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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jalnam Jayati Shasanam X 17th Biennial JAINA Convention JAINA NON VIOLENCE TRUTH NON ATTACHMENT NON STEALING SELE CONTROL 17th Biennial JAINA Convention 2013 - Jain Society of Greater Detroit Mh Jainism The Global Impact JAINA Convention, July 4-7, 2013 Detroit, MI Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NATURAL SINUS RELIEF TRUST THE #1 PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDED BRAND Neilled #1 SELLING BRAND" Cordless Pulsating NeilMed Sinugator Dr. Mehta NeilMed Nasa Mis Extra Strength NasaMist Sterile Hypertonic Spray A Decade of Innovation Starting with our Original and Patented SINUS RINSE", NeilMed has continued to search for new solutions. With our newest products, we continue to improve Sinus. Nasal & Ear Care. Thank you for your continued support. 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Dhirajben Desai Family - Maha Sanghpati Dhirajben is an inspiration to many of us in the Detroit Jain community with her simple living and practice of Jain principles in day to day life. Dhirajben has two children, Bharat, who is married to Neerja, and daughter Smita, married to Bhadresh. and four grandchildren. Bharat and Padmaja Doshi - Sanghpati Bharatbhai was born in Balasore, Orisssa, India and graduated with a Master of Science degree from University of Wisconsin. He is married to Padmaja and they have two children, Anish and Sejal, and four grandchildren Vinay, Saaya, Anika and Riana. Bharatbhai was with General Motors for 35 years and now owns his own business International Synergies, LLC, a global sourcing and manufacturing partner. The Doshi family has been very active in the Detroit Jain community. Shrikant and Neena Mehta - Grand Sponsor Shrikantbhai & Neenaben have been long-time Michigan residents and are strong supporters of the Detroit Jain community. They own several businesses and are very active in community activities. Shrikantbhai holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University. They have two married children, Bela & Shan, and three grandchildren. Prem and Sandhya Jain - Grand Sponsor Prem and Sandhya reside in Fremont, California. Prembhai is the convention convener and has been actively involved in JAINA from its very early days. He holds a B.E. degree with honors from BITS Pilani, India and a Master's degree in EECS from U.C. Davis. He worked as senior vice president at Cisco and has founded a number of high technology companies. They have two sons, Ankit & Mohit, and one grandchild, Gavin. JAINA Convention 2013 Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ M, Jainism The Global Impact Sponsors - Thank you for your generosity Chuni and Madhu Gala (Gala & Associates, Inc.) - Corporate Sponsor Chunibhai was born in Orissa, India and graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Bombay, India, and a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of New York at Buffalo. He is a registered Professional Engineer in 20 states. He is married to Madhu and they have two children, son Vishal, married to Milen, and daughter Rupa, married to Anup, and three grandchildren, Simaya, Arjun and Kareena. In 1987, Chunibhai established Gala & Associates, Inc. a full-service architectural and engineering design firm. He was very instrumental in the construction of Detroit Jain temple and has provided considerable support to the Convention Facilities team. Shrikumar and Mayurika Poddar (India Foundation) - Corporate Sponsor Shrikumarbhai & Mayurikaben have been long-time Michigan residents and co-founded Bharitya Temple in Lansing, Michigan. Along with a successful business, they established India Foundation in 1979 to devote their time and resources to humanitarian issues. They have one son Devesh, married to Unnati. They have been long time supporters of Detroit Jain Temple. Arvind and Jaya Shah (Jaya Travel & Tours) - Corporate Sponsor Arvindbhai & Jayaben are long-time Michigan residents and are strong supporters of the Jain community throughout North America. Their travel company, Jaya Travel & Tours, Inc., is an internationally recognized travel company with offices in the U.S., Canada & India. They have two married children, Akshay, married to Shweta and Priya, married to Rupesh and five grandchildren, Anaya, Chaiya, Shreya, Devan and Diya. Arvindbhai's entire family has volunteered a substantial time for the convention and has made their resources available to the teams. Jainism: The Global Impact Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson never failing, but in rising , Jainism The Global Impact Best Wishes to JAINA and Jain Society of Greater Detroit for a successful Convention Dhirajben Desai Maha Sanghpati Family Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism The Global Impact With Best Compliments from our Esteemed Sanghapati Ichhagauri Doshi Bharat and Padmaja Doshi Vinay, Anish, and Saaya SCHE 5 "Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well." - Mahatma Gandhi International Synergies LLC Your Global Sourcing & Manufacturing Partner & Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ OLDORET LATE SAKA SH Jainism The Global Impact 108 COOLDU NARMADABEN MITA OGDOPNJ MAHENDR VINI Mehta Family welcomes JAINA 2013 Convention to Detroit DEVOKE OBCOBUS AMTA 6 A vIlAlyA. ARVIND JAYAS Our gratitude to all the volunteers Who made it happen! Shrikant and Neena Mehta Grand Sponsor HDZ DO Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra! Prem Jain & family welcome you to the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention in Novi, Michigan. We hope that this weekend gives you the opportunity to develop yourself spiritually and allows you to focus on your health & wellness. Here are a few quotes we'd like to share that provide our family with daily inspiration. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."-Gandhi "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates Prem and Sandhya Jain Ankit, Mona, Gavin, Mohit Grand Sponsor 7 Shephali Jain Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Page 1 LALEHED L 2 11 12 13 14 15 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 44 4 4 4 4 6 8 45 46 47 48 65 69 73 74 99 101 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Navkar Mantra Sponsors Preface Welcome Message from JAINA President Message from the Convention Board Welcome Message from Detroit Society JAINA Convention Sponsors Blessing Letter: Pujya Shri Chitrabhanuji Blessing Letter: Acharya Amrender Muniji Blessing Letter: Acharya Roopchandraji Blessing Letter: Acharya Amrender Muniji Blessing Letter: Shri Namra Muniji Blessing Letter: Swami Charukeerthiji Blessing Letter: Shrutpragya Swamiji Blessing Letter: Brhamshri Guruvanandji Greeting Letter: Governor Rick Snyder Greeting Letter: Senator Carl Levin Greeting Letter: Senator Debbie Stabenow Greeting Letter: Senator Vincent Gregory Greeting Letter: Mayor of Farmington Hills Greeting Letter: Mayor of Novi JAINA Ratna Award - 2013 Adult Leadership Awards - 2013 Youth Leadership Awards - 2013 JAINA Presidential Awards - 2013 Past JAINA Ratna Award Recipients Past JAINA Presidents Past JAINA Convention Host Centers JAINA Executive Committee JAINA Convention Committee Convention Volunteers The Principal of Aparigraha JAINA Convention Keynote Speakers JAINA Convention Speakers Ahimsa In Action Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra 2013 8 Contributor Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Shri Bhavarlal Jain Shri Sam Pitroda Dr. Veerendra Heggade Pujyashri Chitrabhanuji Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 104 105 109 115 117 121 125 129 141 145 149 151 159 163 169 177 181 Title Contributor Gurudev Chitrabhanu - Claremont Lincoln Ahimsa Award 90th Celebration of Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji Acharya Tulsi: Birth Centennial of an Samani Unnata Pragyaji Engaged Spiritualist Letter from Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai The Contribution of Jain Dharma to the Acharya Amrendra Muniji Maharaj World Jain Dharma ki Sansar ko den Acharya Amrendra Muniji Maharaj Impact of Jainism on Life style Samani Shrutnidhiji Bhagwan Mahavir no Griha-tyaag Pujya Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jain Dharma and Its Philosophy of Life Mrs. Pramoda Chitrabhanu Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Dr. Kumarpal Desai Youth Activities Je Jun Janai, Te Savve Janai Acharya Roopchandraji Jainism: The Global Impact Shri Gunvantbhai Barvaliya Bidada International Foundation Jainism: Global Perspective Dr. Neelam Jain JAINA Temple at Convention Site Konathi Aakarshasho - Shudh punya ke Samir Shah Ashudha Punya The Vision- Jain Society of Greater Detroit Global Impact of Anekant Community Nitin Shah, M.D. Center Bavis Abhakshya Ange Vicharna Swadhyay Group of Detroit Jainism: True religion with True Science Harendra Shah Jainism - The Worldwide Approach Shri Charukeerthiji Global Impact Through Increased Sharad Jain Transparency Guru Chintan Dosh Varjan Hemlata Shah Vegetarianism Holds the Key for Preserving Nirmal Dosi our Heritage Jain Study Class Essay Umang Lathia Prakhar Bhandari Sheily Shah Jainism: The Global Impact Ruchi Khara 185 193 196 205 211 215 219 225 235 253 257 A Hidden Cheat Code to Life Chintav Shah Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to JAINA and Jain Society of Greater Detroit on 17th Biennial Convention 2013 from Late Shree Mahesh Vora's family WH VCARE JAINISM & JIVDAYA FOUNDATION 10 Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Preface July 4th, 2013 Dear 17h Biennial JAINA Convention Attendees, The JAINA Executive Committee, Convention Board, and Jain Society of Greater Detroit would like to thank each of you for attending this worthwhile and exciting four day event. The various JAINA Convention committees and the Jain Society of Greater Detroit members have worked tirelessly to create a memorable experience with events throughout this Fourth of July weekend. This 17th Biennial JAINA Convention gives Jains, throughout the world, an opportunity to discuss various aspects of our religion. This year's convention theme is Jainism: the Global Impact, helping us to focus on how Jainism has had a substantial global impact and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Today's world faces many issues including war, violence, depleting natural resources, and global warming. This convention through its emphasis on non-violence, truth, non-attachment, non-stealing, and self-control will provide a guide to help attendees live a higher standard of life. Our hope is that, each of us convention attendees will be able to utilize the knowledge gained from this event and implement these ideas to improve the world. As one way to commemorate this wonderful four day event, this souvenir book has been created. This commerative souvenir book contains articles written by sadhus, sadhvis, monks, nuns, religious scholars, political dignitary letters, and advertisements. The JAINA Convention Souvenir Committee is grateful for the opportunity to create this 17th Biennial JAINA Convention souvenir book. The Committee would like to thank all contributors of this memorable souvenir. Without the thoughtful articles, the well-wishes from our elected officials and support of the generous donations by individual and corporate sponsors, this would not have been possible. The JAINA Convention Souvenir Committee has worked diligently to create a memorable souvenir book. In the process of creating this souvenir, the committee had to make some difficult decisions to meet deadlines and ensure a quality souvenir book. This book was produced in a very short time and the committee offers sincere apologies for any errors and omissions. The views expressed in these articles are not a direct reflection of JAINA or the convention committees opinions. Finally, the souvenir committee would like to recognize and appreciate the efforts of countless volunteers from the greater Detroit and San Francisco areas for their contributions in creating this timeless souvenir book. These volunteers devoted countless hours to ensure this souvenir book will be appreciated by all who attend and contribute to this 17th Biennial JAINA Convention. We wish all attendees an enjoyable time while at the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention. Sincerely, Souvenir Committee 17th Biennial JAINA Convention Jainism: The Global Impact Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Welcome Message from JAINA President Dear Friends, Jai Jinendra. On behalf of JAINA, I welcome all of you to the 17th Biennial Convention in Detroit. I take great pride in the meticulous planning and selfless perseverance that volunteers have put forth in making this great event possible and hope you take the theme of this convention to heart by making a difference in other people's lives. I am amongst the second generation of Jains who came to North America as a child nearly four decades ago. Each generation of Jains is growing up in a very different society where we need to make an extra effort in practicing as we teach to assure that we pass Jain values to next generation. We do not want to be remembered as old-fashioned immigrants, rather, remembered as the torchbearer to make the path for future. We should note, "Todays footpath through the wilderness is tomorrow's roads and highway". We should pass the torch to younger generations and mentor them to explore new wilderness. In last forty years, Jains in North America have made significant difference in the global economy. Many among us own successful businesses, yet other Jains are serving in key positions in many well-known companies, corporations, universities, and government agencies. We have accomplished much more in last 40 years, than other immigrant community in spite of many challenges. Our next generation is capable of doubling our accomplishments. They require our guidance and trust. In keeping with our theme "Jainism: The Global Impact", our volunteers have organized wide variety of innovative sessions for our learning, enjoyment and memorable experience. Special tributes are planned to celebrate 100 years of Acharya Tulsi, 150 years anniversary of Virchand R. Gandhi, and 90th birthday celebration of Gurudev Chitrabhanuji. On behalf of the JAINA Executive Committee, I thank all volunteers, speakers, and sponsors for their tireless efforts in organizing this convention. These volunteers from across North America conceptualized the activities and have successfully executed them for our enjoyment. I want to thank the Jain Society of Greater Detroit for graciously hosting this convention. On a personal note, I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve our community. As well as, thank many among you for being a team member, mentor, and support. A special thank you to my wife, Asha, and sons, Ankush & Nishant, for their love & support when I needed it most. MICHHAMI DUKKADAM, if I did not perform to your fullest expectations. Sincerely, Sushil Jain 2011 - 2013 Jaina President -JAINA Convention 2013 12 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mr. Prem Jain Convener (408) 981-4645 Mr. Vastupal B. Shah Co-Convener (586) 323-2015 Mr. Jainesh Mehta Co-Convener (281) 752-9335 Dr. Sushil K. Jain JAINA President (703) 208-1861 Mr. Sunil Jain (630) 202-4558 Mr. Kamlesh Mehta (408) 839-8996 Mr. Rajendra K. Modi (248) 626-6343 modi Mr. Nalin J. Shah (248) 689-8296 Mr. Niranjan H. Shah (248) 553-7327 Mr. Praful Shah (248) 910-6158 Ms. Soha D. Shah (937) 248-3906 Mr. Jawahar Shetti (516) 446-6724 Message from the Convention Board On behalf of this year's JAINA Convention Board, it is our great pleasure to welcome everyone to the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. The theme of this year's convention is Jainism: The Global Impact. The three A's of Jainism, Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness) and Anekantavad (multiplicity of viewpoints) are a true guide to living a peaceful and purpose driven life in today's fast-paced and technology oriented world. Our convention programming includes all ages and will focus on multiple ways that Jainism has impacted and continues to impact the world today. Programming has specific activities for ages five to twelve (children), ages 13 to 20 (youth), ages 21 and over (JNF participants) and general. Daytime sessions focus on spirituality, health and life style, medical and senior living, interfaith discussions and environmental issues and green living. Evening programs include Thursday's garba/raas with live music by Raj Pandya and Group and Friday's cultural program will showcase the talent of the Jain community. Saturday night's evening gala program blends the East and West cultures by combining the talents of Bollywood singers with the Michigan Philharmonic. Sumptuous and elaborate meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as delightful snacks are planned by our food team to nourish your physical body while the religious discourses enlighten your spiritual well-being. An event of this magnitude is only possible with the support of countless hours of work from dedicated volunteers and the support of sponsors and donors. We hope you enjoy your visit to the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention and take home wonderful memories! Sincerely, JAINA 2013 Convention Board Jainism: The Global Impact 13 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Executive Committee President lignesh Madhani Vice President Rahul Shah Financial Officer Ajoy Ajmeru Secretary Prakash Shah Publication Officer Sanjay Bhandari Food Services Shreya Shah Facilities Director Preen Shop Board of Trustees Chairman Jay Shah Vice Chairman Milan Shah Treasurer Var hen Public Relations Damunt Junk Tristons Sesh As All Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Inc. 29278 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334-4108 (248) 851-JAIN (5246) Tax ID: 38-2368360 July 1, 2013 Respected JAINA 2013 Convention Attendees, Jai Jinendra and Pranam, On behalf of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit (JSGD) and its five hundred Jain family members, we are excited to welcome you to the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention in Novi, MI. Our Society was founded thirty years ago by less than fifty members. With strong faith, commitment and generosity of our members, we have been able to develop our Jain temple on a six acre site in Farmington Hills, MI. The temple site has room to grow and can be developed to accommodate a Jain school, senior center and a residence for visiting scholars. Our temple provides an ideal setting for practicing Jainism in for the multiple traditions and sects. We invite you to visit the temple for darshan, meditation and/or puja. Our JSGD members will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and make your visit an enlightening one. The theme of this year's convention is Jainism: The Global Impact. Detroit is known as the automotive capital of the world and holds a global appeal. This makes Detroit a perfect location for this year's convention as we have attendees and speakers, scholars, monks and nuns from all across the globe. JAINA and JSGD members and volunteers have worked hard to make your experience unique and most satisfying. All four days of this convention are designed to cater to all ages and interests with a strong focus on Jain teachings. We encourage you and your family to actively participate and take full advantage of our comprehensive and extensive program. The program embodies the theme of Jainism: The Global Impact, in the planned lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibits and field trips. The program is designed to offer something unique to all attendees. The outstanding team of volunteers has incorporated many unique and exciting items including variety of Jain food and entertainment. Over the years, the Jain Society of Greater Detroit has remained a strong, close-knit community. Our Jain Center has grown stronger through our shared faith, spirituality, and commitment of many individuals and families. We are so honored to host you in the Detroit area as we all come together to celebrate our devotion to Jainism and its global impact across the world. Jayprakash Shah Mur Chairman Board of Trustees JAINA Convention 2013 14 Jignesh Madhani President Executive Committee Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Maha Sanghpati Shrimati Dhirajben Desai Family Sanghpati Bharat & Padmaja Doshi Grand Sponsors Shrikant & Neena Mehta Prem & Sandhya Jain Corporate Sponsors Chuni & Madhu Gala (Gala & Associates, Inc.) Shrikumar & Mayurika Poddar (India Foundation, Inc.) Arvind & Jaya Shah and Akshay & Shweta Shah (Jaya Travel & Tours, Inc.) Jainism: The Global Impact Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Diamond Sponsor Mehta Family (NeilMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Platinum Sponsor Family of Late Maheshbhai Vora (Vcare Jainism & Jivdaya Foundation) Gold Sponsors Bharat & Rani and Rocky & Sangeeta Mehta Dinner Drs. Bahadur & Leela Bohra (in memory of Late Dhanroopmalji Bapna) Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Inc. Vastupal, Anil & Vijay Shah (in memory of Late Babubhai & Lilavati Shah) Lunch Dr. Parag & Dulari Doshi Dr. Ashok & Namita Jain - JAINA Convention 2013 16 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Raj & Shakuntala Jain Drs. Kirit & Vasu Tolia Perry and Dipika Mehta (FutureNet Group) Breakfast Mahendra & Madhulika Bapna Sudha Jain Pradeep & Madhu Modi Rajendra & Dr. Pratibha Modi Bhupendra & Neena Shah Dr. Jayant & Heena Shah Nalin & Gita Shah Nimesh & Rinku Shah 450 Niranjan & Vibha Shah, Jitendra & Manda Turakhia Saginaw Jain Group and Anil Jain Snacks Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Jain Society of Toronto Jainism: The Global Impact 17 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Jain Center of America, New York Jain Society of Metro Washington Jain Center of Northern California Jain Center of Southern California Jain Society of Houston Silver Sponsors Temple Dwar Opening Arvind & Ramila Shah, Sharad & Nalini Shah Aarti 7/5 - Dilip & Nidhi Bordia 7/6 - Jasvant & Saroj Sheth Mangal Divo 7/5 - Drs. Sandeep & Manisha Garg Amit & Dr. Usha Singhi 7/6 - Dr. Ragini Lakhia Pravin & Jyoti Shah - JAINA Convention 2013 18 Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Emerald Sponsors Welcome Program - Mangalam Blair Bowman, Suburban Collection Showplace Raas Garba Hemant & Nayana Shah Cultural Program - Let's Celebrate Together Udai & Sushila Jain Drs. Prakash & Kirti Sanghvi Jains Got Talent Prem and Sandhya Jain Bollywood Music Program Dipak, Ginni, Sagar & Sonia Doshi Dr. Sushil & Asha Jain Jain Networking Forum Mukesh & Priti Chatter Jainism: The Global Impact Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Jain Academic Bowl Drs. Ashok & Megha Doshi Pravin & Ruchi Jain Udai & Sushila Jain Jainesh & Mamta Mehta Ruby Sponsors Water Bottle Sponsor Absopure Water Company Dinesh & Sunita Dagli Pandya Family, New York Vimco Corp., New York Speaker Sponsors Bipin & Kundi Kapadia Mahendra Kapadia Vraj & Smita Parikh Jinansh & Priya Shah Mahendra J Shah - JAINA Convention 2013 20 Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thank You JAINA Convention Sponsors Topaz Sponsors Moti and Lata Champsee Ashok & Jyoti Domadia Ashoka & Dr. Kirti Jain Kapadia LLP Chartered Accountants Dr. Rajni & Jyoti Mehta Drs. Ashwin & Anupama Shah Dr. Kanti & Debra Shah Girish & Datta Shah Dr. Kirit and Nina Shah Patron Sponsors Please see Kalpavriksha insert for patron sponsor names Jainism: The Global Impact Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Modi Family salutes Volunteers working tirelessly to host the JAINA 2013 Convention With Blessings from Our Parents Late Mohabbat Mal Modi (1970-1971) and Pan Kanwar Modi (1920 - 1999) Nehal, Rajendra, Pratibha & Ankur Madhu, Anjali, Pradeep & Poorvi Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dear One and All Jai Jinendra! Message from Pujya Shri Chitrabhanu It is a pleasant occasion to come together to celebrate the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention in Detroit area where all Jain Centers have worked with great dedication to bring together the various flowers of Societies and Temples to create a beautiful garland of unity. JAINA is now a symbol of unity. It has the united strength of 68 centers which have 80,000 Jains who are trying to practice Ahimsa - Nonviolence; Anekantavada - Relativity of Thinking; and Aparigraha - Non-Acquisition, Beauty of Simplicity. Through these practices, people aspire to attain Liberation and be Arihanta. May 27, 2013 The heart of this philosophy is espoused by Bhagwan Vardhaman Mahavira 2600 years ago and has a great relevance for all of mankind. This is taught by Jinas. Jina means those who have gone beyond their little self and freed themselves from attachment and aversion and attained self-realization. Many young Jains are not taking interest because they see that some of their elders come home from temple-visits and engage in trivial differences about a particular sect, statues, and forms of worship. The young are quick to grasp the pettiness of such squabbling and are increasingly alienated from knowing more about their own ancient and enduring philosophy. Those who now support the root of unity within Jain Dharma must understand that the essential beginning have to be made in their own homes. Almost 35 years ago, when we had started to establish Jain centers with the conviction of unity, we followed the path of Bhagwan Mahavira with devotion and dedication and because of our convictions we have been able to create a JAINA unity without being obsessed with diversity. The beginnings of unity, both for elders and their children, start with the realization that rituals are the surface supplements, while the real thing is much deeper. The essential principle, the unifying elements of the philosophy, is the real thing. Once the young person is initiated into the ways of the teachings, he will experience new worlds to explore and conquer, not outside but within. The attitude of Anekantavada will help us not only to keep away from the petty internal strife but also to be able to ensure continuity of the teachings. We all have the collective responsibility to preserve unity because it is the only way for us to ensure the continuity of the great, enduring path of Jain Dharma. To me Jain Dharma is an open outlook to paradox and opposites. Where opposites are integrated, Jain Dharma is compassionate tolerance; it has a vision toward what we see and what we express. It has many ways but one aim free from attachment and aversion. Variety of practice will become a spice of vision. JAINA is a highway where all exits merge. Love and Blessings, Chitrabhanu 23 Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Universal Ahimsa Foundation Regd. 37-38,G-22/Sector 27 Rohini,Delhi 110085 Tel: +91 1127052030,Mob: +91 9313133865 Email: Founder: HH Shantidoot Acharya Amrender Muni Ji Maharaj DiTror3a jaina sosAITI ke mAnanIya presiDenTa, sammAnIya samasta adhikArIgaNa evaM samasta kAryakartAoM ko bahuta bahuta sasneha dharmadhyAna (dharmalAbha) aparaMca Apake invITezana se yaha jAnakara parama Ananda huA ki jaina sosAITI julAI ko bhavya kanvenzana karane jA rahI hai| yaha Amoda kA viSaya hai| jaina dharma evaM saMskRti ke pracAra prasAra meM ApakA zrI saMgha sadA hI agraNIya rahA hai| gurUdeva AcArya zrI suzIlakumAra jI mahArAja ke vicAroM se naI pIr3hI preraNA prApta karake ahiMsAtmaka vicAroM kI sthApanA sAre saMsAra meM kreN| dharma kI krAnti ke jisa bIja kA sUtrapAta unhoMne kiyA use vaTa vRkSa kA rUpa pradAna karane ke saMskAra naI pIr3hI meM jAgeM aura ve jainatva ke gaurava ko bddh'aayeN| bhagavAna mahAvIra kA saMdeza 'egAmanuSyajAI' manuSya jAti eka hai AtmA hI paramAtmA hai| 'parasparopagraha jIvanAma' vizva ke sabhI prANI eka dUsare kI sahAyatA ke binA nahIM jI sakate kisI kI hiMsA apanI hI hiMsA hai, kisI kA apamAna apanA hI apamAna hai| mujhe vizvAsa hai ki DiTroDa kA yaha samAyojana etihAsika evaM smaraNIya rhegaa| cAroM saMpradAya ke upAsaka isa kanvenzana kArya meM sammilita hokara isakI zobhA ko bddh'aayeNge| parama pAvana caturvidha saMgha kI pratiSThA bar3he, yaha hamAre lie garva aura gaurava kI bAta hai| kSaNa pratikSaNa zAsanadeva ke zAsana kI kIrti cAroM dizAoM meM phaile| isa bhavya aura virATa Ayojana kI nirvighna saphalatA kI maMgala kaamnaa| zubhakAmanAoM ke sAtha, ApakA muni Ameender kumar muni amarendra kumAra Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Since: 1989 Regd. No. 61 MANAV MANDIR MISSION TRUST FOUNDER : HIS HOLINESS POOJYA ACHARYA SHRI ROOP CHANDRAJI MAHARAJ KH-57, Manav Mandir, Ring Road. Behlolpur, Sarai Kale Khan. (Behind Indian Oil Petrol Pump), New Delhi-110013. P.B.-324 Ph:+91-11-26320000, +91-11-26315530 Fax +91-11-26821348 E-mail: Website : www.manavmandir.) dinAMka - 09-05-2013 maMgala saMdeza jo samAja apane samakSa AnevAle praznoM aura cunautiyoM para carcA karane ke lie samaya-samaya para milana-samAgama karatA hai, una praznoM para khulakara vicAra-vimarza karatA hai, sarva-sammata hokara nirNaya hotA hai, usa nirNayoM para pUrI ImAnadArI se amala karatA hai, usa samAja ke prabhAva aura vistAra ko koI bhI tAkata kabhI roka nahIM sktii| jainA kanveMzana kI buniyAda isI ekatA aura ApasI prema para TikI hai| Apa saba jJAna-darzana aura cAritra kI ArAdhanA aura samAja kI ekatA kI U~cAiyoM ko chU leM, isI azIrvAda ke sAtha Acharya Reofchandra AcArya rUpacandra jaina Azrama, naI dillI Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Universal Ahimsa Foundation Regd. 37-38,G-22/Sector 27 Rohini, Delhi 110085 Tel: +91 11 27052030, Mob: + 91 9313133865 Email: Founder: HH Shantidoot Acharya Amrender Muni Ji Maharaj 10th March 2013 Respected President of the Detroit Jain Society, All the esteemed officials and volunteers- Please accept my loving wishes for spiritual upliftment and benefit. Once again it is my great pleasure to receive the Jain Society's gracious invitation to the Jaina convention that will be held in the month of July. It is a matter of gratification that your Sangh has always shown outstanding enthusiasm to promote and spread Jain dharma and culture. May the new generation get inspired by Gurudev Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji Maharaj's thoughts and teachings and spread the values of non violence in the world. May the seed sown by him be nurtured by the new generation and grow into a huge Banyan tree and increase the honour and dignity of Jain thought and values. Bhagwan Mahavir's messages to humanity are still valid after thousands of years. He propagated 'egamanushyajae' which means that there is no caste - no divisions- only human beings. Atma is Parmatma and 'Parasperopgrah Jivanam' ie no living being can survive without another's help; killing anything is like killing one's own self, and insulting another is insulting one's own self. I am confident that this Detroit convention will be a historic and memorable event. All the four Jain sects will be attending the convention and contributing to its success. It is our wish that this pure and chaste Chaturwid Sangh rise to even greater heights and greater glory. May the light of the presiding deities and shasandevas spread in all directions and illumine every moment of the proceedings May this huge and gracious undertaking be successfully completed without any hindrance. With best wishes, Om Arhum. Mina Ameander Kumar (Muni Amrender Kumar) 26 Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ patra svarUpane pratyakSa rUpa mAnI svIkArazo | Rashtra Sant Yug Diwakar Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb a aMta2bhInA AzIrvAda JAINA (JAINA ASSOCIATION IN NORTH AMERICA mAnava jyAre mAnavamAtrane sahAyarUpa bane che tyAre mahAmAnava banI jAya che. svArthanA AjanA vAtAvaraNamAM jyAre saMskAra zabda ja bASpIbhavana thaI rahyo che tyAre bhautika sukha sAdhanothI samRddha amerikA jevA dezamAM Apa sahu JAINA nA mAdhyama dvArA AdhyAtmika saMskArathI sabhara vAtAvaraNa sarjavAno puruSArtha karI rahyA cho. dharma jAgRtine jIvaMta rAkhavAno Apano prayatna anukaraNIya ane abhinaMdanIya che. jenA hRdayamAM dharma pratye prema ane ahobhAva hoya ene ja dharmanA pracAra ane prasAramAM rasa hoya. jenA aMtaramAM dharmane vizva phalaka para laI javAnI bhAvanA hoya tenA mATe bhArata ke paradeza... dUra ke najIka... vadhu pharaka na paDe... mAtra mAre dharma mATe kaMIka karavuM che... e vicAra ja vizvAsa banI jAya..!! ApanA bhAvamAM... ApanA spaMdanamAM... ApanA AtmAmAM... dharmanI prema jyoti sadAya jalatI rahe... sadbhAvanAnA sanimitto sadAya maLatA rahe... JAINA jina banavA ane banAvavAnuM preraNAtmaka paribaLa banI rahe... e ja ama hadanI ja nA bhAvabharyA ArzIvAda sana misa Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pandithacharyavarya Mahaswamiji Sri Jain Mutt, Moodbidri-574227, Karnataka, India The 2013 Jaina Convention, Novi, Michigan, USA Ph: (08258) 236418/325105 Website: E-mail: Moodbidri 24 March 2013 Dharmabandhu, established in 1981 provided a forum to foster friendship and unity among all Jains since its inception. In its short history it has registered invaluable achievements. It has acquired great respect from all people all over the world. It has acted as a forum for the propagation of the great principles of Jainism such as truth, non-violence, non-stealing, non-attachment and celibacy. It is testimony to its reputation that there are Jain Study Centers in many universities around the world. The motto of our religion is live and let live. It is the living principle of the harmony among all living beings. The past 16th biennial conventions of JAINA have been conducted very meaningfully and impressively. It is a matter of pleasure that the 17th Biennial Convention is being held between July 4 and 7, 2013 at Novi, Michigan, USA. The propagation of religion is as much important as the practice of its principles and customs. In the present restless world, the messages of Bhagavan Mahaveer and Jainism are highly relevant. The different sects of Jainism, different places, saints and practitioners have been successfully brought to one stage today, that credit goes to JAINA. The theme of the present convention is Jainism: The Global Impact. The participation of the prominent Sadhus and Sadhvis, dignitaries and scholars is indicative of the significance of the present biennial convention. May the 17th biennial JAINA convention be successful. May it be meaningful and profitable to all. May the Souvenir to be brought out on the occasion come out beautifully with the thrust of its message to all. We pray to Bhagavan Parshwanath and deity Kushmandini Devi to shower their choicest blessings. ITI BHADRAM BHOOYAAD VARDHATAAM JINASHAAANAM. Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pandithacharyavarya Mahaswamiji 28 Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ D The Jain Religion is gifted by supreme Beings. This Religion teaches humans to discover their inner supremacy. If one will get deep into this religion, he/she can resolve his/her problem of body to the soul as well as the persons to the world. This gives me gladness that Jain convention is organized in Detroit. The theme JAINISM: THE GLOBAL IMPACT provoke us that now it should not be limited for Jains but it is needed that to give contribution in resolving every awaking problems of humans to the world. The world is facing pollution and environmental problems, imbalance economy, religious ignorance, mental diseases and violence so we do not need to give just dialogues but to give proper agendas to the people. This convention will provide proper guidance that I believe. Auspicious trusting, the success of this convention. Shrutpragya Swamiji (Peace of Mind Foundation, Rajkot, Gujarat) 29 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Serve. Learn. When a c. Aspire zrI guruve namaH jaina dharma jana dharma mAnava dharma vizva ke sabhI mukhya prAcIna dharmoM meM eka mahAn evaM zreSTha dharma / jana-jana kA dharma hote hue bhI hama ise vizva ke paTala para vistAra nahI de pAye, isakA sabase pahalA kAraNa maiM jaina dharma ke zrAvakoM ko kama sAdhu saMtoM ko adhika mAnatA huuN| kAraNa ki hamane satya ahiMsA tapa tyAga saMyama caritra aura darzana ko AtmA taka utArane kI bajAya paMtha aura sampradAya me aTakA kara rakha diyA, patha kI bajAya 'paMtha' meM ulajha kara raha gye| 24 tIrthaMkaroM kI paMkti meM bhagavAna mahAvIra prAcInatama dhArA ke antima zikhara the eka zIrSa mahApuruSa jinhoMne isa duniyA ko ahiMsA aura anekAnta kI naI paribhASA dii| para hama isa paribhASA ko zabdoM kA sahI bhAva nahIM de paaye| yahI svarUpa prApta huA, eka naI dhArA ke rUpa meM aura udaya huA jIsasa kA zabda badala gaye, bhAva vahI rahe - sArvajanika prema - sArvajanika ciMtana' ke sAtha jo bUMda se mahAsAgara bana gii| kyoM ! hama vaisA virATa svarUpa mahAvIra kI dhArA ko upalabdha nahIM karavA pAye ? T my dUsarA mahatvapUrNa kAraNa jo maiM samajhatA hU~ vaha hai hama sAdhu saMta 'sva' meM aTaka kara PLANNING ke sAtha TEAM WORK nahIM kara pAye TOGETHER - EVERYONE E A - ACHIEVE M - MORE - TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE mujhe yaha kahate hue garva mahasUsa ho rahA hai ki isa mahAn dharma ko jo U~cAIyA~ hama sAdhu-saMta nahIM de pAye vaha kArya Aja JAINA kara rahA hai, vizva meM jaina dharma ko jana-jana taka pahu~cA kara mAnava dharma banA denA cAhatA hai| maiM usa dina kI kalpanA karatA hU~, socatA hU~ to Anandita ho uThatA hU~ ki usa samaya kA vizva kitanA sundara, samRddha, pavitra, parama Anandamaya evaM aura susaMskRta hogA jaba JAINA isa mahAn dharma ko sampUrNa vizva meM jana-jana ke dila aura dvAra taka pahu~cA degaa| mujhe vizvAsa hI nahI dikha bhI rahA hai ki jisa makasada ko lekara sAre samAja ke sAtha JAINA Age bar3ha rahA hai unakA vaha svapna nizcita hI pUrA hogaa| bhArata se itanI Main Office: R.C. Road, Ramchandrampuram, Mandalam, Tirupati-517561 (India) Ph: 08772247056 9444134340 30 Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Learn erve. * Aspire dUra amerikA meM rahakara bhI apanI saMskRti, sabhyatA evaM saMskAroM ko sAtha lekana dharma kA kAryakara rahA hai 'THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO THE TOP' para koI bhI kAma agara niHsvArtha bhAva (SELF LESS INTENSION) se kiyA jAye to vaha kArya svayaM bhagavAna kA ho jAtA haiM maiM to yahI mAnatA YOU START THE SENTENCE GOD WILL COMPLETE IT kisI bhI mahAn kArya ko prArambha karane kI derI hai koI IzvarIya zakti (DEVINE POWER) acche kAryoM ko svayaM pUrA kara detI hai| JAINA dharma kI jo jyoti videzoM meM jagA rahA hai vaha bhaviSya meM avazya raMga lAyegI jarUrata hai bulaMda hausale kI evaM sabako sAtha lekara calane kii| kahate hai 'mahatI phauja kI mauja ko rokA jA sakatA hai, lekina khyAloM ke tUphAna ko nhiiN| Aja JAINA ke viSaya meM likhate hue mahAn saMta AcArya suzIla munijI kI yAda A rahI hai jinhoMne isa mahAn dharma ko videzoM meM pahu~cAyA, aise mahAn saMta ko koTi-koTi namana / bhagavAna AdinAtha se lekara bhagavAna mahAvIra taka ke sabhI 24 tIrthaMkaroM kI vANI ko pUre vizva meM prasArita kareM 'THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE IS I CAN' hama saba isa mahAn kArya meM jur3akara arihaMtoM kI vANI ko mukharita kreN| jaba hajAroM caraNa eka sAtha caleMge, hajAroM ciMtana eka aura mur3egeM aura hajAroM hAtha eka sAtha jur3egeM to hama nizcita saphala hogeN| bhagavAna mahAvIra kI ahiMsA (sArvajanika prema) aura anekAnta (sArvajanika ciMtana) kI sakArAtmaka soca kI razmiyA~ vizva meM phai tAki bIja ko vaTa vRkSa meM aura dhArA ko mahAsAgara meM pariNata kara ske| isa mahAn kArya meM maiM aMtaH hRdaya se sAtha huuN| A LITTLE FAITH WILL TAKE YOU HEAVEN AND FULL FAITH WILL BRING HEAVEN TO YOU. JAINA zAkAhAra evaM mAnava sevA kA mahAabhiyAna lekara jo vRhad evaM sarAhanIya kArya kara rahA hai usameM ise saphalatA mile yahI AzIrvAda evaM zubhAzaMzA | Guruyee brahmarSiguvanaMda Main Office: R.C. Road, Ramchandrampuram, Mandalam, Tirupati-517561 (India) Ph: 087722470569444134340 31 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Learn Aspire Jain Dharma, Jan Dharma, Manav Dharma. From the most ancient religions of the world comes Jainism-a religion of humans for humanity, a divine and noble religion. In spite being the people's religion, Jainism could not gain momentum on the world's spiritual platform I believe this is because of people like us-the saints and sages, who instead of instilling in seeker's souls the feelings of Satya (truth), Ahimsa (Non-violence), Tapa (Penance), Tyaga (renunciation) Sanyam (Austerity), Charitra (Conduct), Darshan (Vision) got involved in establishment of sects and communities Of the 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism, Bhagwan Mahavira is the last Pinnacle - a great and divine personality who gave a new definition of Ahimsa and Anekanta to this world. Although he provided a new definition, we could not express the feelings with the right words. The desired outcome was realized in a new wave with the rise of Jesus-words changed but the feelings - Sarvajanik Prem (Love for all) and Sarvajanik Chintan (common contemplation) remained the same. With this wave, droplets of water converted into an ocean. Why were we not able to give this right profile to Lord Mahavira? The second reason I believe is that we saints adhered to the 'Self and could not engage in teamwork TEAM IS TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE The work that could not be done by us saints is being carried out effectively by JAINA JAINA's efforts are taking Jainism to new heights and I feel proud and happy to think of the day when Jainism will reach out to the hearts of people around the globe. The world would be so beautiful, prosperous, pure and eternally blissful With firm belief, I can see that JAINA's goals will be realized JAINA in America, miles away from India, is carrying along its culture and civilization to realize an outcome of spintual enlightenment. I always say that "There is no Easy Way to The Top", but work done with selfless intent becomes the work of the DIVINE POWER For God's work, "You Start The Sentence and God Will Complete It For spiritual work you just have to start and The Divine power, GOD, will take care of the rest. The Divine Flame ignited by JAINA around the world will enlighten numerous souls. All it needs to do is to keep the spirits high. It is said "Beheti Fauj ki Mauj ko roka ja sakta hai par khayalon ke toofan ko nahi". Today, while writing for JAINA, I remember the Great Saint Sushil Muni Ji, who preached this religion across boundaries, salutations to him Let us all together spread the teachings of Jainism throughout the world, Let us make the voice of all 24 Tirthankars be heard all across the globe When thousands of steps are taken together towards spiritual enlightenment, when thousands of hands pray together and when thousands of souls contemplate together, then we shall surely succeed in enlightening this world Let us illuminate the world with the celestial rays of Ahimsa, Sarvajanik Prem Anekant and Sarvjanik Chintan transmitted by Lord Mahavira. "A Little Faith will take you to Heaven and Complete Faith will bring Heaven to You". The Noble cause of Vegetarianism, Humanity, Service, Adulation, Non-Violence, and Leam Serve and Return, that has been undertaken by JAINA is appreciable. My Heartily Blessings are with them and I wish them all the success Gurryee brahmarSi gurbAnaMda Brahmrishi Guruvanand Swamy Main Office: R.C. Road, Ramchandrampuram, Mandalam, Tirupati-517561 (India) Ph: 0877 224 7056 944 413 4340 32 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RICK SNYDER GOVERNOR STATE OF MICHIGAN EXECUTIVE OFFICE LANSING BRIAN CALLEY LT. GOVERNOR July 5, 2013 Dear Friends: It gives me great pleasure to join the Jain Society of Greater Detroit and Federation of Jain Associations in North America in welcoming you to the 17th Biennial Jaina Convention in Novi. On behalf of the people of Michigan, I extend sincere thanks to the leadership, membership, volunteers and many supporters of these organizations for years of philanthropic, educational and community services. As you gather for fellowship, thoughtful discussion and spiritual development, know of my admiration and appreciation for your many positive efforts and contributions. Again, welcome to Novi for the 17th Biennial Jaina Convention. Please enjoy your time in Pure Michigan and accept my very best wishes for a productive and enjoyable event. Sincerely, Tech any Rick Snyder Governor GEORGE W. ROMNEY BUILDING . 111 SOUTH CAPITOL AVENUE LANSING, MICHIGAN 48909 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CARL LEVIN MICHAGAN United States Senate WASHINGTON, DC 20510-2202 July 5, 2013 Dear Friends: I am pleased to extend my congratulations to the many guests attending the Jain Society of Greater Detroit's 17th Biennial JAINA Convention. This is a time to celebrate the diversity and heritage that your members bring to the Detroit area. Your community is a testament to your faith. You are to be commended for providing southeast Michigan with this opportunity to learn to and participate in this cultural event. I applaud each of you for giving so freely of your time and talent to preserve your heritage. My best wishes to one and all for a memorable event. Sincerely, lare Sen Carl Levin 34 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DEBBIE STABENOW MICHIGAN WHICULTURE, NUTAMON, AND FORESTRY BUDGET ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES FINANCE United States Senate 133 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON, DC 20510-2204 July 4, 2013 17th Biennial JAINA Convention Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI 48374 Dear Friends, I am pleased to welcome you to Michigan for the Federation's 17h Biennial Convention. It is exciting that the Jain Society of Greater Detroit is hosting this special event. This is a great opportunity for you to come together from across the world to celebrate the Jain community and its global impact on health and well-being. I hope you have a very successful convention and enjoy your stay in Southeast Michigan. Sincerely, Debbie Stabenow United States Senator 2 W LAKE LANSING ROAD SUITE EACIT LANSING, MI 46822 1517/30GB CONGRESS STREET Sud DETROIT MIR 22N SAGINAW STREET SUITE 101 TWINT0862 100) 720-6172 S. AIRPORT ROADW SUITC De TRAVERSE CITY, MAS 12331 3201031 20 LINE COURT SLITE 000 GRAND RAPOS MAX 1995-02 W. RUGE SUITE MARQUETTE. MI 19 300225-75 Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THE SENATE STATE OF MICHIGAN VINCENT GREGORY ATH DISTRICT F.O. BOX 30036 LANISING, 1999-7535 THONE 5171 373-748 TOLL FREE 625-634 1 51) 275 2993 igo COMMITTEES: FAMILJES, SENIORS AND HUMAN SERVICES, MVC VETERANS, MILITARY APFAIRS AND HOMELAND SECURITY, MVC APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEES COMMUNITY HEALTH HUMAN SERVICES STATE POLICE AND MILITARY AFFAIRS DEMOCRATIC WIP OF THE SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ND VC OF THELEGISLATIVE BLACK CAUCUS July, 2013 V The Federation of Jain Associations In North America (JAINA) Dear Friends: It is a distinct personal privilege to welcome and congratulate The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) as you celebrate the 17" Biennial Convention from July 4, 2013 through July 7, 2013. at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan. I am truly honored to recognize the exemplary contributions Jains have made in the Great State of Michigan and throughout the world, and I am humbled to join you and Jain Society of Greater Detroit as you commemorate this milestone occasion. The theme of the 17th Biennial Convention, "Jainism: The Global Impact" is an inspiring statement of the strength, sense of purpose and prominence enjoyed by the members. Notably, this festive occasion will bring over 3.500 Jains from all across the world together in a spirit of fellowship and hope, and certainly promises to be a memorable and meaningful celebration. Clearly, Jains have demonstrated that conscientious and productive citizens with strong convictions and ties to the community can and do make a difference in the world. I am confident the members of Jain will continue to take pride in your past as you look forward to a bright and promising future. Congratulations again and best wishes for a joyful and memorable 17" Biennial Convention. May the leaders and members of JAINA know of my deep regard and highest esteem for this noble and exemplary organization. Sincerely, hegey Concert Vincent Gregory State Senator 14 District Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FARMINGTON HILLS Michigan OFFICE OF MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL May 1, 2013 Arvind R. Shah 6738 Woodcrest Drive Troy, MI 48098 Dear Mr. Shah, On behalf of the Farmington Hills City Council, City Administration, and the entire community, it is my distinct honor to send you our very best wishes for great success at the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention being held from July 4 to July 7, 2013. We commend you for your theme of "Jainism: The Global Impact," which demonstrates the positive influence of Jains in the world today. The City of Farmington Hills congratulates the Jain Society of Greater Detroit for celebrating another year of important accomplishments and significant contributions to the Metropolitan Detroit area. Please accept our best wishes to the entire Jain community for continued success in the future. Sincerely, Barry Brickner Barry L. Brickner Mayor 31555 West Eleven Mile Road Farmington Hills MI 48336 248.871.2500 Phone 248.871.2501 Fax 37 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ February 5, 2013 NOV Mr. Arvind R. Shah, Coordinator 6738 Woodcrest Drive Troy, MI 48098 CITY COUNCIL VIA FACSIMILE: ashan_1941 a Mayor BOD Gart Mayor Pro Teri David Staude Dear Mr. Shah Terry K. Margus Andrew Mutch We received the January 1, 2013 letter announcing the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention which invited the City of Novi to contribute best wishes for a commemorative souvenir book. While we send our regrets regarding attending the celebration, we are pleased to share a few words. Wayne Wrobel Justin Fische Message Laura Casey City Manager Clay. Pearson On behalf of the Novi community, we appreciate and concur with the Jaina principles that support non-violence and strong family connections which are valued foundations for every society. The Jaina community represents a movement of peace and harmony that we respect. Novi has a spirit of welcoming people of all backgrounds, and we wish you the best in your gathering at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. City Clerk Maryanne Comuus The City Council and Administration express sincere well wishes for the Janinism community during this time of celebration, Sincerely Bole Sell Bob Gant Mayor Cly Clay, Pearson City Manager City of Novi 45175 W. Ten Mile Road Novi, Michigan 48375 248 3470460 248.347.0577 tax Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Ratna Award 2013 Ms. Lata Champsee Toronto, Ontario, Canada First female President of JAINA and the longest serving editor of Jain Digest - Lata Champsee is a community activist and a social worker, who has championed the cause of Jainism and the upliftment of women and seniors within immigrant communities for over thirty years. Lataben has been actively involved with JAINA for over 18 years in different capacities such as Director, Regional Vice President, Secretary, the Editor-in-chief of Jain Digest for 10 years. She is the First female to serve in these positions. Lataben is a well-respected individual, and a person of impeccable commitment with integrity and credibility. Her leadership skills, goal-oriented strategies, self-confidence, perseverance and broad vision for community needs have made her what she is. She is a trustee and past president of AWIC (Association of Women of India in Canada) Community and Social Services and director of YWCA. She is member of Board of Directors and past president of Jain Society of Toronto. Her enormous contribution to these causes are reflected in many outstanding and prestigious awards including Outstanding Achievements in Volunteerism by Ontario Government. JAINA Recognition Award, KOJAIN Appreciation Award, Jain Society of Toronto recognition Award, AWIC Lifetime Achievement Award. A well known philanthropist, Lataben has been a tireless fund raiser for causes that are near and dear to her heart. She has raised $25,000 for construction of school following the earthquake in Kutch/Gujarat, $30,000 for Latur Earthquake, $50,000 for PRIDE India (focused on uplifting disadvantaged women in India), $30,000 for the purchase of breast cancer diagnostic equipment for the Nargis Dutt foundation and was one of the few Indian women to visit Haiti following earthquake and actively engage in relief work. A role model in volunteerism, she has encouraged many more to follow her footsteps. Jainism: The Global Impact 39 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Adult Leadership Awards - 2013 (JAINA Recognition Awards) Mr. Himanshu Ajmera Houston, Texas Ms. Poorvi Parekh Orange, California Mr. Ram Gada Eden Prairie, Minnesota Mr. Bhupendra Shah Northville, Michigan Ms. Sanyukta Shah Gaithersburg, Maryland Mr. Bhupesh Mehta Silver Spring, Maryland Mr. Harendra N. Shah North Borough, Massachusetts Dr. Bharat Tolia, Orchard Lake, Michigan JAINA Convention 2013 40 Mr. Prakash M. Mehta Oak Hill, Virginia Mr. Nirmal Shah Alberta, Canada. Mr. Dinesh Vora, Columbus, Ohio. Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Leadership Awards - 2013 (JAINA Recognition Awards) Ms. Anjali Doshi South Barrington, Illinois Ms. Priyanka Jain Wellesley, Massachusetts Ms. Juhee Shah Artesia, California Ms. Komal Shah Milpitas, California Mr. Mitesh Shah Atlanta, Georgia Jainism: The Global Impact Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Presidential Awards - 2013 JAINA Scholar Award Mr. Chandrakant Mehta Parsippany, New Jersey Mr. Jainesh Mehta JAINA Calendar Committee Presidential Award for Outstanding Service - 2013 Mr. Udai Jain JAINA Executive Committee 2003-2013 Mr. Rajeev Pandya Chairman JAINA Convention 2013 42 Mr. Lalit Vora Dr. Deepika Dalal JAINA Executive Committee 1999-2013 Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Presidential Awards - 2013 "Outstanding Humanitarian Service Award" Bidada Sarvodaya Trust International Institution Recognition Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust (BST) is a charitable non-profit organization. The organization is committed to render medical and surgical treatment to patients of all ages, caste & race. The trust is well known for the medical camp it organizes every January in village Bidada, Kutch, India. Every January camp patients from over 1200 villages are seen. In January, 2013, over 29,000 patients were examined including over 1,000 surgeries and nearly 5000 dental care was provided. Hundreds of BST volunteers provided care and over 57,000 meals were served in support of their care. "Outstanding Jain Education Service Award" Dr. Shugan Jain International School of Jain Studies The International School for Jain Studies was established in 2002 with the primary objective of promoting the study of Jain philosophy, history, culture, society and Jain way of life. Since its inception, over 350 non-Jain professors, teachers and post graduate students from all over the globe have been benefited. Each course is designed to give hands on experiance for 4-6 weeks in various cities in India. Please visit http:// for details. Partner Organization American Jewish Committee We are proud of our partnership with the American Jewish Committee. Together we have organized several successful legislative conferences and events. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) and JAINA have many common goals and objectives. AJC was established to enhance the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel, and to advance human rights and democratic values around the world. They accomplish this by embracing democratic values, respect for human rights, and peaceful conflict-resolution. AJC understands the interdependence of the global and local dimensions of their mission. AJC anticipate issues and provides thoughtful analysis of complex problems. AJC develops systematic approaches to issues and pursues them in a deliberative, persistent manner to achieve favorable results. Jainism: The Global Impact 43 Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Past JAINA Ratna Award Recipients ACKNOWLEDGMENT Congratulations to the recipients of JAINA's most prestigious award in North America, the JAINA Ratna Award. Recipients of this award have made contributions of time and personal financial resources for JAINA, their local Jain Center and the community at large to fulfill the JAINA mission, have published articles, lectured and teach Jain principles, participate in interfaith activities, show a high level of personal character and integrity, and are a practitioner of major tenets of Jainism. Year 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 JAINA RATNA Award Recipient Dr. Duli Chand Jain 2007 Dr. Prem Gada 2009 Dr. Dhiraj Shah 2011 Dr. Manoj Dharamsi 2001 Dr. Manilal B Mehta Dr. Tansukh Salgia 2003 Mr. Arvind Vora Mr. Pravin Shah 2005 Mr. Manubhai Doshi Mr. Anop Vora Dr. Sulekh Jain Mr. Girish Shah Activity Jain Study Circular Leader of JAINA Library JAINA World Community Service First Elected JAINA President Founder of JAINA 1981 Second Elected JAINA President Founder of JAINA 1981 JAINA Education Committee Past JAINA President JAINA Interfaith/Multifaith Author/Scholar Past JAINA President Past JAINA President Founder of JAINA 1981 Recipient's Home Jain Center Jain Center of West Texas (TX) Jain Community of Buffalo (NY) Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (MD) Jain Center of Central Ohio (OH) Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton (OH) JAINA Convention 2013 44 Jain Study Center of North Carolina (NC) Jain Center of Southern California (CA) Jain Center of Long Island (NY) Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (IL) Jain Society of Rochester (NY) Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton (OH) Jain Society of Houston (TX) Jain Center of Northern California (CA) Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENT In addition to the innumerous community members who constantly embody the Jain Way of Life, we are grateful to the following JAINA PRESIDENTS for their dedicated leadership and services. Under this talented group of leaders JAINA has grown to an international presence. JAINA's success is evident through the growth of the biennial convention, which has thousands of attendees and has invited speakers, scholars and monks/nuns from around the world. JAINA also provides numerous educational materials and workshops to sustain the Jain Way of Life for future generations. JAINA has a strong community outreach and services program. The type of growth JAINA has seen is due to the community support and strength of our leaders. Thank you to the past JAINA presidents! Term 1981-1983 1983-1985 1985-1989 1989-1993 1993-1995 1995-1997 Past JAINA Presidents 1997-1999 JAINA President Mr. Lalit Shah Dr. Manoj Dharamsi Dr. Tansukh Salgia Dr. Sulekh Jain Dr. Jagat Jain Dr. Manibhai Mehta Dr. Dhiraj Shah Term 1999-2001 2001-2003 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2009 2009-2011 2011-2013 JAINA President Jainism: The Global Impact 45 Dr. Mahendra Pandya Mr. Bipin Parikh Mr. Anop Vora Mr. Kirit Daftary Mr. Dilip Shah Mrs. Lata Champsee Dr. Sushil Jain "Jainism presents various solutions of the ecological problem through its focus on non-violence." Professor Sagarmal Jain Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Past JAINA Convention Host Centers ACKNOWLEDGMENT The biennial JAINA convention is attended by thousands of people from around world. The attention paid to detail in programming for all ages, the invited speakers, scholars and monks/nuns, the diverse entertainment programs and the well thought out meals provide a unique Jain experience. Such an event would not be possible without countless dedicated volunteers and the hours they spend. Year Host Center Host Center Location 1981 Jain Center of Southern California Buena Park, CA 1983 Jain Center of America New York City, NY 1985 Jain Society of Greater Detroit Farmington Hills, MI 1987 Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Bartlett, IL 1989 Jain Society of Toronto Toronto, ONT 1991 Jain Center of Northern California Milpitas, CA 1993 Jain Society of Pittsburgh Murraysville, PA 1995 Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Bartlett, IL 1997 Jain Society of Toronto Toronto, ONT 1999 Samarpan Jain Sangh Philadelphia, PA 2001 Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Bartlett, IL 2003 Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton West Chester, OH 2005 Jain Center of Northern California Milpitas, CA 2007 Jain Sangh of Cherry Hill Pennsauken, PA 2009 Jain Center of Southern California Buena Park, CA 2011 Jain Society of Houston Houston, TX - JAINA Convention 2013 46 Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Executive Committee A Note From the Executive Committee Dr. Sushil Jain President Mr. Prem Jain First Vice President It is because of the generosity of our donors and volunteers that JAINA celebrates over 30 years of service in Jain and non-Jain communities. Partners like you have helped us initiate ground-breaking endeavors to unite the Jain community and integrate innovative ways to instill Jain values in future generations. Mr. Dipak Doshi Treasurer Mr. Ashok Domadia Secretary Thank you for your donations, volunteer efforts, and continued commitment. You have made JAINA the premier steward in promoting a Jain Way of Life and a powerful catalyst in expressing the Jain values in our personal, professional, and community lives. JAINA EC "Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven." Lata Champsee Past President Manish Mehta VP Midwest Sheenika Shah YJA Co-Chair Rajen Dhami VP West Udai Jain VP Southwest Sejal Dhruva YJA Co-Chair Yogendra Jain VP Northeast Dr. Deepika Dalal VP Southeast Rushabh Gudka YJP Chair Haresh Shah VP Mideast Raj Patil VP Canada "All souls are alike. No one is superior or inferior." - Mahavir Jainism: The Global Impact Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Inc. Board of Trustees From Left to Right - Milap Shah, Suresh Shah, Jignesh Madhani, Jayprakash Shah, Hemant Shah, Shailesh Jain Jain Society of Greater Detriot, Inc. Executive Committee ILO Mh Jainism The Global Impact eu Deu First Row Left to Right - Dipen Shah, Prakash Shah, Shreya Shah, Sanjay Bhandari Second Row Left to right - Rahul Shah, Jignesh Madhani, Ajay Ajmera JAINA Convention 2013 - 48 Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Volunteers Imh, Jainism All Day Time Programming Committee Mh Jainism The Global Impact say that I JARAC $333 First Row Left to Right - Kalpana Shah, Parul Shah, Seema Shah, Varsha Mehta, Sudha Jain Second Row Left to Right - Amit Lathia, Bipin Shah, Manish Mehta, Milap Shah, Avinash Shah, Dr. Kantibhai Shah Jainism: The Global Impact Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Souvenir Committee mi Jainism The Global Impact towy 2013 Detroit, M Left to Right - Niranjan Shah, Vastupal Shah, Nilesh Dagli, Arvind R. Shah, Jasvant Sheth, Raju Modi Not in Photo - Kamlesh Mehta, Hemang Shah, Bharati J. Shah, Chuni Gala, Nirmal Dosi, Rachana Jain, Soha Shah, Dr. Manubhai Doshi, Harendra Shah, Dr. Nitin Shah, Yogendra Bobra, Vijay Shah Fund Raising Committee ainism The Global Impact u s M472013 , Deloin, MI S Left to right - Niranjan Shah, Vastupal Shah, Arvind V. Shah, Dr. Pratibha Modi, Raju Modi, Arvind R. Shah Not in Photo - Rajeev Pandya, Lata Champsee, Jawahar Shetti, Dipak Doshi, Sunil Jain, Udai Jain, Jainesh Mehta, Yogesh Shah, Prem Jain, Sushil Jain,Kundi Kapadia, Raj Patil, Nalin Shah - JAINA Convention 2013 50 Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Facility Committee Jainism The al Impact petrolno 32 First Row Left to Right - Arvind V. Shah, Vastupal Shah, Shashi Shah, Arvind R. Shah, Pravin Chokshi, Niranjan Shah Second Row Left to Right - Hasmukh Shah, Mahendra Kapadia, Jitendra Parikh Not in Photo- Nalin Shah, Chuni Gala Medical Assistance Committee My Jainism The Global Impact JAINA CO July 4-7, 2013 Detroit, MI Left to Right - Dr. Siddharth Sanghvi, Dr. Pratibha Modi, Dr. Kantibhai Shah Not in Photo-Dr. Kirit Tolia Jainism: The Global Impact 51 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Food Committee p Mh Jainism The Global Impact TAINA Convolution, July 4-7, etroit, Mi Front Row Left to Right - Smita Shah, Jaya Shah, Arvind V. Shah, Bharati Doshi Second Row Left to Right - Kalpana Badani, Kishor Badani Decoration Committee My Jainism The Global Impact 013 Degoit, Mi First Row Left to Right - Niral Shah, Meghna Chauhan, Hemali Doshi, Mamata Maheshvari Second Row Left to Right - Sejal Doshi, Mona Bora Not in Photo - Munot Gayatri, Ritu Shah, Vinita Parekh JAINA Convention 2013 52 Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Of pr Temple Committee Jainism The Global impact 7.2013 | Del M First Row Left to Right - Nalini Shah, Bharti Shah, Tarulata Shah Second Row Left to Right - Shital Shah, Mayurica Shah, Manjuben Shah, Jyoti Shah Third Row Left to Right - Harindra Shah, Sharad R. Shah, Arvind R. Shah, Natvarbhai Shah Public Relation Committee My Jainism The Global Impact LAINA Cova y 4-7, 2013 Deroit, MI Left to Right - Arvind R. Shah, Vastupal Shah, Akshay Shah, Raju Modi, Niranjan Shah Not in Photo - Nalin Shah, Jainesh Mehta, Kamlesh Mehta Jainism: The Global Impact 53 Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dignitary and Scholar Committee Jainism The Global Impact AINA Com Day 2013 Col. M First Row Left to Right - Ramila Shah, Arvind R. Shah, Praful Shah, Bhupendra Shah, Vinay Shah, Asha Jain Second Row Left to Right - Sohini Shah, Nalini Shah, Pratima Shah, Neena Shah Not In Photo- Nirmal Dosi, Shashi Shah Exhibition Committee CITALIANT Jainism The Global Impact DID TOES, MI/ First Row Left to Right - Purvi Shah, Veena Shah, Neena Shah, Falguni Shah, Shaila Shah, Second Row left to Right - Shreyas Shah, Sanjay Bhandari, Hemant Shah, Bhupendra Shah Not in Photo - Girish Shah, Ramesh Shah JAINA Convention 2013 54 Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Evening Entertainment Committee 88888 Jainism Global Impact 2012 Depoi First Row Left to Right - Varsha Mehta, Pratiksha Shah, Mamata Maheshwari, Reepal Shah, Pratima Shah, Anuja Shah, Minal Manek Second Row Left to Right - Varsha Shah, Rajiv Maheshwari, Rachna Parekh, Priya Shah Not in Photo Khyati Shah Jain Acadamic Bowl Committee/Coaches Mh Jainism T Global Impact July 4, 2013 | Defrost, M First Row Left to Right - Toral Shah, Sunita Zaveri, Niral Shah, Punita Shah, Birva Shah Second Row Left to Right Nami Shah, Vinit Shah, Nehal Shah Not in Photo Dr. Mukesh Doshi, Sibani Shah, Pravin K. Shah Jainism: The Global Impact 55 Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bollywood Programme Committee h Jainism The Global Impact Durroit, MI First Row Left to Right - Shruti Shah, Harsha Shah, Narendra Sheth, Priti Mistry Second Row Left to Right - Dr. Yash Shah, Bipin Mistry, Satish Subramanian, Rajiv Kalamdani, Pratik Shah, Bhushan Modi Audio - Visual Committee Wh, Jainism The Global Impact Then, Juha 7 retroit, MI First Row Left to Right - Bipin Shah, Narendra Sheth, Niranjan Shah Second Row Left to Right - Satish Subramanian, Hemesh Shah, Rajiv R. Shah Not in Photo - Bipin Mistry, Bhushan Modi, Ninad Lokre JAINA Convention 2013 56 Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Registration Committee Jainism The Global Impact July 4.7.2013 First Row Left to Right - Sneha Shah, Rashmi Shah, Kalpana Shah Second Row Left to Right - Dharam Shah, Dipen Shah, Samir Shah, Pritesh Shah, Jagdish Shah, Chirag Jhaveri Hospitality Committee Im Jainism The Global Impact AIRA CO First Row Left to Right - Rohit Shah, Khyati Shah, Pravin Shah Second Row Left to Right - Amit Singhi, Rahul Shah, Suresh Shah, Peenal Shah Jainism: The Global Impact 57 Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Finance Committee mih, Jainism The Global Impar 2013 Outros First Row Left to Right - Vinit Shah, Kavita Shah, Hemalata Menon, Vijay Shah Second Row Left to Right - Manish Zaveri, Pradip Modi, Rajav Shah, Kamlesh Shah, Rajendra Modi Security Committee Jainism The Global Impact UNA CO V 2013 Delpoit. Vastupal Shah, Jinansh Shah, Niranjan Shah -JAINA Convention 2013 58 Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ * Photography and Video Committee Jainism The Global Impact JAINA Conveni 30 3) Detroit, Mi Sharad Shah, Samkit Shah Not in Photo - Amit Shah Carbon Neutral CN Team My Jainism The Global Impact NA Conve Detre M First Row Left to Right - Nirav Shah, Prakash Shah, Kushant Shah Second Row Left to Right - Ankit Shah, Jignesh Madhani, Jigar Shah, Sanjay Dedhia Jainism: The Global Impact 59 Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Committee Members of JAINA Convention 2013 Not in the Group Photos Souvenir Committee Kamlesh Mehta Hemang Shah Evening Entertainment Committee Nirmal Dosi Dignitary Committee JAB Coach Team Legal Committee Rachana Jain Decoration Committee Charu Jain Shah Gayatri Munot Khyati Shah Neeyali Shah Exhibition Committee Ramesh Shah Girish Shah Asha Shah Jagdish Shah Dignitary Committee Jain Academic Bowl - JAB Committee Coordinators Temple Committee Mukesh Doshi Pravin K. Shah Shibani Shah Mahendra Doshi Indira Doshi Facility Committee Temple Committee Nalin Shah Chuni Gala Shashi Shah -JAINA Convention 2013 - 60 Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Fund Raising Committee" Sushil Jain Prem Jain Sunil Jain Rajeev Pandya Jawahar Shetti Udai Jain Jainesh Mehta Dipak Doshi Nalin Shah Yogesh R. Shah Medical Assistance Committee Dr. Kirit Tolia Jainism: The Global Impact 61 Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JNF Core Team Apurvi Mehta (NY) Soha Shah (OH) JNF Extended Team Kaanan Shah (MI) Tanvi Daga (TX) Pritesh Gosrani (MI) Jain Networking Forum - JNF Bonita Parikh (TX) Mukesh Doshi (IL) Samrita Varde(MI) Priti Shah (MI) Subir Shah (MI) Sunil Jain (IL) Pranali Koradia(MI) Pranadhi Koradia (MI) Meit Shah (CA) - JAINA Convention 2013 62 Neel Shah (MI) Vijay Mehta (TX) Palak Kapasi (NJ) Resha Shah (TX) Kunal Dagli (NJ) Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity - YA Committee PORNS Doon Avani Vora (NC) Hemang Srikishan (IL) Neeketa Sheth (FL) Parag Parekh (NY) Samrita Varde (MI) Sheenika Shah (CA) Sejal Dhruva (CA) Aakash Shah (NY) Sonali Vakharia (MI) Kids Club Team Mh Jainism The Global Impact JAINA Convention, July 4-7, 2013 | Detroit, MI 110101 Jainism: The Global Impact 63 Sunil Jain (IL) Left to Right: Nirali Lathia, Ami Lakhani, Pratiksha Shah, Bharti Shah, Sunitha Jain, Sejal Doshi and Nisha Doshi. Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Pilih JSGD.Org I COCCITET TESTET Jain Society of Greater Detroit Welcomes 17th Biennial JAINA Convention Thinking Globally and Serving Locally 29278 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334 Phone: (248) 851-JAIN (5246) Page #67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ * * * * * * * * * * * * * Anand Bora * * * . * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Aakash Shah Aashish Shah * Aditi Shah (TX) Ajay Dagli Ajita Desai Akshay Shah Alka Sheth Ami Lakhani * * Avinash Shah Amit Lathia Amit Sanghvi Amit Shah (Pritish) Amol Khanpurkar (AZ) Anand Chordia Ankit Shah Anuja Shah Anup Shah Apurva Patel (OH) Apurvi Mehta Arpan Shah (TX) Arti Doshi Arvind R Shah Arvind V Shah Asha A Jain Asha S Jain Ashaben shah Ashaben Shah Ashok Domadia Ashok Jain Ashoka Jain Atul Patrawala Avani Vora (NC) Convention Volunteers Bhanu J Shah Bharat Doshi Bharat Shah Bharat Trivedi Bharati Doshi Bharati M Shah Bharatiben H. shah Bharti J. Shah Bhaumik Kothari * . * * * . * * . * * . * Chandni Haria * * . * * * Devyani Dani Devyani Shah * Dhara Gosalia * Bhaumik Shah Bhavesh/Shivani Shah . Family Bhumit Shah Bhupendra Shah Bhupendra Shah Bhushan Modi * Bina Chauhan Bina Shah Bipin Mistry Bipin Shah Birva Shah Bonita Parikh (TX) . Chandra Kothari Chandulal Morabia Charu Parekh Charulata Jain Shah Chintan Shah Chirag Jhaveri Chirag Shah Deepak Shah Devani Shah * Dipa Sheth Dharam Shah Dhiraj Maru Dilip Bordia Dilipbhai V Shah Dinesh Dagli Dipak Doshi Dipak R. Shah * Dr. Kirit Tolia Dipal shah Dipen Shah Dr. Kantibhai Shah Dr. Manisha Garg Dr. Pratibha Modi Dr. Siddharth Sanghvi Ekta Jhaveri Jainism: The Global Impact 65 * Girish H Shah . * * * * * * * Hemali Doshi Hemang Shah Hemang Srikishan Hemang Srikishan (IL) Hemant Rajput * Hemant S Shah * * * * * * * Hetal Karia Hina N Shah Indira Doshi Jagdish C. Shah Jagdish Shah Jagdish Shah * * * * * * . * * * * Falguni Shah Gayatri Munot Geeta Khona * . Girish Shah - CA Girish Shah - CA Gita N Shah Harsha Shah Hasmukh shah Heena J Shah Hema Pradip Shah Hema Vijay Shah Hemalata Menon * Hemant Shah Hemesh Shah Hemlata R. Shah Jagruti Patrawala Jaimik Shah Jainesh Mehta Jasvant Sheth Jatin shah Jatin Shah (TX) Jawahar Shetti Jaya Shah Jigar Shah Jignashu Sheth Jignesh Madhani Jinansh Shah Jitu Parikh Jyoti A Shah Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Convention Volunteers * Jyoti Guimberteau Jyoti P. Shah * Jyoti Shah * Jyotsnaben Shah Kaanan Shah Kalpana Badani * Kalpana Chokshi Kalpana Shah Kalpesh Shah Kamal Jain Kamlesh Mehta Kamlesh Shah Kaushal Jhaveri Kavita Shah Ketan Sheth Ketur Doshi Khyati Shah Kirti M Vora Kishore Badani Krishna Popat Kritesh Mehta Kulin Shah Kunal Dagli (NJ) Kunal Dagli (NJ) Kundi Kapadia (San Francisco) Kushant Shah Kusum Rashid * Lata Champsee (Toronto) Lisa Sheth Madhu Modi * Madhu Sheth (Atlanta) * Mahaveer Jain (TX) Mahendra Doshi * Mahendra H Shah Mahendra Kapadia Maltiben Desai * Mamata Maheshwari * Manini Sanghavi Manish Gajarawala Manish Mehta * Manish Shah * Manish Zaveri Manisha Garg Maya Dedhia Meena Parekh Meena Parekh Meghna Chauhan Meit Shah (CA) Milap Shah Minal Manek Mona Bora Mukesh Doshi (IL) Nalin Shah Nalini Shah Naliniben Shah Naman Jain (MA) Namee Shah Namita Jain Narendra Jain Narendra Sheth Nayana Parikh Neal Gandhi Neeketa Sheth Neel Shah Neena Bupendra Shah Neeyati Shah Neit Shah (CA) Nidhi Bordia Nilesh A. Shah Nilesh Dagli Nina K Shah Nina Shah Ninad Lokre Nipa Shah Niral Shah Nirali Lathia Niranjan Shah Nirav "Robby" Shah, (IL) Nirav Shah Nirmal Dosi Niru Maru Nisha Doshi Nisha H. Shah (OH) Palak Kapasi (NJ) Parag Parekh Paras Shah (TX) Parul Shah Peenal Shah Pinal Shah Piyush Shah Prachi Shah (NJ) Pradeep Modi, Pradip Shah Praful Shah Prakash Shah Pranadhi Koradia Pranali Koradia Pratik Shah Pratiksha Shah Pratima Shah Pravin C Shah Pravin M. shah Pravin P. Chokshi Pravin shah Prem Jain Pritesh Gosrani Priti Mistry Priti Shah Priti Shah Pritish Shah Priya Shah Punita Shah Purnima Shah Purvi Doshi Purvi Shah Purvi Shah Rachna Parakh Rahul Shah Raj Jain Raj Patil (Canada) * Rajeev Pandya (New York) Rajendra Modi Rajesh Jain Rajesh shah * Rajiv Maheshwari JAINA Convention 2013 66 Page #69 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ * * * . * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . * * * * * * * . * * * * Rajiv R Shah Rajnikant Shah Rakesh Chauhan Rakesh Sheth Ramesh Shah Ramila A. shah Rashmi D. Shah Rashmi K. shah Reepal Shah Resha Shah (TX) Rita Shah Ritu Shah Rohit R Shah Rohit Shah Rohit Shah Rujuta Joshi Saloni Jain Convention Volunteers Sameer Mehta Samir Parikh (NY) Samrita Varde Sangeeta Mehta Sanjay Bhandari Sanjay Bhandari Sanjay Dedhia Sanjay M Shah Savita Jain Seema Shah Sejal Dhruva Sejal K. Doshi Shaila Shah Shaila Shah Sharad Shah Shashi Shah * * . * * . Smita Sheth Sneha Shah Soha Shah Sohini B Shah Sonal Shah * Sonali Vakharia * * * . * . * * . * * . * * Shashikant Dani Sheenika Shah . Shital shah Shradha Gosalia Shreya Shah Shreyas Shah Smita Kothari Smita Parikh * Sushil Jain Suyash Jain Swati Shah (IL) . Sridhar Vaidynathan Subir Shah Suhas Sheth Sujata Shah-Raman Sunil Jain Sunita Zaveri Sunitha Jain Surabhi Shah Suresh B Shah Suresh D. shah Suresh L Shah Tanvi Daga (TX) Tarang Shah Toral Shah Udai Jain (TX) Usha Deepak Shah * Usha Vasani * Veena Shah Veena Shah Venkat Rao Vibha Shah * . . Varsha Mehta Varsha Shah Vastupal Shah SCS Staff . * Vijay Antani Vijay B. Shah Vijay Mehta (TX) Vinay Shah Vinit (Leena) Shah Vinit R. Shah Vinita Jain Vinita Parekh Vishal Doshi Vishal Shah (IL) Yogesh Shah (CA) Blair Bowman Mary Jane Scott Courtney Teeple Andrea Picklo Terri Freytag Tony Fontan Terry Poster Andy Asaro Steve Karakula Charles Lewis We offer our apologies if we missed any names Jainism: The Global Impact 67 Page #70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ aho! aho! zrI sadguru, karuNAsiMdhu apAra; A pAmara para prabhu karyo, aho ! aho ! upakAra. With Best Wishes Kirit, Pramila, Nikhil and Rajesh Daftary 68 Page #71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Principle of Aparigraha - Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Modern day materialism defines a successful and happy person as one with the many possessions, great wealth and high status. Through an understanding of the Jain principle of aparigraha, Pujyashri Gurudev enlightens us on what brings true contentment in life others?' In response to this, the Wise say that because man has no authority over himself, he tries to make up for that 'lack of command', by ruling others. We wish to become independent by making others dependent on us. But we do not realise that dependence is on both sides; both parties get tied. Reigning over others cannot make us their owners; rather, it breeds sorrow. It is like attempting to quench one's thirst with fire! A great deal has been spoken and written about aparigraha or non-possessiveness; however, we are incognisant of its true depth. No doubt, we talk of non-possessiveness with great respect and even worship the one who is non-possessive; yet, we remain unaware of its essence. Possessiveness Leads to Slavery We become slaves to the ones we try to possess, we get bound to them. The seeds of slavery are hidden in the very desire to be the owner. And the reason for this is that our sense of ownership is dependent on them. If the ones we claim to own leave us, with them goes our ownership too. If our ownership is dependent on others, then how can we be called their owners? Deep reflection reveals how we get bound by them, how they become our owners. Understanding Possessiveness How can we acquaint ourselves with the true significance of non-possessiveness? To understand what non-possessiveness is, one must first comprehend the meaning of possessiveness. Commonly, possessiveness is understood as the possession of objects. But the Enlightened Ones say that possessiveness is delusion. It does not mean having a collection of things; it is the feeling of being the owner of those things. The number of things' therefore does not determine an individual's possessiveness; it is the attitude he harbours towards those things, the way he relates to them that determines his possessiveness. Our sense of ownership is not restricted to things alone, we display feelings of ownership even towards people. A husband tries to own his wife; a father his son; a teacher his student etc. This possessiveness is just another dimension of violence. Ownership implies possessiveness and where there is possessiveness, the relationship becomes violent. This is true because no one can own another without exercising violence by taking away his independence, by making the other a slave of his desires. Once a mendicant entered a village. He saw a cow, tied by a rope, being led away by his owner. Seeing this, he asked the villagers, "Is this man tied to the cow or is the cow tied to this man?" The villagers replied in unison, "It is the cow that is tied to the man. The man is the owner; he is independent. The cow is owned, dependent and hence, a slave." The mendicant asked again, "If the cow runs away, will this man run after the cow?" The people replied, "Naturally, the man will run after the cow." He further asked, "If the man runs away, will this cow run after the man?" The ascetic clarified the underlying meaning of his question, "Consider carefully, who is really dependent on whom. The cow is tied to the man with a rope but the man is imperceptibly bound to the cow. He is the one who cannot let go of the cow. It is only with this subtle insight that it becomes evident that the man is bound to the cow and not vice-versa." The only difference between the owner and the owned is that the slavery of the one who is owned is visible and that of the owner One may question, 'Why do humans want to control others? Why are they so interested in possessing Jainism: The Global Impact 69 Page #72 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Best Wishes INNOVATION SAFETY AND QUALITY to the MIDWEST STEEL, INC. Jaina Convention & its Participants From We proudly support the 2013 JAINA Convention Rohan, Lopa, Kirit, & Supreet Shah Se Saloni Gems Nemes Rush PRIVATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT Wholesalers and Importer of Diamonds and Fine Jewelry OF RAYMOND JAMES Pendants Best Wishes for the Grand Success Men & Women Rings of JAINA Convention 2013 Earrings & Bangles 21700 Greenfield Road, Suite 374, Oak Park MI 48237 Phone: 248-968-0300 Fax: 248-968-3002 70 Page #73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ is not. What is most amusing is that the one who is tied may even try to escape, but the other is under the delusion that he is independent. The secrets of possessiveness are very profound. It is essential that we understand its subtle facets. We collect things so that they can serve us but instead, we end up serving them. Does the treasure chest look after us or do we look after it? Objects are not to be blamed. We become their slaves of our own accord. It is our perception, our thoughts and beliefs that bring about this slavery. How can things make anyone their slave? They are not even aware that humans believe they own them. If one is filled with the desire for things, he experiences bondage, and bereft of desire, he is free. Who is a Real Owner? In reality, one whose ownership is dependent on others, who tries to rule over others and make them his slaves is only possessive but not a true owner. One who has no longing to make anyone a slave and does not wish to own anything or anyone, he alone is a real owner in this world. He alone whose ownership is not dependent on others, is truly nonpossessive. He alone is truly happy, peaceful, settled and secure. Possessiveness implies forgetfulness of the truth that one is not the real owner of things, but deep within the knowledge that, I am not the owner' remains. Even Alexander and Hitler knew this. Strangely, the more one knows this reality, the more he tries to spread and strengthen his sovereignty on the outside. It is possible that he may forget for a short while but time and again he remembers, "I am not the owner, I am not independent, I am not at peace, I am not happy." This creates an inner void. One may try to fill this emptiness with wealth, name, fame, status and furniture but that vacuum, that hole, that inner poverty remains as it is. External things, outer associations cannot fill this abyss because they all remain outside, they cannot enter the realm of the Self. One is amassing 'things' but what is actually to be attained is the 'Self.' 'Things' can never become the 'Self.' What is Non-Possessiveness? If outer things cannot fill the inner vacuum, then is it possible to do so by giving up those things? One feels that he has tried to bring the external associations closer and attempted to collect things, but these did not satisfy the inner wants; so he should try renouncing them and thus fill the emptiness. The Enlightened Ones question, 'If the inner deficiency could not be filled by the presence of external objects, then how can giving them up fill the space within?' But man is fundamentally mistaken in his thinking. First, he wishes to fill the inner chasm by collecting external things and having attained them, when he realises that they are incapable of filling the inner space, he tries to do so by relinquishing them. He is unable to understand that what cannot be filled with the addition of things will not be filled by subtracting them either. Non-possessiveness does not mean giving up outer things. Non-possessiveness means attaining inner completeness by realising the Self, by abiding in the Self. When inner fulfilment is attained, the emptiness within is filled and scurrying around to collect outer objects ceases. Having experienced inner absoluteness, the interest neither to hoard things nor to give them up remains. The outer associations drop on their own. When the Self is realised, inner wealth is attained. Then alone, does one understand how vain the effort of collecting or renouncing outer things is. Once inner completeness is attained, the hold over external things is automatically given up. One experiences that in reality one can never hold on to anything. Such a one, being in the midst of all, becomes non-possessive. The meaning of non-possessiveness is not to have the sense of ownership. Non-possessiveness is transformation in one's relationship with others. When the sense of ownership weans, it results in nonpossessiveness. With clarity about possessiveness comes the manifestation of non-possessiveness. May all attain the sublime state of being truly nonpossessive. Jainism: The Global Impact 71 Page #74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Houston Sangh members extends our Best Wishes to Jain Society of Greater Detroit and JAINA for wonderful success for JAINA Convention 2013 JAINA Directors Udai Jain Himanshu Ajmera Parimal Desai Jainesh Mehta Executive Committee President: Jayesh Sanghvi Executive Committee Members Vice President: Urvashi Jain Secretary: Sandip Shah Joint Secretary: Sharda Gadiya Treasurer: Romil Shah Joint Treasurer: Keyur Shah Director: Sunil Shah Director: Ketan Shah Board of Trustee Chief Trustee: Parimal Desai Board Members Ramesh Shah Rajesh Shah Bhupesh Sheth Kamlesh Jain Kamlesh Shah Jain Society of Houston 3905 Arc Street, Houston, Texas 77063 Phone: 281.606.JAIN & 713.789.2338 Website: Page #75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Keynote Speakers Shri Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain is the founder of Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd., which began in 1962 and holds a law degree. He has pioneered micro-irrigation technologies in India, and also runs a 1,000 acre research farm to test methods to maximize agricultural efficiency, yield and productivity and perform technology transfer to farmers. He has received over 20 international and national awards, including Padma Shri (one of India's highest civilian awards) in 2008, as well as the Crawford Reid Memorial Award in 1997. He is also a well-known philanthropist and educator, and founded the Anubhuti School in 2007. Honorable Shri Sam Pitroda is an internationally respected development thinker, policymaker, telecom inventor and entrepreneur. He is currently the Adviser to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations, and is the chairman of the National Innovation Council (NIC). He has recently been appointed the founding commissioner of the United Nations Broadband Commission for Digital Development. He holds over 100 worldwide patents and has published and lectured widely in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Besides the prestigious Padma Bhushan (India's highest civilian award), he has received many other honors and awards from world organizations and governments. Dr. Veerendra Heggade is the Dharmadhikari (or Jain guardian) of Dharmasthala. He is credited with overseeing the carving and installation of Bhagwan Bahubali's statue. The twenty-fourth tirthankara is worshipped alongside Lord Manjunatha (Shiva) by Vaishnavite Brahmins. Veerendraji is widely known for his many acts of welfare, social reform, and philanthropy (e.g., mass marriages, elimination of dowry, financial management for rural women, and promoting equality of castes) philanthropy. He is a recipient of the Padma Bhushan (2000), and Karnataka's highest honor, the Rajyotsava Award, and has received many other recognitions and awards from local and state governments and NGOs. Jainism: The Global Impact Page #76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Pandit Abhay Kumar Jain has a Master of Commerce, from Jabalpur University (1974) and has received Jain Darshanacharya in 1985. He was a teacher from 1981 to 1998. His innumerable achievements include publishing ten volumes of Bhakti Sarovar. He has translated several poems from Sanskrit to Hindi including Atmanushasan, Niyamsaar Kalash,and Pravachan Saar Kalash. He authored the book Kriya, Parinaam Aur Abhipraay in 2004. For many years, Pandit Abhay Kumar Jain has travelled to the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom to give religious lectures and spread the teachings of Jainism. Shree Amrendra Muni Ji is a main disciple of Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj. In 1962, at the age of 14, he took diksha. He has also received a Master of Arts from Delhi University. He resides in Siddhachalam, New Jersey and directs Shukal Foundation for the benefit of the human race. He has authored the book YogaSiddhi, wherein he emphasizes the importance of meditation and mantra through Arhum yoga (science of sound, vibration and breathing). He has established health centers in India serving health needs for the poor through alternative medicines. He has shared his knowledge, dedication and care for non-violence and environment, with many leaders in India and the USA. Bhadrabahu Vijayji took diksha at the age of 13 and stayed in monkhood for 32 years with his guru, Acharya Bhadragupta Suriji. He speaks Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Marathi and Gujarati. He has written, translated and edited many books and composed hundreds of stavans. He is a visiting lecturer at the International Center for Jain Studies at Gujarat Vidhyapeeth in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His subjects include Jain philosophy, human relations, and moral values. He has performed numerous pratishthas, poojans, and Jain marriage ceremonies. Samani Dr. Chaitanya Prajna is a Jain Samani (nun). In 1986, she was initiated to spread the faith and to seek salvation through the rigorous practice of the Jain religion. Since 2010, she serves as a visiting professor teaching Jainism at Florida International University in Miami, FL. She received her Master's in Jainism and Comparative Religion and Philosophy in 1992, and in 1998, she earned her Ph.D. in Scientific and Philosophical Study of Bhagvati Sutra, both from Jain Vishva Bharati University, in Ladnun, Rajasthan, India. She has organized training on non-violence and conflict resolution techniques as well as numerous Preksha-Meditation camps. She has written and published several text books and manuscripts. - JAINA Convention 2013 74 Page #77 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Acharya Chandanaji, is a disciple of Upadhyay Shri Amar Muniji, and took diksha at the age of 14. She established Veerayatan centers in Rajghiri, Bhuj, Mumbai, and Pune, as well as outside of India. Veerayatan is founded based on the principles of seva, siksha and sadhana. Veerayatan's humanitarian work includes health seminars and the building of schools and hospitals. Acharya Chandanaji accomplished the monumental task of translating the Uttaradhyayan Sutra in 33 days. Her publication Bhav-Dhara mirrors her purity of thoughts, words and deeds. She and her group preach the Jain philosophy to many centers around the world. Samani Charitra Prajnaji is the Vice Chancellor of Jain Vishwa Bharati since 2011, and is a disciple of the late H.H.Acharya Mahaprajnaji, since her initiation as Samani in 1990. She underwent six years of training as mumukshu. She has a Masters in Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy. She is an expert in Jain agams, imparting training at Florida International University in Miami, FL, in non-violence, science of living, Preksha meditation & yoga. She has lectured on anekantvad at universities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Additionally, she has lead stress management workshops, and lectured on science & spirituality. She is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, Prakrit, English, Marwadi, Tamil etc. Swami Charukeertiji Bhattarakji is the Presiding Pontiff of Moodbidri Gurupeetha, which belongs to the Acharya Kunda Kunda Indigenous tradition. He has Diploma (Computer.Science), B.E (Civil) and M.A. in Economics and Vastuvisharada. The Moodbidri Jain library is the richest of all Jain literary collections throughout India and is known to have the oldest and most precious holy literature. Bhattarakji is the supreme head of six institutions including Ramarani Research Center and the managing trustee of 18 Jain temples of Moodbidri. He fluently delivers Jainism lectures in many languages, including English, Hindi and Kannada. Dr. Falguni Zaveri has a Ph.D in Jain Pooja Sahitya from Mumbai University, 2008, and presents Jainism at an international level. She has conducted paryushana in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004, and lecture tours to Singapore. She has presented a paper on Agama Tantra and Yoga with Special Reference to Jainism, in Bangkok, Thailand. She participated in the 2007 JAINA Convention and delivered lectures. She presented "Role of Temples and Religious Institutes for Global Welfare of the World Today" at the University of Florida, Orlando. Her mission is spreading Jain Philosophy and the Jain Way of Life. Jainism: The Global Impact 75 Page #78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Gurudev Chitrabhanuji is a disciple of Acharya Sagaranand Surishvarji, and took diksha at age 20. He was the first Jain master to leave India in 2,500 years and lecture in America. He participated in the Second and Third Spiritual Summit Conferences in Geneva, Switzerland (1970) and Harvard Divinity School, Boston, MA (1971). He is the founder and advisor to the Divine Knowledge Society in Mumbai and Jain Meditation International Center in New York City, as well as the first to address the United Nations on ahimsa. Gurudev is regarded as a spiritual guide of all Jain Centers in North America. He has authored over thirty books in Hindi, Gujarati and English. He has led innumerable workshops, seminars and temple sthapanas around the world. He is spiritual advisor to the Lighthouse Center Inc. in Whitmore Lake, MI, where nearly 300 followers have blended the Jain Way of Life since its founding by Chetana Catherine Florida in 1978. sthapanas around the world. He is spiritual advisor to the Lighthouse Center Inc. in Whitmore Lake, MI, where nearly 300 followers have blended the Jain Way of Life since its founding by Chetana Catherine Florida in 1978. Guruvanand Guru is a disciple of one of the most esteemed saints of recent times Yogiraj Devrah Baba. Guruji has invoked all seven chakras of his kundalini and with 42 years of rigorous sadhana, he has acquired many siddhis. Using his divine energy, he is uplifting the lives of thousands of people. He holds numerous degrees including M. Tech from IIT, Master's in Sanskrit, Vedas and Jyotish and a PhD in Astrology. He has been an honorary principal and professor at various academic institutions including Banaras Hindu University. He is an expert orator, and explains the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir in a simple way, so that we lay persons can live our lives to lead towards liberation, while we fulfill our worldly duties. goal of preserving India's rich heritage and classical music talent. The Academy provides degree courses up to Sangeet Praveen (Ph.D. in music). Dr. Hukamchand Bharill is well-known as a highly learned person of our Jain community. After receiving degrees of Shastri, Nyayatirtha, Sahityaratna and a Master's, he obtained his Ph.D. degree from Indore University. He is awarded with degrees of 'Vidyavachaspati', Paramagam Visharad", "Tattvevtta", "Vanivbhushan", "Jain Ratna", and many more. Dr. Bharill has written 53 books with sales of more than 4 million copies of his books, translated in eight languages. He is a disciple of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami, and has made an unprecedented contribution to the spiritual revolution begun by Swamiji. He is regular speaker at many Jain centers around the world. JAINA Convention 2013 76 Page #79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Dr. Kumarpal Desai is a PadmaShri honoree by the Government of India, and is Dean of Faculty of Arts at Gujarat University. He has been a creative writer and speaker on Jainism for the last forty years. He has authored more than hundred books and has earned world-wide fame for his contribution to Jainism in the fields of literature, journalism, education, philosophy, culture and social service. He represented India at the Parliament of World Religions in 1993 and 1999. His awards included: (1) Ten Outstanding Personality of India, (2) Jain Jyotirdhar Award, (3) JAINA President's Special Award, (4) "Jain Ratna Award" by Prime Minister of India. His advocacy led to the inauguration of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Chowk in the heart of Ahmedabad City in 2012. Dr. Mahaveer Shastri is an assistant professor of Prakrit and Jain Studies at University of Sholapur, India. His specialties include research in Prakrit & Sanskrit Languages, Mathematical Astrology, Scientific Vastu, Reading of Old Manuscripts, and Comparative Study of Philosophy. He has conducted several meditation programs in India, Australia, Canada and Nepal. He was a Pratishthachharya in the Pratishthapana and Vishwashanti Mahayadnya of 32 temples situated in many temples in India, and has also taught primary knowledge of Scientific Vastu, Jyotish and Ancient Indian languages to Digambar, Shwetamber, Sthanakwasi Munis and Vaidik Sadhus. He is also presently involved with interpretation and preser vation of hundreds of ancient Jain Prakrit manuscripts in Moodbidri and Satara. Dr. Mehool H. Sanghrajka is the founder and Chief Executive of Learning Possibilities Group, a global leader in e-learning platforms and communities. He holds a bachelor's degree in business computing, a master's degree in Indian religions from University of London, and a doctorate degree in Jain philosophy from IOU. He is a serial entrepreneur in the fields of education and technology, and has founded many businesses in the United Kingdom and overseas. He is the Education Director of the Institute of Jainology, which promotes scholarly research and awareness about the Jain religion. The IOJ has conceived and developed JAINPedia, the most advanced online Jain Encyclopedia, and digital collection of ancient manuscripts. Dr. Sanghrajka is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and the Institute of Directors, and a Chartered Engineer in Information Technology. He was awarded the 2011 Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) by the Government of India. Jainism: The Global Impact Page #80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Surmani Dr Monicaben H. Shah is the Founder of Aradhana Sangeet Academy in Ahmedabad, India. She completed B.Com in 1981 and Doctorate in Music (Ph.D.) in 2001. She took her primary training in classical music from Shri Lalajibhai Chauhan of Agra Gharana, followed by intense training in classical music under the guidance of Surmani Dr. Pradipta Ganguly of Kirana Gharana. She has adopted the Style of Kirana Gharana and gharanedar gayaki of her Gurudada Pt. Rasiklal Aadharia. She specializes in singing stavans and teaching other devotional music Aradhana Sangeet Academy is one of prominent music institutes of Gujarat with over 150 students in training in various musical and instrumental skills with the goal of preserving India's rich heritage and classical music talent. The Academy provides degree courses up to Sangeet Praveen (Ph.D. in music). Namramuni Maharaj Saheb is a 38 years young Jain Muni of Gondal Sampraday who was born in Nagpur. Since childhood he faced many hardships including the loss of his father when he was three years old. He suffered many more hardships during youth during which time he recognized he was gifted with a sixth sense, the ability to predict the future. He went to Jodhpur for religious studies and learned 32 agams (Jain Granths) and their meanings, and then took diksha at the age of 21, and became a disciple of Shri Ratilalji Maharaj Saheb. He is the founder of Parasdham (Mumbai), and leads many philanthropic initiatives across India, and is thus, regarded as Yug Diwakar. Realizing the disconnect youth experience with religion, in our technology dominated world, he has blended spirituality with elements of science and guided them back with love and understanding. A live webcast from Mumbai of Gurudev's lecture will be available to attendees of the JAINA Convention Nirmal Sagarji took Jain diksha, at the age of 14, in 1978, under Acharya Padamsagar Suriji and stayed in monkhood for 22 years. Along with Jain agams and philosophy, he studied literature in Hinduism and Buddhism. Since 2005, he is with the Hong Kong Jain Center, conducting daily study classes and pujas. He has performed various poojans and temple pratishthas. He visits the United States of America to deliver lectures and conduct paryushana. After completing Sadhana Kendra in Mt. Abu, he plans to start "Shri Buddhi-Vihar Pyramid Meditation Temple" in Mahudi, Gujarat. - JAINA Convention 2013 78 Page #81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Q Speakers Dr. Philip Clayton is a leading theologian and serves as the Dean of Claremont School of Theology and Provost of Claremont Lincoln University. He also holds the Ingraham Chair at CST. Clayton earned a joint doctorate in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Yale University and has held visiting appointments at Har vard University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Munich. He has published over 20 books and hundreds of academic and popular articles. He reached out to the Jain community in 2011 and has partnered with International School for Jain Studies to launch an important center for research and learning of Jainism in an academic setting. In 2012, CLU organized and hosted the first International Jain Conference on bioethics. Professor Clayton is presently pursuing an award with the Government of India for the Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Endowed Chair Professorship in Jain Studies. Roop Chandraji Maharaj took diksha at the age of 13, under Acharya Tulsi, who is the founder of Nav Tairah Panth and Manav Mandir Mission. He has authored more than 15 books and translated several Indian scriptures into many Indian languages. He is a poet, writer, philosopher and extremely knowledgeable about Jain scriptures. He also has done a deep study of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita, Buddhist literature and the Bible. His lecture series and seminars include Jain religion and philosophy, vegetarianism, non-violence and yoga camps in India and abroad. In 2004, he was conferred Man of the Year by the American Biographical Institute, and was also honored by Amity Humanity Foundation and National AIDS Control Organization for his involvement in the cause of total health care, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. Pramodaben Chitrabhanu is a Director of Jain Meditation International Center in New York City and former Chairperson of JAINA's Jivdaya (Animal Welfare) Committee. She has a B.A. from Bombay University, and became a disciple of Gurudev Chitrabhanu in the 1970s. She has sponsored projects in educating and rehabilitating the poor and the underprivileged. She works for Reverence for Life Society and Beauty Without Cruelty and PETA, to promote animal welfare and a vegan life-style. She has authored many books including The Book of Compassion. She regularly delivers lectures at many centers around the world, and is an adviser to Lighthouse Center Inc. Whitmore Lake, MI, a unique spiritual interfaith organization. Jainism: The Global Impact 79 Page #82 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Samirbhai Shah attended Tapovan Sanskardham Religious School for three years and Shri Yashovijayji Sanskrut Pathsala, Mahesana School for two years. He has studied many Jain books, including Karma Granths, Jiv Vichar, Panch Pratikraman, Yog Shatak, Lalit Vistara, Siddhahaim Vyakaran, Tattvartha Sutra, Jain geography, and Sravak Vidhi. He has performed various poojans. His Guru is Pandit Amulakhbhai Mehta. He currently teaches many sadhus, sadhvis, shravak, shravika, and children. He has conducted paryushana and shibirs in many cities in India and North America. Sadhvi Sanghamitraji, (prior known as Mangalamji), is the first person from the United States of America to take diksha in 2011, under Acharya Shri Chandanaji at Veeravatan. India. Her final or Badi diksha was celebrated in April 2012, at Jain Center of Northern California, in San Francisco. At the young age of six, she memorized many stotras, including Bhaktamar and Tattvartha Sutra. She studied scriptures and ancient languages under the divine and scholarly guidance of Param Pujya Gurudev Amar Muniji Maharaj and Acharya Chandanaji. Sanmukhbhai Bhakta, was born in a Kabir panthi family. He is very knowledgeable and has extensively studied Shrimad Rajchandra's Vachanamrut, Prabhushri's Updeshamrut and Brahmachariji's Bodhamrut and Pragnaboth. For many years, he has been leading the satsang in the New Jersey area centers. He has also given lectures in San Francisco and in Agash Ashram. Swami Shrut Pragyaji took saman diksha at the age of 20, under Acharya Tulsiji. He has visited the University of Oxford, Cambridge, London, Hawaii and Berkley. He has conducted many seminars of yoga and meditation and has trained thousands of people. He publishes articles regularly in various newspapers in India. His discourses include Jain way of living, anger and stress management, healthy life style, human psychology, Indian culture, healthy diet, art of enlightenment, achieving emotional balance, yoga and Preksha meditation, etc. - JAINA Convention 2013 80 Page #83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Samani Shruthnidhi is with the JPP Jain Samani group, and was initiated in 2008, at the age of 22, under Acharya Pravar Shri Shubhchandraji Maharaj Saheb, with her entire family. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Marwadi. She learned many religious scriptures: Tattvartha Sutra, Dashvaikalika Sutra, Karma Theory, Mantra Shastra, Personality Development, Art of Living, and Principles of Lord Mahavira. She teaches Jain Anuppeha Dhyan, Yog Sadhana, naturopathy, etc. She educates children about moral values, non-violence and vegetarianism. Subhash Sheth is Hon. Editor of monthly magazine Atma-Pratitee. He has earned B.S. and B.Edu. He has deeply studied scriptures by Acharya Shree Kund Kund Swami, Shrimad Rajchandra and all the discourses of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami and other Jain acharyas. Since 1994, he has visited various Jain Centers in North America to give lectures on Jain philosophy and Drvyanuyog. He has authored many books such as Bar Bhavna, Hun Parmatma Chhun, Mokshnu Sukh: Sansarnu Dukh, to list a few. He has performed Vidhan Mandal Poojans and pratishthas. Samani Shri Suyashnidhi was initiated in the JPP Jain Samani Group in 2010, in Mysore, at the age of 24, under Acharya Pravar Shri Shubhchandraji Maharaj Saheb. She has a Master's in Jainology with Gold Medal. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada and Marwadi. She has learned many religious scriptures: Tattvartha Sutra, Dashvaikalika Sutra, Uttaradhyayana Sutra, Antakrut Dasa Sutra, Acharang Sutra and Principles of Lord Mahavira. She teaches Jain Anuppeha Dhyan, Yog Sadhana, memory power, fundamentals of Jainism, and also educates children about non-violence and vegetarianism. Pandit Mahesh Kumar Jain is a renowned scholar who has studied various religious scriptures including: Tatvartha Sutra, Sarvarth Sidhi, Karma Kand, Ratnakarand Shravakachar, Samayasaar, etc. He has studied and done in-depth analysis of Karnanuyoga. He was the head Lecturer in Jaipur, India. He has over thirteen years of teaching experience. He has taught in various colleges and universities in India. His foreign trips include Thailand and USA for last four years. He offers various religious camps held throughout India and USA. He has been an active leader of many Vidhans and religious functions. His publications include: Hindi translation of Jain Prayers and other philosophical matters published in Jinbhashit & many other magazines. Jainism: The Global Impact 81 Page #84 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Mr. Bharat Desai is a Kenyan-born Indian American entrepreneur and founder of Syntel. He received his B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, and his MBA in finance from the University of Michigan. He currently serves as Chairman of Syntel headquartered in Troy, Michigan. He co-founded Syntel in 1980 with his future wife Neerja Sethi, growing it into a leading IT outsourcing giant. Mr. Desai serves on the board of several educational institutions including the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and the Stephen M. Ross School of Biusines at the University of Michigan. Desai has received many awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Michigan Entrepreneur Award, Harvard Business School and Entrepreneur of the Year by USA Today and NASDAQ. Shri Arun Firodia is the Chairman of Kinetic Group, India, and was awarded Padma Shri in 2013. A distinguished India Institute of Technology, Bombay Alumnus awardee, he developed India's first totally indigenous motorized two-wheeler moped, "Luna," a mass-manufactured, affordable vehicle which revolutionized mobility and promoted economic advancement for the masses. Mr. Firodia was instrumental in automotive supplier development, and set up the new Auto Cluster in Pune, India, which has greatly boosted the Indian auto industry. Among many other honors, he was conferred the MIT Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2007, as well as the Helen Keller Award (2004) for his efforts in rehabilitation of lepers, and TERI Corporate Social Responsibility Award (2004-05). Professor Dr. Dipak C. Jain is the former Dean of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and INSEAD. Dean Jain's areas of research include the marketing of high-tech products; market segmentation and competitive market structure analysis; cross-cultural issues in global product diffusion; new product diffusion; and forecasting models. He has authored more than 50 articles published in leading academic journals. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Gauhati University, Assam, India, followed by a Ph.D. from University of Texas, Dallas. He serves on the boards of corporations such as Reliance Industries, John Deere, Hartmax, and previously United Airlines. JAINA Convention 2013 82 Page #85 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Dr. Sulekh C. Jain is a past President of JAINA (two terms), and a founder and chair of the governing council of the International School for Jain Studies. Dr. Jain is highly educated having obtained his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, master's degree at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, doctorate from Birmingham University, and an MBA from Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic. While actively serving JAINA, he had a distinguished career as an engineer in various manufacturing corporations, retiring in 1998 from General Electric Aviation. He is a JAINA Ratna recipient, and served as president of Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton and the Jain Center of Houston, and as secretary of Mahavir Vision, Inc. USA. Since retiring, he devotes all his energy and creativity to the promotion of Jain academic education through ISJS. Dr. Masum Momaya is the first Jain Indian American curator for the Smithsonian Musuem Indian American Heritage Project. She has a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Feminist Studies from Stanford University, a master's degree in education from Harvard University, and a doctorate in Human Development, and pursued advance studies in the University of Oxford's Development Studies Program. Dr. Momaya brings a wealth of experience as a researcher, educator, curator, writer and advocate to this role, beginning more than 20 years ago, as a teenager organizing youth service projects in the Indian American community in Chicago. Prior to joining the Smithsonian, Dr. Momaya was a curator and outreach program organizer at the International Museum of Women. Shri Shantilal Muttha founded Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana in Pune, India, in 1985, after pursuing a successful career in real estate development. He has a B.Com degree from University of Pune. BJS has scientifically researched, designed, developed and implemented practical, replicable modules to address social issues with substantial results following the Jain way of life. BJS has been recognized at the World Organization of NGO's (WANGO) in 2005 as the World's Best NGO in education, while 2011 brought in the QIMPRO award for excellence. With wide experience in fields as diverse as child and woman welfare, support for the handicapped, calamity and disaster management, he is constantly looking for opportunities to further widen the scope of activities of the BJS, which has collaborated with JAINA on social development projects. Jainism: The Global Impact 83 Page #86 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Dr. Mamta Shaha is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York University Medical Center, NY. She is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and has served on its research committee. She is also a member of the Adult Education Advisory board of Great Neck, NY. At present she is the chair of the Media Production Committee of JAINA and has been producing and broadcasting a weekly Jain TV show MANGALAM for the last 6 years. Mangalam is seen in North America, Canada, Europe and UK, and also on YouTube since 2011. Mr. Mahendra Vora is well-known as the 'Serial Entrepreneur' all across the US Midwest since over the last 20 years, he has helped or co-founded multiple successful technology ventures with Fortune 500 companies, and has held senior man agement positions at large global organizations. Most recently, he has co-invested in Vora Technology Park, one of the largest and most advanced tech parks in the country. He holds a bachelor's degree in electronics & communications engineering from India, and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is a trustee of the Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton, and is a frequent guest speaker on entrepreneurship, real life transactions and venture creation. Ms. Madison Vorva graduated from Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, MI, and will join Pomona College, CA. At the tender age of 12, Madison and her classmate, Rhiannon Tomtishen, founded Project ORANGS in 2006. She has led a six-year non-violent campaign against corporate America to make Girl Scout cookies more environmentally friendly, by curbing the use of unsustainably sourced palm oil and its derivatives that are contributing to the extinction of orangutans in SE Asia. Project ORANGS has been written about in The Wall Street Journal in May 2011, national media. Madison's mission is to show consumers, that their everyday purchases have global impacts and consequences. She believes that youth have tremendous potential and power to make a difference within their local and international communities. Ms. Falguni B. Shah has been an active member of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit for thirty-one years. She has taught pathshala at the society for over twentyfour years to students ranging from ages six to sixteen. Falguniben has a unique teaching style that engages her students to participate and learn through discussion while intertwining the lessons of Jainism to everyday life and creative story-telling from the scriptures. She gained her passion for learning about and imparting knowledge of Jainism from her late father, who spent a great deal of time teaching her, as a child, the foundations of Jainism. She is a senior medical professional at the Henry Ford Hospital. West Bloomfield. MI. JAINA Convention 2013 - 84 Page #87 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson started saving animals a couple of decades ago. Among the first bunch was a nine month old pet shop puppy, Sasha, who a family had purchased, but couldn't appropriately care for. SASHA is now a nonprofit organization. It stands for Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals, sheltering over 200 animals, each with its own story to tell. Some were dumped and discarded, some left to die. They now live their natural lives under the loving care of Dorothy and Monte who have transformed the distrust in their eyes with curiosity or calm. Mr. Rajesh Prasad is a Jain attorney working with the city of Detroit. He completed his bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and juris doctor from Washington and Lee School of Law in 1999. He is a passionate animal rights activist, who in his spare time has gone to great lengths in promoting non-violence to animals. He co-founded the City's Animal Protection Unit, and was also the first Indian awarded the Albert Schweitzer Award (in 2011) with his colleague Amy Slameka, for their bold approaches in prosecuting many animal cruelty and animal fighting cases in Michigan. He has tried over 190 jury trials. He is currently on the State Bar of Michigan's Animal Law Section. Rajesh and his wife Catrina, are proud owners of two rescued dogs. Mr. Bhupesh Mehta is Chairman of Past President's (2011-12) Council of Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington, and a former JAINA Director. He has been a guest speaker at many schools, universities, organizations and youth camps about Jainism and the Jain way of life. He was a guest panelist speaker on the 'Frederick Faith Debate program on the radio station WFMD AM930. He conducts DC kitchen activities yearly to feed Jain food to homeless and needy people and is currently working on the JAINA Upliftment project to aid the poor Jain children and families in India to receive a quality education, higher or vocational training, and skill enhancement vocational training to increase their earning potential. Bhupesh is an IT professional. Prof. Stephen Vose is an Assistant Professor at Florida International University Department of Religious Studies. He obtained a bachelor's degree from St. Lawrence University, followed by a master's degree from Harvard Divinity School, and has recently completed his doctorate from University of Pennsylvania. His main areas for research and teaching are the religious traditions of South Asia, primarily in Jainism and secondarily in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Islam. He examines the history of interactions within and between these traditions. His research topic was "Jain Monks as Political Leaders in Sultanate-era Gujarat," and he lived in Ahmedabad during 2009-10 to conduct his research. He is fluent in several languages: Gujarati, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi and Nepali. Jainism: The Global Impact 85 Page #88 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Mr. Michael Krause is a member of the Board of Directors of World Medical Relief (WMR) in Detroit, MI. WMR was founded in 1953 after the Korean War, and is well-known as a humanitarian organization with the mission of helping the medically underserved populations of the United States and the world by collecting and distributing medicines, medical equipment, and related materials. Michael is a member of the Warren, MI, Rotary Club. He has actively participated with his club in several international projects partnering with local clubs in other countries around the world. He is the owner of a business in Farmington Hills, MI that serves businesses and non-profits on their insurance needs, and in planned giving. Ms. Anju Bhargava began her career as a banker, and has held senior positions in corporate America, focusing on business transformation, organizational development and risk management. Ms. Bhargava has a bachelor's degree from Madras University, an MBA from Rutgers University, with training at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, American University, and Kellogg. Shortly after her appointment to President Obama's Inaugural Advisory Council in April 2009, Bhargava founded Hindu American Seva Charities, a progressive American organization advancing seva, interfaith collaboration, social justice and sustainable civic engagement to ignite grassroots social change and build healthy communities. HASC is working to strengthen the diaspora immigrant civic engagement of the new Americans for the common good. Mr. Arvind Vora is the Chair of the JAINA Interfaith Committee and co-founded the Long Island Multi-Faith Forum (LIMFF) in 1994. He helped to found the Jain Society of Long Island, and worked with the Jain Center of America in New York City. He was instrumental in the formative years of JAINA as the first Secretary to lay a solid foundation of JAINA. He worked on special projects including several honoring Gurudev Chitrabhanu. He was one of the ten invited (and the only Jain) to meet and greet Pope Benedict on his first visit to the USA in April 2008. He has represented JAINA at many domestic and international interfaith events involving the United Nations and national leaders of the United States and India. He is a past recipient of the JAINA Ratna Award. Ms. Tina Agarwal has been a part of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization for fourteen years. She is pursuing her doctorate in microbiology at University of Toledo, OH. She was involved in the project "Spotlight Values" done in collaboration with the United Nations for the UN's International Year of Youth in 2012. Presently, she is involved in creating the project, "7 Billion Acts of Goodness." JAINA Convention 2013 86 Page #89 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Ms. Poorvi Parekh has been a teacher at the Jain Center of Southern California for over 17 years. She completed her bachelor's in economics, Hong Kong University and her MBA at Shenandoah University in Virginia. She is particularly involved in activities that can improve the visibility of Jainism in the mainstream community through education and interfaith activities. She conducts a workshop for high school children in the application of Jain principles in their day to day activities. She represents the Jain Center and Jainism in a wide variety of events in Southern California. Ms. Parekh is an investment professional by occupation and has been a resident of California since 1996. She is President and CEO of Canterbury Consulting Inc. Ms. Rajvinder Chehl is a psychotherapist, educator, facilitator, and entrepreneur, as well as a member of the Sikh Temple and Gurudwara of Plymouth, MI. She earned her bachelor's degree from North Carolina State University and her master's degree from Oakland University. Raj was born in a small village in the northern state of Punjab in India and moved to the United States when she was seven years old. As a result of her father's foreign service with the United Nations, Raj moved to Sudan and has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe and Asia. She has served on the Board for Michigan Asian Indian Family Services (MAIFS) as well as Wisdom in Metro Detroit. She is a panelist on the PBS show "Interfaith Odyssey." Dr. Harsha Jayatilake, MD, is a Professor at Wayne State Medical School and Michigan State Osteopathic School, and Director of the Michigan Wellness Center. He is the lead physician involved with the development of St. Mary's Hospital's Integrative Medicine Program. He is a Member of Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara in Southfield, MI, and President of the Michigan Chapter of Sarvodaya Organization of Sri Lanka. Since 2003, he has been practicing Integrative Holistic Medicine at his consultative practice, where he integrates most of evidence-based complemetary and alternative modalities with conventional medicine. Dr. Kathy Hurt is presently Senior Minister at Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She did her schooling and training at Rice University, University of Chicago and Meadville/ Lombard Theological School. She has served the Unitarian Universalist Congregations in Michigan and California. Jainism: The Global Impact Page #90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Ms. Nirmala Nancy Hanke, MD is President of the Lighthouse Center, Inc., an interfaith organization that acts as a bridge between the East and West, supporting people in their spiritual philosophies and journeys, while being mindful of Divine Order. Nirmala is a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She is a Medical Director at Monroe Community Mental Health Authority, and has a private practice in Whitmore Lake, MI, for psychopharmacology, meditative psychotherapy and Reiki healing. The Lighthouse Center was founded in 1979 by Chetana Catherine Florida, and is much influenced by Jain Philosophy and the message of peace, well-being and healing preached by Gurudev Chitrabhanu and Pramodaben. The Center embraces the Jain philosophy and promotes a vegan lifestyle. Dr. Charles Mabee is the founder and president of the Hospitality Initiative in Southeast Michigan, and a professor of religion at Oakland University. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister; and professor of biblical studies and interreligious dialogue at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, and visiting lecturer in religious studies at Oakland University. He holds a doctorate from Claremont Graduate School, CA, in religion, and a Master of Divinity from Dubuque Theological Seminary, IA. He is author of two books and cofounded the Colloquium on Violence and Religion; an international organization founded on the study of the mimetic theory of social interaction based on the thought of Rene Girard. He is currently working on a book exploring the topic of "Reclaiming Hospitality in a Culture of War." Mr. John Suggs is a retired quality engineer from Chrysler, and has been a member of the Baha'i Faith for forty-five years. He holds a bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Central Michigan University. Although the Baha'i Faith has no clergy, he served for many years on the elected Local Spiritual Assembly of Detroit and now is a member of the Registered Baha'i Group in Washington Twp., Michigan. He had the bounty of twice serving as the elected representative of his Baha'i Region to the Annual National Baha'i Convention, where the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States is elected. Ms. Padma Kuppa is a member of the Board of Directors of Hindu American Foundation in Michigan, where she focuses on inter-religious cooperation. She is an IT professional in the US automotive industry, with a bachelor's degree from REC, Warangal, India. An activist involved in community service locally and regionally, Padma is a co-founder of the Troy, MI, area Interfaith Group, Advisory Board Member of WISDOM, a metro Detroit women's interfaith organization, and a columnist for JAINA Convention 2013 88 Page #91 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Rev. Daniel McQuown is Chaplain and Director for Global Diversity Chaplin at Albion College, Michigan, and a regular visitor to the Jain Society of Greater Detroit temple. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and an active member of the Association of College of University Religious Affairs. He obtained his education at the Princeton Theological Seminary. He organizes partnerships with the campus and larger community to deepen spiritual values, cultivate diversity, and prepare students for a pluralistic global workplace. Mr. Nissim Reuben is a Program Director for Indian-Jewish American Relations, American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Washington, DC. He has a master's degree in international affairs from American University and a master's degree in economics from India. Drawing on his unique personal background of being both Indian and Jewish and as part of his professional commitment and personal passion, he travels on behalf of AJC, networking Indian and Jewish American students, community leaders, artists, doctors and business professionals. He mentors JAINA summer interns, and has helped coordinate two historic AJC co-sponsored IndiaIsrael-US friendship receptions on Capitol Hill. He also led an AJC Project Interchange Mission to Israel for Indian American Deans, Provosts, Media, Think-Tank & Community leaders. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi. Imam Dr. Achmat Salie is Director of Islamic Studies at University of Detroit Mercy, and co-editor of the Journal of the Academy of Muslim Philanthropy and Religion Chair of Michigan Muslim Academy Conference. Dr. Salie has extensive experience in Islamic Studies both in South Africa and in the USA, and has created Islamic studies programs at various universities. His academic preparation includes a bachelor's degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies, six years of intensive seminary studies in Islamic Jurisprudence and a Master's of Business Administration and Doctorate in Business leadership. Dr. Olaf Lidums is assistant professor at the Theological Seminary and Vice President of the Hospitality Initiative, Michigan. He teaches in the areas of Urban and Ecological Ministries, Applied Ethics, and Pastoral Ministries. His forty plus years of professional service also includes non-profit leadership as director in a variety of entities, including foster-care adopt agency, homeless services, hospital pastoral care department, and addiction treatment centers (spirituality director); and as a clinical counselor and consultant in two Lutheran Social Service agencies. Dr. Lidums has been actively involved in the inter-faith arena over the years, including the role of Co-Coordinator for the First Detroit Parliament of World Religions held in April, 1998, at Oakland University. Jainism: The Global Impact 89 Page #92 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Akshay Shah, MD, MBA, CPE, FACP, FIDSA is a diplomate of the American Board of Infectious Disease, a certified physician executive and clinical assistant professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is a consultant in Infectious Disease. Dr. Shah was the founder and former president of Infectious Disease Center, P.C. and past president of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. SA Vasundhara Tolia, MD, is a board certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist. She has published over 150 articles in peer reviewed journals, reviews and chapters. In addition to having been a researcher, educator, clinician and mentor, Dr. Tolia is an internationally sought speaker and has lectured extensively throughout the world. Kirit Tolia, MD, FACE, is the Medical Director of the Joslin Diabetes Center affiliate at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit and has spoken to audiences worldwide on diabetes and related disorders. Dr. Tolia is a fellow of the American College of Clinical Endocrinologists, and Detroit Medical Academy, and past president of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. K. P. Ravikrishnan, MD, is the Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine section at William Beaumont Hospital and a Professor of Medicine, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Dr. Ravikrishnan worked in the Pulmonary and Critical Care section of University of Michigan and was a past president of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. - JAINA Convention 2013 -- 90 Page #93 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Pratibha Modi, MD, FACP, is a diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine and a fellow of American College of Physicians. She practices Internal Medicine in Michigan and is a clinical assistant professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. Dr. Modi was a past president of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Nitin Doshi, MD, FACC, is the medical director of Cardiovascular Services and Coronary Care Unit and Hearth Failure programs at St. Joesph Mercy Oakland (SJMO). He served as Chief of Staff at SJMO and received "Leadership and Quality Achievement Award". Dr. Doshi is a clinical assistant professor in Department of Medicine/Cardiology at Wayne State University and at Oakland University. Ketan Mehta, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases. He is the founder and CEO of Neil Med Pharmaceuticals based in Santa Rosa, California, the largest company for over-the-counter internal nasal care products in USA, Canada and several other countries. Dr. Mehta holds several patents around the world. Kirit Shah, MD, FACC, is a board-certified cardiologist and the Director of Vascular Medicine, St John Providence Hospital. He is a clinical assistant professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. Dr. Shah was a past president of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Mrs. Asha Jain, MA, RD, CDE, is a well-known published dietitian and diabetic nutrition educator at Walter Reed Army Hospital. She specializes in diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, gestational diabetes, and weight management. Her area of expertise includes various cultural, ethnic and religion restricted foods. She has more than 25 years of experience Jainism: The Global Impact Page #94 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Amit Dungarani shares a strong passion and interest for the intersection between service, spirituality and inner growth. He received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. When Amit isn't working or spending time with his family and friends, his focus shifts to volunteering, meditation, and self-reflection. Amit has been a volunteer at ServiceSpace, a non-profit that has been popularizing gift culture through numerous online web portals and offline gift-economy experiments. Professionally, Amit works within the hedge fund and venture capital/private equity world. He worked at a start-up and, as the 4th employee in the company, helped grow the company to over 700 employees, providing leadership in the areas of client service delivery, business development, and operations. Amit Jain is an "Ecowarrior", merging his passion for entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social responsibility. He currently is part of a small team developing the Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program. In addition, he is a consultant working with various Cleantech startups and green businesses in Southern California. Amit also provides project management and marketing communications strategies to organizations for re-branding with socially responsible messages. Amit received his MBA from Loyola Marymount University. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional and acquired a Certificate in Sustainable Business Management from University of California, Irvine. Apurva Bhansali founded Softex in 1992 with his father, Mahendra Bhansali. Apurva became the CEO of Softex in 1998. Located in Austin, TX, Softex was named as an Inc. 500 Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Company in 2000. Softex employs approximately 35 people with offices in Austin and Mumbai. Apurva was involved in the creation of the Jain Sangh of Greater Austin and has served as President of the Sangh. Apurva is married to Nehal Bhansali, who is one of the founding Pathshala teachers in Austin, and they have two kids, Ayush (13) and Ashna (11). Birju Pandya focuses on the nexus of money, social good, and inner transformation. He is a Managing Director with Armonia, a private investment firm specializing in supporting social entrepreneurs that use nature-based solutions. Birju is also a longtime volunteer of ServiceSpace, a non-profit that has been popularizing gift culture through numerous portals. Prior to this, Birju was a consultant with McKinsey & Company in New York City. He has a Bachelor degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Columbia University. JAINA Convention 2013 92 Page #95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Bonita Parikh is currently the Director of Events for YJA, and previously was the South Regional Coordinator. After graduating from Texas A&M, she started working at Hewlett Packard as a Data Analyst. Aside from work and YJA, Bonita enjoys dancing, eating endless tubs of ice cream, and jamming out to anything Bollywood/Drake. She laughs so much on a daily basis that her stomach hurts, so if you ever need a good laugh, you know where to go :) She challenges you to come play Family Feud! Chintav Shah is originally from central New Jersey, and a college student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in business and engineering. He spent his last summer tutoring high school students and is spending this summer interning for ADP. Chintav enjoys connecting religion, philosophy, and history, and making it relevant and interesting. He likes playing ultimate frisbee for fun and recommends the movie The Fountain to anyone who hasn't seen it. Hemang Srikishan is a spiritual thief. Since high school and college he has gleaned teachings from his friends of various faiths and tried to put them in practice in order to strengthen his Jainism and Hinduism. As the son of a Hindu father and Jain mother, Hemang is deeply interested in religion and how principles from any faith can be used for self improvement. Professionally, Hemang is a middle school math teacher that teaches in a Chicago charter school. His love for service, religion, and youth action has led him to become a teacher both professionally and within the Jain community. Hetali Lodaya is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying Chemistry and Public Policy. She loves science policy, social entrepreneurship, and law, as well as bhangra, scifi/fantasy literature, and NCIS. She has been a pathshala student and assistant teacher for many years, first in Detroit and now at the JSCNC in North Carolina, and previously served on the YJA Board as Southeast Regional Coordinator. She thinks it is vital for everyone to have their own understanding of what religion means to them, and hopes her session will help you explain that meaning to others! Jainism: The Global Impact 93 Page #96 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Dr. Jennifer Craig has one passion in life: to build bridges. She edits and writes articles for JAINA's new blog on The Huffington Post about Jainism in North America, helps develop projects such as the Young Heroes Program for the Global Education Leadership (GEL) Group, leads groups where people support each other to reach their goals in 100 days, and tutors college students in English Composition at Wenatchee Valley College. Jennifer also edits dictionaries--and has occasionally created new words. Jennifer received a PhD in English Literature from Glasgow University in Scotland. She's currently writing a book on Renaissance drama. Kushal Doshi was born in Long Island, NY, and grew up in Marlboro, NJ. He graduated as a chemical engineer from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and now works as a New Product Development Engineer with Perma Pure LLC. He is very excited to be attending his first ever JAINA convention! In his free time, Kushal enjoys running outside, hanging out with his family/friends, and doing thrilling activities. He is also a bit of an outdoorsy person: he loves to hike, trek, explore the wilderness, and just be adventurous. He has hopes of participating in next year's Washington D.C. marathon. Malhar Teli is a student at Northeastern University, and Director of Publications with Young Jains of America. As a student of Jainism, Malhar actively strives to make his environments more Jain-friendly. He focuses on the media as a tool of enlightenment and education, feeling that critical thinking can better teach a person than a speech, and is returning this year to showcase Jain themes in modern cinema and television. Dr. Manoj Jain is an infectious disease doctor and a frequent writer for the Washington Post. He has authored books on Jain food, as well as non-violence and non-absolutism. He has been interviewed on CNN and NPR, and his writings and interviews can be found at Dr. Jain also serves as a YJA Board of Trustee. - JAINA Convention 2013 - 94 Page #97 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Mitesh Shah has been affiliated with YJA for the past six years, either as a board member or Co-Chair. He is a Business Intelligence consultant from Atlanta and grew up in Alabama (yes, there are Jains everywhere!). Come to the 'Not Your Typical Vegetarian Debate' and discuss some relevant topics relating to being vegetarian in today's world. Find Mitesh at the convention and you can talk about sports (WAR EAGLE!), life, or maybe even play MAFIA with him! Mukesh Doshi is a practicing pediatrician. He has been teaching Pathashala in Chicago for the past 16 years. He is the Chairman of the JAINA JNF/MIS committee and a member of the JAINA Education committee. He is one of the contributors and authors of all temple Pathashala books. He has been invited to speak on Jainism at various inter-faith events and several Chicago area schools and colleges Naman Jain grew up and lives in Boston, MA. He has attended pathshala classes for most of his life and is a youth representative for the Jain Center of Greater Boston. He has taken the initiative in the Boston area to motivate the youth towards Jain principles with creative and fun activities. He has also been very involved with YJA and been a Co-Chair in the past. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Computer Engineering degree and works in the Boston area as a support engineer. Nirav Shah is from Long Island, NY, completed his PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT in 2012, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. His work focuses on satellite design. With an ongoing interest in interfaith dialogue, Nirav was a fellow of the Addir Interfaith Program at MIT that serves to bridge faith groups on campus. Nirav has presented at several YJA, YJP, and JAINA conferences, as well as local temple events in Boston and Chicago. Jainism: The Global Impact 95 Page #98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Nissim Reuben is a native of Gujarat and part of India's small Jewish community. For the last several years, Nissim has served as the American Jewish Committee's Indian-Jewish program director. He now lives in Washington, D.C., and has organized a wide range of events: meetings between top Indian and Israeli lobbyists, joint trips to Israel and India, and even Hanukkah dinners at the Indian ambassador's house. Parth Savla is the first person to work full-time for JAINA, managing the organization's day-to-day activities and coordinating projects. He is also managing JAINA's first Summer Internship Program, which combines leadership training, professional skill-building, and the practice of Jain values. He is the founder of TruVizon Designs, an online marketing and business development company, and the Global Education Leadership (GEL) Group, which encourages youth locally and globally to dissolve boundaries through empathy and compassion. He has provided life coaching to adults and youth for nearly a decade, and enjoys leading groups where people support each other to reach their goals in 100 days. Priyal Gandhi is the current Director of Education for YJA. She lives in Northern Virginia and will be a freshman at the University of Virginia this fall. She loves music, dancing, art, and being an active Jain at her local temple and in YJA. She is also somewhat of an amateur artist, music (and musical) lover, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream fanatic, and always ready to dance - anything from garba to Persian style! At the temple, she has graduated from the JAINA pathshala curriculum and now helps teach 5-7 year olds. Learning about how to make Jainism applicable in our daily lives is important to Priyal - as is community service. Salonee Shah is the current Director of Project Development for YJA. She is also a Teach for America teacher, teaching technology in a small town called Durant, Mississippi. This year, she has worked with the JAINA Executive Board to promote various internships for Jain youth. In her free time, she loves extreme action adventure sports, traveling, meeting new people, dancing, and chocolate. JAINA Convention 2013 96 Page #99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Sejal Dhruva is currently one of the Co-Chairs for YJA and has previously held the West Regional Coordinator role. She graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor degree in Behavior Psychology and Political Science. She is a certified paralegal working full time as a contracts negotiator at salesforce. com, inc. in San Francisco, CA. When not working, you can find Sejal at the gym, out with friends, doing yoga, or cheering for the San Francisco 49ers or San Jose Sharks. She believes that laughter is the best part of life and challenges you to make her laugh more than she can make you laugh! Sheenika Shah is currently one of the Co-Chairs for YJA and has previously held the Director of Publications role. Sheenika received her B.S. in International Relations and Business Administration at the University of San Diego and graduated law school from California Western. As a non-practicing attorney, she has found her niche in legal marketing as the Business Development Website Coordinator for a national law firm combining her love of law, technology and marketing. In her free time, Sheenika loves to try new vegan restaurants, travel, and explore all apps and websites related to social media! Surbhi Pandya has been an influential speaker in the U.S. and India on subjects like meditation, inherent soul - infinite powers, living a miracle life, Jain Siddhant Praveshika, microbiology, and Jainism's microscopic vision of food. Surbhi has also used the medium of abstract paintings to depict deep philosophical concepts in a scientific way. Genetics and Karma, science of Jain temples, multi-faceted reality of anekantvand are the topics of some of her most popular paintings. She has compiled a set of children's books (Pahala Kadam, Doosara Kadam, and Teesara Kadam) under the guidance of Munishree Kshamasagarji Maharaj, explaining the basic principles of Jainism in a modern pictorial way. Sonali Vakharia was born in Flint, Michigan and grew up mostly on the east side of the state. She graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri in 2011. She is now practicing as a pharmacist at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. This is her first year being on the Youth Activities board, and she is very excited that the convention will be held in her home state! Sonali enjoys spending time with her friends/family, going to concerts, traveling, writing poetry, playing the piano, photography, and helping out during local pathsala classes. Jainism: The Global Impact 97 Page #100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Shikhar Shah is working on his master's in health policy at UIC. He is currently attempting to understand Jainism by working through the (translated) primary documents, and would love your advice. He spends most mornings on the lake shore, because the sunrise over lake Michigan is absolutely gorgeous. He'd love to trade jokes, recipes, and book suggestions with you. You'll often find him singing old Hindi songs - feel free to join him! Unnata Pragya Samanji received the initiation by His Holiness Acharya Mahapragyaji in Mumbai in 2003. Samaniji received her Master degree in Religion and Philosophy from Jain Vishva Bharati University. Since 2006, she has been serving on the faculty at Florida International University in Miami, and is dedicated to promoting Jain studies in American academia. Passionate about Preksha Meditation, she has conducted research ventures to contribute in the world of healing. Having travelled to the U.K., the U.S., Singapore, and other countries, she is dedicated to seeking Truth. Dr. Vijay Mehta widely known as Vijay Uncle, is a retired board-certified general surgeon from Temple, TX. He was Assistant Professor of Surgery at Texas A&M Health Science Center. Dr. Mehta is a motivational speaker who has personally helped more than 1,000 desi youth as they struggle to balance Indian and American cultures, and he has spoken at university campuses and youth conventions across the U.S. If you have a specific issue that you would like to be addressed, please email him or IM him on yahoo chat at, or you may post on the forum at Yogendra Jain has been active in the Jain Center of Greater Boston since its inception. He is the Northeast VP of the Federation of Jain Associations of North America (JAINA), chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee, a JAINA director, and teaches Levels 5 and 6 Pathshala (religious school). He has led more than a dozen "out of the box" seminars and groundbreaking projects, including Tattvarth Sutra: Ancient Scriptures Come Alive, Comparative Religion, Essence of Jainism, Rebranding and Repackaging Jainism, Discovery of the Soul, Strengthening of Faith, and Measuring Your Jain Way of Life Progress. The objectives of these projects are to expand the understanding of Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, and Non-Possessiveness in a modern way of life for Jains and Non-Jains. He started his career at MIT Lincoln Labs and Texas Instruments before founding and operating several successful companies. He holds a B.S. from Boston University, an M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Rice University, and an M.B.A. from Babson College. JAINA Convention 2013 98 Page #101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ahimsa In Action - Pujyashree Chitrabhanuji and that naturally transforms the required quantity of red blood into white milk when her creation comes into the world. Nature's bounties, beauty and wonders are limitless She has blessed mankind in abundance; but with certain inherent control mechanisms. She has her own rules and regulations, which man needs to follow, for his own well-being and spiritual growth. She has also been kind enough to give intelligence and discretionary powers to man. But, man in his greed, many a time, does not understand nature's checks and balances. Nature then is forced to checkmate him, for his own good. For example, if man succumbs to his palate and becomes its slave, he loses control over his thoughts, speech and actions, and also suffers ill-health. Milk is only for the new creation of the mother and that too for a limited period of time, for the nourishment and early growth of the new-born. Milk is a gift of nature for the helpless baby. The red blood turning into white milk for the baby is a miracle of nature. As long as the child does not get teeth, the mother gets milk, and the child grows in strength by consuming mother's milk. When the child grows to the stage when he gets teeth, the milk takes its original form and colour, i.e. it gets transformed back into red blood. At that time, even if the child wants mother's milk, it cannot get it as it no longer needs it. Many of us are vegetarian. We eat plant-based food. We believe in 'Ahinsa' which is non-violence or having reverence for all forms of life. We not only believe in 'Ahinsa', but we are practitioners of Ahinsa'. We have minimised our needs by becoming or remaining vegetarian. Though being vegetarian is excellent for man's physical as well as spiritual health, it is not enough. We have realized, over the years, that being 'vegan is far superior and a much more complete practice of 'Ahinsa'. Veganism does not allow the intake of milk or dairy products for human consumption or It is made so clear by this law of nature that milk belongs only to the baby. None of the species, other than human beings, consumes milk when it grows beyond a stage, when it is too young. Human beings, unfortunately in their ignorance, start having milk of other species once they grow beyond this stage, little realizing that it is a calf or an off-spring of some other species who is deprived of its dues. It is in fact inhuman and against the principles of non-violence and non-stealing when humans have milk of cows or other species, belonging to their offspring. Where will the helpless calf go for its nourishment? The animal baby starves and remains under-nourished. As though this sin is not enough, a bigger crime follows. If the offspring is a male, it is sent away to the veal industry in Western countries and to the slaughter house (surreptitiously in the early hours of the day) in India. use. Milk does not grow on plants. Milk is one of nature's most beautiful wonders. We can say MILK stands for Mother's Infinite Love and Kindness. Milk is produced in a human or an animal Mother. Only when a female, either of a human being or an animal, becomes pregnant and is to give life and birth to another being, her blood gets transformed into milk. This is simply because she takes upon her the work of the Creator. She nurtures, protects, takes care, loves the new being in her own self, forgetting her own discomfort and pain and gives shape to and creates and gives life to the new creation. Her love, compassion and kindness flow into the new creation Now-a-days, everywhere, since the bull is not required by humans, either for farming or carting, they indulge in these inhuman activities to suit their selfish ends. Thousands of bulls go to butchers for slaughter. This unfortunate slaughter and the Jainism: The Global Impact 99 Page #102 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ use in veal industry take place on account of the consumption of cow milk by humans. In addition to these atrocities caused, as the babies are taken away from their mothers, the mother has to undergo the pain of separation which she suffers in silence, without any revolt, as she practices nonviolence. The cow cries silently, as the new-born is taken away, since for nine months she had nourished the child and when it is born, it is separated from her. The silent agony of the cow creates certain vibrations. These selfish acts perpetrated by human beings, due to their greed, result in the following three consequences: 1. When we take the milk which belongs to the offspring of the cow, the suffering vibrations of the cow and the calf would boomerang on us and might create some separation in our lives. As we plant the pain in others, the vibrations received would result, as a 'karmic' consequence, into separation from our dear ones. 2. The cow's normal life span is twenty-five years. Humans reduce this longevity by slaughter or use in veal industry. The 'karma' of taking away the longevity of a living being influences our life span and results in reduction of our own life span or of our dear ones. Also the end of the life may not be natural and it may be by accident or some permanent disability may take place. 3. We snatch away or steal the off-spring from the cow, as well as its milk for the calf. The milk and the child are taken away ruthlessly by us without the permission of the cow. This is 'adatta dan'. This is a charity not done by the donor. It is acquisition of someone's belongings without consent. One should therefore be ready to face consequences of losing one's own property, wealth or dear ones. The cow has milk, but it does not give it. It stops eating, being separated from her offspring. Machines are used to milk and for artificial insemination. A lot of suffering is inflicted on these peace-loving creatures by the humans for their greed. In about seven years, due to their exploitation, the cows become useless for humans and they are sent for slaughter. Our glass of milk results in the cow being eventually slaughtered. The cow undergoes physical torture and the agonizing feeling of separation, for human well-being. It would be clear to any intelligent, caring and compassionate person that it is not logically, medically, morally and spiritually right to drink milk of other species, once the natural period of having our own mother's milk is over. To satisfy ourselves and for our nourishment and well-being, we may have milk from several alternative sources like plants or nuts such as soya, rice, almond, coconut etc. As Bhagwan Mahavir had said, "Non-violence and kindness to living beings is kindness to oneself. For thereby one's own self is saved from various kinds of sins and resultant sufferings and is able to secure his own welfare." JAINA Convention 2013 100 Page #103 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Let's participate in yttu Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra project in 2013 "A Golden opportunity of life time & Second time in North America Shree Sangh Invitation FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA has organized Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth - 99 Yatra in 2013/14 Jai Jinendra! The ninety-nine yatra will be performed under the guidance of 321 Diksha Danaswari Acharya Bhagwant Shimad Gunratna Surishwarji Maharaj Saheb and Acharyadev PERHEERS Shri Rashmiratna Surishwarji Maharaj Saheb BARRER and Shri Punch Parmashati Ratna Narendrabhai Nandu & his team Starting Point: Tri Lok Darshan & Nitya Chandra Darshan, Dharmashalas Palitana, India Western Style (2 Person Occupancy) Yatra Duration November 17th 2013 through January 16" 2014 99 Yatra Starts on Sunday, 17th November 2013 Kartiki Punam Malaropan & 99 Yatra Celebration on Sat. 28th & Sun. 29th December 2013 99 Yatra Purnahuti Thuesday 16th January 2014 Estimated Cost: $1400 per yatri (Food & Lodging Only) Please Register Arvind R. Shah Chairman, JAINA 99 Yatra 2013 Project (248)-828-1736 (H) (248)-835-7395 (C) E-mail: with: Last Date for Registration September 30th, 2013 RAGNARAGDARAGNARAGNARAGNAR Jainism: The Global Impact 101 Page #104 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 00000000000...............OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........00 Shree Adinath Namah Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra 2013 2013 JAINA 99 YATRA SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION Description of Sponsorship Benefits The Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra in 2013 will not be successful without the support of sponsors. Therefore, we have created the following sponsorship categories to hopefully create the incentive for you to donate to a very memorable, exciting, and auspicious event. Below is a list of possible sponsorship categories, however, donations will be accepted in any amount. Maha Sanghpati - $25,001 [Five Families Can Participate] Sponsors' names will be prominently displayed in the Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra invitation card that will be sent to all North American Jain Centers. * A photo of two family members will be displayed at the entrance of Dharmashala for the duration of the yatra. Sponsors' names and photos will be displayed in commemorative souvenir booklet. * Sponsors will be the first ones to offer items to sadhus and sadhvis. * Sponsors will wear a sash in recognition for their generosity. Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December. Sponsors will receive a plaque will be given in appreciation for support provided for the Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra event. Corporate Sponsor - $15.001 [Any Number of Families Can Participatel * Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December. Sponsors will receive a full page color advertisement in the commemorative souvenir booklet. * Sponsors will receive a plaque will be given recognizing the sponsor for its generosity and support of the event. Sponsors will be able to display a 3 x 2 banner of their corporation or business in the Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra Temple office. Platinum - $11.001 [Any Number of Families Can Participatel Sponsors will be recognized as a Support Sanghpati. * Sponsors' names will be displayed at the upashraya hall entrance. * Sponsors' names and photographs will be printed in commemorative souvenir booklet. Sponsors will receive the second opportunity to offer items to sadhus and sadhvis. Sponsors will receive a plaque will be given recognizing the sponsor for its generosity and support of the event. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sponsors will be given a sash in recognition for their generosity. Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December. 0000000000......................................00 JAINA Convention 2013 102 Page #105 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ gogogogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggo Shree Adinath Namah Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirtin 99 Yatra 2013 Gold - $7,501 Any Number of Families Can Participate] Sponsors' names will be displayed at Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra Office for the duration of the auspicious event. Sponsors' names and photos will be printed in commemorative souvenir book. * Sponsors will receive a plaque will be given recognizing the sponsor for its generosity and support of the event. Sponsors will receive the third opportunity to offer items to sadhus and sadhvis. Sponsors will be given a sash in recognition for their generosity. * Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December Silver - $ 5.001 Any Number of Families Can Participatel Sponsors' names will be displayed at Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra Office for the duration of the auspicious event. chhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh * Sponsors' names and photos will be printed in commemorative souvenir book, * Sponsors will receive the fourth opportunity to offer items to sadhus and sadhvis. Sponsors will receive a plaque will be given recognizing the sponsor for its generosity and support of the event. Sponsors will be given a sash in recognition for their generosity. Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December. Bronze - $2.501 Any Number of Families Can Participatel QORQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Sponsors' names will be displayed at Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra Office for the duration of the auspicious event. * Sponsors' names and photos will be printed in commemorative souvenir book * Sponsors will receive the fifth opportunity to offer items to sadhus and sadhvis Sponsors will be given a sash in recognition for their generosity. Sponsors will be identified to all yatris during a celebration in December. Daily Sponsorship- $1,001 Any Number of Families Can Participate Sponsors' names will be displayed on the notice board of the Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra Office. Sponsors' names will be printed in commemorative souvenir book. * Sponsors will receive recognition will be given daily during bhavna. If you would like to be a sponsor for this auspicious event, please do not hesitate to contact Arvind R. Shah. Contact: Arvind R. Shah (Detroit) Phone: (248)-828-1736 (H) (248)-835-7395 (C) Email: dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Jainism: The Global Impact 103 Page #106 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CLAREMONT LINCOLN UNIVERSITY GURUDEV CHITRABHANUJI & MRS. CHITRABHANU TO RECEIVE INAUGURAL CLAREMONT LINCOLN AHIMSA AWARD CLAREMONT, CA Claremont Lincoln University is pleased to announce that its first annual Ahimsa Award will go to Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and Mrs. Pramodaben Chitrabhanu. The couple will receive the award at a gala celebration on Oct. 2. 2013, International Ahimsa Day. In 2007, the United Nations established October 2 as an International Day of Non-Violence in honor of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. To honor this important celebration, Claremont Lincoln University has instituted an annual Ahimsa Award, given to the person who their Selection Committee feels most embodies the principle of Ahimsa. Because of the Chitrabhanus' synergistic, outstanding, and long collaboration in furthering Ahimsa, which is a cornerstone of Jain beliefs, the Committee decided to award them as a couple. "All of us in the Claremont Lincoln community take great joy at the selection of these two saintly individuals," said Dr. Philip Clayton, Claremont Lincoln University Provost and Executive Vice President. "The news will not only be welcomed by the international Jain community, but also by the friends of Ahimsa in whatever tradition they may practice." GURUDEV SHRI CHITRABHANUJI is a Jain pioneer, global leader, and author of more than 26 books, which reflect his philosophy of world peace and nonviolence. emphasizing the need to appreciate the sanctity of all life and to build solidarity in the larger family of humankind. According to Forbes magazine. "Shri Chitrabhanuji represents a ... brilliant message of non-violence, tolerance, compassion, and the embrace of ... the ecological interdependency of all living beings. After millennia, this potent ethical ideal has become key to the biological sciences, as well as inspiring such people as .... Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr." Formerly a Jain monk, Shri Chitrabhanuji's western Ahimsa Pilgrimage began with an invitation to speak at Harvard Divinity School in 1971. Now, fittingly, his life mission has brought him to Claremont Lincoln University on the other side of America in 2013. He gave up his vow of monkhood because of the call to bring Ahimsa principles to the West. He married Pramodaben and together they embarked on a mission to bring the message and teaching of Bhagwan Mahaveer - Ahimsa to the west. Thanks in a great part to the couple's influence since then, there has been significant growth of Jain principles in the western world, to the point where some American schools are even experimenting with vegetarian meals for student lunches. MRS. PRAMODABEN CHITRABHANU, spiritual companion of Gurudev Chitrabhanu, is Director of the Jain Meditation International Center in New York, Director of PETA India, and advisor to the Jivadaya (Reverence for Life) Committee of JAINA. A global leader, Pramodaji's mission takes her to many parts of the world. She connects particularly well with the youth because her approach is genuinely secular and multi-cultural. This is one of the reasons why she has admirers all over the world, whose lives have been transformed by her gentle, rational, and persuasive guidance. She also works for the Vegetarian Society of Mumbai by promoting vegetarianism and veganism and is the author of numerous books including a vegetarian cookbook. Claremont Lincoln University | 1325 N. College Ave. | Claremont, CA 91711 | www.Claremont JAINA Convention 2013 104 Page #107 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 90th Birthday Celebration of Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji July 2012 marked 90th birthday of Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and his home turf in America was ready with celebration for the occasion. In three different Jain centers - in Queens, Long Island and in Franklin Town NJ, hundreds of well wishers gathered in joy and gratitude to get his blessings. of how early Jain migrants established one of the first Jain Centers in America and how Gurudev has been involved with not only the JCA in New York but also with many of the Jain centers across the United States along with JAINA and YJA. A tenminute play by the members of the youth group on veganism was very much appreciated by everyone. Gurudev had expressed a wish that the celebration should be called a day to collect blessings and because his mission in life is to receive and share blessings from whoever he meets. And the blessings came from all over the world in hundreds of messages by phone calls, emails and greeting cards recalling memories of decades of personal associations, blessings and lectures still fresh in their minds. All the messages received were compiled in an album and presented to Gurudev in appreciation of his years of service to the Jain community all over the world. At each of the center, celebration began with beautiful rendering of Navkar Mantra and Chattari Mangalam by American students of Gurudev from Jain Mediation center in NY and Lighthouse Center in Michigan. Also at all three centers, there was a musical treat for every one - inspiring musical performance by Kummar Chaterjee, a devotee of Gurudev who flew in especially from Mumbai for this occasion. He gave a melodious recitation of Anand Ghan Ji's stavans like Gurudev's favorite AB HUM AMAR BHAYE NA MARENGE and BAHER BAHER NAHI AAWE. He followed these by a classical rendering of Namoththunam and Loggus Sutras that so moved the audience that many eyes had tears down their faces. The first of the celebration was on July 27th, actual birthday of Gurudev at Jain Center of America (JCA). Bhattarak Swami Shri Charukeerti Ji spoke of the admirable life Gurudev has lived and the message of Ahimsa he has spread across the globe. Jay Shetty, the Chairman of JCA gave the history Next day at the Jain Temple of NY, Anop Vora, past President of JAINA was the main speaker. He spoke of thousands of lives Gurudev had touched and changed for better in all corners of the world. Jainism has thrived and flourished in North America because of the solid foundation built by Gurudev's vision, efforts and persistence. He told everyone that Gurudev's coming to America and contribution in creating JAINA has earned him the title of "Most influential spiritual leader to change Jain History in the west". As a gesture of their appreciation of Gurudev's tireless nourishing of the Jains in the NY area, The Jain Temple of NY announced that they would support Gurudev's initiative for academic education of Jainism by raising funds for the next year's International Scholars Conference at Claremont Lincoln University in California. Sunday, the third day of the celebration was at the brand new Temple of the Jain Center of New Jersey in Somerset. This Temple was inaugurated only three weeks earlier. Over 600 members came to be part of the historic event - 90th Birthday of their beloved Gurudev. Prof. Gary Francione, 2009 Keynote speaker at JAINA Convention in Los Angeles, delivered the main address. He mentioned the three things Gurudev did that have changed the landscape for Jainism in the US. First was a spark of Jainism that he ignited by starting Jain Meditation International Center in New York as the very first place where Jains could come and pray together - without any sectarian differences. Next he brought Yoga and meditation as heart of Jainism. Third and most important, the emphasis on Ahimsa Jainism: The Global Impact 105 Page #108 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN SOCIETY OF TORONTO INC. TORONTO, CANADA is proud to announce the official undertaking of Our New and Exciting Cultural Centre and Shikharbandhi Temple. This multi-faceted facility is the shining example of North America's most anticipated destination for all Jains. Located in a mega retail zone, over 4 acres of prime land will be home to this envy to all Canadians. Built with a solid flare for contemporary and lasting worship, this edifice promises our youth and generations of tomorrow that a timeless monument and landmark of Jain Heritage is here to stay. A unique double ghabara Shikarbandhi Temple has been fashioned to be home to both Digambar and Swetambar Jains. Carvings and idols will be carefully custom crafted in India and make their journey to Toronto. Located tastefully below the ghabaras is the pride and treasure of Jain artifacts and history. Chronicling the many stages and various idols, our Jain Museum is a must see destination and we expect tourists from all over the world to come and experience its quiet elegance. Boasting over 48,000 square feet of spacious area, the magnificent Cultural Centre includes a dining hall fit to serve 500 people at one time, seat over 1200 people in an auditorium that reaches over 24 ft in height and a theatrical stage to enliven the arts of our culture. Lectures, gatherings and audiences will be entertained and guided with the best of Jainism and communal events. Tir Stretching three stories high, a grande floor to ceiling glass atrium welcomes all of our sangh and visitors alike as an invitation to socialize and linger amongst our family and friends with the knowing comfort of our shared beliefs and value Education being a spinal core of Jainism, this site hosts up to 8 classrooms for pathasala, discussion and workshops. Our children have a place to call their own and develop the love and memories for Jainism that they will fondly carry with them through out their entire lifetime. English will also be instructed here as a second language, easing the transition for new immigrants and those wishing to improve their language skills. Native languages like Hindi and Gujarati will also be taught here to preserve the mother tongue. The Upashreya will host a unique subsect of Jains as they worship and discuss Jain philosophy together and on a regular basis. This discussion leads to fruitful and deep understanding of the holy scriptures. Our Seniors will enjoy intimate company in a thoughtful Seniors' Lounge. Equipped with special needs, comfort seating and learning tools this Lounge is a 106 Jain Society of Toronto Inc Cultural Centre haven for Senior's to pass their time in the lap of community. A well appointed and highly regarded Jain Library will protect and share the scriptures, dialogues and writings that promote Jain knowledge, history and philosophy. The entire building is supported by 24 key pillars, each being named after one of twenty four thirthankars. Our Youth have planted their foundation by naming bricks on the Foundation of Youth Wall. Their lasting commitment will grow from here as they now have a forever link to the heritage that their parents have always wished for them. Building on over 20 years of anticipation and searching for the right location and building, an amazing miracle of giving, generosity and togetherness has arisen throughout the planning and organizing of this project. This of course is the truest Jain jewel that has been discovered in the process. Jains have united, loved and appreciated one another like never before....It is only going up from here! - Arpana Vora, President TOGETHER, WE ARE DOING THIS! We gratefully seek your support and donations Page #109 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ that Gurudev has put in our daily lives. He quoted Bhagwan Mahaveer's message from Achranga Sutra on prohibition against torture or killing of animals and compared it with Gurudev Chitrabhanujis insistence on Veganism as true practice of Ahimsa. Dr. Sushil Jain President of JAINA was the next speaker. He recounted his own family's ties with Gurudev and his accomplishments in inspiring so many Jain Centers all over North America and formation of JAINA with Acharya Shri Sushil Kumar Ji. He proposed planting of a tree in each Jain center as a gesture of recognizing Gurudev's legacy and offered JAINA's financial support in planting a first tree at the Jain Center of NJ. He was followed by H.E. Amrendra Muni Ji who told everyone to follow Gurudev's example and live the message of Mahaveer - reading and praising Bhagwan's message is not enough. the documentary film "Fork over Knives" and learn about the cruelty visited upon the speechless animals. The only reason people are consuming milk and cheese is tradition and ignorance (There is plenty of literature out there enumerating adverse health effects of milk) about modern dairy farm practices. He urged everyone to not trust the memories of olden days where cows were treated like a member of the family in the present age of factory farming. Consumption of milk is a subsidy to the meat industry and we the followers of Ahimsa as way of life must turn away from dairy products. He told everyone that he did not have particular desire to live to be a hundred or one hundred twenty years - they are just numbers devoid of any significance in a spiritual life. What he worries every day before he puts his head to the pillow at the end of the day is how many blessings he gained that day. He would love to get blessings of people, animals and birds. He would like cows to bless him because he refused milk so that baby cow can have the milk. Number of years is not a good measure of a man but number of blessings collected is what is to be treasured. Many other speakers spoke about their admiration for the life he has lived or path he has shown and their own encounters with Gurudev. Three past Presidents of JAINA, past and present JAINA committee chairs, Jain center executives and prominent Jains from neighboring states shared stories of how Gurudev had influenced their lives. A few chosen messages of people who could not be there were read to demonstrate depth of feelings and gratitude apparent in their writings. Everyone was wishing a long life to Gurudev and looking forward to his 100th Birthday celebration. Now it was the time for the main event of the day - what everyone was waiting for patiently - address by Gurudev himself. The day ended with a sumptuous vegan meal. Many who had never before tried a vegan meal were heard saying - not bad at all - I can be a vegan! Gurudev spoke in his serene and loving voice. Gurudev started by talking about the four important characteristics everyone should strive for: Maitry (amity), Pramod (appreciation) ,Karuna (Compassion) and Madhyastha (equanimity). But, above all, living an Ahimsak life is a must. Ahimsa in words, thoughts and action. One cannot claim to be a true vegetarian if he/she also consumes milk and milk products. Milk does not grow on plants. Milk is one of nature's most beautiful wonders. We can say MILK stands for Mother's Infinite Love and Kindness. He urged everyone to watch Jainism: The Global Impact 107 Page #110 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington A non-profit tax-exempt religious organization, id # 54-1139623 Congratulations and Best Wishes Federation of Jain Associations in North America 17th Biennial Convention - July 2013 President Paresh Shah Vice-President Manna Shah Secretary Jatin Shah Joint-Secretary Autumn Dhanote Treasurer Sanjay Shah Joint-Treasurer Kamlesh P Shah Director of Public Relations Sharad Doshi Director of Publications Tejas Doshi Director of Education Megha Doshi Director of Facilities Kiran Shah Director of Events Mina Shah Director of Volunteers Jatin Shah Director of Technology Hemen Gandhi Past President Council, Chair Bhupesh Mehta Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington Background: Jain Society was established in March 1980. Current Facilities: Acquired in 1989, consists of 4.35 acres of land with a 4300sq.ft. two story building with a jain temple, multipurpose hall, classrooms, library, kitchen and rooms. In July 2010. Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington have achieved an important milestone of purchasing land for the future traditional authentic Jain Temple located at 4241 Ammendale Road, Beltsville, MD 20705. Membership: Over 580 families including 530+ families as life members. Board of Trustees, Chair Gita Shah Trustees Pravin Dand Manoj Dharamsi Kanu Doshi Sushil Jain Atul Shah Activities: * Regular religious classes on Sundays: 6 levels for children & for Adults . Celebration of Jain holy days (Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan Parva, etc) * Speeches by Jain spiritual leaders and Jain scholars. * Youth activities in junction with national umbrella youth organization, . (YJA) for establishing a network to share Jain principles & heritage. . Celebration of Ahimsa Day on Thanksgiving Day. * Picnic, Open House and Medical Checkups. * Community Outreach activities 1021 BRIGGS CHANEY ROAD, SILVER SPRING, MD. PHONE: (301) 236-4466 MAILING ADDRESS: PO BOX 4548, SILVER SPRING, MD 20914. Web Address: www.AT SOCILINDERS 108 Page #111 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Acharya Tulsi: Birth Centennial of an Engaged Spiritualist - Samani Unnata Pragya religious dogmas, spirituality without religion, propounding universal religion was a paradigm shift in the sectarian frenzy world. He marched to President's residence to farmer's field with the slogan, "Self-restraint is survival". Humanitarian Tulsi breathed Anuvrat, to liven every slumber soul of the immoral world. We celebrate the birth centennial of the harbinger of morality, His Holiness Acharya Tulsi. Legacy of this day dreamer, converting impossible to inevitable, starts in the soil of India, born in small town, Ladnun, Rajasthan in 1914. This gifted child, at a tender age of eleven, committed his entire life to nonviolence, the path of Jain asceticism. Very soon he won over the trust of Acharya Kalugani, his Guru. Tulsi grew up into a brave, brilliant, intellectual and spiritually vigilant monk. At the young age of 22, Tulsi's infringing vitality coroneted him as the 9th Acharya of Terapanth order in 1936. Acharya Tulsi, an epitome of spirituality was an engaged spiritualist. Engaged spirituality means, a spiritual effort which yields not mere self-realization for the person himself or herself but impacts the other in escalating the other into spirituality. Like Gandhi fasted. Gandhi's fasting was far more fetching for the country's peace and nonviolence. Acharya Tulsi's passion for Jain Unity was so high that he resolved to quit sugar until Jain Unity is fetched to some extent. Our pride, one Jain flag was a spirited inspiration of Acharya Tulsi. Such was the might of Gurudev Tulsi that his golden jubilee celebration was but a movement of empowerment and cultural de-stigmatization. The struggle and passion of Gurudev Tulsi was his engaged spirituality which unveiled women, empowered with courage and enlightened for cultural uplift by nayamoda i.e. movement for social reformation. These women now efficiently and magnificently are enterprising projects like save girl, adopt villages, adopt child education, donate limbs and more. Acharya Tulsi's dynamic leadership exposed the un-trodden path of social progress. In 1948, Anuvrat movement emerged, with the watchword of purifying socio political structure. The audacious endeavor to resonate the voice of "religion beyond With the conviction of empowering the verdicts of ahimsa, Acharya Tulsi commenced the training for a spiritual life, an ascetic trained for asceticism by establishing the institute Parmarthik Shikshan Sansthan in 1948. He sought to rediscover Jain meditation with Acharya Mahaprajna which led to evolve the scientific technique of Preksha Dhyan or Meditation in 1962 for self-realization. The essence of humanity, unshackled from the sectarian clutches was presented on academic platform as Jeevan Vigyan i.e. Science of Living. A value based education, with the mission of education for enlightened citizens; an integrated balanced personality. Envisaging the need of the future, in 1980, commenced a unique milestone in the entire history of Jain tradition; the Saman order, a modern asceticism to spread the preaching's of Jainism worldwide. Saman and Samani's reached far and wide, states and countries, universities and organizations to echo the voice of Mahavir. This group is established in the society rendering its multi-dimensional services in the field of education, administration (as Vice chancellor, Head of Departments, Principal and Director and on other academic and administrative posts with the pursuit of spiritual realization and ascetic rules in the personal life. Jain values and cultural survival was aimed at by a seven point program which includes education, service, penance, Jain values, research, literature, and harmonious living as a mission of Jain Vishva Bharati organization founded in 1970. Jainism: The Global Impact 109 Page #112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations & Best Wishes to the JAINA Convention 2013 in Detroit, MI Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrating 20th Temple Anniversary "Serving the Midwest Community to enrich their religious, social, cultural, and educational experience for living a Jain Way of Life." 1600+ Life Members 450+ Pathshala Students 435 N. Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60173 Phone: (630) 837-1077 Website: Innovative service Dial-a-Maanglik & Pachchkkhan: 1-630-213-JSMC Board of Trustees Chairman-Arvind Shah Dipak Doshi Sunil Jain Atul Shah Hemant Shah Executive Committee President - Tejas Shah Vice-President - Hitesh R. Shah Treasurer Himanshu Jain Membership Secretary - Piyush Gandhi Food Secretary - Dilip Shah Secretary - Vipul Shah Jt. Treasurer - Sunil F. Shah Education Secretary - Dr. Pradip Shah Youth Secretary - Shilpa Shah 110 Page #113 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Agama, the infinite treasure of pristine knowledge was explored by convening a council under the erudite guidance of Acharya Tulsi. An arduous venture of exploring the gem of Jain Agam; unraveled the academic world of research, translation and annotation in oriental studies. This foundational step turned into an edifice as UGC recognized Jain Vishva Bharati University, as a deemed University in 1991. Resistance never stopped him, nor did he walk alone. To carry the crowd with him was his prodigy. Acharya Tulsi travelled 1 lakh kms from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, embarking un-trodden places sowing the seed of Jain values. At the dawn of his life, Acharya Tulsi's detachment soared new heights. Gurudev Tulsi renounced his Acharya ship enthroning Mahaprajna as the successive Acharya. Coronation of the successor by his own Guru, was a splendorous unique history making sight. Gurudev Tulsi's endeavor crossed the boundaries of self and paved the way for enlightening, empowering and enriching the other, the other being humans, society, nation, culture and everything. Every Spiritual effort of Tulsi was his engaged spirituality modeling society for a brighter future. The work and contribution to society, religion, literature, art and philosophy made him immortal. His life, a lamp to light lamps. His life, a living message His life, an edifice of better future Let us enlighten our selves Let us live him, to revere him As he says, "Seek not my physical autograph but let the message shine in your life as an eternal signature." Jainism: The Global Impact 111 Page #114 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ IRAAL O Jainamjayati shasanam sarvatra subhi bhavantu lokah Congratulations to THE JAIN SANGH OF GREATER DETROIT 112 for Hosting 17TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION JAIN CENTER OF NEW JERSEY 111 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873 233 Runnymede Road, Essex Fells, NJ 07021 732 455 2652 973 226 2539 Page #115 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Love and Care Programme An initiative to bring joy and offer service to all living beings. This programme gives you a wonderful opportunity to fill your life with love, compassion, happiness and contentment, by making a difference to lives around you. Included in this programme are 10 Cares related to mankind, animals and the environment. Under Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai's able guidance, the programme is making giant strides in the direction of universal upliftment. * Health Care Educational Care Child Care Woman Care * Tribal Care LOVE and CARE Community Care Humanitarian Care Emergency Relief Care * Animal Care Environmental Care For further information: Rajeev Gandhi - M - 512 331 5408 @sroveicare org Website Emai Best wishes for Graad Success of 2013 JAINA Convention JAIN SAMAJ OF LONG ISLAND Looking to build a JINALAYA in Long Island soon with blessias of Jineshwar Bhagwan ad support from everyone." A unique Jivdaya project in our Karmabhoomi, where ac OSS several locations throughout Long Island and New York, ONE than 280 lbs of bird food is distributed daily and tens of thousands of birds safely feed across all Seasons Annual budget for this program is $40,000, We have collected Little more than 100 tithis of $ 111 per tithi per year. We are looking for individual donations as well as donations from Jiydaya reads of data Centers Cross US and Canada To Contribute Contact: SERI KANUBHAJ LAKHARI CRI: 516,725-2997 or email: birdfood an il you choles to. S o Long Island 1 webine Laan, Phi NY 11803 ini .org Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention From: Jain Center of Middle Tennessee 2273 Dewitt Drive Clarksville, TN 37043 113 Page #116 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Hindu Jain Temple 615 Illini Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146 Congratulations and Best Wishes to 17th Biennial JAINA Convention, Detroit. Parshvanath Mahaveer Bhagvan Bhagvan JAIN SOCIETY OF PITTSBURGH 110 + Family Members (including 100 life members) 114 Page #117 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shrenik K Lalthai. Dear Dr.Sushil, It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you and your colleagues during your visit to Ahmedabad. I have always been deeply impressed by the enthusiastic activities that JAINA is doing to promote Jainism. JAINA has been wonderfully successful in keeping the Jain Community in U.S.A. closely in touch of Lord Mahavirs teachings and spreading them globally. It is very kind.of JAINA to invite me as Chief Guest to attend the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention to be held on July 4, 2013. I consider it as a great honour but due to old age and indifferent health, I have to forego the pleasure of accepting it. I am sure you will understand my inability and 'excuse me for the same. I wish the event all success and may the organization continue its good work for all time to come. Thanking you, To, Dr.Sushil Jain, President, Date: 15-02-2013. JAINA, NEW YORK Yours faithfully. (Shrenik Kasturbhai) Lalbag Shahibag. Ahmedabad-380 004, India. Phones (0) 26565208 (R) 22865456 Fax 22866376 Cable Nila Jainism: The Global Impact 115 Page #118 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Hathisingh Temple-Ahmedabad, Gujarat IDD ALOK MEHTA & FAMILY New York, NY 116 Page #119 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Contribution of Jain Dharma to the World In the Jain religion, it is the Jina' who holds the highest position. So the question arises who is a Jina? Jina means 'Jineshwar Bhagwan' - a Tirthankar or Arihant ie the victorious one. He is a conqueror of no external enemy - rather a Jina is someone who has achieved victory over the internal enemies and bondages like attachment and hatred. Such an exalted person inspires others to also achieve victory over these spiritual enemies. Thus it can be said that Jainism is a religion which has been prescribed by the Jin Devas or Arihantas . If we were to put it another way we could say that one who has set out to conquer his senses is a worthy worshipper of a Jina. In fact a Jain can only truly call himself that if he has achieved (or is trying to achieve) victory over himself. The Jain Dharma is such a comprehensive religion that it is far beyond the narrowness of sectarianism .The founding principles of Jainism are universal and these principles are applicable and beneficial to all - ie not just human beings but all living beings. The main principles of Jainism are non violence ( Ahimsa), non attachment and non covetousness (Aparigraha), multiplicity of viewpoints, (Anekantvad) and the existence of the soul and karma. It is my sincere belief that if we adopt these simple principles of Jainism in our daily life then it will benefit not just the individual, family, society or nation but will help re- establish the kingdom of peace in the whole world. The term 'Ahimsa' means non-violence, non-injury, or absence of desire to harm any living being. The Jain understanding and implementation of Ahimsa is extremely comprehensive and strict. 'Ahimsa' is not merely limited to the absence of physical violence, but also implies absence of harsh words, and negative thinking. Likewise 'Aparigrah' also means not to possess - Acharya Amrender Muni Ji Maharaj more than the basic requirements for life, and that wealth should be carefully handled and thoughtfully economised and shared with the needy. 'Anekantvada' encourages one to consider the views and beliefs of everyone as no single, specific, human view can claim to represent the absolute truth. There is no place for rudeness and ego. Instead it tells us to embrace the Truth in all its mutifacetedness. Anekantvada provides the solution not just for small family quarrels but even wars between nations. If everyone followed the Jain principle of Anekantvada there would be peace in this world. The 'Karma' principle of Jainism states that the doer' or 'karta' is one's own soul or Atma. Our own deeds and choices are responsible for making us experience happiness or sorrow. There is no point in trying to put the blame on anyone else (including God). The concepts of Jainism are so contemporary that they do not lose relevance even in today's time. It will not be an overstatement or exaggeration to say that Jainism has made a huge contribution to the society at large. Dr Ganganath Jha, MA D.Lit., has said 'as I know Jainism, it is my opinion that if obstructive people follow the Jain scriptures the controversies and arguments will be eliminated'. Dr A.Girno observes that the Jain religion states that moral values and good behavior are extremely important for the evolution of mankind and that the Jain religion is unique,independent and systematic. In this context George Bernard Shaw's statement is worth mentioning. He said that it was his heart's desire to be reborn in a Jain family and Jain tradition after his death. The words of Sir Mathew Makkey of London are also noteworthy. He said that his only goal in life was to be able to successfully spread the teachings of Jainism. He was convinced that in the principles of Jainism lay the true solution for the betterment of society. Jainism: The Global Impact 117 Page #120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes for the grand success of the 2013 JAINA Convention HARRIS DE With best compliments: Jain Center of Greater Boston Visit us at 556 Nichols St, Norwood, MA 02062 118 Page #121 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Much more can be spoken and written about Jain dharma - however this article has a limitation on words. While wishing for the success of this publication from the depths of my heart I want to reemphasize that the principles of Jainism are not limited to any religious sect. They are universal and broad based and if we implement them in our daily life with conscious awareness, universal peace and happiness is assured. "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" Best Wishes to JAINA 2013! The Doshi Family Parag, Dulari, Anjali, Anish CHICAGO CARDIOLOGY INSTITUTE Every Heartbeat is Precious (847) 605-9500 119 Page #122 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AGA MAM Jain Center of Northern California Best Wishes for the grand success of JAINA Convention 2013 Key Events Education 800 students participating in Jain, Hindi and Gujarati Shala, Youth Programs like eWaste and Next Steps Pathway to college. Religious Cha Gao Yatra, Namokar Mantar, Bhaktamber Paath and Musical Bhakti once a month. Cultural Yearly Health Care Events, JCNC Theater Group. Monthly Senior Citizen Meet Technology Live Event Webcast. Realtime translation in English for Hindi and Gujarati Speakers. 722 South Main Street, Milpitas CA 95035 www.lee Hazin 120 Facilities Initiatives underway for making Jain Bhawan Green Technology enabled. Public Relations Initiated Feedback systems, Meet The Titan initiative for fostering entrepreneurship in youths. (408) 262-6242 Page #123 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Dharma - Acharya Amrender Muni Ji Maharaj jaina dharma kI saMsAra ko dena AcArya zrI amarendra muni jaina dharma meM 'jina' kA sthAna sarvopari hai| jina arthAta jinezvara bhgvaan| inheM tIrthaMkara arihanta Adi ke rUpa meM bhI jAnA jAtA hai| jina vaha hai jisane rAga dveSa Adi karma janya zatruoM, vikAroM, kaSAyoM Adi ko jIta liyA tathA hareka ko ina AdhyAtmika zatruoM para vijaya prApta karane kI preraNA dete hai| sacce arthoM meM jina kA upAsaka vaha hai jo jitendriya hai| jaina kahalAne kA adhikArI bhI vAstava meM vahIM hai jo apane Apa para jaya karate hue calatA haiN| 'jina' arthAta jinezvara devoM ke dvArA pratipAdita jo dharma hai vahIM jaina dharma hai| jaina dharma meM kisI bhI prakAra ke sampradAyavAda evaM saMkIrNatA ko sthAna nahIM hai| jaina dharma ke mUla siMddhAta sArvabhauma evaM na kevala mAnava jagata ke lie apitu prANimAtra ke lie varadAna hai| mukhya 'siMddhAtoM meM ahiMsA aparigraha anekAnta aura AtmA aura karma kA Astitva hai| merA apanA mAnanA hai ki jaina dharma ke ina siddhAMtoM ko Aja AcaraNa meM lAyA jAye to vyAktigata pArivArika evaM sAmAjika rASTrIya kSetra meM hI nahIM sampUrNa vizva meM zAnti kA sAmrAjya sthApita ho sakatA hai| ahiMsA kA artha na hiMsA "ahiMsA" arthAta hiMsA na karanA aura pramAda va kaSAya ke vazIbhUta hokara kisI bhI prANI ke prANoM kA hanana nahIM krnaa| jaina dharma kI ahiMsA bahuta vyApaka hai aura isa para bahuta sUkSma rUpa se vicAra huA hai| hiMsA kA artha kisI bhI prANI ko mAranA nahIM apitu kaTu bolanA va socanA bhI hai| isI taraha aparigraha kevala apanA peTa aura peTI bharane taka nahIM apitu maryAdA meM rahate hue artha Adi kA yathAsaMbhava sabhI ke lie upayoga hai| anekAnta siddhAMta parivAra se lekara vizvavyApI saMghaSoM ko samAdhAna dene vAlA siddhAMta hai| isa siddhAMta meM kisI bhI taraha ke durAgraha evaM ahaM ko sthAna nahIM hai apitu satya kA khule mana se svAgata karatA hai| karma siddhAMta sukha Jainism: The Global Impact 121 Page #124 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES FOR GREAT SUCCESS JAINA CONVENTION 17th Biennial Convention July, 2013 Detroit, Michigan Jain Center of Southern California 1988 2013 VC CELEBRATION OFJINALAYA 8032 Commonwealth Ave., P.O.Box 549, Buena Park, CA 90621 Phone:(714) 523-5246 * 21 122 Page #125 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ dukha kA kartA svayaM kI AtmA ko batAtA hai isameM kisI para doSa thopane vAlI bAta nahIM hai / isa taraha jaina dharma ke jo siddhAMta hai vaha siddhAMta Aja ke saMdarbha meM bahuta upayogI hai| maiM yU kahUM to tanika bhI atizayokti nahIM hogI ki jaina dharma kI saMsAra ko bahuta bar3I dena hai| DA. gaMgAnAtha jhA MA DiliTa ne likhA hai ki maiM aba taka jaina dharma .. ko jitanA jAna sakA hU~ ki merA dRDha vizvAsa ho gayA hai ki virodhI sajjana yadi jaina sAhitya kA manana kara leMge to virodha karanA chor3a deNge| DaoN. e. giranoM ke kathanAnusAra jaina dharma meM manuSya kI unnita ke lie sadAcAra ko adhika mahatva pradAna kiyA gyaa| jaina dharma adhika maulika svataMtra tathA suvyavasthita hai| isa saMdarbha meM jArja baranArDa zA kA kathana atyanta mahatvapUrNa hai| unhone likhA merI eka hI bhAvanA hai ki marakara kisI jaina vaMza meM janma lU | zrI maithyU maikke laMdana kA kathana bhI vizeSa rUpa se dhyAna dene yogya hai / mere jIvana kA ekamAtra udadezya eka saphala jaina pracAraka banane kA hai| mujhe vizvAsa hai| ki jaina dharma ke pracAra se loka kA saccA kalyANa hogaa| jaina dharma ke sambaMdha meM aura bhI bahuta kucha likhA kahA jA sakatA hai kintu prastuta * Alekha kI eka sImA hai| maiM antaramana se prakAzana kI saphalatA ke lie kAmanA karate hue kahanA cAhatA hU~ ki jaina dharma ke siddhAMta kisI sampradAya vizeSa ke siddhAMta nahIM hai ina siddhAMto ko jAgarUkatA pUrvaka yadi jIvana vyavahAra meM sthAna diyA gayA to vizva zAMti aura kalyANa sunizcita hai| Mini Amrander Kumar Jainism: The Global Impact 123 Page #126 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UNITY IN DIVERSITY JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA Congratulations & Best Wishes to JAINA on the 17th Biennial Convention - JAINISM The Global Impact. From All Members of Jain Center Of America, New York The Unique Center With Shri Ashtapadji Ratna Mandir Where Every Jain Prays Under One Umbrella. 43-11 Ithaca St., Elmhurst, NY 11373 | 19 718.478.9141 # 718.478.9144 124 Page #127 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Impact of Jainism on Life Style - Samani Shruthnidhiji Jainism has a great importance in the routine life. It teaches us how to live a life happily without committing any sin. Once Gautama Swami asked Lord Mahavir - "Oh lord! How shall I walk, sit, stand, sleep, eat, speak etc by which I don't bind the karma." To which Lord replied, "With Diligence" Tamasik food makes our mind tamas i.e. in darkness and satavik food makes your mind pure. Thus, avoid Tamasik food. While eating you should take care that food doesn't fall down as it invites ants and mosquitoes. Eating to live and not for the taste is the real art of eating. Diligence in Walking: Never talk and walk. It breaks our concentration. Walk seeing the road downwards to the distance of your height by which you can take care of the tiny living creatures on the path as well as you could avoid accidents and hurts occurred by keeping unknowingly steps on the glasses and on the stone. It is said walk as Bahubali who took one step and attained omniscience. Thus, walking in such a way is very beneficial to our body like it increases cardiovascular fitness and Life expectancy, gains muscular strength, boosts immune system, reduces extra weight and many more. Diligence in Sleeping: According to Sthanaga Sutra, excessive and lack of sleep both could cause disease. Lack of sleep causes Insomnia, decreases grasping power, causes drowsiness, stress, heart attack, high B.P, stroke, psychiatric problems, depression, fetal and childhood growth retardation, etc. Excessive sleep causes Hypersomnia, Glandular Fever, Heart problems, Cancer, Thyroid problem, Stress, tiredness etc. It is said sleep in such a way that your soul always be alert. Diligence in Sitting: Always sit with diligence which makes you be free from negative energies from others and safe of life of living creatures. There are different postures for sitting but should be take care off because wrong sitting may damage your body. For e.g. sitting one leg up and one leg down could cause lower back pain and lack of stability. Also our sitting postures also reveal our behavior and attitude. For e.g. sitting with crossed arms implies, I hate this meeting and all of you for making me attend. Thus, it is said that sit in such a way that doesn't affect your attitude but open your path of liberation as Lord Rishabdev's Mother Marudevi. Diligence in Tvalking: There are 8 methods of speech which is prescribed for a layman, Speak less, Speak sweetly, Speak when necessary, Speak as per situation, Don't reveal secrets, Never speak proudly, Use beneficial language, Speak in tune with the principles of lord Mahavir. And a monk always speaks Truth and in accordance with Bhasha Samiti. Thus, if one life is free from Negligence and is fill Diligence than your could be healthy, wealthy and strengthy. Diligence in Eating: There are 3 types of food viz- Tamasik food (Meat, alcohol, honey and root vegetables), Rajasik food (Sweets, Savory and fried food), Satavik food (Grains, milk products, fruit, vegetables etc). Jainism: The Global Impact 125 Page #128 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES TO 17TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION FROM FLASH printing 1219 E. 11 Mile Road Royal Oak, MI 48067-2049 Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Weekend by appointment only For your printing needs Please Contact Us At Tel: (248) 544-3229 Fax: (248) 544-8775 Best Wishes to JAINA Convention NEW YORK LIFE Hemant, Lina, Shikhar & Rishabh Serving the community since 1998 for: Life Insurance Retirement Plans 401(k), Roll-over College Funding **Fixed & "Variable Deferred Annuities Health Insurance# Lina H. Shah, LUTCF Financial Services Professional* Agent you Trust 847-452-LINA (5462) New York Life Insurance Company Licensed Agent 664 Tacoma Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188 *Registered Representative offering Securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC Member FINRA/SIPC, A Licensed nce v. 20 North Martingale Rd, Sue 400 400, 60175 (847) 585 4500 sued by New York Life Insurance and Anmalty Corporation # Products available through one or more carriers not affiliated with Now York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your State or locality. Come visit us at Chicago's Jain Center! We'd love to see you. kh #jaina2013 The Doshi Family 126 Asian Indian Women's association Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention Please join us for our Community Conference "Facing Tomorrow's Challenges Saturday, September 28th, 2013 Our Mission: The AIWA provides a forum for dialogue & discussion on issues in the field of education, social welfare, and culture Page #129 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ In Loving Memory of Dr. ASHWIN BHANDARI 1980-2011 May God love and cherish you as we do Coving Papa of: AADI ASHWIN BHANDARI Son of Yashwant Sunayana Brother of Ashish Amitabh Brother-in-law of: Rupa el Ruchi Uncle of: Mansi & Param Best Wishes on the JAINA Convention 2013 Made from only the best materials Long lasting, scuff resistant upper Breathable lining Ergonomic and cushioned insole Orthotic style arch support Environmentally friendly & environmentally smart Visit us and sign up for product info and the official launch! 100% Non-leather. 100% Vegetarian. Always. *Sign up pre-launch and receive discounted pricing! 127 Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention PNC PIGMENTS LLC ESSENTIO SOFTWARE LLC Chandu, Pushpa, Nirav Nirali, Monica, Gia & Mahi Best wishes for grand success of JAINA Convention 2013 jayajinendra We proudly support the 2013 JAINA Convention Pravina & Ramesh Jain (Kandivli, Mumbai) Vaishali, Jignesh, Riya & Dhruvi Jain (Schaumburg, IL) Saloni & Gaurav Jain (Streamwood, IL) Page #130 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We Proudly Support the JAINA 2013 Convention Mahavir Temple - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan EMBY INTERNATIONAL - ASHIT & PREETI PARIKH New York, NY 128 Page #131 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bhagwan Mahavir - Pujya Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai bhagavAna mahAvIrano gRhatyAga pUjya gurudevazrI rAkezabhAI vardhamAnasvAmIne eka ja jhaMkhanA hatI - kyAre huM mArA svarUpamAM pUrNapaNe DUbI pUrNatA prApta karuM ? Apa paNa rAgAdi bhAva na rahe, pUrNapaNe vibhAvathI mukta thaI javAya e ja eka lakSa temane hato. temaNe sarva vyavahAra-vyavasAyane asAra jANI lIdhA hatA, temanI cittanI dazA apravezaka hatI ane chatAM pUrNapaNe AtmAkAra pariNAmI thavA arthe asaMgatAnI AvazyakatA hatI. tethI temaNe gRhavAsa tyAgI municaryA grahaNa karI ane te munipaNAmAM paNa utkRSTa puruSArtha karI kalyANa sAdhI lIdhuM. prazna thAya ke mahAvIre gRhatyAga kema karyo? zuM e temanI pharajo pratye upekSA na hatI? palAyana na hatuM ? A vAtane adhyAtma STie vicArIe. mahAvIre gRhatyAga karyo ja na hato. gRhatyAga to te kare che ke gRhane jeNe grahaNa karyuM hoya, gRha pratye jene Asakti hoya. mahAvIre to te choDyuM ke je ghara hatuM ja nahIM. ApaNane A samajAtuM nathI. samajavuM e kAraNe muzkela paDe che ke Apaze paththa2nA gha2ne ja 'ghara' mAnI lIdhuM che. 'gRhatyAga' zabda ja bhrAMti UbhI kare che. kharekhara mahAvIre gRhatyAga karyo ja nathI. teo to bhrAMti choDI gRhanI zodhamAM nIkaLyA hatA. je ghara nahotuM tene temaNe choDyuM hatuM ane je ghara hatuM tenI zodhamAM teo nIkaLI paDyA hatA. ApaNe je gha2 nathI tene pakaDIne beThA chIe ane je gha2 che tenI tarapha AMkha baMdha karIne beThA chIe! kaho, koNa palAyanavAdI che - ApaNe ke mahAvIra? palAyanano zuM artha che? eka vyakti kAMkarA-patharA choDe ane hIrAnI zodhamAM jAya te zuM palAyanavAdI che? AnaMdanI zodhamAM nIkaLavuM te zuM palAyana che? zuM zAnanI zodha palAyana che? zuM parama jIvananI zodha palAyana che? mahAvIre gRhatyAga nathI karyo. teo to gRhanI - nijagRhanI zodhamAM, niraMtara nijagRhamAM sthita thavAya te arthe nIkaLyA hatA A paththaranA makAnamAMthI......... loko kahe che ke vAta barAbara che, paNa javAbadArIthI bhAgavuM e to palAyana che ne ! paraMtu jJAnIpuruSo pUche che ke zuM barAbara - pAkA pAye khabara che ke A ja javAbadArI che ? zuM dukAne besavuM e ja pharaja che? pharaja jagata pratye ane jAta pratye ema banne ta2pha thavI joIe. bALakone moTA ka2vA - basa! e ja pharaja che zuM ? jo mAtra Ane ja pha2ja mAnatA hoIe to jJAnIo ane kartavyapAlanamAM mukatA nathI, mohamAM mUke che. A moha che, rAgavRtti che, saMsArabhAva che. ApaNI pharaja to ghaNI moTI che ! zuM evuM banatuM nathI ke kyAreka moTI pha2ja pokAre tyAre nAnI pharajo gauNa karIne paNa ApaNe e moTI pharajane adA karIe chIe ? tema jyAre moTI javAbadArI pokAre tyAre sAdhakane nAnI javAbadArI gauNa karavI paDe che. alabata, koIne duHkha na pahoMce, koIne asuvidhA na thAya evI prANIdayA to sAdhakane hoya ja che paNa AtmahitanI - AtmArthane sAdhavAnI moTI pharajanuM paNa tene bhAna hoya che ane tethI nAnuM AMgaNuM choDIne te vizALa AkAzanI tarapha AgaLa vadhe che. AmAM palAyana nahIM, sAcI pharaja adA thAya che, moTI javAbadArInuM bhAna dekhAya che. bhAgeDu to te kahevAya ke je duHkhathI bhAge che. palAyana to te kare che ke je bAhya saMyogothI asaMtuSTa thaIne bhAge che. je duHkhI che, Dare che, bhayabhIta che; saphaLa thavAnI AzA jeNe mukI dIdhI che, te bhAge che. gharamAM Aga lAgI hoya ane e baLatA gharamAMthI koI bahAra nIkaLI jAya to tame tene zuM kahezo - palAyana ke samajadArI? Aga lAgI hoya te gharamAMthI bhAganArane koI palAyanavAdI nathI kahetuM paNa vivekI kahe che, buddhizALI kahe che! to mahAvIre A ja karyuM ne! jyAM Aga hatI tyAMthI teo pAchA haTyA. 129 Page #132 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes to svAdhyAyaH paramaM tapaH and JAINA Jain Society of Detroit 17th Biennial Convention 2013 on from SOCIE AIN EVERY MONTH Ist Sunday Digambar Pooja 11 am 2nd Sunday Samayik 11 am 3rd Sunday General Meeting 11 am 4th Sunday Snatra Poola 11 am OS SWADHYAY SCHOLARS VISIT PARYUSHAN DAS-LAXAN SWAMI VATSALYA DIWALI MAHAVIR JAYANTI Pathshala Every Sunday 10 am to 11 am VORT XAS Please visit sto igo mAmojatara mahAmantra Namo arihaMtANaM, pAyo siddhArtha pAmo sAsariyA, pAmo ubakAyArNa, Namoloe sambAsAhaNaM, esI mNddpaaekaarii,sjpaavnnnnaamaapyo| mAlAmA camakasi, amahavAI mNshaale| Please visit us at 11321 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX 75229 For more information please visit 130 Page #133 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ koI bImAra vyakti ilAja karAvavA davAkhAne jAya to ApaNe tene palAyanavAdI nathI kahetA, ema nathI kahetA ke bImArIthI kema bhAgo cho ?'