhe bharAvelA zrIpuMDarikasvAmI 128 Shree Pundarikswami Installed by Karamashah in V.S. 1587 Page #198 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 129 zrI naMdIzvara dvIpanI TUMkano AgaLane dekhAva 129 The Front View of Shree Nandishwardwip Tuk 130 zrI naMdIzvara dvIpanI racanAne eka bhAga 130 A Section of Shree Nandishwardwip Rachana Page #199 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 131 savAsamajanI dUkanuM mukhya zikhara, vigere 131 The Main Shikhar of Savasomaji Tuk 132 matIzA zeThanI AkhI TUMkano dekhAva 132 The Complete View of Motisha Sheth Tuk Page #200 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 133 peTInI pAyagAe AdIzvara bhagavAnanI caraNa pAdukA 133 The Foot-Prints of Shree Aadishwar Bhagwan at Gheti's Payga Page #201 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 134 zrI zatruMjaya nadI uparanI zrIAdIzvaradAdAnA pagalAnI derI 134 A Temple of Foot-prints of Aadishwar Dada on the Shatrunjay River Page #202 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHRI SHATRUNJAY GIRIRAJ DARSHAN IN SCULPTURES AND ARCHITECTURE PART 3 EXPLANATORY NOTES ON THE PLATES IN THE BOOK Plate No. 1: A panaromic view of Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj from Palitana railway station. This plate gives us a fine view of Shri Giriraj from the bridge side including the town Palitana. Plate No. 2 : This is the photograph of the First Tirthankar, Shri Aadishwara. In the present 'Avasarpini' period Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj had sixteen renovations. The 16th renovation was devotionally done by Karmasha on Vaishakh Vad 6, Vikram Samvat 1587 and on that day he established the idol of Shri Aadishwara Bhagwan. Its "Parikara" group was carved at Ahmedabad, which was established in V.S. 1670. There is a beautiful silver Jali and lamps arranged on the staircase. Plate No. 3 : This is a scene of a 'Patta' of Tirtharaja Shri Shatrunjay. There is a holy tradition in Jainism to depict the 'Pattas' of Tirtharaja Shri Shatrunjay, in stone or on cloth. There are different methods to paint this 'Patta'. In this 'Patta' a panaromic view from Jay Taleti to Navatuk is depicted. the Nandiswas coming to in this before V.S. Plate No. 4 : This is a beautifully painted 'Patta' of Shri Giriraj in V.S. 1780. The 'Patta' of Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj is painted in 10' x 6' on a wooden frame in the Nandiswara Dwipa temple situated in Saiyadpura, Surat. It includes Jain 'Sangha' coming to Satrunjay and all the temples of the period. From the temples depicted in this 'Patta' it can be said that it gives a picture of the Tuks of the period before V.S. 1780. The artistic paintings of this 'Patta' was inspired by Shri Jnanavimalsuri during the year V.S. 1780. It was a tradition to keep this 'Patta' open on every 15th day of Kartika month, for the last many centuries. The older 'Patta' than this, prepared during the time of Sheth Shree Shantidas Jhaveri, is in the possession of Anandji Kalyanji Trust. Plate Nos. 5, 6 and 7: These pictures give a general view of Shri Giriraj from the mount Bhadwa. Page #203 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Plate No. 8 : This is a view of a road to Siddhavada, which gives a glimpse of Shri Giriraj. Plate No. 9 : This is a view of Shri Hastagiri from the back side of the mount Bhadwa. Plate No. 10 : This is a small shrine of Kalyan Vimal. Formerly Kalyan Vimal had started a tradition to give "Bhathu" (Breakfast) to the pilgrims of Shatrunjay from Jay Taleti. On his death at Palitana, this Shrine was erected by the inspiration of his disciples. The small domes of this shrine are beautiful and attractive. Plate No. 11 : This is a picture of Temple at Balashram, an Ashram to lodge Jain students. For the residential students of Balashram, a temple is constructed to perform religious ceremonies by them. Plate No. 12 : This is a 'Deri' near Rana Vav, having the foot-prints of Megha Muni. The history of this Megha Muni is not known. Plate No. 13 : This is a beautiful temple of Kesariaji having three shikharas, beautifully carved Shanagar Chokis, and artistic entrance. The two elephants with their raised trunks in motion are depicted as if they are welcoming the pilgrims. The Mandovara of the temple is fully decorated. The three decorated Shikharas add beauty to this temple. There are more than hundred idols of Tirthankaras and Gurus. At the inspiration of Acharya Shree Vijaya Amrutsusiji, this temple was erected during V.S. 2026. Plate No. 14 : This is a resting place for the pilgrims known as "Bhatha Taleti", constructed by one lady named Gangaben. Devoted pilgrims of Shri Shatrunjay take rest here and enjoy their breakfast served from this place. Plate No. 15 : This is an aerial view of Shri Vardhaman Jain Aagam Mandir. This was contructed at the inspiration of Acharyadeva Shri Anandsagarsurishwaraji. In the centre there is the Chaumukhji's temple. It is surrounded by four temples on each side and also forty small shrines. On the marble walls of this temple 45 Aagams and Karma Prakruti are carved. There is a Siddhachakra and a Ganadhara Daheri near this temple. Page #204 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates In its neighbourhood there are Guru Mandir, Swadhyay Mandir and Namaskar Mandir. Behind it, there is a Shramana Sangh Library and Ayambilshala. The temple has a spacious compound. Plate No. 16 : This is a picture giving a view of the eastern gate of the Aagam Mandir with a dommed Tower constructed by Sheth Jamanadas Monji. Plate No. 17 : This is a scene of a chowk of Shree Jay Taleti, where the pilgrims start to ascend the Hill of Giriraj. The worshipped stone and Temple are seen from this place. The "Chaitya Vandana" of Giriraj is performed from this place. Plate No. 18 : This is a picture of a Cave of Saraswati. From this we can have a beautiful view of the main Shikhara of the Aagam Mandir. Plate No. 19 : This is a picture of temple at Babu Dhanavasahi Tuk. Plate No. 20 : This is a pirture of popularly known Rama-Bharat Daheri. While ascending the Hill we can enjoy beautiful greenaries and natural scenes. Plate No. 21 : This is a view of Navtuk from Hanumanadhara. From this place a Sikhara (Peak) of Chaumukhaji's temple and a side corner of the Angarshah Pir's tomb is seen. Plate No. 22 : This is a beautiful picture of Hanumanadhara surrounded by trees and natural greenaries. On the lefthand side a 'chotara' for the pilgrims and on the right-hand side, a Hanumana Daheri is seen in the picture. Plate No. 23 : This is a beautifully carved Gate of Rampole, which is the main entrance of Shri Giriraj. Its artistically decorated balcony is attractive. Plate No. 24 : This is a view of Shri Giriraj from Devki-Shat-nandan. A brick fort and Shikharas of Shree Shantinath temple are seen from this place. Page #205 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Plate No. 25 : This is again a view of the fort on the Hill of Shatrunjay and a temple of Shri Shantinath from Devki-Shat-nandan. Plate No. 26 : This is a picture of a Jain temple with five Shikharas at Rampole. The entrance with beautiful arch is noteworthy. Two elephant sculptures carved at the entrance add beauty to the temple. The main Shikhara with Amalaka and Kalasa in the group of other four Shikharas is highly attractive. Plate No. 27 : This is a picture of Motishah's temple. Its beautifully carved Samavarna and arches are attractive. The Amalaka with lotus petals and Shikharas attracts our attention. Beautifully carved pillars of the projected balcony add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 28 : This is a picture of entrance gate of Vaghanpole. On the left side of the gate there is a sculpture of Dwarapala and on the right side, a sculpture of a tiger. The pillars of the gate are also decorated with male figures. The beautifully carved balcony adds glory to the gate. Plate No. 29 : This is a picture of the Vimalvasahi Temple. This temple is popularly known as "Bhulavani" or "Neminath's Chori". It contains beautiful sculptures. Probably it was constructed in V.S. 1376. There are three main temples surrounded by seventy-two Devis (Goddesses). The pillars of the Sabhamandapa are enriched with beautiful sculptures. The walls, entrance doors, pillars, Mandapas, Toranas are well ornamented with carvings. Plate No. 30: This is a beautiful picture of Shri Neminath's Chori. Artistically carved and well arranged pots in the pillars are seen here. Plate No. 31 : This is a beautiful image of Chaumukji seated in Yogasana. The Bhulavani is divided into three stories and each contains an image of Chaumukhji. The rich carving of the pillars is attractive. Plate No. 32 : This is a beautiful photograph of a Padmasita central ceiling of the Neminath's temple (Bhulavani). In the central a sculpture of Nagadaman is artistically carved. It is surrounded by 24 Vidyadharis, seated in different Mudras. The background of the lotus petals is attractive. Page #206 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 33 : This is an artistic sculpture of a guard. He holds dagger in his right-hand which is raised upto his head. The shape of the turban on his head is noteworthy. This guard is followed by a Camel-rider. There is a small window carved with the four legs of camel. It is very difficult to pass through this small window. People generally regards this small window as a "Window of Good and Bad Deeds". Plate No. 34 : This is a picture of a road leading towards the end of Bhulavani. Plate No. 35 : This picture shows a group of temples seen while entering Vaghanpole. Plate No. 36 : This is a picture of a Chaumukhji temple having hundred pillars. Its Sikhara with Amalaka and Kalasha adds beauty to the temple. Plate No. 37 : This is a side view of the temple of Sumatinath. Beautiful sculptures of gods, goddesses and semi-divine figures are seen on the outer-side wall of the temple. The Rangamandapa with Shanagara Chokis add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 38 : This is a view of the Antarala of Kumarapala's temple. It is on the right-hand side of Hathipole. The sculptures of the door-frame of Garbha Griha are seen in the picture. The artistic arch adds beauty to the temple. Plate No. 39 : This is a photograph of the carvings of Fourteen dreams of Bhagawan Mahavir's mother, carved in Kumarpala's temple. Plate No. 40 : This is a picture of an old gate of Hathipole. On the right and left-hand sides of the gate there were sculptures of two elephants with Ambadis. The hanging bells shown on the back of the elephants add beauty to the sculptures. The gate with its square window shows architectural skill of the artist. Plate No. 41 : This is a picture of the modern gate of Hathipole. There are two beautiful sculptures of elephants in motion, on each side of the gate. They are beautifully carved. The upper door-frame of the gate is adorned with beautiful sculptures. The Ajanta window arch carved on each side on the top of the gate shows the architectural skill of the artists. Page #207 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Plate No. 42 : This is an entrance gate of Hathipole. The carvings of the two pillars of the gate are noteworthy. From this gate we can enter in Ratanpole. This is the beginning of Dada's Tuk. Plate No. 43 : This is a scene of a Mandapa of central hall of Dada's temple. There is a silver lion-seat in the centre donated by Devakarari Mulji. This Mandapa is popularly known as "Snatra Mandapa", where "Snatra Puja" and mass prayers are offered to the God. Plate No. 44 : This is a panarornic view of the temple of Shri Aadishwar. The spires with the artistic Sikhara add beauty to the temple. On the left-hand side there is a portion of a new temple constructed by Vastupal and Tejpal and on the right-hand side the front portion of the temple of Simandhara Swami is seen. Plate No. 45 : This is back portion of the new temple of Shri Aadishwar. In the Mandovara beautiful sculptures are seen. The carving of the Bhadra Gavaksha is attractive. The whole picture gives us an idea of the rich architectural skill used in this main temple. Plate No. 46 : This is the eastern portion of the Mandovara of the new temple of Shri Aadiswar. In the nitches of the Mandovara beautiful sculptures of dancing girls are seen. Vertical panels of flatly lut foliage add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 47 : This is a picture of a richly ornamented Sikhara of Dada's temple. The Balanaka with Kalasha is attractive. Beautifully carved sculptures in Mandovara are seen. The arrangement of Spires in a pyramidic style is beautiful and adds beauty to the whole structure of the temple. Plate No. 48. : This is a view of the balcony of Kumarpal's temple. The Jangha is decorated with the richly carved sculptures. Dancing girls in various postures are beautifully carved. The lotus petals carved on the balcony are attractive. Plate No. 49 : This is the projected portion of the left side of Shri Aadishwar's temple. Beautifully carved balcony adds glory to the temple. The shinning Kalasha with Amalaka attracts our minds. Page #208 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 50 : This is a picture of the Southern entrance gate of Shri Aadishwar's temple. Sculptures of divine figure are seen in the entrance wall. The door-frame of the entrance is beautifully carved. The decorated columns of the "Torana" add glory to the structure. Plate No. 51 : This is a Daheri of the foot-prints of 'Dada'. It is said that Shri Aadishwar had come to this place and was in Kausagga (Meditation) here. So this place is holy and hence a Daheri with Dada's foot-print is erected. There is a Rayan tree behind this Daheri and hence it is known as 'Rayan Daheri'. The beautiful arch with carved pillars is attractive. Plate No. 52 : This is a picture of the various spires adorning the temple of Simandhar Swami. Originally this is the temple of Aadishwar, but it is popularly known as temple of Simandhar Swami. Beautifully adorned Amalakas with their small Daheris add glory to the temple. Plate No. 53 : This is one of the corners of the temple of Simandhar Swami. In the projected nitches of the walls beautiful sculptures of human figures are carved. The floral and geometrical designs carved in the wall are highly attractive. Plate No. 54 : This is a picture of the Sikhara of five brothers temple. The Samarana of the neighbouring Aadinath's temple is also seen. The Sikhara is plain but attractive. Plate No. 55 : This is the view of the upper portion of the newly constructed tuk in V.S. 2032. Plate No. 56 : This is a picture of the Sikhara of the main temple of the new tuk erected in V.S. 2032. The Sikhara though simple with Amalaka and Kalasha attracts our minds. Plate No. 57 : This is a picture of two-storeyed temple of Gandharia Chaumukhji. The decorated balconies with their projected portions reveal the architectural skill of the artists. Plate No. 58 : This is a photograph of a panaromic view of Moti Shah Tuk. In the centre there is a two-storeyed temple of Moti Shah. It is surrounded by many other temples. Page #209 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Plate No. 59 : This is a picture of the entrance to the way to Ghety-Payga. Plate No. 60 : This is a picture of a gate of Balabhai's Tuk. Plate No. 61 : This is small new Daheri of Manekbai. The history of Manekbai is not known. There is a black stone icon in this Daheri. Plate No. 62 : This is a beautiful icon of Adabadaji (Aadishwar Dada) seated in "Padmasana Mudra". This idol is measured 18 ft x 141 ft and is carved from the stone of Shatrunjay Hill. It is believed that this was renovated by Shri Dharmadas Sheth in V.S. 1686. The emblem of Rusabha (Bull) is carved below the icon. The opened eyes of this icon is noteworthy. The emblem "Shrivatsa" in the chest is also attractive. Plate No. 63 : This is a front view of the temple of (Adabadaji). The projected portion of the entrance reveals architectural skill. Plate No. 64 : This is a photograph of the entrance gate of Premachand Modi's Tuk. It bears an inscription pertaining to its construction of V.S. 1853. Plate No. 65 : This is a front view of the temple of Chandraprabha at Premachand Modi's Tuk. Beautiful sculptures at the entrance and in the outer walls of temple are seen. The Sikharas with their Amalaka and Kalasha beautify the temple. Plate No. 66 : This is again a beautiful view of the temple of Chandraprabha mentioned in Plate No. 65. Its two chokiyaras with their architectural beauty enrich the temple. The arches and the pillars of the temple are noteworthy. Plates Nos. 67 and 68 : This is a side view of the Gokhas (Nitches) of a bride and her mother-in-law (Sasu-Vahu). These are in the temple of Sahasrafana Parshvanatha, built by Ratanchand Zaverchand Ghosh. Its exquisite carving is attractive. Plate No. 69 : This is a view of the balcony of Sahasrafana Parshvanath's temple. This marble temple, built by Ratanchand Zaverchand Ghosh contains beautiful sculptures and columns. Scenes from day-to-day family life are sculptured here to educate the masses. Its arches and Sikhara beautify the temple. Page #210 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 70: This is the entrance gate of Hemabhai's Tuk. This was constructed by Hemabhai Sheth of Ahmedabad in V.S. 1886. Plate No. 71 : This is a beautiful side view of the temples in Sakara Vasahi Tuk, built by Sheth Sankalchand Premchand of Ahmedabad during V.S. 1893. The Sikhara of the main temple with the spires of the other temples are seen in the picture. Decorative sculptures carved on the Mandovara add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 72 : This is a picture of a small shrine of Shri Ajit Shantinath. Mythical accounts are given about the combination of the two temples of Shri Ajitnath and Shri Santinath. Originally these temples were constructed opposite to each other and therefore one God had to face the back of the devotee offering prayers to the other God. It is believed that to avoid this ugly situation Muni Nandisena composed "Ajit-Shanti Stavana" and thereafter they were in one line. Plate No. 73 : This is an entrance of Chhipa Vasahi's Tuk. The temples on this tuk were constructed by the Bhavsar community of Gujarat who were engaged in cloth printing business. It was constructed during V.S. 1791. Though the temple is small but is attractive. Decorative sculptures carved on the outer wall of the temple are seen in this picture. The central sikhar and other spires glorify the temple. Plate No. 74 : This is the entrance view of the temple of Ujambai. It is also known as Nandisvara temple. The temple is enclosed by beautiful Jalis. The pillars are decorated with beautiful sculptures. This temple was constructed by Ujambai who was related as paternal aunt to Shri Premabhai, Nagar Sheth of Ahmedabad. From her name the temple is known as "Ujambai's temple". Though it is small but is highly decorated and beautiful. Plate No. 75 : This is a general view of Dada's Tuk seen from Nava Tuk. Some portion of Vimal Vasahi and Balabhai's Tuks is also seen in the picture. Plate No. 76 : This is again a general view of Dada's Tuk seen from Nava Tuk. Moti Shah Tuk shadows in this picture. Page #211 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan. Plate No. 77 : This is a back portion of the temple of Shri Simandhar swami in Dada's Tuk. The decorative carvings in the outer wall is noteworthy. The view of the main sikhara with other spires is attractive. Plate No. 78 : This is an aerial view of Balabhai Tuk. The temple on the Tuk gives us a glimpse of the highly architectural skill of the artists. Some portion of Giriraj is also seen in this picture. Plate No. 79 : This is a panaromic view of the group of temples in Dada's Tuk seen from Pir's tomb. A newly constructed office, guest house and some portion of Moti Shah's Tuk are seen in this picture. Plate No. 80 : This is a general view of Khartar Vasahi's Tuk, viewed from Dada's Tuk. The fort of the Sava Som's Tuk and a Sikhara of Chaumukhaji's temple are seen in this picture. Plate No. 81 : This is a view of the south-west corner of Sava Som's (Chaumukhji's) temple. The octagonal columns with their beautiful sculptures are seen in the picture. The sculptures are of dancing girls and musicians which add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 82 : This is a beautiful photograph of the Sikhara of Sava Som (Chaumukhji) temple. Amalaka, Kalasha and other small spires add beauty to the temple. An erected flag post of the temple is seen in the picture. Plate No. 83 : This is a photograph of the exquisite carvings of the Mandovara of Chaumukhji's temple. The decorative leaf petal panels in jangha is highly attractive. The beautiful sculptures carved on the outer wall of the temple are noteworthy. Plate No. 84 : This is a photograph of Chaumukhji in the temple of Sava Som tuk. The God is seated in "Padmasana Mudra". The emblem Rusabha is carved in the pedastal. The whole idol is well proportioned and hence attractive. Plate No. 85 : This is a photograph of the richly carved columns of the Rangamandapa of Kharatara Vasahi. The floral and geometrical designs and carving of small Kumbhis are highly attractive. It reveals the artistic skill of the artists. 10 Page #212 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 86: This is a picture of the temple erected by Sheth Narshi Nath. The sculptures at the entrance and the Sikhara with other spires are attractive. Plate No. 87: This is an entrance of the temple constructed by Samprati Maharaja. The temple must have gone under many recessions and repairs. It shows that the front portion of the temple is recently added. Plate No. 88: This is a photograph of a door-frame of Samprati Maharaja's temple. The carvings in the frame are highly attractive. Plate No. 89: This is a side view of Sheth Narshi Keshavji's temple. The sculpture of two Dwarpals are seen in the entrance. The arch is attractive. Plate No. 90: This is another view of the temple of Narshi Keshavji. The sculptures carved on the outer wall of the temple and beautiful Sikhara with Kalasha add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 91: This is a gate for entrance into Nava Tuk. There is a new rest house in it. Plate No. 92: This is a view of the road while ascending the mount from Nava Tuk. Plate No. 93: This photograph shows a Daheri of Devaki-Shatnandan. As the Daheri contains six idols of the six sons of Devaki it is known as Devaki Shatnandan Daheri. The puranic myth of Devaki and Kansa is woven with this Daheri. Plate No. 94: This is a small Daheri known as "Ulkha" water Daheri. It contains foot-prints of 'Dada'. Plate No. 95: This is again a photograph of "Ulkha" water Daheri where Sadhus, Sadhvijis and devotional Jains offer Chaitya Vandana. Plate No. 96 This is a general view of Dada's Tuk seen from Chillan Talavadi (Tank). Plate No. 97: These are the small temples of Shri Ajitnath and Shri Shantinath. As they lived for four months here, in their sacred memory, 11 Page #213 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan these Daheris are constructed. Chillan Talavadi (Tank) and Shri Giriraj are also seen in the picture. Plate No. 98 : This is again a scene of Chillan Talavadi (Tank). Plate No. 99 : This is a small Daheri of Shamba and Pradyumna. They are recently constructed. Shamb and Pradyumna were the sons of Vasudeva. Puranic myth is woven with these recent Daheris. Plate No. 100 : This is a photograph of the devotional pilgrims ascending the Bhadva mount. Plate No. 101 : This is again a photograph of the devotional pilgrims descending the Bhadva mount. Plate No. 102 : This is a photograph of Siddhavad Daheri. The devotional pilgrims offer Chaitya Vandana at this Daheri in the sacred memory of their fruitful pilgrimage of Giriraj. Plate No. 103 : This is a photograph of the camp of pilgrims who undertake 18 kilometres round trip to the Giriraj. Plate No. 104 : This is another photograph of the camp of pilgrims to 18 km round trip to the Giriraj. Tents for resting the pilgrims are seen in the picture. Plate No. 105 : This is again a photograph of the Jain Sadhus at the camp of pilgrims to 18 km round trip to the Giriraj. Their separate cotton tent is seen in the picture. Plate No. 106 : This is a picture of a Gheti's Payga Daheri. It contains the foot-prints of Shri Aadishwar. Pilgrims offer their Chaitya Vandana at this Daheri. Plate No. 107 : This is a general view of the Siddhachala Shanagar Tuk, when it was under construction. The Tuk is recently constructed. The balconies, Sikhara and spires add beauty to the temple. 12 Page #214 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 108 : This is the other side of the Siddhachala Shanagar Tuk, when it was under construction. Two-storeyed temples with balconies and Sikhara are seen in the picture. Plate No. 109 : This is a beautiful photograph of the entrance of Molhavasahi Shreyansjin's Jinalaya (Jain temple). The rich carvings in the pillars of the entrance gate are attractive. The door-frame of the entrance door is also highly ornamented. It is believed that originally this temple was of Vasupujya Swami, constructed during V.S. 1277. Plate No. 110 : This is a photograph of Chaumukhji's temple with other shrines. The Sikhara with their architectural and sculptural wealth add beauty to the temple. Plate No. 111 : This is a photograph of the interior part of the Sabhamandapa of Bhulavani (Neminath's Chori) temple. Beautiful sculptures adorn the ceiling of the Mandapa. The octagonal columns with carvings are attractive. Plate No. 112 : This is a general view of Shri Shatrunjay from the North side: A group of temples in many Tunks of the Giriraj are seen in the picture. Plate No. 113 : This is a general plan of the Jain temples of Shatrunjay which gives an idea of their location. Plate No. 114 : This is a photograph of a Daheri of Dravida Varikhilji. It is believed that Dravida and Varikhil were grand-sons of the Tirthankara Rushabhadeva and were converted to monks by the preachings of Dharma. They went on a pilgrims of Shri Giriraj where they met with many Jain Sadhus. They practised Anasana Vrata and liberated their souls here. This is the Daheri of Dravida and Varikhilji which tells the story of their liberation. On the other side the celebrated Chaumukhji's temple, and also a tomb of Angarshah Pir are seen in the photograph. Plate No. 115 : This is a panaromic view of the city of Jain temples, on Shri Shatrunjay. The Sikharas with their spires and flag posts are noteworthy. 13 Page #215 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj Darshan Plate No. 116A : This is a photograph of the general side view of Temples on Shatrunjay. On right side, Shikhara of Savasom's temple on Shri Shatrunjay is seen. Plate No. 116B : This is a general view temples on its various Tuks. of Shatrunjay Hill with Jain Plate No. 117 : This is a beautiful and attractive icon of Shri Shantinathji. It was established in V.S. 1860. The two Parikaras in Kausagga mudra are seen in the picture. The emblem "Deer" is seen below the icon. Shri Shantinathji is seated in a "Padmasana mudra". The beauty and light of his eyes and forehead is noteworthy. The icon bears an inscription pertaining to its establishment. Plate No. 118 : This is a beautiful icon of Mulanayaka Shri Rushabhadeva in the Nutan Jinaprasad. The Chhatra and the Abhamandala are beautifully carved. Two Parikaras of the Mulanayaka are seen on each side. The idol was established in V.S. 2032. Plate No. 119 : This is a photograph of one of the four sides of Shri Sahastrakuta temple. This is behind the five Pandavas temple. The total number of Jain icons carved in this slab is 1028. The exquisitely carved two pillars add glory to the whole icon. Plate No. 120 : This is a photograph of one hundred and seventy Tirthan. kars carved on a marble slab in Neminath's Chori. The two decorative elephant figures add beauty to the sculpture. The proportion of the sculptures is attractive and hence beautiful. The small figures of Tirtrankaras reveal exposition to Jainism. Elephants and horses carved on both the sides of the icon add beauty to it. On the right side of this sculpture Samavasarana is beautifully carved. Fourteen Rajalokas are also seen on the left side. The whole figure is beautiful and attractive. Plate No. 121 : This is a beautifully decorated icon of Hanuman near Vaghanpole gate. A beautiful sculpture of Vyala is seen near it. Plate No. 122 : This is a sculpture of Kapardi Yaksha of the first Tirthankar Rushabhadev. It is said that this was established by Karmashah. It is on the right hand side of Vaghanpole. 14 Page #216 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Explanatory Notes On The Plates Plate No. 123 : This is a sculpture of Bhairava, a form of Raudra Shiva. It is on the left side of Vaghanpole. Plate No. 124 : This is a beautiful sculpture of Chakreshwari Devi seated on Vyaghra in Lalitasana. In her two upper hands She holds a Chakra. The two other lower hands, one is in Varada Mudra and in the other She holds a Bijoru fruit. It is on the left side of Vaghanpole. Plate No. 125 : This is a sculpture of Chakreshvari Devi, a presiding Goddess of the first Tirthankara Rushabhadev. It is on the right hand side of Ratanpole. Goddess of the first Plate No. 126 : This is a beautifully carved entrance of Hathipole gate. In the upper door frame of the gate a figure of Tirthankara in the middle with devotees is seen. Plate No. 127 : This is a portion of the Sametshikharji's shrine near Ashtapada temple. In its 20 nitches there are beautiful sculptures of the Jain Tirthankaras. Its arch and spires are attractive. Plate No. 128 : This is a sculpture of Pundarik Swami, established by Sheth Shri Karmashah during the year V.S. 1587. Plate No. 129 : This is a scene of the front portion of Nandisvara Dwipa temple constructed by Ujambai, a paternal aunt of Sheth Premabhai Himabhai of Ahmedabad. Plate No. 130 : This is one of the portions of Nandisvara Dwipa. Plate No. 131 : This is a scene of the Principal Sikhara of Sava Somji's Tuk. The spires of the other temples seen in the picture add beauty to the whole Tuk. Plate No. 132 : This is a panaromic view of Motishah's Tuk. The Sikharas and spires of the various temples are attractive. Plate No. 133 : These are the foot-steps of Aadishvara Bhagwan at Gheti's Payaga. Plate No. 134 : This is a shrine of foot-prints of Aadishvara Bhagwan on the Shetrunji river. Its natural surrounding is beautiful. Page #217 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Page #218 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirirAjadarzanam caturthoM bhAgaH zrIzatrujayagirigatAH jinamaMdiragatA zilApaTTa-pratimAsthitA lekhAH / A B lekhanaMbara 1 derInaM. 