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Publisher: USA Federation of JAINA
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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ OVERA DIGEST A Publication by the Federation of Jain Associations in North America Winter 2005 Volume 23. No. 4 www.wejsarim.anding op JAINA Convention 2005, Puilout Brochure Included Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cardiology Vinod K. Shah, MD, FACC A. A. Patil, MD, FACC Mahesh P Shah MD.FACC Anil K. Shah, MD, FACC Anantha Rao, MD, FACC Gastroenterology Umed K. Shah, MD, FACG Atul R. Shah, MD, FACG Nayan R. Shah, MD, FACG Sreenivas Mannam MD Pulmonology Kiran D. Mehta, MD, FCCP Neurology Beena A. Shah, MD Internal Medicine Bhasker A. Jhaveri, MD David M. Federle, MD Mary Kramer, MD Avani D. Shah, MD Dhiren Shah, MD Chandra B. Sajja, MD Manoj Panwala, MD Hematology/Oncology Gurdeep Chhabra, MD Harminder S. Sethi, MD Gerontology Anwar T. Munshi, MD, FACP Rita B. Jhaveri, MD Pediatrics lla V. Shah, MD, FAAP M.EO. Lafeer, MD, FAAP Dawn Bertram-Stewart, MD Beena Kherpal, MD Fahmi H. Fahmi MD Pediatrics/Internal Medicine James L. Harring, MD, FAAP, FACP Family Practice John E Fenwick, MD J. Patrick Jarboe, MD Robert J. Bauer, MD John L. Bennett, MD J. Scott Tidball, MD Roy H. Bunales, MD Radiology Halappa G. Hakkal, MD Harris E. Orzach, MD Psychiatry Aruna A. Patil, MD Endocrinology John Tourtelot, MD Hollywood Office Philip J. Bean Medical Center PO Box 640 24035 Three Notch Road Hollywood, MD 20636 301-373-7900 Leonardtown Offices Shanti Medical Center PO Box 664 26840 Point Lookout Road, Suite 101 Leonardtown, MD 20650 301-475-5577 301-475-5524 St. Mary's Medical Arts Building PO Box 306 22650 Cedar Lane Court Leonardtown, MD 20650 310-475-5021 301-475-5023 Prince Frederick Office Calvert Medical Office Building 110 Hospital Road, Suite 303 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 410-535-4333 Lexington Park Office 22335 Exploration II,Suite 1030 & 1035 Lexington Park, MD 20653 301-863-7041 301-863-9000 California Office PO Box 540 23263 By the Mill Road California, MD 20619 301-863-5835 Charlotte Hall Office Charlotte Hall Medical Centre PO Box 507 29795 Three Notch Road Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 301-884-7322 301-884-7330 Mechanicsville Office Village Medical Annex 28160 Old Village Road, Suite A Mechanicsville, MD 20659 301-884-4666 Washington Area 831 University Blvd., #32 Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-445-4430 JAIN TEMPLE, WASHINGTON, DC 000 JAI JINENDRA Dialogue Between Master And Student कहं चरे कहं चिट्ठे कहमासे कहं सए । कहं भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्म न बंधई ॥ Hary STAT What should be the mode of movements? Of standing, sitting, lying, eating or talking So that there is no bondage and karma Emanating from our daily activities? ON TH TEN जयं चरे जयं चिट्ठे जयमासे जयं सए । जयं भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्म न बंधई ॥ When you walk, walk with awareness. When you stand, be mindful. When you sit, be aware. When you sleep, be peaceful. When you eat and speak, be watchful. Commit no harm, to any living being, Which may invite painful karmic consequences. Dasavaíkalika 429 BC We dedicate ourselves to ceaseless efforts of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, in spreading the principles of Jainism among all the Jains settled in North America. We congratulate the Executive Committee for their devoted service to JAINA. SHAH ASSOCIATES, M.D., L.L.C. Shanti Medical Center, P.O. Box 664, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone: 301-475-5579 Metro 301-870-2049 Fax 301-884-7419 Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ From The President... JAI JINENDRA! Here is a brief summary of the recent developments: 1. 2005 Convention activities are getting into high gears. Please study the convention details in this issue. JCNC have done a tremendous job in putting the material together for Jain Digest. Please register immediately or sign up on line. We expect a very good number of attendance. 2. You will soon be receiving a beautiful JAINA Calendar for the year 2005. Rajeev Pandya and his team have done a wonderful job of printing this high quality calendar. This is a fine example of our next generation's accomplishment. 3. The Pratishtha Mahotsav at Niagara Falls went very well. Over 200 people took part in this important event. The Niagara Jain Community along with the local Hindu Samaj did a nice job in organizing this function. 4. The new website is up and running. Please visit it by clicking Dilip V. Shah and Dhrumil Purohit have revamped the entire website and made it very user-friendly. We expect to keep developing it and turn it into a powerful tool to integrate the whole Jain community. Please use it and give us your feedback. 5. Dr. Manibhai Mehta and Manoj Dharamsi and their committee members are working very hard at refining the constitutional changes. They will present findings first to the Executive Committee and then they will send them to the directors for their approval. 6. Jivdaya Committee under the leadership of Pramodaben Chitrabhanu has already raised $28,000 and is in the process of disbursing the funds to the right charities. We are grateful to her and her committee members for this great accomplishment. 