..... ilAja mATe jatA mANasane bhAgeDu nathI kahetA ane mahAvIrane palAyanavAdI kahIe chIe!! ' Ama kahevA pAchaLanuM kAraNa e che ke jo mahAvIrane palAyanavAdI na kahIe to ApaNe palAyanavAdI TharIe ane to pachI ApaNe khUba puruSArtha karavo paDe. enA karatAM temane ja palAyanavAdI kahI daIe to ApaNe je karIe chIe te barAbara che ema siddha thaI jAya ane tethI nizcita rahevAya, puruSArtha karavo na paDe. vardhamAnano gRhatyAga jemane palAyanarUpa na lAgyo, temaNe vardhamAnane 'mahAvIra' nAma ApyuM. teo potAnI kamajorI - nabaLAI jANatAM hatA tethI temaNe "pharaja'nA nAme mohanuM samarthana karavAne badale, jemaNe rAgAdino cheDo phADI parAkrama phoravyuM emane mAnathI 'mahAvIra' kahIne saMbodhyA. vardhamAne jyAM sAhasa phoravyuM tyAM teo nirbaLatAvaza pAchA pharyA. paNa A bhAna hovAthI vardhamAnane mahAvIra kahyA. palAyanavAdI nahIM, parAkramI kahyA; bhAgeDu nahIM, bhaDavIra kahyA. prazna thAya ke je prApta karavAnuM che te aMtaramAMthI prApta karavAnuM che, to pachI gRhatyAga karI bahAra bhaTakavAthI zuM lAbha? vardhamAna svAmIe kema gRhavAsane tyAgI municaryA grahaNa karI? zuM gharamAM rahIne sAdhanA na thAya? je 'bahAra' karyuM te zuM ghara'mAM ja saMbhava nahotuM? nA, ghara ja saMbhava nahotuM. gharamAM rahIne sAdhanAnI asaMbhAvanA hatI ema nahIM, ghara ja temane mATe eka asaMbhAvanA hatI. ApaNane mArApaNAno bhAva rahe che. mahAvIra mATe mArA-tArAno bheda rahyo ja na hato. 'gharamAMthI nIkaLatAM mArApaNAno bhAva ja roke che. paraMtu jo koI vyaktine khabara paDI jAya ke ahIM kaMI ja mAruM nathI, to pachI tene mATe kyuM ghara evuM raheze ke je potAnuM che ane kyuM ghara evuM raheze ke je potAnuM nathI? ApaNe gharamAM potApaNuM karIne beThA chIe, gharane pakaDIne beThA chIe tethI 'mahAvIre' ghara choDyuM ema dekhAya che. vAstavamAM jAgRti AvatAM ja dIvAlomAM "ghara" athavA mArApaNAnI pakaDa chUTI gaI. mukhyapaNe A vAtane ja samajavAnI jarUra che. mahAvIre ghara choDyuM ke ghara maTI gayuM ? parama jAgaraNanI sAthe ja temanA mATe kaMI ja potAnuM ke parAyuM evuM na rahyuM. jo A dRSTithI jovAmAM Ave to mahAvIrane samajavAmAM pharaka paDI jaze. samajAze ke jAgRta thatAM arthAt virATatAnAM darzana thatAM ja teo kaheze ke badhA mArA che athavA koI paNa mAruM nathI. - A be bhASAo rahI jaze. jo teo vidheyAtmakarUpe bolaze to kaheze ke badhA mArA che, samasta jIvarAzi mAro parivAra che. ane jo teo niSedhAtmaka rIte bolaze to kaheze ke koI mAruM nathI, mAro koI parivAra nathI. huM eka asaMga AtmA chuM..... ane A banne vAta mUlataH eka ja che. A banne bhASA eka ja artha pragaTa kare che. jyAM mArApaNAno bhAva maTI jAya che tyAM badhA eka banI jAya che - kAM to badhA potAnA kAM to koI potAnuM nahIM! - jeo mohavaza cAra dIvAlane 'ghara' mAne che, temane lAge che ke "mahAvIre ghara choDyuM paraMtu jemanA mATe e dIvAlano cheda thayo che temane evuM lAgatuM nathI. temane mana to je havA ahIM hatI, te ja havA tyAM gaI. na kazuM chUTuM, na kazuM grahaNa thayuM ! mahAvIre ghara choDyuM na hatuM, temanAM mATe ghara tUTI gayuM hatuM - "ghara"nI bhrAMti tUTI gaI hatI. mArApaNuM chUTatAM 'ghara' vilIna thaI jAya che.... ema paNa kahI zakAya ke mahAvIra gharamAMthI nIkaLyA na hatA; UlaTuM teo to sAcA gharanI - nijagharanI talAzamAM nIkaLyA hatA! | mahAvIre gRhatyAga karyo eno artha e thAya ke temaNe moTA parivAranAM darzana karyA ane pariNAme temano nAno parivAra chUTI gayo. jene sAgara maLI jAya te buMdane pakaDIne kaI rIte besI zake ? budane tyAM sudhI ja te pakaDI rAkhaze ke jyAM sudhI tene sAgara na maLe. jevo tene sAgara maLe che, buMda chUTI jAya che. paraMtu ApaNane sAgara dekhAto nathI! ApaNane dekhAya che mAtra buMdane pakaDIne beThelA loko ane buMdane choDI jatA loko.. mahAvIre ghara choDyuM na hatuM, temanA mATe gharane pakaDavuM asaMbhava thaI gayuM hatuM! A banne vAtamAM pharaka che. jyAre ApaNe kahIe chIe ke "ghara choDyuM tyAre jANe ghara sAthe koI zatrutA, dhRNA, aNagamo hoya evuM lAge che. paraMtu jo ema kahIe ke gharane pakaDavuM asaMbhava thaI gayuM hatuM to evuM lAge ke jANe temane vizeSa moTuM ghara maLI gayuM, virATa maLI gayuM. ane emAM paheluM ghara chUTI gayuM nathI, e to moTA gharano eka bhAga banI gayuM che. ApaNA khyAlamAM jo A tathya AvI jAya to tyAgano eka navo ja artha ApaNane samajAI jaze. Jainism: The Global Impact 131 Page #134 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Lotus Bank Banking Redefined(r) DECISIVE BANKING. DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT Jainism The Global Impact As a local community bank, Lotus Bank helps communities grow and prosper. Because we live and work in the communities we serve, we're ready to make a difference with the products and services tailored to your unique needs. Experience "Banking Redefined" today! Full service business and personal banking We're a community bank, community bankers, and community supporters Call to experience a different way of banking today! Lotus Bank is a proud supporter of the 2013 JAINA Convention 44350 West 12 Mile Rd., Navi, MI 48377 * 248.735,1000 37000 Grand River Ave. Suite 100. Farmington Hills MI 48335 . 248.912.6040 B Manuber FDIC 132 Page #135 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations and Best Wishes to JAINA Convention 2013 from EYE CLINICS OF MICHIGAN Our Focus Is On Your Vision EYE CLINICS OF MICHIGAN MEET THE EYE M.D. KAMAL GUPTA, M.D., F.R.C.S. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Brownstown (734) 479-5580 Wayne/Westland (734) 595-9422 EVENING AND SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED 133 Page #136 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sanjay & Manish JAINA Convention 2013 Bahadur & Leela Bohra Rakesh & Meghna Chauhan Girish & Shashi Bapna Vinay Doshi 331 Bharat & Smita Bhatt Mahendra & Indira Doshi Kanu & Indu Doshi Righ Rig Knowledge Dilip & Nidhi Bordia Righ Kishore & Kalpana Badani Aashi Anand & Mona Bora Saaya Doshi Bhogilal & Sukla Doshi Nishit & Sonia Choksi Shashikant & Devyani Dani Apurva & Maitry Doshi NetAtt Vishal & Nisha Doshi Ramesh & Sani Chedde Best Wishes from Jain Society of Greater Detroit Families Page #137 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: The Global Impact Chintan Mahes! & Aarna Madhan Ashok Jain Sudha Jain Family anya, Kush & Asha & A Jain & Family Gehani Riana Geh Mahendra & Bianca Kapadia Trisha & Hirsh Chirag & Darshita Jhaveri Piyush Kothari Raj & Shake Shailesh & Jyoti Jain Sarla & Piyus Pranali, Pranadhi & Paheli Koradia Shakuntala Jain Rashmi & Nalin Nalin Jain Niranjan & su al & Sunitha Jain Kamal & Sur Madhu Gala Chuni & Madi ok 8. Namita Jain Ashok & etra Humbad Anika Gehani 1 Non-Smoking Knowledge Tulee Righ wwwwwww Best Wishes from Jain Society of Greater Detroit Families Page #138 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Convention 2013 Nehal Mod e Shah Bhargavi Raiji & Vishal Modi dra Rama Mira & Neal Sanghvi Anj & Sheila Tushar & B Jitendra Rama Mira ankur Moda Surabhi Rohans Jaswant & Mita Shah Jeuns ouew Bajesh Vanitha & Neil Mehta Hemant & Minoti Rajput nt & Jyoti Mehta Bipin & Soh Dharmendra Rachna Neel & Nikhil Parakh Rajnikant & in & Sohini Shah & Madhu Malde Manish & Varsha sha Mehta pradeep & Mad Madhu Modi avi & Rita R avikrishnan Chandrakant & M want & Neena Mehta Shrikant Mahendra Shah 3 Non-S MUM Calbay wege Tore wwwWwNNAN Best Wishes from Jain Society of Greater Detroit Families Page #139 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: The Global Impact shalle Arvind & ind & Jaya Sha arati Shah Renu Shah & fams Neil, Charu, Keshav & Sahana Sh shah & Family bansi & Bharau Pareen & Re Shweta Shah shish Shah Eashan, Sebastian & Adrian Shah Rashmi Shah pravin & Jyoti Shah & Family Bobby, Purvi, Rick, Tony, Alex, Jordan & Priya Shah Dimple & Dharam & Rashmi Imple & Jitu Shah Vidya Shah & Shaivali Shah Sanjay & Belas * Bela Shah Deesha & Dee peeya Shah Heena Shak Jagdish Krishna & Sk abh & Sonal Shah Jayant & Saurabh Anish & Kinneri Shah 11 Non-Smoking Tule Ruglia wwwwww Best Wishes from Jain Society of Greater Detroit Families Page #140 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Meelap Shah & Hema Menon JAINA Convention 2013 Piyush, Femina, Arya & Induben Kirti Vora Rajiv, Reepal & Riya Shah Praful & Pratima Shah Smita Reema & Nisha Sheth Jasvant & Saroj Sheth Manu & Sudha Sheth Righ Rig Knowledge Kanti Shah Righ Rashmikant & Vinoda Shah Vinit & Anuja Shah Jaimik, Reenal, Reekhav & Jainav Shah Rohit & Punita Shah NetAtt Bhup Asha & Narendra Sheth Rajen & Neeta Sheth Vijay & Usha Vasani Aruna S Amit & Usha Singhi Best Wishes from Jain Society of Greater Detroit Families Page #141 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: The Global Impact Rekha & Arvind *Mamta Mehta Sushil & Asha Jain omesh Shah Jainesh & Man h 8 Nayana Shab Vasu Morchi Raj & Surekha Patil Manish, Madhu & Aarushi Salecha Dinesh & Pradip & Darshana Shah Jawahar & Padmavati Shetti Udai & Sushila Jain Dipak & Gin Dipa k & Ginni Doshi Bindu Jain Ketan Mehta Fan ehta Family Anonymous & Sandhyay Mahendra & Bindu Prem & Sa ch & Chitra Jain va Jain Dinesh & Anonymous MAIN No Smoking Cube Knowledge Tulee Righ wwwwwww Best Wishes from JAINA Families Page #142 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FutureNet Group is a proud supporter of the 17 RAFT CONSTRUCTION TUTURENET GROUP th Biennial JAINA Convention U.S. Operations SECURITY FUTURENET GROUP ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY 140 TECHNOLOGY E S FutureNet Eular Water Energy FutureNet Security Solutions FutureNet Group, Inc. 12801 Auburn Street, Detroit, MI, 48223 Phone: (313) 544-7117 Fax: (313) 544-7111 Other Offices: Southwest East Coast Southeast Midwest ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL MEER ASHESTOS International Operations FutureNet Catar FutureNet ). Anna Sofas Page #143 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Dharma And Its Philosophy of Life - Mrs. Pramoda Chitrabhanu autonomy of thought of every individual. If you perceive every being as a thinking individual, you will not trample on his or her thoughts and emotions. Jain Dharma is one of the world's oldest religions whose roots go back to times before recorded history. Dharma means essential quality of one's own self- soul. The essential nature of the self is infinite knowledge and infinite vision and infinite bliss. Through these qualities one seeks self-realization and spiritual elevation. Non-Possessiveness (Aparigraha) supports the autonomy of self control, of striving to balance one's personal consumption of things by rationalizing between one's needs and desires. If you ultimately feel that you own nothing and no one, you will not trample the ecology on which our survival depends. Aparigraha helps to make room for self in life by keeping it simple. According to Jain Dharma life is sacred irrespective of caste, color, creed or nationality and therefore Jains avoid not only physical or mental injury to life, but also applies all possible kindness towards all living beings. This is the spirit of Ahinsa the core practice of the Jains. Jain philosophy teaches a way to spiritual purity and enlightenment through reverence for life. The message is conveyed by four main qualities of life i.e. Amity, Appreciation, Compassion and Equanimity. The word Jain is derived from the Sanskrit word Jina. One who practices the principles of Jina is called a Jain. Etymologically, Jina means peaceful conqueror or the victorious one. One who has conquered all passions like anger, greed, ego and deceit and attains perfect liberation of soul from the cycle of birth and death is called Jina. A Jina who spiritually leads and guides the seeker is called a Tirthankara. Amity means to be a friend to all living beings. The feeling of friendship brings love and respect for others. Appreciation means we admire the success of our friends, relatives or co-workers. One of the most destructive forces in our lives is jealousy. However, friendship combined by admiration evaporates jealousy. In the present cycle of time there are twenty four Tirthankaras the first Tirthankara is Bhagwan Rishabhadeva or Adinatha; and the last Tirthankara is Bhagwan Mahavira. Bhagwan Mahavir was born in 599 BC and attained liberation from the cycle of birth and death in 527 BC. Compassion Instead of succeeding, many of our friends may be getting into trouble for things they should not be doing and even those who are successful may be accumulating vices such as greed and ego. For them we should have compassion. Today all Jains practice the philosophy of Bhagwan Mahavir. The principles expounded by Bhagwan Mahavir are: Non-Violence (Ahimsa) which promotes the autonomy of life of every living being. If you understand and believe that every Soulis autonomous you will never trample on its right to live. Equanimity leads to feeling that I did my best to resolve the situation. If someone does not want to understand, then without getting upset leave them alone without getting further involved. The most fundamental principle of Jain Dharma is non-violence (Ahimsa) and hence it is said - Non-Absolutism (Anekantvad) strengthens the Jainism: The Global Impact 141 Page #144 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to JAINA & Jain Society of Greater Detroit for 2013 convention From Ashok, Namita, Ankur & Nikita Jain With best wishes and compliments Fram Babu & Mala Nahata Harsha & Juhi Nahata Neil Mehta Anil & Savita Jain Tanyee & Bhumika Jain Manilal& Bhanumati Dedhia Param & Julie Dedhia Mukesh & Kalyani Lathia Bhavik & Sagar Lathia Rajesh Mithalal Vanitha Rajesh 142 Page #145 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah" meaning "Non Violence is the supreme religion". Jains actively reflect on these values and incorporate them in not using of leather, silk and animal products like honey, eggs and to minimize harm to even insects and other small living beings. In the universe, there are different forms of life, such as, human beings, animals, insects, trees, plants, bacteria, and even still smaller lives which cannot be seen even through the most powerful microscope. According to Jain philosophy, all life is divided into five categories: one sense, two sense, three sense, four sense, and five-sense beings having the sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Vegetables are one-sense beings having only the sense of touch and animals are five-sense beings having all the five senses. The more the number of senses the more evolved the life is and more the feeling of pain. Life has to go through a laborious and strenuous process to evolve from one sense being to five-sense being. By slaughtering an animal which is five sense being one destroys completely the evolutionary progress of that life, which it has attained through suffering and pain. The vegetable kingdom has not yet reached the blood "consciousness" which the animals and humans have. So the degree of pain is less. Where there is blood, there are more senses and when there are more senses there are more feelings, more emotions and greater possibility of feeling deep pain. Therefore meat and dairy products that are the outcome of torture to animals and the excruciating pain caused by the separation of baby calves from their mothers whose ultimate fate is slaughter house are prohibited to use as food. on the earth, for a premature death breaks the cycle of natural expression of that life. It is this philosophy that believes in plurality of soul i.e. every living being has a soul. The soul is independent, eternal, immortal and invisible. At the end of life the body dies but not the soul. The soul transmigrates to another life. The soul thus keeps on transmigrating from life to life, unless and until it liberates itself from the passion of desires and violence. When it attains liberation or salvation, i.e. Moksha, it has never to enter again into the cycle of birth and death. In order to achieve this highest goal of Moksha, Jain Dharma explains the Law of Karma i.e. Law of Cause and Effect - what you sow, that you reap and shows the Path of Moksha. Millions of people are practicing Jain Dharma all over the world; it is a way of life! It is a philosophy. Let us join with one of the daily prayers of the Jains: Let all living beings be happy. Let everyone be engaged in one another's wellbeing. Let all the faults and weaknesses be evaporated and vanished. Let everyone everywhere be happy, healthy and peaceful. One never stops to think that eating meat or taking dairy products for taste involves much pain and torture to a life! A life that cannot be created in the laboratory! A very precious life with a strong will to live! A life that needs time to unfold its own destiny Jainism: The Global Impact 143 Page #146 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Absopure Water Proudly Supports the 2013 JAINA Convention (NG QUAI DELIVED OVER 100 YEARS discount SINCE 1908 OROV ERACE ENTURY Natural SPRING WATER 800-4-ABSOPURE BOA SUBSP.URE f like boso on Facebook: Like us on Facebook: 144 Page #147 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi - Dr. Kumarpal Desai At the World Religions Conference held in Chicago, U. S. A. in 1893 America, and the west, for the first time, heard the determined, spirited, resonant voice of ancient India, and the message of Indian philosophy and culture. this institution Mrs. Howard who had adopted pure vegetarianism and other codes of conduct of Jainism under the influence of Virchand Gandhi. Virchand Gandhi, a young man of twenty-nine, impressed the delegates not only by his eloquence, but also by the sheer weight of his scholarship. The scholarship, the catholicity of outlook and the oratorial skill of this man fascinated the delegates at the conference of World Religions. A striking characteristic of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi's lectures on the Jain religion was that they did not criticize other religions. Free from sectrain preferences and prejudices, his impartial ideology was an apt expression of the Jain who practices ahimsa in life and anekanta in thoughts. Later, Virchand Gandhi went to England, where he fulfilled his desire to be a barrister but he did not use this training of monetary gain. Considering the curiosity for Jainism in England, he started a coaching class and founded the 'Jain Literature Society in London. Herbert Warren, a religious enthusiast, abandoned non-vegetarianism and adopted the Jain religion. During this travel Virchand Gandhi delivered as many as 535 lectures. He had the command of fourteen languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, English, Sanskrit and French. Virchand Gandhi was not only a philosophical thinker but he also had the welfare of the nation at heart. Virchand Gandhi made as great an effort as Vivekanand did to give to the people abroad the true perspective of India. As early as in the year 1893 Virchand Gandhi talked of the economic and political freedom of India. The short life span of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi is full of multifarious achievements. He was the first graduate of the Jain Society to get his BA with Hons. in 1884. When his father died in 1890, he did not allow the primitive practices of wailing and breastbeating during mourning. At the age of twenty-one, as the secretary of 'Shri Jain Association of India'. He worked for the abolition of poll-tax levied on pilgrims of Palitana. Virchand Gandhi had a rare ability to see beyond the immediately visible world. He could see beyond this world, he could know the future. Even before the dawn of political independence, Virchand Gandhi had foreseen the proper role of India. He said, "If India becomes free, she will live in political cooperation with all countries." An Englishman set up at Mt. Sametshikhar, a place of pilgrimage in Bihar, a factory for extracting pig's fat on order. Virchand Gandhi went all the way of Calcutta to have the work on the project stopped. He stayed in Calcutta for six months studying the papers regarding the case and learnt the Bengali language and ultimately got this verdict that. Virchand Gandhi made such a great impact that the conveners and scholars of the conference of world religions awarded a silver medal to him. Subsequently on 8th August 1894 the citizens of Kasadova awarded a gold medal to him. In Chicago he founded the institution namely 'Society for the Education of Women of India and the secretary of "Sametshikhar is a place of Jain pilgrimage and nobody else has any right to interfere there." He did not give up his fight until he achieved his objectives and got the factory closed down. He brought the dispute regarding the temple at Kavi to a happy resolution. He attended the international Commerce Conference as an all-Asia delegate. As a delegate from Bombay, he attended the Indian National Jainism: The Global Impact 145 Page #148 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra Best Wishes to 17th Biennial JAINA Convention Jit & Manda Turakhia, Sujay Turakhia, Rahul, Tejal, Nishane & Logas Shah JT systems, inc. Seneca Campus. 8132 Oswego Rd. * Route 57, Liverpool, New York 13090 Tel 315-622-1980. Fax 315-622-2998 e-mail: website: * Turn Key Air Pollution Control Systems * Pneumatic Conveying Systems . Vacuum Recovery Systems * Fans & Blowers * Dehumidifiers 1980 Celebrating Our 33rd Year 2013 To err is human, to forgive is divine! All Souls are alike and potentially divine. None is superior or inferior! Lord Mahavir Best Wishes for grand success of 2013 JAINA Convention Let us celebrate the 2013 JAINA Convention with a spirit of liveliness & enthusiasm Wishing everyone all the best from: Niranjan and Vibha Shah Jit, Manda and Sujay Turakhia Rahul, Tejal, Nishane and Logas Shah Chetan, Manali and Sabina Reddy 146 Page #149 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congress held at Pune in 1895. He was a strong advocate of Rashtriya Mahasabha or the congress. He seems to have come in intimate contact with Mahatma Gandhi. In a letter written to Virchand Gandhi's son, Gandhiji sends his blessing and asks: only thirty seven. He rendered yeoman service to India and Jainism by interpreting Indian culture and religion in its true spirit to the western worlds. In this respect he enjoys the pride of place in the galaxy of Indian thinkers and philosophers and his name will continue to be remembered as a great champion of Jain religion. 'Have you adopted any ideals of your father ? Virchand Gandhi passed away in 1901 when he was With best wishes and compliments From Vastupal & Varsha Shah Neil, Charu, Keshav & Sahana Shah Pareen, Renu, Akash & Ajay Shah Dr. Anil & Bharati Shah Ritesh, Shilpi, Avinash & Ranya Shah Ashish, Reepal, Raina & Naiya Dalal Vijay Shah & Hemlata Menon Maitri & Meelap Shah 147 Page #150 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to JAINA Jain Society of Great Detroit on Hosting 17th Biennial JAINA Convention 2013 in Motor City From Smt. Shantaben J. Shah & Smt. Hansaben M. Shah Nalin & Gita Shah Neal Rupal Bhatnagar Rushab & Ashley Shah Proud to Sponsor Jain Society of Greater Detroit to Bring the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention to Detroit from Jayant & Heena Shah Sachin Shah Arpita and Rai Modhvadia 148 Page #151 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activities (Ages 13-20) Welcome to Youth Activities at the 2013 JAINA Convention! This year's team of ten individuals has worked around the clock to make sure that each youth has an un forgettable experience - and pretty we're confident it will be! Daytime Sessions: So, what can you expect from this weekend? Our sessions range from leadership and philosophy to testing your Jain knowledge with our newest competition: Jain Family Feud! We will feature speakers from around the country, as well as familiar faces from the Jain community. Our unique programming will expose you to models of Jains and non-Jains currently living Jain values in their personal and professional lives. You can advance your Jain principles by joining in our exciting discussions and debates, and learn new ways to apply Jain Dharma to real-world situations. You don't want to miss these sessions! Global Impact: In line with this year's convention theme, "Jainism: The Global Impact" we hope that each session will broaden horizons and encourage youth to think about ways that they can go back to their daily lives and make an impact, whether small or large. This weekend, we will engage Jain youth through lessons on Jain Dharma, leadership seminars, and interactive teachings to develop a well-rounded, strong foundation of Jain youth, all while connecting youth across the globe. Evening Social: But that's not all! Get ready for some never-seen-before social activities, planned especially for you! Our daytime ice-breakers and evening mixers will help foster new friendship and strengthen personal networks. And, of course, getting ready to dance your socks off at our Saturday evening formal, exclusive to Youth Activities! This weekend will be one to remember - so get ready to have the time of your life! Your 2013 Youth Activities Programming Committee Aakash Shah, Avani Vora, Hemang Srikishan, Neeketa Sheth, Parag Parekh, Samrita Varde, Sheenika Shah, Sejal Dhruva, Sonali Vakharia, and Sunil Jain Jainism: The Global Impact 149 Page #152 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DWAR OPENNING OF JAINA TEMPLE at JAINA Convention 2013 The Shah Family Awind R. & Ramila Shah Dr. Rajesh, Nisha, Anay, Anya Shah Jayesh, Dr. Deval, Avinash, Ariya Shah Sharad & Nalini Shah Parag, Reena, Sahil, Savan, Sarina Shah Sapna S. Shah Best Wishes for Grand Success of We Proudly Support 2013 JAINA Convention the 2013 JAINA Convention From: Jain Center of San Diego 1830 Anna Lane, Vista, Ca 92083 From: Ku Dharmnath Bhagwan 100 Families Temple is under design & construction phase Mrs. Rekha Savla (President) Phone: (760) 440-5246 E-mail: Chicago, Illinois 150 Page #153 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ je egaM jANai se savvaM jANai - Acharya Roopchandraji sunA hai maiMne AyuSman, una bhagavAna ne aisA kahA hai- je egaM jANai se savvaM jANaI, je savvaM jANaI se egaM jANai-jo eka ko jAnatA hai vaha sabako jAnatA hai aura jo sabako jAnatA hai vaha eka ko jAnatA 1 kyA hai yaha saMsAra ? bAhara ke saMsAra ko jAnane kI koziza hajAroM varSoM se hotI rahI hai| miTTI ke kaNa se parvata taka, jala-bindu se sAgara taka, pRthvI se sauramaNDala, usase Age tArAmaNDala, usase bhI Age AkAzagaMgAoM aura nIhArikAoM taka ke viSaya meM mAnava ne jijJAsAeM kI haiM aura samAdhAna pAne kA prayAsa bhI kiyA hai| bhautikazAstra isa virAT vistAra kI parikramA kara antataH paramANu taka pahuMcA, paramANu ke bhItara kI 'taraMgoM taka pahuMcA aura taraMgoM ke pAra, ghaTanAoM taka bhI gyaa| ghaTanAoM ke Age vaha hai jo ghaTita nahIM hotA hai, use Aja vijJAna kSetra - 'phIlDa' kahatA hai| yaha asIma kSetra jisameM ghaTanAeM ho rahI haiM, kArya-kAraNa ke aTala niyamoM se baMdhA, bhautikazAstra kA antima satya hai-aba taka prApta jAnakArI ke anusAra ina ghaTanAoM kA eka krama hai, isa krama meM kucha sUtra haiM jinheM gaNitIya pratIkoM meM vyakta kiyA jA sakatA hai / ghaTanAeM ho rahIM haiM jisameM aura jo ghaTita ho rahA hai usameM koI bheda dikhAI nahIM par3atA / jo aghaTita hai svayaM vahI pRSThabhUmi ho sakatA hai ghaTanAoM kI, lekira ghaTanAeM tabhI ho sakatI haiM jaba kucha ghaTita hone vAlA ho| ataH jo aghaTita hai aura jo ghaTita ho rahA hai aura jo ghaTanAeM haiM- inake madhya vibhAjaka rekhAeM khIMcanA asambhava ho gayA hai| bAlU ke kaNa se nIhArikA taka kA vistAra simaTa gayA hai usa 'eka' meM jise jAnanA hI 'saba' ko jAnanA hai| lekina bhautikazAstra kA yahAM anta ho jAtA hai kyoMki vaha jAnane kA AdI rahA hai guNoM- 'kvAliTIja' ko aura unheM Avazyaka mAnatA hai padArtha sabsaTensa ke je egaM jANai se savvaM jANai Jainism: The Global Impact 151 Page #154 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 70515 AA ARREL We Proudly Support the JAINA 2013 Convention Live and Let Live SMIT DIAM MEHTA FAMILY New York, NY Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Mahavir Temple-Osiyan, Rajasthan 152 Sanghiji Temple-Sanganer, Rajasthan ASHI LLC PANDYA FAMILY New York, NY Page #155 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ lie| binA sabsaTensa ke kvAliTI hotI hI nahIM aura kvAliTIz2a ke binA sabsaTensa hotA hI nahIM, yaha aba taka kI avadhAraNA thii| ye kvAliTIja thIM-bhAra, raMga, rUpa, gandha aadi| kahAM hai bhAra padArtha meM ? bhautikazAstra jise bhAra kahatA thA vaha gurutvAkarSaNa-zakti kA pariNAma hai-yaha siddha ho gyaa| pRthvI para jisa cIz2a kA bhAra cAra kilogrAma hai, vaha candramA para eka kilogrAma hI rahatI hai| kyoMki vahAM kA gurutvAkarSaNa pRthvI se cAra gunA kama haiN| zUnya AkAza meM, jahAM gurutvAkarSaNa nahIM hai, bhArahInatA hai| antarikSa yAtriyoM ko isake pratyakSa anabhava hue haiN| isake zArIrika-mAnasika prabhAvoM ke lie unheM vizeSa sAdhanoM kA upayoga karanA par3atA hai, vizeSa taiyArI karanI par3atI hai| bhAra padArtha kA guNa ekadama nahIM hai| apane ApameM kisI padArtha meM koI bhAra nahIM hai| paraspara AkarSaNa kA prabhAva hI bhAra kahA jAtA rahA hai| vaha bhAra eka padArtha-khaNDa kA dUsare padArtha-khaNDa para prabhAva hai| yaha prabhAva bhI pArasparika hai| pRthvI AdamI ko khIMcatI hai to pRthvI ko AdamI bhI khIMcatA hai| yaha dUsarI bAta hai ki pRthvI bar3I hai AkAra meM, usakI gurutvAkarSaNa-zakti adhika hai parimANa meN| ataH AdamI use nahIM khIMca pAtA, vaha AdamI ko khIMca letI hai, jaise bar3A cumbaka choTe cumbaka ko khIMca letA paramANu taka Ate-Ate raMga, rUpa samApta hone lge| nAbhika meM praveza karane para AkAra bhI vilupta hone lgaa| antataH jo pAyA gayA vaha pAramparika paribhASA meM padArtha kahA hI nahIM jA sktaa| padArtha kA mUla vaha hai jo padArtha nahIM hai| mAtra zUnya hai vaha-'aTTara nthiNgnes'| vaha jo khAlI hai usI se saba bharA huA hai| vaha jisakA koI AkAra nahIM, sAre AkAroM meM vahI hai| vaha jise indriyAM grAhya nahIM kara sakatIM, vahI hai jise ve kara rahIM haiN| yaha eka virodhAbhAsa-sA pratIta hotA hai lekina satya kI bhASA lAo-je ke zabdoM meM virodhAbhAsa hI hai-'pairADaoNksa ija da leMgveja oNpha ttuth'| pudgala yAnI galana-milana svabhAva mahAvIra pudgala kI paribhASA karate haiM-vaha jo galatA-DhahatA hai, AkAra sunA hai maiMne AyuSmana Jainism: The Global Impact 153 Page #156 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MOHO MAYA OVERSEAS FOODS IN "MAYA...NOT JUST AN ILLUSION-IT IS THE TRUE TASTE OF THE EAST!" COALANDTE POND Since 1977, Maya Overseas Food Inc has been a major supplier of South East Asian groceries to retail stores, restaurants and distributors throughout America, Maya started off as a candy distribution business, which has now evolved into an established and well-recognized brand, as a wholesaler/ distributor of groceries. The originator and president of Maya(r) Foods, Mr. Umesh Mody (better known as Diku Bhai), pride his organizations successes in its ability to provide a full line of quality products, We are currently distributing to South Asian retail stores, through our ethnic division. We have a restaurant division that supplies restaurants with any product or food they require. We also service supermarkets such as Waldbaum's, A&P, Keyfood. Ctown, Shop-Rite and more. Maya Overseas Food Ine offers an extensive line of products that provide and complete your desire of the most authentic tastes of the East! Whether you crave food from a five-star hotel in Mumbai, or desire some chat-patta khanna from the streets in the city, Mayat has the ingredients to satisfy your palette. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: CORPORATE OFFICE: 48-85 Maspeth Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378 Tel: (718) 894-5145 Fax: (718) 894-5178 Email: 154 Page #157 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ grahaNa karatA rahatA hai| dravya kI paribhASA karate haiM-vaha jisameM guNa aura paryAya hote haiN| bAta bar3I sIdhI hai, lekina sArI jaTilatAoM se guz2arakara pAyI gayI hai, guz2arakara hI pAyI jA sakatI hai| maiTara vaha hai jisakA 'phaoNrma' hotA hai, banatA-miTatA rahatA hai| maiTara eka alaga cIz2a hai, 'phArma' eka alaga cIz2a hai| vaha maiTara nahIM hai| phaoNrma ke jo guNa haiM ve maiTara ke nahIM haiM, lekina phaoNrma maiTara kA hotA hai| bhautika vijJAna padArtha ke jina guNoM ko sandarbha meM letA hai ve 'phaoNrma' ke haiM, phaoNrma ke sAtha badalate rahate haiN| ve guNa 'maiTara' ke nahIM haiN| 'maiTara' kA koI guNa nahIM hai| gulAba ke phUla kI gandha, rasIle phala kA svAda, maramarI ghAsa kA sparza. vAdya-yantra kI madhura dhvani, monAlisA kI mohaka muskAna-ye saba jur3e haiM 'phaoNrma' se| phaoNrma AkAra nahIM hotA yadyapi AkAra yA 'zepa' phaoNrma kA eka prakAra hai| phaoNrma hai parivartana-krama kI prinnti| parivartana nirantara hotA hai ataH phaoNrma badalatA rahatA hai| phaoNrma eka abhivyakti hai aura abhivyakti kA mAdhyama guNa yA kvAliTI hotA hai| kvAliTI ke binA phaoNrma nahIM ho sakatA, phaoNrma ke binA kvAliTI nahIM ho sktii| jise bhautika-vijJAnavettA antataH zunya-kSetra 'phIlDa' meM ghaTanAoM ke rUpa meM dekhatA hai, vaha bhI phaoNrma hai| vaha bhI abhivyakti hai| mahAvIra ke zabdoM meM vaha bhI 'paryAya' hai| galanA-DhahanA, AkAra grahaNa karanA, Akara-parivartana karate jAnA ye saba phaoNrma ke antargata Ate haiM, paryAya ke antargata Ate haiN| paryAya padArtha kI pariNati hai, svayaM padArtha nhiiN| galanA-DhahanA pudgala kI pariNati hai, svayaM pudgala nhiiN| apane ApameM 'pudgala' kyA hai ? padArtha kyA hai ? hama nahIM jaante| vijJAna to gaNitIya samIkaraNa sUtroM taka jAtA hai, sUtra phaoNrma kI sImA para ruka jAte haiM, unheM vahIM chor3akara vijJAna lauTa jAtA hai| use nahIM jAnA jA sakatA, ise vaha svIkAra kara letA bheda padArtha meM hai, jJAna meM nahIM harbarTa speMsara ne dasa bhAgoM ke eka mahAgrantha 'sintheTika sisTama oNpha Ala naoNleja' ke anta meM svIkAra kiyA hai ki jo sat-'riyaliTI'-hai, vaha ajnyey-'annoebl'-hai| mahAvIra kahate haiM, yahAM bhI rukane kI AvazyakatA nhiiN| jJAna ke AyAma ananta haiN| DemokriTsa paramANu para Akara ruka gayA thaa| rasa, rUpa, gandha, sparza Adi pratyeka paramANu meM hai, yaha pratiSThApita kara je ega jANai se savvaM jANai Jainism: The Global Impact 155 Page #158 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rajbhog Foods For the absolute best in Catering Services Serving exceptional events from 100 to 10,000 Let us make your event the envy of the year FOR ALL YOUR CATERING NATIONWIDE CALL: 718-358-5105 WWW.RAJBHOG.COM VISIT OUR RETAIL TOCATION LOCATIONS IN NY. NI. GA NC AND GROWING... 156 Page #159 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ mauna ho gyaa| paramANu TUTa nahIM sakatA, ataH isase Age jAnane ko kucha nahIM bacA hai, yaha mAna liyA thA usne| AinsTAina ne paramANu ko tor3akara nAbhika kA citra diyA-dhanANuoM ke cAroM ora ghUmate RNANuoM kA eka laghu parimaNDala-miniyecara solara sisttm| usase Age rAstA nahIM hai, usane khaa| usase bhI Age rAste khule, kaNa-'pArTIkala'-se taraMga-'veva'; usase Age pramAtrA-'kvANTama', usase bhI Age ghttnaaeN-ivenntts-haiN| aba kahA jAtA hai ki yaha sArA loka sUkSmatama se virATatama taka paraspara-sambaddha kriyA-vyApAra kA kSetra-phIlDa oNpha rileTeDa phaMkzansa hai| kriyA-vyApAra bhI to phaoNrsa haiN| unakA bhI to atikramaNa hone vAlA hai| phIlDa bhI to eka 'kaoNnsepTa' hai, prakalpanA hai| hara 'kaoNnsepTa' eka phaoNrma hotA hai-hara prakalpanA bhI to eka mAnasika AkAra hotI hai| vaha kyA hai jisake ye saba haiM lekina jo ye saba nahIM haiN| mahAvIra kahate haiM, usI ko jAnanA jarUrI hai| usa eka ko jAna liyA, saba kucha apane Apa jAna liyA jaaegaa| je egaM jANai se savvaM jANai-jo eka ko jAnatA hai vaha sabako jAnatA hai; je savvaM jANai se egaM jANai-jo sabako jAnatA hai vaha eka ko jAnatA hai| hama piNDa ko jAna leM, brahmAMDa svayaM jJAta ho jAegA, brahmAMDa ko jAna leM, piNDa svayaM jJAta ho jaaegaa| bheda padArtha meM hai, jJAna meM nhiiN| Jainism: The Global Impact 157 Page #160 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Aristeo Proud to Sponsor Jain Society of Greater Detroit to bring the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention to Motown! Aristeo Construction Company provides general contracting, construction management and design/build services to a diverse range of markets including energy, power generation, automotive, industrial and commercial. Since 1977, Aristeo has been driven to build and continuously exceed client expectations. 12811 Farmington Road Livonia, MI 48150 734.427.9111 158 Page #161 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ jainIjhama-globala IpekaTa... - zrI guNavaMtabhAI baravALIyA dharma cAhe koI paNa hoya... darekanA mULamAM vinaya ane phaLamAM A saMsAra paribhramaNathI mukti ja hoya che. paNa hA, jaina dharmanI anukaMpA ane ekAMtavAda jo jana jananA hRdayane sparze to vizvazAMti ane vizva maitrI mATe atyAre je puruSArtha ane prayatno karavA paDe che... te kadAca na karavA paDe.. dareka mAnavamAM dharma tattva koInA koI rUpe raheluM ja che, jarUra che ane bahAra lAvavAnI ane ene prabhAvazALI banAvavAnI....! jaina dharmanA tIrthakara bhagavAna mahAvIranA siddhAMto eTale sanAtane satya... bhagavAna mahAvIre koI paNa jAtano prayoga vinA, koI paNa leboreTarInA upayoga vinA AjathI 2600 varSa pahelAM emanI prajJA dvArA je satyane pragaTa karyuM... e ja satyane Aje vizvabharanA vaijJAniko prayogo dvArA siddha kare che. azAMti, akaLAmaNa ane satata TenzanamAM jIvanAra mAnavIne dharmanA be zabdo paNa zAMti ApanArI saMjIvanI rUpa banI jAya che tyAre temanAmAM dharma vize vadhu jANavAnI, samajavAnI jijJAsA jAgRta thAya che, pachI e vyakti cAhe bhAratamAM hoya ke vizvanA koI paNa khUNAmAM... paNa emane saMtoSakAraka, tarka sAthe samAdhana karAve tevA mAdhyamo prApta thatAM nathI, saMtonI preraNA ane sAMnidhya prApta thatAM nathI. saMto jyAM na pahoMcI zake tyAM sAhitya jarUra pahoMcI zake. jainadharmane vizvaphalaka para laI javA.. jaina dharmanA upadeza graMtha Agamone vizvanI hara eka bhASAmAM anuvAda karAvI vizvanI hara eka lAIbrerI sudhI pahoMcADavA joIe. rASTra saMta pUjya gurudeva zrI namramuni ma.sA. jyAre vicaraNa karatAM karatAM bihAranA baudhdha gayA pahoMcyA tyAre emanI mulAkAta hajAro anuyAyIo dharAvatA mULa aMgreja paNa baudhdha dharmanA pholovara banelA DaoN. lAma sAthe thaI. dharma carcA thaI tyAre pUjya gurudevazrI nA mukhethI jainadharma ane bhagavAna mahAvIranA sidhdhAMto sAMbhaLI emanA mukhamAMthI eka vAkya nIkaLyuM. ''jo mane pahelAM jaina munike jaina sAhitya maLyuM hota to Aje huM jaina dharmano pholovara hota..!!" A eka ja vAkya emanA hArTane Taca karI gayuM ane emaNe tyAre ja saMkalpa karyo ke have mArUM nekasTa mizana che bhagavAnanA dharmane... bhagavAnanA Agamane vizva levale laI javuM..! emanI dIrghadraSTI ane anUbhUtie avalokana karI lIdhuM ke jo eka videzI jaina dharmanA anuyAyI banI bIjA hajAro ne jenanA anuyAyI banAve to vizvabharamAM jaina dharma vyApta thaI jAya... ane vizeSamAM jo bhagavAna mahAvIranA sidhdhAMto karUNA, prema, maitrI, ahiMsA ane anekAMtavAda jo sarvanA hRdayane sparzI jAya to arAjakatA, AtaMkavAda, aMdhAdhUMdhI, azAMti, mULamAMthI nAbUda thaI jAya.. prema ane zAMtibharyA vizvanuM sarjana thaI jAya.. manabheda dUra thaI jAya ane Atma saMtoSa Apato pragatino paMtha taiyAra thaI jAya..!! darekanA hRdayamAM koI eka preraka tatva hoya ane preraNA sthAne koIne koI pAtra hoya.. Aje hajAro yaMgasTarsa ajJAna ane aNasamajanA kAraNe kSaNika sukha mATe AmathI tema bhaTake che ane bAhya vaibhavathI mohita thayelAM glemarasa pAtrane potAnI preraNA mUrti banAvI ayogya mArge dorAI jAya che. e ja yaMgasTaranA hAthamAM bhagavAna mahAvIranuM parama Jainism: The Global Impact 159 Page #162 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HYATT PLACE S SUBURBAN COLLECTION HYATT PLACE We are happy to announce THE HYATT PLACE HOTEL Interior Pool Outdoor Courtyard suitable for ceremonies, receptions & relaxation Wireless Canopy ATTACHED TO SUBURBAN COLLECTION SHOWPLACE OUR NEW EXPANSION WILL OFFER 124 Guestrooms and 2 Suites 9,260 Sq. Ft. of total additional meeting space 24 Hour Stay-Fit Hyatt Fitness Center 24/7 Guest Kitchen Complimentary Wi-Fi 46100 Grand River Ave. Novi, MI 48374 248-348-5600 www.SuburbanCollection and the expansion of the DIAMOND CONFERENCE CENTER 160 DIAMOND CINTER 10 Additional Meeting Rooms 5,600 Sq. Ft. Ballroom 18 Ft. High Ceilings (16 Ft. Clear) Full Service Catering by Epoch Hospitality Group SUBURBAN COLLECTION DIAMOND CENTER Page #163 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ satya pragaTa karatuM 'Agama' pustaka enI ja mAtRbhASAmAM maLI jAya to.?? to enA jIvananI rAha badalAI jatAM kadAca kSaNa paNa na lAge. Aje ghaNA evA kissA banyAM che, jeo moja mastI mATe phAIva sTAra hoTalamAM rahevA gayA hoya ane thAkyA pAkyA UMgha na AvatI hoya eTale rUmamAM paDelAM kurAna ke bAIbala nA be cAra pAnA vAMcyA hoya, AkhI rAta ciMtana-mananamAM vitAvyA hoya ane tyArabAda bIjA divasanI savAra navA vicAro ane navA saMkalpa sAthe zarU thai hoya ane jIvananA pathe yu-Tarna lIdho hoya. jaina darzananA dareka sidhdhAMtomAM satya ane tathya che, tarka sAthenuM samAdhAna che, je AjanA lojika yuganA yaMgasTarsane vadhAre asara kare che. temanAmAM A badhuM jANavAnI jijJAsA paNa che, kUtuhUlatA paNa che, basa! jarUra che sAcI samaja ApanAra mAdhyamanI.!! jo mahAvIra eka mahAna vaijJAnika tarIke paNa emanA preraNA mUrti banI jAya to mahAvIra pratye prema, Adara ane ahobhAva pragaTatA vAra na lAge. mahAvIra pratye prema jAge to mahAvIranA guNo ane mahAvIranA sidhdhAMtonA premI banI jAya.! Aje vizvamAM evA aneka vistAro che je anArya che, jyAM ajJAna ane aNasamaja che. jo e lokone paNa koI mArgadarzana, pathadarzana maLI jAya to teo paNa hiMsA ane pApathI bacI zake. jaina dharma ane vijJAnamAM samanvaya hovAthI, jaina dharmamAM tArkika samAdhAna hovAthI ane jaina dharma sarvajJa ane trikALajJAnI tIrthaMkara paramAtmAnuM darzana hovAthI enI satyatA sarvane sahaja svIkArya thaI jAya che. je svIkArya hoya tene AcaraNIya banatAM vAra na lAge. jaina dharmane vizvavyApI banAvavA, jaina dharma dvArA zAMti ane maitrIbhAvanA sthApvA prabaLa puruSArthanI jarUra che. Aje rASTra saMta yuga divAkara pUjya gurudeva zrI e 'jaina Agama mizana'' aMtargata jaina dharmanA upadeza graMtha batrIsa AgamanA 36000 pAnAne IMglIzamAM anuvAda karAvI vizvanI hara eka lAIbrerI sudhI pahoMcADavA, megA jJAna abhiyAna zarU ryo che, jemAM atyAre deza-videzanA vidvAno, paMDito, zAstrakAro, saMta-satIjIo, guru bhakto ane udAradilA dAnezvarIono addabhUta sAtha ane sahayoga prAta thatAM eka Agama anuvAdanuM kArya pUrNa thavA AvyuM che. PEACE 2013 JAINA Convention From Kirit,Vasu, Vinay Sanjay, Pooja Anjali Tolia 161 Page #164 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUR RELIABLE REALTOR PIYUSH DAVE Cell 734-620-2233 NEW CONSTRUCTION BANK OWNED/AUCTION * LAKE FRONT & MORE RESIDENTIAL Ranked in TOP 5% Realtors Nationwide! MOTELS / OFFICES * NURSING HOMES ASSISTED LIVING * RESTAURANTS & MORE COMMERCIAL MULTIFAMILY VACANT LOT * FIXER UPPER & MORE INVESTMENT IT'S YOUR FUTURE. CALL THE EXPERT, MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE! Email - Website - Cell - 734-620-2233 BROKERAGE WITH REAL ESTATE ONE (734) 455 2009 162 Page #165 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bidada International Foundation "Would You Like to Volunteer In INDIA" Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust (Trust) located at Bidada, a small village in Mandvi district, Kutch, State of Gujarat; is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1974. Its mission is to provide health care services to the people of rural Kutch, who have no access and no resources. It is in this spirit that the trust has served more than four million people over the last 39 years. The trust has a permanent 80-bed hospital, family practice clinic, eye clinic, dental clinic, radiology, sonography, and pathology lab, OB/GYN clinic, physical rehab center, and nature cure center. It also manages the charitable Maru Hospital in Mumbai where affordable healthcare services to 300 patients in 10 different medical specialties are provided daily. Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust has grown The Trust delivers these programs from four rapidly since forming in 1973 major facilities in Mumbai and Bidada, Gujarat Reliant hideda fined by ed to PE AVON 19 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 M 1 Eyes IR Jainism: The Global Impact 163 Page #166 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ In addition to ongoing medical services, the Trust has organized a three-week medical, surgical, ophthalmic, dental, and pediatric camp in Bidada every January for the past 39 years. This healthcare festival attracts over 400 volunteer physicians from around the world who provide physicals, ENT, ophthalmic, dermatology, urology, cardiology and other healthcare services. The Trust provides modern facilities to patients, physicians and visitors in accommodation, food and transportation. Volunteers make sure that no one leaves the camp without a meal. In the words of Chairman Bachubhai Rambhia, founder Shri Bhavanjibhai Natha and Vice Chairman Shri Vijaybhai Chheda, "Volunteer group is the backbone of Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust and nothing can be done without their support". The Trust was also instrumental in providing access to healthcare and addressing the devastating effects of the 2001 earthquake by helping to rebuild infrastructure. SHREE BIDADA SARVODAYA TRUST 2010 DONOR PRESENTATION Healthy People, Better World Seda Sa True of gen e The forbedrera. In Ar r es w waga Arena 20 w ondes arm .600 in One gles In year 2005, the Trust envisioned primary level healthcare program for children and it was in that spirit Child Health Initiative (CHI) program was established in January 2006 to provide services such as office visits, vision and hearing screening, nutrition analysis, growth and development measurements, and dental/oral health care. The Trust's mission is to deliver subsidized medical care to underserved populations SHREE BIDADA SARVODAYA TRUST Subs MOND TABLEOMARON Healthy People, Better World Eterna 24 -JAINA Convention 2013 164 Page #167 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ First ever dental outreach program took place in December 2006, since then yearly dental outreaches have taken place at different locations in Mandvi school district. To date, we have serviced approximately 13,000 school children. Dental caries (cavities), gum disease, and fluorosis are major dental diseases, and our goal is to reach total of 35,000 school children in the district. 31 5:42AM During recent mega camp in January 2013, a total of 29,229 patients were provided with health care services, including 1,001 surgeries, and 112 patients were referred for major surgeries. In addition, other medical services such as Plastic Surgeries, Urology, Pediatric Orthopedic, Epilepsy, Retina, Dental Implants and Gum Surgeries, Hearing Aids, Asthma & Allergies, Hand Surgeries were provided and continuing medical educational courses were provided at Bidada Campus. It is anticipated that the trust will be organizing more than 50 medical and surgical camps throughout the year. Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust WELCOME Beton Doctors and Volunteers from JAINA to participated in Medical and Surgical Camp. Opening Ceremony of 39"Medical & Surgical Camp by Jaina President Sushil Jain and dignitaries. Jainism: The Global Impact 165 Page #168 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ It is the first time, Child Health Program and Dental Outreach was conducted simultaneously under the direction of Dr. Girish J Shah, New York University College of Dentistry, New York, USA. The team members were dentists, interns and 4th year students, physicians and child specialists, medical students, nurse practitioners and registered nurses, eye technicians, pathological lab technicians, treatment coordinators, administrators, front desk staff, and volunteers. During the course of seven days, the team of 85 health care providers serviced 4,917 school children from 49 primary and high schools. 7 zrI bidaDA sarvodaya TrasTanA A fcilicet The Trust has earned international recognition for its volunteerism and excellence in treating patients during the camps. This recognition includes visits by prominent figures involved in public health and humanitarian work, such as United States Consulate Generals in India, Angus Simmons and Michael Owen, The World Bank Country Director for India, Michael Carter; and Mother Teresa. The BBC has broadcasted news covering the activities of Shree BidadaSarvodaya Trust. The Trust has received awards from AAPI (American Association of Physicians of India), Limca Book of Records, Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, Ashok Gondhia Award, and Rotary Club of Jagtial (Hyderabad) llA Minist Vice Chairman Vijay Chheda discussing the medical activity and medical facility with Past Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Chairman Shri Bachubhai Rambhia with MR. PRANAB MUKHERJEE, PRESIDENT OF INDIA Received the National Award under the category best Institution Working for the Cause of Persons with Disabilities at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi - JAINA Convention 2013 166 Page #169 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We are pleased to announce grand opening of Eye Retina Department, and the first surgery was performed on Jain monk, what a blessing! With great pride, we are also pleased to announce that the Trust has received a "National Award" from the President of India for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities for the year 2012. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your participation and tireless efforts to make this program a memorable one with huge success and heartily invite you to join us for 40th Medical and Surgical Camp, which is tentatively scheduled from January 4 thru 20, 2014. Also, Child Health Program and Dental Outreach will take place from February 8 thru 15, 2014. It is the dedication of hundreds of doctors and community leaders that make this possible. Our continued financial and ethical commitment to the people to India will ensure many more successful camps in the future. And for this, we are truly thankful. More information or volunteer registration, visit With Warmest Regards, Vijay Chheda Chairman- Bidada International Foundation Vice-Chairman, Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust 714-654-6097 Girish J Shah DDS, MPH President, Bidada International foundation Director, Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust 631-662-4849 In Loving Memory of Anjwalibaa Dagli Best Wishes to JAINA & The Jain Society of Greater Detroit for the Convention Ajay & Nilesh Sunita & Dinesh Dagli 167 Page #170 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FORTIS PAYMENT SYSTEM STH REGISTERED ISO OF WELLS FARGO BANK MERCHANT SERVICES FOR ALL INDUSTRIES NO Reprogram Fee NO Hidden Fees NO Set up fee NO Application fee Certified on all PMS/ POS platforms . Seamless Transitions 24/7 customer service MasterCard DISCOVER NETWORK (855)465-9999 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JAIN SOCIETY OF GREATER DETROIT FOR HOSTING THE 17TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION VISA RATES AS LOW AS 1.19% Live and Help Live! Bhupendra & Neena Shah Nirav & Claudia Shah Samir & Avani Pimputkar AMERICAN 43155 MAIN ST SUITE 2310C EXPRESS Novi MI 48375 (855) 465-9999-PHONE WWW.FORTISPAYMENTS.COM 168 FREE ANALYSIS Page #171 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: Global Perspective -Dr. Neelam Jain Jainism seeks to bring true happiness to its votaries because Jainism does not deny the existence of God. by elevating them morally and enabling them to attain the highest spiritual perfection they are capable of. Jain teachers have preached a way of living. The Jains have contributed and are still contributing their bit towards the preservation of their literary and cultural heritage, the growth of new literature and the propagation of education in general. Its main contributions are based on................... Ahimsa: Although countless saints of various faith have also eulogized the doctrine of Ahimsa, but they all got the Original inspiration from Jainism, which greatly influenced their customs and traditions as well. Mahatma Gandhi is truly regarded the greatest apostle of Ahimsa, but in the words of Gandhiji himself, "Lord Mahaveera is the 'Avatar' of Ahimsa. "Whoever desires paradise should sacrifice & slaughter Animals," was the common preaching in ancient India. Jainism raised a revolt against this way of thinking, and established a way of thinking that all lives are sacred. Practical Religion: Jainism is mainly divided into 'Muni-dharma' & House-holders' dharma,' which are again subdivided into various stages, so that even a layman with limited capacity of every caste and state may adopt it conveniently and consistently with due regard to temporal advancement; thus Jainism is pre-eminently a Practical Religion for all, not just scholars and Munis. Theism: Jainism believes that the Universe is immortal, eternal and uncreated. Pralay is not a total annihilation but merely a sudden change. It requires no judge for punishment. Law of Karma is in itself complete, unerring and self-acting. For this scientific belief, those, who believe in a creator some times look at Jainism as an atheistic, but it can not be so called, Anekanta: Anekanta is a scientific out-look to accommodate different view-points in the domain of thoughts as well as in action by its constitution of Reality, therefore Jainism only has tolerance of highest degree to remove misunderstandings of different aspects and to understand controversy friendly. Karmavada: Almost all religions admit that gain or loss and pleasure or pain is the result of Karmas, but Jainism has scientifically indicated how and why Karmic matter is attracted and bounded with soul? How Karmas can be stopped & destroyed? So Jainism is most essential for those, who want to destroy the Karmic enemies and to attain unabated all-bliss? All-equality: The real nature of all souls, whether of Brahamins, Chandals, men, women, animals or beasts is alike. They are high & low merely on account of their own karmas, which all living beings are capable to destroy, Caste, creed or state is no bar to become the highest soul, hence Jainism roots out all distinctions of caste or state, high or low; & as such recognizes all living beings of the earth equal. Godhood: Omniscience and God-like everlasting true happiness is the natural attitude of every soul, which is hidden under karmic dust on account of passions and when it is removed 'Atma' (Soul) attains Sobhavic quality (Man-Passions-God, while God+Passions=Man) of self-supreme blessing Parmatma-God, as such in the words of Dr. M.H. Syed, Jainism raises man to Godhood" Independence: Betterment of soul does not depend upon others. By Jainism: The Global Impact 169 Page #172 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES JAIN SOCIETY OF GREATER DETROIT For 2013 JAINA Convention From Mahendra, Madhulika & Rahul Bapna Sunsilks, Inc. JrbSilks, LLC Fabric Backing & Finishing LLC Designer Home Furnishing Fabrics Fabric Backing, Lamination & Bonding Stain & Fire Protection *Wholesale to Licensed Trade only* 375-C Winkler Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004 With Best Compliments & Sincerest Gratitude Sudha Jain From Jain & Associates Accounting and Tax Sonia & Eric (703)-880-8402 170 Nina & Ajay Page #173 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ establishing that every individual is an architect of his own destiny and by its own efforts he is capable to attain true happiness, Jainism enables every one to become Pursharthi and "Independent." ical period. In spite of being small in number even now they own a very large number of Industrial establishments, which are not only producing useful requirements for the country, but also providing good facilities for training to our technical hands & livelihood to countless Indians. Col. Todd has truly indicated in his Annals of Rajasthan, "Half of the mercantile wealth of India passes through the bands of Jain laity.' Universal Brotherhood: By observing Ahimsa, rooting-out caste-distinc- tions, maintaining Samavada and extending love even to animal kingdom, Jainism establishes all- peace & a necklace of Universal Brotherhood. Man's own religion: In the words of Miss. Elizabeth Frazer, "Jainism is the only man-made religion" and according to German Scholar Dr. Charlotta Krause, "Man is the greatest subject for man's study," hence French thinker Dr. A. Guernot has rightly remarked, "There is a very great ethical value in Jainism for man's improvement." Jain Worship: Jain Worship is not idol worship, but it is an ideal worship. The images of Tirthankaras in the Jain temples are only the statues of those great being, who had attained to the perfect state. The English people also gather every year in the Trefalgar Square in London to honor the stone statue of Admiral Nelson & they place before it flowers and garlands, but no one dare to accuse the English people of idolatry. They adore the spirit of Nelson through that statue of stone and this is ideality. Similar is the case with the Jain worship. Good health & peace of mind: The very fundamental virtues abstaining from meat, wine; not taking food after sunset taking pure and simple food, drinking filtered water etc. are such useful religious principles, which according to Shri Manilal H. Udani, "One who fol- lows strictly the principles of Jainism will always keep best health, thoughts and peace of mind." Literature: V. A. Smith declares, "The Jains possess extensive literature full of valuable material as yet." So Dr. A.N. Upadhya has rightly said, "Jain Bhandars' are old, authentic and valuable literary treasures and deserves to be looked upon as a part of our National Wealth. Mss. are such a stuff that they cannot to replaced if they are once lost." Jainism contribute in Scientific-outlook: Jainism is a science to purify a mundane soul, to attain perfection and to obtain undying bliss. Even European thinkers have declared, "Jainism is the only religious system, which reduces every thing to the iron law of nature and with Modern Science." Morality: Ten-fold Dharma of Jains, by teaching Forgiveness, Mildness, Straightforwardness, Truthfulness, Purity of heart, Self-control, Self-mortification, Charity, Un-attachment and Brahamcharya, raises the moral tone. (a) Languages: According to the retired I.E.S. Prof. A. Chakarvarti, "The contributions of Jain scholars to literature in different language is the Pride of India. Particularly in Prakrit, Sanskrit and Tamil' are unrivalled and served as model for latter non-Jain writers. They also contributed richly in Dravidian, Kannada, Guajarati. Hindi, English, Urdu, and various other languages on all the important subjects of the day. Industry and Commerce: Jains have been the master of industry & Com- (b) Arithmetic: American scholar Mr. James Bimerce. History tells us that they went to foreign set points out, "The writers of Jain sacred books countries for trade even long before the pre-histor- are very systematic thinkers and particularly strong Jainism: The Global Impact 171 Page #174 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Thinking India? JAYA Travel & Tours For the best airline ticketing rates to India and within Think Jaya For more than 30 years, Jaya Travel & Tours has been the first choice of travelers to India, whether for business or for pleasure. With affiliations to all major American and European airlines, including Kingfisher, Jet Airways, as well as domestic Indian airlines, we can access the lowest fares from the USA to anywhere in the world or to any destination within India with ease. For your next trip to India, just think Jaya and consider it done! Serving the community for over 30 years! 172 Call now! 877-Fly-Jaya or visit us on the web www.Jaya Page #175 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ in arithmetic. They know just how many different, ries. kinds of different things there are in the Universe and they have them all tabulated and numbered, so that they shall have a place for every thing & every thing at its right place, Prof. Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Dutt finds, "Ganita-sara-Sangraha is an important treatise on arithmetic by a Jain scholar Mahavira is still available". (c) Mensuration: "The formula concerning the mensuration of a segment of a circle has been stated by the celebrated Jain metaphysician Umasvami, several centuries before Bhaskara 1". Jain Acharya Nemi Chandera has employed the law of indices, summation of series, mensuration, formula for circle and its segment, permutations and combinations." (d) Mathematic: The Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society (Vol. XXI) mentions that Jain scholar Mahaveera's investigations in the solution of rational triangles and quadrilaterals deserve special consideration. "Indeed these have certain notable features, which we miss in the others. Certain methods of finding solution of rational triangles, the credit for the discovery of which should rightly go to Mahaveera, are attributed by modern historians by mistake to writers posterior to him." (e) Grammar: Jinendra-Vayakarna is a very famous Jain work on grammar. Panini-Sabdavatara is another Jain grammatical work. Vopadeva counts it among the 8 original authorities on Sanskrit gram mar. (f) Science: Jainism is purely a scientific system, and the Jain Tirthankaras were the greatest Scientists hence Jainism is the greatest subject for the study of modern science. Prof. Ghasiram has ably explained Jain principles in full compliance of science in his Cosmology Old and New. (g) Classification: According to Dr. Brajindra Nath Seal, "Jainacharya Shri Umasvami's classification of animals is a good instance of classification by series, the number of senses possessed by the animal taken to determine its place in the seJainism: The (h) Atomic Theory: The most remarkable contribution of the Jaina relates to their analysis of atomic linking or the mutual attraction of atoms in the formation of molecules. (i) Medicine: Khagendra-Manidarpana is a Jain work on Medicine. Kalyanakaraka is another Jain treatise on medicine which long continued to be an authority on the subject with entirely a vegetarian and non-alcoholic treatment. (j) Astronomy: German Thinker Dr. Schnbrig observes, "History of Indian Astronomy is not conceivable without famous Jain work Surya Pragyapti. (k) Metaphysics: According to Dr. Jacobi, "Jainism has a metaphysical basis of its own, which secured it a distinct position apart from rival systems. (1) Geography: As Jain monks tours on foot and village to village and ordinarily do not stay more than 3 days at one place except in rainy season, certainly their Geographical observations are vast and they wrote important books on the subject. (m) Iconography: Images of 'Jina' was made centuries before the rule of Nanda. Images of 'Jain Tirthankaras' made during Mouryan rule are at Patna museum. In the history of Indian iconography, the Jain images have their earliest place. (n) Painting: Jain art of painting is one of pure draught-man-ship, the pictures are brilliant statements of the epic and drawing has perfect equilibrium of a mathematical equation-- (0) Art & Architecture: According to Dr. Guirenot, "Indian art owes to Jains a number of remarkable monuments and in architecture their achievements are greater still". According to Mr. Walhouse, "The whole capital and canopy of Jain pillars are a wonder of light, elegant lightly decorated stone work. Udaigiri caves of Orissa and architectural finds of Kushan age of Mathura are Jain objects of rare Global Impact 173 Page #176 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention in Detroit With Best Wishes and Compliments from Chandrakant & Ramila Ravani Sonal, Kaushik, Anjali & Shreya Patel Nilay, Nileesha, Devan & Sahil Ravani Dilip Bordia Nidhi Bordia Best wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention Best Wishes for a Successful JAINA Convention Dr. Ragini Lakhia Shantikumar, Sushila, Amit, usha, Pooja and Nisha Singhi & Family 174 Page #177 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ beauty, which have won world's praise. In the words (s) Ethics: According to Dr. A. Guirenot, "There is of K. Narayana lyengar, Ag. Director of Archaeol- great ethical value in Jainism for man's improveogy, "the Gomatesvara Colossus (56/2 ft. high of ment." 983 A.D.) is not only a National heritage but is also considered as one of the Wonders of the World". Conclusion: Jainism is a very ancient and wholistic Splendid Jain temples of Abu are marvelous. One of religion. As is clear from the above analysis, Jainthese namely Adinatha was built in 1031 by Vimla- ism has made significant contributions to Indian sha minister of Bhim deva, and other of Neminatha Philosophy, Culture, Ethics, Literature, Cosmolby Tejpal minister in 1230 is superfine architecturalogy, Mathematics, Ecology, Statistics and to Sciwonder. Palitana in Gujarat is known as: 'the city ence. Jainism advocates not winning over others but of temples' since it contains no less than 3000 Jain winning over one's own self i.e. winning over one's temples Rishbhadeva's temple at Ajmer, which took ego, anger, greed and afflictions. 25 years for the Jaipur artists to depict is a specimen of the finest architecture. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru paid Jains are a small community but today it has it visit in 1945 and said, "It is a museum of an un- emerged as a one of the important religion of the usual mind from which one can learn something world. Not only about Jain Philosphy and out-look, but in the words of German Thinker Dr. Charlotta also about Indian Art." Krause, "This miserable world may become par adise with all and all peace, ever lasting joy and (p) Logic: According to Shri Tukol, "Jainam reached true infinite bliss, if Jainism is practiced by all the a very high sense of perfection in the field of Logic." people of the world." Prof. Ghasiram proves, "Jain logic of Sayadvada is Einstien's theory of Relativity." In the words of Dr. Schubrig, "He, who has a thorough knowledge of the structure of the world can not but admire the inward logic and harmony of Jain ideals." So Dr. Tucci has rightly said, "It is impossible to any scholar interested in the history of Indian logic to ignore Jain logic, which deserves the largest attention of most diligent researches." (q) Philosophy: Dr. M.H. Syed, a well-known scholar of comparative religions wonders at the analytic philosophy of Jainism and says, "Jain's psychological insight into human nature stands unique for the distracted world of to-day." Jain philosophy is India's ancient heritage and in the words of Dr. Jacobi, "Jainism is of great importance for the study of philosophical thoughts in an ancient India. (r) Culture: In his lecture at the Indian Institute of Culture, Dr. Tatia has proved that the cultural heritage of India is closely woven fabric of colorful strand of the Jain contributions. Accordingly Dr. Losch rightly remarks, Jainism has played an astonishing important part in the Indian Culture." Jainism: The Global Impact 175 Page #178 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We Are Al Jains * 24th THIRTHANKARS ARE OUR TEACHERS * NAMOKAR MANTRA IS OUR MAHA MANTRA NON-VIOLENCE AND ANEKANTWAD ARE OUR CORE PRINCIPALS WITH BEST WISHES TO JAINA ON THE 17TH BIENNIAL CONVENTION IN MICHIGAN FROM RAJ AND SHAKUNTLA JAIN MONICA * ALKA. DIPIKA American Gem Corporation Importers Wholesellers Southfield, MI 48075 176 Page #179 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Temple at Convention Site The JAINA Temple Committee has designed a beautiful temporary temple located at the Novi Suburban Collection Showplace in the Diamond Center area. This temporary temple is constructed to create a common place where all followers of Jainism can pray, meditate, and perform the rituals in their respective chosen traditions. The JAINA Temple will remain open throughout the entire convention. The chal pratishtha, pratimajis? installation, will be performed by Nirmalsagarji and Swasthi Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka on July 4th. The Dwar Opening of this temple will be on July 4th. Finally, Aarti and Mangal Divo will be performed each day. The JAINA Temple committee hopes each convention attendee will enjoy the beauty of this temporary temple as the committee tried to do its best in depicting significant aspects of the Jain religion. Arvind R. Shah Temple Committee The temporary temple will serve as a reminder for all the wonderful significant locations in the Jain religion. As soon as you enter the temporary temple, you will feel as though you are in auspicious locations that include: Ashtapad tirth, Samet Shikhar tirth, Girnar tirth, Champapuri tirth, and Pavapuri tirth. These locations are incredibly significant as they are the different places where our twenty-four tirthankars attained salvation. Also, you will be able to imagine being at Palitana. The JAINA Temple Committee has worked tirelessly to ensure these depictions resemble these very incredibly beautiful and significant locations to the Jain religion. Jayanam Jayanti Shashanam Best Wishes for Grand Success Also, this temporary temple will house three beautiful white marble carved Jain Pratimajis located inside the ghabara. These murtis have specially been carved from Jaipur, India. Mahavir Swami, the last of the twenty-four tirthankars, will be the mulnayak of the temporary temple and located at the center of ghabara. Parshwanath Bhagwan, the twenty-third tirthankar, will be located to the left of Mahavir Swami. Adinath Bhagwan, the first tirthankar, will be located to the right of Mahavir Swami and it will represent the Digamber sect of the Jain religion. of 2013 JAINA Convention From: Finally, there will be a framed Navkar Mantra and Shree Siddhachakra yantra located on the floor of the temporary temple right before the ghabara. The significance of Navkar Mantra is the universal prayer of the Jain religion and it is a prayer where Jains respect to all religious dignitaries. Shree siddhachakra is popular yantra used for worship in Jainism. Jain Center of Allentown 4200 Airport Road Allentown, PA 18109 Phone: (610) 264-2810 Jainism: The Global Impact 177 Page #180 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to JAINA on its 17th Biennial Convention in Michigan Martin, Arrington, Desai, & Meyers, P.C. Certified Public Accountants & Consultants Jack Martin, CPA Bettye Arrington, Ph.D. Monica Meyers, CPA Merlit Hannosh 30200 Telegraph Road, Ste 444. Bingham Farms, MI 480215 (248) 645-5370 Fax (248) 645-5020 Never underestimate the value CTI and Associates, Inc. is a proud supporter of The Jain Society of Greater Detroit Neil P. Desai, CPA Himanshu Patel CPA Karen Hill Jayshree Murali Best Wishes on a Grand Convention from Morgan Subbarayan and Purushottam Deo 178 CT Providing innovative solutions in Engineering & Construction for more than 37 years Corporate Headquarters: 51331 W. Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393 800 CTI TODAY * Page #181 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 3RD JAINA TEMPLE AT CONVENTION SITE 2013 S HURE Jainism: The Global Impact 179 Page #182 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Group discounts available Great Family Auto Rates TUCKER AGENCY INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES Family Owned & Operated Serving Metro Detroit Since 1971 Life Health Financial Services 180 Auto-Owners Insurance Automobiles * Homeowners Meniu Nawon * Motorcycles Mobile Homes * Boats RVs Renters Citizens SECURA Business Insurance Liability Vehicles * Workers Comp. Bonds * Commercial Insurance Companies 1-94 MERCURY INSURANCE GROUP Lakevilla Dr. Quirk Rd. py alone Dewitt Rd. CURTITAN INSURANCE COMPANY Great Rates for Seniors 11752 Belleville Rd. Just South of I-94 Belleville BELLEVILLE TOLL FREE 734-697-5544 877-818-5777 Page #183 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ zrI ahaM namaH samIra prakAzacandra zAha 2, abhinaMdana phaleTa, nAraNapurA, amadAvAda InTecA konAthI AkarSAzo raddhapuya ke azuddha puNya jayAre vizva ta2pha najara nAMkhuM chuM tyAre, jIva sAmAnya puNyanA udhyamAM ahaMkArI banI jAya che. sastI prasiddhi, suMda2 vAchaTA, madhurakaMTha, paiso, rUpa, sattA, saMpatti, paNa Ama jovA jaIe to A badhu puNyanA udayathI maLe che ema kahI zakAya paraMtu AvA puNyanA udayane malIna puNya tarIke oLakhAvavuM paDe che, upAdhyAya zrI yazovijayajI jaNAve che sarva pucahala duHkha puNyanuM phaLa te duHkha ApanAra che. mane yAda Ave che 11 lAkha dharSa purva munisuvrata ravAmInA samayamAM eka aitihAsika ghaTanA banI jene loko Aje paNa yAda kare che, ujjayiNI nagarImAM prajApAla 2aaaa 2Ajaya kare che tenI be patni ane baMnene eka eka dIkarI surasuMdarI ane mayaNA suMdarI, baMne pota-potAnA mAnItA paMDIta pAse abhyAsa kare che. ekavAra dIkarInA abhyAsanI parIkSA mATe 2AjAe baMnene rAjasabhAmAM bolAvI ane parIkSA karI baMne e saMtoSakA2ka javAba ApyA. 2AjA pharI puNya saMbaMdhI prazna puche che te A pramANe "suguNa samasyA purajo re, bhUpati kahe dharIne aratha upAI abhinavo, puye pAmI je eha' he, putrIo A samasyA purNa karo ke puNya dvArA e (vastu) prApta karAya che. sura suMdarI e kahayuM. dhana, cauvana, varaha, mana vallabha meLAvaDo re, puye pAmIje ehare artha - dhana, yauvana, suMda2 za2I2, yogya va2, badhu puNyathI maLe che. Aja praznano mayaNA suMdarI kevo javAba Ape che matinyAyanI re zIlazuM nirmaLa deha saMgati gurUvaMtanI re, puye pAmI je eka artha - nyAyathI puNya buddhi, ziyaLathI pavitra zarI2, guNavAna guNajananI sobata A sarva puNyathI prApta thAya che. taphAvata spaSTa che, bAhya prasiddha, bAhaya puNyano udaya mokSadAyaka nathI banato paNa mayaNAnA javAba pramANe maLatI vastu mokSadAyaka bane che. mATe azuddha puNyana AkarSazo, zuddha puNyane nA tarachoDazo. 3 h /- i ? lI. paMDita samI2 pI.zAha amadAvAda - bhA2ta 9924508071 Samirkushal @ 181 Page #184 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TRI-TEC Congratulations to the JAINA Convention Team and Participants Totol Project Integration ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION AMTEX 800.650.3360 One Stop Source for all Hotel Supplies LANI DALLAS CHARLOTTE P909.383.8626. F: 909.383.8628 BEST WISHES & COMPLIMENTS To 2013 JAINA Convention From Mahendra Solanki Laundry Products Housekeeping/Janitorial NEED SUPPLIES? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! OVER 6,000 Products Sheets/Bedding Towels TNG Mahendra Solanki Real Estate Consultant Electronical Appliances REAL ESTATE Cell Phone: 949-861-0507 CONSULTANTS Office Tel 714-203-8555 Office Fax: 714-203-8556 Email: LA NEO 3000 E Birch Streal Suite 201. Brod, CA 92891 Paper Products Logo Amenities Customizable Amenities Free Shipping* AMTEX Man Cities leading full service provider of perail Approved Tender for major franchise applies to the lodging Industry Toll Free: 800.650.3360 182 Page #185 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Inc. 29278 W. 12 Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (248) 851-JAIN (5246) Tax ID: 38-2368360 Jain Temple Temple Details Total Land: 6 Acres (Two Parcels, 3-acres Each) 2 story structure Total Area of the Building: 25,300 SF Finished First Floor Area: 12,760 SF Prayer Hall: 5,200 SF Temple Area with Ghabhara: 1,170 SF Social Hall & Stage: 6,160 SF Kitchen: 1,000 SF Temple Project Cost: $6.1 Million Construction start date: October 16, 1995 Construction completion: May 1998 Opening Celebration: July 4, 1998 2nd Pratishtha Celebration: August 10-19, 2002 Total Membership: 514 Life Membership: 493 List of Various Murties (Height in inches) Mahavir Swami (41) Parshwanath (37) Adinath (37) Gautam Swami (25) Nakoda Bhairav (25) Manibhadra (25) Ghantakarnaveer (25) Padmawati Devi(25) Laxmi Devi (25) Chakeshwari Devi (25) Saraswati Devi (25) 24 Trithankars in Bhumati Areas (21+ Base) For More Information Contact Arvind R. Shah Telephone Number: (248)-828-1736 Jainism: The Global Impact 183 Page #186 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Chicago Diamond Merchants Congratulate and Extend Best Compliments to JAINA 17th Biennial Convention 2013 Blue Diamonds, Inc. Pankaj Parikh & Family 312-236-2047 Crystal Gems, Inc. Nimish & Jigna Shah 312-368-1850 Diagem, Inc Snehal & Parag Bhansali 312-782-0614 Indian Diamonds, Inc. Jayanti Shah & Family 312-346-4756 Jay Enterprises, Inc. Mahir Taswala & Family 847-367-6616 Milan Imports, Inc. Pragnesh Shah & Family 312-984-5912 Navikan, Inc. Hiren Shah & Family 312-263-2175 P2 Investments, Inc. Prakash Shah & Family 312-201-1001 Paras Diamonds, Inc. Deepak Shah & Family 312-357-0630 Paree Enterprises, LLC Bipin Parikh & Family 312-726-2634 Ronak Gems, Inc. Himesh Jhaveri & family 312-917-1211 Sparkle Gems, Inc. Deepak Doshi & Family 312-782-8995 Star Brilliant, Inc. Nishit Parikh & Family 312-214-1900 Star Gems, Inc. Vilas Jain & Family 312-443-1590 184 Page #187 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra! The Vision Jain Society of Greater Detroit Jain Society of Greater Detroit was founded based on the dreams of the first generation of immigrants landed in this country. On the occasion of the 38th anniversary of our society, Jain Society of Greater Detroit would like to recognize the pioneers who had the foresight and wisdom to create this organization. Starting with a nucleus of only 50 families in 1975, the society has now grown to over 540 families who are engaged in all aspects of practicing the Jain religion. Since 1975, membership and many activities "children and adults study class, picnic, various Pujas, celebration of Paryushan Parv and Parna" grew in the society. With this growth, members had a dream of building a Jain temple in the metropolitan area. To begin to turn the dream in to a reality, centrally located land in Farmington Hills was purchased in 1989, "Bhoomi poojan" was performed in 1991, "Shila Ropan" was performed in 1992, design was completed and the construction of the Temple began in 1993. The Temple was designed based on concepts such as "the whole Sangh being able to sit together and participate in various religious activities, replicating Jain Temple architectural details such as the carved marble Shikhar & Niches, Ghabara, Bhumti and dome to give a glimpse to future generations of beautiful Temples in India and encourage them to visit and explore the land of their fore fathers and Jain religion". Our vision of building the temple in a central location, designing the temple to serve the needs of a growing membership and purchasing the adjacent land for future expansion will serve the members well in to the next millennium. Thirty-Eight years of member's collective dreams became a reality when we completed the construction of a beautiful temple and had the historic Pratishtha Mahotsav ceremony during the July 4th weekend of 1998. Many of us worked tirelessly for over 10 years to build this magnificent temple. Upon entering the temple on various occasions many of us had tears of joy in our eyes. The temple is going to ensure the continuity of Jainism in this country for many generations to come. The activities at the Temple are blossoming, from daily pujas to Snatra puja every Sunday, the regular Swadhyay of Sundays and Wednesday, bimonthly study classes, JOY related activities, etc. A beautiful, peaceful, serene temple... Our Jain Temple - A place to worship, meditate, break away from bondage of materialistic life, achieve inner peace within ourselves, meet friends and a place where we are trying to replicate our memories of the past. We are determined to make it a better place, a place which will be worthy of calling a Tirth, where people from all over the world and especially from India will come to visit as a Tirth. We envision the temple becoming an educational place, where classes are conducted for people of all ages to meet the challenges of lifelong learning. We are encouraging continuous learning, resulting in better human beings with happy soul and body. We are envisioning that everyday at least 100 people visits, perform religious rituals, pray, meditate and learn and thus becoming a living example of people who are practicing non-violence of mind, speech and action. We envision educating every member, regardless of their spoken language, in Jain principles to elevate their knowledge, understanding and practice of Jainism. Swadhyay classes (teaching of Jain principals ) taught by our society members and regular visits by religious leaders will ensure that these activities will continue to expand in the future and will become a central part of our daily life. Also, We envision that all religious activities that are performed in the Society will be understood and Jainism: The Global Impact 185 Page #188 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ H. Jain & CO. Accounting & Tax Consultan's For over 20 years we have built our business by helping other businesses fulfill their potential These businesses operate across a wide range of industries including: We pride ourselves on personalized service. Our professional team has specialized knowledge and experience in the following areas: * Hospitality (Hotel/Motel) - Construction/Contractors Manufacturing * Retail and Service Industries Gas Stations and Convenience Stores Wholesale Distribution * Government Contractors * Computer Software Consulting Set Up Small Business Corporations - Install Accounting software package Monthly and Quarterly Bookkeeping Services * Individual, Partnership and Corporation Tax Planning and Preparation * Payroll Services Including Quarterly and Annual Taxes * Representation before IRS and other tax authorities Why Choose Us? Personal Attention * Industry Specific Expertise * Diverse Service Offerings * Technology and Resources * Timely Service * Secured Client Portal for file transfer Himanshu Jain, CPA, CA (India) H. Jain & Co 925 Rand Rd. #208/210 Arlington Heights. IL-60004 Phone (847) 368-8850 Fax (847) 368-8815 E-mail: Jai Jinendra & Best Compliments From Himanshu & Hema Jain Prathi & Vidhi 186 Page #189 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ cherished by all members of the Society with the other religious groups increased awareness of the Jain Principles behind . Increased role in JAINA activities - Hosted 17th those activities, and the learnt Swadhyay becomes Biennials Jaina Convention-2013 every ones way of life. * Relevance of study class to daily living * Development of next door land We envision our temple becoming a meeting place for youngsters to come and meet their friends and Just as the pioneers paved the way for us to reach cultivate and practice religious rituals. In addition the current stage, we are very confident that the they can play games and sports and concentrate current and next generation will not only meet these towards sharpening their skills. We are encouraging challenges but will enhance the atmosphere in which members to become lifelong friends for keeps by we will live in harmony and peace with the society sharing and caring for each other. at large. The message of Lord Mahavir and all other tirthankars will guide us and the future generations We envision the Jain Society of Greater Detroit will and help us grow largely due to hard work and take on a new change in the decade because it will dedication of members of our organization. be the youth that will carry the torch to practice the Jain religion and uphold the Jain beliefs in the This is the Jain Society's vision for the future and let new millennium. Although it is difficult to preserve us work together to make it a reality. Jainism and our culture as Jains in North America, it is not impossible. With faith and practices, we are We take this opportunity to convey special thanks to able to learn, able to practice, and able to uphold all the volunteers over thirty eight years who have Jainism. Many of us believe that the Jain Society of generously given their time, talent and above all the Greater Detroit will be enhanced and more efficient commitment in many activities to bring the society in the next decade, but most importantly, others to the level it is today. Also, we would like to thank should know and respect our views and our religion. all the members, donors and well wishers for their It is in our vision when someone asks our youth generous financial support and commitment over what religion they are, they say Jain, and everyone the past twenty-five years. will know not only who they (Jains ) are, but also what they stand for. Lastly, we want to thank Executive Committee, B.O.T., their team members and many volunteers LET US ALL CHERISH OUR PROUD PAST for their hard work and coordinating the celebration AND JOIN HANDS TO MAKE A PROMISING of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit's 38th FUTURE. Anniversary, 15th Temple Anniversary and Jaina Convention 2013. As we look ahead, we are facing many challenges and a great deal of opportunities. Signed By: Some of the challenges and opportunities include: Jain Society of Greater Detroit * Debt elimination and financial stability for the future * Increased emphasis on adherence to the Jain principles * Development of the next generation of leaders * Balancing the need for observing the rituals and the philosophical aspects * Enhancing the relationship between Jainism and Jainism: The Global Impact 187 Page #190 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra Congratulations . Best Wishes to We proudly support the Detroit 2013 JAINA Convention JAINA 2013 Convention from Dr. Dhiren A. Shah Chicago, IL Best Compliments to Rekha and Arvind Shah Holiday Inn Express Boonville, MO 3128 Primrose St Elgin IL 60124 847-289-5290 2013 JAINA Convention from Dr. Bhavesh A. Shah St. Charles, IL Maxim Tours Successfully assisted over 11.000 Passengers in 2012 Service with Excellence 2013 Packages Departure Rates starting from 16 DAYS- Australia & New Zealand Sep 19, Oct 24 Nov 7 USD 2695 A leading value oriented full service Indian tour operator based in Orlando Fl. Our professional team of over 25 people at Maxim Tours, distinctively promotes world class travel with grace & autenticity. Our unique hospitality with an Indian touch will make your trip most memorable Deluxe Hotel Accommodation Breakfast, lunch, Dinner (Indian) 12 DAYS - South America USD 2995 Sep 13, Oct 12 & 26 Nov 22 Jun 14. 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Orlando FL, 32822 USA 188 Page #191 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Detroit Jain Temple Starting Top Left-Shikhar with Dhawja, Ghabhara Area with Three Bhagvan, Temple view from North side, Temple View from 12 Mile Rd., 24th Tirthankar Pratishtha Procession 2002 TE GOtel SEG KIDDAG NAMIN NAREDILEX Jainism: The Global Impact 189 Page #192 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AMSCO Alpha Medthrift Scientific Co. Medical, Surgical & Laboratory Equipment & Supplies 16352 5. 104th Avenue, Unit Orland Park, IL 50467 Phone: 708-403-2220 Fax: 708-403-7763 Email: Website: (New Online Ordering System Coming Soon!) Alpha Medthrift Scientific Company (AMSCO) is a full line distributor of medical, surgical, & laboratory equipment & Supplies. Founded in 1985, Amsco Medical has been serving physicians offices laboratories, surgical centers, hospitals, for over 25 years. As a member of IMCO, one of the nation's largest medical supply Co-op, Amsco Medical is able to offer competitive prices on all products. We also provide marketing material on any product line that will help your business continue to grow. Please see below a few pictures of some of the items we can provide to you! WITH BEST WISHES AND COMPLIMENTS Dinesh, Nayna, Sanjay, Nikita & Sima Shah With Best Wishes and Compliments From Mahendra & Kusum Shah Amit, Cheryl, Rani & Sarina Mona, Sachin, Sonia, Tej & Kahini Ketan, Bijal & Maya 190 Page #193 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UROLOGY Comprehensive Urology Michigan's Leading Large Urology Group Committed to Excellence in Patient Care, Research and Education Best Wishes to JAINA from Comprehensive Urology Donald E. Moylan, MD Muzammil M. Ahmed, MD Kari A. Aretakis, MD Marc S. Arnkoff, MD Jamie M. Bartley, DO Glenn G. Betrus, MD Frank N. Burks, MD Todd G. Campbell, MD Lucy A. Coccimiglio, DO Thomas A. Coury, MD Albert A. DePolo, Jr., DO Kevin M. Feber, MD Jason P. Gilleran, MD Kenneth A. Goldman, MD Jose A. Gonzalez, MD Mahmood A. Hai, MD Patrick M. Hurley, MD S. Mohammad A. Jafri, MD Marshall Kamer, MD Evan J. Kass, MD Sanjeev A. Kaul, MD David J. Kearney, MD Howard J. Korman, MD Vijay K. Kotha, MD Kenneth Lim, DO Michael E. MacDonald, MD Sabry G. Mansour, MD William J. McDeviu, DO Thomas J. Mertz, MD Jeffrey L. O'Connor, MD Kenneth M. Peters, MD Amarnath Rambhatla, MD Darryl R. Reaume, DO Bradley H. Rosenberg, MD Samuel K. Rosemberg MD Ronald A. Rubenstein, MD Philip J. Shalhoub, MD Sugandh D. Shetty, MD Kashif Siddiqi, MD Larry T. Sirls, MD, FACS James B. Smith, MD William F. Spencer, MD Jon E Suleskey, DO Dinesh J. Telang, MD Jeffrey L. Weingarten, MD Gregory L. Weigler, DO Raymond J. Winfield, MD Kirk J. Wojno, MD Jeffery C. 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ACC joined hands with JCSC in organizing annual health fair for community in Southern California. We offer many screening services that are very popular amongst Indian community. This has become a sought after event. We all have wondered about making a Global Impact as an Organization but ran into many roadblocks like not being able to apply for a grant as a religious organization. Unable to receive matching donations from corporations as Religious Organizations! We in Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) members were no different and after long debate and exploration including getting advised from attorneys, we finally hired a firm who were consultants to help with forming a Non-Profit organization that could offer members such opportunities! As a result, Anekant Community Center (ACC) was born in 2005. A Pathshala student from ANEKANTVAD proposed name Anekant. ACC is a Registered 501- C-3 Non-Religious/Non-Profit Organization with separate Board of Directors and an IRS Tax ID # 2. Anaheim Health Fair - Started in 2007 with the help City of Anaheim and GBS Linens, this is the biggest One-day health fair that occurs annually in Southern California. More than 1100 people were seen in 2012. For the first time, we could also perform free procedures on 45 patients in 2012. 3. ACC started annual surgical camps at Vyara with Tarsadia Foundation from 2007. The camp is for 3 days and we have done from 127 to 197 operations in 3 days. So far we have been able to help more then 1050 people. This was recorded in Limca Book of Records in 2012. Anekant Community Center (ACC) is a non-profit organization for enhancing health, Education, Culture and community awareness of non-violence way of life. ACC's missions are: 4. Hampshire Medical Missions - Started in 2010 with the help of Hampshire hotel in Balito, South Africa. More than 775 Cataract Operations have been performed. Ministry of Health and Rotary Club of Zimbali have joined in these missions. A. To foster, promote and support the health, education and culture in Southern California. B. To educate and assist seniors to improve their quality of life. C. To teach, commemorate and celebrate cultural activities. D. To perform a variety of community Outreach programs. 5. Free Clinic in Rajpipla - plans are under way to start a daily free clinic at Sugar Factory in Ralpipla, India. This will be with Tarsadia Foundation. ACC has Global Impact thus far in all areas in last Eight years. The following are their activities World Over: EDUCATION 1. Health Educational programs on various diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack etc. 2. Medical Camps in Bangalore, India - To educate undergraduate students of Anteaters Medicine Abroad about organizing medical/surgical camps, ACC organized annual camps in Bangalore with the help of Lions Club from 2011. HEALTH - "Health is the Best Wealth One Can Ever Have" - Nitin Shah. Greatest need is in this area World over! Jainism: The Global Impact 193 Page #196 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Blessings Motivation, Inspiration, and Guidance from religious and spiritual pioneer, Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji Maharaj ACHARYA SUSHIL KUMAR JI MAHARAJ "Non-violence is the key to global survival" - Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj CONGRATULATIONS TO JAINA FOR CONTINUED SERVICE TO JAINISM AND JAINS IN NORTH AMERICA -JAIN FAMILY (NEERAJ & PARVEEN, RUPALI & PUNEET, AND NAVITA & MANO) (SAN JOSE, CA, JULY 2013) 194 Page #197 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 3. Free Community Health fairs locally in for various Ethnic communities. We believe that ACC is on its way of fulfilling its mission to make a Global Impact on people around the World! There are 100s of Volunteers in Southern California and abroad who make these missions and activities happen. SENIORS - Many of our educational, Cultural and Health related activities benefit seniors. Tender Care Community Outreach Program (TCCOP) volunteers visit seniors and others who are sick in the hospitals/ senior homes and/or Hospice to help and spend time with needy people. If this is something that you &/or your organization wants to do and if reading this has inspired you to start any of the above at your organization or have any questions - Please contact Dr. Nitin Shah (Immediate Past President of ACC) at 562-2449035 or email him at CULTURAL ACTIVITIES ACC has done variety of programs to promote culture like East meets West, Manipuri dances, Antakshri, Kathak dances etc. We will Love to help you. There are many Volunteers who work on different projects and I will connect you with the right person for the desired project! COMMUNITY OUTREACH 1. TCCOP Provides weekly breakfast and monthly Lunches and Dinner to more then 800 Homeless people per month in Southern California. 2. We have done many community health fairs locally and Internationally in India, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. " ANO 3. We have also supported Cancer Screening Camps in India by Nalini Shah Cancer Funds where in thousands of patients have been screened for breast, cervical and oral cancers. BEST WISHES TO JAINA ON THEIR 17TH BIENNIAL MATCHING FUNDS/GRANTS - ACC has received matching contributions from Bank of America, Meryl Lynch, Verizon etc. companies initiated by community members. In 2012 we have been successful in getting a grant from Edison Co. We have also received donations from family owned Tarsadia Foundation, Agarwal Family Foundation, Sarva Mangal Family Trust etc. as well. CONVENTION IN MICHIGAN FUTURE PROJECTS 1. Zambia Medical Mission in August, 2013 2. Medical Missions to South Africa and India in October, 2013 3. Medical Missions to India in January 2014 4. Fiji in April 2014 and so on Bipin and Vijaya Shah Jainism: The Global Impact 195 Page #198 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ bAvIsa abhakSyo aMge vicAraNA ApaNe badhAM atyaMta bhAgyazALI chIe ke, ApaNane ati ati durlabha mAnava bhava maLyo che. A mAnava bhava kevo durlabha che tenI vAta jainazAstramAM karelI che. TUMkamAM je dasa vastu durlabha che te maLe to paNa mAnava bhavamaLavo muzkela che AmAM paNa durlabhatA utarottara anekagaNI vadhatI jAya che. bIjo jANIto dAkhalo paNa ApaNane khabara che te A pramANe che, tistRlokamAM Avela chello samudra "svayaMbhUramaNa" tenA eka kinAre ApaNe soyanAkhIe ane bIje kinAre doro nAkhIe. pachI samudranA taraMgathI soya ane doro dhIme dhIme aMdara javA mAMDaze, ane eka samaya evo Avaze ke, banne najIka Avaze, ane amuka samaya pachI soyamAM doro poravAI jaze. A kArya ati muzkela - ati kaThina che. mAnava bhava maLavo AnAthI paNa kaThina che. jo mAnava bhava ATalo kaThina hoya to mAnava bhavanI zuM jarUra che? vitarAge kaheluM ane zAstramAM che ke, mokSa joItuM hoya to - athavA mukti joItI hoya to mAnava bhavamAM ja maLaze. mATe ApaNane jo mokSanI abhilASA hoya to mAnava bhavamAM janma levo ja paDaze. ane mAnava bhava vagara mukita nathI. zAstramAM to tyAM sudhI kahyuM che ke, deva, nAraka ane tiryaMca paNa kyAre mAnavabhava maLe enI rAha jotA hoya che. bIjuM karmanI nirjarA mAnavabhavamAM ja thAya che. (yugalika sivAya) mATe mokSa joItuM hoya to mAnava bhava vagara chUTako ja nathI . ApaNA kALa ane kSetra (bharata) nI apekSAe, pAMcamAM ArAmAM janmelAnA mokSa pamADe tevAM utkRSTa pariNAma ne AvavAthI, koIne mokSa nahIM maLe tema kahI zakAya. paraMtu koI kAraNasara bIjA kSetramAM mahAvideha) janmelAne koI deva bharata kSetramAM lAve ane te jIva mokSagAmI hoya to ahIMthI(bharata kSetrathI) paNa mokSe jaI zake che. tevI rIte ApaNAMmAMthI koIne deva apaharaNa karIne mahAvidehamAM laI jAya to paNa ApaNe mokSa nathI. have jo mokSamAM javuM che to thoDI pUrva taiyArI karavI paDaze. mokSa jatA pahelAM samyakatva pAmavuM ja paDaze. tenA vagara mokSa nathI. A kALamAM ane A kSetramAM sakhyatva jarUrathI maLI zake che. mATe ApaNA mATe ochAmAM ochuM samyakatva maLe tene mATe pragati karavI ucita che. to A samyakatva mATe zuM karavuM? vitarAge kaheluM ane zAstramAM che ke, samyakatva hovAnA guNo nIce pramANe batAvela che. A guNonI hAjarI hoya to te vyakitamAM samyakatva hoI zake tema kahI zakAya. cokkasathI khabara na paDe. cokkasa to kevalI ja kahI zake, pahelIvAra samyakatva meLavavA mATe A pramANe guNo joIe. che, 1. manuSyapaNuM. 2 dharmanuM zravaNa. 3. dharmamAM zraddhA- sadagurunI prApti. 4, saMyama - tyoga- viratimAM vIrya. - JAINA Convention 2013 196. Page #199 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ vitarAge - ane zAstramAM ema paNa kahela che ke, uparanA guNo prApta karavA mATe AhAra zuddhinI khAsa jarUra che. AhAra zuddhi eTale tAmasI khorAkano tyAga, to A tAmasI khorAko zuM che? zAstramAM ane vitarAganA kahevA pramANe bAvIsa prakAranA AhArane tAmasI khorAka kahe che. Ane abhakSya paNa kahe che. ApaNe ApaNI jAtane jaina gaNatA hoIe to, A bAvIsa abhakSya AhArano tyAga karavo atyaMta jarUrI che. kavio kahI gayA che ke, AhAra tevo oDakAra AhAra mananA vicArone doSita karanAra che. AhAra vacananI pApone vadhAranAra che. AhAra kAyAnA kartavyone eTakA vanAra che. AhAra aneka jIvono saMhAra karanAra che. mATe vAMco - vicAro ane tyAga karo. kavioe ema paNa kahyuM ke, anna sAruM tenuM mana sAruM mana sAruM tenuM jIvana sAruM jIvana sAruM tenuM maraNa sAruM maraNa sAruM teno paraloka sAro. AhAra zuddhithI phAyado zuM? AhAra zuddhithI vicAra zuddhi, vicAra zuddhithI vartana zuddhi Ave che. rAjasI ane tAmasI AhArathI manamAM kaluSita vicAro utpana thAya che. aneka rogonI utpati thAya che, aneka jIvonI hiMsA thAya che. anAcAranI kriyA thAya che. ane jIve adhogatine mArge jAya che. rAjasI khorAkathI pramAda vadhe che. tAmasI khorAkathI vikAro- kaSAyo vadhe che. sAtvika AhAra, anAja, kaThoLa, phaLaphaLAdi, dUdha, dahIM, ghI, chAsa, zAka, bhAjI vagerethI mananI nirmaLatA, cittanI prasannatA, ane vicAronI zuddhi thAya che. jethI AtmAnuM udarvagamana thAya che. mATe rAjasI - tAmasI AhArano tyAga karavo ja lAyaka che. A bAvIsa abhakSya vitarAge - ane zAstramAM batAvela che te ApaNe laIzuM. Jainism: The Global Impact 197 Page #200 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ eka vAta khAsa khyAla rAkhavAnI ke, abhakSya eTale khAvA lAyaka nahI - je vastu khAtA nathI chatAM tenA paccakhANa na levAnA kAraNe tenA pApoM lAge che. mATe niyama laI teno avazya tyAga karavo jethI pApothI bacAya che. bhakSya ane abhakSya jIva vicAra pramANe A viSaya upara vAta karatAM pahelA ApaNe jIva hiMsA mATe thoDI vAta karIe. ApaNo dharma ahiMsA praghAna che. dharmano mukhya AdhAra staMbha ahiMsA ja che. Ama joIe to duniyAnA moTA bhAganA dharma A ja pharamAna kare che. mATe banI zake to sarva jIvonI saMpUrNa rakSAnA ja bhAva hovA joIe. zrAvaka dharma mATe saMpUrNa rakSA na thAya to te jIvonI jayaNA karavI ja joIe. ApaNe kAyama mATe niraaparAdhI trasa jIvonI rakSA karavI, sthAvara jIvonI jayaNA mATe uttamavaMta rahevuM joIe. eka vAtakhAsa khyAla rAkhavAnI ke bIjA jIvone sukha ApavAthI, potAne paNa sukha maLe che. jo jIvadayAnA vicAra ucca haze to lAMbu AyuSya ane sAruM Arogya maLaze. jenAmAM prANa hoya te jIva kahevAya, jenA vaDe jIvAya te prANa ane dareka prANIne prANa hoya. nohiMsA eTale zuM? upara jaNAvela pANanI hatyA karavI, IjA pahoMcAMDavI, herAna karava, prANane ruMdhavavA, prANane laI levA.... vagerene jJAnIo hiMsA kahe che. ApaNe ghaNIvAra jIva marI gayo kahIe chIe - ahIM apekSA e rAkhavAnI ke pANIno nAza thayo che. bAkI AtmAno kI paNa nAza thato nathI. zarIrano AtmA sAthenA chUTakArAne maraNa athavA mokSa kahe che. ApaNe je jIvonI hiMsA ochI karazuM to jayAre te jIvo ApaNI sAme pharIthI Avaze tyAre - kadAca ApaNane abhayadAna Apo. zrAvaka dharmane eka AnI dharma kahevAya che. jayAre sAdhu dharmane soLa AnI dharma kahe che. ApaNe eka AnI mAMthI soLa AnI tarapha javAnuM che. jainazAstramAM koIpaNa jIvanI hatyA karavAnI chUTa ja nathI (eka thI pAMca indriyA zrAvaka dharmamAM eka indriya jIvo nI hatyA vagara cAle tema nathI, mATe tenA mATe prAyazrita che. - bAkI be thI pAMca Indriya jIvonI hatyA karAya ja nahI. bIjI vAta khAsa dhyAna rAkhavAnI ke, eka indriya nI hatyA karavA karatA be indriyanI hatyA karavAthI anekagaNuM pApa lAge che. * JAINA Convention 2013 198 Page #201 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ bhakSya ane abhakSya jIvano sAmAnya artha sau prathama ApaNe bhakSya ane abhakSyano sAmAnya artha jANIe bhakSya: je AhArano upayoga karavAthI prAyaH nukazAna na thAya. abhakSya je AhArano upayoga karavAthI kAika nukazAna thAya gaNadharavAdamAM Ave che te pramANe zarIra ane AtmA jUdA che. tethI je AhAra zarIra mATe bhakSya che te AhAra levAthI AtmA upara karmalAge ane napaNa lAge. tevI rIte je AhAra zarIra mATe abhakSya hoya teno upayoga karavAthI AtmAM upara karma lAge ane na paNa lAge. dA.ta. zarIvALAne barapha abhakSya che, sAkara ghaNAne mATe abhakSya che. A abhakSya AhAro samaye samaye badalAtA rahe che, tenuM ApaNe barAbara dhyAna rAkhIe chIe jethI bhaviSyamAM zarIrane nukasAna na thAya, Ane DokaTaranuM lIsTa kahI zakAya, te ApaNe kAyama khissAmAM ja rAkhIe chIe. jayAre AtmA mATenA abhakSya AhAro (jeno upayoga karavAthI AtmA upara karmo lAge che.)