1 // OM // svasti zrIgurjaradharitryAM pAtazAhazrImahimUda paTTaprabhAkarapAtazAhazrImadApharasAha-paTTodyotakAraka-pAtazAha zrI zrI zrI zrI zrI bAhadaravijayarAjye / saMvat 1587 varSe rAjyavyApAradhuraMdhara-khAnazrImajhAdakhAna-vyApAre zrIzatrujayagirau zrIcitrakUTavAstavya-do0 karamAkRtasaptamoddhArasatkA prazastilikhyate // svastizrIsaukhyado jiyAd yugAdijinanAyakaH / kevalajJAnavimalo vimalAcalamaNDanaH // 1 // zrImedapATe prakaTaprabhAve, bhAvena bhavye bhuvanaprasiddhe // zrIcitrakUTo mukuTopamAno, virAjyamAno'sti smasta lakSbhyA // 2 // sannandano dAtRsuradramazca, tuMgaH suvarNo'pi vihArasAraH // jinezvarasnAtrapavitrabhU miH, zrIcitrakUTaH surazailatulyaH // 3 // vizAlasAlakSitilocanAbho, ramyo nRNAM locanacitrakArI // vicitrakUTo giri citrakUTo, lokastu yatrAkhila kUTamuktaH // 4 // tatra zrIkumbharAjo'bhUtkumbhodbhavanibho nRpaH // vairivargaH samudro hi yena pItaH kSaNAt kSitau // 5 // (tatputro rAjamallo'bhUdrAjJAM malla ivotkaraH // sutaH saMgrAmasiMho'sya saMgrAmavijayI nRpaH // 6 // tatpaTTabhUSaNamaNiH, siMhendravatprarAkramI // ratnasiMho'dhunA rAjA, rAjalakSbhyA virAjate // 7 // dUtazca gopAvhagirau gariSThaH, zrIbappabhaTTo pratibodhitazca // zrIAmarAjo'jani tasya patnI, kAcitbabhUva vyavahAriputrI // 8 // tatkukSijAtAH kila rAjakoSThAgArAvhagotre sukRtakapAtre / / zrIosavaze vizade vizAle, tasyAnvaye'mI puruSAH prasiddhAH // 9 // zrIsaraNadevanAmA tatputro, rAmadeva nAmA'bhUt // lakSmIsiMhaH putro(sa )tatputro bhuvanapAlAkhyaH // 10 // zrIbhojarAjaputro na......ra siMhAkhya eva tatputraH // ghetAkasta A. saM0 1996 vikramIye paramatArakadhyAnasthasvargata-AgamoddhAraka-AcAryazrIAnaMdasAgarasUrIzvarANAM preraNayA hastapothigataprazastayaH pratimAdisthalekhAzca gRhitumudhamo mayA kRtaH, tadantaragatAH zrIzanaMjayagirivaragatA lekhA atra dIyaMte / B naM0 naMbaraH / / za, 1 Page #219 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajaya-girirAja-darzanam tputro, narasiMhastatsuto jAtakajajJe // 11 // tatputrastolAkhyaH patnItasyAH(sya) prabhUtakUlajAtA // tArAde'paranAmnI lILU puNyaprabhApUrNA // 12 // tatkukSisamudrabhUtAH, Sa(T )putrA (:) kalpapAdapAkArAH / / [dharmA ]nuSThAnaparAH zrIva(ma)ntaH zrIkRto'nyoSAm // 13 // prathamo ratnA)khyasutaH samyak yo dyotakArakaH kAmam // zrIcitrakUTanagare, prAsAdaH (kArito) yena // 14 // tasyAsti komalA kalpavaralIva vizadA sadA // bhAryA rajmarA (!) devI putra( :) zrIraMganAmA'sau // 15 // bhrAtA'nyaH pomAvhaH patibhaktA dAnazIlaguNayuktA // padmApATamadevyau putrau mANikya-hIrAvhau // 16 // baMdhurgaNastRtIyabhAryA guNaratnarAzi vikhyAtA // gaurA-gAravadevyau putro devAbhidho jJeyaH // 17 // turyo dazarathanAmA bhAryA tasyAsti devagurubhaktA // devala-[ dU ]ramadevyau putraH kelhAbhidho jJeyaH // 18 // bhrAtAnyo bhojAkhyaH bhAryA tasyAsti sakalaguNayuktA // bhAvala-harSamadevyau putraH zrImaNDano jIyAt // 19 // sadAsadAcAravicAracAru-cAturyadharyayAdiguNaiH prayuktaH // zrIkarmarAjo bhaginI ca teSAM jIyAtsadA sU havinAmadhe( yA ) // 20 // karmAkhya bhAryA prathama kapUradevI punaH kAmalade dvitIyA // zrIbhISajIkasvakulo dayAdrisUryaprabhaH kAmaladeviputraH // 21 // zrItIrthayAtrAjinabimbapUjA-padapratiSThAdikadharmadhuryAH / / supAtradAnena pavitragAtrAH sarvedazAH satpuruSAH prasiddhAH // 22 // zrIratnasiMharAjye rAjyavyApArabhAradhaureyaH // zrIkarmasiMhadakSo mukhyo vyavahAriNAM madhye / / 23 / / zrIzatrujayamAhAtmyaM zrutvA sadgurusannidhau / / tasyoddhArakRte bhAva: karmarAjasya hRdyabhUt // 24 / / Agatya gaurjare deze vivekena narAyaNe // vasanti vibudhA lokAH puNyazlokA IvAdbhUtAH // 25 // tatrAsti zrIdharAdhIzAH zrImadbAhadaro nRpaH / / tasya prApya skuranmAnaM puNDarIke samAyoM // 26 // rAjyavyApAraporeyaH khAnazrImAnmajhAdakaH // tasya gehe mahAmaMtrI-Akhyo narasiMhakaH // 27 // tasya sanmAnamutprApya bahuvittavyayena ca // uddhAraH saptamastena cakre zabujaye girau // 28 // zrIpAdaliptalalanAsarazuddhadeze, sadvAdyamaMgalamanoharagItanRtaiH / zrIkarmarAjasudhiyA jalayA nikAyAM, cakre mahotsavavaraH sugurUpadezAt // 29 // caMcaccaMgamRdaMgaraMgaracanAbherInapherIvA vINA (vaMza)vizuddhatAlavibhavA sAdharmi(vAtsalya)kam / / vastrAlaMkRti(hema)tuMgaturagAdInAM ca sa(dva)rSaNamevaM vistarapUrvakaM girivare vivapratiSThApanam // 30 // vikramasamayAtIte tithimitasaMvatsare'zvavasuvarSe 1587 // zAke jagattrivANe 1453 vaizAkhe kRSNaSaSThayAM ca // 31 / / militA: sUrayaH saMghA mArgaNA munipugavAH // vahamAne dhanulagne pratiSThA kAritA varA // 32 // lAvaNyasamayAkhyena paMDitena (2) | Page #220 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzazrRMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH mahAtmanA // saptamoddhArasatkA ca prazastiH prakaTI kRtA // 33 // zrImabA( hadara )kSitIzavacanAdAgatya zatrujaye / prAsAdaM vidhApya yena bRSabhA'haMbiMbamAropya ca // uddhAraH kila saptamaH kaliyuge ghanAdutsavAt / jIyAdeSa sadozavaMzamukuTaH zrIkarmarAjazciram // 34 // yatkarmarAjena kRtaM sukAryamanyena kenApi kRtaM hi tanno / yamleccharAjye ('pi nRpA )jJayaivoddhAraH kRtaH saptama eSa yena // 35 // satpuNyakAryANi bahuni saMghe / kurvanti bhavyAH paramatra kAle // karmAbhidhAnavyavahAriNevoddhAraH kRtaH zrIvimalAdizRMge // 36 // zrIcitrakUTodayazailazrRMge karmAkhyabhAnorudayAnvitasya // zatrujaye biMbavihArakRtya / karAvalIyaM sphuratIti citram // 37 // zrImedapADhe viSaye nivAsinaH / zrokarmarAjasya ca kIrtiru( jjvalA) // dezepvanekeSvapi ( saMcaratya )ho / jyotsneva candrasya nabhovihAriNaH // 38 // dattaM yena purA dhanaM bahu sUratrANAya tanmAnato / yAtrA yena (nR)NAM ca saMghapatinA zatrujaye kAritA // sAdhUnAM sugamaiva sA ca viditA cakre pratiSThA'rhatA-mitthaM varNanamucyate kiyadaho ? zrIkarmarAjasya tu // 39 // yenoddhAraH zubhavatinage karitaH puMDarIke / svAtmoddhAro vizadamatinA durgastena cakre ? // yenAkAri pravaravidhinA tIrthanAthapratiSThA / prAptastena tribhuvanatale sarvadaiva pratiSThA // 40 // saumyatvena nizAmaNirdinamaNistIvrapratApena ca // vaMzoddIpanakAraNAd gRhamaNizcitAmaNirdAnataH // dharmAcchrAddhaziromaNirmadaviSadhvastAnmaNiginaH / ekAnekamayo guNairnavanavaiH zrIkamarAjaH sudhIH // 41 // tolAsutaH sutanayo vinayojjvalazca / lIlU sukukSinalinIzucirAjahaMsaH / / sanmAnadAnaviduro munipugavAnAM / tadvaddhabAMdhavayuto naya karmarAjaH // 42 // karmo zrIkarmarAjo'yaM karmaNA kena nirmame ? // teSAM zubhAni karmANi yeISTaH puNyavAnasau // 43 // AdIzaH puNDarIkastu marudevA kapardirAT // zrAddhazrIkarmarAjasya suprasannA bhavantvamI // 44 // zrIzatrujayatIrthoddhAre kamaTha ca sAnidhyakAraka sA0 jaItA bhA0 bAIcAMdu putra nAthA bhAtR kinA // ahamadAvAdavAstavya sUtradhAra kolA putra sUtradhAra viruvA sU0 bhImA TTha0 velA TTha0 vachA // zrIcitrakUTAdAgata sU0 TIlA sU0 pomA sU0 gAMgA sU0 porA sU0 TThAlA sUtra0 devA // sU0 nAkara sU0 nAIA sU0 goviMda sU0 viNAyaga sU0 TIlA sU0 vacchA sU0 sANA sU0 kanhA sUtra0 devadAsa sU0 vIkA sU0 ThAkara....sU 0 kAlA vA0 viNAyag / ThA0 vAma ThA0 hIrA sU0 dAmodara vA0 haMzarAja sU 0 yAna // maMgalamAdidevasya maMgalaM vimalAcale / maMgalaM sakalasaMghasya maMgalaM lekhakasya ca // (3) Page #221 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzanaMjaya-girirAja-darzanam pa0 vivekadhIragaNinA likhitA asti / pUjya paM0 samaratna ziSya paM0 lAvaNyasamayastrisaMdhyaM zrIAdidevasya praNamatIti bhadram // zrIH // ThA0 harapati ThA0 hAsA ThA0 mUlA ThA0 kRSNA ThA0 kanhA ThA0 harSA sU0 mAdhava sU 0 vADhU // lo sahaja // le0 2 derI naM. 51 // OM // OM namaH saMvat (16) 20 varSe ASADha zudi 2 khau gaMdhAravAstavya / prAgavaza dosI / zrIgoIA suta do tejapAla bhAryA bAI lADakI suta do pavAraNa bhrAtA do / bhIma do| tona do / devarAja pramukha(sva)kuTuMbena yataH / zrImahAvIradevakulikA / kArApitA harSeNa / tapAgacche vibudhaziromaNi zrIvijayadAnasU ri-zrIhIravijayasU riprasAdA(t ) zubhaM bhavatu // zrIH // zrIH // zrIH // le0 3 derI naM0 156 // OM // saMvat 1620 varSe kArtaga zudi 2 dine gaMdhoravAstavya zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA / zrIpAsavIra bhAryAbAI satula suta sA / zrIvardhamAna bhAryAbAI varmalAde amarAde suta sA / zrIrAmajIbhAI sA / zrIlahujI sA / haMsa( rA )ja sA / manajI pramukha svakuTubena yutaH zrIzatrujayopari zrIzAMtInAthaprAsAda / zubhaM bhavatu // le0 4 derI naM0 40 // OM // OM namaH // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkha zudi 5 gurau / zrIgaMdhAravAstavya prAgarvezajJAtIya / saMghavI zrIjAvaDA suta saM0 zrI(sIpA) bhAryAbAI gavAsunAma suta / saM0 / aDujI / pramukhasvakuTuMbena yutaH // zrIpArzvanAthadevakulikA kArapitA / zrItapAgacche / zrIvijayadAnasU ri-zrIhIravijayasUri prasAdAt / zubhaM bhavatu / le0 5 derI naM0 39 // OM // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkha zudi 5 gurau / zrIahamadAvAdavAstavya ozavAlajhAtIya mahaM zrIvaNAiga suta mahaM / zrIgalA bhAryA bAI maMgAI suta mahaM / vIradAsa svakuTuMbena yutaH zrIzenaMjayopari zrIAdinAthadevakulikA kArApitA // zrItapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU ri-zrIhIravijayasU ri-prasAdAt // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 6 derI naM0 41 / / OM // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkhazudi 2 dine gaMdhAravAstavya prAgavaMze vyo / zrIparavata suta vyo0 / phokA su0 vyo // raNuA svakuTuMbena yutaH zrIzenaMjayopari devakulikA kArApitA // zrItapAgacche vibudhaziromaNi zrIvijayadAnasU ri prasAdAt // zrIH // le0 7 derI naM0 44 // OM // OM namaH // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkha (4) Page #222 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH zudi 5 dine gaMdhAravAstabya prAgavAMze jJAtIya vyo0 / samarIA bhAryA bAI / bholu putrIbAI devagAI / bAI kIbAI svakuTuMbena yutaH / zrIzAMtinAthadevakulikA kArASitA / zrI tapAgacche vibudhaziromaNi-zrIvijayadAnasU ri-zrIhIravijayasU ri prasAdAt // zubha bhavatu // zrI / le0 8 derI naM0 43 // OM // OM namaH // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkhazudi 5 gurudine zrIgaMdhAravAstavya zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya parI / devA bhAryA bAI0 kamalAI suta parI / paMdhI / tathA gUrjarajJAtIya dAsI zrIkarNa bhA0 bAI amarI suta dAsI haMsarAja ubhayau / mIlane zrIzajayopari zrIAdinAthadevakulikA kArApitA zrItapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasUri prasAdAt // le0 9 derI na0 200 // OM // saMvat 1640 varSe phAguNa zudi 13 dine ThAkara karamasI bhArjA bAI malI ThAkara dAmA bhArjA bAI caMDI ThAkara mAha va ThAkara jasU ThAkara bIma ThAkara jasUjI bhArjA bAi jIvAde ThAkara mAhava suta tejapAla bhArjA bAI tejalade saMghavI jasU sU ta tejapAla prasAda karApitaM // zubhaM bhavatu // dA nAkara zeThanA vANotra DIsAvAlA // 0 // le0 10 derI naM0 298 // OM // OM namaH // zreyasvI prathamaH prabhuH prathimabhAg naipuNyapuNyAtmanAmastu svastikaraH sukhAbdhimakaraH zrIAdidevaH zre vaH / padmollAsakaraH kareriva ravivyAmni kramAMbhAruha-nyAsairyastilakI babhUva bhagavAn zatrujayo'nekazaH // 1 // zrIsiddhArthanarezavaMzasarasI janmAbU jinIvallabhaH pAyAd vaH paramaprabhAvabhavanaM zrIvardhamAnaH prabhuH // utpattisthiti(saM)hRtiprakRtivAg yadgaurjagatpAvanI svarvApIva mahAvRtIpraNayabhUrAsId rasAllAsinI // 2 // AsId vAsavavRMdavaMditapadadvaMdvaH padaM saMpadA / tatpaTTAMbudhicaMdramAgaNadharaH zrImAn sudha rmAbhidhaH // yasyaudAryayutA prahRSTasumanA adyApi vidyAvatI / dhatte saMtatirunnatiM bhagavatA vIraprabhArgauriva // 3 // zrIsusthitaH supratibuddha etau sU hI abhUtAM tadanukrameNa // yAbhyAM gaNo'bhU diha kATikAbhazcaMdrAryamatyAmiva suprakAzaH // 4 // tatrAbhU d vajiNAM vaMdyaH zrIvarSigaNAdhipaH // mulaM zrIvajazAkhAyA gaMgAyA himavAniva // 5 // tatpaTTAMbaradinamaNiruditaH zrIvajasenagururAsIt // nAgeMdra-caMdra-nirvRti-vidyAdhara-saMjJakAzca tacchipyAH // 6 // svasvanAma samAnAni yebhyazcattvAri jajJire // kulAni kAmameteSu kulaM cAndraM tu didyate // 7 // bhAskarA Iva timiraM haraMtaH khyAtibhAjanam // bhUrayaH sUrayastatra jajJire jagatAM matAH // 8 // babhUvaH (5) Page #223 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam kramatastatra zrIjagaccaMdrasUrayaH // yaistapAvirudaM lebhe bANasiddhyarka 1285 vatsare // 9 // krameNAsmin gaNe hema-vimalA: sUrayo'bhavan // tatpaTTe sUrayo'bhUva-nnAnaMdavimalAbhidhAH // 10 // ___ sAdhvAcAravidhiH pathaH zithilataH samyazriyAdhAma yeruddhestena siddhisAdhakasudhArocinibhe 1582 nehasi // jImutairiva yairjagatpunaridaM tApaM haradabhirbhazaM / sazrIkaM vidaghe gavAM zucitamaiH stomaiH rasollAsibhiH // 11 // padmAzvayairalamalaM kriyate sma teSAM / prINinmanAMsi jagatAM kamalAdayena // paTTaH pravAha Iva nirjaraniriNyAH / zuddhAtmabhirvijayadAnamunIzahaMsaH // 12 // saubhAmyaM harisarvagarvaharaNaM rupaM ca raMbhApati-zrIjaitraM zatapatramitra mahasAM cauraM pratApaM punaH // yeSAM vIkSya sanAtanaM madhuripu svaH svAmi dharmAzavo / jAtAH kAmamapatrapAbharabhRto gopatvamAptAstrayaH // 13 // tatpaTTaprakaTaH prakAmakalitodyotastathA saudhava( t) / sasnehairya(ti)rAjahIravijayasnehapriyairnirmame // saubhAgyaM mahasAM bhareNa mahatA matyarthamullAsinAM / bibhrANaH sa yathA janiSTa sudRzAM kAma ! pramAdAspadam // 14 // dezAd gurjaratA'tha sU ribRSabhA AkAritAH sAdaraM / zrImatsAhiakabbareNa viSaya mevAt (!) saMjJaM zubham // zA....aMbuja pANayova(!) tamasaM sarva haraMto gavAM / stomaiH sU tritavizvavizvakamalAllAsainabheArkA Iva // 15 // cakruH phatepurama *(na) bhauma-dagyummakokakulamApta sukhaM sRjataH // abdakapAvakanRyapramite 1539 svagobhiH / sollAbujakAnanaM ye // 16 // dAme vAkhilabhUpamurddhasu nijA''jJAM dhArayama zrImAnzAhiakabbaro naravaro dezeSvazeSaSvapi // ssnnmaasaabhydaanpussttptttthodghossondhvNsinH| kAmaM kArayati smahRSTahRdayo yadvAkkallAraMjitaH // 17 // yadupadezavazena mudaM dadhan nikhilamaNDalavAsijane nije // mRta dhanaM ca karaM ca sujIjiA-bhidhamakabbarabhUpatiratyajat // 18 // yadvAcA katakAbhayAvimalita svAMtAMbupuraH kRpA-pUrNaH zAhiranindyanItivanitAkoDI kRtAtmAtyajan // zulka tya(ktuma)zakayamanyadharaNIrAjAM janaprItaye / tadavAnnIDajapuMjapuruSapazaMzcAmumuyad bhUrizaH // 19 // yadvAcAM nicayairmudhAkRtasudhAsvAdairamaMdaiH kRtAlhAdaH zrImadakabbaraH kSitipatiH saMtuSTipuSTAzayaH // tyakatvA tatkaramatha sArthamatulaM yeSAM manaH prItaye / janebhyaH pradadau ca tIrthatilakaM zatrujayorvIdharam // 20 // yad vAgbhirmuditazcakAra karuNA sphUrjanmanAH paustakaM bhANDAgAramapAravAGamayaM vezmeva vAndaivatam // yadsavegabhareNa bhAvitapatiH zAhiH punaH pratyahaM / pUtAtmA bahu manyate bhagavatAM sadarzanAdarzanam // 21 // yadvAcAtaraNitviSeva kalitAlAsaM manaHpaMkaja / bibhracchAhiakabbaro vyasanadhIpAthojinIM caMdramAH // jajJe zrAddhajano citaizca sukRtaiH sarveSu dezeSvapi / vikhyAto'rhantamatabhaktibhAvitamatiH zrIzreNikakSmApavat // 22 // laMpAkA (6) Page #224 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzaajayagirivaragatA lekhAH dhipameghajIRSimukhA hitvAkumatyAgrahaM / bhejuryaccaraNadvayImanudinaM bhaMgA ivAMbhojinIm // ullAsa gamitA yadIya vacanairvairAgyaraM gAnmukhai-rjItAH svasvamataM vihAya bahavo lokAstapAsaMjJakAH // 23 // AsIccaityavidhApanAdisukRtakSetreSu vittavyayo / bhUyAn yadvacanena gurjaradharA mukhyeSu dezevalam // yAtrAM gUrjaramAlavAdika-mahAdezodbhavabhUribhiH / saMghe sArddhamRSIzvarA vidadhire zatrujaye ye girau // 24 // tatpaTTamabdhimiva ramyatamaM sRjantaH / stomargavAM sakalasaMtamasaMharantaH // kAmAlasaskUvalayapraNayA jayaMti / sphurjatkalAvijayasenamunIMdracaMdrAH // 25 // yatpratApasya mAhAtmyaM varNyate kimataH param // asvapnAzcakrire yena jIvaMtoDapi hi vAdinaH // 26 // saubhAgyaM viSamAyu dhAtkamalinI kAMtAcca tejasvinAmaizvarya girijApateH kumudinI kAMtAtkalAmAliyAm // mAhAtmyaM dharaNIdharAnmukhabhujAM gAMbhIryamabhAnidhe-rAdAyAM bujabhU : prabhuH pravidadhe yanmU timattanmayIm // 27 // ye ca zrImadakabbareNa vinayAdAkAritA: sAdaraM // zrImallAbhapuraM puraMdarapura vyakta supavotkareH / bhUyobhiva'tibhirbudhaiH parivratA vegAdalacakrire sAmAdaM sarasaM saroruhavanaM lIlAmarAlA iva // 28 // arhataM paramezvaratvakalitaM saMsthApya vizvottamaM / sAkSAtsAhiakabarasya sadasi stomargavAmudyataiH // yaiH saMmIlitalocanA vidadhire pratyakSazUraH zriyA / vAdAnmAdabhato dvijAtipatayo bhaTTAnizATA iva // 29 // zrImatsAhiakabbarasya sadasi protsappibhirbharibhiH vAdairvAdivarAn vijitya samadAnsihai dvipeM drAniva // sarvajJAzayatuSTiheturanadyodizyuttarasyAM sphuran / yaiH kailAsa ivojjvalA nijayazaHstaMbhI nicalne mahAn // 30 // dattaH sAhadhIrahIravijayazrIsU rirAjAM purA / yacchrIzAhIakabbareNa dharaNIzakreNa tatprItaye // taccakre'khilamadhya bAlamatinA yatsyAjjagatsAkSikaM / tatpatraM phuramANasaMjJamanaghaM sarvAdizo vyAnaze // 31 // kiM ca gAvRSabhakAsarakAMtAkAsarA yamagRhaM nahi neyAH // yoccameva(?) mRtavittamazeSabaMdino'pi hi na ca grahaNIyAH // 32 // yatkalA salilavAhavilAsaprItacittataruNAjanatuSTayai // svIkRtaM svayamakabbaradhAlIvAminA sakalametadapIdaM // 33 // cAlIvegamanaMdanena vasudhAdhIzena sanmAnitA / gurvI gUrjarame . dinImanudinaM svale kabibbokinIm // sadvRttA mahasAM bhareNa subhagA gADhaM guNollAsino / ye hArA Iva kaMThamaMbujadRzAM kurvanti zobhAspadam // 34 // Itazca AbhUrAnvaya(pa)damapadmasavayA okezavaMze bhava / ccheSThIzrIzivarAja ityAbhidhayA sauvarNikaH puNyadhIH // tatputro'jani sIdharazca tanayastasyA bhavatparvataH / kAlAvhA'jani tatsutazca tanujastasyApi vAghAbhidhaH / / 35 // tasyAbhUda vachiAbhidhazca tanujaH khyAto rajAI bhava-stasyAbhUcca suhAsiNIti gRhiNI padmeva padmApateH // indrANI surarAjayoriva jayaH putrastayozca bhava (7) Page #225 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam tejaHpAla iti prahRSTa sumanAH pitrormanaH pritikRt // 36 // (kA)masyeva ratirha reriva ramA gaurIva gaurIpate-rAsIttejalade iti priyatamA tasyAkRtiH satkRtiH // bhAgazrI subhagau gurau praNayinau zazvatsuparvAdarau / paulAmI tridazezvarAviva sukhaM tau daMpatI bhajetuH // 37 // vairAgyavArinidhipUrNanizAkarANAM / teSAM ca hIravijayavRttisiMdhurANAm // saubhAgyabhAgyaparavibhAsurANAM / teSAM punarvijayasenamunIzvarANAm // 38 // vAgbhirmudhA kRtasudhAbhirudaMcicetAH zrAddhaH sa zobhanamanA bhajati sma bhAvam / / zrIsaMghabhaktidhanadAnajineMdra caityo-ddhArAdikarmasu bhazaM sukRtipriyeSu // 39 // grahaiH prazaste'nhi supArzvabharta(ra)nantabharttazca zubhAM pratiSThAm // so'cIkaraSaDyugabhUya1646varSe / harSeNa sauvarNikatejapAlaH // 40 // AdAvArSabhiratra tirthatilake zatrujaye'cIkarat / caityaM zaityakaraM dazArmaNigaNasvarNAdibhirbhAsuram // 41 // atrAnyapi bhujArjitAM phalavatImuccaiH sRjaMtaH zrIyaM // prAsAdaM tadanukrameNa bahavazcAkArayan bhUbhujaH // 42 / / tIrthe'tra sAdhukaramAbhidho dhanI siddhisiddhitithi 1588 saMkhye // caityamayI karadukaterAnaMdavimalamunirAjAm // 43 // taM vIkSya jIrNa bhagavavihAraM sa tejapAlaH svahRdIti dadhyau // bhAvI kadA seo'vasaro varIyAn yatrA'tra caityaM bhavitA navInam // 44 // anyedyaH svagurupadezazaradAkAmaM valakSIkRta / svAMtAMbhAH savaNig varapuraMdare zrIstaMbhatIrthe vasan // tIrthe zrImati tuMgatIrthatilake zatrujaye'rhad gRhoddhAraM kartumanA ajAyatatamAM sAphalya picchalazriyaH // 45 // atra syAt sukRta kRtaM tanumatAM zreyaH zriyAM kAraNam / matvaivaM nijapUrvajavrajamahAnaMdapramAdAptaye // tIrthe zrIvimalAcale'tIvimale maule'haMto mdire| jIrNoddhAramakArayatsa sukRtI kuMtI tan janmavat // 46 // zrRMgeNa bhinnagaganAMgaNametaduccaizcaitya cakAsti zikharasthitahemakuMbham // hasteSu para(52)hastamitamuccamupaiti nAkalakSmI vijetumiva kAmamakharvagarvAm // 47 // yatrAhadAkasi jitAgarakuMbhikuMbhAH / kubhA vimAti zaravedakareM du1245saMkhyA H / / kiM sevituM prabhamayuH pracurapratApa-pUrairjitA dinakarAH kRtanaikarupAH // 48 // unmUlitapramadabhU miruhAnazeSAn / vizvepu vighrakariNo yugapannihaMtum / sajjAH sma itthamabhidhAtumiveMdunetrAH (21) / siMhA vibhAMtyupagatA jinadhAmni yatra // 49 // yoginyo yatra zobhate catastroH jinavezmani / niSevitumivAkrAMtAH pratApairAgatA dIzaH // 50 rAjate ca dizAMpAlA prAsAde yatrA'haMdAlaye // mUrtimaMtaH kimAyAtA dhassiMyaminAmabhI // 51 // dvAsaptatiH zriyamayaMti jineMdracaMdra-biMbAni devakulIkAsu ca tAvatISu / dvAsaptateH zritajanAlikalA latAnAM / kiMkuMGmalA parimalairbhuvanaM bharaMtaH // 52 // rAjate yatra catvAro. (8) Page #226 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH gavAkSA jinavezmani / viraMceriva vaktrANi vizvAkAraNahetave // 53 // yatra caitye virAjate catvArazca tapodhanAH / abhI dharmAH kimAyAtAH prabhUpAstyai vadhubhataH // 54 // paMcAlikAH zriyamayati jineMdradhAgni dvAtriMzadadriramaNIbharajaitrarupAH // jJAtvA patIniha jine kimu lakSaNakSmArAjAM priyA nijanijezanibhAlanotkAH // 55 // dvAtriMzaduttamatamAni ca toraNAni rAjaMti yatra jinadhAnni manoharANi / kiM tIrthakRddazanalakSmimRgekSaNAnA-maMdolanAni saralAni sukhAsanAni / / 56 // gajAzcaturvizatira'dituMgA vibhAMti zastA jinadhAmni yatra / devAzcaturvizatirIzabhakatyai kilAgataH kunjararupabhAjaH // 57 // staMbhAzcatussaptatiradirAjo-tuMgA vibhAMtIha jinendracaitye / dizAma'vazeH saha savvaM IdrA / kimAptabhaktyai samupeyivAMsaH // 58 // ramyaM naMdapayodhibhUpati 1649 mite varSe sukhAt karSakRt sAhAyyAdajasuThakurasya sukRtArAmaikapAthomucaH / prAsAdaM vachiAsutena sudhiyA zatrujaye kAritaM dRSTavA'STApadatIrthacaityatulitaM keSAM na citte ratiH // 59 // caityaM caturNAmiva dhrmmedinii| bhujAM gRhaM prINitavizvaviSTapam / zatrujayobrvIbhuti naMdivarddhanAbhidhaM sadA yacchatu vAMchitAni vaH // 60 // bhUyaH prabhAbharavinimmitanetrazaitye caitye'tra bhUrirabhavad vibhavavyayo yaH / jJAtvA vadaMti manujA iti tejapAlaM kalpadrametyayamanena dhanavyayena // 61 // zatrujaye gaganabANakalA1650mite'nde yAtrAM cakAra sukRtAya satejapAlaH / caityasya tasya sudine gurubhiH pratiSThA cakre ca hIravijayAbhidhasU risiMhaiH // 62 // mArtaNDamaMDalamivAMburuhAM samUhaH pIyUSarazmimiva nIranidheH pravAhaH / kekitrajaH salilavAhamivAtitugaM caityaM nirIkSya mudameti janaH samastaH // 63 // caityaM cAru caturmukhaM kRtasukhaM zrIrAmajIkAritaM prottuMgaM jasuThakkureNa vihitaM caityaM dvitIyaM zubham / ramyaM kuarajIvinimmitamabhUccaityaM tRtIyaM puna-bhUlazreSThIkRtaM nikAma subhagaM caityaM caturtha tathA // 64 // ebhirvizvavisAribhiryutibhareratyarthasaMsutritodyoto dikSvakhilAsu nirjarapatiH svakipAlairiva / zrIzatrujayazailamaulimukuTaM caityaizcaturbhiryutaH prAsAdo'nimanovinodakamalA caityaM ciraM naMdatu // 65 // vastAbhidhasya varasUtradharasya zilpaM caityaM cirAdidamudIkSya nirIkSaNIyam / ziSyatvamicchati kalAkalito'pi vizvakarmA'sya zilpipaTale bhavituM prasiddhaH // 66 // sadAcArAbdhInAM kamalaviz2yAvhAnasudhiyAM padadvaMdvAMbhojamramarasadRzo hemavijayaH / alaMkArairADhyAM striyamiva zubhAM yAM vihitavAn prazastiH za(stai)SA jagati cirakAlaM vijayatAm // 67 // iti sauvarNikasAhazrItejaHpAloddhRtavimalAcalamaNDanazrIAdIzamULapAsAdaprazastiH // zreyaH // budhasahajasAgarANAM Page #227 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam vineyajayasAgaro'likhavaNaiH / zilpibhyAmutkIrNA mAdhavanAnAbhidhAnAbhyAm // 68 // le0 11 derInaM0 298 // OM // svastizrI saMvat 1652 varSe mArgavadi 2 somavAsare puSpanakSatre niSpratimasavegavairAgyaniHspRhatAdiguNaraMjitena sAhizrIakabaranaredreNa prativarSa pANmAsikasakalajaMtujAtAbhayadAnapravartanasarvakAlInagavAdivanirvartana-jIjIAdikaramocanamuMDakAbhidhAna-karamocanapUrvaka-zrIzatrujayatIrtha-samarpaNAdi-purassaraM pradattabahubahumAnAnAM nAnAdezIyasaMghasamudAyena saha zrIzatrujaye kRtayAtrANAM jagavikhyAta-mahimapAtrANAM saM0 1652 varSa bhAdrasitaikAdazyAM unnatadurge anazanapUrvaka mahotsavena sAdhitottamArthAnAM tapAgacchAdhirAja-bhaTTArakazrIhIravijayasarINAM pAdukAH kAri0 staMbhatIrthIya saM0 udayakaraNena pra0 bha0 zrIvijayasenasU ribhiH // mahopAdhyAya zrIkalyANavijayagaNayaH paM. dhanavijayagaNibhyAM saha praNamati // etAzca bhavyajanairAdhyamAnAzciraM naMdatu zrIH // le0 12 derInaM0 nAsti // saM0 1675 vaizAkha zudi 13 zukra saMghavAlagotre kocara saMtAne sA0 kelhA putra sA0 thannA pu0 narasiMgha pu0 kuMarA pu0 nacchA bhAryA navaraMgade pu0 suratANa bhAryA seMdurade putra zrIzatrujayatIrthayAtrA-vidhAna-saMprApta-saMghapatitilaka-sapta-kSetroptasvavitta0 sA0 khetasI sA0 sobhAgade pu0 padamasI bhAryA premalade pu0 iMdrajI bhAryA bA0 vIramade dvitIya putra somasI svalaghuputra sA0 vimalasI bhAryA lADimade putra pomasI dvitIyabhAryA vimalAde putra dUjaNasI pomasI bhAryA kesarade putra ci0 DUMgarasI pramukha putra-pautra-prapautra-parivAra sahitena caturmukhavihAra-pUrvAbhimukhasthAne....devagRhikA kuTuMbazreyortha kAritA zrIbRhat-kharataragacchAdhirAja-yugapradhAna zrIjinasiMhasU ripaTTAlaMkAraka zrIzatrujayASTamoddhAra-pratiSThAkAraka zrIjinarAjasU ri sU risamAja-rAjAdhirAjaiH // zrIH // le0 13 derInaM0 nAsti // saM0 1675 vaizAkha zudi 13 tithau zukravAre suratANanUradInajahAMgIrasavAi-vijayI-rAjye / zrIahammadAvAdavAstavya--prAgvATajJAtIya-laghuzAkhApradIpaka saM0 mAiA bhAryA nAkU putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde putraratna-sakala-suzrAvakakartavyatA-karaNa-vihitayatna saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade putra saMghapati rupajIkena bhAryA jeThI putra ci0 udayavaMta bAI koDI kuMarI pramukhasAraparivAra-sahitena svayaM kArita-saprAkArazrIvimalAcaloparimUloddhArasAra-caturmukhavihAra-zrRMgAraka--zrIyugAdidevapratiSThAyAM zrIAdinAthapAduke paramapramodAya kArite pratiSThite ca zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhirAjazrIjinarAjasU risU rizirastilakaiH // praNamati bhUvanakIrtigaNiH // (10) Page #228 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 14 derInaM0 nAsti // saMvat 1675 vaizAkha zudi 13 zukre / osavAlajJAtIyaloDhAgotrIya sA0 rAyamalla bhAryA raMgAde putra sA0 jayavaMta bhAryA jayavaMtade putra vividhapuNya-karmakAraka zrIzajhuMjayayAtrA vidhAna-saMprApta-saMghapati-tilaka saM0 rAjasIkena bhAryA kasuMbhade caturaMgade pu0 akhayarAja bhAryA ahakArade pu0 ajayarAja svabhrAtR saM0 amIpAla bharyA gUrjarade pu0 vIradhavala bhA0 jAgatAde svalaghubhnAtR saM0 vIrapAla bhAryA lIlAde pramukhasvaparivArasahitena zrIAdinAthapAduke kArite pratiSThite yugapradhAna-zrIjinasiMhasU ri-paTodyotaka zrIjinarAjasU ribhiH zrIzatrujayoddhArapratiSThAyAM shriibRhtkhrtrgcchaadhiraajH|| le 15 derInaM0 nAsti // saM. 1675 mite suratANanUradI(na)jahAMgIra-savAI vijayarAjye sAhijAdIsuratANa. khosarupavare zrIrAjInagare sobaI sAhiyAna suratANakhurame vaizAkhasita 13 zukre zrIahammadAvAda-vAstavya-laghuzAkhA prakaTaprAgvATajJAtIya se0 devarAja bhAryA ruDI putra se0 gopAla bhAryA rAjU putra se0 rAjA putra saM0 sAIA bhAryA vAIDa putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde putraratna zrIzatrujayatIrthayAtrA-vidhAna-saMprAptazrIsaMghapatitilaka-navInajinabhavanabiMva pratiSThA-sAdharmikavAtsalyadidharmakSetropta-svavitta saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade kukSiratna-rAjasabhAzrRMgAra saM0 rupajIkena pitRvya saM0 zivA svavRddhabhrAtR ratnajI putra suMdaradAsa zekhara laghurbhrAtR khImajI putra ravijI svabhAryA jeThI pu0 udayavaMta pitAmaha bhrAtR saM0 nAthAputra saM0 sUrajI pramukhasAraparivArasahitena svayaM samuddhArita-saprAkAra-zrIvimalAcaloparimUloddhArasAra-caturmukhavihAra zrRMgArahAra-zrIAdinAthaviMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca zrImahAvIradevapaTTAnupaTTA-vicchinnaparaMparAyAtazrIuddyotanasuri-zrIvardhamAnasU ri-vasatimArgaprakAzakazrIjinezvarasU ri-zrIjicaMdrasU ri-navAMgavattikArakazrIstaMbhanakazrIpArzvanAthaprakaTaka-zrIabhayadevasU rizrIjinavallabhasU ri-devatApradattayugapradhAnapadazrIjinadattasUri-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-zrIjinapatisU ri -zrIjinezvarasU ri-zrIjinaprabodhasU ri-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri--zrIjinakuzalasU ri-zrIjinapadmasU ri-zrIjinalabdhisU ri-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-zrIjinodayasU ri-zrIjinarAjasU ri-zrIjinabhadrasUri-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-zrIjinasamudrasU ri-zrIjinahaMsasU ri-zrIjinamANikayasU ri-dillIpatipAtasahizrIakabbarapratibodhaka-tatprattayugapradhAnavirudadhAraka-dezASTAnhikAmAripravartAvaka-kupitajahAMgIrasAhiraMjaka-tatsvamaNDalabahiSkRtasAdhurakSaka-yugapradhAna-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-matrikarmacaMdrakAritasapAdakoTivittavyayarupanaMdimahotsava-prakArakaThinakAzmIrAdidezavihArakAraka-zrIakabbarasAhimanaHkamalabhamarAnakArakavarSAvadhijaladhijalajaMtujAtaghAtanivartaka- zrIpuragolakuMDAgaz2jNApramukhadezAmAripravartaka- sakala (11) Page #229 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja-darzanam vidyApradhAna - jahAMgIranUradInamahammadapAtisahi- pradattayugapradAnapada - zrIjinasihasUri-paTTAlaMkAra - zrIaMbikAvaradhAraka- tadbalavAcita - dhaMdhANIpuraprakaTita - ciraMtanapratimA prazasti-vaMtarI - bohitthavaMzIya sA 0 dharmasI sarala dedAraka catuHzAstrapArINa - dhurINa - zrRMgAraka - bhaTTArakavRMdAraka- zrIji jinarAjasU ri-sUriziromukuTaiH || AcAryazrIjinasAgarasUri / zrIjaya somamahopAdhyAya - zrIguNavinayopAdhyAyazrIdharmanidhAnopAdhyAya paM0 AnaMdakIrti-svalaghusahodara vA0 bhadrasenAdisatparikaraiH // le0 16 derInaM0 nAsti / saMvat 1675 pramite suratANanUradInajahAMgIrasa vAivijayarAjye sAhijA disuratANaSosarupravare rAjanagare sobaisAhiyAnasuratANapurame || vaizAkhasita 13 zukre zrI ahammadAvAdavAstavya - prAgvATajJAtIya se0 devarAja bhAryA ruDI putra se0 gopAla bhA0 rAjU pu0 se0 rAjA pu0 sAiA bhA0 nAkU pu0 saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde putraratna 0. zrI zatruMjayatIrthayAtrAvidhAna - saMprAptasaMghapatitilaka navInajinabhavanavivapratiSThA-sAdharmika vAtsalyAdidharmmakSetroptasvavitta saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade kukSiratna - saMghapati - rupajIkena pitRvya saM0 zivA svavRddhabhrAtR - ratnajI suta suMdaradAsa - zekhara - laghubhrAtR - khImajIputra ravijI pitAmahAbhrAtR saM0 nAthA putra sUrajI svaputra udayavaMta - pramukha - parivRtena svayaM samuddhRtaprAkAra zrIvimalAca lopari-mUloddhArasAra- catumukhavihArazRMgAra - zrI AdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca zrImahAvIradevAvicchinnaparaMparA yAta zrIudyotanasU ri-zrIvardhamAnasU ri-vasatimArgaprakAzaka zrIjinezvarasU ri--zrIjinacaMdrasUri navAMgavRttikAraka--zrIstaMbhanakapArzvaprakaTaka-- zrIabhayadevasU ri-- zrIjinavallabhasU ri-- yUga pradhAnazrIjinadattasripAda -- zrIjinabhadrasUripAda -- zrIakabara pratibodhakatatpradattayugapradhAnapadadhAraka--sakaladezASTAnhikAmAripAlaka - SANmAsikAbhayadAnadAyaka -yugapradhAna zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-maMtri karmacaMdrakArita- zrIakabarasA hi samakSa - sapAdazatalakSavittavyayarupanaMdimahotsava - vistAravihita -- kaThinakA zmirA didezavihAramadhuratarAtizAyi-svavacanacAturIraMjitA neka - hiMduka turukAdhipati - zrIakavvarasAhI - zrIkAra - zrIpuragolakuMDA gajNA pramukhadezAmAripravartavaka- varSAvadhijaladhijalajaMtujA taghAtanivartavaka - suratANanUradI jahAMgIrasAhipradattayugapradhAvirudapradhAna - zrIjinasiMhas ripaTTaprabhAkara--samupalabdhazrI aMbikA varabohitthavaMzIya sA0 dharmasI dhAralade nadana- bhaTTArakacakracakravarti bhaTTArakazirastilaka - zrIjinarAjasU risU rirAjaiH // zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhirAjaiH // AcAryazrIjinasAgarasU ri-- paM0 AnadakIrti--svalaghubhrAtR vA0 bhadrasenAdisatparikaraiH // le0 17 derInaM0 nAsti // saMvat 1675 mite suratANanUradIjahAMgIrasavAivijayarAjye sAhiyAdAsuratANaSosarupravare rAjanagare sobaisAhiyAnasuratANakhurame vaizAkha sita 13 (12) Page #230 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH zukre zrIahammadAvAdavAstavya-prAgvATajJAtIya se0 devarAja sA0 ruDI putra se0 gopAla bhAryA rAjU putra se0 sAIA bhAryA nAka putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde pu0 zrIzatrujayatIrthayAtrA. vidhAna-saMprAptasaMghapatitilaka-navInajinabhavanabiMbasAdharmikavAtsalyAdi-dharmakSetroptasvavitta saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade putraratna-saMghapati rupajIkena pitRvya-zivAlAlajI svavRddha-bhrAtRratna ratnajI pu0 suMdaradAsa svalaghubhrAtR khImajI suta ravijI pitAmaha bhrAtR saM0 nAthA putra sUraja svaputra-udayavaMta pramukhaparivArasahitena svayaM samuddhArita-saprAkAra-zrIvimalAcalopari-mUloddhArasAracaturmukhavihAra-zaMgArahAra-zrIAdinAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThita ca zrImahAvIradevAvicchinnaparaMparAyAta-zrIbRhatsvarataragacchAdhirAja-zrIamabarasAhipratibodhaka-tatpradattayugapradhAnavirudadhAraka-pANmAsikAbhayadAnadAyaka-sakaladezASTAnhikAmAripravartAvaka-yugapradhAnazrIjinacaMdrasUri-maMtrimukhyakarmacaMdrakArita-zrIakavarasAhisamakSasapAdazatalakSavittavyayarupanadipadamahotsava-vistAravihitakaThinakAzmirAdidezavihAra- madhuratarAtizAyisvavacanacAturIrAMjatAnekahiMdukaturapka-rAjAdhipazrIakavarasAhizrIkArazrIpuragoLakuMDagajjaNA pramukha-dezAmAripravartAvaka-varSAvadhijaladhijalajaMtujAtaghAtanivartavaka-suratANanUradIjahAgIrasavAipradattayugapradhAnapadadhAraka-sakalavidyApradhAnayugapradhAna-zrIjinasiMhasU ripaTTaprabhAvaka-zrIaMvikAvarapravAcitaghaMghANIpura-prakaTitaciraMtanapratimA-prazastivarNItarabohittha vaMzIya sA0 dharmasI dhAralade naMdana bhaTTArakaziromaNi zrIjinarAjasUrisU ripuraMdaraiH // AcAryazrIjinasAgarasU ri-zrIjayasoma-mahopAdhyAya-zrIguNavinayopAdhyAya-zrIdharmanidhAnopAdhyAya pa0 AnaMdakIrti-svalaghubhrAtRvA0 bhadrasena pa0 rAjadhIra pa0 bhuvanarAjAdisatparikaraH // le0 18 derInaM nAsti // saMvat 1675 pramite suratANanUradIjahAMgIrasavAivijayirAjye sAhijAdAsuratANaSosarupravare zrIrAjanagare sobaisAhiAnasuratANakhurame vaizAkhasita 13 zukra zrIahammadAvAdavAstavya-prAgvATajJAtIya se0 devarAja bhAryA ruDI putra se0 gopAla bhAryA rAjU putra se0 rAjA pu0 saM0 sAIA bhAryA nAkU putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde putrazrIzatrujayatIrthayAtrAvidhAna-saMprAptasaMghapatipadavIka-navInajinabhavanabiMbapratiSThA-sAdharmavAtsalyasatkamadharmakAraka saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade putraratna saMghapati rupajIkena bhAryA jeThI putra udayavaMta pitavya saM0 zivA svavadhdhabhrAtR ratnajI putra suMdaradAsa-svalaghubhrAta khImajI suta ravijI pitAmaha bhrAtR saM0 nAthA0 (saM0) sUrajI pramukhaparivArasahitena svayaM kArita-saprAkArazrIvimalAcaloparimUlodhdhArasAracaturmukhavihArazaMgAraka-zrIAdinAthavibaM kAritaM pratiSThita ca zrIvIratIrthakarAvicchinnaparaMparAyAta-zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhipizrIakabarasAhipratibodhakatatpradattayugapradhAna (13) Page #231 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam virudhadhAraka-sakaladezASTAnhikAmAripravartAvakayugapradhAnazrIjinacaMdrasU ri-akabarasAhiraMjakavividhajIvadayAlAbhagrAhakasuratANanUradIjahAMgIrasavAipradatta-yugapradhAnavirudadhAraka-yugapradhAnazrIjinasiMhasU ri-paTTavibhUSaNa-bohitthavaMzIya sA0 dharmasI dhAralade naMdana bhaTTArakacakracUDAmaNi-zrIjinarAjasurisUridinamaNibhiH // AcArya-zrIjinasAgarasUri paM0AnaMdakIrti-svalaghusahodara vA0 bhadrasenAdisatparikaraiH / / le0 19 derInaM0 547 // OM // svasti zrIvatsabhApi na viSNuzcaturAnanaH / na brahmA yo vaSAMkopi na rudraH sa jinaH zriye // 1 // saMvat 1675 varSe zAke 1541 pravarttamAne / samagradezazrRMgAra-hAllAra-tilakopamam / anekebhyaH gRhAkIrNa-navIna-pura-muttamam // 2 // abhraMliha-vihArAma-dhvajAMzuka-hRtAtapam / rupya--svarNa-maNi-vyAptaM captupatha-virAjitam // 3 // yugmam // tatra rAjyaM prazAsti zrIjasavaMtAbhiyo nRpaH // yAma zrIzatruzalyA vhakulAMbara-nabhomaNiH // 4 // yatpratApAmi-saMtApa-saMtapta Iva tApanaH / nirmAti jaladhau nityamunmaz2jananimajjane // 5 // yugmam // babhUvuH zrImahAvIra-paTTAnukrama-bhUSaNAH // zrIaMcalagaNAdhIza AryyarakSitasUrayaH // 6 // tatpaTTapakajAdityAH sU rizrIjayasihakAH / zrIdharmaghoSasUrIMdrA mahendrAH siMhasUrayaH // 7 // zrIsiMhaprabhasUrIzAH sUrayo'jitasiMhakAH / zrImaddevendrasUrIzAH zrIdharmaprabhasUrayaH // 8 // zrIsiMhatilakAvhAzca zrImahendraprabhAbhidhAH / zrImato merutuMgAkhyAH babhU vuH sUrayastataH // 9 // samagraguNa-sapUrNAH sU rizrIjayakIrtanaH / tatpayahe'tha susAdhuzrIjayakesarisUrayaH // 10 // zrIsiddhAMta-samudrAkhya-sUrayo mUrikIrtayaH / bhAvasAgarasUrIMdrA-stato'bhUvan gaNAdhipAH // 11 // zrImadguNanidhAnAkhya-sUrayastatpade'bhavan / yugapradhAnAH zrImataH sU rIzrIdharmamUrtayaH // 12 // tatpaTTodayazailAna-prodyattaraNi-saMnibhAH / jayaMti sU rirAjaH zrIyutaH kalyANasAgarAH // 13 // zrInavyanagare vAsyupakezajJAtibhUSaNaH / ibhyaH zrIharapAlAvha AsIllAlaNa-gotrakaH // 14 // harIyAkhyo'tha tatputraH siMhanAmA tadaMgajaH // uddesItyatha tatputraH parvatAvharatato'bhavat // 15 // vacchUnAmA'tha tatpatnI cAbhUd vAcchaladevikA // tatkukSimAnase haMsatulyA'thA'marasaMjJakaH // 16 // liMgadevIti tatpatnI tadorasyA-strayo varAH / jayaMti zrIvardhamAnacAMpasI-padmasiMhakAH // 17 // 'ataH para vizeSataH sAhi vardhamAna-sAhipadmasiMhayorvarNanam / gAMbhIryeNa samudrAbhau dAnena dhanadopamau / zraddhAlu-guNa-saMpUrNo bodhinA zreNikopamau // 18 // prApta-zrIyAma-bhUpAla-samAjabahulAdarau // maMtrizrIvardhamAna-zrIpadmasiMhau sahodarau // 19 // mahIlA vardhamAnasya vannAdevIti vizrutA / tadaMgajau vubhau khyAtau, vIrAkhyavijapAlakau // 20 // varNinI padmasihasya ratnagarbhA sujANade // zrIpAlakuMrapAlAvha-raNamallAstadaMgajAH // 21 // (14) Page #232 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH evaM svatantra yuktAbhyA-manalpotsavapUrvakam // sAhi zrIvarddhamAna-zrIpadmasIbhyAM prathAdarAt // 22 // prAgukate vatsare ramye mAdhavArjuna-pakSakai // rohiNIbhartatIyAyAM budhavAsarasaMyuji // 23 // zrIzAMtinAthamukhyAnAM, jinAnA caturuttarA / dvizatIpratimA hRdyA bhAritAzca pratiSThitAH // 24 // yugmam // punarnijabahudravyasaphalIkaraNakRte / zrInavyanagare'kAri prAsAdaH zailya-sanibhaH // 25 // dvAsaptati jinaukobhirveSTitazca caturmukhaiH / kailAsaparvatottaMgai-raSTAbhiH zobhito'bhitaH // 26 // yugmam // sAhi-zrIpadmasiMhenA'kAri zatrujayopari // utuMgatoraNaH zrImAn prAsAdaH zikharonnataH 27 // yaM dRSTvA bhavikAH sarve ciMtayaMti svacetasi / uccaibhUtaH kimeSo'dri-dRzyate'bhraliho yataH // 28 // yena zrItItharAjo'yaM, rAjate sAvataMsakaH / pratimAH sthApitAstatra. zrIzreyAMsamukhA'rhatAm // 29 // tathAca--saMvat 1676 varSe phAlgunasitadvitIyAyAM tithau daityaguruvAsare revatInakSatre zrImato navyanagarAt sAhizrIpadmasIkena zrIbharatacakravartinirmita-saMghasadRzaM mahAsaMghaM kRtvA zrIaMcalagaNAdhIzvara-bhaTTArakapuraMdara-yugapradhAna-pUjyarAja zrIpUzrI kalyANasAgarasUrIzvaraiH sArddha zrIvimalagiritIrthavare sametya svayaM kArita zrIzatrujayagirizira-prAsAde samahotsavaM zrIzreyAMsapramukhajinezvarANAM saMti biMbAni sthApitAni // sadbhiH pUjyamAnAni ciraM naMdatu // yAvadvibhAkara-nizAkara-bhUdharArya-ratnAkara-dhravadharAH kila jAgratIha / zreyAMsanAthajinamaMdiramatra tAvan naMdatvaneka bhAvikaugha-niSevyamAnam // 1 // vAcaka zrIvinayacaMdragaNinAM ziSyaH mu0 devasAgareNa vihitA prazastiH // le0 20 derInaM 849/82 // savat 1675 varSe vaizAkha zudi 13 tithau zukravAre zrImadaMcalagacchAdhirAjapUjyazrIdharmamU tisU ri-tatpaTTAlaMkArasU ri-pradhAne yugapradhAnapUjyazrIkalyANasAgarasU rivijayarAjye zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya-ahamadAvAdavAstavya sAha bhavAna bhAryA rAjalade putra sAha khImajI rupajI dvAbhyAmekA deharI kArApitA vimalAcale catumukhe // le0 21 derInaM0 nAsti // saMvat 1675 sita 13 zukra