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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NIS VATA 18th Biennial JAINA Convention AINA Convention July 25, 2015 Atlanta World o Non Violence JAINISM : World of Non-Violence July 2-5, 2015 | ATLANTA Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NamokAra mahAmatra JAIN TEMPLE OF VIRGINIA Come & Visit Jain Temple in Washington DC Area (25 Miles from White House) Bhav... Bhakti... & Bhagwan Namo arihaMtANaM Namo siddhANaM Namo AyariyANaM Namo uvajjhAyANaM Namo loe savvasAhUNaM eso paMca NamokkAro savva pAvappaNAsaNo maMgalANaM ca savvesiM paDhamaM havai maMgalaM * Mulnayak Shankhaeshwar Pashwanath Bhagwan, Adinath Bhagwan & Mahavir Swami Bhagawan on two sides (Anjanslaka Pratimail * Padmavati Devi Anjansalakal, Ghantakaran Mahavir, Guitar Swami & Simandhar Swami Deri .24Tirthankaras in Bhoomti * Miracle Temple - Sangh Sthapana to Derasar Pratishtha completed in one year * Initiated by one lady's dream. financed by4-6Members which later on tumed into 250 Members Sangh & were able to collect 75% donation in one year * Open everyday moming & evening, all day on Saturday and Sunday We believe in Transparency, Teamwork & Traditional Approach - JTVA Sangh Jain Temple of Virginia 3656 Centerview Dr., Units Chantilly VA 20151 Tet: 571-200-6688/703-984-9075 Email : contactejaintemptivaorg BEST WISHES TO JAINA & JAIN TEMPLE OF GREATER ATLANTA Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 18th Biennial JAINA Convention 2016 JAINISM: World of Non-Violence Atul & Rupa Shah Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still Savages. - Thomas A. Edison An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Mahatma Gandhi Best Wishes for 2015 JAINA Convention At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love - Martin Luther Kins. Ir Ahimsa is the strongest force Known - Mahatma Gandhi Ahimsa-respect for living beings as a unity Sawan & Riya Shah "We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion. Mother Teresa There is no such thing as defeat in non-violence.Cesar Chavez What is magnificent about humans is when they decide to tum and stand. If they respond with non-violence on principle and hold their ground, they are really magnificent. James Cromwell Ahimsa - belief that all living things are connected ONS Ahimsa-Kindness and non-violence towards all living things Maha Sanghpati N 4 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 5 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We proudly support the 2015 JAINA Convention Il Sri Rajendrasuri Gurubhyo Namha: 11 Kothari Family Welcomes JAINA To Atlanta catAri paramaMgANi dullahANIha jantuNo | mANusataM suI sadhA saMjamammi ya vIriyaM / Four great things are very rare in this world for a living being: (1) Birth as a human being, (2) Listening to scriptures, (3) Faith in religion and (4) Energy to practice self-control. SANGHPATI From Mahendra & Madhulika Bapna, Jason Rahul Bapna, Dr.Vishal & Milen Gala & Family Ashwat & Vinita Bhoopathy & Family SANGHPATI AnekantVad Tolerance for Different p o w the edge for World Rece! Congratulations JAINA and JSGA!! YOU DID AGAIN WIRDAINA G enton 2015! Gulabchand and Movanbai. Norcross, GA Santosh and Sarala Kothar Kapil. Sunita and Asha Jain Sundeep and Sanjay Kothari LowestCost Clean India Org/Santosh Dr. Raj Kumar, Tanya Nithi and Chase Kumarpal. Alanta, GA Dr. Shakuntala, Ds. Deepak. Nandita and Dinesh Cleveland, OH Anil Shavn, Aarya, and A . Woodstock, GA 26 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 7 Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ GRAND SPONSOR PLATINUM CORPORATE SPONSOR Jai Jinendra and Welcome to the 18th Biennial JAINA convention in Atlanta! World of Non-Violence PATEL BROTHERS We hope that this weekend provides an opportunity for spiritual development, promotes non-violent living in all forms of thoughts and actions, and allows you to focus on health and wellness through meditation, yoga, and interactive sessions. "Celebrating Our Food...Our Culture" 2510 W. DEVON AVENUE 2410 ARMY TRAIL ROAD 873 E SCHAUMBURG ROAD CHICAGO, IL 60659 HANOVER PARK, IL 60133 SCHAUMBURG, IL 60193 1773.262.7777 773.262.7914 T. 630.213.2222. 630.213.2259 T.147.524.1111 - 347.524.1558 de hanoverpark .com chaumburg WWW.PATELBROS.COM "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." - Mahatma Gandhi SWD RAJA SWAD "Non-violence is the way of the strong man. It is not a method of stagnant passivity. True pacifism is a courageous confrontation of evil by the power of love." - Martin Luther King, Jr. DISTRIBUTORS OF INTERNATIONAL FOODS 8110 N. ST. LOUIS AVENUE. SKOKIE, IL 60076 T: 847-972-2860. P: 847-675-6035. Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." - Thomas A. Edison airtours Best wishes for a great convention! Prem, Sandhya, Ankit, Mona, Mohit, Shephali, Gavin & Sofia Jain holidays Fun-filled holidays with Air Tours 2609 W. DEVON AVE, CHICAGO IL 60659 Tel:773-764-4545 * Fax: 773-764-3946 * V & JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 9 Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence 89 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Title Contributor 1 Navkar Mantra Famous Quotes on Non-Violence 13 Preface Souvenir Committee 14 Welcome Message JAINA President Welcome Message Convention Convener Welcome Message Jain Society of Greater Atlanta JAINA Convention Donors and Sponsors Blessing Letter Pujya Shree Chitrabhanuji 28 Blessing Letter Acharya Chandanaji Blessing Letter Shree Namra Muniji Maharj Blessing Letter Swastishri Charukeerthi Bhattarakaji Blessing Letter Acharya Rupchandraji Maharaj Blessing Letter Acharya Premsurishwarji Maharaj 33 Blessing Letter Samani Parimal Pragyaji 34 Blessing Letter Shree Shrutpragya Swamiji Blessing Letter Shree Lokesh Muniji Blessing Letter Acharya Amrender Muniji Maharaj Blessing Letter Pujya Gurrudevshri Rakeshbhai Blessing Letter Pujya Manak Muniji Blessing Letter Samani Vikas Pragyaji Greetings Letter Governor of GA: Mr. Nathan Deal Greetings Letter Congressman John Lewis Greetings Letter Mayor of Atlanta Mr. Kasim Reed Greetings Letter Mr. Andrew Young 45 Greetings Letter Mayor of Norcross Mr. Bucky Johnson 47 JAINA Ratna Award - 2015 48 JAINA Special Reorganization Award - 2015 48 JAINA Adult Reorganization Awards - 2015 50 JAINA Youth Reorganization Awards - 2015 52 JAINA Presidential Awards - 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Title Contributor 54 Past JAINA Ratna Award Recipients 55 Past JAINA Presidents 56 Past JAINA Convention Host Centers 57 JAINA Executive Committee 59 JAINA Convention Board 61 Atlanta Convention Board & Executive Committee 62 Convention Committees 72 JAINA Convention: Volunteers 74 JAINA Convention Keynote Speakers 76 JAINA Convention Speakers 86 Youth Activity Speakers Convention Panel Sessions and Speakers 98 The Freedom of Choice Pujyashree Chitrabhanu 100 Service to Humanity Sat Tony Samara 102 Power of Prayers Arya Kothari 104 Samyak Ahinsa Shree Namramuni Maharaj 106 Attachment and Detachment Shree Shrutpragya Swamiji 110 Is religion Necessary? Pujya Gurudevshree Rakeshbhai 114 Why is Jain Unity Important? Rahul Kapoor Jain 118 Hidden Himsa - Increasing Awareness Harendra Shah 122 Importance of Environment Conservation Acharya Amrendramuni 124 My Jain Faith - Poem Hasmita Shah 126 Heart of Ahinsa Hema Pokhara 130 Jain Dharma&Vishwa Ahinsak Samaj Rachana Dr. Acharya Lokeshmuni 134 Himsa ka mul karan Dr. Sanjeevkumar Godha 136 Poem Alka Sankhla 138 Life based on Non-Violence Acharya Amrender Muni 140 Jain Values Pramodaben Chirtrabhanu 142 Contemporary Jain Way of Living Pravin k. Shah 148 Dharma - Total Change of Mind Acharya Roopchandraji Maharaj 42 43 Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence TABLE OF CONTENTS SPONSORS'& DONORS ADVERTISEMENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Title Contributor 150 Memory of Shelby Fishman Nirmal Dosi 152 If I could - Poem Hasmita Shah 154 Towards A Truly Global Society Kumarpal Desai 158 Non-Violance: A Survival in to 3rd Millennium Samni Rohit Pragya 160 Mantra-Pathway to Libration of Soul Swastishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka 164 What is Peace and how can one achieve it? Shrut Praygyaji 166 Why should Jains Lead on Climate Change? Shudanshu Jain 168 Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to Minimize Shilpa Shah 172 Ahinsa - An Idea for All Ages 174 Non-Possession - For Non-Violent Life Style Samani Maryada Pragya 178 Ahinsa- A Way of Living with Quality Samani Charitra Pragna 182 Ahinsa Paramo Dharm Paraskumar 188 Ahimsa in Acharanga Dr. Samani Aagam Prajna 190 Preaching Non-Violence : Poem Hannah Shah 191 Cup of Tea & Loaf of a Bread Rupa Shah 192 Jainagmo Me Ahinsa Acharya Mahashraman 198 Promoting World of Non-Violence Binoy Shah & Sunny Dharod 200 Religion - A Festive Dimension Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai 204 Global Peace - Jain Perspective Anop Vora 208 Samyakthva Vrathopadesha Swastishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka 214 Training of Non-Violence Dr. Samani Riju Prajna 218 Interpretation of Ahimsa Acharya Shri Chandanaji 220 Jainism: The World of Compassion Dr. Sushil K. Jain 226 Food, Shoes, and Pencils Smriti Shah 234 "Wellness in the Jain Dictionary Dr. Nitin Shah 236 JAINA Jivdaya Committee Report Rita Sheth 237 Introduction to JAINA JAIA Website 238 Introduction to YJA YJA Executive Board 239 Introduction to YJP YJP Executive Board 137 Page Title IFC Jain Temple of Virginia 3 Maha-Sanghpati-Atul & Rupa Shah AND Sawan & Riya Shah Sanghpati - Mahendra Bapna Family AND Santosh Kothari Family Sanghpati - Gulabchand Kothari Family Grand Sponsor - Prem Jain Family Corporate Donce - Patel Brothers Jain Society of Greater Atlanta Ashok Domadia & Family Jain Center of America, Queens, New York Jain Center of Northern Califomia Jain Center of New Jersey Donors: Jain Center of Northern Califomia Donors: Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Donors: Jain Center of Southern Califomia Jain Society of Toronto Jain Center of Southern Califomia 101 Gem Intl. of CA: Harish Daga and Sunil Jain Families 103 Jain Center of Greater Boston 108 Jain Society of Greater Detroit 108 109 Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago 112 Jain Milan NJ; Sushil Jain, Wash DC, Satish & Kinna Shah, Chicago 113 Jain Society of North Texas, Dallas, TX Page Title 113 Uday and Sushila Jain, Houston, TX 116 Ashok and Rekha Shah, Harisons Industrial Products 117 Metro Tours and Travel 123 Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington 125 Harshad Shah and Family 128 Bank of Baroda 129 Jain Vishva bharati 132 Diamond & Color Stone Community of New York, NY 132 Jay Gems - Simply Diamonds Jain Society of Houston, Texas Jain Center of Greater Phoenix, AZ 139 Lotus Exim Intl. - Rajendra Kankariya New York, NY 146 Jain Center of Central Ohio 146 Sunilsen and Sunita Peramanu 147 Jain Society of Tampa Bay, FL 147 Jain Society of San Diego, CA 147 Jain Society of Greater Charlotte, NC 149 Neeraj & Parveen Jain and Family 151 Mahesh & Usha Wacher and Family 153 Sandeep Diamonds, New York, NY 155 Gala and Associates, Beverly Hills, MI 158 Kamdar, Patel, and Shah 158 Kothari, Vakharia, and Shah 159 Shivani Gems - Mchul and Mita Shah, NY 97 Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Jainism: World of Non-Violence Preface July 4, 2015 Dear Convention Attendees, The AINA Executive Committee Convention Board and Jan Society of Greater Atlanta would like to thank each one of you for attending this year's most auspicious convention. The various MNA Convention Committees and lain Society of Greater Atlanta members and volunteers have spent countless hours to create a memorable program to help you recharge and reconnect body and soul with Jainism. The theme of this 18 Biennial AINA Convention is in World of Non Violence aim is a way of life. For thousands of years, Jainism has reached non-violence Anal, Plural Anekantavad, and non-passiveness Apargrahal. Non-violence is compassion and forgiveness in thoughts, words, and deeds. Nonviolence is not to condone or provide support in any shape of form to injure, harm, abuse, copress, enslave, in d iscriminate torment, persecute, torture, or kilany creature or living being Drumar or non-human). Sie steps of Non-violence are love with action, love with speech, love by thoughts, avoid harm by thoughts, avoid ham by speech and avoid han by actions. We are all becoming more interdependent and therefore there is an ever-increasing need to spread and enroot non-violence globaly to encourage peace, spirituality and ammony among all living beings and environments. The Convention Committee hopes that each and every attende will peeder the knowledge gained, implementit in daily activities for self-improvement, and spread it graciously. Al way of life leads to compassionate, healthy and happy living TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Title Page Title 163 Jay Bharat Foods - California 202 Esthetic Formula, Huntington Beach, CA 167 Jaya Travel and Tours 203 Shrimad Rajchandra Swadhyay Kendra of NJ 170 Dutta and Girish Shah - Califomia 203 Daulat, Daulat, Dharod, and Shah Families 170 Ortho and Atlanta-GA 203 Harshad and Bharati Shah Family 171 Ashi LLC - Pandya Family, New York, NY 207 Stone Mart - Kankaria Family, LA 177 Prestige Jewelry - Rajiv Kothari, 212 Systemart LLC, Parsippany, NJ New York, NY 212 Vinod Dave - Pandit, Los Alamitos, CA 180 Rekha & Raju Shah, Mukta Shah 213 The Allentown Jain Sangh, PA Niru & Jiten Shah 213 Jain Temple of Wisconsin 181 Gunvant Shah and Family 213 Hindu temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas 183 Ramanbhai Patel and Family 216 Navkar Builders, Marietta, GA 184 Mehta Family, London, UK 217 Jain Society of Pittsburgh, PA 184 J. T. Systems Inc., Liverpool, NY 221 Kirti & Neela Shah 185 Excellent Facets / Amadena - Neena & 221 Manoj & Sonali Jain Deepak Sheth 221 U+ Stor - Sawan Shah 186 Himanshu Jain, CPA, Arlington Heights, IL 221 Dr. Ketan & Neena Mehta 186 Shrivan Travel Service, Norwalk, CA 224 Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technology 186 Jain Center of South Florida, Weston, FL 225 Kiran & Madhu Kamdar Family 187 Navika Group of companies, Uniondale, NY 225 Jain, Shah, and Parekh Families 196 Dr. Jagdish and Madhu Sheth 228 Digestive Disease Care, NY 197 Hemant and Jayshree Gogari 229 Mehta, Shah, and Parekh Families 197 Vinay & Vinita Kothari and Family, 229 Shah, Doshi, and Shah Families New York, NY 230 JAINA - 99 Yatra in 2016/2017 197 S. Vinodkumat USA, New York, NY 233 JAINA - Mangalam Jain TV Show 199 Pravin and Vinita Madhani, CA 240 MES Inc 202 Gautam Shah, Insurance Agent, Somerset, NJ IBS Ramaben & Kirit Dattary Family 202 Sital P. & Suman Jain and Family, IBS MS Interational, Inc. Scarsdale, NY BC NeilMed - Dr. Ketan and Nina Mehta 202 Ritesh Shah, San Jose, CA This commemorative own book will remind you of your participation in this four-day spiritual event with your fellow Jain community from across the world. The book contains article written by sadhus, sadhavis, scholars, letters from political dignitaries and others, advertisements, photos, lists of donors, and volunteers. The JAINA Convention Committee is indebted to all the contributors for their intellectual monetary and time contributions without which this souvenir book would have been impossible. The nous donations and support extended by the Jain Center of Atlanta and other lain Centers located throughout the USA were nothing short of inspiring, Please note that the views expressed in the articles are not a direct reflection of the opinion of AINA or the Convention Committee The various convention Committees had members located throughout the USA Committee members had to make many trips from across the country to various lain Centers for fundraising and to conduct meetings to plan, organize, and conclude various aspects of the convention. Souvenir Committee members tirelessly called and reminded contributors for timely submissions developed and implemented designs, helped compose advertisements, raised funds, and finally proofread and printed this book. It's a long and challenging process that involved lots of late work from a group of volunteers many of whom had never undertaken Such a cort D ile the best efforts of the Convention committee members and volunteers, whould you experience any difficulties at the convention or with the Souvenir book, we humbly as Micchami Dukladam." May this 4 of July weekend at 18 JAINA Biennial Convention in Atlanta be an unforgettable celebration of Jainism and our community. We hope you enjoy the speakers, thened activities veuskal performances, festive parties, and, of course, the delicious food. And, may this Souvenir book hele you r emer this experience for many years to come Respectfully. Souvenir Committee 18th Biennial AINA Convention THANK YOU FOR THE OPPERTUNITY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY Jainism:World of Non-Violence is Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ To Preserve and share hormon way of JAINA 18th Biennial JAINA Convention World of NoViolence Federationof Jain AssociationsinNorth America JAINA Atlanta | July 2nd - 51 2015 M AWATI Dear Friends, Colon Board Jai Jinendra! On behalf of JAINA and all Jain Centers across North America, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the 18th Biennial Jain Convention in Atlanta I remember it was 1981 when a group of us gathered at Jain Center of Southern California to think about ways we could achieve our shared vision to evolve and promote Jain community, expand an awareness of Jainism and it's values, and energize our community by evoking social change. Since then, JAINA has made tremendous progress to achieve our goals. it is my privilege to welcome you to the 18 Biennial JAINA Conventional Georgia Interational Convention Center GICC) in Allonta, GA. On behalf of JAINA EC and BOD, I thank Jan Society of Greater Alanta for hosting this Convention This year's convention theme "Jainism: World of Nonviolence captures the driving force behind the past 40 years of JAINA's activities. During the next three days, you will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of innovative sessions to learn, explore, and engage with various topics related to nonviolence. Nonviolence, compassion and service have been at the heart of our work as an organization and a community The theme of this year's Conventions Jainism: World of Non Violence. Ahimsa Inon-violence in actions, words and thoughts is the core of Jainism and key to eternal peace in world. As birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King's non-violence movement in USA, Atlanta is the most appropriate place for our Theme. V As community leaders and parents, we hope that with each generation, they build on the foundation set before them and are also empowered to express our Jain values in new ways. I am proud of how our youth leaders Daytime sessions focus on relgious, non violence, education, quality of life, community services, and entrepreneurship. Youth Programming has specific acties for ages 5 to 12 Kids ActMisages 13-20 TYA), ages 21-40 (NF & YJP). We are launching Join Mion for ages 21.40 at this convention. Evening programs for Youths include cruise on Lake Renter for NF and Jan Milan attendees. Evening programs also include Thursday's RowCarba, Friday's Cultural Programs will showcase the versatie folent of the Jain Community. Saturday's gala program wil bring renowned Bolywood singers. On behalf of the JAINA Executive Committee, I would like to thank all of our volunteers, dignitaries, speakers, and sponsors for their tireless efforts in organizing this convention. From identifying the theme, to planning logistics, to fundraising, everyone came together to ensure that you have a meaningful and enjoyable convention experience. I also want to thank the Jain Society of Greater Atlanta and the local Convention Committee for graciously hosting this convention Delicious and elaborate meas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as delightful Snacks will be provided during entre convention at GICC. I am humbled and deeply appreciate the incredible support we have enjoyed from generous Donors Sponsors, early Registration by you, and thousands of hours of work over a year by dedicated volunteers Please enjoy the convention, make new friends and lake home life-long memories On a personal note, I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve Our community, and thank my family for their constant support and guidance. It has been an absolute honor to be JAINA President these past 2 years and to feel the satisfaction from what we have accomplished as a community over the past 4 decades and for decades to come. Sincerely, Ashok Domodia Convener Sincerely, Prem Jain 2013 - 2015 JAINA President Federation of san Associators h Nom America LUNA Tom Robot Dagorion Code Section S E . conventio ANP www 154-1280028 n 16 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 12 Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society Jain SOCIETY OF GREATER ATLANTA w Date: July 2015 Jallinendra and Pranam, 669 South Peachtree Street Norcross, Georgia 30071 On behalf of lain Society of Greater Atlanta (USGA), we are excited to welcome you to the 18th Biennial JAUNA Convention in Atlanta, GA first time ever in the Southeast United States Please do take an opportunity to visit one of the Best Southeast Jain Temple. Our Society was founded in year 1992 with only a few active families and over a span of 13 years our membership is now more than 500 families. With this exceptional growth, there was an apparent need to build our own center. The process started with the acquisition of land in 1995/1996 with strong belief, commitment, and generous donations from our members, in a span of 12 years, we have been able to build our center which consists of main hall, temple and full kitchen and dining area in Norcross, GA by year 2008 Our center provides an ideal setting for practicing the multiple traditions and sects of Jainism for our members and place for providing lain education to children. We humbly welcome you to visit our center for darshan, meditation and/or puja. Our members will be very happy to accommodate your needs and make your visit a memorable one. The theme of this year's convention is "Jainism: World of Non-violence. Since the 1960's, Atlanta has been a bastion for non-violent activism. With the growth of this movement lead and directed by Martin Luther King Jr., some of the greatest leaders in history for non violent activism have challenged the schools of engagement that were widely used in the past. This makes Atlanta the perfect location for this year's convention, we have attendees and speakers, scholars, monks and nuns from all across the globe. JAINA and SGA members and volunteers from our local community as well as from various centers in North America have worked very hard to make your experience unique and unforgettable for coming years. The four days of this convention are designed to cater to all ages and interest with a strong focus on jain teachings. We encourage you and your family to actively participate and take full advantage of our comprehensive and extensive program which embodies the theme of "lainism: World of Non violence and indudes planned lectures on various tracks, seminars, workshops and exhibits that encompasses the core values of Jainism. The program is designed to offer something distinctive to all attendees. The outstanding team of volunteers has incorporated many exceptional and exciting items, including a variety of Jain food and entertainment Over the years, the Jain Society of Greater Atlanta has remained a strong, close-knit community. Our lain Center has grown stronger through our shared faith, spirituality, and commitment to individuals and families. We are very much honored to host you in the Atlanta area as we all come together to celebrate our devotion to Jainism and its global impact across the world Sameer Shah Sameer Shak Pritesh Ostwal Pritisk Ostwal President Vice President JSGA, Atlanta-Host Center Of Jaina convention 2015 SGA Executive Committee 2015 President: Sameer Shah Vice President: Pritesh Ostwal Secretary: Ketan Shah Treasurer: Ketan Doshi Youth Secretary: Ketan Shah Executive Members: Sunil Dosl/Jyotin Shah 18 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism World of Non-Violence 19 Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN World of Violence 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Jainism: World of Non-Violence Atlanta | July 2nd - 5th 2015 Maha Sanghpati Sawan & Riya Shah, and Atul & Rupa Doshi Sanghpati Gulabbhai & Mowanben Kothari Mahendra & Madhulika Bapna Santosh & Sarla Kothari Patel Brothers World NeilMed - Dr. Ketan Mehta Chuni & Madhu Gala Satish & Kinna Shah U+ Store & Sawan Shah Atlanta, GA 20 JAINA Convention 2015 Atlanta, GA Grand Sponsors Prem & Sandhya Jain Corporate Sponsors Convention Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Detroit, MI Chicago, IL. Maha Sanghpati $55,001 Atlanta, GA Sanghpati Sanghpati for two days Sanghpati for two days Grand Sponsor Corporate Sponsor Groceries Corporate Sponsor Souvenir Bags & Pens Corporate Sponsor Corporate Sponsor Corporate Sponsor - Water Bottle $31,001 $15,501 $15,501 $25,001 $40,000 $15,000 $5,001 $5,001 $5,001 AINA Convention 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Event Sponsors Udai & Sushila Jain Harshad & Bharti Shah Jainism: World of Non-Violence Atlanta | July 2nd-5th 2015 Sushil Jain Ashok Domadia Bipin & Rekha Shah Dipak & Ginni Doshi - Manubhai Doshi & Family Jain Center Of N.J Karun & Seema Jain Prabodh & Hemlata Vaidya Yogesh & Zarana Dhruv Jain Vishwa Bharti Of North America AI Swamivatsalya Kamdar Madhu & Kiran Gogari Hemant & Jayshree Sheth Jagdish & Madhu Shah Kirti & Neela Shah Deepak & Sampurna Clarksville- TN Sangh Houston, TX Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA Jain Academy Bowl & Jains Got Talent & Evening Ent. Chicago, IL Franklin Township, NJ Atlanta, GA Cultural Progr. Jain Academy Bowl Evening Raas Garba Middlesex, NJ Raas Garba & Welcome Progr. Welcome Progr & Jains Got Bollywood Show Jain Academy Bowl Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Jain Academy Bowl Jain Academy Bowl Volet Welcome Progr. $11,001 $5,502 $5,001 $3,500 $3,500 $3,507 $3,501 $3,501 $3,500 $3,001 $2,501 $10,001 Swamivatsalya Swamivatsalya $7,001 Swamivatsalya $5,051 Swamivatsalya $5,001 Swamivatsalya $4,001 SwamivatsalyaClarksville, TN Breakfast $3,500 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 21 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 18th Biennial JAINA Convention 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Join World of Non Violence Atlanta | July 2nd - 5th 2015 World of Non Violence Atlanta July 2nd - 5th 2015 Doshi Rajen & Priti Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Swamivatsalya $2,001 $3,501 $3,501 Township, NJ Jain Center of New Jersey Jain Center of Greater Phoenix Swamivatsalya Swamivatsalya. Breakfast SwamivatsalyaBreakfast SwamivatsalyaBreakfast Anonymous Hemant & Lina Shah, and Vipul & Reshma Shah Chicago, IL. $2,000 SwamivatsalyaSilver Snack Swamivatsalya Silver Snack Phoenix, AZ $3,501 Syracuse, NY $3,501 Swamvatsalya Swamivatsalya Swamivatsalya Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Missouri City $3,501 $3,501 $3,501 Swamivatsalya Swamvatsalya Swamivalsalya Swamivatsalya Swamivatsalya SwamivalsalyaBreakfast Swamivatsalya Swamivatsalya TX Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA $3,501 $3,501 $3,501 Swamiyatsalya Breakfast Jit & Manda Turakhia Kamdar Mihir & Nicole & Purvi & Farahi Kothari Vijay & Nilima Mehta Harshad & Meena Mukesh & Nimmi Turakhia Parekh Manhar & Mukta Parekh Nilesh & Purnima Parichandji & Nirmala Bothra & family Patel Pravin C. 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Los Angeles, CA Detroit, MI Donation Donation Donation Donation Donation Donation $250 $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 Chicago, IL San Francisco CA Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Donation Donation Donation Donation Donation 17 aaaaaaaaaa Donation $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 Donation Donation Duration Donation Donation 251 Donation Donation Keerti & Hansa Shah Kishor & Rita Shah $251 Donation Donation Donation Komal Shah Mahendra J Shah Manojbhai Jariwala Mita Mehta Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA San Francisco CA Detroit, MI Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA Donation Donation Donation $251 $251 $251 $251 $251 V 26 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 27 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES FROM PUJYA SHREE CHITRABHANUJI Dear JAINA President, Executive Members Board of Directors and all vital role in sustaining the balance of the whole planet "THANK YOU 10 all Volunteers for your dedication and tireless efforts in the planning and execution of this! JAINA Convention." I want to express my blessings to all as we Jains hold that truth is multifaceted and has gather for the 18th Biennial JAINA Convention. multiple sides that cannot be completely com prehended by anyone. That is why AnekantaToday in a hi-tech, modern world, man has vada is a peaceful way of communicating. We made progress by leaps and bounds thus strive to create a sacred space in the heart changing the face of the world, but has man where we hold the opinions and beliefs of othchanged and progressed at the same speed in ers with respect and empathy. When we allow the spiritual realm is a big question. others to express their feelings without criticism or judgment we promote mutual understanding. JAINA has for past eighteen years provided In Anekantvada, there is no "battle of ideas", bea platform for Jain members to probe into this cause this is considered to be a form of intellecquestion deeply by arranging lectures, yoga, tual himsa or damage, leading quite logically to meditation, exhibition and many more events physical violence and war. on subjects related to the core values of Jain Dharma like Ahinsa, compassion, love, amity, Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessivetruthfulness, relativity in thinking, karma, theoryness, non-grasping or non-greediness. Apariof non-accumulation, celibacy etc. graha is our worldview expressed by simplicity of life governing our words, thoughts and acThe topic of this year's conference is Jainism: tions. Its greatest obstacle is egoism, so we are The world Of Non-Violence. It is best exempli always mindful of the need for humility. fied by our guiding principles: Ahinsa, or non-violence; Anekantavada, relativity of thinking and with faithful application of these three pracAparigraha, the beauty of simplicity and non-actices, we create a better life for ourselves and quisition others. And so, on this memorable occasion, I bless and appreciate all the members who Ahinsa is love. Ahinsa is peace. Ahinsa is absti- have made JAINA a nence from causing any pain or harm whatso vibrant and evever to any living creature. If one is established er-growing unity in Ahinsa one has attained all virtues. Ahinsa is the pivot. All virtues revolve around Ahinsa. Love & Blessings, All religious and ethical rules become merged in the great vow of Ahinsa. It is the practice of Chitrabhanu Ahinsa that results in lifelong happiness. -Domadia Family Ashok Jyoti Mona - Shellye Ahinsa is a daily lifestyle that starts with a diet of plant-based food. By cultivating compassion and consideration for what we eat, we play a 28 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 29 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Message from Acharya Chandanaji is noteworthy to see the contribution of Jain Community in USA doing I monumental strides in uniting the people of all cultures & belief. Our community which is sparse in the entire breadth of America has created an indelible impact by uniting the citizens through temples & spiritual & cultural centers. These centers have knitted a spiritual fabric by which the entire society & nation is unified & united on spiritual, moral and social grounds. It has risen to the occasion by fulfilling the cultural & social obligations of all Indians & other communities as well. In this context, JAINA is instrumental in leaving an everlasting effect by its philanthropic, spiritual and social activities. JAINA has developed into a torch bearer and a guiding spirit by providing spectacular support to the promising youth of our vibrant society. akSaradehe amArA bhAd.. mArA sAkSAtkAranI pratIti karAvaze. rASTra saMta pUjya gurudeva zrI namramuni mahArAja sAheba JAINA (Jain Association in North America) priyatA jayAre spaSmAmA mATaeN pramuDe, cAre ja pezmAmAnA gharma mADhe kaMIka h]... kaMIka zAstronuM kaalNI mAta thAya, amerikA jeal vesTaa kacrAmAM rahIne 19 JAINA iaaN mAdhyame rAsa, jaina dharma mATe, gharma protI jAsmRti mATe, paradezamAM vasatA jaina rpArevAromAM, jiLezara gha.mAmAnA AMjJA ane kAMtaNAda jevA sidhdhAMto jI.paMta rAkhaQA ATLANTA mAM bhayAna mato kharekhara.... premanuM, ahabhAvanuM.. . | sarjana karyuM... ApanI bhAvanAne.. ApanA puruSArthane mArA abhivaMdanA AvA prakAranI dharma sevA dvArA Apa sahu saMta dayamAM sthAna pAmyuM che. ApanI dharma pratyenI zradhdhA, bhakita, nikA, niHsvArtha prema ane ahobhAvanAne amArA lAkha lAkha abhisidaLe..! ApanI bhAva prati pala pragati kare e ja... It is our strong belief thar JAINA will be a force to reckon with in the coming days & will be marching ahead with many more spiritual aspirations to the world. I am immensely happy that after extensive planning you are organizing a large colloquium to debate, ponder and discuss Bhagwan Mahavir 's most loved principle of Ahimsa, which would promote reliance in compassion, peaceful living, and will amplify the ambiance of Ahimsa. marmataranAAaie. All your efforts intended for achieving long lasting world peace are commendable and I shower my heartfelt blessings and support to all of you in this cause. May you succeed in your worthy endeavors! 2 bhamavaH 28, Acharya Chandana 30 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 31 Y Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES FROM Swasthishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pandithacharyavarya Mahaswamiji Sri Jain Mutt, Moodbidri-574227, Karnataka, India Ph: (08258) 236418/325105 | Website: | Dharmabandhu, JAINA organization was established in 1981 providing a forum to foster friendship and unity among all Jains since its inception. In its short history it has registered invaluable achievements. It has acquired great respect from all people all over the world. It has acted as a forum for the propagation of the great principles of Jainism such as truth, non-violence, non-stealing, non-attachment and celibacy. It is testimony to its reputation that there are Jain Study Centers in many universities around the world. The motto of Jain religion is "Live and Let Live". It is the guiding principle of harmony among all living beings. In the beginning years the biennial conventions of JAINA have been conducted very meaningfully and impressively. It is a matter of pleasure that the 18th Biennial convention is being held from July 2 to 5th, 2015 at famous business center in Atlanta, USA. The propagation of religion is as much important as the practice of its principles and customs. In the present restless world, the messages of Bhagavan Mahaveer and Jainism are highly relevant. If saints and practitioners from different sects of Jainism, have been successfully brought to one stage today, the credit goes to JAINA. The theme of the present convention is "Jainism, THE WORLD OF NON VIOLENCE" there are six tracks structured for speakers. The participation of the prominent Sadhus and Sadhvis, dignitaries and scholars is indicative of the significance of the present Biennial Convention. May the 18th Biennial JAINA Convention be successful. May it be meaningful and profitable to all? May the Souvenir to be brought out on this occasion come out beautifully with the thrust of its message to all? We pray to Bhagavan Parshwanath and deity Kushmandini Devi to shower their choicest blessings. ITI BHADRAM BHOOYAAD VARDHATAAM JINASHAAANAM. 32 JAINA Convention 2015 Manav Mandir Mission Trust A Not-for-profit organization registered in the Indian Trust Act. KH-57, Manav Mandir, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi-110013 FOUNDER/PRESIDENT: H. H. POOJYA ACHARYA SHRI ROOP CHANDRAJI MAHARAJ MESSAGE 18th Biennel Jaina Convention ke avasara prakAzita hone vAle Souvenir ke lie mNgl-bhaavnaaeN| Convention Theme Jainism World of Non-Violence ke lie bdhaaii| yaha gaurava kA viSaya hai Aja Jain Community kI Worldwide pahacAna eka NonViolent, Peace Loving Community ke rUpa meM mAnya ho cukI hai| isa pahacAna para koI AMca nahIM Ae, isa dizA meM gaMbhIratA se ciMtana-maMthana honA jarUrI hai| isake sAtha hI ahiMsA / zAkAhAra ko hama eka Worldwide Mission kaise banA sakate haiM, maiM samajhatA hU~ jainA kanveMzana meM isa para pUre vistAra se vicAra-maMthana honA caahie| bhArata meM vibhinna paMthoM / saMpradAyoM ko bhI isa mizana meM eka maMca para lAyA jA sakatA hai| kanveMzana meM bhAga lenevAle saMta jana, vidvat jana tathA padAdhikAriyoM kI apanI mahattvAkAMkSAeM hAvI na hoM, aisI jAgarUkatA jarUrI hai| yaha kanveMzana jaina dharma aura paraMparA ko U~cAiyoM taka le jAne meM saphala ho, isI AzIrvAda ke sAtha Sh. Mr. Ashok Damodia Convener- 18th Bienniel Jaina Convention Atlanta, U.S.A. Mani Roopchandra AcArya rUpacandra Acharya Roopchandra Jainism: World of Non-Violence 33 Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Letter of Best Wishes for JAINA zubhedeza aMtarabha nA, AzoryAda paDyuM. tapAmAdhipati, unAi mAdhu-sAdI nA nAyaka nana samAjanA taunI vakIla nA, dhI premasUrIzvarajI ma.sA. kAryakuzala, vaiyAvacce premI pa.pU.A zrI kRSacaMdrasUrIzvarajI (ke.sI.) ma.sA. JAINA GAIN ASSOC. IN NORTH AMERICA) mA jyAre jayA arthamAM mAnava bane tyAre te ciAnA jhanane khaattpI che. - pAMcamAM AtetanA A viSama vAtAvargamAM jyAreM jIme - wekhP-Nil-Ma.//P jeon eto ja rAkhoSa thaI rahA che tyAre pohacamI paMskRtinA moja-maukha nA ghactionwthI. rNapaNe raMgAyeLA manamaiPTakA jevA dee4mAM tamo sahu A 'Hatesii mAdhyama dvANa paMstela-AdadhyAmika ane zAmaw victor# utpo phaLa prayaW Wii jo kharekhara mAchaiesNIya ane mamohamra che. ctamaret mAvo dura rahe. vamArI mota muva roM ane tamArUM jIvana haMmeest NkhUra anai tamo pramaTAvelI tharmanI-saMskaranI-saMskRtinI jyota padAratha jAtI hai , aivA amaet khaMnewA maeils. A huM Over the past 34 years JAINA has been doing an outstanding job of bringing Jains together from all over the United States to learn about the Jain way of life. To achieve this goal, jaina invites scholars from the different parts of the world, arranges conventions, lectures and enlighten, Inspire, and empower the delegates. Presenting Jainism as a World of Non Violence, in this years' theme is particularly relevant considering the current state of world affairs. An inordinately large part of humanity has been displaced from there homes due to war in North Africa, Middle East and parts of the old Soviet Union. It is ironical that the foundation of instability and war in these parts of the world finds its roots in religious belief. Should faith ever become a source of violence? Followers of Jainism will unequivocally say "No". Against this backdrop, there couldn't be a more opportune time to reflect on and spread Lord Mahavira's concept of Non Violence - which as we know is a foundational tenet of Jainism. Seeing the world with a renewed sense of hope through discourses and discussions on NonViolence should not only heal the wounds on our consciousness as we listen to the atrocities around the world in the news everyday, but also motivate us to spread it in the communities where we live. mAM sua - 2285 We offer our blessings, prayers and best wishes for the success of the event. Samani Parimal Pragya 34 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 35 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti T if it "Acharya Lokesh Ashram Odder Nagar Now Karella Metro Station New Delhi - 11000 ) Blessings from Shrutpragya Swamiji Wishimcha E-macharya w an og (Peace of Mind Foundation, Rajkot, India) Aje jayAre rASTramAM dharmanA nAme hiMsA,spardhA, ane phuratA vadhI rahyA che tyAre bhagavAna mahAvIranI ahiMsAnI duniyAne jarUra che. mahAvIranI ahiMsA emanA samaya karatA paNa Aje vadhu prAsaMgika che.ApaNA bhAva jagatamAM maitrI, vicAramAM anekAMta,vyavahAramAM IcchA parimANa,AcAramAM saMyama ane vartanamAM vinaya Avaze to sAcA arthamAM ApaNe jaina banI zakIzuM. have AkhA vizvamAM A jina paryAvaraNa phelAya to duniyAmAM yuddha ane azAMti zakya nathI. A ApaNA saunI javAbadArI che. pUrI mAnava jAta je divase Eco Friendly banavAno prayatna karaze, jaina jIvana zailI apanAvaze, tyAre A pRthvI para ahiMsAnuM zAsana sthapAze evI zraddhA che. eTalAnTAmAM yojAI rahelA JAINA CONVENTION mAM prasArita thanAra ahiMsAno saMdeza pUrI duniyAmAM abhaya, prema ane zAMtinuM vAtAvaraNa ubhuM karaze evI sadabhAvanA sAthe . . . . zrutaprajJa svAmI Message I am pleased to know that JAINA Convention 2015 has been organized from 2 to 5 July 2015 at Atlanta, Georgia 2015. Established in 1981 through its Centers in North America JAINA has been successfully working to strengthen Jain Community and doing humanitarian works due to which is voice is heard in United Nations and White House AL JAINA Convention 2015 an extensive discussion on ins: World of Non Violence will be held. The discussion will be held at a time when on one hand natural disaster caused by earthquake in Nepal has moved the world and on other hand war. Violence and terroris caused due to communal and racial trend in different parts of the world is terrifying the humanity. War. Violence and terrorism cannot solve any problem. Violence give rise to counter Violence Dialogisesed on Bhagwan Mahavir Philosophy of Nonviolence and Unity in Diversity all mutual conflicts can be solved. Natural calamitiese become more disastrous when principles of nonviolence and environment are onored. Non-violence and Environment directly related. Thus extensive discussion on "Jainism World of Non Violence will be milestone to provide solution to above problems. Virtually Bhagwan Mahavir philosophy of Unity in Diversity has solution for many global problem It is appreciable that even after living in western countries with extreme materialiste desclopment and having a very busy lifestyle all of you are working towards conserving religious social, spiritual and cultural values, this is an example other countries including India With Best Greetings! Acharya Loresh Acharya Lokesh Muni Founder President Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Website, V 36 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 37 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Universal Ahimsa Foundation (Regd.) Founded by His Holiness Shantidoot Acharya Amrender Muniji Maharaj Chief disciple of world renowned lan Guru His Holiness Acharya Sushil Muniji Maharaj Mo:-91-0013833222 Weban.a Acharya Lakes SOL.OGRajender Nagar BMS Now-Delh:T100000ndia) Shri Shukal Adhyatmik Kendra, 37-38,6-22/Sector 27 Rohin New Del 110085, India Tel: +911127053030,Mob.+919313133865/-919350782508Qndal,-19086037071(USA) Email sucAtaka nirmala docI, azoka dAmoDiyA, bAnikA zobhA borA ekajanA President.Chairman aura sabhI kAryakatAoM ko aashiirvaad| ApakA nimaraNapatra milA- usake lie dhnyvaad| duly Bily taka 18th Biennial Jaina Convention karane jA rahe hai.bahasAre jaina saMsAra ke lie AnaMdakA viSaya hai| Atlanta Georgia jaina samAjakA yaha eka bahuta sundara pacAsajIsanIyatasarAhanIbakAye hai| yahaComention kA kAryakrama dharmanAda vinavAriyoM ko pArI aura guMjAyamAna karegA tathA sAre vAtAvaraNa ko AdhyAtma kI sugaMdha se bhara degaa| AjakI aparAdha vRztiyoM se nirAza evaM kRtita karate hue mAna ke lie yaha zubha Ayojana saMjIvanI kAma kregaa| hamAre gurudeva parama baDheya aura saMgha ke AcArya, muni zrI suzIla kumAra jI mahArAja cAhate kI amarIkA ke hara zahara memakti ke vAtAvaraNakA pracAra evaM prasAra ho jisase pUrA zahara labhAnvita ho| hara do sAla ke bAda JainmaaConvention jaina dharma, ahiMsA, zAkAhAra. paryAvaraNa surakSA evaM zikSA ke kArya meM hamezA agasarAisa pavitakAryasenaI pIr3hI maname nayA utsAha evaM dharmabhAvanA jAgata hogI kyoMki aba videzI mesevanakakI usakegavegAto AtmahatyAmA hatyAeM kara rahe haiN| aba isa dharma jyoti ke kArya se baccoM ke lie preraNA evaM jIvana menaI dizA kA AdhAra bnegaa| isase ektAva sneha kI bhAvanA jaagegii|maanvmaanvtaakenvokosmjhkr usako aacrnnmelegaa| saMdeza yaha jAnakara hArdika prasannatA huI kinA kanvezana 2015 se julAI ko aTalAMTA, jaoNrajiyo yU.esa.e. meM Ayojita hone jA rahA hai| 1981 se sthApita jainA 60 seTaroM ke gAdhyama se jaina ekavA ko majabUta karane meM saphala huA hai tathA usake mAnavatAvAdI kAryoM ke kAraNa amerikA meM jaina samAja kI AvAja yUnAITiDa nezansa evaM vAITa hAusa taka sunAI detI hai| jainA kaMvenazana 2015 meM Jainism: World of Non Violence" para vyApaka parcA hogii| yaha kanvezana aise samaya meM Ayojita ho rahA hai jaba eka aura nepAla meM bhUkaMpa kI bhayaMkara jAsadI ne mAnavatA ko zora kara rakha diyA hai aura dUsarI ora vizva ke aneka bhAgoM meM sAMpradAyika tathA jAtIya unmAda se utpanna yuddha hiMsA va AtaMkavAda ne vizva ko bhayAkrAMta kara rakhA hai| yuddha hiMsA va akavAda kisI samasyA kA samAdhAna nahIM hai| hiMsA pratihiMsA ko janma detI hai| saMvAda ke mArA bhagavAna mahAvIra dvArA pratipAdita ahiMsAtmaka mArga se anekAMtavAya zailI meM hara ApasI vivAda ko sulajhAyA jA sakatA hai| prAkRtika ApadA bhI ahiMsA evaM paryAvaraNa ke siddhAMto ko najaraaMdAja karane se ugra rUpa dhAraNa karatI hai| ahiMsA aura paryAvaraNa kA gaharA saMbaMdha hai| sRSTi kA saMtulana bhI ahiMsA aura paryAvaraNa se juDA huA hai| ataH "Jainism: World of Non Violence" para hone vAlI vyApaka caryA uparokta samasyAoM ke samAdhAna ke lie gIla kA patthara sAbita hogii| vastutaH bhagavAna mahAvIra ke anekAMta darzana meM aneka vaizvika samAsyAoM kA samAdhAna maujUda hai| yaha bahuta hI ullekhanIya hai ki pazcimI dezoM meM parama bhautika vikAsa tathA usakI bakAoMtha ke mAhaula meM rahane tathA atyaMta vyasta jIvana zailI ke bAvajUda bhI Apa sabhI dhArmika, sAmAjika AdhyAgika evaM sAMskRtika mulyoM ke saMrakSaNa ke lie ekajuTa hokara kArya kara rahe hai yaha bhArata sahita anya dezoM ke lie bhI preraka hai| zubhakAmanAoM sahita anyAyalALeza AcArya lokeza muni saMsthApaka adhyakSa ahiMsA vizva bhAratI isa avasara para vidvAna muniyo evaM AcAryoM ke pravacana manoraMjana ke sAtha sAtha aMjana kA kAma kara mumunA jIvana raSTi ko zuddha evaM sUmamayAhI banAeMge bhagavAna mahAvIra kI ahiMsA para anekAntAda kI dhvajA vAtAvaraNa meM AdhyAtmikatA jgaaegii| mujhe vizvAsa hai ki yaha Convention aitihAsika evaM smaraNIya rhegaa| jaina saMskRti kI pratikriyA ahiMsA mUlakA hotI hai. calanA phiranAmA .nA.mAyana karanA Adi sabhI mai ahiMsA kA nAda dhvanita hotA hai| bhagavAna mahAvIra kI ahiMsA bahuta vyApaka hai| gurudeva karamAyA karate me.jaba bacce kA janma hotA hai.sabase ahiMsA kI zuruAta ho jAtI hai| Aja nepAla ke aMdara, aura kaI dezI me bAra bAra bhUkamya davArA vinAzAlImA ho rahI hai| usakA mUla kAraNa jIto kI hiMsA hai| nepAla meM samAsa pAnI hatyA kAraNale bhUkampabAra bAra Akara vinAzalImA kArasya prastuta kara rahA isa lie bhagavAna mahAvIranekahA ki jiyo aura jIne do mujhe AzA hai ki JainaConvention dvArA ahiMsA, paryAvaraNa AdikA pracAra prasArakara mahAvIra ke amara sandezako vizva meM pahuMcAkara parama kAMtikA vAtAvaraNa upasthita kreNge| zivama vAna,maMgalam bhUkhAnAsatA saMsArabhatikavAtAvaraNa maijie.isake lie koTizA zubhakAmanAeM evaM aashiirvaad| oma AhemA mAnita amendramuni 38 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 39 Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dear JAINA members, It is commendable how JAINA has been able to guide over 100,000 Jains in North America. It has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1981 through the sincere efforts of the members to actualize its objective of living and promoting a Jain way of life. The biennial conventions play an important role in spreading the message of Jainism. Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Man is the architect of his world of beliefs, thoughts and conduct. A unifying vision of seeing the same Self in everyone, nurtures a personality that lives in harmony with all. The fragrance of his love spreads to the world around making him truly non-violent. By the grace of the Tirthankars, may all live in tune with such a unifying vision and fulfill the theme of this year's convention, "Jainism: World of Non-Violence." Love and Blessings, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai 40 JAINA Convention 2015 Jain Muni Ashram Akhil Bhartiya Shree Tapoyog Sadhna Kendra Trust, Halwas Gate, Bhiwani - 127021 (Haryana) HOLY MESSAGE Convener and Co-convener Jaina Convention, It is my great pleasure to know that Eighteen Biennial Jaina Convention is being held in Atlanta, Georgia in USA on July 2nd through 5th 2015. It is a great opportunity for Atlanta Jain Sangh. Jaina Convention is a huge platform for Jain Community to get together and think about Society, Religion and Planning for the bright future of Jain Community, in North America. Jaina has been working for about 35 years in North America as an umbrella organization and now has about 67 Jain Centers as members. Jaina is working very hard for our religion, society, literature and especially educating young children. Admirable efforts of JAINA has produced results that are very satisfying, for which Jain society overall is very grateful and supportive. Still there are some points which need to be discussed in depth, thought through and considered. I would like to suggest following three important points to Jaina; 1. How can we develop deep faith in our "Bhagwan" and religion in Jain community, especially in our young generation? 2. How we can we create awareness of Jain principals in broader community beyond Jains 3. How can we enhance unity among all Jain traditions in North America? I wish and prey the success for this convention. The Society will be recharged with full of energy, spirit and hope for bright future. With best Wishes and Blessings Manak Muni Jainism: World of Non-Violence Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES FROM Samani Vikas Pragya It is matter of great privilege to know that in every alternate year JAINA organizes a platform for the Jain community of USA to learn and know the Jain principles STATE OF GEORGIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR ATLANTA 30334-0900 This year, with the theme of NON-VIOLENCE, JAINA is celebrating its 18th successful JAINA Convention in Allanta, Georgia, on 3rd of July to 5th of July. Nathan Deal GOVERNOR July 2, 2015 Non-violence is the life of Jainism. One who learns non-violence leams Jainism. As a Jain nun it gives me an immense pleasure, as non-violence is part of my life. To: The Attendees of the 18" Biennial JAINA Convention GREETINGS Every religion believes nonviolence as a fundamental principle of human conduct and chief religious vir tue. Non-violence is the virtue of life, love, compassion, self-discipline, and friendliness. I am pleased to extend my warmest regards to the attendees of the 2015 JAINA Convention. On behalf of the State of Georgia, it is a pleasure to host your event In the age of advancement, money and material value is increasing and the value of spirituality is decreasing. So, man is facing the problem of violence, terrorism, dishonesty, lack of character, war and conflicts, crimes in all aspects of life. For this, Lord Mahavira's Non-violence is the boon. Please allow me to welcome your distinguished guests, tonight's guest speakers, their families, and other attendees. Since established in 1981, JAINA has focused on promoting cultural and academic exchange around the globe. I commend the members of this association for promoting non-violence and humanitarian community service, and I am confident that you will continue to have a great positive impact on your fellow citizens. I am proud to have this dedicated group gather in our capital city. I commend the Jain society of Greater Atlanta, the 2015 JAINA Convention Board, and the JAINA Executive Committee for organizing this event and send my best wishes for a successful and enjoyable convention. For those visiting from out of state I wish you safe travels home. The goal of "unity in diversity" is possible only by non-violence. I wish and believe that this platform shall bring an outstanding change. My best wishes to all the participants to enrich your life through the knowledge and prac tice of non-violence. Hearty wishes to organizers for their great endeavor. Sincerely, Nathan Deal Nathan Deal NDEZ M 2 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 43 Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Greetings: As Georgia's Fifth Congressional District Representative, it is an honor to welcome you to "JAINA Convention 2015" to be held in Atlanta, GA from July 2-5. JOHN LEWIS Atlanta is a great city in which to live and work, and a wonderful place to visit. I encourage you to take the time to enjoy our beautiful city-the gateway to the "New South." July 2, 2015 Our city is more than buildings and concrete-it is a city of warm and wonderful people. It is the birthplace of one of the greatest warriors and leaders of the 20th century. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King preached the philosophy and the discipline of nonviolence, not only in this city but also throughout the nation and around the world. Atlanta is truly a city that is striving to become the "Beloved Community." With all good wishes, It is my hope that during your visit you will have an opportunity to enjoy and participate in all aspects of this booming city. JL:m 44 JAINA Convention 2015 Sincerely. I is John Lewis Member of Congress KASIM REED MAYOR CITY OF ATLANTA 55 TRINITY AVE, 5.W ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30335-0300 TEL (404) 330-4100 July 3, 2015 Greetings: As Mayor of the City of Atlanta, I would like to welcome the attendees of the 18th Biennial JAINA Convention. JAINA has worked to evangelize, equip and edify its members with spiritual knowledge. I am confident your attendees will benefit from your benevolent message of nonviolence. The City of Atlanta applauds your efforts to encourage your ministry. Events such as the 18 Biennial JAINA Convention truly reflect Atlanta's status as an international city. On this special occasion, I offer you my sincere congratulations for your outstanding record of service and benevolence. The City of Atlanta is proud to salute and honor your dedication. Sincerely. Zain Val Kasim Reed While in our city, we encourage attendees to explore the many attractions Atlanta has to offer including: the Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Center, the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park, Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Children's Museum of Atlanta, National Center for Civil and Human Rights, College Football Hall of Fame and many more. We invite you to share in our Southern hospitality, sample cuisine at our many fine restaurants and enjoy the rich and diverse heritage of our city. On behalf of the people of Atlanta, I extend best wishes for an auspicious occasion. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 45 Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ANDREW YOUNG NORCROSS -a place to imagine MATOSCOWION MURCIA NAN DAVID MONO QUICIMANCRAS NEN NOW.ANAND ON CHANGER C CH LERMONIQUE LANG April 8, 2015 Apr 21,20 5 Dear JAINA Conference Participants, The Federation et Jain Associations In North America Dear Friends Welcome to Atlanta, GA "the city to business to hate". As former Mayor of Atlanta I welcome you to our great city and I am overwhelmed with joy that you have chosen Atlanta to host the 18th Biennial JAINA Convention in our great city. It is an exciting time to be in Atlanta as we continue to grow, adapt and remaining always motivated. On Behalf of the City of NO CIOS. 1135 on Honor welcome and condogle The Federation cl JAIN Associations in North America JANA) Os you celebrate the 18" Biennial Convention for July 2, 2015 through July 5, 2015 in Ananta. itis my distinct pleasure to send to you our very best wishes for a wuccessful event Cleary Jane have demonstrated that productive ouers with strong convictions and thus to the community cohond do make a difference in the world Before I close, I'd like to thank each of your for attending the conference and bringing your expertise to the gathering. You, as organization leaders, have the vision, the knowledge, the wherewithal and the experience to help all of us pave our way into the future. You are truly a great asset today and tomorrow, and we could not accomplish what we do without your support and leadership. Throughout this conference, I ask you to stay engaged, keep us proactive and continue to shape the future. My personal respect and thanks goes out to all of you. I am confident the members of Join w Continue to take pride ir ost and present accomplishments and continue to strive towowd future successes. This is a great opucalunity for you to come together from across the world to celebrate the Jon conmunity and its global impact on qualityand nonviolence The City Council and Adminstrator express since well whes for a joyful and memorable 186 Biernic Convention Sincerely then Peace and Blessings Bucky Jondon Moyor Andrew Young 46 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non Violence 42 Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA - MACA STREET, QUEENS TEMPLE JAINA Ratna Award 2015 JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA OURENS, NE Tous UNITY IN DIVERSITY Mr. Dilip V. Shah Philadelphia, PA A visionary and a leader, Me Dilipbhai Shah hu devoted his life for the betterment of Mankind! He has been in the forefront of helping Human Beings - Anukampa - for over forty years. It all started when he was appointed director of Nationalist Services of Philadelphia in 1975. He single handedly several refugee families from Uganda to settle down in USA. Since this beginning nothing has stopped him, not even a heart attack two weeks before 2007 JAINA Convention deterred him from his commitment to Humanity! He came out of it in time to lead the Convention a Convencer and still has not rested.....he keeps moving furthe Jain Principles! SHRI ASTHAPADI RATNA MANDIR Dilipbhai was born on 17th June 1944 in Mumbai and had a very humble beginning, He came to USA at the age of 21 after being a Civil Engineer from India to do Masters and never left! Highlights of his accomplishments are numerous and will list a few below 1. Initiated and motivated many lain Centers in North America. He was plonged in starting three Jain Sanghs (Atlantic Delaware & Binghamton) 2. Was JAINA Secretary, First VP, President. Converw of 2017 IAINA Convention 3. Has written multiple articles, TAINA Convention reports, Yatra reports, Book reviews and has also donated a library of more than 20 books to Cherry Hill Sangh of N. 4. Amendments of JAINA Constitution art of Pation program 5. G AINANO N in United Nations 6. Helped raised funds and build 20 homes in Kutch after the Earthquake of 2001 7. Has participated in Interfaith activities multiple ways, has lowed dignitaries like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Babu Ramdev and many lain dagnitaries visting from India and also many non-Indian Academicians of North America 8. Assisted a couple in Florida to fulfill their dream of building an Upashray for Sachwe in Amdavad 9. Haslead JAINA's committee of Pilgrimage for many years and have taken more than 10 people from North America to various pilgrimage places in India 10. Built schools in Lachwad and Pavapurl with Verayatan and now has initiated 200 school projects for Veeravatan and is serving as Secretary of Veerayaan International 11. Is one of the three individuals in North America who is propelling International School for Jain Studies where in so far 450 Americans students and teachers) have gone to India for from to weeks to study Jain Religion as practiced by an in India 12. is working on bringing Lain Education to American Universities namely Loyola Marymount University, Claremont School of Theology and UC Irvine all in Southern California 13. Created 30 foot long poster of Reverend Gurudev Chitrathanuji's Ahima Yatra and has just completed Biography of Gurudev CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES TO JAINA ON THE 18 BIENNIAL CONVENTION TMJAINISM - WORLD OF NON-VIOLENCE. FROM ALL MEMBERS OF JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA, NEW YORK WHERE EVERY JAIN PRAYS UNDER ONE UMBRELLA. 3-11 thaca St. Elmont, NY 12 WWW.Vicentecore nacenter 718.478.9341718.478.9344 Dilipbhai is a perfect example of a Leader building the team so well that leader is dispensable! He is a serier for many people and also c antations as he has been foundly called upon to deal with res owing to his depth of character & level-headedness his willingness to work towards the greater good and his ability to weave through complex interpersonal situations. We wish him all the Best to continue his missionary work for the mankind V 48 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 49 Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Special Recognition Award 2015 JAINA Adult Recognition Awards 2015 Shree Girishbhai Shah Jain Center of Southern California, Buena Park, CA Megha Doshi Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington, Washington DC Mecha Deshi is a rector of Education MW and she made an enco mpact on how the center runs Pathshalacrum. She has displayed un d eva for advancement of Jainism for more than a decade. She is very kind hearted & humble with a positive can-doit attitude Shwe Cirisha Shah is a well respected & well known Jain Shravak for his humbleness Namntal Equity amal Comp Karuna) & Patience Dhina) He has advanced the c o ffins & Jainism in USA & his contribution in teaching Lain for at the decades imply unmatchable. He hu taght, prop d & mo not only young adults but whole care of teachers in Los Angeles and many other contacts USA He is a shining example of promoting Jainism & Jain Way of life without putting down any sects or practices De voring over other. He continues to teach in an all encompassing way while emphasizing the main of Jainism. He is an institute by himself Niranjan Shah Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Troy, MI Lifetime dedicated to De Sexy Su l ly lead Detroit Convention. Adviser true contributor Fundraiser, and inspirer for young e ration on deved with energy and Financial resources for the advancement of Jainism locally and nationally JAINA Adult Recognition Awards 2015 Sharad Shah Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Troy, MI Sharad selles committed to the advancn o thers and of course LAINA A natural in taking Photos and than uploading to show and benefit others for all the Jain Relious events, Has always contributed to the cause of IAINISM Deepika Dalal Jain Center of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL Very helpful and backbone of Patha program of South Florida sitive with new ideas, loading through volunteering Instrumental bringing youth and adults together and very resourceful Tejas Shah Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, IL Highly energetic and motivating leader of Chicago Society, brings environment friendly initiative promoting technologies in managing at dyrk, devotional and peate to promote lain and Maskhaman Tapi Dilip Punatar Jain Center of Cincinnati Daytona, Liberty Twp, OH A power in establishing two Jain Contes in North America, Dilipbhal has devoted more than 20 years of his life to Jain Religion AINA and Jain Iducation. He r ved on numerous committees of local Jain centers as well as of JAINA He is well known for his philanthropy with special inclination towards Jain Vijay Chheda Jain Center of Southern California, Buena Park, CA Gunvant Shah Jain Center of New Jersey, Essex Fells, NJ Vijaybhal is a well-known philanthropist whose kindness is well recognized in USA as well as in India. He is presently serving as president of Bidada Sarvodaya Trust in Kutch Gujarat Vijaybhai has devoted his Ide and finances towards service of humanity. He has been a b er of Jain Center of Southern California and JAINA since its inception serving both relentlessly A founding member of lain Center of Newer Curtaidete 25 years of service to the center in every possible position and capacity. He w ing IAINA for many years wing taster for last two years and in charge of youth programming at this convention. He is well known for holding Jain Milan programs with many success stories of marriages between participants Vipul Shah Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, IL Hasmita Parekh Jain Center of Southern California, Buena Park, CA Vipul Shah has successfully led the JAINA native called Campus utreach initiative during YJA Convention in Chicago He has trained the entire operation/administration of SMC by imp ing IT why He has they even with special chobanding and Her Destinad M and Cooperative attitude Her New and old She has contributed t o r al Always be with and Nohased and appreciation from all young o Southern Californis but also regular for JAINAS 50 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 51 Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Youth Recognition Awards 2015 JAINA Youth Recognition Awards 2015 Arpit Mehta Charmi Vakharia Ampit M ais bicimtomatics scientist at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He has contributed to the Jain Community through his outstanding work with the Jain Education Research Foundation, and two terms on the YJA Frecutive kun Charmi Vakharia is currently a student at Rutgers University studying Bio-mathematics She has served the Jain Community through multiple terms on the YJA Executive Board movement and participation in Jain Academic Howland youth leader at the Main Conte of New Jersey Sejal Dhruva Sealhuis been instrumental in leading YJA and LAINA. She served as the co-chair of YA for two years from 2013 to 2014 and was the West Regional Coordinator prior to that planning many events to bring the community together She has been vital to taking YA to where it is today. Shikhar Shah Shikhar has been a versatile contributor and leader of YJA and FAINA He was the Mid West konal Coordinator for YIA. a Security co-chair during the YJA convention, and a speaker and Jain Academic Bowl Moderator during the past Sunny Dharod Vishal Mehta. Prival Gandhi Priyal has been highly influential by leading promoting and spreading in education to our future generation of ini. She has been the YLA Director of Education for two yees and has coached and played during the Jain Academic Bowl competitions both in Detroit and Atlanta Sapan Doshi Sapin a highly involved member of Jain Center of Southern California as the Youth Committee Dinsctor of Media for the last two years, which has allowed him to coordinate the Mahavir Javanti and Paryushan programs. He is also growing entrepTRUE having co-founded a non-profit organization to help underprivileged children Sunny Dhard is currently a student at the University of Michigan studying Funcio and Spanish He bus served the Jain Community through tonal fundraising for the past YIA convention as well as founding of a lain Students Association in his college. Vishal Mehta currently a student at the University of Michigan studying political science and communications. He has served the Jain community greatly through his work on the YJA Executive und as well volunteting with the youth group at the Detroit Derasar V 52 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 53 Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Presidential Awards - 2015 JAINA Presidential Awards - 2015 Individual Awards "Outstanding leadership award for promoting Join way of life" Dr. Dipak Jain SASIN: The leading business School in the Asian region Dr. Dipak lain has played a pivotal role in the Long Ranging Planning for IAINA and the Jain Community as well as keynote speakers in many VIA and AINA conventions. He has been a driving force on developing AINA leaders for tomorrow Partner Organizations "Outstanding Services and Education Award" Ahimsa Center The Ahimsa Center was established in 2004 at California State Polytechnic ANIMA CERTE University, Pomona by Dr. Tara Sethia, a professor in the History Department. The basic purpose of the Center is to mainstream the understanding of ahimsa both as a core value of good life, and a powerful force to bring about peaceful social change. The work of the Center follows a three-pronged approach: (1) educating college students, for which an interdisciplinary Minor in Nonviolence Studies is offered on our campus; (2) training K-12 teachers to take lessons about ahimsa into dassrooms throughout America, for which the Center offers every other year two-week long intensive summer institutes drawing teachers from all corners of the country; and (3) engaging the community in an ongoing exploration of ahimsa as a way of life, for which the Center has been hosting a major conference biannually and a variety of other events such as public lectures, dialogues, seminars and workshops. He has been a leading aght in the Jain Education and Research Foundation of Miami and had been instrumental in the establishment of the Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies in the Florida International University The professorship has now advanced to a full-fledged in studies program with graduate fellowships, summer research program, annual Mahavir lectures, student activities and international conferences. As recognition of his contribution in the field of public service, the Florida International University awarded him an Honorary Doctorate in a special commencement ceremony on April 30, 2012. As the former Dean Emeritus of Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) from September 2009 to May 2011, and Dean of INSEAD from May 2011 to March 2013 Dipak lain, former dean of insead and the Kellor school at Northwestern University, has been appointed dean of the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, part of Chulalongkorn University, in the Thai capital of Bangkok To learn more about the Ahimsa Center and its programs, please visit: "Outstanding leadership award for promoting Jain way of life" Dr. Jagdish Sheth EMORY: Goizueta Business School Dr. Sheth is an American Psychological Association Fellow and past President of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR). Over the last three decades, Dr. Sheth has amassed over 30 awards as a thought leader in marketing consumer behavior and emerging markets. Notably, Dr. Sheth is the recipient of all top three academic awards bestowed by the American Marketing Association (AMA). Dr. Sheth is a highly sought after keynote speaker at many industry, academic and public forums "Outstanding Services and Education Award" Jain Vishva Bharati (JVB) & JVB Institute With inspiration from Ganadhipati Gurudev Shri Tulsithe ninth spiritual supreme head of Jain Shwetamber Terapanth Sangh) and Acharya Shri JAIN VISHVA BHARATI Mahapragya (the tenth supreme head), Jain Vishva Bharati (VB) was established in the year 1970 at Ladnun in the Nagaur District of Rajasthan, India. In addition to being a center of excellence in the field of Jain Studies and the Prakrit Language, this institute has also become an international center of learning on Ahimsa (Non Violencel. Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) and Preksha Dhyan (Preksha Meditation. Our main aim is the upliftment of socio-spiritual values "Jain Vishva Bharati Institute is committed to provide highest quality of educational services to the utmost satisfaction of the students and give them an opportunity to cultivate an integrated personality backed by spirituality and moral values. The practice of pragmatic principles such as anekant, non-violence, tolerance and peaceful co-existence are the noble ideals of this institute He has been advisor to many industries, governments and companies all over the world. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the top four awards from The American Marketing Association According to Professor Sheth, both his personal and professional de has been guided by his Jain upbringing and the three principles of Jainism (nonviolence, multiple perspectives, and nonattachment. Dr. Sheth was one of the Keynote speakers at LA MAINA conference, where ecology was the theme of the conference. He eloquently presented the case of how the corelain values can play an important role in the market dynamics of the future. What struck many in the audience was not just the intellectual depth, but the professor's cordial style that brought out that humble agishara la community member We continuously strive hard to achieve excellence training extension and experimentation in various branches of learning compatible to the mission of the Institute." To learn more about the Jain Vishva Bharat Institute, please visit: www.jvbi.acin 54 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 35 Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Past JAINA Ratna Award Recipients Past JAINA Presidents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Congratulations to the recipients of JAINA's most prestigious award in North America, the JAINA Ratna Award. Recipients of this award have made contributions of time and personal financial resources for JAINA, their local Jain Center and the community at large to fulfill the JAINA mission, have published articles, lectured and teach Jain principles, participate in interfaith activities, show a high level of personal character and integrity, and are a practitioner of major tents of Jainism. In addition to the innumerous community members who constantly embody the Jain Way of Life, we are grateful to the following JAINA PRESIDENTS for their dedicated leadership and service. Under this talented group of leaders JAINA has grown to an international presence. JAINA's success is evident through the growth of the biennial convention, which has thousands of attendees and has invited speakers, scholars and monks/ nuns from around the world. JAINA also provides numerous educational material and workshops to sustain the Jain Way of Life for future generations. JAINA has a strong community Outreach and services program. The type of growth JAINA has seen is due to the community support and strength of our leaders. Thank you to the past JAINA presidents! Year Activity JAINA RATNA Award Recipient Recipient's Home Jain Center Term Term 1989 Dr. Duli Chand Jain Jain Study Circular 1981 - 1983 JAINA President Mr. Lalit Shah Dr. Manoj Dharamsi Dr. Tansukh Salgia JAINA President Mr. Bipin Parikh Mr. Anop Vora 1983 - 1985 1991 Dr. Prem Gada 1993 De Dhiraj Shah Jain Center of West Texas (TX) Jain Community of Buffalo (NY) 2001 - 2003 2003 - 2005 2005 - 2007 2007 - 2009 1985 - 1989 Mr. Kirit Daftary 1995 Dr. Manoj Dharamsi 1989 - 1993 Dr. Sulekh Jain 1993 - 1995 1997 Leader of JAINA Library AINA World Community Service First Elected JAINA President Founder of JAINA 1981 Second Elected JAINA President Founder of JAINA 1981 JAINA Education Committee Past JAINA President JAINA Interfaith/Multifaith Author/Scholar Past JAINA President Past JAINA President Dr. Tansukh Salgia Mr. Dilip Shah Mrs. Lata Champsee Dr. Sushil Jain Dr. Jagat Jain Dr. Manibhai Mehta Dr. Dhiraj Shah 2009 - 2011 2011 - 2013 2013 - 2015 1995 - 1997 1997 - 1999 1999 - 2001 Mr. Prem Jain Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington (MD) Jain Center of Central Ohio (OH) Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton (OH) Jain Study Center of North Carolina (NO) Jain Center of Southern California (CA) Jain Center of Long Island (NY) Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (IL) Jain Society of Rochester (NY) Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton (OH) Jain Society of Houston (TX) Jain Center of Northern California (CA) Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1999 Mr. Pravin Shah 2001 Dr. Manilal B Mehta 2003 Mr. Arvind Vora 2005 Mr. Manubhai Doshi 2007 Mr. Anop Yona 2009 Dr. Sulekh Jain Dr. Mahendra Pandya Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. -Mahatma Gandhi 2011 Mr. Girish Shah 2013 Ms. Lata Champsee Founder of JAINA 1981 First female President of JAINA Editor of Jain Digest 56 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 574 Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Past JAINA Convention Host Centers JAINA Executive Committee ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A Note From the Executive Committee We would like to thank all you for your attendance, volunteer efforts, donations and continued commitment to support JAINA and our Jain community The biennial JAINA convention is attended by thousands of people from around world. The attention paid to detail in programming for all ages, the invited speakers, scholars and monks/nuns, the diverse entertainment programs and the well thought out meals provide a unique Jain experience. Such an event would not be possible without countless dedicated volunteers and the hours they spend. You have helped to make MAINA the leading organization to evolve and promote Jain practices educate future generations of lains and non-Jains to create a strong North American Jain community. expand the awareness of Jainism and it's values and lastly energize our community by providing opportunities to participate in various AINA projects and initiatives Year Yogendra Jain Ashok Domadia First Vice Presideve Gurwant Shah Treasurer President Sushil Jain Past President Rajeev Pandya MP North Haresh Shah VP M ost Rajendra Mehta VP Southeast 1981 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 Host Center Jain Center of Southern California Jain Center of America Jain Society of Greater Detroit Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Jain Society of Toronto Jain Center of Northern California Jain Society of Pittsburgh Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Jain Society of Toronto Samarpan Jain Sangh Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton Jain Center of Northern California Jain Sangh of Cherry Hill Jain Center of Southern California Jain Society of Houston Jain Society of Greater Detroit Host Center Location Buena Park, CA New York City, NY Farmington Hills, MI Bartlett, IL Toronto, ONT Milpitas, CA Murraysville, PA Bartlett, IL Toronto, ONT Philadelphia, PA Bartlett, IL West Chester, OH Milpitas, CA Pennsauken, PA Buena Park, CA Houston, TX Farmington Hills, MI Hemant Shah VP Midwest Plush Mehta VP Southwest Jayesh Shah VW Raj Patil VP Conde Young Jain Professionals Young Jains of America Sheena Shah Rupal Vora Sneha Park Go Cho Prerak Adhuria Co-Chair 58 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 59 Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Center of Northern California JAINA Convention Board Ashok Domadia Convener Deepak Shah Co-Cover Co-Chair Fund Raising Harshad Shah Co-Covener Co-Chair - Fund Raising Prem Jain Ex officio member BOD Member Dilip Punta Co-Chair - Day time programming Co-Chair. Facility Santosh Kothari BOD member Vijay Kothari Chair Exhibition Co-Chair - Facility Best Wishes for the grand success of JAINA Convention 2015 Key Events Sady bouto - Une pro * Cur ty Sports Activiti * Extended only support High School College Trench Janon * Youth Program mewuste. Pod br. Chair Food Committee nilhas Co-Chair Daytime programming Gumant Shah Chair Youth Programming Sameer Shah Chair Registration Celebrating 40th/15th Temple Anniversary FAINAB JANA Conference birlit Desire . Othe My S ehenge (54WDC AC 722 South Main Street, Milpitas, California 95035 - (408) 262-6242 Chair VIP station Rahat Chair Finance Shobha Vara Chair Marketing and Souvenir 60 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 61 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Atlanta Convention Board Members from Atlanta jainam | jayati shasanam mwa sabbi hormon labok Left to right: Madhu Sheth Anil Shah. Sameer Shah Deepak Shah, Sar Not in Pictures Nilema Kothari Vijay Kuthar Atlanta Executive Committee www.JainCenter Norm an Center JAIN CENTER OF NEW JERSEY III Cedar Growe Lanc, Somers. N 08878732 15 962 233 Runnymede Road. Essex Fells, NJ 07021 973 226 2539 Cemi S JCNJ presenting list ever 24 Tirthakara Tirth of World For matem ation than in Center Nors Congratulations to Jain Society of Greater Atlanta for hosting 18th Biennial JAINA Convention, 2015 Prarthanat M inevrat Suami Jinalaya Left to right Sunil X I V Meme Sameer Shah 'resser Ketan Shah Secretary Pritesh Ostwal (Vice President Ketan Deshi (Thamrer) Ketan Shah (Youth Secretary Not in Picture lyotin Shah cutive Member) V 62 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 63 Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Nilesh Chedda Hitesh Shah Rajul Mehta Food Committee Atul Shah (Chair) Bhavesh Gandhi Kalpin Shah Chintan Maheshwari Esha Ghosalkar 64 JAINA Convention 2015 Chetna Malbari (Co Chair) Vasant Shah Food Committee Vasant Kenya Kids Club Members Nidhi Gandhi Jain Milan Club Members Komal Shah Harshad Shah Vashali Jain Purvin Vakharwala Rashmi Momaya Hospitality Committee Left to Right: Palak Sameer Shah, Abhay Vakharwala, Priti Doshi and Dr. Meena Metha. Not in Photo: Anil Kothari JAINA Cultural Show Committee Sitting, Left to Right: Manish Shah (Chair), Meeta Modi, Niketa Kurugunty, Viral Shah Standing. Left to Right: Tina Shah, Hitesh Shah, Neetu Trivedi, Bhavesh Shah Not in Picture: Rupa Shah (Co-Chair) Jainism: World of Non-Violence 65 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Programming Committee Left to Right: Mahendra Nandu. Jawahar Doshi, Anil Shah, Popat Vira, Jayesh Gandhi, Pravin Shah Not in Picture: Yogesh Dhruv 66 JAINA Convention 2015 Religious Committee Left to Right: Jignasha Shah, Anjana Shah, Jeetubhai Makda, Madhu Shah (lead), Rita Shah Alka Dalal Mona Patel Exhibition Committee Vijay Kothari Registration Committee Sudhanshu Jain Gina Shah Ketan Shah ECO Friendly Committee Mohit Jain Shilpa Shah (Chair) Facebook Coordinator Neal Vora Legal Council Bijal V. Vakil Kishi Jain Punit Shah Jainism: World of Non-Violence 67 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AV Committee Left to right: Punit Shah (Chair), Bhavesh Shah Not in Picture: Indravadan Bhavsar, Hitesh Shah Decoration Committee Left to Right: Sejal Shah, Bijal Shah, Smita Shah (Chair), Rajesh Shah, Nipurna Shah 68 JAINA Convention 2015 Security Committee Left to Right: Ashish Rambhiya, Rajesh Gosrani, Ankit Shah, Rakesh Shah Medical Committee Left to Right: Kirti Shah (Chair), Neelima Kothari, Raj Kothari Jainism: World of Non-Violence 69 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Temple Committee Souvenir Committee Front Row, left to Richt. Hetal Momava, Nimisha Shah Ramil Lodaya (Chair), Bijal Shah, Nipura Shah Back Row, Left to right: Sunil Desi Bhavna Ostwal, Nita Lotenkar. Sejal Shah Left to right: Supriya Kala, Sharmila Ranka, Kavita Mahendra, Shoba Vora (Chair), Yogendra Bobra, Giriraj Jain Noe in Picture: layama Shah. Milan Shah, Nirmal Dasi. Rajeev Pandya. Panka lain Technology Committee Registration Committee left to right: Priyen Shah, Saray Shah Chuirl, Gopal Kejriwal, Kalpesh Sheth Left to right: Milesh Shah. Sameer Shah (Chair), Nipesh Shah Not in Pictures Mor Patel, Ketan Stuh V 70 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 21 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Awards Committee Fund Raising Committee Dr. Nitin Shah (Chair) Dr. Mamta Shaha Shan lain Hemant Shah Raju Shah Sub-Committee for Youth Awards Deepak Shah Harshad Shah Ashok Domadia Fund Raising Committee Mili Shah Akash Shah Chintay Shah Kritika Jain Day Time Programming Committee Information Desk & Last & Found Cultural Show Committee Prem Jain Sameer Shah Anil Shah Shobha Vora Souvenir Committee Dilip Punatar Bhavesh Gandhi Rupa Shah (Co-Chair) Hospitality Committee Facility Committee Milan Shah Jayana Shah Nirmal Dosi Rajeev Pandya Pankaj Jain Vijay Kothari (Co-Chair) Raju Shah Dilip Punatar (Co-Chair) Anil Kothari V 72 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 73 % Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 18th Biennial JAINA Convention 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Jain World of Non Violence Thank You Volunteers ! Thank You Volunteers ! Abhaybhai Vakharwala Alka Dalal Amita Sanjay Shah Aniket Shah Anil Kothari Anil Shah Ashok Domadia Atul Shah Avani Shah Bhakti Atik Shah Bhavesh Gandhi Bhavesh Shah Bhoomika Bhavesh Shah Bijal Shah Bumika Shah Chetna Malbari Chintan Maheshwari Daivesh Sanghvi Dakshesh Bhalani Deepak Shah Dhara Bhalani Dhara Bhalani Dhruti Shah Dilip Punatar Dr. Harshad Mehta Dr. Kirti Shah Dr. Meena Mehta Dr. Neelima Kothari 74 JAINA Convention 2015 Dr. Raj Kothari Esha Ghosalkar Giriraj Jain Gita Shah Gunvant Shah Harendra Shah Harshad Shah Hemant Shah Hetal Momaya Hima Mehta Hitesh Shah Indu Bhavsar Jawahar Doshi Jay Shah (or Mehta) Jayana Shah Jayesh Gandhi Jayshreeben Shah Jignasha Shah Jitu Jain Jitu Makda Jyotin Shah Kalpesh Jain Kalpin Shah Karishma Kamdaar Karishma Kamdar Karishma Kothari Kavita Mahendra Ketan Shah Kiran Shah Komal Shah Kruti Dance Studio Lisa Shah Madhu Shah Madhu Sheth Mahek Dance Studio Mahendra Bapna Mahendra Nandu Mamatha Maheshwari Manali Shah Manish Shah Meeta Modi Meeta Modi Meeta Shah Megha Doshi Milan Shah Minal Shah Mitesh Shah Mona Patel Mukesh Shah Nanda Chheda Narendra Jain Narendra Maniar Narendra Shah Neal Vora Neeraj Jain Neetu Trivedi Nidhi Gandhi Nikita Jain Nikita Kuruganty Nikunj Shah Nilesh Chheda Nilesh Shah Nimisha Shah Nipesh Shah Nipurna Shah Nipura Shah Niraj Jain Nirmal Dosi Nitin Shah Ojas Shah Palak Sameer Shah Palak Shah Panjak Jain Popat Vira Pravin Shah Preeti Shah Premaben Gandhi Pritiben Rajan Doshi Punit Shah Purvi Vakharwala Rajeev Pandya Rajen Sheth Rajesh Doshi Rajesh Gosrani Rajesh Shah Raju Shah Rajul Mehta Rakesh Karnavat Ramila Gandhi Ramila Lodaya Rashmi Momaya Rashmi Shah Riddhi Shah Rifka Mayani Rita Shah Rita Sheth Ritaben Jain Ritju Dosi Rupa Shah Sameer Shah Sampurna Shah Sangita Sheth Sanjay Shah Santosh Kothari Sawan Shah Sejal Shah Shantu Khona Sharmila Ranka Sheetal Shah Shefali Jhaveri Shilpa Shah Shobha Vora Shruti Shah Siddharth Shah Simran Modi Smita Shah Smruti Shah Sunil Dosi Sunil Mehta Supriya Soni/Kala Sweta Shah Tarang Shah Tina Shah Vaishali Jain Vaishali Jain Vasant Kenia Veena Shah Vijay Kothari Vimal Modi Vipul Shah Viral Shah Yogendra Bobra Yogesh Dhruv Jainism World of Non-Violence 75 Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Keynote Speakers (Addressing Via Video Conference) 76 JAINA Convention 2015 Narendra Modi was born (1950) in Vadnagar, a small town in North Gujarat's Mehsana district. Modi comes from a family of humble origins and modest means. His parents Damodardas and Hiraba Modi along with entire family lived in a small single story house which was about 40 by 12 feet. Though an average students in school, Modi was known as at strong debater. In 1987, Narendra Modi joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) a Hindu nationalist party. His rise through the ranks was rapid, as he wisely chose mentors to further his career. In 1995, Modi was elected BJP national secretary. He became Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. He was re-elected as chief minister of Gujarat in 2007 and 2012. He is credited with bringing prosperity and development to Gujarat and is seen as a corrupt-free and efficient administrator. As a leader of BJP's 2014 election campaign Modi campaigned hard, portraying himself as a pragmatic candidate capable of turning around India's economy. In May 2014, he and his party were victorious, with clear majority after 30 years. He just completed his first year as prime minister of India. John Robert Lewis was born outside of Troy, Alabama, in 1940. He had a happy childhood, though he needed to work hard to assist his sharecropper parents. He was bothered with the unfaimess of segregation. Hearing Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermons and 1955 Montgomery bus boycott inspired Lewis to act for the changes he wanted to see. At the American Baptist Theological Seminary he learned about nonviolent protest and helped organize sit-ins at segregated lunch counters. He was arrested during these demonstrations, but undeterred he participated in the Freedom Rides of 1961. As one of the "Big Six' leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, he helped plan the March on Washington in 1963. Lewis delivered a powerful oration that declared, "We all recognize the fact that if any radical social, political and economic changes are to take place in our society, the people, the masses, must bring them about." Passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, however, this did not make it easier for African Americans to vote in the South. To bring attention to this struggle, Lewis and Hosea Williams led a march from Selma, Alabama, on March 7, 1965. After crossing the Edmund Bridge, the marchers were attacked, Lewis suffered a fractured skull. Images of violent attacks proved too powerful to ignore. "Bloody Sunday," as the day was labeled, sped up the passage of 1965's Voting Rights Act. In 1981, he won a seat on the Atlanta City Council and in 1986, he was elected to the House of Representatives, representing Georgia's 5th District. Keynote Speakers Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of volunteerism, technology and gift-economy. What started as an experiment with four friends in the Silicon Valley has now grown to a global ecosystem of over 400,000 members that has delivered millions of dollars in service for free. Nipun has received many awards, including the Jefferson Award for Public Service, the President's Volunteer Service Award and Wavy Gravy's Humanitarian award. Nipun's high-school goal was to either become a tennis-pro or a Himalayan Yogi. Dissatisfied by the dot-com greed of the late 90s, Nipun went to a homeless shelter with three friends to "give with absolutely no strings attached. Over the years, they started incubating a diverse set of projects that included online portals DailyGood and Karma Tube, offline movements like Smile Cards, a pay-it-forward rickshaw in India, and Karma Kitchen restaurants in three cities across the US. In 2001, at the age of 25, Nipun quit his job to become a "full time volunteer." He didn't have a plan of survival beyond six months, but so far, so good. In January 2005, Nipun and Guri, his wife of six months, put everything aside to embark on an open-ended, unscripted walking pilgrimage in India, to "use our hands to do random acts of kindness, our heads to profile inspiring people, and our hearts to cultivate truth." Living on a dollar a day, eating wherever food was offered, sleeping wherever a flat surface was found, and the couple walked 1000 kilometers before ending up at a retreat center, where they meditated for three months. Today, both Nipun and Guri live in Berkeley and stay rooted in a practice of small acts of service. The journey continues. Nipun's mission statement in life now reads: "Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart." Andrew Young Jr., was born (1932) in New Orleans, Louisiana. He comes from a middle-class family, father a dentist, and mother a teacher-he had to travel from his neighborhood to attend segregated schools. After graduating in 1955, he became an ordained minister. Later he joined the Civil Rights Movement, working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Young was the first African-American ambassador to the United Nations and became mayor of Atlanta. In 1981, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Young coordinated desegregation efforts throughout the South. In 1964, Young became the SCLC's executive director. While in this position, he helped draw up the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He was with King in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968, the day of King's assassination. Following King's death, Young became executive vice president of the SCLC Young has written two books about his role in the fight for civil rights: A Way Out of No Way (1994) and An Easy Burden: The Civil Rights Movement and the Transformation of America (1996). He continues to fight for equality and economic justice. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 77 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Gurudev Chitrabhanji Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, a disciple of Acharya Sagaranand Surishvarji, is a Jain pioneer, global leader and author of more than 26 books. Formerly a Jain monk, his western pilgrimage began with an invitation from Harvard Divinity School in 1971. He gave up his vow of monkhood because of the call to bring Ahimsa principles to the west. He embodies brilliantly, the message of non-violence, tolerance, compassion and ecological interdependency of all living beings. He is the founder and advisor to the Devine Knowledge Society in Mumbai and Jain Meditation International Center in New York City. Acharya Chandanaji Acharya Chandanaji, is a disciple of Upadhyay Shri Amar Muniji, and took diksha at the age of 14. She established Veerayatan centers in Rajghiri, Bhuj, Mumbai, and Pune, as well as outside of India. Veerayatan is founded based on the principles of seva, siksha and sadhana. Veerayatan's humanitarian work includes health seminars and the building of schools and hospitals. Acharya Chandanaji accomplished the monumental task of translating the Uttaradhyayan Sutra in 33 days. Her publication Bhav-Dhara mirrors her purity of thoughts, words and deeds. She and her group preach the Jain philosophy to many centers around the world. Acharya Lokesh Muni Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni Ji renounced his worldly life at the young age of twenty-two, received Diksha from Late Acharya Shri Tulsi, and studied Jain, Budhist and Vedic philosophy. Acharya Ji is a versatile thinker, creative writer, poet, and a social reformer. He is founder of 'Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti' and is actively promoting and spreading message of Peace, Harmony and Non Violence throughout the world. He is an author of more than dozen books both in prose and poetry. Sadhvi Sanghamitraji Sadhvi Sanghamitraji, is the first person from the United States of America to take diksha in 2011, under Acharya Shri Chandanaji at Veerayatan, India. Her final or Badi diksha was celebrated in April 2012, at Jain Center of Northern California, in San Francisco. At the young age of six, she memorized many stotras, including Bhaktamar and Tattvartha Sutra. She studied scriptures and ancient languages under the divine and scholarly guidance of Param Pujya Gurudev Amar Muniji Maharaj and Acharya Chandanaji. 78 JAINA Convention 2015 Speakers Pramodaben Chitrabhanu Mrs. Pramodaben, spiritual companion of Gurudev Chitrabhanu, is a Director of Jain Meditation International Center in New York City and former Chairperson of JAINA's Jivdaya Committee. She has sponsored projects in educating and rehabilitating the poor and the underprivileged. She works for Reverence for Life Society and Beauty Without Cruelty and PETA, to promote animal welfare and Vegan life-style. She has written many books including "The Book of Compassion". She is an adviser to Lighthouse Center in Whitmore Lake, Michigan - a unique spiritual interfaith organization. Gurudev Namra Muni (via webcast) A revolutionary saint with extraordinary dynamism, Rashtra Sant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuniji Maharaj Saheb is an endearing person whose futuristic vision compels seekers across the world to rethink their very purpose and redesign the course of their life. A messiah of humanity, Pujya Gurudev's compassionate heart. constantly inspires innumerable missions for the social and spiritual elevation of every living being. He strongly believes, "The language of Vibrations is far more transformative than the words of Wisdom...!" Nirmal Sagar Nirmal Sagarji took Jain diksha, at the age of 14, in 1978, under Acharya Padamsagar Suriji and stayed in monkhood for 22 years. Along with Jain agams and philosophy, he studied literature in Hinduism and Buddhism. Since 2005, he is with the Hong Kong Jain Center, conducting daily study classes and pujas. He has performed various poojans and temple pratishthas. He visits the United States of America to deliver lectures and conduct paryushana. After completing Sadhana Kendra in Mt. Abu, he plans to start "Shri Buddhi-Vihar Pyramid Meditation Temple" in Mahudi, Gujarat. Amrendrer Muniji Maharaj Muniji is a main disciple of Acharya Sushil Kumarji. He took Diksha at the age of 14. He wrote the book "Yoga-Siddhi" which emphasizes the importance of meditation and mantra through Arhum yoga. He has established health centers in India serving health needs for the poor through alternative medicines. He has shared his knowledge, dedication and care for non-violence and environment, with many leaders in India and USA. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 79 Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Swami Charukeertiji Bhattarakji Bhattarakji is the Head Pontiff of Moodbidri Gurupeetha, which belongs to the Acharya Kunda Indigenous tradition. He has B.E (Civil) and M.A. in Economics and Vastuvisharada. The Moodbidri Jain library is the richest of all Jain literary collections throughout India. Bhattarakji is the supreme head of six institutions including Ramarani Research Center and the managing trustee of 18 Jain temples of Moodbidri. He delivers Jainism lectures in many languages. Chandrasen Guruji Chandrasenji is a scholar in philosophy, Agam and Kriyakand. Presently he teaches Jain sadhus and sadhvis. He is a faculty member in the Jainology Department, Mumbai University. He took Jain Disksha at the age of 8 in 1966 from Gachadhipati Aacharya Premsuri Maharaj and came to Sansar in the year 2000. He has 34 yrs. of sainthood. He is an expert in Yog Sadhana, Yogdhyan, Aasnas and Pranayam. And is a Sidha Mantracharya. Manak Muniji Manak Muniji Maharaj is the founder of Shri Padmavati Shakti Peeth. At the young age of 14, under the guidance of Jain Acharya Shri Tulsiji Maharaj, he took his vows as a Jain Muni. After becoming a Jain Monk, he spent 12 years in deep study and meditation. Muni Shriji is interested in Dhyan-Sadhana (Intense Meditation) and he has undergone several supernatural experiences. After becoming a Muni, he travelled on foot across India and Nepal for 28 years and has been blessed by Mata Shri Padmavati Devi. He established a spiritual ashram SHRI PARASHVA PADMAVATI SHAKTI PEETH, in Pune. Roop Chandraji Maharaj Roop Chandraji Maharaj took deeksha at the age of 13, under Acharya Tulsi. He wrote more than 15 books and translated several Indian scriptures into many Indian languages. Maharaj saheb is a poet, writer, philosopher and extremely knowledgeable on Jain scriptures. He also has done deep study of Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvad-Gita, Buddhist literature and Bible. He was conferred MAN OF THE YEAR - 2004 by American Biographical Institute, and was also honored by Amity Humanity Foundation and National AIDS Control Organization for his involvement in the cause of total health care and prevention. 80 JAINA Convention 2015 Speakers Saman Ji Shrutpragya Shrutpragyaji born in Bhuj-Kutch in December 1966, entered in Saman life at the age of 20. Samanji's teachings integrate ancient scriptures and modern science which validate our day to day experience and knowledge. His discourses are highly skilled on how to apply the Jain principles in daily life. He founded "Peace of Mind Foundation" in Rajkot, Gujarat and the "Peace of Mind Yogic Center" in USA and has written more than 60 books such as Turning point, Answers Within, The Touching Impact, and many more. Yogi Arun Tiwari Arun Tiwari is a disciple of Acharya Roopchandra Ji Maharaj and has been learning all facets of Yoga for last 15 years. He practices and teaches physical, spiritual and mental forms of yoga to achieve oneness with the nature and surrounding environment. He has conducted Yoga camps and classes for thousands of people in India and in several international locations, including at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Samani Parimal Pragya Samani Parimal Pragya is a disciple of Acharya Mahashraman. She holds a M.A. degree in Non- violence and Peace from JVBI Ladnun. She has been practicing spirituality for the past 22 years and has transformed many lives in India and abroad through her knowledge, experience and a unique ability to captivate audiences through her powerful delivery. Her specialties are: Training in Non-Violence, Jain Philosophy, Preksha Meditation, Yoga, and Science of Living. She has organized many camps and workshops on these subjects both in India and Overseas. Samani Vikas Pragya Samani Vikas Pragya is a disciple of Acharya Mahashraman. She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from JVBI, Ladnun. Her expertise is in: Jain Philosophy, Yoga and Meditation. She has attended conferences, organized many camps and Workshops and given discourses on: Personality Development, Jain Principles, Yoga and Meditation at many places in India and abroad. She has a melodious voice and is an excellent orator. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 81 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Speakers Samani Maryada Pragya Gurudev Rakeshbhai Zaveri Samani Maryada Pragya is a disciple of H.H. Acharya Mahashraman. She was a Gold Medalist in her undergraduate degree in Jainology and also holds Master degree in Sanskrit. She is currently a Research Scholar at JVBI Ladnun. Her fields of specialization are: Jainology and Comparative philosophy, Yoga, Meditation and Sanskrit language. She has attended seminars and conferences and given discourses on Jainism and Meditation Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai is the founder of the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, to enhance the spiritual growth of seekers. In Mumbai, on alternate Sundays, Gurudev delivers spiritually enriching discourses. These discourses, with focus on applying spirituality in every dimension of life, provide the impetus needed to begin advancement on spiritual quest. These discourses thus pave the way to eternal bliss, and are true source of inspiration and transformation for devotees across the globe. Samani Ratna Pragya Dr. Hukamchandji Bharill Samani Ratna Pragya is a disciple of H.H. Acharya Mahashraman. She holds M.A. degree in Jain philosophy and Comparative Religion, and also in Preksha Meditation and Yoga. Both degrees are from JVB1, Ladnun. She has travelled in India and abroad to give lectures and camps on Jain Philosophy, Meditation, and Skill Development. On the occasion of birth centenary of H.H. Acharya Tulsi she participated in Anuvrat Samkalpa Yatra at several places in Maharastra, India. Dr. Bharill is a disciple of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami. He is well known as a highly learned person of our Jain community. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Indore University. He has received a Jain Ratna award. Dr. Bharill has written 53 books and translated in eight languages. He is a disciple of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami. He has made an unprecedented contribution to the spiritual revolution. He is regular speaker at many Jain centers around the world Samani Shruth Nidhi Dhirubhai Pandit Shruthnidhidi is with the JPP Jain Samani group, and was initiated in 2008, at the age of 22, under Acharya Pravar Shri Shubhchandraji Maharaj Saheb, with her entire family. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Marwadi. She leamed many religious scriptures: Tattvartha Sutra, Dashvaikalika Sutra, Karma Theory, Mantra Shastra, Personality Development, Art of Living, and Principles of Lord Mahavira. She teaches Jain Anuppeha Dhyan, Yog Sadhana, naturopathy, etc. She educates children about moral values, non-violence and vegetarianism. Dhirubhai has studied at YashoVijay Pathshala in Mahesana, Gujarat. He has been teaching Jain scriptures for over 40 years. He has taught shravaks, monk-to-be, and monks on Jain scriptures ranging from basie scriptures such as Nav Tatva to heavy aadhyatmik scriptures and logic (nyaya) scriptures. He has written many books, and has translated several Sanskrit books into Gujarati. His simple yet lucid and interesting way of teaching has made him extremely popular all across India and United States Samani Dr. Suyashnidhi Tarlaben Deshi Samani Shri Suyashnidhi was initiated in the JPP Jain Samani Group in 2010, in Mysore, at the age of 24, under Acharya Pravar Shri Shubhchandraji Maharaj Saheb. She has a Master's in Jainology with Gold Medal. She is fluent in English Hindi, Kannada and Marwadi. She has learned many religious scriptures: Tattvartha Sutra, Dashvaikalika Sutra, Uttaradhyayana Sutra, Antakrut Dasa Sutra, Acharang Sutra and Principles of Lord Mahavira. She teaches Jain Anuppeha Dhyan, Yog Sadhana, memory power, fundamentals of Jainism, and also educates children about non-violence and vegetarianism. Well known Jain scholar, participated in educational activities for adults and teachers. She has extensive knowledge of Jian scriptures. She is a co-editor of Shasan Pragati for last two years and ex-editor of Jain Prakash magazine for past 20 years. Tarlaben has been visiting USA for last 20 years and has provided good insight of Jainism and Non-violence to many Jain organizations in USA and Canada 82 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 83 Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Speakers Jitendra B. Shah Indra Kumar Jain Jitendrbhai is an Acharya at the Sampumanand University, Varanasi, and a Ph.D. from the Banaras Hindu University. He has participated at the World Religion Parliament coordinated the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Palitana for a meeting with Jain Acharyas to discuss non-violence and religion. He is visiting professor at universities like Gujarat, Banaras and Mumbai and International Centre for Jain Studies, Gujarat Vidyapith. Indrakumarji has been coaching people how to deal with worries, fear, and irritation and how to live a very healthy life. He has created an extra-ordinary relationship in the community and by counselling he has helped resolve critical issues among the family members and business community, by empowering them. He discovers the hidden talents of people at the same time helping them achieve goals and passion. He also has been conducting Jain Swadhay for last several years Ajit Benadi Rahul Kapoor Mr. Benadi co-founded the Jain Association International (Germany) and is the President since the year 2000. He has tried to present the principles of Jainism to the German Public through lectures and articles on Internet in German language. He had the fortune of learning Tatwartha Sutra and Dravya Sangraha in his schooldays and this has helped him to search for the ultimate Truth Mr. Benadi has given Lectures on Jainism at the universities in Germany He is an Entrepreneur, Speaker Presenter and Author. In the last 15 years, he has founded 3 companies and 2 charitable Trusts. As a speaker, he has conducted assemblies across 10 countries. He is a guest faculty at IIM of Management, Bangalore. He has authored a book 'Work Wise - Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals' Junior Chamber International conferred him with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010, Himatlal Gandhi Pankajbhai Shet Himatlalji is great great great grandson of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi. He is currently Hon. Secretary of Shri Jain Society of India. Since 1963, he has been an advocate of Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi. For nearly 30 years, he has contributed to numerous national publications by writing articles about Jains. He has dedicated his life for social work and has worked for the betterment of charitable Trusts; most recently earning a favorable ruling in the judicial case to stop government tax imposed on charitable institutions Pankajbhai Sheth has Master in philosophical studies from Mumbai University and is an Honorary Professor in Jainism there. He is a Trustee of Jain Academy Research Trust, Param Sukh jivan Vikas, & Param Anand Satsang Parivar & International Community. He introduced Jain Yoga. Which is connected to day to day living and improving quality of life as Science of divine living. By profession, Pankajbhai is an Electronic Engineer, and an industrialist. Mahesh Kumar Shrenik Gala Maheshji is from Satna (MP) and learned Jainism from Late Pandit Neeraj ji Jain He has taught Jainism to students at Shri Digambar Jain Shraman Sanskriti Sansthan, Sanganer, and Jaipur. He has over 10 years of experience teaching Jain scriptures. He has conducted Dhyaan and Adhyatama shibirs and Daslaxan parva at several places in India, and abroad. Shrenik Gala is Student of Chartered Accountancy. He works for an e-commerce company. He has wide knowledge of Jainism which he learned from many monks in his childhood. He is very good orator and explains in very simple language. He has been giving Pravachans during paryushan for 12 years. He has visited many centers in US and performed pujans, swadhyays, Bhumipujan, Chal - Pratistha, Temple anniversary celebrations etc. V 84 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 85 Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Sanjeev Godha Sanjeev Godha is from Jaipur India. He has Masters in Philosophy in Jain Education and a Ph.d in "Three lok in Jain Drashti". He has also written many articles and books on Jainism. He has been teaching at University of Jaipur and Mumbai University and providing religious and social services. His main goal is to dedicate his life on doing research on Jainism, and promote principles of non-violence in India and in abroad. Vinod Daryapurkar Creator of the first comprehensive web site on Jainism It has contents in 39 languages. He has thorough study of major Jain scriptures along with study of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Zenism, and Sufism. He has been giving lectures on various religious and other topics over 30+ years. He has written several articles and has participated on talk shows on Radio. & TV. He has offered Yoga & Meditation classes for free for 30 years. He has Masters in Engineering and MBA degree. Jay Jain 27-year-old Jay Jain is a Simple, Caring, Compassionate Human Being & a disciple of Acharya Chandanaji. She inspired and guided him in unlocking his hidden potential of concentration enabling him to become a "Dwi Shatavdhani". It is wonderful to watch him, the way he demonstrates his Sadhna; the grace, the power of the soul we all have, but have not been able to seek. His demonstration is neither a miracle nor an exercise of memory power. It is the achievement of the soul by meditation. Mahendra Vora Mr. Vora is a Serial Entrepreneur, and is considered the high-tech poster child in the Midwest United States. He is the founder and creator of the Vora Technology Park. Mr. Vora has been living in Cincinnati, for over 25 years and he is known for his active involvement, contributions and commitment to the local and the global community. He is a proud member of the Asopalav family, and a trustee of the Cincinnati-Dayton Jain Center. 