7. Jain Center of Greater Boston, under the leadership of my brother-Jitendra Vora- has undertaken a very ambitious project of publishing/distributing a Revised Jain Directory to all Jain families in North America at no cost. He and other members of his committee will contact you for your membership list and financial help. Please help them to the best of your ability in making this great communications tools available to us all. 8. Most of the Jain Center Presidents must have received a complimentary bookset "Teerth Darshan". We are thankful to Jain Prathna Mandir Trust of Chennai, India for their donations and Religion in Ohio from the Jain Center of Columbus.. 9. Please note that over the last year or so, Lataben Champsee, Editor in Chief, has been quietly making a lot of improvements in Jain Digest. Now you will see more colors, more photographs and interesting articles than ever before. We are indebted to her for her dedication and balanced reporting, 10. Gunvant (Gary) Shah, Chairman, Senior Housing Project, has been spending a lot of time in evaluating several options for this project. Even though you may have filled out the survey last Year or if you have any interest in the project, you should contact Gunvant Shah at or at 732-246-4030 for more information but the E-mail will be pre ferred. 11. JAINA EC has formed yet another committee entitled " Planned Giving Committee" with Yogesh Kamdar as its Chair. We expect this committee to be an excellent tax smart vehicle to donate to JAINA during your life and afterwards. Please find the details about this initiative in this issue. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With Warmest Personal Regards, оттда хола Anop R. Vora, President To preview 2005 JAINA calendar log on JAIN DIGEST WINTER 2004 VOL.23 NO: 4 CIRCULATION: 11000 IN THIS ISSUE Niagara Falls Pratishtha.........3 Headquarters News.................5. Meeting with Acharya.............8 Jaina Awards........ Palnned Giving.......... 10 Mahavir's Deciples............... 12 Charitable Giving...................13. Regional News.................. JAINA Book store....... .9 .......14 Jain Digest life members......17 MIS Registration Form.........18 Matrimonials....... Apurva Avsar...... ..20 ..22 ..24 Cover: JAINA CALENDAR 2005 1. WINTER 2005 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) JAINA HEADQUARTERS PO Box 700, Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Phone/Fax: 716/636-5342 jainahq A publication of the FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA (JAINA) JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JAINA COMMITTEES President Anop R. Vora Phone: 585/473-9290, Fax: 585/473-9450 Academic Liaison Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Long Term Planning Yogendra Jain 781-856-0769 EDITOR IN CHIEF Lata Champsee 21 Swifrdale Place Don Mills, ONT, Canada MB IM3 Phone: 416/441-2200 fax: 416/441-2211 email: Calendar Committee Rajeev Pandya 718-816-0083 Media and Public Relations Committee: Mr. Nitin Talasania 908-306-1406 First Vice President Kirit C. Daftary Phone: 254/776-4209, Fax: 254/753-1411 Constitution Review Committee Manibhai Mehta 714-898-3156 Membership Kamlesh Shah 301-838-9778 COVER DESIGN Dhrumil Purohit email: Regional Vice Presidents Lata Champsee, Canada Phone: 416/441-2200, Fax: 416/441-2211 Govt.&Int'll Organizations Relations Dhiraj H. Shah 716-773-1314 Marriage Information Service Hasmukh M. Shah 727-934-6141 Keerti Shah. Midwest US Phone: 630/837-8716 Interfaith Activies/World Council of Jains Arvind Vora 631-269-1167 N. American Jain Families Assist Program lla G. Mehta 419-865-2727 REGIONAL EDITORS Dr. Sumati Shah. Northeast, US Phone: 516/625-8617 Jain Center Resource Nitin Shah 562-902-0277 North American Jains History Jasvant Mehta 780-435-9070 Canada Dr. Mahendra Mehta email: Phone/Fax 416/241-2044 Pravin K. shah, Southeast US Phone: 919/859-4994 Jain Digest Membership Keerti Shah 630-837-8716 Patron Program Udai Jain 281-980-0741 Midwest. US Manubhai Doshi email: Phone: 8477735-0120 Rohak Vora, West US Phone: 858/676-1150 Jain Network Forum (NF) Sunil Jain 630-705-1884 Pilgrimage Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 Udai Jain, Southwest US Phone: 281-980-0741, Fax: 281/980-2924 Jain Rituals Naresh Shah 516-741-9269 Planned Giving Committee Yogesh Kamdar 203-288-2350 Northeast, US Dineshbhai Chheda email: Phone: 973/394-1701 Secretary Sushil Jain Phone/ 301/670-0519 Fax:301/670-3937 Jaina Book Stores Rohit H. Doshi 607-754-6010 Scholar Visitation Nirmal Dosi 732-390-0296 Jaina Charitable Trust Mahendra K. Pandya 718-816-0083 Senior's Housing Gunvant Shah 732-246-4030 Southeast, US Surendra Shah Phone: 770/422-1483 Treasurer Jit Turakhia Phone: 315/622-3287, Fax: 315/622-1980 Jaina Convention Board Kirit Daftary 254-776-4209 Technology Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Southwest, US Jadavji Kenia email: į Phone: 972/690-3593 Immediate Past President Bipin D. Parikh Phone: 630-978-0185 Jaina Education Pravin K. Shah 919-859-4994 Tirthodhdhar Committee Kirit Daftary 254-776-4209 SPECIAL OFFICE BEARER Executive Director of JAINA Kamalesh Amin Jaina Exhibition Sudhir Shah 203-397-5086 V. R. Gandhi Scholarship Fund Pravin C. Shah 516-248-8265 West, US Chandrakant Parekh Phone: 562-926-5663 Fax: 562-926-5664 Jaina Library Ramesh Doshi 714-995-8914 Website Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Names of all Board of Directors are listed on ASSOCIATE EDITORS Jaina Public Affairs Committee Sushil Jain 301-670-0519 Wheel Of Hope Ramesh P. Shah 440-442-4596 Young Minds Hanul Bhandari 210-842-4825. JAINA CHARITABLE TRUST Names of all Trustees are listed on AFFILIATES Jaina Publication Prem Gada 806-794-4777 World Community Service Bachubhai S. Ajmera 301-924-8070 Chirag K. Shah 262-880-6918, chirag Jivdaya Pramodaben Chitrabhanu 212-534-6090 YJA and YJP Coordinator Girish P. 