suratANanUradIjahAMgIrasavAIvijayirAjye zrIrAjanagaravAstavya-prAgvATajJAtIya se0 devarAja bhAryA ruDI putra se0 gopAla bhAryA rAjU suta saM0 sAIA bhAryA nAkU putra saM0 nAthA bhAryA nAriMgade putraratna saM0 sUrajIkena bhAyoM sukhamAde putrAyita iMdrajI sAhitena zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kArita pratiSThitaM ca zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhirAja-zrIakabarapAtasAhibhUpAlapradattaSANmAsikAbhayadAna-tatpradattayugapradhAna Page #233 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam birudadhAraka-sakaladezASTAnhikAmAripravartAvaka-yugapradhAna-zrIjinacaMdrasUripaTToddIpaka-kaThinakAzmIrAdidezavihArakAraka-zrIakabarasAhi-cittaraMjana-prapAlitazrIpuragolakuMDA-gajjaNA-pramukha-dezAmArijahAMgIrasAhi-pradatta-yugapradhAnapadadhAri-zrIjinasiMhasU ripaTTodayakAraka-bhaTTArakaziroratna-zrIjinarAjasU ri.... .... // zrIH // zrIH // le0 22 derInaM0 nAsti // saMvat 1675 vaizAkha sita 13 zukra suratANanUradIjahAMgIra-savAI-vijayirAjye / zrIrAjanagaravAstavya-prAgvATajJAtIya saM0 sAiA bhAryA nAkU putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jasamAde putra vividhapuNyakarmApArjaka saM0 somajI bhAryA rAjalade putra saM0 ratanajI bhAryA sUjANade putra 2 suMdaradAsa-sakharAbhyAM pitRnAmnA zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca zrIbRhatkhataragacche yugapradhAna-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-jahAMgIrasAhipradattayugapradhAnavirudadhArakazrIakabarasAhicittaraMjaka-kaThinakAzmIrAdidezavihArakAraka-yugapradhAnazrIjinasiMhasU ripaTTAlaMkAra-bohitthavaMzazrRMgAraka-bhaTTArakavRMdAraka-zrIjinarAjasU ri-sU rimRgarAjaiH // zrIH // cha // le0 23 derInaM0 55 // OM // saMvat 1676 vaizAkhAsita 6 zukra laghuzAkhIya zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya maMtri jIvA bhAryA bAI raMgAI maMtri syavAvAchAkena bhAryA bAI raMgAI pramukha kuTuMba yutena zreSThi bhaNasAlI zIvajI prasAdAt svayaM pratiSThApita zrIvimalanAthadevakulaM kAritaM zrImattapAgacchagaganAMgaNa-gaganamaNisamAna-bhaTTArakazrIvijayazenasU rizvara-paTTAlaMkArabhaTTAraka-vijayadevasUrIzvaravijayirAjye // yAvadevagiri ti tAvat zatrujyAcalaH / tAvadevakulaM jIyAt zrIvAchAkena kAritaM // 1 // zrIH // zrIH // le0 24 derIna0 nAsti // OM namaH zrImArudevAdivarddhamAnAMta-tIrthakarANAM zrIpuMDarIkAdyagautamasvAmi-paryaMtebhyo gaNadharebhyaH sabhyajanaiH pUjyamAnebhyaH sevyamAnebhyazca / saMvat 1682 jyeSTha vadi 10 zukra zrIjesalameruvAstavyopakezavaMzIya-bhAMDazAlika-suzrAvakakarttavyatA pravINadhurINa sA0 zrImalla bhAryA cApalade putra pavitracAritra-lodvApattanakArita-jIrNoddhAravihAramaMDana-zrIciMtAmaNinAmapArzvanAthAbhirAma pratiSThAvidhAyaka, pratiSThAsamayArhasuvarNalaMbhanikApradAyaka, saMghanAyaka, karaNIyadevagurusAdhammikavAtsalya-vidhAna-prabhAsitasitasamyakatvazuddhi-pasiddha (samRddhi) vyayavihita-zrIzajayasaMghalabdhasaMghAdhipatilaka saM0 vAdara nAmako dvipaMcAzaduttaracaturdaza zata1452 (16) Page #234 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH mita gaNadharANAM zrIpuMDarIkAdigautamAntAnAM pAdukAsthAnamajAtapUrvamacIkarat svaputra hararAja, megharAja sahitaH samedhamAna puNyodayAya // pratiSThitaM ca zrIbahatkharataragacchAdhirAja-zrIjivarAjasU risU rirAjaiH pujyamAnaM cira naMdatAt // le0 25 derInaM0 475 // saMvat 1683 varSe / pAtisAhajihAMgIra zrIsalemasAha-bhUmaMDalAkhaMDalavijayarAjye / zrIcakrezvarI namaH // OM // mahopAdhyAya zrI 5 zrIhemamUrtigaNisadgurubhyo namaH // zrI // // OM namaH // svasta zrIH zivazaMkaro'pi gaNamAn sarvajJaH shtrujyH| zavaH zaMbhuradhIzvaraJca bhagavAn gauro vRSAMkomRtaH // gaMgomApatirastakAmavikRtiH siddhaiH kRtA'tistuti / rudro yo na paraMzriye sa jinapaH zrInAbhibhUrastu me // 1 // udyacchIrajaDaH kalaMkarahitaH saMtApadoSA'pahaH / somyaH prApta sadodayA'mitakalaH suzrImugAMko'vyayaH // gaurAnomRtasUrapAstakaluSojaivAtRkaH prANinAM / caMdro kopi jayatyaho jinapatiH zrIvaizvasenirmahAn // 2 // tyakatvA rAjImatIM yaH svanihita hRdayAnekapatnIH svarupAM / siddhistrIM bhU rirakatAmapi bahu caMkrame'nekapatnImapIzaH // loke khyAtastathApi sphuradatizayavAn brahmacArIti nAmnA / sa zrInemijineMdro dizatu zivasukhaM sAsvatAM yoginAthaH // 3 // caMcacchAradacaMdracAruvadanazrayo viniryadvayaH piyUSaughaniSekato viSadhareNApi prapede drutam // devatvaM sukRtakalabhyamatulaM yasyAnupAnidheH / sa zrIpArzvajinezitAstu satataM vighnacchide sAsvatAm // 4 // yasya zrIvarazAsanaM kSititale mArtaDabiMbAyate / yadvAkayaM bhavasindhUtAraNavidyau potAyate dehinAm // yaddhyAnaM bhuvi pApapaMkadalane gaMgAMbudhArAyate / zrIsiddhArthanaredranaMdanajinaH so'stu zriye sarvadA // 5 // / atha paTTAvalI // zrIvarddhamAnajinarAjapadakrameNa, zrIAryarakSitamunIzvarasU rirAjAH // vidyApagAjaladhayovidhipakSagacchA-saMsthApakA yativarA guravo babhUvuH // 6 // taccArupaTTa-kamalAjala--rAjahaMsAzcAritramaMjukamalAzravaNAvataMsA // gacchAdhipA budhavarA jayasiMhasU ri--nAmA na udyadamaloruguNAvadAtAH // 7 // zrIdharmaghoSaguravo varakIrtibhAjaH / suuriishvraastdnu| pUjyamahendrasiMhaH // AsaMstataH sakalasU. rizirovataMsAH / siMhaprabhAbhidhasusAdhuprasiddhAH // 8 // tebhyaH krameNa guravo jinasiMha (17) Page #235 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam sUrigotrA babhUvuratha pujyatamA gaNezAH / devendrasiMha guravo'khilalokamAnyA dharmaprabhA munivarA vidhipakSanAthA // 9 // pujyAzca siMhatilakAstadanu prabhutabhAgyA mahendravibhavo guravo babhUvuH // cakrezvarI bhagavatI vihitaprasAdAH // zrImerutuMga guravo naradevavaMdyAH // 10 // tebhyo'bhavan gaNadharA jayakIrtisUri-- mukhyAstatazca jayakesaris rirAjaH / siddhAntasAgaragaNa Adhibhuvastato'nu zrIbhAvasAgaraguruguNA abhUvan // 11 // tadvaMzapuSkaravibhAsana -- bhAnurUpAH sUrIzvarA suguNazevadhayo babhUvuH // SaTpadI // tatpaTTodayazailazrRMgakiraNAH zAstrAMbudheH pAragAH / bhavyasvAMtaca koralAsanalasatpUrNAbhacaMdrAnanAH / zrImaMto vidhipakSagacchatilakA vAdIMdrapaMcAnanA / Asana zrIgurudharmamUrtiguravaH sUrIMdravaMdyAMhayaH // 12 // tatpaTTe'dya jayaMti manmathabhaTAhaMkArazavrvopamAH / zrIkalyANasamudrasUriguravaH kalyANakaMdAMbudAH // bhavyAMbhojavibodhanaika kiraNAH sadjJAnapAthodhiyaH / zrImaMto'tra jayaMti sUrivibhumiH sevyAH prabhAvodyatAH // 13 // zrIzrImAlajJAtIya--maMtrIzvara zrIbhaMDArI tatputra mahaM zrIamarasI suta mahaM zrIkaramaNa tatputra sA zrIdhannA tatputra sAha zrIsipA tatputra sA0 zrIvaMta tadbhAryA ubhayakulA nadadAyinI bAI zrIsobhAde tatkukSIsarorAjahaMsa sAha zrIrupaji tadbhaginI ubhayakulAnaMdAyinI paramazrAvikA bAI putra pArikha zrIsomacaMdraprabhRti parikara yutayA / saMvat 1683 varSe mAghasudi trayodazI tithau somavAsare zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmi jinamaMdira jIrNoddhAraH kAritaH zrIrAjanagara vAstavya mahaM bhaMDArI prasAda karAvika hutu teha nai chaThThI peDhII bAI zrIhIrabAI hui teNII eso u pahilau uddhAra karAviu || saMgha sahita 99 vAra yAtrA kIdhI svasura pakSe pArikha zrIgaMgadAsa bhAryA bAI gurade putra pArikha zrIkuMvarajI bhAryA bAI kamalAde tatkukSi sarorAjahaMsopamau pArikha zrIvIrajI pArikha zrIrahiyAbhidhAnau pArikha vIrajIbhAryA bAI hIrAde putra pA0 somacaMdra stannAmnA zrIcaMdraprabhasvA mijinabiMba kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca dezAdhIzvarasvabhApavAMtapana prabhodabhAsitAkhilabhUmaNDala. zrIkAMdhujI tatputra rAjA zrIvikA zrIhIrabAI putrI bAI kaI bAI kalyANI bhrAtA pArikha rupajI tatputra pArikha guDIdAsa yutena // zrIH // saMvata 1682 varSe mAhazudi trayodazI somavAsare zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmipratiSThA kAritA // bhaTTAraka zrIkalyANasAgarasUribhiH pratiSThitaM // vAcaka zrIdevasAgaragaNInAM kRtiriyaM // paMDita zrIvijayam rtigaNInA'lekhi // paM0 zrIvinayazekharagaNInAM ziSyA mu0 zrIravizekharagaNinA likhatiriyam // zrI zetruMjayAya namaH / yAvat caMdrArka ciraM naMdatAt zrokavaDayakSa prasAdAt // (18) Page #236 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH gajadhara rAmajI ladhu bhrAtA kuyaDI tad bhANeja ratana kalvaNa kRtAyAM atra bhadram // zrIH // le0 26 derInaM0 304,2 // OM // saM0 16(2)84 mAgha vadi zukra zrImatpattanavAstavya zrImAlajJAtIya Tha0 jasapAla pautreNa pitR Tha0 rAjA mAtR Tha0 sIvu zreyArthe Tha0 dhAMdhAkena zrIAdinAthabiMbaM khattakasahitaM kAritaM // le0 27 derInaM0 nAsti // OM // saMvat 1686 varSe caitre zudi 15 dine dakSaNadezadevagIrInagaravAstavya zrImAlIjJAtIya laghuzAkhIya sA0 tukajI bhAryA bA0 tejalade suta sA0 hAsujI bhAryA bAI hAsalade ladhu bhrAtA sA0 vacchujI sA0 devajI bhAryA bAi vacchAde derANI bAI devalade putra sA0 dharmadAsa bhaginI bA0 kuarI pramukha samasta kuTumba zrIvimalAcalanI yAtrA karIne zrIadabudaAdinAthajI prAsAdano maMDapano koTa sahita pharI uddhAra karAvio........bhaTTAraka zrIprabhasU rizvara........tatpaTTAlaMkAra zrIzrIzrIhIravijayasU rizvararAjye (?) ........ // paMDitottama zrIhimavijaya... ...tupadezAt zumaM bhavatu // zrIH // le0 28 derInaM0 77,3 // OM // bhaTTArakapuraMdarabhaTTArakazrIhIravijayasU risvagurubhyo namo namaH / tatpaTTaprabhAvakabhaTTArakazrIvijayasenasU rigurubhyo namaH / saM0 1696 varSe vaizAkhazudi 5 rakhau zrIdIvabaMdiravAstavyasaMghavI savA bhAryA bAI tejabAI tayoH suputra saMghavI-goviMdajI bhAryA bAI vayajAbAI pramukha kuTubayutena svazreyase zrIzatrujaye uttuMgaprAsAdaH kArApitaH zrIpArzva nAthabiMba sthApitaM pratiSThitaM ca zrItapAgacchanAyakabhaTTArakazrIvijayadevasU ribhiH tatpaTTAlaMkAra-yuvarAja-zrIvijayasiMhasU rizciraM jIyAt // le0 29 derInaM0 77,2 sahasrakUTam // OM // OM // namaH // pratyatiSThipadidaM khalu tIrtha rAyasiMha Iha varddhamAnabhU : / zAsanAdvijayadevaguroH sadvAcakena vinayAdvijayena // 1 // zrIvijayasiMhasU riH sa jayatu tapagacchabhaulimANikayam // ajaniSTa yadupadezAt sahasrakUTAbhighaM tIrtham // 2 // dikzazijaladhimitebde 1718 sitaSaSThayAM jyeSThamAsi tIrthe'smin / arhabiMbasahasraM sthApitamaSTottaraM vaMde // 3 // yAvajjayati sumerustAvajjIyAtprakRSTasaubhAgyaH / zrIzatrujayamU dinasahasrakUTaH kirITopamaM // 4 // le0 30 derInaM0 77,3 sahasrakuTam // aham // OM // svastizrIsaMvat 1718 varSe jyeSTazuklaSaSThItIthau guruvAre zrIugrasenapuravAstavyaukezajJAtIyavRddhazAkhIyakuhADagotra sA0 (19) Page #237 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajaya-girirAja-darzanam varddhamAna bhA0 bAlhAde pu0 gumAnasiMha-thAnasiMha-rAyasiMha-kanakasiMha-ugrasena-RSabhadAsaiH jagatsiMha-jIvaNadAsa-pramukha-parivAra-yutaiH svapitRvacanAttatpuNyArthaM zrIsahasrakUTatIrtha kAritaM svapratiSThAyAM pratiSThApitaM tapAgacche bha0 zrIhIravijayasU ri-paTTaprabhAkarabha0 zrIvijasenasU riSaTTAlaMkArapAtizAhizrIjihAMgIrapradattamahAtapAvirudadhAri-anekarAjAdhirAja pratibodhakAri bhaTTAraka zrI 7zrIvijayadevasUrIzvara-AcAryazrIvijayaprabhasU rinirdezAt zrIhIravijayasU riziSyaratna-mahopAdhyAya zrI 5 kIrtivijayaga0 ziSyopAdhyAya zrIvinayavijayagaNibhiH pratiSThitaM // zrIrastu // zrIzajayamahAtIrthakAryakara-paMDitazrI pa zrIzAMtivijayaga0 devavijayaga0 meghavijaya ga0 sAhAyyataH siddhamidam // sUtrAdhAra manajIH // 0 31 derInaM0 na0ke // zrI // OM namaH // babhUvuH zrImahAvIrapaTTAnukramabhUSaNAH / zrIaMcalagaNAdhIzAH ArakSitasUrayaH // 1 // tatpaTTapaMkajAdityAH sUrizrIjayasiMhakAH / zrIdharmagoSasUrIMdrAH mahendrasiMhasUrayaH // 2 // zrIsiMhaprabhasUrIzAH sUrayo jinasiMhakAH / zrImahavendrasUrIzAH zrIdharmaprabhasUrayaH // 3 // zrIsiMhatilakAvhAzca zrImahendraprabhAbhidhAH / zrImaMto merutuMgAkhyAH babhU vuH sUrayastataH // 4 // samagraguNasaMpUrNaH sU rizrIvijayakIrttayaH / tatpaDhe'tha susAdhuzrIjayakezarasUrayaH // 5 // zrIsiddhAMtasmudrAkhyAH sUrayo bhU rikIrtayaH / bhAvasAgarasurIMdrAstato'bhUvan gaNAdhipAH // 6 // zrImadguNanidhAnAkhyAH sUrayastatpaTTe'bhavan / yugapradhAnAH zrImaMtaH sU rizrIdharmamUrtayaH // 7 // ttpttttodyshailaagrprodyttrnnisnnibhaaH| abhavansU rirAjazrIyujaH kalyANasAgarAH // 8 // amarodadhisUrIMdrAstato (?) sUrayaH / udayArNavasU rizca kIrtisiMdhumunipatiH // 9 // tataH puNyodadhisU ri rAjedrArNavasUrayaH / muktisAgarasUrIMdrA babhUvuH guNazAlinaH // 10 // tataH ratnodadhisU rirjayati vicaranbhuvi / zAMtadAMta-kriyAvidyAyukto dharmopadezakaH // 11 // iti SaTTAvaliH ____ atha kacchasurASTra ca koThArAnagare vre| babhUvurlaghuzAkhAyAmarNasIti guNojjvalaH // 12 // tatputro nAyako jajJe hIrAbAI ca tatpriyA / putraH kezavajI tasya rupavAn puNyamUrtayaH // 13 // mAtulena samaM mubabaMdare tilakopame / agAtpuNyaprabhAvena bahu sdhaM samupArjitaM // 14 // devabhaktirgururAgI dharmazraddhAvivekinaH / dAtA bhoktA yazaH kirti svavarge ca vistRtA bahu // 15 // pAveti tasya patnI ca narasiMha suto'jani / ratnAbAI tasya bhAryA patibhaktisuzIlavAn // 16 // kezavajIkasya bhAryA dvitIyA mAMkabAI ca / nAmnA trIkamajI tasya putro'bhUt svalpajIvitaH (20) Page #238 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH // 17 // narasiMhasya putro'bhUt rupavAna suMdarAkRtiH // ciraMjaya sadRddhivRddhirbhavatu dharmataH // 18 // iti vaMzAvaliH // ____ gAMdhI mohotAgotre sA kesavajI nijabhujopArjitavittena dharmakAryANi kurute sma / tadyathA nijaparivArayuktasaMghena sArddha vimalAdritIrthe sametya kaccha-saurASTra-gurjara-marudhara-mevADa-kuMkuNAdidezAdAgatA bahusaMghalokAH militAH aMjanazalAkApratiSThAdimahotsavArtha vizAlamaMDayaM kArayati sma / tanmadhye navInajinabiMbanAM rupya-pASANa-dhAtUnAM bahu sahasrasaMkhyAnAM sumuhUrte sulagne pIThoparisaMsthApya tasya vidhinA kriyAkaraNArtha zrIratnasAgarasU rividhipakSagacchapaterAdezataH munizrIdevacaMdragaNinA tathA kriyAkuzalazrAddhaiH saha zAstroktarItyA zuddhakriyAM kurvan [zrIvIra] vikramArkataH saMvat 1921nA varSe tasmin zrIzAlivAhana-bhUpAlakRte zAke 1786 pravarttamAne mAsottamazrImAghamAse zukalapakSe tithau saptabhyAM guruvAsare mArtaDodayavelAyAM sumuhUrte sulagne svarNazalAkayA jinamudrANAM zrIgurubhizca sAdhubhiraMjanakriyAM kurute sma / saMghalokAn suveSadhArIn bahuRdvyA gItagAnavAdipUrvaka sametya jinapujanalochanAdikriyA yAcakAnAM dAnAdisaMghavAtsalyAdibhaktirharSatazcakre punaH dharmazAlAyAM arIsopalanirmitaM sAsvataRSabhAdijinAnAM catumukhaM caityaM punaH girizikharopari zrIabhinaMdanajinasya vizAlamaMdiraM tasya pratiSThA mAghasita trayodazyAM budhavAsare zAstroktavidhinA kriyA kAritA zrIratnasAgarasUrINAmupadezataH zrIsaMghapati nijaparivAreNa saha zrIAbhanadanAdijinabiMbAni sthApitAni tataH gurubhaktisaMghabhakti zaktyAnusAreNa kRtaH gohilavaMzavibhuSaNaThAkorazrIsUrasaMghajI-rAjye pAdaliptapure madanotsavamabhUt , zrIsaMghasya bhadraM bhUyAt kalyANamastu // zubhaM bhavatu // mANikayasiMdhuvaramukhyamunivareSu tacchiSyavAcakavaravinayANavena / eSA prazastiH zravaNAmRtatulyarupA saMghasya zAsanasamunnatikAryalekhi // 1 // vAcakavinayasAgareNeyaM prazastilikhitA // yAvanmerurmahIdharo / yAvaccaMdradivAkarau / yAvattIrtha jinedrANAM tAvannaMdatu maMdiraM ||1||shrorstu|| le0 32 derInaM0 16 // OM // saM0 1650 pra0 cai0 pUrNimAyAM suvihitasAdhujInasAgaraprollAsazItapAdAnAM nijavacanaraM jitasAhi-zrIakabarapradattazrIsiddhazailAnAM bhaTTArakazrIvijayasenarU ripramukhasuvihitabhaktibharasevyamAnapAdAraviMdAnAM zrI 6 zrI hIravijayasU ripAdAnAM mAhAtmyaprINitasAhinirmitasakalasatvadravyagrahaNamuktikAyAM prathamacaitrapU rNimAyAM tacchisyasakalavAcakakoTiko (21) Page #239 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam TIrazatakoTizrI 6 zrIvimalaharSagaNibhiH / zre0 paM0 devaharSaga0 zrIzatrajaya0 kRtakRtya paM0 dhanavijayaga050jayavijayaga0 jasavijaya-haMsavijayaga0 munivesalAdimunizatadvayaparikaritai nirvighnIkRtA yAtrA iti bhadram // le0 33 derInaM0 200,3 caMDikAmU tiH / / I // saMvat 1371 varSe mAhasudi 14 some zrImadukeza(gaNe)vaze vezaTagotrIya sA0 salakhaNa putra sA0 AjaDatanaya sA0 gosala bhAryA guNamatI kukSisaMbhavena saMghapatiAsAdharAnujena sA0 lUNasIhAgrajena saMghapatisAdhu zrIdesalena putra sA0 sahajapAla sA0 sAhaNapAla sA0 sAmaMta sA0 sAMgaNa pramukha kuTuMbasamudAyopetena nijakuladevI zrIcaMDikAmU tiH kAritAH // yAvad vyomni caMdrArkI yAvanmerurmahItale / tAvat zrIcaMDikAmU ti......|| le0 35 derInaM0 nAsti // saMvat 1371 varSe mAha sudi 14 some zrImadukezavaM0 vesaTUgotre sA0 salakhaNa putra sA0 AjaDatanaya sA0 gosala bhAryA guNamatI kukSisamutpannena saMghapati sA0 AsAdharAnujena sA lUNasIhAgrajena saMghapati sAdhu zrIdesalena svaputra sA0 sahajapAla sA0 sohaNapAla sA0 sAmata sA0 samarasIha sA0 sAMgaNa sA0 soma-pramukhakuTumbasamudAyopetena vRddhabhrAtR saMghapati AsAdharam tiH zreSThi mADhalapurI saMgha0 ratnazrImU ti samanvitA kAritA // AzAdharakalpataruzreyortha........yugAdidevabiMbaM nirmAyItaM ciraM naMdatu ||shrii:|| le0 35 derInaM0 nAsti / saMvat 1371 varSe mAhasudi 14 some......rANaka zrImahIpAladevamU tiH saMghapati zrIdesalena kAritA zrIyugAdidevacaitye // le0 36 derInaM0 53,3 // saMvat 1414 varSe vaizAkha sudi 10 gurau saMghapati desalasuta sA0 samarAsamarI-zrIyugmaM sA0 sAliga sA0 sajjana siMhAbhyAM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca zrIkakasU riziSyaiH zrIdevaguptasU ribhiH // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 37 gajapatolIkAvaragato lekhaH // saMvat 1867nA varSe caitra suda 13 dane saMghasamasta malIkarIne lakhAvyuM che-je hAthIpolanA coka madhye koIe derAsara karavA na pAme ane jo kadAcit jo koie karAve to tIrtha tathA samasta saMghano khUni che samasta saMgha dezAvaranA bhelAmalIne erIte lakhAvyu che te cokamadhye AMbalI tathA pIpalAnI sAhamA dakSaNa (22) Page #240 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIza@jayagirivaragatA lekhAH tathA utara dize tathA pUrvapazcima daze je koI derAsara karAve tene samasta saMghano gunhI che // sAhi che // saM0 1867nA varSe caitra suda 15 dane // le0 38 mUlamaMdiradvAre zilAlekhaH // zrIdevaguru prasAdAt saMvat 1615 varSe zrAvaNa sU di 2 dIne zrIamadAvAdavAstavyazrIzrImAlajJAtIya saM0 gelA suta saM0 nAraka suta jeThA bhAtR saM0 kRpAla suta sa0 sejapAla bhAryA bAI maMgAI suta saM0 kuarajI bhAryA bAI padamAI putra putrI saubhAgiNi bhAtR meghajI abherAja dhanajI vardhamAna bAIliMbAI suta laNuja bhAryA paharAI tathA svakuTuMba sasurA jAtrA saphalA guru tapAgacche jugapradhAna zrI 9 jInazAsanapradyotakAra zrI 9 ANaMdavimalasU ri tatpaTTe jugapradhAnazrI9vijayadAnasU rijIvijayarAje zrI 9 hIravijayasU ri upadezAt zrIzatrujayamahAtIrthe sa0 kuvarajIe bhANeja lakharAjanI derI sukhaDI mATe jIvaMta...talaparADa bhAryA dharayAdevI... ... ... ...nI ||shubhN bhavatu // le0 39 mU0 najadiklekhaH // saMvat 1789 varSe prathama aSADa vadi 10 dine ravau li0 / sAha mAnasiMgha dezamevADavAsapuramadhye vijayarAja suta nItaSA...tayA yAtrA pU kIdhi che. zrIsiddhAcalajInI vAcaja hamaija hAra kare che, // le0 40 mUlnajadiklekhaH // saMvat 1789 varSe prathama aSADa vadi 10 dine khau ti0 / to likhitaM zAha uttamada dezamAravADa vAsameDatA madhye jayacada suta jAli sAha / yAtrA pU-kidhI che. zrI siddhAcalajI va vAvai kehate jahAraka cha / le0 41 derInaM0 360 // saMvat 1625 varSe vaizAkha... ...zrIdhaMdhAra vAstavya saM0 ragucA jAta... ... ...sIrAja bhAryA bAI maTaku suta vabalavada bhAryA bAI kanu suta Thakara tat phuA / vo0 lAlA zrIzajoparI zrIdevakulIkA kArApitA tapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU ri zrIhiravijayasU ri prasAdAt // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 42 bAjarIyAmaMdiraH derIna068 zilAlekhaH // saMvat 1615 varSe zAke 1481 pravartamAne zrarAvaNa sudi 2 dine zrIamadAvAdavAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya saMdhavI mohA suta saM0 cAMpA suta saM0 galA bhAryA bAI holi saM0 nAraI bhAryA bAI puhutI suta kuvarajI bhAryA bAI padamAI putrI sobhAgiNi bhrAtR meghA ajerAja bhANeja lekharAja musAla pakSe saM0sejA bhA0 amarI mAmI bAI samaratakuTuMba sadAcArI zrIgurutapAgacche yugapra (23) Page #241 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam dhAna-jInazAsana-udyotakAraka-yugapradhAna-zrIdahemavimalasU ri tatpaTTe yugapradhAna-zrIvijidAnasU ri tatpaTTe yugapradhAna zrIhiravijayasU ri upadezAt zrIzatrujayazaMgamaMDapabahAre prAsAda biMba....tejapurI caumukha prAsAda.... seghavI sIjapAla bhAryA bAI maMgAi suta kuvaMrajI prAsAdoddhAra karApataM // zubhaM bhavatu // ..le0 43 derInaM. 292 zilAlekhaH // saMvat 1795 varSe po0va0 13 dine zane........ukezajJAtI0 la0 zA0 haMsarAja bhA0 ratanabAI putra sA0 dhanarAja amIdAsa vIradAsakena davalitA0 gA0 zrIvijayaprAMta(dAna)sU ri zamAsana sA....sudara vAsa vAra // le0 44 derInaM. 368 aSTApadamaMdire pASANalekhaH // saMvat 1691 varSe zrAvaNa sudi 2 dine devakarakhANA ukezavaMze bADughelA / ukezavaMze le0 45 derInaM0 2 pASANabiMbam // saMvat 1678 jayeSThArjuna 6 some samasta kSitisaMsevitacaraNakamalarAjAdhirAjamahArAja zrIkalyANamalajIrAjye zA0 nAkura suta zA khelAkena udayapuravAstavyena zrIzaMbhavanAtha bivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM mahAtapA zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH tapAgacche / / le0 46 derInaM0 4/1 mUlamaMdiroparitanagarbhagRhe zrAvakazrAvikA / saMvat 1414 varSe vaizAkha sudi 10 gurau sAdhu zrIsahejapAla bhA0 sahajaladevI yugame saghapati samarasiMha suta zA0 zAliMga-sajjanasiMhAbhyAM kArita // pratiSThitaM zrIkakkasU riziSyaiH zrIdevaguptasU ribhiH // le0 47 derInaM0 4,2 parikaraH / saMvat 1405 mAya vadi 10 bhome zrIzrImAla-sahasragala-suta mahaM-tapanadena svamAtR bAI salakhaNAdevI zreyase pArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIcAndragacchIya zrImAn maMgalAyAyai // le0 48 derInaM0 4,3 parikaraH / saMvata 1405 mAna vadi 5 bhobhe zrIposInAnAvAstavyena gumAnadeva suta mahaM suta sAraNena svabhrAtR jAyA hIraga zreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM // le0 49 derInaM0 4,4 parikaraH / saMvat 1373 varSe jeSTamAse ukezagacche bAvahaDagaNe zA0 punA bhAryA sUDI zreyase rAjukena zrI // le0 50 derInaM0 4,5 parikaraH // saMvat 1378 varSe (24) Page #242 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzaajayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 51 derInaM0 4/6 zrAvakamAvikA // saMvat 1371 varSe mahAsuda 14 some upakezajJAtIya gozAlakena saM0........zrIdharAnuja sA0 kuNasiMha yuja saMghapati zrIdezalena zrIupakezagacche....pratiSThitaM kakkasU ribhiH // le0 52 derInaM0 4/7 prikrH|| saMvat 1250 varSe ....bADIja vAstabya....tR zreyase zrIzItalanAthabiMbaM....sU ribhiH // le0 53 derInaM0 4/8 parikaraH // saMvat 1562nA mhaa-shriishaaNtiinaathbiNbN......| le054 derinaM05/1 AcAryamRtiH // saMvat 1432 varSe phAgaNa suda 2 zukre zrIkRSNagacchIyapippalAcArya zrIguNAkarasU riziSya zrIratnaprabhasUrINAM mUrtistaziSyaiH zrIguNasamudrasU ribhiH // le0 55 derInaM0 5/4 lekha: // zrImayugAdidevasya puNDarIkasya ca krabhau dhyAtvA zatrujaye zudhyatsallezyAdhyAnasaMyamaiH // zrIsaMgamasiddhasunirvidyAdharakulanabhastalamRgAMkaH // divasaizcatubhiradhikaM mAsamupoSyAcalitasattvaH // varSasahasraSaSTyA caturakSitayAdhike 1604 divamagacchat // kArAd....dinamiyadA....ammaiyakaH / zubha tasya zrIzatrujaye zrIpuNDarIkapadAsaMgI caityametadacIkarat / / le0 56 derInaM0 9 pAsANabiMbaM // saMvat 1683 varSe ........suta zA0 premajIkena zrIzatrujayagiricaitya-caumukhaprAsAde svapitRzreyase..... // le0 57 derInaM0 18/1 pASANavivaM / / saMvat 1683 va0 ma0 jayamallI kA0 zrIdharmanAthabiMbaM pra0 tapA0 bha0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH // le0 58 derInaM0 18/2 pAsANaviMbaM / saMvat 1675 va0 mAdha zuddha 4 zrImAlIlaghuzAkhIya sA0 parvaka bhAryA premaladevIbhyAM zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH / le0 59 derInaM0 nAsti pASANabiMba // saMvat 1686 varSe jeSTha vada 5 zukra zrImeDatAnagara-vAstavya-ukezajJAtIya- kuThIDagotre saM0 harakhA bhAryA0 manaraMgadevi putra nemIdAsa sA0 sAmidAsa vimaladAsa pramukhaiH svazreyase zrIzajayagirimaMDana-zrImahAvIrabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapAgacchAdhirAja-jagadgurubirudadhAraka-bhaTTAraka-zrIhIravijayasU ri-paTTAlaMkAra bha0 zrIvijayasenasU rIzvara-paTTaprabhAkarazAhipradattajahAMgIra-mahAtmAvirudadhAraka bha0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH svapadapratiSThitAcAryazrIvijayasiMhasU ripramukhasvaparikaraiH // (25) Page #243 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatraMjaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 60 derInaM0 43/44 aMtare trayaH shraavkH|| ......bhAryA dharaNa dvitIyA bhA0 dhAru tRtIyA bhA0 vAhiNade zreyase sAdhu kaDuvAlena kArApitA prtisstthit| // 74 // le0 61 derInaM0 47 pASANabiMba // saM0 1683 saM0 jayamala kA0 zrIpadmaprabhabiMbaM pra0 tapA0 bha0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhaH // le0 62 derInaM0 52,2 parikaraH // saMvat 1190 ASADa sudi 9 khI brAhmaNagacche. zrIyazobhadrasUrI....zrIzobhanadevanubhupa zreyase pratiSThitA bhukaravA vAstavya // le0 63 derInaM0 53/1 nabinAdIzvaramaMdire kAyotsargaH // saMvat 1343 varSe vada 8 budhe zrIabhinaMdanadevamU tiH zrIpallIvAlajJAtIya-vyavahArIzrIAdImAnavayena Thakara dedAMgajena saMghapati sAdhuzrIpRthvIdhareNa bhAtuH suguNadhAri zreyase kAritA // pratiSThitA zrIrAjagacche vAdIndrazrIdharmaghoSasU riziSya zrImunIbhadrasU riziSyeNa zrIratnAkArasU riNA // le0 64 derInaM0 53/2 kAyotsargaH // ...matarA vasata bhAryA tAlI pArasa.... le0 65 derIna0 53/3 zrAvakazrAvikau // saMvat 1414 varSe vaizAkha suda 10 gurau saMghapati dezalasuta saMgapati dezalasuta saMghapati samara-samarAsagarA saM0 sAliga sA0 sAjanasiMhAbhyAM kArApitaM pratiSThita zrIkakkasU riziSyaiH zrIdevaguptasU ribhiH // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 66 derInaM0 53/4 pASANabiMba // saMvat 1414 varSe caitra sudi 14 khau osavAlavIzAjJAtIya ga0 vastA baI bhAI suta vIrA kArApitA pratiSThi...kakkasU ribhiH // le0 67 derInaM0 200/1 sImaMdharamaMdiramaMDape parikaraH // saMvat 1434 varSe zrImAla mahAmaMtrI....bhAryA luDI....pratiSThitA sUribhiH / le0 68 derInaM0 200/2 devIH saMvat // 1392 varSe mAghasuda 1...ga0 DAhaDa suta Tha0...vAlikena Atmazreyortha...kArApitA. le0 69 derInaM 200/3 devI // saMvat 1371 varSe mahAsuda 14 some zrI. le070 derIna0 200/4 shraavkshraavikoH|| saMvat 1371 varSe mahA suda 14 some. __le0 71 mUlagarbhagRhe, AdInAthasya parikare kAyotsargaH // saMvat 1670 varSe amadAvAda vAstavya-zrIosvAlajJAtIya vRddhazAkhAyAM zA vacchA bhAryA gorade suta sahastrakaraNa (26) Page #244 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH gAMgA sutena vardhamAna laghubhrAtA zAMtidAsanAmanA bhAryA sUrajadevi suta....pramukha mAtula zrIpAlaperItena zrIAdinAthaparikarapratimAyuga....sU ribhiH pratiSTitaM ca zrItapAgacche bhaTTArakazrIhemavimalAdiyuta....paTTAlaMkAra-kRtasAdhukiyodhAra-bhaTTArakazrIrAjazrIAnaMdavimalasU ri paTTakairavakara-kalAdharopamAna-zrIvijayadAnasU ripadmakaraNIkAyamaNI-suratrANaratnaamArIpaTTaholAsItajaMtujAtAbhayadAnajIjayA zrIzacaMjayayAdipurvakaramocana-spharamAna....bhaTTAraka vijayasU ripada-pUrvAcalasahasrakiraNAnukaraiH pAtasAha prAsadaprApta-jayavAdaiH zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH // yAvat tIrtha tAvat naMdatAt parIkarabadhitakhayasaNagaNIsahasra........ / le0 72 mU. A. savve pratimA // saMvat 1670(8) varSe vaizAkha sita 5 sobhe zrIstaMbhatIrthavAstavya-zrIukeza-vRddha zAkhIya sA0 kuvaMrajI zreyase zAMtiviMbaM kA0 pra0 ca tapAgacche bha0 zrIvijayasenasU ribhiH le0 73 mU , A. savyetare pratimA // saMvat 1587 varSe vaizAkha vada 6 ravau zrIosavAlajJAtIya sA0 sAliga bhrAtR sAhata bhA0 harakhamade prmukh........| le0 74 mU. A. pratimA // saMvat 1670 varSe vaizAkha va0some zrIzAMtinAthavivaM kA0 pra0 tapAgacche / le0 75 mU. A. pratimAyAH prikrH| saMvat 1278 varSe vaizAkha sudi 4 zukrezrIthArApadgacche zrIzrImAlavAstavya-bhaNasAlaM saMtAne Tha0...bhAryA padamalade shreyse...| le0 76 neminAthacoryA adhastanabhAge caturvizatipaTTaH // zrIAdinAtha 1 // zrIajitanAtha 2 // zrIzaMbhavanAtha 3 // zrIabhinaMdana 4 // zrIsumatinAtha 5 // zrIdharmanAtha 15 // zrIzAMtinAtha 16 // zrIkuMthunAtha 17 // zrIaranAtha 18 // ......saMvat 1430 varSe mAhasudi 15 dIne sonI prathamasiMha bhAryo zrImalade suta sonI siMhA bhAryA zrIghAMghA putra jANaku patni kosalade bhaTTArakazrIjayAnaMdasU ri-zrIdevasuMdarasU ri-mahattarAzrIcAritrazrInA upadezena zrIjinabiMba catRviMzatipaTTA karitAH // pratiSThitaHzrIpattane zrIsU ribhiH // zrIzubhaMbhavatu zrIsaMghAya / 19 zrImallInAtha / zrImunisuvrata 20 / zrInaminAtha 21 / zrIneminatha 22 / zrIpArzvanAtha 23 / zrImAvIra 24 / le0 77 neminAthacoryA AcAryaH // saMvat 1421 varSe maMDalIya zrIcaMdraseNa (27) Page #245 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam sU rizipyairjIvadabhiH zrIratnaprabhasU ribhiH AtmamUrti kAritA // le0 78 bAjarIyAmaMdire 68/1 pAsANabiMba // saMvat 1675 vaizAkha suda 13 zufe pAtasAhazrIjAravijayarAjye zrIzrImAlajJAtIya bhaticA mahatarahAsanAtha bhAryA bAI ajAI tat putra mahetA kSemAkena zrIabhinaMdanabiMba....zrIbRhat kharataragacche bhaTTAraka...zrIjinarAjasU ribhiH / le0 79 derInaM0 683/ pAsANabiMba // saMvat 1675 vaizAkha sudi 13 zukra saM0 khImajI bhAryA bAI.... putra ravijI mAtrA pramukha........zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM pratiSThitaM zrIjinarAjasU ribhiH kharataragacche // le0 80 derInaM0 68/2 // saMvat 1675 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 zukra prAgavATajJAtiya saM0 rupajikena zrI-1 le0 81 derInaM0 94 sametazikhare pAdukA // zrIajitanAtha pAduke / saMvat 1774 varSe vaizAkha suda 5 gurau tulATa sA0 nAgajI suta samatasA tasya putra nAhAnusA tasya bhAryA galAlavAI zrIsuratavAstavya jJAtidazAosavAla / le0 82 derInaM0 67/3 semavasaraNe parikaraH // saMvat 1379 zrIzAjaye yu... jinakuzalasU ribhiH pratiSThataM kAritaM // le0 83 derInaM. 121/1 visativiharamAnaH // saMvat 1587 varSe vaizAkha vadi 5 zanau zrIzrIgurjarajJAtIya...zrAvaka zAtala....narasiMgha putrAdikena bhAryA pavhi putralI.... nIyabhAryA jhakora......biMbaM kA0...pa0 kharataragacche... ...vayarasUrInAthAya namaH // ___le0 84 derInaM0 121/2 saMvat 1587 varSe vaizAkha vadi 5 zanau mAMgalajJAtIya vRddhazAkhAyo........bho0 megAI putra jeTu tatputra hAIyA zrIRSabhabivaM kA0 pra0 kharataragacche.... .... / le0 85 derInaM0 121/3 // saMvat 1587 varSe vaizAkha vadi 5 dine zrIgogaDajJAtIya laghuzAkhAyo....hasanadevaputra vimala zrI.... // le0 86 derInaM0 97/1 samavasaraNe parikaraH // saM0 1337 jeSTa vadi 5 (28) Page #246 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH zrIajitamAthabiMbaM zrIjinezvarasU riziSyazrIjinaprabodhasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM zrImunIcaMdrasU rIvaziya.... sA nAhaDA tatputra zA bhAlu....AtmazreyArtha / zubhamastu / le0 87 derInaM0 97.2 samavasaraNe parikaraH // saM0 1379 zrImatpattane zrIzAMtinAthIyacaitye zrIaNaMtanAthadevasya biMbaM zrIjinacadrasU riziSyaiH zrIjinakuzalasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // kAritaM vya0 brahmazAMti vya0 kaDuka vya0 metulAkena // le0 88 derInaM0 222AB pAsANacaturvizatipaTTaH // saMvat 1405 varSe phAgaNa vada 8 gurAvAdyeya(ha) zrIzajayamahAgirau zrIpAlitANAvAstavyazrIzrImAlajJAtIya mahaM0 mAladeva suta mahaM0 sAMgaNena svIyakuTuMbazrayase caturviMzatijinAnAM pratimApaTToyaM kArApitaM // pratiSThitaM AcAryazrIsAgaracaMdrasU ribhiH / zubhamastu / mahaM0 sAMgaNa suta mahaM0 khImA su // mahaM0 mAladeva suta mahaM0 sAMgaNa bhAryA salaNadevi / 10 mahicaMdra zreyase / bA0 rAbhaNa zreyase / bA0 salakhaNade zreyase bA0 khAkhI zreyase / bA0 lATThI zreyase / mahaM amarasI vadhu0 amIde zreyase / mahaM0 khImA zreyase / vadhu0 kapUrade zreyase / mahaM lakSaNI zreyase / vadhu0 lakSaNa zreyase / mahaM pUnaDa zreyase / vadhu mAdhalade zreyase / maha0 kurA zreyase // bA0 vijalade zreyase / mahaM0 mAladeva zreyase / bAIhIrA zreyase / mahaM0 suhaDA zreyase / bA0 salatAde zreyase / mahaM0 bhAma zreyase / vA0 gAMgI zreyase / mahaM0 kakkA zreyase / mahaM0 sAgaNa zreyase / kayardiyakSamurti / zrIacchipattAmU tiH / zrIvairoTyAmurtiH / le0 89 derInaM0 200 AdIzvara(vartamAnavacanIyasimaMdhara)malanAyakaH // saMvat 1677 varSa mArgazIrSa zukla 5 ravau vRddhazAkhAyAM zrIozavAlajJAtIyaahammadAvAdavAstavya sA0 yekara bhAryA lADakI suta sA0 mAnasiMghAkena bhAryA kUlA suta cAMpasI pramukhakuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthasvAmibiMba kArita pratiSThitaM ca tapAgacche bhaTTArakazrIhemavimalasU ri tatpaTTAlaMkArabha0 zrIAnaMdavimalasU ri-tatpaTTadhurA-raMdhara dhuma0 zrIvijayadAnasU ri-tatpaTTapUrvAcalakamalabAMdhavasvadezanAprativodhita-mahAmahIpativinirmita SaNmAsikasarvajIvAbhayapradAnapravartana-zrIzatrujayajIjIyAdikaranivartanAdijanita-jAgratajinazAsanaprabhAva bha0 zrIhIravijayasU ri-tatpaTTapadmapadminIpatisvavacanaracanAcAturicamatkRta mahArAjAdhirAjapradattasarvadAgobalIvRrdamahISivadha-nivartanAdvi sphuramAnamoditAstokalokasaMtati....vijayadevasU ri.... / le0 90 derInaM0 223 // ....jayeSThasudi 8 zukra....karasIdena zrIRSabhabiMvaM (29) Page #247 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIjIvadevasUribhiH / le0 91 derIna 0 231 // saM0 1400 (7) vaizAkha su0 2 lAbha (lAlana) (lAbhu) gAme sA0 sAMgaNa putrena devarAjena kAritA pra0 zrIjagattilakasuribhiH / le0 92 derInaM 0 256 // saMvat 1470 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre zrIzrImAlajJAtIya Thakkara.. .. zrImAnadeva sutena zre0 jasapAlonAtmazreyase devakulikA sahita zrIsuvratasvAmibiMbaM kAritaM. .. pratiSThitaM // maMgalamastu // le0 93 derInaM0 230 // saMvat 1432 varSe jyeSTa vada 9 some bhaTTArakazrIdeva guptasurabhiH pratiSTitaM / zrIpattana vAstavya - ukezavaMzajJAtIya Tha0 pratApasI suta Tha0 sAMgaNa .... caturviMzatipaTTaH kArApitaH // le0 94 derInaM0 200 / 1 // saSThyAM zukre zrIprAgavATavaMzAvataMza ThA0 pADa ........ sutayoH bhAryAH devI.... valabhavAstavya... zrIpadmasIhena saMghavi manu bhAryA // ThA0 le0 95 derInaM0 204 puNDarIkamaMdire || (saMvata 15 ) 70 jayeSTha karpadi..... avahAra zrIpAla .... sUranAtha // le0 96 dAdAmaMdire uparatanabhAMge parikaraH // savaMta 1385 (90) (92)... vadi 7 zukra zrIukezagacchIya.... putradevajI.... upAdhAya0 // le0 97 derInaM0 dA0 u0 parikaraH / saM0 1360 (61) varSe zrIkukulI gaNa ( gujara lIgaNa ) le0 98 derInaM0 262 parikaraH / saMvata 1370 varSe vaizAkha sudi 2 gurau brahmANagacchIya... tIhaNade suta saMghapati padmasiMha saMghapati lIlAdevi zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kArApitaM.... // le0 99 derInaM0 266 zrAvakazrAvikauH // saMvata 1418 varSe vaizAkha sudi 10 budhe zrIzrImAlajJAtIya | mahaM tejA suta mahaM0 murA murtiH / bhAryA bAI mahaMgaladevi murti bhAryA bAI somadevimurti dharaNIdhareNa kArApitA || zubhamavatu // le0 100 derIna0 268 / 1 aSTApade pAsANabiMbaM // saMvat 1431 (35) varSe vya0 salakhaNa pitR AsArAja... zreyArthe zrInaminAthabiMbaM kaaritN...|| ( 30 ) Page #248 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrI zatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 101 derInaM0 268 / 2 sAdhupratimA // saMvat 1383 varSe jayeSTha vadi 8 gurau raudrapallIyazrIcA caMdrasUrINAM murti vA0 kumudacaMdra - ziSya vA0buddhinivAsena kA pitA // le0 102 derInaM0 442 ne0 co0 sAdhupratimA || saM0 1354 kArtika sudi 15 gurau mahaM zrImaMDalIkena zrIzatrujayamahAtIrthe zrIjinacaMdrasUrINAM murti......... le0 103 derInaM0 448 ne0 co0 pAsaNevitraM // saM0 1303 pra0 mAdha sudi 14 so0 sA0 punDasuta sA0 caMdra putrIkA somI Atmazreyortha zrIzAMtinAtha devabiMbaM kArApitaM // cha // pallIvAlajJAtIya // le0 104 derInaM0 273 sAdhumurtiH // saM0 some jIvadevasUrINAM ziSyasya, paM0 jinakirti mUrtirayaM // 1309 varSe jayeSTha vadi 2 zrIH // le0 105 dezenaM0 304, 1 parikaraH // saM0 le0 106 derInaM0 304 / 2 parikaraH || saM0 zrImatpatnavAstavya - zrImAlajJAtIya Tha0 jasapAla pautreNa pitR Tha0 Tha0 dhAMdhAkena zrIAdinAthabibaM khattakasahitaM kaaritN........