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Author(s): Young Jains of America (YJA)
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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 33 " S my L FEE LA cias em - El '. ECO PBB a mais BOSS GIRL LLLLLL A . RE - - - - PPRZECIIL - - EPIT - - - 19 OF YER PUJTE . BILLET BL TASTE ATT QENDANT ERT IT TL 77111111 1:1:1:1:1:1 Torrent !! CHICAGO, IL 120 JULY 5 - 8=N RECONNECTING WITH OUR ROOTS Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Wishing a grand success to YJA convention namo arihaMtANaM CHIC! YICAG 5th Anniversari Dito 435 N Route 59 Bartlett, IL 60103 630-837-1077 1993 - 2018 Available on the Android Market JUNE 22 TO JULY 1, 2018 DIYO Board of Trustees DES Chairman - Atul Shah App Store Surendra Shah Vice Chairman - Hitesh R. Shah Himanshu Jain Jignesh Jain Tejas Shah Vasant Shah Executive Committee President - Vipul Shah Vice President - Dilip Shah Secretary - Piyush Gandhi Jt. Secretary - Jagat Shah Treasurer - Sunil F. Shah Jt. Treasurer - Dinesh Shah Membership Secretary - Pragnesh Shah Education Secretary - Pradip Shah Religious Secretary - Himesh Jhaveri Facility Secretary - Hitesh A. Shah Food Secretary - Upendra Dalal Jt. Food Secretary - Raj Shah Youth Secretary - Meghna Shah Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Navkar Mantra Namo Arihantanam: I bow down to Arihanta, Namo Siddhanam: I bow down to Siddha, Namo Ayariyanam: I bow down to Acharya, Namo Uvajjhayanam: I bow down to Upadhyaya, Namo Loe Savva-sahunam: I bow down to Sadhu and Sadhvi. Eso Panch Namokaro: These five bowings downs, Savva-pavappanasano: Destroy all the sins, Manglananch Savvesim: Amongst all that is auspicious, Padhamam Havei Mangalam: This Navkar Mantra is the foremost. namo arihantANaM namo siddhANaM namo AyariyANaM namo uvajjhAyANaM namo loe savvasAhUNaM eso paMca namukkAro savva pAvappaNAsaNo maMgalANaM ca savvesiM paDhamaM havai maMgalaM 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 3 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Table of Contents YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA 4 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ROSEMONT 4 L GUESTROOM CORRIDOR SOUTH FOYER LAKESHORE AB A TANGENT A ROSEMONT 3 GRAND BALLROOM B A B EAST FOYER 15 COAT ROOM Hotel Maps OFFICE STARBUCKS CAFE SUN DECK SECOND FLOOR EXIT BENCHMARK RESTAURANT PDR POOL LOBBY m@w ROSEMONT 2 MICHIGAN PORTE COCHERE HEALTH CLUB DEARBORN ROSEMONT 1 MADISON B GUESTROOM CORRIDOR A ELEVATORS LA SALLE FRONT DESK SHERMAN RENEWAL SENECA ELEVATORS SHEFFIELD GRAHAM SCHILLER DIVISION WELLS EXIT THIRD FLOOR LASALLE FOYER STREETER EXECUTIVE FORUM AMPHITHEATER HIGGINS STATE FOFFICE BURTON EXIT OUTDOOR TERRACE SERVICE WABASH WASHINGTON BANKS ELEVATORS EXIT LOBBY LEVEL ELEVATORS FRANKLIN GARLAND CLARK DIRECTOR'S PARLOR WAVELAND FULTON DIRECTOR'S B A MOMET LOWER LEVEL PREFUNCTION LOWER LEVEL EXIT EXIT 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 5 Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2018 YJA Convention Schedule HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE Thursday, July 5th Sunday, July 8th 6:30 AM Friday, July 6th Saturday, July 7th Yoga, Zumba, Yoga, Zumba, English Pratikraman English Pratikraman 7:00 AM Breakfast Breakfast 8:00 AM Breakfast 9:00 AM Session 1 Session 6 10:00 AM Session 2 Session 7 Closing Ceremony Movie 11:00 AM Keynote Speaker JAB & JIA Finals Game Room 12:00 PM Lunch (Mexican) 1:00 PM Check-Out Goodbyes Lunch (All-American) Check-In Begins 2:00 PM Shuttle to ORD (starts at 6 AM) Session 3 Session 4 3:00 PM R.A.V.E. Reconnecting and Visiting Everyone (Ice Breakers) Session 8 Session 9 Session 10 Session 5 4:00 PM 5:00 PM Rec Hour Rec Hour 6:00 PM Break/Change Break/Change Dinner (Mediterranean) 7:00 PM Dinner (Italian) Dinner (Indian) 8:00 PM Group Photo Opening Ceremony Group Photo 9:00 PM Netflix & Skillz (Talent Show) 10:00 PM Garba in the Galaxy (Raas/Garba) 11:00 PM YJA Madness (Mixer) Windy Wonderland (Formal) 12:00 AM Lassipalooza 1:00 AM (Mixer) Lights Out All Night 2:00 AM Lights Out Slumber Party 3:00 AM Note: Schedule is tentative and is subject to change prior to Convention. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 6 Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 6:30 AM 7:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PM 10:00 PM 11:00 PM 12:00 AM 1:00 AM 2:00 AM 3:00 AM 2018 YJA Convention Schedule JAIN NETWORKING FORUM (JNF) Friday, July 6th Saturday, July 7th Yoga, Zumba, Yoga, Zumba, English Pratikraman English Pratikraman Thursday, July 5th Movie & Game Room Check-In Begins Not Your Typical Ice Breakers Dinner (Mediterranean) Opening Ceremony Netflix & Skillz (Talent Show) whadaYJAknow (Mixer) Lights Out Breakfast Session 1 Session 2 Keynote Speaker Lunch (Mexican) Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Continuing the Conversation (Networking Hour) Dinner (Italian) Group Photo Garba in the Galaxy (Raas/Garba) All of the Lights (Mixer) Lights Out Breakfast Session 6 Session 7 JAB & JIA Finals Lunch (All-American) Community Service Session 8 JNF Keynote Rec Hour JNF Group Photo Enchanted Garden (Formal Dinner) Group Photo Windy Wonderland (Formal) All Night Slumber Party Note: Schedule is tentative and is subject to change prior to Convention. Sunday, July 8th Breakfast Closing Ceremony Check-Out Goodbyes Shuttle to ORD (starts at 6 AM) 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 7 Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR 207 STATE HOUSE SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 62706 BRUCE RAUNER GOVERNOR July 5-8, 2018 Young Jains of America 13th Biennial Convention The Westin O'Hare Rosemont, Illinois 60018 Greetings! As Governor of the State of Illinois, I am pleased to welcome everyone gathered for the Young Jains of America 13th Biennial Convention. The theme of this year's convention is "Reconnecting with our Roots". This event presents an exciting opportunity for attendees to join with fellow members of your organization to share important information and ideas. As you reflect on your accomplishments made during the past year, I urge you to make plans for the future of your organization that build upon past success. I am certain this conference will go a long way toward furthering your goals into the future, both individually and collectively. On behalf of the people of Illinois, I offer my best wishes for an enjoyable and memorable occasion. Sincerely, Bruce Ramen Bruce Rauner Governor, State of Illinois 8 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RAJA KRISHNAMOORTHI 8TH DISTRICT, ILLINOIS COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT & GOVERNMENT REFORM SUBCOMMITTEES: HEALTH CARE, BENEFITS. AND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES RANKING MEMBER WASHINGTON, DC 20515 Congress of the United States House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 TELEPHONE: (202) 225-3711 FAX: (202) 225-7830 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1701 EAST WOODFIELD ROAD, SUITE 704 SCHAUMBURG, IL 60173 COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND THE WORKFORCE TELEPHONE: (847) 413.1959 FAX: (847) 413-1965 SUBCOMMITTEES: HIGHER EDUCATION AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT WORKFORCE PROTECTIONS www.krishnamoorthi July 7, 2018 Young Jains of America 722 S Main St Milpitas, CA 95035 Dear Friends, Congratulations to the Young Jains of America on the occasion of its 27th anniversary and the 2018 YJA Convention. This convention is a wonderful opportunity for Jain youth to strengthen their understanding of their heritage, and develop new personal and professional relationships within the community. Since its inception in 1991, YJA has connected Jain youth through social events and acts of service. The conventions and dinners hosted by YJA, and the Pathshala e-course, help young adults deepen their understanding of Jain teachings and their continued relevance to modern life. YJA's approach to empowering youth by sharing the collective wisdom of their ancestors will greatly benefit the next generation of Jain leaders, who I know will continue their legacy of service to our nation. Thank you for all that you do to preserve Jain culture, and best wishes for your continued success. Warm Regards, Pur Kushing Raja Krishnamoorthi Member of Congress PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER BDN 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 9 Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ OFFICE OF THE MAYOR CITY OF CHICAGO RAHM EMANUEL MAYOR July 5, 2018 Dear Friends: As Mayor, and on behalf of the City of Chicago, I am pleased to extend warmest greetings to all those gathered for the Young Jains of America 2018 Convention. Established in 1991, Young Jains of America is the non-profit youth entity of the Federation of the Jain Associations in North America that serves Jain youth from ages 14-29. With over 10,000 members, Young Jains of America works to uphold the philosophy of Jainism of self-growth through the right vision, knowledge, and conduct. Through social events, service. and education, Young Jains of American is helping to ensure that Jainism stays relevant to the daily lives of the next generation. This year's event, themed Reconnecting with our Roots, will bring together more than 750 attendees from across the country. This biennial convention offers educational and social programming in the areas of Jain education, lifestyle, career, social issues, and diversity and inclusion. It also provides the special opportunity to network, build new friendship, and learn and inspire. I commend the Young Jains of America for their continued work in promoting and preserving Jainism for the next generation. It is my hope that after learning about and discussing what's new and changing, you will take the time to explore and take advantage of everything Chicago has to offer. An exciting variety of restaurants, universities and world-class museums accented by our iconic skyline, incredible lakefront, and historic neighborhoods make Chicago one of the world's greatest cities. I hope you have an enjoyable event and submit my best wishes for much continued success. Sincerely, Emanuel Mayor 10 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA Co-Chairs Chintav Shah Dharmi Shah Jinen Shah Siddharth Shah Committee Leads Adult Volunteer Coordinator Aastha Kodia Anand Shah Miten Shah Daytime Programming Bansari Shah Foram Shah Neelam Savla Parshva Vakharia Fundraising Monika Jain Nilesh Dagli Rachna Shah Hospitality & Souvenirs Brinda Shah Neil Shah Prapti Ghiya Rishab Jain Jain Networking Forum Avish Jain Michelle Shah Neesha Daulat Public Relations Darshan Shah Mayuri Jain Sehal Shah Registration & Technology Anish Doshi Avni Nandu Mahima Shah Sidhant Gandhi Security Mansi Shah Simmi Nandu Sunny Shah Site Mishi Jain Saejal Chatter Vishal Mehta Social Programming Charmi Shah Julie Mehta Pranay Patni Young Jains of America Reconnecting with Our Roots | 13th Biennial Convention In Partnership with the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Dear Young Jains of America Convention Attendees, Distinguished Guests, and Supporters, Jai Jinendra and welcome to the 2018 YJA Convention! As we gather for the 13th Biennial Convention, let's reflect on the journey that brought us to where we are today. In 1991, a pioneering group of visionary young Jains came together to establish the Young Jains of America ("YJA"). Three years after that, the 1st ever YJA Convention was held in Chicago, IL, and ever since we have seen a distinctive drive for influence, impact, and inspiration embodied in all our Jain youth. Twenty-four years later, we are beyond excited to come back to Chicago where it all started as we Reconnect with Our Roots. Ma In the past four years, we have seen tremendous growth in our organization. By expanding initiatives such as YJA Pathshala, YJA Forums, College Chapters, our new YJA APP, and more, we have built a tight-knit community that brings Jain ideals to the far corners of America and beyond. During the 2017-2018 term, we have continued to share ideas, stories, and knowledge about leading a Jain way of life to pave the path for generations of Jain youth to come. Our goal this weekend is to create a unique, educational, and memorable experience for all 750 attendees that have joined together from around the world. With the Convention theme - Reconnecting with Our Roots - we are not only reflecting on the location of #YJA18 as a tribute to the 1st Convention, but also sending out a call to action. We want our Jain youth to reach deep into the history of our past and discover how our individual and collective roots hold both a map of how to live as well as the key to unlocking the purpose within our lives. We hope attendees examine their day-to-day lives and connect with stories and ideals told by Mahavir Swami 2,500 years ago to design better futures. Finally, we want this Convention to open the eyes of all attendees to the power they hold in changing not only themselves, but also the communities and the world around them. YJA is blessed to have the unified backing of over 10,000 North American Jain youth and the support of the entire Jain community. We would like to thank our Board of Trustees, the JAINA Executive Committee, the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago, other sanghs around the nation, our donors, and the many volunteers who have helped us with our efforts. Without you, this weekend would not have been possible. We hope that in our preparation, we did not harm any living being and, if we did, we humbly ask Micchami Dukkadam. As we move into the future, let's rediscover our Jain Roots and continue to further the ideals of Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (nonpossessiveness), and Anekantvada (multiplicity of viewpoints). "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost." - J.R.R. Tolkien With #yjalove, Your 2018 YJA Convention Committee Young Jains of America (YJA) is an umbrella youth organization of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA), a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Religious Organization. IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) El #54-1280028. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 11 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra! Welcome to all the new and returning attendees to the Young Jains of America 13th Biennial Convention. As the co-chairs of the first YJA convention in Chicago, we would like to take this opportunity to briefly share some of our insights and reflections with you. First, let's take a short journey down memory lane. In 1991 (many of you were not even born!), some of us who were active in our local Jain youth groups met at Stanford University during that year's JAINA convention. We learned, we shared, and we enjoyed the gathering so much that we thought it would be great if we had a chance to reconnect regularly. The idea was put on the back burner for the next couple of years, as we became busy with college and careers. After reuniting at the 1993 JAINA convention in Pittsburg, we decided to formally launch YJA, with the goal of putting together an inaugural convention in time for the following year. We envisioned this being an organization where Jain youth could come together to learn about their religion and culture in a social engaging environment. In the summer of 1993, we met in Chicago where we put together an operating structure and a framework for YJA, along with an official YJA convention committee. In early 1994, we met again in Houston to continue the convention planning with full dedication. There were numerous phone calls and emails exchanged, late nights and weekends spent working, and tremendous coordination amongst many volunteers. And yes, this was all achieved in an era when long distance phone calls cost money and connecting to the internet or emailing was done using something called a modem! Believe it or not, registration was submitted on paper, not electronically. We fretted, we struggled, we were challenged, but we also learned, bonded and above all, we had fun launching the very first YJA convention. Because of YJA, we have made lifelong friends and mentors, and we learned nuances about our religion and heritage that continues to inform our ways of life. Of course, back in 1994, we had no idea that what we accomplished would continue to grow and thrive so many years later. It is a source of tremendous pride for us to see a new generation of young people now planning and attending this year's YJA convention in Chicago is where it all started! As you think about the convention theme Reconnecting With Our Roots we hope you will take this opportunity to learn from and engage with other attendees. That you will create memories from these shared experiences. We hope you will challenge yourselves to truly reflect on the core principles of Jainism, such as non-violence, and to think in a new way about its many applications in today's world. We hope that you will make new friends and reconnect with old ones. And that you will lay your own roots down. Welcome to the 13th Biennial YJA convention. Enjoy your time here and make the most of this incredible experience. Aashish Vaidya and Seema Jain Co-Chairs, YJA 1993-1994 12 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ S JAINA President Gunvant Shah North Brunswick, NJ (732) 331-5082 First Vice President Mahesh Wadher Corona, CA (909) 376-4027 Secretary Haresh Shah Wilmington, DE (302) 740-9232 Treasurer Atul Shah Naperville, IL (630) 501-4373 V.P.- Northeast Jayshree Shah Wappingers Falls, NY (845) 498-0558 V.P. - Mideast Hita Shah New Hope, PA (215) 862-7655 V.P.- Southeast Purvin Vakharwala Johns Creek, GA (404) 409-0945 "To Preserve and Share Jain Philosophy and Way of Life" JAINA Federation of Jain Associations in North America JAINA Headquarter: 722 5 Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA: (510) 730-0204, | V.P. - Midwest Rahul Dedhia Leakwood, KS (913) 795-1155 V.P. - Southwest Dr. Pradeep Shah Dallas, TX (214) 621-8762 V.P.-West Kokila Doshi Poway, CA (858) 679-7645 V.P. - CANADA Kamal Jain Welland, ON, CANADA (858) 679-7645 YJA Dharmi Shah Dothan, AL (334) 441 7559 Siddharth Shah Houston, TX (832) 729 8285 Past President Ashok Domadia Fremont, CA (510) 979-9312 On behalf of JAINA, I welcome you to 2018 YJA Convention in Chicago, IL. I congratulate YJA team for its enthusiasm, enormous efforts and great teamwork for bringing forward a weekend full of networking, spiritual awareness, education and fun. YJA serves over 10,000 Jain youth around North America, creating opportunities to connect through events and activities such as Biennial Convention, National Dinners, Volunteer Events, Clothing Drive, VegFest, YJA College Chapters Expansion, Giving Tuesday, Career Series Webinar, YJA Pathshala, Young Minds Issues and more. Over past 27 years, YJA Convention has grown from an idea to a mega event of 700+ attendees with active participation from youths and amazing speakers. I congratulate YJA team, who is organizing this amazing YJA Convention with tremendous efforts and great team work! I am impressed with the YJA Convention Board and the team with meticulous planning, perfect execution, timely follow-up, record fundraising and above all humility in carrying out this monumental effort. The theme of this year's convention is "Reconnecting With Our Roots". This theme perfectly exemplifies how important is it to go back to our Jain roots in this modern age. It is your responsibility as young Jains to preserve our Jain roots and build upon what has already been established. JAINA has always encouraged the youth involvement by supporting and promoting various youth activities such as 1. Jain Youth Exchange Program - The program intends to provide hundreds of young students with the opportunity to meet people from other countries and to experience new cultures while planting the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding. 2. Academic Scholarship Program It helps needy Jain youths to attend an institution of higher learning where they can develop her/his skills, talents, and eventually make the community. country and world a better place. 3. JAINA Summer Internship - It allows undergraduate and graduate students to work with other service-based community organizations in a startup environment. 4. Liaison with Academic Institutions - JAINA has established liaison with academic institutions in North America that are promoting the study, teaching and research in the principles, philosophy, culture and history of Jain Dharma. 5. Mentorship Programs for Youth - The program facilitate dynamic mentor-mentee relationships with successful mentors that address the issues like career, education, religion, community development etc. 6. Jain Milan encourages singles to create their profile on where there are over 1600 profiles of single men and women from all over the world are available. JAINA, as always, will continue to support and motivate youth in sharing Jain heritage and religion among the youth and eventually passing on to the next generation. Best wishes for the successful YJA Convention 2018! Sincerely, Juvant Shah Gunvant Shah JAINA President Founded 1981, UN NGO, a Non-Profit Religious organization (501) (c) (3) El # 54 - 1280028 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 13 Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra YJA 2018, Welcome to Chicago! The Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC) is excited that YJA 2018's theme is "Reconnecting with our Roots," and we are proud that you are coming back to Chicago to celebrate this monumental YJA with us. This year is also a landmark year for JSMC we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. In the past year, we have had the opportunity to work closely with the YJA Board during both our own anniversary celebrations and on the preparations for YJA 2018. We have been very impressed with this organization's professionalism, organizational skills, and commitment to Jainism. JSMC is very supportive of YJA and our young Jains' participation in JSMC through our Pathshala activities. JSMC takes great honor in our Pathshala students, teachers and volunteers. We appreciate the support from the parents who bring their children to our Pathshala and we appreciate our teachers who guide them and instill our religion, philosophy and practice in their lives. Over the past 25 years, youth registration has grown from 30 students to almost 500 students in our Pathshala, Hindi, and sutra classes. We have also made tremendous progress in our academic and religious activities, such as our annual cultural program and declamation competition for Mahavir Janma Kalyanak celebrations, Nav Pad poojan and Samvatsari Pratikraman for college students and young professionals during Paryushan/Das Lakshana Parva, and stuti competition and Ashta Prakari pooja during Diwali. Our Jain Academic Bowl teams have placed as 1" place, 2d place, or semifinalists in every year that we have competed. On a national level, many JSMC members have received the JAINA Youth Recognition Award and JAINA Adult Recognition Award. As you can probably assess, I am proud of the achievements of JSMC. However, make not mistake, JSMC is equally proud of you. Like many of us that grew up in India, I was expected to attend Pathshala and go to Derasar, however, you all attend your local Derasar, Pathshala, and YJA events without the same type of cultural expectation. I see you demonstrate Ahimsa, Anekantvada, and Aparigraha in every aspect of your daily life and I become inspired to do the same. JSMC would not be the Sangh it is without the active support of its youth, and we are incredibly optimistic for the future of Jainism in the U.S. after seeing the YJA community in action. JSMC wishes all attendees an amazing experience at YJA 2018. Best Regards, Vipul T. Shah President, Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago 14 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL SOCIETY namo arihaMtANaM CHICAG JAIN Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Convention Committee Dharmi Shah Executive Board Co-Chair Dharmi is a third year pharmacy student of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy. When she is not learning the actions of medications, you will see her playing the piano, being a foodie, practicing yoga, jamming out to music, and lounging in coffee shops. Being on Executive Board last year and returning as an Executive Board Co-Chair, she is excited to help plan YJA 2018 in Chicago and making it the best experience for all. Siddharth Shah Executive Board Co-Chair A Houston native, Siddharth is a double honors sophomore Chemical Engineering major at Texas A&M University. He is a tennis player and is on the Wreckin' Raas Team. He loves any sport, from basketball to chess. After serving as an LR, YJA JAB Administrative member, Houston youth group President, JAB participant and captain, and South RC, he is excited to serve as Co-Chair for 2017-2018. Thanks and Gig'Em! Chintav Shah Convention Co-Chair Chintav is a New Jersey native and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Over the past two years, he has been a strategy and technology consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He also enjoys learning about the deeper aspects of Jainism, spirituality, and philosophy. Having been involved with YJA for many years as the Director of Project Development and Director of Education, he can't wait to put on the best Convention yet! Jinen Shah | Convention Co-Chair Jinen is currently completing his 4th year of optometry school. When he isn't studying to become an eye doctor, he enjoys working out, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. He has been attending Conventions since the age of 14 and is excited to serve as a Co-Chair for this year's Convention. His goal is for this Convention to be the best ever. Aastha Kodia Adult Volunteer Coordinators | Northeast RC Aastha Kodia works as a Associate Systems Analyst at Fidelity Investments. She is the Northeast Regional Coordinator for 2017-18. She is really excited to be on Convention Committee. Aastha has been to many conventions in the past and is so happy and excited that she has the chance to help create the convention. Anand Shah Adult Volunteer Coordinators | Director of Events After having been an LR, a JAB captain, and a Regional Coordinator, Anand Shah will be serving as this year's Adult Volunteer Committee Co-Lead concurrently with his role as Director of Events. Anand is currently a first-year at The University of Chicago, where is he is majoring in mathematics and economics. He loves exploring music, making late night Taco Bell runs, and reminding adults to behave! 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 15 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Miten Shah Adult Volunteer Coordinators Miten Shah is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Business Administration studying Finance, Business Analytics, and Pre-Law. He is currently at PwC in their development program. He accredits a lot of his successes to Jainism and is always looking to give back to his sangh and Jainism itself. In his free time, Miten likes to try new Maggi recipes, watch Black Mirror, or debate on hot-button political issues. Bansari Shah | Daytime Programming Bansari grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and is currently a freshman at the University of Southern California majoring in Business Administration (Fight On!). She loves traveling, meeting new people, and is known for her obsessions with Taco Bell and her car, Lexi. After being a Mid-Best LR for three years, Bansari is excited to be serving as a Co-Lead on the Daytime Programming Committee and can't wait for the best Convention yet. Foram Shah | Daytime Programming Foram is a third year student at the Virginia Commonwealth University studying Computer Science. When Foram is not hacking away you will find her either dancing, traveling, studying for JAB, or watching movies, mostly throwback Bollywood movies. At a young age she was a student at JSMW pathshala and later became a teacher after graduating. She is extremely excited to contribute towards Convention efforts this year! Neelam Savla | Daytime Programming Neelam was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate and master's degree. She works at USC in Undergraduate Admissions helping evaluate applications for prospective students. She enjoys being outdoors, trying new recipes, and reading for fun. Neelam was a JNF Co-Lead for the 2016 Convention and is excited to be back on board for a second year as a Daytime Co-Lead. Parshva Vakharia Daytime Programming | Director of Education Parshva Vakharia is a student at the New York University Stern School of Business studying Finance and Accounting. After spending his entire life in the NY/NJ area, Parshva spent the last semester abroad in London! Parshva has a wide range of interests, including tabla, singing, Chinese yo-yo, traveling, and basketball. He is also a diehard Boston Celtics fan. Parshva is extremely excited to plan some amazing sessions for this year's Convention! Monika Jain | Fundraising | Director of Fundraising Monika Jain is a senior at Rice University studying Kinesiology-Health Sciences with a minor in Medical Humanities. While being an active member of her Jain community in Memphis, TN and a past LR for the YJA South Region, Monika is excited to be on Convention Committee for #YJA18! In her free time, she enjoys watching food videos, traveling, and tagging people in memes. Monika looks forward to connecting with young Jains within the community. Nilesh Dagli | Fundraising Nilesh was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He is a CPA and works as a senior for a public accounting firm in the Chicagoland area. He attributes a lot of what he has learned about Jainism from his involvement with the Jain Society of Greater Detroit. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He enjoys watching all sports, reading books, and traveling. He is excited to be a part of the Fundraising team for the Convention! 