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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST A Publication by the Federation of Jain Associations in North America Fall 2005 Volume 24. No. 2 JAINA CONVENTION 2005 J SANTA CLARA COMMANDS CESTO CONVENTION 2005 03.00 For Private Personal Use Only Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cardiology Vinod K. Shah, MD, FACC A. A. Patil, MD, FACC Mahesh P Shah MD,FACC Anil K. Shah, MD, FACC Anantha Rao, MD, FACC Gastroenterology Umed K. Shah, MD, FACG Arul R. Shah, MD, FACG Nayan R. Shah, MD, FACG Sreenivas Mannam MD Pulmonology Kiran D. Mehta, MD, FCCP Neurology Beena A. Shah, MD Internal Medicine Bhasker A. Jhaveri, MD David M. Federle, MD Mary Kramer, MD Avani D. Shah, MD Dhiren Shah, MD Chandra B. Sajja, MD Manoj Panwala, MD Hematology/Oncology Gurdeep Chhabra, MD Harminder S. Sethi, MD Gerontology Anwar T. Munshi, MD, FACP Rita B. Jhaveri, MD Pediatrics Ila V. Shah, MD, FAAP M.EO. Lafeer, MD, FAAP Dawn Bertram-Stewart, MD Beena Khetpal, MD Fahmi H. Fahmi MD Pediatrics/Internal Medicine James I. Harring, MD, FAAP FACP Family Practice John E Fenwick, MD J. Patrick Jarboe, MD Robert J. Bauer, MD John L. Bennett, MD J. Scott Tidball, MD Roy H. Bunales, MD Radiology Halappa G. Hakkal, MD Harris E. Orzach, MD Psychiatry Aruna A. Patil, MD Endocrinology John Tourtelot, MD Hollywood Office Philip J. Bean Medical Center PO Box 640 24035 Three Notch Road Hollywood, MD 20636 301-373-7900 Leonardtown Offices Shanti Medical Center PO Box 664 26840 Point Lookout Road, Suite 101 Leonardtown, MD 20650 301-475-5577 301-475-5524 St. Mary's Medical Arts Building PO Box 306 22650 Cedar Lane Court Leonardtown, MD 20650 310-475-5021 301-475-5023 Prince Frederick Office Calvert Medical Office Building 110 Hospital Road, Suite 303 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 410-535-4333 Lexington Park Office 22335 Exploration 11.Suite 1030 & 1035 Lexington Park, MD 20653 301-863-7041 301-863-9000 California Office PO. Box 540 23263 By the Mill Road California, MD 20619 301-863-5835 Charlotte Hall Office Charlotte Hall Medical Centre PO. Box 507 29795 Three Notch Road Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 301-884-7322 301-884-7330 Mechanicsville Office Village Medical Annex 28160 Old Village Road, Suite A Mechanicsville, MD 20659 301-884-4666 Washington Area 831 University Blvd, #32 Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-445-4430 JAIN TEMPLE, WASHINGTON, DC 2000 JAI JINENDRA Dialogue Between Master And Student कहं चरे कहं चिट्ठे कहमासे कहं सए । कहं भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्मं न बंधई ॥ चैतम Ener TAN What should be the mode of movements? Of standing, sitting, lying, eating or talking So that there is no bondage and karma Emanating from our daily activities? जयं चरे जयं चिट्ठे जयमासे जयं सए । जय भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्म न बंधई ॥ When you walk, walk with awareness. When you stand, be mindful. When you sit, be aware. When you sleep, be peaceful. When you eat and speak, be watchful. Commit no harm, to any living being, Which may invite painful karmic consequences. Dasavaíkalika 429 BC We dedicate ourselves to ceaseless efforts of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, in spreading the principles of Jainism among all the Jains settled in North America. We congratulate the Executive Committee for their devoted service to JAINA. SHAH ASSOCIATES, M.D., L.L.C. Shanti Medical Center, P.O. Box 664, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone: 301-475-5579 Metro 301-870-2049 Fax 301-884-7419yo Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST From the President..... Summer 2005 Vol.24 No. 3 Circulation: 11000 In This Issue Executive Committee ................ From The Editor in Chief ........ 3 Farewell Message from Past President Anop Vora ................ 4 Achievements of2003-2005 ...... 5 JAINA Committees ............... 6 Headquaters News ............. 2006 JAINA Yatra Samayiks ....... Extending Jain Heritage ........ Regional News ...................... Fellow JAINA members, Jai Jinendra; Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your President. I am humbled by the trust you have placed in me, and I assure you I will carry out my responsibility with integrity and honor. Let me at the outset commend our immediate Past-President Anopbhai Vora and his executive committee for having done an excellent job in serving JAINA. I know it would be a hard act to follow, but with the continuing support of our past leadership and with the infusion of some of the newer talent on our team, I am ready to lead. Today I sense a growing need for the role of Jainism in the world faced with war and terrorism. With each generation of Jains, here, in India, and abroad, we face new challenges in maintaining our faith and our community. Yet through the joint efforts of JAINA, and its constituent chapters and individuals, we can take our community to unprecedented levels and pass on a remarkable legacy to future generations. My vision revolves around empowering Jains at every level. Our greatest achievement is that JAINA has brought our global Jain community together. We need to look beyond our individual sects and realize that we will always be more alike than we are different. Regardless of sectarian or ritualistic differences we are Jains at heart, and will remain so. We are very fortunate that in our adopted country we have the opportunity to worship with Jains from different sects and regions of India. This allows us to develop mutual respect for each other through better understanding and personal experience of broader views and customs. With this enhanced appreciation and knowledge base, JAINA has committed itself to advocating a nonsectarian approach that allows Jains of all backgrounds to work together for common good of Jainism. Mere words wouldn't suffice. We must act now. I will start with JAINA itself and appoint a committee to review and suggest whatever changes are necessary to ensure that our constitution is compatible with this mission of unification. Eventually, I am eager to build JAINA with the most willing and qualified people from our many centers who are dedicated to this underlying theme that I am so vigorously advocating. The local Sanghs are our greatest resource. In order to perpetuate a message of unification throughout our network of Jains, we need to find a mechanism to involve their leaders in the inter-workings of JAINA, Only by giving a greater and more direct voice to these individuals can JAINA claim to be representative of all Jains. Pending the appointment and work of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, it is my personal appeal to all Sanghs to please nominate your most willing and dedicated people to work with JAINA, whether as a director or a committee member. JAINA's best work is done by its committees; therefore let us strengthen these committees by dedicated and broadminded, able and willing, people. And, let me be sure our youths have the opportunity to develop and become our future leaders. I plan to integrate them on many of our committees. Additionally, I plan to appoint a special task force to explore with me the creation of our first Jain Senior Citizen Community Center. My vision is to establish a permanent JAINA headquarter adjunct with this center. Hopefully, based on our model, many other Jain Senior Citizen Centers would crop up all across North America adjoining existing or new Jain centers. In discussing with many of you, I have become fully cognizant of the need for such an initiative. I plan to begin serious work on this project I also need your support in strengthening JAINA as a financially strong and well endowed entity. As you are well aware, many religious organizations in the western hemisphere thrive on some sort of centrally endowed entity that enables their growth and perpetuation. I suggest it is high time we begin to think along those lines in order to provide a framework for our future generations to feel proud of. Therefore, I will invite you to join me in creating an endowment that, with seed money, would allow us to address our coordinated needs for creating centers of Jain Studies at various regional universities, as well as promoting (continued on page 4) 1 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Book Review ................... Regional News ..................... Affiliate News ........................ MIS Registration Form .......... Matrimonials Appeal for Bombay flood ....... Convention 2005 report ..........32 Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to Jain DIGEST CIRCULATION Federation of JAINA PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Jan Education mematena Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST A publication of the FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA (JAINA) EDITOR IN CHIEF Lata Champsee 21 Swiftdale Place Don Mills, ONT, Canada M3B IM3 Phone: 416/441-2200 fax: 416/441-2211 email: COVER DESIGN Dhrumil Purohit email: REGIONAL EDITORS Canada Dr.Mahendra Mehta email: Phone/Fax 416/241-2044 Midwest, US Manubhai Doshi email: Phone: 847/735-0120 Northeast, US Dineshbhai Chheda email: Phone: 973/394-1701 Southeast, US Surendra Shah Phone: 770/422-1483 Southwest, US Jadavji Kenia email: Phone: 972/690-3593 West, US Chandrakant Parekh Phone: 562-926-5663 Fax: 562-926-5664 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Young Minds Hanul Bhandari 210-842-4825, Chirag K. Shah 262-880-6918, Matrimonials Hasmukh Shah 304 Tall Oak Trail Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-7711 Phone: 727-934-6141 / 3255 MANAGING BOARD Lata Champsee, Managing Director Dilip V Shah, Marketing Director Keerti Shah, Circulation Director The Managing Editorial Board will endeav or to publish all material submitted but reserves the right to edit and/or reformat for clarity and space restrictions. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Managing Editorial Board of JAIN DIGEST. Jain Education Intemational Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JAINA COMMITTEES President Academic Liaison Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Kirit C. Daftary Phone: 254/776-4209, Fax: 254/753-1411 First Vice President Dilip V. Shah Phone: 215-561-0581 Fax: 215-567-3146 Regional Vice Presidents Jashvant Mehta, Canada Phone: 780-435-9070 Ila G. 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NY Kutchhi Oswal Jain Association of North America(KOJAIN) Shri Mahavir Jain Foundation, Santa Ana, CA Jain Academic Foundation of N. America, Lubbock TX NORTHEAST Regular Boston Buffalo Cherry Hill Essex Fells Hudson Valley New York Ocen Orange Philadelphia Pittsburgh Rochester Washington Associate Albany Allentown Elmira Harrisburgh Hartford Syracuse Calendar Committee Rajeev Pandya 718-816-0083 Constitution Review Committee Manibhai Mehta 714-898-3156 2. JAIN DIGEST Govt.& Int'l Organizations Relations Dhiraj H. Shah 716-773-1314 Interfaith Activies/World Council of Jains Arvind Vora 631-269-1167 Jain Center Resource Nitin Shah 562-902-0277 Jain Digest Membership Keerti Shah 630-837-8716 Jain Network Forum (JNF) Sunil Jain 630-705-1884 Jain Rituals Naresh Shah 516-741-9269 Jaina Book Stores Rohit H. Doshi 607-754-6010 Jaina Charitable Trust Mahendra K. Pandya 718-816-0083 Jaina Convention Board Kirit Daftary 254-776-4209 Jaina Education Pravin K. 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Mehta 419-865-2727 North American Jains History Jasvant Mehta 780-435-9070 Patron Program Udai Jain 281-980-0741 Pilgrimage Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 Planned Giving Committee Yogesh Kamdar 203-288-2350 Scholar Visitation Nirmal Dosi 732-390-0296 Senior's Housing Gunvant Shah 732-246-4030 Technology Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Tirthodhdhar Committee Kirit Daftary 254-776-4209 V. R. Gandhi Scholarship Fund Pravin C. Shah 516-248-8265 Website Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 Wheel of Hope Ramesh P. Shah 440-442-4596 World Community Service Bachubhai S. Ajmera 301-924-8070 YJA and YJP Coordinator Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Young Jains of America (YJA) Chintan Shah 212-682-5246 Young Jain Professionals (YJP) Mayur Shah 415-462-8030 CANADA Regular Toronto Aneciate Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Vancouver SOUTHWEST Regular Dallas Houston Phoenix Associate Tulsa Lubbock Colorado WEST Regular Los Angles San Francisco Associate Las Vegas Portland Sacramento San Diego Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ From Editor In Chief: Jai Jinendra ! JAIN DIGEST congratulates JCNC for successfully hosting Convention 2005. We acknowledge thousands of hours spent by the volunteers in making it a success. JAIN DIGEST congratulates the new Executive FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA Past Presidents of JAINA 1981-83 1995-97 Manibhai Mehta 1983-85 Manoj Dharamshi President Kirit C. Daftary 1997-99 Dhiraj Shah 2003-2005 Anop R. Vora 289 2 5 Executive Committee for the 2005 - 2007 First Vice President Dilip V. Shah Regional Vice Presidents: Midwest US Canada Jashvant Shah Ila G. Shah Committee under the leadership of Mr. Kirit Daftary and wishes them the very best. We would like to hear from you, Share your ideas through letters to the Editor. Feel free to send in any articles or information you may wish to share it with the community at large. Hope to hear from you. Lata Champsee 1985-87 Tansukh Salgia 1999-2001 Mahendra K. Pandya Secretary Lata Champsee Northeast US Gunvant Shah Southeast US Deepika Dalal 1987-93 Sulekh Jain 3. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 2001-2003 Bipin D. Parikh Treasurer Pravin Shah 1993-95 Jagat Jain Southwest US Udai Jain West US Bipin Shah Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FAREWELL MESSAGE FROM THE OUTGOING PRESIDENT Jai Jinendra! I thank every one-especially the members of the JAINA Executive Committee and the Working Committees- for helping me during the last two years of my presidency. I have made a humble attempt in propelling JAINA forward and hope that I am leaving JAINA in a better shape than when I took it over as President. I have put in place a lot of changes whose impact may not be seen right away but I am sure will be felt for years to come. Some of our community members ask: What has JAINA done for me? We have devoted this whole issue of Jain Digest to make you aware of what JAINA is doing for you. Please study the breadth and depth of JAINA's operations. If it is not catering to your needs and if you think it is going in the wrong direction, please speak up and get involved. On the other hand if you feel JAINA is providing many valuable services to the community and them please nurture and support it. Remember you have the power to shape the future of JAINA. To improve the future of JAINA, people should be asking a different question: What can I do for JAINA? As new leaders step in, JAINA will keep marching forward. I truly believe that JAINA as an organization has a huge potential. Our challenge has been and will always be to unite the people with different backgrounds and styles and steer them in the right direction to realize the potential. If we forget our differences, behave like Jain brothers and sisters and pull in the same direction, we can move mountains. On a personal level, the last two years have been a gratifying and growing experience for me. I have come in contact with so many talented people from whom I have learned a great deal. Having tackled several difficult problems at JAINA, I feel I have a much better understanding of ANEKANTWAD and EQUANIMITY. No amount of book reading would have done that! I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity. I will always cherish the pleasant memories of my association with many new friends and acquaintances for years to come. With Warmest Personal Regards, anta.vora Anop R. Vora (cent from page 1) From the President.... growth of additional Jain centers and temples within reach of many more communities within our midst. As I plough my way through many other areas of interest, please forward your feedback to me so I can formalize my approach to start this important initiative. Whatever we do, one thing is certain that JAINA will not support a non-unified approach to funding any effort. As a convener for the last two years I have come across many talented and hard driving people across the country. I have come to realize that in order for the JAINA convention to be truly reflective of JAINA, we need to approach it without burdening the resources of a particular Sangh, at least not for detailed planning and coordination. It would be perfectly justifiable to involve many volunteers for the actual execution, but it would perhaps be wiser to involve professional planners for detailed planning and coordination. I am going to ponder some more on this subject and with the help of our new executive committee see how best to undertake the next convention. Finally, we must not forget that JAINA's future rests in the hands of its individuals, its Sanghs, and the collective effort of its committees and leaders. We stand at the edge of greatness and now the Jain way of life is needed more than ever in the global community. It is time that Ahimsa and Anekantvad become internationally understood terms. Through our own example of Jain way of living and leading, we can awaken global consciousness and make our Jain community stronger than ever. Join me in making these visions a reality. With best wishes cil Kirit Daftary 4. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ACHIEVEMENTS OF JAINA DURING MY PRESIDENCY (2003-2005) I was very active with the Jain Society of Rochester and with the International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya until 1995. In the spring of that year, Mahendra Dosi from Houston and Chandrakant Khasgiwala from Boston called me and urged me to get involved in JAINA. They thought I should be able help JAINA as it was going through a turbulent period at the time. I was elected as the Regional VP for North East. After serving in that capacity for 4 years, I became a Treasurer (1999-2001), First VP and Convention Convener (2001-2003) and then the President in July of 2003. Two years is a very short period to make a big impact on a large organization like JAINA but with the help from the Executive Committee members, I have made quite a difference. I led a cohesive team and came up with many changes. Here are the highlights of the initiatives: 1. Soon after I became the President, JAINA Committees were restructured. Some of them were eliminated; new ones were added to reflect the changing needs of the community. 2. We reactivated the Patron Program and raised $65,000. This should contribute to the financial well being of JAINAon a longer-term basis. 9. JAINA has added 3 more Jain centers on our roster during the last two years. They are Greater Binghamton Jain Sangh, Atlantic Jain Sangh, and Delaware Jain Sangh. 10. We formed a new committee called Exhibition Committee. JAINA's successful booth at Barcelona successfully encouraged us to create infrastructure to set up booths at other locations. We plan to create long term display materials instead of 3. To disseminate important news quickly, we started reinventing the wheel every time. We had a booth at 2005 electronics newsletter called JAINA Spectrum. Convention and will keep doing it where appropriate. 4. We made further progress in improving the quality of Jain Digest. Now you see more colors, more photographs, religious articles, and timely printing and distribution. We raised our circulation to 9,500 from 8,000 families. 11. We wholeheartedly supported the Ahimsa Center chaired by Prof. Tara Sethia of California State University (Pamona) by our financial contribution and by becoming a charter member. 5. There has been a desire to revise the JAINA Constitution for a long time. I am pleased to inform you that we are very close to sharing with you a draft of the revised constitution. Upon approval, it will attract more volunteers and JAINA will become more efficient. The whole process might take another 3 to 4 months to finalize but it is gratifying to note that we have been able to finish most of the grunt work. 6. We gave a major push to the interfaith activities over the last two years. The attendance to the World Parliament of Religions by the JAINA delegation was a watershed event. We funded this project with $15,000 from general funds, drew delegates from UK and India, formed a Unified Jain Group and put on a good performance with one voice. I personally stayed with the delegation at Barcelona for 8 days and participated fully. After the success of this event, JAINA started working closely with other interfaith groups such as Religions for Peace in USA and sharing the message of Lord Mahavir with the mainstream America. 7. I brought in new blood by recruiting four new professionals who are experts in their fields into JAINA and assigned them to three new committees: Legal Advisory Committee, Media & Public Relations Committee and Planned Giving Committee. We have made use of the Legal Advisory Committee several times over the last year or so; allowing us to handle legal issues more effectively. In the past, many of us tried to be our own lawyers! A very dangerous practice in the modern world. Media & Public Relations Committee has raised JAINA's visibility in the press as well as in the influential circles, which we have found to be very beneficial. To give you a concrete example, we would not have been able to get visa for Rakeshbhai Zaveri without the help from this committee. Planned Giving Committee has a huge potential to make JAINA financially strong on a long-term basis. 8. We revamped the JAINA website completely. It is dynamic and more attractive, informative, educational and effective. I decided that for this most important tool to foster unity, we could no longer depend on voluntary efforts. We needed a professional touch and needed to spend some money. Now you can log on to and see the result. Infrastructure is in place to develop it further. 12. The Jivdaya Committee became very active under the leadership of Pramodaben Chitrabhanu. She raised substantial funds and became more pro-active for the cause. 13. JAINA supported the initiative taken by the Jain Center of Greater Boston for publishing a revised edition of JAIN Directory and provided them with the JAINA database. We also printed their message in JAINA Spectrum and Jain Digest regularly and encouraged their efforts all along. 