|| 1305........ / 1384 mAgha vadi 5 zukre hAjA mAtR sIlu zreyArtha le0 107 derInaM0 322 / 1 bharatabAhubalIlayAdi: // ( bAhubalI bhagata vagere ) le0 108 derInaM0 345 zrAddhaH // saMvata 1442 varSe mAgha vadi 1 budhe kharatara - gacche sAha tejA suta.... // le0 109 derInaM0 383 pASANavi || saMvat 1676 phAguNa suda 2 zukre // osavAlajJAtIya - balAhIgotrIya sA0 jasapAla putra paMcAyaNa bhAryA jayavaMtI so0 udayakaraNa bhA0 uccharaMgade putra ratna saptakSetrIsamuptavita sA0 sahasakaraNena bhrAtRdevAkaraNa - zrIkaraNaAsAkaraNa - rAjakaraNa - mahikaraNa vimAtRja khImapAla bhrAtRvya jayakaraNAdi sAraparivAraNa maMtrI rupajI kAritaM zatrujayASTamoddhArapratiSThAsamaye svayaM prapaMcita savA kharavahIra - zruMgAraka zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kA pratiSThitaM zrImahAvIradevAvicchinna - paraM parAyAta - zrI bRhat kharataragacchAvIzvara-yugapradhAna.... sAdhUpadravavAraka - zrIyugapradhAna - zrIjinacaMdrasUri - sarvatIrthakaramocaka yuga 0 zrIjinasiMhasU ripaTTotraMsazrIzatrujayA (dhaniru)STamoddhAra pratiSTha bhaTTAraka prabhu zrIjinarAjasU ribhiH / sA0 cApasI kA0 pratiSThAyAH || (31) Page #249 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-dazanam le0 110 derInaM0 439 ne0 co0 // zrIbRhatkharatacche zrIjinamANikayasU ripaTTaprabhAkarayugapradhAnazrIjinacaMdrasU ri-rAjye kapardiyakSapratimA kArApitA pra0 sAgara............. dhaDati karapaNIe hisa mati kallaila lagaNI. le0 111 derInaM0 849/82 kharataravasahI, lekhH|| saM0 1675 varSe vaizAkha sudi 12 tithau zukravAre zrImadaMcalagacchAdhIrAja-pujyazrIdharmamurtisU ri-tatpaTTAlaMkArasU ripradhAnayugapradhAna-zrIkalyANasAgarasUrI-vijayirAjye zrIzrImAlajJAtIya-ahamadAvAdavAstavya sAha bhavAna bhAryA rAjalade putra sAha khImajI rupajIvAbhyAmekA deharI kArApItA vimalAcale caturmukhe // le0 112 derInaM0 849/82 kharataravasahI, parikaraH // saMvat 1381 zrIdharmanAthaviMbaM zrIjinacaMdrasU riziSyaiH zrIjinakuzalasuribhiH pratiSThitaM kArItaM ca / sA0 sAmata suta sA0 rAula bhAryA teju putraH sA0 dhaNapati sA0 narasiMgha sA0 goviMda sA0 mImasiMha ukezagacche (sAte urIgacche) rAula bhAryA zreyArtha // chaH // zubhaM bhavatu caturvidhasaMghasya // le0 113 derInaM0 86 kharataravasahI, parikaraH // saMvat 1381 varSa vaizAkha vadi 9 gurau vAre kharataragacchIya zrImajinakuzalasuribhiH zrInaminAthadevabiMbaM pratiSThitaM... devakula prdiipk....shriimddevguruaajnyaaciNtaamnnii...sNgmken...|| le0 114 derInaM0 90/1 kharataravasahI, pASANasiddhacakraH // saMvat 1787 varSe mahA sudi 5 zubhadine rAdhaNapuravAstavyazrImAlIlaghuzAkhAyAM zAha dhajA bhAryA ANaMdIbAI zrIsiddhacakra kArApIta // pratiSThitaM ca zrImahAvIradevAcchinnapara parAyata-zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhirAja-zrIakabarazAhipratibodha-tatpadattayugapradhAnabhaTTAraka zrI107 zrIzrIzrIjinacadrasU rizAkhAyAM mohopAdhyAya-zrIrAjasAgarajI tatzipyamahopAdhyAya-zrIjJAtadharmajI tatzipyazrIupAdhyAyazrIdivacaMdra tatzipyapaMDItapravaradevacadrayutena // zrI gaumukha, cakrezvarI, kavaDa, mANabhadrayakSa caturvizati yakSayakSINI SoDasa vidyAdevi zrIjinazAsanabhaktadevadevigaNa zAsanAdhiSThAyakasarvakSetrAdhIzA zAMtikarA santu // zrIrastu // zrI // le0 115 derInaM0 90/2 kharataravasahI, lekhaH / saMvat 1675 varSe vaizAkha sudi 12--zrIahamadAvAda-vAstabya-cArabhAIAgAMtra osavAlajJAtIya zrIpAlasuta zAhacAMpasI suta zAha karamasI bhArajA bAIkaramAde kharatara gacche // pIpalyA // zubhaM bhavatu // (32) Page #250 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 116 derInaM0 92/5 kharataravasahI, parikaraH // saMvat 1237 jyaSTa vadi 5 zrIzreyAMsabiMbaM devakulikA ca zrIjinaprabodhasU ribhiH pratiSTita // zA0 tihuNasiMha sutamImasiMha ........Atmazreyortha // le0 117 derInaM0 100 kharataravasahI, parikaraH // saMvat 1380 ASADha vada 8 zrIzatrujaye zrImusisuvratasvAmibiMbaM zrIjinacaMdrana riziSyaiH zrIjinakuzalara ribhiH pratiSThitaM kAritaM ca....mayA ta0 rAmala ta0 rAjapAla putra ta0 nAnaDa ta0 nemicaMdra ta0 dusalazrAvakaiH putra ta0 vIrama-Damaku-devacaMdra-mulacaMdra-mahaNasiMha......ThArapuriSTha nijakuTuMba zreyortha // zubhamastu // le0 118 derInaM0 101 kharataraksahI. parikaraH // saMvat 1379 zrIpattana zrIzAMtInAthavidhicaitye zrImahAvIradevabiMbaM zrIjinacaMdrasU rizi yaiH zrIjinakuzalasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM kAritaM zA sahajapAla putraH zA0 dhAdhala zA0 gayadhara zA0 dhiracaMdra suzrAvakaiH sarvakuTuba parivRtaiH ....bhagini dhAraNi suzrAvakA zreyortha / / le0 119 derInaM0 104 kharataravasahI, parikaraH // saMvat 1379 zrIpattane zrIzAMtinAthavidhicaitye zrIpadmaprabhabiM zrIjinacaMdrasU riziSyaiH zrIjinakuzalasU ribhiH pratiSThita kAritaM ca zA0 hemala putra kaDuA zA0 pUrNacaMdra zA0 haripAla-kuladhara-suzrAvakaiH putra kAkuA pramukhasarvakuTuMgaparivRtaiH svazreyortha // zubhamastu / le0 120 derInaM0 106 parikaraH // saMvat 1337 jayeSTha vidi 5 zrImunisuvratasvAmibiMbaM zrIjinezvarasU rizipyaiH zrIjinaprabodhasU ribhi: pratiSThitaM kAritaM ca zreSThirohaDasutena vAsujAtiIkena....godhikena svazreyortha // le0 121 derInaM0 kha0va0, samavasaraNe 1 parikaraH // saMvat 1337 jayeSTha vadi 5 zrIzAMtinAthadevabiMbaM zrIjinaprabodhasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM gorjarajAtIya Tha0 zrImImasiMha bRhamAtR zreyortha Thakara zrIudayadevena pratipannasAreNa suvicAreNa kAritaM // le0 122 kha0va0, sama02 parikaraH // saMvat 1337 jyeSTha vadi 5 zrIsuvidhinAthabiMbaM devagRhikA ca zrIjinaprabodhasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM kAritaM ca zA0 mohaNapramukhaputra (33) Page #251 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam nijamAtuH padamalazrAvikAyAH zreyortham // le0 123 kha0 va0, sama0 3 parikaraH // saMvat 1337 jyeSTha vadi 5 zrIzAMtinAthabiM zrIjinaprabodhasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM kAritaM ca ukezavaMzIya zA0 solA putraM zA0 ratnasiMhazrAvakeNa AtmazreyonimittaM // le0 124 kha0 va0, sama0 4 pttiivrlekhH|| saMvat 1794 varSa mAgasiramAse kRSNapakSe 5(7)tithau trIprakAra samovasaraNa zrIahamadAvAdavAstavya-laghuprAgvATa-sAkhIya zA0 lIMgajI putra zA0 jagasI putra zAha nihAlacaMdajI bhAryA bAIrupakuvaMri tathA putra amaracaMda-putra harakhacaMda-mulacaMda yutayA kAritaM // caityapratiSThitaM kharatara-AcArya gacche mahopAdhyAya-dIpacaMdagaNi ziSya paM0 devacaMdagaNinA / ziSya paM0 matideva paM0 vijajacaMda paM0 jJAnakuzala paM0 vimalacaMdayutena // zrI rastu // le0 125 kha0 va0, sama0 5 lekhaH // saMvat 1794nA mAgasara vadi ? tithau ahamadAvAdavAstava laghuprAgvATazAkhAyA....bAI bacI kAritaM caityapratyayapratiSThitaM kharataragacche mahopAdhyAya-dIpacaMdagaNi-ziSya zrIzatrujayAdi tirthIddhAradharmodyakAraka paM0 devacaMdragaNi tAsa parivAreNa // silATa AtamarAmeNa // le0 126 kha0 va0, sama. najadIke derIvare lekhaH // saMvat 1890nA varSe vaizAkhavada 5 tithau caMdra vAsare zrIpAdalItanayare rAjAzrIgohilakAMdhAjIkuvaMra-nodhaNajI vijerAje zrImirajA puravAstavya vRddhAzAkhAyAM ukezajJAtIya saM0 devacaMdajI seTiThyA zrIvimalAcalovihArakAritaM zrISadmabhubiMbaM sthApitaM zrIbRhatkharataragacche sakalabhaTTArakaziromaNi-jaMgamayugapradhAna-zrIjinaharSasU ribhiH // vijayarAjye paM0 / pra050 devacaMdra pratiSThitaM zrIkhemasAkhAyAM // shrii| shrii| zrI / zrI / zrI // le0 127 derIna0 47/2 kha0 va0, pASANasiddhacakraH // saMvat 1784 varSe migasira vadi 5 tithau zrIrAjanagaravAstavya zrIosavAlajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM zAha DutIcaMdreNa zrIsiddhacakra kArApitaM ca zrImahAvIradevAvicchinnaparaMparAyAtazrIbRhatkharatagacchAdhirAja zrIakabarasAhipratibodhaka-tatpradatta-yugapradhAnabhaTTAraka 107 zrIjinacaMdrasU rizAkhAyAM mahopAdhyAyazrIrAjasAgarajI-tatziSyamahopAdhyAya-jJAnadharmajI-tatziSyaupAdhyAya-zrIdIpacaMdra-tatziSyapaMDita devacaMdrayutena / (34) Page #252 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 128 kha0 va0 Ado pakamaMdiropari lekhaH // svasti zrIjahAMgIra zAhibakRta yazabahumAna- - svastizrIjayamaMgalAbhyudayAya zrIzatruMjayASTamoddhArasArazRMgAra - caturdvAra-zrIyugAdidevavihArapuraH pravarahArAnukAra - zrI dvitIya jinavaranizrAraprAsAdaH || prAsAda prazastiriyam // saMvat 1675 mite vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre osavAlajJAtIya - zrImadahammadAvAdavAstavyanavyanavyabhavyakAraNiyataraNiya - prasavena racitavisara - bhAnDazAlika - kulAlaMkAra - pravarAyaharitilakalasemA bhAryA mUlI putra kamalasI bhAryA kamalAde putra jakharAja bhAryA narabAI putraratna sA0 saIAkena bhAryA puhatI putra ciraM rahiyA sAraparivArasahitena zrIajitanAthAbivaM caityakAritaM pratiSThitaM ca tat // zrImahAvIrarAjAdhirAjamAnAvicchinnaparaMparA yA tacAMdrakulIna .... lADala - navAkulapratApabhApanopamAna-zrI koTIgaNAbharaNa - zrIvannazAkhAtizAyipradyotana - zrI udyotanasU ri- zrImadarbudAca loparIvihitakhANa....... sAnidhya-zrIsImaMdharasodhitazrIsUrimaMtravarNasamAmnAya zrIvardhamAnasUrI - zrImad- aNA hilapattanAdhipa - zrIdurlabha. . caityavAsiyatyAmAsa....... pakSe sthApitA vasatimArgadIpaka - zrI kharatara birudavara - zrIji - nezvarasUri-saMvegaraM'.... . karaNa pravA.... zrIvinaya caMdrasUri-yatizrItihuaNadvAtrIzikAvidhAna- pragatiritaM staMbhanakAbhidhAnapArzvanAtha - pradhAnaprAsAdasamarthi - navAMgIvRttiracakAna - nikaSapaTTe zrIabhayadevasUri........kaMdakudAlAbha - paM datta... samAcAri - vicAracaMcubaMdhurazrIjinavalabhasU ricatuSaSTiyogini - vijayapaMca naMdadazasu ri- kramAgatazrIbhadrasU risaMtAna - viSamaduH pamAraka - prasarapArAvAralaharibharanimagna- sakriyoddhAraNasamuvA 0 vaMdAtatopita vi... ti zrImadakavalpradattayugavarapadavIdhara - kumatitimirarpitadurmanamathanodhura--prativarSADhIyAmArisiMcana zrIjinacaMdrasUri - cauranara - rAjanaMdi va....... vihita sAdhya vidAraNapradamitA || le0 129 paMcAnAM pAMDavAnAM maMdire yudhiSThiraH // saMvat 1788 varSe mAgha sudi 6 zukre zrIsvarataragacche zA0 kIkA putra dulIcaMda kAritaM ca yudhiSThirabhUnibiMbaM pratiSThitaM upAdhyAya zrI dIpacaMdagaNibhiH || zrIrastu kalyANamastu // le0 50 130 paMcAnAM pAMDavAnAM maMdire bhImaH / saMvat 1788 varSe mAghasudi 6 zukre kharataragacche zA0 kIkA putra dulIcaMda kAritaM zrImImamU nibiMbaM pratiSThitaM upAdhyAya zrI dIpacaMda gaNibhiH / zubhaM bhavatu / zrIrastu / ( tadanusAre arjuna - sahadeva - nakula - kuMtA - draupadInAM lekhA: ) (35) Page #253 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 131 sahastrakuTam (pAMDavAnAM maMdirapRSThabhAgasthite savyabhAge lekhaH) // saMvat 1860 nA varSe vaizAkha sudi 5 some zrIaMcalagacchezapujya-bhaTTAra0 zrI 108 zrI zrI zrI puNyasAgarasU ribhiH / nevAre zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zA0 bhAIsAjI tat putra zA0 lAlAbhAI tat putra DAhyAbhAIkena sahastrakujinabiMba kArApitaM zrItapAgacche zrIvijayajineMdrasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM / le0 132 sarustrakuTam (pAM. ma0pR0 savvetarabhAge lekhaH) // saMvat 1860 nA varSa vaizAkha sudi 5 some zrIaMcalagaccheza zrIsUrati....zrIzrImAlIjJAtiya zA0 bhAIsAjI tatputralAlabhAI tatputraDAhAbhAI tatpuravuvacaMdabhAI zrIsahasrakuTajinabiMba kArApitaM zrItapAgacche zrIvijayajineMdrasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM / zrIgohala zrIunaDajIne vAre // sahI // le0 133 bRhaTake derInaM0 42 lekhaH // OM namaH // saMvat 1620 varSe vaizAkhasudi 5 dine gadhAravAstavya-zrIkapolajJAtIya / zAhazrIja(kA)vAviva bhAryA vAI kamAti suta zAha lakhA zAha lAlajI pramukhasvakuTumena yutaH zrIzAMtinAthadevakulikA kArApitA zrItapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU riprasAdAt // // zrI // zrI // le0 134 dAdAyA maMdirottaradvAre lekhaH // saMvat 1940 (?) varSe phAgaNa sudi dosI zAlaga bhAryA bAI ...dosI zrIhaMsa bhAryAbAI...sAku bAI raMgAI dosI vachIA bhAryA bAI amulakade bhAryA bAI khImAdi dosI...bhArjA bAI sarI Adi zrIAdizvaranI cokI ve DAbI bAjunI kArApitaM // zubhaM bhavatu // ___ le0 135 vimalavasahI derInaM0 556/1 zrAvakazrAvike // saMvat 1371 varSe mAhasudi 14 some upakezajJAtIya zA0 khemA....Nama Tha0 kukSIsaMbhavena saMghapati AzAdharAnujena zA0 luNasIMhAgrajena saMdhapati zA0 ghA....putra sA0 sahajapAla zA0 sAhaNapAla zA0 sAmaMta zA0 samarasIMha zA0 sAMgaNa sA0 some putrapotrAdi kuTuMba samudAyopetena nijamU ti // bhA0 vIsala putrI saMgha0 bholImU tiH sahitA / yAvat vomani caMdrAko yAvat meru mahitale mUrtidvayamidaM naMdatAnaMdazoH // zubhamastu / le0 136 vimalavasahI, derInaM0 556/2 lekhaH // zrI // 50 // saMvat 1860 nA varSe mahAsudi 13 dine derAsara karAvyuM che, zrIamadAvAdanA pArekAgre nAnAmANekacaMda (36) Page #254 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH tatputra saubhAgyacaMda ta harakhacaMda ta0 pitAmaha ta0 viracaMda ganAti vizAporavAla gacche vijayaANaMdasUri // saMvata 1861nA phAguNa bada 5 vAra budhe saMpurNa / sA0 galacaMda hIrAcaMda likhitaM pa0 lAlavijayagaNi salATa somapurA gajadhara nathu gaNezaH // taH // salATa cuzyoDA zAMmaji gaurAH / / taH // salAda khANI bhulA mulacaMdaH / / taH / / salATa A rAmaji lAdhAH / taH || salATTa coTakiA khImajI jeThAjIH // zrIH / / ANi te kAma zamapuraNa karu che te jANajoH // zrIH // le0 137 vimalavasahI, derIna0 556 / 3 zrAvakazrAvike // pa0 // saMvat 1371 varSe upakezajJAtIya saMgenA vena bhA0 guNamana tatkukSIsabhbhavena saMghapati zA 0 AMsAdharAnuja zA0 luNasiMhAgraja saMghapatisAdhuzrI desalena putra zA0 sahajapAla zA 0 sAhaNapAla sA0 sAmaMta sA0 samarasiMha zA sAgaNa prabhRti kuTuMba yutena bhAtR luNasiMha mUrti bhAryA lAkhI sahitA kAritA | ciraM naMdatu // le0 138 vi. va. derInaM. 553 lekha: // saMvata 1471 nA vaizAkha sudanI 5 dine vAra caMde rAjanagare zrImAlIjJAtIya zAha zrI 5 mANekacaMda pAnAcaMda tasya bhAryA IndrabAi zrIsiddhagiri - jinaprAsAda - kArApitaM sAgaragacche bhaTTA0 zrIzAMtisAgarasUri rAjye // le0 139 vi. va. derInaM. 579 lekhaH // // namaH zrIsarvavide || svastizriyaM bhaktajanAM ya dadyAdadyApi yadbhaktiratnataH sudhAMzuH / loke tamastApacayaM kSiNoti caMdraprabho aheSa jineMdracaMdraH // 1 // svasti zrIvikramArkasamayAtsaMvat 1788 varSe zAke 1653 pravartamAne mAghasudi 6 zukre sumuhurte zrImattapAgaNadhIza - bhaTTAraka - zrI 5 vijayadayAsuri-sAmrAjye / tadupadezapravRddha - zraddhA bhareNa tat zrAvakena / zrIsU ritibaMdara nivAsinA / zrIzrImAlIjJAtIyavRddhazAkhIya / zAha zrImAnajI bhAryAdIvAlI tat putra / sA / zrIvardhamAna bhAryA ratnabAI // tatputreNa // sA // zrIpremajIkena // pUrpaM caulanagare nivAsAt cekajItikhyAtena // dharmapatnI rupakuMvari prabhRti saparikareNa / svasya svavaMzasya ca / zreyovRdhyarthaM // zrIzatruMjayamahAtIrthazikhare nyAyojitasvavittavyayena // prottuMga - zrRMgaprAsAde zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmi sthApItA // patiSThitAzcAvasarAyAtaiH / zrItapApakSIyabhaTTArakazrIsumatisAgarasUribhiH / sa ca cirasthAyI bhavatAt / tathAdi - yAvannakSatramAlavicarati gagane puSpadaMtau ca yAvat // kute lokaciMtA dadhati ca vasudhA merumukhyA mahIdrAH / yAvat jaineMdradharmA jagati ( 37 ) Page #255 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-dazanam vijayate saMpadAmekahetu / stAvattithaitra bhaktAbhimata sUratarunaMdatAdeSa nAthaH // 1 // " ityAzIrvacanaH / / sArdhastrayasahasrA brahatrupakamAnataH caityetre vyayasaMkhyAyAM pramANamiti nizcitaM // zilpi tulajArAmavanamAlIbhyAM nirmitaM / / li0 ||u0|| zrI 5 zrInAnaratnagaNiziSyeNa // u0|| zrIudayaratnasodareNa / paM0 / iMsaratnagaNineti zreyaH / le0 140 bRhaTTake derInaM0 324 zrAvakazrAvike // saMvata 1430 jyepTa vadi 4 mulA(tulArke maDalI-maMtrI--maMDalIkeNa maMtrIjI nIdajI yugama saM0 punA saM0 virA -suzrAvaka-pramukha kuTuMba yutena DhIlAgAMsAdi parivAra parivRtAbhyAM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIjinodayasU ribhiH / cira naMdatu // le0 141 derIna. 884/34 kha0 va0 pASANabiMba // sUrattANanUradInajahAMgIrasavAivijAyarAjye saM0 1675 vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre osavAlajJAtIya bhaNasAlI zA0 sAtA bhAryA mulI pu0 kamalasI bhAryA kamalAde putra lakharAja bhAryA varabAi putra ratna sA0 saDuAkena bhAryApahutI putrIdevakI pramukhasahitena zrIrAjanagaravAstavyena zrIajitanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThita zrIza@jayoddhArapratiSThiyAM zrIbrahatkharataragacchAdhirAja yugapradhAna-zrIjinasiMhasU ri paTTAlaMkAraka zrIjinarAjasU risU ricakravartibhiH le0 142 kha0 va0 pazcAdbhAge devakulikA // saMvata 1784 varSe margazira vadi 5 budhavAsare // ahammadAvAdavAstavya-osavAlajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM zAha vAghajI putra zAha udecaMda bhAryAdevakuara putra zAha sakalacaMda / hemacaMda / karamacaMda / hIrAcaMda / saMyutena // zrIsImaMdharasvAmibiMba karASitaM pratiSThitaM ca zrIbRhatkharataragacchAdhirAja-zrIakabarasAhIpratibodhakatatpradattayugapradhAnabhaTTAraka-zrIjinacaMdrasU ribhiH........mahopAdhyAya zrIrAjasAgarajI ziSya mahopAdhyAya zrIjJAnadharmajI zipya upAdhyAya zrIdIpacaMdra // paM0 devacaMdra pramukha parivArena. le0 143 kha0 50 50 de0 // saMvata 1675 vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre sUratrANanUradIjahAMgIrasavAivijayArAjye zrIrAjanagaravAstavya-prAgvATjJAtIya-ze0 devarAja bhAryA ruDI, putra zA0 gopAla bhAryA rAju putra rAjA putra saM0 mAA bhAIryA nAku putra saM0 jogI bhAryA jalade putra saM0 zivAkena bhAryA vimalade putra lAlajI bhAryA mAnoM putra goTA pramukha parivAra sahiMtena zrIpAragata-pujAsAdharmika-vAtsalya...kSetravittabIjavapananiratena zrIzAMtinAthavivaM (38) Page #256 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca zrIbRhatkharataragacche dillIpatipAtasAhizrIakavara-pradatta-yugapradhAnavirudadhAraka-zrIjinacaMdrasU ri-paTTotaMsa-varSAvadhijalajaMtujAtarakSaka- zrIakabarazAhicittaraMjaka-svavacanacAturIraMjita-hiMdukakulaM........jahAMgIrasAhipradattayugapradhAnapadadhAraka-jinasiMhamU ripaTTazraMgArazrIaMbikAvarodayakAraka bhaTTArakazrIjinarAjasU ribhiH le0 144 derI naM0 784/34/2 AcAryaH // saMvat 1379(1458) mArga vadi 5 zrIjinezvarasU ri ziSya zrIjinaratnasU rimU tiH zrIjinacaMdrasU riziSyaiH zrIjinakuzalasU ribhiH pratiSThitA kAritA // le0 145 derI na0601 lekhaH, vimalavasahI, samavasaraNaM // saMvata 1878 mAhasudi 6 dine a....saMgharAjye zrImattapAgacche....zrIvijayANaMdasU ripakSe zrI 25 zrIvijayai RdhisUrIrAjye zrIsuratanagaravAstavya-ladhuzAkhAyAM ukezavaze zAha kalyANaMda bhAryA kapuravAI kukSIsarohasena zAhasomacadreNa zrImatstarataragacchIva upAdhyAya dIpacaMdra ziSyarpa 0devacaMdramukhAt zrIvizeSAvazyaka-vRtigata-gaNadharasthApanasamosaraNavidhizravaNAt saMjAtaharSena zrI 105 zrImahAvIrajinacaityasamavasaraNAkArakAritaM svadravyasahasrasaMkhyAvyayena pratiSThitaM saMvimatapApakSIya bha0 zrIjJAnavimalasU ripaTTAlaMkArabha0 zrIsaubhAgyasAgarasU ripaTTAlaMkArazrIsumatisAgarasU rebhiHzrIbhAryAsAkarabAI yutena. le0 146 derInaM0 580 lekhaH // saMvat 1869 nA varakhe phAguNa suda 2 dine vAra guru sA0 miThAcaMda lAdhA tatsutaDuMgarazI bhAryAbAI navala tatputrazA0 nathucaMdajInA nAmane zrIsiddhAcalarjI upara prAsAda karApitaM zrIcaMdraprabhapramukhabiMba pAMca thApitaM zA0 rAmacaMdra tathA bhaniA chaganacaMda karASitaM zrIpATaNavAstavya zrItapAgacche zrIbijayajineMdrasU rirAjaiH pratiSThitaM // lakhitaM paM0 lAlavijaya // le0 147 derInaM0 561 lekhH|| zrIAdinAthAya namaH // svasti zrI saMvata 1814 varSe mAghavadi 5 some // zrIrAjanagaravAstavya / prAgvATajJAtIya / laghuzAstrAyAM / vo zrIsakalacaMdra tatputra vo / dIpacaMda / tatputra vo / lAdhA / tatbhAryA prANakuMara tayoH putra vo / kezarIsaMdhena zrIneminAthasya zikharabaMdhaprAsAdaH kAritaH // pratiSThitaH ca / zrIudayasU riNA // (pATalI varagato lekhaH ). le0 148 derInaM0 330/1 pAdukA, bRhaTTakaH // saMvat 1758 varSe zAke (39) Page #257 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrI zatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam 1623 kArtika sudi dvitIyAyAM budhavAsare zrIrAjanagaravAstavya zA0 somacaMda ratnajI zA0 hIracaMdayorAgrahAt sakalabhaTTArakA vatasaMbhaTTAraka zrI 5 zrIvRddhisAgarasUrizvarapAdukA zrImattapAgacche suzrAvikA rIvA bAI nAgnyA karApitA zreyArtha || zubhaM bhavatu // pratiSThitaM ca lakSmIsAgarasUribhiH le0 149 derInaM0 578/1 amIjarApArzvanAthaH // saMvat 1791 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 puSyArke zrIbRhattapAgacche bhaTTArakazrIvijaikSamAsU ri-paTTAlaMkAra - zrIvijayadayAsU rivijayarAjye zrIosavAlavRddhazAkhAyAM tIDulagotre bhaMDArI zrIdIvAjI putrakhetasiMhajI, putra bha0 zrIudayakaraNajI bhAryAudayavaMtadevi pUtra mahAmaMtrIpadadhAraka - sarvamarusthalagurjara dezAdhipati - zrIgurjara dezamahAamArigheoSaNakArApaka - bhaMDArI giradharadAsa bhaMDArI - ratnasiMhajIkena zrI ciMtAmaNi pArzvanAtha biMbaM kAritaM ca sUvidhinA ciraM naMdatAt AcaMdrArka // zubhaM bhavatu / zrIvijayadayAsU riupadezAt u0 zrIzubhavijyai / le0 150 derInaM0 578 / 2 kAyotsarga: ( vimalavasahI ) || saMvat 1791 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 pupyAMrke tapAgacchabhaTTAraka- zrIvijayadayAsU riupadezAt bhaMDAri udayakaraNa bhAryA mulAde tatputra maM0 giradharadAsa maM0 ratnasiMha kena zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca AcaMdrArkaM / zrIzubhavijayagaNibhiH // le0 151 derInaM0 578 / 3 kAyotsargaH ( vimalavasahI ) || saMvat 1791 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 puNyAke bhaTTAraka -- zrIvijayadayAsU ri- upadezAt bhaMDAri udayakaraNa bhAryA mulAde tatputra bhaMDAri giravaradAsa bhaMDAri ratnasiMhakena zrIpArzvanAtha devaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca AcaMdrArka // zrIzubha vijayagaNibhiH // ( ? ) le0 152 derInaM0 nAsti, vAlAvasahI, AcAryaH // saM0 1342 mAgha sudi 8 zukre zrInAgeMdra gaccha - pUjya - zrIguNasenasrINAM mUrtiH paM0 rAmacaMdreNa svaguruzreyase iyaM mUrtiH kAritA pratiSThitA zrIjiNabhadrasUribhiH / caMdrArka yAvat naMdatu // le0 153 bAlAvasahI, zreSThI mIThAbhAI -gulAlacaMda - maMdiraH, lekhaH // OM // aiM namaH / OM " arhato bhagavaMta indramahitA siddhizva siddhisthitAH / AcAryA jinazAsanonnitikarAH pUjyA upAdhyAyakAH / zrIsiddhAMtasupAThakA munivarA ratnatrayAdhArakAH 1 (40) Page #258 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH paMcaite parameSThInA(SThinaH) pratidinaM kurvatu vo maMgalaM // 1 // sarasazAMtisudhArasasAgaraM / sucita guNaratnamahAgaraM / bhavikapaMkajabodhadivAkaraM pratidinaM praNamAmi jinezvaraM / 2 / svastizrIprAdaliptanagare rAjAdhirAja pratApasiMgarAje / saMvat vikramAt 1916 varSe zAke 1782 pravartamAMne vaizAkha mAse kRSNa pakSe 6 bhRguvAsare / uttarASADhAnakSatrasaMkrAMte meSasUryodayAt ghaDI 1 pala 42 samaye gurjaradeze zrIkapaDavaNaja-nagare vAstavya jJAtinemA vRddhazAkhAyAM / maNiyANAgotre sA hiraji tasya putra gulAbacaMda tasya bhAryA mAnakuMara tatkukhe putraprabhAvaka parikha-mIThAbhAI tasya bhAryA benakuMvara tatputra karamacaMda tasya bhAryA ubhayakulavaMtI bAIjaDAva dvitIyA bAI zIveNa zrIzatrujayatIrthe zrIvAsupUjyaprAsAda- kArApitaM / pUrve dhanavyavakRtaM zrIvimalAcala-giranAracaturvidha -saMdhasahitA yAtrA kArApitaM / saptakSetre dhanavyayakRtaM / ujamaNu-navANuyAtrA-svAmivatvalaprabhAvanA Adi zubhamArge dravyakharacitaM siddhAMtalakhAvitaM gurubhakti-sahitabastrapAtra-zuzruSA vinayakRtaM / zrIAnaMdasU rigacche bhaTTAraka dhanezvarasU ri tasya paTTe vidyAnaMdasU rirAje pratiSThitaM taSAgacche saMvegapakSI paM0 khemavijaya tasya ziSya paM0 jazavijaya tasya ziSya paM0 zubhavijaya tasya ziSya ubhayo paM0 dhIravijaya paM0 vIravijaya tasya ziSyagaNi raMgavijaya pratiSThitaM zubhaM bhavatu // kalyANamastu // zrIH // le0 154 derInaM0 40 parikaraH // saM0 1343 mAghasudi 5 prAgvATa jJAti0 maha ajayapAla suta copaalaade.......|| le0 155 derIna0 196 gautamasvAmI // saMvata 1794 kAtI vadi 7 pAlitANAvAstavya-zrImAlAjJAtIya dosI kaDUA putra do0 bhANI putra dosI lAlA putra vardhamAna yutena kAritaM zrIgautamagaNadharabiMbaM pratiSThitaM ca // le0 156 modITUke mUlanAyakaH, derInaM0 629/1 // saMvata 1843 varSe zAke 1708 pravartamAne mAghamAsa zukalapakSe ekAdazI 11 caMdravAsare / zrIrAjanagaravAstavya -zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya / vRddhazAkhAyAM kAsyapagotre paramAravaMze / modI zrIravajI tasya putra mo| lavajI / bhAryAsuzIlA-ratanabAI / tayoH putra / saM0 premacaMdakena / tapAgacche / zrIAdinAthabiMbaM svazreyase bharApitaM / tapAgacche / tapAgacchAMbaradinamaNi-bhaTTAraka-zrIvijayajineMdrasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // (41) Page #259 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 157 modIdake derInaM0 630/2/1 // saMvata 1860 nA vaizAkha sudi 5 caMdravAre zrIvijayaANaMdasU rigacche zrIsU ritabiMdiravAstavya-zrIusavAlajJAtIya-jhaverIzrIratnacaMdra jhaveracaMda bhAryAhutyAsabAI tasya putragulAbacaMda dutIya bhAryA AdhAra tasya putra lAlacaMda tasya0 jaDAva motIkuvarI devakuvarI / premacaMda ladhubhrAtR malukacaMda-abhecaMdena zrIzrIzrIajAharApArzvanAthajI navinaprasAda navinabiMbaM bharApita zrIvijayadeveMdrasUri rAjye kalyANaM bhavatu // zrItapAgacchabhaTTAraka vijayajineMdrasUri pratiSThitaM // saMvata 1860 va0 vaizAkha sudi 6 dine zrIsU ritaviMdaramadhye zrIvAsupUjyasvAmi navinaprasAda navinabiMba karApitaM sA0 rupacaMdena amIcaMde udyamakAraka zubhaM bhavatu.... .... // le0 158 ne0 co0 derInaM0 448/1 pASANabiMba // saMvata 1675 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre pAtAsAhazrIjahAMgIravijayarAjye osavAlajJAtIya-zrIahamadAvAdanagaravAstavya vya0 bhaNasAlI sonA bhAryAbAImUlI putra bhaNasAlIkamalasI bhAryA bAI kamalAde putra bhaNasAlI lakharAja bhAryAbAI varabAI putrabhaNasAlI saiAdharmasI bAIvarabAI sameta zrIdharmanAthabibaM saparikaraM[Na] kArita pratiSThitaM zrIbRhatkharataragacche zrIjinamANikasU ripraTTAlaMkAra dillIpati paatsaa........|| le0 159 derInaM0 661/33/1 pASANacaturvizatipaTTa, modITUkaH // 1-1-1=2 10 jasA bhAryA kAlho // lUNasI bhA0 cAMpAla pu0 mahipAla jaitalade // bA0 hIrI bA0nibI, bA0 gorI bA0 rahaku, bA0 gavarI bA0 ramI rAmabAI [gayara]........balaha.... bA0 kajaI // bibaM 24 jayINA saM0 1425 vrsse....|| zA bhUNIA sA jIbara bA0 isarI bA0 dodAhI / bA0 sunakhata bA0 payarAde bA0 vIriNi bA saMpaI / bA0 niNi bA0 dhAmiNi bA0 nAiNi bA0 jasamAde / bA0 Isare sA0 devasI sA0 pUnA sA0 mAlhU... / ....bA0 haMsA bA0 lobI... / prAlahI.... // le0 160 zreSThi-hemAbhAI-mUlamaMdiravaragato lekhaH // // zrIgotamanAthayai namaH // zrIahamadAvAda-vAstavya, osavAlajJAtia vRddhazAkhAyAM zIzodiyAvaMze kuMkumolagotre AsApurIgotradevI baraDAkSetrapAla mulautapati rAjA sAmaMta saMgharANo / tatputra kuarapAla AyAraja dharmagoSasU ri 1 patibodhI zrAvakadharmaaMgIkArakayo, tat pUtra paraMparA yAvat sA0 / harapati tatputra sA / vacha / tatputra sA sahasrakiraNa tatpUtra rAjasamAzaMgAra zrIilapatipAtasAha sAha jAMnagAjI (42) Page #260 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH pravarte zrIrAjanagaramadhye zeThabIrudadhAraka / zeTha zAMtidAsa / tat putra zeTha lakhamicaMda tatpUtrazeTha khusAlAcaMda tatbhArayAbAI jamaku tatkukSi pUtraratana zeTha vakhatacaMda bhArayA bAI joitibAI ta0bAI jaDAvabA vRddhabhAryA bAI jAiti pUtra zeTha ichAbhAI tat bhAryAbAI jaberabAI laghu bhArayA jaDAvabAI putra 6 tathA pUtrI 2 tastha nAmAni-zeTha pAnAbhAI tatbhArayA bAI moghI tatkule patra zeTha lalubhAI tathA behena gajarAM // 2 // zeTha motibhAi bhArayA rUprakuara laghubhArayA bAI kevalabAI // 3 // tatpUtra phatebhAi tatbhArayAbAI adhara ta0 kukSe putra bhagubhAi 1 tatputra dalapatabhAi nemacaMda 2 laghubhArayA tatpUtra gokulabhAi trIjIladhubhArayA uIdavahu tatkukSe putra 3, putrI 1, caMdaramala / vADIlAla ta0 / magana // bAIdIvAli zeTha motibhAi laghubhArayA bAI kevala tatkukSe putra 4, gherAbhAI 1, bAlAbhAI 2, maNibhAI 3, mohakamabhAi 4, zeTha anopabhAI bhArayA bIjIvahu putra 3 putrI 4 mAsAbhAI 1, mahAsukhabhAI 2, mohanalAlabhAI 3, bena mahAlakSmI 1, bahena dhIraja 2, bahena caMdana 3, bahena aMbA 4, rAjasabhAzaMgArazeTha hemAbhAi bhArayAbAI kaMkubAI tatkukSe putra 2, putrI 3, zeTha nagInadAsa bhArayA ichAvahu se0 premAbhAi bhArayA pAlakivahu kukSe putra mayAbhAi laghubhArayA ujalIvahu 2, behenarukhamaNI 1, behena parasana 2, behena motikuvara 3 // zeTha surajamalabhAi bhAryA pradhAna vahu kujhe putrI 2 bahena ratana bahena samaratha 2, laghu bhAryA tatkukSe putra 2, caMdulAla 1, cunilAla 2, // zeTha manasukhabhAi bhAryA saradArakuara, tatputra 2 putrI 2 khemacaMdabhAI tathA chaganabhAI behena menA 1, bahena caMpA 2, bahena ujamabahena 1, bahena vijali 2 // iti zeTha vakhatacaMda saparivAra zrIsiddhakSetre dhana vAparyu / zrIrAjanagare jinaprAsAda kArApItaM zrIciMtAmaNi- deharAsara saMvata 1845nI sAlamA karAvyuM // zrIajitanAthajIno pAsAda aMjanazalAkhA saM. 1854 nA mahAvadI 5 daherAni pratiSThA saM. 1855 phAgulasudi 2 zrIajitanAtha sthApItaM te madhye dhAtunAkAusagIyA tathA saMkhezvarapArzvanAtha zeThANI jaDAvavAinA nAmanA padharAvyA saM. 1868nI sAlamadhye zeThaji vakhatacaMdajIe ubhIsoraThano saMgha kAhADyo, zrIsiddhAcalajI ta0 zrIgIranArajI vigere sarve jAtrAkarI 1 zeTha zeThANii zrIsiddhAcalajIni navANu yAtrA karI / saM. 1869nI sAlamadhye zeTha vakhatacaMdajI zrIsiddhAcalajIthI Avine cothu varata ucayu / saM. 1870nA phAguNavada 4 zeThaji devaloka gayA / te pachI saM. 1872nI zAlamAM zrI (53) Page #261 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajaya-girirAja-dazanam zAMtinAthajino prAsAda rAjanagaramAM zeTha ichA bAinA nAmano kraavyo| zrIzAMtinAthabiMba sthAtitaM / saM. 1873nI sAlabhAM se. motibhAI ta. se. hemAbhAI vagere bhAi cha maline saMgha kADhyo / seThANi jaDAvabAIno khuNo mukAvavA zrIsiddhAcalajI AvyA / saM. 1878nI sAlamA zrIrAjanagarathI saMghalai zrIgoDIcAjInI yAtrA sA gulAlacaMda mAnasaMghanA saMghamadhye karII / zrIsaMkhezvarajIno saMgha be vAra kADhyo / zrItAraMgAjino saMgha kADhayo jAtrA karI 7 / saM. 1880 sAlamadhye sarave bhAio saMghalei zrIsiddhAcalajI AvyA 8 / seThANi jaDAvabAI I dharamakaraNi karI tenI vigata / ujamaNAM 3 pAMcamanA, karoDa padanokAra tenA karoDa cokhAno sAthIyo purayo, pistAlisa Agamanu vRddha ujamaNu / navapada vrata ujamaNu aSTotari snAtra pAMcavAra bhaNAvi / saM. 1882nA vaIsAkhasudi10 zrIsiddhakSetre devaloka gayA / saM. 1883nA phAguNa mAse zukalapakSe tithau 4 / se vakhatacaMda bhAryA jaDAvabAI putra udecaMdra / se / motibhAI ta / se / anopabhAI ta0 rAjasabhAzRMgAra se / hemAbhAI ta / sa / sUrajamalabhAI ta / se / manasukhabhAI ta. vRddhabhrAtri / se / pAnAbhAI putra lalUbhAI sAraparivArasahitena zrIzaje tiratha jAtrAvidhAna saMprApta zrIsaMpatitilaka navIna jInabhuvanapratiSThA sAdharamIkavachalAdi-dharamakSetrasapta-svavItatyAga-zrIvimalAcalaupari-saprakAramulauddhArazAravIhAra -zaMgArahArazrIajitanAtha-biMbaM sthApItaM parIkarabiMbaM gabhArAmadhye pAsANanI ta. dhAtunI ekalamULa pratimA 3 paMcatithi 3 siddhacakka 6 OMkAraha~kAra, joDAH pratamAH, seThaseThANInI murati 2 sarabe maline pratimAsanamukha zrIajitanAtha gaNadharasIMhasenabiMbaM sthApItaM / parikara 20, covIsmavaTo 1, prAsAda 1, se hemAbhAI caturmukha biMba sthApItaM / bhA / naginadAsanI deherImA pratimA 3 se IchAbhAInI deherImA pra06, ujamabenanI derImA pra0 8, se surajamalani deherImAM pra06, se manasukhabhAInI derImA pra03, se motibhAInI deharImA pra04, se. anopabhAInI derImAM pra03, benaphulIni derImA pra02, bAiujalini derImAM pra06, saradArakuaranI derImA pra03, bena pAravatini derImA pra04, bhagubhAIni derImA pra04, kaMkubAI derImAM pra04, se hemAbhAInI derImAM pra03 se surajamalani derImAM pra06, mAmAlakhamIcaMdanI derImA pra01, te sIvAi bIjA AsAmini derI 3 che. temadhye pratImA 91 ne / caumukha 1 / saM. 1883 sIAnisAla madhye zrIrAjanagarathI saMghalei zrIsiddhAcalI aavyaa| te saMghamA 25 hajAra mANasa siddhagirI upara ekaThA malyA / saM. 1889nI sAla madhye sarve bhAIo saMgha lei chaharI (44) Page #262 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH pAlatA zrIgIrIrAjane bheTavA |10|sN. 1893nI sAla madhye rAjanagarathI saMghakADhi saravebhAI siddhAcalajI AvyA saMghanI gA0 500 / tIhAMthI mummaithI se. khImacaMda moticaMda sarave dezakaMkotarI lakhI saMgha teDAvyA. savAlAkha mANasano saMgha ekaThA malyo pache aMjanazalAkhA kArI (karI) takhathe navA jinabiMba padharAvyA / te saravebhAI malI pASANanA ta / dhAtunA jinabiMba 700 bharAvi tenI aMjanazalAkhA karAvi, heThaLa mAMDavo saNagArI sarvabhAIoe ujamaNu karyu / saM. 1893nI sAlamAM bhAIjaNasarave dhulevA riSabhadevajInI jAtrA karI che / 1897nI sAlamadhye siddhAcalajIno saMgha kADhayo / zrInaMdIzvaradvIpanI pratiSThA karIu comukha pdhraavyaa| zrIajitanAthajInI TUka thaki puravadise sanamukha navI TUka naMdIsara dvIpanI baMdhAvI / mahAdasu 6 naMdisaradvIpa pratiSThA / te madhye 1 moTo te madhye meru 1, 4 aMjanagIrI, 16 vAva, te madhye 16 dadhImukha, 32 ratikara parvata, e rete 52 comukha deharInA 52 / eka meruno comukha saravamali 53 comukha / sArasvata jina-tehanAM nAma riSabhAnana 1, caMdrAnana 2, vAriSeNa 3, vardhamAna 4, e cAra sAsvatA pratyeka 2 / nAma sarve mali biMba 212, te TUka madhye deharu 1 se0 anopabhAInu te madhye 12 ta / deharu 1 bahena prasanana temAM pra08 / ta / puravadise deharA 2 thanAra che / ta / oraDI madhye pra 12 paruNA beThA che, te zatrujayatIrathaTaMka 2 / ta / prAsAda karAvyA ta / taleTI madhye puravadIse maMDapa kArita / ta / pAlitANA gAma madhye dharmazALA 1 se0 / vakhatacaMdajI haste / ta / haveli 1 navi baMdhAvi, ta / dharamazAlA 1 se| surajamalabhAIe baMdhAvI ta / dharamazAlA 1 se lalubhAIe baMdhAvi ta / dharamazAlA 1 ujamabAIe badhAvI / zrIrAjanagare zrImahAvIrasvAmIna daheru navo samarAvyo / saM. 1897nA zrAvaNasudi 10 vAkhudhe prati-ThA karAvi zrIcakrezvarIno karAvyo / popadhazAlA 1 karAvI / saheramA potAne sarva dehare gareNA / ta / trAMba kuMDiyo vagere naMga nava nava mukayAM / zrIcitAmaNajIne deheru / se / surajamalabhAIe samarAvyuM / saM. 1891nI sAlamAM / Adizvara bhagavAnano bhuyarA Dapara deharu se / lalubhAIe samarAvyu mahAvada 2 pratiSThA karI prabhujI takhava besADyAH / zrIajitanAdajinA deharAmAM zrIsuvidhInAtha kesarIAji / se / hemAbhAInA nAmanA padharAvyA ta deharI bIjI pharati navi karAvi temAM sarave bhAIo bhatrIjA ta / vahuronA nAmani pra0 / besArI pratiSThA karI. zrImahAvIrasvAmInu deharu aganinA upadravathI saM. 1903nI sAlamAM bali gayuM te deharu pharithI (45) Page #263 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam navu pASANanuM karAvyu / tehanI pratiSThA karAvi mahAsuda terasa guruvAre prabhuji takhate besArayA / saM / 1948nA mAha zu. 10 / sAhamu deharu 1 ujamabAIe navu karAvi comukhaji besArayA / rAjasabhAzaMgAha zeTha hemAbhAI tataputra premAbhAI sAhavijayarAjye sAhaparivArayutena saMgha 2 kADhA tehani vigata saM. 1905nI kAtivada 12 zrIrAjanagarathI saMgha kADhayo / charIpALato ekAsaNAnI tapasyA karatA zrIsiddhAcalajinI jAtrA kari / tArapachI saM. 1908nA mAgasara sudi 3 zrIrAjanagarathI paMcatIrthino saMdhakADhI zrItAraMgAjI ta / kuMbhArIyA / zrIAbujI tathA rANakapurajI vigere sarave tirathani jAtrAkari erite vAra vAra saMgha kADhI erite tiratha jAtrA tathA jinaprAsAda sAmivachalAdi dharama karaNi kari // zrIsAgaragaccheH bhaTTAraka zrIzrIzrI108bha / zrIrAjasAgarasUrI / tat paTTe bha / zrIvRddhisAgarasUri / tatpaSTe bhaTTArakazrIlakSmIsAgarasU ri tatpaTTe bha / zrIkalyANasAgarasUrI / tat / paTTe bha / zrIpunyasAgarasUrI / tat paTTe bha / zrIudayasAgarasUrI / tat paTTe bha / zrIANadasAgarasUrI / tat paTTe bha / zrIzrIzrI bha / 108 / bha / zrIzAMtisAgarasUrIrAjye // la // gorajIyaM / motisAgaraji / vinayasatkena / salATa miyAM muhamada sAmadabhAI dasakata korayA che // le0 161 hemAvasahI malamaMdire asavye pASANabiMba // saMvat 1682 varSe jyeSTa sudi 9 gurau ahimmadAvAdavAstavya-vRddhazAkhIya-usavAlajJAtIya sA. sahastrakiraNa bhAryA bAIkuarabAI sobhAgade putreNa suta sA. panajIpramukha kuMTabayutena zrI // 5 // zrI.... ....viNbN....kaaritN............