86 JAINA Convention 2015 Speakers Bipin Shah Bipin Shah is an entrepreneur and as an angel investor. He has been in Semiconductor industry for many years, and more recently in Enterprise software sector. He has held various "C and Director level positions at, INC 3 Ventures, Invox Technology, Altera Japan, and Fairchild Semiconductor. He holds a BEE (Hons) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and a MSEE from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He has been active with Jain Center of Northern California where he is the current chair of the board and western region VP of JAINA Dr. Jagdish Sheth Dr. Sheth is Professor of Marketing at Emory University. Earlier he has been on the faculty of MIT, Columbia, University of Illinois and University of Southern California. Dr. Sheth is the author of several best-selling books including, Chindia Rising, Clients for Life, The Rule of Three. Internationally known as a management thought leader, Dr. Sheth has been advisor to large companies and governments for nearly five decades and is recipient of various academic awards. He is a Fellow of American Psychological Association (APA), Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) and American Marketing Association (AMA). Dr. Denish Shah Dr. Shah is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business of Georgia State University. Dr. Shah's research focuses on substantive issues pertaining to linking marketing strategies to firm performance. His research has been published in various journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Shah worked for multinational corporations in the area of IT and Business consulting. Sanmukhbhai Bhakta Sanmukhbhai Bhakta, was born in a Kabir panthi family. He is very knowledgeable and has extensively studied Shrimad Rajchandra's Vachanamrut, Prabhushri's Updeshamrut and Brahmachariji's Bodhamrut and Pragnaboth. For many years, he has been leading the satsang in the New Jersey area centers. He has also given lectures in San Francisco and in Agash Ashram in Ahash, Gujarat. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 87 Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Priyank Shah Analyst Rockwood Capital Rushabh Kapashi Associate Partner McKinsey & Company Chandni Shah Senior Desktop Analyst Ernst & Young Reshma Shah Assistant Professor, Practice of Marketing Emory University Manish A Shah VP of Growth & Innovation Kanga Tina Shah Sr. Director, STEM and Education Foundations Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Rupal Vora Attorney Duke University 88 JAINA Convention 2015 FHOS Youth Activity Speakers Hiren Patel Corporate Contractor-Engineering Atrium Medical, Stryker, Zimmer Johnson & Johnson Dharmang Shah Co-Founder & Principal D&M Consultants Bhavik Shah Founder Arihant Real Estate Group / BB&T Capitaa Analyst Sheenika Shah Business Development Knobbe Martens Shreyans Parekh Market Manager Apttus Niraj Shah CEO dgn Factory Jainism: World of Non-Violence 89 Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Activity Speakers Panel Sessions and Speakers Monica Shah JAIN Education - Jain Academic Wing, North America Morica was born and raised in Detroit, MI and is a graduate from The University of Michigan Although she ha en strongly influenced by her Indian and Jan cultures are always felt challed with halucing western s with traditional values. Sagradabd from Bharat Natyam and Jain Pathshala While being on the YJA Executive Board, she finished her MBA and worked directly for a fortune 100 CRO. Today, Monica is a Nursery Pathshala teacher and Executive Committee board member for Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington. She's also balancing a career while enjoying her free time with friwo children Jainam and Devika and her husband Raju. Raju Shah Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Houston, TX. - Coordinator Dr. Yashwant Malaiya, Ft. Collins, CO Dr. Nitin Shah, Los Angeles, CA Dr. Neptune Srimal, Miami FL Dilip V. Shah, Philadelphia, PA Dr. Pankaj Jain, Dallas, Texas Dr. Tara Sethia, Los Angeles, CA Dr. Jasvant Modi, Los Angeles, CA Raju was YJA Co-Chair from 1996 to 1998. After graduating from Yale University with two degrees, he went to the United Kingdom for five years. He had many travel adventures, such as seeing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, climbing Mt Etna, and swimming in Croatia's clear waters Upon return to the US, the married Mamica and now has two children: Lainam and Devika. He currently enjoys taking the kids a Disney World, where his wife wonder if she has two children or Kavita | Patel Jain Diaspora - Non-sectarian, Virtual Global Initiative Kavita 1. Patel is a liwe Couch who worked with h ands of succesful smart, lowing women who are single and struggling to m e the kind of man that is at their level. Her clients include executives at Google, Amazon, and Apple, plus hundreds of powerhouse entrepreneurs. Kavita her no-nonsense approach to help woenen dive beneath the surface of superficial dating rules and once and for all change the patterns that have been keeping them from finding lasting love Kavita's signature course is called Soul Level Lowe, which hundreds of women have participated in thus far She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fax News, CBSNews, Women's Health Magazine, Women's Day Magazine, and Time Out NY, to name a few. Manish Mehta, Detroit, MI. - Coordinator Kantilal Gudhka, Halari Oswal Jain Group, Kenya Arun Jogani, Antwerp, Belgium Dr. Natubhai Shah, London, UK Dr. Ajit Benadi, Hamburg, Germany Dr. Pankaj Jain, Dallas, USA Nissim Reuben Neal Vora Neal Vora graduated from Stanford University with his as and MS in Management Science and Engineering. He went on to join the first of employees at a mall sartup building software for law firms. Over six years he held a variety of positions from sales, to development to executive management Next, be moved on to start this own company developing a marketing platform for small businesses. He now works at Facebook as a Product Manager managing a set of teams focused on product a loption and international guion Health and Wellness - Education and Awareness of Community Dr. Ketan C. Mehta Dr. Mehta atter graduating from Mumbal in 1969.completed his internal medicine training at Wayne State University Detroit in 1987. In January 2000 Ketan and Nina Mehta founded NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NeilMed is a manufacturer of over the counter first aid, nasal, ear care products and baby care devices. Currently, Dr. Mehta is the CEO on purt times and Nin Mehta is the President of Neil Med. Dr. Nitin Shah, Los Angeles, CA. - Coordinator Dr. Manoj Jain, Memphis, TN Manubhai Shah, Los Angeles, CA Dr. Neelima Kothari, Atlanta, GA Dr. Kirit Shah, Atlanta, GA Dr. Raj Kothari, Atlanta, GA M 90 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 91 Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RANJAN & NATWAR SHAH MINAXI & AMRISH SETHI ARVIND & ARUNA SHAH LAHERI & DAKSHA SHAH GIRISH & DATTA SHAH KOMAL SHAH NEAL VORA VARSHA & KAMLESH DESAI SAROJ & KIRAN SUKLECHA NAVITA AND MANU JAIN RUPALI & PUNEET JAIN RASHMI & AMIT DESAI AMI DOMADIA VINOD JAIN Best Wishes from: JAIN CENTER OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Best Wishes from : JAIN CENTER OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Jainism:World of Non-Violence 93 V 92 JAINA Convention 2015 Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 94 JAINA Convention 2015 JAYENDRA & LEENA SHAH HEMA & MANDA POKHARANA DINESH & NAYANA SHAH PRADIP & DARSHANA SHAH RAJENDRA & NIKITA SHAH ASHWIN & DEVIKA SHAH ARVIND & KALPANA SHAH HITESH & SUDHA SHAH HITESH & USHA SHAH Best Wishes from: JAIN SOCIETY OF METROPOLITAN CHICAGO RAVINDRA & PALLAVI VASANT & CHARUMATI SHAH KOBAWALA ASHWIN & KIRTIBALA SHAH HEMENDRA & ALKA SHAH SURESH & ASMITA SHAH SURU & VASANTI SHAH ATUL & DHARMI SHAH KEERTI & HANSA SHAH BIPIN & KAILASH SHAH Best Wishes from: JAIN SOCIETY OF METROPOLITAN CHICAGO Jainism: World of Non-Violence 95 Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHIRISH & PADMA SETH RAJEN & MANJRI SHAH PRAMOD & KAMINI SHAH HASENDRA & BINA SHAH KISHOR & RITA SHAH MANOJ BHAI JARIWALA MITA MEHTA JAYESH & RAMILA SHAH SUDHIR & PALLAVI SHETH HARISH & GEETA KHONA PRAKASH SHETH JITU BHAI SHAH JAYANA SHAH RAJ JAIN VISHAL Best Wishes from: JAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Best Wishes from : JAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 96 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 97 Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 48 Rosemeade Avenue, Etobicoke, ON, MSY 345 Tel: 426-251-8112 Jain Center of Southern California CONGRATULATION & BEST WISHES TO On behalf of the Jain Society of Toronto, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Jaina on the occasion of the 18th Biennial Convention. JAINA AND JAIN SOCIETY OF GREATER ATLANTA FOR THE USTH BENNIEL CONVENTION BEST WISHES THE LAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BUENA PARK (LOS ANGELES) CA Hema Shah Dinesh Jatr President Dr. Raj Patil Chair of Board Jalna Regional Vice President Management Committee JSOT Inc. Members of the Board JSOT Inc. All members of the Jain Society of Toronto son Commonwealth Avenue, Buena Park, CA 92621 PH714-521-5246 98 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 99 Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Freedom Of Choice by Pujyashree Chitrabhanu core of Jain Dharma is awareness. Awareness to free oneself from influences of the past bitterness and sadness of conditions and judgments. Because of our programmed beliefs, even religion, which is the means to unite, is used to separate one from another. Many people have narrowed their life and placed themselves in a fold by thinking, "I am Moslem." "I am Hindu." "I am Jewish." "I am Christian." "I am Swetambar." "I am Digambar." "I am Sthanakvasi." "I am Terapanthi." In this way, they are separating themselves saying they are not like me; they are all outsiders." By belief, one has blocked and alienated oneself from mankind and living beings that are helping our existence in many ways, visibly and invisibly. Awareness helps to break the self-imposed limitations on oneself and to live liberated in a "uniting" universe.... The philosophy of Jain Dharma does not build our life on the past but on the living present. To me, a good life is a healthy loving life. A good life is a creative life. It is that life where we want to have the awareness that we can choose what we want to choose, let go of the dead past, and live in the living present. If we don't let go of the past, we cannot move forward. 2015 JAINA Convention I am reminded of two friends who decided to cross the Ganges River by boat in Benaras. They were drinking bhang, a stimulant, and were feeling energetic because of intoxication and the full moon. The whole night they rowed and rowed. But when it was dawn, they saw people on the shore who looked like the people from the night before. One of them said, "This place looks exactly like Benares." So, they stepped ashore and asked, "Where are we?" They were told they were in Benares. "Benaras? But how can that be? We have been rowing the whole night." Only then did they find out that in their intoxication they had forgotten to untie the rope from the jetty. The rope was over 200 feet long so we had moved from here to there but reached nowhere. We want to move forward, but we don't untie ourselves from the anchoring past habit and beliefs. on Whenever we talk, we talk about past playing the old worn out record. Even in therapy for years, our mind roams in the empty rooms of past phantoms. Clinging to the past dogmas, we turn from a plum into a prune. The word of Mahavir inspires us to ask ourselves, "Who am I and what is my purpose? Where do I come from? Have I made my life rich with a feeling of Live and Let Live? Am I vegan; not stealing food of the baby calves? How do I see myself? Why did I not choose the right things? Do I allow others to tell me what I can and cannot do? Remind yourself that others are only projecting themselves onto you. What they say does not reflect you; it reflects on them. If they deny certain things. they are not denying you; they are denying themselves. Their statements do not apply to you. Years ago several students from the United States came to India with us and visited Shatrunjaya in Palitana. In this group there were two sisters who were trying to come to terms with their guilt. They were not happy with the past and had been going to various types of therapy for many years. I had known both of them for a long time, and now they traveled all the way to India to have some special time to study for self-awareness. They visited the caves and mountains where many people became enlightened. We climbed Mount Shatrunjaya where a cluster of temples adorns the top of a holy mountain. On top of the highest temple, we had a special ceremonial meditation to let go of the past, to let go of negativity. Anyone who wants to free oneself from wrong belief, guilt and sin is free to choose the Jain method of saying this mantra: Savva Pava Panasano, which vibrates to liberate. Here savva means all; pava means guilt and negativity; and panasano means destroyed. All guilt and sins of the past are destroyed. The next part of the mantra is: mangalanam cha savvesim. From that moment, mangalanam benedictions and blessings start pouring on us from all directions. This is the greatest among all blessings. In this way, one goes deep into oneself. Deep into the source, one creates a fine insight and incinerates all the negativities. One accepts oneself as 100 y bonis had on the and nowione Crial is my Gad Nownolence the man of reazing Em Michatme Frande Jainism World of Non-Violence gold, purified of all dross. Of the two people, I mentioned before, one came up from the mantra meditation and said with joy. "I am free! Free from the burden of the load of past negativities." What she had not been able to do in twenty years happened spontaneously in that moment. Collecting all the junk of the past, collecting all guilt of the past, she incinerated them, cleansed herself of them, and forgave herself. She did not need to go anywhere to be forgiven, to be saved. She said, "I burned the negativity, threw the ashes away, came back to my clean self and started a new life of Ahinsa." It was true for her because she believed it to be possible. Her belief became her reality, a fact for her. But the other person said, "How can you burn all your past and your mistakes? You can't! It is impossible!" The word itself means "IM POSSIBLE". Often the beliefs cling to the past and the mind finds its arguments to support the condition.. Human beings are reasoning animals and to make life miserable, we find so many reasons. We pick up a book which was written by one person who heard a second person quoting a third person, and then edited by a fourth person. We now take this as the real message and we say, "It is written! It is our original sin and it cannot be undone. We believe it!" It is written that a savior is needed or else we risk damnation and will go to hell; we believe it. But none of this is what the master said. A master is he or she who does not insult human dignity. Do you think the master will say, "If you don't embrace me, you will go to hell"? Such an idea cannot come from. any master; it comes from the egotistical interpreter. The true master helps you see beauty of living an excellent life. They give you their shoulders to climb on to see more, to be taller not smaller. They don't want to see you shrink; they want to see you grow. Earlier I mentioned of two people who were part of our meditation in letting go of guilt and negativity. One of them found many reasons to hold on to the past; the other willed it to be free and her seed blossomed into a smiling flower. You may think, "That does not happen." But with her, it did. She let go of old thinking and discovered she was free. Such an experience brings inner peace. Not only she, but anyone can recover from guilt by getting in touch with loving energy. Nominee & a man of the ro Realizing in your freedom to let go of the past! Be free and open to let the blessings pour in. Go deep into yourself, experience yourself and believe in yourself. This is an understanding that comes only from introspection, from self-realization. Visit all the corners of your consciousness. See your strengths and erase your weaknesses. To erase your weaknesses recite the whole Namokar mantra given at the end. Accept yourself. Gradually build your self-image. Feel your thoughts of "I am free and I choose to be happy. I choose to be peaceful; it is my nature." So, let us realize the self and have peace. Let us experience the presence of the divine energy which is within each of us". Om namo arihantanam I bow to those Souls who have conquered their inner enemies (weaknesses), in order to conquer my own Om namo siddhanam I bow to those Souls who have reached Perfection Om namo ayariyanam I bow to the masters in order to master my addictions, imbalances, and sensual desires Om namo uvajjhayanam I bow to all teachers who impart scriptural knowledge to seekers. I bow to all the renunciates who live in simplicity These are the five salutations Namo loe savva sahunum Eso pancha namukkaro Savva pava panasano Mangalanam cha savvesim Padhamam havai mangalam Which eradicate and evaporate all the negative vibrations These are the most powerful and auspicious Among all the blessings and benedictions. Mahame Grand The Words of Grani 101 Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention BEST WISHES TO ATLANTA JAIN CONVENTION 'Service to humanity' by Sat Tony Samara Service to humanity is such an amazing gift ity then those trees flourish. If we plant them. in this seemingly more self-centered world of singly to satisfy needs that we don't have a Dars today. We can learn that the world does forest rather we have an extension of or a piswo center on ourselves. Our needs. Our beliefs ture of our wees in the garder lacking in the or even our thoughts or words. The world rather aliveness and magic that is so natural to this centers our love expands beyond our ego into a World Space where spiritual growth.condossion, cooperation, focused giving to others to the other In the same sense. If any earth, and for the river other action or practical sal goodness. This is the wovle that we undertake wagical heart of existence. is simply to satisfy our The creative meaning of weeds and we surely forget existence helps us to our the beauty of the world and ish our needs, beliefs and to be an integral part of thouets from a space that this beauty, then our worle transcends Limitations Sovies humanity is such an becomes self-centered and dependencies and expecta amazin in this seemingly more its goal becomes to satisfy tions in a practical as well self-centered world of ours today our beliefs, needs, egos and as in a philosophical sense. thoughts. Being and trust ing, that your real and I. a practical sense we need to watch the wind selfless actions are an expression of beauty and the ego to avoid the games that are so often then those beliefs, weeds, thoughts and egotiscreated to justify our actions. If while worie tical aspects become superfluous and we enter ing in a garden our efforts and time are sin an aliveness and wagic that is our birthright. ply spent in the garden to satisfy our selfish needs, then we typass so much and we wiss This is what makes people great and gives the beauty of sharing with all that is present meaning to our personal life as well as hope for and alive. If we plant trees as a gift to human huu.inity. Gem. Int'l of CA Harish Daga and Family Sunil Jain and Family BIOGRAPHY Sat Tony Samara,muthor of "Shaman Wisdom," "The Simplicity of Love Meditation, "Different Yet the Same "Karma Mantra and Beyond" and "Discover Your Inner Buddha' has been inspiring thousands of readers to discover immer peace and greater filment in their lives through the power and simplicity of practical Spurstalih Ar the core of his teachings lies the clution of human consciousness, which in today's world is vital for achieving deep personal happiness, inner peace and the illumination of ones immer quest 102 Besedange pe to see a blu woll- oder die Jainism:World of Non-Violence 103 Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention POWER OF PRAYERS by Arya Kothari CES Lord Risubide LordPassath Lord Mahavir Navakar Mantra amo Arihantanam" From just this first line giveness from other living beings. In other words peace and serenity fills your mind and body. Just we pray to rid ourselves from karma. Praying is visaying one Navkar Mantra with all our heart and tal to attain liberation and though we can't always true belief and compassion, sagropams innumer see its effect it is very important. We shouldn't pray able years) of pap can go away. At times you may and expect a reward. We should pray to purify our think, "Why do we pray at soul with no feeling of all?" or "What's the use of attachment so we dont prayers? They don't seem acquire any new karmas, to really do anything any. but usually in one way or way." but the truth is they Sometimes, all it takes is just another we have a feeling do. When you pray with of attachment so we actrue belief miracles can quire punya. Prayers are to change everything happen. Prayers eradicate divine and they help us and diminish pap and feel calm and blessed if bring in punya causing we pray with all our heart. pleasure and happiness. They diminish our anger The fruits of your punya and arrogance and take may not spring right into away our anxiety. Prayers action. In fact, they might come into effect in your like Navkar Mantra are extremely powerful and we next birth, or maybe even thousands of years after, should be grateful that we were given this amazbut sooner or later they will come into effect. ing gift and use it to the fullest extent. Jain Center of Greater Boston 156 Nicholt Street Narod, MA 02062 Phone (8)72-9490 www.jeber NON VIOLENCE IN TWO INW ANDERN FAITH ONE PRAYER Congratulations to JAINA Convention 2015 Team for a job well done. Now, why do we pray? We pray because we wish to do well and attain salvation, or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. We pray to bhagawan because we wish to become like him. We pray for for Prayers = Eternal Bliss Trip to Siddhachalam Pratishtha Anniversary Celebration BIOGRAPHY My name is Aarya Kothar in the grade and I study in Mall Creek Middle School I'm a straight student and was placed and in the DAR writing contest in my class. In dharma ve learned till Vandit and also Bhaktamar and Badhi Shanti. Dance is my passion. I feel blessed to be born as Jain Youth Camp Dilip Jain, President (401) 943-3986 * www. kwelmmaker de Jainism:World of Non-Violence 105 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Aspire for Moksh. you want to be happy but because you don't want to be the cause for anybody's griet. Samyak Ahimsa Sama Anima Thus only the one who Intuitively fears wrong actions rather than his own ng or pain who scaly P inby nature sa Shravak in the sense 2x Puya Curador Soo Haramun Mar Saheb Parmatma therefore explains that performing Dharma with the tent of getting Sukh or evading Duas never Sayak in nature. Practicing Dharma with an innervision of "Sarva Jew Mama Joe Sama is the true essence of Ahimsa. This means that every ng being sain to my soul Just as my life is be to me, there is also dear to them. And thus. I don't want to give them any pain, I dont want to be the cause of their suffering Every mother nurtures her child with values and ethics from a very young age. This upbringing plays an integral role in shaping her child's belief and molding his thought process The negative impact of that action. But when you instill fear in his mind towards a particular action he wil refrain from performing that action until the time that fear overpowers him the moment that far vanishes, he will not hesitate trom doing that action again. Hence, what more advisable, not to do something for the fear of suffering in hell or to refrain from doing something as it causes pain and agony to another living being? Beingthe blessed descendants of Bhagwan Mahavit. every parent wishes to insoll in their child a heart with Ahimsa and Compassion at its core. Hence many of us have often heard words of advice from our parents and well-wishers like, "Dear, dont step on an ant It will die and you will commitasin Paap) which will take youto hell (Narak) Not Milling an antis Ahimsa (Non Violonce), and Ahimsa the cardinal principle of our Dharma Religion Majority of the people understand and know Dharma with the activities and traditions tentals. But Dharma does not have a connection with the actions you do, it is connected with the emotions and intentions underlying those actions A doctor is equipped with a knife and so is a murderer. The action is the same, but the doctor's intention is to save a patient's life while the murderer intends to in the vicom. Your actions and the reactions to these actions, "Your Kama, are always dependent on your intentions. When your intentions are positive and seless, you can advance towards Mokshevenints with itself this advice good or correct? The guidance is correct but only the partial sentencesvalid, "Don't steponan ant. It wil die Now think about it, the perception and intentinthe rest of this statement appropriate? Notstepping on an ant because will diesems from a feeling of compassion, but not stepping on an ant because the sin will take you to hell misleading. Implies that we are not kilingan ant because we will have to suffer thereafter. If the have to sutter threate the same action promised us heaven. We would be ready to commit that action respective of the ant's pain and suffering Within your Dhamma will be everlasting and you vision will be Samyakin nature Right Vision When one gets scared of lacs by nature, he abstairs from performing wrong actions because he has the vision that such actions are harmful to others as well as him. How can I do something which incts pain upon somebody else with compassion and vision that herenounces Paap Sucha vision Sworthy of great Respect. And the Anims arising from this vision 5 Samyak Ahimsa Thus, on the one who intuitively fears wrong actions rather than his own suffering or pain and who is intrinsically apprehensive of Paap by nature is a Sha L ayman) in the true sense We have practiced Dharmik religious) activities in innumerable fetimes, whatsastonishing is that we have even adopted Dasha renouncing the world) several times. However, even then, we aspired to Iberate ourselves from the sorrows of this world and experience infinite biss in Moksh (Liberation. That means that we adopted Diksha also for our own Swarth and happiness, to free us from STOWS. Where there are selfish desires (Swarth), Dhamacan never exist. Adopting Disha was a right action, but the intention behind this action was wrong, and the motive of Diksha itself was flawed. Living a stessile devoid of any violence is the real aspiration for attaining Moksh Because in Moksh, there is no body and in the absence of a body I can never perform any violence. This is the true goal behind aspiring for Moksh not because I want to be happy, but because I don't want to be the cause for anybody's grief Going to hell will give me pain and S W , is my fear for Dukh. It is called Duh Biruta Du r rutas Mithyanan. And the Ahima arising from Dukh Bhitua is Mirya Ahimsa On the contrary, fearing wrong actions because others are pained by it is called Paap Biruta Paap B a Samyalgan. The one who becomes Pan Bhiru by nature, abstain from performing wrong actions because he has the vision that such actions are harmful to others as well as himself. How can I do something which inflicts pain upon somebody else is with this compassion and vision that the renounces Paap Such a visions Vandaniya. is worthy of great respect. And the When we perform Dhama with selfish motives, can only help us to accumulate good Karmas but it can never be instrumental in purtying our soul by an ting our Karmas. Only when our actions originate from our compassion, our virtues and our selessness, they become Dharma inthetruesense Because Dharma hot merely any action its essentially the intention of not hurting anyone's heart not inflicting pain or Somow on anybody else through that action. We have been brought up with the values that kilingan ant will take you to hel hence, we fear violence. Had we been nurtured with belief that acting aite will give you heaven, we would not have hestated in doing that as well tis when your heart gets connected to Dharma, your where the you distinguish the night from the wrong when the quality of Amsa evolves from Empowering the youth of today to evolve their qualities, uplift their wisdom and purify their intentions is the proper way to guide them towards Dharma Guiding a child and advising his essential ou the advice should be such that nurtures he wisdom When you st u mteh perception behind any activity, he will automatically refrain from doing anything wrong since he knows Today's generation gap results in a constant contacto Thoughts The older generation's treasures traditions while the younger generation's looks for reasons and rationales. The differences in opinions compounded with the lack of proper understanding and knowledge often take the younger generations away from Dhamma Fear for an art med ind refrain him for performing at particular kaannn the times Inspiring the youth of today not just to practice Dharma, but understand es essence is the only way Bhagwan Mahavi's priceless legacy can touch their hearts. Make your children capable of discerning the right from wrong broaden their minds with the Samyak vision of Dharma And you will be truly surprised by their reverence and understanding of Dharma and their willingness to pursue the Truth 106 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 107 Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence ATTACHMENT AND DETACHMENT by Shrutpragya Swami A ttachment and detachment are a topic about A which much has been written. In general terms, one can say that by the word attachment is meant having like or dislike and thus being judgemental. Detachment, by contrast, is the re- verse of this being without like or dislike, being judgement-free. However, one may add something more specific here too. reason I may not be able to tolerate others easily: and I tend frequently, even perhaps continually. to consider myself to be correct in all that I do. In this situation also I may not easily be able to for give others when they criticise or disagree with what I say or do, and I tend to be proud and even perhaps boastful So if someone makes a critical comment of me and I feel insulted and perhaps get angry, for instance, this is a clear sign of the presence of ego and thus it expresses itself as an attachment to me-ness. from me and clasping it hard against its chest. It was always an amusing experience for me, even when the toy was one of many others and when the child appeared not to be especially interested in it. Afterwards, I would often come to know of how the child would tell its father not to invite the swamiji any more! We have all perhaps witnessed the same or similar situations with children, and it always creates a sense of laughter or amusement in us. However, we as adults are no different: we are still the same, carrying attachment with us. It's no longer the toy, perhaps this has now been re- placed by a house or by a car upon which we have become reliant. And this continually should be borne in mind. Indeed, one should not talk about dependency here at all. Such wording is wrong or simply misplaced. Rather the term that needs to be invoked to make clear what I am saying is involvement." This means that there is no expectation at all. Hence, when one is involved with the soul expectation does not arise in any form. So my personal mantra always is: "love your own soul" and do this without question or concern. The first thing one can say is that with attachment, a person cannot live without someone or without some particular object and will tend to keep in mind that person or that object. Attachment may express itself in terms of dependence on material objects, or with dependence on certain thoughts, or may especially arise in the form of what might simply be termed "me-ness." With material things we may think perhaps of money, food, and world- ly pleasures. For example, I may be attached to wanting to increase my personal wealth; I may be attached to certain kinds of food: or I may de- sire to enjoy particular forms of entertainment, such as watching particular TV programmes or films. In all these instances there is dependency on them in some form or other. With attachment to thoughts there is here a focus on ideas, ideas or thoughts that stay with me. For example, if I own a material object such a computer, I may be attached to this in a material sense; but even when it is no longer with me I may still remain attached to the object as an idea. The computer as a mate rial object is outside, apart from me, but the idea of it still persists, wanting to use it or desiring to be working with it. When it comes to attachment to others, we might consider, for instance, a person who is living with me. That person may be a spouse, a son, a daughter, or a friend. I may not feel ordinarily any kind of dependence on that person. However, if that same person then goes away possibly to study abroad, for example, or to do a job of work in another place, and I then feel sadness or loneliness or begin to miss that individual when he or she is absent, this is a certain sign that attachment to that person is present. Attachment in this situation involves a type of possessiveness one might say, and this is at the heart of what is meant by attachment. So one may ask, "How can one become free from attachment?" We can see with all the examples I have given that attachment itself brings only suf- fering and misery. If I am not attached to my wife and I later get a divorce, then suffering will not emerge. If the reverse is true that I get a divorce when I am still attached to my now ex-wife-great suffering arises. The same is true with material possessions like a house, a car, a computer (or an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or whatever the latest new electronic gadget might be). One should not be at- tached to anything, therefore, as in every instance we have transitoriness and misery. Change or im- permanence is the nature of everything: so attach- ment can only lead to suffering If you love others with expectation, it is a sign of attachment. However, if you love others without expectation, this is compassion. Here you have a feeling of wanting to help or aid them, without desiring anything in return. If your love extends to all living beings, it is non-attachment. Often people ask me why I left my family to become a monk, even though I was still a very young man at the time of my renunciation. My answer to them was that I was not losing a family but extending it to all the world and to all living beings. For if one is focused upon the narrow group of one's immediate family members, attachment will naturally arise. One should love one's family, but in terms of what I have been saying it can lead also to strong bonds of attachment with them. On the other hand, if one's family is the world of all liv ing beings, there is love, care and compassion but no attachment whatsoever. further on this point, it is useful to mention that on a number of occasions when I visited America and was invited into houses to give a talk or to take food with a family, I often saw attachment at work directly with the children in the homes entered. I would frequently pick up a toy of a particular child and playfully say, "Could I have this please?" or "I like this, may I take it to my own house with me? Immediately the child I did this to became furious, pulling back the toy away The only constant in the ephemeral nature of the world and one's place within it is the soul. But should one and I have heard the question raised before should one be attached to the atma or the soul? This - a point that needs to be emphasised - is a problem only of language. It is a matter only of words. For with the soul there is no attachment whatsoever because it does not create misery, de pendency or suffering. It brings only happiness, blissfulness and, of course, non-dependency. Now, I am happy and am indeed delighted - it is my greatest pleasure in fact - to instruct you to love your own soul, as it is without any expectation at all, so that you can then love every one else and also love all living creatures with exuberance, without any expectation or dependency in any form. This is detachment in its fully realised form, and it is a detachment involved with the soul that is pure, loving and completely free. Attachment to me-ness involves the ego for exam- ple, here I tend to feel superior to others. For this 108 Clunes mare hunger for local p owder and close formal a Car Ceca de ble and we were to plagodlulaul Rob e 109 Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA on its 18th Biennial Biennial Convention Congratulations & Best Wishes to the JAINA Convention 2015 at Atlanta, GA Best Wishes to JAINA Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Serving the Midwest Community to enrich their wigious social, cultural and educational experience for living a Jain W of Life. Jain Society of Greater Detroit 435 N. Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60173 Phone: (630) 837-1077 Website: Innovative service Dial-a-Maanglik & Pachchkkhan: 1-630-2134SMC 1600Life Members $0+ Pathshala Students ol Hie dol ydrei JAINSAATHI.COM rajIsTrezana TO ke duniyAnA koIpaNa mAgamAMthI Registration zA - 100% Free Registration, Free Searching, Free Send Message Whatsapp at E-mail at Quick Registration 19. l Matrimonial Website wil ver Registration sa E E visatI dhiratAnI Faine El Matrimonial Website Exclusively for Es www theme E de - Ewe Year | Registration as low as Rs. 1500/ Download JSMC App Download JSMC App Board of Trustees Chairman - Hemant Shah Dipak Dashi Dr Mukesh Dashi Atul Shah Vasant Shah Executive Committee President - Tejas Shah Vice-President - Hitesh R. Shah Secretary - Vipul Shah Treasurer - Himanshu Jain Jt. Treasurer - Sunil F. Shah Membership Secretary - Piyush Gandhi Education Secretary - Dr Pradip Shah Food Secretary - Dilip Shah Youth Secretary - Dimple Shah Jainism: World of Non-Violence il 6-17, Swastik Super Market, Near Sales India, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380 09. Mobile: +91 9401687002 Perde V 110 JAINA Convention 2015 Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Is Religion Necessary? - Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai clothes and shelter and yearn for something higher do you get connected with the Divine. This breathes life into your mechanical existence. scared of living a religious life because you are not able to see religion as nectar and inreligiousness as poison. Instead, irreligiousness appears as nectar and so you are scared of losing it in living a life of devotion, you are afraid of losing sensual pleasures Ambitiousness and passion do not feel like cobras to you, how then will you practise religion? Even if you attempt to follow it, you will do it with fear about deceiving others. There is nothing stopping you from stealing or lying. God is a hindrance to living such a sinful life. Dishonesty becomes difficult. The guilt bites. As the connection with God strengthens, you realise that all such things that you could do previously are impossible to do now. While lying it feels as though some unknown power is pulling back your tongue from within and you stop. While sinning, you miss a heartbeat Do Nor Make Wealth Your Goal Religion is Changing of Beliefs To aspire for the Divine does not mean you give up all your duties and responsibilities and do nothing Devotion is not to become inactive and lazy. Money is required for the necessities of life but let your heart be filled with the Divine alone. Even at work, attempt to listen to the ongoing inner divine melody. Do not make work your goal. Let hoarding wealth not be the purpose of your life. Organise your life in a way that you have enough time for devotion and meditation Life Without the Divine Saints say, indeed the Divine is not needed to live a mundane life. But closely examine your life and think. Without the Divine, what else remains in your life that is worthwhile? There is money but no freshness of flowers, no poetry of sweet feelings or dance of eestasy in life. People get lost in the worthless Casting away the inner treasure of the soul, they buy pebbles of sensual gratification. This invaluable human life, which they could have utilised for oneness with the Divine, is whiled away in collecting paper notes. All these notes will be left behind. Who has ever been able to take money with them? Yet, the world sees wealth as that which stays and can buy happiness, peace and security All that you find in the world are the means. The goal is the Divine within. Therefore, see everything as the means to reach this ultimate goal. Utilise your wealth, family, body, mind and heart, all of these only for the attainment of the Divine. Apply all that you have towards fulfilling that alone. Surrender your intelligence, beliefs, dreams, plans to Him for Him to manifest in you Have you ever found yourself doing everything that you are expected to de, but still feeling like something is missing? Do you experience an inner void, in spite of having even luxuries of life? Pajye Gurudevri compassionately explains what that missing factoris Religion is first, a change in your understanding your beliefs. That is followed by a change in the extemal way of life. Only when your false belief that 'wealth gives happiness changes, will your blind chase cease. Without the strength of right belief, merely striving for a spiritual goal indicated by someone cannot bring the necessary force. How to Start the Spiritual Journey The question may arise, 'Are spiritual practices, meditation, devotion etc. really necessary to live life? Can life not be lived without these pursuits? The answer is, life is not only about necessity, it is far more than that. The one living a calculated life based solely on necessities has not known the beauty of life. Vain is his birth and in vain he lives. Living just for the necessities of life is sheer drudgery. The poetry of life sprouts from the state beyond that Do you feel that when Meera danced wearing her anklets, she felt it was necessary for her to dance? Did she need dance to live? There were millions who could live without dancing. But what Meera had in her life - fragrance, colour, melody, cestasy, they all lacked in their lives. The depth in Meera's eyes, the radiance on her face, a heart glowing as if lit with thousands of lamps of divine love and hues of raptures, where did others have such a life? Life can be lived without celebration, but then it is like a tree without leaves, flowers or fruits. People call it a tree but what is there in such a tree? Such will be your life without the Divine The Enlightened Ones say that to begin the divine journey in the right way, first know clearly that what you are consuming now is poison. Examine well your inclinations, beliefs, activities, plans, fancies, dreams, thoughts, reactions. They are filled with poison-like sorrow, fear, discord and stress alone. Experience them well. This should be your own conclusion He who has done this much is already half way to immortality Recognising darkness as darkness means a ray of light has already pierced through. The first and most difficult step has been taken You want to attain the bliss of religion without changing yourself. This is not possible. Until you are tired of worldliness, you cannot begin your journey towards the Self. Seeing your present sad state, as it is, is the first drop of that nectar which when swallowed will create thirst for the Divine, increase your efforts to attain Him, and make you worthy of drinking the ocean of bliss. Muster courage! Taking refuge in the Sadguru, bravely endeavour. You will certainly be successful The truth is life can go on even without the Divine. Actually without Him, it supposedly runs better and far more comfortably because you will have no qualms Life without God has no meaning, no dignity, no joy. If your life stops at working for necessities, you are a mere machine. The machine too needs fuel, space, and security. But it cannot dance and sing. Only when you rise above your concerns regarding food, This experience itself will persuade you to pursue the nectar-like religion and attain peace. You are 112 www hallach spars pal who was a w orld Chemwe war for b l.aww tell har forhandler om 113 13 Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We Proudly Support the 2015 JAINA Convention Jain Milan N.J. Thank you Sponsors Sushil Jain Washington 114 JAINA Convention 2015 Satish & Kinna Shah Chicago Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Best wishes to JAINA on 18th Biennial Convention 2015 EVERY MONTH Pathshala Every Sunday 10 am to 11 am followed by 1st Sunday Digambar Pooja 2nd Sunday Samayik 3rd Sunday General Meeting 4th Sunday Snatra Poola NORT NIVE from SOCIETY SWADHYAY SCHOLARS VISIT PARYUSHAN/DAS-LAXAN SWAMI VATSALYA DIWALI MAHAVIR JAYANTI Please visit us at 11321 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX 75229 Best wishes to JAINA Convention 2015 Udai & Sushila Jain Houston, TX We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do little things with great love. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 115 Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Why is Jain Unity important? by Rahul Kapoor Jain consider it my honor to share my thoughts on Jain Unity alongside many great saints, thinkers, philosophers, academicians and educators of our community. Over the last 5 years, I have been on a journey to connect with Jains across India through two of my initiatives 'Jain Youth Leadership Forum' and 'Live an Extra Ordinary Life - A Jain Approach. Entrepreneur, Speaker, Presenter and Author, Bangalore to find answers and make progress in our pursuit to bring about unity among Jains and rekindle the passion and pride among the Jains who will be the torchbearer of our religion/community in the future. I have reached around 15,000 Jains in the age group of 16 to 35 years from all Jain traditions across the country and have received overwhelming response from them as well as their families. who have seen some lasting changes in them. The fact is that most of them have shown keen interest to learn more about the science that drives our profound religion. Today, where the principle of survival of the fittest' is being advocated in the world we still practice 'respect for everyone's right to live' with compassion being the central theme of all our actions. In a world, where people are breaking all rules of integrity in the name of growth, Jainism, still guides us on the path of universal justice. Such is brilliance of Jainism, a religion that we have earned due to our past karmas. 2015 JAINA Convention However, it is a matter of deep concern to know that many of our Jains are drifting away from our roots. Some even find it difficult to take pride in their identity. The situation may be bad but it has not gone out of our hands yet. If we do some thoughtful introspection through initiatives such as Jaina Convention, then perhaps we may be able 116 Here is a list of questions that I believe, we need to find answers for: 1. Do we present our religion as rigid and outdated? 2. Can we create an eco system for learning Jainism with modern tools and techniques? 3. How do we address the issue of differences of believes among our all traditions? 