16 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rachna Shah | Fundraising Director of Publications Rachna is a freshman at Dartmouth College, where she studies at the intersection of economics, chemistry, and public policy. She is passionate about writing about viewpoint diversity, Jainism and current events, global citizenship, and Japanese tea culture. Rachna loves chatting with new and old friends! Brinda Shah Hospitality and Souvenirs Brinda is a first year MPH student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has served as an LR and Souvenirs Subcommittee member in the past, and is extremely excited to be on Convention Committee this year. In her free time, she enjoys trying new foods, drawing, watching Friends and Grey's Anatomy, and spending hours looking at stationery. Neil Shah Hospitality and Souvenirs Neil grew up and went to college and graduate school in Michigan. He's currently working in infection prevention and epidemiology. In his free time, he watches the Detroit sports teams, listens to podcasts, and tries new restaurants. He loves go's hip-hop and is a car enthusiast! Neil was previously on the YJA Executive Board or Convention Committee in 2011, 2012 and 2014 and is looking forward to making the 2018 Convention the best one yet! Prapti Ghiya | Hospitality and Souvenirs South RC A born and raised Texan, Prapti is studying at the University of Texas at Austin as a third year Mechanical Engineering student. Currently, she is a co-op at a medical device company in Austin. In addition to school and work, Prapti is a passionate dancer; she is trained in classical dance and has been on Texas Raas for two years. She is looking forward to bringing her Southern hospitality to #YJA18 as a Hospitality and Souvenirs Co-Lead! Hook 'em Horns! Rishab Jain Hospitality and Souvenirs Southeast RC Rishab Jain is a first year Material Sciences and Engineering major at Georgia Tech. He grew up in Memphis, TN and is an avid sports fanatic, political watchdog, and major Model UN nerd. In his free time, he likes to play frisbee, listen to music (ranging from Bruno Mars to Childish Gambino), and support the New England Patriots. Rishab is most excited to meet members of the Jain community and to have a great time in all things YJA. Avish Jain | Jain Networking Forum Avish just finished his Masters of Public Health at The Ohio State University with a specialization in Biomedical Informatics. He's always been interested in bridging medicine and technology. You'll also find him watching sports (#Believeland), messing with his latest tech purchase, and playing the violin. This is his third year involved with YJA, and he's excited to be back as a JNF Co-Lead for #YJA18. Go Bucks! Michelle Shah Jain Networking Forum Michelle is a Toronto native, a Chicago transplant, and a Purdue grad who loves corny jokes! She currently works at a Pharmaceutical company as a development engineer. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys traveling (15 trips in the past year!), playing board games, swimming, and is a Grey's Anatomy enthusiast. This is her first year with the Convention Committee and she is looking forward to being part of the growing YJA community. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 17 Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Neesha Daulat | Jain Networking Forum Neesha Daulat is a PhD student and consultant of Organizational Psychology in Claremont, CA. When her head is not buried in books, she is dancing, spending time with loved ones, trying new restaurants, and watching Bollywood movies. Over the past several years, Neesha has fulfilled many roles in various organizations, including the organizing board of Bollywood America. She is excited to bring her experience to YJA as a JNF Committee Co-Lead! Darshan Shah | Public Relations Darshan is an architect and graphic designer. In his spare time, he dabbles in furniture crafting, photography, cooking, digital illustration, and laughing at bad jokes. Darshan grew up in Orlando and lived in Chicago before moving to Virginia. When the weather is good, he enjoys hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Jainism's theory and practice of equality and acceptance motivate Darshan to be involved with his Jain community. Mayuri Jain Public Relations Mayuri was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Emory University in 2017 and lives in Chicago where she works as a consultant at a software firm. She is passionate about anything Cleveland-related, pizza (not deep dish though, sorry) and long-distance running. She's also an avid traveler and collects SIM cards from every country she's visited. She's very excited to serve on the PR Committee and make this Convention the best one yet! Sehal Shah Public Relations Director of Public Relations Sehal Shah is a second year undergraduate student at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Having grown up in a small town in Southern Indiana, she was excited to attend her first YJA Convention in 2012 at Tampa. Five years later, she can't wait to spread #YJAPyaR as the Director of Public Relations. Sehal enjoys exploring the world, taking photos of food, Netflixing, and dancing! Share your tweets, posts, and messages with her on all of our social media. Anish Doshi | Registration and Technology | Director of IT Anish Doshi is currently a software engineer at an analytics startup, Trifacta. Originally from Illinois, he moved to the Bay Area to go to UC Berkeley, and after graduation moved to SF. He's been involved with Jainism through JSMC events and JAB and is interested in applying its philosophy to problems in current events. Anish also enjoys hiking, playing chess, and eating vegan baked goods (which he encourages you to send to him). Avni Nandu | Registration and Technology Avni is a second year Computer Science student at The University of Texas at Austin (#hookem). Having lived in Texas all her life, Avni spends most of her free time cheering on Dallas sports and eating tacos. She spent her childhood attending pathshala at the Jain Society of North Texas, where she was first introduced to YJA in 2012. She is really excited to be a part of the Convention Committee for #YJA18 and can't wait to meet the attendees in July! Mahima Shah | Registration and Technology Mahima is currently in her junior year at Cornell University studying Computer Science. Although she is originally from New Jersey, Mahima is in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Spring semester interning at Tesla. In her free time, Mahima enjoys reading, watching movies, and discussing philosophy and its relation to Jain values. She is excited to be a part of Convention Committee and play a role in making this the best YJA Convention yet! 18 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sidhant Gandhi | Registration and Technology | Director of Finance Sidhant Gandhi resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently a Product Manager at a virtual reality/augmented reality startup. Previously, he was a software engineer on iOS at Apple. His alma mater is USC (Fight on!). Sidhant's interests are photography, code, and kaizen. Talk to Sidhant about Jain philosophy, specifically karmic theory, and you'll have a great conversation. Check out more of him at Mansi Shah | Security | Mid-Atlantic RC Mansi is a Jersey native studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University. She loves playing pick-up football games, eating homemade ice cream, and listening to podcasts in NJ traffic. She enjoys having conversations on social justice issues, especially gender equality and incarceration. Mansi hopes to make #YJA18 the best one yet as a Security Co-Lead. Simmi Nandu | Security Hailing from the great(est) state of Texas, Simmi Nandu just graduated as a senior Chemical Engineering student from The University of Texas at Austin. As a previous South RC and Hospitality Co-Lead, she looks forward to taking the momentum from YJA 2016 and making 2018 a great, successful Convention year. She is also maintaining her stance that the Cowboys will win a Super Bowl by the year 2020. #yjalove Sunny Shah | Security Sunny was born in London, but has lived in Alabama his entire life. He is currently a second-year law student at Samford University, and a legal intern for CAIR-AL. He hopes to become an immigration/civil rights attorney. In his free time, Sunny enjoys sports, traveling. and hanging out with family and friends. He is also a die hard Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. He is excited to serve on the Security team for the 2018 Convention. Roll Tide! Mishi Jain | Site Mishi Jain is an avid Houston sports fan (go Astros!), graduate of the Rice University Class of 2017 where she studied Political Science and Policy Studies, and a Strategy Analyst at Accenture. Her interests include discussing politics and policy, eating Taco Bell, promoting veganism, and doing bhangra. As a two-time former board member, Mishi is excited to be back as a Site Co-Lead to help throw the best YJA Convention ever. Saejal Chatter | Site | Director of Project Development Saejal Chatter is a published author, cybersecurity enthusiast, and Boston sports fan. She is a member of the Georgetown University Class of 2017 where she studied Economics and Theology. Along with a love for writing, she is passionate about anything and everything involving spending time with friends and family. Returning for her third term on the Executive Board, she hopes to sustainably and creatively increase YJA engagement. Vishal Mehta | Site Vishal currently works as a consultant for healthcare software giant Epic Systems. He moved to Chicago earlier this year and is excited to join the YJA Convention Committee team. Vishal has previously served as Midwest Regional Coordinator, Director of PR, and Security CoLead, and is eager to begin his fourth year as a part of the YJA leadership team. In his spare time, Vishal enjoys listening to music, traveling, and enjoying all that Chicago has to offer. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 19 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Charmi Shah Social | Mid-West RC Charmi Shah is a freshman at the University of Louisville majoring in Public Health and minoring in Spanish with the goal of becoming a pediatrician. When she's not watching Netflix, Charmi loves trying new foods, traveling, and playing matchmaker between her friends. In addition to serving as Mid-West Regional Coordinator, Charmi is super excited to serve as one of the Social Co-leads this year and help plan events to further spread the #yjalove. Julie Mehta Social Julie Mehta is a 4th year student at the University of Maryland, College Park studying neurobiology and physiology, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. You can also find her directing Maryland Masti, binge watching the Office or Friends, playing Taboo with her family, and having dance parties with her friends. Julie has been involved with the JSMW community as a student and teacher, and she is SO(cially excited to make #YJA18 the best Convention yet! Pranay Patni Social West RC Pranay Patni grew up in Milpitas, CA and is now a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Economics. In his free time, you'll find him binge watching Netflix, playing FIFA, or profusely texting and messaging people on Facebook. At Berkeley, Pranay is an active member of the Jain Students Association and is also the captain of a Bollywood-Fusion dance team. Starbucks Grand Ballroom Lakeshore Rooms - Executive Forum Dearborn Room - Division Room Restrooms Registration Guestleton pichigan Ballroom Business Center alle Mallroom on Room 20 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Subcommittee Members Aaryan Shah W Janvi Shah Adit Shah Divya Shah Divyansh Shah Fanil Gada Mili Shah Anjali Doshi Juhi Shah Juhi Nahata Manis Sailm Rohin Kapadia Ronak Shah Saanji Shah Ashni Shah Hannah Shah Hetali Lodaya Kevin Shah Pratik Shah Satej Shah Ayush Jain Vaarin Shroff Varun Singhai Vishwa Shah Purvi Shah Darshi Shah Maahi Shah Megha Vipani Hemali Shah Yug Chauhan Dhairya Dholiya Janak Shah Zeel Kothari Milan Jain Rishabh Kodia Ritika Bais Shreya Udani Somil Sanghvi Sonal Chatter 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 21 Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YJA FORUMS YJA events - retreats, conventions, dinners - provide a great way to chat with your fellow young Jains about any topic, religion-related or otherwise, that's been on your mind. But what about those moments in between, when you're at home, at school, or not around many other Jains? What if you want to talk about something that takes more than a text message or 140 characters? Try YJA Forums! Forums is an easy to use online platform - create an account, log in, and you're connected to your YJA friends everywhere. This is a space where the young Jain community that we have built around the country can come together to be themselves, interact with and learn from others, discuss, respond, comment, and dive into topics of Jainism like never before. Try YJA Forums at! College Chapters YJA's College Chapters engage Jain youth at the college level and support existing Jain student organizations to promote Jainism and its rich culture. Chapters help college students to get involved on their campus and meet together to discuss Jain topics, volunteer, and have fun! Check out for more information! CHAPTER 22 YOUNG COLLEGE JAINS OF PROJECTIVE 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL UPenn Hindu Jain Association Michigan Jain Student Association Pittsburgh Jain Student Association Texas Jain Student Association Illinois Jain Student Association BU Jains in Voice and Action UC Berkeley Jain Student Association Columbia University Ahimsa Rice University Jain Student Association. Young Jains of USciences Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Get social with YJA's first mobile app! Imagine yourself on the the first day of YJA Convention. What if you need to find a particular room at the hotel? How are you going to keep track of all the new friends you'll make, and all the new faces you'll see? Most importantly - what's for dinner? Answering all those questions and more, YJA is thrilled to announce the release of our first mobile app, just in time for #YJA18! This app allows attendees to scan QR codes on fellow attendees' badges and save their contact information, allowing people to effortlessly stay in touch once everyone goes home. Within the app, attendees can also keep track of the little details - where to go, what to do, and what to wear - making it easier to have a great time at YJA Convention! Thursday 200 YJA Saturday Sunday De-stress the Jain Way - From Darshan to Samayik Washington Jains in Action (JIA) Semifinals Executive Forum Current Legislative Challenges as Jains Division Playing God with O We are excited to provide even more content in the coming months after Convention - the app will be the place for all things YJA related, including information about upcoming local events, helpful Jainism and education-related resources, and more. Search for "YJA" in the App store or Google Play, scan the QR code below, or go to to download the app today - and stay tuned for updates! yjapathshala YJA Pathshala is an online self-paced course for learning more about Jainism. Intended for youth ages 16-29 who cannot regularly access a traditional pathshala, these materials will provide a basic foundational understanding of Jain principles and practice. Extensive prior knowledge of Jainism is not required. Why Pathshala? Understanding of the meaning behind prayers, rituals and practice will make visits to temple more fulfilling and Jain practice more relevant to your day to day choices and actions. We hope that participants can take what they learn through the Pathshala and apply it to consider their own actions through the lenses of Jain principles such as non-violence, compassion and honesty. Want YJA Pathshala Updates? Sign up now at! 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 23 Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA Young Jains of America Biennial 2018 Convention in Chicago on July 4th weekend Young Jains of America will be hosting its biennial 2018 Convention in Chicago on July 4th weekend. There will be over 750 Young Jains from across the USA along with over 150 speakers and adult volunteers. Extreme hunger and illiteracy are sources of immense suffering in India, 3,000 children die of hunger or hunger related diseas es every day. YJA is entirely run and managed by Jain Youths from the age of 14 - 29. Of all the organizations I have worked with they are simply the most professionally organized and efficient - all while adhering to our Jain values. In partnership with the Federal and State, governments of India, Akshaya Patra, implements the largest NGO run midday meal program in the world. Your support will help to empower the future generations of Young Jains in America. If you have any questions about YJA please visit about or call me at 917.783.7017 From 2000 to 2018, Akshaya Patra has scaled from a pilot program that served 1,500 children a day in 5 schools to one that serves 1.7 million children per day in 13,808 schools via ISO certified centralized Kitchens Throughout its growth, the organization has been an exemplary story of applied-technology, quality, efficiency and impact. AKSHAYA PATRA Unlimited food for education 24 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations on another successful YJA Convention! We hope all of you continue being beacons of light and wisdom for Jain youths! With #YJAlove, IAF The 2010-2011 YJA Executive Board International Ahimsa Foundation Inc. Congratulate Young Jains of America (YJA) "Reconnecting with our Roots" July 5th - July 8th, 2018, Chicago Dr. Neeta Jain - Ph.D. President & Founder IAF Phone: 718-445-3492 | Email: IAF Heartiest Congratulations YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA (YJA) "Reconnecting with our Roots" July 5th-July 8th, 2018, Chicago Dr. Neeta Jain - Ph.D. Democratic District Leader. Assembly District 25, Part B District Office: 150-25 61 Road, Flushing, NY 11367 | Phone: 718-445-5505 Email: 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 25 Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ IAIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE ORGANIZATION J I TO USA JITO USA - CONNECTING AND EMPOWERING THE FUTURE GENERATIONS OF JAINS JITO is a multi-stakeholder community of successful Jain entrepreneurs, businesspersons and professionals working together for the common purpose of growth, economic empowerment and social service. Since inception in India a decade ago, JITO has grown to over 100 Chapters across the globe. JITO USA's goal is to create a network of Jain businesspersons, professionals and college students to facilitate networking, collaboration, business opportunities to the mutual benefit of Jains across the USA. It is an ambitious task, but essential to growth, success and prosperity of the future generations of Jains. JITO USA congratulates the Young Jains of Ainerica on their 13th Biennial Convention and looks forward to working with thein in order to einpower the next generation of Jains. JAIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE ORGANIZATION - USA (JITO-USA) INC. Non-Profit under IRS Code 501(c) (6) 26 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the YJA 2018 Convention Best Wishes for the YJA 2018 Convention TES SE Mahavir Temple - Mahavirji, Rajasthan THE DIAMOND & COLOR STONE COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK 1 Mahavir Temple - Kumbhariyaji, Gujarat SANDEEP DIAMOND CORPORATION SANDEEP & PURVI SHAH NEW YORK, NY 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 27 Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 28 jain society of greater detroit Best wishes from the Jain Society of Greater Detroit for a successful 2018 YJA Convention! Congratulations to YJA on a Successful Convention. Wishing you all the best. -Vasant and Charu Shah 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Best Wishes for the 2018 YJA Convention Dinesh & Nayna Shah Sanjay, Nikita, Kaivan & Meila Shah Sima, Jonkumar & Andrew Powers Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Reconnecting with Our Roots Essay Contest Convention attendees were asked to respond to the following prompt: How do you define your roots and how can we as young Jains stay in touch with them as we progress in life? FIRST PLACE French Vanilla A longtime family friend offers me ice cream at a New Year's party. "It doesn't have eggs," she promises me, stopping the question on the tip of my tongue. Normally, I'd check for myself, but I decide to trust her. She's known my family for ten years, and I don't want to offend her. My dad sees me eating ice cream and takes some himself, indulging the incorrigible sweet tooth that runs in our family. A few bites later, however, his instinctive suspicion returns, so he picks up the carton to reassure himself that the ice cream is fine to eat. When he calls my name, I don't need to turn and see the carton in his hand or hear the rest of his sentence to realize what had happened. The more carefully you stick to your beliefs, the more sickening the pain of each transgression. My vegetarianism has always been a core part of my identity, forged in no small part from the paralyzing experiences of having to hungrily deny a guilty-eyed host or waitress every time I was offered food, the frustrating sensation of having to repeat to wide-eyed, incredulous classmates that I wouldn't die if I ate meat, but was vegetarian out of choice, the awkwardness of having to frame every conversation about food through a restrictive lens that people didn't want to understand. The vanilla ice cream, once cold and sweet, turns to napalm in my stomach--a hungry, angry flame that refuses to burn out, threatening, ironically, to consume me from within. 20 In a society where it is already hard to talk openly about religion, it is even harder to speak about Jainism. Who are we to talk of non-absolutism in a world of alternative facts and fake news? Why lend any credence to our theory of karma when it is part of the same metaphysics that tells us our universe is geocentric? How can we extol the virtues of celibacy when our scriptures and stories routinely exalt men who married multiple wives, or vilify materialism in the face of the suffering of our country's poor? The world we live in is different from what it was like when our traditions were first written down, so much so that every inconsistency chips away at our beliefs and our will to adhere to them. What, then, are the roots of our religion worth? them. What, then, a HOUR R The mostly silent car ride home gives my dad and I a chance to reflect. We're not the most emotional people, and for a moment I find it strangely silly about how upset a few bites of ice cream have made us. It strikes me that the depth of this reaction is perhaps a testament to the strength of our belief, that our religion at its core is not one about karma and penance, rules and regulations, or good and evil. It's about absolute awareness of the consequences and implications of our actions, and our unyielding determination to live our lives accordingly. Siddharth Challani, 21 East Windsor, NJ 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 29 Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SECOND PLACE Our heritage, culture, and roots are often elucidated through the multiple perspectives we encounter on a daily basis and have idiosyncratic responses for each individual. Some define it through the foods they consume, the clothes they wear, the language they speak, etc.; however, to me as a Jain, roots aren't defined merely through materialistic possessions, but rather the morals sermonized through Bhagwan Mahavir and the values concealed in our Agams. From my approach, our lives are metaphorical to a tree -- we grow where we are planted, extend towards a certain direction based on our surroundings, and strengthen based on the nutrients that we are fed. Similar to the phototropism of a plant, we tilt towards brightness in our lives and tend to prioritize it over the negative aspects. We do this by swaying our very existence to match our environment, but if we want to remain true to Samyak Charitra, we must keep our feet planted in same ground we started in: those are our roots. This can only be preceded by the Samyak Gyan and Samyak Darshan which we have been nurtured with from our surroundings. As the Shad Dravyas mention, our universe undergoes through constant paryay (change), and our society is a glimpse at this truth. Living in America, we are encompassed by a variety of mentalities and often struggle as we can't decide the correct direction to go in. Through experience of High school, Collage, and life in general, we have to stay connected through these roots and only absorb the behaviors that our Jain teachings approve. As a young Jain, the benefits of staying connected to our Jain societies and communities are limitless, but the importance of spreading this teaching to those surrounding us must be accentuated upon as well. Although reaching the ultimately quintessential persona of a Jain is nearly impossible, we as the Jain future can exhibit concepts such as ahimsa through our daily behavior. Not only would this allow us to express beliefs gleaned by our ancestors, but it will also allow us to spread karuna or compassion to our society by continuing to practice trad -itions that connect us to the fundamental property of what it means to be a Jain. As I progress through my journey of life, I also want to remember the spiritual Journey and Gunasthans as well. I portray and stay attached through my Jain roots through practices which are both internal and external. We can practice Paryushan, do Samayik to contemplate on our soul, and most of all remember our goal, which is attaining Moksh. Time can be taken out out of our busy teen lifes to just remember and introspect upon our actions and look toward ways of improvement as self-realization is a vital part of being a true Jain. Rhea Mistry, 15 Richmond, TX 30 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THIRD PLACE A Latina girl, her mother and her grandmother were sitting on their porch right outside their red door, talking about the grandmother's shift to Miami and their struggles connecting to their Venezuelan culture, that very culture connecting the multigenerational trio together. This moment, from one of my favorite shows, Jane the Virgin, is the textbook definition of connecting with your roots. In fact, in the "melting pot of cultures" that is the United States, a painting that we work hard to make more colorful - wearing our salwar kameez at Diwali or building a different-cuisine restaurant every block is a way we often think as connecting to our roots. As a Jain, I believe that connecting to our roots is deeper - it comes from our way or thinking, our way of accepting ourselves and the world around us - the customs we have are simply tools to help us get there. I believe being connected to my roots is nothing outwardly visible, but more in understanding a larger context of situations I might be part of and being able to be in this frame of mind before I react, and not the other way around the Jain way of thinking. The way we can do this as we progress through life is by understanding what progress means. Progress is not just upward movement. It consists of downfalls and unforeseen circumstances. And in these times, connecting to our roots means understanding that whatever circumstance we find ourselves in can't be the worst. In fact, in my college career, I have failed so many times that now, instead of focusing on the low exam score, I've started to focus on how quick I can get out of the negative thought cycle stemming from the low exam score. Likewise, progress is made up of high moments, where you feel like you're soaring. And in these times, understanding that there's always room for improvement is key. 18 One word that can sum up the Jain way of thinking is empathy. Empathy is something that can be learnt, and is easier to incorporate than we think - just trying to visually picture yourself in someone else's shoes - anekaantvaad - as often as you can is a good start. Connecting to Jain roots is the same thing is connecting to our true self, wired to care for more than ourselves and react accordingly, is transpired through role models like Tirthankaras - and it can be done by anyone. Connecting to our Jain roots is not something glamorous, rather it is done through small actions - remembering to empathize by envisioning ourselves in others' shoes. It makes progressing in life easier - the bad moments become less bad and the good moments still hopeful for more. It's wearing that salwaar kameez for Diwali and understanding our small place in the large painting. And it's something that anyone can do, from Jane's way of thinking - connecting to her Venezuelan roots by hearing of her grandmother's struggles to the Jain way of thinking, empathizing before reacting. Sheily Shah Novi, MI 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 31 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington Congratulates Young Jains of America on their 2018 Convention: Reconnecting with our Roots Mil Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington Building Our Future Together ARVO De Nowe STATE-OF-THE-ART MODERN JAIN EDUCATION CENTER PROMINENT LOCATION WITHIN 15 MILES OF THE WHITE HOUSE 5.5 ACRES LAND, 30,000 SQ. FT BUILDING AREA WATCH THE BEAUTIFUL VIRTUAL WALKTHROUGH VIDEO OF THE NEW JAIN CENTER ONLINE AT Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington is very excited about the upcoming construction of their new authentic Jain Temple and Center with Shankeshwar Parshwanath Bhagwan and Adinath Bhagwan Temples, Upashray, Sthanak, ample classrooms, large dining hall, and state-of-the-art facilities for all members and groups to participate and practice Jainism. Contact us with more questions at: TempleCommittee@Jain 32 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mittime Savva Bhuvesu, Veram Majjham Na Kenai I am friendly towards all living beings, and seek enmity with none With Compliments to YJA Anish Doshi Director of IT, YJA, 2017-18 Anjali Doshi Director of Education, YJA 2016-17 Dulari Doshi Pathshala teacher, Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Dr. Parag Doshi President, Chicago Cardiology Institute Best Wishes for a Successful 2018 YJA Convention During the Convention, We Hope You Reconnect with "Jain Philosophical Roots" Explore Anekantwad (Multiplicity of View Points) i.e. "Nonviolence in Thought" and Positive Nonviolence (Ahimsa) vs Prohibitive Nonviolence Girish and Datta Shah & Family 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 33 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ VEERAYATAN Veerayatan compassion in action INTERNATIONAL Our Hearty Congratulations to all young Jains of America (YJA) for their unconditional commitment to Jain Principles and Values Acharya Shriji Chandanaji (Veerayatan) and Veerayatan International Our Mission : Directly work towards the care of humanity Our vision: Based on three core pillars, SEVA, SHIKSHA and SADHANA Our Volunteer Program: To participate in Veerayatan Volunteer Youth Program (VYP) and Veerayatan Volunteer Program (VVP), visit our Booth located on the 1st floor of the Westin Hotel Join Veerayatan youth community and visit us on Facebook Contact Punitaben Shah @ 607-222-4031 or Mukesh Gandhi @ 713-775-1950 Visit us at Contribute and support "Sponsor a child - Education, and Gift of Sight-Seva " program Please send your tax deductible donations by check payable to "Veerayatan International" Mailing Address: Veerayatan International, 35 Langeveld Drive, Freehold, NJ 07728-82 36 Veerayatan International is a IRS recognized nonprofit organization since 1996 with Federal Tax Exempt ID: 52-1956271 AHIMSA is Avoidance of Harm Intended by Mind Speech & Action Thank you and best wishes to the YJA convention committee for all their efforts and hard work in putting together the 2018 YJA convention. Best Wishes Jain Center of Greater Memphis Warm regards, Viren & Neepa Nandu 34 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TV2 Best Wishes for the YJA 2018 Convention LY Adinath Temple - Ranakpur, Rajasthan NAVIKA GROUP OF COMPANIES NAVEEN & RAJSHREE SHAH LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 35 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Keynote Speaker Nikita T. Mitchell Nikita T. Mitchell is the creator of, "Above the Bottom Line", a platform dedicated to keeping you informed of how the world's most influential companies are taking a stance on important issues. She received her M.B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business and has been cited as Diversity MBA Magazine's Top 100 Under 50 Executive & Emerging Leaders. A fierce advocate for women's rights, Nikita serves on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood of Northern California. She is currently a senior manager at Cisco where she is responsible for strategy and planning initiatives for the company's $20 billion Americas Sales organization. In her free time you can find Nikita catching up on her never ending reading list, training for a half-marathon or planning her next vacation. Check out her website for more information! 