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Lubbock, TX Young Jain Professionals (YJP) Suchita Gala 703-938-5582 MANAGING BOARD Lata Champsee, Managing Director Dilip V Shah, Marketing Director Keerti Shah, Circulation Director CANADA Regular Toronto Anaca Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Vancouver NORTHEAST Regular Boston Bufalo Cherry Hill Essex Fells Hudson Valley New York Ocen Orange Philadelphia Pittsburgh The Managing Editorial Board will endeavor to publish all material submitted but reserves the right to edit and/or reformat for clarity and space restrictions. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Managing Editorial Board of JAIN DIGEST MIDWEST Regular Chicago Cincinati/Dayton Cleveland Columbus Detroit Lansing St. Louis Acce Kansas City Minneapolis Milwaukee Toledo Rochester Washington Associate Albany Allentown Elmira Harrisburgh Hartford Syracuse SOUTHEAST Regular Atlanta Miami Arreciate Augusta Charlotte Ft. Meyers Jacksonville Memphis Middle Tennessee Morgantown New Orleans Orlando Panama City Beach Palm Beach Raleigh Tampo SOUTHWEST Regular Dallas Houston Phoenix Ancie Tulsa Lubbock Colorado WEST Regler Los Angles San Francisco Art Las Vegas Portland Sacramento San Diego Inin Education International For Pawata Personal Use Only WWE Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Pran Pratishtha of Jain deities at the Shiv Mandir in Niagara Falls, Canada T he year 2004 has been a very remarkable one for the Niagara Hindu Samaj (NHS), Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The year saw the completion of the Mandir's Murti project, which began with the Pran Pratishtha of Devi Mata and culminated recently with the Pran Pratishtha of Lord Parshvanath and Lord Mahavir. The consecration of the Jain deities represents not only an important milestone in the ongoing cooperation between the Hindu and Jain communities of the Niagara region, but is also an acknowledgement of our common heritage of Sanatan Dharma. This report is a summary of the milestones achieved in this process. The process of unifying of the Hindu and Jain communities of Niagara was initiated as a result of the far-sightedness of Dr. Udayan Rege. In September 1985, on Ganesh Chaturthi, Dr. Rege formed a steering committee of three people to explore the possibility of establishing a place of worship in the Niagara Region. At about the same time, Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji and some members of the Jain community held a meeting in St. Catharines to explore the idea of a place of worship for the Jain community. Dr. Udayan Rege continued working on the project for many years with the support of members of the Niagara Hindu Samaj. In 1999, the Samaj raised sufficient funds to purchase the property at 5284 Second Avenue, Niagara Falls, which developed later into the Shiv Mandir. Bhoomi Puja at the property was performed by Dr. Budhendranath Doobay of the Vishnu Mandir, Richmond Hill, Toronto, in April 2001. be determined through a process of consensus. The opportunity to realize the dreams of Dr. Udayan Rege and Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji was now within reach! At a meeting of prominent members of the Jain community from Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Welland in Canada; and Buffalo in New York, a model representing Jain deities consistent with the Shwetamber, Digamber, and Sthanakvasi traditions was presented and approved. The size of the Jain deities was comparable to that of the Hindu deities. The main area of Shiv Mandir the sanctum sanctorum is approximately six hundred square feet. In accordance with the vision of Dr. Rege, a mutually agreeable sharing of this area between deities belonging to both the Hindu and Jain traditions was essential for the Mandir. A lot of thought went into placing the Murtis at the right place on the same stage. We all know that God is One-this is a universal Truth. However, we all pray, meditate and worship somewhat differently. A lot of effort went into locating the Murtis correctly, so that all memdbers of our two communities may follow the rites and rituals of their traditions in peace and mutual harmony. Despite one's best intentions, real life always has a way of making itself felt! Our Murti supplier, made a crucial error of judgment. The Murti of Lord Mahavir was supposed to be in the Shwetamber tradition, and even our own extensive research did seem to indicate that it was indeed so. However, two weeks before the Pran Pratishtha of the Jain moorties, Mrs Lata Champsee, the Vice President of Jaina (Canada) came to the Mandir in an attempt to resolve some issues. She discovered that the Moorti of Lord Mahavir was not really in the true Shwetamber tradition. Although it did appear that the Murti possessed some Shwetamber symbols (Lakshans), in reality it was Digamber in character. Not surprisingly, this discovery came as somewhat of a shock to the community, which now found itself in a very difficult situation. She sat through