4. How can we be united with respect for each other? Well, the answer to question no. 1 lies in the solu tion of question no. 2. If Jains are taught Jainism in modern way, they will be able to understand that Jainism is perhaps the most relevant and most flexible religion in the world. I have proved on many occasions, via my platform "learning through talks", where I have invited philosophers, thinkers, and speakers, for talks panel discussions, debates, open house, video films etc. Jains love that way of learning and go back as proud Jains who are enriched, empowered and take many actions to live a life driven by Jain principles. However, the answers to question no. 3 and 4 are the real cause of concern and unfortunately, we In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up that makes us rich - Henry Ward Jainism World of Non-Violence do not have any concrete answers to convince our community. The easiest disconnect for them is the "rituals" which are distinctly different for each tradition. Does it really worry them? The answer is NO. However, when one is told that Mandirmargis are better than Sthnakvasis or Digambars are more authentic than Terapanthis or vice versa, that, becomes the starting point of creating differences, which draw us apart from each other. This is followed by many other insights on how to worship our Tirthankars? How to pay our respect to our Gurus? How to do Kriyas? When to observe Paryushan? When to do Samvatsari Pratikaman? And so on... If we look at all the above questions we will notice that all of them are, for most part related to rituals, and in some ways connected to the principles. But they are not purely questions on principles. If we were to focus only and only on principles of Jain ism then perhaps we may be able to get closer to 'zero differences' in the way we all think. In short, it will be apt for me to say 'if our rituals divide us, it is our principles that unite us. So, why can't we shift the focus completely to the principles? On behalf of the Jains, I propose that every Jain student must be taught to follow the principles of Jainism and respect the rituals of all traditions. Rituals are the way of doing things or expressing things in a certain way "the ways" can be different while the "principles" being the same. Let us have sessions where all of us can learn about the origin and history of each tradition with a strict adherence to respect each other minus any attempt to prove that one is better than the other. The purists may disagree with me and may even brush aside the logic of my thoughts. However, perhaps I am more close to the youngsters and therefore know the reality that, if we do not get our act together we will lose many Jains in the time to come. Therefore, my humble proposal to all of you is to be united and save our young Jains from going astray; be united and bring and make them feel proud of being a Jain as they are the future of Jainism. Let's not lose them. can't we shift the focus completely to the principles? On behalf of the Jains, I propose that every Jain student must be taught to follow the principles of Jainism and respect the rituals of all traditions. Rituals are the way of doing things or expressing things in a certain way "the ways" can be different while the Let us have sessions where all of us can learn about "principles" being the same. the origin and history of each tradition with a strict adherence to respect each other minus any attempt to prove that one is better than the other. The purists may disagree with me and may even brush aside the logic of my thoughts. However, perhaps I am more close to the youngsters and therefore know the reality that, if we do not get our act together we will lose many Jains in the time to come. Therefore, my humble proposal to all of you is to be united and save our young Jains from going astray, be united and bring and make them feel proud of being a Jain as they are the future of Jainism. Let's not lose them. One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people going some of the time can make history Peace Pilgrim 117 Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ rant success of "Keep the Spirit of Jainism Alive, Congratulations to JAINA Convention" ILA | BHARAT | KALPANA ROHIT SHEILA | SAMIR | SEEMA Best wishes TAINA 2015 convention Ashok, Rekha Shah & Family Harisons Industrial Products, Inc. Manufacturers, exporters and importers of industrial casting, forgings and machined components 731 Grove Avenue, metro tours & travel, inc. Established-1978 252 West 38th Street. Room #201, New York NY 10018 Ph: 212 490 3990 Edison, NJ 08820 I MEADOWS TRAVEL TRAVEL... T TRAWS BOMBAY Travel Meadows, Inc A/405 Oberoi Chambers, New Link Road Andheri (w) Mumbai 400053 India NEW JERSEY Travel Meadows, Inc 700, Plaza Drive Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA | HONG KONG Travel Meadows. Inc Asian House One Hennessy Road Hong Lang 201-348-3400 118 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 119 Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence protect every other soul Hidden Himsa - Increasing Awareness for Compassionate Living? Compiled by Harendra H. Shah . There is no quality of soul more subtle than non-violence and no virtue of spirit greater than reverence for life. . One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, air, fire, water and vegetation disregards his own existence which is entwined with them. After fertile time (5 years), they are sent to slaughterhouses. Calves are generally taken from their mothers within a day of being bom-males are destined for veal crates, and females are sentenced to the same fate as their mothers. After their calves are taken from them, mother cows are hooked up several times a day to machines that take the milk intended for their babies. Using genetic manipulation, powerful hormones, and intensive milking, factory farmers force cows to produce about 10 times as much milk as they naturally would. Animals are pumped full of bovine growth hormone (BGH), which contributes to painful inflammation of the udder known as "mastitis. According to the industry's own figures, between 30 and 50 percent of dairy cows suffer from mastitis, an extremely painful condition * All life is inter-related and it is the duty of souls to assist each other. . First knowledge, then compassion. Thus does one remains in full control. How can an ignorant person be compassionate, when he cannot distinguish between the good and the evil? Knowing Hidden Himsa and Avoiding It As Jain Scholar, Dr. Natmal Tatia said, "Our beliefs Hims and how to avoid it. And for modern Jains, Ain Ahimsa supersede all concepts, ideologies, the concept also includes the positive elements of rules, customs and practices, traditional or modern, working for justice, peace, liberation, and freedom, eastern or western, political or economic, self- and respect for all living beings. centered or social. Practice of Aparigraha (Nonpossessiveness) is physical Ahimsa (nonviolence). In addition to being compassionate, vegetarians Syddvad (accepting others words in some respect") live about seven years longer, and vegans (who is verbal Ahimsa and Anekantvad (multiplicity of eat no dairy products) about 15 years longer than views) is Ahimsa of thoughts. The violence begins meat eaters, according to a study from Loma Linda in thoughts, then transforms in speech, and then in University physical form. From Jain Canonical Books Jains are very compassionate people and they traditionally revere all living beings. Jains do not * The true religion is consisted of continuous eat meat, seafood, eggs, and alcohol and their act of unconditional compassion. concern for animals goes beyond vegetarianism. For centuries, Jains have protected and cared for all Non-violence (Ahimsd) is the highest livings. They have established many animal and bird principle of Jain religion. sanctuaries (Panjarapoles), hospitals and education institutions in India. Ahimsa is more than an attitude, . He who is disinclined from killing the it is a whole way of life for Jains. smallest living beings knows what suffering is because he who knows his own happiness Ahimsa is a timeless and far-reaching concept. It can and pains, knows others' too, and he who be applied to essentially every aspect of our lives. knows others' feelings knows his own Ahimsa doesn't just mean not doing harm - it also feelings. This is the way one must compare means working positively to promote tolerance, himself with others. He who has obtained forgiveness, compassion, peace, protection of this knowledge would not wish to live at the environment, honesty and to help those who are expense of other living beings. less fortunate. * All the living beings wish to live and do not It is easy to understand and avoid gross violence. want to die. It is easy to comprehend what to eat, what not to . Just as pain is not acceptable to you, it is so eat, when to eat and when not to eat. But there is with others. enormous amount of hidden Himsa because of modern technological advancements. Do we know . Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, that one animal is killed per vegetarian household torment, torture or kill any creature or living every year, for the purposes of leather, cosmetics, being fashions, testing and entertainment? This article is an attempt to increase awareness about hidden * The only way to save one's own soul is to V 120 RS at low would more the world for mere om Sander Recent technological advances have created a new environment for violence not visible to most of us. There is enormous increase in animal killing and cruelty: abuse of environment, impacting entire ecosystem in addition to health and social issues. What are some good substitutes for milk? Soy milk, rice milk or almond milk. Substitute butter by flax oil, nut butter or apple-sauce Cheese by soy/rice cheese or crumbled tofu; Buttermilk by simply mixing 1 tablespoon white vinegar into 1 cup plain soy milk or rice milk and sour cream by using a vegan sour cream product. Consult your dietitian for Vitamin needs (B12 in fortified Soy Milk). There may be better alternatives - visit few Vegan websites and consult your dietitian. . Our life style should be interwoven with ecological and environmental consciousness. For example, use of energy efficient appliances and cars, reusable and recyclable items and use of environmentally and ecologically friendly items should be integral part of our life style. * Dairy Products In USA and most of the world, milk production involves extreme cruelty. Cows raised for their milk are repeatedly impregnated. Their babies are taken away so that humans can drink the milk intended for the calves. Cow's normal life-span is 25 years. Their fertile time-span is 5 years Co m b * Leather:Every year approximately 230 million cattle, 350 million sheep. 175 million goats and 700 million pigs are killed for their skins and flesh. The largest producers of these skins are the Soviet Union, United States and India. Millions of animals suffer the horrors of factory farming for the production of leather goods. They are stuffed in extremely cluttered areas, deprived of food, undergo un-anesthetized castration and branding Skins of young animals are the most valued The most prized are the abortion induced www .ow But 121 Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Summary pregnancies, as they produce the most luxurious leather. And what is the need for leather? None. There are many non-leather alternatives. . It is okay to call our loved one Honey. But we should not eat honey. Honey contains many smallinsects, eggs of bees and disabled bees. Honey is also unclean because it is derived from the vomit or spittle of insects and even though it may possess medicinal properties it will still lead to hell We commit a sinful act equivalent of burning seven villages by eating one drop of honey. oyster but a response to an irritation caused by a foreign particle. It occurs when sand or a bit of shell or an unwelcome parasite is trapped accidentally inside the oyster's shell. Driven by greed men then invented artificial ways to obtain more pearls. Many believe that cultured pearls are man-made, simulated or fake pearls made in machine. The truth proved otherwise they are made and produced solely by oysters and obtained by killing millions of oysters each year mercilessly. So avoid wearing pearls. . Cosmetics look innocent and cool but there is lot of hidden violence. Cosmetics use many animal ingredients such as carminic acid, elastin, sperm oil and musk oil. To produce one pound of carminic acid, 70,000 insects are crushed. Another ingredient called "elastin" is obtained from neck lingaments and aorta of cattle. Sperm oil is the oil extracted from intelligent mammal, whale. Musk oil is extracted from musk of deers, beavers, clvet cats and other genitals. Many cosmetics companies use animal ingredients such as tissue and tallow (fat) because they're cheap, not because they're better than plantbased or synthetic ingredients. And what is the need for cosmetics which involve animal cruelty? None. It is easy to understand and avoid gross violence (not consuming 22 types of Abhakshya which includes meat, alcohol, honey, root vegetables and conservation of earth, air, water, fire and vegetation). However, there is enormous amount of hidden himsa because of modern technological advancements. As an individual, everyone should take self-initiatives to research and educate him/her self on a continuous basis and endeavor to avoid hidden himsa. As a group we actively participate in Improving local, state and federal laws to minimize animal cruelty and killing; to save our environment, ecology, energy and natural resources and to enhance justice, peace, freedom and respect for all. * Many chewing gum brands also list glycerin and glycerol as ingredients on the label. Both of those compounds can be animalderived. The coating/glazing/color on gum is sometimes derived from animal-based sources such as resinous glaze derived from an insect or beeswax. * Animal testing in medical fields can be minimized. Most of the medical testing does not require animals. Consult your doctor if there is an alternative medicine that was not tested on animal . We shouldalso avoid seeingtheentertainment programs that involve use of animals. . Unfortunately, even avid label-readers can't always determine what they're putting onand in-their bodies. There are thousands of technical and patented names for ingredient variations, and many ingredients known by one name can be of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin. And if that's not confusing enough, some companies have slyly removed the word "animal' from their labels in order to avoid turning off consumers. In addition to avoidance of gross and hidden Himsa, Jain practice of higher level of Ahimsa involves avoidance of these twelve forms of Himsa. Svajan (our own members) Himsa, Manav (Human beings) Himsa, Rashtra (Nation) Himsa, Sanskruti (Cultural) Himsa, Vichar (Thinking) Himsa, Sansar (Material world) Himsa, Sampati (Religious articles) Himsa, Sangh (Four-fold Jain community) Himsa, Shastra (Scripture) Himsa, Dharma (Religious) Himsa, Shashan (Jain-infrastructure) Himsa and Swa (Self) Himsa. * Food and Drug Administration recently told cosmetics makers to stop using the brains and spinal cord tissue from older cows in products like lipstick and hair spray in order to try to prevent the spread of mad cow disease to humans. * Each year in the United States, nearly 20 billion land animals are raised and killed for food. In whole world, 140 billion animals are killed annually by themeat, milk andeggindustries. That is over 4 thousand every second. Does meat provide necessary nutrients and health benefits which vegetarian diet does not provide? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendations for nutrients." The American Dietetic Association goes even further to state that vegetarian diets "provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. . Some think that they look cool when they wear silk. To produce 100 grams of pure silk, approximately 1500 cocoons have to be killed. Simply, there is no need to wear silk. . Make sure cosmetics, soaps, detergents, shampoos, skin creams, oven cleaners and shaving creams have only alternative synthetics and plant tissues, no animal ingredients or have "Cruelty Free logo on these products. Read the labels and avoid the products with ingredients like glycerides, gelatin, lecithin, stearates, enzymes, lard and tallow. Consult certain websites which provides plenty of information on hidden animal ingredients. And as Lord Mahavira said, "The real true and ultimate purpose of the non-violence (Ahimsa) practice is to get rid of our own attachment (Raag. Aasakti, Mamatva, Murchhaa), aversion (Dvesh). delusion (Moha), ignorance Agyaan), negative emotions (anger, ego, deceit and greed) and spiritual laziness (Pramaad), and is to attain true nature of our own soul (Atmaa). * Varakh (silver foil) under a microscope one may trace blood, stools and saliva of a cattle or an ox. Varakh is not derived from an animal source. However, a crucial material of animal origin, ox-gut, is used in its manufacture. This ox-gut is obtained from the slaughterhouse. Simply avoid Varakh. . Global livestock production is responsible for one fifth of all greenhouse gases - more than transportation. Meat-eating is increasing. * Pearls are not the natural part of the living Cap e WINES is no plava lo que de hk va toimeen te is to touch Hann - 4 122 Chunk of my modeli sa prome- w Rako 123 Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The importance of Environment Conservation in All Religions - Some thoughts? Acharya Amrender Muni During the course of my research I have attempted to study and compare the viewpoints of several different religions on environmental conservation. The journey of life is made possible by mutual cooperation between all living beings In the Jain tradition Lord Mahavir has said that we must protect every living being with all our heart, body and soul. This is because the journey of life is made possible by mutual cooperation between all living beings. It is our duty to think of even the smallest Jiva as having the same Atma or divine light shining within it as ourselves. If everyone developed this viewpoint then the danger to the environment would automatically disappear. 2015 JAINA Convention There is a lot of discussion and mention about environmental protection in Hindu philosophy and Hindu texts. However before I talk about There is a saying: "Hindu Duyate chintam- sah Hindu parikirtitah." This means that whoever is sad, troubled and shaken at the sight of violence 124 qualifies as a Hindu. To put it in other words one who believes in Ahinsa or non-violence, is a Hindu no matter if he belongs to the Jain, Buddhist, Sanatan harm, Vaishnav, Sikh, Christian or Muslim faiths. They all fall in the same category if they are believers in non-violence and dislike violence. When I studied the Hindu religious texts I was overjoyed to read the following lines which convey so beautifully the spirit of environmental conservation. Even today people believe that Devatas live in the trees and cutting down a tree is like cutting your own son. Thus we should protect nature and live my views on the subject I think it is important to our lives as responsible human beings. It is our mention that the word "Hindu" does not represent duty to protect and conserve the environment in only a particular religious sect but is actually an all-which we live because it sustains all life on Earth. inclusive word. "Jaley Vishnu, sthaley Vishnu, Vishnu parvat mastakey, Jwaal mala kuley Vishnu, Vishnumayam sarv jagat." The "Lord Vishnu resides in the water, in the land and in the high peaks of the mountains. He is in the flames of the fire and even in the air - the whole world is permeated with Lord Vishnu." Hence we should not consciously destroy anything for, The Lord is in everything. With blessings, Om Arhum. Amrender Muni What soap is to the body laughter is to the soul-iddish Proverb President Janak Rajani Vice-President Manna Shah Secretary Vishal Mehta Joint-Secretary Monica Shah Treasurer Pragnesh Shah Joint-Treasurer Dipak Shah Dir. of Public Relations Sharad Doshi Dir. of Publications Tapan Shah Dir. of Education Megha Doshi Dir. of Facility Kamlesh P Shah Dir. Of Events Dimple Doshi Dir. of Volunteers Sahil Shah Dir. of Technology Hemen Gandhi Past President Council, Chair Paresh Shah Board of Trustees Chairman Pravin Dand Board of Trustees Manoj Dharamsi Kanu Doshi Dr. Sushil Jain Bhupesh Mehta Harshid Shah Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington A non-profit tax-exempt religious organization, id #54-1139623 Congratulation and best wishes Federation of Jain Associations in North America 18th Biennial Convention - July 2015 Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington Background: Jain Society was established in March 1980. Current Facilities: Acquired in 1989, consists of 4.35 acres of land with a 4300sq.ft. two story building with a Jain temple, multipurpose hall, classrooms, library, kitchen and rooms. Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington has achieved an important milestone of purchasing land for the future traditional authentic Jain Temple located at 4241 Ammendale Road, Beltsville, MD 20705. Membership: Over 580 families including 530+ families as life members. Activities: * Regular religious classes on Sundays: 6 levels for children & for Adults. * Celebration of Jain holy days (Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan Parva, etc.) * Speeches by Jain spiritual leaders and Jain scholars. * Youth activities in collaboration with national umbrella youth organization. (YJA) for establishing a network to share Jain principles & heritage. Celebration of Ahimsa Day on Thanksgiving Day. * Picnic, Open House and Medical Checkups. Community outreach activities. 1021 BRIGGS CHANEY ROAD, SILVER SPRING, MI) * PHONE: (301) 236-4466 MAILING ADDRESS: PO BOX 4548, SILVER SPRING, MD 20914. Web Addrex Jainism: World of Non-Violence 125 Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Congrats To The Entire JAINA Team! My Jain faith - Hasmita Shah In a world hostage lo hatred and nolence Myjan faith teaches me about love and tolerance I fills my heart with empathy and compassion And spurs me on to respond with positive action In a world consumed by corruption and greed My main faith corists me to serve those in need 7 urges me to arest laday's rampant materialism And live simply was per the ideds of Jainism "The family that eats, plays prays and works together stays together." In a world hampered by half nuts and outright daration My main faith encourages me to resist such templation inspires me to dheas listen to my conscience And ask difficult questions with a dildlike innocence Harshad & Bharati Nikhil & Lopa Nirav & Mili Riya & Diya In a world arippled by conceit and arogance ain Cath counsels me on lumility and patience Il guides me to treat al life with remarence And enlightens me on the virtue of non violence l D at most people need to law while how to love paple and use thor mestando um page and long dung 126 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 127 Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Heart of Ahimsa - By:- Hema Pokharna Ph.D. Mahavira emphasized that all living beings, irrespective of size, shape, form or spiritual development are equal and are worthy of love and respect. He preached universal love and stressed the importance of a having a positive attitude towards life. His message of Non-violence (Ahimsa), Truth (Satya), Non-stealing (Achaurya), Celibacy (Brahmacharya), and Non-possessiveness (Aparigraha) embodies universal compassion. In fact, Jain Scriptures say "Ahimsa, the principle of non-violence extends not only to actions but to thoughts, words and actions." Ahimsa in practical terms is a state of the heart, which has no enemies. Respectful consideration of opponents, an honoring of their humanity and their value, is a key element of non-violence and not an accidental by-product. Being a true Jain means moving beyond likes and dislikes; the ability to make a mindful choice of how to respond in a given moment, with maitri, pramod, karuna and upeksha madhyasthata. It is very easy to be vegetarian, not use animal products and refrain from physical killing, but it becomes progressively difficult to be non-violent in thought. Many more people can refrain from physically violent acts than from using the language of judgments, threats or demands, which in a subtle form is violence indeed! 2015 JAINA Convention Lord Mahavira warns us of the inherent violence in thinking and communicating by using the motivation of punishment and reward. However, in today's society, we see families, schools, workplaces, relationships and politics run on domination infused with fear, shame and guilt. We do not realise that violence only begets violence. Whenever we try to make others behave in a certain way through demanding or coercing, we evoke resistance because 1281 NVC is not equivalent to being permissive, or even agreeing with what others are doing in a particular moment. We do aim to get what we want, but not at anyone's expense and not causing violence or pain to the other. As Nonviolent Communication in Marshall Rosenberg, the founder Action of NVC states, "our needs are met most fully and consistently when we find strategies that also meet others' needs." NVC allows us to steer away from our culturally conditioned pattern of thinking, hearing and speaking. The intention and tools empower us to state what is in our heart and empathically receive what is in the other person's heart. As with any practice, consciousness and effort are necessary. humans have a universal need for autonomy. How do we then communicate integrating the teachings of Lord Mahavir and live in modern times? Here, Non-Violent Communication (NVC) comes to our aid. NVC is a form of communication that supports the practice of ahimsa, beginning at the root level of thought and manifesting as action. It helps to shift the thinking from being judgmental to being connected to ourselves and others by focusing on what matters most- the universal human needs like; love, care, respect etc., that all are seeking. The process consists of four steps: Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests. Attention on needs or what matters most, is at the heart of this practice, from which the other steps arise. OBSERVATIONS Observation states a factual stimulus (not cause) of our reaction. Instead of, "you never tidy up after yourself. This room is a pigsty," an observation is, "I have not seen you tidy up your room in the past week." The observation is valuable because it establishes a starting point both parties can agree on What magnficent about humans is when they decide to turn and stond If they respond with nonviolence on principle and hold their ground they are really magnificent-Sames Cromwell Jainism World of Non-Violence FEELINGS We can express our feelings or guess those of others, using the pure language of 'feeling'. Feelings include: concerned, disappointed, dismayed, exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, reluctant, shocked, uncomfortable, amazed, appreciative, excited, grateful, inspired, joyful, moved, proud, relaxed, tender, and warm. At times we may confuse feelings and thoughts. For example "I feel you are irresponsible," is not really a feeling. It is a thought. NEEDS Needs are the most important ingredient of Nonviolent Communication. Our needs, whether met or unmet, are the roots of our feelings. In NVC, when relating feelings to needs, we say, "I feel frustrated because I am needing respect," instead of, "You are frustrating me by talking back at me!" Inability to clearly express the need, while analysing another's actions or behaviour may sound like criticism to them. Since all violent communication and action is simply the tragic expression of unmet needs, we can easily translate any judgments about others and ourselves into needs which seek fulfilment. By freeing ourselves from moralistic judgments, we are able to connect compassionately within and without. REQUESTS We wish that others did something for us only if they enjoy contributing to make our life more wonderful, along with meeting other needs of their own. With that aim in mind, Rosenberg suggests the request could be, "Hey, I'd really like you to do this, it would meet my need, but if your needs are in conflict I'd like to hear that, and let's figure out a way to get everybody's needs met." Others will tend to react or think we are making a demand if they feel they will be blamed or punished if they do not comply, and will naturally resist. There are two kinds of requests, one is to meet a need currently not being met and the other is to determine if the required connection is there before meeting the need. To ask anyone to help meet a need of ours, we use positive language like "Would you be willing to do this for me now?" Connecting to our feelings and needs, naturally meets others need for connection too, and they are more likely to cooperate with us. Understanding their feelings and needs enables us to joyously find ways to meet both people's needs. Mutual trust and respect becomes the core of the relationship as each member of the family experiences the joy of willingly contributing to other's lives. Hope for a better, more harmonious future lies in actively choosing to start with a non-violent communication - a mindful approach to life that emerges from standing for love, courage and truth. Additional reading: 1. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., (2003) Life-Enriching Education, PuddleDancer Press. 2. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., (2003) We Can Work It Out, PuddleDancer Press 3. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Raising Children Compassionately, PuddleDancer Press 4. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., (2003) Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 2nd Edition Hema Pokharna, PhD is a Collaborave and Transformational Professional Coach. Born and raised in India in the Jain family, she immigrated to the United States and became a medical researcher. She has been waining worldwide for 20 years in the disciplines of Nonviolent Communication She serves on the board of the Council of Religious Leaders of Chicago and is Emerines Trustee on board of the Parliament of World's Religions. She also is a member of the Jaina and JSMC interfan committee Now-molence and truth are meparable and presuppose one another - Maluma Gandh 129 Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Soaring across the world We are happy to continue offering services and patronising our valued customers in United States of America Acceptance of Certificates of Deposit Trade Finance Syndicated Bilateral Loans Corporate Finance Allied Services in Foreign Exchange Correspondent Banking Business Member FDIC ON Bank of Barode One Park Avenue, New York, NY 10018, USA Tel: 2125784506, Fax: 2125704565, Australia Bahamas Bahrain Belgium Botswana China Fiji Islands Ghane; Guyana Hong Kong Kenya Mauritius Malaysia New Zealand Seychelles Singapore South Africa Sultanate of Oman Tanzania Thailand Trinidad & Tobago UAE Uganda UK USA Zambia 130 JAINA Convention 2015 baiMka oNfa bar3audA Bank of Baroda yone mik Wishing JAINA success in its strides towards propagating the message of AHIMSA Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (Deemed University) LADNUN-341306, Rajasthan, INDIA, +91-1581-226230, 224332, 226110, Fax: 227472 Email:, * Deemed-to-be University by UGC, since 1991 * Re-accredited Grade 'A' by NAAC Category 'A' by MHRD ISO 9001:2008 Certified Recognized by UGC, DEB and NCTE Member of AIU & ACU UG, PG, M.Phil, Ph.D. & D.Lit. 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Aja deva aura duniyA meM vastroM kI hor3a kI tarapha sabakA dhyAna hai hiMsA ke praSikSaNa kI lambI-caur3I yojanAeM bhI hara rASTra meM banatI hai| lekina ahiMsA ke praSikSaNa kI kahIM koI yojanA banI ho, aisA sunane meM nahIM AtA jitanA hiMsA ke praSikSaNa para kharca ho rahA hai, usakA choTA-sA aba bhI yadi ahiMsA ke praSikSaNa para kharca ho to ahiMsA kI sthApanA meM sahaja hI sahayoga mila jaaegaa| viSaya ke jana-jIvana meM yadi mahAvIra kI ahiMsaka bhAvanA evaM jIvanazailI pratiSThita ho jAtI hai to aneka bar3I samasyAoM kA samAdhAna saMbhava hai ahiMsA eka aise virATa vaTavRkSa ke samAna hai, jisameM satya, pIla, dayA, kSamA, nirabhimAnitA, paropakAra Adi kI sadbhAvanAeM pakSiyoM kI taraha ghoMsalA banAkara nivAsa karatI hai aura inhIM saMskAroM se duniyA meM AtaMkavAda evaM yuddha jaisI jvalaMta samasyAoM se mukti pAI jA sakatI hai| vizva kI sabhyatA aura saMskRti ko ahiMsA kI pikSA dene ke kAraNa hI viSvaguru kI padavI kI pAtratA bhArata ne prApta kI hai isIliye bhAratavarza 1 meM ahiMsA ko jIvana kA merudaNDa mAnA gayA hai| bhAratIya jIvana darzana meM jo maryAdA evaM anuSAsana ke saMskAra gahare ghara kie hue hai usakA kAraNa bhI ahiMsaka jIvana dRSTi hai| Aja samAja meM ahiMsA kI pratizThA na hone ke kAraNa ahiMsA ke prati AsthA kI kamI hai isI kAraNa samUcI duniyA hiMsA, yuddha evaM AtaMkavAda kI trAsadI ko jIne ke liye vivaza hai| isake kAraNoM ko khojeMge to eka bar3A kAraNa sAdhana buddhi kA aviveka 2015 JAINA Convention 132 ahiMsA kI sthApanA ke liye vizvAsa, nirbhayatA evaM sauhArda jarUrI hai saMpaya se bharA huA AdamI prema se khAlI hotA hai pArasparika sneha, sadbhAva, sauhArda aura vizvAsa ke abhAva meM usakA saMdehapIla mana sadaiva surakSA ke sAdhana juTAne meM saMlagna rahatA hai usakA mana kabhI nirbhaya nahIM hotA, vRttiyAM dhAnta nahIM hotI saMgraha usake sukha saMtoza aura jAti ko surasA bana lIla jAtA hai| AcArya zrI tulasI ne kahA, "parigraha ke sAtha lipsA kA gaThabaMdhana hotA hai| lipsA bhaya ko janma detI hai aura bhaya nizcita rUpa se hiMsA aura saMgharza kA AmaMtraNa hai| astu / jaba saMgraha kA sthAna tyAga letA hai, pakti kI apekSA pAMti lakSya banatI hai, taba aparigraha, abhaya aura ahiMsA kA pUrA vRta banatA hai| bhAvI jIvana ko sudRr3ha aura bubha AdhAra milatA hai| aura Aja sampUrNa vizva meM jaina dharma ne ahiMsA ke mAdhyama se yaha zubha AdhAra diyA hai| ahiMsA vizva bhAratI ne samAja meM bhagavAna mahAvIra evaM jaina dharma kI zikSAoM ke vyApaka pracAra-prasAra evaM pratiSThA se ahiMsA ke vistAra ko sudRDha dharAtala diyA hai| Thrust formed the sport and motivation while Gandhi firmished the method Martin Luther King Jr. The Autobiography of Martin Riber Ring & Jainism World of Non-Violence jaina dharma ke siddhAntoM evaM zikSAoM kA hI prabhAva hai ki aba samAja meM ahiMsA ke liye sakArAtmaka vAtAvaraNa nirmita ho rahA hai| pichale dinoM ahiMsA viSva bhAratI saMsthA ke tIvra prayatnoM ke kAraNa hI mahArASTra sarakAra ne pradeSa meM gau hatyA para pratibaMdha lagA diyA hai| isI taraha hariyANA ke mukhyamaMtrI zrI manohara lAla khaTTara tathA mere madhya kaI bAra hue lambe saMvAda ke bAda hariyANa sarakAra ne gI hatyA ke khilApha rAjya meM kar3A kAnUna lAgU kiyA hai| rAjasthAna kI mukhyamaMtrI zrImatI vasuMdharA rAje siMdhiyA ne bhI rAjya ke vibhinna jiloM meM naye khulane vAle atyAdhunika 26 katlakhAnoM kI adhisUcanA nirasta kara dii| hiMsA ke kAraNa bar3ha rahI samasyAoM aura jaTilatAoM ke vyUha ko koI vyakti tor3a sakatA hai to ahiMsA ke sahAre hI tor3a sakatA hai apekSA hai ahiMsA kI UrjA ko pahacAnane aura prApta karane kii| hiMsA eka vASyata samasyA hai atIta meM isakA samAdhAna khojA gyaa| vartamAna meM samAdhAna kI khoja ho rahI hai bhavizya meM bhI samAdhAna kI apekSA rahegI bhagavAna mahAvIra ke darzana meM aneka vaiSvika samasyAoM kA samAdhAna prApta hotA hai ahiMsA viSva bhAratI saMsthA dvArA bhagavAna mahAvIra ke 2612 meM janma kalyANa eka divasa para rASTrapati bhavana meM Ayojita mahAvIra darzana dvArA vaiSvika cunautiyoM kA samAdhAna viSayaka seminAra kA udghATana karate hue bhArata ke rASTrapati zrI praNaba mukharjI ne kahA thA ki hiMsA, AtaMkavAda, paryAvaraNa praduSaNa, globala vArmiMga jaisI aneka jvalaMta vaiSvika samasyAoM kA samAdhAna mahAvIra darzana meM maujUda hai maitrI aura ahiMsA kA sahAvasthAna hai jahA ahiMsA, vahAM maMtrI jahAM maitrI vahAM ahiMsA ahiMsA ke prakampanoM se vyakti ko AnandAnubhUti hotI hai, hiMsA ke prakampanoM se tIna kAla meM bhI vaisI anubhUti nahIM ho sktii| saha-astitva ahiMsA kA phalita hai manuzya apane astitva kI mAMti auroM ke astitva ko bhI svIkAra kara le, virodhI vicAra rakhane vAle vyakti ke astitva ko bhI mAnyatA dene lage to usake vicAroM meM hiMsA TikegI nahIM hiMsA vahI TikatI hai, jahAM vyakti socatA hai ki vaha aura meM donoM sAtha-sAtha nahIM raha sakate yA vaha rahegA yA maiM rahUMgA aisA Agraha hiMsA ke parisara meM hI panapa sakatA hai| isa Agraha ko tor3ane ke lie hiMsA ke upAdAna ko samApta karanA hogaa| hiMsA kA upAdAna bAhara nahIM manuSya ke dimAga ke bhItara hai| hiMsA, yuddha aura AtaMkavAda jaisI sthitiyAM asaMtulita vyakti ke dimAga se utpanna hotI hai yaha hamAre mAnasika asaMtulana kA hI eka kAraNa hai ki bAta cale viSva pAMti kI aura kArya ho aSAMti ke to SAMti kaise saMbhava ho? gAMdhIjI ne satya aura ahiMsA' jaise ghabdoM ko lekara eka Adhunikatama astra satyAgraha' kA AvizkAra kara dikhaayaa| Aja sampUrNa duniyA meM ahiMsaka samAja nirmANa hetu aise hI AviSkAra kI dRSTi ke lie duniyA jaina dharma kI ora TakaTakI lagAye hue hai eka prazna yaha bhI hai ki manuzya kitanA bhI yuddha kare aMtataH use samajhaute kI Tebala para AnA hI hotA hai to phira pahale se hI samajhaute kI Tebala para kyoM nahIM A jAtA ? Adhunika yuga kI sabhI samasyAoM kA samAdhAna hai ahiMsA Aja bhI 90 pratiSata AdamI SAMti saha astitva evaM sahayoga ke sAtha rahate haiM, ve hiMsA nahIM cAhate sirpha 2 pratiSata AdamI hiMsA meM sammilita haiN| ina do pratiSata logoM ko ukasAne ke lie kitane zaDayaMtra race jAte haiM, hiMsA kA praSikSaNa diyA jAtA hai, SastroM kI bikrI ke lie hiMsA ke bIja boe jAte haiN| f you are not vegan, please consider going vegan. It's a matter of nemolence Beng vegan is your statement that you reject violence to other sentient beings to yourself and to the environment, on which all sentient beings depend."" - Sury & francon 133 Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention Sangh members, JAIN rd of Trustee extend our and Jaina for wonderful lanta on July 2 through Directors, Executive Best wishes to Jain ful success of JAINA brough 5, 2015. Mahavir Temple - Mahavirji, Rajasthan ca Jain Society of Hous Convention in Atlanta Committee and Board Society of Greater Atlan, FROM THE DIAMOND & COLOR STONE COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention Executive Committee JAINA Directors Board of Trustee Adinath Temple - Devkulpatak, Rajasthan Udai Jain Sherali Jhaveri Virendra Khemsara Jainch Mehta President: Urvashi Jain Vice President: Shailesh Shah Secretary: Nitesh Mehta Joint Secretary: Hiten Jain Treasurer: Hiren Patani Joint Treasurer:Vinod Shah Director: Rupesh Sanghavi Director: Amit Jain Chief Trusteet Rajesh Shah Board Members Ashish Bhandari Sanjay Barai Rahul Lakdawala Kamlesh Jain Kamlesh Shah JAY GEMS SIMPLY DIAMONDS NEW YORK, NY Jain Society of Houston, 3905 Are Street, Houston, Texas 77063 Phone: 281.606.JAIN & 713.789.2338 Website: V 134 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 135 Page #69 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence hiMsA kA mUla kAraNa evaM sabdI ahiMsA -DaoN0 saMjIvakumAra gomA, jayapura ahiMsA paramo dharma:- mahAbhArata meM prayukta isa sUkti ko jIvana meM utArane kI upayogitA Aja sabhI prabuddhajana mahasUsa karane lage hai| vizva kA pratyeka deza ahiMsA kI AvazyakatA aura mahatva ko samajhAne lagA hai kyoMki vartamAna samaya meM cAroM ora vikiA rUpoM meM bar3hatI huI hisA ne mAnava mana mastiSka ko prakajhora kara rakha diyA hai| Aja sabhI ora hiMsA kA tANDava hotA dikhAI de rahA hai| aise mAhaula meM hiMsA ko miTAne evaM ahiMsA ko apanAne kA upadeza aura bhI adhika prAsaMgika ho gayA hai| sabhI ise svIkAra karate haiN| yadi eka hisaka yA hatyAre se bhI pUchA jAye ki hiMsA karanI cAhiye yA nahIM? to usakA bhI yahI javAba hogA ki hiMsA karanA burA kAma hai| vaha bhI apane bacce ko ahiMsA kAhI pATha pavAnA cAhatA hai| jaba pratyeka vyakti hiMsA ko purA evaM ahiMsA ko bhalA mAnatA hai to phira jagata meM hisA hotI hI kyoM hai? jaina manISiyoM ne isa saMdarbha meM bahuta hI sUkSmatama cintana prastuta kiyA hai| unakA kahanA hai ki hiMsA jagata meM nahI apane bhItara utpanna hotI hai| usakA janma apane bhAvoM meM hotA hai aura prakaTatA bAhara dikhAI detI hai| arthAta hisA hotI hai andara aura dikhatI hai baahr| vAstava meM apane antaraMga meM utpanna honevAle vikRta pariNAma hI hisA hai| ve pariNAma jaba bhItara nahIM samAte to bAnI meM phUTa paDate hai aura phira kAyA ke mAdhyama se bAhara meM prakaTa hone lagate hai| isaprakAra bAhara meM dikhAI denevAlI hisA to aMtaraMga hiMsA kA hI pratikala hai| aMtaraMga meM nirmalatA ho to sirpha jIvoM ke prANaghAta ko hisA nahIM kahA jAtA hai| hiMsA meM pramAda pariNati (kavAyabhAva) mUla hai| pramAda/kapAya hone para hI dUsaroM ke prANoM kA pAta hiMsA kahalAtA hai| AcArya umAsvAmI ke zabdoM meM pramattayogAta prANavyaparopaNa hiNsaa| - tattvArthasUtra. 7/13 isaliye jagata meM dikhane vAlI hiMsaka ghaTanAoM ke kAraNoM para sUkSmatA se vicAra kare to krodha, dveSa aura IyA jaise manovikAra hI hiMsA ke kAraNa dikhAI dete haiN| para kucha aura gaharAI se vicAra kareM to ye vikAra bhI svayameva nahIM hote, asaphala aura asantuSTa rAgavRtti hI krodha ko janma detI hai| dveSa aura IyA kA janaka bhI vastutaH rAga hI hai| yahI kAraNa hai ki hiMsA aura ahiMsA kI sUkSma vivecanA karate huye AcArya amRtacandra ne deSAdi zabda kA prayoga na kara usake sthAna para rAgAdi zabda kA prayoga kiyA hai| yadyapi isameM deSa bhI garmita hai, tathApi deSa ke mUla meM bhI asantuSTa rAga hI chipA hai| ve hisA-ahiMsA ko paribhASita karate huye likhate hai aprAdurbhAva khalu rANAdInAm bhvtyaahiti| saMcAmevotpattihiti jinAgamasya possH|| -puruSArthIsiyupAya/44 arthAt AtmA meM rAgAdi bhAvoM kI utpatti nahIM honA hI ahiMsA hai aura unakI utpatti hI hisA hai, yahI jinAgama kA sAra hai| duniyA meM jitanI bhI hisA, hatyAyeM, mAra-pITa, laDAI-jhagaDA hotA hai, una sabake pIche tIna hI mukhya kAraNa haiM-jara-joru aura jamIna jara mAne dhana sampatti, rupayA-paisA, daulata-vaibhava jozamAne ptnii/strii| tathA jamIna mAne jagaha-isake aMtargata ghara, makAna, kSetra, rAjya garmita hai| itihAsa isa bAta kA sAthI hai ki Aja taka jo bhI yuddha huye hai. ve inhI kAraNoM se huye hai| ina tInoM hI kAraNoM ke mUla meM rAma hI hai| (1) rAma-rAvaNa ke bIca yuddha strI-pAna ke kAraNa hI huA thaa| rAma ko to apanI patnI se rAga thA hI. para tavana ke mana meM bhI sItA ke prati deSa nahIM thA. parastrI sevana ke bhAvarUpa khoTA kama hI thaa| 5) mahAbhArata ke yuddha meM bhI jamIna ke prati sama hI mUla kAraNa thaa| kauravoM kI bAta to choThiye pANDavoM ke mana meM bhI gAMvoM ke prati tITa sama hI thA, jisake na milane para ve yuddha ke liye taiyAra ho gye| 5) dhana, paise ke prati lopa/rAga ke kAraNa hone vAle laDAI-ago, hatyAoM Adi kI carcAoM se to dainika samAcAra patra bhare hI rahate hai| ataH hiMsA kA mUla kAraNa rAga rUpa Antarika manovikAra hI hai| dveSa, krodha Adi rAma ke hI sahacArI kAraNa hai| inake hone para bAhara meM para prANoM kA pAta honA dravyahiMsA kahalAtA hai, aura ye saba Atarika vikAra bhaavhiNsaa| aMtaraMga se bahiraMga kI vyApti hai. ataHkahA jA sakatA hai ki Antarika vikAroM se yukta vikRta mAnasikatA hI bAhA hiMsA ko janma detI hai| isIliye jaina manISiyoM ne bAhA hisA kI tulanA meM aMtaraMga hiMsA ko miTAne para athavA aMtaraMga ahiMsA ke pAlana para vizeSa bala diyA hai| yahA~ prazna saMbhava hai ki moha-rAga-deSa, kAma, krodha, lobha Adi vikRtiyoM to mAnavIya svabhAva hai| gRhastha dazA meM ye vikAra hInAdhika rUpa se sabhI meM pAye jAte hai| aisI sthiti meM ahiMsA kA pAlana kaise saMbhava hogA? yadyapi yaha bAta satya hai ki gRhastha dazA meM ukta prakAra ke sarva vikArI bhAvoM ke abhAva rUpa ahisA pAlana saMbhava nahIM hai, kyoMki aisI pUrNa ahiMsA kA pAlana to sAdhu jIvana meM bhI nahIM hotA, pUrNata: ahiMsA kA pAlana to pUrNa vItarAgI bhagavAna hone para arihaMta/siddha dazA meM hI hotI hai| tathApi hamArI bhUmikA meM bhI ahiMsA kA pAlana kiyA jA sakatA hai. yathAyogya hisA se bacA jA sakatA hai| jaina saMtoM ne gRhastha jIvana meM hone vAlI hiMsA kA vargIkaraNa cAra rUpoM meM kiyA hai1. saMkalpI hisA 2 udyogI hisA AraMbhI hisA 4.virodhI hiNsaa| atyanta nirdayI pariNAma hone para saMkalpa arthAt irAde pUrvaka kiyA gayA prANaghAta saMkalpI hisA hai| vyApArAdi kArya karate samaya na cAhate huye bhI para jIvoM kA prANaghAta honA udyogI hisA hai tathA gRhastha jIvana meM bhojanAdi kAyoM ko karate samaya sAvadhAnI rakhate hue bhI jo hisA hotI hai, vaha AramI hisA hai| apane parivAra, samAja, deva-zAstra-guru,deza Adi para saMkaTa A jAne para svayaM tathA unakI surakSA/bacAva ke liye kI gaI hiMsA virodhI hiMsA hai| ukta cAra prakAroM meM se gRhastha jIvana meM saMkalpI hiMsA kA pUrNa rUpa se tyAga honA cAhiye, kyoki isakA tyAga pUrNataH vyaktigata hai, yaha hamArI cAhA paristhiti kI apekSA nahIM rkhtaa| isakA sIdhA saMbaMdha hamAre AMtarika vikRta evaM krUra bhAvoM se hai| zeSa tIna prakAra kI hiMsA na cAhate huye bhI paristhitiyoM para nirbhara karatI hai| kintu jJAnI ke jIvana meM jaise-jaise aMtaraMga nirmalatA avatI jAtI hai. vaise-vaise rAga-dveSa Adi kayAya bhAvoM kI maMdatA/abhAva hone para bhUmikAnusAra inakA bhI abhAva hotA jAtA hai| ataH hameM apanI bhUmikA ke anusAra sarva prathama saMkalpI hiMsA kA tyAga karanA caahiye| taduparAnta bhedajJAna ke abhyAsa se yathAsaMbhava moha, rAga, dveSAdi vikAroM ko jItate huye sUkSma ahiMsA kI ora agrasara hone kI bhAvanA mAnA caahiye| yadi anya prakAra se kahA jAye to ahiMsA ko apane jIvana meM apanAne ke liye sarva prathama para meM sukha buddhirUpa nidhyAmAnyatA ko choDanA hogA, mana meM viSaya bhogoM ke prati lAlasA ko kama karanA hogaa| kyoMki para padArthoM meM iSTa-aniSTa buddhi hI ina vikAroM kA AdhAra hai| dhana, sampatti Adi bAhA vaibhava kI prApti meM bAdhA hI krodhAdi vikAroM ko janma detI hai| ata: hameM apane puNya-pApa karma ke udaya se jo bhI sAmagrI prApta hai, usI meM saMtoSa rakhakara vizva zAMti kI preraka ahiMsA ko jIvana meM utArane kA prayAsa karanA caahiye| hama sabhI hiMsA aura ahiMsA ke vAstavika svarUpa ko samajhakara, use jIvana meM utArakara paripUrNa sukhI ho - isI bhAvanA se virAma letA huuN| -DaoN0 saMjIvakumAra godhA ubala ema.e. neTa. emaphila, pIeca DI jayapura (bhArata) Sanonlider Manandascler ener fotropowerahti-fiamge ceurs M.136 'Clejhict .hapy of lne was Actor - Sal Collah 137 Page #70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 138 2015 JAINA Convention By Alka Sankhla jaina itane sAre, eka sAtha inTaranaeNzanala stara para hara do sAla ke bAda, kanavhenzana meM hI milajulakara eka sAtha hote haiM / hiMsA cAroM ora phailI hai, sAre parivAra, samAja aura deza TUTa rahe haiN| aba hama sabako jaganA aura jagAnA hogA, hiMsA se dUra rahane kA prazikSaNa denA hogA, sAre vizva ko ahiMsA prazikSaNa kA mahatva samajhAnA hogaa| prayatna hama saba ko milakara karanA hai, zikSA ke sAtha ahiMsA kA prazikSaNa joDanA hai, kSaNabhara bhI pramAda na kareM, yaha bhAva jagAne haiM, namratA, sneha aura ApasI sauhArda bar3hAnA hai| ahiMsA kA pATha paDhAnA hai, zikSA hradaya aura vicAra parivartana kI denI haiM, kSamA zAMti aura prema ke bhAva jagAne haiM, na karanI hiMsA, na karane denI hai| jaina inTaranaeNzanala kanavhenzana vdArA, ahiMsA prazikSaNa prAraMbha karanA hogA, nae yuga kA yaha nayA saMdeza, ghara-ghara pahuMcAnA hogaa| ahiMsA prazikSaNa hara eka ko denA hogaa| An act of peace, no matter how small, is an act of hope Best compliments from Jain center of Greater Phoenix Please come and visit our center 6250 South 23rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85041 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 139, Page #71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Universal Ahimsa Foundation (Regd.) Founded by His Holiness Shantidoot Acharya Amrender Muniji Maharaj Chief disciple of world renowned Jain Guru His Holiness Acharya Sushil Muniji Maharaj Shri Shukal Adhyatmik Kendra, 37-38,6-22/Sector 27 Rohini New Delhi 110085, India Tel: +91 11 27052030, Mob: +91 9313133865/+919350782508 (India), +1 9086037071 (USA) Email: Let us live a life based on Non Violence Acharya Amrender Muni "Live and let live"-let's make this chant resound May the pure stream of love arise in every heart, And joy, peace and love abound" The world of today is a violent world. Fear and uncertainty have gripped all nations as terrorist attacks happen anywhere and everywhere without warning. Some groups of violent people have made it their mission to cause destruction on others. And those who have seen, heard, read about or experienced the devastating terrorist attacks in America, Jammu and Kashmir, Bombay and other places have been terribly affected by the experience. At this delicate stage in world affairs, it is the duty of religious leaders, politicians and social workers to make concerted efforts to teach people about non violence. All religions talk about ahinsa - and there is no religion in the world that preaches violence. All religious sects and communities teach their people to live in peace and cooperate with each other. Ahinsa is an ancient teaching. propagated by Bhagwan Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak, Rahim, Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Shri Sushil Muni Maharaj 140 If we study the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, who lived and taught more than 2,500 years ago we find that ahinsa was his most important teaching. And ahinsa means "live and let live". Every living being wants this. And since the journey of life happens with the support of other living beings - deliberately harming another by thought, word or deed is wrong. Bhagwan Mahavir had a very wide view of ahinsa. In his eyes not only human beings, but all living beings were one. When all are one, why should we harm one another? We should live and let live. Today the whole world is worried about the decline of Earth's environment. Bhagwan Mahavir had said (2,500 years ago) that earth, water, air, fire, vegetation, animals and humans are all tied together in a complex web of life. As long as a balance is maintained between them, there will be progress. However human beings have become so powerful that they can upset the delicate balance of nature and this is an invitation for destruction. Thus I want to reiterate that the principle of peaceful co existence or "Eve and let live" is the only way forward. I want to end by calling all the forces dedicated to Non Violence to rally together and come forward. Only then will we be able to re establish non violence in this violent world. Let us make the chant of" live and let live" spread throughout the whole world. Whether the cause is environmental protection or reducing social inequalities, religious co existence or changes in social attitudes, we need to take a focused and planned approach to the task. I wish you all the best for the programme. Om Arhum. Mure Amander Kumar Do what you can with what you've got whenever you are Theodore Roosevelt Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention Congratulations to Mr. Prem Jain - President of JAINA for his dedication and devotion to furthering Jainism in North America. KOHOADES STLAPW Parshwanath Temple - Mirpur, Rajasthan LOTUS EXIM INTERNATIONAL RAJENDRA KANKARIYA NEW YORK, NY Jainism: World of Non-Violence 141 Page #72 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence our focus from 'T' to 'We' basis of needs and comfort rather than greed and luxury? In this way one can eliminate the possibility of acquiring negative vibrations (karmas) and channelize thoughts, words and actions in a positive direction. Jain values need to be lived to be enjoyed. - by Pramodaben Chitrabhartu Today people are living in an interesting time. deceit and competition, lead him to violence and I a time when the science of information and war. Thomas Merton has rightly said, "Violence technology is rapidly taking over and practically can begin only where thought and rational governing our life. The cave man has become communication have broken down." a castle man. The days of cart wheels and carriages are being replaced by Cadillacs and Living in this fast pace and in technological Convertibles. The period of stone grinding time, mankind has become a robot. Society has become obsolete and the modern electronie thinks for him and he obeys its orders. This herd grinders are taking its place. The old is being mentality blinds his vision and perception thus replaced by the new with tremendous speed and goading him to move about without any aim or velocity direction As said by someone, "I expect to pass this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again." To get a fresh outlook to life, one can turn to the philosophy of Jain Dharma as practiced and propounded by Lord Mahavir. It has profound answers to our confused state of mind. Its principles are: The message is for all of us and for the youth in particular who are the one of tomorrow They will shape the way society thinks and feels, for tomorrow belongs to the youth, the youth who hold the promise of the future. They are the symbol of energy and zeal. openness and receptiveness, creativity and innovation. Reverence for All Life -- Ahimse Relativity in Thinking -- Anekantrada Law of Cause and Effect -- Theory of Karma Principle of Non-acquisition - Aparigraha Principle of Compassion -- Karuna - Nonviolence in thoughts, words and deeds. This fast moving world has made a machine out of a person. As the machine is used for instant work, in the same way people work for instant happiness, fame and riches. He/She does not care whether it is at the cost of human exploitation, environmental pollution, destruction of the natural resources or animal abuse and suffering Under the powerful grip of greed, people work under the intoxication of modernization, leading them to self-destruction. One wonders whether he has the same elements which are potentially capable of becoming Mahavir, Buddha, Ram or Jesus - epitomes of love, compassion, joy and bliss. How can one attain happiness if one does not take time to reflect and know the difference between right and wrong in the light of the truth? When these principles are incorporated in life the Jain values are strengthened and enjoyed They have time and vigor to carry on and give life and meaning to the ancient heritage of reverence for life, to understand and practice the wisdom of the seers, and to use the insights of the enlightened masters. They are the torchbearers and trendsetters of peace. progress and prosperity for the present and the future generation. Motivated by epe and sensuality, they use their skills in the acquisition of worldly pleasures and gain. In this way, technology and information make the rich richer and the poor poorer. No wonder Havelock Ellis said. "The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago, had they happened to be within reach of predatory human hands." History tells us that no amount of wealth and fame has made mankind happy. for material happiness is fleeting and temporary. its definition changes with one's desires and dreams. Happiness does not lie in accumulation of things, but in the art of equal distribution, simplicity and contentment. If one wants, one can decide not to become a machine in the mechanical world, acting without thinking, but instead think before each action. Every positive or negative action has an equal and opposite reaction. A loving thought east in the universe has a loving response, and an evil thought has an evil one. It is the law of nature that what is thrown outcomes about like a boomerang. So why not prioritize life on the Jain Dharma also emphasizes the idea of tolerance and non-interference as its teachings These perennial principles of Lord Mahavir are the avenues to health, happiness, peace and harmony. They were useful thousands of years ago and will be useful for millennia to come. Putting the teachings of Jain Dharma into practice, one can renew one's connectivity to that ancient source of teaching and live in harmony with oneself and in harmony with the rest of the world. It is time to think globally and act locally. by arising, awaking and assimilating the principles of Jain Dharma in life and appreciating the glorious spiritual wealth one has