| le0 162 he0 mU0 a00 pA0 vi // saMvat 1682 varSe jyeSTa vadi 9 gurau ahimmadAvAdavAstavva-vRddhazAkhIya-usavAlajJAtIya sA0 sahastrakiraNa bhAryA.......... zrIzAMtIdAsena......karitaM pratiSThitaM........ le0 163 he0 mU0 savye pASANabiMba // saMvat 1682 varSe jyeSTa vadi 9 gurau ahimmadAvAdavAstavya-vRddhazAkhAyAM-usavAlajJAtIya sA0 sahasrakiraNa bhAryAbAIkuari bAI Page #264 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH sobhAgade putreNa suta sA panajI pramukha kuTuMba yutena........zAMtidAsa nAmanA zrIsthaMbhaNapArzvanAtha biMba kAritaM prtisstthitN.........shissy....| le0 164 zreSThi-motIzA-mUlamaMdire mUlanAyakalekhaH // saMvat 1893 prativarSe zAke 1758 pravartamAne mAsottamamAghamAse sukala pakSe 10 dazamyAM budhavAsare zrIpAdaliptanagare gohilavaMze zrIpratApasiMghajI vijayirAjye / zrImaMbaIbidaravAstavya-usavAlajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM nAhaTA gotre / seTha amIcaMdaji bhAryA / rUpAbAI tatputra se0 moticaMdaji bhAryA dIvAlIvAI tatkukSisamudbhUtaputraratna zrIzatrujayatIrthayAtrAvidhAnasaMprAptazrIsaMghapatitilaka navinajinabhavana biMbaM pratiSThA sAdharmikavAtsalyAdi svavittasaphalIkRta si0 (saM)ghanAyaka / khemarAjajI parivArayutena zrIsiddhAcalopari zrIAdinAthavirba kAritaM // kharatarapippalIyAgacche zrIjinadevasU ripaTTe zrIjinacaMdrasU ribidyamAne saparivArayute // pratiSThitaM ca bRhatkharataragacche / jaM / yu / bha0 / zrIjinaharSasU ripaTTaprabhAkara bha0 / zrIjinamahendrasU ribhiH // le0 165 chIpAvasahI-mUlanAyakaH // saMvat 1791 varSe vezAkha sudi 7 vidhipakSe vidyAsAgarasU rirAjye sUratanagaravAstavya zeThagoviMdajI putra goDIdAsa bhrAtA jIvanadAsa kAritaM AdinAtha biMbaM pratiSThitaM kharatagacche upAdhyAyadIpacaMdragaNipaTTe devacaMdragaNinA // le0 166 chIpAvasahI, yakSapratimA // saMvat 1675 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 zukre bhaNasAlI kavaDayakSamurti kAritA pratiSThitA // zrIjinarAjasU ribhiH / / le0 167 ajitanAthaparikaraH // saM. 1330 rANakavasi........sApAbRhena... ....kaari......|| le0 168 zAMtinAthamaMdire, pratimA // saMvat 1788 varSe mAgha sudi 6 zukra pATaNanAgara vAstavya saMdhavi....kuMthanAtha biMba pratiSThitaM / zrIsumatisAgarasU ribhiH // le0 169 ujamabAITuMke savvetare maMdire mlnaaykH|| saMvata 1893nA zAke 1658 pra / mAgha mAse zukalapakSe 10 dazamitithau budhavAsare zrIamadAvAda- vAstavya-usavAlajJAtiya-vRddhazAkhAyAM zeTha zAMtidAsa tatputra / se| lakSamIcaMda / tatputra se / khusAlAcaMda / tatputra se / vakhatacaMda tatbhAryA jaDAva bAI nAmanA tat punyArtha zrImahAvIrasvAmibiMbaM seTha hemAbhAI......tA seTha manasukhabhAI bahena ujamabAI pramukha kuTuMba yutena svamAtR (47) Page #265 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam bhaktyartha kAritaM pratiSThAyAM pratiSThApitaM zrIsAgaragacche bha0 zrI udy....| le0 170 derInaM0 364 zAMtinAthamaMdire malanAyakaH // svasti-zrImannRpativikramArka-samayAtIta-saMvati 1860 varSe zAlivAhanakRtazAke 1726 pravartamAne vaizAkhamAse zukalapakSe 5 somavAsare zrImadahatparamezvaraparamadharmasamAsedhita-prAptapuNyaprakarSa / puraNakAlapAtasAhi-phiraMgajAtisanmAnita-sadAjJaH / zrIdamaNavaMdira-vAstavya // mahebhyaH zrImAlajJAtIyavRddhazAkhAyAM / sA / rAyakaraNa / tataputraH / sA / hIrAcaMda tasya bhAryA / bahena kuMarabAI / tayoH putraH / zrIjinarAjabhaktirasika / sA / harakhacaMdakena / zrIzAMtinAthajinaviMbaM kArApirta // zrImattapAgacchadhirAjasakalasU ri-siromaNi bha0 / zrIvijayajinendrasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // le0 173, 1452 gaNadharapAdukAH, kharataravasahI / / 1 / jahAMgIranUradInapradattayugapradhAnapadadhArakazrI // 2 // jinasiMhasU ripaTTe pUrvAcalasahasrakarAvatAra-bohittha // 3 // vaMzazrRMgArapratiSThita-zrIzatrujayASTamodhArasaMprApta // 4 // jagadaMbikAvaraprasArasamadhigatamaNiparyaMtatarkaprakAra // 5 // bhAgyasobhAgya mA....dhAra bi0 dharmasI dhAraladevi kumAravAvita dhaMdhAlIpura pravya // 6 // jita jIrNaprati....gamali pi vi ze kha vicAra sakalabhaTTArake / sajae? dAraprakAra shrii||7|| mat zrI 18 zrIjinarAjasurisU rirAjyaiH / AcArya zrIjinasAgarasU ri......pAdhyAya // 8 // vya....AcAryazipyAzipyasaMsevita-caraNasarojaiH // idaM bhavyajanaiH prayujyamAna // 9 // sevyamAnaM ciraMtana...tAdoSAsomau putrAstririyaM zrIkSemazAkhAmukhya-zrIzivasuMdaropAdhyAya-ziSyANuziSya-paM0 hemasomagaNiziSya-vAcanAcAryazrIjJAnanadi vineyalikhitASTamoddhAra-pratiSTApratiSThita pratimAbhidhAnabhuvanakIrti sa paM0 lAvaNyakIrtinA lilikhe mukhAya // 10 // uttaradizA sthita zrIdharmanAthAdijinadazakagaNavarANAM dvAcatvAridazagradvizata0 242 mitAnAM pAduke / samavAyAMga triSaSThizAlAkA caritrAnusAreNa sarvajinAdyagaNadharAbhidhAnaM likhitamasti samasta svasti....nidAna zreyostu caturvidhazrIsaMghasya zrI // 11 // saMvardhanakrameNa zileyaM tRtIyA // 3 // / 1 / saM. 1682 jyeSTha vadi 10 zukre zrIjarula...........Nalika gotrIya sA0 zrImalabhAryA copalade putraratna zuzrAvakakaraNI / 2 / apramattaM saM0 dhAharu nAmyAbhAryA kanakAde ..........cAzadadhikacaturdazazata 1452 mita dhaNadhara pAdukA dhyAna / 3 / manna pUrva zilA ....bacu....pravardhamAnapuNya zreye kAritaM........zrIjinarAjasU risU rirAjaiH / pazcima dizA // 3 // kAsthita pArzvajinAdinI........saMvadhAtaM krameNa zilA (48) Page #266 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH / 1 / saM0 1682 mite jeSTa vadi 10 zukra zrImadupakezavaMzIya-zrIjesalameruvAstavya bhA....zAli....sA pUnasI bhAryA.... pupra ratnazrImallabhAryA dhAdhalade putra pavitra dharma / 2 / tAnagha saMghavi vidhipUrvaka pratiSThApaka lekhitAgamabhANDAgAra-vihita-sAdharmikavAtsalya saMbhAraparyA ....rUpabhaTTAraka yu0 zrIjinarAjasU ri............dazrIzatrujaya / 3 / tIrtha........sattavAcaturvizati jinezvaravaradvipaMcAzadana caturdazazata gaNadhara pAdukAlaMkRtya bhUtapUrva zilAcatupka........ ramu....kAri saMnyavezi |1|.......krnnpraaynn zrIlodravApattana pravarajIrNoddhAravihArazaMgAraka-zrIdinamaNinAmadhadhavA-geghamahAmahotsavarUpIrUpakanakamudra / smrpnn-skkaari....|2|...y saMghapatipadatilakAlaMkArasuzrAvakakartavyadhArINa saM. dhAharU nAmnA bhAryA nakAde putra hararAja bhA0 hajA...dvitIyaputra megharAja sutena zrImada lA0 1. pUrvadizavarti mArudevAjinajina lA0 2. so0 puMDarIka siMhasena prabhUtaga lA0 3. NadharaH 179 teSAbhibhAH pAdukAH lA0 1. prAgvATavaMzIva saM0 somarjI suta maMdhAdhiparUpa lA0 2. rUpajI kAritASTamodhAra-saprAkAra-caturdAra vilA0 3. hAre pratiSThitaM ca zrImanmahAvIradevAdhidevAlA0 4. vichinna-paraMparAyAta-zrIkoTikagaNagaganAMgaNadinamaNicAMdrakulAvacU (bU )lA cuDAmaNi vanIzAkhAnusaraNi zrImadudyottanasU ri sU ri sU ribhu--dhaka zrIvardha mAnasU ri-| lA0 5. ....samamuchedaka-kharataravirudaprAvaka-zrIjinezvarasU ri-zrIjina caMdrasU ri-navAMgI vRtikAraka-zrIstaMbhanakAdhIzapArzvanAthAti....zrImadabhayadevasU riptttt....| lA0 6. paTTAyAta-zrIjinabhadrasU risaMtAnIya-pratibodhitadillIpati-jalAladIna sAhIzrImadakavarapradattayugapradhAna-padadhAraka pNcnh....shaadhk....paatthiiyaamaaripr....| (49) Page #267 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam lA0 7. takabRhatkharataragacchAdhIzvara-yugapradhAna-zrIjinacaMdrasUri varSAvadhi.......tIrthA ....rNA....vagatajaMtujAtA-kavita kura---vArAdidezAm / le0 173 derInaM0 51/1 paMcatIrthI, bRhataTakaH // saMvat 1565 varSe ma0 va 9 dine dadhAliAvAsiprA0jJA0 sAjazA bhA0 dumApu0 sA0 jainAkena bhA0 gorI (pu0) vRddha bhrAtR sA0 somA bhA0 solhAsuta gAharAja bhIlAvAdAhAsAhi ku0 yutena ladhu bhrA0 hAlA zreyortha zrIdharmanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 gacchanAyaka-zrIhemavimalasU ribhiH // - le0 174 derIna0 51/2 paMcatIrthI, bRhaTUkaH // saMvata 1525 varSe phAguNa suda 7 zrImUlasaMghe sarasvatIgacche balAkAragaNe zrIkuMdakuMdAcAryAnvaye bha0 zrIpadmanaMdideva / tatpaTTe bha0 zrIsakalakitideva tatpaTTe bha0 zrIvimalendrakirti guru upadezAt zrIzAMtinAtha huMbaDajJAtIya sA0 nADu bhAryA kamalu su0 sA0 kAnhA bhA0 rAmati su0 lakharAja bhA0 ajI bhrA0 jesaMga bhA0 jasamAde bhrA0 gopAla bhA0 padamAyI su0 zrI0 rAjasavIra nityaM praNamaMti // le0 175 derInaM0 60 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1529 varSe vai0 va0 4 zukra ukeza va0 nA0 lAbhA0 dhAku su0 va0 lAkhadeva bhA0 bharamAde pramukhakuTubayutena kArita zrImunisuvratabiMbaM pra0 tapA zrIhemasamudrasU ribhiH // cArupagrAme // le0 176 derInaM0 63 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1475 vaizAkha suda 10 sAme zrImAla......mAdi-zreyase suta-zrIpArzvanAthabivaM kAritaM // pra0 zrIbhAvacaMdrasUrINAmupadezAt // le0 177 derInaM0 93/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1539 varSe vaizAkha sudi 6 zukre....zrIzrImAlI jJAtIya vya0 sa rA bhA0....jya su0 jIvA....bhA0 mAI pu0 rukhI.... ainurAju pu0 pra0 khImAkena bhA0 khImAde putra0 rAyama bhAryA karmAdi sahitena svazreyotha zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM / zrIpUrNimApakSe zrIvinayatilakasU ripaTTe zrIsobhAgatilakasUrINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM // pattanavAstavya // le0 178 derInaM. 93/2 paMcatIthI // saMvata 1513 varSe mAhA suda 10 gurau zrIzrImAla jJA0 zre0 meghA bhA0 ratnAde suta tejAkena bhA0 sArU yutena svazreyase zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kA. pUrNImApakSe zrIjayacaMdrasUriMgarUpadezena pratiSThitaM ca vidhinA // (50) Page #268 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 179 derInaM0 97 paMcatIrthI / saMvata 1506 varSe caitra vadi 4 budhe zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 devAbhAryAsu hi tayoH putrA dhAgA, bhojA, joga, rAjA, khetAkena svapitRmAtRbhrAtR zreyortha zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIAgamagacche zrI zrIzIlaratnasU ribhiH / sIrakhIjavAstavyaH // le0 180 derInaM0 197 biMbaM / / saMvata 1610 varSe phAgaNa vadi 6 zukre rAjAdhirAja - zrInAbhirAjA - mAtA zrImarudevyA tatputra zrIAdinAthasya viMbaM khAMdhalA vAstavyena kAritaM karmakSayArthaM zreyortha // le0 981 derInaM0 101 / 1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1508 varSe vaizAkha su0 3 prAgvATjJAtIya saM0 nAku bhAryA nayaNasiri sutajuMdukena bhAryA camaku suta haMsarAja bhaginI suMdAI pramukha kuTuMba yutena svazreyortha zrIdharmanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 tathA zrIratnazekharasUribhiH / le0 182 derInaM0 202 / 1 paMcatIrthI | saMvata 1538 varSe jyeSThazuklapakSe dazamItithau zukre zrImAlIjJAtIya - cahacaiyAgotre mA0 davA bhA0 dIla putra surA bhA0 maMdoyarI pu0 devaNa bAbhA bhAthA rUyu / Te / kAjirarAja bAlAkena svapuSyArthaM zrIzAMtinAthabiMba kA0 pra0 zrIbahad gaccherA zrImANika suMdarasU ribhiH le0 183 derIna. 228 / 1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1511 varSe ASADha suda 6 zukre vADaItavA - bhAvasAra bhUlU bhAryA dhanI suta gopAlena pra0 bhA0 cApU suta hemA bhA0 sakhu sahita AdikuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrImunisuvratanAthAdi paMcatIrthI Agamagacche zrIdevaratna - sUriNA mupadezena kAritA pratiSThitA ca // le0 184 naM0 228 / 2 paMcatIrthI | saMvata 1523 varSe mArga sudi 2 some upakezajJAtIya - ThAyagotre sA0 bhuNA bhA0 kusalI pu0 sA0 hema bhA0 salakhu pu0 hAsAnAnA sahitena svazreyase zrIajitanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM acalagacche bha0 zrIjaya kesarasUribhiH / / siNosAsthAne || le0 185 derInaM0 330 / 1 caturviMzatikA || saMvata 1532 varSe vaizAkha su0 5 zanau zrIusavaMzajJAtIya - kAMvalIyAzAkhAyAM sA0 sAmala bhA0 suhaSade su0 kAnhA - kelhA (51) Page #269 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajaya-girirAja-darzanam kulhA bhA0 varaju su0 samarasIMha kulhA bhA0 mAhI su0 sIdhara savIra vamAsahitena Atmazreyase svapUrvajanamitaM zrInaminAtha biMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIcaitragacche dhAraNapadrIya bha0 zrIlakSmIdevasU ripaTTe zrIsomadevasU ribhiH // lAlIANA // le0 186 derInaM0 240/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1308 jyeSTa su0 12.... dAsa nAharade....zrImunicaMdrasU ribhiH // le0 187 derInaM0 240/2 caturviMzatikA // saM0 1308 varSe mAgha su0 9 rakhau....pora vArA (tvAya)nA AzA0 bhAryA0 ........ / le0 188 derInaM0 252/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1509 varSe phAguNa sudi 2 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya....putra so0 sivadAsena bhA0 maragAI yutena zrIkuMthunAbiMba kAritaM zrIaMcalagacche zrIsiddhAMtasAgarasU riNAmupadezena pratiSThitaM zrIsaMdhena shriimNddpmhaadurge|| zubhaM bhavatu // le0 189 derInaM0 252/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1590 varSe vaizAkha su0 6 ravau ajJeha zrImadaNahallapurapattane zrImoDhajJAtIyA ThA0 ratnAsuta ThA0 haMsarAjakena bhrAtR bA0 lakhamAI bhAryA dhannI bhrAtR jaguNiAdiyutena svabhaginI maMgAI puNyArtha zrIzAMtivibaM kAritaM / pratiSThitaM zrItapAgacche zrIANaMdavimalasU ribhiH // zrIrastu // le0 190 derInaM0 259 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1509 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 dine zrImAlijJAte dhekarIyAgotre sA0 rAmA putra sA0 rAjAkena putrakhetA vIlhA kalhA yutena bRhatputra chaDA puNyArtha zrIsuvidhinAthabiMbaM kAritaM prati0 zrIjinabhadrasU ribhiH khataragacche. le0 191 derIna0 266/1 caturviMzatikA // saMvat 1564 varSe jyeSTha sudi 2 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya vya0 vapUnA bhAryA jachu suta vyava hAbA bhA0 maragAdi suta vyava. khetAkena bhA0 hAsa suta thAvada pramukha kuTubasahitena pitR-mAtR-zreyase zrIkuMthunAthacaturvizatipaTTa zrIpUrNimApakSe zrIguNadhIrasU ripaTTe zrIsaubhAgyaratnasUrINAmupadezena kArita vidhinA pratiSThitaM ca / saphanAme // zrIrastu // le0 192 derInaM0 266/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 14...varSe mAhasuri 11 zani upakezavaMze gAdariAgotre se0 Ajala bhAryA AlhaNade mimittaM se0 sAMgA se0 sAjaNabhyAM (52) Page #270 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH mAtRnimittaM zrIpArzvanAthavi kA0 pra0 kharataragacche zrIjinarAjasU ripaTTe zrIjinava...sU ribhiH / le0 193 derInaM0 266/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1533 varSe mAgha vadi 10 zukre ukezakagotre sA0 rAmA bhAryA hasIrade putra sA0 sAtAkena bhAryA gehI suta0 khara... takAnula bhA hemA su0 purI-pramukha-kuTubayutena zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 kharataragacche zrIjinaharSasuribhiH // bAhaDIgrAme // le0 194 derInaM0 268/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1515 varSe jyeSTha sudi 5 sobhe zrIzrImAlajJAtIya-gAMdhI pAsA bhA0 mAMjU su0 sadAkena bhA0 mAMjI karamAI pu0 jiNadAsa zreyase zrIkuMthunAthabiMba kAritaM / pUrNimA pakSe mImapallIya bha0 zrIjayacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM // le0 195 derInaM0 298/1 paMcatIrthI ||........shriishreyaaNsnaathvi kArApitaM pratiSThitaM zrIdharmadhoSagacche zrIpAsamU tisU ripaTTe zrIkSamAratnasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // le. 196 derInaM0298/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1524 varSe vai0 sudi 3 some rAjapuravAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 vaNasI bhA0 nAI suta a(ra)rAjA bhrAtR zre0 dhudhasa0 bhA0 nAnyA su0 2 zre0 vIrapAla bhA0 vIrAde zre0 kusapAla bhA0 kuri mu0 mAlAdiyutayA svazreyase zrIkuMthunAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM bRhattapApakSe bhaTTArakazrIjJAnasAgarasU ribhiH // le0 197 derInaM0 298/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1513 je0 su0 3 u0 jJA0 sA0 dhanA bhAryA phAlI putra sA0 yAtAkena bhAryA kahurI putra jagapAla-jinadattAdikuTuMbayutena pitRvya sA0 dhirapAlazreyase zrIzAMtinAthabiMba kA0 pratiSThitaM tapAgacchanAyakazrIzrIzrIratnazekharasU ribhiH / le0 198 derInaM0 330/1 paMcatIrthI / / saMvat 1546 varSe posavadi 5 some zrIzrIvaMse sugaMdhI vaMcAyaNa bhAryA mulI suzrAvikAyA putra su0 maMDalika pramukhaparivAra-sahitayA svazreyase zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM piSphalagacche zrIpadamAnaMdasU ribhiH // zrIahamadAvAda nagare / le0 199 derInaM0 330/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1516 varSe vaizAkha vadi 4 (53) Page #271 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam gurau nAharagotre sA0 ghenaDa bhAryA dhanUzrI putra sA0 padAkena AtmapuNyArtha bhA0 padamazrI putra sA0 balhA, hari, caMda, pIsA, devAsahitena zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIdharmmaghoSagacche zrIzrIpadmazekharasUripaTTe bha0 zrIpadmAnaMdasUribhiH // le0 200 derInaM0 303 / 2 siddhacakraM / / saM0 1552 varSe mArga zrImulasaMghe bha0 zrIzubha caMdragurUpadezAt, DisAgAbhAmmahau tA su A.... bhA0 praNamati // le0 201 derIna0 348 / 1 paMcatIrthI // -- mAMDAlAgayatAbhyAM pitR-mAtRpuNyArtha zrISadmaprabhavibaM kAritaM pra0 bRhat gacche zrIratnAkarasU ripaTTe kanakaprabhasUribhiH le0 202 derInaM0 348/2 paMcatIrthI | saM0 155 varSe ve0 usavaMze mAlhAgotre sA0 pAsU bhAryA pAsalade putra sA0 ratnApAla bhra0 mohAga ThAkara svazreyase zrIsaMbhavanAthavi kAritaM pratiSThitaM / vadi 14 a.... nitya le0 203 derInaM0 348 / 3 paMcatIrthI || saM0 1432 vaizAkha vadi 5 gurau zrIkASTAsaMdhe huMbaDajJA0 ko0 mImA bhAryA lIlasuta revatAkena pitroH zreyase zrIpArzvanAtha biMba kAritaM zrImalakirti // le0 204 derInaM0 348 / 4 paMcatIrthI | saM0 1425 - - -- siri putra mAlA - kena goyamalA -- -- bivaM kA0 pra0 bahArAnya zrIvijayasenasU ripaTTe zrIratnAkarasUribhiH le0 205 derInaM0 348/5 paMcatIrthI | saMvata 1512 varSe phA0 su0 13 prAgavATajJAtIya mAmapa lolA bhAryA melAde suta valamena bhAryA kammiNi suta lIlAdi kuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 tapAgacche zrIratnazekharasU ripaTTe zrI.... / le0 206 derIna0 359 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1512 varSe mAgha su0 pa u0 sojItrA vA0 zre cAMgA bhAryA putra zre0 lADalona bhA0 lIlAde putra vIrapAla kurapAla hAsI bhrAtR DuMgarAdiyutena svazreyase zrIzAMtibiMvaM kA0 pra0 tapA zrIsomasuMdarasU ri-ziSyazrIratnazekharasUribhiH // (54) Page #272 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrI zatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 207 derInaM0 421 / 1 dhAtupratimA // saMva 1533 va0 vaizAsvavadisome zrIsaMDaragaLe DapatahIyAgotre dhayarAja bhA0 cIkalara putra lAkhA bhA0 Darbaku pu0 cAMdA rUpA cAMdA bhA0 patapu kuhA, rUpA, bhA0 vInAsa zreyase AtmapuNyA.... zrIdharmanAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIsAli ribhiH le0 208 derInaM0 421/2 pacatIrthI | saM0 1432 varSe phAguNa sudi 3 zukre Aga--- -- palade su.... - mAtR-pitR zreyortha zrIAdinAthapaMcatIrthI kAritA zrIsUribhiH pratiSThitA // le0 209 derInaM 421 / 3 paMcatIrthI // svasti saMvata 1485 varSe caitra vadi 8 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zreSTi ghaDalA bhAryA sAu tayoH suta zreSTi khetasiMhena bhAryA... mi zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmibiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsuvihitasUribhiH // le0 210 derInaM0 421/4 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1543 varSe vaizAkha vada 10 zukre zrItuMbaDajJAtIya saM0 hIrA bhA0 rituM tatsuta saM0 bhAdAsa / mulA bhA0 hAsI tatputrAH saM0 sadA saM0 sADA saM0 sadA bhA0 saM0 lapAI saM0 phAI saM0 sADA sADA bhAryA, saM0 purI tena svamAtRpitRzvasara zreyortha zrIsaMbhavanAthabiMbaM kAritaM prati0 zrIbRhattapApakSe bha0 zrIdharmaratnasU ribhiH / zrIgaMdhAravAstavya / le0 211 derInaM0 465 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1466 varSe vai0 suda 11 zanau --- khiricAMde pu0 sAgara bhA0. . rahe Atmazre0 zrIzrImAla jJA0 vya0 sAsala bhA0--- zrI AdinAtha kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIudayasAgarasUribhiH le0 212 derInaM0 601 samavasaraNaM // saM0 1393 varSe jeSTha zudi 9 zukre vAya jJAtIya Tha0 depAla Tha0 gaDAlika - bholAni0 Tha0 ThAlAkena zrIAdinAtha kAritaM pra0 zrIrAzilasu ribhiH le0 213 derInaM 421 / 5 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1516 varSe phA0 su0 15 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 paMcAyaNa bhA0 mAku suta sA0 sAyarunAmnA bhAryA suhavade pramukha kuTuMbayutena zrIsumatinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvRddhatapApakSe zrIratnasiMhasU ribhiH (55) Page #273 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 214 derIna0 477/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1526 varSe ve0 su0 5 prAgavATa vya0 sahi bhAryA pUrI pUtra vya0 mahIpAkena bhA0 bhAlI putra vya0 jahasI tolA pAvA lADAdikuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIsumativibaM kA0 pra0 tapAzrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH / zrIbalIAga / le0 215 derI 477/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1628 varSe zAke 1584 pra0 vaizAkha sudi 11 vuDhIruphAtakSetre uzavaMze TahasallA ta pu0 rAma su0 vu0 zrIvata bhA0 sarIyAde su0 vAghA mAsA mulA mama suvarada bena zrIAdinarathaviMbaM zreyortha koritaM pratika zrIbhaTTAra--vijayasU ribhiH / zrItapA / le0 216 derInaM0 477/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1503 varSe jeSTha sudi 11 zukravAre usavAlajAti lAMkhulAgotre sA0 khimadhara bhA0 sotI pu0 sA0 vIlhakena Atma zreyase zrIvimalanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 zrIdharmaghoSagacche zrI vijaya--sU ribhiH // le0 217 derInaM0 477/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1510 varSe vai0 su0 2 bu0 mAdhavakena svapitRvya sA0 khImA zreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM // pratiSThitaM tapApakSe zrIratnazekharasU sibhiH // zrI // le0 218 derInaM 477/5 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1624 varSe phAguNa su0 3 ravau laghuzAkhIya-zrImAlIjJAtIya do0 kIkA bhAryA bAI manAI suta deva devacaMdra (haracaMdra) saMyutena pratiSThApitaM zrInaminAthabiMba zrIhiravijayasU ribhiH // pratiSThitaM svazreyothai // le0 219 derInaM0 477/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1524 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 ravau ahamadAvAda-usavAlajJAtIya vyava0 devasI bhAryA sonala suta vya0 kupAkena bhAryA rANI suta devadAsa bhAryA devalade tenI bhAryA mANika khimAyutena pitRmAtRpuNyArtha zrIMjIrAulAgache bhaTTA0 zrIudayabhadrasUrINAmupadezena zrInaminAthabiMbaM kAritaM le0 220 derInaM0 477/6 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1893 varSe maharasudi 10 budhe bAI rAjI svazreyortha zrIrIbAIrAjI zrIpArazvanAthajIbiMbaM kArApItaM pArasvanAthajI vaDIposAlagache suratabaMdara (56) Page #274 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 220 derInaM0 578/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1521 varSe phAgaNa vadi 2 budhe zrImADavaduna zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 ThAkarasI bhA0 rupiNi suta dhAMdhara bhA0 ramAIkena suta derAja vidyAdhara amarA pramukha kuTubayute Atmazreyortha zrIsabhavanAthabiMba kArApitaM prati0 zrIprathama zA0 zrIguNasuMdara ri upadezena // le0 221 derIna0 578/2 paMcatArthI // savata 1683 varSe AsADha vada 4. gurau ukezanAtAya-jAlapuravAstavya-krarmacaMdra bhA0 kapurade nAmAnyA zrInaminAthavi0 kAritaM pra0 tapAgaLe bha0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhi prati0 // vANaDAgome // le0 222 derInaM0 582/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1507 lIkhajavAsatavya0 lakhamaNa bhA0 sena bhA0 lalasu pu0 AmAdhanA suthAdiyutena zrImunisuvRtaH kA0 pra0 tapAzrIratnazekharasU ribhiH le0 223 derIna 582/2 pacatIthI / saMvata 1531 varSe mArga su0 7 prA0 sA0 rAjA bhA bhamarI suta sAdavalI puNyArtha bhA0 melA kena svazreyase zrIsumatinAthavibaM kA0 pra0 tapA-zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH zrInoranagare. le0 224 derIna0 592/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1528 varSe jeSTa sudi 5 budhe zrIpalIvAlajJAtIya sA0 vIrA bhAryAbAI suta sA0 nInA bhAryA tarajI AtmaramAIzreyase zrIdharmanAthabiMba kArApitaM zrIcaitragache bha0 zrIguNadevasU ri-saMtAne bha0 zrIjinadevasU ripaTTe zrIratnadevasU ri pratiSThitaM / le0 225 derIna 593/2 paMcatIrthI // sa. 1720 va0 jaiyaSTha su 13 rakhau tahalipuravAstavya-prAgvATajJAtIya vR0 zAkhAyAM sA0 siMghajI bhA0 siNagArade pu0 sA0 zrImeghAbhAInA zrIzrIsumatinAthabiMba kArApitaM pra0 tapAgalIya-bhaTTAraka-zrIzrIvijayarAjasU ri le0 226 derInaM0. 593/3 caturviMzatikA // savata 1456 varSe jyeSTha vadi 13 zanau upakezajJAti loThAgotre sA0 grahA putra mulhu bhAryA mAlhAhI nijapatizreyase zrIcaturvizatipaTTa kA0 pra0 zrIrudrapallIyagaLe zrIharSasuMdarasU ribhiH / / le0 227 derInaM0 593/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1517 vai0 sudi 3 some (57) Page #275 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam zrIzrIvaMze zre0 jezA bhA0 SAMsU putra bhojAkena bhA0 argha putra sikharAja-hemarAja-sahitena nijazreyortha zrIzitalanAthabivaM kAritaM pra0 maladhAragaLe zrIguNasuMdarasU ribhiH // le0 228 derInaM0 594/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1301 mAgha hubaDajJAtIya nirvatigache zre0 jarAvIra putra saMhana svazreyase zrIzAMtinAthapratimAkAritA pratiSThitA zrIAmadevasU ribhiH le0 229 derInaM0 594/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1496 varSe prAmvATa jJA0 zre0 bhAdA bhAryA bhAvalade suta meghA-jAvaDabhyAM svazreyase zrIsumatibiMbaM0 pra0 zrIsomasuMdarasU ribhiH le0 230 derInaM0 596/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1554 varSe mAghava0 2 gurau usavAla jJA0 sA0 adA bhA0 aNapamade su0 sA0 bhojA bhA0 bhImiNi su0 sA0 mavavIrakena bhA0 vagupramu0 kuMTuba-yutena zrIstabhatIrthe zrIAdinAthabiMba kA0 pratiSThi0 zrIvRddhatapApakSe zrIudayasAgarasUribhiH // zrI // le0 231 derInaM0 596/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1694 va0 mAgha su0 6 gurau devapattanavAstavya u0 jJA0 vRddha0 sA0 jasapAla suta sA0 rAjapAla tathA bA0 pUraI pramukhakuTuMbayutena zrIsumatinAthabiMba kA0 pra0 tapAgacche bha0 zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH // le0 232 derInaM0 600/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1554 varSe posa nadi 5 dine prA0 vya0 mAlAkena bhAryA mAnU putra ThAkara manA bhAryA jIviNi suta naravade pramukhakaTaMbayutena zreyase zrIsumatinAthabiMba kA0 pra0 tapAgaLe shriihmvimlsuuribhiH| vADIvAstavya su|| le0 233 derInaM0 600/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1505 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 dine zrImAlajJAtIya mahaMThAgotre maM0 jAjaNa putra maM0 bAhaDa saM0 delhaDa padama avApA.... saM0 AhilI saM0 dehaDa putra saM0 dhanarAjena khImarAja-udayarAja-pUjarAja pAlarAja tena pera sa0 dehaTu mAtR....punyArtha zrIAdinAthabiMbaM...... / le0 234 koThAraH paMcatIrthI1 // saM0 1528 varSe mAgha su0 13 gurau ghA mA da zre0 jejiMga bhA mApha suta zre0 pAsAkena bhA0 saM0 pUrI suta kurA sahajA bhrAtR samaghara bhA0 jANI pramukhakuTuMba yutena pitRzreyase zrIzaMbhavanAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 tapAzrIratnazekharasU ripaTTe zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // siddhapura // (58) Page #276 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 235 koThAraH paMcatIrthI2 // saM0 1537 varSe po0sudi 9 cau zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 bhojA sutA maNakAI sA0 mahanAtha kalatra tathA svazreyase zrIzAMtinAthavi kAritaM pra0 zrIAgamagacche zrIsiMhadattasU ri-zrIsomadevasU ribhiH // le0 236 koThAraH paMtI 3 // saM0 1529 varSe vai0 su03 zanau zrIbhAvaDAraga-zrImAlajJA0 zre0 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zrImAlajJAtIya pitaruvya0....rabala mAtR premalade zreyase suttarAjakena zrIzAMtinAthavibaM kAritaM zrI.... lyANasU riNAmupadezena pratiSThitaM // le0 241 koThAraH paMcatIrthI8 // saM0 1457 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 zanau prATavATajJAtIya saMghavi bhAkhara bhAryA bharamAdevi dvIbhyAM suranara bada zreyortha zrIvAsupUjyabiMba paMcatIthI kAritA zrInAgendragache zrIratnaprabhasU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 242 koThAraH paMcatIrthI9 // saM0 1315 varSe phAguNa su0 2 ravau zrImAlajJAtIya zre0 pAlhaNa suta pitR ratana mAtR rayaNAdevi zreyase zrIzAMtinAthavivaM kAritaM (59) Page #277 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacaMjaya-girirAja-darzanam pratiSThitaM karpaTavANijaya vAstavya // le0 243 koThAraH paMcatIrthI10 // saM0 1515 varSe jye0 su0 9 zukra ANaMda grAmavAsi vAyaDajJA0 zre0 sAhA bhA suhavade pu0 zre0 mahasAkena bhAryA sAdhu pu0...jAvaDAdi yutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthaviMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIsomasuMdarasU ri-saMtAne zrIlakSmIsAgarasUribhiH // le0 244 koThAra: paMcatIrthI11 // saM0 1521 varSe posavadi 1 gurau zrIukezavase do0 lAyA bhA0 mahI putra 2 do0 varasiMga dosI rAghava varasiMga su0 hasA harapati bhA0 gurAInAmnyA svapuNyArtha zrIsumatibiMba kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsuvihitasU ribhiH // le0 245 koThAraH paMcatIrthI12 // saM0 1412 phA0 vada 2 zukra .zrImulasaMghe bhaTTA zrIpadmanemi....nemicaMdraguruupadezena........sAsa kArApitaM...... - le0 246 koThAraH paMcatIrthI13 // saM0 1209 va.......zrAvikA zreyothai zrIzAMtInAthabi0 kA0 le0 247 koThAraH paMcatIrthI14 // saM0 1536 varSe ASADa sudi 6 zukra ukezajJA0 zre0 nAgA bhA0 nAgalade su0 surAkena bhA0 sonAI muta zANA nija prAtR mAtara sidhAsAjaNAdi kuTuMbayutena zrIAdinAthabiMba kA0 pra0 zrISalIvAlagache zrI........ araNasU ribhiH mahisANAnagare le0 248 koThAraH paMcatIrthI15 // saMvat 1542 varSe vaizAkhasudi 10 gurau ukezavaMse karmadIyAgotre sA0 mehA bhrA0 dhAsU putra sA0 karmasIhena tadbhAryA karamAde tatputra sA0 khImA-devA-sivA- mahipAdiyutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthabiMba kA0 zrIkharataragaLe pratiSThitaM zrIjinaharSasU ribhiH / zrIrastu // " le0 249 koThAraH paMcatIrthI16 // saM0 1554 varSe vaizAkha sudi 7 dine vaDanagaravAsi-nAgarajJAti zre0 mAlA bhA0 demI putra zre0 rAjA-bhAjA-mahirAja-damA kuMbha [suta] bhAlAkaiH bhAryA putraputaiH zrIsumatinAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapAgachanAyaka-zrIhemavimalasU ribhiH // bhalIbAI // (60) Page #278 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 250 koThAraH paMcatIrthIH17 // saM0 1210 varSe maha........zrayortha vivaM kAritaM pra0 zrIpadmaprabhasU ribhiH // le0 251 koThAraH paMcatIrthI18 // saM0 1338 mahaM kuThAmAra sAha zreyortha putra kAraDa tatputra mahaM nurasIha bhatita kArita pratiSThitaM.... le0 252 koThAraH paMcatIrthI19 // saM0 1488 varSe ma0 su0 prAgvATajJAtIya saM0 sAhA bhA0....suta saM0 gANAkena....bhA0 gaMgAde pratukha-kuTubayutena svazreyoya zrIpArzvanAthabiMvaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvRddhatapAgache nAyaka-zrIsomasuMdarasU ripaTTe....zrIjinusuMsU rigurubhiH le0 253 yoThAraH, paMcatIrthI 20 // saM. 1394 varSe vaizAkha vadi 10 zukra zrIzrImAlajJAtIya bhAtR ratana...kena ThA0....zrIpaMcAyana zrIpArzvanAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsUribhiH // zrIvarasiMhasU rip......| le0 254 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 21 // saM. 14(1) 94 varSe mAgha sudi 11 gurau usase bohaDagotre sA0 sAmatA putra nAthu siMghA sADAkaiH mAtApitA-puNyArtha zrIzItalanA0 biMbaM kAritaM prati0 zrIkharataragaLe zrIjinasAgarasU ribhiH le0 255 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 22 // saM0 1431 vaizAkha sudi 5 zrImAlapitR gaidA mAtRvaIjalade jIsalade pitRvya vaijJa vaijA zre0 suta mAMDaNena zrIvAsupujyapaMcatIrthI kA0 pra0 nAgendragache zrIguNAkarasU ribhiH // le0 256 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 23 // saM. 1516 varSe jyeSTha su0 9 dine nA0 jJA0 saM0 jaiti bhA0 jAsu pu0 yApAkena bhA0 cApU pu0 lIku pomA / bhaginibaI pramukhayutena svazreyase zrIcaMdraprabhavi0 kA0 pra0 tapA0 zrIsomasuMdarasU riziSya-zrIratnazekharasU ribhiH // le0 257 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 24 // saM0 1506 varSe mAgha badi 6 rakhau prAgvATa...pu0 pAsA pahirAjabhyAM svapitu zreyase zrIzAMtinAthaviMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsomasaMdarasU ripaTTe zrIvizAlarAjasU ribhiH // le0 258 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 25 // saM. 1362 varSe vaizAkha sudi 5 zukra (61) Page #279 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam mahaM sAgaNena pitAma0 sahajapAla zreyo) zrIpArzvanAthaviMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrImahedrasU riziSyaiH zrImadanasiMhasU ribhiH // le0 259 koThAraH, paMcatIrthI 26 // saM. 1506 varSe prAgvATavaMze sA0 tejA pu0 bhA0 tUNA putra dipAkena bhA0 rAjU....mAhisaMtAna yutena zrIvimalanAthaviMba kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrItapAgaLe zrIsomasuMdarasU ripaTTe zrIjayacaMdrasU ribhiH / le0 260 koThAraH paMcatIrthI27 // saM0 1540 varSe vai0 su0 7 zukra nImAjJA0 vya0 harIyA bhA0 dhAru suta vya0 sAbhAkena bhA0 jaratasuta mahiyA nAsala samaghara-padamAdikuTuvayutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 tapA0 zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // le0 261 koThAraH paMcatIrthI28 // saM0 1580 varSe vai0 vada 1 gurau zrIzrIvaMse sirapati bhA0 palhAde putra kIkA bhA0 pakuti putra tejapAla suzrAvakena svazreyortha zrIpArzvanAthabibaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIdhanaratnasU ribhiH // zrIvaTapadanagare / le0 262 koThAraH paMcatIrthI29 // saMvat 1359 varSe mAgha vadi...... le0 263 koThAraH paMcatIrthI30 // saMvat 1697 varSe mAgha sudi 2 [vIza] uzavaMze pratiSThitaM zrIvijayasiMhasU ribhiH jJA0 sA0 sacIyAsuta sA0 pAsavira zrIAdinAthavivaM kArApitaM // le0 264 koThAraH paMcatIrthI31 // saMvat 1568 varSe mAgha su0 zukra kAThaDagotre uzavAla do0 lAkhA bhA0 raMgAI su0 do0 sahasAkena bhA0 cAMdra dvi0 zagatAde pu0 mImasI-devarAjAdikuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthaviMbaM kAritaM saMDeravAgacche zrIsU ribhiH pratiSThitaM / jAuranagara / le0 265 koThAraH paMcatIrthI32 // saMvat 1440 varSe poSa vadi prAgvATa jJA0 vya0 somasiMha vya0 lUNasiMha vya0 dedA vya0 kAlaha kayadhA0 zreyortha vya0 sAhena Agamagacche zrItilakasU ri-upadezena paMcatIrthAAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratipThataM zrIsU ribhiH // le. 266 koThAraH paMcatIrthI33 // saMvat 1509 varSe vai0 su0 6 rakhau zrImAlajJA0 mAvalapurA gotre sA0 mokhA0 pu0 sAraMga bhA0 kSIrAde pu0 varasiMghena Atma (62) Page #280 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH puNyArtha zrIcaMdraprabhabiMba kAritaM pra0 dharmaghoSagacche bha0 zrIsAdhuratnasU ribhiH // le0 267 derInaM0 611/7/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1390 vaizAkha vadi 5 zrIhArijagache usavAlajJAtIya zrIkAnhara bhAryA kAmaladevi zreyortha sAhakena pito zreyortha zrIRSabhanAthabiMbaM kArApitaM pra0 zrIsiMhadattasU ribhiH // le9 268 derInaM. 611/7/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1584 varSe mAgha sudi 9 gurau prAgvATajJAtIya do0 Amadhara bhA0 maNikiI pu0 harakha bhA0 harakhAde putrIsUpAI Atmazreyortha zrIcaMdraprabhaviMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapAgache zrIsobhAgyaharakhasU ribhiH ratanavaravAstavya / / le0 269 derInaM. 