- pApa lAge che. vagere. - AvA AhAro jainazAstra pramANe bAvIsa che. - Ane moTA DokaTaranuM lIsTa kahevAya che. have ApaNe A AhAro vigatavAra laizuM. bAvIsa abhakSyanuM varNana sau prathama ApaNe cAra mahAvigaIyono vicAra karIe, 1. madha, ra. maMdirA, 3, mAMsa, 4. mAbA, A cAra mahAvigaIyo vAparavAthI, vigaI eTale vikRti kare che. dareka vigaImAM te te raMganA asaMkhya be indriya jIvonI utpati thAya che. je vAparavAthI vikArI vRti, kAmavAsanA temaja aneka rogonI utpatI thAya che ane citta bhrama thAya che. A rIte aneka jIvonI hiMsA thavAthI teno zAstramAM niSedha karelo che. A vAparavAthI durbuddhi Ave che. ane aneka rogothI mAnavajIvana bhraSTa thAya che. ane jIvane adhogatine mArge laI jAya che 1. madha: mAkhI, mamarI, kuMtAnA phuMkamAMthI bane che. madhamAkhIne trAsa ApIne madha kADhavAmAM Ave che, aneka azakta baccA dhumADAthI guMgaLAIne marI jAya che. madhurasanI ciAsa thI trasa jIvo kIDI vagere coMTIne marI Jainism: The Global Impact 199 Page #202 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ jAya che. kahevAya ke, madhanA biMdumAtranA bhakSaNathI sAta gAmane agnithI bALI nAkhavA karatAM vadhAre pApa lAge che. madha davA mATe paNa vAparavuM joIe nahIM. tenA badale cAsaNI, sAkara vagere vAparI zakAya che. 2. madirA: vAparavAthI buddhi bhraSTa thAya che. mANasa bebhAna jevI avasthAmAM rahe che. gUDha vAto pragaTa kare che. viveka, saMyama, zauca, dayA, kSamA no nAza thAya che. sarva madirAmAM sUkSma jIvo niraMtara utpanna thAya che ane te mare che. madirAnuM sevana karavAthI jIvonI hiMsAnuM pApa lAge che. ane tethI jIvana barabAda thAya che. 3. mAMsa: paMcendrIya jIvonA vadhathI mAMsa maLe che. lohIthI utpana thayela ane viSTAnA rasa vagerethI taiyAra thayele mAMsanuM bhojana kevI rIte karAya? koInA janma- maraNa mATe nimitta nahI banavuM joIe. aneka jIvonI hiMsArUpa mAMsa vAparavAthI A bhave ane AvatA aneka bhava bagaDe che. mAMsanA upayogathI iSTano viyoga, duHkha, daridratA,durbhAgyapaNuM, vagere saMkaTo bhogavavA paDe che. mATe mAMsano tyAga karavo atyaMta jarUrI che. mahAbhArata, bAIbala, kurAna, gItA vageremAM paNa mAMsano niSedha karela che. 4. mAkhaNa: mAkhaNane chAsamAMthI bahAra kADhayA pachI tarata ja vAparI levuM joIe. jo Ama na karavAmAM Ave to temAM tarata ja te ja raMganA sukSma jIvono samUha pedA thAya che. AthI mAkhaNa abhakSya che. mAkhaNa chAsamAM hoya tyAM sudhI bhakSya che. bahAra kADhayA pachI tarata ja te abhakSya thAya che. mAkhaNa kAmavAsanA utpanna karanAra che. cAritra, sadAcAra mATe hAnikartA che. jethI sarvajJa bhagavaMtoe jJAnathI joine niSedha karela che. mAkhaNa kara tAM ghI , dUdha, dahIMno upayoga karavAthI baLa, kAMti, buddhi, ane vIryane puSTa karanAra che. ane mAkhaNa aneka jIvonI hiMsA karanAra che, mATe teno tyAga karavo ucita che. 5. ane 6. barapha ane karA: A banneno Ahara karavAthI sarakhA doSa lAge che. vijJAne sAbita karela che ke pANInA eka biMdumAM asaMkhya jIvo hoya che. pANIne mazInamAM ThaMDu karavAthI barapha bane che, baraphanA kaNe kaNe asaMkhya jIvo hoya che. karA, hima, pANInuM ghana svarUpa che. barapha, AIsakrIma, baraphanA goLA, sarabato, kulphI, ThaMDA pINA vageremAM vaparAya che tethI te abhakSya bane che. aneka rogonI utpati thAya che ane aneka jIvonI hiMsA thAya che. AIskrImamAM ghaNIvAra iMDAno rasa paNa hoya che. A badhA gUDha jhero che, je dhIme dhIme zarIramAM prasarIne aneka rogonI utpatinuM kAraNa bane che. mATe A prakAranA AhArone abhakSyamAM gaNelA che. - JAINA Convention 2013 200 Page #203 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 7. jhera: somala, aphINa, dhaturo, AkaDo, vagere aneka prakAranA jhero che. je vadhu paDatA vAparavAthI prANaghAtaka banI zake che. bIDI, sIgAreTa, cirUTa, calama, chIMkaNI, vagere paNa dravya, ane bhAva Arogyane nukazAna kare che. mATe uparanA badhA AhAra abhakSya che. 8, mATI, mATIno upayoga karavAthI kensara jevA rogo thaI zake che. sarva prakAranI mATI, kAcuM mIThuM, khaDI, khAro, vagere abhakSya che. tenA kaNe kaNe pRthvIkAyanA asaMkhya jIvo hoya che. A vAparavAthI patharIno roga, pAMDu roga, pittanI bimArI jevA rogo thAya che. mATI saMpUrNIma jIvonI yoni rUpa che. mATe abhakSya che. cAka, cUno, geru vagere acita hovAthI upayoga karI zakAya che. 9. saMghANa - boLa athANuM. kerI, lIMbu, gaMdA, keraDA, karamadA, kAkaDI maracAno saMbhAro vagere taiyAra karela hoya to traNa divasa sudhI bhakSya hoya che, cothe divase athANAmAM eka prakAranA trasa jIvonI utpati thAya che ane te temAM ja kare che. taDake kaDaka thayA vinAnA athANAmAM beindriya jIvo utpanna thAya che. eMThe hAthe sparza karelA athANAmAM saMpUrNIma paMceindriyonI utpati thAya che tethI trasa jIvonI hiMsAno doSa lAge che. chaMdo murabbo vagere ne traNatAranI cAsaNI na thaI hoya to na khape. athANAno svAda pharI jAya to temAM beindriya jIvonI utpati thayela che tema mAnavuM. mATe te abhakSaya gaNAya che. 10.rAtribhojana: sUryanA asta thayA pachI bIje divase sUryano udaya thAya tyAM sudhI lagabhaga cAra pahorane rAtri gaNavAmAM Ave che. sUryAsta pachI aneka sUkSma jIvonI utpati thAya che je lAITanA prakAzamAM dekhAtI nathI, ane bhojanamAM AvI javAthI nAza pAme che. rAtre jamavAthI ajIrNa thAya che, Arogya bagaDe che, ALasa vadhe che ane savAre UThavAnuM mana thatuM nathI. AnAthI rogonI utpati thAya che. rAtre bhojana karavAthI jherI jaMtunI lALa AvI jAya to mRtyu paNa thaI zake. sUryAsta pachI pANI pIvuM te lohI barAbara che. ane anAja vAparavuM te mAMsa barAbara che. rAtribhojana karavAthI ghuvaDa, kAgaDA, bilADI, gIdha, bhUMDa, vagere bhavomAM janma levo paDe che. bIjuM khAsa dhyAna rAkhavAnuM ke, rAtrinI najIkanI be ghaDI ane sUryodayanI pachInI be ghaDIomAM paNa bhojana avazya tajavAnuM che. AcAryoe rA tri bhojanane narakanA davAra sAthe sarakhAvela che. pazu- paMkhIo paNa prAyaH rAtre khAtA nathI, khorAkano sUryodaya sAthe ja saMbaMdha che. rAtre bhojana karavAthI jalaMdharano roga, ulaTI, buddhinI maMdatA, tAva, jhera Ave to maraNa jhADA, svarabhaMga jevA bhayAnaka rogo thavAnI zakyatA che. rAmAyaNa, mahAbhArata, tevA aneka zAstromAM rAtrI bhojanane mahApApa kahela che. mATe teno tyAga karavo atyaMta jarUrI che. Jainism: The Global Impact 201 Page #204 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 11. vidaLa: je kaThoLamAMthI tela na nIkaLe tene vidaLa kahevAya che. vidaLa sAthe kAcA dUdha,dahIM, ke chAsa meLavavAthI temAM tarata ja beindriya jIvonI utpati thAya che, vidaLane sAmAnya rIte kaThoLa dhAnyamAM kahIe chIe. - jemAMthI tela na nIkaLe ane tenI be sarakhI phADa thAya te vidaLamAM gaNAya che. dA. ta. caNA, maga, maTha, tuvera, coLA, dALanA loTa, dALa, vagere vidaLamAM gaNAya che. Ane kAcAM dUdha, dahIM, ke chAsamAM bhegA karavAthI abhakSya bane che. dUdha, dahIM, ke chAsane khUba garama karela hoya ane ThaMDA thayA pachI kaThoLa sAthe vaparAyato temAM doSa nathI lAgato. dUdha, dahIM, ke chAsane svabhAvika rIte ThaMDA pADavA joIe. garama karyA pachI jo repharIjareTaramAM mUkavAmAM Aveto pharIthI garama karavA paDe che. garama karavAthI jo dahI ke chAsa phATI jatA hoyato mIThuM ke bAjarIno loTa nAkhavAthI nahI phATe. dahIM vaDA, zrIkhaMDa, kaDhI, rAyatA vagere vAparatA bahu ja upayoga rAkhavo jarUrI che. kevalI bhagavaMtoe temanA jJAnamAM aneka jIvonI utpati joI che. mATe ApaNe jaina bhAI - bahenoe sAvacetI rAkhavAnI jarUra che. 12 calitarasa: rUpa, rasa, gaMdha, sparza vagere badalAI jAya tene "calitarasa" kahevAya che. kohI gayela zAka, bhAjI, vAsI vastuo vagere temaja jeno svAda badalAI jAya to te badhA calitarasa che. svAdamAM khorAza lAge, gaMdha kharAba thaI jAya to A vastuomAM trasa jIvo - teja raMgavALA lALiyA jIvo, lIlI sapheda chArI pApaDa upara thAya to te nigodanA jIvo utpanna thAya che. anaMta jIvamaya nigodanA ane trasa jIvonI hiMsAnA kAraNe calitarasa abhakSya che. roTalI, roTalA, bhAkharI, dALa, bhAta, zAka, zIro, lApasI, bhajiyA, vagere rAtri vyatIta thayA pachI vAsI gaNAya che. temAM pANIno aMza hovAne kAraNe beindriya jIvonI utpati thAya che. ApaNA mATe ezya che. garIbo, kutarA, gAya vagerene ApatAM trasa jIvonI hiMsA thAya che ane teno doSa ApanArane lAge che. calitarasa tathA vAsI vastuo khAvAthI Arogya bagaDe che, jhADA ulaTI thAya che. koIvAra maraNa paNa thAya che. mATe teno tyAga karavo. 13. bahubIja: je phaLo ke zAkamAMthI be bIja vacce aMtarapaDa hoya nahI athavA bIje bIja aDelA hoya- temaja jemAM bIjane judAM judAM khAsa sthAna ke khAnA nathI te bahubIja jANavA. jemAM khAvAnuM thoDuM Ave che ane jIvahiMsA ghaNI ja thAya che tethI teno tyAga karavo. lIlA ke sUkA aMjIramAM bIja ghaNA hovAthI teno tyAga karavo. jAmaphaLa, ane dADamanA bIja kaDaka hovAthI sacita jIvavALA hoya che tethI te ekAsaNAmAM ke beAsaNAmAM na khape. kobIja ke phlAvara nA pAMdaDA para sUkSma jIvo hoya che tethI na khape. koThIbaDA, TIbarU, rIMgaNI, khasakhasa, rAjagaro, kaMTolAmAM puSkaLa bIjo hoya che. tethI teno Arogya ane jIva hiMsAnI draSTIe tyAga karavo. 14. veMgaNa: sarva jAtinA rIMgaNA abhakSya che. temAM bahu bIjo hoya che ane tenI TopImAM sUkSma trasa jIvo hoya che. rIMgaNAnI sUkavaNIno paNa niSedha karelo che. mahAbhArata jevA aneka zAstromAM paNa teno niSedha karelo che. ane A - JAINA Convention 2013 202 Page #205 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ vAparavAthI aneka rogonI utpati thAya che, niMdrA vadhe che, pitta thAya che, kAmavAsanA utpanna kare che, mATe tene abhakSyamAM gaNela che. 15. tucchaphaLa: caNIbora, pILuM, piyuM, guMdI, jAMbu, sItAphaLa, vageremAM khAvuM thoDuM ne pheMkI devAnuM vadhAre che. je khAvAthI tRpti thatI nathI, ke zakita maLatI nathI te tucchaphaLa che. mATe te abhakSya che, ane vAparavA nahIM. 16. ajANyA phaLa: jenuM nAma nathI jANatA, te badhA ajANyA phaLamAM Ave. A phaLo vAparavAthI AtmaghAta thAya che, jethI tevA ajANyA phaLa vAparavAM nahIM. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. TeTA- TeTIo : pAMca ubara phaLo: 1, uMbaro, 2, kALo uMbaro, 3, vaDanA TeTA, 4, pIpaLAnA TeTA, 5.plakSanI TeTI: pAMca uMbara phaLo che jemAM jhINAM jhINA agaNita bIjo che. A jIvana nirvAha mATe jarUrI nathI. phakta rogotpAdaka che. je vAparavAthI darekamAM jIvo hovAthI teno nAza thAya che. jethI abhakSya che. 22. anaMtakAya : eka zarIramAM anaMta jIvo hoya tene sAdhAraNa vanaspatikAya, anaMtakAya jIvo athavA bAdara nigodanA jIvo kahevAya che. jemAM naso, sAMdhA, gAMThA, tAMtaNAM, resA dekhAya nahI jenA be sarakhA bhAga thAya. jene chedIne vAvavAthI pharIne uge che te anaMtakAya jIvo kahevAya. anaMtakAya jIvomAM anaMta jIvo hovAthI, te nahIM khAvAthI anaMtA jIvone abhayadAna ApyAnuM phaLa maLe che. anaMtakAyanA jIvo vAparavAthI bhavAMtaramAM jIbha maLatI nathI ane anaMtakALa rakhaDavuM paDe che. mATe te abhakSya che ane teno tyAga karavo atyaMta jarUrI che. anaMtakAya A pramANe che: bhUmikaMda, lIlI haLadara, lIlo Adu, suraNa, vraja, lIlo kacUro, zatAvarI velI, virAlI velI, kuvara pAThuM, thora, gaLo, lasaNa, kAMdA, poMka, vAMsakArelA, gAjara, luNI, loka, garamara, kisalaya, khIrasuA kaMda, thega, lIlI motha, luNa vRkSanI chAla, khIloDA, mULanA pAMca aMgo, bilADInA Topa, vatthalAnI bhAjI, aMkurA phUTela kaThoLa, pAlakanI bhAjI, suaravallI, komaLa AmaLI, baTeTA, ratALu, AmalI dareka jAtanA kumaLA phaLo. A rIte upara jaNAvela bAvIsa abhakSya na khAvAno zAstramAM nirdeza karela che. mATe ApaNe jaina bhAIo ane bahenoe A bAvIsa abhakSyano jarUrathI tyAga karavo joIe. ane Ano tyAga karavAthI samyakatva sanmukha jarUrathI thavAya che ema jJAnIe kahela che. FROM: SWADHYAY GROUP OF JAIN SOCIETY OF GREATER DETROIT Jainism: The Global Impact 203 Page #206 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Best Compliments to JAINA Sanjay & Anisha Shah Spruha & Sneh satyameva jayatA 500 S Hicks Road Palatine, IL 60067 Phone: 847-394-8213 We proudly support the 2013 JAINA Convention AXIOM Genuine Gems Inc. IMPORTERS OF PRECIOUS & 56 Watah Are Noite 16A Chis. Il SEMI-PRECIOUS STO CONSTRUCTION INC. Builder, Developer and General Contractor Phone: 847-259-3350 Arlington Rental tents, party, linen fools & Equipment TEL 012 606-1575. FAX (312) 6-0585. Toll free Ph (0) RITE GEM genuncpensla sb globalnet Thank you for 25 years of support Shobhairath Poonam Dharmil, Bhavil * Kamdar Tent Rental Specialize in Corporate & Back yard events Tablecloth & chair covers Lighting & Decoration ahiMsA paramo dharma With Best Compliments STA CIER CAGO From Jai Jinendra Sunil, Neelam, Naman and Nehal Jain Congratulations to the Detroit Sangh for a very successful JAINA Convention 2013! Vipul-Reshma-Anand-Janvi-Ravi 204 Page #207 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: True Religion with True Science (The Global Impact) - Harendra Shah Jain philosophy is on reliable scientific foundation and has much more to offer. Like modern science, it is based on logic, experience, reasoning, common sense, self-initiatives and self-efforts. like Obesity, heart related, cancer and diabetic. And Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. So far so good, Jainism and modern science agree to a great extent. Jain scriptures provide classical knowledge not only about life and consciousness but also about the external world. The description of the universe (space), structure and dynamics of matter, time and principle of nothing can be created or destroyed - puts Jainism on a sound scientific footing. Modern scientific discoveries supposed to be advantageous to all living beings and some are like medical science - But many of them, driven by individual, corporate and national greed, have put overemphasis on material welfare and misled humans to use science and technology to exploit human themselves, animals and natural resources. This has resulted into degradation of socio-moral norms, modern ecological crisis and increased the possibility of nuclear disaster. Great physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking writes that the universe may be finite, self-contained, no beginning or end in time, and therefore nothing for a creator to do. Doesn't he sound like a Jain scholar? The present discoveries on the weight-less particles like Photon, graviton and gluon are along the lines of the karmic particles as described by Jain thinkers. So is modern genetic science. Jain's unique contribution of Anekaantvaad - Non- absolutism - multiplicity of views is supported by scientific research approaches and Einstein's theory of relativity. However, Anekaantvaad under umbrella of non-violence is much more advanced and offers innovative approach to deal with the fast changing social, cultural, political and psychological situations. For example: World dumps hundreds of millions of tons of toxic waste in environment - every year. About 40 percent of deaths worldwide are caused by water, air and soil pollution. *Annually, United States alone generates 60 million tons of hazardous waste and a total of 11 billion tons of solid waste. 25% of world population lacks clean water. Rise in Greenhouse effect and global temperature. * Potential of Nuclear disaster. There is 52000 of commercial nuclear waste and about 200 million gallons of nuclear waste from production nuclear heads. Jains believe that earth, water, air, plants are also living beings. Science agrees with plants, getting closer to air and invisible living beings. Contrary to this, Jainism has always been staunch protector of nature. Jainism is fundamentally a religion of ecology and has turned ecology into a religion. Jain Food science - vegetarianism - in that - what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and how much to eat is supported by medical doctors. So are Jain contemplation and meditation methods. Modern Science has proved that Vegetarian diets can meet all nutritional needs and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases In addition, the true science should be consisted of continuous act of unconditional compassion. To Jains, science of compassion and non-violence is "way of life". Contrary to this, many technological advances have created new methods of violence: Jainism: The Global Impact 205 Page #208 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ WITH BEST WISHES AND COMPLIMENTS TO 2013 JAINA CONVENTION c from B Dr.Jasvant Modi Rajnikant Modi Vinodchandra Modi And Manu Modi 206 Page #209 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 29000 nuclear warheads which can wipeout the earth several times. * Cruelty to dairy cows and other animals has reached its peak behind the walls of dairy farms and slaughter-houses. They are treated as commodities and ultimately slaughter them well before their natural life spans. In conclusion, modern science needs to adopt two major Jain principles as governing criteria for their research work: a) Continuous act of unconditional compassion towards all living beings including plants, air, water, earth and animals and * In whole world, 140 billion animals are killed annually by the meat, milk, egg and other industries. That is over 4 thousand animals every second. * Meat requires 20 times more resources than equal amount of vegetables. b) protect the nature - environment. If these two Jain principles are adopted as the governing criteria, there will be no act of war, no economic exploitation and no environmental and ecological destruction. This will make modern science a True Science, Super Science. * Animal ingredients in food, detergents, cosmetics and medicines and use of silk, leather and pearls. 20th century wars and genocides have killed over 200 million people and affected life of almost every human being. Everyone knows what nuclear war will wipe out most of the population. There are Such True Science and True Religion will always be complimentary to each other and will make world. IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY LAW OFFICES OF AMARNATH GOWDA, J.D. A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION We expertly handle immigration matters for family, employment, hospital/health-care professionals PERM Labor Certifications including: H-1B, J-1, P-3, F-1, B-1 & B-2 visas & other legal matters 31275 Northwestern Highway, Suite 140 Farmington Hills, MI 48334, USA Phone (248) 932-0630 Fax (248) 932-1909 email: Jainism: The Global Impact 207 Page #210 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Measurable, Inspirational & Transformative" Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention 2013 JAINA From: Center for Global Nonkilling 3653 Tantalus Drive Honululu, Hawaii With Best Wishes and Compliments From Vijay, Prianka, Kimi & Amy Shah Vijay Tilokchand Shah 734-528-0305 USA Shri Chandra Darshan Jain Religious Trust Shri Tilok Darshan Jain Dharamshala Barang apa apcode zrI tiloka darzana jaina dharmazAlA Centrally AC Room & Bhojanshala Facility Taleti Road, PALITANA ph. 02848-242999 Samir Shah Manager (India) Mo: 09825873054 208 Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention jayajinendra From: Sital P. & Suman Jain and Children NewYork LIVE & LET LIVE BEST WISHES TO JAINA CONVENTION Jain Center of South Florida 1960, North Commerce Parkway #11 Weston-Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33326 Page #211 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes for grand success of 2013 JAINA Convention VIOLENCE CE IS A NON-VIO PUPREME SUPRE RELIGION Jain Sangh of New England 223 Middlesex Turnpike. Burlington, MA 01803 209 Page #212 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DRS. HARRIS, BIRKHILL, WANG, SONGE AND ASSOCIATES, P.C. RADIOLOGY SPECIALISTS Serving the Communities of Southeastern Michigan Since 1945 Dearborn, Downriver and Western Wayne Proud to Support THE 17TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION 2013 REZA ABGHARI, MD JESSE AMEZAGA, MD MICHAEL ARSENAULT, DO STEPHEN BAI, MD CHRISTIAN BARTOI, MD KENNETH BARTOLD, MD BRUNO BORIN, DO COSTA BUTERAKOS, MD VITO CASANO, MD JERRY DRAKE, MD ALBERTO FARAH, MD JOHN FINGER, MD NORMA FLORES, MD Jainism - The Global Impact AARON GIBSON, DO CAROLINE HENEIN, DO ASHOK JAIN, MD VLADISLAV JANKULOV, MD TAI KANG, MD IVAN KATTY, MD KEVIN KEARNEY, MD DONG KIM, MD JOON KIM, MD JAMES KOCHKODAN, MD DALE LEE, DO ERIKA LUSTER, MD PAOLO MARCIANO, MD RONALD MEADE, MD 210 GREGORY OLSON, MD CHRISTINE PARK, DO SHAKUNTALA RAO, MD FALGUN RATHOD, MD ROB REED, MD SOPHIA ROUMANIS, MD VENKAT RUDRARAJU, MD GEHRING SAUTER, MD STEVEN SOLIMAN, DO BRENT THOMPSON, MD JEFFREY TRANCHIDA, MD DAVID YATES, MD MICHAEL ZYDECK, MD Page #213 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism-The Worldwide Approach - Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pandithacharyavarya Mahaswamiji Jain Theerthankaras have taught us " How to live escorted by Dharanendra Yaksha and Padmavathi a violence free life". One of the key principles of Yakshi against the evil Kamata who wanted to Jain philosophy is practicing non-violence in every disturb the non-violent pathway is one example. day life by all Jains. By following the principle of Righteous behavior curbs the evil acts of violent Ahimsa (non-violence) one can achieve Moksha incidents. (Nirvana). He or she can gain such a success without harming any living being. It may seem like a difficult The influence of the philosophy of nonviolence path to follow, but in reality it is NOT difficult. Theis global. Many personalities of in various fields Twenty-four Theerthankaras faced some troubles adopted non-violence in their life to solve very as well in their lives but it did not discourage them difficult problems of societies. George Bernard from following the path of non-violence. They Shaw, Swami Vivekananda, Tolstoy, Raja Ram did not harm anyone under any circumstances. Mohan Roy, Vinoba Bhave, Albert Einstein, Mother We can say that the Ahimsa (Non-violence) itself Theresa, and Martin Luther King are some of the is a natural Virtue of all living beings and hence examples that reflect influence of Jain principles. can be called a Dharma (Religion). Aparigraha They all practiced and propagated the lifestyle of (Non-possessiveness) and ultimate practice of non- non-violence. violence are the specific characteristics of Jainism. Anenvironment of non-violence makes everyone feel Some of the basic Jain fundamental principles, such safe, free of threats, and hence promotes unity of all, as compassion and forgiveness have been practiced irrespective of their differences. Societies practicing by other religious practices and traditions with large non-violence could be free of quarrels (sangharsha), followings. Power of self-control enables one to war or criminal acts leading to evolution of societies lead a peaceful, friendly, and harmonious life. There living in peace forever. All lawmakers and judges would not be any quarrel, hate and inhuman acts at always demand that everybody follow rule of law, all, if Jain principles, for example - Anekantvad which for most part promots respecting all and NOT (Multiplicity point of view) were used to resolve the harming others. The differences seem to vanish, due conflicts. Throughout the world fundamental Jain to respect and understanding of their perspective, principles are respected by all. That is why Mahatma even though you may not agree with them. The Gandhi too followed Jain philosophy of simple more we respect others the happier we feel. That is living and Ahimsa (non-violence) to successfully the essence of nonviolence. Globally inhuman acts liberate India from British rule. Violence leads to or criminal vandalism spoils the peace in society disturbance in all aspects of life. Socially violent and integrity of nation. attitude is harmful to all, including those who have such attitudes, and hence should not be permitted Righteous knowledge, character, action and and or acceptable. Human society needs cordial vision is essential. The pathway of nonviolence atmosphere making it possible for all to " Live and brings righteous thinking, positive character and Let Live". harmonious relationship with neighbors. Safe and secure life without fear achieves what we dream. If Ancient Jain scripts depict many upasargas (hurdles) we want to pursue our dreams, we have to adopt faced by the Theerthankaras. They all faced these nonviolent attitude. hurdles with dignity, and were victorious without any use of violence. Lord Parshwanatha being The philosophy of nonviolence enriches strength, Jainism: The Global Impact 211 Page #214 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SCION VESTEEL SIEEL EXCANDEL METAL GRATUICA STARLESS STEEL Scion Steel is a single-source service center stocking a complete line of quality products from North America's top steel mills. * Over 60 years of experience in the steel industry. Value added services include cutting to size all of * Distribution, processing and warehousing of all types our products of steel and metals * Grating is custom manufactured in-house. * Complete delivery service with Scion owned and * Structural steel can be fabricated in-house into operated flat bed trucks. platforms, mezzanines, conveyor headers and more. For more information please contact us: 1.800.288,2127 * WWW.SCIONSTEEL.COM 21555 Mullin Avenue - Warren, MI 48089 - Fax: 586.757 6210 MMBOC. North American Steel Alliance ISO 9001-2000. MSCI Congratulations and Best Wishes for the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention ARGING Stenco Construction Company, L.L.C 12741 Farmington Road Livonia, MI 48150 Tel: (737) 427-8843 Fax: (734)-427-8871 212 Page #215 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ individual families. concentration and peace. A Non-violent attribute enables vikasa (development) of mind that can think creatively to solve the problems in a way that is beneficial to all. Violence leads to vinasha (destruction). AHIMSA PARAMO DHARMA (Non-Violence is Ultimate religion), declared the Jain scholars in their studies, because society or individual will not achieve anything where violence occurs. If we walk towards a healthy, progressive and nonpolluted goal, then we should and must follow and practice nonviolence as the way of life. The United Nations Organization and the leaders of the Commonwealth of Nations propagate peaceful way of life and follow the siddhanta (philosophy) of nonviolence. Today all political leaders, scientists, various religious heads, literary personalities and teachers want a peaceful, friendly nations, societies and JAINAM JAYATHU means the Jain philosophy leads to success. Let the nonviolence free lifestyle bring prosperity, health and peace to all. Kshemam sarva prajanam Best Wishes for Successful 2013 JAINA Convention In memory of Shri Dhanroopmalji Bapna By Bahadur and Leela Bohra Family Smt. Ratan Bapna 213 Page #216 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Best Wishes Jai Jinendra From: Sandeep Garg Manisha Garg Aarush Garg Jugal Kishore Garg Vinod Garg Indubala Singhi Mahendra J. Shah & Family With Best Wishes for the 2013 JAINA Convention - Pravin, Jyoti, Priti, Poorvi, Ami Shah & SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2013 JAINA Convention & Many Thanks to all volunteers Dr. Priti P. Shah, D.C. Gentle Chiropractic Care for All Ages WITHOUT Any Cracking, Popping or Twisting of the Spine Jasvant & Saroj Sheth Tushar Sheth Avani & Simha Kumar 23023 Orchard Lake Road, Building G Farmington, MI 48336 248.885.2493 214 Page #217 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Global Impact Through Increased Transparency - Sharad Jain Most attendees at the JAINA convention would bubble in year 2008, dot-com bubble in year 2000 categorize themselves as either Generation-X" and there were recessions in 1990 and 1980s. In a (1960-1980) or Generation-Y121 (1981-2000). Inw ay, it is a unique trait of brave souls of United States addition, we identify ourselves as the first generation to venture into new things, take risks, sometimes in our respective families to venture outside India or fall and then get back up again. first descendants of Indians who did so. One reason why year 2008 recession was so As globalization becomes the norm and we move frightening is because it originated from lack of from counting our global venture -- in 'years' and transparency in US financial system and brought decades' -- to generations', we find ourselves into question the trust in US dollar as international deeply rooted in foreign cultures. We have adopted currency, which drives much of the world trade. The this new culture, country and neighborhood as our recession was so deep and painful that it led some own. This means that we have a stake in all aspects outside countries to question the benefit of freeof social, economical and political environment market economy in United States. that affect the needs of our family's economical and social needs. We are no longer spectators but Sure, mistakes were made. Politicians and participants of this global family. economists are busy analyzing what happened and how to prevent it in future. Books and articles are It is safe to say that over decades of being here published on the subject of crisis. In the midst of all in United States, we have come to admire and this, one thing stands out. There is a growing sense appreciate what USA stands for. The freedom to of need to bring transparency in financial industry participate equally in free-market economy, achieve and other sectors such as manufacturing, retail, our full potential without the baggage of following healthcare and services industry. mindless traditions and shed cultural barriers has Guess what? Transparency is Jainism compliant. won our hearts. We are proud to be Americans (with rich Indian past, of course). But, when it comes time Jain scriptures and philosophy have a detailed to defend our new American values, are we doing description of "soul". According to Jainism, our part? deception, fraud and falsehood lead to rebirth as animals and vegetables. When a soul detaches Challenges facing (the) US today itself from these karmas, it achieves its natural, transparent state of ever-lasting happiness, In last few years, if you have been the bread earner something that we call moksha. In practice, it starts for your family, I have no doubt that you have with bringing greater transparency into our personal experienced the fallout from US recession. For and professional lives. yuppies31 amongst us, it may have been even harder. The crisis has been averted, even though economy Transparency in financial sector is only recovering slowly and it is still painful for a Financial sector has been the focus of most attention. lot of us. Financial innovation, while good, created opaque instruments, which were hard to regulate. That is In larger picture, recessions are not new in United changing. More disclosures, reducing conflicts of States. We seem to have a rhythm going, with one interest in credit rating agencies and audit firms, recession almost every decadelIt was financial better protection for whistleblower is in. In the end, Jainism: The Global Impact 215 Page #218 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for Grand Success of 17th Biennial JAINA Convention in our Motor town NIMESH & RINKU SHAH NEIL & SAHIL Health Care Team, PC Providing Physical Therapy Services 1380 Coolidge Hwy 620 North Pontiac Trail Road Suite #180 Suite #B Troy, MI 48084 Walled Lake, MI 48390 Tel: (248) 435-8420 Tel: (248)669-9437 With best compliments to 2013 JAINA Convention Suresh & Bina Shah (Troy, MI) Ankur and Nidhi 216 Page #219 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ better transparency without curtailing freedom to innovate will win. Transparency in healthcare Cost of physician and hospital services, drugs, treatment of specific health conditions is a big unknown for average consumers. This is the primary reason why healthcare costs raised so much and so fast in recent times. Now, companies like Castlight Health, PokitDok, Change Healthcare, Clear Health Costs and Health Grades are breaking the traditional monopolies from insurance companies and bringing transparency in healthcare costs. gimmicks that you see on GFE and HUD-1. I can't think of a single company that does better here. Don't even mention Quicken loans. They definitely do loans quick but at a very steep price to pay. With GuaranteedRate, you still leave a lot of money on the table. One might think local broker recommended by friend/family is better. Ask your local broker how much money they make on each loan and they will look at you like what kind of question is that! Transparency and YOU Transparency in retail transportation In retail airline industry, companies like Orbitz, Expedia and Kayak have been pioneers of transparency for over a decade now. As we conclude our auspicious tour to JAINA this year and return to daily lives, let us resolve to look at our personal and professional lives. Evaluate whether our job, our business profits by concealing information or revealing information. For younger folks, this is your time to learn and not earn. Whichever field you pick to work in, pay attention to transparency or lack there of. Resolve to bring transparency. This will help us protect the freemarket economy that previous generation has built and one we seek to protect and benefit from. Transparency in real estate For decades, private multiple listing services (MLS) across United States have kept residential home sales data one step removed from public. A typical consumer only saw what their real estate agent sent them. Now, companies like Redfin, Trulia and Zillow are breaking barriers, making it easier to search for properties, look at publicly available information and make an informed decision. Better yet, seek out lack of transparency in any industry and build a startup around breaking it. Be an entrepreneur! Transparency in residential mortgage market Mortgage brokers have earned a reputation akin to used-car salesman. It is no surprise given how opaque the process of shopping for mortgage is. Even an MBA degree is not match for accounting [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Jainism: The Global Impact 217 Page #220 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Parshwanath Temple-Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh ANONYMOUS DONOR From The Diamond & Color Stone Community, New York 218 Page #221 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Article - Hemlata Shah|| zrI sadgurU nAM caraNomAM Adara sahita vaMdana gurU ciMtana doSa varjana zrI vItarAga paramAtmA anaMtaguno nAM bhaMpAra che ApaNe sau jIvo chadamastha avasthAmAM che, tethI ApaNAmAM guNa ane doSa bane rahelA che AtmAne paramAtmA banAvavA mATe guNonI AvazyakatA ane doSa baneM rahelA che AtmAne paramAtmA banAvavA mATe guNonI AvazyakatA ane doSono tyAga jarUrI che te mATe ApaNa ApaNA gharathIja zarUAta karavAnIche ApaNI najIkanAM svajano, kuTuMbIjano, mitro, paDozIo sAthe no ApaNo vyavahAra kalezarahita haze toja zAMtino anubhava thAya che ApaNA saunA anubhavanI vAta che kejo koi ApaNI prazaMsA kare to temanA mATe ApaNane sArAbhAva thAya che. ApaNA saunA anubhavanI vAta che ke jo koi ApaNI prazaMsA kare to temanA mATe ApaNAne sArAbhAva thAya che. te ApaNane priya lAge che. jyAre koi ApaNI bhUla batAve ke niMdA kare to temane mATe ApaNane durbhAva thAya che. te ApaNane apriya lAge che jo guNa tarapha daSTi haze to sva ane para bane ne lAbha thAya che jayAre doSa daSTi haze to sva ane para banenuM ahita thAya che tenA mULamAM vicArIzuM to khyAla Avaze ke jayAre ApaNe koinA guNa ke doSathI prabhAvita thAya che ane tenI asara ApaNA mAnasa paTa para thatAM te pramANe ApaNuM vartana thAya che guNa daSTi thI ApaNAmAM gunono vikAsa thAya che doSa daSTithI ApaNAmAM doSono vikAsa thAya che tethI sva paranA hitane anulakSIne guNanuM ciMtana ane doSono tyAga karavo. doSa jovAja hoyato te ApaNAmAM jovA jethI ApaNe tene dura karavA puruSArtha karI zakIe. sAmAnya rIte ApaNAmAM be daSTi hoya che 1 odhaSTi 2 cogadaSTi audhadaSTi ne kAraNe rAgadveSa thAya che mArA tArAnAM bhAva thAya che. jIva AgraNI banI jAya che bhautika padArthonI icchA pAya che te maLe to rAga thAya. na maLe to chepa, krodha thAya che jayAre yogadaSTithI jIvane rAgadveSanA bhAva thatA nathI viveka daSTi keLavAya che. jIva AgrahI nathI banato guNa tarapha daSTi rahe che tethI yogadaSTi keLavavA jevI che guNo anaMta che vyavahArIka rIte be prakAra che. 1. laukikaguno 2. lokoTIraguno lauki guNa jayAre ApaNe loko sAthe vyavahAra karIe tyAre je ucita hoya teno khyAla rAkhIne vyavhAra karIe, vANI, vartana, karIe tevA guno jemAM kSA, dAna, nIti, sadAcAra, namratA, lajjA, kulInatA, dakSiNyatA, saMtoSa Adi che A guNIthI jIvano A bhava sudhare che tevA jIvo jIve tyAM sudhI loko temanA A guNonI prazaMsA kare che laukikaguNo thI lokoTIra gunono vikAsa thAya che ane lokottara guNo thI manana, ciMtana, dhyAna Adi AdhyAtmika vikAsa thAya che. lokottaraguNamAM vinaya, viveka, kaMpAyamaMdatA, samatA, saraLatA, svakhata tyAga, vairAgya, sAkSIbhASa, apaparigrahapaNu, vaiyAvacca, dAna, udAratA, udAsIna paNuM anAsakitapaNuM vigere Ave che A guno je vyakitamAM hoya teno AtmAja teno sAkSI hoya che keTalIkavAra bahAranuM vartana A guNo vALuM hoya paNa aMdara thI daMbha rAkhIne vartana kareto khyAla na paNa Ave. tethI ApaNe jAgRta rahevuM ke khArAmAM daMbha, kapaTa mAyAto nathIne? dAna guNa laukika ane lokottara guNomAM Ave che dAnanA pAMca prakAra che jemAM abhyAna ane supAtradAna e lokottara guNamAM Ave che jayAre ucitadAna, anukaMpAdAna ane kIrtidAna e lokika guNomAM Ave che vaiyAvaccano guNa e apratipAti che eTaleke ekavAra jo keLavAyo hoyato bhavAMtaramAM paNa jIva tenA saMskAra sAthe lai jAya che ane evA jIvo ghoDA bhavomAM mukita pAme che jaina zAstramAM naMdipaiNamuninuM vaiyAvacca jANItu che lokottara guNo thI AdhyAtmika vikAsa thAya che guNasthAnakanI jANakArI, teno abhyAsa karI guNazreNie caDhavA puruSArtha karavA mATe guNAnurAgIpaNu atyaMta jarUrI che Jainism: The Global Impact 219 Page #222 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ GLOBAL MARBLE & GRANITE A treasure trave of Manile, Manite & Sandstone THE KITCHEN OF YOUR DREAMS IS ONLY ONE STEP AWAY VISIT US ON THE WEB AND START DESIGNING YOUR DREAM KITCHEN OVER 5000 SLABS IN STOCK MORE THAN 200 COLOR VARIATIONS Address : 50857 Design Ln. 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MI 48312 220 Page #223 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ darzanAvaraNIyako, millAdarzana dUra karavA mATe prabhudarzana karatI samaye prabhumAM rahelA anaMtadarzana, anaMtajJAna, anaMtaguno tarapha daSTi rAkhavAthI sAcI daSTi prApta thAya che gurU bhagavaMtone bhAvapUrvaka vaMdana karavAthI ApaNAmAM namratA Ave che ApaNA jJAnAvaraNIya karmo tUTe che mithyAjJAna dUra thAya che ane sAcu jJAna prApta thAya che ane dharmanA mArge AgaLa vadhI zakAya che dharmanu zaraNa, zrAvakadharmanuM pAlana karI dharmanA mArga pragati sAdhI zakAya che prabhue upadeza ahiMsAno dIdho che saMdeza ane kAMtadaSTi apanAvavAno dIdho che ane Adeza saraLatA apanAvavAno dIdho che. je vyakita saraLa che te mokSamArgamAM jaladI AgaLa vadhI zake che tethIja prabhue debha, mAyA ane kapaTane tvarIta choDavA jevA kaTapA che daMbhane kAraNe vyakita sau prathama potAnI jAtane chetare che jene potAnA hitanI paravA na hoya te bIjAnuM hita kadI karI zake nahIM, nAvaDImAM nAnu sarakhu kANuM hoya to nAvaDI ne pANImA DubADI de che tema daMbha, mAyA, kapaTane to jema jherI jaMtu ApaNA zarIra para coTe to kevI tvarAthI tene dUra karIe tema tene dUra karavA jevA che toja AtmAnuM kalyANa zakya bane che moTaniSakarma pAMca aNuvrata, caitrIbhAva, agAbhAva, saMtoSa, samatA AdiguNo ne keLavavA thI DhIlu paDe che. prabhunuM vacana che ke je jIvo guNAnurAgI che svadoSa darzana karI AtmAne zudhdha kare che eTaleke karmonI nijI kare che te jIvo avazya mukita pAme che svadoSa darzana atyaMta jarUrI che. jema gaMThIne DhAMkIe to durgaMdha phelAve che paNa jo sUryanAM tApamAM khullI rAkhIe to sUkAi jAya che te ja pramANe ApaNA doSa pratye jAgRta raDIne tene bhura jJAnI bhagavaMto pAse khullA karIne prazcAtApa karavAthI te nAtha pAme che guNonI prApti mATe guNonuM ciMtana, manana vAraMvAra karavAthI aDhAra prakAranAM pApathI dUra rahevAya che. pApa eTaleja doSa jaina darzana eTale vyApakanA daSTi jeTalI vyApaka haze teTalA pramANamAM vizALa jagatanAM darzana thaze. te guNa jovAnI daSTi dRze to vyakita mAtramAM kaMika guNa dekhAze. sAmAnya rIte videzI prajA mATe mAnyatA hoya cheke teo mAMsAhArI hovAthI ahiMsAnuM pAlana nathI karatA. paraMtu A ekAMtadaSTi che ApaNe joyu haze ke videzI jA prANIone potAnAM kuTuMbanA sabhya jeTaloja preSa ane kALajI rAkhatA hoya che A bAbate eka satya ghaTanA je me pratyakSa joyelI che tene ahIM raju karatAM AnaMda anubhavuM chuM unALAmAM huM mArI dIkarIne tyAM pITasabarga gai hatI. savAranAM loka levA gai hatI tyAM be amerikana bahenone eka gaTara pAse kaMika pravRtti karatAM joi. kRtuhala vaza pUchatA jANyuM ke eka pakSI gaTaramAM paDI gayuM che. tene bahAra kADhavA prayatna kare che gaTara varasAdI hatI, uMDI hatI ane unALAne kAraNe pANI na hatuM. pakSI aMdara phaphaDATa karatuM hatuM. Tara sIla hovAthI kholI zakAya tema nahotuM. tethI te banne baheno e prANI surakSAnI kacerImAM phona karyo. paNa ravivAra hovAthI baMdha hatI. tethI temaNe eka pUMThAnAM bokasane dorI vaDe gaTaramAM utAryuM. pachI gabharAyelu hatuM ane azAMta hovAthI bokasathI dUra jatu rahetu. temaNe bokasamAM thoDuM khAvAnuM mUkyuM jethI pakSI bokasamAM Ave paraMtu koipaNajIvane potAno jIvane potAno jIva jokhamamAM hoya tyAre jI bacAvavA sivAya bIjuM kaMi dekhAya nahIM, tema A pakSIne paNa thatu haze. thoDIvAra bokasane sthira rAkhyu eTale pachI dhIme thI bokasanI dhArI para AvIne beThuM. bokasane dhImethI upara lIdhu paNa bokasa namI paDavAthI pachI pharI aMdara paDI gayuM. pharIvAra bokasane nIce utAruM A vakhate pakSI tarataja bokasamAM AvI gayuM. kadAca tene vizvAsa thayo haro ke have ta bahAra nIkaLI zakaze.bokasane dhImezI upara lAvI pakSIne hAtha thI bahAra lai lIdhuM. tarataja pakSI dUra jaine besI gayuM. te gabharAyelu hatuM. tethI uDI zakatu nahotuM. tethI tene salAmata jagyA e mUkayuM. have pachI thoDuM cAlavA lAgyuM ane uDavAno prayatna karavA Jainism: The Global Impact 221 Page #224 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Lord Bhaubali - Shrayanbelgola, Karnataka ANONYMOUS DONOR From The Diamond & Color Stone Community, New York 222 Page #225 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ lAgyuM ane thoDIvAramAM uDI gayuM. A baMne baheno mAMsAhArI haze paNa temanAM pUrvabhavanAM saMskAre temanA mAM karUNAnAM bhAva hatAM paNa pakSI ejo purUSArtha na karyo hota to bahAra nIkaLI zakayu na hota. zAMtinAtha bhagavAnanAM pUrvabhavanI kathA eka pakSIne dIvelA abhaya dAna viSe jANIe che A baheno paNa temaNe eka jIvane dIdhelA atyAcadAnane kAraNe sadgati pAmaze. Aja che jaina darzananI vyApakatA. ApaNane to jaina dharmanAM saMskAra janma thI maLyA che zuM ApaNe e palIne gaTaramAMthI bahAra kADhayuM hoya ? mahApuzya thI manuSya janma, jainakuLa, jaina dharma pAmyA che to have ApaNe paNa purUSArtha karIne ApaNe sau guNonAM guNAkAra, doSonI bAdabAkI ane sadbhAvanAnAM saravALA karIne ApaNa ne maLelo manuSya bhava sArthaka karIe eja zubhecchA A lekha lakhatA vItarAganI AgA viruddha kaMi lakhAyu hoya to huM kSamApanA pAyu che hemalatA ramikAMta zAha kenTona, mIzIgana, yu.esa.e. 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Since a person is born according to the karma, he/she can also be born in animal form. When person eats meat, we don't know whom he is eating. Here is what our various dharmas say: Buddha Dharma: Several dangerous diseases flourish due to meat eating. So give up meat eating. We are surrounded by trees, plant, vegetables, earth, water, air, fire (one sense), warms etc. (having two senses - touch, taste), ants etc. (having three senses - touch, taste, smell), bees etc. (having four senses - touch, taste, smell, eyes), pigeons, snakes etc. (having five senses touch, taste, smell, eyes, ear and no rational thinking), cows, lions, monkeys etc. with five senses and some rational thinking capability. We are destroying them. We are spoiling them. Crimes against all the above elements by wisest beings on this earth namely human being is unpardonable and very selfish. Our air, water, plants and animals are destroyed, commercialized. The wisest thinking beings have turn into demons by destroying purity on this earth, and slaughtering animals for money and taste. Today air and water is heavily polluted throughout the planet. Hindu Dharma: Only vegetarian food is meant for humans. Many diseases originate due to meat eating. Jain Dharma: Non- vegetarian food is originator of violence and increaser of sin. Non-violence and kindness to living beings is kindness to oneself. For thereby one's own self is saved from sins and resultant sufferings. Sikh Dharma: Religious seeking, prayers and rites get destroyed due to use of meat, and drink. Sending animals to slaughter houses for commerce and eating is really very pathetic. Milk producers use artificial insemination, extract all milk which really belongs to calf, killing calves for special meat, slaughtering sheep, goats, chickens, hens for eating, sending cows to slaughterhouse after her four years of maximum production period. It is so inhuman. All our scriptures say all meat eaters will go to hell (and may become same animals that they are eating). Once a person becomes meat eater, his chain to his dharma is broken, he looses his identity and joins his hands in allegiance to other religious groups (Christian, Muslims, and Jews etc). Staying Jainism: The Global Impact 225 Page #228 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention 23 Parshwanath Temple - Anadara, Rajasthan. PRESTIGE JEWELRY RAJIV & SOIGNE KOTHARI New York, NY 226 Page #229 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The following items can be obtained ethically and non-violently: Items/ Vitamins Sources Role Deficiency Symptoms Milk, Orange - Dark Maintenance of skin, Night blindness, rough Green Vegetables Bone Growth, Vision, skin, drying of eyes, Carrots, Squash, reproduction, Teeth decaying of teeth Spinach, broccoli, B1 - Thiamin Whole Grain and Release of energy from Mental confusion, enriched cereals, Bread Carbohydrates muscular weakness, and pasta wheat germ, Synthesis of nerve- swelling of heart, leg green peas regulating substance cramp B2-Riboflavin Dark green vegetables, Release of energy from Skin disorders, eye whole grain and Carbohydrates sensitive to light, cracks enriched cereals, bread Proteins, Maintenance at mouth corners of mucous membranes B3 - Niacin whole grain and Work with thiamin and Pellagra, Skin disorders enriched cereals, pasta Riboflavin in energy - especially parts exposed and bread, nuts, dried producing reactions in to sun, diarrhea, mental beans and peas cells confusion, irritability B6 - Pyridoxine Whole grain cereals Absorption and Skin disorders; and bread, avocados, metabolism of proteins, dizziness, nausea, spinach, green beans, use of fats, formation of anemia, kidney stones, bananas red blood cells convulsions, cracks at mouth corners B12 - Cobalamin Milk Building of genetic Pernicious anemia, material, formation anemia, degeneration of of red blood cells, peripheral nerves functioning of nervous system Folic Acid (Folacin) Dark green leafy Assist in forming body |Anemia with large red vegetables, wheat germ proteins and generic blood cell. Diarrhea material. Formation of hemoglobin Pantothenic Acid Whole grain bread and Metabolism of Vomiting, abdominal cereal. Nuts, dark green carbohydrates, proteins pain, fatigue, sleep vegetables and fats, formation of problems hormones and nerve regulating substance Biotin Dark green vegetables, Formation of fatty acids; Fatigue, depression, green beans. release of energy from nausea, pains, loss of carbohydrates appetite C - Ascorbic Acid Citrus , tomato, Maintenance of health Scurvy, gums bleed, strawberry, melon, green of bones, teeth, blood muscles degenerate, pepper, potato, dark vessels, formation of wounds don't heal, green vegetables collagen, supports body rough skin, teeth loosen structure; anti-oxidant Jainism: The Global Impact 227 Page #230 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DTC SIGHTHOLDER GLOBAL LEADER IN DIAMOND BUSINESS Sex S.VINODKUMAR USA, INC. 415 Madison Ave. 21st Floor, New York, NY 10012, USA. Tel.: 212-921-0055 Fax:212-921-2920 Email: S.VINODKUMAR odezhda ASSOCIATE BRANDS OF SV GROUP INDIGO JEWELLERY SV GROUP World of Diards 228 RA BELGIUM HONGKONG INDIA JAPAN UAE USA Page #231 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Items/ Vitamins Sources Soya Milk, Nut Milk Role Essential for normal bone growth and maintenance of strong bones Deficiency Symptoms Rickets (in children), retarded growth, malformed teeth, protruding abdomen, muscular twitching and spasms. Breakdown of red blood cells, | Hemorrhage Protein Calcium Vegetable oil, whole Formation of red blood grain cereal and bread, cells, muscle and wheat germ, dried beans, other tissues, prevents green leafy vegetables oxidation of Vitamin A and fats. Green leafy vegetables, Essential for normal cabbage, Soya Milk blood clotting Whole grain, Nuts, Makes body stronger avocado, olives, rice, and bigger, increases beans, corn, soyabean, flesh, repairs body, Develops Muscles, tissues, Hemoglobin Almonds, Sesame seeds, Makes body strong, dark green vegetables, cleans the blood, and corn, figs, sunflower makes teeth and bones seeds, Salad, milk, strong cabbage, orange, grapes, spinach salt, soy sauce, milk Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, aids in digestion vegetable oils, brewer's Associated with insulin yeast, whole grains, and is required for the nuts release of energy from glucose fluoridated drinking Involved in the water, tea formation of bones and teeth, helps to make teeth resistant to decay Dried fruits like raisins, Makes hemoglobin, figs, green leafy removes anemia, vegetables, walnut, tiredness, improve almonds, cashews, memory and appetite spinach, reddish, Papiya, cucumber, banana Chloride Chromium Fluoride Iron Jainism: The Global Impact 229 Page #232 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Parshwanath Temple - Pavapuri, Rajasthan FINE EMERALD - KALPANA & SUNIL JAIN New York, NY Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention D E EERSTE S WISS TIDE RIGGER CHUNG GODS Parshwanath Temple - Mirpur, Rajasthan ANONYMOUS DONOR From The Diamond & Color Stone Community, New York DA DEL 230 Page #233 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Deficiency Symptoms Items/ Vitamins Iodine Sources Salt, Bread, Milk, Cheese Magnesium spinach, broccoli,, green beans, tomato juice, navy beans, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, sunflower seeds, tofu, cashews Apple, peas, milk, Spinach, many other vegetables, almonds Role Component of thyroid hormones that help regulate growth, development and metabolic rate Supports bone mineralization, protein building, muscular contraction, nerve impulse transmission, immunity Formation of cells, bones and teeth, maintains acid-base balance Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, cell integrity, muscle contractions and nerve impulse transmission Phosphorus Potassium potatoes, acorn squash, spinach, broccoli, carrots, green beans, tomato juice, avocado, grapefruit juice, watermelon, banana, strawberries, milk Whole Grain Selenium Antioxidant. Works with vitamin E to protect body from oxidation Sodium salt, soy sauce, bread, Soya milk Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, supports muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmissions Zinc spinach, green peas, green beans, tomato juice, lentils, tofu, plain yogurt, Swiss cheese, ricotta cheese - Milk products made from Soya A part of many enzymes, involved in production of genetic material and proteins, transports vitamin A, taste perception, wound healing, sperm production and the normal development of the fetus Jainism: The Global Impact 231 Page #234 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention Parshwanath Temple-Sherisha, Gujarat INTERINGS * PRAKASH MEHTA New York, NY Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention 330 OG Vimala Vashai Temple - Mount Abu, Rajasthan ANONYMOUS DONOR From The Diamond & Color Stone Community, New York 232 Page #235 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Replace regular milk with Soya milk or nut milk. Butter with Soya margarine containing no animal product; cheese with tofu, soybean cheese; honey with maple syrup or date sugar. Replace wool with acrylic, rayon, orion, leather with non-leather shoes, belt, wallet; silk with Acetate, nylon, satin; fur with fake furs from acrylics. For toiletries use items with non animal ingredient, pillows with acrylic non allergic material, for blankets use acrylic, and nylon material; for rugs & carpet use acrylic, nylon, cottons, for mattresses and furniture avoid horsehair and other animal hairs; for brushes use nylon. EUROPE WORLD TOURS Established 1933 Avoid animal based additives: calcium stearates, lactic acid, red dye, cochineal, rennet, gelatin, lipase, glycerol monostearate, pepsin, sperm oil, stearic acid, vitamin D2 and D3. By living and consuming ethically we all can change the violent world, live grace fully and let other live with grace and harmony. 