36 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL CIII Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JNF Keynote Speaker ASHWANI JAIN Democrat for County Council, At-Large Ashwani Jain is a first generation American, the son of small business owners, a former appointee with the Obama-Biden Administration, a 15-year cancer survivor and an At-Large candidate for the Montgomery County (Maryland) Council. A political organizer and coalition builder, Ashwani has experience working in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as extensive political advocacy experience. His long-term goal is to engage more Americans in the political process and ensure our political institutions are more representative, responsive, inclusive and accountable. During the Obama-Biden Administration, Ashwani served in several roles including HHS Associate Director of External Affairs, Director of Outreach for the Cancer Moonshot Project, and Deputy White House Liaison at HUD. He also ran grassroots campaigns and programs to help organize Montgomery County. As a cancer survivor, Ashwani serves as a volunteer Wish Grantor and Wish Ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic. Ashwani holds a Master's in Political Management from the George Washington University, as well as dual B.S. degrees in Business Management and Political Science from the University of Maryland. | | @AshwaniJain MoCo Paid for by Friends of Ashwani Jain, Clarissa Kornell, Treasurer 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 37 Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 38 What is 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Jain Way Of Life AHIMSA ANEKANTVAD APARIGRAH MEAT, FISH, EGGS SMOKING ALCOHOL & DRUGS CARING COMPASSION ULUU SAYING ANO ANGER EGO GYES TOLERANCE NO DECFIT GREEN YES CHARITY ILU CONSERVATION Best Wishes from Drs. Manoj & Sunita Jain, Sapna, Monika & Rishab - Memphis, TN Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MSI Making Dream Surfaces Attainable As the leader in surfacing products, we have over 125 million square feet of flooring, countertops, wall tile and hardscaping material in stock nationwide Over 25 State-of-the-Art Distribution Centers 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 39 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes to YJA from Atul, Dharmi, Shivali and Jinesh Sage Jain, the 100% vegetarian dog, and our family wish you success! Chicago, Illinois Sunit, Seema, Sarina, Sahil, Sanjana Congratulations to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee! -Jain Center of Northern California 40 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee Rajesh, Mona, Neil, and Monal Shah Keep up the good work! Congratulations to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee Pradip and Darshana Shah "When The Roots Are Deep There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind" African Proverb Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee for planning an amazing Convention! With Love From Divyesh, Jaya, Chintav & Mahima Shah 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 41 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) The Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) is a team-based competition for young Jains. Topics range from Jain scriptures, prayers, and philosophy to Jain geography, history, and Jainism in the modern world. This YJA Convention, we will be changing the format of the traditional JAB game by introducing three new rounds (i.e Deal or No Deal, Family Feud and Who Wants to be a Millionaire), each of which will encourage teamwork and collaboration. Visit for more information! JAIN to ACADEMIC to Bowl TEAMS TEAM 1 Aaryan Shah (IL) Harshita Jain (NJ) Meera Baid (IL) Palak Shah (NJ) Shilpi Shah (MI) TEAM 2 Nitya Jani (IL) Rihi Jain (NJ) Riya Shah (MI) Shreyal Gandhi (VA) Vaarin Shroff (IL) TEAM 3 Aditya Shah (NJ) Priyal Shah (MI) Saagar Shah (NJ) Sohail Daulat (AZ) Yashwee Kothari (NJ) TEAM 4 Achal Shah Chintan (NJ) Maheswari (MI) 42 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Diksha Kurwa (TX) Mihir Zaveri (MI) Sneh Shah (IL) Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jains In Action (JIA) matsuto Jains in Action (JIA) is an opportunity for Jain youth to collaborate, putting what they've learned in school and work together with the principles of Jainism to solve a problem in the world around us! This hands-on, interdisciplinary program brings the spirit of action to YJA Convention. Participants in JIA have received training and mentorship, invaluable problem-solving skills, and mentors, judges, and Convention attendees at large will get to see the results of their hard work when semifinalists present to judges and finalists on the main stage. Visit for more information! JUDGES s-au Z FROM THE GROUND UP Hemang Srikishan (IL) Urvashi Jain (TX) Prem Jain (CA) Soha Shah (OH) MENTORS Akash Shah (OH) Harsha Nahata (MI) Krupa Shah (FL) Kunal Parikh (MD) Umang Patel (CA) Priyal Gandhi (MD) ADMINISTRATORS Anjali Doshi (NY) Hetali Lodaya (MI) 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 43 Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TEAM 1 (Mentor: Priyal Gandhi) Dhairya Dholiya (IL) Dhanesha Hemani (TX) Pranav Mody (ON) Ketan Kapasi (TX) TEAM 2 (Mentor: Kunal Parikh) Neha Jain (IL) an Kriti Shah (AB) Dhvani Mehta (TX) Shailee Shah (NJ) 44 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Nicole Bohra (WA) Pratham Mehta (CA) TEAM 3 (Mentor: Krupa Shah) Naitik Soni (IL) Yug Chauhan (MI) Sean Gajjar (TX) Twinkle Shah (TX) Sohil Shah (WI) Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TEAM 4 (Mentor: Umang Patel) Rohin Kapadia (TX) Ruppesh Nalwaya (CA) Shreya Udani (CA) Siddharth Kurwa (TX) Urja Jariwala (VA) TEAM 5 (Mentor: Akash Shah) Kaivan Shah (TX) Nikki Shah (TX) Satej Shah (IL) Vatsal Gandhi (IL) Vipasha Jain (WA) TEAM 6 (Mentor: Harsha Nahata) Jinali Shah (ON) Jubin Shah (NY) Paaras Modi (IL) Rupal Sanghavi (TX) Sheily Shah (MI) 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 45 Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ "Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always be a time where you will be grateful you did." - Sarah Caldwell Congratulations to the 2018 YJA Convention Board for all your hard work! We are excited for attendees to have the opportunity to reconnect with their roots. Best wishes, Sushil, Rajshree, Avish, and Priyanka Jain SHETH Congratulations to YA FAMILY FOUNDATION H. Jain & Co Our best wishes for a wonderful 2018 YJA Convention! Himanshu Jain, CPA, CA (India) 925 Rand Rd. #208/210 Arlington Heights, IL-60004 Ph. (847) 368-8850 Fax(847) 368-8815 E-mail: Madhu and Jagdish Sheth Sheth Family Foundation 46 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ svAdhyAya paramaM sapa Best wishes to YJA on 13th Biennial Convention 2018 EVERY MONTH Pathshala Every Sunday 10 am to 11 am followed by 1st Sunday Digambar Pooja 2nd Sunday Samayik 3rd Sunday General Meeting 1st & 4th Sunday Snatra Poola CE NORTH CHISH JAIN F from SOCIETY x dew wbar whe w ofegant, hf, wha w wasrant, why wagt SWADHYAY SCHOLARS VISIT PARYUSHAN/DAS-LAXAN SWAMI VATSALYA DIWALI MAHAVIR JAYANTI Please visit us at 11321 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX 75229 Khamemi Savve Jiva, Savve Jiva Khamantu Me Mitti Me Savva bhuesu, Veram majjham na Kenai I forgive all living beings. May all souls forgive me, I am on friendly terms with all, I have no animosity toward any soul. May all my faults be dissolved. Best wishes for #YJA18 and many more successful conventions to come! -Hetali, Kunal, Mayur, Rita, and the Lodaya Family 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 47 Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We Proudly Support the YJA 2018 Convention Mahavir Temple - Osiyan, Rajasthan S.P.B. CREATIONS BHUPENDRA & KAVITA MOOKIM NEW YORK, NY 48 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sessions Join us as we Reconnect with Our Roots with diverse and powerful sessions about Jain Education, Lifestyle, Career & Networking, Diversity & Inclusion, and Current Events & Social Issues! Planting the Seeds (Jain Education) Sessions will be centered around Jain philosophy, conduct, history, values, and much more. Sprouting into a Jain (Lifestyle) Sessions will focus on how to incorporate Jain values and tenets into our daily lives. Branching Out (Career & Networking) Session attendees will explore and gain insight into different career paths taken by speakers and how to incorporate Jain values in various careers. Leafing your Comfort Zone (Diversity & Inclusion) Sessions will provide a safe space to explore taboo topics that affect Jain youth on a daily basis. What Wood you Beleaf? (Current Events & Social Issues) Sessions will examine current events and social issues through a Jain lens. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 49 Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Session Descriptions #yjalove (Panel) | Avish Jain, Sapna Jain, Satej Shah, Sonia Ghelani Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF What does YJA mean to you? Want to know how to get more involved and build out your YJA network? Join our panelists to hear about each of their experiences and how you can best utilize YJA to help you grow personally, socially, and professionally. Get ready for some #yjalove! A Jain Approach to Tackling Income Inequality in the US | Rea Savla Diversity & Inclusion | College America's top 1 percent owns nearly 40 percent of the nation's wealth, while the bottom 90 percent owns less than 25 percent. This wealth and income inequality manifests in increasing divergence in a number of outcomes between the haves and the have-nots. Join us for an eye-opening session on the economics and historical events that brought us to where we are today. Lastly, we will explore how Jain principles can inform empirically-backed solutions to address inequality in America and the world. A Modern, Scientific Formulation of the Ancient Jain Path, Roots | Anthony Ruda, Viral Shah Jain Education | College/JNF What does it mean to be a Jain in the modern era? The truths of the Jain Dharma are eternal, but not always so easy to comprehend: Jain scriptures are vast and written in obsolete languages, making them almost impenetrable to modern readership. Come satisfy your hunger to understand the roots of our religion by discovering the 4 Noble Truths of Jains, drawn from various ancient scriptures and updated into understandable, contemporary language, offering a modern path to reconnect with our roots. A Modern, Scientific Formulation of the Ancient Jain Path, Jainness | Anthony Ruda, Viral Shah Jain Education | College/JNF How do we practice Jain values in today's world? Building on our earlier session, which introduces the 4 Noble Truths of Jains and outlines a modern science of the soul, this follow-up session explores real-life applications for a life of Jainness (Jainatava-the Jain spirit), as formulated in the multifaceted Noble Truth #4. Discover how you can nurture your Jain roots and propagate the Jain spirit while navigating the challenges of a 21st Century lifestyle. A New Nest | Bansari Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Leaving for college is a major, but intimidating, milestone in your life-especially if you're travelling over 2000 miles to attend a university. Originally from Chicago, Bansari currently attends USC and has learned a lot in her first year, from maintaining long distance friendships to staying true to her Jain values. Aimed for rising high school juniors and seniors, this session will focus on the social aspects of college as well as how to cope with the culture shock of leaving your hometown. A View from Washington, D.C. | Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi Social Issues | HS/College Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi hosts a mini-town hall to answer your questions and offer his perspective on the state of our nation. Topics will include his co-sponsorship of the Help Students Vote Act and the Thompson-Krishnamoorthi Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act. He will also discuss his work to combat the opioid epidemic and his participation in the investigation on possible Russian interference in our elections. 50 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Abstract into Jainism | Meghan Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF Why is it that we rarely learn about Indian artists during art history? Our current generation has the opportunity to change the mindset about careers in the arts and showcase the talents of Indian artists to the world. Join me in my session to learn about the career of an Indian-American artist and the steps she has needed to take to get this far. This session will be extremely interactive with opportunities to express yourself through various mediums of art forms. Ace that Interview! Interviewing Skills 101 Prachi Shah Career & Networking College/JNF Landing an interview is hard. Knowing what to say in an interview is even harder. Learn what to say in your interview through this quick and easy workshop! Prachi will go through typical interview questions that are applicable for most careers and age groups. By the end of this workshop, you'll be sounding smart, experienced, and you'll definitely ace that interview! Acting 101 | Sonal Shah Career & Networking HS Let's get up on our feet and be artists! We'll play some improv games, act, do some writing, maybe even meditate! If you are scared of getting up in front of people or you love it, come and play! Let's turn on our imagination and have some fun! An Actor's Life | Sonal Shah Career & Networking | HS I'm an actor in Los Angeles. I chose an alternative path, but I find Jainism in almost everything I do. In this session, I'll share stories about my journey breaking barriers in entertainment and answer any questions in regards to following your passion. And Action! Prerak Adhuria Social Issues HS Every day, each of us is a version of ourselves. And based on the situation, we are perceived differently for it. What is the right way to "play" your role? Whether you're a confident trendsetter or the shy kid in class, how do you become the best version of yourself? These are questions everyone comes across. Come find out at my session! Anger Management | Meghna Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College In today's fast paced life, where everyone is multitasking and stressed out over many issues, getting angry over anything and everything is very common. This session will discuss what causes someone to get angry, its after-effects, how to manage and control anger, as well as how to stay calm in any adverse situation to lead a peaceful life. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 51 Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Appearances Are Not What They Seem | Pradip Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Have you ever wondered about the basis for how we make moral decisions each and everyday? Do our actions matter if we are not cognizant of any intentions we may have? Join me as we engage in an interactive discussion on morality and religion. Applying Core Jain Principles to 21st Century Life | Mukesh Chatter Jain Lifestyle College/JNF Summarize core principles of Jainism as described in the oldest scriptures. Evaluate examples from our daily lives against this backdrop. First part of the session will be a presentation followed by an interactive second half. The audience is encouraged to share their experiences. Questions welcome! Are We There Yet? | Mamta Shaha, Monica Shah, Sejal Shah, Sheenika Gandhi, Urvashi Jain Diversity & Inclusion HS/College/JNF Come join us for a Women in the Workplace Panel featuring women from various career fields! This session will examine the challenges that women face during their careers and barriers they must overcome to succeed. Hear about personal experiences and tips and also come prepared to ask any questions you may have. Are You Even Jain? | Aanya Gandhi, Priyal Gandhi, Shreyal Gandhi Jain Lifestyle | HS There's something very wrong with this session title, and we will spend the entire time figuring out why. This will be a very interactive session addressing modern Jainism, judgement, and what we can do better. Be prepared to uncover some truths you may not even have known about yourself! Are you Jain Enough? | Monica Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Did you ever think about what makes you Jain? Is it because you're born Jain, because your family practices certain Jain rituals? What type of Jain will you be when you're an adult living by your own rules? Will you be Jain enough? In this session, discuss your views on what it means to be Jain and if your thoughts align with what our Jain scholars say as well. Art of Eating Samani Shreenidhi, Samani Shruthnidhi Jain Education | HS/College/JNF Food is the most essential requirement for a living being. Nobody can live for a long time without eating. Both animals and humans eat food, but only a human has the discriminatory power to know what to eat & what not to eat. The true art of eating quoted in Jain scripture can be developed easily. This presentation will compel one to think the true essence of eating-live to eat or eat to live? Why to eat? How to eat? How much to eat? When to eat? What to eat? 52 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Balancing Spiritual and Academic Life in High School | Shilpi Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Growing up in the U.S, it's sometimes difficult to adapt to the culture here but still stay rooted in our values. This session is about why it's important to know one's values in high school and how to balance your social, religious, and academic life, especially during this transition into adulthood. Bamboozled | Aakash Shah ! Social Issues | HS/College/JNF Do you like game shows? Then this is the session for you! We'll be discussing everyday questions that the new generation of Jains face in today's world while breaking up into groups to complete team challenges. This will be a session that focuses on open discussion and working together in small groups. There won't be much time to sit around in this session, so come prepared to have fun and work with others so you don't get bamboozled! Being an Entrepreneur and Stepping Away | Dipak Doshi Career & Networking JNF This session is for all current full-time or part-time entrepreneurs that already have a track record and are wondering when and how to take an exit. This session is also for those established owner-operators that are working hard at managing their day-to-day operations. The content about learning to let go and how hard it was will mirror your own struggles and might help you think through how you can steer your business in a more sustainable direction. Being Jain in the Workplace | Ashwani Jain Career & Networking College Respect is earned, not given. As young people of color, we often find it difficult to earn respect in the workplace. We find ourselves as the youngest and only people of color in work settings that are typically dominated by older, white males. This results in us less likely to be promoted, get more challenging work, and not be consulted for input on important decisions. By incorporating the values of Jainism, we can reduce opportunity gaps and earn respect. Beyond Medicine: Innovative Activities for Health Professionals | Manoj Jain Career & Networking College/JNF A career in medicine as a doctor, a nurse, pharmacist, or a therapist doesn't need to take up all your time. Manoj Jain, a physician, will talk about how he has been able to invest time in doing many other activities such as writing for the Washington Post, doing charitable work in India, engaging in political activism, and teaching Jainism. He will share how to use the Triple A's in your career and outside your medical career. Breaking Barriers Seema Jain, Sunit Jain Social Issues HS This debut session will discuss taboo topics with parents and Jain youth, specifically the 3 D's - dating, drinking, and diet. Let's share ideas of how to better communicate with parents and not hide certain forbidden issues. As first generation Indians, we understand what you are experiencing with your parents, who may not have been raised in this country. Let's find solutions to improve communication with your parents and avoid deceit in your actions. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 53 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Breathing and Meditation: Jainism in Action | Bhavisha Shroff Jain Lifestyle | HS In this session, we will introduce some simple ways of breathing and meditation that we can incorporate in our daily lives and connect them with relevant Jain theories such as Dhyaan (meditation). We'll begin with centering/breathing and end with a guided meditation. You will leave with something you can practice on your own time. Bridging Our Divides Rachna Shah Diversity & Inclusion HS It's no secret that political polarization has become an everyday feature of American politics. Yet while many of the reasons for polarization are symptomatic in government, their effects are public and all too individual. How can you work to reduce political polarization? We'll examine how to use dialogue to bring together people on opposite sides of issues to build understanding and engage with their political differences. Bringing Women to the Top of the Ladder Komal Shah, Saloni Shah, Sheenika Gandhi - Career & Networking | JNF Although women may have rights, we still face a lot of issues, especially in the workforce. Come join us in this panel discussion to learn about our experiences and some ways we were able to overcome our own hurdles. Bullying Prevention & Intervention Sushil Jain Diversity & Inclusion HS 67% of teenagers reported being a victim of bullying. Only 1 out of 25 cases are reported. Bullying results in depression, substance abuse and even suicide. We will examine and discuss bullying, what we can do to prevent it and how we can intervene. Can we work together to build a community of respect? Our session objective will be: "No Place for Hate." Calling All Superheroes (Community Service Activity) Social Issues JNF Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is in the service of others." The aim of this session is to provide JNF Superheros with a unique opportunity to give back to the community! We will be decorating t-shirts and creating comic books to brighten the day of young patients in local community children's hospitals. Come prepared to tap into your creative side for a good cause! Can Your Genes Practice Jainism? | Dipal Savla Social Issues College The genome is described as the biological core of our existence - encoding the ultimate roadmap of our life and molecular speed bumps we might hit along the way. Scientific advances allow us to map this landscape with detail and edit a more "perfect" genome. But what if some of the most powerful ways of editing the genome lay in the tenets of Jainism? Join us in this session as we explore how the Jain way of life has far-reaching consequences for our genetic code. 54 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Choices We Make The Road Not Taken | Jinendra Ranka Jain Lifestyle | HS In every moment of time, our lives follow a path governed by the choices we make. They are influenced by what we have been taught, our desires, our beliefs, our experiences, and our personal biases. As Jains, our focus on ahimsa and anekantavada, is a commonality with all living creatures and provides a backdrop for the paths we choose. We will discuss the dilemmas we face in life. Looking at decisions on a Jain context provides guidance on the road not yet taken. College & Career Panel | Adit Shah, Kevin Shah, Puja Savla, Sapna Jain, Vicki Shah Career & Networking | College Life after college can sometimes seem scary, stressful, and a little unreal. The choice between different graduate schools and getting a job out of college can be difficult. Our panelists include recent graduates and working professionals, who will discuss their experiences and answer any questions you have! Compassion in Action | Nitin Shah Diversity & Inclusion | HS/College Helping an unknown gives you true happiness. Practicing compassion is an essential part of living as per Jain beliefs. Most will want to follow this principle but some may struggle to find ways. In this session we will share experiences of practicing compassion, helping others, and more importantly, showing how you can use compassion in your daily life. 18 Help! A patient has come into your clinic and needs you to solve a problem. Join us in an interactive, group-based session as we apply Jain principles and dig deep to the roots, put on our white coats and thinking caps to tie in anekantvad and compassion to everyday situations in healthcare, and learn from our peers in the process. Compassion in the Clinic | Avish Jain, Priyal Gandhi Diversity & Inclusion | HS Creativity, Engineered. | Sean Gajjar Jain Lifestyle | College As machines continue to challenge the value of learning hard skills, what can we do to keep thinking creatively? What scientifically engineers creativity and what can we do to encourage, promote, and foster it? RECONNECTING WITH OUR ROOTS Current Legislative Challenges as Jains | Sushil Jain Social Issues | College/JNF A presentation on current challenges we face among minority as we nurture our future generation leading to a group discussion. Audience Participation: 1) Assume you are a youth Member of a Jain Center/Interfaith organization! 2) You are asked to consider taking an appropriate action(s) regarding the incident and to plan a course of action. Using the questions listed below you should clearly define Jainism's approach to the problem (with & without personal biases). 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 55 Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ De-stress The Jain Way - From Darshan to Samayik | Dulari Doshi Jain Lifestyle | JNF In the life of a busy professional, there are too few moments to decompress and unwind, and it's too easy to choose responding to a few more emails over taking a break. At times, even engaging with Jainism itself can feel like a chore. Over the years, Dulari has worked Jainism into her daily life as a way of destressing. Dulari will share her own experiences and spark discussions on ways we can use Jain practice to help us approach our work with a more calm mind. Decoding Mysteries of Human Life (Secrets of Human Life) | Shailesh Mehta Jain Lifestyle | College We all have several unanswered questions all the time. Why did it happen like this? Why to me? Why does someone treat me this way? What is the purpose or meaning of life? Human life is a unique, live experiment of the universe. If one has the correct knowledge of fundamentals, natural laws, and natural regulatory system, then one can achieve desirable results. This session will try to decode the mysteries or secrets of human life, natural laws, and the universe. Designing Your Ideal Life Through Jain First Principles | Kunal Parikh Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF Too often, we rely on parental pressure, societal norms, or other externalities to decide who we are, what we value, and how we live. If you're reading this session description, it means you're smart, talented, and fortunate enough to create the life you want for yourself, with no compromises. This session will help attendees design and live their very best lives through the framework and values of Jainism. 18 Recruiting members for your student organization? Looking to hold a corporation to better standards? Trying to get people to donate to your cause? We all know that digital tools and social media are essential to building online communities, but it can be daunting to figure out how to use them. Learn how to think through a digital campaign with Pulin Modi, a veteran campaigner with experience at organizations such as PETA,, and MoveOn. Digital Campaigns 101 | Pulin Modi Social Issues HS/College Diksha Mahotsav: An Experience of a Lifetime | Satej Shah Jain Education | College It was November of 2016, and I was sitting on a large stage with over 50 Maharasahebjis and Sadhvijis in Surat, Gujarat, India. My aunt, Amishiben was in the process of becoming a Sadhviji and as she received her Ogho, I truly saw what utmost happiness looked like. This session will help you learn, explore, collaborate, and reflect on a once-in-alifetime journey, a Diksha Mahotsav. Dispelling Negativity through the Power of Introspection | Charmi Vakharia Jain Lifestyle | College 191 Why do things only happen to me? Why do I have to suffer every time? Why should I suffer when I am not at fault? Most of us have had at least one of these questions run through our minds at some point. This session will help us find peace to overcome negative feelings based on the teachings of Acharya Vijay Abhayshekharsoori in his book "Jailer." We will also discuss the power of introspection in our lives (under the teachings of Hemyasha Shriji Maharaj). 