612/8/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1591 va0 posa va0 11 gurau zrISattana usavAla-laghuzAkhAyAM do0 TAku bhA0 ligA pu0 lalA bhA0 gurAI nAmnyA svazreyortha pu0 vIrapAla amIpAla yu0 aMcalagaLe zrIguNanidhAnasUrINAmu0 kuthunAvi0 le0 270 derInaM0 612/8/3 paMcatIrthI / saMvat 1528 varSe vaizAkha vadi 11 rakhau zrIupakezavaMze sA0 vAcA bhA0 mApari suta rAjAkena bhAryA varajUsahitena zrIsuvidhinAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIjinaharSa ribhiH // zrI // le0 271 derInaM0 612/8/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1551 varSe mAhavadi 7 zanivAsare usavAlajJAtIya nAharagotre sA0 vIThA bhA0 vimalAde pu0 hAmAriNadhA AtmapunyArtha zrIAdinAthabivaM kArApitaM zrIdharmaghoSavacche bha0 zrIkamalaprabhasUri pa0 bha0 zrIpunyavardhanasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // le0 272 derIna0 612/8/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1517 varSe poSa vadi 8 ravau zrIbrahmANagacche zrImAlAjJAtIya zreSThi jesiMga bhAryA jasmAde suta mudhA zrAvikA AkA etaiH svapitroH zreyortha zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvimalasU ribhiH // dhrAMgadhrAmrAmavAstavyaH // zrI // le0 273 derInaM0 613/9/10 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1530 varSe mahAsudi 10 zukre zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 lAhA bhA0 lAkhaNade sutakhetA bhAryayA rAMku nAmnyA su0 sAjaNa sahasAdikuTuMbayutayA svazreyase zrIjIvatasvAmi zrIsumatinAthavivaM zrIpUrNimApakSe zrI (63) Page #281 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam guNadhIrariNAmudapadezAt / pra0 vidhinA, kaMboIyAlA // le0 274 derInaM 0 613/9/9 paMcatIrthI | saM0 1517 varSe poSava0 8 khau prAgvATajJAtIya-laghusaMtAnIya(sAkhI) ya zre0 tahara bhA0 hara putra 3 kaSA, jesA, parabata, bhAryA - putra-pautra yutaiH Atmazreyase zrI zItalanAthabiMbaM kAritaM zrIdvibaMdanIkagacche bhaTTArakazrIsiddhasUribhiH pratiSThitaM // zrIH // le0 275 derInaM0 613/9/8 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1335 varSe vaizAkha suda 4 some...... . zrAvakena zrImahAvIra kAritaM pratiSThitA zrIjinendraprabhasUribhiH // le0 276 derInaM0 613/9/7 paMcatIrthI / saMvat 1628 varSe vaizAkhasuda 11 budhe zrIzrImAlajJAtIya mahaM jetA bhAryA hAsI suta / mUlajI bhA0 ahivadakena zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kArApitaM / zrItapA0 zrIhIravijyasUribhiH pratiSThitaM // zubhaM bhavatu // 0 // le0 277 derInaM 0 613/9/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1503 varSe jyeSTa sudi 10 gurau zrIhArIjagacche usavAlajJAtIya zre0 devA bhA0 deNAde pu0 vastrAkena pitRvya DuMgara nimitte zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmibiMbaM kAritaM pra0 zrImahendrasUribhiH // 0 278 derInaM 0 613/9/5 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1391 varSe mAghasudi 15 bhA0 nAmata suta sA0 soma sAha bhAryA sADamu putra sA0 cAMpasI.... biMbaM kA0 pra0 dharmaghoSagacche zrIjJInacaMdrasUribhiH // le0 279 derInaM0 613/9/4 paMcatIrthI | saM0 1578 varSe mAhavadi 8 khau mahisANAvAsi prAgUvATajJAtIya, laghuzAkhA sA0 zrIcaMda bhA0 suhabade putreNa sA0 laTakaNanAmnA bhAryA bhrAtRputra pautrAdiparivArayUtena zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM / pratiSThitaM / tapAgacche zrIhemavimalasUribhiH // zrIrastu // zrIH // le0 280 derInaM0 613 / 9 / 3 paMcatIrthI | saM0 1532 varSe poSasudi 15 AsApallIvAstavya-zrIzrI jJAtIya maM0 vIrA bhAryA vilhade suta jImA bhAryA AsI suta pAsA pra0 kuTuMbayutena khImAkena bhA0 sajANaNa zreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvR0 tapAgacche prabhu0 bha0 zrIudayasAgarasUribhiH // ( 64 ) Page #282 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 281 derInaM0 613/9/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1514 jyeSTha su0 5 zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 lakhamasI bhA0 rAju pu0 sA0 hApAkena bhA0 tuju0 pu0 bhojAdikuTuMbayutena zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kArita tapAgacche zrIsomasuMdarasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // nAlakavasI / le0 282 derIna0 613/9/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1520 varSe caitra vadi 10 dine visalanagare zreSThI sAvala zre0 devasI bhA0 sANI suta zre0 karaNakena bhAryA sAku suta mAlAdiyutena svazreyase zrImunisuvratabiMbaM kAra0 pratiSThitaM zrIsomasuMdarasU riziSyaiH zrIratnazekharasU ribhiH // le0 283 derInaM 0 614/10/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1543 varSe vaizAkha vadi 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nIjalade putra mokalena pitrauH zreyaye zrIvAsupUjyavi kAritaM sArddhapUrNimApakSe zrIdharmAMtalakasUrINAmupadezena // le0 287 derIna0 615/11/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1528 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 zanau zrImAlajJA0 zre0 hIrA bhA0 hIrAde putra vayarAkena bhA0 svazreyArtha zrIsaMbhavanAthaciMbaM kAri0 pra0 tapAgaccheza zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // kalulivAstavya zrI // (65) Page #283 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-dazanam , le0 288 derInaM0 615/11/5 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1513 varSe va0 2 vAra some pAhatIjavAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtI do0 vAcchA bhA0 kunu su0 nAthA su0 do0 paravata bhA0 su0 mANika svakuTuMbazreyortha zrIsaMbhavanAthavirba kA0 pra0 zrIratnasiMghasU ribhiH / / vaDAgotre // le0 289 derInaM0 615/11/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1523 barSe mAdhavadi 9 zanau prA0 sA0 rAmA bhA0 mAIputra sA0 goviMdena bhA0 lahakana-pramukha-kuTuMbayutena zrIzreyAMsanAthaviMbaM kA0 pra0 tapAgacche zrIsomasundasU risaMtAne zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // le0 290 derInaM0 615/11/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1365 phAgaNa sudi 7 sobhe zrIpAMDarahIyagotre upakeza............sAca tasa putra dhIrAkena zrIpArzvanAthabivaM kAritaM prati0 zrIsumatisU ribhiH // le0 291 derInaM0 615/11/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1522 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 prAgvATajJAtIya maM0 moravA bhAryA gavI sutA sAru nAmnyA Atmazreyase zrIvAsupUjyavivaM kArApritaM bRhattapAgacche bha0 zrIjinaratnasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // le0 292 derIna0 615/11/1 paMcatIrthI / / saM0 1382 varSe vaizAkhavadi 8 guru se0 vAhA bhAryA rAjI prmukh............|| le0 293 koThAraH, 34 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1509 vai0 su0 13 zukra zrIzrImAla saM0 karmA bhAryA jAsu pu0 saM0 khImA suzrAvakena bhAryA camuka bhrAtR-jAhAbhAlAsahitena zrIaMcalagacche guruzrIjayazekharasU ri upa0 zrIbhrAtR nagarAja zreyortha zrIdharmanAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIsaMdhena / vijayatAM / . le0 294 koThAraH, 35 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1521 varSe dvi vaizAkha sudi 6 budhe usavAla jJA0 ghRtI sA0 khImA bhA0 gaurI pu0 naz2Akasya svabhartu zreyase bhAryayA mohaNade nAmnyA zrIpArzvanAthaviMbaM kAritaM pUNi0 bhIma0 bha0 zrIpAsacaMdrasU ripaTTe zrIjayacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM asAulivAstavya // le0 295 derInaM0 607/3/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1536 varSe mAgha sudi 9 (66) Page #284 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatAlekhAH some prA0 jJAtI sA0 dalasI bhAryA rAMbhU suta maM0 cAMdA sA0 khImA bhrAtR saM sAhA bhAryA sU hI suta nAthA kuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIkuMthunAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsU ribhiH / / le0 296 derInaM0 607/3/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1597 varSe vaizAkha su0 3 some usavAlajJAtIya zre0 hevA bhA0 devalade suta kAvAkena bhAryA gAMgI sahitena svazreyArtha zrInaminAthaviMbaM kArita pratiSThitaM dvivaMdanIkagacche zrIsiddhasUribhiH vRddhata[ pA ]zAkhAyAM // bArejAgAme // // // // le0 297 derInaM0 607/3/3 paMcatArthI // saM0 1524 varSe jyeSTha sudi 5 ukezajJAtIya maM0 sAliga bhA0 jIviNi pra0 maM0 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paMcatIrthI // mR / mu // zrIzrIvaMzamugaMdhI sA lauga bhAryA sahajalade pu0 goviMda suzrAvakeNa bhAryA lADA putrI kuMtA zrIvAbA sahitena namna svazreyortha kuthunAthajinabiMbaM kA0 pra0 vidhipakSagacche zrIsU ribhiH // maMDIlI nagare // le0 302 derInaM0 13/1 paMcatIrthI bRhaTUkaH // saM0 1542 mAghavadi 1 (67) Page #285 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam dine ukezavaMze goSTikagotre so0 nayaNA pu0 so0 maMDalika bhAryA A0 harSAyAH zrIajitanAthabiMbaM kAritaM svapuNyArtha pratiSThitaM zrIkharataragacche zrIjinaharSasU ribhiH // zrImaDaMpa // le0 303 derInaM0 204 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1520 varSe AsADha sudi 6 budhe zrIprAgvATajJAtIya vya0 lAIyA bhAryA lIlAde suta nAsaNena bhA0 nAku suta kAnhAdisahitena phaI maTaphU zreyase zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmibiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIvRddhatapA pa0 bha0 zrIjinaratnasU ribhiH // le0 304 derInaM0 229 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1530 varSe mAgha vadi 10 budhe prAgvATa sA0 vAmaNa bhA0 vaulade putra sA0 haricaMdrena bhA0 hIru suta bhalA kartaNa -udAdi yutena svazreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 tapAgacche zrIsomasundarasU ri-ziSyazrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // 11. le0 305 derInaM0 280/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1228 jyeSTha........devanaMdikIyagaNe paGgadevena pituH....zreyase pratimA kAritA / le0 306 derInaM0 280/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1513 varSe mAgha sudi.... so rA prAgvATa maM0 semA bhA0 jamaku suta maM0 golA bhA0 phaTaku nAmnyA zrIzItalanAthavivaM svazreyase kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapApakSe zrIsomasundarasU ri-zrImunisundarasU ri-zrIjayacaMdrasUri -zrIvizAlarAjasU ri-ziSya zrIratnazekharasU ribhiH // zrIH // gAMdhAranagare // le0 307 vimalavasahI, mokSadvAranajadIkaH koThAraH paMcatIrthI 1 // saM0 1549 varSe vaizAkha sudi 10 zukra zrIupakezajJAtIya--vIharevAgotre sAha bhAvaDa bhAryA bharamAde Atmazreyothai zrIjivatasvAmizrIsuvidhinAthabiMba kArApitaM / pratiSThitaM / zrIusavAlagacche zrIkakkasU ripaTTe zrIdevaguptasU ribhiH // le0 308 vi0 mo0 ko0 paMcatIrthI 2 // saM0 1531 phA0 va0 5 prA0 sa0 ratnA bhA0 ratnAde suta saM0 salakhA bhAryayA vya0 dUlAvaraNi yutayA saM0 madApurinAmnyA zrIsutinAthabiMba svazreyase kA0 pra0 tapAzrIsomasundarasU riziSya-zrImunisundarasU ribhiH / le0 309 vi0 mo0 ko0 paMcatIrthI 3 // saM0 1531 varSe mAdha vadi 5 (68) Page #286 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH some zrIaMcalagaccheza-zrIjayakezasUrINAmupadezena....kaozavaMse maM0 jaItA bhAryA jaDate tena putra mAIyA suzrAvakeNa rAjAI bhAryA yutena svazreyase zrIajitanAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSThitaM suzrAvakaiH // le0 310 derInaM0 477/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1482 varSe zrImAlajJAtIya sA0 kaIyA bhA0 pAllu suta sA0 lIvAkena zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM0 prati0 tapA0 zrIsomasU ribhiH // le0 311 derInaM0 477/10 paMcatIrIM // saMvat 1527 varSe jyeSTha sudi 10 budhe zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 jesaga....suta dharmAkena bhA0 kAu suta sujana-sAhAdi kuTuMbayutena svabhAryA jIvitasvAmizrIzItalanAthabiMba zrIpUrNimApakSe zrIpuNyaratnasUrINAmupa0 kA0 prati0 bidhinA0 dhaMdhUkAgAme // le0 312 derInaM0 477/11 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1694 va0 mAgha sudi 6 zukra ....vakapattana vAstavya0 ukezajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM so0 rAjapAla tadbhAryA bA0 pUrAde suta so0 vIrapAlanAmnA kA0 zrIzaMbhavabiMbaM pra0 tapAgacche zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH // le0 313 derInaM0 477/12 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1468 va0 jyeSTa su0 9 prAgvATajJAtIya vya0 molA bhAryA mokhI suta vAchA bhAryayA gAMgInAmnyA svazreyase zrIpadmaprabhavivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIguNaratnasU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 314 zreSThINImANekabAI, derInaM0 554/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1472 varSe su0 2 zrIzrImAlI jJAtIya........zre0 boDA bhA0 rupiNi suta vastA bhA0 mecU sutta sAMgA hAsA relA mANikAdikuTuMbayutena svazreyortha zrIsaMbhavanAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSThita zrIsU rIbhiH // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 315 mA0 derInaM0 554/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1527 varSe vaizAkha vada 11 zrIkoraMTanacche zrInatAcAryasaMtAne zrIukezavaMze sa0 kaDuA su0 sA0 kAmA bhAryA harkha su0 haradAsena bA0 vagu pu0 rupasI-balirAjayuteya mAtRpitroH zreyortha zrIAdinAthavivaM zrIkakkasU ripaTTe zrIsAvadevasU ribhiH // (69) Page #287 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 316 mA0 derInaM0 554/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1591 varSe vaizAza vadi 3 zukra zrIzrImAlajJAtIya-saMdhavI DAhA su0 se0 vIkA bhAryA kama su0 saM0 varajAgena bhAryA 2 vijalade dvi0 ramAI su0 adA-zrIpAladevAlasahite Atmazreyase zrIzreyAMsanAthavivaM kAritaM caitragacche zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM pUrvadhAraNapudre vAstavya // le0 317 mA0 derInaM0 554/4 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1573 varSe caitra vadi aSTamI ravau usavAlajJAtIya-balAhI sAha amIpAla bhAryA karamAI putra sAha dharaNa mAtRnimataM zrIzAMtinAthabiMba kArApitaM kharatagacche jinaharSa pratiSThitaM // zrIMpattanavAstavya // le0 318 derInaM0 497/4 paMcatIrthI // ........kena zrIcaMdraprabhabiMba kA0 pra0 zrIpiSyalagacche zrIzAMtisU ribhiH // le0 319 derInaM0 497/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1573 varSe phAguNa sudi 2 rakhau zrIvIravaMze se0 mahirAja bhAryA nAgiNi putra saM0 somA bhA nAthI saM0 gapAkena bhA0 somI bhrAtR saM0 vAsA saM0 devA sahitena svazreyase zrIaMcalagacche zrIbhAvasAgarasU riNAmupadezena zrIkuMthunAthaviMvaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsaMghena / zrIpattane // zrIH // le0 320 derInaM0 497/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1385 varSe phAguNa vadi 3 zukra lolUvADAgrAbhIya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya-vyavabhranA bhAryA ritade zreyase suta vyava0 haripAlena zrIAdinAthabiMvaM kArita pra0 zrIguNAkarasU riziSye zrIraca....sU ribhiH // le0 321 vimalavasahI, derInaM0 483/12 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1515 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 ravau zrIbrahmANagacche zrIzrImAlajJA0 zre0 khotA bhA0 rupI suta selAkena bhAryA raMgI suta pAtAsahitaiH pitR bhrAtRzre0 zrIAdinAthabiM0 pra0 zrIvimalasU ribhiH // jhAMjharuAgrAmavAstavya // le0 322 vi0 derInaM0 483/11 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1501 varSe 0 su0 3 zanau prA0 jJA0 zre0 cAMpA bhA0 ahivade suta zre0 vIrA bhA vaIjalade suta dhanAkena bhA0 vIjU pra0 kuTuMbayutena nijazreyortha zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM prati0 tapA0 zrIsunisuMdarasUribhiH // (70) Page #288 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 323 vi0 derInaM0 483/10 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1536 varSe mAghasudi 5 dine prAgvATajJAtIya sA0 laMpA bhA0 lAvatade putra saM0 taramASadmAbhyAM bhA0 padamiNi tevAluvaI sivarAja devA delhAdikuTuMba........zrIzItalanAthabiMba kArita pra0 zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH|| le0 324 bi0 derInaM0 483/9 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1486 varSe vekha sudi 6 uzavAlajJAtIya-sAyulAgotre sA0 sAyara bhA0 sApaI putra khimarAja AtmapuNyArtha zrIcaMdraprabhabiMba kA0 pra0 zrIdharmaghoSagacche zrImalayacaMdrasU ripa?......sekharasU ribhiH le0 325 vi0 derInaM0 483/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1520 varSe caitra va0 5 budhe zrImAla jJA0 pitR sedA / mAtR sIgArade nimittaM putra bhAIyA sAMgA pAMcA sAmalaiH / Atmazreyase zrIsumatinAthabiMva kA0 pra0 pippalagacche........zrIdharmazesvarasU ripaTTe zrIdharmasuMdarasU ribhiH|| le0 326 vi0 derInaM0 483/7 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1510 varSe cai0 su0 6 zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 mADaNa bhA0 lAhakU su0 nAgA bhA0 mANUkA pitaM zrImunisuvratavivaM zrIbrahmANagacche vRddhisAgarapaTTe zrIvimalasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // vahicarA / / le0 327 vi0 derInaM0 483/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1507 varSe jyeSTha su0 9 ravau prAgvATa jJA0 vya0 sarabaNa bhAryA kuru suta melA kena bhA0 mulAde su0 pujAdikuTuMba-yutena svazreyase zrIsuvidhinAthabiMba kAritaM tapAgacche zrIratnazekharasU ribhiH // pratiSThitaM zrIrastu // le0 328 vi0 derInaM0 483/4 paMcatIthI // saMvat 1517 varSe mAdha sudi 10 budhe adyaha zrIzrImadupadurge zrIzrImA0 sA0 moTA bhAryA jasaku putrI ramAInAmnnA zrIanaMtanAthabiMbaM kAri0 prati0 vRddhatapAgacche zrIratnasiMhasU ribhiH // zrI // le0 329 vi0 derInaM0 483/3 paMcatIthI // saM0 1287 vai0 su0 11 raNAI mAtRpitRzreyortha biMbaM kArita pratiSThitaM zrIbAlacaMdrasU ribhiH // le0 330 vi0 derInaM0 483/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1466 vai0 su0 12 ........bhA0 padmAde putra kumAra tatputraratna akasi ratnasI....tesI bhA0 AlUNAde pra0 shriishaaNtibiNbN...shriik........|| le0 331 bAlAvasahI, koThAraH paMcatIthI // saM0 1528 varSe mAgha su0 (71). Page #289 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam 13 gurau ghA....grA....da....zre0 jesiMgajI mAkU suta zre0 mAsAkena bhA0 saMpUrI suta kurA sahajA bhrAtR samadhara bhAI jANI pramukhakuTubayutena pitRzreyase zrIzabhavanAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 tapA0 zrIratnazekharasU ripaTTe zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // siddhapurA // le0 332 derInaM0 483/1 paMcatIthI // thurArasutena svazreyase zrIsaMbhavanAthabiMbaM tapAgaccha0 zrIhemavimalasurINAmupadezena kAritaM / pra0 / le0 333 derInaM0 477/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1505 varSe mAdhasudi 10 rakhau ukekhavaMze sA0 sAdhyA bhAryA AsA siri Adi putra sA0 suhaDA bhAryA raMgAI suzrAvikayA putra sA0 siripAla pramukhasamastanijakuTuMvasahitayA zrIaMcalagacche zrIpujya-zrIgacchanAyaka zrIzrIjayakesarasU rINAmupadezena zrIkuMyunAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIsaghena / cira naMdatu // le0 334 derInaM0 598/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1547 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 some usavAlajJAtIya maM0 devadAsa bhAryA ragI putra lakhamaNamANikaveNAbhyAM svapitR zreyortha zrIzAMtinAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIsU ribhiH // dvivaMdanIkagacche zrIsiddhasUrINAmupadezena // le0 335 derInaM0 595/1 paMcatAthI // saM0 1480 varSe phA0 su0 10 vudhe zrIaMcalagaccheza-zrIjayakirtisU rINAmupadezema ukezajJAtI0 sA0 DuMgara bhA0 vIraNi putraarasI nijamAtRbhrAtRbhrAtRSya punA vITA zreyase zrIpadmabiMvaM kA0 pratiSTitaM ca sUribhiH // le0 336 derInaM0 595/2 paMcatIthI // saM0 1476 jyeSTha vadi 9 rakhau bhAvatadAragotre zrIzrImAla jJA0 sA0 taparAkena bhrAtR sAMgaNa pAlahA zreyase zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIjinadevasU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 337 derInaM0 344/1 paMcatArthI bRhaTTakaH // saM0 1546 varSe mAgha sudi 10 khau zrIzrImAva jJA0 vya0 va0 gAsA bhA0 suta bhojA bhA0 prAlhaNade su0 vya0 harkhA salakhA jUThA zANA samarA sudAsa lakhA bhA0 puhatI svabhartazreyase zrIzrIzrIAdinAthavivaM kA0 pra0 zrIAgamagacche bha0 zrImuniratnasU ribhiH // acchAvANAvAstavya // le0 338 derInaM0 344/2 paMcatIthI / sa0 1380 varSe jyeSTha sudi 14 (72) Page #290 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH gurau usavAlajJAtIya vya0 prAtRRNa putra vya0 ApU zreyortha bhrAta suta vya0 sInata jagamAlAbhyAM zrImahAvIrabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIpippalAyArya - zrIdharmacaMdrasUripaTTe zrIdharmaratnasU ribhiH // 0 le0 339 derInaM * 629/1/1 paMcatIrthI modikaH // saM0 1478 va0 vaizAkha sudi 9 zrIzrImAla jJAtIya putra somasI bhAryA rAju pu0 mAkureNa pitRmAtRzre0 zrIzitalanAthabi0 kAritaM pra0 zrIdharmmaprabhasUribhiH / pippalagacche | le0 340 derInaM 0 630 / 2 / 1 paMcatIrthI modikaH || saM0 1542 varSe mAtra sudi 13 dine zukravAre zrImAlajJAtIya saM0 arjuna bhA0 hAsu tatputra sA0 bhannaNa kena biMba AdinAtha kA0 pra0 zrIkRSNarSigacche tapA0 bha0 zrIpuSyaratnasUribhiH // le0 341 derInaM 0 630 / 2 /2 paMcatArthI mo. // saM0 1446 varSe vaizAkha di 3 sobhe prAgvATajJAtIya pitR dhaNasIha mAtR hAsanade seyase suta sAdAkena zrIajitanAthabiMba paMcatIrthI kA0 pra0 zrInAgendragacche zrIratnaprabhasUribhiH // chaH // le0 342 derInaM0 630/2/3 paMcatIrthI mo0 // saM0 1439 varSe mAgha vadi 7 some.... zrISTi0 saravaNA bhA0 kasavirade putra sA0..... .. zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAri0 pra0 zrIjiNadevasUribhiH // le0 343 derInaM0 630 / 2 / 4 caM catIrthI mo0 // saMvata 1418 vaizAkha su0 3 zrImAla jJA0 pitR tejA .... mAtR mAde pitRvya sedA zrIpArzvanAthapaMcatIrthI zrIpUrNima0 zrIbhAvacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena pra0 zrIsUribhiH // le0 344 derInaM0 630 / 2 / 5 paMcatIrthI mo0 // saM0 1463 kA0su0 zukre zrImAla jJA0 0 tejapAla bhA0 saImalA pitroH zreyase suta bhAdAkena zrIAdinAthabiba kA0 pra0 zrIjayaprabhasUrINAmupadezena // le0 345 derInaM 0 630 / 2 / 6 paMcatArthI: mA0 // saMvata 1549 varSe jyeSTha sudi sAtama budhe vasilanagare vAstavya prAgvATajJAtIya vya0 ToIA kheta bhA0 jasomati yutena putraputrI zreyortha zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIudayasAgarasUribhiH // zrIrastu // le0 346 derIna 0 630/2/7 paMcatIrthI mo. // sA0 cApAkena....kAritA (73) 10 Page #291 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam pratiSTitA... ...bhaTTAraka....zrIpUrNacaMdrasU ripaTTe zrIhemaharSasU ribhiH // le0 347 derInaM0 630/2/8 gautamasvAmI mo. // saM0 1527 varSe sA0 AlhA suta narasaMga zrIgautamasvAmima tiH // le0 348 derInaM. 630/2/9 paMcatIrthI mA. // saM0 1492 varSe vaizAkha vadi 5 zukre usavAlavaMze sA0 phudA bhAryA umade suta sA0 bhojAjena bhAyA~ bhavalade yutena svazreyase zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM prati0 zrItArApallayagacche zrIsAlibhadrasU ripaTTe zrIudacaMdrasU ribhiH // le0 349 derInaM0 330/2/11 paMcatIrthI mA. // saM0 1507 va0...udayakena... ....zrItapAgacche bhaTTAraka zrIpurNacaMdrasU ripaTTe zrIhemasU ribhiH // le0 350 derInaM0 630/2/12 paMcatIrthI bho. // saM0 1454 varSe mAgha sudi 5 zanau prAgavATajJatIya vya0 khokhA bhAryA rahaku putra AmAkena pitR-mAtR-zreyortha zrIAdinAthabiMba kAritaM sArddhapU rNimApakSIya jayacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena pratiSTitaM zrIsU ribhiH / / le0 351 derInaM0 630/2/13 paMcatIrthI mo. // saMvat 1523 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 prAgvATajJA0 vya0 sukhamA bhA0 Tabuku putra bhAlA kena vva0 devAISa bhA. jANI putra juvA bhA0 gAMgI bhaginI zreyortha zrIsumatinAthabiMba kA0 pra0 tapA0 zrIratnazekharasU ripaTTe zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ri bhi uMbaraTavAstavya // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 352 derInaM0 630/2/14 pacatIrthI // saM0 1406 jyeSTha vadi 9 ravI upakezajJA0 pitR khImasI bhAtR arasI vIrapAla DuMgara zre0 suta tejA vamAbhyAM zrApArzvanAthapaMcatIrthI kA0 pra0 zrIjinasiMhasUrINAmupadezena zrIsU ribhiH / le0 353 derInaM. 630/2/15 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1333 mAghavadi 7 sA0 khigA sA0 kts.......|| le0 354 derInaM. 630/2/16 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1620 varSe popa vadi 4 some burAnapura-vAstavya bA0 madhAnA pu0 / zrIsumatinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIhIravijayasU rinA // zrImAlanAtaM // (74) Page #292 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIza-jayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 355 derIna0 630/2/17 paMcatIrthIH // saM0 1544 varSe vaizAkha sudi 6 gurau zrIaNahIllapattanavAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya saM0 golA bhA0 DubA suta sA0 pavAyaNa bhA0 ramAI tayA svakuTuMba zreyase zrIzreyAMsanAthabiMbaM kAritaM0 bha0 zrIdharmaratnasU ribhiH / zrIvRddhatapApakSe // zrIrastu // le0 356 derInaM. 63/2/19 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1378 prAgvATajJAtIya va. vayajalade va. pulakayA va. lavamayA........madhAyari zrIpadmadevasU ri....zipya zrIzrItilakasU ribhiH|| le0 357. derIna. 630/2/23 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1525 mAgha sU di 10 ravau zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre. garadA bhA. lADA su. lADA bhA. karabhI su. bhojA-sahijAmAgA apara bhA. nAI su. sA mAgA gojesA meghA mAgA bhA. raMgI sahitena zrIpadmaprabhabiMba kA. pra. zrIAgamagacche zrImuniratnasU ribhiH // droNADavAstavya // le. 358 derIna. 630/2/22 paMcatIrthI // ........gaIsU rizipya-zrIguNAkarasU ribhiH // le. 359 derIna. 93/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1518 varSe vaizAkha sudi 3 zanau prAgvATajJAtIya zreSTi karaNA suta rAjAde bhA. rAku su. pitR gopAla mAtR canU zreyortha su. sivAkena zrIAdinAthabiMba kAritaM zrIpUrNimApakSe zrIsAdhuratnasU ripaTTe sAdhusuMdarasU rINAmupadezena pratiSTitaM zrIsaMghena vidhinA // vesavelIyAvAstavya // le. 360 derIna. 5/2 paMcatArthI // saM. 1511 varSe jyepTa badi 9 khau usavAlajJA. maM. pUnA bhA. melAde pu. bIjala bhA. DAhI tayoH zreyase bhAtR Asadatta hIrAbhyAM zrIvimalanAthaviMbaM kArita zrIpUrNimApakSa bhImapallIyabhaTTA. zrIjayacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena pratiSTitaM // le. 361 derIna. 5/3 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1474 varSe AsADha sudi........ prAgvATajJA0...mAtR hAku zreyothai suta bhAmAkena zrI...biMba kAritaM zrIpUrNimApakSIya-zrIdevacaM sUrINA mupadesena pra0 zrIsU ribhiH // le. 362 derInaM. 5/4 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1501 varSe phAgu sudi 9 zikhara (75) Page #293 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-dazanam vaDaNa ve. (revaTavaDagotre) sA. reDA bhA. rAmade putreNa sA. mahirAjena pitroH puNyArtha zrIsumatinAthabiMba kAritaM0 prati0 malvadhAri-zrIguNasuMdarasU ribhiH // chaH // le. 363 derIna. 5/5 paMcatArthI // saM. 1507 varSe jyeSTa sudi 2 dine prAgbATajJAtIya zre. dhArA bhAryA mebu suta lAlAkena bhAryA dhanI bhrAtR sAMDA bhAryA salU Ni suta samayarAdikuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapAgacchAdhirAja-prabhuzrIratnazekharasUtibhiH le. 364 derInaM. 5/6 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1510 varSe phAguNa sudi 4 zukre usavAlajJAtIya-zreSTagotre mahAjanI karmaNa bhA. kamalAde pu. sAlhA bhA. salakhaNAde pu. sahajAyutena zrIkuMthunAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIupakezagacche kukkudAcArya-saMtAna-gacchanAyaka -zrIkakkasU ri upadezena // zrIrastu // le. 365 derIna. 5/7 paMcatIrthI // saM. 1499 varSe mahA vadi 5 rakhau zrIzrImAla jJA. zre. pAMcA bhAryA bholI putra jesAkena bhAryA pAMcU sahitena mAtuH puNyArtha zrIdharmanAthabiMba kArApitaM prati. zrImaladhAragacche zrIvidyAsAgarasU ripaTTe bha. zrIguNasuMdarasU ribhiH // prati. // le. 366 derInaM. 5/8 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1393 varSe phAguNa sudi 8 g...| le. 367 derIna. 5/9 paMcatArthI // saMvat 1384 mAgha sudi 5 rave zrImAlajJAtIya zre. rAjasA hasatA...lasa bhA0 hIrAdevi suta dhAMdhA zreyau zAMtinAthabiMbaM karA0 // le. 368 derIna. 5/10 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1586 po0 su0 9 upa0 jJA0 sIsodIyA go0 sAgAlA bhA0 camagade pu0 samadhara bhA0 siMgAra pu0 saMNedrava girirAja saM0 khImA nami zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmIbiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIsaMDeragacche zrIzAMtisU ribhiH // le. 369 derInaM. 5/11 paMcatIrthI // saM0 152...varSe ASADha sudi 9 some ukezavaMze loDhAgotre sA0 vijA bhA0 pad di putra sA0 tAlA suzrAvakena putra vIrama pramukha putra parivAra sahitena svapuNyArtha zrIzreyAMsanAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIkharataragacche zrIjinacaMdrasU ripaTTe zrIjinasAgarasU ribhiH // (76) Page #294 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le. 370 derInaM. 5/12 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1566 varSe jyeSTa sudi 5 some zromAlavaMze mAdhalapurAgotre sA0 AMbA pu0 sA0 tolAkena bhA0 rAMga putra jIvAdi-parivArasahitena sItalanAthavibaM kArita pratiSTitaM zrIsU ribhiH // le0 371 derIna. 5/13 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1569 varSe mAgha sudi 13 budha zrIstabhatIrthe0 ukezavaze mIThaDIyAgotre sA0 sahasadhIra bhA0 ruDI pu., jayacaMda bhA0 dhanAI amIcaMda bhA0 amarAde somacaMda bhA0 lAlU , jayacaMdra punyArtha zrIacalagacche zrIbhAvasAgarasUrINAmupadezena zrIAdinAtha biMbaM kAritaM // saMghene pratiSTitaM // le0 372 derInaM0 5/14 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1503 varSe jyeSTa sudi 5 zanau trA0 ThA0 sAhA bhA0 somI pu0 pAlhA nApAsahitena sAhAnamena zrIvimalavibaM kAritaM pratiSThita vRddhagacche bha0 zrIamaracaMdrasU ribhiH // le0 373 derInaM0 5/15 paMcatIrthI // sa0 1509 varSe mAgra su0 9 zrIupakezagacche karNATagotre sA0 dharmasIha bhA0 kUla pu0 saM0tolA bhAyo tipurAde pu0 nAthU zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 zrIkakkasU ribhiH // __ le0 374 derInaM0 5/16 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1504 mAhasudi 6 gugau prA0 vya0 vasUdA bhAryA sahajalade suta cAMpAkena bhAryA pUrI sahitena bhrAtR jAyA ruDInimitta prAtR malusI nimittaM svazreyase zrInaminAthabiMba kA0 pra0 zrIrAmacaMdrasUrIpaTTe zrIpuNyacaMdrasUrINAmupadezena vidhinA zrAvakaiH // le0 375 derInaM0 5/17 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1420 varSe vaizAkhasudi 10 zuphre zrIsalepati devasi patnI devalade suta pAsaDa saDatarasiMha zreyortha zrIAdinAthapacatIrthI pratiSThitaM zrIcaturdazIprakSe // le0 376 derInaM0 5/18 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1487 varSe mArgazIrSe sudi 10 gurubAsera zrIzrImAlAjJAtIyavya0 catudratha bhA0 cAMpAlade putra vya8 AlhA kena munisuvratabivaM kAritaM pra0 zrIpUnimagacche zrIkakkasU ribhiH // le0 377 nemanAthacorI, siddhacakraM 1 // saMvata 1720 varSe poSa vadi 5 gurau bahAna (77) Page #295 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam pura-vAstavya zrIzrImAlajJAtIya saM0 rupajI bhAryA saM0 lAlabAI......upAdhyAya zrIvinayavijayagaNibhiH // le0 378 ne0 co0 si0 2 ||........vdi 5 guru....stavya zrIzrImAlajJAtIya ....bhAryA sahajabAhaI nAmnyA paTTa kArita pratiSTitaM zrIupAdhyAya zrIvinayavijayagaNibhiH le0 379 ne0 co0 si0 // saMvata 1395 nA varakhe Aso vadi 5 vAra guru dha / pra / taTava / sA0 nalacaMd......pratiSTitaM zrItapAgacche pahanacaMdra...... le0 380 ne0 co. si. 4 // saMvata 1837 nA AsvIna sudi 13 dine zrAvikA jelAvAI siddhacakra karApitaM pAM jyotidhijaya pratiSTitaM zrIneranagare le0 381 ne co0 si0 5 // saMvata 1862 nA varSe zrAvaNa sudi 13 dine....tIlokacaMda sAta....rasa gRha bhAryA haraghAbAIssa nAmAnA siddhacakra pratiSTha0 le0 382 ne0 co0 si06|| saMvata 1720 varSe posa vadi 5 gurau bahanapura vAstavya......I....sAha akhaI kArita pratiSTita zrIupAdhyAya-vinayavijayagaNibhiH le. 383 ne. co. si. 7 // vikramasaMvata 1720 varSe poSa badi 5 gurau bahAnapura-vAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zrIpattapokArita pratiSThitaM zrIupAdhyAya-zrIbijayagaNi le0 384 ne0 co0 si0 8 // saMvata 1720 varSe posa bada 5 gurau bahAnapuravAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 sudara bhAryA zrItejabAI paTTakAritaM pratiSTitaM thIupAdhyAya-zrIvinayavijayabhiH le0 385 ne0 co0 si09 // saMvata 1720 varSe posa vadi 5 gurau bahIpura vAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya....praTTakAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIupAdhyAya-vinayavijaya-gaNibhaH le0 386 ne0 co0 si0 10 // saMvata 1825 nA varSe mAgha vadi 5 Adita poravADajAtiya-vRddhazAkhAyA....zrIsiddhacakra kArApitaM / le0 387 ne0 co0 si0 11 // saMvata 1720 varSe poSa vadi 5 gurau budrAnapura-vAstavya-pauravA....paTTakAritaM pratiSThita zrIupAdhyAya-zrIvinayavijaya-gaNibhiH (78) Page #296 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 388 ne0 co0 si0 12 // saMvata 1720 varSe posavadi 5 gurau bahanapuravAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya saM0 praDa bhA0 tIlakA paTTakArita pra0 upAdhyAya-vinayavijayagaNi ___ le0 389 ne co0 si0 13 // saMvata 1720 varSe posa vadi 5 gurau behAnapura-vAstavya zrIzrImAlajJAtIya....kArita pratiSThita u0 zrIvinayavijayagaNiH / le0 390 ne0 co0 si0 14 // saMvata 1822 mAgazIra sudi 2 vAra ravau dine sA0 bAbAjAtIya bAIgaMgAbAI siddhacakrakarItA...leDara nagara vAstavya le0 391 ne0 co0 si0 15 // saMvata 1853 varSe AsADa sudi 10mI dine guruvAsare zrImAlajJAtIya sA0 sarupacaMdra le0 392 ne0 co0 si0 16 // saMvata 1853 varSe AsADa sudi 10 guruvAsare zrImAlajJAtI sA0 sarupacaMda putrI lakhamI pratiSThApItA // le0 393 ne0 co0 si0 17 // saMvata 1727 varSe zrAvaNa vadi 3 dine ..rautamaca purAdane bA tat le0 394 ne0 co0 si0 18 // saMvata 1853 varSa AsADa sudi 10 dazama dine guruvAra zrImAliya sA0 tarAyaMda kArApita zrIsaddhacakra le0 395 ne0 co0 si0 19 // saMvata 1838 nA varSe miti vaizAkha vadi 2 dine zrImAlIjJAtiya zrAvikA acaratakasya zrIsiddhacakra kArApita sakala....munIzvara siddhacakra pratiSTA kArApita // le0 396 ne0 co0 si0 20 // saMvata 1828 nA caitra vadi 13 dine zrAvikA vAlI bAI siddhacakra kArApitA paM0 jotivijayagaNi pratiSThASita / shriineraangre| le0 397 ne0 co0 si0 21 // saM0 1696 va........zrItAtAva (?) jJAtiya vRddhazAkhAyAM sAha gaaNgaa........|| le0 398. ne0 co0 si0 22 // saM0 1762 varSe phAguNa sudi 2 dine ravivAsare shreyH........|| (79) Page #297 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 399 ne0 co0 si0 23 // saM0 1825 varSe mAhavadi 5 yuvarade bhavapure zrIporavADajJAtI viddhizAkhAyAM zAha gopAladAsena bharApita // le0 400 ne0 co0 si0 24 // saMvata....varSe mAha sudi 13 dine....bhAryA kraapit....| modITUkaH le0 401 derInaM0 692/64/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1373 jyepTa sudi 12 zre0 rANiga bhA0 lADI pu0 mahaNasihena pitA mAtA zreyortha zrImahAvIrabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 aca0 gacche zrImANikasU ri, maNibhadrasU ribhiH le0 402 derInaM0 692/64/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1519 varSe kAtika vada 4 guru zrImAlajJAtIya ma0 gopA bhA0 nAku suta ThAkena pitR mAtR zreyothai zrIdharmanAthabiMba kArita pratiSThitaM zrIbrahmANagacche zrImunicaMdrasU ripaTTe zrIvIrasU ribhiH // balahArivAstavya // shrii|| le0 403 derInaM0 692/64/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1387 varSe jyepTa sudi 9......mAtApiya zre zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrI....tilakasU ribhiH le0 404 derInaM0 692/64/4 paMcatIrthI // savat 1441 varSe kA0 pra0 // le0 405 derIna0 692/64/5 paMcatIrthI // sa0 1314 varSa vaizAkha sudi 3 zukre kAritaM pra0 zrIcaMdrabhaprabhasU ribhiH le0 406 derInaM0 692/64/7 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1498 varSe phAgaNavadi 10 upakeza jJAtI........dhUtIkamAnyA zrIzItalanAthabiMbaM kA0 upakezagacche kaMkudAcArya pra0 zrIkakkasU ribhiH le0 407 derInaM0 652/64/7 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1368 varSe zre0 jagadhara bhAryA padamala putra trIkamena bhAryA sahajala sahitena pitoH zreyase zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIguNacaMdrasU rizipya-zrIdharmadevasU ribhiH (80) , Page #298 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacaeNjayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 408 derIna0 692/64/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1486 varSe jeSTa vAde 9 khau zrIzrImAlajJAtIya........zreyase su0 bhri0 viruyAkena zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrInarasiMhasUrINAmupadezena le0 409 derInaM0 693/65/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1517 varSe vaizAkha sudi 12 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 mahuNasI bhA0 siriyAdevi suta mahaM mahipA, davA, trAsaNa, tejA eteSAM madhye mahaM, devA bhA0 purIkena sva0 jIvatasvAmi zrIzaMbhavanAthabiMba kA0 pratiSThitaM zrIAgamagacche zrIANaMdaprabhasU ribhiH // lAkaDIuDAvAstavya // le0 410 derInaM. 