the afternoon and talked to all the murti donors and Shiv Mandir trustees and proposed them to place a proper Shwetamber Murty. Perhaps we would have continued with the Pran Pratishtha of Lord Mahavir's Moorti had we been unaware of the error, but now it was necessary for us to act, and time was of the essence! Fortunately for us, Mr. Dilip V. Shah of Philadelphia stepped into the breach by coordinating the airlifting of the appropriate Murty of Lord Mahavir 3WINTER 2005 In September 2002, after extensive renovations and the appointment of Pandit Ramesh Chand as Resident Priest, the Samaj initiated the Murti Sthapna Project with Mr. Kamal Jain as Project Manager. It was a very involved project, not least because the selection of the Murtis and their sizes were to For info on 2005 convention log on www.jaina.orate & Personal Use Only Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ů Directions: from India at his own expense upon a request from Jaina President Mr. Anop Vora. The QEW Toronto. Exit on Highway 420. Niagara Hindu Samaj is forever thankful to Lataben, Dilipbhai and Anop Vora. From Fort Erie or Buffalo: Take Continue on Hwy 420 past the Stanley Ave. crossing, then turn left on McDonald Avenue. Take a right on Stamford St., and then a left on Second Avenue. To reach the Mandir from Toronto, Take QEW Niagara. Exit on Highway 420. Continue on Hwy 420 past the Stanley Ave. crossing, then turn left on McDonald Avenue. Take a right on Stamford St., and then a left on Second Avenue. CITY OF NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO HWY 420 STANLEY AVE MCDONALD AVE. 4 WINTER 2005 STAMFORD ST. The Murti arrived from India just in time for the grand occasion of Pran Prathishtha Mahotsav. Gurudev Chitrabhanu Ji along with Parmoda Shah and Vidhikar Mr. Naresh Shah performed the necessary rites over two days. SHIV MANDIR ROBERTS ST. Mr. Vasant Sheth from Toronto and Dr. Hussain Khan from Niagara Falls provided the musical accompaniment. Overall, it was a well-attended function-about four hundred and fifty devotees were present. They came from faraway places like Texas, California, Washington, New York, Rochester, Montreal, Hamilton, and Toronto. The local community experienced a lot of excitement. The local hotel and motel owners gave special rates to the attendees. The enthusiasm and fervour of the devotees saw a good amount of money being raised with the Ghee Boli. In an unprecedented move, Jaina held their annual Ahimsa meeting in Niagara Falls to coincide with the Pran Prathishtha Mahotsav. The usual venue for this meeting is Sidhachalam. Gurudev Chitrabhanu Ji also celebrated Ahimsa Day at the conclusion of the Prathishtha at the Mandir. Local dignitaries and politicians were also in attendance. RAINBOWBRIDGE The Niagara Hindu Samaj invites you all to visit the Shiv Mandir whenever you are in the area. You will find the Mandir-a living testimony to the faith and conviction of two far-sighted individuals, Dr. Udayan Rege and Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji-to be deeply peaceful, welcoming, and spiritually satisfying. Kamal K. Jain Welland, Ontario, Canada CHITRABHANUJI VISITS LIGHTHOUSE CENTER On the weekend of October 8-10, 2004, Gurudev Chitrabhanuji again came to visit the Lighthouse Center for Spiritual Development in Whitmore Lake, Michigan (just north of Ann Arbor). At the Lighthouse, founded by Chetana Catherine Florida, Gurudevji's first apostle, all of the members are meditating and practicing Ahimsa and Reverence for Life. Gurudevji's loving presence and words of wisdom inspire all of us at the Lighthouse to continue each day to be guided by our meditations, that we may choose our thoughts, words, and actions in the awareness of Ahimsa and love, loving all others and ourselves. We are forever grateful to Gurudevji for always being a Beacon of Light and Inspiration. C News on JAINA activities log on wak dudno Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA DIRECTORS MEETING Saturday Oct 2, 2004 Niagara Falls, Canada Minutes of JAINA Directors Meeting held on Saturday Oct 2, 2004 at Niagara Falls, Canada. Executive Committee members present were as follows: Mr. Anop Vora, Mr. Kirit Daftary, Mr. Sushil Jain, Mr. Jit Turakhia, Mrs. Lata Champsee, Mr. Udai Jain, Mr. Sumati Shah, Mr. Pravin Shah, Mr. Keerti Shah and Mr. Bipin Parikh Directors, Center Presidents, Committee chairs and Cochairs, and guests were as follows: Mr. Dhiraj Shah, Mr. Kamlesh Shah, Mr. Yogesh Kamdar, Mr. Rohit Doshi, Mr. Dilip V. Shah, Mr. Pravin C. Shah, Mrs. Pramoda Chitrabhanu, Mrs. Mamta Shaha, Mr. Tansukh Salgia, Mr. Kamlesh Amin, Gurudev Chitrabhanu, Mr. Kamal Jain, Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma, Mr. Sharma, and Mrs. Kumud Jain Mrs. Lata Champsee made administrative and logistic announcements regarding events and activities for next two HEADQUARTERS days. President: Anop Vora, JAINA President, called the meeting to order at 9:20AM with the opening prayer led by all. After a brief introduction by each member present, Anop Vora thanked every one for coming and making this meeting a success. He offered many positive accolades in favor of each volunteer. He commented that nearly all committees had filed annual progress reports. It is evident that there are hundreds of volunteers doing excellent work quietly and without fan fare under JAINA umbrella. He further reported that the plan for 2005 JAINA