56 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Don't Think About Nirvana - Think About Happiness | Yogendra Jain, Manoj Jain Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Don't think about nirvana - think about happiness and contentment. In this session, we will explore new research in brain science and how it can strengthen our Jain Way of Life (JWOL) practices and make our lives happier and more fulfilling. Earning Credibility and Authority as a Leader | Chintan Shah, Soha Shah, Sonia Ghelani Career & Networking College/JNF You've just began a new job, been promoted, named as a leader of an organization, or recently started a business. How do you gain authority and respect? What makes you someone who others want to listen to? Come learn from the experience of others and leave with actionable steps you can take to improve your standing among your peers, and do so while incorporating Jain principles! Entrepreneur vs. Freelancer | Dipak Doshi Career & Networking JNF This session is for aspiring entrepreneurs that have the desire to start their own business, as well as current freelance professionals that are doing well, yet are seeking to further grow their business model. In this session, we will look at the differences between being an entrepreneur and being a freelancer. For those seeking to start a new business, we will distinguish the pros and cons of the two and share the benefits of setting up a sustainable business model. Entrepreneurship in a Non-Technology World Manu Shah Career & Networking JNF We talk about entrepreneurship in the technology sector, and how it is the biggest thing right now. But what does a young adult need to do to drive entrepreneurship in non-technology sectors? What are the opportunities and how can you prepare for them? Why is adaptability the single-most important criteria? How can you overcome the pull of dying trends, as well as stay agile and undetected from competition? Join me as we discuss these questions in-depth! Entrepreneurship - Seed Funding Jamie Shah, Kunal Parikh, Prem Jain, Varun Gandhi Career & Networking | HS/College/JNF Have dreams of being an entrepreneur? Does the idea of starting or running your own business get your heart pumping? Join this session to listen to four different speakers talk about their experiences with starting their own business, running a company, managing others, and doing it all while applying Jainism to their work. Bring your own questions and speak to the panelists individually afterwards! Experiences of a Jain Sangh Leader | Urvashi Jain Career & Networking College/JNF Urvashi Jain, the current Jain Society of Houston President and Montessori School owner, will be speaking about her experiences navigating the Jain community space as a female leader and entrepreneur. This is a great opportunity to engage in an interactive session and discuss how others may be able to encourage women to take up leadership positions in their sangh and start businesses. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 57 Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Experiential Entrepreneurship Workshop | Kunal Parikh, Umang Patel Career & Networking | College/JNF WARNING: significant participation required from all attendees. Have you ever had an idea for a service, product, or company you wanted to create? Or that lingering feeling that you'd be better off working for yourself, but just don't know where to get started? This interactive workshop will take participants through every step and stakeholder in the entrepreneurial journey. Exploring Diversity and Inclusion Issues in the Workplace | Sheenika Gandhi Diversity & Inclusion | JNF Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace has been shown to retain employees, instill trust within the company, drive innovation, and lead to high performance. This session will explore diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the reality of being a minority in the workplace, the status of pay equity, implicit bias and how you can be an advocate for a more inclusive environment. Attendees are welcome to share their experiences and thoughts during discussion. Exploring Non-Attachment in Interpersonal Relationships | Rea Savla Jain Lifestyle | College/JNF "Aparigraha," or non-attachment, is a key principle in Jainism. Although it is easy to conceptualize its meaning in relation to material objects, understanding how to practice non-attachment with loved ones is tricky. This session will be a discussion exploring whether it is possible to simultaneously maintain a relationship, love someone, and practice aparigraha. We will use movies to guide our conversation and analyze the role of attachment in types of relationships. Five Life Lessons | Saman Shrutpragya 18 Jain Lifestyle | HS/College The most important thing in your life right now is something we tend to overlook - just being alive. In this talk, we are going to learn 5 life lessons that will help us enhance our daily lives. Keeping these lessons in our minds will help us reduce friction from our lives and bring us to ease. Food Technology and Meat Alternatives | Sidhant Gandhi Social Issues HS/College 19 A provocative session on new food technologies and their impact on Jains and the world. Includes a tasting session of vegetarian meat alternatives. RECONNECTING WITH OUR ROOTS Four Noble Truths of Jains: A New Horizon | Anthony Ruda, Viral Shah Jain Education | College/JNF The Four Noble Truths of Jains-formulated four decades ago for seekers-break new ground in Jain philosophy, digging deep into the most fundamental concepts of our ancient tradition and updating them for our times. Join JNTA for a video conference with its President and Founder, Prof. Kanti V. Mardia, as we go far beneath the surface and back up from the very roots. 58 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Get Noticed by Your Next Manager | Komal Shah, Sagar Khona Career & Networking | College/JNF Do you want to learn how to build a resume? Do you have a resume and want to know how to get noticed by employers? Come join us for an interactive session where we help you build and update your resume in order to make sure you land an interview and get that dream job! Getting Best in Life Ahead (Art and Science of Living Jain Way) | Shailesh Mehta Jain Lifestyle | HS Human life is considered a precious asset, but how do we make the best use of it? We should have a balanced growth in all areas; not only in IQ, but in EQ and SQ, too. This poses the question: do I need to know the Jain path or science? How does it help me? Is it a difficult and ritualistic task or an easy and practical path? This session will answer these questions and bring out some useful and practical aspects of Jainism revealed by Tirthankaras. Give Me 10 | Yashwini Kamdar Diversity & Inclusion | HS/College/JNF Join me in this workshop exploring women empowerment. Learn tricks and techniques to feel empowered, as well as how to prepare before a board meeting or major presentation. We'll also go over breathing and other techniques to cover how to handle pressure and people who "get in your space." Harmony of Religious Diversity | Pravin Shah 18 Jain Education College/JNF I During the years of search of mankind's history, man's search for God/Self has led down many pathways. The result has been the diversity of religious expression. It includes the variety of Hinduism, emptiness of Buddhism, self-control of Jainism, and harmonious approach of Sikhism, the monotheism of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and the oriental philosophies of Shinto, and Confucianism. This will highlight the similarities and differences of World's major faiths. Health and Nutrition: Balanced Lifestyle While Maintaining Jain Values | Sunita Jain Jain Lifestyle | College/JNF How do we figure out the right types and amounts of food needed to maintain a healthy body? How do we manage time and stress to maintain a healthy mind? How do we advance our spirituality with a sound mind and body? In this session, we will discuss appropriate nutrition, exercise, and stress/time management, while maintaining our Jain values. Health and Wellness | Nitin Shah, Manu Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Jains are the richest minority, but when it comes to health we are in the bottom 25%! Sarva Mangal Family Trust (SMFT) had challenged Jain Community members of Southern California to assess and improve their health in 2012. Together, we will share our experiences in Southern California and how we have reached out to improve health of the Jain Community. Why do we need to do this? Because "health is the best wealth one can ever have!" 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 59 Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ How Jain Are You? | Sunita Jain Jain Lifestyle | HS In this session, we will discuss a few specific Jain principles, explore how you practice them today and, through group interactions, come up with ways to advance the practice further into our day-to-day lives. How to Keep Your Heart Healthy Nitin Shah, Manu Shah, Bimal Chhajer Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF Heart disease causes 1 in 4 deaths in the US, and Indians are more prone to develop heart disease compared to any other community in this country. Though there is a genetic predisposition in developing heart disease, it is mainly caused by wrong food habits and faulty lifestyle. In this session, Bimal Chhajer will discuss these causes, and ways to prevent heart disease. This session will offer a long term solution towards a healthy heart like cooking without oil! How to Succeed in the Marketplace: Insights from an Employer | Parag Doshi Career & Networking College/JNF From getting an interview, to achieving fast track success, as well as not getting fired, certain skills and a mindset geared towards tomorrow are required of today's job applicants. Parag Doshi has been involved in recruiting and managing employees at all levels from entry-level to executives and physicians. In this session, he will share his insights into the keys to getting recruited by employers and succeeding in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. I and My | Mayuri Zaveri Jain Lifestyle College There are two parts of living: "I" which is the soul and "My" which is your body. Join us with mindful meditation and ponder upon questions such as: Who am I?, Why am I here?, Where did I come from?, What am I supposed to accomplish in my life?, Where will I go from here?, and What will I carry with me? I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot | Kanvi Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Young? Scrappy? Hungry? It is time to make decisions. To take risks. To take control of your life. "But I'm only in high school... there's plenty of time." Sure, but you can start learning how now. And what better way is there than the exciting adventures of drama? From improv to musical theater, this session is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and will empower you to open your mind to the best choices. (Plus, if you didn't get the references, you will soon.) In Our Own Words: Talking through Media Portrayal of South Asians Harsha Nahata ! Social Issues College/JNF If you could write the story of your life - for Netflix - how would you tell it? Whether it is Hasan Minhaj's Homecoming King sketch, Aziz Ansari's conversations with his parents on Master of None, or the first Jain character on a high profile network show (Jane the Virgin), there has been a recent surge of South Asian identity represented in mainstream media. Through writing, we'll dive into anekaantvaad and what it means to create our own narratives of truth. 60 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Inclusion and Interfaith | Urmila Talsania Diversity & Inclusion College These two words, inclusion" and "interfaith", are buzz words everywhere. In this session, we will explore how they are used in society, how they pertain to Jainism, and what we can takeaway and apply to our everyday lives in a time where we all generally strive to make everyone feel at home. Inside Out: Attachment Edition Stuti Ghiya Jain Lifestyle College Inspired by the movie Inside Out, this session will explore what makes us feel joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. Who are the five characters living in your mind? We will reflect on our daily thoughts and aim to understand the drivers of our emotions. International Health & Social Justice Kinari Shah Social Issues College Social justice is the core of public health, and plays a huge role in international health work. The three basic human rights of all - food, shelter, and health - are not observed in many areas of the world. In this session, we will discuss the role of academic institutions, non-profits, and other organizations in navigating research ethics, cultural competency, and more. We will tie these concepts back to the idea of how Jainism can be applied in public service fields. Is Fasting For Me? | Hemali Shah Jain Education | HS/College During this session, we will delve into the topic of fasting. We will discuss different types of fasting and the perception of fasting in today's culture and society. Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) Semifinals Jain Education | HS Come watch as contestants compete in your favorite game shows, all taking on a Jain twist: Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to Be a Tirthankar, and Family Feud! Jain Diet and Food - Holistic Approach to Spirituality, Health and Ecology | Pravin Shah Jain Lifestyle College/JNF What does Jain food mean? Is it a vegetarian food that contains no root vegetables? Is Jainism a kitchen religion? This presentation investigates the Jain diet definition using the holistic approach of Ahimsa and self restrain from Jain scriptures. It properly defines the criteria of Jain diet and concludes that Jain diet, if practiced properly, is an ideal and practical diet that helps to progress our spirituality while being healthy and eco-friendly. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 61 Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Food in an Instant (Pot) | Reshma Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF Cooking fresh food every night is delicious but can be difficult to manage when balancing daily life with school, work, and family. Come learn Instant Pot tips and tricks to master cooking Jain healthy food in a non-intimidating way. Jain Jeopardy | Megha Doshi Jain Education | HS Learn with Fun! This session features an interactive quiz where participants will be presented with general knowledge Jainism trivia questions. Jain Jeopardy categories include Tirthankars, Tirths (places), Taps (austerities), Tattvas (fundamentals), and Jain Festivals. Broadly categorized teams will be formed to play this game. Teams will score points based on correct responses and the one with the highest points wins! Jain Lifestyle and Professional Career | Tejas Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS In this session, we will discuss how you can incroporate self-control and self-discipline to balance your life between following a Jain lifestyle and a professional career. Mihir Shah20 18 Jainism can be difficult to wrap our minds around sometimes, let alone having to explain it to others. Come learn how you can use strategies from improvisational comedy to tell your Jain story at school, work, and beyond! Jain on the Spot | Mihir Shah Jain Lifestyle | College Jain Temple Rituals | Darshana Shah Jain Education | HS Idol worship is an integral part of many religions. Even though worship should be spontaneous and flow from the heart, it is beneficial to learn these rituals with the proper guidance. Since rituals are a symbol of internal devotion, let us perform these rituals together and understand what different offerings represent. ROOTS Jain Way of Life: Blazing the Path to Happiness | Yogendra Jain Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Practicing and living a Jain Way of Life (JWOL) can strengthen your personal, family members, and friends' journeys. In this session, we will explore new concepts grounded in latest science and ancient Jain wisdom. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain.Cafe Pujen Solanki Jain Lifestyle | JNF You want to cook more and you want to eat healthier - you know it, we know it, but how do you actually make it happen? Join your fellow Jain young professional for a session on kitchen basics for quick, healthy (and Jain if you want!) eating. Pujen will provide resources and talk through the staples you should keep in your kitchen. You'll get to taste along the way and try out your culinary creativity at the end! Cooking doesn't have to be scary - come find out how. Jainism & Society Shrenik Shah Diversity & Inclusion | HS Do you believe there are gender inequalities at temples? Do you feel the need to censor yourself on social media? Ever think about society without Jain Principles? Have you considered growing up in society without Jain principles? Join us in this interactive session to explore various inequalities, stereotypes, and privileges that exist in our Jain culture. Come with an open mind, a willingness to share, and respect for each other. Jainism 101 Yogendra Jain Jain Education | HS/College In this session, we will lay the foundation necessary to understand many other subjects and discussions. Topics will include core Jain beliefs, soul and karma theory, some history, tattvas, a new modern and relevant Jain meditation, and an elevator pitch on Jainism! Jainism and Art Puja Savla Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Art communicates the political, spiritual, and philosophical ideas of an artist. Likewise, it is also a lens into the artist's emotions about a particular topic. In this session, you will be able to express your artistic emotions through the lens of Jainism. No artistic experience required! Jainism and Justice: Career Paths from Law to Business to Science and Beyond Hetali Lodaya Career & Networking HS/College You want to translate the Jain principles of compassion and non-violence into your college major or career - but don't have the first clue what that looks like. If business means making money, law means arguing, and medicine means science and long hours, what does that have to do with being Jain? What else is out there? Debunk the myths and learn about career paths you've never considered that will allow you to use your power to make the world a better place. Jainism and World Religions | Anish Doshi, Parshva Vakharia, Sidhant Gandhi Diversity & Inclusion HS Join us as we have an open discussion about different religions across the world and how they correlate or differ from Jainism. This session is intended to be an open discussion, so we can talk about an interesting topic you are interested in! 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 63 Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism Basics: Rooting Them In Our Daily Lives | Harsh Shroff Jain Education | HS The basic philosophy of Jainism is very simple and can be distilled into very short and concise concepts. How can we root these concepts in our daily lives so they become something we can follow without really thinking too much about them? Maybe some of you already are doing just that! Join this session to share and learn from your fellow peers. Jainism Explained by Models | Manoj Jain Jain Education | HS Jain philosophy can be difficult to understand or explain to friends, but in reality it is really quite simple and intuitive. Manoj Jain will use simple diagrams on a white board to explain the body, the soul, and karmas explained in Jain theory. Afterwards, the group will draw out what happens to the body and the soul at birth, at death, during inflow and outflow of karma, and at salvation. Jainism in 21st Century, Stay the Same or Evolve? | Zubin Mehta Jain Education | HS/College Should Jainism change with the times or stay the same no matter what? This interactive session will explore this very question. Be prepared to interact and participate! 18 In the past, CPT Raj Kankaria has shared his experiences as a Jain serving in the United States Army. As he completes his service to The Army, this session will explore his reflections, specifically how his experiences have shaped his spiritual views, and will follow the convention theme of "Reconnecting with Our Roots" to shape the next chapter of his life. Jainism in the Army: A Reflection | Raj Kankaria Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Jainism, Women, and Equality | Mamta Shaha Diversity & Inclusion | HS/College/JNF In this session we will be looking at what Jainism says about women, looking closely at both ancient and modern times. We will look at the current women's movement, analyzing where we are today and how we got here. Lastly we will look at equality for women, understanding where it stands in Jainism and in today's world. Jains in Action (JIA) Semifinals Jain Lifestyle | HS This session is reserved for the participants of Jains in Action (JIA), a social impact challenge where attendees will develop a solution to a pressing problem we face in our local Jain communities. Participants have been working in teams pre-convention to identify a problem and test solutions. All teams will present to a panel of judges during the Semi-Final round, and the top three teams will move on to present to the entire Convention audience on Saturday. 64 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JITO USA | Rajeev Pandya, Dipak Doshi, Prem Jain, Sushil Jain Career & Networking College/JNF JITO is a community of successful Jain businesspeople and professionals working for the purpose of growth, economic empowerment, and social service. JITO has grown to over 100 Chapters across the world. JITO USA's goal is to create a network of Jain businesspeople, professionals, and students that facilitate networking, collaboration, and opportunities for Jains across the USA. Join us to learn more about this growing organization. Please visit JNetworkingF: LinkedIn Premium Dharmang Shah Jain Lifestyle | JNF Networking can be a powerful, productive activity for an individual to help them launch and manage their career. In the workplace today it is important to build professional networks and be aware of resources available to you. Whether you are a student, just starting out in your career, or a seasoned professional, join this session to network with fellow attendees and tap into them for information, advice and opportunities while sharing your own experiences! JNetworkingF: Make New Friends | Adit Shah, Dhara Shah Jain Lifestyle | JNF This day and age, it's difficult to find people on the same level or wavelength as yourself. Most people are set with their own groups of friends, making it hard to broaden one's network. Where do you find these groups now? At Work? Grad School? Your Parents?! Lessons from Creating YJA Pathshala | Anjali Doshi Jain Education College/JNF How can Jain youth apply their professional skills to create something of value for the Jain community? How can Jain education stay relevant and engaging in today's society? In this session, participants will discuss these questions and more through the takeaways Anjali learned from creating YJA Pathshala, an online Jain course that attracted has interest from diverse age groups and nationalities. Let's Get Saucy! | Reshma Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Have you struggled to find Jain sauces at the grocery store? Do you want to limit salt and sugar in your foods but not sacrifice taste? Come learn how to cook various Jain sauces for Asian and Italian foods and desserts so you can amp up your daily meals! Let's Talk with an Open Mind Ginni Doshi Social Issues HS Do you find yourself living a dichotomous life? Do you think you would rather not tell your parents about something because they may not understand you? Are you trying too hard to fit in with your American friends? Come join me in an interactive session where we engage in an open discussion about the life challenges of Jain youth in the 21st century. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 65 Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Leveraging Social Media to Help Non-profit Organizations Gain Awareness | Amish Shah Career & Networking | HS/College Non-profit and charitable organizations often times face challenges on engaging and educating their donor community. Hear how Eventcha is helping these organizations better engage and educate their donor community, track metrics, and allow event organizers to have a centralized platform for which the lifecycle of the event can be followed over social media. Leveraging Your Network into Career Opportunities Anand Shah Career & Networking College Join us for a discussion about the importance of networking for your career. We'll discuss tips and ideas for how to effectively leverage said network for further career opportunities. Managing Your Stress | Avni Nandu Social Issues | HS The conversation of managing stress is often overlooked for high schoolers. Learning how to identify symptoms of stress while also exploring solutions to it is extremely important, especially as we embark on new phases of our lives like college. In this session, we will discuss managing stress, mental health, as well as other neglected topics! Meet the New Face of Meat | Akshay Madhani 19 Social Issues College/JNF As the human population grows exponentially and technology becomes a growing part of food production, we should examine what foods are good for our bodies and more sustainable for the future. Terms like "plant-based meat", "clean meat", "vegetarian-fed eggs", and "GMOs" are becoming ubiquitous at grocery stores; we will explore what these terms mean and discuss the ethical implications behind these different food production methods. Mind as Medicine: What Jainism has Taught us About Living a Healthier Life | Kinjal Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College How you feel is determined by your beliefs, life experiences, and subconscious programming. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to identify these mindset hurdles and turn on the mind's healing capacity? In this session, we will cover the five keys to optimal health and physical well-being. Join us to learn hands on strategies for stress management, improving focus and concentration at school/work, getting proper rest, proper ergonomics and eating a well balanced diet. Misinterpretations of Jain Karma Philosophy | Pravin Shah Jain Education College/JNF Jain karma philosophy is inherently spiritual in nature; however, this aspect of Jain thought is misconstrued in a dogmatic fashion. This type of interpretations results in discrediting of the religion. However, the correct interpretation as per Jain Agam literature is different and promotes ways to help others. This presentation reviews the practical aspect of Karma philosophy and will provide proper role and purpose of Karma philosophy in our efforts to do good work. 66 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mystics of Jainism | Hemang Srikishan Career & Networking College In an era of science and "research says...", we often try to justify Jain beliefs with logic and reasoning. However, the mystics of stories and modern times suggest there is something more to spiritual practice. Come hear stories that make you wonder and learn the message of Jain mystics. Navkar Mantra, Do I Know You? | Megha Doshi Jain Education | HS Navkar Mantra, we all recite you; but do we really know you? What's so special about you? How may you help me? Let's embark on a journey on the path to the Navkar Mantra. Understand ways of chanting Navkar Mantra, like Ananupoorvi, Paschanupoorvi pad thi, Paschanupoorvi askshar thi, and Aavart, and the benefits of each. At the end of the session, we hope to bring awareness to the Navkar Mantra so the next time you chant, it touches your soul deeper. Non-Violence Beyond Thoughts, Words, and Actions | Harsha Nahata Social Issues HS This workshop will explore expectations of mental health, anti-blackness, and the pressure to assimilate in our community. We'll highlight clips from We Wove a Net, a documentary which unpacks intergenerational experiences of four Asian-American families. We'll look at the stories we've told ourselves about what it means to succeed - or be a good kid - ask where these narratives fall short to envision what it means to embody ideas of non-violence in interaction. Out of the Shadows: Mental Health, Nonviolence, and Compassion Ramey Ko Social Issues | HS/College/JNF School shootings, bullying, and more reports of sexual abuse have made mental health a hot topic among young people today. Often treated as an afterthought/taboo, mental health is an inseparable part of who we are. Join your fellow attendees as we learn, share, and fight the stigma of mental health. Mental health is critical to true compassion and ending violence and suffering. Let's make mental health more than a campaign slogan or sound bite! Party Like a Jain Sonali Vakharia, Umang Patel Jain Lifestyle College IT'S PARTY TIME! Growing up in North America surrounded by both Eastern and Western values can be mentally conflicting. How we deal with these cultural pressures and balance them is vital to our mental clarity as well as our spiritual progress. Please join Sonali and Umang in a closed, private, and informal discussion where they will address a variety of pressures and "taboo" topics. Party Like a Jain | Natasha Daulat, Rahul Jain Jain Lifestyle | JNF We all enjoy a good party, clubbing, and simply put - the social scene. Inevitably with having a social life we're faced with decisions that may or may not align with our Jain principles. How do you approach these situations? Join us for a fun chat and learn how to party like a Jain! 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 67 Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Personal Banking for Beginners | Natasha Daulat Jain Lifestyle | HS If you're new to personal banking and want to know the basics of banking, this session will tell you everything you need to know about how credit cards work, the differences between using a checking account and savings account, and how to maintain your savings by using some basic budgeting practices. Petitions: Organizing for Change | Pulin Modi Social Issues | HS/College/JNF Whether you're trying to institute a Meatless Mondays campaign at your school, or working to raise awareness about an issue in your neighborhood or for a political campaign, organizing and getting the word out effectively through petitions is a crucial skill. Join Pulin Modi, a veteran campaigner with experience at organizations such as PETA, Change. org, and MoveOn, for a session that will teach you the basics of raising awareness for any cause. Planning for Financial Success | Lina Shah Jain Lifestyle | JNF Great, you've started making money - but what do you do with it? In my session, we will discuss the objectives of tax deferral, understanding 401k, pre-tax and post-tax dollars, securing a family with a balanced budget, and forming a habit of savings as a path to creating a legacy. We will review the concept of "what comes in and what goes out" and view finance as a backbone of healthy living. This will be an interactive session in a fun-filled environment! 