693/65/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1685 varSe vaizAkha mudi 15 dine kSatrIsarA0 pujA bhA0 hanI....zrInaminAthabiMba zrIvijayadevasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM / le0 411 derInaM0 693/65/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1583 varSe vaizAkhasudi 3 dine usavAlajJAtI maM0 vAnara bhA0 rahI pu0 maM0 nAkara pu0 bhojA, bhaM0 nA0 bhA0 harakhAde pu0 pakhu vaju bhojA bhAryA bhAvalade pa....caM kuTuMbasahitaiH svazreye zrIsuvidhinAthabiMbaM0 kAritaM prati0 dvivaMdaNIkaga bha0 zrIdevaguptasU ribhiH // bhAgagagrAme // le0 412 derInaM0 693/65/4 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1577 varSe jyeSTa sudi 5 zanau prAgvATajJAtIya do0 vachA bhAryA rAmati putra do0 sApA zrIrAja zrIraMga-zANAsivA pramukha kuTuMbena svazreyortha zrIanaMtanAthavibaM kAritaM papAgacche zrIhemavimalasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // zrIrAjanagare le0 413 derInaM0 693/65/5 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1510 barSe caitra vadi 5 zanau uzavaMze babhe gotre sA0 jejA patnI cAgI pu0 kAku cAMdAvAhacAkairmAtRpitRpuNyAthai Atmazreyothai zrImunisuvratabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 zrI....Sigacche prasannacaMdasU ripaTTe zrIjayacaMdrasU ribhiH // le0 414 derIna0 693/65/6 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1523 vai0 su0 3 guru phophagoIyA zrIzrImAlAvaMze pho0 khImasI pu0 hIrA bhA0 AhI su0 ziriyA bhA0 ....putra gAMgAkena bhA0 cAMI pu0 mANikasamadharayutena pitRmAtRzreyortha zrIsumatinAthabiMbaM kArApitA pra0 zrIvRddhatapApakSe bha0 zrIjinaratnasU ribhiH (81) Page #299 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 415 derInaM0 693/65/7 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1522 varSe mA0 su0 13 amalAhavAsi zrImAlajJAtIya sA0 vIsala bhA0 sudari suta sA0 vIjA bhA0 aku suta sA0 dhanAkena bhA0 mANika bhrAtR jAgA suta rAjA kudA kheku pra0 kuTuMbayuyena pitRH theyase zrIzItalanAthabiMba kAritaM pra0 taSA zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 416 derInaM0 693/65/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1489 phAguNa sudi 2 zukra zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 maNorasI bhara0 yamicI putrI baIdhAru mAtRpitRzreyortha kAritaM pra0 sUrINAmupadezena vidhinA zrAdhaH // le0 417 derInaM0 693/65/9 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1479 varSe mAgha vadi 7 some zrImAlajJA0 vya0 jaDutamAla bhA0 jaDaNAde zreyase su0 hirapAlena zrImahAvIraH kAritaM pra0....zrIdharmatilakasU ribhiH / zrIzAMtinAthamaMdire le0 418 derInaM0 364/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1536 mAgha vadi 6 some zrIusavaMze sudhAgotre bha0 mokhasI putra bha0 jUThA bhA0 sAmalade putrAbhyAM bha0 jiNIA ratnAbhyAM bhrAtRsahajA puNyArtha zrIAdinAthavi kAritaM zrIkoraMTakagacche kakkasU ripaTTe zrIsAvadevasUribhiH pratiSThataM // hemAmAITUkaH le0 419 caturviMzatikA, dhAtuH // saMvat 1532 varSe jyeSTa vadi 13 budhe AsApadaA zrImAlajJAtIya sA0 meghA suta sA0 karmaNa bhAryA karmAde putra vya0 samadhara bhAryA vaIjU putra vya0 sahisA vya0 sihadatta vya0 zrIpati Atmazreyase vya0 sahisakena bhAryA amarAde sata....dhAvarakIkAyutena zrIAdinAthabiMba kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrIvRddhataprAprakSe zrIzrIzrIudayasAgarasU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 420 sAkarasATrakamadhye mUlanAyakaH, dhAtuH // svastizrI-zrIvikramAt saMvat 1893 A varSa zAke 1758 pavartamAne mAghamAse zukalapakSe dazamitithau budhavAsare zrIgurjaradeze zrIahamadAvAdanagare zrImAlajJAtau laghuzAkhAyAM sAha zrIdAmodaradAsa tat putra sA0 (82) Page #300 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhA: zrI 5 premacaMd tatputra sA0 zrI sAkaracaMda tatputra sA0 pItAmara tatmAtA prathamA bAI ajaba dvitIyA mAnakuara tAbhyAM svabhataM tathA svaputra puNyArtha zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kArApitaM ca saMvIjJatapAgacche zrIvijayasiMhasU rI-saMtAnIya-saMvijJamArgIya-zrI5zrISaM0 padmavijayagaNI ziSya paM0 ....vijayagaNIbhiH pratiSThitaM // zrIsaurASTratilakAyamAne zrIsiddhagiritIrthe // zrIman tapAgacchAMbaradinamaNi pra0 / bha0 / zrIvijayadeveMndrasU ribhiH / pratiSThitaM tapAgacche / le0 421 sA0 ma0 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1508 varSa mArgasira vadi 2 budhe zrIutADagotre sA0 bhUNA bhAryA tolha molhI etayoH putreNa....tAtinAgnyA pitroH pu0 zrIcaMdraprabhavivaM kA0 pra0 zrIbRhatgacche zrIratnaprabhasU ripaTTe zrImahendrasU ribhiH // 74 // le0 422 derInaM0 829/62/1 kharataravasahI, caturvizatikA // saMvata 1512 varSa mAgha sudi 5 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya pritRdevA mAtR nAmalade zreyothai suta saravaNena zrIAdinAthamukhyazcaturvizatipaTaH kAritaH zrIpUrNimApakSIya zrIsAdhuratnasUrINAmupadezena pratipTito vidhinA kalhADAgrame le0 423 derInaM0 829/62/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1486 varSa vaizAkha su0 2 some zrIzrImAlajJAtIya godhA bhAryA gurade putra zre0 AlhaNasiMhena zrIaMcalagacche zrIjayakitisUrINAmupadezena zrIvAsupujyasvAmibiMba kAritaM pratisTitaM zrIsaMdhena // zrIzrI // le0 424 derIna0 829/62/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1576 varSa vaizA0 sudi 5 gurau zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 vAsaNa bhA0 sakhI suta baho-devA-dhAraMgA-vAghA-vaDujujade suta vacchA yutena pitRmAtRnimittaM Atmazreyortha zrIdharmanAthabiMba kA0 pra0 zrIbrahmANagacche bha0 zrIvimalasU ribhiH // sIharavAstavya // // le0 425 derInaM0 829/62/4 caturviMzatikA // saM0 1229 bhAvamAmene pamagAto // le0 426 caturmukhaprAsAdapRSThabhAgamaMdire paMcatIrthI // saM0 1500 vaizAkha sudi 5 gurau zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 bhIlAkhyena bhAryA cApU suta Asadhara DAhAdi kuTuMba yutena svazreyase zrIpadmaprabhavibaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvRddhatapApakSezvara-zrIratnasiMhasU ribhiH // (83) Page #301 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 427 kharatakhasaheH pASANabiMba 3 // saM0 1515 varSa AsADha sudi 4 sobhe usavaMze sA0 rAmasI putra sA0 nayaNA bhAryA nayaNAde putra sA0 kocara sA0 nayaNAkena svapuNyArtha zrImunisuvrataviMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIkharataragacche zrIjinasAgarasU ripaTTe zrIjinasuMdarasU ribhiH / / le0 428 kha0 pA04 // saM0 1305 zrImAlajJAtIya lAkhA suna punasiMhena nija mAtu tAlU zreyortha biMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvIrasU ribhiH le0 429 kha0 paa0/5|| saM0 42(1542) jyoSTasudi 12 rakhau mahaM0 AnaMdena suta siMha zreyortha zrIRSabhanAtha pratimeyaM kAritA pratiSThitA zrIsiddhasenasU ribhiH // le0 430 kha0 pA 6/4/1 kharatarakhasahIpravese savye pASANabiMba zrIsiddhahemakumAra saM0 40 (?) vaizAkha vada 2 gurau bhImapallI sAka vyava0 haricaMdra mAryA guNadevi zreyortha zrIzAMtinAtharbibaM kAritaM // le0 431 kha0 pra.7/4/2 paMcatArthI // saM0 1521 mAgha su0 13 prAgvATa saM0 sAraMga bhA0 vAru suta saM0 karmasiMhena bhA0 maTaku pramukha-yutena mAtR vAru zreyothai zrInAbhinaMdabivaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM tapAgacchazrIsomasuMdarasU risaMtAne zrIratnazekharasU ripaTTe zrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH zrIahamadAvAdanagare / le0 432 kha0 pra0 4/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1576 varSe caitra vadi 5 gurau zrImAlajJAtIya Tha0 mAkA bhAryA zAMNI putra bhavaDa suzrAvakeNa zrIaMcalagacche zrIMjayakezarasUrINAmupadezena svazreyase zrIajitanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsaMghena zrI // le0 433 kha0 pra0 4/4 paMcatIrthI // savat 1569 varSe mAgha sudi 10 rakhau zrIstabhatIrthavAstavya-usavAlajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM sA0 khImA bhAryA pRchI suta sA0 zrIpAla bhAryA maNakAI suta sA0 thAvareNa bhAryA punAI putra saM0 jayavaMta sA0 udayavaMta yutena zrIzreyAMsanAthavi kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsU ribhiH // le0 434 kha0 pra0 4/5 paMcatIrthI // saMvat......ApADa sudi 7 gurau zre0 prAlAkena bhrAtR promila tathA bhAryA vATathI nimittaM tinna pratimA kAritA / le0 435 kha0 pra0 4/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1459 varSe caitra sudi 1 zanau (84) , Page #302 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagiriSaragatA lekhAH manna zrIzrImAlajJAtIya pitR govala pitR gurada zreyase suta seulAkena jivasvAmizrIsutinAtha biMbaM kArita mAgeIgacche pra0 zrIudayadevasU ribhiH // 74 // le0 436 kha0 pra0 4/7 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1503 varSe bhADa....yerIgotre.... ....zrIzItalanAthaviMbaM kA0 pra0 dharmaghoSagacche......vijayasU ribhiH // le0 437 kha0 pra0 4/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1565 varSe posa sudi 11 budhe zrImAlajJAtIya zre0 DAhA suta melA pocA melA "bhA0 bagu suta mANika pocAkena bhrAtR nimittaM zrIsuvidhinAthabiMbaM pU0 pakSe bha0 zrIlakSmIprabhasU ripaTTe zrIsumatiprabhasU ri-upadezena pratiSThitaM pIparAlagrAme le0 438 kha0 pra0 4/9 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1525 varSa phA0 su0 9 some ukezajJAtIya zre0 narasA bhAryA nayaNAde su0 devAkena bhAryA chAkI yutena svazreyase zrIvimalanAthabiMba kA0 pra0 ukezagacche zrIsiddhAcAryasaMtAne zrIsiddhasU ribhiH // kharataravasahe raMgamaMDape le0 439 kha0 2/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1512 varSa jyeSTa vadi 5 some droAvAstavya-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 hIrA bhA0 hImAde suta maMjaNena bhA0 jamakAde bhrAtR gogana sahajA-melA yutena zrInaminAthaviMbaM kA0 Agamagacche zrIhemaratnasUrINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM // zrI // le0 440 kha0 2/2 paMcatArthI // saM0 1508 varSa sudi 5 some zrInANAvAlAgacche Tupa dhAmala goSTika aMbikAgotre sA0 palA bhA0 devalade putra josA bhA0 jasamAde pu0 huDA sahi0 josAkena Atmazreyase zrIsuvidhinAthabi0 pratiSThitaM zrIzAMtisU ribhiH // zreSThImotIzATUka le0 441 mUlaprAsAde caviMzatikA 1 // saM0 1503 jye0 su0 9 prAgvATa saM0 hApA bhAryA hAsalade putra jAMjaNena putra mujada--nArada-zatRdhana-zrIdhara-jIvAdi kuTuMbayutena nijapitR zreyase zrInaminAthabiMba kA0 pre0 tapAgacche--zrIjayacaMdrasU rigurubhiH // (85) Page #303 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 442 mo0 mU0 prA0 paMcatIrthI 2 // saM0 1511 varSa ASADha vadi 9 ukezavaMze parIkSagotre kA bhAryA chakku putra mahirAja-harirAja nagarAjaiH svapitRpuNyArtha zrImativivaM kAritaM prati0 khara0 gaNa zrIjinabhadrasU ribhiH // le0 443 mo0 mU0 prA0 paMcatIrthI 3 // saM0 1524 varSa vaizAkha sudi 3 some upakezajJAtau sucirtagotre maM0 lolA tihaNA-jAlhaNa pu0 maM0 meghAkena bhA0 bhAvAla pu0 cAMdiga-narIA-mokhA-sahAyutena tihaNA nemitta zrIsumatibiMba kA0 pra0 zrIupakezagacche kakudAcAryasaMtAne bhaTTAraka zrIkkasU ribhiH // le0 444 mo0 derInaM0 4/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1506 varSa phAgaNa sudi 9 zukre zrImulasaMghe bhaTTA0 zrIbhuvanakirti....zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM // le0 445 mo0 derInaM0 4/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1530 varSe mAgha va0 2 zukra zrIzrImAlajJAtIya do0 rAjA bhA0 zemu pu0 bhRtara bhA0 raMgI dvitI0 bhA0 dhanasihitena mAtRzreyase zrIzItalanAthabiMvaM kArita pra0 zrIpUrNimApakSe tadurdhvazAkhAyAM zrIdharmazekharasU ripaTTe bha0 zrIvizAlarAjasUrINAmupadezena vidhinA // lADalivAstavya // le0 446 mo0 derInaM0 34/1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1587 varSe caitra vadi 5 gurau prAgvATajJAtIya vIsalanagaravAstavya vya0 saM0 ratnAkena bhA0 pratali putra saM0 kAlhA putrI ramAI pramukha yutena zreyothai zrIkuMthunAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM tapAgacche zrIhemavimalasU ripaTTe zrIsobhAgyaharSasU ribhiH // le0 447 mo0 derInaM0 34/2 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1513 varSa jyeSTa vadi 10 gurau prA0 jJAtIya maM0 maulAsI bhA0 rANI suta dhanAkena bhA0 rupiNi pramukhakuTuMbayutena zrIzItalanAthabiMbaM kAritaM pra0 tapAzrIsomasuMdarasU ripaTTe zrIjayacaMdrasU riziSya-zrIratnazekharasU rizrIzrIzrIudayanaMdisU ribhiH le0 448 mo0 derInaM0 34/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1622 varSa posavadi...dine amadAvAda-usavaMzIya-sA0 gaNapati bhA0 sarupade suta jasukena bhA0 mUlI sahitena svazreyothai zrInaminAthavivaM kAritaM pratiSTitaM zrItapAgacche zrIhIravijayasUribhiH // (86) Page #304 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 449 mo0 derInaM 34 /4 paMcatIrthI // saMvat 1547 varSa mAgha sudi 12 khau ukezavaze saMkhIvAlago0 sA0 khImA bhA0 mAhAla putra sA pethA bhrAtri sA0 udAkena bhA0 kamarAI pramu0 kuTuMbayutena pUrvajazreyase zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIsaMDeragacche zrIsumatisUribhiH || kalyANamastu // le0 450 mo0 derInaM0 34 / 5 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1520 varSa vai0 su0 2 zukre prAgvATa sA0 kUrasihena bhAryA tAru suta meghA yutena svazreyase zrIaMcalagacchesa- zrIjaya kezarisUriNA mupadezena zrInaminAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca le0 451 mo0 derInaM 0 71 / 1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1507 huMbaDaghAmikauTAlApta putra hAsa zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmi biMbaM kA0 pra0 tapA zrIsomasuMdarasU riziSya - zrIratnazekharasUribhiH // le0 452 mo0 derInaM0 71 / 2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1586 varSa mAhavadi 5 dine zrIzrImAlajJAtIya vu0 saravaNa bhAryA ajU suta rupA vacchA vu0 rupA bhAryA0 rupAde suta mAMDaNa vu0 vachA bhAryA vaIjalade suta karmaNa dharmaNa pitR zreyase zrIzItalanAthAdipaMcatIrthI Agamagacche zrIudayaratnasU ri-pratiSTitaM vidhinA le0 453 mo0 derInaM 0 71 / 3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1529 varSe mAgha suda 5 khau zrIsurANAgotre saM0 pola bhA0 golU dehaNa putra saM0 devA bhAryA devalade puNyArthe // zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIdharmaghoSagacche zrIpadmatro .... sUri pa0 zrIpadmAnaMdasu ribhiH // le0 454 mo0 derInaM0 71 / 4 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1517 varSe poSa vadi 5 guru zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zre0 jogA bhA0 jammAde su0 rAmAkena bhA0 ratnu su0 gAgarANA pramukhayutena svapitrornimittaM Atmazreyase zrIsuvidhinAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 caitragacche dhAraNapadriya bha0 lakSmIdevasUribhiH // le0 455 mo0 derInaM 0 71 / 5 paMcatIrthI // saM0 2226 AsaDa sudi 9 gurau caMdragacche pahavaDa murikayA .... zreTThANi zrAvikayA zreyortha vIranAthapratimA kAritA // pra0 zrI // pralagatasUri0 (87) Page #305 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 456 mo0 derIna 0 71/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1440....varSe vaizAkha sudi 10 ta....pusjJA0....kamaladhanA gotre sA0 daramA bhA0 hemIputra hAhAlha bhA0....tA sahitena ....zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kA0 pra0 saDeragacche zrIsU ribhiH // le0 457 mo0 derInaM0 71/7 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1520 varSe ASADa vadi 1 vIravADAsi vya0 rakhIdrA bhAryA lIbI putra devAkena bhAryA deNulade pitR lAkhA putra dalhAdikuTuMbayutena kAritaM zrIvimalabiMbaM svazreyase pra0 tapAzrIlakSmIsAgarasU ribhiH // le0 458 mo0 derIna 71/8 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1532 varSe vaizAkha sudi 13 some zrIzrImA0 zre0 vAghA su0 zre0 jUThA nimittaM bhA0 bhAnU suta laTakaNena pitRzreyortha zrIsaMbhavanAthaviMbaM kA0 pratiSThitaM pippalagacche zrIzAlibhadrasU ri....gorIAvADa vAstabya // le0 459 mo0 derIna0 125/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1535 zrImulasaMghe zrIbhuvanakirtisU ri....upadezAt0 pra0 AmA bhA0 dahavade suta dhanapAla bhA0 nAkusuta mahirAja-mokala-mAdhava-nemA-navA zrIcaMdraprabha.... // le0 460 mo0 derInaM0 125/5 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1505 varSe vaizAkha su0 7 bu0 usavAlajJAtIya bhaMDArI gotre sA0 bAhaDa pu0 sAlhA dohaDa bhA0 mAkhI mohohaDa bhAryA delhaNade pu0 dhInA sahadevena zrIAdinAthabiMba kAritaM zrIdharmaghoSa ga0 pra0 zrIsAdhuratnaprabhasU ribhiH // // // le0 461 mo0 ratnasahamaMdire 1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1893 varSe zAke 1758 pra / mumAhibiMdara-vAstavya-usavaMze laghuzAkhAyAM sA0 premacaMda / bhA / bAI IchA / t| pu / sA0 khemacaMda / bhA0 bAI devakora suta amaracaMda saparivArasahitena zrIzAMtinAthabiMbaM kArApitaM tapA0 zrIvijayaANaMdasU rigacche zrIdhanezvarasU rirAjye pratiSThitaM // paMcatIrthI // le0 462 mo0 20 2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1519 varSe jye0 va0 1 gurau zrImAlajJA0 vi0 pAtA bhA0 padamalade suta juThA bhA0 khetu nAmnyA suta devadAsasahAdA-jinadAsAdi kuTuMbayutayA svazreyase zrIdharmanAthabiMba Agamagacche zrIdevaratnasUrINAmupadezena kArita pratiSThitaM ca vidhinA // zrI // (88) Page #306 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagiridharagatA lekhAH le0 463 mo0 20 3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1507 varSe jyeSTa sudi 2 some zrIArasapallI-zrIzrImAlajJAtIya sA0 meghA suta sA0 karmaNa bhA0 karmAde putra vi sA0 samadhareNa bhA0 vayaju putra bhuDara sahasasihadatta-mulAyutaiH Atmazreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM zrIvRddhataSApakSe zrIratnasiMhasU ribhiH // le0 464 mo0 1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1893 rA varSe mA / suda 10 budhe libaDinagara-vAstavya-prAgavaDajJAtIya-vRddhazAkhAyAM zre0 bhaIcaMda tatputra bIracaMda zrIajitanAthabiMbaM bharApitaM tapAgacchAMbaradInamaNI bha0 / zrIzrIvijayadeviMdrasU ribhiH pratiSThitaM // zrI // le0 465 mo0 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1893 nA mAgha sudi 10 budhe rAjanagare osavA0 ladhi sA0 nihAlacaMda tatputra khuzAlacaMda tatputra sA0. kesarisiMgha tasya putra sA0 haThisiMgha tena svazreyothai zrIajitanAthabiMbaM kArApitaM pratiSTitaM sAgaragacche bha0 zrIzAMtisAgarasU ribhiH / la / mu / praviNegA // le0 466 mo0 ekamaMdire 1 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1577 varSe jyeSTa sudi 5 zanI zrIcaMpakapurabAstavya-upakezajJAtIya-sAha devarAja bhA0 ramAI mu0 sAha mANika bhA0 mANade suta dhAva smamastakuTuMbayutena sA0 mANika bhrAtR do0 vasarAjanamattaM zrIsutinAthavivaM kAritaM zrIvRddhatapApakSe bhaTTAraka-zrIdhanaratnasU ribhiH pratiSTitaM // dhArakasya saukhyaM kuru // zubhaM kuru le0 467 mo0 e0 2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1487 varSe mAdhika sudi 5 gurau zrImAlajJAtIya pitA arjana su0 vayarA bhA0 valade suta vajesI vanAkena pitRzreyortha zrIcaMdraprabhasvAmibiMba kAritaM zrIpurNimApakSI-zrIsAdhuratnasUrINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM vidhinA // vajesa jIvatasvAmi // le0 468 mo0 e0 3 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1903 nA varSe zAke 1768 pravartamAne mAghamAse kRSNapakSe 5 ti / bhRguvAsare zrImuMbAIbaMdara vAstavya usa0 jJAtA / vRddha zAkhAyAM unAhaTAgotre seTha moticaMda ta / bhA / divAlivAI ta / putra sA0 khemacaMdabhAI tena zrIneminAtha paMcatirathi karApitaM zrIvR / khara / vI / gacche zrIjinamahendrasU rirAjye pratiSThI // 12 (89) Page #307 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 469 mo0 caturviMzatikA // saM0 1495 ADalaudharavAsi-lADaAzrImAla / jJAtIya zre0 rADalena bhAryA lAcchu suta zANA bhAryA DaDaru putra popaTa pramukha kuTuMbayutena bhagInI tAjI zreyase zrIzAMtinAthavi kAritaM pratiSTitaM tapAgacche nAyaka-zrIsomasuMdarasU ribhiH // le0 470 mo0 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1510 varSe phAguNa vadi 3 zukra vRddhazAkhIya-zrIzrImAlajJAti maM0 cAMpA bhAryA bA0 gamaku tayoH putra va0 godhAkena bhA0 vA0 lunigade putra sIhA pramukhasvakuTuMbazreyothai zrIpArzvanAthabiMbaM kAritaM // pratiSThitaM vRddhatapApakSe bha0 zrIvijayatilakasU ripaTTe bha0 zrIvijayadharmasUrIzvaraiH // zrIrastu // le0 471 rAmapatolIkA pravezemaMdire paMcatIrthI // saM0 1530 varSe phA0 va0 2 dine ukezajJAtIya sA0 kAla bhA0 karmasI bhA0 trIvadhukena bhA0 lAdu putra cAMda bhA0 cAMdu pramukhakuTuMbayutena svazreyase vivaM kA0 pra0....Neya gache zrIudayaprabhasU ribhiH le0 472 zreSThI-kezavajInAyakamaMdire paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1921 varSe zAke 1786 pravartamAne mAgha suda 7 tithau guruvAsare zrImadaMcalagacche zrIratnasAgarasU rINAmupadezena zrIkacchadeze koThArAnagare zrIusavaMze laghuzAkhAyAM gAMdhImotAgotre sAtAe nAyaka maNasI tadbhAryA bAI tajula seTha kezavajI tasa bhAryA pAvAbAI tatputra narasIbhAI nAyaka anaMtanAthaviSaM bharAvitaM aMjaNavIta // le0 473 ujamabAITUke caturviMzatikA // saMvata 1921 nA varaSe zAke 1786 prava0 mAgha mAse zuklapakSe saptamatithau zrIguruvAsare zrIrAjanagara vAstavya usavAlajJAtI-vIzA-vRddhazAkhAyAM nagarazeTha khuzAlacaMda tatputra zeTha vakhatacaMda tadbhAryA jaDAvabAI putrI bena ujamabA svazreyortha zrIzAMtinAthajI bharApita zrIsAgaragacche pujya-bhaTTAraka-zrIzAMtisAgarasU rinA pratiSThitaM // zrIkalyANamastu // le0 474 zreSTho-narazI-kezavajITake mUlamaMdire pASANabiMba // saMvata 1921 varSe zAke 1786 pravartamAne mAgha sudi 7 tithau guruvAsare zrImadaMcalagacche pujabhaTTArakazrIratnasAgarasUrIzvarANAmupadezAt zrIkacchadeze koThAranagare uzavaMze laghuzAkhA gAMdhImotAgotra sA nAyake maNasI tatbhAryA hIrAbAI tat putra seTha kesavajI tat bhAryA pAbAbAI tat putra narasIbhAInA nAmanA biMbaM bhraavit............|| (90) Page #308 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH le0 475 zre0 na0 ke0 4/1 pASANabiMbaM // saMvata 1921 varSe zAke 1786 pravartamAne mAgha suda 7 tithau zrIguruvAsare zrImadaMcalagacche pujya - bhaTTAraka - zrIratnasAgarasUrI - zvarANAmupadezena, zrIkacchadeze koThAranagare zrIuzavaMze laghuzAkhAyAM gAMdhImotAgotre sA nAyaka maNasI tadbhAryA hIrabAI tatputra seTha kesavajI nAeka tadbhAryA pAbAbAI tat putra narasI - bhAI nAmanA jinabiMbaM bharApitaM ajaNAsalAkhA karApitaM // le0 476 0 na0 ke0 4/2 pASANavitraM // saMvata 1921 varSe zAke 1786 pravartamAne mAghamAse zuklapakSe 7 saptamatithau guruvAsare zrImadaMcalagacche pujyabhaTTAraka - zrIratnasAgarasU rizarANAmupadezAt zrIkacchadeze koThAranagare zrIusabaMze laghuzAkhAyAM gAMdhImotAgotre zA 0 nAeka maNasI tatbhAryA hIrabAI tatputra seTha kezavajI tad bhAryA pAbAbAI tatputra narasIbhAI nAmanA jinabiMba bhArApita aMjanazalAkA || le0 477 zre0 na0 ke0 5 / 1 pASANabiMbaM || saMvata 1921 varSe zAke 1786 prabartamAne mAgha suda 7 tithau zukravAsare zrImadaMcalagacche zrIratnasAgarasUrIzvarANAmupadezAt zrIkacchadeze koThAranagare zrIusavaMze laghuzAkhAyAM gAMdhInotAgotre zA0 nAeka maNasI tasa bhAryA hIrAbAI tatputra zeTha kezavajI tad bhAryA pAbAbAI tatsUta narasIbhAI nAmanA jinabivaM bharApitaM aMjanazalAkhA karApitA zrImahAvIrajI. 0 478 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1530 varSe phA0 va0 2 dine ukezajJAtI saM0 kAla bhA0 karmasI bhrAtR nAyakena bhA0 lAkU putra cAMdA bhA0 cAMpU pramukhakuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIzreyAMsabiMbaM kA0 pra0 brahmANagacche zrIudayaprabhasUribhiH le0 479 bAlAvasahI, derInaM0 609/5/1 paMcatIrthI / saM0 1326........ .. pitR nayaNasiMha zreyortha... . zrI ....... nAtha biMbaM kArita pratiSThita zrIsUribhiH // le0 480 bA0 derInaM 0 609/5/3 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1525 phA0 su0 7 prAgvATa jJA0 bhAlo bhA0 sAru suta vya0 samarAkena bhA0 varju suta kesA kuTuMbayutena svazreyase zrIzAMtinAtha biMbaM kA. pra. zrIlakSmIsAgarasUribhiH zrItapAgacchezaiH zrIpattane // le0 481 bA0 derInaM0 609/5/2 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1464 varSe sudi 12 ( 91 ) Page #309 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam some meDutavAlagotre sA0 samarA bhAryA gAru putra meNadakena svapitRzreyase zrIpadmaprabhabiMba kArApitaM pratiSThitaM maladhArigacche zrImatisAgarasU ribhiH // le0 482 bA0 derInaM0 609/5/4 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1475 varSe jyeSTa mudi 7 zukra usavAlajJAtIya sAha dhaNapAla bhAryA purade putra sAha khetAkena nijapitRzreyortha zrIaMcalagacche zrIjayakezarasU rINAmupadezena zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kAritaM pratiSThitaM ca sU ribhiH // le0 483 bA0 derInaM0609/5/5 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1494 varSe jyeSTa sudi 11 ukeza0 sA0 payA bhAryA.......sara punyArtha zrIzaMbhavanAya prati0 ca zrIkharataragacche zrIjinasU ri0........| le0 484 bA0 derInaM0 609/5/6 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1385 phA0 su0 bhome zA0 premacaMda............sIha dhAMdhAbhyAM pitrA mAtR saMtAna zreyase zrIAdinAthabiMbaM kA0 zrIguNakarasU rINAmupadezena pratiSThitaM // le0 485 derInaM0 228/3 paMcatIrthI // saMvata 1517 varSe mAgha sudi 5 gurau khadira.............bAI jabaku putra zre0 samadhara zre0 zivA zre0 samadhara bhA0 savAI zre0 zivA bhA0 siriyAde svazreyase zrIsumatibiMbaM kA0 pra0 zrIpurNimApakSe zrIsAdhuratnasU ribhiH // le0 486 derInaM0 584/1 paMcatIrthI // saM0 1407 varSe mAgha suda 13 surANAgotre sA0 tIsala bhAryA vAlahade su0 samadA-sAvaDa-samarA pitro puNyArthaM zrIcaMdraprabhavivaM kA0 pratiSThitaM zrIdharmaghoSagacche zrIpadmANadevasU ribhiH // le0 487 zrIzajayagirivare karmazAkRtodvAre pratiSThitaH zrIAdIzvaraprabhuH1 // OM // saMvata (t ) 1587 varSe zAke 1453 pravartamAne vaizA[ kha ] vada 1 A lekhAMko 487, 488 gRhItuM na zakyA ato'smAbhiH prAvInalekhasaMgraha dvItiyabhAgAduddhRtau. B madIyatAraka-zrIAgamoddhArakANAmAjJayA vi0 saM0 1996nA ataH paryantA lekhAH mayA jAtamahenatena gRhItA: C etasmin lekhe viMzatitamazatAbdhinAM lekhA na gRhitAH, nirdeSamAtrA atyalpA gRhitAH santi (92) Page #310 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH 6 ravau / zrIcitra[ kUTa ] vAstavya zrIozavA[ la ]jJAtIya bRddhazAkhAyAM do0 narasiMha suta do0 [to ]lA bhAryA bAI lIlU putra 6 do0 ratnA bhAryA rajamalade putra zrIraMga do0 pomA bhA0 padmAde dvi0 pATamAde putra mANika hIrA do0 gaNA bhA0 gaurAde [dvi0] gAravade pu0 devA do0 dazaratha bhA0 devalade dvi0 TUramade putra kehalA do0 bhojA bhA0 bhAvalade dvi0 [ha ]rSama[ de putra-zrImaNDana ] bhaginI [ suha ]vide [baM]dhava zrImadrAjasabhAzaMgArahArazrIzatrujayasaptamoddhArakAraka do0 karamA bhA0 kapUrAde dvi0 kAmalade putra bhISajI putrI bAI sobhAbA0 sonA bA0 manA bA0 panA pramukhasamastakuTuMbazreyortha zatrujayamukhyaprAsAdo dvAre zrIAdinAthabiMbaM pratiSThApitaM / maM. ravI / maM. narasiMgasAnidhyAt / pratiSThitaM zrIsU ribhiH // zrIH // le0 488 karmAzAkRtodvAre pratiSThitaH zrIpuNDarIkasvAmI OM // saMvat 1587 varSe vaizAkha[va]di[6] khau zrIozavaMze vRddhazAkhAyAM do0 tolA bhA0 bAI lIlU suta do0 ratnA do0 pomA do0 gaNA do0 dazaratha do0 bhojA do0 karamA bhA0 kapUrAde / kAmalade pu0 bhISajIsahitena zrIpuMDarIkabiMbaM kAritaM // zrIH // le0 489 zrIvastupAlatejapAlalasya prApitI lekhau, lekha. 2 0 // OM namaH zrIsarvajJAya // vizvasthitiprathamanATakasUtradhAro, brAjhaM mahoghRtama.... D yadA lekhA mayA gRhitA tadA yadukramAMkAH sthAnAMkAH Asan tad mayA'tra dhRtAH adhunA ca teSAM kramAMkAnAM bhinnatA jAtAH santIti manyAmahe. E vikramIye 2020 varSe maMdirANAM sthApatya darzanArtha cunAdinAM nahivatkRte khArapattharovarI TaMkItA lekhAH prAdurbhatAH tanmayA dRSTe'pi madazakto na gRhitAH, zre A0 ka. yadi gRhyate'to dIyate / adhunA zre. A. ka.nA saMgRhitA ato __ antabhAge vRtAH F vi0 1996varSIyalekhasthAnabhraSTe mUlamaMdiradvAragatAH trayo lekhAH ratnapatolo dvArAntarItAH sthApitAH santi H zrIAdIzvarapratimoparyadhunA zIrNaprAyaH lekho'styeva tadapi navAmatimunivRMdaiH zrIAdIzvaraprabhoH pratikRte kRtA'sti nimannabhAge ca svanAmAni likhApitAni santi tad kiM svakhyAtAye ? 2 G dvArANAM nUtananirmANArtha khanane zrImAnavastupAlatejaHpAlAnAM dve lekhau prAdUrbhUte etau lekhau vAghrapatolIkAyAM sthApitau staH P zrImahAvIra-jaina-vidyAlayena suvarNamahotsave dve pustake prakaTI kRte staH, tadgatau etau lekhauM gRhito. (93) Page #311 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-dazanam ......... / ......... namrakirITakoTi, zakraM ......... surAsarayugAdidevaH // 1 // svaira bhrAmyatu nAma vIradhavalakSoNIMdukIrtirdivaM pAtAlaM ca mahItalaM ca jaladherantazca naktaM divaM / dhIsiddhAMjananirmalaM vijayate zrIvastupAlAkhyayA, tejaHpAlasamAhavayA bhavadidaM yasyAdrayaM netrayoH // 2 // devasarvanAtha ! kaSTaM nanu ka iva bhavAn ! naMdanodyAnapAlaH, khedastatko'dya ? kenApyahaha ! hRta ItaH kAnanAt kalpavRkSaH / haM mA vAdIstadetatkamapi karuNayA mAnavAnAM mayaiva, prItyAdiSTo'yamuphastilakayatitalaM vastupAlacchalena // 3 // vizve'smin kasya ceto da.... .... ........sya vizvAsamuccaiH, prauDazvetAMzurociH pracayasahacarI vastupAlasya kIrtiH / manye teneyamArohati giriSu.... .... ....yete guhavareSu, sautsaMgA........jalaM( ? )........yAti pAtAlamulam // 4 // sa eSa niHzeSavipakSakAlaH, zrIvastupAlaH, [ padamadbhutAnAm ] / yaH zaMkaro'pi praNavitrajasya, vibhAti lakSmIparirambharamyaH // 5 // kiM bru........ha........nIrani........mukhya, zrIvastupAlasacivasya guNapraroham / dainyA giro........nake........prItispRzaH kimapi yatra dRzaH patanti // 6 // zlAdhyo na vIradhavalaH kSitipAvataMsaH, kairnAma vikramanayAviva mUrtimaMtau / zrI vastupAla ] iti vIralalAma tejaHpAlazca buddhinilayaH sacivau yadIyau // 7 // anNtpraaglbhyH| sa jayati balI vIradhavalaH, sazailAMsAMbhodhi bhuvamanizamuddhartumanasaH / imo mantripraSThau] kamaThaSatikolA[ dhipa kalA-madabhrAM vibhrANau mudamudayinAM yasya tanutaH // 8 ||........nNdtu yAvadidaMpanau satkarmaniSNAtatAM, puSNAtu prayato jagannijaguNaiH prINAta lokaM pRNaiH / zreyAMsi zrayatAM yazAMsi cinutAmenAMsi vidhvaMsatAM, svAminya........vivAsanA(?) ca tanutAM zrIvastupAlazciraM // 9 // duHsthatvena kadImAnamakhilaM bhUlloMkamAlokya-nAvirbhatakRpArasena sahasA vyApAritazvetasA / pAtAlAbdalirAgataH svayamayaM zrIvastupAlacchalAttejaHpAlamiSAnmahImanimiSAvAsAcca karNaH punaH // 10 // tena bhrAtRyugena yA pratipuragrAmAdhvazailasthalaM, vApIkUpanipAnakAnanasaraH prAsAdasatrAdikA / dharmasthAnaparaMparA navatarA cakre'tha jINodadhRtA, tatsaMkhyApi na budhyate yadi paraM tadvedinIrmedinI // 11 // kSoNIpIThamiyadrajaHkaNami yatpAnIyabinduH patiH, siMdhUnAbhiyadaMgulaM viyadiyattAlA ca kAlasthitiH / itthaM tathyamavaiti yastribhuvane zrIvastupAlasya tAM, dharmasthAnaparaMparAM gaNiyituM zaMke sa eva kSamaH // 12 // yAvadivIMdunAkI vAsukinA vasumatItale zeSaH / iha sahacaritastAvattejaHpAlena vastupAlo'stu // 13 // zrIvikramasaMvat 1288 varSe popa zudi 15 zukre prazastinippannA // (94) Page #312 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH etAmalikhat vAjaDatanujanmA dhruvakajayatasiMhAkhyaH / udaridapi bakulasvAmisutaH puruSottamo vimalAM // le0 490 lekhaH 2 rda0 // OM namaH sarvvajJAya // devaH sa vaH zatamakhapramukhA maraughaklaptaprathaH prathamatIrthapatiH punAtu / dharmmakramo'pi kila kevala eva loke nItikramo'pi yadupakramameSa bhAti // 1 // zrIvikramasaMvat 1288 varSe pauSa sudi 15 zukre zrImadaNahirapura vAstavyaprAgvATavaMzAlaMkaraNa Tha0 zrIcaNDapAtmaja Tha0 zrIcaNDaprasAdAMgaja Tha0 zrIsomatanuja Tha0 zrIAzArAjanaMdanena Tha0 zrIkumAradevIkukSisaMbhUtena Tha0 zrIlU Niga mahaM0 zrImAladevayoranujena mahaM0 zrI tejaHpAlAjanmAnA caulukakulanabhastalaprakAzanaikamArtaNDamahArAjAdhirAjazrIbhuvanaprasAda devasutamahArAjazrIvIradhavaladevaprItipratipannararAjyasarvaizvaryeNa saM[...]77 varSe zrIzatrujyojjayaMtaprabhRti - mahAtIrthayAtrotsava - prabhAvAvirbhUtazrImaddevAdhidevaprasAdAsAhita tyena zrIzAradApratipannApatyena mahAmAtyazrIvastupAlena anuja mahaM0 zrItejapAlena ca Iha svakAritasauvarNadaMDakalazavirAjitasaccArutoraNAlaMkRta zrImadujjayaMtastaMbhanatIrthadvayAvatArara- - hatamaM nandIzvarasatyapurazakunikAvihArakapardikSAyatanoddhAra anupamAbhidhAnamahAsarovaraprabhRtipradhAnadharmasthAnaparaMparAvirAjitasya zrIzatrujayamahAtIrthamaulimukuTAyamAnasya zrI[ yugAdi ]tIrthaMkara zrIRpabhadeva bhavanasyAma --- - pratolI kA - ritA // cha // cha // bhUyAd bhUvalayasya vIradhavalaH svAbhI samudrAvadheH, zrImudrAdhikRtaH sukRtinA yenAzvarAjA- vizvopakAravatI // 1 // tmajaH / yasmA dhAnyAtmA khalu vastupAlasacivaH sarvo'pi sampadyate, yatsaMparkavazena meduramadodreko vivekI janaH / tajjanmA- -kautukamaho(?) - vitanute naivAntaraM kiMcana // 2 // tyAgArAdhini rAdheye hyekaNaivabhUrabhUt / udite vastupAle tu dvikarNAvarNyate'dhunA // 3 // zrIvastupAlate [ jaHpA ] lau jagatIjanasya cakSucyau / puruSottamAkSigatayoH syAtAM sadRzau na ravizazinoH // 4 // (95) Page #313 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam tAbhyAmeva ca zrIgurjarendrasacivAbhyAmiheva pratolayAH, pazcimabhAgabhittidvaye zrIAdinAthadevayAtrAyAtazrI---------, hasnAtrotsavanimittaM pUrNakalazopazobhitakarakamalayugalaM svabRhadbAndhavayoH Tha0 zrIlU Niga mahaM0 zrImAladevayoH zrImaddevAdhidevAbhimukhaM mUrtidvayamidaM kAritaM // cha / lAvaNyAMgaH zizurapi------kasya nAtsItprazasyaH, zlAghApAtraM dadhadapi kalAmAtramiMdurvizeSAt / datte ciMtAmaNiraNurapi prArthitAni prajAnAM, tApaklAnti vidhuvati sudhAbiMdurapyaMgalAnaH // 1 // maMtrIzRraH sa khalu kasya na malladevaH sthAnaM------nijAnvayanAmadheyaH / niSpiSya nirdayamadharmamayaM yadaMgaM yenodamlyata kalipatimalladarpaH // 2 // malladeva iti devatAdhipazrIrabhU tribhuvane vibhUtibhUH / dharmakarmadhiSaNAvazo yazorAzidAsitadyatidyatiH // 3 // tathA zrIzatraMjayamahAtIrthayAtrAmahotsabe samAgacchadatucchazrIzramaNasaMghAya kRtAMjalibaMdhabaMdhuraM pratoleyAH pUrvabhAgabhittidvaye svakArimetayoreva zrImahAmAtyAyoH pUrvAbhimukhaM[ mUrti ] yugalaM svAgataM pRcha[ccha]ti / ukta ca etadarthasaMvAdi anenaiva zrIzAradApratipannaputreNa mahAkavinA mahAmAtyazrIvastupAlena saMghapatinA / adya me phalavatI piturAzA mAturAziSi zikhAMDakuritAdya / / zrIyugAdijinayAtrikalokaM prINayAmyahamazeSamakhinnaH // 1 // puNyalokadvayasyAsya tejaHpAlasya maMtriNaH / devazcamara( ? )devazca zrIvIraH sarvadA hRdi // 2 // tejaHpAlaH sacivataraNinaMdatAd bhAgyabhUmi-yaMtra prApto guNavirapibhiniLapohaH parohaH / yacchAyAsu tribhuvanavanakhaNIpu pragalbhaM, prakrIDaMti prasRmaramudaH kIrtayaH zrIsabhAyAH // 3 // yaH zaizave vinayavairiNi bodhavaMdhye dhatte nayaM ca vinayaM guNodayaM ca / soyaM manobhavaparAbhavajAgarukarupo na kaM manasi cuMbati jaitrasiMhaH // 4 // zrIvastuSAla cirakAlaM..................bhavatvadhikAdhikazrIH / yastAvakInadhanavRSTihRtAvaziSTaM, ziSTeSu dausthya............pAvakamucchinatti // 5 // zrItejapAlatanayasya guNAnatulyAt, zrIlUNasiMhakRtinaH kati na stubanni ? / zrIbandhunodhuratarairapi yaiH samaMtA-duddAmatA trijagati kriyate'sya kIrteH // 6 // prasAdAdAdinAthasya, yakSasya ca kapardinaH / vastupAlAnbayasyAstu, prazastiH svastizAlinI // 7 // stambhastIrthadhvajayasiMhena likhitA // utkIrNA ca sUtra0 kumArasiMhena mahAmAtyazrIvastupAlasya prazastiriyaM // zubhamastu // cha / (96) Page #314 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjayagirivaragatA lekhA: le0 491 premAvasahIgatacandraprabhumaMdire lekhaH // saMvata 1860 varSe zAke 1726 pravartamAne vaizAkha zudi 5 caMdravAsare sUryapUryAdi vAstavya vIsAnemAjJAtIya zreSThI -- hIrAcaMda - - ghara ta / mIThAbhAI ta / devacaMdAdi samasta saMghena bhaTTArka zrIANaMda somasUrirAjye loDhipozAlagacche premacaMda lavajI ka-TUke zIkharadevAlayasya zrI 5 zrI -- zrIcaMdraprabhajinAlayasya - - pratiSThA vijayajinendrasUribhiH // le0 492 pre0 caM0 maMdire pASANavicaM / saMvata 1860nA varSe zAke 1726 pravartamAne vaizAkha sudi 5 tithau caMdravAsare zrIsUryapUryAdi vAstavya vIsAnImAjJAtIya saMghasamastena laghupozA lagacche bhaTTArka zrI- - sUrirAjye caMdraprabhabiMbaM bharApitaM pratiSThitaM vijayajiNendrasUribhiH tapAgacche / le0 493 pre0 caM0 pASANavivaM // saMvata 1912nA kArtaka vada 5 budhavAsare zrI ajitanAthabiMbaM sthApitaM zrIsuratabiMdare vAstavya jJAtIvIsAnemA do harkhajI hirajI tasya putrI bAI benakuvara zrIsiddhAcalatirthe premAvasI madhye nemAvANIyAnA prAsAdamadhye sthApItaM / zrIANaMdasUragacche / zubhaM bhavatu // ( etasmin maMdire saM0 1860 varSIyapaMcapratibhAH santi ) jayatalahaTTIkAgatalekhAH le0 494 talahaTTIkAmaMDape lekhaH // saM0 1889nA zAke 1755 pravartamAne vaizAka mAsa zuklapakSe tithi 13 budhavAsare zrIahammadAvAda vAstavya usavAlajJAtIya vRddhazAkhAyAM sIsodiyAvaMze kuMkamalolagotre / sA sahasakaraNa tat putra rAjasabhA zrRMgAra seTha zAMti - dAsa - tat putra se / lakhamIcaMda tat pU / se / khusAlacaMda tat putra rAjasabhA zrRMgAra se / vakhatacaMda bhAryA bAI joyatI tat pU / icchAbhAI dvitIya bhAryA bAI jaDAva tasya kukSe pUtra ratna 6 putrI 3 tasya nAmAni se0 / pAnAbAI 1 putra lallubhAI se / motIbhAI 2 tasya putra 5 phattebhAI 1 tasya putra 3 bhagubhAI 1 tat pUtra dalapatabhAI ta / nemacaMdabhAI 2 * etA zilAlekhA navyAdarze vismRtA ato'tra gRhItAH (97) 13 Page #315 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam gokalabhAI 3 tathA pU / choTAbhAI 2 bAlAbhAI 3 maNIbhAI 4 mohakamabhAI 5 se / anopabhAI 3 tat putra 3 DAhyAbhAI 1 mahAzukhabhAI 2 mohanalAlabhAI 3 rAjasabhA aMgAra zeTha hemAbhAI 4 tatputra 2 nagInadAsa 1 premAbhAI tat putra ma....bhAI se / dhairyamalabhAI 5 tat putrI bAI ratanabAI samarathaH se / manasukhabhAI 6 tat putra kSemacaMdabhAI 1 chaganabhAI 1 putrI 2 bAI vIjalI ta / bAI ujama evaM sarva kuTuMba yutena zrImAtrIjaDAvabAI punyArtha / saM / 1882nA bacherabAI jaDAvabAI zrIpAdalipta tIrthayAtrA Agata tadA vaizAkha zuda 11 devaMgata prApta tadA zrIsiddhAcala taleTImAM maMdiro dharmazAlA kAritaM zrIRSabhadevapAda kArApitaM pratiSThitaM sAgaragacche bha / zAMtisAgarasUri vi0 li0 / saM0 1895 // le0 495 ta0 asavyamaMDaSe pAdukA // saM / 1889nA vaizAkha zudi 1 budhavAsare zrIahammadAvAda vAstavya usavAlajJAtau vRddhazAkhAyAM zre0 zrI 5 zeTha khuzAlacaMda tat putra vakhatacaMda bhAryA bAI jaDAvabAI punyArtha zreSThi pAnAcaMda tathA ichAcaMda ta / motIcaMda ta / anopacaMda ta / seTha hemAbhAI ta / sUryamalla ta / manasukhabhAI ta / ujamabAI ta / phattecaMda ta / choTAlAla ta / bAlAbhAI ta / maNIbhAI ta / mohakacaMda ta / lallubhAI ta / pemAbhAI ta / DAhyAbhAI ta / khemacaMdabhAI ta / bhagubhAI ta / nemacaMdabhAI pramukhasakalakuTuMbena yugAdIza zrIRSabhadevajinapAdukA kArApitA sthApitA ca siddhAcala tala....nAma maMDapa / sAgaragacchIya zreSTi zrI 5 hemAbhAI kArApitA pratiSThitaM ca paM rupavijayagaNibhiH / zrIRSabhadeva pAdukA devakulikAyAM // le0 496 ta0 savyamaDape pAdukA // saMvat 1887nA dvitIya vaizAkha suda 13 vAra bhaume / sAke 1752nA pravartamAne / lIMbaDInagare vAstavya sA / viracaMda bhAyacaMda / zrIRSabhadeva pAdukA bharApitaM // zrIjinavijayadevendrasUrIzvarapATa virAjyamAne // zrIpAlItANA nagare ghoyala zrIbAvAjI kuMvara zrIdAdAbhAI tasya kuvara zrIpratApasaMghajI tasya virAjamAna bharApitaM // le0 497 te. Adau devakulikA // saM0 1907nA va0 vaizAka suda 11 caMdravA / zrIpAdaliptanagaravA zrImAlijJA0 laghuzA / kapAsi kAlA tatpu / ka / hIra-- Page #316 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH --------zrIpArzvanAtha pAdukA---------haku sukha zreyastu // B le0 498 ta0 pAdukA // saMvata 1906nA mAgha sudI 5 bhRguvAsareze / ThAkarasi tatputra do merAja zrIsiddhAcalatIrthatalATiyuM zrIRSabhadevapAdukA thApItaM zrItapAgacche bha0 zrI108 zrIdevendrasUrirAjye // le0 499 ta0 pAdukA // saMvata 1856 varSe kArtaka zudi 13 dine pAdukA traya munI dhIravijayena niramApitaM zrIsiddhAcala-talahaTIkAyAM thA sAdhavIjIrAjasIrIjI sAdhavIjI caMdanabAlAjI sAdhavIjI devasIrI. le0 500 talahaTTIkAmArge pIlamaDIvRkSA'dhaH devakulA // saMvata 186....varSe caitra vadi............vAstavya vuharAgotrIya sAha dharmasI putra kapuracaMdrAdi............saMghena zrIgoDIpArzvanAtha pAdanyAsa kAritaM.........zrIjinacaMdrasUrIvijayIrAjye // zilAlekheSu pUrtiH 1 1 A saM0 2020 varSe utthApanAdikArya kRte sati yA lekhAH prAdurbhutAH santi tAH zrepThi-ANaMdajI-kalayANajInA bhojaka-lakSmaNadAsa-hIrAlAlahastena vi0 2037 varSe te grAhitAH, tato mayA prAptA:, tAn lekhAn 'navyA' iti saMjJA dattvA atra / B kosAntA aMkAH lekheSu paMktiyudyokAH / C mUkhyaTU ke pAzcAtyabhAga aSTApadamaMdire gavAkSAnAM pIThIkASUtkIrNo lekhAH / D kramAMkena saha navyAMkaH / le0 501 navyo 1 // (1) saMvata 1687 varSe caitra zudi 3 zanau sUrata(2) vAstavya osabAlajJAtIya laghuzAkhIya sA. (3) vastA sU0 (su0) sA0 sUrajI bhA0 bA0 lADakI sU (su !)0 (4) sA0 ladhuA bhA0 vA0 lAchabAi pU0 (pu0?) kAhA (5)----kena devakulikA kA0 tapA (6) gacche zrIvijayadevasUrI(ri)rAjye // le0 502, na0 2 // (1) saMvata 1686 varSe phAguNa zudi 2 budhe dIvabaMdira Page #317 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam vAstavya zrImAlIjJA(2)tIya laghuzASIya seSTa(zreSThi) megha bhAryA bAI nAriMgade putra seSTa (preSThi) (3) sAhabajI bhAryA bAI vaIjalade devakulikA kArApitA (4) tapAgache(cche:) bha0 zrI 6 vijayadevasUrI(ri !) rAjye le0 503, na0 3 / pIThe pattharotkIrNAH trayaH paMktyaH / (1) saMvata 1728 vara(2) poSa suda 13 dane (3) suratavAta(sta ?)vya zrIma(mA ?) (4) laganA(jJA ?)tI(ya) varadha(vRddha !)sa(zA ?) (5) pIya sA0 nodhA pada(6)masI-- ------(7) -------------(8)---------(1)---------- le0 504, na0 4 // (1) saMvata 1686 barSe caitra zudi 15 gurau(rau ?) purabaMdiravAstava zrImAlI(2)jJAtIya laghuzASIya mahaM suDhala bhAryA bAI sobhAgade suta mahaM (3) iMdrajI bhAryA amarAde laghubaMdhava taM0 kalANajI maM0 ruSabhadA(4)sa bhA0 bA0 sajANadevyA0 harSamade sU (su !)ta maM0 jeThA maM0 rUpApramukha (5) yutena devakulikA kArApitA tapA0 bha0 zrI 6 vijayadevasUrirAjye // le0 505, na0 5 / sahakeNapAzvanAthatalagataH SaTpaMktimAn khaMDalekhaH // (1) saMvata 1-70 varSe-(2)---dane rAjanagaravA(3)stavya---- le0 506, na0 6 / (1) saMvata 1685 varSe posa(Sa)mAse pATa(2)NavAstavya sA0 vIrajI bhA0 bA0 (3) rAjalade putrI bA0 devakInI deharI le0 507, na0 7 // (1) saMvata 1685 varSe poSa sudi 15 di(2)ne pATaNa vAstavya poravADajJAtIya (3) sA0 vadhu bhAryA bA0 sIrIAde suta-(4)--bhA0 bA0 jIvA putrI bA0 phulA--(5) zrIzejajopari devakulikA kAritA tapA (6) gacche bha0 dhijayadevamUrirAjye / le0 508, na0 8 // (1) saMvata 1688 varSe poSamAse pATaNa(2)vAstavya poravADajJAtIya prabhavA (3) bhA0 bA0 maMgAI putrI bA0--(4)------ le0 509, na0 9 // (1) saMvata 1683 varSe caitra sudi 15 dine sUrati vA (2)--osavAlajJAtIya vRddhazAkhIya sA0----(3)------ratabAI su0 sA0 savajI (100) Page #318 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH bhAryA bA0----(4) sA0 rUpajIkena devakulikA kArApitA (5) ta0 bha0 zrIvijayadevasU rirAjye // le0 510, na0 10 // (1) saMvata 1685 va(2)rSe pATaNavAsta(3)vya sAla rUpajI (4) bhA0 bA0 tejA le0 511, na0 11 // (1) saMvata 1686 varSe vaizAkha zudi 8 dine mAMgarolavA(2)stavya osavAlajJAtIya vRddhazASIya sA0 sAmala bhA0 (3) umAde putra sA0 nArAyiNA bhAryA laghu putra sA0 suSa0 (4) bAI sobhAgade laghubaMdhava sA0 mAlajI kalANAjI (5) 2 pramukha kuTuMbayu0 devakulikA kArApitA tapAgacche (6) zrIvijayadevasUrirAjye // le0 512, na0 12 // (1) saMvata 1686 varSe poSa zudi---(2) abhadAvAdavAstavya osavA(3)la sA0 cApA bhA0 bA0 (je)ThI (4) putrI tejabAInI deharI (5) tapAgacche zrIvijayadevasUri le0 513, na0 13 // (1) saMvata 1686 varSe mAghazuklapUrNimAyAM 15 tapAgacchanA(2)yaka-bhaTTArakaprabhuzrIvijayadevasU ricaraNaseva(vI?)(3) dIvabaMdiravAstavya seTha megha suta seTha hIrajI bhAryA (4) nIlAI suta seTha mukaMdajIsaMyutena devakulikA kA(5)rApitA svazreyase le0 514, na0 14 // (1) saMvata 1685 varSe kA (2) zudi 5 zu(ke) dIbabaMdi(3)ravAstavya vAjhAkArA (4) bhA0 deharI karAvI le0 515, na0 15 / kRSNapASANagato lekhaH // (1) saMvata 1928nA vaizAka(kha) sudI 6 some saMghavI (2) zAMmajI rAmajI tasa putra bhAI pAMnAcaMda tasa (3) bhArajA bAI javala ganAte vIzA zIramAlI zrIdhorA(4)jI kane. zrIpArazvanAthajina sthApita tapAgacche le0 516, na0 16 // (1) saMvata 1685 varSe caitra zudi 15 dine (2) --lavAstavya osavAlajAtIya sA0 (3) ----bhA0--- (101) Page #319 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatruMjaya - girirAja - darzanam le0 517, na0 17 // ( 1 ) saMvata 1682 varSe vaizAkha zudi 3vAstavya--(2)tiya laluzAkhIya vi0 pUjA bhAryA bA0 kapUrAI sA0 ( 3 ) poSA bhA0 bA0 tejA -- vi0 amIcaMda bhAryA hIrA su0 ( 4 ) vijayakaraNa sesakaraNa pramukhanAmnyA (5) devakulikA kAritA zrIvijayadevasU rirAjye le0 518, na0 18 // ( 1 ) saMvata 1686 varSe - - vAstavya osavAlajJAtIya laghuzA (4) bA0 krama ( 5 ) bha0 zrIvijayadevendrasUrirAjye le0 519, na0 19 // ( 1 ) - vata - -- (4) zrItapAgacche - devakulikA kA0 le0 520, na0 20 // ( 1 ) jIvI devalikA - varSe 1691 le0 521, na0 21 // ( 1 ) saMvata varSe vaisAkha sudi 3 dine devakApA (2)TaNa vA0 osavAlajJAtIya sA0 batA suta sA0 [3] bhabhA0 savAnI deharI zrI tapAgaccha bhaTTAraka zrI [4] vijayadevasU rirAjye zrIvijayasi-- le0 522, na022 // [1] saMvata 1682 varSe popa zudi 1 - dine pATa [2] - devakA vAstavya osavAlajJAtIya vRddha [ 3 ] zAkhIya sA0 devajI - le0 523, na0 23 || [1] saMvata 1685 varSe caitra zudi 15 dine [2] mAgaloravAstavya osavAlajJAtIya sA0 [3] jemana bhA0 bA0 mAnA zrIzetrujayopari [4] devakukikA kArApitaM tapAgacche bhaTA [5] - ( 102 ) Page #320 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 524, na0 24 // [1] saMvata 1665 varSe vaizAkha zudi 7 ravau velAulavaMdira[2]vAstavya osavAlajJAtIya sA0---------bhAryA bA0 [3] rUpAde suta sA0 pImasI bhAryA sobhAgiNi [4] deharI tapAgacche bha0 zrIvijayadevasUrirAjye le0 525, na0 25 // [1] saMvata-------[2]-----osavaMze------- [3]---------[4]---[5]----------bhAryA bA0 ma--lade pramukha [6] kuTuMbayutena devakulikA kArApitA le0 526, na0 26 // [1] saMvata 1683 varSe-------[2] zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya vRddhazAkhIya dozI tejapAla [3] do0 jAvaDa bhAryA bAI sohaNAde putra do0 hIrajI [4] devakulikA kArApitaM tapAgaccha bhaTTA[5]raka zrIvijayadevasU rirAjye // le0 527, na0 27 // [1] saMvata---84 varSe caitra zudi [2] 15 dine dIvabaMdiravAstavya [3] sA0 hIrajI bhA0 bA0 ajAde [4] ---------pramukhakuTuM[5]bayutena devakulikA kA0 le0 528, na0 28 // [1] saMvata 1682 varSe vaizAkha zudi 3 dine pATaNavAstavya osa[2]jJAtIya vRddhizAkhIya sA0 jeThA bhAryA bA0 hIrA suta [3] sAraMgadhara bhAryA bA0 cothInAmnyA zrIzatrujaye devaku[4]likA kAritA / tapAgacche bha0 zrI5zrIvijayadevasU ri [5] [A]cArya zrI 5 zrIvijayasiMhasU rirAjye / le0 529, na0 29 // [1] saMvata 16-----varSe [2] --------[3] ------[4]-------likA [5] kArApitA tapAgacche le0 530, na0 30 // [1] saMvata----86 varSe uTAlAgrA[2]mavA--- --sA0 amarA [3] ----------[4] nI deharI karAvI le0 531, na0 31 // [1] saMvata 1682 varSe vaizAkha zudi 3 dine pATaNavAstavya osa[2]vAlajJAtIya vRddhizAkhIya sA0 jeThA bhAryA bA. hIrA suta [3] amIcaMda sAriMgadharapramukhanAmnyA zatrujayopari deva ku][4]likA kAritA // tapAgacche bha0 zrIvijayadevasU rizva[][5][pa]TAlaMkAra AcArya zrIvijayasiMhasU rirAjye // (103) Page #321 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ (0) --- --- zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 532, na0 32 // [1] saMvat 17-----varSe [2] -------- [3] ----- ---------------[4]---- le0 533, na0 33 / aSTApadamaMdire pASANasthate sthitA sAdhubhimUrtiH sanamukhe cAmaradhArizca, sAdhumUrtimastakoparatanabhAge jinamUrtiH // [1] saMvata 1383 varSe jyeSTa vadi 8 gurau raudra[2] pallIya zrIcArucaMdrasUrINAM mRtiH-- ku-ma[3]-caMdraziSya-. buddhinivAsa kArApitA // le0 534, na0 34 tanmadire pArve pItavarNapASANe zrAddhaH dvau pattyau ca // [1] saMvata 1418 varSe vaizAkha zudi 10 budhe zrIzrImA[2]lajJAtIya mahaM tejA suta mahaM mUlAmU ti bhAryA [3] bai mahagaladevi mUrti bhAryA bai-mAdevimUrti (4)--------- dharaNIdhareNa kArApitaH / zubhaM bhavatu // le0 535, na0 35 // (1) saMvata 16-- ---pATa(2)Namadhe u--------- (3) jJAtIya---------(4) kanaka------(5) bU---------(6) le0 536, na0 36 // (1) --paDita (2) ------NaMi(3)Na etha (4) gaNi riddha(5)harSa-Tha (6) tahAH // le0 537, na0 37 / dAdAmaMdire pravezadvAre jIrNo lekhaH // (1) saMvata 1668 varSe------(2) le0 530, na0 38 / varagatalekhasaMnidhau dvArazAkhe lekhaH // (1) zrIdevaguru (2) prasAdAt (3) saMghavI zrI(4)pAla saMgha(5)vI zrI-----(6)lA-----saM(7)evI zrI anyAH saptapaMktyo'vAcyAH santi le0 539, na0 39 / varagatalekhAntare lekhaH // (1) saMva----(2) 4----rSe (3) mA-phA(4)guNa vadi(5)5----vI(6)va-ja(7)zrIseju (antyAH paktyo na paThayaMte le0 540, na0 40 / dAdAmandire dakSiNadvAre savye lekha: // (1) saMvata (104) Page #322 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjaya girivaragatA lekhAH 1646 varSe mAgasara (2) vadi 1 sukara- -(3) sA0 (4) panI ja(jA)tara(rA) saphala----(5) -------ja(jA)tarA saphala le0 541, na0 41 / baragatalekhAnantaralekhaH // (1) saMvata 1645 varSe ja ----vada 13 guru----(3)-------(4)----(5) jAtra saphala--------- le0 542, na0 42 // (1) saMvata 1643 varSe kAtI(2)sudI 2 daMne sA0 ---(3)nadAsa sA0 sAsaMga sA0 (4) ---sa------(5)----(6) tapAgacche jaNa 6 jAtrA saphala le0 543, na0 43 // (1) saMvat 1642 varSe mAha (2)-da 13 ravau Asa--- (3) --paMcolI jasA sA (4) --rAma sA. kukA sA (5)----(6)(7)---- -- le0 544, na0 44 dvArazAkhe lekho'sti, na paThyate // le0 545, na0. 45, navyaTakAdau savyabhAge ArAsUrapASANe strIpuruSazrAvako (1) saMvat 1442 varSe mAgha vadi 1 budhe kharataraga (2) cche sAha tejA suta sAha pura--putra le0 546, na0 46, gaMdhArIyAcaturmukhaprAsAde pazcimadvAre savyadvAhazAkhe lekhH|| (1) saMvat 1648 varSe (2) caitra zudi 15 dAni vA(3)ra sobhe // tapagachata(ti)la(4)ka samAna mahAraka zrI hI (5) ravijayasUrIzvara (6) gurugyo namaH // tatpa-(7)Ta(TTa) prabhAkara AcArja(ya) (8) zrIvijayasenasU-(9) rIzvaragurubhyo namaH (10) tata(t ) gacche mo(ma)hopAdhyA (11) ya zrIvimalaharSaguru (12) bhyo namaH // tata sIsa (13) muni premavijayanI (14) jAtrA 404 kIdhI (15) paradakSaNA 4 (16) dIdhI DuMgara pASa(kha) (17) tI // chaharIni 10 (18) jAtrA kIdhI // paM (19) Dita zrI punyaharSa (20) no bhAI muni prema (21) vijayanI jAtrA (22) kalyANamastu // (23) zubhaM (bha)vatI (tu) iti bh(24)deN| le0 547 na0 47, tatraivAsavye gavAkSagato lekhaH // (1) saMvat 1670 vara (se) (2) vairArava vada 1 paM0 (3) ratanajI lAlajI (4)-----jAtrA (5) karI tapAgacche Page #323 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam le0 548, na0 48 varalekhapAce lekhaH // (1) saMvat 1670 varaSe vaisArakha va(2)da 11 sanau zrI va---(3) rajAsa-----vI (4) maladAsa zrI---dAsa ta sA (5) ----raSabadAsa sA. catradAsa (6) jAtrA karI. le0 549, na0 49 etadeva prAsAde dakSiNadvAre cokImadhye'savyadvAre drArazAkhagato lekhaH // (1) saMvat-(2)--varSe mA (3) ha vadi 10 (4) gurau / tapa(5)gacchamaMDa(6)Na zrI 5 (7) zrI hIra(8)vijaya(9) sUri(rI)zvara (10) gurubhyo (11) namaH // ta(12)tpATaprabhA(13)kara zrI 5 zrI (14) vijayasena (15) sU rigurubhyo (16) namaH // tatpA(17)'prabhAkara (18) mahopAdhyA-(19) yazrIvima (20) laharSagu (21) rubhyo namaH (22) --- (23) ---- (24) --T (25) ----harSaga (26) ratnaharSa te(27)hano bhAI (28) RSi zrI pre(29)mavijaya (30) yAtrA- (31) kIvI di (32) vANa zrI bhI(33)ma tata siSa (34) gaNi mANi(35)kya---(36)------ kI(37)dhI le0 550, na0 50 tatraiva gavakSagato lekhaH // (1) saMvata 1629 varSe Aso vadi 9 vAra ravau (2) paM0 rAjapAlanA zipa gaNi jJAnasAgara(3)nI jAtrA 108 celA bradisAgaranI jAtrA (4) sAha rAyasaMgha ratanasI raSi samugaNajI (5) paTuA amarasI sAha jayavaMta sonI gaNarAja (5)-------jAtrA kIdhI te nAma saphala - le0 551, na0 51 / tatraiva staMbhagato lekhaH // (1) paMData jugurA(2)ja ruSa mANa(3)kavimala (4) ruSa mana va(5)DavimalanI (6) jAtra-----saphala dvipaMcAzatataH SaDazitiparyantA lekhA vAghrapatolIkA dvAroparatanabhAge rakSItAH santi le0 552, na0 52 // (1) saMvata 1677 varSe caitra zudi 15 (2) dane sA----jAtrA A(3)vA------(4) rAmapara jAtrA----- le0 553, na0 53 // (1) zrIdevagura(ru)prasAdena saMbata 1615 varape sa(2)rAvaNa zadi 2 dane zrI amadAvAda vAstavya zrI (3) zrImAlIgnAtI saM0 gelA sa(su)ta saM0 ----- sa(su)ta (4) jeThA bhAtta(bhrAtR ?) saM0 kUrapAla suta saM0 sijapAla bhA Page #324 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagiridharagatA lekhAH (5)ryA bAI magAI suta saM0 kavvarajI bhAryA bAI pa(6)damAI putraputrI sobhAgiNi bhAtta(bhrAtR) meghajI abha(7)rAja dhanajI vadhamAMna bAI labAI sa(su)ta lakharA(8)ja bhArjA pharAI tathA sakaTaMba sapta vArA jyAtrA (9) saphala gura tapAgacche jugapradhAna zrI 6 jina zA (10)sanapradyotakAra zrI 6 ANaMdavimalasU ri tat (11) paTe jugapradhAna zrI 6 viji(jayadAna sura juvarAja (12) zrI 6 hIravajisura upadesAta zrI setraMju mA((13)hAtIrtha saM0 kuarajIiM bhANeja lakharAjani (14) deherI suSakI mATi bhAmeAlI sAhA jivaMta (15) bhAryA ba0 lavAI sa(su)ta lakharAja bhAryA pa-------lI--zubhaM bhavatu le0 554, na0 54 // (1)------------(2)---------- (3)-----------(4)----jAtrA saphala le0 555, na0 55 // (1) pasa vada 3--(2)----sA0 lupA--(3)--tha-rAjayA(4)la jesalamerAnI (5) seja jAtrA sa(6)phala le0 556, na0 56 // (1) saM0 1-49--------(2) 11 dane------- (3) ----(4) jAtrA saphala le0 557, 57 / / (1) saM 164- (2) ------11 (3) --------- le0 558, na0 58 // (1) saMvata 16 (2) ------(3) ----(4)---- le0 559, na0 59 // (1) saM0 --52 varSe-------(21 hIravijayasu(sU )ri(rI)zvaragurubhyo na--(3) vacharAja amadAvAdavAstavya le0 560, na0 60 // (1) saM0 1652 varaSe caitra zudi 15 dane tapAgaccha zrIhIra(2)vijayasUra(ri)gurubhyo namaH sAhA -ghA bhArjA bA0 (3) meghAI prAgavaMze vAstavaM(vya) paMDAraNU deharI karAvI le0 561, na0 61 // (1) saMvata 1660 -(2) ---------(3)------ --jatra (4) saphala----(5)---------(6)---------(7)----- le0 562, na0 62 // (1) saMvata--50 varSe bhAdravA (2) sudi 2 zrIhIra (107) Page #325 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam vijayasa(sU )ra(ri) (3) --------(4) ---------- (5) ------- (6) -------- (7) -------- (8) zrImAlIjJAti------- (9) ------- (10) ------- (11) ------ le0 563, 63 // (1) maghadA0 ghetasI----- le0 564, na0 64 // (1) --tuH sahadeva(2)sya zreyase sA0 mI(3)mAkena kAritaM le0 565, na0 65 // :1) erda yA saM0 1291 ------(2) Tha0 zrI caMDapAcca--- -(3) kumArAdevI-- -(4) mahaM0 zrI teja------(5)---- --(6)--------7)------ le0 566, na066 // (1) sabaMta 1942nA mAhA suda 2 zrIvIjAra(2)vAlA vakhArIyA dalicaMda veNIcaMdanI (3) bhArjA baI galAba zrIAdinAthabiMba (4) sthApittaM le0 567, 67 // (1) erNa II saMvata 1620 varSe vaizAkha zudi (2) 2 dine gaMdhAravAstavya prAgvAzavya zrI(3)parabata suta vyo0 phokA su0 vyo0 vaja(4)A svakuTuMbena yutaH zrIsenaMjayo(5)pari devakulikA kArApitA / zrI ta(6)ya(pA)gacche vibudhaziromaNi zrIdhijaya(7)dAnasU riprasAdAta(t) // // zrI : // * // le0 568, na0 68 // (1) saMvata 1892 nA varaSe vaIzAku sUda 3 dane vAra zukrare dane derInI pratiSTA karI che (2) tapagaLe zrI bhAvanagaravAlA dosI abhecaMda jeThAnI dIkarI bAI avale(3) zrI derI karAvI che zrIpArasanAthI mUlanAyakajI zrIzAMtinAthajI thASI che le0 569, na0 59 // (1) // erda // saMvata 1676 varSe vaizAkha sita 6 zukre laghuzAkhIya zrI(2)zrImAlIjJAtIya maMtri jIvA bhAryA bAI raMgAI suta maMtri --vAsa vAchAkena bhAryA bAi gaMgAI pramukakuTuMbayutena zreSTa(SThi) (4) bhaNasAlI zivajI prasAdAt svayaM pratiSThApita zrIvimalanA(5)thadevakulaM kAritaM // zrImattapAgaNagaganAMgaNagaganamaNisa(6)mAna bhaTTAraka zrIvijayasenasUrIzvarapaTTAlaMkArabhaTTAraka (7) zrIvijayadevasUrIzvaravijayirAjye // yAvaddevagirirbhAti (8) yAvat zatrujayAcalaH // tAvaddevakulaM jIyAt / zrIvAchAkena kAritaM ||1||shriiH|| (108) Page #326 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 570, na0 70 // (1) sA0 dolatarAma nagInadAsa sthA(tathA)tta(tat) putra (2) ratI(ti)lAla maMgaLadAsa zrI amadAvAda(3)vALAe zrIvimaLanAtha vIgere biMba sthApita savaMta 1975 nA mahA suda 6 garuvAra le0 571, na0 71 // (1) saM0 1892 nA zAke 1758 nA vaizA(2)ka zuda 3 bhaumavAsare // dosi dhanA-(3) suta do / jhINA zrIzrImAlajJAtIya zrIpAdaliptanagare vAstavyaM zrI(4)zAMtinAthabiMbaM sthApitaM / seThajI(5)ANaMdajI kalyANajI prAsAdAt] (6) pratiSThitaM // zrItapAgacche // zrIrastu // .. le0 572, na0 72 // (1) erNa // saMvata 1620 varSe vaizAkha zudi 5 gurau (2) zrI amadAvAdavAstavya dIsAvAlajJA(3)tIya mahaM zrIvaNAiga suta mahaM / zrIgalA (4) bhAryA bAI maMgAI suta mahaM / vIvahArI (5). svakuTuMbena yutaH / zrI setraM(zatru)jayopari zrI (6)AdinAthadevakulikA kArApitA zrI(7)tapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU ri zrIhIravi(8)jayasU ri prasAdAt // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 573, na0 73 // (1) zA0 jeThAbhAI dIpacaMda haste bena (2) nAthI gAma vIzanagaravALAe pa(3)damaprabhu tathA kuMthunAtha tathA caMdraprabhu(4)biMba sthApitaM savaMta 1971nA mA(5)hA sudI 5 ne vAra budha le0 574, na0 74 // (1) saM0 1903 nA -----zudi 13 zanau zrI ali(2)pura vA0 sA0 velA tatputra saa| galAbacaMda ta / bhaa| (3) -------mIkena zrIzItalanAthabiMbaM sthApi[taM] le0 575, na0 75 // (1) saM0 1929 nA posa vada 11 ne zukaravAra aMcalagaLe (2) revAsI zrI jAmanagara vA0[lA zA0 vAlajI kuza(3)lacaMda ta0 bhA0 bA0 mIThIbAI jJAtI u(4)savAla zrIvimalanAtha jinabiMba sthA0 .. le0 576, na0 76 // (1) erNa // o namaH saMvat 1620 varSe vaizA[kha] zu(2)di 5 dine gaMdhAravAstavya prAgavaMze jJAtIya (3) vyA0 dhAmavIA bhAryA bAI bholu putrI bA(4)I varadhAI / bAI kIbAI svakuTuMvena yu(5)taH / zrIzAMtinAthadevakulikA kArA(6)pitA / (109) Page #327 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam zrItapAgacche vibudhasa(zi)romaNi (7) zrIvijayadAnasU ri zrIhIravijaya(8)sU riprasAdAt // zubhaM bhavatu // * zrI le0 577, na0 77 // (1) erNa // o namaH saMvata 1620 varSe vaizA(2)kha zudi 5 dine gaMvAravAstavya zrIkapo(3)lajJAtIya sAha zrI jakavIra bhAryA(4)bAI rAmati suta sAha lakhA sAha (5) lAlajI pramukha svakuTuMbena yutaH (6) zrIzAMtinAthadevakulikA kArApi(7)tA / zrItapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU(8)riprasAdAt // // zrI : // * // // le0 578, na0 78. // (1) erNa // o* namaH saMvata 1620 varSe vaizA(2)kha zudi 5 guru dine zrIgaMdhAravAstavya (3) zrIzrImAlIjJAtIya parI / devA bhA(4)ryA bAI kamalAI suta / maMthI tathA (5) gUjarajJAtIya dosI / zrIkarNa bhA0 bA0 (6) amarI suta dosI haMsarAja ubhayau (7) mIlane zrIse-(zatru)jayopari zrIAdinAtha(8)thadevakulikA kArApitA zrItapAgacche (9 zrIvijayadAnasU riprasAdAt // * // le0 579, na0 79 // (1) erNa // o namaH saMvata 1620 varSe vaizAkha zudi 5 (2) gurau zrIgaMdhAravAstavya prAgavaMzajAtIya sagha(3)vI zrIjAvaDA suta saM0 zrIdIpA bhAryA bAI (4) gira----mno suta / --jivaMta bhrAtR sA kAu(5)jA saM0 ahUjI pramukha svakuTuMbena yutaH (6) zrIpArzvanAthadevakulikA kArApitA (7) zrItapAgacche zrIvijayadAnasU riH zrI(8)hIravijayaprasAdAt // zubhaM bhavatu // le0 580, na0 80 // (1) saMvata 1893 varSe zAke 1758 pravarta (2) mAne mAgha kRSNa 2 budhavAsare zrIpATaNa(3)nagaravAstavya prAgavaTajJAtIya vRddha zA(4)khAyAM sA0 rupacaMda tadbhAryA bAI virU (5) tatputra sA0 sAkaracaMdakena zrIvA(6)supUjyabiMbaM sthApitaM ca bhaTTAraka (7) zrIjaMgamayugapradhAna bha0 vijayadeve(8)ndrasUribhiH pra0 zrItapAgacche / zrIsi(9)ddhAcala------kSetre // zrI zubhaM // le0 581, na0 81 // (1) saMvata 1789 varSe prathama (2) AsADha vadi 10 dine rakhau (3) li0 sAha gumAnasiMgha desa (4) mebADa vAsa pura madhye vijaya (5) rAjaputa jAta pAtayA yA(6)trA 5 kIdhI chai / zrIsiddhA(7)calajInI / vAce jehane (8) juhAra kare cha / (110) Page #328 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzacuMjayagirivaragatA lekhAH le0 582, na0 82 // (1) saMvata 1789 varSe prathama (2) ASADha vadi 10 ravauM di(3)ne likhitaM / sAha uttamacaM(4)dra desa mAravADa vAsa me(5)DatAmadhye ----dasata (6) jAti sAha / yAtrA 5 kI(7)dhI chai zrIsiddhAcalajInI (8) vAcai tehane juhAra kare (9) chai // le0 583, na0 83 // (1) saMvata 1869 nA zAke 1735 (2) sA pravarttamAne mAhA suda 13 vAra za(3)ni jhaverI sagadAracaMda kasalacaM(4)da tat bhAryA bAI hemakuMara tat (5) pu0 jhaverI lakhamIcaMda nAmanI zrI zAM(6)tinAthabiMbaM prasAda zrIsiddhAcala upa(7)re bAI ujama tat pu0 jha0 hakamacaMda (8) kArASitaM zrIrAjanagare paM0 lAlavijaya[ga] (9)Ni zrItapAgacha // zrI // zrI // zrI le0 584, na0 84 // (1) erNa // o* namaH saMvata 1620 varSe ASADha zudi 2 ravau (2) gaMdhAravAstavya prAgavaMza dozI zrIgoyA suta do0 (3) tejapAla bhAryA bAI lADakI suta do0 paMcAiNa (4) bhrAtR do0 bhIma do0 jAna do0 devarAja pramukha (5) svakuTuMbena yutaH zrImahAvIra devakulikA (6) kArApitA harSeNa tapAgacche vibudhazi[romaNi zrI(7)vijayadAnasU ri zrIhIravijayasU ri prasAdAt (8) zubhaM bhabhatu // : // zrI : // zrI : // * // le0 585, na0 85 // (1) saM0 1907 nA va0 vaizAkha vada 11 caMdravA0 zrIvaNazaravAstavya zrImA(2)lIjJAtIya laghuzAkhAyAM sA0 IchAcaMda tatputra sA0 tArAcaMda ka(3)tA bAI raMgukena zrIvAsupUjyabiMbaM sthApitaM zrIsiddhakSetre (4) bha0 zrIzrIvijayadeveMdrasU rizvararAjye / zrIrastu / kalyANamastu / zubhaM bhavatu / zrI zrI // le0 586, na0 86 // (1) erdaN // saM0 1650 va0 vai0 pUrNimAyAM suvihitasAdhu kSIra(2)sAgaraM prollAsazItapAdAnAM nijavacanaraMjita sAha zrI(3)akabbarapradatta zrIsiddhazailabhaTTAraka zrIvijayasena(4)sU ripramukhasuvihitaM bhaktibharasevyamAnapAdAraviMdAnAM (5) zrI 6 zrIhIravijayasU ripAdAnAM mAhAtmyaprINita sAhi(6)nirmitasakalasatva-vAgrahANAmuktikAyAM prathamacaitrI (7)pUrNimAyAM tacchiSya sakala vAcaka koTi koTI 2 zatakoTi (8) zrI 6 zrIvimalaharSagaNi (111) Page #329 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam mitraiH paM0 devaharSa ga0 zrIza,jaya (9) kRtakRtya paM0 dhanavijaya ga0 paM0 jayavijaya ga0 jasavijaya (10) haMsavijaya ga0 munivimala---nizatadvayaparivaritaini(11)vidhnaM kRtA yAtrA iti bhadram __ zilAlekheSu pUrtiH 1 vikramiyadvisahasradvitrisatitamavarSe prtisstthitnvyttkprshstiH| ( tatpratiSThAvarNanadarzakapustake darzito lekho'tra gRhito'sti / asmin lekhe mahatayaH khatayaH santi, ataH sA prazastiH bhAvikAle khatIdazikA bhavIsyatIti manmate ti // ||ii|| zrIzajaya tIrthapati zrIRSabhadevasvAmine namaH zrIpuMDarIkasvAmine namaH svasti zrIparama pavitra tIrthAdhirAja zrIzatraMjayagiri, zrIraivatagiri, zrIkumAriyAjI, zrItAraMgA, zrImakSIjI, zrIzerIsA prabhU te jainatIrthAnAM saMrakSaNAdi samagra vyavasthAnAM niyAmakaH samasta bhAratavarSIya jaina zvetAmbara mUrtipUjaka zrIsaMghAnAM pratinidhiH zreSThi zrIANaMdajI kalyANajInAmA saMgho'sti / zrIsiddhAcala mahAtIrthopari tIrthapati zrIyugAdidevaprAsAde'nyeSu ca sthAneSu prAktanajanaiH prAcIna jaina zilpakalAvirudhya bahuni jinabimbAni pratiSThitAni atastAM zilpakalAM punaH samuddhatu tAni jinabimbAni tata utthApya zrIsiddhAcala tIrthopari aSTalakSarupyakavyayena nUtanajinamaMdiraM nirmAya tatra devadravyavRddhi purassaraM punaH pratiSThApayituM ca zrI ANaMdajI kalyANajI saMghasya sabhyaiH sarva sammatyA zAstrAnusArI suvihita paraMparAnusArI ca nirNaya kRtaH / sa ca nirNayaH tapAgaccha-kharatara-aMcala-pArzvacaMdra-tristutikAdigacchIya jainAcAryAdi munirAjairanumataH / etannirNayAnusAraM bimbonthApana-dvApaJcAzadevalikA sameta gaganacumbi zikharazobhita zilpakalA ramINaya-nUtana jinAlaya nirmANAdi kAryANi zrIsaMgha pramukha zreSThi zrIkasturabhAI lAlabhAI sucanAnusAraM zrIANaMdajI kalyANajI saMghena vihitAni / tatazca zAsana samrATa tapA-A zrIvijayanemisUrIzvara paTTadhara A zrIvijayodayasUrIzvara paTTadharaiH bimbotthApanAdArabhya ApratiSThaM mArgadarzana maGgala muhUrtAdi pradAtRbhiH sva0 A0 zrI (112) Page #330 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujayagirivaragatA lekhAH vijayanandanasUrIzvaraiH pradatte zubha muhUrte vi0 saM0 2032 mAgha zukla saptamyAM zanivAsare ( AMgladinAMka 7-2-1976 dine) zubhavelAyAM nUtana jinAlaye yugAdideva nUtanAdIzvaragaMdhAriyADadIzvara-sImandharAdIzvara puMDarIkasvAmiprabhRtijinAlayanA muparitanabhAgeSu ca caturuttara paJcAzata jinabimbAnAM tena zrIANaMdajI kalyANajI saMghena punaH pratiSThA vidhiH kAritaH / etat pratiSThAvidhi mahotsave bhAratavarSIyA'nekanagara vAstavya zrIsaMghaiH samAgatya pUjAprabhAvanA-saMghabhojana-abhayadAnAdi viziSTa dharmakRtya vidhAna dvArA pUrva zAsanaprabhAvanA vihitA / eSAca pratiSThA A0 zrIvijayanemisUrIzvara paTTadhara A0 zrIvijayavijJAnasUrIzRrapaTTadhara A0 zrIvijayakasturasUrIzvarANAM nizrAyAM saMpannA / asmin-avasare ca jainasaMghAntargata sarvagacchIyAcAryAdimunivarANAm / A0 zrIhemasAgarasU rijI, A0 zrIdevendrasAgarasU rijI(pU0 AgamoddhAraka A0 zrIAnaMdasAgarasUrIzvara ziSya praziSya ) A0 zrImotIprabhasU rijI, A0 zrIvijayaprimaMkarasUrIjI, A0 zrIvijayacaMdraudayasU rijI, A0 zrIvijayanItiprabhasU rijI, A0 zrIvijayasUryodayasU rijI(pU0 zAsanasamrAT ziSya praziSya), A0 zrIvijayamaMgalaprabhasU rijI, A0 zrIzAntivimalasU rijI, A0 zrIvijayaprabhasU rijI, A0 zrIdarlabhasAgarasU rijI, A0 zrIrAmaratnaprabhasU rijI, A0 zrIarihaMtasiddhasUrijI, paM0 zrIvalavaMtavijayajIgaNi kharatara gacchIya anuyogAcArya zrIkAMtisAgarajI, prIcaMdragacchIya munizrIvidyAcaMdrajI, prabhuti sarvagacchIya sAdhUnAM ca sAdhvInAM ca sahastraM samupasthitam etannUtana jinamandirasya nirmANakArya zrIamRtalAla mUlazaMkara trivedItyabhidha-zilpazAstriNA vihitam / bhAratavIya sAmprata gaNatantrAnuzAsaka-pradhAnamantri zrIindirA gAMdhI vijayinI rAjyazAsane saMjAtaiSA pratiSThA AcaMdrArka naMdatAt / zubhaM bhavatu caturvidhasya zrI saMghasya / (193) Page #331 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzatrujaya-girirAja-darzanam pUrti : 2 zreSThI-zAMtidAsakRta-vastrIya-tIrthIyapaTTagataprazasterekaH deshH| (vartamAne etadpaTTaH zreSThI-ANaMdajI-kalyANajI hastagato'sti / ) ( paMktiH 1 ) svasti zrI vikrama saM0 1698 varSe jyeSTha sita paMcamI soma........ ....(paM0 2) dhirAja pAdazAha zrI akabbara pratibodhaka.... .... ....(paM0 3) hIravijayasUri paTTodayagiridinakara pAdazAha zrI akabbara.... ... ....(paM0 4 ) makSajI (ji) tavA dI( di )vRnda bhaTTAraka zrIvijayasenasUrIzvarA.... .... .......(paM0 5) lagabharita bhaTTAraka zrIrAjasAgarasU ricaraNAnAM yuvarAja bhaTTAraka (paM0 6) zrIvRddhisAgarasU ripramukhAneka vAcanAdi catura pari karacaraNAnAM (paM0 7) upadezAdahimadAvAdavAstavye osavAlajJAti(tI) zrIciMtAmaNi (paM0 8) pArzvanAtha pra( prA )sAdAdidharma karmanIrvA( nirmA )NanI( ni )SNAta sA zrIzAMtidAze( se) (paM0 9) na sakalamanuSyakSeyIya paMcabharata pace(ca)ravata paMcamahAvidehAtItA(paM0 10)nAgatAvartamAna 20 viharamAna 4 sA(zA)zvatA(ta)jI(ji)nA sA(zAM)zratajI(ji)na tIrtha (paM0 11) zAzvatatIrthA(tha)paTTa; zrIzatrujaya girinAritAraMgArbudacaMdraprabhumuni(paM0 12)suvrata zrIjIrAulApArzvanAtha zrInavakhaMDApArzvanAthadevakulapA(paM0 13) Taka .... .... .... .... hastinAgapUra kalikuMDa phalavRddhi karahATaka .... .... .... (paM0 14) vIra saM(zaM)khezvarAdimahAtIrthayutaH saptati sa(zA)ta .... .... .... (paM0 15) .... .... .... .... paTTanimnabhAge paMktiH atra ca gatavarNakAzca yathA pratibhasaMlikhitAsaMtIti tena sati paTAMtare pustakAMtare vA supaMDitaiH saMsodhyA .... .... ame paTe 30 vauvIsI triMzaccaturviMzatikA pratimAsu saptati pratimAsu ca pratimAnAM varNa :- purAtanapaTAnusAreNa likhitAsaMti paraM tItho(da)gAlI prakIrNakAnusAreNa .... .... .... .... (etad paTTagataH zrIzatrujayapaTTo'tra gRhIto'sti / paTTagataprazastikhaMDo'tra gRhIto'sti / etadprazastigatA 'purAtanapaTTAnusAreNa' itipaMktiH tadyotayati yat paTTajuhAraNaprathA saptadazamazatAbdhiteH pUrvINA paTTakArApaNaprathA'pi ca pUrvINA / ) (114) Page #332 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzajayagirivaragatA lekhAH pUtiH 2 ( zrIzabaMjayatIthoddhAraprabaMdhaH / pra0 zrIjainaAnaMdasabhA bhAvanagaraH / saM0 munijinavijayaH saM0 1973 pRSThaH 79 gataM idaM ) anupUtiH / zatrujaya ke isa mahAt uddhAra ke samaya aneka gaccha ke aneka AcArya aura vidvAn ekatra hue the / una sabane mila kara socA ki jisa taraha anyAnyasthaloM meM mandira aura upAzrayoM ke mAlika bhinna bhinna gacchabAle bane hue haiM aura una meM anya gacchavAloM kA hastakSepa nahIM karane dete haiM vaise isa mahAn tIrtha para bhI bhaviSya meM koI eka gacchavAlA apanA svAtaMtrya na banA rakkheM, isa lie isa viSaya kA eka lekha kara lenA cAhie / yaha vicAra kara saba gacchavAle dharmAdhyakSoM ne eka jaisA lekha banAyA thaa| isakI eka prAcIna patra Upara pratilipi kI huI milI hai jisa kA bhAvAnuvAda nimna prakAra hai / mUla kI bhASA tatsamaya kI gujarAtI hai / yaha patra bhAvanagara ke zrImAn zeTha premacanda ratnajI ke pustakasaMgraha meM hai // 1 zrItapAgacchanAyaka zrIzrIzrIhemasomasUri likhitaM / yathA-zatrujayatIrtha Upara kA mUla gaDha, aura mUla kA zrIAdinAtha bhagavAn kA mandira samasta jainoM ke liye haiN| aura bAkI saba devakulikAyeM bhinna bhinna gacchavAloM kI samajhanI cAhie / yaha tIrtha saba jainoM ke lie eka samAna hai / eka vyakti isa para apanA adhikAra jamA nahIM sktii| jaisA hone para bhI yadi koI apanI mAlikI sAbita karamA cAhe to use isa viSaya kA koI prAmANika lekha yA graMthAkSara dikhAne cAhie / baisA karane para hama usakI satyatA svIkAra kareMge / likhA paNDita lakSmIkallola gaNi ne / 2 tapAgacchIya katakapurAzAkhAnAyaka zrIvimalaharSasU ri likhitaM-yathA .... .... .... (vAkI saba upara mutAbika ) likhA bhavasundara gaNi ne / 3 zrIkamalakalazasU ri gaccha ke rAjakamalasU ri ke paTTadhara kalyANadharmasUri likhitaMyathA zatrujaya ke bAre meM jo Upara likhA huA hai vaha hame mAnya hai / yaha tIrtha 84 (115) Page #333 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrIzaguMjaya-girirAja-darzanam hI gacchoM kA hai| kisI eka kA nahIM hai / likhA, kamalakalazA muni bhAvaratna ne / 4 devAnanda gaccha ke hArIjazAkhA ke bhaTTAraka zrImahezvarasUri likhitaM-yathA (vAkI Upara hI ke anusAra ) / 5 zrIpUrNimApakSe amarasuMdarasUri likhitaM-( Upara mutAbika ) 6 pATaDIyAgacchIya zrIbrahmANagacchanAyaka bhaTTAraka buddhisAgarasUri likhitaM-Upara mutAbika) 7 AMcalagacchIya yatitilakagaNi aura paNDita guNarAjagaNi likhitaM (Upara mutAvika) 8 zrIvRddhatapAgaccha pakSe zrIvinayaratnasU ri likhitaM / 9 AgamapakSe zrIdharmaratnasU ri kI AjJA se upAdhyAya harSaratnane likhA / 10 pUrNimAgaccha ke AcArya zrIlalitaprabha kI AjJA se vAcaka vAchAkane likhA / yathA-zatraMjaya kA mUla kilA, mUla maMdira aura mUla pratimA samasta jaino ke liye vandanIya aura pUjanIya hai / yaha tIrtha samagra jaina samudAya kI ekatra mAlikI kA hai / jo jo jinapratimA mAnate hai una saba kA isa tIrtha para eka sA hakka aura adhikAra hai / zubhaM bhavatu jaina saMghasya / iti caturtho bhAgaH // zrIzatrujayagirirAjadarzanaM zilpasthApatyakalAyAM ca zatrujayaH samAptaH // zrIzatrujayatIrthoddhAraprabaMdhe prastAvike zrImAnajinavijayena zrIAdIzvaraprabhoH pratiSThA divaso mAravADI vai0 kR06 likhito'sti tanna samicIna, vata gujarIya vai0 kR0 SaSThayasti / Page #334 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 02 20 Publisher Aegamoddharak Granthmala, Kapadwanj.