convention is moving full speed ahead due to the efforts of Kirit Daftari, Girish Shah and Bipin Shah. Kirit Daftary met with Achaarya Mahapragyaji and discussed and requested bilateral support and assistance in maintaining unity among Jains. Acharyaji praised the work of JAINA and pledged his support. Thanks to Pravin C. Shah, the Government of India has approved VRG stamp proposal. The Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona was a grand success. Credit goes to Naresh Jain and Pokharna Sisters and many others. (See written report for details). Secretary: Sushil Jain presented the minutes of Board of Directors meeting held on 4 Oct at Siddhachalam & Board of Directors meeting in March 2004 in Atlanta. Treasurer's report: Jit Turakhia reported on accounts balance as of 30 Sept 04. We have the following: Gen funds - $85K, Patron Program - $62K, 2005Сony fund -$44K Charitable trust - $135K, Jain Digest fund - $100K. Convention 2005 presentation: Kirit Daftary reported that. The convention theme is "Extending Jain Heritage in Western World". It will be held from July 1-4, 2005. The convention board is made up of seven members of which four are national and three are local. There are 10 major committees formed with milestones and guidelines being developed and recorded for future use. He presented details of each committee.. The entertainment will be by a well-known performer. There are varieties of day or over night tours planned for sights around California. We are expecting 5000 individuals to register. Jiv Daya committee: Mrs. Pramoda Chitrabhanu reported the collection of $16K in support of Jiv Daya (Animal Shelter). She pointed out that there are many centers supporting Animal Shelters in India directly rather than going thru JAINA. Mr. Dhiraj Shah pointed out the potential of duplication and uneven distribution of funds. It was suggested that if Mrs. Chitrabhanu can provide a list and publish it in JAIN Digest, perhaps duplication could be avoided. Mr. Salgia commented that perhaps some money should be spent locally to support animal shelters in US. Membership committee: Mr. Kamlesh Shah reported that he faces many challenges regarding the retention of existing members especially from small centers. They want to know what benefit they are receiving by joining JAINA! They are also challenged by not having funds to pay their dues. Similar problems are experienced when dealing with affiliate members. In addition, he is having difficulty in sending invoices to some members due to lack of valid mailing addresses. He recommended that we bill every two years rather than annually. Teerthodar Committee: Mr. Kirit Daftari submitted a written report. In addition, he requested all centers should send their money via JAINA. He has also received a request from Bhuj for 21 lakhs to build an upasra. Mamta Shaha offered to help in this committee, especially in Maharastra. Education committee: Pravin Shah provided a detailed written report. He reported that they have spent over $48K in printing books and collected $37K. Over 30 centers in USA and around the globe are using these books in their Pathshala. The level four books will go to the publisher by December 2004. At the same time, Middle level books will be ready soon. The committee will need - $40K for publication for these books. Furthermore, he stated that most of the books are on the JAINA web site in PDF format. There is no copyright restriction on any of the material prepared by JAINA. For list of JAINA Directors log on: www.jaina,orgivate & Personal Use Only 5 WINTER Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HEADQUARTERS NEWS JAINA Public Affairs Council: Sushil Jain submitted a comprehensive written report and commented that in response to request by EC, we have developed and refined JAINA Code of Conduct and Ethics guidelines. The next step is to have it reviewed by our legal team. Thereafter, we will forward it to Board of Directors for comments. Once comments are reviewed, and implemented as applicable, it will be put forth for voting electronically. A JAINA's statement on Prosthelization needs to be developed, approved and posted on our web site for others to reference as needed. A draft was shared at the EC meeting. It was suggested that this issue is so important that Board of Directors should also be informed. V.R. Gandhi Scholarship fund: Pravin C. Shah submitted a written report and provided multiple handouts to all. In addition, the Government of India informed him that the V.R. Gandhi stamp would be released either at the birth or death anniversary next year. He reported that the home of V.R. Gandhi will be turned in to a memorial and a museum which will display important documents, newspaper clippings, medals and gifts that he received from around the world. Mr. Naresh Jain will ask Parliament of World Religion for copies of information/ material they have on subject mat ter. Jain Digest: Mrs. Lata Champsee reported that Jain Digest has achieved over $100K for their endowment fund via membership. She remarked that many people compare Jain Digest with Jain Spirit. She pointed out that both magazines have different goals and objectives. Jain Digest is intended to enhance communication among Jains in North America with limited budget and advertising. It is produced strictly with volunteer time. Whereas Jain Spirit is a magazine with paid staff and big budget. and it