18 Engineering yeast to produce anti-malarial compounds, designing bacteria to treat tumors, editing the DNA of humans themselves...these ideas are no longer just science fiction. With today's genetic technology, many of these approaches have already occurred or are in progress, under the umbrella of the field of "synthetic biology". This session will highlight advances in synthetic biology and will discuss the implications of engineering living beings through a Jain lens. Playing God with Science | Anjali Doshi Social Issues College/JNF Process Automation with Data & Analytics for Non-Profit Organizations | Vipul Shah Career & Networking | College/JNF In this session, we will showcase collaboration technology that can help improve the efficiency of non-profit volunteer driven organizations. We will also learn how to leverage the power of Data through Analytics and operational report ing to track and manage the progress of an organization. WITH OUR ROOTS Race Relations in the Trump Era | Manoj Jain Diversity & Inclusion | College/JNF The times have changed. Racism is overt, and as much as I would not like to admit it, more and more each day, I can feel my skin. Being Indian and Jain in today's America is challenging. Manoj Jain will discuss how we can use Jain principles to better understand the divisive politics and racism in our country, and how can we learn to treat our biases. 68 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #69 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Reconnecting with Yourself Daily - Nightly Prayers | Nita Vakharia Jain Education | HS In this session, we will talk about how to do nightly prayers, and the importance of doing so to stop the influx of karma. Nightly prayers allows us to reflect on our actions each and every day, focusing on both the good and the bad, so that we can improve ourselves. Come and see how much nightly prayers will make a difference in your life! Reconnecting with Yourself Yearly- Vows of Shravaks | Nita Vakharia Jain Education | HS/College In this session we will talk about the importance of vows or restraints. Our focus will be discussing 12 vows of lay people that can be easily followed without disturbing our daily routine, in order to climb the spiritual ladder. Join me as I explain some easy ways for you to incorporate these vows in your life! Relationships | Amam Vasanwala, Darshan Shah, Payal Shah, Sheenika Gandhi, Varun Gandhi Jain Lifestyle | College/JNF Relationships can be tricky waters to navigate, especially given the societal, familial, and religious pressures involved. In this Relationship Panel, you'll have the opportunity to listen to different viewpoints that explore the ups and down along with the rights and wrongs of being in a relationship. If you're looking to expand your beliefs on what should and shouldn't be valued in relationships, this session is for you! Rewind & Record | Virag Vora Jain Lifestyle | HS/College 18 As immigrant stories become a more prominent aspect of our individual and national identities, we can harness modern technology to construct the story of a generation. During this discussion session, we will relive and reflect on the experiences of those who came before us and explore the challenges of starting a new life in a new place. We will discuss the Jain experience in North America so please be ready to bring with you a respectful and collaborative mindset! Rituals - Do They Matter? | Dulari Doshi Jain Education | College Jain rituals are in a language many of us don't speak, and frequently, have meanings that we are either not aware of or may seem to blatantly conflict with a scientific mindset. So do Jain rituals matter for modern Jains? Is there any meaning in doing Pratikraman, Puja, or Darshan in this day and age? In this session, Dulari will lead a discussion on these questions and more, and explore ways each of us can find meaning and inspiration in Jain rituals for themselves. Ruthlessly Running in the Direction of Your Fears | Nikita Mitchell Diversity & Inclusion | HS Successfully running in the direction of your fears requires three things: knowing what you want and remain laser focused on achieving it; making time to reflect in order to process and assess your personal growth; and asking for help since nobody succeeds alone. Attendees will leave this session inspired and empowered to move forward on their own goals. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Samet Shikhar: How Our Tirthankars Reached Nirvana Salil Ojha Jain Education | HS/College 20 Tirthankars attained Moksha while on the venerable mountain Shikharji. Located in Jharkhand, experience their journey in a photography-driven session that will highlight their lives and show you the holiest site in Jainism. I hope that you will be as impressed as I was by the journey of our Tirthankars to reach the summit, and the beauty that lies in India. I'll also add my thoughts about how the 21st century can allow us to reconnect with our centuries-old roots. Science of Self-Realization: Then & Now | Uttamchand Jain Jain Lifestyle College/JNF This session will be comprised of an engaging discussion of the spiritual journey from the ancient eras of enlightenment bestowed upon the seekers of Truth (Tirthankaras). Come learn how that has descended to current conditioning of mundane environments that have compromised the efforts to the path to self-realization. Seize the Moment and Live Without Regrets | Manda Pokharna Jain Lifestyle | JNF Join me, as we discuss how you can live your life to the fullest, seize the moment, and live without regrets! In this session, you will learn how to do daily introspection and journaling in order to experience the creation of yourself as limitless in every moment, as well as how to release your past, reclaim your potential and transform any aspect of your life with ease and compassion! Speak Peace in a World of Conflict | Hema Pokharna Social Issues College What you say next will change your world. In this session, we will learn how we can transform conflicts at home, at work, and in the world. When you see violence and conflict among your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, do you wish you could do something to offer an alternative to violence, force, and domination? In this session you will learn some very simple steps you can take to mobilize peace in any situation. Speed Dating (Casual) | Aakash Shah, Vaishali Shah Jain Lifestyle | JNF We can't guarantee you'll meet your life partner, but we can guarantee you'll meet a lot of other interesting young Jains! Join us for a great, fun way to build some new connections! Speed Dating (Serious) | Sheenika Gandhi, Varun Gandhi Jain Lifestyle | JNF How many times have you been asked to meet this girl or that boy? Or how many times have you been to a function where people say 'now when is it going to be your turn?' We all get it. Parents don't understand! With our fast-paced lives and so much technology, it's hard being as social as your Facebook says! So where do we meet people just like us? This session is for anyone looking for that special connection - who knows if life's next chapter begins here! 70 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Spirituality in Public Service | Ashwani Jain Career & Networking | HS As public servants, we often focus on being a part of something bigger than us, and on providing value to those in our communities and those around us. Public service helps us take the abstract concepts of spirituality - the principles of compassion, gratitude, integrity, awareness, respect, inclusion and interconnectedness - and put them into practice. Starting a Non-Profit | Nitin Shah Social Issues | JNF There are limitations for religious organizations to perform various humanitarian activities. The Jain Center of Southern California learned that lesson and decided to start a non-religious, non-profit organization called Anekant Community Center. We will discuss the reasons, challenges and process of starting a non-profit organization to do humanitarian activities in the US and all around the world. Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to Plan for a Job in the Future, Right Now | Prem Jain Career & Networking | College/JNF Technology is quickly changing industries that are ripe for disruption. Uber came for the taxi industry just like Amazon came for retail. Al continues to strike a fear of jobs being replaced by automation. In career planning, it is best to be well-prepared for these technologies and embrace them, as they aren't going away soon. This involves planning, education, and staying on top of the trends to ensure that your next job isn't going to be outsourced -- to a robot. Stress: The Snowball Effect | Mitesh Shah 18 Jain Lifestyle | HS/College STRESS! We all have it! Some of us cope with it better than others. Join Mitesh for a fun, interactive, and open dialogue about things that add stress to our daily lives and hopefully we can all leave the session with better ways to manage it. Study Abroad Panel - Uprooting Yourself | Parshva Vakharia, Vicki Shah, Virag Vora Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Studying abroad allows for personal development in a way that would not have been possible by staying at home. Traveling the world gives you the opportunity to learn new languages, to immerse yourself in different cultures, and create unforgettable memories. This session will give you insight into an opportunity that allows you to learn, experience, discover, adapt and gain life lessons. Ask the panelists about their experiences studying abroad! Success in Business: Facing the Headwinds | Parag Doshi Career & Networking | JNF In this session, Parag Doshi will share strategies for achieving success in business as an entrepreneur and as a Jain. He will share his insights into going against the conventional wisdom and achieving success when doing the opposite of others, and highlight times that he has looked to Jainism to guide him in business. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 71 Page #72 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ That's So Jain! | Neelam Savla Diversity & Inclusion | HS Have you ever felt judged for the way you dress? Had access to education your whole life? Had to defend your dietary restrictions? Join us in an interactive session to discuss the power and privilege that surrounds us in our Jain culture. Be prepared to share your experiences and learn from your fellow attendees! The Best Is Yet to Come (Power of Gratitude) | Manda Pokharna Jain Lifestyle College Dr. Albert Schweitzer once said, "The gratitude that we encounter helps us believe in the goodness of the world, and strengthens us thereby to do what's good." Similarly put by Meister Eckhart, "If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough." In this session, we will explore the power of this gratutude, learn simple practices that can reconnect us with the flow of life, and learn to become co-creators of our lives and not victims! The Best Way to Secure Your First Job | Komal Shah, Sagar Khona Career & Networking College/JNF We all know that one of the best ways to easily secure a job after college is by having internships while still in college. Let us teach you how to get those meaningful internships, how to get them again, and how to secure a job offer after you graduate! The Future of Jainism in the Next 100 Years | Manu Shah, Nitin Shah 19. Social Issues College/JNF The population of Jains is decreasing drastically from the 10th century, when we were at an estimated 10-15% of the Indian population, to now, at less than 0.5% of the Indian population. What are some of the possible reasons? The fertility rate among Jain women is 1.2%, signaling a 40% decline over the next 70 years. Join us in a discussion about what our young and future generations can do to prevent this decline. The Life-changing, Transformative Power of Jain Dharma | Vinit Doshi Jain Lifestyle | HS/College Life is an adventure, a river that meanders back and forth. Where is our life headed? According to Jain dharma, the future depends on circumstances, on our karma, and our actions. Jain spiritual practice helps to identify diminishing behaviors and attitudes, understand the role of mithyatva (delusion), and recognize our true sources of happiness. In this session, we will learn how to apply Jain principles to empower ourselves in day-to-day life. The Practical Vegan | Preeti Jain Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF The Jain diet of OUR generation. A vegan diet is a gateway to a modern Jain way of life by practicing our main principle of Ahimsa. In this session Preeti Jain will discuss her personal pathway to veganism, the health benefits of a vegan diet, and practical aspects of cooking/baking multi-ethnic foods. 72 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Science of Karma Samani Shreenidhi, Samani Shruthnidhi Jain Education | JNF The world stands on the theory of karma. Without understanding the theory of karma one cannot get the solution. This interactive session will give solution to the unanswerable questions: Why is there difference between human beings? Why are twins that are born together have the same identity but don't have the same intelligence? How does the genetic theory of hereditary fail against the theory of karma? How can we apply the theory of karma in practical life? The Truth Behind the Mask | Amit Shah Social Issues | HS/College/JNF Come and take a look behind the mask of those who struggle with mental health issues. During this session we take off this mask together as we explore topics that typically remain unspoken within our Indian community. We will explore topics that are mentioned within mainstream media but avoided among our peers and families. You will also learn about the kind of tools that can be used to help ourselves or loved ones who are struggling with mental health. There's No Place Like OM: Replace, Replenish, and Revive | Minal Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF "Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it." Athletes, such as Lebron James and Misty May-Treanor, professionals, such as Bill Ford and Larry Brilliant, and artists, such as Kristen Bell and Tom Hanks, practice meditation for varying life and career benefits. Even if you have no interest in spirituality, meditation can enhance your quality of life. In this session we will explore mindful meditation, allowing for a pause and skillful response to life's complications! Tip to Be Top - Memory Booster | Samani Shreenidhi, Samani Shruthnidhi Jain Education | HS/College Every human has the same brain with infinite memory cells, but the truth is that most of the memory cells remain inactive. This presentation will include various tips based on Jain Scriptures to improve our memory, intelligence, grasping power and concentration with short meditation activating conscious and subconscious power of mind including Jain Mantra chanting and a memory game. Under Pressure | Dharmi Shah, Ronak Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Ever feel pressure from your peers, family, or society to choose a particular career path, partner, or lifestyle? Only all day, every day! Come learn how to manage expectations while still pursuing the life you want to build. Veganism: How Going Vegan Can Improve Your Health and Spirituality | Smita Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS Why should you be vegan? Come and find out! Learn about how cows are mistreated, how calves are separated from their mothers, and how it can benefit your health! 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 73 Page #74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Veganism, Spirituality, and Other Jain Stuff Sunny Jain Jain Lifestyle | HS/College A candid discussion exploring various topics related to modern Jain theology, from veganism, fitness, and spirituality, with the intended purpose of giving the audience a new perspective and stronger religious faith through the exchange of thoughts and ideas. What Goes Around, Comes Around | Priyal Gandhi Jain Education College/JNF For a religion that is not too well known, Jainism's concept of karma has turned into a hashtag and catchphrase. If you're looking for a little more depth to Jain karma philosophy than just "what goes around, comes around," this is the session for you! We'll explore some principles of Jain karma, debunk myths, and apply this new knowledge to everyday situations. What is Karma? | Monica Shah Jain Education HS They say what goes around comes around. Is karma real or is it just a concept? What about destiny and chance and luck? Exactly how much control do you have over your own karma? In this session, learn some basics about karma philosophy and discuss how you can take charge of your own karma. Become the controller of your own destiny. What Matters Most: Leading from Your Deepest Values | Hema Pokharna Jain Lifestyle JNF Mark Twain said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why." You will have the opportunity to explore what matters most. This session will give you the opportunity to reflect on issues of life, passion, purpose, and direction, to live in alignment with your deepest values and give you the courage to act with integrity, alignment, and authenticity. Overall, you will learn how to live a simple, yet purposeful life. What Next? | Mihir Shah Career & Networking JNF This will be a "safe-space" open forum style discussion. We will discuss various topics around life after graduation as an undergrad, quarter-life crisis situations, advancement in your career while balancing other priorities, and much more! What Sets You Apart from other High School Grads? | Raju Shah Career & Networking | HS Getting into a good university is what you've been preparing your whole life for thus far. In this session, hear from an Ivy League graduate and current university interviewer. Mr. Raju Shah will discuss university admission trends and patterns he has recently analyzed. In addition, he'll provide insight on what he feels is a strong candidate given his observations over the past several years. 74 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ What's Your Story? | Varun Gandhi Jain Lifestyle | HS/College/JNF Who are you? An age-old question that many of us have not begun to think about. We search for satisfaction externally and get distracted from our true purpose on this Earth. Distractions like performance in school/work, social life, negative emotions, and get the idea! Dr. Gandhi journeys you through a technique he uses to better understand himself. He outlines his process and the steps involved in this journey and how you can get started for yourself. Working Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder | Gaurav Jain Career & Networking | JNF Sometimes your workplace can start to feel toxic, or you feel like you're not growing anymore, or you're just getting plain bored. If that's the case, then one way to get out of the situation is to get change your job. But how do you actually do that? What's the best way to switch jobs without burning bridges? Come to the session to find out how to move forward with your career. X, Y, Z whatever | Yashwini Kamdar Career & Networking | JNF Today's multi-generational workforce requires leaders that understand the importance of leveraging strengths and differences. This session will introduce ideas that will develop young professionals into effective leaders. 18 Our lifestyles directly impact destruction against the environment on a massive scale. But you can make a change! Learn about how simple choices you make every day can benefit not only yourself, but the broader environment. Become a conscious consumer and begin to gain awareness on how to avoid animal by-products. You are a Product of Your Environment | Raju Shah Jain Lifestyle | HS You Don't Get to Decide For Me | Darshan Shah Diversity & Inclusion | College South Asian culture, and moreover Jain culture, leaves little room for deviation from the normal relationship: man + woman. Notions of this 'ideal' ostracize LGBTQ individuals, often putting us in a category as "unsuitable." And while we've gotten past openly shaming, we have not developed true acceptance. The hushed whispers and rumors, as if it's something to be ashamed of, leaves little room for the Desi LGBTQ to make decisions about their gender and sexuality. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 75 Page #76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Wishing YJA all the best. Thank you for your hard work! -Sushil Jain F05050405020F050 BEST WISHES TO YJA Your Dream Body is Right Within Reach! Viraj Kamdaris a NASM certified personaltrainer who lives a Jain lifestyle just like you! He has learned how to make fitness a part of his life without letting it consume it. His approach is all about providing a sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain while still enjoying the foods you love! He does not believe in any short-term crash diets or detoxes. For more information & learn how to transform your body, or visit Thank you to all committee members and volunteers for their support !!! AARAV, ARHAM, NEHA & JAGAT F020F050040040 76 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #77 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Congratulations to YJA for continued success. Wishing you all the best. -Urmila and Kirti Talsania Family Best wishes to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee! Piyush and Smita Gandhi Best Compliments to 2018 YJA Convention Dipak & Pritee Kapadia Purav, Amisha, Amira and Giulia Kapadia Sujay, Rikita and Gael Kapadia Keval Kapadia 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 77 Page #78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Center of Southern California CONGRATULATION & BEST WISHES TO "YJA" YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA FROM THE JAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BUENA PARK (LOS ANGELES) CA B032 Commonwealth Avenue, Buena Park, CA 92621 PH: 714-523-5246 78 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEV RELIEVE Congratulations YJA for coming back to your roots! Wishing you a grand success for YJA Convention 2018! Vipul - Reshma - Anand - Janvi - Ravi Shah In Loving Memory of Lt. Smt. Anjwalibenbaa Jayantilal Dagli Best Wishes to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee on Hosting A Successful Convention Ajay, Nilesh, Sunita & Dinesh Dagli 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 79 Page #80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ connect better. and, we do it all. (below is just a tease, ask us for the secret menu) YJA trusted us for the 2016 LA Convention website, the YJA Organization website, and the last 2 convention souvenir book covers. You can trust us too. . IT Consulting * Development * Marketing Design 6 Apps We are a full service agency here to help you reach everyone better. CELIIN OVA 800.676.7830 WE CUT ANYTHING Intown Ten DISCOVER RECIPES TOK Find and share vegan, vegetarian, and jain friendly recipes. Any design on virtually any material. From prototyping to full production runs, AWJ makes sure you are taken care of when you need it. MATERIALS * Aluminum Glass * Brass * Composites - Bronze Thermoplastics * Copper * Foam * Inconel * Rubber * Steel * Stone * Stainless Steel Wood * Titanium - Leather INDUSTRIES * Aerospace & Defense . Architectural & Design * Automotive * Hospitality * Industrial * Film & Production * Signs, Displays, and Lighting * & Many More S JAINCAFE 714 278 9874 awl Advanced WaterJet & Laser @jaincafe 80 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Speakers Aakash Shah | Lombard, IL Aakash Shah was introduced to YJA in 2010 when he first joined the YJA board. He was motivated to join YJA as he was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and had just moved to Buffalo, NY for dental school. YJA provided a good opportunity for him to connect with other likeminded individuals. As such, his interactive and social session creates the opportunity to meet many of the amazing attendees at the convention through team-building and different games! Aanya Gandhi | Ashburn, VA Aanya Gandhi was born in Mumbai and raised most of her life outside Washington D.C. She recently graduated from VCU with a B.S. in Marketing and is excited to start her career! This is Aanya's 5th YJA convention! When she is not obsessing over all things YJA related, you can find her dancing to Bollywood or dreaming to be Disney's first Indian princess. Make sure to bring up any good jokes you have in conversation with her; she can't wait to meet you all and prove she's the best Gandhi sister! Adit Shah | Sunnyside, NY Adit Shah is a 2nd year Investment Banking analyst at a French bank in NYC. He was born and raised in NYC, and is a HUGE NY sports fan (especially the Mets! #LGM). In his free time, he enjoys watching crime dramas, wearing creative ties, cooking different cuisines, and exploring new food scenes in the U.S. Adit is excited to be a part of the JNF subcommittee after serving as Director of Finance and Site Co-Lead last convention year. He's excited to help plan and speak at this year's convention. Akshay Madhani | Saratoga, CA Akshay is a Bay Area native and a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He currently works at Facebook. In his free time, you'll find him playing board games, gorging out at the newest Berkeley restaurant, or dancing. In college, he's attempted to reconcile his love of different natural and synthetic foods with their effect on his body, his soul, and the environment; he has co-hosted a panel on veganism and the fake meat industry in Berkeley. Amam Vasanwala | Chicago, IL Amam Vasanwala is a Chicago-native and is part of the Lean team for Mars, Inc. He has been married to his wife, Payal, for a little over a year. He takes an avid interest in participating in temple activities, trying to keep that connection to his faith by being a Pathshala teacher. Amam teaches 11-13 year olds and has been doing so for many years. Amish Shah | Canton, MI Amish Shah co-founded EventCha alongside his partner, Shardul Purohit. He leads all Midwest-region business development activities along with influencing product-related decisions. He has worked in professional services for over 15 years, having worked for the Big Four along with Bay Area startups. Amish enjoys providing consultative guidance to for-profit and non-profit organizations to help them scale. In his spare time, Amish enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his family. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 81 Page #82 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Amit Shah Orland Park, IL Amit Shah was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He's currently a rising senior at Columbia College Chicago, studying Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Visual Merchandising and Styling. Amit is truly Indian at heart, but always tries to blend the best of both worlds in all his work. He's one of the many who advocates for mental health problems within the South Asian community. After many years of being an active member of YJA, he is now officially a YJA alumni. Anand Shah | North Hollywood, CA Anand Shah is currently a Manager at The Walt Disney Company with a primary focus on the Media segment overseeing the risk management strategy for Disney, ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm. Anand has been at Disney for four years; prior to joining Disney, he worked at Deloitte as a Financial Risk Assurance Associate and double majored in Accounting and Information Systems. Anand enjoys working out, cooking, reading, and spending time with his family and friends in his free time. Anish Doshi San Francisco, CA Anish Doshi is currently a Software Engineer at an analytics startup, Trifacta. Originally from Illinois, he moved to the Bay Area to go to UC Berkeley, and after graduation moved to SF. He's been involved with Jainism since a young age through JSMC events and JAB, and is particularly interested in applying its philosophy to problems in current events. Outside of engineering and Jainism, Anish enjoys hiking, playing chess, and eating vegan baked goods (which he encourages you to send to him). Anjali Doshi | New York, NY Anjali is a Biomedical Engineering PhD student in the Danino Lab at Columbia University; her research focuses on the field of synthetic biology. As the YJA Director of Education from 2016-2017, she worked with board members to create YJA Pathshala, an online, multimedia Jain course with participants ranging from ages 14-75. She has also been a Pathshala teacher at JSMC and a JAB player, moderator, and administrator. Contact her with questions and ideas at Anthony Ruda | New York, NY The Jain Noble Truths Association aims to spread Jainness to people around the globe-especially young Jains. JNTA seeks to understand the roots of Jainism through the Four Noble Truths. These truths offer a roadmap to understanding Jain values in a modern context, with emphasis on Jainness rather than Jainism. Anthony Ruda is a writer and editor from NYC who received his formal education in math and physics. He was deeply intrigued by the foundations of Jainism and serves as VP of JNTA. Ashwani Jain Potomac, MD Ashwani is a 15-year cancer survivor, a first generation Indian-American, a native of Montgomery County, MD, the son of small business owners, a proud product of MCPS, and has been working for President Obama in various capacities for the last 10 years. He is now running for County Council to make a bigger impact in the county he was born and raised in. If elected, Ashwani would be the youngest and first ever Asian-American, Indian, Jain to ever serve on the Council. 