inherited. Today when we look around, we see that mankind has become a burden and an enemy to himself, society and planet earth, rather than a friend to all. Engaging in anger, lust, selfishness, Let us, therefore, work collectively for the betterment of the whole universe by changing Pramoda Chitrabhanu Jain Meditation International Center New York Humor te houden we werd gather the comida sherla A Car 142 Chuwa boswacht to be the new ew Murder to Page #73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence all five senses but a less developed mind and hence to hurt or kilany animal for our survival results in the highest violent act. Similarly killing or hurting a living being with four, three, and two senses results in a lessor violent act Since a human life can survive by consuming and using only one sense living beings (fruits, vegetables air, water, fire ele. Jainism prohibits the destruction of higher sense living beings for our survival. Hence, Jainism advocates strict vegetarianism and is against raising animals for food for ethical, spiritual, as wel as environmental reasons Contemporary Jain Way of Compassionate and Ethical Living - Pravin K. Shah Jain Ethics and Compassion Jainism states that earth, water, fire, air, and vegetation which constitute the five basic elements of our environment, possess afe. They possess one sense which is the sense of touch Animals and human beings possess all five senses and a mind. The five senses are touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing Human beings are also blessed with advanced developed thinking as compared to animals. Hence they are able to meditate and ultimately attain iberation Human beings also have the responsibility for achieving oneness and harmony among all living beings, including the environment, through compassionate living and disciplined conduct and behavior Lord Mahavir's entire life was full of compassion. After attaining Kevaljan, he travelled barefoot for 40 years to deliver the message of true compassion to the common people. He lived in perfect harmony with nature throughout his life and provided utmost respect for the environment Lord Mahavir made the following profound statements of all times * "All life is bound together by mutual support and interdependence" * "One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, air, fire, water and vegetation, disregards one's own edistence * We harm and kill other lives because of our greed and possessiveness Since al lives are interconnected, one should realize that if we harm ONE we harm ALL Living Beings" and "Greed. Possession and Possessiveness are some of the primary causes of all violence as well as imbalance in the environmenr. These ancient statements form the basis of the modern science of ecology and are refreshingly contemporary in their promises Main Theme of Lord Mahilver's Teaching of Compassionate Ethical Living * Ahimsa (Non-violence) is respect for the life of all living beings. * Aparigraha (Non possessiveness) stems from respect for other lives as well as the environment. * Anekantavada (Non one sidedness Open Mindedness) is respect for the views of others because the expression of truth is relative and hence it has many sides Universal Law of Mother Nature The following low of Mother Nature is true for mothers of humans as well as for animals under natural environment . After the birth of a baby, the mothers start to produce milk only to feed their babies. They also produce just enough mix that is needed for their babies. They slowly stop producing milk after their babies reach a weaning age. . There exists a special emotional connection between mother and her baby. After feeding if the baby is still hungry, the mother automatically produces more milk within a few hours. If the baby is fuil then she automatically reduces her milk production for the next feeding * Nature has not made any provision for mother cows to produce more milk than the need of their babies for human consumption or for other use. Hence any drop of milk that we drink or use in dairy products is stolen from the mother cow that was meant for her baby call. Any other reason that we hear (only access milk of mother cow we use) from any source is totally incorrect Justification of Dairy Product Consumptions in the Past All Jains believe in vegetarianism and most Jains are vegetarians. However, a majority of Jains consume dairy products because animals are not directly killed during the milking operation and ancient Jain literature indicates the consumption of milk by our religious leaders Hence most Jains believe that the dairy consumption is not in violation of the fundamental principle of Ahimsa. Somehow they ignore the basic law of Mother Nature After the investigation of history of the Indian literature and culture. I concluded the following reason for the usage of dairy products in the past in olden times, cows and their milk were essential for human survival in India. The agricultural industry was not developed and was not producing enough crops to feed the entire human population Survival of Life and Ethical Living It is not possible to sustain human life with absolute non violence and absolute non possession. To live a life one needs to eat organic food which is a life by itself according to Jainism. Also one needs at a minimum clothes and shelter. Hence the destruction of some form of ide and limited possession are essential for human survival The goal of Jainism is to minimise the violence and negative impact of our existence on other living beings and the environment Jainism believes that violence is proportional to the number of senses a lving being possessed. For our survival, we hurt or even one five sense living being it is considered higher violence compare to milions of two or one sense living being * Ahuman being possesses al five senses and a very developed mind and hence to hurt or kilany human being for our survival results in the highest form of violent act. An animal also possesses The usage of Cow was essential for the survival of large human population in India. The cow's milk provided additional food. The male call (bull) was used to farm the land. The cow's dried dung was used for fre, to cook the family meal and its urine used for medicine Hence the people treated the cows as a member of the family mother cow. After the delivery of a baby call they allowed the call to consume the entire mother's milk for two to three weeks After some time they used a small portion of the total milk for their food. The majority of mik was consumed by the baby calves. They took care of cows with very minimum violence. Cows were useful not only for milk but for Carming for her dung and for her urine Power at foretary and to you and to cart or Sale Curso Page #74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence My grandmother allowed her call to consume milk from 3 udders and only one udder of mik was consumed by the family. She was well aware that the baby call would have consumed all the milk if she allowed her. Organic Dairy Farm - An organic dairy farm is generally smaller than a huge factory style farm. It does not use antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones on the cows. They do not add any milk additives into the mik. However, these farms also keep the cows continually pregnant, sel approximately 80% of calves to the veal or beef industry, and the cows are sold to a slaughterhouse after five or six years of life. Therefore, organic milk is almost as cruel as reqular milk. The cows are slaughtered immediately during meat production, while during commercial milk production cycle the cows are tortured for 5 years and then slaughtered even though their life expectancy is around 20 years. This indicates that the cruelty in the production of milk is as bad as the cruelty associated with the production of meat Contemporary Dairy Product Consumption - Ethics and consequences The output of modern agricultural production of the world is such that it can feed the world population several times over. Hence there is no need to consume dairy products for our survival. Also heavy machinery replaced the bulls for farming, modern medicine replaces the usage of cow's urine, and natural gas and electricity replaces the usage of cow dung At the same time, the demand of dairy products has increased significantly after the invention of refrigeration and improved packaging technology. To meet the increased demand, the dairy industry is commercialized. The dairy cows are now treated as milk producing machines, which inflicts terrible pain. To maximize profit, animals are raised on a mass scale. Raising large numbers of animals for food also creates a significant environmental imbalance because it involves a significantly greater use of natural resources than for the equivalent amount of plant food. The cruelty to animals and the impact on the environment by this industry are unimaginable The following ist summarizes some of the violence (Himsa) inflicted an animals used in the production of dairy products. These problems exist in large factory farms in the US and Europe as well as in the small dairy farms of India or anywhere else in the world. I write from experience, I have visited several dairy farms in USA and many small dairy farms in India and observed such practices. Milking cows are kept pregnant all the time. They are subject to artificial insemination or some ather practices that ensure the maximum production of milk. Artificial insemination is done only two months after delivery. In natural course, cow would get pregnant after calves are weaned. * Approximately 96% of male and 66% of female baby calves are sold to the real or beef industry where they are slaughtered between six months to three years of age. Sometimes, farmers let the male calves die of hunger as practiced in several villages of India (I have observed this practice in Our holy city of Palitana). Milk cows are sold to slaughterhouses at five to six years of age when their milk production Vield drops more than 30% naturally, due to ald age. This is also true in India more than 90% of the time. The life expectancy of a dairy cow is 15 to 20 years Ecological Impact of the Dairy Industry The following data summarizes the magnitude of cruelty and the impact on the environment. This data is taken either from USDA or other similar sources Waste Released in the Environment. In USA alone, more than 500.000 cows, hogs, and other animals, and 24 million chickens are killed every day. Waste released into the environment by the US meat and dairy industry is 230,000 pounds per second, polluting our land, air and water systems Greenhouse Effect - The world's 1.3 bilion cows annually produce 100 million tons of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas and traps 25 times as much solar heat as carbon dioxide. Water Consumption - Livestock (cattle, calves, hogs or pigs) production accounts for more than half of all the water consumed in USA. To produce one pound of meat, an average of 2.500 gallons of water is used, while one pound of potatoes, wheat or rice requires an average of 50 to 250 gallons of water * Hormones and antibiotics are fed or injected day to increase the milk yield (except in organic dairy farms). Almost all smal dairies in India use hormones and antibiotics. Because the cows are kept continually pregnant and are fed or injected daily with hormones and antibiotics, they produce about three to six times more milk than what they would produce normally and naturally for their baby calves. In this way, farmers try to meet the growing demand of dairy products without increasing the number of cows. Land Usage - A third of the surface of North America is devoted to grazing. Half of American croplands grow livestock feed for the dairy and meat industries In USA, this represents 220 milion acres of land, in Brazil 25 million acres, and half of the forests in Central America have been deforested for livestock production Impact on Health - The past 25 to 50 vears of medical study indicate that consumption of meat and dairy products is associated with the major causes of disease and death among middle and upper class people around the world: heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer prostate cancer and even fractures. Some medical studies have observed that as mik consumption increases, fractures actually increase, which shows, contrary to advertising, that consuming calcium in mik does not protect people. "Not only meat, but also dairy foods, contribute to the high fat and cholesterol diets which are major causes for heart disease and type2 diabetes". "Dairy foods are linked to prostate cancer and the development of type 1 diabetes". From an environmental point of view, all animal based products such as milk, leather, sik, and wool cause significant harm to the environment relative to plant based products. Various studies indicate that the degradation is 7 to 10 times higher. In conclusion state that more than 98% of milk production worldwide inflicts pain and sufferings to COWS and slaughters them after 5 years of their productive life. Also please reflect upon the Law of Mother Nature and decide for yourself to consume or not to consume mik and other dairy products. To produce very large quantity of mik in a day, the cow's body needs to work very hard. After about five years of this intense stress the cows body breaks down and her milk production yield drops significantly. At this time she is sent to a slaughterhouse legally in the western world and illegally in most states in India. There are many illegal slaughterhouses in India. I have visited a few of them in Ahmedabad and other places. Less than 0.1% of cows end up in the cow shelter places called "Panjarapole in India N www ww .down for them or was Sales had nerei Gus ew statement on w ater le monde como de los desde o a ncora kad the cow markahwa dow Farm any of 3146 Page #75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra Jay Jinendra With best compliments to 18" Biennial JAINT Convention Keep the spirit of Jainism alive! Egam Janat, Se Savvan Janai" (He who knows the one knows all who realize the soul-assel) - Land Mahavir JAIN SOCIETY OF TAMPA BAY Wishing everyone all the best from... Jain Center Or Central Ohio 1991. Celebrating our 34 year 2015 Wishing everyone all the best from Jain Society of Tampa Bay, FL DOWOWOWODOO0OO000 Best wishes for the grand weess of 2015 JAINA Consertion Goog Congratulations & Best Wishes Best wishes for grand success of 2015 JAINA CONVENTION From ciety of sa JAIN Center of Greater Charlotte Jain Soc vego SEESID 3GS is the primary dan temple in Charlotte Metre ATE. We welcome your donations to support From: Sunilsen and Sunita Peramanu Sujay and Suraj sharp prodejce project 74-921-1454 148 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 149 Page #76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Manav Mandir Mission Trust A Not-for-profit organization registered in the Indian Trust Act. KH-57, Manav Mandir, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi-110013. FOUNDER/PRESIDENT: H. H. POOJYA ACHARYA SHRI ROOP CHANDRAJI MAHARAJ Dharma does not give much importance to the outward conduct if its source is not from the inner awareness. At the level of outward conduct someone may be moral and upright. But at the level of inner consciousness the same person may be immoral and licentious. He does not come up to the mark at the touch-stone of dharma. Khalil Jibran has written that there are many liars who have never told a lie. There are many slaughterers who have not spilled even a single drop of blood. There are many immodest persons who have not even touched women. All the above mentioned persons can be moral but not religious. Dharma is a revolution of the inner self in absolute change of the being 150 2015 JAINA Convention Dharma is a Total Change of Mind We can change only the external conduct of the person through precepts, books of moral codes, rules and punitive measures. Its response is very suppressive in character. Suppression does not exterminate it. In fact, it is stored into the unconscious mind and gives birth to numerous mental ailments. The medieval European priests were turned into masochists through suppression of sex. They began getting sex pleasure by flagellating themselves and lying upon a bed of nails. Marquis de Sade began seeking pleasure in torturing others and letting out his repressed sexuality. He began getting pleasure in injuring others with a knife, and in biting them and flogging them. A suppressed sexuality is turned into cruelty. And thus one begins getting pleasure in torturing oneself or others. So, from the process of suppression, religiousness cannot be born. There is a person who does not kill someone with a sword because he has faith in non-violence at the level of thought. Suppressed violence rises from sword into pen. There are numerous ways of murdering others. Someone may kill some other with a pen, through starvation, by exploitation and with poverty as well. Violence is our naked selfishness that lies within us. It is our arrogant instinct of breaking down the life-style of someone and thrusting one from self. It can only be eliminated when one remains in the inner world and everywhere one sees only oneself. Only then are spontaneously born non-accumulation and oneness. It is without any precept and without any weapon. This is the meaning of Mahavira the one who sees life and the world in its original form does not need percepts. And the one who fails in seeing it remains unaffected by any precept. The root of dharma is to bring about in absolute transformation of the inner being in whose absence no existence and meaning can exist Mahavira's sadhana is not based on suppression but on awareness. That is not based on external conduct but in a transformation of the inner self. It is not based on any precept but on an awareness of the inner being. Only such an awareness brings about a transformation in a men. Only the outside discipline perverts him, does not make him cultured. So, our lord has said perceive this world and life with open eyes'. Attachment towards it is a sort of bondage and avarice, of another sort. Both are the opposites of each other. The existence of opposite aspects is interdependent. Either of these does not have its own. determining authority. That what is above "aspects and counter aspects" can form a base of inner revolution and of Veertaragta (passionless ness). This is the secret of Mahavira's Vectaragta (passionless-ness). Muni Roopchandra Argon that takes no account of practical afficers and does not help to sobre them is no religion sia With Blessings Motivation, Inspiration and Guidance from religious and spiritual pioneer, Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji Maharaj "Non-violence is the key to Global Survival" -Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj CONGRATULATIONS TO JAINA FOR CONTINUED SERVICE TO JAINISM & JAINS IN NORTH AMERICA -JAIN FAMILY (NEERAJ & PARVEEN, RUPALI AND PUNEET, NAVITA & MAN (SAN JOSE, CA, JULY 2015) Jainism: World of Non-Violence 151 Page #77 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Sadguru WHISPERS Sev come an sind tak ir is a priori partnity to be your inner pay. Sed in india your and bring you closer to the Divine Stress is rently means that you hawe missed this goal In Memory of Ms. Shelby Fishman Dear Priya Priya always carried her vegetarian you always brought joy to my lit breakfast and lunch to school along IR like I had a friend in yound with her pride in being a vegetarian, I enjwd telling to you about 'hole you are wory mature for your eyd om to Ms. Shelby Fishman, her class teacher Massed with your wisdom. You are on had regularly talked and inquired about S t inkligent pripe Tue fuer at Jain religion with Priya. Ms. Fishman you have an enormous heart and you decided to become a vegetarian as well. glutays made sure all your thend me He wrote a letter to Rajiv's (Priya's token care of If sorron was being willed you stood up for then tu inapred father) home regarding her change to Me cury single day to be pres. It become vegetarian before she died. v ocat I don't cotrop I bed teemadhit whether and was Ngery to know your fonly Pocjow y to have you I miss you by cow you were gone you bed my heart in so may duyu and we all lead so much from you por intelligence will got you for inte You have oneing Madishe uglies od I know you are a difference where you go. Dym by challenge yourself and let nyare by yu dan prima A In Memory of... Ms. Shelly Fishman Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to Pujya Gurudevshri for Sadguru Prerna Project at Dharampur (Gujrat) Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Suplementer endnu. Ons muke fornitorarti and we che, cher the Nequole cou describe Mim W amare perfectly It's not surprising that as cache would have that kind of affect on her staden th o ut the years. Hunter, trouve that Lind of impact on the war Chitick slents well as parents and teacher, made her truly one special. She world anything for anyon NO ONE was excluded free her kindness She cared greatly for Coves protecting the earth and helping the less fortunate. Besides the lew e in the claw , each child who came into her presence was taught life l a nd Best Wishes From: Mahesh & Usha Wadher Sujay / Margarital Maya & Zen Wadher Amisha / Purav / Amira & Giulia Kapadia 152 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 153 test dicamentos que sig of paymex Kalenter for de Page #78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention IF I COULD Hasmita Shah 14 July 2000 If I could stop the flickering flames of desire From turning into an all consuming fire If I could learn to temper my emotions And not become enslaved by lust and passion If I could break free the constrictive shackles of greed And arrest nty anger before it sprouts from seed If I could expose my vanity and pride Leaving them nowhere inside me to hide If I could stop attaching great importance To my labels of office and influence If I could savour today's moment without worry And await tomorrow without any hurry If I could remove all these layers of vices No longer would find myself in crisis I would find instead detachment and tranquillity No torment but calmness and serenity *** Hutheesingh Temple - Ahmedabad, Gujarat No turmoil but everlasting inner peace No sorrow but infinite happiness and bliss No hunger but complete satisfaction No aspiration other than true perfection SANDEEP DIAMONDS Maybe then I could start discovering me AJain Spirit yearning to be free Acompassionate soul seeking liberation And searching for the path to ultimate salvation NEW YORK, NY 154 Jainism:World of Non-Violence is - Cartier Kort Page #79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Towards A Truly Global when the whole world is involved in be violence. False words and wrong action are also examples of violence. To harm anyone or to indulge in corruption is also violence. widespread violence, it will have to heed to the principle of non-violence with sincerity, devotion and respect more than what was shown to it in the past. Violence at the individual level and also at the level of the whole universe is increasing day by day in one form or the other. From every six rupees collected by way of tax from the starving millions, at least one rupee is being spent on the army and on armaments and what one gets in return is fear, terror and insecurity. The same super powers which have created these weapons of destruction have now to enter into mutual treaties to eliminate them. Countries, which on one hand are talking of peace, are preparing for war on the other hand. Ahimsa or non-violence is not a supreme precept, it is more a way of life which gives shape to humanity and to human beings. The most ancient Jain scripture Acharang Sutra says, "Not to kill or harm or destroy any living being is the purest, permanent and most eternal religion." The very first chapter of this ancient scripture details the causes and instruments of violence. The essence of Tirthankara Mahavira's thoughts on Ahimsa can be gauged from his following words - "You are the one whom you want to strike, you are the one on whom you wish to establish your command, you are the one on whom you are in anguish, you are the one who wants to kill. That is why a wise person never strikes anyone, never controls others, and never causes any pain to others." Ahimsa is the very foundation of the Jain religion. The Jain religion has given great prominence to it and has given a considerable thought to it. Ahimsa as a principle has evolved out of the feeling of equality for all beings. All beings crave to live. No one likes to die. All desire happiness. No one desires pain or sorrow. Even the thought of violence results in violent acts. That is why the Jain religion considers violence or non-violence in the context of the one who indulges in it. Wherever there is negligence, there shall always 2015 JAINA Convention Society sent by Kumarpal Desai 1561 The seed of violence is first sown in thought and then is reflected in words and action. That is why it is said, "War is born in the hearts of men". Acharya Umaswati says parasparopagraho jIvAnAm 'Parasparopgraho Jivanam' which means that each living being lives because of the mutual cooperation among the beings. The concept of Ahimsa enunciated by Lord Mahavira is very comprehensive and embraces all beings in it. It believes in the unity of life. It treats every living being with utmost equality and respects it the same way. If there is cruelty against animals, there can as well be cruelty against human beings. Cruelty is not merely a form of external act, it is part of one's evil thinking. One, who is cruel, will demonstrate and practice cruelty against every being - may it be human beings or animals or even insects. Man has become so cruel and crude, that even when he wants to test fire his gun, he would kill someone without any hesitation or remorse. In the US, once a father scolded his son for some wrong doing. The son suddenly countered by saying, "I will shoot you." May be in every aspect of his life, newspapers, films, T.V., books etc., he is exposed to violence? In such a situation, the message of non-violence will guide him and others in the right direction, where humanity should be headed for its own survival. One who has compassion in his heart, will show compassion to others. Mahavira's concept of non-violence appealed to Mahatma Gandhi, two thousand five hundred years later and he applied it to all walks of life. In 1946 he stood unarmed with compassion in his heart before a furious mob which was carrying lethal weapons. The mob had to bow down before this half-naked Fakir. Non-violence had won, violence was defeated. Lord Mountbatten had then said, "What we could not accomplish by dispatching a full army brigade non eftice and generate are the excheine pasion of no one race or religion Jainism World of Non-Violence was accomplished single handedly by this one man, thereby saving the entire eastern side of the country from complete annihilation. One remembers Prof. S. R. Bhatt's statement in which he had said, "The seed of the thought that was sown some two thousand five hundred years ago was reaped by Gandhi (The Thought of Ahimsa). As if there was an invisible traffic between Mahavira and Gandhi." This principle of Ahimsa will have to be adopted in practice by human beings. The Jain religion and philosophy steadfastly emphasize the integrity and totality of life. It has a holistic view towards life. It is a religion that teaches assimilation and not division. Hence a member of the family and an employee of the shop-both must be treated on par. Today the man in the temple and the man elsewhere have become two separate personalities, different from each other. In order to integrate these two separate personalities into a single, undivided one, we will have to inculcate the spirit of Ahimsa among the people, the world over. The practice of Ahimsa should not be limited to We are proud to support the 2015 JAINA Convention Traveling the Distance an Every Road with the Automotive Industry galau Detro Arts Green Mexico City Mumbai Sao Paulo the four walls of the temple, it should be spread far and wide covering all walks of our life. It should be accompanied by love and compassion for all. Non-violence presupposes the coexistence of different religions, philosophies, thoughts and minds in peace with each other. That is why Santbalji has said, "It is the Jain religion which has given to the world such precious gifts as non-violent culture and the thought of peaceful coexistence." The world today and the one that would follow need such thoughts and feelings. Jonathan Swift at one place writes, "We have just enough religions to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another." If we accept the feelings. expressed in this statement by this great writer, we can cross all hurdles that are created by religious fundamentalism, and intolerance, and achieve the objective of 'Religious fellowship'. As terrorism in various forms is spreading its tentacles all around, the world can still be saved with the help of the principle of non-violence. Right Faith, Knowledge and Conduct Manushya Tiryancha Ahimsa Hand Teachings of 24 Tirthankars PEACE few Siddhas Dev Narki Mutual support and interdependence parasparopagraho jIvAnAma NON-VIOLENCE 157 Page #80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Nonviolence: A Survival in to the Third Millennium Samani Rohit Pragya Asst. Professor, Dept. of lainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun TA7e are living in a scriptures it is equated with deity and is described VV world of chronic as the protector of the whole universe. The Jain text conflicts and in constant Acharang Sutra Sutra says "all beings love their lives. dread of war. The alarming All like pleasure and dislike pain so do not injure dilemma of the present any being. The simplest rule of non-violence is scenario, terrorism hasw hatever you desire for your self desire for others and taken a slobal shape whatever you do not desire for yourself, do not desire Morality and spirituality the same for others. According to Gandhi, ahinsa is not have disappeared from the just a matter of not killing. It is a positive state of love. society. Violence in various in its positive aspect ahinsa means sanctity of life and forms has become the order of the day. The 20th universal love for all living creatures. Century will be remembered for sthastly wars, racial frenzy, untold human sufferings and hatred. It was Non-violence provides rule to survive. The text believed that the 21st Century would usher in an era Tattvarthsutra says "Parasparopapraho jeevanam of peace and happiness but the hope was belied in which means all life is bound together by mutual the first decade of the century itself. In just ten years support and interdependence. Hence the directive of the third millennium, incidents like collapse of the principle of living is not 'Living on others' or 'Living blazing world trade towers, attack on Virginia tech by killing' but 'Living with others' or 'Live for Campus, the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, unabated others.' If civilization is to survive, future belongs to killings in the Middle East and the terrorist strikes nonviolence. But the eulogy of Nonviolence is only in ditterent parts of India like Delhi, Bangalore, selfish endeavor. The solution in this world of intellect Bombay, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and many more places, is not to verbalize, popularize, scripturalize but to have alarmed the human mind universally. Incident praticalize. Until practice is not followed, intellectual of shooting classmates, teachers and parents by effort will be like running behind the bush with no teenagers, communal violence and ever increasing results. The world needs today an application of the violence at family level disappointed peace and non- unique Jain doctrine ahinsa. violence crusaders alike. But in this violence filled century people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther At present, concentrated attempts are made to train King and Nelson Mandela gave us the hope that a people in the use of arms. There is education in new beginning is possible, a beginning of lasting Military Science in the Universities and there is peace all over the world. They proved that, there National Cadet Corps to train the youths in the may be a competition for weapons of superiority, modern warfare but there is hardly any scope for but nothing is superior to non violence. In this age imparting peace, educating conflict resolution and of science and technology we mly need the "non conflict prevention. Every year billions of dollars violence as the weapon" for the survival of mankind. are spent on amassing armaments and destructive weapons. If we really want to establish a peaceful Nonviolence is pure, etemal and universally accepted society, there should be training in non-violence moral value. "No living being should be killed" is an too. It can only be a right effort to achieve the aim essenceof the knowledge of allenlightened persons. All of global peace. Training in non-violence means the thinkers of humanity and the founders of religious training to remove causes of violence, Violence and orders universally accepted it as a core principle of Nonviolence are results and not cause. A cause can be human conduct and cardinal religious virtue. In lain ended, can be transformed, but a result can neither be effaced, nor transformed. Therefore to bring the non- Today the whole world is reeling with fear. Nations violence, we should think wwer the source of violence are afraid of one another and so are different and eradicate these causes which originate violence, sections of society. Non-violence cannot be firmly established until people's fear can be eliminated. It Original Source of Violence is not easy to be completely free from passions. But There are many factors behind the rise of violence and it is possible to replace negative and immoral values immoral behavior. Imbalance in social organization, with twitive and moral values. The only way to Imbalance in the political system, the armaments arrest the increasing trend of crime and violence is race, caste and color discrimination, communalism, to give proper training in non-violence. imbalance in human relationships, economic rivalry and poverty etc are the external causes of violence. All Peace through Training in Non-violence: The most these external causes are raised by the internal causes important principle of training in nonviolence is such as exo, greed, fear, anger, sorrow, sex desire etc. the purification of emotions. Acharya Mahaprajna provided an effective tool known as Preksha Ego: Ego separates the 'me' from the 'not me', 'us Meditation technique of meditation for attitudinal from them.ours from theirs. It begins in the change, emotional purification behavioral thought that I am superior, my needs must come modification and integrated development of before others, my religion, my ideology is the best, personality. The system of Preksha Meditation and I am the lord of all, so everyone else is here to includes various techniques like Relaxation, Deep conform to my bidding. This spirit of ego gives the breathing and contemplation (Positive thinking like birth to intolerance and creates many social problems fearlessness, tolerance, compassion etc.) which brings like casteism; color discrimination etc. The problem about bis-chemical and bio-electrical change in the of ego and intolerance ultimately take the form of body. Through such practices it is possible convert Violence. Religious intolerance is the greater cause the tremendous negative force into a powerhouse of violence. More blood has been shed; more bones of peaceful, loving energy. And it each individual Wrenched, more cries of anguish wrung from the powerhouse of this lowing energy unites what can tortured, and more wars mounted in the name of counter its immense force of serenity and love? Even religious intolerance than from any other cause. if there is one duly trained nonviolent person for every one hundred trained soldiers, a new miracle Possession and Attachment One of man's basic can be performed and arw order can be created. traits is the spirit of possession, the mentality of accumulation, acquisitiveness. This constitutes 1 an individual brings change in his own life the original source of violence. There is intimate through practice the same will affect society. In relationship between possession and violence, the words of Acharya Tulsi "Sudhare vyakti samaj Man with excess possessions cannot lead moralvvakti se, rashtra svayam sudharega." It means, if life because the possessions themselves are made the conduct of an individual will be improved, the through immoral and violent means. Greed and whole society will be improved. True peace begins attachment cause the centralization of power and with the individual. There is need to do a revolution concentration of wealth in a few hands. And where It does not matter much that how many people there is centralized money and power, it is worthless involves themselves in this revolutionary work of to speak of nonviolence, morality and peace. making a peaceful society because a small group of people or a single person can do a revolution in the Fear: Fear is the prime mover of violence. It is the field of morality and bring changes in the society attachment that causes fear and which in turn results and nation. It is always a small group of committed in violence Fear of losing what one is attached to is people whose tireless efforts have brought changes the basic fear and it creates many other kinds of fear to the world. Let me conclude by quoting Margret Fear of the enemy leads to the unending race for more Mead "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, and more deadly weapon systems and the degree committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it and possibility of violence increase correspondingly. is the only thing that even has." 158 Ranforsar de lado / vda Be o wule der w. W 159 Page #81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention With best Compliments from: Mihir & Nicole Kamdar Purvi Kamdar Farahi Pravin C. Patel Rasik, Chandra, Priti, Swati & Anand Shah We Proudly Support the 2015 JAINA Convention OGON With best compliments from: Vijay & Nilima Kothari Mahavir & Darshana Vakharia Nipa Kantilal Shah Adinath Temple - Ranakpur, Rajasthan There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. SHIVANI GEMS MEHUL & MITA SHAH NEW YORK, NY 160 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 161 Page #82 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mantra - the Pathway to Liberation of the Soul By: Swastishri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Panditacharyavarya Mahaswamiji Mantra-shastra is one of the most ancient sciences. There are references to it in Jain Dwadashanga and Sutras, and also in Vidyanuvada Poorva. According to Adi Purana, Bhagavan Adinatha Theerthankara taught Brahmi alphabet to his daughter Brahmi and numerology to another daughter, Sundari. Mantravidya is also known as Brahmavidya and Yogavidya. It is the most efficacious technique. It is said mananaath thrayeti mantrah-mantra is that which protects us or helps us cross over the bondage of life (thrayeti) by constant cogitation (mananaath). By constantly uttering the mantra revealed by the Lord, one can be freed from the bond of life. Mantra is timeless, exceptional and liberating. The Pancha Namokara Mantra of the Jains is the unfailing mantra. It is famous as the eternal and everlasting mantra. Those who have realized the efficacy of the mantra get all the worldly gifts as well as salvation of the soul in the other world. Mantra-shastra should be used only for candid dealings and for the enhancement of good and divine qualities; it is not done to misuse it. In our sacred texts there are references to the beacons of mantra-shastra, the Ganadhara Parameshthis and Riddhidhari Sadhus. Swamy Bhadrabahu, Samantabhadra Acharya, Acharya Poojyapada, Acharya Mallishena, Acharya Akalanka, Adyashri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pandithacharyavarya, Acharya Maanatunga, 2015 JAINA Convention 162 Gunanadi and many other Acharyas not only averted afflictions and hardships by means of accomplishment of mantra, but also prevented natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes, thunders, hurricanes and tornados. Examples of those who realized the efficiency of mantra having put aside their power and tapas solely for the good of the world have been recorded in the pages of history, which stand testimony to the effectiveness of mantra. Mantras like Vishapahara Stotra are used to cure the poison inflicted by scorpions, snakes and other poisonous creatures. The power of the spoken word is effectively used in the medical field to cure many ailments of patients and it puts a question mark before the modern medical science. This is no superstition. With the power of sound and mantra, effective natural treatment had been given to patients with no eye on returns. Experiments have shown that the power of mantra and sound can be used not only for the promotion of health, but also to increase yield from fruit-bearing plants and trees. Mantra is essential not only for health and happiness in worldly life but also to obtain spiritual bliss. There are differences among mantras. They can be classified as superior, medium and lowly. Mantras can yield results only if they are learned from competent gurus and employed properly. Now let us look the nature of mantras: The attributes of the accomplishment of mantras: In the first instance, the difference of mantras and the description of seeds (beejas). 1. The property of the mantra: syoo mantrate guptam bhashyante mantravidbhiriti mantrah-: Meaning: What is imparted secretively by one who knows the heart of the mantra is mantra. The import of mantra corresponds to the etymology of the words employed. 2. The source of the mantra: akaaraadi hakaaraanta varnamantrah prakeertitah: Meaning: Syllables from A to HA are mantras. There is no such thing as defeat in nowolance-Cesar Chunez Jainism World of Non-Violence 3. The difference of Syllables:[Varna means either color or origin]. Swaroshmano dwijah shwetah, ambumandalasamsthitah kanthasya bhoorbhujo raktha-swedajo mandalasamsthitah choopuvaishyaanvayou preetou prthveemandalabhaginou Syllable Swara Ka-varga Cha-varga Ta-varga Tha-varga Pa-varga Ya-varga Sha-varga Varna(Caste) Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Shoodra Shoodra Vaishya Kshatriya Brahmin Color White Red Yellow Black Black Yellow Red White Station Water Fire Earth Air Air Earth Fire Water Masculine syllables: a, u, oo, ai, o, am, ee-these seven vowels and the consonants ka, kha, ga, Ta Tha, da, dha, tha, tha, pa, fa, ba, ja, bha, ma, sha, sa and ksha are masculine. Neuter syllables: i, R, R, L, L, e, ah, dha, bha, ya, ra, ha, da, tra, Na, and Da-these seven vowels and nine consonants are said to be neuter gender. There are three kinds of mantras: 1. Beeja mantra (core mantra) 2. Mantra 3. Maala mantra ("string mantras"). Feminine syllables: The consonants sha, cha, bha, la and va are feminine genders, and so are the vowels ee and aa. Note: It is to be noted that the syllable 'na' is absent in the above lists. If the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra varnas are separate and independent of each other, this syllable can be considered 'friendly' to all the groups. Mantras in a group do not yield desired effect equally. But if the composition of syllables is kept at the same frequency, they yield results equally, according to the Lord Omniscient. Mantras in accordance with the number of syllables in them: A mantra comprising one to nine syllables is called beeja mantra. A mantra containing ten to twenty syllables is called mantra. Similarly a mantra having more than twenty syllables is a maalaa mantra. Beeja mantras yield result always. Mantras in the mantra group yield result in their "youth". Mala mantras yield result in their "ripe old age". Anger is the enemy of nonviolence and pride is a monster that allows it up 163 Page #83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention AAP KA MAND PASAND CATERER LALITY Jay Bharat Foods LLC. Jay Bharat Catering 7871 Paramoun Blvd Pico Rivera, CA 90660 (562205-1234 Jay Bharat Restaurant 18701 Pioneer Blvd Artesia, CA 90701 (562)924-3310 Jay Bharat Bay area 39203 Cedar Blvd Newark, CA 94560 (510)494-9727 We do Gujarati, Punjabi South Indian, Indo Chinese, Indo Italian, Indo Mexican Mantras in accordance with their gender: As stated above, mantras fall into three kinds in When employing a mantra, care must be taken to accordance with gender: Feminine, masculine use it without selfishness and ulterior motives, and neuter. Mantras suffixed with sri or swaha without harming others and taking to evil deeds. are feminine mantras. Mantras suffixed with It is to be bome in mind that mantras have their hum, vashat, fat, ghe and swadha are masculine. own specific methodology. In Jainism there is a Mantras suffixed with namah are neuter. lot of rare mantras from the monosyllable OM to the string mantras of Yakshas and Yakshis. Feminine mantras are used for the purging of sin. For example the Upasaggahara Stotra, the Masculine mantras are employed for auspicious Vishaapahara Stotra of the poet Dhananjaya, deeds, elimination of enemies, and riddance of the Dasha Bhakti of Acharya Kundakunda, evil effects, and deactivation of charm. Neuter the Dasha Bhakti of Acharya Poojyapaada, the mantras are used in residual Kalyaanamandira Aaradhana of Gunanandi, the Saamaayika Paatha of Acharya Amitagati, Mantra-shastra lays out the attributes and the Kalikunda Aaradhana Stuti of Aadyashri significance of each syllable. Mantras are Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Panditacharyavarya, attractive, mellifluous, sweet and fruitful. the Bhaktaamara Aaradhana of Acharya Competent persons on their path of Maanatunga, the Swayambhoo Stotra of Swamy accomplishment should learn to use the mantras Samantabhadra and the Saraswati Kalpa of non-violently in the management of their Acharya Mallishena are some of the famous household affairs without reference to worldly hymns containing mantras. ambitions, and for the overall welfare of the world. Mantra-shastra is handy to the spiritually. The Sadhus and saints use these mantras in their oriented practitioners and sadhus to do away religious duties during chanting pratikramana, with ruminations on baleful moods of mind and prathyaakhyaana and saamaayika. Shravakas to balance and set the mind steadily on devout use them daily in their worship of the Lord meditation. It has gained wide acceptance in not and the Guru and in study and rumination only in Hinduism and Jainism but also in other of religious texts-swadhyaaya. It is to be Indian and Western religions. With the help of noted that mantras are more efficacious if said the power of the mantras and by non-violent rhymingly, rhythmically and melodiously, on means one can get to the apex of the gunasthanas learning when and how to utter them properly. and get rid of the darshaniya-mohaniya karmas, charitra-mohaniya karmas and finally the apex This is scientific, practical, effortless, salutary, fourteenth gunasthana and thus eradicate all delightful and curative. This is the contribution karmas and attain mukti with the help of the of the Indian Rishis and Munis of yore. Let more seed mantra Om Namah Siddhebhyah. This is scientific studies be conducted on it and let them our objective. be beneficial to a happier and more beneficial life of mankind Visit our website We are serving our community with uthentic Indian cuisine for over 25 year kaa M ed or related fiecare Cata veepp he is ciarieties vnnkrai klpptti med h a ck and 164 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 165 Page #84 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence What is peace and how can one achieve it? By: Shrut Praygyali Everyone desires peace. All the work of humanity one away from an inner focus on the self. Suppose is directed to this end. Many people often ask, one is very successful in one's materialistic "From where can I get peace?" Or frequently endeavours, what this brings is essentially people will simply say, "I want peace." The word comfort rather than peace. Nowadays all desirable "want" here is totally misplaced and confused comforts are within easy reach of many people. It implies that one doesn't have peace already. They may possess all worldly consumer goods, There is a tendency then to assume that a person but in the surroundings of these great comforts, can get it perhaps if he or she only looks in the if suddenly a phone call comes announcing the right place from a source that is outside oneself death of a family member, what value do these An example of such searching may include consumer goods have for the possessor of them? working hard in order to accumulate wealth, or These goods immediately at that moment lose all to gain prestige and power. Yet if one behaves in their importances and they do not provide any this fashion, one will never achieve lasting peace comfort at all in terms of coping with news of the for it cannot be obtained from outside. bereavement. Peace is within everyone. It if one really wants to enjoy This is not to say that modern is not outside in the external worldly comforts, one must facilities are to be abandoned world at all, nor can anyone be stable within. For it is only or rejected; neither does it give it to another person. It when one has internal stability mean that they constitute some involves taking an inward turn or inner peace that one has the kind of obstacle to spirituality. to the soul Spiritual practice ability to face life's challenges, In and of themselves this is not enables one to achieve true its affailure or loss the case at all. However, if one peace. In terms of spirituality, as well as what is of greatest value is as well as enjoying success and really wants to enjoy worldly comforts, one must be stable staying with one's eternal celebrating achievement within. For it is only when one nature, and the amount of inner peace that one has internal stability or inner peace that one has might have sometimes felt or experienced is the ability to face life's challenges, its moments a measure of those moments (often perhaps of failure or loss, as well as enjoying success very few in number but nonetheless real and and celebrating achievement. And, while the powerful) where one has connected to one's own development of inner peace aids one in tackling inner divinity. But to stay permanently within all external events or situations (however, the soul is what brings that eternal peace within problematic or devastating they might be), each and every person expending one's energy on external concerns, by contrast, can never lead to internal stability or In modern times, there is such a tremendous inner peace. concem with outer worldly activity. This has increasingly led people to utilise their effort, time What then is meant by the term inner peace? and attention in the direction of materialistic One can say that genuine inner peace is present projects, which are activities that typically take and fully realised when no outer circumstance M 166 b y Cechy or situation has any power to disturb or upset happiness or fulfilment. one's inner stability. In spiritual life one can engage in activities that help one to achieve this. (4) Be strict with oneself but forgiving of others Some exemplary points of discipline or practical in most instances people do the opposite spiritual work that promote inner peace, helping of this practice. Those who are strict on one to connect with one's inner nature, can be themselves have a tendency to act in the briefly outlined here. I suggest the following in same way with others. Strict self-discipline is this respect important to maintain, but one should work hard to be forgiving and tolerant of others (1) Avoid the things that disturb inner peace: when they fall short of the kind of discipline every personas a unique individual one imposes upon oneself discoveries that certain factors lead to unrest. Such factors are not the same from (5) Speak well of others there are three ways of one person to the next; and this is the case speaking that a person should try continually precisely because no two people are alike. to observe to speak as little as possible, to Every individual should thus be mindful of speak slowly, and to speak sweetly. If it is not the situations that generate unrest, striving possible to apply oneself to all these ways of to avoid such circumstances. uttering words, one should focus upon at least one of them. Observing one or more of these (2) Refrain from being judgemental: everyone ways of speaking will help one to minimise should refrain from making statements of or avoid hurting others, which is the true criticism about others through the application art of utterance from a spiritual perspective. of conscious effort. When one makes a Whenever words are used in anger they are negative comment, one must also have had like nails that pierce painful holes in other a thought that is equally negative. And one people. This should be avoided or reduced as negative comment or thought easily leads to far as one's capacity will allow it. another and then again to yet another, and so on. Furthermore, it often creates reactions (6) Practise meditation: doing meditation helps in those persons who are being commented all of the above ways of acting, thinking and upon in such a fashion, which in turn tends speaking and this is an important reason to create a cycle of criticism and judgement why one should try to meditate on a daily that is difficult to stop. If someone makes basis. It is the best instrument for realising criticisms of oneself, one should try not to inner peace, as well as for creating peaceful react in the same way but rather endeavour vibrations that affect others in subtle ways to see the other person in a positive light. in all our relations with them. Meditation helps one to relax, removing all stress and (3) Reduce expectations, every individual should tension. It is crucial then for achieving the be alert to the way in which expectations of inner peace that everyone is looking for; and others are often not met and therefore lead it is a valuable tool for creating or promoting one to experience uneasiness. One should try social harmony. to reduce expectations of others as far as one can, minimising our dependence on them for maannnkrmlaiyaannn Cery mrmlaikaarmennn Saminars Cars Captain 167 Page #85 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Why should Jains lead on Climate Change? Wat That would you do if you discovered that your actions were indirectly causing massive suffering and death of animals and humans? I imagine you would be eager to change. Well your actions are probably causing harm and you don't even realize it. It's your massive carbon footprint that is believed to be one of the main reason to blame. I recently read Elizabeth Kolbert's book "The Sixth Extinction" in which she describes how the planet is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction event in which 30-50% of all species will probably go extinct due to habitat loss and climate change. In fact, if current trends continue, the oceans will become so acidic that within the next 50 years or so "all coral reefs will cease to grow and start to dissolve" (Kolbert). So what is a carbon footprint? We live in a very energy intensive geological time scale called the Anthropocene, defined as a period when human activities have had a significant global impact on Earth's ecosystem. In 2011 82% of the world's energy came from fossil fuels. The burning of those fossil fuels releases CO2 which is a greenhouse gas that traps energy from the sun just like the glass in a greenhouse does. The extra heat has caused the average surface temperature of Planet Earth to increase by 0.8 degrees Celsius which we call Global Warming or Climate Change. Your carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 that is released by your lifestyle - size of your house, transportation choices, purchasing decisions and, very importantly, food choices. Yearly vacations to Europe increase your carbon footprint. 