14. I am especially proud of another committee called "Education Committee" that published more books during the last 2 years. These books have now earned international recognition. 15. We were successful in convincing many Jain centers to channel their funds raised for the victims of Tsunami tragedy through JAINA. This will enable JAINA to build a school Andaman Island in the near future. 16. Because of the changing needs, we eliminated Temple Guidelines Committee and replaced it with another committee called Jain Centers Resource Committee. This committee has made an excellent beginning (Refer to the last issue of Jain Digest). We expect it to be a major source of information and guidance for any Jain Center who is interested in building a temple. 5. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES 17. We brought in a young and energetic leader to lead the Long Range Planning right after I assumed the Presidency. His work has convinced many JAINA leaders to start discussing long-term problems faced by our community. It is gratifying to note the Dr. Deepak Jain of Kellogg Business School has taken interest in this topic and was kind enough to hold a conference in Chicago recently and will continue to advise us in the future. 18. We ran into a tricky problem at Niagara Falls when we discovered that the local Jain community was about to create a sectarian temple unintentionally. We convinced the people about the advisability of having a non-sectarian temple and they graciously agreed. Some individuals were a bit uncomfortable with JAINA's involvement. However in the final analysis, facts prevailed and most of the people including the local leadership were very satisfied with the outcome. 19. There was an old dispute among NJ representatives, YJA and NJ Jain Sangh about the use of surplus funds from the 2002 YJA convention held in NJ. I got involved personally, talked to the parties concerned and was able to settle the dispute to the satisfaction of every one concerned. 20. I spent 8 days in Ladnu in Jan. 2005, met with Acharya Mahapragyaji and his disciples as well as the leaders of Viswa Bharati Institute and established long-term relationship. I expect this relationship to blossom-going forward and prove beneficial to both. ACADEMIC LIASION JAINA COMMITTEES This new committee was formed in March 2004 to create liaison with academic institutions in North America (museums, libraries, schools and colleges) to expand the scope of Jain studies. As a first project we supported formation of Ahimsa Center at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, California under the leadership of Prof. Tara Sethia. The center's objective is to establish classes in Ahimsa philosophy in daily lives at the University. It also plans to create workshops and develop curriculum for K1-K12 schools working with teachers so that Ahimsa is promoted in daily life. Several other programs being looked at are programs at Stanford University and Univ. of Pennsylvania. We are in the process of cataloging Jain studies in North America. Girish P. Shah, Chairman 21. I have laid the groundwork for the Senior Housing Project. I believe that it is going to pick up momentum within a very near future. We established contacts with several interested parties and a solid project is going to emerge before too long. 22. With the help of several individuals, I initiated the Unity Declaration and Pledge drive and took it to the 2005 Convention floor. I expect it to find worldwide support as the message reaches to the main stream Jain community. 23. JAINA is better off financially now because of many changes I made in the areas of accounting and finance over the last few years. Being a financial professional myself, I was able to contribute a lot to the JAINA Accounting and Convention Budgeting processes. I generated a sizeable surplus from 2003 convention (first time in the history of JAINA) and then, more importantly, used the money prudently during my presidency. Running a large and complex organization like JAINA is not a one person's job. To run it successfully for any length of time requires help and co-operation from many people. I was blessed with high quality volunteers i.e. members of Executive Committee, members of over 40 committees, and many others. I am very grateful to them all because I honestly feel that I would not have achieved much without their dedication and hard work. I hope we have made a lasting imprint on JAINA that will keep it moving and growing for years for the benefit our community. CALENDAR & MINI-LIBRARY This was envisioned as a way of preserving the past and bringing our rich heritage to Jains in North America. The annual JAINA Calendar has been freely distributed to over 11,000 Jain families across North America and other parts of the world for the last six years. Since the year 2000, we have received over 1/4 Million Dollars in donations and mailed over 50,000 Calendars and 4,000 Mini-Library Book sets. This has enabled the JAINA Calendar and the JAINA Mini-Library to grow in size, detail and scope of coverage due to the generous response and valuable suggestions received from thousands of families. The JAINA Calendars has helped to take its readers over thousands of years and miles back to the rich history of Jain Arts and Architecture. Monthly pages includes pictures of architecturally and historically important Jain Temples, Tirths, Cave Temples, Mountain Carvings, Mana-Stambhas (Towers), depict the richness and vastness of Jain culture across the Indian SubContinent, as well as establishing the Jain religion as one of the most ancient. The monthly dates shows us the American, Indian, Jain and Hindu Holidays. We can see at a glance the Jain Tithi's and our Tirthankaras Janm and Moksha days. It also includes images of authentic Jain scriptures, mantras, shlokas, and sayings. The JAINA Calendars also keeps our community informed about JAINA, its Objectives, and its many 6. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Publications. All the JAIN Affiliate Centers and Committees are JAIN CENTER RESOURCE listed with their Presidents' name and contact information. • This JAINA Calendar & Mini-Library project has helped us to enhance the image of JAINA and the Jains of North America as an institution working to preserve and promote the Jain heritage in the Western world. In addition, it reminds us to pass on our great and ancient culture to our next generation. Rajeev Pandya, Chairman CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE Constitution update and revision committee has been working for almost a year and had many conference calls and emails. We have come to revising the updates, which are almost ready to be sent to executive committee, and after its approval by executive committee it will be sent to all directors for ratification. Manibhai Mehta, Chairman GOVT. & INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS RELATIONS Jain Center Resource Committee (JCRC) was formed in Oct 2004. The committee members are as under: 1. Nitin Shah from Southern California - Chairman Naresh Shah from New York 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 5. 6. Arvind Vora, Chairman Ravindra Kobawala from Chicago Jitendra Shah from Northern California Niranjan Humbad from Detroit Uday Jain from Houston Purpose: To interact with US @ Indian Govt. On behalf Nitin Shah, Chairman of JAINA to benefit Jain community of N. America as well as People of India. To represent JAINA at International Organizations. Achievements: 1. Successfully maintain Registration of JAINA with US and Indian Govt. The committee has so far discussed various issues and was able to put together temple process guidelines that are available on JAINA's website. The guidelines will be very useful to the member centers to start a new center or to expand their existing centers. JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERSHIP Mission and Stated goal of the committee is to increase life membership of Jain Digest and see that each and every Jain 2. Established relationship with World Jain Confederation and family in North America gets a copy of Jain Digest. Main goal worked with them on many fronts. is to update the JD mailing list. Dhiraj Shah M. D., Chairman I have received calls from various centers for different types of help. I have provided help to what ever extent possible. I will like to mention specifically about Peoria (less then 10 Jain families), Illinois I was very privileged and honored to be able to work with Peoria Center's great endeavor of placing a Jain Tirthankar Pratima in a Hindu-Jain temple. Please feel free to contact us for any question about temple. We still have resources available but we sure can use more resources. We need help of all committee members to bring INTERFAITH The current Interfaith committee has been effective since awareness of JD in their community and help us to increase life October 2003 membership and try to get some advertisements for JD to reduce the cost of publication. Established core Interfaith committee Successful programs in the Parliament of World's Religions in Barcelona, Spain In my opinion this committee can create a committee to bring advertisements for JD to offset the publication cost. Jaina 3. Unified programs with Jains from US, UK & India as convention board needs to think about charging $5 to $10 per well as monks and nuns from various sects. registration to offset the cost of JD publication. 4. Posters for Exhibition: ready for use by any center. 5. Keerti Shah. Chairman "Jainism" flyer ready for use by any Jain Center. Presentation on Jainism and Environment ready for use 6. by any Jain Center (Power Point Presentation) 7. Established close working relationship with JAINA JAIN NETWORK FORUM (JNF) Education Committee critical to design well coordinated information flyers, literature and presentations. JNF provides networking and matrimonial opportunity to can 8. Interfaith news items increasingly sent to JAINA didates in USA and all over the world. JNF online is simplified Spectrum and Jain Digest. database and search engine with complete profile of candidates. Major achievements since inception: A much needed online service from JAINA. It is kept alive after 2001 Jaina convention ) This committee's long-term goal is to increase the awareness of JD, increase the life membership of JD and find other sources of revenue to make it self-sufficient. JAINA COMMITTEES 7. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES and reused by Jaina 2003 convention. In addition we have Financial Status: added more than 80 candidates outside of conventions. We have The education committee has received $50,000 as an advance registered over 50 candidates in last 2 years. Recently updating from thirty supporting centers and $10,000 in contribution status of more than 500 candidates in our database. from various individuals. So far it has supplied about $53,000 of Päthashälä books to the supporting centers. It has about Sunil Jain, Chairperson $10,000 in books inventory and it has only $7000 cash left in JAINA education committee account. The estimated publishing and distribution cost of the remaining RITUAL COMMITTEE: JAINA education material is approximately $60,000. We also need to maintain two years of inventory of all education books. Purpose of this committee is to help train and guide local cen- Hence we estimate that at a minimum, the Education ters in performing JAIN rituals according to Jain scriptures. Committee should have $80,000 in reserve support this project. Guide to perform all types of JAIN puja including PRATISH- We need contribution from individuals as well as from various TA ceremony and MAHA PUJANS. This committee also helps Jain centers to build the reserve of $80,000. to prepare local persons to perform VIDHI BY GUIDING Jaina education committee has built a strong team of Jain AND PROVIDING materials. we have performed pratishta Päthashälä educators, editors, and distributors. It has produced and maha pujans at Las Vegas, Houston, Wichita(Kansas) good quality Päthashälä education material, which is recognized Niagara Falls(Ontario), Tulsa(Ok). not only in USA and Canada but also worldwide. The JAINA education material is not copy righted material. Naresh Shah, Chairperson You are free to make copies and we request you to distribute it on a cost/ non-profit basis. If you have any comments or sug gestions please let us know. JAINA BOOK STORE: Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson During the last year JAINA Book store sent free of cost to each of the center TEERTH DARSHAN a 3 volume Encyclopedia of all the Teerths in India. This colorful set can be EXHIBITION a valuable asset to the center's library. Additionally, JAINA This committee was formed in year 2005. The purpose of BOOK STORE this committee is to spread Jain principles between Jain as well Continues to provide Jain religious books and as Non-Jain communities through attractive exhibitions. tapes to patrons at cost Target: Jain centers, schools, libraries, and universities shipped over 250 orders across North America. Support Interfaith, educational and outAdded 10 new titles in last two years reach activities of other committees, prepare supplemental (program to date 25 titles) brochures, booklets, and multi-media presentations promoting Jainism. Rohit Doshi, Chairperson Achievements: Created a 16 panel Jain exhibition that was displayed at the Parliament of the World's religions, Barcelona, Spain. This exhibition is targeted for interfaith audiJAINA EDUCATION ence. The exhibition has since been displayed at various inter faith as well as Jain Center events throughout the country and is The following summarizes the Activity of past two years. available at the cost of two way shipping. • 13 of 14 Päthashälä Education items (Books, CD, and Game) A large, 70 panel Exhibition is being designed and produced for are complete and published (June 2005) the JAINA Convention July '05 • 33 Jain Centers have Päthashälä and they have purchased Theme: "UNDERSTANDING JAIN WAY OF LIFE" $50,000 Jaina Education material Exhibition Highlights • Short description of each Jaina Education Material • Displays on Jain history, culture, scholars and scriptures, • Jain Dictionary is created for consistence spelling it's contribution to various fields of science and literature. • Simplified Diacritical Mark system is implemented • Displays on Jain philosophy and its applications • Jain Päthashälä Teachers and Educators e-Group is created. Displays on Jain art, architecture and temples • Jain Päthashälä Teachers Conference in Los Angeles in 2001 . Displays on current trends in Jainism including • One Stop Station for all Jaina Education Information: JAINA, its activities and it's accomplishments • Website - - Education Committee - Education . Various Quotations from Jainism Material Folder Replica of original Jain Art on fabric. •$$$PathashalaBooks/ Sudhir Shah, Chairperson • All Jaina Education Books (published and unpublished in pdf) for your review and use Jain Eucation Intemational 8. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES JAINA/JCSC NATIONAL LIBRARY • Drafted several policy statements for delivery in national media. (i.e. JAINA Code of ethics & Conduct, Faith The JAINA/JCSC National Library is located in Jain based Charity, Gun control, Racial Profiling, Affirmative Center of Southern California (JCSC) in Buena Park near Los action). Angeles. . Representing JAINA at Interfaith Conference and All books in Gujarati, Hindi, English and Sanskrit have Interfaith Alliance of DC. been catalogued. We recently received 353 books donated by • Represented JAINA at The White House conference Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun bringing the total number of books on "Faith-Based & Community Initiatives" as well as "Caring to approximately 6,000. for ill and Dying while respecting one's Faith". To fulfill the aim of making the library collection avail- . Arranged all phases of Jain Prayer in the U.S. able to any interested member in the United States and Canada, Congress in May 2001. In 2000 and 2001 organized Jain prayer a comprehensive list of the library books is available on the at Maryland General Assembly as well as Jain Pilgrimage exhibinternet at We encountered a problem with it at Washington Smithsonian Museum. Now working on Jain LibrarySoft software in updating the old web list with the latest Prayer in U.S. Senate waiting for scheduling. complete list of books in all languages. It should be resolved soon. Accomplishments since July 2003: Any interested member can search the books by title or • Organizing Partner with George Washington author, and send an e-mail request to the librarian to forward University Interfaith Service (GWIS) Foundation in organizing the material to him/her. The material will be mailed to the two conferences: requester within 10 days. The recipient will be responsible for . Compelled to Relationship: What does your scripreturning it to the library. tures says about it? The library will be moved in July 2005 to the adjoining . Religious Accommodation in Care of ill and dying? new Cultural Complex in order to renovate the current facility. . Acquired "Letter from President Bush" for Ahinsa We humbly request donations for the library upkeep. Day 2003 Presented qualification and documents requirements Ramesh Shah, Chairperson for "R" visa vs. visitor visa - JAINA meeting Oct 2003. • Assisted in Development of JAINA exhibit - Sudhir Shah, Dilip Bobra JAINA PUBLIC AFFAIRS COUNCIL • Development of JAINA Code of Ethics and Conducts draft - Sushil Jain/ Mamta Shaha Purpose: • Organized Strategic development conference in • Educate the North American public about Jainism, partnership with Long Range Planning committee at Kellogg culture and heritage. Institute of Management - Sushil, Sunit and Manoj Jain • Educate the Jain American community about our civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights; and work to Sushil Jain, M.D. Chairperson protect and promote these rights. • Develop resources and provide services to empower the community to fully realize and enjoy the aforementioned rights. JAINA PUBLICATION 5. Members: Sushil Jain - MD Coordinator 1. Publication of Children Books from Jr. KG to 2nd Manoj Dharamsi - VA Sudhir K. Shah - CT Standard in Association with Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana Anant K. Jain - TX Manoj K. Jain - TN 2. Free Distribution of above books in North America Mamta Shaha - NY Amar Salgia - CA 3. Publication of English Songs for children from Jr. KG to Gunvant (Gary) Shah - NY Dilip K. Bobra - AZ 2nd Standard in Association with Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana Gabriel Figueroa - TX 4. Free Distribution of above songs in North America Accomplishments since inception: Preparation of Jain Games - can be played in Computer . Wrote letters to many newspapers and magazines 6. Free Distribution of above games in North America correcting myths and misinformation published regarding 7. Publication of Animated stories and songs on Jain culture Jainism in various media publications. Took the opportunity to 8. Free Distribution of above stories and songs educate media regarding Jainism and established local points of 9. Work in progress for Jain Books for children from contact to avoid misinformation. Standard 3rd till early college levels. · Led a multi-pronged protest against Sun micro Systems in their three attempts to use Jain as their product Dr. Prem Gada, Chairperson exclusive trademark in US Patent office. We were able to pre vent this from occurring. Jain Education Intemational 9 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES JIVDAYA Achievements of the last two years: • Added three new Jain Centers to the JAINA net2004-2005 was a year when Jivdaya committee really became work, bringing the total strength to 65 member associations. active and put in practice our core belief. We received donations to JIVDAYA from twenty different centers so that we could sup- Kamlesh Shah, Chairman: port animal shelters and panjarapols. We joined hands with The Vegetarian Society of Bombay (Compassion for Life) to channel collected funds to small panjarapols in remote parts who may MARRIAGE INFORMATION SERVICE not have facilities to accept foreign funds. Now anyone in North America can designate his or her favorite animal shelter to Marriage Information Service was promoted at the receive their donation and our committee will work with that Toronto Convention of JAINA in July 1989. I took over the charity. Last year we distributed $25,000 to 14 animal shelters work of MIS from Mr. F. J. Dalal, from end of 1993. in India and this year our goal is to double our collection. The years 2003, 2004 and current year have been hectic with the growth and rising interest of the community as the Pramodaben Chitrabhanu, Chairperson number of young adults of marriageable age is growing rapidly. Approximately 1625 candidates' information is stored in MIS Database, out of which approx. 366 ads were published during MEDIA / PUBLIC RELATIONS the last two years. These are mostly new registrants. So far about 400 boys and girls married / engaged with The Media and Public Relations Committee came into the help of MIS. This figure might be more than this as we do existence primarily in 2004. Our objectives are to represent not get feedback from the registrants after they are married / JAINA in the best possible way to the outside world and to engaged. With our own net-work we could get this figure. interact with various media outlets to ensure coverage of More and more Jains are taking interest in Matrimonial JAINA's events in the media. During 2004, the Media and ads published in Jain Digest and by also contacting MIS for Public Relations committee has made a concerted effort to high- more information and requesting to provide suitable leads. light every newsworthy event in the media. Events like JAINA medical camps; Ahimsa Center, Barcelona Conference, etc have Objective: generally been covered nicely by the media. We have established • Jains to marry Jains. a rapport with various media outlets and are gradually educating . Institutions of MARRIAGE and FAMILY to continthem about JAINA's objectives and activities. A similar effortue to be the foundation of cultural values of the society-in-forhas also been initiated in other areas. For example, educating mation and taking roots outside India. and informing the members of the US Congress about JAINA . Candidates to be provided with wider choices for and Jainism. We will continue to put the best foot forward and compatible, durable and happy marriages. publicize JAINA's newsworthy activities on a regular basis to the . Creating awareness about the selection process in outside world. "Marriage" among the Jain community through scientific techWe are involved in the planning of JAINA Convention nique of Communication and Counseling based on 2005 and helping with Marketing/Public Relations tasks. Information. Nitin Talsania, Chairperson Hasmukh M. Shah, Chairperson JAINA MEMBERSHIP NORTH AMERICAN JAIN HISTORY Purpose: To strengthen JAINA by bringing Jain families across This committee was established in Summer of 2004 to North America under the umbrella of JAINA through their Jain write the History of Jains in North America. It is believed that Centers. the Jains arrived to North America (NA) over 100 years ago. As Major achievements since inception: population of Jains increased, it led to establishment of Jain • Encouraged many small Jain groups and associations Centers and JAINA. This increased the awareness and spread of to become a member of JAINA. Jainism in NA. • Promoted JAINA by explaining numerous benefits • Questionaire and related information was develof becoming a member association of JAINA. oped and sent to all Jain Centers in NA. • Promoted individual subcommittees of JAINA, e.g. . Addresses of Jain Centers were established with the Education, MIS, Scholar Visitation, etc. help of Jaina. • Assisted a number of Jain study groups and associa- . Contact with all Jain Centers were established. tions through the membership application process. . Packages of questionaires were sent out electronical• Developed simplified documentation to facilitate ly as well as by mail. faster approval of new applications. . History article appeared in the Jain Digest to Jain Education Interational 10. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ increase the awareness of the Project • tion. Continuous follow up is made to gather informa- above. Since the committee has just recently been formed, we Todate about a dozen Centers have sent history of will report our achievements toward the end of this year. their Centers. Yogesh Kamdar, Chairperson Jasant Mehta, Chairperson PATRON PROGRAM ⚫ In the fall of 2003, when the patron program concept was reintroduced, one of our primary goals was to effectively bring about improved communications between JAINA and the Jain Centers. From all indications, great strides have been made towards accomplishing this. As a result of our efforts during this campaign, we have enrolled fifty-seven (57) new patrons of different rankings. With the upcoming program, we hope to receive the input of yourself as well as the Directors and Presidents of the individual nationwide Jain centers. On this basis, our intentions are to prepare a new submission to further our goals for this year. As per the provisions of the 2003 program, we have now provided each Grand and Gold Patron with a copy of the Teerth Darshan Book. At the time of the next convention, we anticipate providing this benefit to program enrollees of all ranks. Udai Jain, Chairperson PILGRIMAGE ing on power point presentations regarding the topics listed PLANNED GIVING 2. Also to inform our members about ways to minimize Income Taxes, Capital Gain Taxes, and Estate Taxes, while passing on their long saved assets to their children, grand children and future generations as well as helping JAINA and Jain Centers become financially stronger and achieve their long term goals. SCHOLARS VISITATION We now have a committee of four professionals who have started working on marketing material and are currently work Purpose: To help all Jain centers in North America celebrate Paryushana/ Das Laxana / Mahaveer Jayanti. Help coordinate lectures of Jain scholars at all of our centers. Develop and guide local scholars. Help and coordinate temple Sthapana and develop sense of unity among Jains in North America. Major achievements since inception: • Pioneered Scheduling scholars lectures starting 1978, 3 years before JAINA was formed (1981) • One of the earliest committees in JAINA whose worked inspired many people. • Working with fourteen monks and seventy scholars to propagate Jain Dharma. • Helped in development of more than thirty North American scholars. • Helped temple sthapana at Jain centers and at Siddhachalam. In January 2005 the Pilgrimage Committee organized a pilgrimage to Shri Sametshikarji and nearby Teerths. Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and Pramodaben along with their ten American students also joined. This was the sixth JAINA yatra and so far combined total of 500 North American Jains have Nirmal Dosi, Chairperson participated in various Yatras. For 2006 the Pilgrimage Committee is planning the yatra of south India. Dilip V. Shah, Chairperson • Network of eighty committee members scattered around north America helping Jain community. Achievements of last two years: 1. Helped JAINA conventions at Cincinnati and San Francisco 2. Develop database for all JAINA scholars articles, digital photos, full biodata (one page), short biodata (8-9 Lines). and Email addresses. 3. Develop new local scholars for JAINA, and YJA/YJP(JAINA) conventions. SENIOR HOUSING The goals of this committee are: 1. To educate and provide information to our members ognized the need for a retirement facility for our community about the benefits of "GIVING". and as a result has formed a Senior Housing Committee to facilitate this important transition. It's hard to believe that many of us Jains having been living in the states for over 40 years. Over the years we have prospered personally and professionally. While there is no doubt that we have certainly earned our passage into retirement, we also have to think about where we want to live. JAINA has rec Our task began by asking our fellow Jains what they desired in their ideal retirement community. Before sharing results of our survey, I'd like to preface by letting you know that unfortunately, due to a virus that hit the JAINA HQ computer, all E-mail survey responses were lost. We were, however, able to salvage and incorporate all responses received via traditional mail. The results below reflect those responses. 11. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 JAINA COMMITTEES Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES Over 50% of the respondents preferred a location near a city of medium size. Florida rose to the top of the list of ideal states, followed by California and then Texas. Many of us are almost ready to retire! Most are planning to move into a retirement community within next four years and preferred a 1,200 to 1,800 Sq.ft. condo/townhouse with 2 to 3 bedrooms. Ideal price range was $100,000 to $250,000 with a cap of $300,000. At this point, all options for suitable sites are being closely explored and evaluated. As we continue to move this very important project forward, we welcome your ideas, suggestions and comments. In addition, if you would like to invest/donate, please contact Gunvant Shah at 732-246-4030 or via email at Mr. Gunvant Shah, Chairman Upkaran like hot water bag, pain crash tube, balm, jatyadimalaam, knee cap, mosquito net, soap for loachen, waist belt for back problem and many other items. Amenities are key to this project. A majority of respondents prefer a community dining hall with a kitchen, Kirit Daftary, Chairman along with a medical facility and shopping center. Close to a third of us would like to have 24-hour nursing assistance in the vicinity of our living space. And of course we will be sure to have V. R. GANDHI SCHOLARSHIP a Jain Temple and a community hall on the premises. If needed, we may share the development with a Hindu community to provide a more affordable option. Encouraging to note that the tremendous efforts undertaken by the JAINA Senior Housing are highlighted within the cover story in the May 20th edition of India Abroad's "Twilight in America" Magazine (page M3). Great press for an even greater project! We look forward to sharing more details as this plan progresses. In the meantime, enjoy your path to retire ment! TEERTHODHAR An Eye Check Up Camp was held at Palitana during the same time. During the current period we had opportunity to serve 887 Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagwant in and around Ahmedabad. 230 Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagwant had their eyes checked up and were given pair of glasses. 1. Objective/Purpose: This scholarship was established by JAINA to promote/encourage studies in Jainism, to spread Bhagwan Mahavir's message, a lifetime goal of Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi and thereby to honour Shri V.R. Gandhi and commemorate the centenary of the great historical event of the first ever organized Parliament of World Religions held in 1893 at Chicago, U.S.A. where he attended it as a representative of the Jain Religion. It is awarded to students and Sadhus- Sadhvis doing M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D in Jain Literature, Philosophy, Sculpture, Temple architecture,etc. at recognized institutions and Universities. To celebrate his death centenary in 2001, a book 'Jyotirdharni Jivan Gatha', a Gujarati edition about his life story by P.R. Shah and an English version book titled "Glimpses of Jainism and Biography of Forgotten Hero Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi" by the same author were published and distributed free at VRG booths at 2001 and 2003 JAINA Conventions respectively and thereafter at different Jain Centers, Pathshalas. Books were also sent out Universities and Institutions offering studies in Jainism in India. A web site Committee provides complete information about the Brochure, Application Forms, VRG rare literature etc. Teerthodhar Committee of JAINA had sponsored various camps thru Shri Navkar Sarvar Kendra of Ahmedabad during the 2nd month of Shravan of Samvat year 2060. During month of August, they visited several upshrays at Sanad, Limbdi, Rajkot, Ratanpar, Joravarnagar, Wadhvan, Surendranagar, Viramgam, Mandal, Sankeshwar, Harij, Patan, Chanasama, Mehsana, Visnagar, Vijapur, Mahudi, Kalol, Surat, Borsad and Khambhat. They treated and gave medicine to 440. They also went to Palitana. On the way to Palitana on 26/08/04, they had opportunity to serve Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagvant, 2 at Kalikund Tirth, 3 at Dhandhuka Tirth, 3 at Ayodhyapuram Tirth, 3 at Vallabhipur Tirth & 6 at Sihor Tirth. There were about 1200 Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagvant at Palitana. Hence 2 days camp were held at Palitana. Next day, 138th Ayurvedic Camp was inaugurated near Jambhu Dhwip, in presence of Acharya Bhagwant. 81 Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagwant were given Ayurvedic Medicines and 59 Sadhviji Bhagwant were treated by our hadvaidben (Orthopedic treat- WEB SITE COMMITTEE ment). A camp was held at Paach Bunglow Dharamshala in Palitana, where they served 31 Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagwant for Ayurvedic treatment and 14 Sadhviji for Orthopedic treatment. In addition to Ayurvedic Medicine, they also provided other 12. JAIN DIGEST Since year 2001, the death centenary year of VRG and 2600th Birth Year of Bhagwan Mahavir India Subcommittee is publishing about award of this scholarship in national newspa pers and in almost all Jain publications and mailing out prescribed application forms to institutions offering advance and research studies in Jainism. Nonrefundable 18 scholarships up to Rs. 15,000 were awarded so far to students studying (Ph.D., M.A., and M.Phil) in Jainism. This year advertisement has been despatched to 50 [English, Hindi and Gujarati ] publications and 82 different Jain publications all over India. Pravin C. Shah Chair Person During last 12 months JAINA's website has undergone a complete transformation. The new design is user friendly, dynamic, attractive and consists of complete inforSUMMER 2005 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES mation of JAINA news and activities. Through this site one can WCS recruited 40 doctors and volunteers to assist at the camp. access list of officers, directors, centers and committees. One can At the camp, JAINA treated 19,645 patients and the entire cost also access JAIN DIGEST, JAINA SPECTRUM , JAINA of the camp was borne by WCS. Our efforts earned us honor Calendar, YJA, YJP or Pathshala material from our site. This from 30 different institutions, including the Speaker of the website will serve as a tool to unify the Jain community in North Parliament of India as well as Health Minister of India. America. Recently a very powerful "forum" has been added In 1993, when a devastating earthquake jolted the where any Jain topic or concerns can be discussed. Lathur district of Maharastra, JAINA was there to distribute basic necessities such as food and clothing to the victims. We Dilip V Shah, Chairperson also built a Jain Nagar at the village of Kwatha with 55 houses and a primary school. WCS, with the help of BJS, also adopted 1500 orphans, victims of the quake. • In 1994, when an earthquake struck Northridge, CA, WHEEL OF HOPE WCS was there to help. In the same year, when Ujjain, Rajasthan needed an anesthesia machine, WCS provided one In last 6 months, a number of encouraging and greater with the help of Dr. Neelam Patel. visionary developments have taken place and more resources are In 1995, when civil war broke out in Rwanda, WCS opening up to help poor and sick of our motherland. was there to help the refugees through the American Red Cross. 1. Visit to Kenya & Burundi at request of Ratna Nidhi For our contributions, the American Red Cross gave us an Charitable Trust and Local Jain Sanghs of E. Africa during the Institution of the Year award. In that year, we also sent a phaco last week of June 2004; Established very valuable contacts in emulsification machine for cataract operations to Gondal, India. East Africa for future expansion of JAINA's W.O.H. Program WCS also established a women's medical center in tribal area of Netra Jyoti Pariwar' of Deesa' (Dr. Bhansali & Dr. Bipin Parikh) Gujarat where the women in that region had no access to medperformed 1,000 eye surgeries for African patients. ical care. 2. RECOGNITION of JAINA'S CONTRIBUTION • In 1996, WCS sent 20,000 pounds of used clothes to a. BIDADA Sarvodaya Trust has agreed to inscribe Bombay to be distributed to the needy in India. We sent comJAINA's name permanently on a plaque on one of the buildings. puters and a printer to a girl's high school in Kutch. We also b. Jhatakia Eye Hospital, Gondal has agreed to inscribe started a free medical dispensary in Vasai, Gujarat. JAINA's name on one of the rooms in the hospital. • At this point, due to all of our humanitarian activities, c. Hira-Mongi-Navneet Hospital, Mulund has mailed us JAINA was recognized by the United States Agency for a appreciation Certificate. International Development as well as by the Ministry of Welfare 3. Kiritbhai, Dr. Mamata Shaha and Anopbhai have of the Indian Government. We were provided registration under worked very, very hard to develop NEW GUIDELINES for W- the Indo-US bilateral agreement of 1966. JAINA is only the 2nd O-H Program to be more effective and less controversial. Institution out of 1500 Indian American Institutions to receive Mahendra Mehta of Ratna Nidhi Trust has agreed to such an honor. work with JAINA for importing Charitable Hospital Eqpt. but in 1997, mammography machine was sent to Maru Hospital, he will help us to develop workable guidelines which will work Bombay, for early detection of breast cancer. under New Environment of Govt. of INDIA. In 1998, when the cyclone hit Kandla and killed thou4. In coordination with Jain Center of Southern CA. sands of people and destroyed hundreds of villages, WCS adoptBIDADA Sarvodaya Trust, has started promoting medical ed two villages, Ragha and Shekhadia and rebuilt them. camps for 2005. BIDADA has always appreciated efforts of In 1999, when Kosovo was facing refugee problems due JAINA to recruit more doctors, volunteers which has resulted in to civil war, WCS contributed $10,000 to the United Nations more financial donations. for their humanitarian work. In the same year, Dr. Pravin Mehta donated stress test machine to a hospital in Bhuj-Kutch through Ramesh P. Shah, Chairperson WCS. Dr. Dilip Patel provided three phaco emulsification machines for a hospital in Bihar through WCS. Dr. P. K. Parikh donated endoscopy equipment to a hospital in Bhuj through WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICES WCS. • WCS contributed $22,000 to rebuild a small village in The humanitarian activities carried out by the World Orissa destroyed by the cyclone, which hit the coastal area of Community Service of JAINA, as follows: Orissa in October 1999. These houses were handed over to the . In 1991, WCS was there to help the victims of earth- families of victims on January 23, 2001. quake in Uttar Kashi, UP as the victims were dying due to cold • In 2000, WCS sent six tons of milk powder to help chilweather, In the same year, when there was a drought in Gujarat, dren, victims of drought in Gujarat and Rajasthan. WCS also WCS was there to feed the animals and thus prevent them from sent a mammography machine to Leva Patel Diagnostic Center being sent to the butcher's block. in Bhuj for early detection of breast cancer. In 1992, WCS sent an ambulance to Bahubali, In January 26, 2001 when a massive earthquake in Maharastra and organized a medical camp in Kutch, Gujarat. Gujarat killed over 30,000 people, injured 300,000 people and Jain Education Intemational 13 • JAIN DIGEST • SUMMER 2005 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA COMMITTEES left three million people homeless, JAINA was there. WCS has rehabilitated 250 families who lost everything and had no source of income, WCS built a township, namely Vardhman Nagar, near Bhujodi, Kutch - 6.3 kilometers to the East of Bhuj. The township includes 250 houses (each unit comprising 367 square feet), a school (primary, middle, and high school will be included), a library, a community center, a medical clinic, and a computer and science center WCS has build primary and middle school, library and community hall. • World Community Service of JAINA helped earth quake victims of Morbi, Gujarat People of Morbi has formed Sumatinath Nagar for two hundred earthquakes affected families and had requested help from WCS to rehabilitate this people and JAINA contributed $30,000 to Sumatinath Nagar for the houses. This contribution helped at least 80 families, who were earthquake victims. In 2001 we have started the "World Trade Center Victim's Relief Fund. WCS has donated to New York fire fighters fund $12,431 ⚫ In 2002 World Community Service of JAINA helped riot victims of Ahmedabad, Gujarat JAINA had contributed Ms. Nisha Jain more than $1,000 to managing trustee Kumarpal Desai of Anukampa Trust Ahmedabad, Gujarat to help victims of communal riots. In 2003 purchased School Bus and Ambulance for Gujarat Earthquake victims. • In 2004 helped 16 families of K.V.O.Nagar of Bhuj, victims of Gujarat earthquake by providing a grant of Rs.60, 000 (sixty thousands) per family to build new houses. • In 2005 WCS started Tsunami victim's fund. We are working with our local partner Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana from Pune, India. We are adopting one school in CFO Nallaha, Middle Andaman, comprising of 8+2 classrooms (6,300Sq. ft.). Construction and set-up for the opening of the school would be completed by the end of May 2005 so that the students can resume their academic year during the 1st week of June 2005. each other. The intimate setting of the regional conferences provides an excellent atmosphere to share ideas, ask questions and expound upon religious values with others. 3. One of the most useful tools of YJA is our website, We made the content and the visuals more appealing and maintained it as a place for young people to come and explore by making the site more user friendly and interactive. We provided more educational content to the website with indepth explanations on Paryushan, the life of Mahavir, meanings of Stavans, and a Jain Glossary. 4. By far, the biggest accomplishment this year is the sixth biennial YJA Convention from July 1-4, 2004 in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Westin hotel. We witnessed nearly 800 young Jains from all over North America, UK, Australia, Singapore, and India unite in the Bay Area, To See, To Know, and To Realize! Participants were enthralled by the various speakers such as the Samnijis, Sadhviji Shilapiji, and our keynote speaker, Dr. Deepak Jain of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, to name a few. YOUNG JAIN PROFESSIONALS 1. Coordinated a variety of Local Programs throughout North America. (Networking dinners in NYC, DC, SE Houston, Philadelphia; Bowling outing in NJ, Rafting trip in NY/NJ/PA, picnic in Bay Area, Holi beach outing in LA, etc.) Working on networking dinners in Toronto, Boston, and Chicago and a 'Contemporary Conversations in Jainism' discussion event in DC. 2. Planning the 7th annual YJP convention to be held in San Antonio, TX over Columbus Day weekend (Oct 8-11). This year's theme is 'Jainism: An Evolving Perspective' where our aim is to discuss how our views and practices of Jainism have changed over time. 3. Published two issues of "The New Jain", YJP's quarterly online newsletter. This year the newsletter adopted a completely redesigned format as well as added a "Dear Jain" advice column. The upcoming September issue is due shortly. 4. Supported and promoted Community Service events in North America and abroad. Upcoming events include a volunteer trip to Kutch, Gujarat in conjunction with KOJAIN, a volunteer service event at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, and fundraising for the Pawapuri School Project. YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA 1. As a community service initiative, the Regional Coordinators took to organizing our second annual YJA H4H event. Teaming up with Habitat for Humanity (H4H), YJA sent motivated young people, in each of the six regions, to locations all around the United States. These youth put Ahimsa in Action by helping to build homes for the less fortunate. 2. Regional conferences were scheduled in each region to help foster close ties between Jain youth who live closer to Ms. Suchita Gala Ve son our thoughts, and we reap our actions; We sow our actions, and we reap our habits; We sow our habits, and we reap our characters; We son our characters, and we reap our destiny. 14. JAIN DIGEST⚫ SUMMER 2005 Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA DIRECTORS MEETING July 2nd, 2005, Santa Clara, CA Summary of minutes of Annual Directors Meeting on sion, the resolution was proposed by Mr. Udai Jain, seconded by Saturday, July 2, 2005 “JAINA Convention 2005" Santa Clara Mr. Kirit Daftary. The resolution was passed by simple majority. Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Further discussion revolved around the proposal that each candiThere were nearly fifty EC members, Directors, Center date should be given the opportunity to appoint an observer Presidents, Committee chairs, Co-chairs, and guests were present when votes are being opened and counted. There was an exten(list attached). sively spirited discussion on this proposal regarding the role of observers and maintaining confidentiality. In this process, 1. Meeting started at 3:05 PM with Prayer by Ms. Executive committee forwarded its recommended resolution, and Pramodaben Chitrabhanu. election committee's response to that resolution outlining its con cerns regarding EC resolution. Both documents were read to all 2. President's report: After a brief introduction by each for consideration during deliberation. After an extensive deliberattendee, Anop Vora thanked every one for coming and making ation following resolution was proposed."Each candidate shall this meeting a success. He offered many positive accolades in be given the opportunity to appoint an observer to observe the favor of each volunteer who helped to organize this convention. election process including counting ballots. The observer(s) shall He commented that nearly all committees had filed annual abide by all rules and regulations set by election committee progress reports. It is evident that there are hundreds of volun- including maintaining confidentiality." Twenty four directors teers doing excellent work quietly and without fan fare under voted in favor, eleven opposed and five abstained. The motion JAINA umbrella. He remarked that although there is so much was carried by simple majority. Mr. Vinay Jain, election commitwork being done, yet many Jains in North America are not tee and two observers started the vote count and one hour later informed of JAINA activity. He recommended that in the next reported the following: President: Mr. Kirit Daftary, 1st VP: Mr. JAINA committee we make this a priority issue. Dilip V. Shah, Secretary: Ms. Lata Champsee, Treasurer: Mr. Pravin Mehta, VP Canada: Mr. Jasvant Mehta, VP West: Mr. 3. Secretary: Sushil Jain presented the minutes of Board Bipin A. Shah, VP Southwest: Mr. Udai Jain, VP Southeast: of Directors meeting held in October at Niagara Falls, Canada. Deepika Dalal, VP Midwest: Ms. Ila Mehta, VP Northeast: Mr. He e-mailed minutes to all directors a week ago as well as distrib- Gunvant Shah. uted copies for individuals to review. After brief comments Mr. Bipin Parikh proposed that they be approved. This was seconded 6. Convention 2005 report: Mr. Kirit Daftary reported by Gunvant Shah. Minutes were approved by all with minor cor- that so far there are 3200 registrations. He expects the registration rections (Handout #1). He further remarked and recognized Mr. to reach 3500. He gave highlights of program for each day and Kamlesh Amin for continuously working hard each day to help thanked JCNC for their outstanding support and volunteerism. with administrative responsibility of many leaders. He is to be He anticipates that JAINA will need financial support to achieve applauded for his devotion to duty for job well done. its goals for this convention. 4. Treasurer's report: Jit Turakhia mailed audited account 7. Committee reports: reports to all directors in mid June; he distributed copies and pre a. Education committee - Mr. Pravin K. Shah reported sented a comprehensive report on accounts balance as of 30 June that all the publications (eight books) are published. Last year we 2005. We have the following: Gen funds - $56K, Patron sold nearly $50K worth of books and have approximately $70K Program - $71K, 2005 Cony fund -$315K, Charitable trust - worth of books on inventory. These books are sold to customers $140K. Jain Digest fund - $103K. It was suggested and agreed around the globe. that treasurer will continue to prepare annual cash flow report. b.Senior Housing project - Mr. Gunvant Shah reported Sumati Shah proposed that the report be accepted; motion was that he has several leads on land in Northern Florida. He felt that seconded by Pramodaben and approved by all. (Handout #2). He his committee needs to move fast due to the fact that the price of reported that Mr. Dhiraj Shah resigned as JAINA USAID repre- land is ever incresing. He requested information and support sentative. He commented that this function should be coordinat- from all centers. (Handout # 3) ed by new treasurer. c. Interfaith Committee - Mr. Naresh Jain reported that JAINA has joined interfaith community especially Hindu com5. Election Committee: Mr. Vinay Jain described the munity and partner with them to organize and support Dharma election procedure. He pointed out that three out of five commit- Conference at Rutgers University, NJ. He requested financial tee members resigned for personal reason and recommended a support from each organization. (Handout # 4). resolution to appoint Mr. Prem Jain to add to election commit d . JAINA history project - Mr. Ram Gada, on behalf of tee, making it a three member committee. After a brief discus- Chairman, requested each center to contribute and send their 15. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 For Private & Personal use only Jain Education Intemational Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ center information as requested. The committee hopes to have this book in CD format by next year. e. JAINA Spectrum- Mr. Dilip V. Shah commented and all to support this very worthy JAINA cause. urged everyone to send material to him for publication. f. JAIN Digest Ms. Lata Champsee reported that the July issue is nearly ready. She will wait for convention report and pictures to be included this time rather than wait until September issue. In addition, if anyone has any report from their center, please send to her ASAP. g. Public Affairs Council- Mr. Sushil Jain reported that, with regards to JAINA codes of Ethics and conducts, Ms. Mamta Shaha incorporated comments from directors and forwarded document to JAINA legal team. The Legal team has recommended that JAINA should appoint a five member ethics team to monitor and assist JAINA in this process. PAC recommends that next JAINA EC appoint Ethics team ASAP. (Handout) He also reported that Jains should monitor the U.S. Supreme Court Nominee and its process and try to understand the impact of appointing a conservative Judge on civil rights, racial discrimination, affirmative action, capital punishment, immigrant's rights, etc... He will send detailed document relating this topic to all Jain directors and Presidents in an effort to educate Jains on our civil rights. (Handout). He also read e-mail from Mr. Sulekh Jain on Jainism Study abroad program currently in progress, where eight students and two faculty of American origin are studying Jainism on various sites in India for eight weeks. Program thus far is very successful. He also read report from Mr. Prem Gada regarding launching of Jainism E-learning project. h. Temple Guideline committee Mr. Nitin Shah briefed the group on donations by automatic bank withdrawal. He outlined benefits and the process where we all can benefit. i. Community planned giving- Mr. Yogesh Kamdar commented that while many people are planning retirement, forming trusts, life insurance but very few people think about charitable giving. This committee is putting together a web site and explains pros and cons of Charitable planned giving. Please take advantage of this plan and support. j. V.R. Gandhi Scholarship- Mr. Pravin C. Shah presented a brief report on its activity in USA and India. He requested k. JAINA exhibit committee Mr. Pravin K. Shah, on behalf of Sudhir Shah reported that nearly 70 exhibit panels were developed for display. These panels were reviewed by several spiritual leaders and are on display. The material cost was $23K of which $17K was collected. This exhibit is available to all for display and/or purchase. 1. YJP Mr. Mayur Shah commented that 2005 YJP conference will be dedicated to discussion regarding future of Jainism in North America. They expect 100 attendees. m. YJA Chintan Shah reported that they had five regional conferences, Habitat for Humanity projects and announced that 2006 YJA convention will be held in Boston. He urged everyone to identify future youth(s) leaders and have them contact YJA board. n. Other Mr. Mahendra Mehta and Mr. Pratap Bhogilalji briefed on various projects they are conducting and presented a copy of Jain Kalpa Sutra to JAINA president Mr. Anop Vora. 8. Acharya Chandanaji led closing prayer: Acharya Chandanaji addressed the meeting providing a very inspiring speech regarding the importance of unity among Jains and service to mankind. She remarked that she is leading a delegation to Pakistan at the end of August. The Jain delegation is planning to visit Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi in an effort to bring peace between these two nations. She recommended JAINA to take a lead in this effort. She identified and outlined several opportunities where charitable service is much needed. Meeting adjourned at 5:50 pm with closing prayer led by Acharyaji. Future meeting time, date and location will be announced in Aug 2005. Prepared by Dr. Sushil Jain Secretary, JAINA 2006 JAINA YATRA 2006 JAINA YATRA will be to the Teerthdhams of South India. We will start from Bombay on January 27 2006 and finish on February 8 2006 at Sravan Belgola. The last day of our Yatra will coincide with the first day of MAHAMASTAK ABHISHEK of Sravan Belgola which takes place once very 12 years. We will depart for Bombay at the end of the day on 8th of February but arrangements will be made for those who wish to stay behind and participate in all the Abhisheks that will last till Feb 19th. Also during this yatra, we will be visiting Shri Kulpakji (Near Hydrabad), Banglore, Moodbidri and other Teerths. We will also include two days sightseeing in Kerala. Final detailed itinerary will be available by October 15 2005. The cost of the ground package including lodging and boarding will be approximately $750.00. You have to make your own travel arrangements to and from India. The yatra is open for everyone including your friends and relatives in India. If you are interested, please contact Dilip V. Shah at or call (215) 561 0581 16 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SÄMÄYIK The First Discipline Manubhai Doshi, Chicago, Il Na Sämyen Vina Dhyanam Na Dhyänen Vina Cha Tat Nishkampam Jäyate Tasmat, Dvayamanyonyakäranam ---Yogshästra (No meditation without equanimity; No equanimity without meditation; Both are interdependent; One can gained stability thereby) f the twelve restraints for laymen, we have by now misery, poverty, shortage, disease, disputes, etc. At present, peoexamined five minor restraints and three auxiliary ple everywhere happen to be living under stress. They resort to ones. Now we have to consider four disciplinary ones. various ways and means to gain peace of mind that unfortunate As a matter of fact, they are the disciplines and not the ly eludes them. Jainism offers for this purpose the tool of Sämäyik restraints. The restraints are cast in negative form in the sense of that can guarantee the peace of mind. Some people may perhaps not doing something or restraining therefrom. The disciplines, consider this as too tall a claim, because they might have noticed on the other hand, are cast in positive form in the sense of per- many Jains regularly performing Sämäyik and still remaining forming something. The first of them is Sämäyik. There are fol- bereft of peace. This happens because people usually perform it lowing six rituals that a layman is supposed to perform every day. mechanically as a lifeless ritual. The results expected from true Sämäyik, cannot come forth from such mechanical performance 1 Sämäyik, practicing of equanimity and the people then lose faith in the efficacy of this vital tool. 2 Chaturvinshati-Stav, praying to 24 Tirthankars 3 Guru Vandan, offering obeisance to preceptor Peace is a function of mind. Mental apparatus has to be 4 Pratikraman, turning back from transgressions properly exercised, if one wants to experience real peace. Ample 5 Käyotsarga (Käusagga), concentration and meditation evidence is now available to show that one can gain peace of mind 6 Pratyäkhyan (Pachchakhän), taking appropriate vows by concentration and meditation. Sämäyik is essentially an exer cise of this type and it can lead the aspirant to equanimity and The Sanskrit term for essential is Ävashyak. These six peace. During Sämäyik, the aspirant learns to stay away from all essentials are therefore known as six Avashyaks. Of these, sorts of craving and aversion and to stay tuned to the nature of Sämäyik is the first and foremost. Foremost in the sense that no soul. This tuning is not easy. One has to practice it repeatedly by other activity is considered spiritually more significant than meditating about the true nature of soul. If one is not used to Sämäyik. The term Sämäyik is made up of the words 'Sam' mean- meditation, he can initially devote his time in reading books that ing equanimity and Ay' meaning incoming. The termination Ik deal with soul or in listening to the talks about it. Simultaneously, is applied to show that what brings forth equanimity is Sämäyik. he has to avoid all sorts of instincts that defile the mind. If a perAlternately, the term can be derived from Samay which means son thus performs Sämäyik properly, he can surely gain peace of soul. As such, the activity that deals with soul is Sämäyik. In other mind that seems to have been lost at present. words, when a person remains soul oriented, he can be said to be staying in Sämäyik. Let us now examine the traditional formalities for per forming Sämäyik. Bhagavati Sutra defines Sämäyik as dwelling in selfequanimity. This is given from the absolute point of view. From PRELIMINARIES: One should get physically cleaned, the practical point of view Acharya Hemchandrasuri defines it as put on clean clothes, hold Muhapatti (clean white piece of cloth giving up worldly involvement and staying in equanimity for 48 folded in specific pattern) in hand between the palm and the minutes. As such, equanimity, soul orientation, peace of mind thumb and sit in front of preceptor's seat, if there be one. etc. can be considered synonyms of Sämäyik. Otherwise, he should set up some religious book on a small stand, place over it the rosary of 108 beads called Navkärwäli and Sämäyik is the exercise for gaining equanimity. It is a assume that apparatus to be the seat of preceptor. Then holding pertinent tool for the ailing human community that at present Muhapatti in the left hand and extending the right palm towards stands torn on account of worries and afflictions arising from that seat, he should recite the Navkärmantra. 17. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mantra means a charm and Navkärmantra is considered the most sacred charm. Its main significance is that instead of offering obeisance to any particular entity, it offers that to all the holders of defined attributes, irrespective of their individuality. Moreover, offering of obeisance helps in cultivating the sense of modesty. It makes the heart receptive to the real purpose of spiritual activities. In fact, modesty is a prerequisite of spiritual pursuit. While reciting Navkärmantra, the aspirant should bear in mind that his soul is inherently imbibed with the attributes possessed by the omniscient and the liberated souls. What is required is the endeavor to manifest the same. In such an endeavor, one cannot indulge in any unwholesome activity. It is therefore said in Navkärmantra that the fivefold obeisance eradicates all sins and it is the most blissful. Thereafter one should recite the Panchindiya Sutra that describes preceptor's 36 attributes, which are supposed to be incorporated in the assumed seat for preceptor. Then the aspirant pays homage to the preceptor by reciting the following Khamäsaman Sutra. While doing that, the feet up to the knees, hands up to the elbows and the forehead should be touching the floor. Ichchhami Khamasamano Vandiun Jävanizzäe Nisihiäe Matthaena Vandami. It means, 'Embodiment of forgiveness, being desirous of bowing, I give up the defilements to the utmost possible extent and kneel at your feet with my head down.' (Instead of this Sutra, the Sthanakwäsi people usually recite Tikhutto that conveys the same meaning.) KÄUSAGGA OR KÄYOTSARGA: Sämäyik being an exercise in equanimity, the aspirant now gets ready to enter that stage. Equanimity presupposes non-violence. The aspirant however realizes that he might have caused violence or distress to other living beings during his movements. For atonement of such intentional or unintentional violence, he now undertakes a Käusagga which is also one of the six essential rituals. The Sanskrit term for Käusagga is Käyotsarga. It is made up of two words, Käyä meaning the body and Utsarga meaning giving up. So the term means giving up the physical activities. By implication, it means suspending all physical and mental involvement and getting absorbed in spiritual aspects by concentrating and meditating about the Self. Thus Käusagga is helpful in averting the physical as well as mental impurities. Moreover, it enables the aspirant to stay equanimous in face of any inconvenience or discomfort. During Käusagga, one has to stay motionless. There are however some involuntary movements that are permissible. In Jain terminology they are known as Ägärs. Such Ägärs are specified in Annattha Sutra, which is explained later. Since the aspirant is not supposed to make any movement other than those mentioned threin, that Sutra is invariably recited before undertaking a Käusagga. Käusagga can be for a longer or shorter duration. Its duration is specified in terms of respiration, because concentration can be easily achieved by observing respiration. The most common duration is of 25 respiration. During Käusagga, aspirants are usually instructed to recite 25 lines of Logassa Sutra, which mentions the names of all 24 Tirthankars and adores them. The aspirants are expected to mentally recite one line of that Sutra with every respiration. Unfortunately most of the people are not aware of this stipulation. They are asked to observe Käusagga of certain number of Logassa. They therefore start reciting the same as fast as possible and then terminate the Käusagga. True Käusagga is supposed to have a very wholesome impact on mind. Being however unaware of its significance, most of the aspirants remain deprived of that wholesome effect. This situation needs to be changed and the people should be made aware of the vital role that Käusagga can play in attaining tranquillity and peace of mind. Here the aspirant undertakes the Käusagga of 25 respirations for mitigating the violence and/or distress, advertently or inadvertently caused to other living beings. This is a mini Pratikraman. For this purpose, he recites the Iriyävahiam Sutra, which describes how a person is likely to be involved in violence while making movement. Thereafter he recites the following Tassa Uttari Sutra. Tassa Uttari Karanenam, Payachchhit Karanenam, Visobi Karanenam. Visalli Karanenam, Pavanam Kammanam Nigghayanatthäe Thami Käusaggam It means, For the sake of sublimation, repentance, purification, eliminating hurting and for uprooting the sinful activities, I undertake the Käusagga.' That is of course subject to the limitations mentioned in the following Annattha Sutra that he now recites. Annartha Oosasienam, Nisasienam. Khäsienam, Chhienam, Jambhaienam, Udduenam, Vayanissagenam, Bhamalie, Pittamuchchhäe: Suboomehim Angasanchalehim. Suhoomehim Khelsanchälehim, Suhoomehim Ditthisanchälehim; Evamaichim Agärehim Abhaggo Avirähio, Hujja Me Käusaggao: Jäv Aribantänam Bhagavantänam Namukkärenam Na Päremi, Täv Kayam Thänenam, Monenam, Zänenam, Appänam Vosirami It means, 'Except for inhaling, exhaling, coughing, sneezing, yawning, belching, passing gas, dizziness, faints, minute movements of limbs, of cough within the body as well as of eyes and such other permissible movements (forced by fire, fatal assault, official orders or snake bite etc.); let my Käusagga remain uninterrupted and unobstructed till I terminate it with obeisance to the graceful omniscient Lord.' 18 JAIN DIGEST⚫ SUMMER 2005 • Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Then he stays in Käusagga during which he observes respiration and/or mentally recites the first 25 lines of Logassa Sutra. He recites one line of the Sutra with every respiration. At the end of 25 respiration, he terminates the Käusagga by uttering Namo Arihantänam and then recites the Logassa Sutra aloud. Then the aspirant unfolds Muhapatti and turns it over 3 times to make sure that not even the minute insects have crept in. If he notices one, he carefully removes the same and places it in a place, where it may not have to face hurting. This is for the purpose of total vigilance in observance of non-violence. The aspirant is now ready for commencing Sämäyik. He therefore seeks permission for undertaking it and staying therein. Then after reciting one Navkärmantra, he prays for administering the oath of Sämäyik. The preceptor or some elder therefore administers to him the oath by reciting the following Sutra. Karemi Bhante Sämäiyam, Sävajjam Jogam Pachchakhami: Jav Niyamam Pajjuväsämi, Duviham Tivibenam; Manenam, Vayäe, Käenam; Na Karemi. Na Käraremi; Tassa Bhante, Padikkamami. Nindämi. Giribami. Appänam Vosirämi It means, 'Graceful Lord, I am performing Sämäyik and vow to give up the worldly involvement. So long as I stay in Sämäyik, I will not indulge or induce others to indulge in any worldly involvement by mind, words or body. My Lord, I hate, abhor, turn away and withdraw my soul from such involvement.' Then, by uttering the appropriate words, the aspirant seeks permission from the preceptor for starting Sämäyik, for occupying the seat and for being engaged in study of the Self. He then spends 48 minutes, which is the duration of one Sämäyik while exercising in equanimity by meditation or Self-contemplation or spiritual study or recitation etc. It would be clear from this description that the said formalities are worthwhile and meaningful for those, who understand the meaning and realize the significance of the concerned Sutras. The main objective of performing Sämäyik is to attain equanimity. Formalities are laid for providing the prerequisites of physical cleanliness, pious environment, regard for preceptor, utmost care for not hurting even the minute beings, concentration and sense of detachment for the worldly involvement. In Digambar tradition this is done by simply by reciting Navkärmantra, while facing, with folded hands, the four directions one after another. A question may arise why Sämäyik is to be performed for 48 minutes instead of 45 or 50 minutes, for instance. In ancient times, the time was measured in terms of Ghadies of 24 minutes. A day was thus divided into 60 Ghadies instead of 24 hours. The duration of Samayik was laid as of 2 Ghadies, which is equivalent to 48 minutes. TERMINATION OF SAMAYIKA: After observing Sämäyik for 48 minutes, one would either undertake another Sämäyik or he would terminate it. For another Sämäyik he need not go through any termination formality. He should however once again undergo the entire formality for starting Sämäyik. If he wants to terminate it, he should undergo the following formalities. As earlier, he should kneel at the preceptor or his seat with Khamäsaman Sutra. Then he should go ahead with the Iriyavahiyam Käusagga as before and repeat the entire formalities up to turning of Muhapatti. Then he should seek permission of the preceptor for terminating the Sämäyik. Then laying down his right palm as a symbol of having satisfactorily performed the Sämäyik, he should recite the Sämäiya Vayajutto Sutra. Then he recalls 32 ways a Sämäyik could be faulted and repents for indulging in any of the lapses. 