82 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ M C Avish Jain | Akron, OH Avish is a recent MPH graduate from OSU. Just a kid from Akron, OH, he's always been interested in bridging medicine and technology and plans to work in healthtech. He has been involved with YJA as Director of IT, Co-Chair, and is now one of the JNF Co-Leads. As a speaker, he hopes to leave attendees with the inspiration to forge change. You'll often find him watching sports, traveling and eating at new restaurants, and exploring new music. Connect with him at Avni Nandu | Austin, TX Avni is currently a Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally from Dallas, she attended Pathshala at the Jain Society of North Texas, where she worked towards facilitating the Jain Youth community within the sangh. Avni is also a member of this year's 2018 YJA Convention Committee as the Registration and Technology Co-Lead, and is excited to meet all the attendees! Bansari Shah | Hoffman Estates, IL Bansari grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and is a rising sophomore at the USC, where she is majoring in Business Administration (Fight On!). She loves napping, traveling, partaking in thrilling activities, and is known for her obsessions with Taco Bell and her car, Lexi. Bansari was a MidBest LR for three years, and this is her first year on the YJA Convention Committee. She loves working with her Daytime Programming and JNF Co-Leads and is looking forward to this year's convention! Bhavisha Shroff | Iverness, IL Bhavisha Shroff is a certified yoga instructor in the Chicago area. She is also a certified Cardiac Technologist and Echo Tech from Harper College in Palatine, IL. Before coming to the US, she earned her MS in Biochemistry from the University of Bombay. She is a Pathshala and Sutra class teacher at JSMC and has been a Jain Academic Bowl coach for the past 3 JAINA conventions. She really enjoys teaching and learning more about yoga, and how yoga connects our mind, body, and soul. Bimal Chhajer | New Dehli, India Dr. Bimal Chhajer is well-known in the field of Non-Invasive Cardiology. He completed his MBBS in Kolkata, his MD in Lucknow, and worked at All India Institute of Medical Sciences as a consultant for 6 years. He founded SAAOL Heart Center in 1995. Today he has over 60 centers in India and two internationally. He has successfully treated more than 125,000 heart patients and has written over 100 books. Dr. Chhajer has received many awards and has served as a consultant to two Indian presidents. Charmi Vakharia | New York, NY Charmi Vakharia is a third-year student at the New York University College of Dentistry and is originally from New Jersey. Charmi served on the Executive Board of YJA as Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator (2011-2012) and on the Convention Committee on the Security Committee (2012) and Social Committee (2014). She also participated in the Jain Academic Bowl from 2007 to 2011 at the JAINA Conventions. In her free time, Charmi likes to sing, do Bharatnatyam, and play tennis. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 83 Page #84 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Chintan Shah | Bronxville, NY Chintan is president of KNB Communications, a healthcare marketing and PR firm. He received his BA from the University of Wisconsin and his MBA from Babson College. Chintan grew up attending pathshala and was a founding youth member at the Jain Religion Center of WI. He led YJA as a Co-Chair for two conventions in NJ and CT. He is also a member of the JAINA Long Range Planning Committee. Chintan and his family live in NY and are active at the Jain Center of America. He is a huge sports fan. Darshan Shah | Roanoke, VA Darshan Shah is a graphic designer and architect. He has always referred to the city that taught him to love himself, unconditionally. It is the home where he learned it's more than okay to be exactly who he was, and that society would come around if he always kept a positive attitude. He is an outspoken advocate for queer acceptance in South Asian culture, asking the uncomfortable questions and supporting those who may be struggling with their identities. Darshana Shah | Elgin, IL Darshana Shah, M.A., is a Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Pathshala teacher and has also served as the Education Secretary. She was awarded the JAINA Presidential Award in 2003 and Outstanding Service Award for the JAINA Education Committee. She loves leading youth activities at JSMC, like the Ashta Prakari Puja. Additionally, she has been a JAB Coach and JAINA convention coordinator. She is a major contributor to the JAINA and JSMC Pathashala, Pratikraman, Prayers, and Philopsophy books. Dhara Shah Atlanta, GA Dhara is a physical therapist and is currently completing her orthopedic residency at Emory University. In addition to being a clinician, she focuses her time on advocacy efforts that support physical therapy and the patients she serves. She became involved with YJA in 2006 attending her first convention. Throughout the years, she stayed engaged with YJA and met her best friend/husband at the 2011 YJA Southeast Retreat. She hopes to share YJA's impact on her with others. Dharmang Shah Atlanta, GA Dharmang is Founder and Managing Director of Pineapple Capital Group, a boutique mortgage and real estate investment-banking firm. He received his B.S in Finance and Information System & Operation Management from the University of Florida and a Masters in Hospitality Management from Cornell University. His corporate experience includes consulting at Ernst & Young on M&A's and IPO's. He enjoys being a Young Jain Professional and a Lifetime Member of Jain Society of Greater Atlanta. Dharmi Shah | Chicago, IL Dharmi is a fourth year pharmacy student at the University of Illinois at Chicago and originally from Dothan, AL. She enjoys being a foodie, practicing yoga, hanging out with her friends, and lounging in various coffee shops. She has been involved with Young Jains of America by serving as an LR for a few years, Director of Events 2016-2017), and as one of the Executive Board Co-Chairs this year. She is very excited to be speaking at this Convention and can't wait to meet everyone in July! 84 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #85 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dipak Doshi Long Grove, IL Dipak Doshi is the Founder and CEO of Protocol Link Inc. Mr. Doshi represents 100+ clients across the globe. He has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. He is a passionate believer of the Jain Way of Life and has held Executive Director and Trustee positions, such as Chairman of Long Range Planning, Secretary of JITO-USA, and Trustee and CFO of IMD Memorial Trust. He is interested in bringing Jain values into everyday life. Dipal Savla | San Diego, CA Dipal Savla is a resident physician at UC San Diego and former YJA board member. After growing up in Massachusetts and going to school in New York, she has traded in her snowshoes for the sun, sand, and palm trees of California! On most days, you can find her in the hospital, on the beach, or grabbing chai. Dipal loves talking about medicine, tech, global development, and Jain philosophy-if you have an interesting idea connecting these topics, let her know at dipal.! Dulari Doshi | South Barrington, IL Dulari is the Chief Information Officer and Executive VP at the Chicago Cardiology Institute. Previously, she worked at AT&T, Bell Labs, and Lucent Technologies. She has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science. She has extensive experience in Health Management IT, as well as practice administration. She has been a Pathshala teacher and a JAB coach. She continues to learn how to reconcile Jain principles with modern life. Gaurav Jain Schaumburg, IL Gaurav Jain has over 23 years of work experience in Finance, Accounting, Process Management/Improvement and Technology. In his current role, he has been consulting on Corporate Performance Management Applications for the past 11 years. He has vast knowledge of the job field that he has navigated in over many different projects where he has negotiated salaries and benefits. Ginni Doshi | Long Grove, IL Ginni Doshi is an entrepreneur in the pharma industry and runs a global pharmaceutical consulting management company. She is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children in the foster system. Her passion for community service led her to earn her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. Ginni has served survivors of domestic violence and is a medical advocacy volunteer at a sexual abuse center. She loves to travel, read, cook, and teach henna to high school students. Harsh Shroff | Iverness, IL Harsh Shroff is a finance professional working in Chicago. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, and learned many Jain sutras growing up. However, he truly learned Jain philosophy after being involved in the Jain Academic Bowl and helping prepare the first version of the JAB manual. He is a Sutra class teacher at JSMC. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 85 Page #86 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Harsha Nahata | Saginaw, MI Born and raised in metro Detroit, Harsha Nahata is a freelance journalist from Saginaw, MI. She spent 3 years focusing on service in public education, economic development and design consulting for nonprofits, and independently producing a documentary-before finding her passion for storytelling. Harsha loves getting lost in new places and spontaneously breaking out into Bollywood dances. You can always find a copy of The Alchemist and a jar of Nutella next to her bed. Hema Pokharna | Chicago, IL Dr. Pokharna is a Collaborative and Transformational Professional Coach. She was born and raised in India and immigrated to the U.S., where she became a medical researcher. For over 20 years, she has worked to train people worldwide in the disciplines of Nonviolent Communication. She works with clients to manage conflict, lead out of a deep connection to what they and their teams value, and make practical choices to attain their goals while sustaining healthy interpersonal communication. Hemali Shah | Chicago, IL. Hemali was brought up in the suburbs of Chicago. She currently works as the Senior Residency Coordinator for General Surgery at the University of Illinois-Chicago. She enjoys cheering on local Chicago teams, traveling, and spending time with family. She completed her Bachelor's in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In addition to being a speaker, she's also a subcommittee member for JNF. She has attended YJA in the past, and is excited for this year's YJA convention. Hemang Srikishan | Elgin, IL Hemang grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as a son of a Hindu father and a Jain mother. His dual religious identity led him to explore both Hindu and Jain philosophy and practice. Hemang is passionate about service and served as an Indicorps fellow in Kutch, India in 2008. In Kutch, he worked on education programs with the children of migrant laborers. Hemang currently teaches middle school math as a Chicago Public School teacher. Hetali Lodaya | Ann Arbor, MI Hetali is a law student at the University of Michigan, focused on Education Law and Advocacy. Previously, she worked at VentureLab, a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurship and tech programs for K-12 classrooms. She has held a variety of leadership positions with YJA and loves the opportunity that the YJA Convention provides to make new friends and discuss tough questions! Jain youth have incredible potential to make change, and she hopes her session will give you a glimpse of that power. Jamie Shah | Chicago, IL Jamie started her career at Goldman Sachs in investment banking. After completing the Analyst program, she moved to San Francisco to join Google on their Maps team. She then received her MBA from UChicago, with concentrations in entrepreneurship and finance, and worked for Hyde Park Venture Partners and Hyde Park Angels. She decided to join her family's business, Chem-Impex, and has been with it for over five years and continues to enjoy the challenge of scaling and growing a business. 86 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #87 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jinendra Ranka San Diego, CA Dr. Jinendra Ranka is President and CEO of JASR Systems. Dr. Ranka is an experienced technology leader, strategist, and scientific researcher, with a broad background in academic, commercial, and government research. He attended the first YJA conference and is active in his local Jain center. He has written several articles about the demographics and evolution of the Jain community. Dr. Ranka has been a vegan for over 25 years. He is an avid sky diver and surfer, and an aspiring jazz musician. Kanvi Shah | Herndon, VA Kanvi is a rising college freshman from Northern Virginia. As a member of the Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington, she graduated pathshala and serves on the committee of their local youth group. She has been attending the JAINA and YJA conventions since 2013, involving herself by being a Local Representative, playing in the Jain Academic Bowl, and attending regional retreats. Outside of Jainism, she is a complete drama nerd and can't wait to show you how exactly that can make a difference. Kevin Shah | Redwood City, CA Kevin is a Chicago native and a graduate of the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where he studied Computer Science Engineering. He currently works as a Software Engineer at Facebook in Silicon Valley. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys reading and writing about tech and venture capital and staying up-to-date on the startup world. In his free time, you can find him at the gym or on the basketball court draining 3's like Curry. He loves meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to him! Kinari Shah | Plymouth, MI Kinari Shah was born and raised in Michigan, and holds a BS in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience from UMich. She spent the last two years in Baltimore, and is a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a MS in Public Health focusing on Global Disease Epidemiology and Control, with a focus on Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Trials. Apart from public health, she enjoys Indian classical dance, cooking, and reading. Kinjal Shah | Hawthorn Woods, IL Kinjal is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic with a specialty in Upper Cervical Spine. She is currently working on specializing in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Her passion is to empower and transform the lives of all individuals by removing the interference between the brain and the rest of the body without medications or surgeries. She practices in the suburbs of Chicago and loves giving back to the community by teaching people to live a healthier lifestyle. Komal Shah | Milpitas, CA Komal Shah is a software engineer, dance teacher, and philanthropist. As the Co-Chair for YJP, she is looking forward to helping create a centralized networking platform that can be used by Jains. Along with her Jain activities, she is very passionate about dancing and teaches dance as a way to help others express themselves from any stress or tension they may have. In her free time, she loves to explore new places, try new food, and go on adventures. #Dancing Queen #caligirl #LiveLoveLaugh Dance 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 87 Page #88 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Kunal Parikh | Baltimore, MD Kunal Parikh is an inventor and entrepreneur working at the intersection of medtech and social enterprise. He is a faculty member at Johns Hopkins (JHU) where he innovates biomedical solutions for significant and unmet medical needs. Prior, he founded, led, and raised funding for several companies, including Core Quantum Technologies, the Social Innovation Lab, and Access HEARS. He earned a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at JHU and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Lina Shah | Carol Stream, IL Lina is a highly experienced and creative financial planner, and has been working with New York Life for the past 20 years as an Investment Specialist. Lina is a dedicated volunteer, inspiring leader, and member in many religious and social organizations. She has been a Pathshala teacher for teenagers at JSMC, Chicago for the past 16 years. She loves cooking, traveling, and writing. Lina is a loving wife and mother of two dynamic kids. Mamta Shaha Great Neck, NY Mamta Shaha is a Pediatrician and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at NYU. She is on the Advisory Board of the Great Neck Adult Education Center, and has served on the Health Committee of the local school district. She has produced and directed a Jain Mangalam TV Show. Mamta has been actively involved with JAINA, holding various leadership positions. She established the JAINA Women's Committee and organized the first women's conference at JAINA. Mamta loves to travel, listen to music, and read. Manda Pokharna | Chicago, IL Dr. Manda Pokharna is a practicing human being, learning skills to develop herself. She is trained in Nonviolent Communications and practices medicine. Manda and her sister have made it their mission to educate, inspire, and empower people in the world to discover healthy and harmonious ways of coexisting in the Journey of Life. She has taught basic skills and concepts of nonviolent communication through workshops using a variety of practical and innovative techniques. Manoj Jain | Memphis, TN Manoi lain. MD MPH, is a physician, writer, and leader in Healthcare Quality Improvement. He attended BU where he received his Engineering, Doctorate and Public Health degrees. He writes regularly for the Washington Post and USA Today. His writings also appear in the NY Times and the Times of India, and he has been interviewed by CNN and National Public Radio. He is a professor at Emory University, is leading a coalition to eliminate TB from India, and is president of the Jain Center of Memphis. Manu Shah Orange, CA Manu Shah and his wife are the founders of MS International, Inc., philanthropists, and strong believers in education and literacy. MSI is headquartered in Orange, CA, where Manu is CEO. It is now the largest distributor of Natural Stone, offering countertops, wall tiles, flooring, and landscaping material. MSI directly supports 130,000+ jobs worldwide and imports material from 38 countries. In 2007, Manu was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. 88 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #89 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mayuri Zaveri South Barrington, IL Mayuri Zaveri lived in Surat, India, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with concentrations in Accounting and Auditing. After coming to the U.S., she continued her education, receiving an Associate's degree in Applied Science. Her hobbies include volunteering at health fairs and studying Jain scriptures, like the Tattvarthsutra, Samaysar, Ashat Pahud, etc. Beyond Jainism, she enjoys reading scriptures of all faiths. Outside of religious activites, she likes to play bridge. Megha Doshi Ashburn, VA Megha Doshi is a Pathshala teacher at Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington, where she has also served as Director of Education and on the JAB Administrative Committee. She is a recipient of the JAINA Adult Leadership Award and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. She works as an Information Security Professional for Hospital Corporation of America in Reston, VA. She holds a Bachelor's in Commerce, a Chartered Accountant Certificate from India, and is a Certified Public Accountant. Meghan Shah | New Haven, CT Meghan Shah is an artist and teacher from New Haven, CT. She graduated from SCSU in 2013 with a Studio Art Degree in Printmaking. She divides her time between teaching art at an inner-city magnet school, spending time in the studio, working at a letterpress studio, and managing two businesses. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Although Meghan's work may not look like traditional Indian art work, she takes inspiration from life experiences within her Indian heritage. Meghna Shah Hoffman Estates, IL Meghna Shah earned an MS degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. After working in the industry as a Software Engineer for a few years, she decided to quit her job to stay home and spend time with her children. She is the Youth Secretary at Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago and has been on the Executive Committee since 2016. Additionally, Meghna has been a Pathshala teacher for the past twelve years and is a Jain Academic Bowl coach for the Chicago senior team. Mihir Shah Cary, NC Mihir Shah is a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill, where he is majoring in uncertainty and minoring in indecision. Born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Cary, North Carolina, he grew passionate about all the city had to offer: movies and food. He joined YJA in 2012 to reconnect with his roots and meet young people across the nation that shared his intellectual interests, and he hasn't looked back since. In his free time, Mihir enjoys listening to music, watching Atlanta, and daydreaming. Mihir Shah Placentia, CA Mihir was born and raised in sunny SoCal (Go Lakers and Dodgers!). He works for Kaiser Permanente as a Technical Project Manager in Pasadena, CA. He graduated from UC Irvine with degrees in both Applied Mathematics and Economics. He had an amazing time serving as a Site Co-Lead at the 2016 Convention in LA, creating new connections and memories. In his free time, he enjoys all things soccer, trying hole-in-the-wall restaurants, baking, listening to EDM, and playing video games on his XBOX. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 89 Page #90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Minal Shah | Vernon Hills, IL Minal's reverence for meditation is rooted in her childhood and her inspiration comes from her Guru and family. Her teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world. She has practiced meditation for over 10 years and is also a meditation facilitator at Allstate. She believes that you must continually feed yourself knowledge and challenge yourself to grow both personally and professionally. Mitesh Shah | Atlanta, GA Mitesh is senior manager in the Data & Analytics solution at Protiviti. He's excited to be at YJA and speak to attendees this year. Find him at the convention and you can talk about sports (WAR EAGLE!), life, or maybe even play MAFIA with him! Monica Shah McLean, VA Monica has an Engineering BS & MBA. She's worked for a Fortune Co. CFO, US Coast Guard, and is now a Federal Gov't Executive, having experience overseeing 24x7 Operations. She's from Michigan, graduating from Bharat Natyam, loving dance & hip hop, and serving on the YJA board. Her greatest challenge is balancing career vs family, western norms vs traditional culture, and volunteering vs time for oneself. She's now the Director of Education for JSMW and resides in DC with her husband & two kids. Mukesh Chatter | Concord, MA Mukesh Chatter has a master's degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He co-founded Nexabit Networks and currently co-manages NeoNet Capital LLC. He holds 19 patents in Telecom, Data Networking, Semiconductors, and Internet Technologies, and has several others pending. In the past, he was honored as a top ten entrepreneur and Rensselaer Entrepreneur of the Year. Mukesh and his wife manage a foundation that funds research projects at his alma mater. Natasha Daulat Chicago, IL Natasha is a Consumer Protection and Regulatory Compliance Program Manager at Discover Financial Services. Her hobbies include cooking for her friends and family (her RDBS game is strong), chipping away at her massive list of restaurants to try, and binge-watching Bollywood movies. Natasha is new to the Young Jains of America community, and has enjoyed making connections and meeting new people. She looks forward to being a speaker at YJA this year! Neelam Savla Northridge, CA Neelam has lived her whole life in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She holds her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from USC and currently works at her alma mater as an Undergraduate Admission Counselor. This is Neelam's second year on the YJA Convention Committee, serving on the Daytime Programming Committee. She enjoys the outdoors (ask about her National Parks obsession), reading, watching basketball and football (go Lakers and USC Trojans!), and trying out new vegan recipes in the kitchen. 90 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #91 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Nikita Mitchell | Oakland, CA Nikita T. Mitchell is the creator of Above the Bottom Line. She received her MBA from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business and has been cited as Diversity MBA Magazine's Top 100 Under 50 Executive & Emerging Leaders. Nikita serves on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood of Northern California and is currently a senior manager at Cisco. In her free time, you can find Nikita catching up on her never-ending reading list, training for a half-marathon, or planning her next vacation. Nita Vakharia | Monroe Township, NJ Nita Vakharia is a CPA and Auditor from New Jersey, holding a Master's in Economics from Ohio University, a Master's in Taxation from Rutgers University, and ACCA in the U.K. Nita has been teaching Jainism and Gujarati to students in grades 8-12 at the Edison/Franklin Township, NJ Pathshala since 2006. She has also coached the NJ Jain Academic Bowl teams at JAINA Conventions since 2007. She has organized annual Jain camps led by religious scholars from India since 2006. Nitin Shah | La Mirada, CA Dr. Nitin Shah is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Loma Linda University and is Chief of Surgical ICU at Long Beach Veterans Hospital in CA. He is a past President of Jain Center of Southern California and is the Founding President of Anekant Community Center. He is involved in many Philanthropic activities in medicine, education, and other services around the world. He has organized 173 National and 101 International Medical/ Surgical Missions in eleven countries. Parag Doshi | South Barrington, IL 18 Dr. Parag Doshi is the President and Founder of the Chicago Cardiology Institute. He is a leading expert in the field of Complex Cardiovascular Interventions. He has performed live cases and given lectures at many international conferences. He has also been the co-director of the annual C3 Conference with over 1200 attendees. Dr. Doshi has contributed to research and literature. He strives to inject compassion and equanimity in his medical practice and in interactions with his coworkers. Parshva Vakharia | Monroe Township, NJ Parshva Vakharia is a rising junior at the New York University Stern School of Business studying Finance and Accounting. He currently serves as the Director of Education for the YJA Executive Board and a Co-Lead for the Daytime Programming Convention Committee. Parshva has a wide range of interests, including tabla, singing, Chinese yo-yo, traveling, and basketball, and he is a diehard Boston Celtics fan. Payal Shah | Chicago, IL Payal grew up in sunny Southern California but was steadily convinced to move to the wintery depths of the Midwest after marrying her husband, Amam. Payal works in Project Management at LabCorp. She takes an avid interest in participating in temple activities, trying to keep that connection to her faith through what she loves to do-choreographing and teaching dance to kids for major temple events. 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 91 Page #92 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Prachi Shah | Rocky Hill, CT Prachi Shah is a graduate from UConn, with a Bachelor's in Marketing and concentration in Digital Marketing and Analytics. She is an IT professional at a healthcare company and plans to pursue her Master's in Elementary Education. She is also the reigning Miss India Connecticut and the First Runner Up for Miss India USA. She is the Co-Founder and Head Instructor of P&P Dance Crew, where she teaches Indian culture and dance. Prachi is a proud feminist and advocate for racial equality. Pradip Shah | Elgin, IL Dr. Pradip Shah, M.D. has been a Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Pathshala teacher for adults since 1998. He served as the Education Secretary for JSMC from 2009-2014 and from 2017-present. He coordinates many religious activities for the JSMC youth. He received the JAINA Presidential Award in 2003 and the Outstanding Service Award for the JAINA Education committee in 2005. He is a major contributor to the JAINA and JSMC Pathashala, Pratikraman, Prayers, and Philopsophy books. Pravin Shah | Cary, NC Pravin Shah is a founding member of Jain Study Center of North Carolina. He is the JAINA Education Committee chairperson and advisor to YJA and YJP. He is also a member of the Harvard University Pluralism Project Advisory Council and director of Triangle Interfaith Association and Uberoi Foundation of Dharmic Tradition. He has published several articles and Jain youth books. He is a retired Electrical Engineer from IBM and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Preeti Jain Fort Wayne, IL 18 Preeti Jain lives in Fort Wayne, IN with her husband and three daughters. She went to Pharmacy school at West Virginia University and practiced in Boston and Chicago. She serves on Mad Anthony's Children's Hope Hospital Treasure Chest Committee, Fort Wayne Medical Society Alliance Board, and Sangam Indian Cultural Society Board. Preeti enjoys tennis, yoga, and reading novels and healthy lifestyle books. Preeti is vegan and is an avid baker, baking all things gluten-free and vegan. Prem Jain | Fremont, CA Prem Jain is currently CEO and CFO of Pensando Systems. Previously, he was SVP/GM of Insieme BU at Cisco Systems. He was also Co-CEO, CFO and Co-Founder of Insieme Networks, Inc. He is the recipient of two patents and is a member of the IEEE organization. He holds a B.E. Degree with honors from BITS Pilani, India and a Master's Degree in EECS from UC Davis. Prem enjoys skiing, hiking, and playing bridge. He is involved in JAINA, JSNC, many universities, and non-profit organizations in India. Prerak Adhuria | Atlanta, GA Prerak is currently a Pharmacist residing in Atlanta, GA. He has previously been heavily involved in YJA as a 2010 Hospitality Co-Lead, a 2012-2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator, and a YJA Co-Chair from 2014-2015. Prerak's passion lies in inspiring the youth to engage in Jain leadership, just as he discovered himself with his first convention in 2010. Since then, he's been to 2 YJA conventions and 8 retreats! In his free time, Prerak enjoys any activity, ranging from sports to playing cards! 92 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #93 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Priyal Gandhi Ashburn, VA Priyal is from Ashburn, VA and has had several roles in YJA, JAINA, and her local temple. She is a strong proponent of finding ways to apply Jainism to daily life and enjoys leading sessions at conventions and local Jain retreats. Currently, she is a medical student at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Come talk to her at Convention about medical school, Jain education, social justice, or which Gandhi sister is the best (the answer is Priyal. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) Puja Savla Northridge, CA Puja is currently a Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher at Animo Inglewood Charter High School. She is an avid LA sports fan, rooting for her USC Trojans, LA Lakers, and LA Rams. In her free time, she spends time with family and friends, enjoys playing board games, and loves taking bike rides down the Pacific Coast. She also spends time relaxing by drawing, painting, and decorating her bullet journal. She is also an avid vegan and loves trying new vegan restaurants in LA. Pujen Solanki Corona, CA Pujen Solanki is the CEO of Eliinova. He enjoys challenging himself by learning new skills, resulting in accomplishing feats such as building a brick pizza oven in his backyard or forging his own chef knife. Pujen was also on the YJA16 board and built the website which is still used today. He aspires to become a well-known business leader so that he can use this influence and inspire others to do good things and spread positivity. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat, pujen Pulin Modi Kensington, MD Pulin Modi has been organizing around social justice issues for more than 20 years. He worked for PETA for 9 years, for 5 years, and is currently a Platform Campaign Director at Pulin is passionate about veganism, digital organizing, and loves spending time with his wife and their son in the Washington, D.C. area. If you see Pulin at the convention please give him a high five (even if you're an auntie or uncle). Rachna Shah | South Barrington, IL Rachna is a first-year at Dartmouth College where she studies the intersection of Economics, Healthcare, and Public Policy. She serves as Director of Communications for Bridge the Divide, an international platform that seeks to promote productive and respectful political conversation among youth. At Dartmouth, she is involved with the Open Campus Coalition, which promotes viewpoint diversity through guest speakers and panels. Rahul Jain Sunnyvale, CA With aspirations as a young kid to build cool cars, Rahul was told he would have to become a Mechanical Engineer. After realizing he was misguided, he pursued Industrial Engineering and worked in Texas. After one too many trips to California, Rahul finally decided to sell his soul to corporate America, where he is currently working at Apple. Rahul enjoys traveling, hiking, adventure sports, swimming, racquetball, and cooking. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 93 Page #94 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ US ARMY Raj Kankaria | Houston, TX Captain Raj Kankaria, a native of Houston, TX, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in May 2013 and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Engineer Regiment. CPT Kankaria has been stationed in Fort Hood, TX and Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea. He currently serves as an instructor for engineer tactics at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and plans to pursue an MBA at Rice University in the Fall of 2018. Raja Krishnamoorthi | Schaumburg, IL Congressman Krishnamoorthi represents the 8th District of IL and serves on the Committee on Education and the Workforce. He also serves on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on the subcommittee on healthcare and financial services. He earned his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at Princeton and later attended Harvard Law School. Previously, he served as a Special Assistant Attorney General and as Illinois Deputy Treasurer. He and his family live in Schaumburg. Rajeev Pandya | Staten Island, NY Rajeev Pandya is a Partner and Co-founder of ASHI Diamonds and Avalon Solution in NY. They have offices and manufacturing facilities in the US, India, and China. He is a graduate of the NYU Stern Business School. Rajeev currently serves on the Board of JITO USA, Treasurer and Board of Indian Diamond Color Stone Association, JYEP, JAINA 2019 Convention Board, and the YJP Advisory Board. He has previously served as a Chairperson of the JAINA Calendar Committee and the Northeast Regional VP of JAINA. Raju Shah McLean, VA Raju was a YJA Co-Chair from 1996 to 1998. After graduating from Yale University with two degrees, he went to the United Kingdom for five years. He had many travel adventures, such as seeing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, climbing Mt. Etna, and swimming in Croatia's clear waters. Upon returning to the U.S., he married Monica Shah and now has two children: Jainam and Devika. He currently enjoys taking the kids on vacation, where his wife wonders if she has two children or three. Ramey Ko Austin, TX Ramey Ko is the principal attorney of The Ko Law Firm, PLLC. He previously practiced Housing and Domestic Violence Law with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and the Texas Advocacy Project. Ramey was appointed the first Asian-American judge in Austin and served as an Associate Municipal Judge. He previously lectured in Asian American Studies at UT Austin and currently teaches Business Law and Ethics to MBA students at the Texas Health & Science University College of Business Sciences. Rea Savla Milpitas, CA Rea is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Economics, Business, and Computer Science. While serving on the 2016 YJA Convention Committee and 2016-2017 Board, she founded UC Berkeley Jain Students Association to spread Jainism and build a community. Rea also co-leads the Berkeley Political Review and consults for Blockchain at Berkeley and The Berkeley Group. Rea hopes to continue her passion for community mobilization and economic development through work in the education field one day. 94 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Reshma Shah | Palatine, IL Reshma Shah is an Audit and Assurance Senior Manager at Deloitte. When she is not counting beans, Reshma enjoys cooking healthy foods, baking vegan desserts, teaching at Pathshala, coaching the Chicago JAB teams, party planning, working out, and reading. Reshma is fondly known as "Reshmom" with the YJA crowd and enjoys discussing the ways in which you can incorporate Jain principles in your daily life with others. Ronak Shah | Chicago, IL Ronak is originally from Chicago (and he doesn't mean Schaumburg). He is an Attorney practicing Cybersecurity and Privacy law. He enjoys traveling, Thai food, and defending Kanye from the latest thing he just said. Ronak is glad to see the YJA Convention back in his hometown and is excited to be a speaker at this Convention. Sagar Khona Syosset, NY Sagar Khona is a project manager, Clinical Data Analyst, and workflow Analyst in the healthcare field. He is one of the youngest JAINA directors and has helped out with YJA events, Bid Packets, YJP, and Jain Milan events. Sagar has just completed his Master's in Applied Health Informatics and pays very close attention to new healthcare trends and technologies. In his free time, Sagar enjoys trying new foods, watching TV, and running outdoors. #runner #Longlsland #NYC #Perfectionist #LiveLife Salil Ojha | Houston, TX 18 Salil is a medical student at the University of Texas Health-San Antonio and hopes to go into surgery. In the little time outside of school, he can be found catching up with friends over delicious Chipotle. Salil loves reading and always ends up buying more books than he has time to read. From Houston, he spent a year in D.C. working at the NIH before moving to San Antonio for med school. He hopes to be able to spend his life making connections with his patients while also traveling the world. Saloni Shah | Chicago, IL Saloni is a Software Engineering Manager at CDK Global. She has a Master's Degree in Biotechnology from University of Pune, India, and a Master's Degree in C.S. from Loyola. Saloni is passionate about solving problems with technology and is an advocate of diversity in tech and leadership. She co-founded a Lean In Circle and the Wonder Women Chicagoland meet-up. She has worked with ChickTech and Write/Speak/Code. She loves spending time with family and friends, photography, and reading. Saman Shrutpragya | Gujarat, India Saman Shrutpragyaji is a Jain monk and charismatic spiritual master. He has travelled to over 30 countries worldwide and is especially popular in India, America, Britain, Malaysia, and Singapore. He continues to deliver inspirational lectures and conduct spiritual camps. He is a prolific writer, having written more than 73 books, and is a highly celebrated educationist. For more information visit: 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #96 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Samani Shreenidhi Chennai, India Samani Shreenidhi, age 55, is the first and chief Samani of the Sthanakwasi sect. With inspiration from Dr. Shri Padamchandraji M.S., she renounced the world in 2007 along with her entire family-her husband, two sons, and daughter (Samani Shruthnidhi). She inspires and administrates various humanitarian projects. She is highly influential with a power that attracts everyone. With her innovative ideas, she excels in conducting religious camps, audio-visual quizzes, and competitions. Samani Shruthnidhi Chennai, India Samani Shruthnidhi, M.A.(Jainology), initiated to Samanihood at 21, is an excellent orator and captivates her audience through spiritual discourse. She is a regular speaker in various seminars, conferences, and JAINA conventions. She has conducted hundreds of Jain Anuppeha Dhyan Yog Sadhana Camps all over the world. Along with her International Yoga Trainer Certificate, she is an expert in Naturopathy, Mantra Sadhana, stress management, past life regression, and many healing techniques. Sapna Jain | Atlanta, GA Sapna Jain is an attorney at Jackson Lewis P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. Her practice focuses on representing employers in workplace law matters. Sapna graduated from Emory University School of Law in 2017 and Wellesley College in 2014. She served as YJA's Director of Fundraising from 2016-2017. Satej Shah Schaumburg, IL Satej is a Chicago native who's grown up at JSMC. He's had several life-changing Jain experiences and loves YJA. He wants to connect more young Jains around the world and spread Jainism. This fall, he's going to be a sophomore at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and looks forward to getting more involved within YJA. He considers his Twitter (@ satejtshah) to be more valuable than his resume, so definitely get to know him! Sean Gajjar | Austin, TX Sean is a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur in his day-to-day. He works in the travel space, hacking code together for HomeAway/Expedia and runs his own real estate brokerage (Om Homes Realty) that helps people find homes and investments in the Austin area. Seema Jain | Long Grove, IL Seema Jain is the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Marriott International. She earned her BS in Finance from Miami University of Ohio, and her MBA from DePaul. Seema is a co-founder of two non-profit organizations-YJA, and Supporting Excellence in Education Foundation, which awards scholarships to Asian-Indian high school students entering college. Seema lives in Chicago with her husband, their three children, and their dog, Sage. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and traveling. 96 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #97 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sejal Shah | Boomingdale, IL Sejal Shah is a former Marketing Operations Manager at Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide. She had the opportunity to work on multiple accounts and roles throughout her 15+ years with the company. While that was an invaluable experience for her, about three years ago, she decided to leave her corporate job to spend more time with her family and two kids (now 8 and 6). She still takes on some project-based work, which provides a nice balance and allows her to keep up in the Advertising/Marketing world. Shailesh Mehta | Vadodara, India Dr. Mehta is an eye surgeon and has had his own hospital in Vadodara, India since 1988. He has always been interested in the deeper truths of life, living, and Vitrag Vignan (Science). His interests include scientific explanations of spirituality, an easy, effective, and practical approach with core Jain principles, and interactions with youth and getting connected to young friends. He is a well-known speaker and has delivered talks and presentations at various national and international forums. Sheenika Gandhi | Irvine, CA Sheenika Shah Gandhi is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Payne & Fears LLP. She is a former Co-Chair for YJA and YJP and served on committees for the Jain Center of Southern California and the Gujarati Society of Southern California. Sheenika received her J.D. from California Western School of Law and her B.A. in Business Administration and International Relations from University of San Diego. She loves yoga, exploring vegan restaurants, and traveling. Shilpi Shah | Novi, MI Shilpi Shah is a senior at Novi High School and is an active member in the Jain Society of Greater Detroit. As the JOY (Jain Organization of Youth) President, Shilpi has been organizing a variety of religious, social, and community service events, such as the annual Navkaar Jaap and visits to homeless shelters and food banks. Shilpi plans on studying Business at the University of California at Berkeley next fall. Shrenik Shah | Anaheim, CA Shrenik Shah graduated from CSU Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Finance. He is currently a Business Specialist for Wells Fargo. He is very passionate about volunteering-his favorite project resulted in 237 cataract surgeries in 2.5 days. Some of his favorite hobbies are playing sports, snowboarding, dancing in the rain, and adventuring. Spartan Races are a big part of his life and he is on pace to earn a trifecta medal by the end of 2018. Go Lakers! Shreyal Gandhi | Ashburn, VA Shreyal lives in Ashburn, VA and is a rising junior at Broad Run High School. She attends the Academy of Engineering and Technology, where she studies entrepreneurship. She is a pathshala teacher at the Jain temple and an LR for YJA. Shreyal has actively participated in JAB and looks forward to competing again. When she's not watching The Office, you can find her playing field hockey or watching Disney movies. Don't let her older sisters fool you-Shreyal is the best of the three Gandhi sisters! 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 97 Page #98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sidhant Gandhi | Fremont, CA Sidhant is a San Francisco native and is the Director of Finance at YJA. He is currently Head of Product at a virtual reality and augmented reality startup, Moback. Previously, he was a Software Engineer at Apple and has created many iOS apps. His alma mater is USC (Fight On!), where he served on the executive board of the Business Film Festival and performed with the award-winning a cappella team AB. For an interesting conversation, talk to him about the intersection of physics and philosophy. Smita Shah | Naperville, IL Smita is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Natural Health Care practioner of 17 years. During her time, she has worked with Holiastic doctors and dentists. She is currently working at Ayre Clinic in Burridge and at National Lymphatic Center in Downers Grove. She believes that with natural treatments and a proper diet, the body can heal itself. Smita has done a lot of volunteer work at JSMC's annual heath fair. Soha Shah | Piqua, OH Soha Shah is the VP of Operations at Jayna, Inc. She has been responsible for Operations, Human Resources, Customer Service, Marketing and Business Development. Community service has always been a part of Soha's personal mission. She maintains an active role in the Jain community, having been on the executive committee of the Jain Center of Cincinnati-Dayton, and serving as the center's president. Finally, she is an avid traveler, having traveled to Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest, and Machu Picchu. Sonal Shah | Los Angeles, CA Frequently dubbed a ray of sunshine, Sonal Shah is obsessed with making people laugh. Sonal is an Indian-American actress, comedian, and vegetarian. A Hollywood Hills-ite with roots from Chicago, her definition of success is raising the frequency of the planet by loving yourself and others in a constantly evolving journey. Sonal celebrates living life to the fullest. A warrior of amour and a perpetual learner, she seeks to inspire and be inspired by creative, authentic dreamers. Sonali Vakharia Rochester, MI Sonali Vakharia is an Inpatient Hospital Pharmacist from MI. She is very passionate about teaching kids how to balance Eastern and Western values at the Detroit sangh and has also written a book to assist Jain students with their transition from high school to college. Her mission is to help students enhance their personal growth and value systems by teaching them how to balance these conflicting cultural pressures. Sonali enjoys meditation, travel, and yoga, and is always down for a good laugh. Sonia Ghelani | Dallas, TX Sonia Ghelani is a Marketing Manager at a semiconductor company, Texas Instruments. Born and raised in the South, she loves a good ole' pecan pie and Tex-Mex food when she's not traveling the world. Previously a YJA co-chair, Sonia is both a teacher and board director at her Dallas sangh. She is also on the steering team for JAINA-LRP. 98 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Stuti Ghiya Mountain View, CA Stuti is a Systems Software Engineer at Texas Instruments and a Master's student at Carnegie Mellon University in the San Francisco Bay Area. She regularly travels between Dallas, Houston, and the Bay Area, and considers each of them home. Stuti enjoys meeting new people and conversing on a variety of topics, such as music, technology, travel, and religion. Check out her blog at to learn more. Sunit Jain | Long Grove, IL Sunit Jain is a Business Technology Executive running Sales Operations for the Americas for a public software company. He received his MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg Business School, a Master in Engineering from Cornell, and a Bachelor in Engineering from Rutgers in NJ. He is a Board member at Stevenson High School, one of the highest-ranked public high schools in the USA, and resides in Chicago with his wife, three children, and a yellow lab dog (who is 100% vegetarian). Sunita Jain | Memphis, TN Dr. Sunita Jain is a practicing physician in Memphis-her specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is an active member of the Jain Center of Greater Memphis and also teaches pathshala along with coordinating programs for religious celebrations and scholars. She, along with her husband, Dr. Manoj Jain, and children Sapna, Monika, and Rishab, have been involved with JAINA and YJA for many years. Sunny Jain Richmond, TX Sunny Jain is a Business Analyst working in the Energy Sector in Houston, TX, and a proud lifetime member of the Jain Society of Houston. In his personal life, Sunny enjoys writing, theology, and fitness, and attests his spiritual growth through practicing Jainism. Sushil Jain Dunn Loring, VA Captain (Dr.) Sushil Jain is the first Indian to receive the U.S. Navy medical scholarship, and served as an Eye Specialist and Commanding Officer for Navy Hospitals. He was ranked Captain in the Navy and received many honors and medals. He served as an eye doctor to the past three U.S. presidents, vice presidents, and many congressmen and senators. He also served as President and Trustee Chairman of Jain Society in Washington and JAINA. Currently, he owns and operates a refractive surgical center. Tejas Shah | Schaumburg, IL Tejas Shah is a highly energetic and visionary Jain leader with a diversified vision. He is a firm believer of equality in promoting Jainism for all sects. He is passionate to learn and spread Jainism, especially among the Jain youth, to cultivate Jain values and retain Indian culture. At Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago, he currently serves on the Board of Trustees and served as President and Secretary in the past. He received a JAINA Adult Recognition Award in 2015. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 99 Page #100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Umang Patel San Francisco, CA Umang is a San Francisco-based startup founder and DJ. He started his first company at age 14 and has since launched products to help people collect payments (PayTango), manage their finances (stable), and plan events (Cloverbook). Umang has traveled to over 15 states to DJ events for his entertainment company (Masala Entertainment). The teachings of Jainism have played an important role in helping him make tough decisions and navigate the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur and DJ. Urmila Talsania | Woodridge, IL Dr. Urmila Talsania is a Pediatrician. She was the past chairperson of the Health Awareness Committee of the Indian-American Medical Association. She has organized many health fairs and medical seminars at JSMC. She has also been involved in administration for 20+ years at JSMC, as well as the JAINA Education Committee and various other activities. She was the recipient of the JAINA Appreciation Award in 1991. Finally, she is a founder of YJA, establishing the biennial YJA convention. Urvashi Jain | Richmond, TX Urvashi Jain is an Entrepreneur, spearheading her own business, a Montessori School in Sugarland, TX, for the past eight years. She is also currently the President of the Jain Society of Houston. She has launched a number of community service projects and has mobilized the community through new initiatives, such as working with a team to establish a Jain Studies course at Rice University. Urvashi attended the Jai Hind College in Mumbai and currently resides with her family in Houston, Texas. Uttamchand Jain | Addison, IL Uttamchand Jain studied Commerce, became a Chartered Accountant in 1969, and came to the U.S. in 1970. He has held various positions, including President of Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago for several years. He has also written articles and given talks on matters of religion and animal welfare. At a young age in India, he had memorized the Panch Pratikraman Sutra with their meanings by heart. Vaishali Shah | Lombard, IL Vaishali was born and raised in Orlando, FL. She graduated in 2014 from the University of Florida (GO GATORS!) with a PharmD Degree. She has been practicing as a Clinical Pharmacist in Ambulatory Care for the past 4 years. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and has, unfortunately, been converted to a Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, and Blue Jays fan. During her free time, she likes to cook and bake various recipes, travel to different cities, and spend time with family and friends. Varun Gandhi | Irvine, CA Dr. Varun Gandhi is a speaker, writer, and storyteller with a mission of inspiring a self-realization revolution amongst the youth. Self-realization is, through introspection, to know yourself completely and thus gain a knowing of the whole world and of life. He combines science with personal experiences to describe his journey of self-realization through bridging the mind and the heart. Read more at 100 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Vicki Shah | South Barrington, IL Vicki Shah is a Chicago native and is currently a 3rd year Dental student at Indiana University School of Dentistry. Outside of brushing her teeth twice a day and flossing, Vicki enjoys cooking, painting, and gardening. She is an avid traveler, plays the viola, likes to go to concerts, and can't wait to attend YJA 2018 as a first-time attendee! Vinit Doshi | Fairfield, CT Vinit has an interest in promoting the message of Jain Dharma to the youth. He has been a student and a teacher at his local Jain Center in CT, served as President of the Jain Center of CT, and has spoken at past YJA conventions. Recently, he published a children's book called Kabir and the Kite-a story about hope, imagination, adventure, and spiritual growth. Vinit works in the field of Marketing Analytics and Consulting, and lives in CT with his wife, two children, and a rabbit named Bam-Bam. Vipul Shah | Palatine, IL Vipul Shah is an active volunteer for JSMC, JAINA, and Jain Visa Oshwal Group of North America. After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering, Vipul obtained his Master's degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Computer Science. He has served as President, Membership Secretary, and General Secretary for JSMC. Vipul is a Principal Solution Specialist for Data and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft. He enjoys Indian music and loves singing. Virag Vora | Foxboro, MA Virag is a graduate of RPI, where he earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He is currently a DJ/MC in the Boston area, and continues to pursue his creative pursuits that fuse different cultural elements. Virag has been involved with YJA for nearly 8 years, including being a part of the PR team for the last two YJA Conventions. This year, he is excited to be an attendee again and facilitate a conversation about our individual roots and what they mean for our future. Viral Shah Ahmedabad, India The Jain Noble Truths Association aims to spread Jainness to people around the globe-especially young Jains. JNTA seeks to understand the roots of Jainism through the Four Noble Truths. These truths offer a roadmap to understanding Jain values in a modern context, with emphasis on Jainness rather than Jainism. Viral Shah is an engineer turned businessman from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, whose family-run business deals in book publishing and pharmaceutical exports. He is also secretary of JNTA. Yashwini Kamdar | Aurora, IL Yashwini Kamdar provides leadership workshops to college students and young professionals. She has given a TEDx talk on Leadership Fusion and has been a guest speaker for several Leadership Conferences in Chicago and YJA. She has been a Pathshala teacher for 17 years and is very passionate about mentoring youth in leadership and marathons. She has been a strong advocate for woman empowerment. As a guest speaker, she spoke about her Wellness Journey at a Women's Conference held at JSMC, Chicago. 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 101 Page #102 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Yogendra Jain Wellesley, MA Yogendra is a technologist and a serial entrepreneur. He worked at MIT Lincoln Labs and has founded several successful companies. He holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice, a B.S. from BU, and an MBA from Babson College. He has served as JAINA Chairman of the LRP Committee, Director, Northeast VP, and Secretary. He is active at Jain Center of Greater Boston, where he teaches pathshala and has held several seminars on the Tattvarth Sutra, Comparative Religion, and Jainism and Science. Zubin Mehta Plano, TX Zubin Mehta is a past Spirit Leader, Vice President, and President of the Dallas Jain youth group and former board member and long term supporter of JAFNA (Jain Academic Foundation of North America). He is also currently a backup teacher and Technology Committee Lead at the Jain Society of North Texas. Regional Retreats Financing and Finesse: Jain Perspectives Social Media: Inherently Un-Jain RETREATS My advice to the young generation: Let's Taco 'Bout Taboos YJA is composed of a network of six regions throughout the United States. Each year, individual regions host a weekend retreat to bring youth from different states across the region together. YJA regional retreats are both a spiritual and a social experience - they give Jain youth a space to learn from each others' experiences and different perspectives on Jainism, and also to form new friendships! Each retreat follows the same general structure, with some variations based on the location and available activities. All retreats feature Jain speakers, delicious Jain food, educational sessions and social activities, group discussions on various topics, and bonding with great friends! 102 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #103 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes for a successful 2018 YJA Convention! Congratulations to the Convention Committee and thank you for all your hard work! From Hitesh, Mita, Paras, and Bansari Shah Best Wishes for the Grand Success of the 2018 YJA Convention Best Compliments from Mahendra & Kusum Shah Amit, Cheryl, Rani & Sarina Shah Mona, Sachin, Sonia, Tej & Kahini Shah Ketan, Bijal, Maya & Jiya Shah Wishing you all the best for the 2018 YJA Convention in Chicago! -Narendra Parson 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 103 Page #104 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best wishes for the 2018 YJA Convention! Thank you for all your hard work. Wishing YJA all the best. We are proud of your success. Chetan and Mayusha Shah Best Compliments from Nitin and Meena Shah 2018 YJA Convention - Reconnecting with our Roots "Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots." - Victor Hugo The Jain Family encourages you to take this opportunity to dive deep into your roots and leverage your heritage to shape your thoughts, actions, and decisions now, and in the future. Best wishes for a great convention! - Prem, Sandhya, Ankit, Mona, Mohit, Shephali, Gavin, Sofia, and Lana Jain 104 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #105 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Management and Compliance Consulting Protocol Link PROCESS DONE RIGHT TGA mnN CFIA:ACIA DA U.S. FOOD & DRUG MHRA ADMINISTRATION f Protocol Link, Inc. 175 E. Hawthorn Parkway, Suite 210 Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061 USA We are so proud of YJA's continued success. BUYING OR SELLING Wishing the best for the 2018 YJA Convention. Your house or investment properties Total solution at one stop with dependable support team of PARESH SHAH * MORTGAGE * INSURANCE * HANDYMAN * MOVING SERVICE * HOME INSPECTOR * GENERAL CONTRACTOR * CLEANING SERVICE * ATTORNEY * PROPERTY MANAGEMENT For all your Real Estate needs Call : PARESH SHAH (847) 363-8854 800 Woorlielil Ril Sule 105 Schaumburu IL 60173 EMAIL: PSHAH40@COMCAST.NET 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 105 Page #106 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ With Best Wishes to the 2018 YJA Convention Board on Planning a Successful Convention Best Wishes From: Mahesh & Usha Wadher Sujay / Margarita / Maya & Zen Wadher Amisha / Purav / Amira & Giulia Kapadia. Congrats to the 2018 YJA Convention Committee for a successful event! We are proud of you all! With Love, Subhas, Minal, Dhara, Prerak, Dharmi, and Juhi 106 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #107 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Lord Rishabhdev Lord Parshwanath Lord Mahavir Navakar Mant Jain Center of Greater Boston 556 Nichols Street, Norwood, MA 02062 Phone: (781) 762-9490 NON VIOLENCE IN THOUGHTS, IN WORDS AND IN ACTION IS THE TREE RELIGION Congratulations 2018 the Young Jains of America 2016 Team for a job well done. Piyush Jindal +91-9529141601 ich INDIAN CULTURE HANDICRAFT B-40 Ganesh Nagar, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur (Raj.)