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The essays submitted by students are judged by three independent judges for each group. The winning essays are selected for prize and publication. Here are the winning essays from our senior group students. You may agree or disagree with some of the points but please do consider that it is written by a student who are not experts but devoted to learn Jainism. Think about their hard work and dedication (as well their heart) put into writing this essay. Little encouragement will help them a lot for the future success." Group 7 Winning Essay Umang Lathia Umang is a student of group 7 from study class. He is a junior from Walled Lake Western High School Vision of Jainism in the 21st We, as humans, fear the future and the uncertainty of what lies before us. As always, the future is unpredictable, and as much as we try to control it, we cannot. We can only work to make preferred outcomes more likely to happen. Many people are concerned with the future of Jainism- specifically, what will happen to Jainism in Western countries. Will it survive and flourish, or will it die out, its philosophy all but lost? And if it is the latter, what can we do to prepare? What can we change or adapt so that way we can make sure that Jainism is not lost for future generations. Personally, I believe that the number of Jains will increase throughout the 21st century, but there are some changes that will help ensure this growth. Jainism has so much to offer mankind, and as people begin to recognize this, they will follow the principles of Jainism. Many of the vows that we currently follow are virtues that others are striving to attain, most notably: Ahimsa (non-violence). Currently, many believe that world peace in not only Century desirable, but necessary, for us to continue living. With the threat of atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, humans could easily destroy themselves, and peace is the only logical solution that will help end the trouble. And peace is not confined to the boundaries of human kind. The same thinking can also apply to animals and nature. At the rate that we are currently destroying the Earth, we will not be able to sustain ourselves for long. Humans want too much, waste too much, and do not care for the planet that is providing us with everything that we need to survive. As of now, humans are parasites that are slowly killing the Earth, using up its natural resources, killing its ecosystem, and doing little to assist it. We are heading towards a deadly cliff, and Jainism is a way of leading us away from it. Jainism is an eco-conscious religion, one that recognizes that if we hurt the planet right now, we will pay in the future. The ideas of being compassionate and helpful, will eventually win because without them, Jainism: The Global Impact 235 Page #238 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention An Shantinath Temple-Kothara, Gujarat SANDEEP DIAMONDS New York, NY 236 BUIL Page #239 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ we cannot remain together. To be human is defined as caring for those around us, and the values that Jainism preaches are essential. One of the strongest aspects of Jainism is the theory of karma; specifically that you are the product of your own actions, and no one else's. If you want a good life in the future, you must make good decisions now. Everything comes back to hurt or help you, and this is applicable with or without the basis of Jainism. Being accountable for our actions and consequences is a life skill, and the theory of karma simply takes it to the next level. It is a simple progression that people are bound to make, and as they do, they will begin to follow Jainism However, to be practical, the numbers of people following the "true" Jainism, following all the minute details, will decrease significantly. However, I think that the number of Shravaks and Shravikas (laymen and laywomen) following the Jain philosophy will increase dramatically. It is hard to follow many of the more strict values of Jainism, but it is a flexible religion, and makes accommodations for daily life. As alluded to before, Jain principles and ideas are just now being recognized as the ones that are best for the continuation of mankind, and the happiest lifestyle. gather that more will begin to follow our ways. However, no one will ever realize that all these principles are present in Jainism, if they do not even know what Jainism is. And this is the situation with a majority of the world. Most have not heard of Jainism, or if they have, they have a very vague understanding of what it is. There is not much knowledge available which is easy to access. And I think this is one of the situations that will create adversity in the future. As more and more information is circulated online, and the Internet becomes our main way of learning, we must create reputable websites that explain who we are, what our philosophy is, in terms that even non-Jains will understand. We are beginning to do this, but it must be taken far more seriously, and needs the input of Jain followers from across the globe. Websites such as are steps in the right direction. A direct website that can answer people's questions, and serve as a pathway for those following Jainism to be connected is good. It will allow for Jains to connect with one and other, creating a forum through which organizations can communicate easily. Because this is the era of communication, and the Internet, everything must be viral to succeed and keep up. Jainism is a rock in an otherwise tumultuous time period. Throughout the past centuries, Jainism hast deviated very little from the scriptures preached by Mahavir Swami. And this is good. Whereas some may claim that this consistency is showing a lack of will to change, I would argue otherwise. People tend to put their faith in ideas that are concrete, things they can rely on. Religion is often the foundation for people's lives, and if their foundation is not flimsy, their whole life will never be stable. So the fact that Jainism has remained constant, with few changes over the past thousand years, speaks to the integrity of the religion as a whole. This will help Jainism grow because it is an institution in which one can root himself or herself into, and can grow tremendously, without the fear that they will be uprooted. Because these roots can last a lifetime. Jains have been migrating to America and other Western countries in great numbers over the past century, and most still manage to keep their Jainism: The Global Impact 237 Vegetarianism is a principle that many non-Jains are starting to practice. Scientists recently discovered that the communities that live the longest, the ones that are free of heart disease and many other ailments, eat a largely plant-based diet. Jainism made this conjecture thousands of years ago, that we should be vegetarians, because killing the animals is only hurting ourselves. However, modern science is just discovering this. The aspect of Anekantvaad (multiplicity of viewpoints), is a preferred trait. The most successful and kind humans realize that situations must be approached from different angles, and that they must be willing to listen to others. This trait is one that mothers try desperately to instill into their children, and that teachers spend lessons trying to convey. Yet Jainism has been preaching it from the very beginning. If people begin to realize that all these aspects are present in the Jain religion, I Page #240 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ENN W We Proudly Support the JAINA 2013 Convention 11 Adinath Temple - Ranakpur, Rajasthan SHRENIK & RUPA DOSHI New York, NY 238 Page #241 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ individuality as Jains. They still understand the basic principles, they still follow the basic vows, and they have not completely assimilated into Western society. This is due to the fact that the Jainism that they grew up learning, the principles and ideas they were taught have not changed while everything else in their life has changed. Jains and prepare ourselves for the years to come. But I believe that JAINA must step up even more as a leadership body, and lead Jains. Because most other religions have a hierarchy, and although Jains have one with the Acharyas and Saadhus, there must be another group of people that has the task of spreading the message and being the men and women behind the movement. Jainism growth and acceptance into society as a major religion is key to its future. This future is bright, as courses in Jainism have begun being taught at universities, and attention is being directed towards Jainism. Jainism courses are currently offered at two colleges in the UK, Harvard in the United States, and in other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. This will benefit the religion as a whole and more and more people will understand it, and Jainism will become a term that a majority of people understand. Organizations such as JAINA help with this tremendously. They spread the news on Jains and help our religion become recognized throughout the United States. Using the latest technology, they have helped spread the message further than ever before, and the biannual conferences help to gather The philosophy of Jainism has a bright future, but we must begin to act together and effectively before it's too late. We must modernize and spread the message of Jainism, get others involved and allow others to understand what we believe in. Our principles are our key, and communication is simply duplicating the key, allowing others to experience what we experience. By giving everyone a key to the house of Jainism, they will all be able to experience what the philosophy has to offer. Jainism as a strong, stable religion, through bodies such as JAINA and websites such as will thrive. The principles and virtues we stand upon, our religion as a whole, is strong enough for it to stand on its own, it just needs a push to get it going. And that's where we come in, to ensure the future of Jainism. Group 7 Runners up Essay Prakhar Bhandari Prakhar is group 7 student in study class. He is a senior from International Academy, Troy. Vision of Jainism in the 21st Century We live in an ever changing world, with technology in North America, we have the unique opportunity becoming more and more important to our daily to form communities to foster Jain principles in lives. Tasks that once took months or weeks can young children. We can use the tools of the modern now be completed in mere seconds. But although era to help teach children important Jain values and our lives get easier in some ways, they also get more teachings in Paathshala. complicated in other ways. The world is changing Although even Jainism has different sects, fast- and some of these changes make a Jain lifestyle there are several core teachings that we all believe harder and harder to maintain. So what can we do as in. Mahavir Swami taught us the importance of Jains to adapt to this ever changing world? Instead of following the five vows: nonviolence (ahimsa), viewing technology as a hindrance or impediment, truthfulness (satya), non-stealing (asteya), we can use it effectively and incorporate it into our chastity (brahmacharya), and non-possessiveness lives as Jains. With an increasing amount of Jains (aparigraha). These principles are vital to all Jainism: The Global Impact 239 Page #242 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention VARIE OVER FRAY VE Muchhala Mahavir Temple - Ghanerao, Rajasthan ATUL & PRITI KOTHARI New York, NY 240 TRONY Page #243 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jains and essential for maintaining right conduct youth group JOY uses Facebook to help organize throughout our lives. Mahavir Swami taught us that and coordinate Jain events. The JSGD website has all livings beings, regardless of their size, shape, age useful links for the entire Jain community and the or complexity, are equal and that we should have Jain Paathshala uses the website to share homework respect and compassion for all life. However, one assignments and notes. But with the internet and important thing to remember is that Jainism existed globalization, we have a chance to impact not just long before Mahavir Swami-he helped reestablish the local Jain community, but the entire world. the Jain Sangh and reorganize it to correspond to that time period. Thus, we should learn from him Technology has infinite potential for creating and try to adapt Jainism more and more to our daily positive change in the world. In fact, the use of lives, however complex they may be. Facebook and Twitter was essential in coordinating the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions. People in Other Jain leaders have successfully incorporated countries like Egypt used websites like Facebook to religion into their lives and made a broad impact plan and organize events that eventually led to the on the world. Shrimad Rajchandra (1867-1901) was overthrow of their dictator. Websites like YouTube a spiritual mentor to Mahatma Gandhi and taught have a great potential today for education and him about the Jain perspectives on non-violence learning. For anything that we need help with in our and compassion. He helped make Jainism more lives, both academic and non-academic, the answer accessible to the world by contributing greatly to can usually be found on YouTube through a simple, the work of Jain literature. He presented Mahavir instructive video. Websites like Khan Academy use Swami's teachings in simple Gujarati and Hindi YouTube to create thousands of lessons on nearly so it could be understood by the public. There are every school subject that are all available for free other Jains who have tried to spread the teachings for everyone to learn from. The infrastructure for of Jainism - Virchand Gandhi (1864-1901) was a learning on the internet is already there - so what Jain scholar who represented Jainism at the 1893 can we do as Jains to help? World Parliament of Religions. He played a great role in spreading knowledge of Jainism to America One key thing for us to do is realize the potential of the and also contributed greatly to Jain literature in internet in shaping the century ahead with regards to English. Now in the 21th century, we too have a Jainism. One hundred years ago, if someone wanted unique opportunity to help contribute to the vision of to learn the Logassa Stotra, they would have to find Jainism. Never before have we had a medium such someone who already knows it. However, now, as the internet to facilitate the spread of knowledge one can simply listen to it on YouTube and learn it and learning. We can utilize the technologies of that way. Along with that, the full text and meaning the 21th century to help spread Jain principles and in English of most Jain prayers are now available teachings just as Shrimad Rajchandra and Virchand online for all to see. By becoming more aware of Gandhi have done in the past. the potential for teaching Jain principles online, we benefit by gaining access to a limitless supply of It is no secret that living a Jain lifestyle in North knowledge. Online forums and discussion boards America can be difficult. Foods we may not suspect provide opportunities for both youth and adults to might have un-Jain ingredients, the majority of discuss Jainism. Along with this, the beauty of the our peers and colleagues are non-vegetarian, and internet is that anyone can contribute to the wide increasing modernization sometimes leads to the expanse of Jain knowledge available on the internet. violation of Jain values - but instead of viewing With access to a camera or web cam, anyone can modern technology as the culprit here, we can use make YouTube videos and help create lessons that it to help us live a Jain lifestyle and make our lives can be viewed by the entire world. The internet easier. This is not a new concept; technology is gives us the the opportunity to share knowledge and already being used effectively at our temple. The preserve it forever. Jainism: The Global Impact 241 Page #244 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Best Wishes from Nayana and Hemant Shah Greenfield Rehab and Nursing Center 3030 Greenfield Royal Oak MI 48073 Tel: 248-288-6610 Fax: 248-288-3910 Cell: 248-210-5980 "Serving the Indian Community" FACILITY LIVING CLINICAL CARE OPEN VISITING HOURS * PREMIUM STAFFING RATIO * INDIAN FOOD * 24-HOUR PERSONALIZED CARE PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS RESTORATIVE PROGRAMS TRANSPORTATION SERVICES PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL AND SPEECH THERAPY HOUSEKEEPING, MAINTENANCE AND LAUNDRY SERVICE DIALYSIS, IV'S AND TRACHEOSTOMY CARE BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP * We provide individualized care programs for our Indian patients. Our staff includes Indian Physician's, Nursing Staff, and Therapists * Residents will be able to speak their own language with staff. Major languages spoken are Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu. * We work with managed care, Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay and Insurance plans welcome. 242 Page #245 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ trapped in plastic waste and other animal sometimes get poisoned by human trash. Thus, by encouraging recycling and a green lifestyle, not only do we help the planet, we also live a more Jain way of life. By promoting these activities not just at the temple, but also in our daily lives at home or in the workplace, we can help live a more Jain way of life. Another important method that Jains can use technology effectively is by using it in study class, or Paathshala. Recently, more and more high schools have started using technology in lessons. Teachers now almost daily use PowerPoints, video clips and online virtual demonstrations to help teach important concepts. We can also incorporate such strategies into presentations at our temple. Our Jain society of Greater Detroit is not a new one - the children of yesterday are becoming the adults of today, and as they grow up, they can help with leadership in our temple and contribute by implementing these new technologies and the new ways of learning they have learned here in college. By effectively using these online tools to help teach the younger generation about Jainism, we can ensure that the Jain values and traditions that we have preserved for centuries get passed down. This also spreads a positive impression of Jainism for the rest of the world to see. If other groups see that the Jains are promoting a green lifestyle and helping the planet, they too will be encouraged to do so and the entire world benefits. After all, what better way to promote Jainism than in a way that also helps the entire planet and is deeply relevant to the 21th century. But the possibilities for progress do not end here - the temple currently engages in many other activities that are beneficial for the world. One relatively recent initiative has been the use of recyclable plastic plates and utensils. The temple has hundreds of attendees to its many functions throughout the year. By using recyclable materials, we ensure that our damage to the environment is minimal. After all, this is in accordance with Jain principles - plastics and other trash materials pollute the environment and damage life. Marine animals sometimes get In essence, we can help incorporate Jainism into life in the 21th century by using the tools of the 21th century to help us. By using technology like Facebook, YouTube and PowerPoint, we can help learn and teach more about Jainism. By promoting actions such as recycling and conserving resources, we simultaneously help the planet and live in a more Jain way, as this helps the global ecosystem. After all, it is our responsibility, as Jains of the 21th century, to use the resources we have at our disposal in the modern era, to promote Jainism and a Jain lifestyle. Sources * Jain Philosophy and Practice 1 * Jain Story Book Biographical_in_Verse_007502_TOC.pdf Jainism: The Global Impact 243 Page #246 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Presents the First Jain Program Ever Produced Over six years running Broadcast internationally MANGALAM 150+ episodes since 2007 Watch Mangalam in your home via these providers! USA Dish-Sahara One Channel 797 Saturday Tuesday Sunday 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 9:00AM Sky Digital Free Channel 817 UK & Ireland Europe Canada India World TV Rogers Cable Paras Free Channel 5 Channel 580 Airtel: Channel 696 Videocon: Channel 681 Sunday Saturday Sunday 9:00AM 9:30AM 2:20PM The show can also be viewed from anywhere online: DVDs and Audio CDs (Stavans based on classical Indian ragas) of the Mangalam Show are available on the website. MANGALAM Needs your Support Help us keep our program going! We ask for $1/week ($51/year) from every community member. Please send your tax-deductible donations to Mangalam Show (IRS CODE 54-1280028). Contact Dr. Mamta Shaha for details. For information about product offerings, youth involvement, and donations, please contact: DR. MAMTA SHAHA, Chairperson, Mangalam Show 516-487-1852 244 Page #247 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Group 6 Winning Essay Sheily Shah Sheily is a group 6 student of study class. She is 9th grader from Novi High School. Women in Jainism Introduction "If you cannot see that divinity includes male and female characteristics and at the same time transcends them, you have bad consequences. We must fight the patriarchal misunderstanding of God." Religion has existed for as long as man has. Men and women have followed religious beliefs to explain the unexplainable ever since the birth of mankind. Today, we have many different religions. Each religion has its own way of expressing the roles of men versus women. In most religions, men have more rights to worship God than women do. Men are also allowed to do more rituals. In most religions, women are inferior to men. However, in Jainism, things are quite different. Most rights are the same for men and women. Although there are some challenges, Jainism goes beyond gender. There have been many famous women in Jainism in past and present. As a young girl following Jainism, I am greatly influenced by the women around me. community. In fact, women's service to the Jain Community speaks louder than that of men. Women cook all the food during Paryushan, Ayambil Oli, and other big occasions such as Diwali. Women are primarily the ones to decorate the temple during the major events. Also, women have taken part in the Board of various Jain communities around the world. In fact, the recent president of JAINA (Jain Association in North America) was a woman, Lata Champsee. In fact, the role of women has grown so much that sadhvis are leaders in the Jain congregation. Sadhvis and Samnijis have created a great impact on the Jain religion. Role and Participation The role of women in Jainism does not drastically differ from men. In most religions, it is the man who is the priest. Only a man can perform certain rituals, pujas or kriyas. However, in the Jain religion, things What is more important to realize is that Jainism are quite different. Men and women both perform goes beyond gender. We believe that the soul is what matters. The soul which is freeof karma is the one the Ashta Prakari Puja, Nav Ang Puja, Snatra Puja, Pakshal Puja, Shantikalash, and Chaityavandan. we should worship, regardless of gender. Jainism Women have even taken lead in these. Not only considers both women and men to be equal. The that, but women can also do the various tapasyas. true meaning of Jainism is about eradicating your In our temple, there is a large percentage of women karmas. The true meaning of Jainism is about your tapasvis, who do atthai, maun vrat, etc. In addition nature in every life. It is about loving others, being to these achievements and participations, women in kind and respectful to others. It is about not having Jainism are known widely for their service to the anger, ego, deceit or greed. In Jainism, this is what Jainism: The Global Impact 245 Page #248 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations to Jain Society of Greater Detroit Financial Integrity and the Fiduciary Standard on hosting the JAINA 2013 Convention It's remarkable that a huge controversy in the financial business is the notion of a fiduciary standard. Most large brokerage houses and insurance companies are vehemently opposed to the application of a fiduciary standard to their practices. The application of the fiduciary standard is the simple ethical and legal notion that a person works in the best interest of their client, and not some other entity. A fiduciary works for their client, so the answer to the question 'who do you work for?' is 'I work for you. We feel that transparency, honesty and integrity are the key ingredient of a sound advisor. A simple concept: do the right thing, all of the time. Our services: Estate planning and Trust preparation and other documents Education planning * Charitable giving, including Donor Advised Funds and Advanced Charitable techniques * Comprehensive tax planning Tax return preparation * Investment management Financial planning, including modeling * Lump sum analysis Leon C. LaBrecque is the managing partner and founder of UPR. LLC. an independent wealth management firm located in Troy, Michigan that manages $540 million in assets (as of 4/30/2013). Leon is a practicing attorney, CPA, CFP CFA and former Walsh College Professor that specializes in servicing individuals, families, and small businesses in the areas of financial, estate, and tax planning for over 35 years. LJPR, LLC 4555 Investment Dr. Suite 304 Troy, MI 48098 248.641.7400 Registered Investment Advisor 246 Page #249 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ matters, and this is what will one day make the soul go far. Famous women in Jainism There have been many Jain women in the past whose bright mark still impacts us today. The one woman who has really impacted me the most would be Sulsa Shravika. Sulsa Shravika was just like any other Jain woman, but she was special in her own way. She had an unconditional love for Bhagwan Mahavir. She had an undisturbed devotion for praying. In fact, whenever Bhagwan Mahavir came close to her city, she instantly knew. Because of her strong dedication, even Bhagwan Mahavir kept her in high respects. This impacts me because it shows how much dedication is needed to simply do darshan. Despite being a woman, Sulsa Shravika taught many men the right path. Another woman with a great influence is Maina Sundari. Her story revolved around two faiths that she upheld throughout the entire way. Firstly, when her father asked her, "Where are you getting all are luxuries from?" she replied, "My punya (good karma) from the last birth." She was a strict believer in the theory of karma. The second faith she had was in the "Nav pad". In fact, she had so much belief in "Nav pad", she prayed for her husband, Shripal Raja, who got free of leprosy. He ultimately became the king he deserved to be, and she the queen. Probably the most well-known woman in Jainism is Mallinath Bhagwan. In the Shvetambar sect, we believe that Mallinath Bhagwan is the only woman tirthankar in this avsarpini cycle. She influenced not one, but six men in her life at the time of her marriage. She taught mankind how to differentiate between the purity of the soul, and the decomposing form of the body. Soon, she along with the six men took Diksha. She became the 19th tirthankar, the only woman, also known as the "Perfect One." These are just some of the many influential women in the Jain religion. There are so many more. In fact, there is even a stuti dedicated to those women. It is known as the "Sol Sati Vandana", and it therefore, praises the sixteen satis. Bramhi Chandan-balika bhagwati, Rajemati Draupadi Kaushalya cha Mrigavati cha Sulasa, Sita Subadhra Jainism: The Global Impact 247 Page #250 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2013 Convention 13 23 Ajitnath Temple - Taranga Hills, Gujarat SPB CREATIONS * BHUPENDRA & KAVITA MOOKIM New York, NY 248 Page #251 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Siva Kunti Sheelavti Nalashya Dayeeta, Chula Prabhavatyapi to the next generation. It has been used to share the traditions of our ancestors to the next generation. Lastly, this sense of giving has been used to really Padmavatyapi Sundari Pratidhinam, Kurvanto vo impart and propagate a good foundation in the Mangalam How it impacts me next generation for a better future ahead. Even when I think of great tirthankars or Acharyas - their foundation comes from their mothers. For example when we talk of Mahavir Swami we think of Trishla Mata and her contribution. When we talk of Rishabdev we think of Marudevi mata and her sacrifice. In Jainism, we follow "Behind every successful man there is a great woman" in true sense of the word. I have been impacted both religiously and practically by women more than men. Most of my study class teachers are women and it gave me immense opportunity to learn Jainism with their eyes. My mom, teachers and aunties have all taught me the bulk of what I know today. My mom has been there every day to teach me how to apply Jainism in my daily life. She has taught me practical applications of non-violence, forgiveness, and karma. She taught me how to apply anekaantvaad everywhere I go. Mom has really sculpted my lifestyle to fit religion in my life. My teachers of Jainism have also impacted me a lot. They have taught me the bulk of all the sutras, stutis and pujas I know today. They have taught me Jainism from a religious standpoint, a philosophical standpoint, and a practical standpoint. The women in Jainism are not just knowledgeable, but they have a sense of giving in them. This sense of giving has been used to share all this knowledge Challenges for women These women have selfless service, and volunteer greatly in the temple. They have created a bright mark on today's generation. They have impacted me in many ways. In spite of all of this, they have also been discriminated in the past and continue to be discriminated today. Women have more obstacles reaching leadership position in Jainism. Digambars believe that women cannot attain salvation. They also believe that Mallinath was man and not woman. In Jainism, women are always separated from men in pratikraman and lectures. A lecturer in Jainism is usually a sadhu, sadhvi, saman, or samaniji. When it is a sadhu or saman, a woman must ask any questions she has on paper or through a man. Basically, there are some things women can't do. They haven't been able to do them ever since the roots of Jainism. Even though this discrimination is there, there has always been more to look up to. Jainism: The Global Impact 249 Page #252 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Art Craft DISPLAY, INC. Lansing Grand Rapids Detroit Event Service Professionals accenture 800.878.0710 250 Page #253 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Conclusion The women in Jainism are like no other. They are able to do most anything that a man can. They influence everyone around them. Women in the past in Jain religion have created a bright mark that we all look up to and are inspirational to all of References: * us. "Behind every successful man, there is a great woman." This has proven to be true in the Jain religion. I, as a young girl growing in the USA, am greatly influenced by the women around me. However, there are some things that women can't do. We don't know if we will ever be able to do them. However, as a progressive religion we should continuously indulge in our traditions. At the same time, we should continue pushing the boundaries, while also keeping our fundamentals clear. But the most important thing to remember is that Jainism goes beyond gender. Jainism believes in a pure soul. It doesn't matter if the non-living body holding it is a male or female. My elders, family and friends Jainism: The Global Impact 251 Page #254 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations on the 17th Biennial JAINA Convention STATE BANK OF INDIA (CALIFORNIA) We are committed to meeting all of your banking needs. Personal & Business Accounts Commercial & Small Business Loans International Trade Finance Money Transfer to India Internet Banking and more... FDIC Visit us at San Jose Branch 675 North First Street, Suite 105, San Jose, CA 95112 Tel: (408) 938-9244 Fremont Branch 39148 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: (510) 713-8070 252 Page #255 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism: The Global Impact - Ruchi Khara 6. Pradeshatva - shape retention As we take a look around us in the modern world, we are faced with a variety of situations, some directly impacting our lives while others are simply observed from a distance. There are plenty of negative situations we observe including terrorism, wars, conflict amongst religious groups and disparity among socioeconomic groups, to name a few. There are also many positive situations ranging from political successes, economic gains to celebrations of various festivals and milestones. These situations, whether positive or negative, manifest feelings and opinions within us causing us distress or uneasiness that the negative situation will persist or fear that the positive situation will end. As followers of Jainism, unbeknownst to most, we possess a unique viewpoint of the world around us and are able to understand why certain situations occur. These principles can help to ease our anxieties and allow us to face global issues without becoming overly distressed. These qualities are common to all six substances and should be considered as laws of nature. Astitva explains that any substance cannot be created or destroyed. Every substance is self-existent since eternal time and will continue to remain in existence for eternity. Vastutva means that every substance has the potential to perform its own activity without the help of any other substance. Because of that, one substance cannot perform the activity of another substance. Dravyatva tells us that each substance is continuously undergoing modifications. Prameyatva explains that every substance has the ability to be known. Therefore it is possible to know each and every substance in this universe. Agurulagutva means that every substance has the power to maintain its own state of being a substance. So, one substance cannot be transformed into any other substance. Finally, Pradeshatva tells us that every substance always has some form or shape. To arrive at that final realization, we must first understand the basics of Jain teachings. Jainism explains that any and everything found in the universe can be categorized as one of six substances, or six dravya. These substances are as follows: Jiv - souls, Pudgal - matter, Dharma - medium of motion, Adharma - medium of rest, Aakash - space and Kaal-time. These six substances have qualities that are common to all and they also have specific qualities to help us distinguish one from the other. The common qualities are as follows: As mentioned earlier, the six substances also have specific qualities that in turn allow us to distinguish one from the other. It is mainly important for us to be able to distinguish between Jiv and Pudgal as that is what we tend to confuse the most. Specific qualities of Jiv include: Gyan - to know, Darshan - to see, Shraddha - to believe, Charitra - conduct, Sukhhappiness, Virya - spiritual energy, Kriyavati Shakti - the ability to move or be still. Specific qualities of Pudgal include: Sparsh-touch, Ras - taste, Gandh - smell, Varn- color, Kriyavati Shakti - the ability to move or be still. Keeping these qualities in mind we can categorize things we can see, touch, taste or smell as Pudgal. Also, anything that can know, see, believe, or have happiness is Jiv. Dharma, Adharma, Aakash and Kaal also have specific qualities that are unique to each of them. 1.Astitva - existence 2. Vastutva - functionality 3.Dravyatva - changeability 4.Prameyatva - knowability Understanding and interpreting these basic principles can help us to determine how and why things happen 5.Agurulagutva - constancy of individuality Jainism: The Global Impact 253 Page #256 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We Welcome Everyone at the JAINA 2013 Convention Www Kan Kuch Aisa Karo, Manuj Janam lekar Ki Jivan Mahamritya Se Jeet Jaaye, Khencho Lakeer Aisi, Samay Ke Patal Par, Tere Beet Jaane Par Jag Geet Gaae, Jai Gurudev. Mahavir Temple - Kumbhariyaji, Gujarat PIONEER GEMS ASHOK & NIRMALA SANCHETI New York, NY 254 Page #257 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ as they do around us. Realizing that no substance can be created and/or destroyed negates the concept of a creator or destroyer. Therefore, in the event of a positive or negative situation, we can no longer praise or blame a creator for those events. Also, since every substance has the potential to perform its own activity and cannot perform the activity of any other substance, this further strengthens our belief that a creator does not exist. The praise or blame for any event can be turned back on to the substances involved in the event. Any and every event and substance in this universe is wholly independent of another. no being or event is to blame for the situation's occurrence. This can help put our minds at ease and not get involved in finding blame for a situation. After all, getting emotionally involved in any situation is only going to increase our own passions, which we will have to face the consequences of at some point in time. This same logical thought process can apply to positive situations as well. Taking these basic principles of how the universe works into consideration and applying them to global situations will give us a unique perspective and ability to easily handle anything life throws our way. Coming to terms with this, our perspective on events occurring in our lives and those occurring globally will change. We understand that things happen because of each substance's own intrinsic power and not at the fault of any other substance. Therefore, when observing a negative situation going on around us, after understanding the basic principles of our universe, we can come to the realization that With Compliments from Pravin and Sudha Mody GBS Linens Because It's YOUR Reputation On The Table 800-700-6448 Southern California * Northern California. Arizona Las Vegas Dallas Houston San Antonio Orlando 255 Page #258 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With our Best Wishes and Compliments L 30 26614 333 #2347 HET VERLE CUSTOELEN SERVERY UNDI 256 Die Adinath Temple-Devkulpatak, Rajasthan SHIVANI GEMS MEHUL & MITA SHAH New York, NY Page #259 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ A Hidden Cheat Code to Life - Chintav Shah Many of us have a difficult time applying the Jain knowledge we learn to our daily lives. Mahavir Swami gave us the knowledge, but he left applying it to us. The karma theory, when applied to our daily lives, can lead us to cut sadness and anger entirely. So I urge you to try this soon - tomorrow - the next time anything adverse occurs to you, repeat to yourself, "This needs to happen for something beneficial to occur in the future, I just don't know what it is yet." Get this idea through your brain from this day forth, and your outlook on life will change extraordinarily. Avoid the immediate anger and sadness at all costs; in fact, smile that the experience occurred and people will begin to admire you. Every human being must face pain, but he is judged by how he reacts to it. The karma theory states that all events in our life are governed by and determined by our past karmas. Take any negative or bad event that occurs in one's life. Any adverse or negative event that occurs is a result of one of two reasons. The first reason a negative event can occur is if you had previously done something ethically wrong. For example, you copied every single homework assignment throughout the school year and once the final exam came around, you failed miserably. In essence, the reason that you failed your finals is because your bad karmas simply came into fruition. The second reason a negative event can occur is to allow you to encounter or experience some other more beneficial event. Here's an example of this reason - imagine you miss the school bus, and end up having to walk to school, but on that walk you find a $20 bill on the ground. To sum it up, the second reason that a bad event happens is for something even greater to happen in the future. If you are angry, sad, or flustered after every negative event in your life, you will live miserably. If you accept that it was meant to happen because either you brought it upon yourself (reason 1) or because something better is supposed to come out of it (reason 2), then you can live a much more happy, satisfied, and calm life. The secret is to tell yourself that every negative or unlucky event that occurs in your life from this day forth is because of the second reason. Next time you miss an exit off of the highway, don't curse your luck; rather, say to yourself, "I just missed this exit because it was meant to happen." Who knows, maybe missing that exit prevented a traffic jam or a car accident. Jainism: The Global Impact 257 Page #260 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to JAINA Convention 2013 Jain Society OF GREATER ATLANTA Come and Visit the First Full Marble Shikharbandhi Jain Temple in North America Features: Main Level: Three main moortis - Main Mulnayak Adinath Bhaghvan (Anjansalaka), two side moortis: Parshvanath Bhaghvan and Mahavir Swami Bhaghvan surrounded by 24 Tirthankaras and ten Dev and Devis Lower Level: Diagmber temple with three moortis: Main Mulnayak Mahavir Swami and two side moortis: Shantinath and Sheetal Nath Bhaghvan and Dhyan room (Upashrai) Jain Society of Greater Atlanta 669 South Peachtree Street NW, Norcross Georgia 30071 Tel: (770) 807-6187 258 Page #261 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ An Introduction to JAINA The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) is comprised of 67 Jain Centers in North America, representing over 160,000 people. We have a deep history of success in investing in community efforts here and abroad that spans the past 30 years. Our philanthropists have already invested millions in support of hundreds of programs, benefitting thousands of people. OUR MISSION JAINA's vision is to be "the hub" To promote religious and educational activities related to Jainism and to promote the study and understanding of Jain religion on a non-sectarian basis. that provides community support, publishes educational materials about Jain values and practices, launches international aid projects, and establishes the Jain community as a powerful force with global impact. * To provide and promote academic and cultural interchanges and cooperation among Jains in North America, India and other countries. We are beginning to achieve this in hundreds of exciting ways including disaster relief initiatives, academic scholarships, and leadership summits. In order to increase communication and collaboration between our organizations and projects, nationally and globally, we have embarked on the creation of a robust infrastructure and documented process flows for our operations. To assist and to promote charitable community service in North America, India, and other countries. To promote tenets of Jain religion. Representing 67 Jain Centers and over 160,000 Jains! Together We have accomplished a great deal 259 Page #262 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Projects JAINA PROJECTS Why Do We Need JAINA? BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA (BSA) Project CAMPUS OUTREACH PROGRAM ECO-VEGAN Project We have excellent volunteers. However, without a professional infrastructure, volunteer time is consumed in many administrative details such as IT, promotion, publication, fund raising, etc. With a strong platform, they can focus their time and energy into streamlined workflows, delivering what they do best; helping others. ENGLISH TEACHERS TO RURAL SCHOOLS IN INDIA Project JAIN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM JAINA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM JAINA DIASPORA Project How Will I Know each Project's Progress? JAINA LEGISLATIVE INTERNSHIP (JALI) Project On-line! Project plan, status, and progress as well as the content are on-line. You can view project progress at any time. JAINA ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Project JAINA MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Project Who Will Manage My Donations? JAINA WRITERS' CIRCLE Project JAINLINK ONLINE Portal Project PLANT-BASED MEAL INITIATIVE The projects are managed by talented and highly accomplished individuals. Not only have these Project Leaders excelled in their own professions, they have already demonstrated their leadership R&Rs in the communities they live and the professions they practice. POST-RESEARCH ANIMAL SANCTUARIES Project UPLIFTING UNDERPRIVILEGED FAMILIES Initiative YATRA PROJECT JAINA Fund Raising Committee 260 Page #263 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA has a vibrant team of leaders currently executing the following projects. BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA (BSA) Project JAIN MENTORSHIP Program Scope Scope Brings Jain principles and the Scouting experience together to help youth develop confidence, character, and excellent attitudes. To establish a national program of mentorship to facilitate professional and personal skill development for high school and college students. Impact Impact Successfully established multiple Jain merit badges that teach Jain values. This team is currently exploring similar badges for Girl Scouts. There are currently 50+ mentors working with 150+ mentees within the United Stations. We aim to grow this program significantly over the next several years. CAMPUS OUTREACH Program JAINA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP Program (JASP) Scope Scope Provides need-based college scholarships to Jain youth Connects Jain students on college campuses to support, promote, and establish activities in over 20 Jain clubs and organizations across North America. Over 15 Jains groups are actively involved in this program Impact Impact The team plans to double the number of available scholarships to 10 this year and is also exploring the option of providing interest-free loans. ECO-VEGAN Project Scope Spread the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle on a personal level as well as shifting center practices. Several Jain centers have replaced the use of ghee with oil in worship practices. Additionally they have incorporated vegan practices in the preparations of meals. For center meals. Impact JAINA DIASPORA Project Scope Connects Jain communities in 36 countries outside of India, bringing greater unity in the global Jain community. Fosters common identities, views, and lifestyles among Jains by reaching out across borders and continents. Impact The Jain Diaspora Conference (UDC) was held during the 2009 and 2011 JAINA Conventions. JAINA LEGISLATIVE INTERNSHIP (JALI) Project Scope ENGLISH TEACHERS TO RURAL SCHOOLS IN INDIA Project Scope To provide teachers a 3-4 summer teaching program where they practice non-violence add breadth and depth to your curriculum through collaboration with likeminded, enthusiastic colleagues. Interns in this program learn to advocate, defend, and protect the rights of Jains in America. Impact Impact In 2012, 20 teachers from Boston participated in this program and taught in 5 rural schools In partnership with the American Jewish Committee, interns learn to analyze issues that may compromise Jain values in America Two interns are trained in in Washington D.C. for 8 to 9 weeks each year. With your donation, we can grow these projects and take on many more... 261 Page #264 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA has a vibrant team of leaders currently executing the following projects. JAINA MOBILE APPLICATION Project PLANT-BASED MEAL Initiative Scope Scope To keep with latest technology by create a JAINA mobile application to provide a paperless way to learn more about JAINA, Jainism, temple finder, and other features. This is currently in development and will be released during the 2013 JAINA Convention. Connects Jain students on college campuses to support, promote, and establish activities in over 20 Jain clubs and organizations across North America. Over 15 Jains groups are actively involved in this program. Impact Impact JAINA ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Project POST-RESEARCH ANIMAL SANCTUARIES Project Scope Scope Seeks to protect animals (chimpanzees, monkeys, horses, goats, etc.) previously used for research and marked to be put down at federal expense. Impact By 2020, establish a JAINA centralized office, with 15 full-time staff members, a team of interns, and dedicated volunteer corps. We currently have one full time manager who works with 11+ project leaders, manages our membership portal, social media channels, along with the day to day manage of JAINA operations. Impact The US Congress approved legislation to build animal sanctuaries so these animals can live in peace. JAINA WRITERS' CIRCLE Project UPLIFTING UNDERPRIVILEGED FAMILIES Initiative Scope Scope Spreads the awareness of Jainism by writing articles on socially relevant topics from the perspectives of Jainism. Impact This program nurtures and develops new writers. Publishing articles weekly creates awareness to the Western about the Jain way of life. Assists underprivileged Jain families in urban and rural parts of India to come out of poverty through quality education and vocational training leading to higher paying jobs. This program is helping over 1,000 underprivileged children in Hiralal Jain School in Delhi. The Shiksha Sahayogita project in Bundelkhand and the Udhyogni project in Gujarat, teach garment sewing and other skills. Impact JAINLINK ONLINE Portal Project YATRA Project Scope By 2015, to create an international member Scope Arranges cost effective Jain Yatras, especially database of 50,000 community members for for senior citizens and youth. specific outreach. This would also include a variety of tools for Jain leaders at the local Impact Nearly 10 teerth yatras for seniors have been and regional levels. arranged, with over 300 yatries participating. The team went to Palitana tirth in 2011-2012, We now have 12,000 members, 15+ groups, where over 75 yatries climbed Palitana 99 and regular e-blasts being distributed. times in 60 days. With your donation, we can grow these projects and take on many more... Impact JAINA Fund Raising Committee 262 Page #265 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Financials From the Desk of Dipak Doshi, JAINA Treasurer 2012 Income (unaudited) 2012 Expenses (unaudited) 64,470 13,557 668 4,777 2,375 31,487 19,700 4,251 Income 1002 Calendar Committee Revenue 1003 Education Committee Revenue 1006 LRP Committee Revenue 1007 Media Committee Revenue 1008 JNF Committee Revenue 1010 Pilgrimage Committee Revenue 1011 Jiv Daya Committee Revenue 1014 Public Affairs Committee Revenue 1022 Jaina 99 Yatra Committee Revenue 1030 WCS Committee Revenue 1055 Academic Scholarship Committee Revenue 1060 Jain Digest & MIS Committee Revenue 1065 Overseas Donation Committee Revenue 1070 JAINA General Fund Revenue 1100 Interest Income 1200 JAINA Convention Revenue 1325 YJA Revenue 1375 YJP Revenue 15,743 30,531 21,000 Expenses 2002 Calendar Committee Expense 2003 Education Committee Expense 2006 LRP Committee Expense 2007 Media Committee Expense 2008 JNF Committee Expense 2010 Pilgrimage Committee Expense 2011 Jiv Daya Committee Expense 2014 Public Affairs Committee Expense 2021 Jain Milan Committee Expense 2022 Jaina 99 Yatra Committee Expense 2030 WCS Committee Expense 2050 Tirthoddhar (Vaiyavach Fund) Committee Expense 2055 Academic Scholarship Committee Expense 2060 Jain Digest & MIS Committee Expense 2065 Overseas Donation Committee Expense 2070 JAINA General Fund Expense 2200 JAINA Convention Expense 2325 YJA Expense 2375 YJP Expense 64,681 22,436 3,442 11,253 214 1,990 12,561 8,586 1,912 26,620 18,370 22,060 8,200 29,613 17,287 45,109 18,032 249,320 878 1,170 17,984 41,403 1,137 150,308 256,081 2,568 Total 2012 Income $ 679,210 Total 2012 Expenses $ 562,564 NOTE: Subject to change pending a CPA Audit and Regulatory Filings of 2012 financials. 2012 Beginning Balance 2012 Ending Balance $ 807,020 $923,666 Total 1325 VIA Reve 5256 081.25 Total 2325 VJA Expe. 5249.320 43 Total 1200 JARA CO 5150.308.00 2002 Calendar Com $84881.44 5135 660.15 1002 Calendar Com 564 469 51 Total 1070 JANA Ge. 541.403.34 Total 2070 JANAGE 545,109 15 2060 Jam Digest co 529.61346 2022 Jana 53 Yatra $26 620.11 Other $147 218.55 1010 Pignage Com 531.48735 Make Your Impact by Donating Today JAINA Fund Raising Committee 263 Page #266 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MAKE A PLEDGE (choose One of the Four Ways) BY PHONE Call JAINA at 847-420-9025 Dipak Doshi BY EMAIL Simply send an email with your name and address and pledge amount BY CHECK Checks can be made payable JAINA mailed to the JAINA Treasurer at: JAINA HQ 43-11 Ithaca Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 ATT: Dipak Doshi, Treasurer Please include a completed donation / pledge form with your check ONLINE Safe and secure donations can be submitted via credit/debit card online: Online payments can be submitted on a one-time basis or auto payments for your convenience. Once your donation is processed, you will receive an email message confirming your payment. How do I donate to JAINA? There are many ways to contribute. Donations to JAINA are tax deductible. Your gift will enable JAINA to continue its quest towards meeting the religious, social, educational, and economic needs to the Jain community. A general donation gift to JAINA can be made by check, credit/debit card, or cash. Donation can be one time or in installments, or monthly or yearly. Please see the pledge card for details. No donation is a small donation. Your generosity is always respected and appreciated. Steps to Online Donations Step 1: Go to Step 2: Select your donation amount and donation type. Step 3: Provide donor and billing information and Submit your donation securely. JAINA Fund Raising Committee FEIN 54-1280028 264 Thank you for your Donation ... and please... Get INVOLVED Become a member of and sign up for our newsletter. Join the Conversation by checking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and commenting on videos on our YouTube Channel. Become an active volunteer, committee member, committee lead, or a Chair-person. Assist JAINA Board and Executive Committee in capacities to help ensure our collective success. Hurricane Sandy Vis Reer Fund Sabonat Derakus Secu Calendar Pring and FASS YUK: Donations on Validation Code (e) new coo) Enter the numbers shown above Page #267 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We welcome the JAINA Convention guests to our Motor City Driving the Distance with the Automotive Tndustry since 1987 PO For over 26 years, we have successfully traveled the highways s of the Automotive Industry. We have served every major U.S. Auto Manufacturer in facilities he U.S.. Canada, Mexico, India and Brazil. The road has not always been smooth, but we have always made it to our destination Safely Designing today for a brighter tomorrow. gala & ASSOCIATES, INC Architects . Engineers 31455 Southfield Rd., Beverly Hills, MI 48025 Office: 248-642-8610 Fax: 248-642-1409 100%MBE Page #268 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NATURAL SINUS RELIEF TRUST THE #1 PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDED BRAND NeilMed #1 SELLING BRAND" A Decade of Innovation Starting with our Original and Patented SINUS RINSE" NeilMed(r) has continued to search for new solutions. With our newest products, we continue to improve Sinus, Nasal & Ear Care. Thank you for your continued support. Nina Mehta President & Founder Ketan C. 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