10 of them are mental lapses, 10 verbal ones and 12 physical ones. Though somewhat differently described among Murtipujak and Sthänakavasi traditions, they are more or less identical. Following are the principal lapses or faults to be avoided. Indiscretion, desiring wealth, status or progeny, arrogance, disrespect, anger; fright, hurried or faulty reciting of Sutras, uttering foul, harmful or exciting words, singing or telling attachment oriented songs and stories, picking up disputes, scratching, idling, seating leisurely or resorting to unnecessary support, glancing here and there, going to sleep, mentally or physically getting involved in worldly activities, etc. In the end he recites Navkärmantra while keeping the open right hand palm in front of his face. This is symbolic of withdrawing the attributes that were supposed to have been attributed in the preceptor's seat. It would be interesting to note that monks and nuns do not perform Sämäyik. They do not do so, because at the time of renouncement, they take the vow to lead spiritual life. They are thus supposed to stay in Sämäyik forever. In fact, Sämäyik is the essence of monastic life. It is therefore stated in the Sämäiya Vayajutto Sutra that when a layman performs Sämäyik, he becomes like a monk for that much time. Before concluding let us consider what a person should exactly do during Sämäyik. He has obviously to contemplate and meditate about the soul. Basic thinking should be to inquire from within, 'Who am I?' 'What is my true nature?' 'How can I realize that?' 'How can I avoid other involvement?' Infinite perception, infinite enlightenment, infinite bliss and infinite vigor are the attributes inherent in soul. We do not realize that because we are under the impact of defilement arising from craving and aversion, and are overcome by delusion resulting from ignorance about our true nature. Anger, arrogance, deception and greed are the principal defilements that afflict the soul. During Sämäyik, the people should practice to stay away from them. They should also try to cultivate the sense of detachment towards the worldly aspects. 19. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ “EXTENDING Jain HERITAGE IN WESTERN ENVIORNMENT – MY EXPERIENCE” 70Setubal By: Misty Shah ith the blessings of Sadhviji peace and clarity. In the storming waters of the Shubhamji, I began my spiritual jour- ocean, we cannot see a clear reflection. But in the ney, with baby steps, when I was eight calm, peaceful water of the pond, we can see a clear years old. Sadhviji Shubhamji's gen- reflection. This potential for absolute peace and Misty Shah, a 14 years old, uine love and kindness had a way of captivating darity is within all of us, just as every little seed has has released two albums me. At that tender age, and even at present, I am the potential to blossom. But for a seed to bloson devotional songs. She is naive when it comes to many religious rituals. The som, it needs water, sunlight, and nurturance. For moment is still vivid when I ran into her arms and our soul to blossom with limitless love and bliss, working on "Bhaktamar ar sat on her lap, feeling the vibrant energy that was we need the guidance and nurturance of a spirituStotra", which will be naturally apart of her. Ever since, she has become al leader. In the disarray of pain, anger and fear, released soon. All the pro- apart of my life and has inspired me to take the when it is easy to lose sight of the peace and clariceeds of CDs will go to path towards becoming a practicing Jain. Every ty, we need a spiritual leader to guide us and someVeeravatan. For more year when she visits the US, I have been blessed times even carry us along the path. A torch guides with the opportunity to spend time with her. For us through a dark cave, as a spiritual leader guides details, please visit hours, I would sit by her, listening to her voice, us through life. Spiritual leaders are our guiding mesmerized by her words and her wisdom. These light for the future. They connect us with our moments have always been very precious and they past, and bestow us with a glimpse of hope for the have grown into memories that I will cherish for present. the rest of my life. There are many moral stories that she has shared with me. When hearing about The leaders of our Jain community have the theme for this year Convention, it urged me to brought about the awareness that it is absolutely share Sadhviji Shubhamji's story about the "Seed" essential to sustain Jainism in the Western World. with the Jain Community and the Jain Youth in As a fourteen year old, having been born and raised particular. in the United States, I believe that along with the awareness, we need to emphasize the importance We are like a seed. A seed is small, and of having a spiritual leader in our life. Since can easily be blown away, but it has a great poten- Sadhviji Shubhamji came into my life, I feel that I tial to blossom. Our soul has a great potential to have been able to connect with my Jain heritage. It blossom as well. It is filled with infinite energy and is something very precious that will remain apart genuine bliss, but it is masked and suppressed by of me for more than just this lifetime. Sadhviji the "vikaar bhaavs" like pain, anger and fear. Shubamji has nurtured the little spiritual seed in Alone, we try to work our way through this disar- me, and I am sure there are many more all over the ray, but quite often we get lost. We ask ourselves, globe, especially young children like me, who can what are we truly searching for? What is our pur- benefit from the nurturance, guidance and inspirapose in this life? The answers are at our spiritual tion of a spiritual leader. roots within the purity of our soul, when there is continued from page 23 New Jersey to participate in survive on it and Achievement Certificates were Gurupurnima celebrations attended by In June 2005 Panditji awarded to the children. over 600 Jains from all over North Abhaykumar Jain, a student of Panditji Pujya Gurudev (Dr. Rakeshbhai America, UK, Belgium, India and Dr. Hukamchand Bharill and an authoraJhaveri) visited Toronto and gave three Singapore. tive Digambar scholar gave a series of lecSatsangs at Sanatan Mandir and per Acharya Shree Roopchandji tures at Sri Jain Mandir and at Jain formed five Pratistas in private homes of Maharaj gave four lectures on Meditation Centre in Toronto. The topics of his dismembers of Jain Society of Toronto. at the Jain Centre. The talks were well cussions cannot be included here because More than 400 people attended the attended. The internationally famous of space but suffice it to say that he made Satsangs and requested Pujya Gurudev to Shree Hira Ratan Manck revisited the most esoteric scriptural subjects interrevisit Toronto in 2006. Sixty members of Toronto and gave a talk on his favorite esting and easy to understand for the Jain Society of Toronto took a bus trip to subject on Solar energy and how one can mixed audience of young and old. 20. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Jain Education Intemational Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ A SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA CELEBRATING 18 ABHISHEKH JAIN PRATISHTHA A small town in America having Mahila Mandal lead by Mrs. Hasumati only 10 Jain families, conducted 18 Bavisi of Chicago. A Jain Family from Abhishekh Pratishtha for the 24th Saint Louise and the local Jain families Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir in the along with the family of Nilesh Shah of Hindu temple of Peoria Illinois on May Bloomington Illinois. 29, 2005. Hemendra V. Maiseri coordi Mr. Narendra Nandu (Vidhikar) nated the Pratishtha ceremony. and his team of 7 people, Swami Pratishtha program was very successful. Shrutpragyaji and Sadhviji Shri Over 200 people attended the ceremony. Shubhamji made a big difference in makFour former Presidents and the ing the function noticeable. We raised 20 current President of Jain Society of thousand dollars for the temple. Almost Chicago were present during the everybody enjoyed the function. The Pratishtha ceremony along with 2 buses Mahavir Senior Citizen coordinated by temple provided breakfast and swamivatfull of senior citizens sponsored by the Sumanbhai Shah and one bus full of salya lunch. REGIONAL NEWS.. MIDWEST 1st Place: Khushbu H. Shah Laghuräjswämi Samadhidin was organ2nd Place: Rikhav Vasanwala ized on May 15. Health fair also comManubhai Doshi, Regional Editor 3rd Place: Paridhi Jain menced that day, when arrangements were made for drawing blood, measuring Group 3. Age 28 years and above. B.P. EKG etc. CHICAGO, IL Subject: Theism and Jainism The society has embarked upon 1st Place: Sejal Jain the project of expanding Jain Center at an Arrangements for Ayambil were 2nd Place: Neelam Jain estimated cost of 7 million. The contract made at the Jain Center on April 16, 17, 3rd Place: Vidya Nahar and Kushal Raj for the purpose has been given and the 23 and 24. On an average 100 persons Singavi work is underway. per day took advantage thereof. The winners will also be awardMahavir Jayanti: Lord Mahavir's ed plaques. Dr. Mukesh Doshi and 2604th birthday was celebrated at the Darshana Shah coordinated the contest. DETROIT Jain Center on 23rd April 2005. The cel Thereafter there was a talk by ebration started with Snätra Pooja in the Shubhamji and then Swamivatsalya. That On February 6 the Janma morning. That was followed by a talk by was followed by the cultural program, Kalyanak of Lord Rushabhdev was celeShubhamshri. which consisted of dance drama brated. On February 26, Antaray Karma 7th Annual Declamation "Chandanbala'. That turned out to be the Nivaran Pooja was together with Snatra Contest on that occasion commenced at best program ever presented by JSMC. Poojä, Ärati, Mangal Divo and Shanti 2.00 P.M. It consisted of talks on different Over 130 participants enthusiastically Kalash. subjects as per age groups mentioned took part in that program, which was The Society's bi-weekly below. Three prizes (1st Prize $101.00, directed Trupti Kuvadia, Megha Doshi Pathshala Classes are conducted at the 2nd Prize $75.00, and 3rd Prize $51.00) and Shobhana Kamdar. An audience of Temple in seven age/grade groups were awarded in each age group. 35 indi- over 2000 was mesmerized by the very (including one class for adults), and are viduals participated in the contest. emotional and touching performances. well attended. Twenty-two voluntary Snätra Pooja and Srimad Rajchandra teachers conduct classes as per Jaina Group 1. Age 10 years to 13 years. Samadhidin were organized on May 1. Educational Committee's curriculum. Subject: Importance of Religious More than 200 people were present on There are more than 40 families, who are Education in that occasion. lifetime sponsors for the classes, each conWestern World Mahavir Senior Center organ- tributing $1000/- to sustain the cost of 1st Place: Shikhar Shah ized Chaitya Paripäti (going to temples) study materials, stationery supplies. A 2nd Place: Darsha Shah tour on May 8. 48 people participated. new program is being offered after regular 3rd Place: Shenil Dodhia The termination of VarsiTap (year long Pathshala classes to teach Jain Sutras and austerity) was celebrated on 14th May. prayers to interested students and their Group 2. Age 14 years to 18 years. Seven persons, who observed the austeri- luster parents. parents. Subject: Meditation, Health and ty, were facilitated on that occasion. The Mahavir Jayanti Celebration: Happiness celebration ended with Swamivätsalya. The 2604th birthday of Lord Mahavir, Jain Education Intemational 21. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS was celebrated on Saturday, April 23 in released. president Ashok Daftary at 972-596the presence of more than 650 people. The evening witnessed the lively 5555, email: The program began with Snätra Poojä dances by children and Society's young JSNT website is and ended with Shänti Kalash. women members. Another highlight was Approximately 30 youths (age range 6 to the singing of Maitri Bhavana and recita17 years) chanted the prayers and recitals tion of Chattäri Mangalam Stuti by i by WEST during the event. They actively participat- American women members of The ed in reciting Stavans, Shanti Kalash and Lighthouse Center of Ann Arbor, MI. Chandrakant Parekh, Regional Editor v led in performing Chaityavandan. A meeting of the Society's mem LOS ANGELES, CA bers was held on that occasion and the SOUTHWEST celebration ended with Swamivätsalya Jain Center of Southern Other highlights of Members' Meeting Jadavji Kenia, Regional Editor California (JCSC) is now proceeding were as follows: with Phase II of its expansion plan that A Temple Maintenance fund NORTH TEXAS (Dallas Area) includes a religious complex with the drive conducted by the Board of Trustees Derasar and an Aradhana Hall. In prepaand several volunteers, resulting in about Dignitary visits started early this ration for the construction activities, the 100 members signing to help offset the year with Swami Shrut Prajnaji spending Derasar idols will be moved temporarily Temple's annual maintenance cost for the over a week at JSNT from March 19 from the existing location to the new next three years. through March 27, 2005. He covered building which was inaugurated on • Announcement of major various topics such as Dhyan, Aatm- March 25, 2005. To accomplish the bequest donation of $50,000 by the fam- Svabhav, Dukh-Sukh, Anekant, Jeevan move, a chalit sthapan vidhi will be ily of Late Prakash Jain, who (until mid- and Family relationships. The next big directed by Vidhikar Narendrabhai 2004) was an active Society volunteer, event was Mahavir Jayanti celebrated on Nandu on July 8-9. member of Board of Trustees, and organ- April 24, 2005 with Mahavir Pooja at the A 15th Annual Health Fair izer of monthly Digambar Poojä. Jain Center in Richardson, Texas followed sponsored by JCSC, Jain Social Group • Introduction of the Temple's by usual Aartis. Then everyone moved to and Anekant Community Center was new fulltime Pujari couple, Shri the larger Fun Asia complex nearby. organized. This popular annual event Pankajbhai and Smt Rakshaben Shah of Childrens' program was conducted in one attracted approximately 250 participants Ahmedabad, who began working on of the theaters and later lunch was served of various cultures and ethnicities - Jains, April 1. in one of the other halls. The young Indians, Bangladesis, Caucasians, African About 100 members participat- group 1B of Pathshala children presented Americans, Latinos, Chinese, Koreans, ed in a Bone Marrow Donor Drive to a lot of one-liner facts about our religion. and others - who took advantage of a free support a seven-year old child, Rajan Group 1A performed a drama about screening and checkup offered by a team Vyas, stricken with leukemia. Ilachi Kumar. Group 2 made a slide pres- of experts including family practitioner, The Society's 30th Anniversary entation about the Kaal Chakra and facts pediatrician, internist, cardiologist, allerCelebrations were held from May 13 to about 6 Aaras. High school age children gy & asthma, rheumatologist, gastroen15 in the presence of Gurudev of Group 3 presented a variation of terologist, psychiatrist, nephrologists, Chitrabhanuji, Samani Jayant Pragyaji Jeopardy game covering Mahavir's life nutritionist, dietitian, physical therapist, and Samani Sanmari Pragyaji. An year- and a lot of Jain principles. Mr. Bhal etc. Buena Park City Mayor Pro Tem by-year photo-poster and memorabilia Daulat , Chairperson of the Temple Arthur Brown and his wife thanked the Exhibition was presented Committee (for the new Jain Center) volunteers for their invaluable time in On May 14, the day's events gave status of their progress and some rel- making this event a great success. began with a Snätra Poojä. In the late ative data of some of the other centers in Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated afternoon there was the program of com- North America. in the new cultural complex on April 24. memorating the Society's history, mile Four weekly Swadhyay sessions, The Pathshala students presented a culstones and the temple construction, hon- monthly poojas, other meetings and tural program that included Navkar oring three key founding members Pathshala classes are continuing as usual. Mantra Jaap, stuti, dramas, bhajans, and (Arvindbhai-Ramilaben R. Shah, Pathshala children population has grown dances set to devotional music. Sharadbhai-Naliniben R. Shah and quite a bit now and class room space Following the program, two Jain digniMahendrabhai-Sarojben J. Shah) for their shortage has become significant. We are taries addressed the audience. initiatives and vision in starting regular looking forward to many dignitaries start- Satishkumar, a Jain scholar from UK, Poojä, Pathshala Classes etc. It was ing with Subhamji from June 2-10, fol- talked about the three dimensions of the attended by about 500 members, lowed by H. Bharillji from June 13-19, non-violence. Dwarko Sundrani, a colMichigan State Legislators, City of Pandit Dhirajbhai during the Paryushan league of savant-saint Vinoba Bhave from Farmington Hills Mayors and several dig and others whose dates are not fixed yet. India, talked about compassion, the founnitaries. A formal souvenir magazine was JSNT contact is our current dation of Ahimsa. Jain Education Intemational 22. Jain DIGEST • SUMMER 2005 Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ All activities are posted on JCSC's website SAN DIEGO, CA at For additional information, please contact Rameshbhai Doshi, JCSC President, at 714/995-8914 or SAN FRANCISCO, CA Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) has raised over $100,000 for the Tsunami Relief Fund through generous contributions and a musical concert organized by the local SEATTLE, WA artists. Preparations for the 2005 JAINA Convention to be held July 1-4 are well underway. Jain religious leaders, dignitaries and followers from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Africa and other countries will participate in this four-day event. JCNC Education committee has introduced a new Shala event called "Samuhik Prayer Day" with the concept that "Prayer doesn't change things. It changes people and they change things". The first "Samuhik Prayer Day" was ded icated to the Tsunami victims and their families. The Jain Shala sleepover at the Jain Bhawan on February 28 was well attended. Approximately 75 children were organized in various groups and participated in fun activities that included Darshan, yoga, games, reading, and a talent show. Astanika Parva, a Digambar Jain tradition, was celebrated March 19-20 with dharma sadhna led by Dr. Khem Chand Ji Jain. Astanika Parva is a celebration of an occasion when four types of Devta perform puja on 52 Akritram ORLANDO, FL Chaitalaya. Information about activities are published in the "JCNC Darpan" newsletter and are posted on JCNC's website at SACRAMENTO, CA Jain Center of Greater Sacramento (JCGS) organizes a monthly swadhyay and various activities including religious celebrations, Preksha dhyan and meditation classes, and lectures by visiting dignitaries. For additional information, please contact Rajiv Jain, JCGS President, at e-mail: arham Jain Society of San Diego (JSSD) organizes regular activities which include a monthly Jainshala for children, adult classes, swadhyay, and a weekly pooja every Saturday at Shri Mandir. For additional information, please contact Manjila Jain, JSSD President, at email: Jain Education Intemational Jain Society of Seattle (JSS) organizes monthly programs on every 2nd Sunday of the month. For additional information about JSS and programs in Seattle area, please contact Devkumar Gandhi, JSS President, at 425/235-4848 or log on etyseattle/. to celebrated Mahavir Janam Kalyanak and Jain Society Of Central Florida more than 200 people attended the celebration marking the 2,604th birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir. The program began with chanting of the Navakar Mahamantra, followed by stavans, drama on Charity Giving, dances and a speech. The entire program, children ages from 6 month to 15 years. except for the speech, was performed by The program concluded with the Swamivatsalya. Varshitap Parna: Mrs. Harshaben Nareshbhai Shah, residing in Cherry Hill, N.J. was doing her 5th Varshitap. She was visiting Orlando, and her wishes to do Varshitap Parna at JSOCF center, in Orlando. JSOCF organized a Parna ceremony at the center on Akha Trij Day, May11th. More than 40 members showed up for the Parna ceremony along with her guests from India. The Parna was done with 108 Ghadhas (tokries) with freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. After that one of the Samnijis gave a lecture and the program was concluded with the Swamivatsalya. Mrs. Harshaben Shah has already started her 6th Varshitap. 23. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 108 Parshvanath Pujan:On the eve of first anniversary of the Prathistha of temple/upashray, on August 6th, The JSOCF will organize 108 Parshvanath Pujan. It will be conducted by well renounced Shri Narendrabhai Nandu and group from India. JSOCF is inviting all Jains to attend this function. CANADA Mahendra Mehta, Regional Editor TORONTO, ON Jain Society of Toronto observed Aymbil in April and June at Jain Centre with 30+ tapasvis taking part. first major program at Jain Centre that Mahavir Jayanti is usually the from winter blues of January and brings out as many as 600+ members February. There was snatra puja, aarti, mangal divo followed by Swamivatsalya. Trustee Elections: Of the five trustees of Jain Society of Toronto, two had completed their 5 year terms. The Singh Khamesra and Dr. Mahendra H. new elected trustees were Mr. Shobhagh Mehta. Rajendra Kamdar from Rajkot, India and a renowned scholar on works of Acharya Kund Kund and a student of Kanji Swami of Songadh visited the Centre in May and gave a series of dis courses on self realization. of the many members of Interfaith Jain Society of Toronto was one Organization that participated in the Open Day and our Centre had some 200 visitors on May 28, 2005. Mr. Dharam Jain and Mr. Jaswant Shah welcomed the visitors, showed them around and answered many of their questions. It was a practical demonstration how such exercises can bring interfaith understanding and enhance friendship and desire to learn other viewpoints on various issues. In July: Paulomi Gudka was bestowed with Youth award and Prakash Modi was given adult recognition award. ized by the Pathsala teachers was a roaring The Jain Pathsala Picnic organsuccess. Over 150 children and their parents took part in the outdoor activities continued on page 20 REGIONAL NEWS.... Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TIRTHANKAR MAHAVIRA By SHRI KUMARPAL DESAI BOOK REVIEW SECOND EDITION, 232 PAGES, SHRI JAYBHIKHKHU SAHITYA TRUST, AHEMDABAD his new edition of the book has been supplemented the life of Mahavira at the end of the book including a glossary by extensive inclusion of pictures from one of the of Sanskrit and Prakrit words are proof of years of meticulous rarest of manuscript "kalpasutra" in golden letters. research and abiding faith of the author. Is it any wonder that The text briefly enumerates 26 past lives of the President of India has awarded Kumarpalbhai honor of Mahavira, auspicious event of Mahavira's life including Padmashree? If you want to explain life and legacy of Devananda's dreams, joy experienced by entire universe - visible Tirthankar Mahavira to your children, you will not find better and invisible at the time of his birth and the playful childhood resource than this book. all beautifully illustrated. Author's love and devotion for his sub- Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji has complemented ject begins to take over the writing style as he describes events Kumarpalbhai by saying that not only is it a labor of love but surrounding Diksha Mahosav. Reading further, accounts of its spotlight is hung over a world philosophy that is essential at Mahavir's spiritual journey, ordeal, flow of compassion even for the present moment." Dr. N. P. Jain has praised this book by his tormentors and attainment of pure knowledge are described saying "Kumarpalbhai has many books to his credit numbering in such colorful details that you almost forget to look at the pic- over 100 but this one stands out among them as the best that he tures and turn the page to get ahead of the story. has penned." In simple English Kumarpalbhai tells the grandest story The book is available from JAINA BOOK DEPOT for ever told. There is a chapter on the questions and answers $35.00 (Post Paid) write to: Rohit Doshi at 505 African Road, between Mahavira and his principal direct disciple, Gautama - Vestal, NY 13850 or email doshi Bhagavatisutra, essence of Jain Philosophy is presented in concise and precise terms that alone is worth the cost of the book. By Dilip V. Shah, Philadelphia Encyclopedic collection of facts and figures pertaining FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA APPEAL I want to help retaining Jain identity and culture by supporting JAINA and I want to be a proud Jain! Please fill out this form and support JAINA. Mail this completed form and your financial contribution to: JAINA Headquarters PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068 Please send your $151.00 Jain Digest life membership dues to Keerti Shah, 842 Lakeside Drive, Bartlett Illinois 60103, Phone: 630-837-8716 email: Name Address I want to be a Trustee of JAINA Charitable Trust and will donate $500 every year I want to be a JAINA Patron and will donate $251 every year I want to be a Life Member of JAIN DIGEST and will donate $151 other amount: $10 $25 $500_ Phone ( ). Email: Please make checks payable to JAINA. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous. 950 Jain families have already done so, would you not do so? If not for you, do it for your children and grandchildren. Jain Education Intemational 24 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN VISHWA BHARATI ORLANDO, USA 5th Anniversary May 7th and 8th 2005 O n May 7th and 8th, The Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando for the provisions to carry on with future plans to promote Florida celebrated their 5th anniversary. Over 200 Jainism in the community. Afterwards JVB devotees sang a colpeople attended this two day, joy-filled event and in orful and melodious song commemorating the eve of the the meantime, reinforcing their religious commit- anniversary. ment to the center and deepening their spiritual awareness. The profound significance of the center's success indubitably inspired all attendees to strengthen their participation in the activities of the center. As a testament to the center's value as a place of worship and spiritual growth, as the setting for social assembly, as an educational institution, and as a place where all can experience the orderliness of wellbeing through Preksha Mediation and Yoga, people from all over Florida, including Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Daytona Beach, Ocala and the Orlando Metro area and South Carolina and California attended the celebration. All embraced the spirit of the center as the two-day celebration commenced. Saturday's program began with Mangala Charn led by the JVB committee. President Ashok Shah welcomed the devoted participants in the presence of the center's administrators and Jain spiritual and social educationalists, Samani Madhur Pragyaji and Samani Parimal Pragyaji. In honor of this auspicious occasion, JVB director, Kamlesh Shah, read a message from His Holiness Acharyashri Mahapragyji, which endorses the teachings of meditation and yoga in the center that has been ongoing for the past 5 years. His Holiness also endorses support Subsequently, Samani Mahdur Pragyagji's lecture, "How to Achieve Shree," explained the meaning of "Shree" as knowledge, aura and Laxmi. Next, a special group from Tampa started the evening's program with Sangeet Sandhya. Following this, Samani Parimal Pragyaji presented a surprise program titled, "Chabi Ghumaiea and Bhagya Banaiea," And finally, Sashi Jain, Director of JVB, graciously presented to Kamlesh Shah a memento in tribute to his receiving a special honor-"Shrdha Nishtha Shravak-conferred to him by Acharyashri Mahapragyaji. Vijay Lunawat, JVB Secretary, called attention to this honor and how proud and fortunate JVB is to have had Mr. Shah receive this approbation from the Acharya. At 7:00 am on Sunday, the program began with the recitation of Bhaktamar, Preksha Meditation and Pranayam. At 9:30 am, Kamlesh Shah, Vijay Lunawat, Devang Chitalia, Neeraj Shah and Tushar Shah, together presented a cultural program about Lord Rishbha, including a song by the ladies about Akshya Tritiya. Following this, Samani Madhur Pragyaji gave a lecture on "Kya Bhagya Ko Badal Sakate Hain." Last of all Samani Parimal Pragyaji acted as Master of Ceremony and concluded the anniversary program. Acharya Mahapragaya celebrates 86th Birthday Acharya Mahapragaya, who was is in New Delhi as a part of his five-year ahimsa yatra, celebrated his 86th birthday. President APJ Abdul Kalam and BJP president L.K. Advani congratulated the Acharya, as did thousand of devotees. Speaking on the occasion, President Kalam said: "Six years ago, when I met Acharya, he advised me to devote the rest of my life to preparing peace missiles. I accepted the challenging task and occupied myself in peace activities." The Acharya, President Kalam said, entrusted him with the even more challenging task of "re-forming the faulty system of modern economics by preparing a complete action plan based on not only the principles of modern economics but integrated with inter-disciplinary research in diverse branches like science, sociology, psychology, philosophy and also religion." Kalam has already launched the programme for inter-faith efforts in socio-economics development of the nation through establishing the "Foundation for Unity of Religion and Enlightened Citizenship", with Acharya and Kalam himself the benefactors of the foundation. Saying he was honoured to be present at the felicitation. Advani said "Acharya is not just a saint but a thinker and a philosopher." He added that morals are very important to get ahead in life, and he imbibed these morals and directions from Acharya Mahapragya and his literary work. In his birthday message, the Acharya said: "Every person should live his life cycle properly. We are Indians but we do not follow our traditions and rituals. We should not only think, but should do some lateral thinking" 25 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005ily AFFILIATE NEWS.... Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 1 Name (please print): Address: Send this completed form, a check in the amount of $25 and a recent, full-length photograph of yourself with your name printed on the back to Hasmukh M. Shah, 304 Tall Oak Trail Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-7711 Phone: 727-934-6141 / 3255 STREET Phone: (). Date of Birth: Are you a vegetarian? YES NO Have you been married before? YES LAST Candidate's signature: Fax: (). Height: If yes, indicate the name of your divorced spouse.. Your visa status in the USA/Canada? CITY FIRST Email: Weight: Do you smoke? YES NO NO What languages do you speak? What languages do you read?. What languages do you write? Education: DEGREE YEAR RECEIVED MAJOR NAME OF UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE Work experience COMPANY'S NAME POSITION DURATION Father's Name: Mother's Name: Brother(s) and/or Sister(s). NAME(S) AGE(S) EDUCATION OCCUPATION Do you have other relatives living in the North America? NAME RELATIONSHIP OCCUPATION ADDRESS Other relevant information (use additional paper if necessary): STATE When did you enter the USA/Canada? What is your religion?. Occupation: Occupation: 26 JAIN DIGEST⚫ SUMMER 2005 MIDDLE Do you drink? YES NO Date: ZIP IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: It is important to remember that the MIS is a non-for-profit, voluntary community service. The MIS and JAINA assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the information furnished in the ads or any consequences resulting thereof. The entire responsibility rests with the candidates themselves. All information furnished to the MIS is confidential. Only those who are sincerely interested in looking for a Jain life partner should send a Registration Form. While matching, photographs will not be passed on to the candidates by the MIS. Parents/guardians should communicate with the candidate before placing ad and assist them in making a final decision. MONTH/YEAR Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 1. Two references who are members of the Jain Community or other Indian organizations. A. Name: Our world is shrinking and we are a global village and life is not always easy. However, we can carry our philosophy and our value system that is very worth while, with us. Accept the challenge and make your choice be a worth while one. Address: Phone: Member of: ORGANIZATION'S NAME B. Name: - Address: Placing an Ad and Registration with MIS Anyone wishing to place an ad and register with the MIS must follow these instructions care-fully: 1. Fill out the attached Registration Form Page 1 and Page 2.. The registrant must fill out this form. Do not leave anything blank. . You may draft an ad yourself in 30 words or less. MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. 2. Mail the the completed form + a check in the amount of $25 payable to Hasmukh M. Shah. Leave the Memo or For column blank. 3. A recent photo of yourself with your name printed on the back. 4. Upon receipt of this information the MIS will arrange to publish your ad in the JAIN DIGEST - but only once. You may repeat it in the subsequent issues by mailing $25. JAIN DIGEST is a quarterly publication. Phone: MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 2 Member of: ORGANIZATION'S NAME 2. Indicate your personal preference of these criteria for the match. Age: Between the ages of __and __or open. Height: Between the height of and or open. Weight: Between the weight of or open. Education: Bachelor Masters Degree Other Major Vegetarian: YES ONO Work experience: YES O NO Residence: (state) Visa Status: Length of time in North America: North America: ___ years. Language. English: YES NO Other (specify): Placing an Ad Only If you do not wish to send photo and wish to draft an ad yourself, you may do so in 30 words or less. Remember that the MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. Fill out MIS Registration Form pagel only (without leaving anything blank), or you may provide the entire information as asked for in this form. Follow step 2 above. It is very necessary for MIS to complete its database with the information available in Form pagel, without which MIS will not be able to process your ad for publication. Please note, your ad will be published once, but you can repeat it by mailing check of $25. CONGRATULATIONS! Female: 185, Male: 170 (Married / Engaged) JAINA would like to congratulate all couples who have come together with the help of the services of the MIS. JAINA wishes to thank them for their generous donation. More and more Jains around the world are not only appreciating this much needed service, but are also taking advantage of it. Simultaneously, the flow of ads in JAIN DIGEST is gradually increas Responding to an Ad (only if contact info isn't available). If the phone number or address is not given in the ad, then you must contact the candidate through MIS. Follow these step-by-step instructions. Place your bio-data and a recent photograph of yourself in a sealed, stamped envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and the MIS ad reference number in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope. Leave space on the envelope for an address. Place this envelope in another envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and mail it to Hasmukh M. Shah. Upon receipt of these responses the MIS will place the ad holders address on the inner envelope and mail it. Remember, MIS is not responsible for responses that do not conform to these instructions. ing. Guideline to all perspective participants Be positive, constructive, creative and friendly! No match is going to be "perfect. Complement and support each other practicing re-spect,sharing, acquire knowledge and maintaining your uniqueness while keeping an open mind. These are the qualities that make for human perfection. Please notify the MIS Please notify the MIS when an engagement or marriage has been announced. This helps us to know if this community service is working to help maintain our traditions. Please note that if a successful alliance has taken place, both parties will agree to donate what ever amount they wish to JAINA to help defray the cost of publication. Jain Education Intemational 27. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - FEMALE F581: Gujarati parents invite responses for beautiful professional cultured daughter, born Dec 73, 5'1", BS (molecular biology), biotech / software professional in silicon valley CA, from well-educated professional vegetarian boys. Call: 408/272-6833. Email: F923: Gujarati parents invite proposals w/ photo / bio-data for beautiful charming slim vegetarian US born daughter, June 77, 5'4", PharmD, working with hospital, from professional boys. Call: 970/225-0632. Email: F952: Gujarati parents invite proposals w/ bio-data & photo (must) for beautiful caring family-oriented vegetarian US born daughter, Nov 72, 5'4", MD / MPH, from professional nonsmoking vegetarian equally compatible match. Email: F1067: Gujarati parents invite alliance w/ photo, bio-data for their very-beautiful fair charming slim accomplished daugh ter, born Jan 79, 5'6", completed Degree course in Psychology from South Colorado Uni. (US). Email: F1115: Gujarati parents invite proposals w/ bio-data for beautiful charming vegetarian US born daughter, July 77, 5'3", BS Pharmacy, well employed as Pharmacy Manager, from well educated cultured vegetarian professionally settled boys. Email: F1116: Sister invites responses for pretty vegetarian intelligent cultured sister, born June 76, 5'5", BCom, from cultured educated vegetarian Gujarati boys. She is currently in India and willing to settle in USA. Call: 248/822-6030. F1117: Gujarati parents invite correspondence from well-educated vegetarian cultured professional boys for beautiful outgoing US born daughter, March 81, 5'5", 115 lb, MD, 3rd Yr student. Call: Email: 606/571-2145. F1119: Gujarati parents invite proposals for beautiful slim accomplished US born daughter, Feb 79, 5'6", MD, 115 lb 2nd Yr resident, from cultured vegetarian nonsmoking professional boys. Call: 954/385-8151 email: F1120: Alliance invited by Gujarati parents for beautiful slim cultured US born daughter, July 77, 5'5", 112 lb, graduated Dental School May 2005, from cultured vegetarian nonsmoking professional boys. Call: 954/385-8151 F1121: Parents invite proposals for pretty slim talented virtuous vegetarian US born daughter, May 80, 5'3", BS (EE), well employed, from vegetarian professional boys. Call: 812/240-2548. Email: F1122: Gujarati parents invite responses w/ photo/bio-data for pretty slim very fair cultured vegetarian Canadian citizen daughter innocently divorced (no-issue), born Oct 74, 5'3", MIS, well employed, from well educated professionally settled vegetarian match. Call: 905/799-3416. 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Call: 770/4358134. Email: AF453: Gujarati parents invite proposals for an attractive slim vegetarian US born daughter, May 81, 5'4", 115 lb, PharmD, from handsome intelligent US born boys. Email: AF457: Alliance invited for pretty vegetarian US born Gujarati girl, June 79, 5'1", 110 lb, PharmD, Pharmacist, from well-educated open-minded vegetarian match.Call: 901/363-8430. Email: AF459: Gujarati parents invite proposals for beautiful fair slim family oriented US citizen daughter, born June 78, 5'3", working for Top Acctg Firm, preferably from Gujarati vegetarian professional boys' family. AF460: Alliance invited for an accomplished Engineer/MBA, Jain girl,born 75, 5'4", living in southern California, from well educated professional vegetarian boys preferably in California. email biodata/photo to AF461: Gujarati parents invite alliance for beautiful slim vegetarian US raised daughter, Oct 79, 5'3", 4th year Dental student, from cultured educated preferably MD/ Dentist boys. Email with biodata/photo, AF462: Alliance invited from well educated Jain vegetarian boy for a beautiful Gujarati girl, divorcee(no child), born 4/ 74, 5'0", 96 lb,lived in USA from 96 -- 2001. Bharat Natyam dancer & teacher with modern & traditional values. Currently working in Bombay for multi national co.,Ph 949/275-0231. vaishli@ F1017: Alliance invited from cultured professional Male, for US Citizen Gujarati Jain, Female Physician, never married Vegetarian Age 32, 5'6", currently in final year residency in Michigan. Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRI Email: AF465: Gujarati family invite proposals wl bio-data photo for pretty vegetarian M1095: Gujarati parents invite proposals F1080: Jain parents invite proposals from daughter born, Nov 80, 5'2", studied w/ photo / bio-data for handsome talentprofessional boys for their charming well medical assisting in USA. 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India Phone: vegetarian Gujarati boy, born Jan 78, professionally settled handsome boys. 011-91-264-248-9870. Email: abho- 5'8", 150 lb, BS (comp applications), well Call: 630/961-1689. Email: employed in India and willing to settle in Crystal 1 USA. Call: 516/333-8032. Email: AM474: Gujarati parents invite proposals F1135: Gujarati family invite responses for their pretty fair intelligent vegetarian from cultured educated vegetarian boys US born daughter, July 81, 5'3", 110 lb, M1114: Gujarati parents invite proposals for pretty slim vegetarian cultured daugh- BA (psychology), pursuing MS, well for handsome intelligent vegetarian US ter, born Aug 76, 5'6", BS, currently well employed as case manager, from cultured citizen son, born Feb 77,5'8", 165 lb, BS employed in Bombay and willing to settle well educated vegetarian professional (civil eng), own business, from cultured in USA. Call: 718-962-6438. boys. Call: 817/795-4392. Email: educated girls. Call: 7137690-0999. 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AF464: Jain parents invite responses for Email: Call: beautiful vegetarian US citizen daughter, Australia: +61-2-4950 0345 Jan 79, 5'2", 104 lb, MS (comp engineer- M1088: Gujarati parents invite responses ing), employed as software consultant, w/ bio-data / photo from well-educated M1125: Alliance invited w! photo for from well educated Jain boys. Call: vegetarian pretty girls for handsome car- handsome practicing Physician son 704/759-9847. ing brilliant UK born / USA raised son, (Urologist), born Feb 72, 6'3", 180 lb, Email: kkjain Dec 76, 5'7", 135 lb, BS (economics), divorcee, from family oriented attractive International MBA. girishshah 108@sbc- slim with good-height girls 25 to 32. Email: Jain Education Intemational 29. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 www.jainelibratorg Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - MALE ness), own business, from cultured eduM1127: Gujarati parents invite proposals M864: Gujarati parents invite alliance for cated girls with east-west blends. Call: w/ photo/profile for handsome amiable very handsome fair brilliant successful 206/679-8734. successful vegetarian US raised son, Aug vegetarian US born son, Oct 76, 5'11", 73, 5'8", 130 lb, BS EE, IT consultant, 140 lb, BS (civil engg), well positioned as AM466: Gujarati parents invite responses from, cultured educated girls. Email: Project Manager in a reputed co., from for good looking well-settled vegetarian cultured educated pretty girls. 