2015 JAINA Convention 168 By: Shudanshu Jain There are many online tools to calculate your carbon footprint and to purchase offsets. Our vegetarian Jain lifestyle has a much lower carbon footprint than that of a meat eater. One pound of beef contributes 12.3 kg of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gases while one kg of tofu contributes only 0.9 kg CO2e which is only 7.4% of the CO2e of beef. But Jains could further reduce their footprints by becoming vegan because cheese, at 50% that of beef, still has a very large carbon footprint relative to tolu. Other religions are stepping up to the challenge of climate change and we Jains must too. Pope Francis, is expected to release a very strong statement this summer about climate change and the moral obligation of all Catholics to fight it. Many churches are divesting their assets in fossil fuel companies much as the divestment campaigns helped end apartheid in South Africa. The Jain community needs to lead in this climate crisis. 97% of Climate scientists say that global warming is primarily caused by humans so there really is no doubt. Please educate yourself about climate change and on how to further reduce your carbon footprint. ......000...... ******000.............. ******000................ ................000................ ..............000.............. Nonviolence confronts systematic injustice with active love, but refuses to retaliate with further violence under any chica In order to let the ricinus opes of violence, it requires a willing acceptance of offering and death rather thanting suffering or death on anyone be Jolar Bear, Eng Race A Oprituality of Contemplation and Action TO GET THE BEST AIR FARES TO India OR ANY DESTINATION WORLDWIDE USE OUR 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE & Call TODAY FOR * FLIGHTS * CRUISES * TOURS 359-5292 1-877-FLY-JAYA WWW.JAYATRAVEL.COM JAYA Travel & Tours SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1976 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 169 Page #86 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to Minimize By: Shilpa Shah As we all know, Jainism teaches us to minimize violence to all forms of life, including animals, plants, and micro-organisms. Jainism also teaches Aparigraha, to minimize our possessions. What we often don't realize is that ALL material objects are created through some form of violence to living beings. For example, creating a pair of jeans requires clearing land to grow cotton, destroying vegetation on that land and harming animals relying on that vegetation for food and shelter. Tilling soil to grow cotton harms insects, worms, etc. in the soil. Picking cotton (a living plant). Clearing more land to build a factory. Digging the earth to obtain metal for machinery and fuel to run the factory and transport materials. The list of all the harm being done to living organisms can go on and on, all for a pair of jeans. The same can be said for every possession we own. So how can we possibly avoid such violence? As lay people living in society, we need material possessions in our lives. Hence, there is the famous environmental phrase "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle". Reduce This requires the least effort. Simply reduce the number of possessions we have. Purchase fewer clothes, shoes, housewares, etc. Would having one less shirt in your closet make a difference in your life? Probably not, but it will make a difference to the living entities that were impacted by the creation of the shirt. Here are some other ideas for reducing: * Plastic bags: If you are buying just one or two items, skip the bag. In addition to the natural resources involved with manufacturing the bag, plastic bags contain by-products of animal slaughter to give that smooth, glossy feel. Furthermore, they end up in oceans, and subsequently, into the mouths and stomachs of countless sea creatures. * Paper: If you need to print an email or web page, instead of selecting "all", do a print preview and then print only the page you need. When printing multiple pages, set your printer to print on both sides. Also, if it's only for yourself and the backside doesn't matter, print on the other side of old paper you would have thrown out. * Water: Instead of using bottled water, which involves not only waste of plastic, but fuel for transporting the water from the source, to the bottling plant, and to the store, use your own reusable bottle. Keep one in your car and on your desk at the office. * Coffee: Invest in a reusable cup for your car or office. Besides cutting down on waste, it will keep your beverage hot longer. Most coffee shops will happily fill your own cup, and many even offer a discount! * Disposable plates: If you need a large quantity of plates for an event, instead of using plastic, Styrofoam, or even chemically treated paper, you can use natural, chemical-free, leaf plates, from naturally fallen leaves, that are sturdy and microwavable. Party cups: Provider a marker for guests to write their name on their cup, so they can keep track of their cup and only need to use one. Then recycle the cups. Junk mail: The average US household receives 40 pounds of junk mail annually, destroying 100 million trees. There are many services that can help reduce this, such as 170 When will our consciences grew so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it? Eleanor Roosevelt Jainism World of Non-Violence Reuse The longer you can make your possessions last, the less new items will need to be manufactured, and the less lives will be destroyed. Anything that you have that you no longer have use for, find a friend who can use it, sell it to a consignment store, have a yard sale, offer it on Craigslist, give it on or donate it to charity, so that others can make use of it. Here are some other ideas for reusing: * Wire hangers from dry cleaners: Most dry cleaners will happily take them back. * Plastic forks and spoons: After an event, collect them and place them in the dishwasher. They will last for many uses. * Rechargeable batteries: A charger and rechargeable batteries is an investment that will pay off in no time. * Books and other items: Many can be sold on They will pay you for shipping. Also, try to purchase second hand items whenever feasible. You'll be surprised at the treasures you can find. Recycle Twenty recycled aluminum cans can be made with the energy it takes to manufacture one new one. Every ton of glass recycled saves about nine gallons of fuel needed to make glass from virgin materials. Recycling clearly involves less violence than creating new items from new materials. But recycling can go far beyond the basics of paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. provides information on recycling almost anything you can imagine. Here are some examples: Clothing and Shoes: Most charitable organizations do not have use for clothing and shoes that are worn out. These can be taken to American Textile Recycling Services ( for a tax deduction. Also, worn out clothing can be taken to H&M stores ( for store credit. In addition, Nike will transform old shoes of any brand into surface material for basketball courts and running tracks (nike. com). * Plastic bags: Publix grocery stores and Lowes collect plastic bags from anywhere to recycle. * Styrofoam: While it is best to avoid using Styrofoam, if you end up with it, and if it is reasonably clean, Publix grocery stores have bins for collecting this. * Electronics: Best Buy collects electronics to recycle, including cables, CDs, phones, computers, TVs, ink cartridges, small appliances, batteries, etc. They will also trade in your gently used working devices for store credit. Thus, by reducing, reusing, and recycling, we can reduce the amount of violence to living beings in this world. BIOGRAPHY Shilpa Shah is a child and adolescent psychotherapist in the Atlanta area. She is the founder of Young Jain Professionals and is currently a member of their Advisory Board. Also, she is the head of the eco-friendly committee for JAINA 2015. Topic Synopsis: Article that gives concise, practical tips on ways to be more eco-friendly in our daily lives, and ties the importance of eco-friendliness with non-violence. "There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed."Malome Grandhu 171 Page #87 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE 18TH JAINA CONVENTION Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention 20 "Compassion is Our Soul's Nature" "Nonviolence and kindness to Living Beings is Kindness to oneself" "By forgiveness, one begets the happiness of head and heart, by this happiness he produces feelings of friendship towards all living beings of the world, by feeling of friendship he purifies his thoughts and becomes free from fear." - Lord Mahavira, Uttaradhyayan Sutra ELE Datta and Girish Shah & Family Nivisha & Manish Mehta, Avneesh, Amitej Munjal & Vijaylaxmi Shah, Deven, Sofia Bhavin & Tejal Shah, Aman, Jiya STATE-OF-THE-ART CARE. CONVENIENT LOCATIONS. Gwinnett Thread Johns Creek aptar 075-657-82571-52- 53 3 -405118-417-710 ORTHOATLANTA Sanghiji Temple - Sanganer, Rajasthan Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Specialists Austell * Brookstone * Douglasville * Fayetteville * Gwinnet. Johns Creek Kennesaw. Marietta. Newnan * Paulding Piedmont Stockbridge #OrthoAtlanta + Cain ASHI LLC PANDYA FAMILY NEW YORK, NY 172 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 173 Page #88 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Ahinsa: An idea for all ages Source Jainism strives towards non-violence as the highest ethic. However, non-violence is a fundamental concept that extends far beyond any sectarian identity. Jains, who aspire to internalize eternal truths, agree with this view. preservation where one has to resort to literal violence, is an extremely exceptional circumstance. Therefore, if one wishes, a significantly nonviolent life, consistent with the Jain View, is both possible and expected What then, about institutionalized violence by states, societies and so on? Non-violence is often thought to be ineffective. To test this, we need to look no further than Gandhi or Dr. King. If we do look further, we again find that throughout history, the ideals of humanity have been those who have enabled peace and prosperity. There are always parallel violent struggles, but even their motive often is the long-term prevention of violence Historically, even the earliest Hindu texts speak of ahinsa. The formal statement, ahinsa parmo dharma' is in fact found not in a Jain text, but in the Adiparva of Mahabharata. There, it is mentioned as a fundamental ethic for a brahmana, or a person who is on the path to attain supreme knowledge Hindu texts, however, spare plenty ambiguity for violence. Contrary to popular belief, the statement is not found in the Bhagavad Gita, which clarifies the concept of righteous war and the general performance of violence for the cause of divine duty. Looking in the mirror Question remains, in the contemporary world, do our ordinary actions cause vio lence through the long chains of supply and wastage that we are tied to? The answer seems to be uncomfortable, and it is evident that it is our actions, which cause the miseries of the world. For example, it is more meaningful to con sume locally grown vegetables than to just eat vegetables which come from industrial farming, which may disrupt the ecology, kill animals in fields, create unfair situations for farmers and farm labor, and so on. Concept Jain thinkers strongly denounce the idea of a creator-pod or a god who punishes, rewards or intervenes in any way Beings are responsible for their actions and outcomes following fixed, natural laws. In a clockwork, cyclical universe, beings can eventually attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death through appropriate behaviour Every extant religion speaks of or implies non-violence. Jainism, however, emphasizes non-violence towards the natural world and even the tiniest creatures because it explicitly recognizes that all beings are bound through mutual support and interdependence. CR NL Similarly, it is impossible to ignore that the resources and technologies we use, from electricity to oil, to even the plastics and practically every aspect in our ur han world. These are directly tied to violences across the globe through deforested land, toxic wastes, climate change large-scale extinctions and so on Humans are directly affected as well, war, poverty, hunger, horrifie labour conditions are all direct outcomes. It is perhaps critical that we re-examine these relationships and also how they can he changed in ways that stop the rampant destruction of the world. These new, non-violent relationships may be critical to a rejuvenated society Moreover, Jainism is known to have produced a lot of instructional texts for laypeople, and these go into specific details of non-violent behaviour, from acquiring food to the thoughtful disposal of human waste For example, this Jain ideal is apparent mostly in a very specific kind of vegetarianism, which advocates that one should even avoid eating root vegetables to prevent killing an entire plant or the minuscule creatures which live in the soil. Finally, have our own professions and businesses retained the inner spirit of Jainism? Throughout history, Jain lay. people took up professions that discouraged violence, even indirectly. Today, have our businesses gone on to create the kind of violence that a literal reading of scriptures may allow by omission? For example, a thousand years ago there would be no specific instructions on how to work with electricity of machines or industrially processed food Violence can be anywhere in our factories, in our markets, towards our consumers or towards the world from which these resources are gathered. Whether viewed through Jain reasoning or through the historical lenses of rise and fall of societies and groups, it may reasonably be said that thoughtless action can only being misery and suf fering in the long term Expounding on need for deep solutions, Acharya Shri Mahashraman, the eleventh acharya of the terapanthi sect, explains, "Where is violence bom?" It is born in a thought. Thought is key, speech and actions are seen as manifestations An idea for all ages The idea of nonviolence may seem fragile to some, but the history of the subcontinent indicates otherwise However, it is prudent to take a view of nonviolence outside the folds of history and recognized Jainism, especially in the legacy of Gandhi. In the contemporary world, plenty has been achieved through this doctrine. Whether it be viewed through De King's activism or through Desmond Tutu's work on the Truth and Reconciliation Project, or even the more formalized diplomacies between nations, it becomes clear that nonviolence is may well be the only approach that works for the benefit of all in the long term A contrary View Simple starts When one can view the roots of these networks and the roots of the violence inadvertently caused by them, then one can begin to take steps towards a meaningful Jain non-violence, whether through minute day-to-day activities or through profound overall changes in life and work Muni Shri Tarun Sagar ji, a leader of the digambarasect explains that non-violence can be quite simple. There are some reasonable defence in favour of violence, which tend to stem from self-preservation and sometimes manifests in a bigger scale towards fighting systematic oppression. Violence in self-defense, in fact, finds some cur rency in Jain lose: Adinath teaches people, amongst other things, the usage of weapons, and there is admission that it is reasonable for laypeople to use violence for the purpose of preserving their own lives. Is this contrary to Jainism? This requires a deeper meditation on the subject, which reveals a simple truth in day-to-day life, actual threat to self "Take as little as possible, give as much as you can and live fully," he says. Anveshan is a Bangalore-based media organization exploring the Jain tradition. Through films and publications, we hope to bring out how the eternal truths embodied by Jainism resonates with the self and society of contem porary times For details please send email to contact Illustration by Ragini Bhow. You can see her work at raginibhow 174 Page #89 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Non-possession: an ingredient for non-violent life style by: Samani Maryada Pragya - Research scholar, JVBI, Ladnun. Dvery living being wishes to live in peace and happiness but the reality is that their actions do not bring contentment and happiness, no matter how hard they try. If we look around we find that there are various problems at all levels of life, be it individual, group of nation in one form or the other values but we are failing to realize them, because of our wrong belief that material possessions lead to happiness. The irony is that the short-lived comfort, accentuates our desire to have more and more. The net result is that this unrestrained desire is leading to more conflicts rather than resolving them. All these factors have compelled man to think and wonder when and where this increasing violence in the world will stop. In this context Non-violence assumes greater relevance. prosperity. It fosters the thinking that everyone should become rich and prosperous. Once you become used to an improved standard of living there is no question of going back. Our paradigm changes to: We have to become rich, and indeed, richer. We have achieved some prosperity, now we have to become more prosperous. This objective is certainly alluring but the downside of it is that we become insensitive to the means applied to achieve the objective. The focus is on: material development, industrial development, technological development, per capita income, and high standard of living as the yardsticks of such an economy. In turn, such a system encourages unconstrained behavior because the primary measure of success for both individuals and corporations is growth in monetary terms. Consequently, it has made human more selfish and material and money oriented Looking at present scenario, eminent thinker Acharya Mahapragya expressed his views on the so called strength and rare combination of Economics and Non-violence. He illuminated the relationship between society and nonviolence, individual and non-violence, environment and nonviolence. He opines that the problem of apprehension and worldwide conflicts are bound to aggravate if we have a lopsided growth of economic ideas, devoid of the aforesaid combination. We need to make fundamental reformation in our concept of economics, by giving it the solid foundation of non-violence There exist some psychological problems, which arise from economic inequality and the consumerism; social problems and disintegration of society, which originates from conflicts of ideologies and faiths, political problems such as arms race, war and terrorism, and problems of human survival, which are linked to the excess production and ecological imbalance. The world is tom by tension, strife, crime and regional conflicts. The uncertainty of the future is causing a restless state of mind Violence and its original source While talking about non-violence it is necessary to understand about violence because without eradication of the cause one cannot develop Non-violence. So, first of all we need to understand the meanings of violence and why the violence takes place? Violence means a behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone. Non-violence a path for peace The core of Jain philosophy is Ahimsa (nonviolence) It is said "Ahimsa Paruno Dharma-non-violence is the supreme duty One who follows nonviolence follows all the other values indirectly. Nonviolence is a code of conduct and if practiced widely by all with full commitment it will lead to sustainable world and peaceful living The basic condition is that all, that is, an individual, family, society and the nation, must embrace it An aphorism given by Lord Mahavira - ahimsa savabhuwakemamkari", means "Ahimsa promotes the good of all living beings." sire for possession, prich bei There is a relentless effort being made by the individuals, communities, and social and political leaders to find solutions to these problems. They believe that scientific research and technological advances, nuclear weapons and improved war technology, consolidation of power and acquisition of material possessions, and concentrating on their own religious and ethnic groups will provide solutions to these problems. No doubt, scientific and technological advances have made human life pleasant and luxurious, but that feeling is short lived. Nevertheless, it has not provided peace of mind. Instead, there is exponential rise in stress, alienation, restlessness, anger, pugnacity, hatred, aggression, lack of concern or feeling for others, tension, resulting in violence. Lord Mahavira said one of the basic traits of human being is "parigraha", the spirit of possession, the mentality of accumulation, acquisitiveness. According to Dasvaikalika this moorcha i.e. attachment, is the original source of violence. It is the attachment, which gives birth to the desire for possession, ownership and occupation, Accumulation is an expression of one's greedy attitude and greediness is the main cause of all sins. It is rightly said, as man goes on gaining, greediness too goes on increasing. This greediness is the main cause of bondage. Thus there is a direct relationship between attachment and acquisition and violence. The instinct for ownership leads to acquisition and which in turn leads to violence. Thus it confirms that the root cause of violence is purigrala Money has its own utility, therefore economie development cannot be overlooked. But when we observe that in every sphere of the life there is increased rate of violence and crimes, it makes us wonder whether we are on the right path. Additionally, we see the gap between the rich and the poor widening There is an excess rise in poverty, hunger, corruption, exploitation, pollution, environmental degradation and ecological imbalance. There is also fall in human values, spiritual values, and ethical values. The root cause of all these problems is man's insatiable desire to cam more, spend more, and increase the standard of living. Our past history shows that all the wars and violence were for the desire of power and possession At a country level the data shows that India has such a large number of people below the poverty line that it ranks third in the world. Today, ever growing crime ratio is a big question against modern economy which plans for only economic growth and leaves aside the aim of human well-being. Every five seconds a child less than 5 years old dies because of hunger, This too proves that man's unconstrained desires for fulfillment of ever increasing monetary goals not only leads to disparities between the rich and the poor but also a significant increase in violence. View non-violence and non-possession together Lord Mahavira propounded that violence and possessiveness or non-violence and nonpossessiveness goes together. They are the two sides of the same coin. There is a direct relationship between the two. Together, they lead us to social welfare and world peace. Lord Mahavira had laid down the yow of absolute Non-violence and Non possession for ascetics. He knew that it was not possible for a householder to refrain completely from possession and give up complete violence, so he propounded the principle of small vows. One is to practice the vow with self-restrain and self-control. In this context Acharya Mahapragya emphasized that before "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma the slogan of "Aparigrha Parmo Dharma is more relevant to the modem society to resolve the violence. Present scenario of the world and need of nonviolence Modern economy is known as the economics of We talk a lot about higher moral, social and spiritual 176 Page #90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The practice of non-possession leads one to the life style of non-violence or vice a versa. A person who leads the life of possessions: be it possession of money, possession of material, possession of power etc. practices unfair means, tell lies, steals, and harm others, as a result of attachment to the material things. For him, achieving his materialistic goals is more important irrespective of the means required to achieve them. Possessiveness paves the way for all the bad actions. If the possessiveness is controlled, violence is automatically controlled. Thus for practicing non-violence it is important to practice the attitude of non-possessiveness. Therefore a nonviolence life style embodies consciousness of selfrestraint and renunciation. On the other hand for the development of nonpossessiveness attitude one has to percept nonviolence approach. The Jain text explains that Nonviolence calls for the attitude of concern, compassion, detachment and friendliness, charity, feeling of unity, equality etc. towards all living beings, which brings the sense of detachment, empathy and self-discipline. As we find in the Jain text: Attitude of friendliness-"mitti me savabhvesu..."-I have no enmity towards any living beings but only friendliness towards all. Attitude of compassion-"Savvebhuehim dayanukampi"Be merciful and compassionate to all living beings, and many others. All these principles have a profound impact on changing one's outlook and perspectives. Thus, if man practices non-possession embedded with feeling of equality, charity, compassion, etc. than that will pave the way for 1: Coexistence of all the living beings. 2: Environment protection 3: Ecological balance 178 2015 JAINA Convention 4: Harmony between nature and human 5: Sustainable development A different way of expressing these principles is through the following well-known equation from the theory of relativity: E=MC2. Using it in this context, E will stand for Equanimity, M for money, and C for charity. The formula becomes Equanimity Money x Compassion x Charity. Charity presupposes an attitude of detachment towards money and the more one be compassionate the more one endows with feeling of equanimity in your personal life. Additionally, if a large number of people start doing that then the economic disparity will disappear from the society. This formula of nonviolence application will lead to a peaceful mind and a peaceful world. Is training in non-violence possible? Now, the question is how one can practice nonviolence in his day to day life? How can one bring the balance between material and spiritual world? For this Acharya Mahapragya says by mere theory and lectures it is not possible, but by having training in non-violence through meditation, contemplation one can Transform one's heart and bring the balance in one's life. Conclusion: Thus the practice of nonviolent life style embedded with non-possession brings contentment, harmony and peaceful living resulting in the reduction of violence. Life is transformed in the following ways: a) Money is used for the fulfillment of needs and not wants. b) People's attitude will change as they realize: "man is not for money, money is for man"; "I" to "us" and "me" to "we". c) People will use their financial resources to meet personal needs and what is left over to Practice compassion and charity. Best Wishes for the JAINA 2015 Convention Oro CX PRESTIGE JEWELRY 225 Parshwanath Temple - Varkana, Rajasthan RAJIV KOTHARI NEW YORK, NY CSEOOT Jainism: World of Non-Violence 179 Page #91 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AHINSA - A WAY OF LIVING WITH QUALITY by: Samani Charitra Prajna - Vice Chancellor JVB Institute Ahinsa (Nonviolence) is the quintessence principle of Jain Philosophy. Ahinsa is a Sanskrit word that entails consideration of all souls as equal to our own soul, and compassion towards all forms of life without any discrimination based on categories. The concept is all pervasive and gives the message of harmony and coexistence among all living beings for sustainable and peaceful living. All the Tirthankars (Omniscients) not only preached the significant principle of Ahinsa, but also practised it in its full sense throughout their lives, and thus became exemplars of Ahinsa. The 24th Tirthankar, Bhagwan Mahavir could perceive the micro level of the concept of Ahinsa and deliberately remarked that there is interrelation between violence and possession (Parigraha). The more the possession, the more the violence. Possession can be defined as attachment and can be of many kinds such as attachment towards power, position, ideas, wealth, land, beliefs, religion etc. Unequal distribution of natural resources, unjustified, inhumane, and discriminative laws and ways of life, disparity among rich and poor, become the cause of eruption of violence in all sectors of life. It is obvious that nonviolence can only exist in society if we respect and honour each other's culture, custom, belief, tradition, and religion without interfering in their way of life, and leave behind the attitude of monopoly and dominance. This relates to the principle of 'Anekant' that speaks to the multitude nature of understanding the truth. Ahinsa, Aparigraha and Anekant give the message of co-existence and bring harmony in a diversified ethnic society. 2015 JAINA Convention 1801 of spiritual path of Samani, I can understand the deeper sense of Ahinsa's meaning and practice. I am practicing the spiritual journey of Samani for the last 24 years, and with my experience, I can say that striving to be nonviolent through words, speech and mind 24/7, makes you aware and conscious of each and every action. Ideologically, it would be difficult for anybody to claim that he or she is completely nonviolent. The level of Ahinsa I am talking about is about how to become nonviolent pragmatically in all walks of life. While observing the precept of Ahinsa, we contemplate on the following 1. Did I have a thought of dishonour towards any form of living beings, and not considered them as equal to my soul? 2. Did I opt for violent solutions for any actions? Did I have a thought of harming and subjugating anybody? 3. 4. Did I act in retribution and responded aggressively? 5. Did I fail to keep equanimity in any situation, whether favourable or adverse? 6. Did I become intolerant while my seniors tried to discipline me? 7. Did I lose my patience and blamed others for my own mistakes? 8. Did I disrespected any seniors, and not been affectionate to juniors? 9. Did I Bragg ignoring others' value and importance? 10. Did I misbehave and used abusing words? 11. Did I try to hide my mistakes and acted with deceitfulness? These sentences are very general in nature but focus on, the actions of emotions, mind, speech and body. These are the tools through which actions are performed. I have Being born in a Jain family and accepting the life experienced that every action brings up reaction. That Jainism World of Non-Violence reaction can be channelized positively or negatively. If I educate my consciousness to observe those actions in a positive sense, my emotions will not flare up and will only react in a constructive way. It is human nature that we always try to compare and compete with others and that becomes the cause of violent actions in any form depending upon the situations. When I was very young, I used to perceive things in my own way and if certain things did not occur as I wished, I used to react in a negative way. It may be that such a state of mind sustains for a short period but it still damages the inner system of consciousness. It is the human mind that creates the problem and it is the same mind that brings solutions to any problems. Everything depends on how we educate and train our conscious mind and emotions. Our consciousness has immense power to tolerate and to overcome troubles by the practice of meditation and not complain for petty things. It made me understand that body and mind always want comfort zone and react immediately if it is not comfortable. Nothing is impossible; it only requires deep understanding, intense training and consistency in practice to overcome difficult phases of life. We are social beings and live with people around us. Wherever there is more than one person, there will be differences of opinion, thought process, and working culture. If we understand each other's feelings and expectations, it would be easier to get along with peace, otherwise trivial things will create a rift between good relations. This can result in aggressive and violent exchanges. Hinsa takes birth in mind and then manifests through physical behaviour. The irony is that without making any change in oneself, people expect that others to change. The truth is that we can change ourselves but not others. To make a change in oneself and the society, the only requirements are profound conviction, unshaken. determination, consistence in practice, and feeling of abundance of bliss within, to get rid of obstacles that come along the way. After all, we want that everybody in this world should live in peace and harmony. Nobody wants pain, suffering, violence, and unhappiness. The golden rule is - If I do not like suffering, how will others like that? If I get hurt by doing this, others also feel the same. The feeling of oneness with all living beings will make this world a beautiful home for all of us. If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. We exist because others exist. Bhagwan Mahavir said - To deny the existence of others means denying the existence of oneself Gandhiji has rightly said that Truth is God and God is Truth. Bhagwan Mahavir explained in his teachings that Ahinsa and Truth are compliments to each other. By speaking truth, a man gets courage to act nonviolently. There are few basic reasons for telling a lie. They are. 1. When someone is angry and does not try to see the reality 2. The fear of getting bad reputation because of his/ her unworthy actions 3. The power of greed to accumulate more wealth by deceiving someone 4. To make fun of someone for the sake of amusement 5. Having no courage to face the challenges of real world 6. The duality of human personality by having differences in saying and doing There can be exceptions in the practice of Ahinsa depending on the circumstances but there cannot be any exceptions in following the principle of Truth. Truth must be practiced in its wholeness. Once a person starts hiding the truth, it becomes his /her habit, and later turns into nature. Although, the common understanding of the precept of Non-stealing is to not steal anybody's belonging and property, here, the precept of Non-stealing emphasizes on the message that if not practiced wholeheartedly, then it is a kind of stealing. It demonstrates honesty towards our own self. The virtue of honesty and humility are the basic ingredients of Ahinsa. 181 Page #92 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention The precept of "Aparigraha (Non-Possession)plays a vital role in creating a nonviolent society. One of the major causes of violence is possession, monopoly and superpower dominance that make a common man devoid of his rights and privileges. It is said in Holy Scriptures of Jain Agama that attachment itself is a possession. Even if I do not possess any material wealth but I am attached to my body and spend most of my time in beautifying it, I will be known as Parigrahi Possessor of wealth). Body is a vehicle for spiritual practices and it should be taken care of so that it helps in the practice of penance, meditation and service to others. The precept of Non-Possession makes our life very simple, free from unnecessary demands and expectations is a powerful tool to bring a transformation in the society. H.H. Acharya Tulsi and HH. Acharya Mahaprajna, the great Seers, Saints, and philosophers of 20th century, walked on the path of Bhagwan Mahavir and dedicated their life for Ahinsa and humanity. They envisioned a unique academic institution like Nalanda and Takshshila, excelling in preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Indian culture, philosophy, Jain ethics, and value system They felt the need of the hour and with the support of the community, Jain Vishya Bharati Institute came into existence in 1991, at Ladnun, Rajasthan. It got the revention of First Jain University in the World The programs, curricula, and syllabi are designed in a unique way to practice and disseminate the high ideals of Ahinsa, Anekant, Aparigraha, tolerance and peaceful existence under the guidance of elite scholars and academicians. The motto of the institution is - Nanassa saram aayaro -Right conduct is the essence of Right Knowledge. Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2015 JAINA Convention Non-violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man. --- Mahatma Gandhi Ahinsa is a universal principle, and code of conduct that needs to be taught in the education system from primary to higher education institutions in order to make our younger generation filled with the spirit of compassion, love, amity, and brotherhood Education Best Wishes & Compliments to JAINA & Jain Society of Greater Atlanta For hosting 18th Biennial JAINA Convention FE From: From Gunvant, Sulochana Shah. Drs.Nrupa, Sammy and Amy Shah 3 Dr. Mukta K Shah Rekha & Raju Shah Niru & Jiten Shah STO Jainism:World of Non-Violence 183 Page #93 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 'ahiMsA paramo dharma ' ja mAha mAnI na hoya tenI paNa AvI 18th Biennial JAINA Convention ja che je thAya che, jIva caka ne che baMdha 1 1 dadUmA na da ma ra ka taka World of Non Vio Atlanta | July 2M -5 2015 jina dharmanA mULa kSa jana che, te de, guru ane karma che, mAtra KSaka ni ke dhIkata madana ke haLa dA ta che ane mApana ni rila je te ne rasI mukamA nAma mATe There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for." "Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong." -Mahatma Gandhi mAnavA niyamone poSaNa maLe che. ane pApAye khamA mahinA guru no ma che ka mA mAmAnI sAthe mAnumatI amuka vamAnamAM madada na pUrvama che, ane bAna che pa' che na TAM mAtmA, parva eTale nUnI jUna 16 ke teno parva taiyAra jema ke pIne dhULa parya e kamaLa te karikayatA che, taima mano bUka dharma eTale ya ne zana ghana, dIka pI. zAna che , darzana karyo ke ane vArika hai vAnamAM riyasa paTe, ene kamanI jA sakSama na khela che, nathI cAMya thAya che ja puranA maLe na maLI vayanA kArya karmathI mukta thaI maryanuM bhAreya jAtIThI karmano bhaya paNa anaMta jJAna, dhana, kha ane vIrya je khabhAnA po che mArI jarna phArma mATe ne zAzvata chukha zAMtipUSa mauna ja bimAjamAna thaya che. e muka mAM mazAnI nI padavarUpa vIthakavInuM svarUpa ane jana pArkanuM kA pratimA che, te paNa kamAI makavadha kAmanuM parva bAja dizA dhI ma kA amI nathI tenI ja banAvI dhAmaniSa yogAmI jaya jayoninomAM mA ya jAka mastaka karma che | ne manamAM dukhane che, enA viSa dhImad rAta "khAmasiddhi ma'nI prathama nI ka lITImAM javAne che ke "je 5 apajyAM vinA, paraNyo bata, pAyakhAnuM ne ddha navuM, dhI amUruM bharjana, puNya pAMkhaDI mAM 6mAya,. jinavaranI tvo nIM AnA sarva jIvanuM i-ko sukha, mahAvIranI zikSA mukhya. mAma javAnanA samayamAM nakakSa janadharma pI miksa bhajana dhana che upakA azva mArA vizvamAnava vizvAmi kI mirAta-ra, ane vizvAmitra pArtha viparita rsanane kema dhI, jAmakAna ekI ApI prajaNa, ane ahamIna ero nuM jema ke saima hAInuM karama vAvI zo che, thayu na thathI pakSI nanuM miyAyAmitra eTale nimbArDana pharIne mAthuM vartana thayA kama , je te mAnyajyamamAM mitratA kamAIne Azva anumA mukhI thaI jAya che. te nAmanuSA dhAbA paDIne ma kakazAna kaMpanI che, kazAna dhakkA mA madabI upara u4 emAM ja kAryavALane ke briAjadhAna nuM kama ne dharmamAM mAnamAM tame tenI mane pAra pAna namImAM meM kuvAnuM. ALL BALL moma mAya che moi, e dharma mA | rona nuM pada vaja | dIpaka rAjacaMda mAnAbamAM badhAne lIdhonA pramANamAM, pApo kAmakAI batAranA dhAyA saddaguru kabarana ja bI, jo muka, nathuka hatI mAtmAnI mUra na hoya, dhI, hinAma na hoya, damAi , mAyamina damI na hoya to te % mane dA thayAnA kArya dorI zake na ane zrImad rAjata che ke "ma haiyAdhya na vicanamAM, thAka na tene kAna nA MnA nAma, gAma mAnI nA na ya te vAtmazAna nI zake naI, meM varane ja pamI ka ii, bhI mATe ma ya tenI jANa karI mArI mAta navA che. temAM thI kArya nukazAnI thoranA makavavI paNa cakalI ja jarmanI hai, mo dhImad zajara e che ke | mumukSanA nekI kAyAne maunAra hai hai" jo madhyasthaLanI kI mene ja kAyA kUka atharvatanI nI khANa thI ame badhA molamAne dhArma, samApI: nA za jhUke bAla krama maya banIne na kaLI jajo. dinu baddana hiMdagI TUMkI che ane je naLa lAMbI che. mATe ja nahI kare to sonape di nI nAnI nA gara mAmA nA Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Agas - cinA be mahAna che, eka dama daya ane ma ma ma Na dhAma nI red yii, pAla, hari nuM ane nApatinA jIro temaja kAmanA jamI, jarA vadhI 2 ke 1 vizva Heartiest Congratulations to Jaina serenuM thImabaLa jamaitanuM kalyANa karI AtmArtha icchaka , pArasakumAranA jaya jinendra zrImad rAjacaMdra Azrama, agAsa. tArIkhaH 3-4-2015 dhI ramabhAI budhAbhAI padha bhAna bhakta, jAhila e chIe ke mA ya Izvaya karyuM ke zrI bhulAbhAI vanamALIbhAI paTaH pramukha, agAsa gAzrama dhI pramA ramA 41mA pakSa dhImanI roDanA pramoda paTela jamA karyA pramAda paTela | mAmAM mada paTela zrImatI maNibena bhulAbhAI paTela zrImanI maMjubena ramaNabhAI paTela kharca nImunamanI ya la ra ii mumane 184 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism World of Non-Violence 185 Page #94 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "At the centre of non-violence stands the principle of love." 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Govor NAVIKA GROUP OF COMPANIES 1274W EXR PLAZA UNIONDALE, NY 11556 TEL: (516) 342-9640 FAX: (516) 342-9841 EMAIL: INFOONAVIKACAPITAL.COM WEBSITE: WWW.NAVIKACAPITAL.COM who Choose NAVIKA Himanshu Jain, CPA, CA (India) L004 ventional Wisdom. Forward Thinking 188 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 189 Page #96 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence is the relation of man toward his own self and interpersonal means relation of one man with the other. A man who himself is not at peace cannot give peace to others. Therefore, to be peaceful one is to be nonviolent Ghandhiji has rightly said that program of nonviolence is tough and slow process but the surest wau for peace, Acharanga (3.82) declares that weapons (violence) are deadlier and deadlier endlessly but the non-weapon (non-violence) has no gradation, being uniform and identical." Thus, ahimsa is an ultimate virtue. Without ahimsa, to think of the world peace or the self-peace is impossible. A person may choose a particular species, of living beings, as permissible for the violence, but in fact, he indulges in violence to all the six class of living beings. For example, Potter making a jar, primarily causes injury to the earth bodied beings. but, simultaneously he injures water, air, fire, living beings also. Thus, violence of one living being means violence of all beings. One of the eminent scholars of Comparative Religion and Philosophy. Prof. Arun Kumar Mookerjee once ask Acharya Mahaprajna (the 10th head of Shwetambar Terapantha Sect) that we all know that the essence of Buddhism is compassion similarly what is the essence of Jainism. Acharya Mahaprajna replied - it is Vitargata. Vitaragata means not to have any attachment or hatred towards any kind of living being. That is to say, to have the feeling of equanimity towards all living beings. In Jain terminology it is called samata AHIMSA IN ACHARANGA by: Dr. Samani Aagam Prajna Assistant Prof., Dept. of Jainology, Ahimsa has been an important IVBI, Ladnun principle in the history of Acharanga mentions various causes of violence. human civilization. All the Among them, the two main are Karma and Kama thinkers of humanity and the desire). It states that four kinds of persons indulge in founders of religious orders violence, viz. Afflicted, helpless (poor), those who are universally accepted it as a core difficult to instruct (non-understandable) and ignorant principle of human conduct does not know the reality). Afflicted people again are and cardinal virtue. Not only of two types the indigenous religions, but in the semantic religions also non-violence is accepted . Allicted by passion as religious virtue. But, the universal acceptance of 2. Afflicted by sensual pleasure. the ideal of the non-violence does not mean that the ideal has been practiced by all the religions of the The person who is angry, egotistie, etc., loses the world in the same spirit. In Indian religions in general control over his emotions and thus indulges himself and Jainism in particular nonviolence is considered as in violence. Secondly, the person who is covetous of a supreme moral virtue sensual pleasure or greedy becomes selfish. He does not think for the benefit or the pleasure of others and Many Jaina canons like Acharanga, Surtakritanga, hence, indulges in violence. Dasvaikalika, Prashanvyakarana, etc. explains it in a wide and lucid manner Acharanga is the first Jaina Acharanga touches the subtle aspects of ahimsa and Aagam. It especially deals with the conduct of an himsa. It states that not only killing is violence but also ascetic. The main aim behind conduct is self-restraint. the act of injury, commanding, enslaving, torturing is There cannot be self-restrain or self-discipline without violence. Further, according to Jaina Philosophy, the the observance of non-violence. Therefore, for the physical violence is not only considered as violence complete actualization of the vow, Lord Mahavira but even the mental and verbal violence is also explained the liveliness of six kinds of living beings. accepted as violence. The path of ahimsa is not easy He expounded the liveliness in one-sense beings, such to be walked on. That is why, in Acharanga, it is said as plant, water, earth, air and fire. Thus, Acharanga to be the path of great heroes. Only the person who is lays great stress on the observance of non-violence, dedicated to the great path of liberation can practice it. The path of liberation is impossible without the In Acharnaga, the aphorism 42 states, ahimsa as pure, practice of ahimsa. Therefore, it can be said the path perennial and eternal doctrine. It is so, because it does of liberation is the path of ahimsa not lose its validity in any of the three periods of time. In practical life also, we see that the person who is Peace and violence are two opposite words. Where violent cannot remain violent for 24/7. Moreover, he there is violence there cannot be peace and where may be violent to others but for family members he there is peace there cannot be violence. Peace is not has love and sympathy. But, on the other hand, one only the absence of war or violence or conflicts but it can remain nonviolent or in love with other for 24/7. is a state of harmony with the freedom from fear of This proves that ahimsa is the nature of the soul, and violence, it is the existence of healthy interpersonal not Himsa. and intrapersonal relationship. Intrapersonal, that 190 90 g var eyes and ap making she whole new and Miches and At last, we can conclude that nonviolence is nothing but to treat all living beings as equal. The concept of equality is the core of the theory of nonviolence the observance of nonviolence is to honor each and every form of life whether it is one-sensed, or two or five-sensed beings. The principle of equality propounds that everyone has the right to live. Therefore, in Jainism, the directive principle of living is not living on others" but "living with others" (i.e.) parasparopagrahojivanam. Though in the worldly life complete nonviolence is not possible, yet our motto should be lesser violence is better living" Acharya Mahaprajna, in the commentary on Acharanga Sutra, speaks of two kinds of samata svasamata and parasamata, that is, equanimity dependent on self and equanimity dependent upon others. One may ask, what is the need of equanimity towards self? Actually it is the prior need for equanimity dependent upon others. Svasamata means in any condition favorable or unfavorable one has to be in a peaceful state, without attachment and hatred. In order to be in equanimity one has to have mental strength and spiritual strength. In case, if one is not able to tolerate the situation, favorable or unfavorable then, for defense he will prepare the weapons which are more powerful than the others. Acharanga carries all types of information about himsa and ahimsa, like what is ahimsa, what are the causes, who indulges into violence, what are the effects, etc. are found. Therefore, we can say that it is an encyclopedia of ahimsa. Those who want spiritual development as well as mental peace in life should read Acharnaga www will pute r mall Swife. She was wat we needed down o w ww. Made where 191 Page #97 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence PREACHING NON VIOLENCE Hannah Shah Non violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is migliter than the migliticat weapon of destruction, depused by the ingenuity of the man. One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. Thust take a look at MLK Ir. and his dedication to unite thie colored and writes wereas on the other hand Gandhi leads the creation of an independent country of India. Non violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man. There is no such thing as a defeat in non violence. CUP OF TEA AND A LOAF OF BREAD by Rupa Shah One evening my father came from work and asked my mom I needed a friend, I found one at JCSC. Whenever I needed to make a huge pot of tea. He went to the market and bought to divert my attention from any negative emotions, Jain some leaves of bread. I was then maybe 10 years old. After Center volunteering came to the rescue. Volunteering at dinner my father, mother, my brother and I went to Dadar ICSC gave me self-confidence and has helped me cope station in Bombay. So many people had their homes by the with the roller coaster of trials and tribulations. It gave curbside of the station. Their so-called homes were just me identity, self-satisfaction, and a sense of belonging, the temporary residences, Anytime the police could come along with cherished memories, that I will never forget. and they would have to run to find another home. One I found lifelong friendship. I leamed Skills of team old blanket and one bag full of clothes or miscellaneous building project management, and conflict resolution small items were their household belongings. There were through volunteering at Jain Center which helped in my rows of old blankets and on top of the blankets were the professional life. thin fragile bodies of people. My father went to first one tapped his shoulder gently and gave him a cup of tea and the imageofthat man years ago, whose expression changed a bread. Though I was young. I could see a sudden change from despair to satisfaction, just with a cup of tea was still of emotions on his face, from despair to satisfaction. That in my subconscious, and with that in mind. I volunteered picture was captured and stayed in my subconscious Myat TCCOP - Tender Care Community Outrech Program father went to all of them one by one and gave tea and bread where I served dinner to homeless people. I felt gratitude for having an opportunity to make a little difference in I was raised in middle class family in Dadar, Bombay. One someone's life might around 1 AM someone knocked at the door. My father answered. He was the worker from the sweet shanust In 2013, the United Health Care System conducted a study underneath our buikling. His name was Sitaram Sitram and found that good health is as much of a journey as it is used to make sweets from early morning to late night and a destination. Traditionally, our health has been left to the would come and sleen in one am which was kerst hy care of our doctors, nurses, and other health professionals the owner of the sweet shop. That day. Sitaram had a bad who have done so much for us in clinical settings. In recent stomach ache and he knew my father was in the medical years, they have started to realize that good health means business, so he may have medicine. Someone from my much more than a set of number tracking, height, weight family frowned "how come they are bothering us in the heart rate, and cholesterol. It starts with the individual middle of night?" My father answered, "Whatever little It means taking an integrated approach to wellbeing that we can do if it helps someone why not?" Seeds of helping includes not only our physical health, but our emotional others planted in my consciousness. health, our sense of purpose, our connections to our comunity, and our overall quality of life Years went by. I came to the USA While assimilating into a new culture, keeping our identity and dignity was not easy, 76% of the people who volunteered said they felt healthier but was also not impossible. When I moved to California and 94% of the people who volunteered said that it in 1985 Jain community was taking its first stens. The seed improved their mood. 78% of people said they felt less that my father had planted came to the surface and stressed and felt calm and peaceful doing small things for the temple. I knew it was nothing 's not often we find this kind of win-win activity Doing compared to what many more were doing, but my feeling good for others is good for us as well. We can do more was to contribute, no matter how big or small Over the years De better. So what are you waiting for? Let us join hands Jan Center became part of my extended family. Whenever together and serve our community Penes rectangul that we sawar man lych zawar that! - Katiwala Biography As a student turning 16, life just gets more complicated with the upcoming decisions of colleges and maintaining the GPA which becomes your remote control to your life during the four years in high school. Aside from school activities. I have been dancing performing for 10 years and volunteering for the McKenzie Wilson Foundation throughout the year including summers. I am part of the Youth Committee in the Indian Cultural Society and have volunteered at the local Jain Chapter Email hannah 193 Page #98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ jainAgamoM meM ahiMsA jaM icchasi appaNato, jaMca na icchasi appnnto| taM iccha parassa vi yA, etiyagaM jinnsaasnne|| jo tuma apane lie cAhate ho, vahI tuma dUsaroM ke lie bhI caaho| jo tuma apane lie nahIM cAhate. yaha tuma dUsaroM ke lie bhI mata cAho, yaha jinazAsana kA nirdeza hai| lagabhaga isI bAta ko saMskRta bAMD.maya meM kahA AcArya mahAzramaNa zrUyatAM dharmasarvasyaM, zrutyA yaakvaarytaam| AtmanaH pratikUlAni, pareSAM na samAcaret / / dharma kI bAta ko sunakara aura avadhArita kara yaha grahaNa karo ki tumhAre lie jo pratikUla hai. vaisA AcaraNa yA vaisA vyavahAra tuma dUsaroM ke lie mata kro| jaise mujhe koI gAlI detA hai taba mujhe burA lagatA hai to maiM bhI kisI ko gAlI na duuN| mujhe koI mAratA-pITatA hai, taba kaSTa hotA hai, to maiM bhI kisI ko mAra-pITUM nhiiN| merA koI apamAna karatA hai, taba mujhe burA lagatA hai to maiM bhI kisI kA apamAna na kruuN| yaha AtmatulA kI cetanA hai| saMbodhi grantha meM kahA gayA - jIvasya pariNAmena, azubhena zubhena c| saMgRhItAH pudgalA hi. karmarUpaM bhjntylm|| sUyagaDo meM kahA gayA hai jIva ke azubha athavA zubha pariNAmoM ke dvArA jo sUkSma pudagala AkRSTa hote haiM aura cetanA ke vipakate haiM, ve pudagala kI karma saMzA ko prApta hote haiN| azubha pariNAma haiM to azubha karmoM kA bandha aura zubha pariNAma hai to puNya yA zubha karmoM kA banca hotA hai| ahiMsA zubha pariNAma hai aura hiMsA azubha pariNAma hai| karma ke bandhana meM aura karma ke vimokSaNa meM hiMsA aura ahiMsA kA bar3A yogadAna hotA hai| yogazAstra meM to yahAM taka kahA gayA ki dharma eka hI haiM, ahiNsaa| taba prazna huA ki satya Adi kyA hai? samAdhAna diyA gayA - ahiMsApayasaH pAlibhUtAni anyvrtaani.............