supports voice of Jains around the world. She also remarked that many committee chairs expect her to fully publish their activity report. Unfortunately, due to the space and cost restriction, she publishes summary of their reports. However, JAINA Spectrum, an electronic newsletter can host the entire report. There were many remarks made to improve what we have. Everyone agreed that we have come long way in the past few years. JAINA Web Site: Dilip V. Shah provided a written report and commented that the first Architectural phase is running as a prototype at the cost of $2500. Phase two which relates to content is now under construction. Phase two consists of over 60 pages and will provide all links to various pages hosting JAINA committees and projects. Each committee chair will have access to this page and can update at their discretion. This phase will cost - $2300 and finally the last phase is update phase at the cost of - $1800 per year as annual fee. Everyone complimented the work being done on the web site and recommended supporting phase two and three. There were many questions, comments and suggestions regarding this project. During the deliberation everyone agreed that we should be very careful in allowing links to other sites. The group felt comfortable in allowing links to member organization's web site, but expressed concerns regarding links beyond that. Community Planned giving: Mr. Yogesh Kamdar made a very comprehensive presentation on the subject matter. He provided details regarding various ways an individual can make contribution to JAINA, i.e., trust donation, life insurance policy donation distribution, etc... He also outlined the process that can be used to accomplish it while describing benefits to donors as well as JAINA. Everyone agreed that this is indeed an excellent way for charitable fund raising. After a healthy deliberation, a resolution was proposed. Senior Housing Project: Bipin Parikh and Gunvant Shah provided a handout. Bipin Parikh summarized the survey results. He reported that unfortunately due to the computer problems lots of data was lost which impacted the survey comments from many individuals. He commented that he was working with several developers in Central Florida on this project. He provided several options for land and related expense. He further reported that, due to his unavailability he has turned over this committee, JAINA EC in agreement, to Mr. Gunvant "Gary" Shah of NJ. Gary Shah reported that according to survey Florida was the preferred site for this project. He has explored several land options near Orlando and provided financial details of each. Kirit Daftary reported that he contacted a House Manufacturing company developer and was informed that it would cost approximately $80,000 to construct 1200 sq ft home plus land cost. There were many other encouraging comments including interest from people as well as finding land between Tampa and Orlando as a cost effective option. JAINA History Book Project: On behalf of the chairman, Mr. T.J. Salgia presented the report. He thanked Kamlesh Amin of JAINA headquarters in the history survey which was distributed. Unfortunately, he only received one response so far. Therefore, he requested access to e-mails and phone numbers of Presidents and Directors of each center. The purpose is to enhance timely communication with them. Mr. Jaswant Mehta, chairman, requested some seed money in support of this project. This committee's goal is to write a comprehensive 100-year-old history inclusive of Jain organization and the individuals who had an impact on promoting Jainism in North America. During discussion, it was pointed out that the history must be accurate and published. Each organization is responsible to insure its contents are validated and approved by local authority for publication. Mr. Vora requested chair to provide the following information so that resource action can be taken. Q1. What is estimated to be the Jain WINTER 2005 For Private & Pers To receive JAINA SPECTRUM log on Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ total cost of the project? 2. How many books will be published? 3. Who are potential customers who will purchase such books? In addition to this report, Mr. Salgia commented that JAINA should consider becoming a member of North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) located in Columbus, Ohio. NAIN is a network of over one hundred organizations. The membership is only $75 per year. Last year the state of Ohio celebrated 100 years. To commemorate the event, a book was published which has a chapter on JAINISM in Ohio. This is expected to be a collector's item in the future. In addition, he announced that in the summer of 2005, four professors are taking three months sabbatical leave from their respective universities to study JAINISM in India. Thereafter, they will offer a course in Jainism in their university Along with them will be two graduate students taking courses in Jainism. The cost of this project is $7000 each, all-inclusive. The resources for the activity are derived from non-JAINA resources. Government Relations/ World community service: Dr. Dhiraj Shah had submitted a written report. He reported that JAINA is a member of USAID, as a result we are able to perform humanitarian services around the world, especially in India without custom duty. JAINA is also registered with Ministry of Health and Welfare