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M1131: Jain parents invite proposals w/ 607/339-6250. email: photo for handsome intelligent US raised AM458: Successful Gujarati engineer son, Aug 78, 5'10", BS Accounting, pur- AM470: Parents invite proposals w/ bioworking in computer security, born 77, suing law degree, expected May 06, from data photo, from outgoing Jain vegetarian 5'8", MS in progress, US citizen, cultured fair slim vegetarian cultured Gujarati girls, for their vegetarian US born son, traveled athletic seeks partnership with girls. Email: clifton April 80, 6'2", MD, doing first year US citizen open-minded cultured educat orthopedic surgery residency. Email: mared girls. Call: 443/739-3223. M1132: Alliance invited for handsome talented vegetarian Gujarati boy, born June 78, 5'9", 154 lb, MS (comp sc), well AM471: Jain parents invite proposals w/ AM462: Gujarati parents invite proposals employed in S. California, from Indian bio-data photo for handsome brilliant US for talented successful vegetarian US citi- born / raised educated vegetarian Gujarati born son, Jan 76, 5'7", MS (EE), doing zen son, born Aug 77, 5'5", 112 lb, MS girls. Call: 714/595-4672. won bldg development business, from (Fin) well positioned with reputed bank Email: well educated pretty girls w/ family valas Fin Manager, from cultured educated ues. Call: 909/594-8705. girls. Call: 201/417-8917. Email: deepal- M1133: Gujarati parents invite responses Email: for good looking brilliant vegetarian son, born Nov 79,5'1", 125 lb, MS (I.T.), well AM472: Gujarati parents invite responses AM463: Gujarati parents invite response employed, from suitable educated cul- for good looking vegetarian US citizen for handsome talented vegetarian US cit- tured match. Call: 617/481-2153. Email: son, Jan 76, 5'7", 150 lb, MD, from culizen son, Feb 75, 5'6", 130 lb, MD, doing tured professional vegetarian girls. Call: 2nd Year internal medicine residency, 973/403-7649. Email: VEGDOCfrom cultured educated vegetarian mang- M1134: Gujarati parents invite proposals TOR@YAHOO.COM lik girls. Email: for handsome vegetarian successful US Ph. 516/996-9851. raised son April 78, 5'6", MS (Ind busi Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra. B.S. Ajmera Chairman WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE "Maharashtra Including Greater Bombay Victims Relief Fund" World Community Services (WCS) of Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) has launched Maharashtra Including Greater Bombay Victims Relief Fund" to raise the fund to help the victims of the worst rain fall in India in last 100 years. On Tuesday 26th July 2005 there was a unprecedented rainfall in Maharashtra including Greater Bombay. It was a single largest rainfall of 39"in period of 6 hours ever in India. Six days of heavy rains in the densely populated city of Bombay have resulted in a tragedy that has just begun to unfold. Sudden, heavy downpours turned roads into fierce rivers. Most deaths came from collapsing walls, drowning and electrocutions. Thousands of Homes and huts were washed away in the raging waters. Wet soil is causing landslides in many areas burying dozens of people in an instant. This is a National Calamity. Many areas are completely cut off with other parts of the state. Victims need basic necessities like, water, food, clothes and shelter. There is a real danger of water borne disease might create a new round of calamity. Previously with your support we have raised over$200,000 for Tsunami victims, $750,000 for Gujarat Earthquake, $100,000 for Latur Earthquake Fund, more than $70,000 for Kutch Cyclone Relief Fund and then for the Turkey earthquake Fund, Orissa and Kosovo. This time we request your generous help for this humane cause. We Jains are the steadfast believers of "Jiv Daya" and "Ahimsa" and it is our moral obligation to request to respond to this calamity and help its' victims. We can't bring back the dead but let us help millions fighting for survival. Your contribution will make a remarkable difference in the lives of these unfortunate people. We recognize that many different organizations have started such fund raising drive and you may wonder why you should send your donations through JAINA. Here JAINA's past record should help you decide: JAINA's relief operation will be carried out with a local partnering NGO so that help will reach immediately rather than getting mired in any type of red tape. JAINA does not charge any administrative cost to the relief fund. Every penny donated to the fund will go towards relief effort. In fact JAINA volunteers and partners will add their presence, experience and effort to the fund as it is delivered to the affected area. Funds collected by JAINA will be spent in completely non-violent manner keeping in mind Jain way. Our efforts will be directed in helping Victims. We request you to send your tax deductible (USA) contribution payable to JAINA and mail to: Prakash Mehta, 2960 Mother Well Ct, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Phone: 703-352-8340, 703-318-8252 Sincerely yours, Prakash Mehta Co-Chairman Bhadresh Dhila Co-Chairman Kirit Daftary President, JAINA "A PERSON WHO SERVES THE SICK, SERVES ME" - LORD MAHAVIR Dr. Dhiraj Shah Founder, WCS 31 JAIN DIGEST⚫ SUMMER 2005 • Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AT THE 13TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION 2005, The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) & The Jain Center of Northern California Honored and Celebrated JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS Life Time Achievements Of Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji and For their vision, motivation, & support in the formation of JAINA in 1981 For their spiritual leadership and guidance to JAINA & Jain Centers For their unwavering dedication to propagation of Jainism in North America By proclaiming and Honoring them as our “Founding Spiritual Leaders” Jain Education Intemational 32. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA RATNA AWARD JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS Mansukhlal Doshi Jain society of Metropolitan Chicago JAINA PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS 1. Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute, Ladnu, India 2. Dr. Mahendra and Chandra Varia, Kentucky 3. Mr. Dilip V. Shah, Philadelphia JAINA YOUTH RECOGNITION AWARDS JAINA ADULT RECOGNITION AWARDS Sonia Ghelani, Jain Society of Northern Texas Rakhi Jain, Jain Center of Greater Boston Ms. Shefali Mehta, Jain Center of So. California Paulomi G. Shah, Jain Society of Toronto Shibani H. Shah, Jain society of Metro. Chicago Ashok Choksi, Jain Society of Greater Detroit Mahendra Desai, Jain Center of Southern California Dr. Anant Jain, Jain Society of Northern Texas Dr. Parveen K. Jain, Jain Center of N. California Dr. Vinay Jain, Jain Center of Greater Boston Savitaben M. Mehta, Jain Center of So. California Prakash Mody, Jain Society of Toronto Arvind R. Shah, Jain Society of Greater Detroit Ashok R. Shah, Jain society of Metro. Washington Manu J. Shah, Jain society of Metro. Washington Sanjay Shah, Jain Center of Greater Boston Virendra S. Shah, Jain Center of New Jersey 33. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Jain Education Intemational Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS 2005 JAINA CONVENTION BEHIND-THE-SCENE PERSPECTIVE (HOSTED BY JAIN CENTER OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA) & very two years, since 1981 Jains of North America gather at a JAINA convention to help them celebrate and learn more about their heritage. They meet old friends and make new acquaintances. In pursuit of their Jain identity, they listen to scholars of Jainism, participate in panel discussions, view exhibits, buy books, enjoy cultural programs and hear live performances of renowned artists from India. This past July 4th weekend more than 3,500 Jains from all corners of North America and abroad participated in the 13th biennial JAINA convention, hosted by Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) which was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The seat of technology, sunny disposition of California and sweat equity of JCNC produced a grand convention - a glorious environment that was conducive to smooth and precise execution of an ambitious but carefully designed program. Contributions:Dilip V Shah, Girish Shab and Kirit Dafiary Convention Theme The theme, "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment", was chosen to address everyday life as a Jain, balancing life between home and work, and how to preserve and extend the heritage. In addition to the challenges of inter-religious and inter-racial marriages, the community has been under pressure to maintain unity. The theme allowed speaker after speaker to echo the need for unity and present ideas on Jain Way of Life (JWOL). The convention line-up included 70+ speakers and 250+ sessions, special youth programs and competitions, Jain networking, art exhibition, mela, Jain cooking demonstrations, youth cooking competition, evening entertainment and cultural programs, to name a few. For those who came before the convention, there were pre-convention tours of the Northern California tourist attractions. "This convention stressed religious lectures," said Kirit Daftary. "by offering multiple levels of courses, for beginners to advanced in Gujarati, English and Hindi," he added. For this convention, JCNC proposed three major ideas as focal points for all program planning. 1) Celebrate the start of the 25th year of JAINA by recognizing and honoring two of its founding spiritual leaders, 2) a session on "unity in diversity" with messages of unity from five Acharyas/spiritual leaders from India one each from five Jain traditions, 3) a theme that addresses the challenges faced by the Jain community in North America. The convention board had established one major goal for the host committee, "all of our attendees should receive an excellent value for the time and money". This was to be achieved by: a) Providing superb hospitality, b) Creating excellent event filled activities, c) Lasting learning experience, d) Exceeding their expectations. All through the 18 months of planning, these guidelines were used to make tradeoffs in decisions, which made the decision process simple, Convention Opening Blessings - The first session of the convention was blessings from our spiritual leaders. Over 500 people assembled in the theatre hall for the session. In addition to their blessings, their message was "we all can be known as Jains without the prefixes of Digamaber - Shwetamber" and "how we all can strengthen harmony and unity". Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji, Acharya Shri Chandnaji, Amrendra Muniji Maharaj, Bhuvnesh Muniji Maharaj, Jinchandraji Maharaj, Roop Chandji Maharaj. Manak Muniji Maharaj. Sadhviji Shubhamji, Samaniji Madhur Pragyaji, Sadhviji Vibhaji, and Samanijis - Charitra Pragyaji, Jayant Pragyaji, Parimal Pragyaji, Sanmati Pragyaji, and Shukla Pragyaji - all spoke for about five minutes on unity. The program was conducted by Ashok Sethi, Harendra Shah, and Praveen Jain of JCNC. All these Sadhus, Sadhvis and Scholars speaking in unison on "Jain Unity" set the x34⚫ JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ moral tone of the convention. Dr. Parveen Jain, chair of Programming committee says, "In this convention, we wanted to visibly show our respect to the sadhu-sadhvis. This was done by having this opening blessing session, by having separate seating section on the stage, by having a VIP host sub-committee who looked after their hospitality, etc". Convention Opening Ceremony - The opening ceremony of the convention on July 2nd was the most widely attended event at the convention. An Olympic like torch was paraded into the convention hall and was received by JCNC Chair Dr. Parveen Jain. Anop Vora in his welcoming speech "marveled at the growth of JAINA over the years and implored every one to forget our sectarian differences and get involved in JAINA to make it a powerful spiritual force in the whole world". Kirit Daftary in his welcoming remarks said that "Via the convention, we want to re-affirm the concept of unity in diversity whereby we follow our traditions in harmony with others, espe- an inspiring example for all who heard them speak. cially with the growth of the Jain community in North America". Dr. Bill Lesher, chair of the Council Parliament of World's Religions delivered one of the three keynote speeches. Dr. Lesher spoke of the relevance of the Jain principles - Ahimsa, Aprigraha and Anekantvad in today's world. "And it is clear to me that Jains have a great deal to share indeed!", said Dr. Lesher, adding, "Your signature doctrine of non-violence is what many believers in the other religions find precious in the Jain religion. You have much to tell about how Jains live out this doctrine in the world today and how this great spiritual insight can contribute to our common search for harmony among the religions of the world." An electrifying speech of the convention was delivered by Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The former Democratic contender for the White House is a vegan vegetarian and a practitioner of Ahimsa. As a Presidential candidate, he proposed the creation of a Department of Peace. He told of how he refused to kill or remove a wasp nest on his window sill and instead got the entire family to watch everyday and learn how the wasps tended to their nest. His frequent use of Jain phrases in his speech drew a standing ovation and cheers from the crowd. When asked by his collogues "why would he fly across the country to deliver a fifteen minute speech", he replied "the principles of the Jain philosophy, are more relevant now in Western civilization than they ever been." For the first time a youth was invited to be the keynote speaker to promote wider youth participation in the convention and to recognize that they are the leaders of tomorrow. Viral Mehta was chosen to address the Convention for his exemplary work in volunteerism. As a volunteer coordinator for Charity Focus, he spoke of the role every one can play for the betterment of society through volunteer work. Shailesh & Kalpa Mehta of San Francisco and Arvind & Jaya Shah of Detroit were the Co-Sanghpatis of this convention who lighted the lamp declaring the convention open. Their life of philanthropy, service and abid ing faith in Jain values were 25 Years of JAINA and Life Time Achievement Awards - On Sunday, plenary sessions were held to celebrate initiation of 25th year of JAINA and Jain Unity. A documentary on "25 Years of JAINA" was prepared specially for the convention and it received much praise. During this 25 year celebration session, JAINA and JCNC honored Late Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji as "Founding Spiritual Leaders" with a proclamation of Life Time Achievement award. They were honored for their vision, motivation, and support in the formation of JAINA in 1981 and their dedication to the North American Jain community. Anop Vora spoke about the life of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Kirit Daftary recited the proclamation. Mamata Yagala and Niramla Hanke talked about how their lives were changed by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji whereas Bhavin Shah, a 28 year old youth who had met Gurudev 25 years ago, recited the proclamation. Both of these spiritual leaders promoted a vision of non-sectarian Jain association upon their arrival in the West (Gurudev Chitrabhanuji in 1970 and Acharya Sushil Kumarji in 1975). Over the years JAINA conventions have proved their vision so right that today JAINA is known and admired throughout the world as a unifying force in the Jain world. 35 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 • JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS Unity in Diversity Session - The above session was followed by a panel discussion session on "unity in diversity of Jains". For this session, special messages of unity were recorded in India by interviewing five Acharya/spiritual leaders from each of the five Jain traditions (sects), Acharya Padamsagarji (Shwetamber), Acharya Bahubaliji (Digambar), Acharya Shiv Muniji (Sthanakvasi), Acharya Mahaprajnaji (Terapanthi) and honorable Parasbhaiji (Mumukshus of Shrimad Räjchandra). Each of them sent a strong message that unity is important and achievable. Some of them even urged to replace our traditional sectarian name with "Mahavir Sangh". "It was heartening that these Acharyas show the importance of unity and agreed to be video taped", says Prem Jain, coordinator for Unity session. The panel at the convention consisted of Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Acharya Chandnaji, Samani Madhur Pragyaji, Dr. Atul Shah, Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS and Dhrumil Purohit. The recurring theme in the discussion on non-Jains to our temples. unity was the idea that the INCLUSIVNESS and not UNIFORMITY is the key to the goal of achieving Jain unity. A special proclamation of unity was signed by monks and scholars present there. Almost 3000 people in the hall stood up and repeated the words as Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji read the preamble. Kirit Daftary and Anop Vora recited the pledge. Anop Vora, who initiated this "Declaration and Pledge" over six months ago observed many moist eyes and said "This was the most moving experience of my life and I am overwhelmed by the emotional response of the conventioneers". Program & Activities Structure The entire program was structured around the core Convention Theme, "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment" and all the sessions were planned in support of the theme. The sessions were grouped into tracks with each track having specific general topic. A track consisted of sessions and workshops that allowed further deeper exploration of the topic. There were 130 sessions on religious topics, 15 sessions on theme tracks, 10 sessions on social, health, and women's topics, 1 CME session, 3 sessions in Jain center forum, Jain cooking classes, 11 sessions early morning to invigorate the body and mind, a multi-faceted youth program of sessions and activities. As you see from the description below, the entire program balanced the interest of aspirants of all traditions, Shwetamber, Digambar, Sthänakaväsi, Terapanthi and Mumukshus of Shrimad Räjchandraji to strengthen the unity and harmony among all Jains. With so many sessions, there was a need for a large team of moderators who would manage each session. Prerana Saraiya built a team of 40 volunteers who became moderators for these sessions. To assure everyone knew what they had to do, two training sessions were held to armed them with program information. The team of Amit Jain, Himanshu Jain, Kamlesh Mehta and Nirmal Baid, managed the plenary sessions with many innovative videos and presentations. Theme Tracks - Two tracks were scheduled to discuss topics related to the convention theme which included seven sessions and workshops. The session topics were: a) Extending Jain heritage in Western environment, b) Sharing and raising awareness of Jain philosophy, c) Jain Learning & Education: Opportunities in the western world, Bringing Together the Jain Traditions, or, not!, d) Historical and contemporary view of Jain literature, e) Jain Way of Life - Professional Lifestyle, f) Sharing best practices in running a Jain Center. Several JAINA committee members participated in the theme tracks. Naresh Jain, Dr. Hema Pokharna shared their work in Interfaith committee and urged all centers to participate in Inter-faith groups. Dr. Kokila Doshi explained that extending Jainism in the west will have to be knowledge based compared to faith and ritual orientation in India. Yogendra Jain of JAINA Long Range Planning Committee shared JAINA's vision and findings particularly in reference to the young people turning away from religion. Prof. Jagdish Sheth explained that there is a fundamental shift in society from institution driven to the individual driven values and views. He also urged to invite more Jain Education Intemational The workshop sessions explored these topics and developed recommendations. It was a good learning experience not only for the attendees but also for the JAINA to take this thoughts for further enhancements on functioning of the JAINA. Religious Tracks - There were 130 sessions in these religious tracks from fundamentals of Jainism to advance topics like Tattvartha Sutra. These sessions were offered in three languages Gujarati, Hindi and English. The sessions were grouped by tracks, each with its own major subject and session topics within it. The track subjects ranged from condensed course on fundamentals of Jainism, Advanced Religious topics, Tattvarth Sutra, Jain Way of Life by Shrimad Räjchandra, Shravakachar, Great Jain Teachers, Multi-facets of Jainism, Jain literature & Dharma, Jain history & contributions, Jain Rites & Rituals. Harendra Shah, coordinator for religious tracks had the tough job of balancing all these subjects, assigning them to speakers but he managed to deliver a great program. To assure a balance between various traditions, there was a team from each tradition who was supporting religious coordinator. To support these large number of sessions, 50+ scholars and Sadhu Sadhvis were invited to the convention. The religious speakers included our sadu-sadhvis (as listed above) and Dr. Rakeshbhai Jhaveri, Pt. Dhirubhai Mehta, Shantibhai Kothari, Dr. Hukumchand Bharill, Pramodaben Chitrabhanu, Tarlaben Doshi, Dr. Sekeharchand Jain, Dr. Snehrani Jain, Diptiben Shah, Dr. J. Upadhaya, Hemanbhai Gandhi, Amit Shah, Dr.Abhayakumar 36 JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain, Dr. Jagdish Prasad Jain, Pdt. Khemchandra Jain, Praksh Dalal who was one of the three Judges, was impressed by the Jain, Dr. N.L. Kachhara, Arvind Shah, Rakshaben Shah, Pravin interest youth showed in cooking. Dhrumil Purohit, a raw food K Shah, Manubhai Doshi, Girishbhai Shah, Dr. Yashwant vegan, demonstrated various recipes for raw food diet. Malaiya, Dr. Jitendra Shah, Hira Ratan Manek, Dr. N. P. Jain, Dr. Sudhir V Shah, Pt. Jayesh Khona, Dr. Hema Pokharna and And as always, most attended event with the youth was Chandrakant Mehta. the cruise which took close to 600 youth around the San Francisco Bay. A movie-mela night for the younger youth too Youth Programs & Activities. With nearly a third