| ahiMsA rUpI pAnI kI surakSA ke lie satya Adi prata pAla ke samAna hote haiN| jaina AgamoM meM ahiMsA ke bAre meM aneka sthAnoM para ullekha milatA hai, vivecana milatA hai| AyAro kA pahalA adhyayana 'zastraparizA' mukhyatayA ahiMsA para AdhArita hai| vahAM chaha jIya nikAyoM ke bAre meM varNana hai| pRthvIkAya, akAya, tejaskAya, vAyukAya, vanaspatikAya aura usakAya ke jIvoM ke prati ahiMsA kA vartana karane kA nirdeza diyA gayA hai| evaM khu NANiNo sAraM, jaMNa hiMsati kNcnnN| ahiMsA samayaM ceya, etAyaMta vijaanniyaa|| jJAnI AdamI ke jJAna kA sAra yahIM hai ki vaha kisI kI hiMsA nahIM krtaa| samatA ahiMsA hai- itanA hI use jAnanA haiN| ahiMsA aura samatA eka dUsare se abhinna hai| samatA kA bhAva nahIM haiM to ahiMsA kI sAdhanA nahIM ho sktii| rAga-dveSa mukti kA bhAva nahIM hai to ahiMsA kaise hogI ? rAga-dveSa meM Akara AvamI hiMsA karatA hai| jaba kAraNa vidyamAna hai to hiMsA kabhI bhI ho sakatI hai| paNhAvAgaraNAi meM bhI ahiMsA ke bAre meM sundara vivecana kiyA gayA hai| vahAM ahiMsA ko ' bhagavatI ' vizeSaNa se alaMkRta kara kahA gayA haiM -esA sA bhagavatI ahiMsA, jA sA bhIyANaM piya saraNaM, pakkhINaM piva gvnnN| tisiyANa piva salilaM, khuhiyANa piva asaNaM / / samuhamAjhe va potayahaNaM, cauppayANaM va aasmpyN| duhahiyANaM va Asahi valaM, aDavImo va satthagamaNaM / / yaha vaha bhagavatI ahiMsA hai| vaha prANiyoM ke lie vaise hI AdhArabhUta hai jaise Dare hue manuSyoM ke lie zaraNa, pakSiyoM ke lie gagana, pyAsoM ke lie jala, bhUkhoM ke lie bhojana, samudra meM sUbate hue manuSyoM ke lie naukA, catuSpado ke lie Azrama, rogiyoM ke lie auSadha aura jaMgala ko pAra karane ke lie saarthgmn| Avazyaka sUtra meM kahA gayA - "mittI meM savya bhUesu sabhI prANiyoM ke sAtha merI maitrI hai| kisI ke sAtha merA vairabhAva nahIM hai| yaha ahiMsA kA kitanA utkRSTa sUtra hai| eka, do, tIna ke prati jo maitrI hotI hai yaha kucha mohAtmaka bhI ho sakatI hai kintu sabhI prANiyoM ke prati maitrI hai, kisI ke sAtha vairabhAva nahIM hai, yaha ahiMsA kA bahuta uttama bhUmikA kA nidarzana hai| uttarAyaNANi meM bhI kahA gayA - mittI bhUesukappae tuma prANiyoM ke sAtha maitrI kA vyavahAra kro| jainadarzana meM padajIvanikAya ke bAre meM vistRta varNana milatA hai| isa viSaya meM rAjasthAnI bhASA ke do dohe kahe jAte haiM - jIvAjIya jANyA nahIM, nahIM jANI chaha kaay| sUne ghara rA pAvaNA, jyUM AyA tyUM jaay|| ahiMsA kA eka mahatvapUrNa sUtra hai-Ayatule payAsu / prANiyoM ko apane samAna smjho| jitane bhI prANI haiM ve tumhAre samAna haiN| prazna huA, sabake apane-apane karma hai| phira saba eka samAna kaise hue? uttara diyA gayA - prANiyoM meM aneka bAtoM kI samAnatA hai, jaise koI bhI prANI sAmAnyatayA maranA nahIM cAhatA, yaha jInA cAhatA hai| koI bhI prANI dukha nahIM cAhatA, vaha sukha cAhatA hai| yaha prANiyoM meM samAnatA hai| dasaveAliyaM meM isI bAta ko prastuta karate hue kahA gayA hai savye jIyA vi icchati, jIviThaM na marijjiuM / tamhA pANayaha poraM, niggaMthA vajjayati nnN|| sAba jIva jInA cAhate haiM. maranA koI nahIM caahtaa| isalie nimrantha ghora prANayadha kA parivarjana karatI haiN| samaNasuttaM eka aisA grantha hai jo samasta jaina sampradAyoM dvArA sammata hai| yahAM AtmatulA ke siddhAnta ko puSTa karate hue kahA gayA hai 194 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 195 Page #99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ jIvAjIva jANyA sahI sahI jANI chaha kaay| basatai ghara rA pAvaNA, mIThA bhojana khaay|| ina dohoM meM sundara sArAMza bhara diyA gayA hai| jIva kyA? ajIva kyA? isa bheda rekhA ko jisane nahIM jAnA haiM aura chaha kAya ke jIvoM ko nahIM jAnA hai, vaha sUne ghara ke mehamAna ke samAna hotA hai jisa prakAra sUne ghara meM koI mehamAna banakara Ae to vahAM kauna khAtiradArI karegA? jIva ajIva Adi ko aura chaha kAya ke jIvoM ko nahIM jAnane vAlA mRtyu ke bAda mAno sUne ghara kA mehamAna banane vAlA hai jisane jIva ajIva Adi ko jAnA hai, SaTjIvanikAya ko jAnA hai aura unake prati ahiMsA kI sAdhanA kI hai to ye basate ghara ke mehamAna ke samAna hai basate hue ghara meM koI jAe aura sAmane vAlA vyakti bhI sahRdaya ho to vaha Atithya karatA hai, bhojana karAtA hai aura usakA sammAna karatA hai vaha agalI gati meM bhI aise sthAna para jAegA, jahAM use AtmazAMti mila sakeMgI aura anukUlatAeM bhI prApta ho skegii| karma ke sandarbha meM yaha dhyAtavya hai ki hama jIvana meM ahiMsA kA prayoga kareM aura hamArA lakSya Atmazuddhi rheN| bAdazAha akabara ke nava ratnoM meM eka thA tAnasena vaha bahuta acchA gAtA thaa| bAdazAha ne eka dina kahA-- tAnasena ! tumhArA guru kauna haiM? jisane tumako gAnA sikhAyA hai| maiM usako sunanA cAhatA huuN| tAnasena jahAMpanAha! mere guru haridAsa haiN| parantu ve na to Apake bulAne se yahAM AyeMgeM aura na kisI ke kahane se gaaeNgeN| akabara- tAnasena! kucha bhI ho. maiM tumhAre guru ke gAna ko sunanA cAhatA huuN| tAnasena bAdazAha ko sAtha lekara haridAsa kI jhopar3I ke pAsa pahuMcA aura bAdazAha se kahA Apa bAhara hI raheM maiM andara jA rahA huuN| tAnasena bhItara gayA aura galata gAnA zurU kara diyA ziSya galatI kare to guru kA kartavya hai ki ziSya ko galatI ke prati jAgarUka karanA aura usakI galatI ko sudhAranA haridAsa ne dekhA ki tAnasena galata gA rahA hai| haridAsa tAnasena! aise nahIM, isa gIta ko aise gaao| haridAsa ne gAkara usako ThIka batAnA zurU kiyaa| bAdazAha ne bAhara se hI haridAsa kA gAnA suna liyaa| usake mana kI murAda pUrI ho gii| - bAdazAha tAnasena ! tumhAre gAne meM vaha mIThAsa nahIM hai jo tumhAre guru ke gAne meM hai tumhAre guru ke gAna ko sunane ke bAda tumhArA gAnA mujhe phIkA lagane laga gyaa| tAnasena jahAMpanAha! phIkA to lagegA hI maiM to gAtA hUM Apako rAjI karane ke lie aura mere guru gAte haiM. paramAtmA ko rAjI karane ke lie| AdamI yaha cintana kareM ki maiM kevala mana kI AkAMkSAoM ko pUrA karane kA prayAsa karatA hUM yA parama kI prApti ke lie bhI kucha kara rahA hU~? ahiMsA kI sAdhanA parama ke lie ho, mokSa ke lie ho, AtmakalyANa ke lie ho, phira dekhie ki kisa prakAra azubha karma kSINa hone lagate haiM, kamajora par3ate haiM, nirjarA hotI hai aura sAtha meM zubha karmoM kA baMdha bhI hotA hai| yadyapi puNya karmoM kA bandha sAdhaka ke lie vAMchanIya nahIM hai| use vAMchA to nirjarA kI karanI cAhie mokSa kI karanI caahie| nirjarA ke sAtha puNya karmoM kA bandha to apane Apa hI ho jaaegaa| hamArI ahiMsA kI sAdhanA rAgamuktatA ke sAtha ho to vaha apane ApameM aura viziSTa bana jAtI hai| 196 JAINA Convention 2015 aneka dharma grantha hai una sabameM ahiMsA aura maitrI kI bAteM kisI na kisI rUpa meM mila hI jaaegii| kisI kavi ne sundara kahA - veda purANa kurAna ke sAre akSara dhoya prema-prema likha DArie, kucha nukasAna na hoya / / sabhI dharma granthoM kA sAra hai - prema, ahiMsA male veda haiM, purANa haiM, kurAna haiM, jaina Agama haiM, tripiTaka Adi haiN| koI unake akSaroM ko sApha karake saba jagaha prema, prema, prema likha diyA jAe to dharma granthoM kA eka sAra banA raha jaaegaa| dharma kA eka sAra hai prema use maitrI bhI kahA jA sakatA hai aura ahiMsA bhI kahA jA sakatA hai| jaina vAD.maya meM to bahuta hI sUkSmatA se ahiMsA kA vivecana kiyA gayA hai| dasaveAliyaM meM kahA gayA - ahiMsA niuNaM diTThA, savvabhUesa saMjamo sabhI prANiyoM ke prati saMyamapUrNa vyavahAra karanA ahiMsA haiN| jaina muni ke lie IrSyA samiti kA vidhAna ahiMsA kI dRSTi se hI hai| muni cale to nIceM dekhakara cale rAtri meM cale to rajoharaNa se pramArjana karake cale tAki koI jIva usake paira ke nIce na A jAe usakI hiMsA na ho jaae| muni ko hiMsA kA pApa na laga jaae| eka sAdhu mukhayastrikA kA prayoga karatA hai tAki bolane se vAyukAya ke jIvoM kI hiMsA na ho jaae| ahiMsA kA kitanA sUkSma vidhAna hai? sAdhu ke lie bhojana banAnA bhI hiMsA mAnA gayA hai isalie sAdhu AdhAkarmI AhAra kA varjana kareM aura ghara-ghara jAkara gRhastha ke lie bane hue bhojana meM se thor3A bhojana le mujhe nahIM patA ki jaina sAdhu ke atirikta aura kaunase sanyAsiyoM ke aisA niyama hogA ki unake lie banAyA huA bhojana nahIM lenaa| yaha eka zodha kA viSaya hai para jainazAsana meM yaha vidhAna rahA hai eka jaina muni sAmAnyatayA vAhana kA prayoga nahIM karatA kyoMki vAhana ke nIce Akara bhI kitane jIva mara jAte hai mAtra choTe jIva hI nahIM, sAMpa, bicchU, billI, kutte Adi bar3e jIva bhI mara jAte hai aura kaI bAra to manuSya bhI mara jAte hai, yAni vAhana se kitanI hiMsA ho sakatI hai? isa prakAra vAhana kA prayoga na karane ke pIche bhI mukhyatayA ahiMsA kI dRSTi hI rahI hai| 1 jainadharma meM kevala zArIrika ahiMsA ke bAre meM hI nahIM, mAnasika aura vAcika ahiMsA ke bAre meM bhI bahuta sUkSmatA se dhyAna diyA gayA hai jaina AgamoM meM kahA gayA ki sAdhu kaTu vacana bola de to vaha prAyazcita kA bhAgI hotA hai| isalie muni kaTu vacana na bole, marmabhedI bhASA na bole| yaha miSTa bhASA kA prayoga kreN| yaha vAcika ahiMsA hai| sAdhu mana meM bhI kisI kA aniSTa ciMtana na kreN| sabake prati maitrI kA bhAva rakheM, ahiMsA kA bhAva rakheM, yaha mAnasika ahiMsA hai| hiMsA ke tIna prakAra hai - ArambhajA hiMsA, pratirodhajA hiMsA aura saMkalpajA hiMsA / ArambhajA hiMsA jIvana kI AvazyakatA kI pUrti ke lie khAna-pAna Adi ke lie AdamI khetI karatA hai usameM jIvoM kI hiMsA hotI haiM, parantu yaha eka anivArya hiMsA hai AdamI jIvoM ko mArane ke lie khetI 1 nahIM krtaa| vaha apane bhojana kI dRSTi se anna prApta karane ke lie karatA hai| hAlAMki yahAM hiMsA to ho rahI hai| kintu hiMsA kA lakSya nahIM hai| yaha anivAryatAvaza hiMsA kI jA rahI hai| pratirodhajA hiMsA AdamI apanI rakSA ke lie kucha prayAsa karatA hai| deza kI rakSA ke lie bhI kucha prayAsa karatA hai| jaba zatru senA AkramaNa kara detI hai yA AkramaNa karane vAlI hotI hai, taba rASTra kI surakSA ke lie sainika taiyAra ho jAte haiM, sannaddha ho jAte haiN| deza kI rakSA ke lie yuddha bhI karanA par3atA hai| yuddha meM hiMsA bhI hotI hai| yaha hiMsA pratirakSAtmaka athavA pratirodhajA hiMsA hotI hai aura yaha Avazyaka bhI hai| Jainism: World of Non-Violence 197 Page #100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ saMkalpanA hiMsA AdamI apane Akroza, rAga dveSa, Aveza, lobha Adi kAraNoM se kisI kI hiMsA karatA hai. yaha koI Avazyaka hiMsA nahIM hai jaise kisI yuvaka ko gussA A gayA aura usane apanI patnI para hAtha uThA liyaa| itanA hI nahIM, kabhI-kabhI to usakI hatyA taka bhI kara dI jAtI hai vaha saMkalpajA hiMsA hotI hai| isa prakAra kI jo hiMsA hotI hai vaha anItipUrNa, anyAyapUrNa hotI hai vaha gRhastha ke lie bhI sarvathA tyAjya hotI haiN| ahiMsA ko samajhane ke lie hiMsA ko bhI samajhanA apekSita hotA hai hiMsA ko jAnakara usako chor3ane kA prayAsa kiyA jAe to ahiMsA kI sAdhanA niSpanna ho sakatI hai AcArya bhikSu ke sAhitya meM hameM anukampA zabda milatA hai| anukampA do prakAra kI hotI haiM laukika anukampA aura lokottara anukampA eka sAdhu dUsare sAdhu kI sevA karatA hai vaha lokottara anukampA hai| kisI ko abhayadAna denA lokottara anukampA hai| abhayadAna ko sarvazreSTha dAna mAnA gayA hai aura vaha ahiMsA hai yaha abhaya kI cetanA svayaM meM jAge, dUsaroM ko amaya diyA jAe aura dUsaroM para AdhyAtmika upakAra kiyA jAe. vaha parama ahiMsA hai| eka choTI sI kuTiyA meM do sAdhu Thahare hue the usameM do hI sAdhu zayana kara sakate the madhyAhana taka do sAdhu aura A gae pUrvasthita sAdhuoM ne kahA- yahAM sone kI jagaha to do vyaktiyoM kI hai| agara tuma yahAM AnA cAho to hama cAroM baiTha jaaeNge| baiThane se hama cAroM yahAM samA sakate hai cAroM sAdhu paraspara dharma carcA kara rahe the tabhI usa kuTiyA meM rahane ke lie do sAdhu aura A gae una cAroM ne kahA isa kuTiyA meM baiThe-baiThe to cAra vyakti hI samA sakate haiM kintu khar3e-khar3e chaha vyakti bhI samA jAeMge hama saba khar3e-khar3e svAdhyAya kareMge aura Aja kI rAtri bhI vyatIta kara deMge Agantuka sAdhuoM ke prati jo sahAnubhUti kI bhAvanA thI, vaha anukampA hai, ahiMsA hai prema hai, maitrI hai yaha ahiMsA kI bhAvanA sabake jIvana meM Ae. avazya kalyANa hogaa| Dr. Jagdish & Madhur Sheth Congratulate AINA on its 18% Biennial Convention 198 JAINA Convention 2015 With Best Wishes & Compliments Hemant & Jayshree Gogari Life is a big canvas; throw all the paint on it you canq To often, a vast collection of possessions ends up possessing its owner. Warren Buffett Wishing a grand success for JAINA 2015 Convention Muchhala Mahavir Temple - Ghanerao, Rajasthan VINAY & VINITA KOTHARI VAIBHAV KOTHARI DIACENTRE INC NEW YORK, NY 212-354-0393 SV GROUN Best wishes for the Jaina 2015 Convention S.VINODKUMAR USA, INC 415 Med 2 w York NY 1001, USA Tel:+1-212-921-0056/Fax:+1-212-21-20 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 199 Page #101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Community GOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOO Leadership Youth Power Inspiration Jainism Friendship Network Values Strength Peace Knowledge Social PROMOTING A WORLD OF NON-VIOLENCE THROUGIL ART by: Binoy Shah and Sunny Dharod YJA Local Representatives or only the third time in American history, with Nelson-Atkins, as they informed us that H a piece of Jain art has been on display at they have the Kalpa Sutra written on palm leaves an exhibit for public viewing. On March in golden ink within their museum. We hope to 29th, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri, the Nelson- bring this or any other Jain art for display. Atkins Museum of Art showcased a Jain shrine as a centerpiece for its Passport to India event. Many of us can agree that Jain communities in which was a celebration of Indian culture that the United States continue to do a remarkable featured Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain art. The job of raising awareness of Jain rituals and shrine, which was most likely created in the practices, especially for us youth. Resources such 16th Century, was excavated in the early 20th as temple activities, Pathshala, YJA, and JAINA century but spent nearly seventy years in have allowed us to instill a sense of pride about storage. The restoration process began in 2013 our heritage and religion. All these educational as it was cleaned, conserved, and examined for tools give Jains living in the United States an over a full year by conservators before it went opportunity to network with each other and on display. It will be open for public viewing create a forum for sharing Jain religion. until May of 2016. Pravin and Vinita Madhani welcome you to the 18th Biennial JAINA Convention Atlanta, Georgia "We Salute JAINA and JCNC for teaching our youth Jain values and culture. We hope you continue to imbibe the right values in every Jain in USA in decades to come." -Akshay, Avni, Vinita and Pravin Madhani Resources such as temple activities, Pathshala, YJA, and JAINA have allowed us to instill a sense of pride about our heritage and religion. In the months leading up to the Passport to India event, we worked closely with the museum by attending meetings with program directors and curators, generating new ideas of how to properly display the shrine, and answering any questions related to Jainism. At the actual event, various members from the Kansas City Jain Sangh played a key role in ensuring that visitors walked away with a greater understanding of our religion. For those in attendance, we fostered a dialogue and explained the basic educational aspects of Jainism Looking back, this event was extremely successful. As mentioned before, Kansas City is only the third city in America (after Los Angeles and New York City) to host such an event with Jain artifacts. The museum was expecting approximately 2,000 individuals, but they ended up doubling their expectation, as over 4,000 people were actually in attendance. Also, we are planning to keep a strong relationship 200 As we continue to grow our presence in this nation, we must keep in mind that Jainism must become more prevalent inside and outside of our respective sanghs. By exhibiting our way of life to people who practice other faiths through engaging mediums such as art history, we will be able to draw connections between Jainism and other religions. For instance, at the Passport to India event, we met a high school student who was doing a research project involving Jainism. By sparking open-minded discussions with individuals like this student, we will be able to promote nonviolence and humanitarianism to our peers, whether or not they practice Jainism. "The more we increase the active participation and partnership with young people, the better we serve them and the more comprehensively we work with them as service partners, the more we increase our public value to the entire community." - Carmen Martinez Jainism: World of Non-Violence 201 Page #102 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Religion - A Festive Dimension -Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai way and it should not happen that way'-such a wrong attitude will only breed complaints, and complaints will induce you to make efforts to change the situation which will result in nothing but disappointment. our individuality is lost. We become like a drop in the ocean. In 'yes' the ego does not survive, and that is why it is so difficult to say that 'yes'. you are not enjoying it. If you play just to win, it becomes work, then what is going on is not important, but the result is important. The Grammar of Happiness and Sorrow In business the result is important, in festivity the act is important. If you make any act significant in itself, then you become festive and you can celebrate it. Whenever you are in celebration the narrowing limits are broken. They are not needed, they are dispensed. You are no longer choosing: but allowing everything that comes. And the moment you allow the total existence to come in, you become one with it. There is a communion Punya Gurudevsher provides invaluable insight on how religion is the art of staying in a state of celebration. With the simple yet powerful Technique of glad acceptance, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, mind becomes meditative and life becomes a festival This communion, this celebration, this choiceless awareness, this non-business like attitude is religion. The festivity is in the moment, in the act, not in bothering about results, not in achieving something. There is nothing to be achieved. You can enjoy that which is here and now, The flow of the river of existence, the natural So then should we allow whatever happens in life flow of life, the inherent flow of change of any to happen? Do we just sit around with our arms substance cannot be compelled to go in the crossed and not make any effort? direction of our desires. It flows according to its own natural course. If we try to swim upstream, Acceptance does not tell you to be lazy or lethargic; we will feel that the river is opposing us, the river it does not even advise you to run away from your is fighting against us, pushing us in the other duties or responsibilities. This is only a pointer to direction. But neither does the river know us, nor the secret of happiness. It is not only the outward does it wish to fight us, it is we who are fighting change but also an inner transformation which is with the river, because we are trying to swim implied in the life of a seeker. Therefore, carry on against the current with your work, but do not interfere. Life works at its own pace, sometimes slow and peaceful Why do we do that? Why are we not positive sometimes fast and turbulent. Walk with it, for in towards life? Why do we harbour a negative that lies the real meaning and happiness of life. attitude? Why this continuous conflict? Why are to be in harmony with reality, to accommodate we not ready to flow with life in its entirety? What any situation and accept even unpleasant noise is is the reason behind not adopting the attitude of the true way. peaceful acceptance? If you understand and accept things, they remain It is the ego. Our ego can survive only if it swims the same and even if you do not, they still remain against the flow of the river, not if it remains in the same, but our happiness or sorrow, acceptance harmony with the river. If we have to peacefully or opposition, consent or complaint, depend on accept everything that happens, then it does not our understanding or lack of it. The root cause boost our ego. It is when the ego fights back, when of unrest, sorrow or anger is not an object, an it says no, that it experiences its own existence. individual or a situation but our own attitude. If it always has to say yes, then it cannot survive. If we understand, we arehappy and if we do not Let us examine our behaviour, the way we act understand, we are unhappy-this is the grammar and react. Mark how easy it is for our mind to say of happiness and sorrow. no, and how difficult for it to say yes, because by saying no, the ego is nourished and by saying yes, Let it Flow Religion means transforming life into a celebration. The dimension of religion is the dimension of the festival. The festive dimension is the most important thing to be understood. We have lost it totally. By festive, I mean capacity to enjoy, moment to moment, all that comes to you. Whatever you receive, whatever the occasion, accept it completely. Be content. Raise no demand for anything other than that to happen. We keep making efforts to change the course of events because our minds have been moulded to believe that certain things give us happiness and certain other things give us sorrow. Our belief that an object, an individual or a situation is favourable or profitable results in a liking towards it; and if we suspect the slightest disadvantage or loss from it, we develop an aversion for the same and try to change it. It should happen this We have become so conditioned and habits have become so mechanical that even when there is no business to be done our minds are business like. Even when you are playing 202 Page #103 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LET'S TALK. Ritesh Stah SBA AND USDA LOANS PACIFIC PREMIER Congratulations and Best Wishes to JAINA and The Jain Society of Greater Atlanta for the success of the 2015 Convention. Gautam Shah Independent Agent Life, Health, A, Hemmers, IRA. A HBCBS, Art, Amerihealth Care Pandridge Melicate Supplement plan from AARP, Amerihealth and 80, Drake Road Somerset, NJ 08873 Phone: 973 722-9191 Email: 204 JAINA Convention 2015 Esthetic Formula, Inc. SKIN CARE ACNE TREATMENT PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LABELING CUSTOM FORMULATIONS CONSULTING President: Priya Sangh MRA Vice President: Dr. Suzanne Gekel, D.O. CEO: Sarjala M. Sanghvi, M.S www.ESTHETICFORMULA.COM SUPPORT ESTHETICFORMULA.COM Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2015 JAINA convention From: Sital P & Suman Jain and Children Scarsdale, New York Congratulations to JAINA Thank you for all of your Great work AS LIFE IS SHORT AND ITS ENTANGLEMENTS ARE LONGER, SHORTEN THE PERPLEXING ENTANGLEMENTS AND FEEL THE LENGTH OF A HAPPY LIFE. PUSPHAMALA-SHRIMAD RAJCHANDRA. Shrimad Rajchandra Swadhyay Kendra of NJ JCNJ 111-Cedar Grove Lane Sommerset, NJ 08873 With best wishes & Compliments Bhalchandra and Veena Daulat Jaldeep and Neeta Daulat Sunil and Sharmila Dharod Dhiren and Sushma Shah 200 Congratulations to JAINA for 18TH BIENNUAL CONVENTION LERS OF OLD & CHOP METALS SCE EXIM INC HARSHAD & BHARATI SHAN NUKHL&LOPA SHAH A&MILISHA RIYA AND DIYA SHAH 12 200 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 205 Page #104 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence species is violence to our own selves. Violence begets violence, no matter what its form is. With violence, no one wins in the end. With non-violence, everybody wins, There are no losers. There is one unique thing about Jainism worth noting It goes way beyond physical violence. It says as individuals, we need to consider not only physical harm but also harm we could do with our speech and most importantly, through OUR OWN THOUGHTS. The teachings of Ahimsa refer not only to wars and visible acts of violence but to violence in our hearts and minds not only our lack of concern and compassion for fellow beings, but also our ILL WILL, our HIDDEN AGENDAS, and our TWO-FACED INTENTIONS. Without such violent thoughts, there could be no violent action. Remember even a giant war starts with a single angry thought on the part of an individual and then before you know it-it catches a wildfire. peace, forgiveness, and love." At the same assembly Konrad Raiser, secretary general of World Council of Churches said, "We commit ourselves to proclaiming our firm conviction that violence and terrorism are incompatible with the authentic spirit of religion." Rabbi Israel Singer of the World Jewish Congress stated, "You should tell your people, and we should tell ours, all of us, to question whether land or places are more important than people's lives. He continued "until we learn to do that there will be no peace. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. echoed the same sentiments when he said. "We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools. The choice is ours. GLOBAL PEACE: A JAIN PERSPECTIVE by Anop R. Vora Tt is a common contentment to control greed. I knowledge that the world has turned Physical approach on the other hand calls for abstaining upside down/inside from violence, speaking lies, stealing sexual lust and out in the recent mad craze fora material wealth. Obviously there is a times. It is mired in strong connection between the immoral behavior and violence, hatred and poisonous emotions. For example: violence does not terror. Many innocent start itself. Usually it is preceded by either a trace of people are getting anger orego or greed or a combination thereof. Same killed quite frequently reasoning applies to other vices. That is the reason The conventional wars Jainism teaches its followers to start with the control of have been put on the back burner and the terrorism negative emotions through yoga fasting, meditation, has taken the central stage. The terrorists fed that it is and a number of other techniques prescribed in the their right to kill blameless people and destroy their scriptures on a regular basis. It says if you control property. We are indeed living in a dangerous and these destructive emotions, the control of physical scary world. That is the reason the global peace has behavior would follow automatically. become an issue of overriding importance. Question is: how can JAINISM contribute to the Global Peace? Out of all the human vices, violence is directly related What does Jain religion have to share with the rest of to Global Peace and therefore JAINISM has put the world community violence on the top of the list of sins and lays strong emphasis on non-violence or Ahimsa. This means Let us examine the belief system and the way Jains live compassion in thoughts, words, and deeds towards First, they believe in the existence of soul in each living all living beings. It means reverence for all forms of being which is cternal and divine. They also believe life including humans, animals, insects and plants. It that all souls are spiritually equal, inter-dependent says that the seeds of violence are deep within each and each is capable of achieving the highest spiritual of us and we need to be constantly vigilant. We need potential. To them, Jainism is not only a religion and to work in each moment to maximize reverence and but also a way of life. For thousands of years, Jains have minimize violence. Non-violence must be our beacon been living peacefully and always sought a balanced light to achieve enduring peace. and serene life style. Lord Mahavira once said, "In happiness and suffering. To practice religion, Jains have been taught to use two in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we approaches in day to day living: Mental and Physical regard our own self Jainism preaches friendship Mental approach entails control over destructive with all living things. Its aim is the welfare of the emotions-emotions of anger, arrogance, deception whole universe, including human beings. All beings and greed and other related passions. This stems from contain life, and therefore are not to be injured and the Jain teachings that ordain the use of forgiveness exploited by us humans, who are endowed with the to overcome anger, humility to overcome arrogance, powers of understanding and self-restraint. Violence straight forwardness to overcome deception and towards our fellow human beings or towards other 206 w how to find her perfil del mar de allied by w ww Lord Mahavir's principle of non-violence propagated by him almost 2600 years ago is still reverberating in the minds of recent political and spiritual leaders for example, Once Mahatma Gandhi said, "non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction ever devised by the ingenuity of man". Gandhi i learned about the enormous power of Ahimsa directly through lain teachings. He insisted on resolving the conflict with the British Rulers through peaceful means only. It took him over 30 years to get the freedom for India but his persistence paid off. He summarized his wisdom in just one sentence, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." Besides, non-violence, there is another very important doctrine Jainism focuses on. It is called Anekantvad or open mindedness and active listening to divergent view points. It holds that a true understanding of any situation requires seeing it from every possible point of view. That means we need to look at every situation through someone else's eyes. This philosophy states that no single perspective on an issue contains the whole truth. Substance, time, place and the conditions of the observer all affect the viewpoint - so any event should be considered from different points of view. Truth is seldom absolute and one-sided. Jainism encourages dialogue, active listening and harmony with every one. It is equivalent to spiritual democracy. The third important principle of the Jain religion is Aparigrah or Total Non-Possessiveness at the monk level and minimizing needs at the layman's level. This helps the environment and also creates balanced distribution of the earthis resources among all creatures inhabiting on the face of the earth. Needs reduction could be a potent force to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and has direct correlation with the global peace. A few years ago, Pope John Paul II said, "There is no religious goal, which can possibly justify the use of violence by man against man. He further declared, "Violence... never again! War... never again! Terrorism... never again! In the name of God, may every religion bring upon the earth justice and How do we take these core teachings of JAINISM was war what www.wasa 207 Page #105 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Best Wishes from Surendra & Sumitra Kankariya and apply them to promote global peace? How do we influence the political leadership so that they would make more compassionate and peaceful decisions? How do we change their mindset? How do we train our youngsters so that when they grow up and lead the world, they would use more humane and compassionate means to solve the problems of their generation? Let us look at a few possibilities. for blissful accomplishment of JAINA convention forgiveness and compassion at a very young age, we will influence their thinking in a major way. Remember to affect a social reform, we must start at the individual level. That is where the personal transformation takes place, not when a person is in his sixties or seventies Once kids grow up to become leaders, they will think twice before they make decisions based upon anger, revenge and hatred or greed Perceptions and attitudes form at a very young age. That is the time to guide the kids in the right direction. That is the time to teach them human values. stone mart Perhaps we need to tackle the problem of global peace in two different ways: short term and long term. Ona short-term basis, we need to convince the leadership about Anekant vad and Ahimsa to start with. As responsible citizens, we need to make it very difficult for any political leader to start a war. Perhaps we should require the elected leaders to get 90% majority on issues related to starting up a war. Religious and spiritual leaders all over the world need to exercise pressure on them to explore non-violent and peaceful resolutions to our conflicts. The silent majority world over must demonstrate that war is not an acceptable solution and dialogue is the only way no matter how long it takes to find a solution. Stone Mart - Columbus, Cincinnati,OH, Rochester, NY The Persian prophet, Zoroaster once said, "Greed begets hatred and hatred begets violence and violence begets death." It is a vicious cycle and we need to get out of it. The destructive emotions are running wild in the world and that is where we need to focus and replace them with the emotions of love, forgiveness, compassion and caring for the fellow human beings. And that is the real key to achieving global peace and developing peace loving and sane leadership. We are at the crossroads. We all need to spread the message of love and peace, active listening and tolerance, forgiveness and humility among our families, relatives, friends and adversaries. We can change the world with the core principles of Jainism, with a heart of nonviolence, reverence for life and compassion for all. We will all have to develop a strong will power and learn to live for the sake of others and do the right thing in a non-violent way. If we all follow through and apply these ideas in our daily lives, global peace can indeed be a reality during our life time. Select Stone llo. Select Stone - Baton Rouge, Lafayette, LA www. On a longer-term basis, there is a lot more hope if the interfaith groups became more proactive. Many people have observed that once we strip off rituals and mythologies, most of the religions of the world show remarkable similarity. They seem to have more in common than what divides them. Perhaps the spiritual leaders need to agree on the core teachings, or core human values that are common among all religions and then work with the nations all over to put the programs in place for the benefit of the children. This is obviously a lengthy process but the pay off could be very huge. We need to start building a solid foundation for better tomorrow May the entire universe attain bliss May all beings be oriented to the interest of others. Let all faults be eliminated, and May people be happy everywhere. Supplier of fine quality stone surfaces for countertops Once we train the new generation to control the destructive emotions and help them with the core teachings of open-mindedness, non-violence, W 208 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 209 Page #106 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence H.H DR.SWASTHI SHREE CHARUKEERTHI BHATTARAK PANDITACHARYAVARYA MAHA SWAMIJI (madas), Sharms (doshas), 6 Anavatanas, and 3 false faith moodathe 3 false be life) The Initiate: All right, I will do that. The preceptor: You must study shastras to your best, and unfailingly contemplate on the SAMYAKTHVA VRATHOPADESHA (HOUSEHOLDER VOWS IN SOUTH INDIA PRESENT PRACTICAL WAY) Mangalaacharana Kailaso vrishabhasya nirvrithi mahee veerasya paavaapuree Champaa vaa vasupoojya sajjanapatheh sammodashailorhathaam sheshaaNaamapi chorjayantha shikhare nemeeshwarasvaarhatho nirvaaNaavanayah prasiddha vibhavaah kurvanthu the mangalam (This Mangalacharana should be said before starting the Ashtavidhanarchana Puja) How to draw Punja: Wash the stool. Draw Swastika with ring finger with sandal. Numbers should be drawn bowing to the respective gods. Pancha gurooNaam vande (5) Chovissa JiNam cha savvada vande (24) chaaraNaacharam sadaa vande (4) rayaNatthayamcha vande(3) The Mode of Vrathopadesha / Initiation A sanctified white cloth or a cloth purified with turmeric should be spread on a low stool mane). Inscribe Swastika on the cloth and seat the initiate (Vatu) on the stool The Initiate: All right. I will do that. The preceptor: To your best you must do worship of God (deva-pujal service to Guru Guru seve, sell-restraint and tapas. The Initiate: All right. I will do that. The preceptor: You must know the four kinds of charity namely offering food, offering shelter, offering medicine, and offeringshastra and give away according to the worth of the receptacle The Initiate: All right. I will do so. The preceptor. You must meditate on and recite Pancha Namaskara Mantra thrice a day in the morning, at noon, in the evening). Thrice best twice in the moming and evening) better. At the very least, recite it once a day, in the moming, 105 times to your ability The Initiate: All right. I will recite it. The preceptor. You must keep to the five Anu Vrathas namely non-violence (ahimsa). truthfulness sathya), not stealing acharya), celibacy brahmacharya) and non-possession (aparigraha) The Initiate: All right. I will keep to them The preceptor. You must know and practice the three Guna Vrathas namely Dig Vratha, Desha Vratha and Anarthadanda Vratha, and also the four Shiksha Vrathas namely Saamaayika Prashadhopavasa, Bhopapabaga Parimana and Vaiyavritha The Initiate: All right. I will know and practice them. The preceptor: Ashtamoola Gunas, namely honey (madhu), liquor (madya), flesh (mamsa) and the fruits of ficus (atthil, peepul (aala, basari, soli, and arali should be renounced. Any fruit likely to contain worms should be renounced. The initiate: All right. I will renounce them. The preceptor: Onion, garlic, and all other eating Toots should be renounced. Vegetables like snake gourd. claichi, and gourd should be renounced. Eating left-overs should be avoided. Supping at night should also be renounced. Eating at night in the name of upahara is prohibited.) The Initiate: All right. I will renounce them The preceptor. Water should always be used after filtering The initiate: All right. I will do so. The preceptor. The seven evils namely dice, flesh-eating, boozing, adultery, fornication, hunting and thieving should be renunced The initiate: All right. I will renounce them. The preceptor: You should have no greed on pressions like fields, house, money and grains, The initiate: All right. I will have no greed on them The preceptor. Dairy products like milk, butter and curd should not be consumed prior to Fifteen days after the cow or she buffalo calves or, in the case of goat, the lambs fall Set the Initiate's cupped palms over the Mangala Kalasha, inner palms up. Spread rice on those cupped palms. Scribe the seed letters Om, Aim, Sreem, Kleem, Arham an the spread rice Encircle the seed letters with Hreem. Then scribe the mantra "Om Samyak Darshana Inanacharitraya Swaha". Put a coconut and fruits applied with the turmeric on the Mangala Kalasha set on the rice with scripting and then offer Vrathapadesha to the Vatu Vrathopadesha should be offered after making the Vatu pancha-namaskara mantras thrice. The mode of offering Vrathopadesha is like this: The preceptor, who offers Vrathopadesha:You must now receive the Vrathopadesha we sive. The Initiate. All right, I will receive it. The preceptor: You must to your best follow the path of salvation designated as Samyagdarshana nanachaartra, otherwise called Ratna Traya, taught by the unattached all-koncwing and well-wishing Tirthankara Paramadevas, and flowing down from the Digambar Jain Acharyass through the ages The Initiate. All right, I will do that. The preceptor: You must identify the 25 evils (mala-doshas) which include rivalries 210 Page #107 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Limbs The initiate: All right. I won't consume them The preceptor: A student who has to concentrate on his studies should not divert his attention to worldly pleasures. He should keep to celibacy until he enters into family life. You should keep away from lust and sensual pleasures and concentrate on your studies The initiate: All right I will do so The next stage is 1 Kritha: Carrying out the job 2. Karitha: Getting the job done. 3. Approving the job done. The 25 taints (maladashas): Causes for rivalries. Beauty, caste, clan, wealth, worship, knowledge, brawn and tapas, & shortcomings Shanke (doubt). kamishe (desire) vichikitse, moodhathe (folly), anupayochana, infirmity (asthithee kanna), a vathsalya, a prabhavana 6 Anayathanas: The followers of Ku deva (false God), ku guru (False guru), ku shastra (false knowledge) 3 types of ignorance Deva-mooda the ignorance of true God), guru-moodathe inability to distinguish the right guru), and loka-moodathe ignorance about the universe). Each stage has emotions accompanying them: 1 Anger (krodha) 2. Pride (maana) 3 Illusion (maya) 4. Greed (lobha) Thus cach action (karma) has 3x3x3x4-108 limbs. Reciting the mantras 108 times annihilates DESTROYES) karma The Mode of Conclusion Offer flowers or water reciting the following mantras: Om hram arhadbhyah swaha 2 Om hreem siddebhyah swaha 3. Om hroom sooribhvah swaha 4. Om hroum pathakehvah swaha 5. Om hrah sadhubhyah swaha 6. Om hreem jinadharmebhyah swaha 7. Om hreem jinagamebhyah swaha 8. Om hreem jinabimbebhyah swaha 9. Om hreem jinachaithyalayebhyah swaha 10. Om hreem samyagdarshanaya swaha 11. Om hreem samyag nanaya swaha 12. Om hreem samyak charithraya swaha The result of eight-fold worship (Ashtavidharchana WHY SHOULD WE DO): 1 Water jalam): Whoever bathes the Lord God with waer flowing from the noise of gindi, washes away the threefold affliction of birth, dotage and death in a few number of births the dirt of his karma is washed away and he gets to salvation 2. Sandal (gandha): Whoever worships the toes of Sri Jineshwara with sandal, kumkum and kesari acquires a fragrant body in his next births 3 Akshatha: Whoever worships with fine, fragrant and unbroken rice attains everlasting moksha within a few births 1. Flowers (pushpal whoever worships with fragrant flowers like jas nine would be worshipped by celestial damsels which means he attains the status of Indra or he is born in the Pushpak flight and enjoys boundless happiness Charu: Whoever offers paramanna (payasa) cooked with milk, sugar and ghee, waving it like arathi prospers, is free from illness and diseases, enjoys happiness and becomes rich with money and grains. 6. Deepa: Whoever waves arathi lit with fine ghee and camphor gets an attractive and lustrous body. 7. Dhoopa: Whoever worships with dhexapa mixed with ten kinds of fragrant stuffs is adored by all in the world. 8. Fruits: Whoever offers to God fruits like juicy mango, orange, lemon and banana is fulfilled with all his desires and attains salvation in a few births. 9. Arghya: The virtuous soul who offers mixed with cight things like water and sandal and also offers shanty-dhara to the feet of God, attains moksha in a few births. 