-302019 Mfgs, & Wholesaler of Wooden & Marble Handicraft Email: Also Availbale Antique Clocks, Double Side Clock Wall hangings etc. jainamjayati shasanam sarvatra sukhi bhavantu lakah Congratulations to Young Jains of America Bee JAIN CENTER OF NEW JERSEY 111 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873 732 455 2652 233 Runnymede Road, Essex Fells, NJ 07021 973 226 2539 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 107 Page #108 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sponsors and Donors We are grateful for the support of all of our sponsors, contributors, and donors. The 2018 YJA Convention couldn't happen without your support! Gold Sponsors Platinum Sponsors Silver Sponsors Dinesh and Sunita Dagli Divyesh and Jaya Shah Dipak and Ginni Doshi Jain Center of New Jersey Jain Center of Northern California JAINA Jain Center of Southern California Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington Manoj and Sunita Jain Girish and Datta Shah Jain Society of Greater Detroit Jain Society of Houston Jain Society of North Texas Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago Manu Shah Family Trust Atul and Dharmi Shah Dinesh and Nayna Shah Dipak and Pritee Kapadia Himanshu and Hema Jain Hitesh and Mita Shah Jagat and Neha Shah Jagdish and Madhu Sheth Spe 2 Bronze Sponsors Kirti and Urmila Talsania Mayur and Rita Lodaya Mitesh Shah Narendra Parson Parag and Dulari Doshi Mahesh and Usha Wadher Prem and Sandhya Jain 108 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Piyush and Smita Gandhi Shailesh and Chandra Shah RECONNECTI Sponsors OUR ROOTS Jain Center of Greater Boston Jain Center of Greater Memphis Jamie and Anish Shah Mahendra and Kusum Shah Nitin and Meena Shah Paresh and Beena Shah Subhas and Minal Shah Sushil and Rajshree Jain Vipul and Reshma Shah Rajesh and Mona Shah Shilpa and Malay Shah Sunit and Seema Jain Vasant and Charu Shah Viren and Neepa Nandu Yashwini and Kumar Kamdar Pradip and Darshana Shah Page #109 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2016 YJA Convention Committee Amit and Meghna Shah Arpan Shah Arvind and Ramila Shah Bhavisha and Harsh Shroff Hitesh and Usha Shah Himesh and Deepa Jhaveri Aashma Dalal Aayush Shah Abhi Shah Abhijith Ravinutala Adit Shah Aimee Mesenburg Ainesh Jain Alouki Shah Aman Shah (IL) Aman Shah (OR) Amee Shah Aneri Sheth Anish Doshi Anish Jain Anisha Jain Anisha Veer Ankit Pansar Ankit Shah Anshul Shah Anudeep Jain Arjav Jain Arya Kothari Ashwin and Kirtibala Shah Ayush Jain Bansari Shah Dhvani Mehta Divya Gada Diya Amin Donors Kamlesh Mehta Kinna Gandhi and Dr. Nitin Shah Lata, Puja, and Neelam Savla Mahendra and Vinita Kothari Michael Barton Naresh and Punita Ghiya Pankaj Patel Pragnesh and Tilu Shah Contributors Dominique Astorino Gandhi Aryan Gorav Surana Grant Whitney Heli Sheth Hetal Shah Hitika Shah Isha Doshi Jai Doshi Jain Academic Foundation of North America Jayesh and Parul Shah Jayeshkumar Shah Jaymeen Shah Jayna Shah Juhi Jain Julie Mehta Kailen Shah Nitesh Mehta Noel Viramontes Oshin Kavdia Palak Shah Parth Doshi Pooja Shah Pravi Jain Nirali Pansar Nirdesh Oswal Nishan Gajjar Nitesh Mehta Noel Viramontes Oshin Kavdia Palak Shah Parth Doshi Pooja Shah Pravi Jain Rikhav Shah Ritin Bomb Riya Gandhi Riya Shah Rohan Gandhi Roshan Patel Ruchi Shah Rupal Sanghavi Rushabh Kamdar Shailesh and Madhavi Shah Shardule and Ami Shah Shobha Vora Shruti and Vyomesh Shah Dharika and Dilip Mehta Vijay R. Shah Zubin Mehta Kaivan Shah Kalpesh and Hetal K Shah Kamlesh Shah and Jyoti K Shah Shreya Mehta Karishma Shah Shreya Shah Kreena Vora Rajeev Gandhi Shriya Jain Kriti Shah Rajendra A Shah Kumarpal A and Parul K Shah Siddharth Kurwa Sidhant Gandhi Sidharth Dedhia Rajesh Shah Ravindra and Pallavi Kobawala Reddy Sarthak Kunal Shah Kush Shah Soham Shah Kushal and Sonali Doshi Reeya Vora Sonia Ghelani Lay Gandhi Sonia Shah Bharat Shah Rhea Mistry Ria Doshi Riddhi Pankaj Desai Lipi Gandhi Mahendra J. Shah Sulekh and Rani Jain Bhavesh Shah Swati Jain Brianne Donaldson CONN Mihika Shah NGWIT Rihi Jain ROOT Tanisha Nahata Rikhav Shah Minerva Teli Nalin Patel Tanvi Gandhi Tarang Bapna Rishabh Jain Nami Jain Umang Patel Brinda Shah Casey L. Brown Chini Mehta Chintan Maheshwari Chintav Shah Coldstone Creamery Dhanesha Hemani Vinay and Veena Shah Neelam Savla Neeral Dodhia Vinija Jain Nikhil Mehta Nilesh Dagli Vinit Shah Vinod Jain Nilesh Dagli Vipul Shah Nimit Shah Yash Gandhi Nina Ravanat Yash Shah Nirali Pansar Yash Shah Yashvi Vardhan Nirdesh Oswal Nishan Gajjar Yug Chauhan Saachi Gandhi Sahil Doshi Sahil Doshi Salil Ojha Sandra Espinoza Sanjana Doshi" Sanjay and Parul Shah Sanjay Barai Sanjna Shah Sapan Shah Sapna Shah Saumya Shah Savan Shah Sehal Shah Shaily Shah Shenavi Jain Shikhar Shah Shilpa Daulat Shivani Doshi 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 109 Page #110 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Adult Volunteers The 2018 YJA Convention would not be possible without the tireless work of our wonderful volunteers. The following individuals have come from all over the country to give their time to make this the best Convention yet. Their presence and volunteerism has helped provide Jain youth with the opportunity to learn about Jainism, network with other Jains from across country, and reconnect with their roots. We thank them for their time and hard work! Alpa Gosar Amee Shah Amit Kothari Amit Patel Amit Shah Amit Shah Anil Mehta Anjana Sanghvi Aruna Mehta Ashok Sanghvi Basant Jain Beena Shah Bhadresh Zaveri Bharat Shah Bhavesh Shah Bhavisha Shroff Haresh Shah Harsh Shroff Heena Shah Hetal Shah Jagat Shah Jaksha Zaveri Jaya Shah Jignesh Jain Jinendra Ranka Jyoti K. Shah Jyotsna Patel Kamlesh Shah Kashmira Shah Kirti Talsania Lata Savla Lina Shah Chandra Shah Madhavi Shah Chiragi Shah Mahen Gosar Damyanti Pandya Mahesh Shah Malay Shah Darshana Shah Darshana Shah EC Manish JainTING Dheera Shah Manish Jain Dimple Shah Dinesh Dagli Dipali Amin Divyesh Shah Dr. Nitin Shah Dr. Shailesh Mehta Gaurav Jain 110 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Manish Jain Meena Shah Meena R Shah Meghna Shah Minal Shah Minesh Amin Mita Shah Mitul Shah Nalin Patel Naresh Ghiya Nehal Shah Nehal Shah Nimish Barodia Nisha Jani Nita Vakharia Nitin Ajmera Paresh Shah Parul Shah Piyush Desai Piyush Gandhi Pradip Shah Praveen Jain Preeti Jain Prerak Adhuria Punita Ghiya Purvi Sheth Raj Shah Rajeev Pandya Rajesh Shah Rajshree Jain Rakhi Mistry Ravi Jain Reshma Shah Rupal Shah Saloni Shah Sangeeta Jain Sanjay Bhavsar Sejal Jain Sejal Shah Shailesh Shah Shilpa Shah Shrushti Jain Shruti Shah Smita Shah Subhas Shah Sudha Mehta Suketu Shah Sunil Vakharia Sunita Dagli Sunita Solanki Swati Baid Tanvi Gandhi Tejal Shah Tejas Shah Urmila Talsania RRCUrvashi Jain Urvi Shah Vaishali Jain Vandana Shah Vimmi Jain Vipul Shah Yatin Shah Yogesh Jani Page #111 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes for the YJA 2018 Convention VIDE wwww EXCELLENT FACETS INC Hutheesingh Temple - Ahmedabad, Gujarat AMADENA INVESTMENTS LLC NEENA & DEEPAK SHETH NEW YORK, NY 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 111 Page #112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We wish you all the best for the 2018 YJA Convention in Chicago! LA - Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Shailesh, Chandra, Amit, Krupa The Jain Society of Houston is proud to support the 2018 YJA Convention Committee. Best wishes for a successful convention! Learn more about JSH at Board of Trustees Executive Committee Kamlesh Shah Urvashi Jain Sanjay Barai Jayesh Porwal Virendra Khemsara Jyoti Kankaria Kamlesh Jain Divyesh Doshi Samir Mehta Sumit Baid Jayesh Sanghvi Anudeep Jain Praful Bora Jitesh kawedia O Jain Jain Society of Houston 112 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #113 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA -QUEENS, NEW YORK TEMPLE JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA QUEENS, NEW YORK UNITY IN DIVERSITY SHRI ASTHAPADJI RATNA MANDIR !!! JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA - NEW YORK CONGRATULATES THE YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA ON THEIR CONVENTION AND LOOKS FORWARD TO WORKING WITH THEM TO EMPOWER THE NEXT GENERATION OF JAINS. FROM ALL MEMBERS OF JAIN CENTER OF AMERICA, NEW YORK WHERE EVERY JAIN PRAYS UNDER ONE UMBRELLA. 43-11 Ithaca St., Elmhurst, NY 11373 EUR 718.478.9141 7 18.478.9144 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 113 Page #114 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Directory Dothan Birmingham Dothan Alabama High School Pratham Shah Ria Shah College Romi Shah JNF Dharmi Shah Jinen Shah Sunny Shah Arizona High School Aditya Ashar Khushi Shah Sohail Daulat College Urmi Mota Veedhi Shah Dothan Dothan Dothan Chandler Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Mesa JNF Jay Shah Chandler 25 California High School Aneri Sheth Ankith Desai Dilan Kudva Hemil Bhavsar Jay Solanki Fremont North Tustin Santa Clara Anaheim Aliso Viejo 114 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #115 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Khushi Doshi Khushi Gandhi Mitul Shah Priyal Badala Richa Shah Saachi Mota Sahil Kudva Sahil Shah Sahil Kale Savan Shah Shreya Jain Siddhant Ranka Sidharth Dedhia Simran Doshi Sohaani Mota Soma Shah Norwalk Fremont Rancho Cucamonga Fremont Rancho Cucamonga San Ramon Santa Clara Laguna Niguel Laguna Niguel Laguna Niguel San Ramon San Diego Irvine Norwalk San Ramon Yorba Linda College Anokhi Saklecha Anushka Mota Falguni Gala Jainav Gohel Laksha Chhaddva Niva Ranavat Priya Chhaddva Rajvi Ranka Rushali Kothari San Jose San Ramon Buena Park Fremont Fremont Pleasanton Fremont Cupertino Fremont JNF Abhay Shah Akshay Madhani Anand Shah Anish Doshi Bhavik Shah Charmi Shah Chintan Shah Dhaval Kothari Falin Shah Long Beach Saratoga Placentia San Francisco Cypress Fremont Los Angeles Riverside Milpitas 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 115 Page #116 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Harsh Shah Hiral Shah Jinang Shah Karishma Morabia Kavit Shah Kevin Shah Khushboo Shah Kritika Jain Kunal Shah Kushal Shah Lisa Chhaddva Mihir Shah Morni Shah Nalini Jain Neelam Savla Neeral Dodhia Neesha Daulat Nidhi Mastey Nikita Meghani Pankti Doshi Pankti Parikh Payal Shah Pranay Patni Pratham Doshi Pratham Mehta Fremont Buena Park Milpitas El Cerrito Sunnyvale Redwood City Bellflower Dublin La Habra Buena Park Fremont Placentia Buena Park Los Gatos Northridge Palo Alto Claremont Rishabh Parekh Ronak Savla Ruchi Jain Ruhi Kumbhani Ruppesh Nalwaya Shrenik Shah Shreya Udani San Francisco San Ramon 20San Francisco Buena Park Sunnyvale Milpitas San Jose Winnetka Northridge Milpitas Orange Irvine Saratoga San Jose Sunnyvale Anaheim Arcadia 442272143442442724442222222222222 116 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 25 25 29 26 25 25 25 29 25 25 29 26 25 Puja Savla Pujen Solanki Corona Radhika Morabia Diamond Bar Rahul Jain CONNE Sunnyvale WITH 29 R ROOTS Rea Savla 25 25 29 29 26 25 29 Page #117 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shreyas Kataria Sidhant Gandhi Stuti Ghiya Tirthesh Shah Vinija Jain Vishal Mehta San Francisco Fremont Mountain View San Diego Sunnyvale Fremont Colorado JNF Rohan Shah Denver Conneticut High School Anaya Kothari Arya Kothari Divya Gada Evani Dalal Ishani Mehta Kashvi Shah Lipi Gandhi Niam Kothari Reeya Vora Rhea Shah Sahil Doshi Shailen Smith Srishti Pithadia College Lay Gandhi Saumya Shah Shivani Doshi JNF Prachi Shah Purvi Shah Serena Shah Fairfield Trumbull Stamford Trumbull Southport Glastonbury South Windsor Fairfield Fairfield Stamford Fairfield Fairfield Trumbull South Windsor Shelton Fairfield Rocky Hill Rocky Hill Glastonbury 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 117 Page #118 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Washington DC JNF Amrita Mehta Delaware High School Shreya Mehta College Nikhil Mehta Florida High School JNF Jash Modi Mayur Shah Purva Shah Sahil Jain Sonya Trivedi Tanisha Nahata Yashvi Vardhan College Anjali Parekh Deesha Desai Hannah Shah Washington Brinda Shah Enakshi Shah Bear Bear Tampa Saint Petersburg Odessa Tampa 20Tampa Odessa Sanford Crestview Oviedo Bartow Panama City Jacksonville 27 Harsh Shah Krupa Shah Vatsal Gandhi 118 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 15 18 16 16 Tampa 18 Windermere 20 19 Nirva Vassa 20 Jacksonville Lake Mary Rushabh Shah NNE Odessa G WITH C18 R ROOTS Shenavi Jain Odessa 19 Vishwa Shah Odessa 20 15 18 15 14 17 22222 23 26 26 Page #119 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Georgia High School Suwanee Suwanee Suwanee Marietta Alpharetta Bhaumi Shah Jiya Malbari Maanav Modi Nayna Shah Saachi Gandhi College Aarushi Jain Bijoy Shah Brijal Shah Dhara Bhalani Mahika Jain Mitesh Bhalani Paakhee Shah Rishi Shah Simi Shah Veer Shah Johns Creek Cumming Cumming Lawrenceville Johns Creek Lawrencville Suwanee Lawrenceville Duluth Columbus JNF Darshan Modi Dharmang Shah Nikita Shah Sapna Jain Vidhi Doshi Yash Shah Suwanee Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Johns Creek Atlanta Illinois High School Aaryan Shah Aayush Shah Aman Shah Aman Shah Amie Patel Ansh Shah Hoffman Estates Geneva Aurora South Barrington Naperville Geneva 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 119 Page #120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Astha Jain Bhavi Shah Bhuvni Shah Darshan Shah Desna Shah Diya Amin Gandhi Aryan Harshil Bhavsar Hitika Shah Isha Shah Jai Gandhi Jainam Shah Janvi Shah Kailen Shah Kavan Shah-Hempel Khushi Jain Kush Shah Manas Gandhi Meera Baid Mihir Shah Morish Shah Neel Shah Nitya Jani Paras Shah Parita Shah Parsva Shah Pratham Shah Prem Shah Priyanna Shah Raahil Shah Riya Jain Riya Shah Rohan Shah Rushabh Jahagirdar Rushabh Shah Saanji Shah Sachi Solanki Deerfield Streamwood Naperville Streamwood Chicago Vernon Hills Naperville Bartlett Woodridge Streamwood Aurora Streamwood Palatine Naperville Oak Park Naperville Bartlett Rolling Meadows Naperville Hanover Park Vernon Hills Hanover Park Hawthorn Woods Bartlett Streamwood Naperville Naperville Des Plaines Bartlett Roselle Schaumburg Bartlett Bartlett Aurora Bartlett Schaumburg Bartlett 120 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #121 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Long Grove Carol Stream Hoffman Estates Streamwood Schaumburg Chicago Aurora Aurora Inverness Geneva Bartlett Sanjana Jain Sharmee Shah Shikha Shah Shravi Kothari Shweta Shah Sneh Shah Sohum Shah Tanya Sheth Vaarin Shroff Yash Shah Zeel Shah College Aditya Jain Akash Shah Alouki Shah Aman Shah Anand Shah Anshul Shah Bansari Shah Charmee Kamdar Devansh Shah Dhruvi Shah Dhvani Shah Heer Shah Jayna Shah Juhi Shah Komal Shah Krish Kamdar Maahi Shah Melissa Shah Miloni Shah Miten Shah Neal Shah Parin Shah Preet Shah Priya Shah Priyal Gosar Moline Schaumburg Chicago Barrington Palatine Elmhurst Hoffman Estates Skokie Naperville Schaumburg Skokie Naperville Naperville Elk Grove Village Des Plaines Algonquin Aurora Streamwood Bloomingdale Carol Stream Carol Stream Streamwood Schaumburg Bartlett Rolling Meadows 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 121 Page #122 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JNF Priyansh Barodia Rachna Shah Riana Shah Rishi Shah Ronak Jhaveri Sahaj Shah Sakhi Shah Saloni Nahar Satej Shah Sehul Shah Simaran Shah Sneh Shah Somil Sanghvi Stuti Desai Taral Shah Vidhi Jain Zeel Kothari Amy Shah Aneri Shah Anjali Shah Anjali Doshi Atish Shah Binoy Shah Dhairya Dholiya Eisha Vora Hoffman Estates Barrington Roselle Jeet Lodaria Jimmy Shah Jinesh Shah Streamwood Bartlett Carol Stream Bartlett Buffalo Grove Schaumburg Crystal Lake Hoffman Estates Barrington Evanston Des Plaines Oak Brook Palatine Elgin Danville Buffalo Grove 20Da Des Plaines South Barrington Roselle Mundelein Chicago Milan Schaumburg Des Plaines Des Plaines Chicago Chicago 19 17 21 Jinesh Shah Kajol Shah Kalpit Shah Kavina Jhaveri Mayuri Jain 122 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 18 18 19 2222222222 19 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 18 19 20 2 2 2 2 2 2~ ~ 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 21 Schaumburg Chicago Schaumburg Hemali Shah Chicago Isha ShahONNE Elk Grove Village HC21R ROOTS Jaymeen Shah Bartlett 26 23 24 23 22 23 23 28 29 25 22 21 23 24 23 22 Page #123 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Michelle Shah Mitesh Shah Monika Kothari Naimi Shah Naitik Soni Natasha Daulat Neel Kothari Neelanshu Kothari Neha Jain Nilesh Dagli Nirali Shah Oshin Kavdia Paaras Modi Ronak Shah Roshni Shah Saurin Shah Shailee Shah Shan Desai Smita Jain Sunny Desai Suraj Shah Vatsal Gandhi Vicki Shah Vinita Choradia Vishal Mehta Viyat Gandhi Indiana High School Esha Shah Pravi Jain College Ritik Shah Sehal Shah Shriya Jain South Barrington Des Plaines Chicago Bloomington Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Skokie Schaumburg Elk Grove Village Arlington Heights Niles Elk Grove Village Elk Grove Village Chicago Chicago Wheeling Skokie Wheeling Elk Grove Village Chicago South Barrington Streamwood Chicago Oak Park Newburgh Fort Wayne Newburgh Newburgh Fort Wayne 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 123 Page #124 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JNF Neeli Shah Evansville Olathe Haysville Kansas High School Misty Shah College Henna Mehta Kentucky High School Riya Shah College Charmi Shah Prospect Louisville JNF Amy Shah Fanil Gada Lexington Louisville Maryland High School Ajeet Choxi Amol Ajmera Anusha Jailwala Arjav Jain Deesha Ajmera Esha Singhai Jai Doshi Rushabh Kamdar Rushil Shah Samyak Jain Shriya Desai Simmi Nirula Sandy Spring Silver Spring Germantown Woodstock Ashton Cockeysville Sykesville Burtonsville Ellicott City Frederick Ellicott City Silver Spring 124 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #125 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Clarksburg Laurel Vanshika Shah Yashvi Shah College Akhil Ajmera Ayush Jain Khushbu Jain Rupali Shah Sanket Shah Varun Singhai Vineet Shah Ashton Woodstock Frederick Leonardtown Clarksville Cockeysville Clarksburg ************* JNF Julie Mehta Ellicott City Kunal Parikh Baltimore Mansi Sogani Laurel Tarang Bapna Baltimore Massachusetts High School Anuj Shah Concord Ashna Jain Northborough Rishabh Jain Framingham Riya Kamani Burlington Stavan Shah Burlington College Ananya Jain Shrewsbury Dhruvi Vora Foxboro Janak Shah Concord Rutvi Shah Burlington Stuti Shah Burlington JNF Aastha Kodia Westford Chintan Gosalia Cambridge Kopal Jain Northborough 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 125 Page #126 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Minerva Teli Rishabh Kodia Saejal Chatter Sahil Shah Sandeep Shah Sonal Chatter Sharon Westford Concord Winchester Boston Concord Michigan High School Aagam Shah Chintan Maheshwari Manav Shah Neel Parakh Parshva Sanghvi Priyal Shah Rishabh Golechha Ruhin Shah Northville Farmington Hills Novi West Bloomfield Canton West Bloomfield Shelby Twp Macomb College Bhumika Jain Farmington Hills Jay Shah Novi Juhi Nahata Saginaw Kunal Shah Novi Kush Madhani Novi Riya Shah Farmington Hills Sheily Shah Novi Shilpi Shah Novi Umang Lathia Wixom Utsav Lathia Wixom Yug Chauhan Ann Arbor JNF Harsha Nahata Saginaw Kinari Shah Plymouth Neil Shah Royal Oak Nirali Shah Troy Paras Vakharia Rochester Pinali Vasani Troy 126 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL hut Hindi, Page #127 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Minnesota High School Priyank Jain Samay Gandhi College Ruchita Jain Nevada Maple Grove Maple Grove Edina JNF Las Vegas 25 Shilpa Daulat New Hampshire High School Bhumi Shah New Jersey High School Nashua Aadil Mahmood Aastha Shah Aastha Kapadia Aastha Shah Akash Jain Anmol Meghani Arush Jain Asheeta Bothra Cavin Gada Chery Gada Darshil Shah Janush Shah Mansi Shah Milindi Shah Nami Jain Neel Shah Edison Monroe Township Morganville Union City Monmouth Jet Clifton Hillsborough Paramus Paramus Paramus Green Brook Hillsborough Rockaway East Brunswick Edison Hillsborough 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 127 Page #128 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cary Morrisville Cary Morrisville Cary Cary Cary Nisha Shah Niyati Shah Palak Shah Pooja Shah Rajvi Shah Reeya Shah Rihi Jain Riya Gandhi Sahil Doshi Sakhi Shah Sanjna Shah Shailee Shah Shikha Shah Siddh Kapadia Tanvi Shah Tanvi Shah Vidhi Challani Vrushi Shah Cary Monmouth Jct Clifton Edison Sayreville Naperville Edison Edison Edison Bridgewater Livingston College Aayush Shah Achal Shah Aditi Sheth Aditya Shah Amal Meghani Anjali Shah Bhumi Shah Chirayu Shah Deep Shah Harshil Kadakia Harshita Jain Kesha Shah Mahi Gada Manav Shah Mansi Shah Mihir Shah Millie Doshi Paramus Monroe East Brunswick Edison Clifton Paramus Dayton Union City East Brunswick Freehold Edison Parsippany Paramus Cedar Grove Paramus Rockaway Bridgewater 128 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #129 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Nikhil Shah Parshva Vakharia Pratik Shah Rutvik Shah Saagar Shah Sagar Shah Sameer Shah Shail Shah Shailee Shah Shikha Shah Shivani Shah Shivani Shah Shreya Shah Siddharth Challani Soham Shah Somik Shah Suraj Shah Vatsal Shah Viraj Shah Vraj Shah Yashwee Kothari Paramus Monroe Township Union Chesterfield Kendall Park Little Falls Hillsborough Dayton Princeton Junction Rutherford Egg Harbor Township Monmouth Jet East Windsor East Windsor North Bergen Kendall Park Little Falls East Windsor Union Edison Parsippany JNF Aditi Desai Alisha Shah Dhwani Shah Ishani Shah Janam Jhaveri Kajal Shah Mahima Shah Tejas Kataria Yash Shah Parsippany Parsippany East Windsor Parsippany Princeton Parsippany Somerset Paramus Iselin New York High School Akshal Shah Dev Shah New Hyde Park New Hyde Park 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 129 Page #130 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Gaurav Ajmera Hitangee Jain Jina Shah Kreena Vora Rahul Ajmera Rikhav Shah Ritvi Shah Plainview Roslynheights Poughkeepsie Wappingers Falls East Williston New Hyde Park Wappingers Falls College Aashini Shah Akshay Pandya Anish Jain Binita Shah Isha Doshi Karishma Shah Manvi Shah Nehal Shah Nidhi Shah Priyanshi Shah Ronak Domadia Westbury Staten Island Baldwin Westbury Troy Deer Park New Hyde Park New York New York New York Bellerose JNE Aakash Gandhi Adit Shah Charmi Vakharia Deval Tolia Harshil Shah Jainam Shah Jubin Shah Paarth Shah Pragati Chaudhary Sagar Vora Sapan Shah Shalin Shah Siddharth Shah Vinit Shah New York Sunnyside New York Searingtown Queens Village Bellerose Long Island City Long Island City Manhasset Hills New York City Sunnyside Woodside Bellerose Elmhurst 130 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #131 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ North Carolina High School Ainesh Jain Daksh Mota Kush Shah Parsh Shah Payal Mehta Ruby Shah Ryan Shah Vishal Shah Cary Morrisville Cary Morrisville Cary Cary Cary Cary Cary Cary Cary Raleigh Chapel Hill Charlotte College Avni Shah Manav Shah Mihir Shah Salauni Shah JNF Hetali Lodaya Ryan Mehta Ohio College Aashtha Shah Mahak Jain Milan Jain Prachi Shah Priyanka Jain Shikha Jain Mansfield Solon Solon Cincinnati Akron Twinsburg INF Akash Shah Anushree Vora Apoorva Ranka Avish Jain Chirag Shah Hally Shah Cleveland Mason Columbus Akron Cincinnati Twinsburg 21 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 131 Page #132 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Pooja Shah Priyanka Vora Riddhi Choksy Umang Patel Virag Shah Oregon College Aman Shah Pennsylvania High School JNF Abhi Shah Jigar Dadarwala Maansi Shah College Bhoomi Shah Jai Dadarwala Kunal Shah Lisa Shah Rahi Shah Roshni Shah Chintav Shah Monica Sheth Sahil Shah West Chester West Chester Fairborn Galena 27 West Chester Township 26 Portland Rhode Island High School Karan Shah Lansdale North Wales Jefferson Hills Pittsburgh 20North Wales Furlong Bensalem Bensalem Bensalem Lincoln 25 28 21 132 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 18 9 5 5 18 24 Philadelphia Lansdale 23 26 ShahONNE Furlong WITH OR ROOTS 15 15 21 188 19 18 20 20 16 Page #133 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ South Carolina JNF Florence Union Clarksville Memphis Mili Shah Shreya Shah Tennessee High School Kevan Mehta JNF Monika Jain Texas High School Aayushi Shah Aloki Ajmera Ami Momaya Anusha Jain Arpita Jain Ayush Bilakhia Ayushi Oswal Devan Patel Diksha Kurwa Dristi Shah Eisha Patel Hemish Shah Henil Rathod Ishika Shah Jessica Shah Jiya Jhonsa Kevin Shah Maya Lalan Mihika Shah Mira Foshee Natasha Bakhai Sugar Land Frisco Kingwood Irving Richardson Cedar Park Sugar Land Plano Cypress Spring Plano Richmond Irving Plano Houston Pearland Houston Plano Katy Richardson Allen 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL 133 Page #134 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Irving Irving Parth Doshi Allen Prisha Gandhi Houston Reddy Sarthak Dallas Rhea Mistry Richmond Rishi Bais Frisco Riyana Daulat Dallas Roshan Patel Allen Ruchi Shah Sugar Land Shaan Mehta Plano Shelly Goel Shivan Golechha Sohum Shah Plano Tina Banthia Irving Vanshika Jhonsa Pearland Veer Mehta Frisco College Adit Jain Richardson Aditi Jain Coppell Archit Oswal Sugar Land Ashni Shah Plano Avni Nandu Austin Divya Shah Tomball Hillary Shah Frisco Malav Shah Plano Man Vinayaka Irving Manushi Shah Sugar Land Naman Adenwala Irving Nemi Mehta Dallas Nikhil Kothari Cedar Park Parthavi Matalia Austin Payal Shah Plano Payal Shah Sugar Land Prapti Ghiya Richmond Rohin Kapadia Sugar Land Shivani Daftary Dallas Siddharth Shah Tomball Sneh Shah Irving 134 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL Page #135 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JNF Sneha Jain Sonali Shah Twinkle Shah Viral Sanghavi Aesha Shah Anushi Shah Anvita Jain Dhanesha Hemani Dhvani Mehta Kaivan Shah Kaushal Kothari Ketan Kapasi Mishi Jain Nikki Shah Nishan Gajjar Prachi Mehta Puja Shah Rohan Gandhi Rupal Sanghavi Salil Ojha Sean Gajjar Setu Shah Siddharth Kurwa Simmi Nandu Sunny Jain Virginia High School Amisha Gandhi Dhruvil Shah Etaasha Jain Gora Surana Kanvi Shah Kushagra Singhai Maitri Choksi Irving Sugarland Irving Irving Houston Austin Austin Pflugerville Dallas Austin Richmond Sugar Land Richmond Plano Fort Worth Houston Fort Worth Cedar Park Irving Houston 20 Austin Sugar Land Cypress Plano Richmond Glen Allen Ashburn Ashburn Herndon Herndon Ashburn Ashburn 21 18 18 18 14 8287 2 2~ ~ ~ ~ ~ + 222 22 29 24 24 23 24 22 22 23 27 22 28 23 24 24 21 21 27 16 16 16 15 18 14 16 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 135 Page #136 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ College JNF Mihir Shah Shivani Kundalia Shreyal Gandhi Virti Choksi JNF Kalp Maniar JNF Aanya Gandhi Ankitha Kala Darshan Shah Washington High School Anusha Jain College Dhruv Mehta Foram Shah Megha Vipani Niyant Jain Priyal Gandhi Akaash Shah Nicole Bohra Vipasha Jain Ashburn Glen Allen Ashburn Ashburn Rima Shah Riya Mehta Chester Ashburn Mclean Roanoke Springfield Ashburn Chantilly Glen Allen Ashburn 20 Vancouver Seattle Bothell Vancouver Milwaukee New Berlin Darshit Gosalia Pooja Shah Sohil Shah 136 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 5564 Hartford Madison Madison 15 17 16 14 20 222222 26 28 Sonu Bohra Bothell 27 Wisconsin NNECTING WITH OUR ROOTS College 27 28 23 16 20 21 20 20 19 26 27 22 Page #137 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Australia JNF Jai Painter Canada High School Riti Shah College JNF Jinali Shah Kruti Shah JNF Ankit Pansar Khushboo Shah Kriti Shah Manish Jain Nilambari Mody Nirali Pansar Nirav Shah Pranav Mody Prianka Kalraiya India College Pratiti Shah Rishika Ranka Roshan Tathed Swikruti Kothari Tanvi Shah Victoria Alberta Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Alberta Ontario Ontario 2 Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Gujarat NNE New Delhi Maharashtra Gujarat Maharashtra A Abhishek Padamchand Tamil Nadu Maitri Shah Gujarat Mihir Shah Gujarat Parth Mehta Maharashtra 21 15 20 20 28 9 9 98 91 n g g 25 22 27 28 26 19 WITH CUR ROOTS 21 20 21 25 25 2228 21 24 23 2018 YJA CONVENTION | CHICAGO, IL 137 Page #138 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Shradha Jain Shreya Chowatia Sohamkumar Shah Yash Mehta Karnataka Maharashtra Gujarat Rajasthan Nepal College Shreyansh Sethia Bagmati 138 2018 YJA CONVENTION CHICAGO, IL Page #139 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Best Wishes to the Young Jains of America on their 13th Biennial YJA Convention We look forward to empowering the next generation of Jains in America ASHI DIAMONDS PANDYA JAIN FAMILY NEW YORK | MUMBAI HONG KONG | INDORE Page #140 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 20TH BIENNIAL CONVENTION SAMARPAN SADHANA Kindly Save the Dates July 4th - July 7th, 2019 SATSANG VENTION WA CONVE SEVA SELF-REALIZATIO 20BIENNIAL CONVENTION LOS ANGELES LETS GO to 11 JAIN RELIGION IN THE 21ST CENTURY LOS Angeles The JAINA Executive Committee, the Jain Center of Southern California and the 2019 JAINA Convention Board are excited to invite you, your family and your friends from around the world to join us at the JAINA Convention 2019. Please come and explore with us "Jain Religion in the 21st Century" next July 4th-7th, 2019 in Southern California at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. Os Low registration fees Os Registration opens early August! Os Religious and Spiritual Discourses Os Inspirational and Impactful Keynote Speakers Os International Jain Leaders - "Diaspora" Os Interfaith Round Table Or Performances by Professional Artist Or Jains Got Talent Or Jain Academic Bowl O- JAINA Awards Os Garba-Raas On Delicious Jain and Vegan Food Universal Studios Jain Center of Southern California Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Cultural Program Garba Night Disneyland Please mark your calendar and stay tuned for further information, Also look out for our invitation in coming months to participate in the exhilarating cultural show to showcase the talents of your Jain center.