of young to join the cruise was also highly popular. Lecture sesthe attendees being the youth this year, there were a variety of sions on Saturday and Sunday were well subscribed. Dr. Luskin events for the younger generation organized by Nita spoke on Forgiveness, Robert Arnett spoke on Unity in Itchhaporia, Arpan Shah, and Chirag Shah as Chair and co- Diversity, East and West, Dr. Schwartz spoke to the JNF group chairs of Youth Programming Committee. The youth program on Relationships and Communication and Miscommunication extended the convention theme as "Extending Jain Heritage in between men and women and Dr. Singhvi talked about higher the Western Environment through Charity, Compassion and consciousness in marriage. Communication". There were three social events going on simultaneously in the evenings and multiple activities both on The Youth Programming Committee also organized and off site. This was the first convention in which a full day was the 7th Jain Academic Bowl. The Jain Academic Bowl is a devoted to charity and compassion with youth not only hearing friendly competition that tests the knowledge of youth and is about charity but by actually doing hands on charity work in held at every JAINA Convention. The teams compete with multiple different venue sites both on site and off site. One of other teams in a three round game-show style Academic Bowl. Bay area youth designed a special Charity T-Shirt for all the The two teams with the best record and highest number of wins youth to wear so they can focus on the seva and not on their proceed to the finals round. At this convention, teams from dress. Programs were designed for youth doing seva for the envi- Boston, Chicago, Northern California (Bay Area), and ronment, animal rights and random acts of kindness, homeless- Pittsburgh participated. After three rounds, Chicago and ness and much more. They had partner organizations that sup- Pittsburgh advanced to the finals round. Harder questions were ported them such as: Charity Focus, Be-The-Cause, and Liwa asked throughout the final round leading to a victory by Communications. It was amazing mixture of resolve, ingenuity, Chicago. focus and talented youths. Mind-Body Programs & Social-Health-Women's The most Forum - The Convention Activities started from 6:30 a.m. I popular area offered from Pratikrman, Sun Gazing workshops, Yoga, Bhangra was the Jain and Bollywood Aerobics to Preksha Meditation. Swami Networking Shrutpragya showed various yogic Aasans to attendees. That sesForum sion was fully packed even at that early morning. Anuradha Individuals Paudwal and her daughter Kavita recited Bhktamar Stotra in wanted to join their melodious voices. The Bhkatamber Stotra was also out of friend- explained after every four stanzas by Muni Jinchandraji. Over ship, relation- 10 sessions on topics covering health, women's perspectives, ship, and net- senior citizen perspectives, child raising and medical education working and for the attendees interested in social issues. The topics covered for marriage. More than 500 youth joined in before they closed included Empowerment of women thorough religion, Women's the doors due to capacity limit disappointing many. Iron Chef a health, High prevalence of CVD in South Asians, senior forum, cooking competition was attended by 300 youths and Tarla parenting forum etc. JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS ORG: JAM CONVENTION 2005 37. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Jain Education Intemational Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Center Forum & JAINA Meetings - Dr. Nitin An International Symposium - The Ahimsa Center at Shah organized Jain Centers forum to present papers on their California State Polytechnic University, Pomona organized an center management, practices and activities. This exchange is international symposium on "Ahimsa and Aprigraha in very useful as we all can learn from each other rather than re- Contemporary Contexts". The Symposium was co-sponsored invent the wheel. Twelve centers participated in these forums. by JAINA. Anop Vora, the President of JAINA, inaugurated the Their recommendations included opening up the temples for symposium. Dr. Tara Sethia, the Convener of this symposium, senior's care and other services for all; increasing non-Jain spoke about the multiple dimensions of Ahimsa and Aprigraha involvement in functions and activities; involvement of post and their practical significance in the contemporary social, college youth; organizing more Jain youth camps. political and ecological contexts. JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS The Directors of JAINA, Presidents of various Jain The symposium featured an international roster of Sanghs were briefed on the very crucial work that is being car- scholars and academics along with key business leaders. ried out by the Long Range Planning Committee of JAINA. Speakers included Drs. Cromwell Crawford, Robert J. Under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Jain, Dean of the Kellogg Delbonta, Navindra Jain, Prem Jain, Shailesh J. Mehta, Nirmal School of Management, a core group of 25 JAINA leaders met Sethia, Jagdish Sheth, Michael Tobias, Kristi Wiley, Pratap for three days in April in Chicago on Kellogg campus and plans Bhogilal, Dr. Surendra Bothara, Dr. Peter Fluegel, and Dr. to meet periodically to develop a strategic plan for the next 25 Anne Vallely. In the course of the day, these experts interacted years for the future of Jainism in North America and prepare with the audience on a variety of topics including Ahimsa and JAINA leaders to manage it. Aparigraha in Jain art & literature, Jain traditions and their sig nificance in the contexts of globalization and the growing culThe Board of Directors of JAINA also met for their ture of consumerism. The concluding session examined the relannual meeting and the results of the election for the members evance of Ahimsa and Aparigraha in the world of business. Shri of the Executive Committee for 2005-2007 were announced. Pratap Bhogilal was honored at the symposium for his numerKirit Daftary of Texas was elected as President and Dilip V. ous contributions in promoting Jain Studies. Shah of Philadelphia was elected as First Vice President. All other posts were uncontested. Two industrial leaders from ART Exhibit - One of the exhibit halls was converted India, Pratapbhai Bhogilal and Mahendrabhai Mehta, spoke into an Art Exhibition Hall. This hall included art exhibits of briefly on charitable works their respective organizations were paintings, booths for commercial enterprises, JAINA and Jain doing and offered their cooperation to JAINA for working Centers. Rita Shah and Neeraj Jain (coordinators for the Art together on common agenda. exhibit area) worked with all artists and committee members to create this unique hall. Ms. Ekta Sancheti and Vinita Kothari of Closing Ceremony - The Closing Ceremony, besides New York opened the Art Exhibit on Friday July 1st, 2005. having traditional "thanks", included a message by all monks on defining the theme "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment". The session was moderated by Nirmal Dosi. He sang Navkar and Manglik in classical raga. Highlight of the closing ceremony was handing over of the Olympic torch to the JAINA's new President to carry on the torch to the next convention. Speaking on environmental protection, Amrendra Muni stressed the importance of Jain Jiv Siddhants, Bhuvanesh Muni suggested that Jain economics and ecology should be taught in universities, Acharya Chandanaji suggested that selfless helping and giving should become a normal part of everyday life. Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji implored everyone to practice self realization through Ahimsa, Anekantvad and Aparigraha. Muni Roopchandji, speaking on Karma Mukti and Dr. Nipul Shah and volunteers from the Jain Society of San Karma Purti emphasized the value of teaching unity to our Diego created a beautiful "Jinalaya" in the center of the Art younger generation. Manak Muni implored every Jain to at exhibit hall. This was set up in reflection pool, consisting of 24 least keep some wow everyday. Sadhvi Shubhamji detailed ways while marble idols of Tirthankars gathered in an imaginary to answer questions of everyday life like elimination of Dowery place. The reflection pool added to the ambiance and was comsystem and Samanji suggested that Jain education for the plimented by lights, sounds and aromas. Dr. K. T. Shah of younger generation must combine Jain literature of all four tra- Houston and Dr. Bharat Tolia of Detroit opened the Jinalaya ditions. Charitya Pragyaji asked that our message should be tai- on Saturday. The opening ceremonies of the Jinalaya began lored for both the Jain Community and non- Jain Community. with beautiful slokas by Kirit Bavisi accompanied by serene 38. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Jai Education Intemational Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ music and magical lighting. During the convention there were organized these programs and the competition rules. On the periodic stavans, artis, pujas and live classical flute music. opening night there was Raas and Garba night with live music Rajendrabhai Dalal from India conducted a Parswa Padmavati by the Satellite group from Bombay. An Inter-Center competiPoojan one afternoon and Uvasaggaharam Poojan on another tion - cultural program - on Saturday brought cheering audience afternoon. on their feet demanding encore. JCNC entry in that competi tion won the perpetual trophy which will proudly be displayed JAINA commissioned the JAINA Exhibit committee at Jain Bhawan for next two years. An evening of singing by (Sudhir & Anita Shah) to prepare an exhibition on Jain philos- Anuradha Paudwal and Manhar Udhas on Sunday was a real ophy. This 65 panel exhibit was presented for the very first time gem. People were seen running out of dining hall to secure good at the JAINA convention and has received high praises from seats in the auditorium long before starting of the program. Gurudev Chitrabhanuji and Pramodaben, Muni Shri Audience was dancing on the front of the stage to the rhythm of Jinchandraji, Sadhvi Shri Subhamaji and Samani the Charitrapragnaji. All the panels of exhibition can be viewed on Anuradhaji the JAINA website: " and panels/". There were paintings by Alaka Dalal, Chandu Desai, Manhar Yogendra Sethi, Vaishali Kothari, Surbhi Pandya and humorous Udhas. The sketches by Mahendra Shah on the lives of Immigrant Indians crowd lisin America. Internationally acclaimed photographer Robert tened so Arnett also presented samplings of some of his photographs of attentively India. and appre ciated their Mela - For the first time in JAINA Convention, it singing that began with a Mela in the afternoon. JAINA President Anop they Vora performed the opening ceremony of the Mela on Friday extended their program by an hour lasting well past midnight. Afternoon. It featured Prannic Healing, Acupressure, Massage therapy with music, Vastu Shastra, Gemstone Therapy based on Marketing and Publicity - From the outset, the convenJain thinking, color therapy, Face makeup & Hair set with non tion committee had made a goal to make sure that all Jains in animal tested products, Mehandi and Rangoli. Minaxi Sethi North America were well aware of the convention programs and coordinated this event with many professionals in each of these activities. Hence, marketing team (Deepak Mithani, Purvi Shah, fields for their time. Harish & Usha Shah and Vaishali Kothari) produced one-page flyer in October 2004, a four page brochure in December 2004, Pre-Convention Tours - JAINA Convention broke new and a 16 page brochure in March 2005, convention souvenir, grounds by organizing tours for four days before the convention and program guide. "For our team, the convention started in to four major California attractions. These four tours included August 2004 and continued through July 2005 to develop this beautiful Yosemite Valley, Monterey peninsula including world material", says Jay Kamdar, chair of the Marketing committee. famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco City, and San Jose's famous Tech Museum. Some 50 people took advantage of A 200 page colorful Souvenir with congratulatory meseach of these tours. "They enjoyed these tours making their con- sages from President Bush, Governor Schwarzenegger, vention even more fruitful that they requested that tours be part California U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein and of all conventions", says Smitin Mehta, chair of the hospitality our spiritual leaders was distributed to all attendees. This soucommittee. venir was produced in less than three months by the team lead by editor, Pravin Turakhia. A programming Guide with daily Evening Entertainment - All of the above may sound schedules and listings of scholar's biographies helped in navigatlike scholarly pursuit of high ideas but overall the convention ing the three day convention. There were so many sessions that was indeed a fun place to be. Nitin Shah and his cultural team it was difficult to put them even on two pages. _JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS Jain Education Intemational Private Personal use WWWL 39. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA CONVENTION 2005 HIGHLIGHTS In addition to print media, the marketing team work Hotels - For the first time, JAINA Convention took the ing with technology team used the email to disseminate the con- responsibility to make hotel reservations for the attendees by vention information to the community. A convention web site including it in the convention registration. Although this was designed to provide the information on convention. Media turned out to be a very tedious job then anticipated, it was well is very important to get our message out which requires to devel- worth it as we were able to accommodate all attendees in the op a close relationship with them. Sunil Vora and Nitin Talsania convention hotels", says Ritesh Shah, vice chair of Hospitality managed the media relationship on each coast respectively. committee. Having controlled the hotel rooms, the convention was able to meet the required room night guarantees to the Registration, Finance, & Fund Raising - For this con- hotels. vention, online registration system was developed that included Convention Facilities & Technology Infrastructure - registration for the convention as well as tours, hotels, and youth The Santa Clara Convention center and Westin hotel were activities. Over 95 % of the attendees registered online. "what attached which made easy for people to move around thereby we did not realize, is the volume of inquiries and changes, we making the traffic smoother. Everybody mingled at the hotel would receive", says, Anil Deora, vice-chair of Finance commit- facility even after all programs were over. tee, adding, "but we were able to add more team members to handle the volume". The convention badges and registration Of all the functions, this is a function that everybody packages were prepared ahead of the time and sorted by house takes for granted. If everything goes smoothly, then it is expectaddress as recommended by the Cincinnati convention team ed but if it does not, then everyone will notice. Ketan which helped out in making the registration process a breeze for Itchbaporia and Harshad Shah (Chair and Co-chair) worked the attendees and volunteers. They were in and out in no time, with all teams to have the facilities ready. Ketan commented, so they could spend time socializing and make room for others. "Convention center staff understood dynamic situation of our programs and activities and accommodated them". Such Fund raising was a major task to keep the registration changes were caused by the last minute rush we had in single day cost low and to raise funds for JAINA's activities and future registration and the youth activity (e.g. JNF registration doubled JAINA conventions. Many smaller Sanghs participated in major in last two weeks with half of it onsite). The traffic flow was way to show their support of JAINA and to foster the message smooth, probably due to all those directional and schedule signs, of Unity. Kundi Kapadia and her team lead this fundraising designed and developed by Bharat Kamdar. effort including two Co-Sanghpatis for this convention. A convention of this size needed significant technology FOOD Service - "You want to please a man, then infrastructure which included convention website, online regisplease his stomach first", this was principle used in food plan- tration system, Audio Video system, computers for onsite and ning. They will forgive you for any of the shortcomings, if you networking. "Our biggest challenge was to get the most out of feed them well. After a bidding process, a food contract was our technology contracts (which are generally very expensive) to negotiated with Jay Bharat Foods, a well known West Coast get the best at the least price", says, Devang Shah, chair of caterer to meet our budget without compromising on the qual- Technology committee. The key members of the tech team were ity or the quantity. Vegans also had delicious varieties. Attendees Dhanendra Shah for A/V and Rajal Shah for web technology. were fed varieties of Punjabi, Chinese, Rajasthani and traditional Gujarati dishes per Jain traditions. Pramod Patel and Arvind As the famous advertisement says, "Create memory of Patel (chair and co-chair of food committee) leveraged their events, as life is all about memories". For that reason, the profesexperience with other large conventions to plan this convention. sional photographers and videographers were retained to take JAINA is thankful to the BAPS volunteers for an excellent serv- photos and videos of most of the convention. These photos and ice they provided for all four days. The Food committee team, videos (17 DVDs) are now available for your collection. These lead by Arvind Patel and Jashvant Shah, was always in the din- DVDs can be obtained online at the convention web site by ing hall, preparing for the next meal. clicking ( Hospitality Services - To meet our initial goal of lasting Thanks - JAINA has continuously strived to make each experience for the attendees, the hospitality committee included JAINA Convention better than ever. JAINA thanks everyone for hotel reservations, tours, transportation, VIP Hosting, their contribution, participation and support of the convention. Emergency Medical, child care services, and information booth This was the third JAINA Convention, which was done in colsubcommittees. The key members of this team included Ashok laboration with the local Sangh. At the outset, JCNC had promSethi, Datta Shah, Trupti Mehta, Narendra Mehta, Surinderised to raise the bar for JAINA convention and they have sucJain, Sharad Desai and, Sunita Desai. The bus service was also ceeded in doing so. available to visit the Jain Bhawan in Milpitas. Many took advan- The writers gratefully acknowledges co-operation of tage of this to do Darshan and participated in Aarti. "We must Shashi Desai who contributed most of the photographs in congratulate you for the excellent service to all sadhu-shadhvis this report. This report also received help from many comfor all four days by your VIP Hosting team", commented mittee chair persons and friends too numerous to enumerPramodaben Chitrabhanu. ate here. Jain Eucation Intemational 40. JAIN DIGEST SUMMER 2005 Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DECLARATION AND PLEDGE FOR GLOBAL JAIN UNITY JAINA IS ENTERING ITS SILVER ANNIVERSARY YEAR. IN THE LAST 25 YEARS. JAINA HAS GROWN FROM 4 JAIN CENTERS AT ITS INCEPTION ΤΟ 65 JAIN CENTERS WITH A MEMBERSHIP EXCEEDING 100.000 IN NORTH AMERICA. ON THIS AUSPICIOUS OCCASION LET US ALL PLEDGE TO STAY UNITED AND WORK TOGETHER UNDER JAINA TO MOTIVATE THE WORLDWIDE JAIN COMMUNITY TO FOLLOW THE MANTRA OF "UNITY IN DIVERSITY". FOR CENTURIES WE HAVE SEEN OURSELVES BELONGING TO DIGAMBAR OR SHWETAMBAR OR STHANAKWASI OR TERAPANTHI OR TO ONE OF THE OTHER SMALLER SECTS, CONTRARY TO BHAGWAN MAHAVIR'S TEACHINGS. OUR DIFFERENCES ARE IN RITES AND RITUALS, NOT IN FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES. OVER THE YEARS THIS DIVISION HAS HINDERED OUR PROGRESS AND MADE US LOSE THE OWNERSHIP AND USE OF JAIN HOLY PLACES RECENTLY. FOR A RELIGION WHOSE FOUNDATION IS IN AHIMSA, ANEKANTWAD AND APARIGRAHA, THIS IS HIGHLY UNFORTUNATE: ESPECIALLY FOR A VERY SMALL COMMUNITY OF OURS. WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT WHAT UNITES US IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT AND SIGNIFICANT THAN WHAT MAY APPEAR TO KEEP US DIVIDED AND SPLINTERED INTO SECTS AND SUB-SECTS. A WE ARE AT JUNCTURE. ΤΟ INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE OUR NEXT GENERATION WE MUST UNITE THROUGH RESPECTFUL AND INTERTWINED CO-EXISTENCE AND INCLUSIVENESS. WE MUST EMBRACE THE DIVERSITY OF RITUALS AND PRACTICES, SHOW RESPECT FOR THE VIEWS OF OTHERS AND ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF ALL TRADITIONS, WITHOUT IMPOSING ONE'S VALUES ON THE OTHERS. THIS UNIFIED APPROACH, REFLECTING THE TRUE SPIRIT OF ANEKANTWAD, WILL BIND US ALL TOGETHER AND HELP US PRACTICE AND COMMUNICATE BHAGWAN MAHAVIR'S MESSAGE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. OUR NEXT GENERATION WILL BE "JAIN" WITHOUT BEING LABELED BY ANY TRADITION OR SECT. MOMENTOUS TODAY, WE ALL PLEDGE TO SUPPORT JAINA IN FULFILLING THIS DREAM. JAI JINENDRA!!! (NOTE: THIS DECLARATION WAS PRESENTED AT THE TIME OF 2005 JAINA CONVENTION BY ANOP R. VORA, READ BY GURUDEV CHITRABHANUJI AND SIGNED BY SEVERAL RELIGIOUS AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERS. IT IS CURRENTLY BEING REFINED BY JAINA TO GET SIGNATURES OF OTHER PROMINENT LEADERS. Por Private & Personal Use Only Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ This cover is sponsored by Jaya Travel and Tours Girnar Hills Jain Temples, Gujrat Visit our North American office at: Visit our Indian office at: 26500 Northwestern Highway TELEPHONE Suite 260 248/358-9100 Southfield, MI 48076 USA FAX: 248/372/4806 Rizvi House TELEPHONE 34 Hill Road 6423031 Bandra (West), Bombay 400050 6420402 INDIA 6425222 FAX: 6436421 Also visit us at JAIN DIGEST Circulation Federation of JAINA PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NIAGARA FALLS, NY PERMIT NO. 142 Address Service Requested 5750*******************AUTO**3-DIGIT 276 Pravin & Arti Shah 313 509 CARRIAGE WOODS CIR RALEIGH NC 27607-3969 Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to: JAIN DIGEST Circulation Federation of JAINA P.O. Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700