of India, as well as a member of World Jain Confederation (WJC). In regards to housing in Bhuj, all 250 homes were released for occupancy. Their school is nearly complete. Bhuj city official requested a bus and an ambulance due to lack of transportation. JAINA presented a check for fifty lakhs in support of their request. As soon as their medical clinic, dental clinic and community halls are built, we will donate additional thirty lakh rupees. JAINA 25th anniversary: Sushil Jain commented that next year, 2006 would mark the 25th JAINA anniversary. Therefore it should be celebrated as much as possible with special programs to dedicate the anniversary. Most people felt that we could make this a year-long celebration. The group discussed many ideas and concluded that Anop Vora should discuss with JAINA past president and appoint an ad-hoc task force to take care of the project. JAINA Patron Committee: Mr. Udai Jain commented that his focus on recruiting JAINA EC and trustees is completed, resulting in 58 patron members. His next focus is on recruiting directors and center presidents. He requested that the regional VP help in this process. Girnar Issue: Mr. Pravin C. Shah provided multiple handouts regarding the issue and summarized the concern that Hindu people are not allowing Jains to go on the mountain for yatra and perform puja. In addition, they are building a Hindu temple on the mountain in spite of the court ruling in favor of Jains. There was a lengthy discussion regarding illegal occupation of Jain places of worship by non-Jains, perhaps due to lack of unity among us. Some people felt that, unfortunately, since we are 10,000 miles away there is very little we can do. However, everyone agreed that we, in North America, must remain united. It is ok to perform prayers and religious practices according to their tradition and heritage, but must unite for all major events. Many Jain leaders around the globe have pledged their quest to be united as Jains. Niagara Falls Host: Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma, President of Niagara Falls, Canada Hindu temple stopped by to welcome everyone and personally invited all to Prathishtha ceremony. She expressed her gratitude to JAINA leaders for their guidance, help and being personally present during the festivities. She introduced her husband Mr. Sharma, Mr. Kamal Jain and Mrs. Kumud Jain. JAINA Constitution & By-Laws review: Mr. Sushil Jain informed the board that the Constitution committee is reviewing the input from various centers and individuals. As soon as EC has the opportunity to review and make recommendation, we will forward input to the Board of Directors for comments. Once all comments are reviewed and incorporated as applicable, the final document will be sent to the Board of Directors for final approval. Gurudev Chitrabhanu and closing prayer: Gurudev addressed the meeting providing a very inspiring speech regarding the importance of Unity among Jains. He commented that we should not be influenced by those who don't understand the difficulty we face while living in western environment. He also spoke about the importance of promoting Jain Dharma rather than Jainism, he outlined the philosophical differences of each. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm with closing prayer led by Gurudev. HEADQUARTERS NEWS Prepared by Dr. Sushil Jain Secretary, JAINA 7 WINTER To view latest JAIN DIGEST log on www.jaina.orge Ders dice nte te & Rersonals Only Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ H.H. Acharya Mahapragyaji Kirit Daftary First Vice President, JAINA 8 WINTER 2005 Jalin Edcbit memnational Meeting with Acharya Mahapragya During my recent trip to India. I met with H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna, Muni Mahendra Kumarji and Muni Shree Kumar Shramanji at Siryaji (Rajasthan) After brief exchanges of compliments, Acharya Mahaprajna inquired as to how JAINA is spreading the message of Mahavir in US? I mentioned that JAINA has sponsored Ahimsa Conference in California Poly Technical Institute. This was a two days conference attended by Jains and Non-Jains. I asked Acharya how could we maintain unity of Jains in North America? How could all sects of Jains stay together? If Terapanth were going to open up their own centers in US. some of current Jain members would leave the existing centers and join new centers. Thus, it could dilute our numbers and weaken our strength. I sought his help to solve such a delicate matter. He stated all sects of Jainism have these three things in common. 1. Naitik life 2. Adhyatmik life 3. Kriya life The role of Samanji in US is to make people aware of Jainism. He also felt that Saman Samanji should be scheduled at all Jain Centers on a regular basis to teach Preksha Meditation and teachings of Jainism to non-Jains. Acharyaji has hoped that JAINA takes lead in spreading Jainism and its message to bring about Non-violence and other Anuvrata of Jainism in US among Americans. He also talked about training of Non-Violence. He feels that this could be achieved through Preksha Meditation. Once people get used to Preksha Meditation, whereby they would maintain healthy life style then they could be also exposed to Anuvrata of Jainism, which would help them maintain balanced life. This in turn leads to the message of Lord Mahavir, Ahimsa, Anekanta, Aprigraha, etc. Acharyaji, through his Ahimsa walk has made