10. Whoever holds flowers in his cupped palm and offers them to God lets go of all his Sorrows. Which means all his worries are warded oft. Why recitation should be done 108 times When we take to any endeavor, it takes the following stages and steps: In the first stay there are 3 steps 1 Samrambha: Make an idea of the job to be done. 2. Samarambha: Gather the tools needed to do the job. 3. Arambha: Set out to do the job. In all these steps, the following three instruments are coordinated: 1 Mind 2. Speech OM SHANTHI Page #108 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BEST WISHES TO ATLANTA JAIN CONVENTION Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. - Mahatma Gandhi SYSTEMART, LLC Software Development. Staff Angmentation & Business Process Services Best Wishes for Grand Success of 2015 JAINA Convention From : Jain Temple of Wisconsin 140 Littleton Road, Suite # 303 Parsippany, NJ 07054 Phone (973) 9174848 Fax: (973) 695 6363 Email: lain Region Center of Wisconsin strives to unity in sch and concentrate in learning the s ea of lain regions achieve this goal we invite a ber scholars during Paryushana and S tamber scholars during Das Lakana. We celebrate all rituals collectively and othee bolles for any religious events We have been doing this w y for ever fourteen years Hindu Temple & Jain Center of Las Vegas Jain Center President: Kirtibhai Shah 702-364-2630 CONGRATULATIONS TO Non violence is the highest religion. True non-violence is not hurting any soul by action, in thoughts or by words. WINNERS OF JAINA AWARDS Cangan Tuwinda W ng mamod in Find Cany performed by Vinod VINOD DAVE 11092 Lexington Dr, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 P (562) 493-66781C. (562) 787-0111 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Jaina and The Jain Society of Greater Atlanta for the success of the 2015 Convention. az GETTIND MARRIED? DOING PUJA? G Serving Indo Americans for 30 years for performing two proj, marriage ceremony and renewing tour in Erwditional Hindu style in Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati or English. All performing interfaith warriages in Bali, Cancun, Costa Rica, Horwit, and cruise ships. TOUR The Allentown Jain Sangh The Hindu Temple Society 4200 Airport road Allentown, Pa 18109 Phone: 610 264 2810 A love of Surfing leads to a proposal 214 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 215 Page #109 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence crimes. The intake of liquor and drugs also develop the criminal tendency and attitude The absolute thought of person has brought complexity in relations. The selfish attitude of 'I and mine' has narrowed down to the least extent. The relative promote the welfare of others with the self. Hunger agitates violence, intolerance Hungry man would create dreadful condition that can cause disaster to me also. He can ruin me. Hence it is essential that we all develop together with the support of each other If the outlook is perverted, we grow adamant towards our own truth neglecting the truth of others. Such attitude is the root cause of religious fanatism To develop the right and relative attitude, it is essential to get trained with Anekant. Anekant can eliminate the false concepts, absolute thinking and abstinence. Change can occur merely by knowledge but it long practice to internalize and train the brain to remain positive. Following are the practices suggested by Acharya Mahapragya for the development of night attitude TRAINING OF NON-VIOLENCE by Dr. Samani Riju Prajna Associate Professor To the development of mon the positive ones. Attachment, hatred, jealous, disgust violence, mere understanding etc. are negative emotions. Friendliness, compassion, of its theory does not suflice mercifulness, love etc. are positive emotions. Generally it but practical experimentation is believed that man takes to violence due to the demand of is necessary. At present for the situation but actually it is not situataon always responsible training in violence billions and because many a times, even in exciting situation, one does hullions of rupees are spent and not commit violence. Sometimes even in the absence systematic training is given but no of such agitating situation man becomes excited and Significance is given to training in commit violence. This proves that the situation is not the non-violence. As a result, the problems of violence are on fundamental cause of volence, it can only be one of the increase. Acharya Tulsa was of opinion that the power of factors. The fundamental cause is negative emotions. non-violence is not less than that of violence but what is needed is awakening of that power: Acharya Mahapragya They can also be named a basic instincts of human said that the centers of violence stated in the brain must be beings. The process of transformation of such emotions transformed and center of non-violence must be empowered. is called as change of heart. To bring about such kinds of For this Training in non-violence is most essential program. emotional transformation Anupreksha' play a significant The training is not confined to lecturing but it is to install role In Anupreksha, autosuggestion is given to the brain the value in the behavior. Do not indulge in violence-This and whole body for relaxation and color meditation is is mere lecture but to act non-violently is the conduct or synchronized with this process. Sound and color both behavioral aspect. For translating the theoretical aspect of affect the unconscious mind. Through these processes non-violence into the behavioral aspect, systematic training the previous impressions, adopted habits and negative is required. Acharya Mahapragya has given four dimensions emotions get dissolved. Newer impressions, habits and of training is non-violence. emotions are built up. in this way, to bring about a change in life style, the training of self-restraint, hard work, self-reliance and life free from addiction is necessary. The code of conduct prescribed in "Anuvrata" also can be a good basis for change in life style. Along with all these following contemplations are also beneficial for change in life. 1.Contemplation of Non-violence 2.Contemplation of Truth & Non stealing 3.Contemplation of Celibacy e control over sexual desires 4. Contemplation of Limitation of possessions 5.Contemplation of Self-reliance 6. Contemplation of Adklistion-free life Four Dimensions of Training in Non-Violence They are as follows: (1) Change of heart (2) Change of attitude (3) Change in life style (4) Training in purity in livelihood Chanc Attitude The second dimension of Training in non violence is Change in attitude. Due to wrong outlook false concepts, absolute thinking and abstinence develop. These three are the prime causes of violence. Concepts Practices Purity in Livelihood and Training in Livelihood Existence of opposites Contemplation of Adjustment The fourth dimension of training in non-violence is Co-existence Contemplation of Co-existence Purity in livelihood and training in livelihood. Since man Independence Contemplation of Independence possesses body, family ete he has to fulfill the needs and Relativity Contemplation of Relativity nourish and protect them. To fulfill that purpose, he must Harmony Contemplation of Harmony carn hut violent means of earning must be always avoided. The business that involves violence at large scale such as Change in Life Style de-forestation, business of meat etc. must be avoided. The third dimension of Training in non-violence is changeH ence training in right livelihood stands as an important in life style. At present man wish to become non-violent aspect of non-violence. Even after getting a job or setting but does not want to change his life style. To become a business, one should not become immoral. It is also non-violent it is necessary to limat possessions and to get considered important in non-violence control over the possession consumeriste attitude must be changed. Uncontrolled consumerism fuels the fire of Some people spend lavishly much out of what they car violence. The important maxim of change in life style is This makes poor's to sleep with empty stomach. Hence change in excessive comfortable and luxurous life style in Training in proper livelihood on one had motivates Consumeristic life style is causing pollution. In the present for proper use of earnings and non-possession and on the scientific age, man cannot leave comforts but it should not other hand it secures other's livellibood. cross the limit Awakening of such wisdom is essentsal These are the four dimensions of Training in non-violence To become a non-violent person restraint must be given among which change in heart begets change in attitude place in life, in the place of luxury. Actually restraint is which in turn begets change in life style. Inclusion of life and restraint is the direct solution to the problem of restraint in life begels purity in livelihood. All who believe violence. To develop non-violence, hard work and an in non-violence must take training in non-violence and addiction must be inculcated in life. Earn much with least inspire other to do so. This training can definately re effort this principle or outlook is increasing violence and establish the value of non-violence. Change of Heart The first dimension of training in non-violence as change of heart. Here the word "heart does not mean the physiological organ 'heart" but it has a significant meaning Here it means "Emotions or feelings. Ayurveda upholds that there are two hearts-one, besides the lungs and other is in the brain. The genesis of emotions in limbic system, a part of the brain. Thus change in heart can be understood as training of brain. According to Acharya Mahapragya change in heart means replacing the negative instincts with Today man is obsessed with false concepts. Upanishads states "na hi manushaat shreshtaram kinitie nothing is superior to man. Believing in this man thinks actually nothing is superior to him. As a result he started consuming natural resources blindly. This false concept caused several serious problems. Superfluous use of natural resources and extreme degradation of natural resources has created deadly conditions. Merely for cosmetics thousands of animals are getting killed every day. Environment has degraded and polluted to the extent that it would be difficult for future generations to survive. M 216 C we bemal by dean. star what e w lewat les per how ww. - delen Fun down and what w - Kadra 2174 Page #110 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Have compassion towards all living beings" Congratulations to JAINA & JSGA Bhag Chand Puspa Lata Vijay | Neelima | Jeet | Aashika Navan Sanjay | Seema | Parag | Pratishtha Vinay | Namita | Ayush | Vinesh Hindu Jain Temple 615 Illini Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Jain Society of Greater Atlanta Navkar Builders leader in executive homes Contact: VIJAY KOTHARI 2820 Adams Oaks Lane Marietta, GA 30062 Phone : 678-523-5997 JAIN SOCIETY OF PITTSBURGH 120 + FAMILY MEMBERS (Including 100 Life Members) V 218 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 219 Page #111 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Ahimsa. Man needs to understand that there can be multiple ways or perceptions to arrive at a common solution and his way need not be forced upon another. The true meaning of Ahimsa is not merely a vow to be non- volent. It can be seen another way. It can be seen as a pure acknowledgement of what it means to be alive. The real vow of non-violence is not, "I will never kill. It is, "Whatsoever I must take I am going to give back." This strong statement can be interpreted on a couple different levels The first level, although still profound, is the simpler of the two. It says, for everything we take from the earth, for every Small death, we give back. We grow trees, keep away from killing in all possible ways, and try not to disturb life. It also means mot using more than we have to protecting species and ecosystems from human disaster and extinction, and recognizing what we use and where it comes from As one can see, violence isn't always obvious. Most of the time it's a very subtle culprit. It comes in the subtle form of communication like "us" and "them", in our facial expressions, thoughts & beliefs, in the tone of our voices in the consumption of animals and much more. Of course for this to make any sense we must believe that all life is sacred deserves our respect and care, night down to the smallest molecule On a deeper level, the meaning of "whatsoever I must take I am going to give back as a little more complex. It extends even to our own deaths. It is the acceptance of the fact that eventually, we, too, must give back the life we have been given. How can we take life for granted anymore? INTERPRETATION OF AHIMSA by Acharya Shri Chandanaji Tn its most literal form Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term Peace or Equilibrium I meaning non-violence, mon-aggression, non-cruelty peacefulness or the evasion of violent behavior in our time and again Great Souls "Tirthankaras" or Great thoughts, communication and action. Even though Ahimsa Saints came by and propagated the concept of self-control, is considered by many as an ultimate path to peace, it is whach would lead to non violence in action and ultimately a demanding path to follow. It involves enormous mental bring human beings at peace. It is the tendency of life in strength and courage and eradication of one's inherent the entire universe to be at equilibrium. A disturbance inborn instincts. This undoubtedly makes a challenging task in the balance leads to catastrophes & disruption in the for even the most intelligent creature on the planet. circle of life. For human, on one hand disruption meant hunger, homelessness, diseases and un-timely death on the In order to truly understand Ahimsa and the difficulties faced other hand peace meant, nourishment, stability and flow during its adoption and practice, one needs to understand of insight. At least Man in its pragmatic self very well the basic human psyche and the stages of its evolution. In understands that violence occurs only when Man's Greed the most recent of history, Man (Homo sapiens) can trace its surpasses his Nead. His greed for absolution in form of his ancestry to the hominids (or "great apes) within the animal unending thirst for respect, wealth and power leads to the kingdom As Man progressed from being in its wild self in most agonizing forms of violence the jungles of Africa to a more civilized form of life, it left hehind a lot of animalistic practices. However, human gene Ahimsa is at core of Jainism and its philosophy. It is the carried with itself certain basic animal tendencies of greed most pure form of idea which revolves around being at anger and violence which came in handy at the time of its equilibrium and attaining the real wealth in the universe survival. Coupled with its ever widening pool of knowledge ie true knowledge of the purpose of our existence. and command over its instincts, Man was now able to contain its animal instincts and release them as and when What is AHIMSA? need arise. Even though Man accumulated several peaceful trants in its path to evolution, power of his brain made his This is something we all inherently know, but don't anual instinct even sharper, cruel and violent always openly talk about or practice. Living involves death. Everything we do involves death in it. When we eat Unlike animals, Man now used his brain to suppress the breath, move, work in our gardens, or clean our homes, we weakling and prolong violence for a much longer duration engage in killing. To be in denial of this fact, is to be afraid Most common example of his violent instinct came in of truth of life. the form of subjugation or slavery. Formation of society soon led to creation of castes and religions. They became While this reality isn't the most pleasant to think about the most common weapons of dividing Man on the basis it none-the-less exists. Instead of denying it, we embrace of his or her beliefs. And once the beliefs were threatened it. In fact, only when we understand the reality of death violence erupted Mentally superior species slaved and can we really practice ahimsa, because then, we have no tortured the weaker ones Last 2000 years Man has faced choice but to live in undying gratitude. We begin to know a lot of periodic violence in form of Great Wars. However, what a precious gift life is we see that life comes to each evolution of Human mind has also led him to understand the of us through an endless web of large and small deaths negative effects of Violence and positive effects of being at Isn't it interesting bow war is used to create peace as if somehow peace can be created through violence? The Indian mystic Osho said, "...and all politicians go on talking whout peace they prepare for war and they talk of peace. In fact they say. We are preparing for warto preserve peace." Most irrational! If you are preparing for war, how can you preserve peace? To preserve peace one should prepare for peace." The great words of Bhagwan Mahavir, who said, "If you kill someone, it is yourself you kill. If you torment someone, it is yourself you torment. If you harm someone, it is yourself you harm." In other words, Instead of overpowering others we must overpower our animal instincts and ego. Whatever I must take I am going to give back" is true ahamsa. It means we recognize to live carefully consciously. compassionately, and gratefully. We live in a way, which acknowledges we share this planet with many other lives, and everything we do on it has consequences. Then, we take from life humbly, and do not ask for what we cannot tepay Paradigms of Violence and how can we replace it with Ahimsa! There is violence occurring everywhere. When there is a feeling of superiority and the tendency to suppress the other, violence erupts. On the contrary, when we reach out with caring and compassion to those who seem and act different than us and respect their beliefs and prachees peace emerges. Man needs to understand that there is enough space in this world for conflicting thoughts to peacefully exist. This brings us to another important principle of "Anekantawada" or Multitudes of Opinion Anekantawada is the most critical of elements, which can be used to enforce "Nonviolence does not mean that we remain unresponsive to a problem. On the contrary, it is important to be fully engaged by searching for non-violent means to a problem. Key is that we must perform in a way that does not benefit us alone. We must not harm the interests of others. Nonviolence therefore is not merely the absence of violence. It involves a sense of compassion and caring for others feelings and beliefs. I strongly believe that we must promote such a concept of nonviolence at the level of the family as well as at the national and international levels. Each individual has the ability to contribute to such compassionate nonviolence, How should we go about this? We can start with ourselves 220 221 Page #112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention We Proudly Support the 2015 JAINA Convention We must try to develop greater perspectivelAnekantawada) Usually when we face problems, we look at them from out own point of view. We even sometimes deliberately ignore other aspects of a situation. This often leads to negative consequences. However, it is very important for us to have a broader perspective We must come to realise that others are also part of our society. We can think of our society as a body, with arms and legs as part of it. Of course, the arm is different from the leg, however, if something happens to the foot, the hand should reach down to help. Similarly, when something wrong with our society, we must help the amount of meat we eat. Bating meat requires the violent act of killing, of indieting pain and fear on another creature. We are all energy and energy is affected by other energy. Thus, when we consume meat only are we being violent, but we are also consuming that animal's energy and fear. In a sense, we are consuming violence. In the developed world we've detached ourselves from our food. We don't see the life and death of the food we eat therefore we give less value to it. There's no doubt that if we were to hunt our own chickens behead deplume, ut and in them that we'd have more respect for our food and value each and every portion of it much more. By only decreasing the amount of meat you consume, you can move closer to him Kirti & Neela Shah Manoj & Sonali Jain Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate ahimsa into your daily life Practice Truth. When we follow the path of truth, we abstain from misusing the resources meant for other's use. Following truth we not only prevent ourselves from hurting others but enforce and propagate a sense of quality among all living beings of the planet Smile mate, Did you know that by smiling you can actually make yourself happier? Not to mention Others around you! Psychologists have learned that just as happiness causes people to smile smiling also causes people to be happier. Go on and try it Smile for 15 minutes every morning and see if you notice a difference in your mood. Believe it or not Huddhist monks do this as a form of meditation Com WSawan Shah Practice kindness, Be kind to those all around you to your children, your parents, your neighbor, the waiter the garbage mun, a stranger, etc. Be kind to absolutely everyone even if they aren't mice to you. Violence cannot be overcome by violence. That would only create more violence. Therefore, be kind By doing so you will overome violence with peace by encouraging even the most criminal minded to follow the path of good deeds. Dr Ketan & Nina Mehta U+Store Value alles. As an example, consider other methods of pest control. Did you know that you can get rid of squirrels rats in your attic, bees on your front porch and ants in your kitchen without actually harming them? Once Gandhi ji was asked about what according to him is Ahimsa. He replied - "Literally waking himse means mon-violence. But to me it has much higher infinitely higher mening, men that you may mer offende d my mot harbor wachte thought, eren in connection with those who consider your enemies. To one who follow this doctrine, there are mo chimie. A man who i s in the efficacy of this doctrine finds in the animale Magy, when he is about to reach the goal, the whole world of his feet. If res vrlovy Ahimsi channer that it impresses itself indelibly upon your called my he must return that love This doctrine tell us that we may guard the honor of those under our charge by delivering our own lives into the hands of the man who would commit the sacrilege. And that requires far greater courage than delivering of blows." Extend Ahimsa to the forms of life as well. Vegetarianism is ideal for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. However, vegetarianism may not be for everyone. It's a very personal commitment that takes a lot of courage and will. However, even if we're not vegetarian, we can at least try to decrease An act of peace, no matter how small, is an act of hope. Jainism: World of Non-Violence 223 Page #113 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2015 JAINA Convention Jainism World of Non-Violence Our advocacy strategies should involve creating partnerships with national and local governments and inter-governmental bodies, promoting humane education in schools and colleges, building the capacity of dedicated animal protection advocates around the world, and providing consumers from diverse cultural backgrounds the information and resources they need to make more humane choices. Impact Testimonials: After her first Humane Lobby Day, Printa began working with state lawmakers to pass an elephant ivory and rhino horn ban in Maryland. "At the state level, you really can make a difference" Vivek G., Virginia: "I had never lohhied before, so Humane Lobby Day was my chance to learn the process. My assignment was to talk about a roadside soos bill. The next day, one of my delegates from our District signed on as a co-sponsor." I urge you to join our efforts. Meet with your state and national representatives about animal protection legislation being promoted by several organizations like PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicinel Mercy for Animals, the HSUS (Humane Society International), PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), World Advocacy Animal Rights Animal Protection, ete and convince your local university os hospital cafeterias to so meatless at least one day a week, gather signatures Anushka T., Tennessee: "artended Humane Lobby Day for the first time this year, having no idea what to expect. was thrilled to meer both of my state legislators, as well as many other animal welfare aducales just like me. I'm How the District Leader in my area, and I really feel I've found my niche in advocating for maneirament of animals through our legislative process." JAINISM: the world of Compassion by Dr. Sushil K. Jain WE, Jains have long embraced a sense of responsibility Did you know that many of the products you and towards animals, and play a key role in taking care of your family use every day are still tested on animals? them by either building and/or supporting shelters, as Cosmetics like toothpaste and mascara are typically well as rescuing and caring for sick and injured animals. tested on rabbits and guinea pigs. The good news is We incorporate our Jain values of compassion and non- that an increasing number of companies are turning to violence into our daily lives by eliminating meat, eges, humane alternatives, so it's never been easier to find and often even milk products from our diets. cruelty-free products. We should work to eliminate raising of animals for meat, eggs and milk by promoting However, to take on the institutionalized cruelty affecting plant base meals options. billions of animals on factory farms, puppy mills, research laboratories, and other industries around the Over the last ten (10) years advocacy on behalf of animals world, we must increase our influence and express our has resulted in following significant law changes in US. concer and advocacy on behalf of animals in the halls of State & US congress, and parliaments of every country . Thousands of government-owned chimpanzees who where Jains resides. We should incorporate our Jain have spent most of her life in a laboratory enduring values in corporate board rooms, and in our schools and painful and traumatic experiments now live in work places by educating them on benefit of Plant based centauries built by government. Thanks to modern diet, ongoing cruelty towards animals. We should spread research techniques and the support of the public, the Jain values of compassion and non-violence not only by tide is beginning to turn in favor of these sensitive promoting them within our own communities, but by and intelligent animals. supporting animal protection efforts around the world . Though many Indian states prohibit the slaughter of In 2010 alone, approximately 70 billion land animals cows, illegal transport and slaughter of cattle within were raised for food globally, along with an untold India is common. Several organizations in association number of aquatic animals. The number of farmed with the Animal Welfare Board of India and kcal land animals is expected to increase 85% percent by animal protection groups, conducts training programs 2050, with a growing proportion of those animals raised aimed at building capacity of police officers and on factory farms where they lack the ability to fully veterinary officers to enforce laws protecting cattle stretch their limbs, let alone walk or express many other and other animals important instincts and natural behaviors. The majority India is also the third largest producer of eggs globally, of this growth in farm animal populations is taking place most consumed domestically. Approximately 80 in emerging economies like India, Philippines, and South percent of India's 230 million egg laying hens are & Central America confined in barren battery cages that are so crowded; each bird has less space than a letter-sized sheet of India is amongst the top five producers of chicken and paper on which to spend her entire life. Several states beef worldwide. The development of the country's in India and neighboring Bhutan prohibit battery dairy sector (India is the largest milk producing country cages. in the world) has resulted in a growing number of male animals which can only be used for slaughter. As beef We Jains should promote vegetarian eating programs consumption is forbidden for a large proportion of by providing grants and technical assistance to grass. Indians, most of the beef is exported. roots groups that are promoting plant-based eating in communities You Can Help Pets and Other Animals in Just One Day: Pets, wildlife and other animals can't ask for better laws, but you can Be their voice at Humane Lobby Day How Humane Lobby Day works? Al each Humane Lobby Day, weganizers meet with attendees to walk them through the issues and share fact sheets. Then the advocates disperse to meet with legislators or members of their staff. The brief meetings generally don't leave time for wading into details, but advocates who aren't sure how to answer questions can offer to have organizer staff follow up with the information Haydon K. (15), Kentucky: " have enjoyed attending Humne Lobby Day with my mom and one of our rescued dogs. Kentucky has the weakest low in the country for animals. I am hoping to help change that by the time I amanadu "At Humane Lobby Day, many of us are making our voices heard; it empowering'. Sharlene F. Indiana Ruth S., New Jersey: " came to lobby day as an animal rescher and left as an animal advocate who later convinced wy low to implement a Irup-Renter return program in lieu of killing Deers and that was just the beginning). Why Humane Lobby Day is important? Lawmakers see a tremendous number of bills, a legislator may be silent on animal issues not because they don't care about animals, but because they haven't heard from constituents, she says. Humane Lobby Day gives advocates a chance to change those perceptions. In some cases, just a few phone calls can make a difference. These people are your neighbors, and you have an influence on them Jatin R., Connecticut: "Humane Lobby Day not only helped me learn how to make laws that help animals, but it was a great netorking opportunity with people from all over the state who like me, care about animals! Robert M., Arizona: "It was a great day all by itself, bu it also proved to be a gateway for me. Heartened by my Humane Lobby Day experience, and now knowing my way around the state capitol offices, I began to attend hearing on animal protection fills and to communicate with my representatives." Page #114 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ C O BLENNON Best Compliment From: Jayesh, Sadhana. Prexa & Neel Jain (Broken Arrow, OK 74011) Hi-Tech received renowned Awards from Water Digest & UNESCO for being the Best Rural Drinking Water Solution Provider & "Made In India - The Best RO Membranes Manufacturer" -Part Meja Mahir' de & Mathar Hase became ATLANTA GEORGIA ATER - THE WATER - G @ G AWARDS DIGESTI 2014-2015 Acharya ShwVLAY RAMCHANDRASERESWARJ Maharaja -ADINATH BHAGWAN DESAR. She hig h OC GCM ARSA -Learned die S &Shrim Twaing Therman of the Atlanta e Share their - Ah ATLANTA de ghing their w e b taking care of Dalarin ing -Parats bring the Chil d of the Pusthala Hi-Tech Change Your Water Change Your Life & Art A wish for wellness.. ALL EVOLENR A NNALAN G ING THE VERY Ja Jing & Whing the verstel ls N ains Kim & Madhu r their children & Grand Children ATLANTA, Georgia Line C ath, July 2015 RURAL DRINKING WATER PROJECTS BY HI-TECH Hi-Tech has executed Rural Drinking Water Projects in states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka Rajasthan by installing RO plants in 1800 rural villages MANUFACTURING UNIT OF DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL RO MEMBRANES NSE "With Best Wishes & Compliments India only company to manufactured NSF Certified RD Membranes & Filters H-Tech overjoy the Indian market share as leading Hombrane Manufacturer Kind scords can be Hi-Tech Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An 150 9001:2001, 14001:2004 & 18001:2007 Certified, SIC-CSPO & C Registered Company OVERSEAS CONTACT: 016-361- T a M: 75CHINA61371701187 INDIA CONTACT: NEUP LINE 91000 T 1 4 1018 TOLL FREED: 1800 120 1212 Web : www.technet l l Bowse Ress DEVELOPER short & easu to speak but their echoes are truly endless -- Mother Theresas A wish for wellness... A Hi-Tech Hotels Group maji Jiten & Virbala Manhar & Mukta Jain Parekh Kiran & Brinda Shah 226 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism: World of Non-Violence 227 Page #115 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FOOD, SHOES AND PENCILS - AHIMSA IN OUR DAILY LIFE by Smriti Shah t's the end of the spring semester and crunch time for final exams. Raj, Tina, Abhi, Vishal, Nick, Ben and Steven are floor mates. This tightknit group frequently studies together on the second floor lounge, often gets coffee together and looks out for one another. It's 7:00pm and you can hear their stomachs growling. They pack up their books and see Tom, Steven's roommate, walking by. Tina invites Tom to join them for dinner. Tom makes an excuse for not going with them and walks away. Steven makes a comment to the group, you know Tom's been skipping meals and hasn't been able to concentrate on his work. He sleeps a lot. Raj asks the group to wait a minute and heads towards Tom. Raj in his inquisitive way asks Tom about dinner and Tom says he just isn't hungry. The group heads to the dining hall down the street. Program (TCCOP). She meets Sheela and Nina in the front and asks if they have everything. They unload their cars and set the tables with bagels, orange juice and fruit. The residents are waiting anxiously for them to finish. Rita says, "Good morning." The residents line up quickly and grab their breakfast. Nina notices Anna, one of the residents. She comments to Sheela and Rita, "Have you noticed that Anna wears the same shirt and pair of pants every week." Sheela notices her shoes and says, "Anna really needs a pair of new shoes. How can she be comfortable in the tattered shoes?" Rita noticed Orlando doesn't have a good pair of shoes either. Orlando has lived in this shelter for at least eight years. The supervisor at the shelter has often mentioned that Orlando hasn't spoken a single word since he has been here. The three ladies huddled by the coffee pot and started guessing their shoes sizes. Raj knows that towards the end of the semester many of his friends have run out of meal points and will ask, "Hey, can you swipe me in". Raj thought, maybe Tom didn't have any meal points left. The next day at breakfast, Raj asks Tom to join them and asks, "Come on, it's on me". Tom looks at the floor and just utters "No, you go ahead." That afternoon, Raj asks Tom to come to Target with him to buy some snacks for their evening study session. Tom agrees. They take the bus to Target. Raj asks what if we get some bread, peanut butter, jelly and granola bars. Tom says that sounds good. Raj pays for the groceries and as they walk out the door, Raj hands the bags to him. Tom grabs the bags as they continue walking to the bus stop trying to be helpful. On the bus, Raj tells Tom, "Buddy, this is for you. We have two weeks left and you need to eat something and pass the finals. You don't have to say anything." Tom was astonished and had tears in his eyes. 2015 JAINA Convention It's 7:00am on Thursday and Rita is driving through some tough traffic on her way to the homeless shelter. This is her routine every Thursday along with two other volunteers of Tender Care Community Outreach 228 The following Thursday, Rita brought two shoeboxes, size 6 ladies flats and size 8 men's loafers. Rita gives the shoe box to Anna. She at first looked blanked faced and was quite surprised to receive new pair of shoes. She tried them on but did not say anything and walked away. Rita observed here putting the shoes away neatly in her bag. Rita started to wonder why she isn't wearing the shoes. Did they not fit her? Anna spoke no English so how could she find out. She asked one of the supervisors at the shelter and he said that the shoes fit her and she was so grateful that she will take them to church on Sunday first and then start wearing them. Every week, Nina greets each of the residents she meets with a smile and "Good Morning". Each week, Orlando just stares at her and keeps walking. This morning, Nina gives the size 8 shoes to Orlando who takes the box, looks at Nina but does not say anything and walks off to his room. The following week, again Nina says, "Good Moming". Orlando's eyes look straight at Nina and he utters, "Good Morning." The Jainism World of Non-Violence TCCOP volunteers, staff, and residents look on in amazement that Orlando spoke after so many years. TCCOP of Anekant Community Center (ACC) is active through Jain Center of Southern California. The group of volunteers assists local community members, homeless shelters and schools through the following activities: Meals - Provides weekly breakfast and monthly Lunches and Dinner to Homeless people in Southern California Service - volunteers help and spend time with senior and community members who are sick in the hospitals, senior homes and/or Hospice. Organize Drives - collect and distribute school supplies, toys, gently used clothing, non-perishable food items with local charities Maria, General Manager, of a large multi-national corporation often travels internationally to attend meetings and conferences. She plans to travel to India. Her company sponsors twenty schools including schools for orphans. She had heard the children at these schools needed pencils. She had a conversation with her children about buying pencils for and distributing them herself at the schools. Her children noticed that in their room, there were many packs of pencils, markers and crayons which were still unopened. They decided to donate these to the children. Maria's children also started collections at their school. The word also spread through the offices of Maria's division and employees started bringing not only pencils but other school supplies. Before the end of the week, there were piles of pencils, markers, crayons, paper, and other school supplies outside of Maria's office. While on her flight to India, Maria felt truly humbled and inspired by the generosity of her children, their classmates and her colleagues. This conversation with her kids initiated a nationwide effort that resulted in 6 suitcases and 6 boxes of contributed school supplies...literally hundreds of pounds. What do these stories of food, shoes and pencils have in common? These are simple examples of ahimsa. In very simple terms, Ahimsa is DO NO HARM (dukh) no harm to any living being by your thoughts, speech or body/actions. If you are able to, provide happiness (sukh), friendship and practice compassion. Why practice compassion? "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama "Compassion to others is compassion to one's self." - Bhagwan Mahavira Compassion, a pillar of Jain religion, is the basis for ahimsa, a core virtue. Compassion is an emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. The etymology of "compassion" in Latin, meaning "co-suffering," it is more than empathy; it is a desire to alleviate or reduce another's suffering. It is not pity but to understand the pain and unhappiness that others are experiencing. We are ingrained to have compassion to all living beings, whether a friend, a foe or a stranger. It is one of the few practices that will bring immediate and long term happiness to our lives. There are physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of practicing compassion. There are scientific studies that suggest there are physical benefits to practicing compassion - people who practice it produce more DHEA, a hormone that counteracts the aging process, and less cortisol, the "stress hormone." The main benefit is that compassion helps you to be happier, and brings others around you to be more happy. If we agree that it is a common aim of each of us to strive to be happy, then compassion is one of the main tools for achieving that happiness. It is therefore important that we cultivate compassion in our lives and practice compassion every day. 229 Page #116 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PREETI MEHTA, MD Certified G NILEH MEHTA, MD C MAKING CARE MORE CONVENIENT Evening & Saturday appointments Consultations within 24 hours Prompt, on-time appointments All major credit cards accepted Plenty of parking Three convenient office locations in Nassau & Queens New Endoscopy center onsite at New Hyde Park Physicians accessible & available for patients & referring physicians 230 JAINA Convention 2015 GET COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL CARE FOR ALL YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH NEEDS HELPING PATIENTS IN SO MANY WAYS - Colonoscopy & Colorectal cancer screening * Upper endoscopy (EGD) ERCP Capsule endoscopy-PillCam(r) * Endoscopic ultrasound with FNA Hemonhold banding Esophageal manometry 48-hour pH monitoring Research & Clinical trials DIGESTIVE DDC DISEASE CARE 915 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Call: 516-437-9000 68-45 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367 Call: 718-480-6000 104-40 Queens Blvd. Suite #IF Forest Hills, NY 11375 Call: 718-313-0051 Visit: Harshad & Meena Mehta Nilesh & Purnima Parekh Do not wait for extraordinary cumstances to do good action try to use ordinary situations Jean Paul Richter Deepak & Sampurna Shah With Best Wishes & Compliments The ordinary acts we practices everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggests Thomas Moore Anil & Madhu Shah Rajen Doshi Priti Doshi (not in pic) Sameer & Palak Shah Jainism: World of Non-Violence 231 Page #117 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Shree Adinath Namah Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra 2016 2016 JAINA 99 YATRA SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION Description of Sponsorship Benefits The Shree Shatrunjay Mali Yaris 2016 will be without the support of Therefore, we have the foll o e rs to create the Incentive for you to de v ery memorable and w e low is a list of hip categories, dont will be p lay Maha Sh i n Participate POWEN WOON9 Let's participate in Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra project in 2016 "A Golden opportunity of life time & Second time in North America Shree Mathem Shree Sangh Invitation FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA will organize Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth - 99 Yatra in 2016/17 Jal Jinendra The ninety-nine yatra will be performed under the guidance of Acharya Bhagwant (Name will be announce later on) and Shri Punch Parmeshati Ratna Narendrabhai Nandu & his team USA 99 Yatra COMMITTEE Arvind R. 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Shah Chairman, JAINA 99 Yatra 2016 Project (248)-828-1736 (H) with: (248)-835-7395 (C) E-mail: Last Date for Registration July 31", 2016 vaakku k 232 JAINA Convention 2015 00000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO * Sponsors will be prominently displayed in the Shree Slim Mahdi 90 minvitation and that will be sent to al North American Center * A photo of members will be displayed at the m e af Dhammal for the duration of they * Spon d photos will be displayed incom e on booklet * Spots will be the first ones to offer a n d * Spomies wil we recognition for their rosity * Sponses will be entitled to all your dringe n in Den * Spomen will receives will be given in appreciation for support provided for the Shree Sh Mahath Corporate Sponsor-515. LA Numero Emilie Can P a tel * Spes will be identified to all ytris during creation in December * Some will receive full colore in the more o r booklet * Sp will move will be given in the perform and of nanabanata a M Y Platinum-S1.DOLLAN Temple office D b * Spomen willen we he g g the poor for st of * Spomen will be fed tall i ng in December DODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Jainism:World of Non-Violence 233 Page #118 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddde Shree Adinath Namah Shree Shatrunjay.Matatirun 99 Yafra 2016 bereitet. Barcel w ill be played the Sun Mi Y o for the data JAINA Brings Mangalam Jain TV Show Every week on Sahara One! Gold-ST. * S A Show on Jain way of life, Jains of North America, and Jain Diaspora Welcome to Mangalam Jain Philosophy Tirth Darshan Bhakti Sangeet Marah zezkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz * Spons o rs will be in commovebook * Sponsors will receive a l l be given in the fi rst and support of the * Spoon will the third opportunity to offer m a ndi * Sponsors will be n o tion for their * Spoon will be entified to all ytre during on in December Sheremban * Sponsomes will be displayed at Shoe Shay Mahath99 Yatrice for the dution of the count * Sponsome photos will be printed in our book * Sponsor will the fourth opportunity to offer to hand advis * Sp es will receives will be given in the sponsor for an upport of the event * Sponsors will be given in recognition for their * Spomies will be entitled to all ytris during website wwwber -S20ABY N E C * Sponsommes will be displayed the Shay Malth Office for the dust of the wspicious event * Sponsomm ate will be in c e book * Spon will the happy fe w * Some will beg i n recognition for the rest * Spon will be led to a s during in December Die S 5 1.00 will be display on SSMYO Our next generation, as Performers, News Anchors, and Art Enthusiasts You get all this and much more on Mangalam Watch Mangalam Jain TV Show on Sahara One at 11:30 AM Est North America - Dish Network Channel 702 Canada - Rogers Network channel 832 SAHARA On e This is Your Show "Be Proud of it, Be Part of it!" * Spon will beg in will be given lydering the If you wees of this event ple d o Andi Shah Contact The 1808-1736( 05 ) Em 192 .com 673 Worth TMS DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 234 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 235 Page #119 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "WELLNESS" IN THE JAIN DICTIONARY Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) in 2012 was challenged by Sarva Mangal Family Trust "SMFT" to measure the health profiles of the members in Southern California and what can be done to improve? It was a pilot project to get mass involvement in the wellness. 2015 JAINA Convention It was observed - Incidence of Heart Disease is 4 times greater in South Asians compared to Caucasians. 50% of South Asians with Heart Disease are under the age of 50. Every third diabetic in the world is Indian. Risk of Type 2 diabetes is four times higher in Indians. Nearly half of Indians have Central Obesity. South Asians have inherited genes with high risk of diseases, Poor diet, and Bad lifestyle choices! Some of our top priorities are Family, Career, Academics, Social and Cultural involvement. What happened to Nutrition and Physical activity? Our Diet consisted of refined Carbohydrates and saturated fats with minimal raw vegetables and fruits. We have adopted sedentary life with minimal physical activities. Based on a lead from South Asian Heart Center in Northern Califomia the study was conducted. Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr. Nitin Shah supervised the team of medical and non-medical volunteers for a six-month study from May to November of 2012. More than 500 people voluntarily participated in the study that has resulted into great awareness of Wellness at JCSC. Participants had their Biometrics (height, weight, BMI, Heart rate and BP measured) and blood tests to measure blood Lipid Profile and Glucose were performed on day 1 and also after six months, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D were also measured at six months. First ever Website of Wellness for Jains has been developed for mass communication and connectivity including storing health data within HIPPA Guidelines. Most of the data are available on "The overall disease burden in a given population generally undergoes a more dramatic reduction when a large segment of the population adopts small improvements in health behaviors than when a small segment of the population adopts large improvements." Dr. G. Rose 236 The results were eye opener - 62% were overweight, 48% at risk of Heart Disease, 42% Pre-diabetic, 15% diabetic. Jains wellness score is similar to the bottom 30% of income strata of Americans. It did raise many questions Is Wellness of members as important as religious activity? Do Religious and Wellness activities co-exist? Can we offer appropriate healthy meals at all temple sponsored events? Should we as Jains do something? Do nothing and let our 25-45 years age group pass same (genes) diet habits and life style to next generation? Cycle can repeat as has been for long time. So it was decided to execute a community initiative for longer and healthier life and alert those who are at high risk as early as possible. We took following actions for six months: 1. Doctors to alert pre-Diabetic, and at greater Cardiac Risk people 2. Help reduce high stress; common among immigrants 3. Recommended "Healthy Meals" at all temple sponsored activities with at least 35% meals should have 35% less calories - basically reduce fried food, sugary sweets and add fruits plus high protein items such as Greek Yogurts. 4. Exercise, yoga classes and walking clubs were sponsored. Lectures from health experts were arranged and Dietitians made recommendations of super foods and proper healthy recipes. 6. Cooking demonstrations were held 5. Jainism World of Non-Violence 1. Developed a website connecting all activities 2. Emails were sent weekly 3. Health guide and weekly challenges were made for Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management and proper rest 4. Offered services to measure BP, Heart Rate, Weight and calculate BMI every other Sunday. Results at the end of 6 months: 1. Total loss of weight 2-6% for 202 participants while 88 gained 1-5% and net result was 1.67% total BMI reduction for the group (1.53% for female vs 1.81% for male members). 2. HDL, LDL, Triglycerides were documented. Glucose and AIC results pointed out that roughly half are at risk of pre-diabetics or diabetics. 3. Vitamin D-71% were deficient - Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin D deficiency causes pain, hormone problems, muscle and bone weakness, calcium deficiency and more. Essential for women of every age. 4. Vitamin B12 - Only 5% were deficient, Vitamin B12 helps make blood cells and maintains a healthy nervous system and Reduces risk of anemia. Vegetarians have a higher risk of developing anemia and should take a supplement We used the following tools: We surveyed the participants at the end of six months and learned that wellness should be important for religious organizations to help its congregation. Involvement of second generation Jains are very important. Healthy Cooking classes should be offered and food served at Jain Centers must change. When "1" From Challenger's (SMFT) observation - Board of Directors/Trustees and Executive Committees of each Center must be involved and take drastic steps to improve health of its community. Remember Buddha Philosophy - "A healthy Mind can only be in Healthy Body" is replaced By "we" Even "Illness" becomes "Wellness" JAINA has agreed to form Wellness Committee to preach and promote Wellness. Help full video Eat, Fast and Live Longer - Horizon xvdbtt_eat-fast-live-longer-hd_shortfilms Git alictaest, ut qui dolupti anitior essita verciunte conet vella quid quiat re 237 Page #120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA JIVDAYA COMMITTEE An Introduction to JAINA Goal: Jivdaya committee's main goal is to save animals from slaughter house, to provide nutrition, water, and healthcare for animals in India as well as in USA by providing funding for: * Buving fodder for animals & veterinary care. Building new sheds & maintaining existing sheds of panjarapoles, Developing new grass fields and water wells. * Promoting our core values "Live & Let Live and to follow Ahinsa with emphasize on "Animal's life Matters in USA The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (IANA) is comprised of 67 Jain Centers in North America, representing over 160,000 people. We have a deep history of success in investing in community efforts here and abroad that spans the past 30 years. Our philanthropists have already invested millions in support of hundreds of programs, benefitting thousands of people OUR MISSION Jivdaya committee also tries to Increase awareness about importance of Jivdaya in our daily life, cruelty and suffering animals are going through to meet our needs and what each of us should do to let those animals leave to their fullest. To promote religious and educational activities related to Jainism and to promote the study and understanding of Jain religion on a non-sectarian basis JAINA's vision is to be the hub that provides community support, publishes educational materials about an values and practices, launches international aid projects, and establishes the lain community as a powerful force with global impact Guidelines: Any donation with a goal to provide welfare of animals is acceptable. Jaina Treasurer issues donation receipts to all donors for donation of $250 or more at the end of the year. Following documents are requested from each prospective Panjarapole before sending donation of $2500 or more * Tax Exempt certificate and Reserve Bank's permission to accept foreign donation 3 years' Audited financial Statements * Trustee's name, address and contact details and relation with Panjarapole if any * Photos of the panjarapole/animals, brochures etc. * Projects done by the Panjarapole and current project planning to take To provide and promote academic and cultural interchanges and cooperation among Jains in North America, India and other countries We are beginning to achieve this in hundreds of exciting ways including disaster relief initiatives, academic scholarships, and leadership summits. In order to increase communication and collaboration between our organizations and projects, nationally and globally, we have embarked on the creation of a robust infrastructure and documented process flows for our operations To assist and to promote charitable community service in North America India, and other countries JAINA designated review committee reviews above information for the approval. Donation will be sent to that organization only after approval To promote tenets of Jain religion Rap 67 aline ador 150.000 ans! Together To send donation to your choice of Animal Welfare related organization, please submit above information to Jivdaya committee chair. Additional confirmation is also requested that individual donor is neither related to that organization nor to any of the trustee. Upon approval of the review committee, donation will be sent to your choice of organization. Individual donor has to incur Jaina approved administration fee. For sending Jivdaya donation to your choice of Charity, & take charitable deduction, please contact Rita Sheth, Jivdaya Committee Chair, at or by phone (918)398-6024. We have accomplished a great deal 2015 - 2016 Vision: On an ongoing basis Jivdaya Committee tries to find projects as per JAINA Jivdaya goal in USA and India. Each year, Jivdaya committee receives appeals from panjarapoles across India and USA. Following projects are under initial review at this points 1. Help to build lake and convert 25 acre land to fertile land for growing grass for 500+ animals for 3 months, Cost Rs 7 Lalch ($11,500) & to build a shed, Cost Rs 1.5 Lakh ( 2 500) 2. Deesa Panjarapole - Build sheds and storage building - Cost Rs 6 Lakh ($ 10,000) 3. Supporting various animal shelters and promoting Ahinsa in USA ($ 5,000) 4. Vardhamn Parivar - To Support panjarapoles in Kutch and Gujarat as per needed basis for the providing Grass and medical needs - ($5,000) 5. Radhanpur Panjarapole - We are working with them for last two years for supporting various panjarapoles in North Gujarat and Rajasthan, as per needed basis for the providing Grass and medical needs ($5,000) & build an additional shed for 150 animals - Cast Rs 2.5 Lakh. ($4,000) For Contact information of Jivdaya Committee Members: visit Visit for more information, Jainism: World of Non-Violence 239 Page #121 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Young Jain Professionals YIA - Young Jains of America Jai Jinendral Young Jains of America ("YJA") welcomes you to Youth Activities at the 2015 JAINA Convention. This is the second time YJA has had the opportunity to host Youth Activities, and we couldn't be more excited for this year's convention. Our committee members have worked hard to provide the best experience for Jain youth between the ages of 14-20. We would like to thank JAINA for their unwavering support and guidance. YOUNG JAIN PROFESSIONALS Young Jain Professionals (YJP) is an organization focused primarily on professional development and networking events, spiritual development programming, and community service initiatives for young Jain professionals ages 24 - 42. Our membership has increased dramatically, we have over 1,400 email subscribers, nearly 1,000 Facebook likes and over 300 members on YJP's Linkedin group YJA's mission is to be recognized nationally and internationally as an umbrella Jain youth organization for establishing a network for and among youth to share Jain heritage and religion. To accomplish this, we bring Jain youth together for volunteer events, national dinners, and regional retreats. Additionally, YJA conventions are held biennially, gathering youth, speakers, adult volunteers, and Jain dignitaries together to raise awareness about Jain ideals and principles in North America and the world. Our 2016 YJA Convention location will be revealed soon, so please make sure you are signed-up for our e-mail marketing list. Visit for more information. YJP continues to advance its goals including: solidiflying infrastructure in terms of its Executive Board, finance, public relations, and event management, rebranding YJP's technology and communications: increasing national awareness of YJP with 50+ events, and collaborating with local Jain Centers including Mahavir Jayanti celebrations, community service, and youth participation in religious events. We hope that you join us at our next event in your area! Fowow Us La YJA is always looking for sponsors for future YJA events, as a business or as an individual, and we welcome donations of all sizes to support our monthly webinars, regional retreats, and various Jain related projects. Please consider supporting our efforts with a personal contribution to YJA today. A contribution of any amount will provide tremendous support to instill a sense of community among youth about their Jain heritage. The ultimate goal of the YJA Executive Board is to prepare today's Jain youth to become tomorrow's Jain leaders. For more information, please e-mail us at or visit, visit our booth, or stop one of the many YJA Executive Board Members or representatives at the JAINA Convention. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at a future YJA event or convention New York Atlanta Thank you, The 2014-2015 YJA Executive Board Northern California TE Boston Southern Houston California Raleigh A Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: YoungJainsof America Follow us on Twitter: @YJATweets Chicago X 240 JAINA Convention 2015 Jainism:World of Non-Violence 241 Page #122 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MESO 740-201-8112 jesvarUpa samajyA vinA, pAmyo du:kha anaMta samajAvyuM te paNa jAmuM, bIsaSNa vagadva. Industries we serve include: * Lighting * Automotive * Agricultural * Heavy Equipment * Electronics * Medical Ze salle ad Endla: vaijJALIvA cAraNamAM, te varala smRti , Sadguru Enlightens Drench in the Wisdom of Paya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Inc. TY : Gudesta machonion. For det wwwcrachanda lim Mobile and www view a d can for underwerp Webrast Pump of the wor e l ovien log on to Secil M olo www. green and Gurri Radio Mision e n a ndi Global Manufacturing Resources Supply Chain Management Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Jai Jinendra With Best Compliments Matushri Ramaben, Kirit. Pramila, Nik, Raj and Emma Daftary V 242 JAINA Convention 2015 Page #123 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CM M S International, Inc. Premium Surfaces Since 1975 35 Million Square Feet of Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tile and Hardscaping Material in Stock, Nationwide. 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