difference in life style of even non-Jains. Some of the Muslims are practicing and spreading the message of Ahimsa. They have been leading the Ahimsa Walk parade and been holding the Jain Flag during Acharyaji's procession. H.H. Acharyaji has contact with President of India. Acharyaji has agreed to informally find out if the President can attend JAINA convention in 2005 as one of the keynote speakers. If he can't come personally to US Acharyaji could Kirit C. Daftary, First Vice President arrange for a live telecast of President of India. Acharyaji has agreed for his live telecast message for 2005 convention. We also met with Yuvacharya Mahashramanji (Successor of H. H. Acharya Shri Mahaprajna) for his guidance. They all were happy to note that there was a good demand for lectures from Samans during last convention. We have requested for same Samans to give Stress Management program during 2005 convention. I attended Preksha Meditation Shibir, which was attended by Jains and Non-Jains from all over India. Part of the shibir also included discourses by Acharyaji and Yuva Acharyaji. On that weekend there were over 4,000 attendees. They had come from all over Rajasthan areas by busloads. Many of them had brought pillows and blankets and slept in large tents. They all wanted to hear Acharyaji and follow his message. Next day there were lines of people giving him respect. Volunteers kept lines moving as people wanted to see him and get his blessing from close distance. Acharyaji assured us that there is demand from many cities of US to open center but at present they were not going to open any more centers in US. He expressed his hopes through his monks that JAINA should be instrumental in spreading words of Mahavir and Ahimsa in North America to bring about world peace. Samans and Samniji were there to help out JAINA and local Jain centers to teach Preksha meditation and Jain teachings. We should take the message of Acharyaji about Ahimsa and Non-violence to world in these times of terror and violence. Acharyaji mentioned that to remove violence, it is very necessary that we first understand the root and cause of the violence and upon understanding, we have to work on removing roots of violence. Once the roots are gone, you would have created long lasting peace and non-violent environment. Though it was a short and very useful meet ing with Acharyaji. This has helped us open up a dialogue with Acharyaji to help us bring unity of all four sects in North America. They have given open invitation to all Jain Sanghs in North America to join International Preksha Meditation Camp at Jain Vishva Bharti, Ladnun in Jan 2005. For more information send e-mail to: For Private & PersorPathshala materials is available on Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA AWARDS JAINA gives out awards at every convention to recog- nize the individuals who have contributed significantly in line with the principles of Jainism. Three types of awards will be issued for a total of sixteen awards as follows: JAINA Ratna (1) JAINA Adult Recognition Awards (10) JAINA Youth Recognition Awards (5) 5. Practitioner of major tenets of Jainism like AHIMSA, ANEKANT, APARIGRAH and ANUKAMPA. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 6.Good natured, kind, honest and humble. Visionary and showing High level of personal character and integrity. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 7. Top 10 personal achievements (not related to business or one's profession). Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 8.Participation in interfaith activities. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 JAINA ADULT RECOGNITION AWARD CRITERIA The awards will be based on the criteria shown below. We request individuals and Jain Centers to nominate those who meet these criterias by filling out a nomination form available on JAINA Web site, Please return the form with the supporting documents to the JAINA Headquarters, P.O.Box 700, Getzville, NY 14068 before 4/15/05 Any living and practicing Jain residing in North America is eligible for any of the above awards. The committee will review the nominations and make the selection. Committee members are as follows: JAINA Awards Committee for adults: 1. Use of Time and/or personal financial resources for JAINA. Creative programs to meet the needs of member societies of JAINA. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 30 2.Publishing articles, lecturing, and teaching and displaying unselfish devotion for advancement of JAINISM. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 3.Demonstrate large contribution of time and/or money for the local Jain Society. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 50 4. Good natured, kind, honest and humble and other good traits worth mentioning. Max. Possible Scoring Points-10 Kirit Daftary (Chairman to coordinate adult and youth awards) Members: JAINA YOUTH RECOGNITION AWARD CRITERIA Manoj Dharmasi, Mahendra Mehta (Canada), Nitin Snah 1. Contributions to YJA OR YJP OR JAINA. Max. Possible (CA), Nitin Talsania (NJ), Dr. Mamta Shaha (NY), Rajeev Scoring Points - 30 Pandya (NY), Arpan Shah (YJA) and Suchita Gala (YJP) 2 Participation in youth activities at the local level. Max. JAINA Awards Sub Committee: Possible Scoring Points - 40 Youth awards: 3.Significant Personal achievements. Max. Possible Dr. Manibhai Mehta, Girish Shah, Pravin K Shah, Prem Scoring Points - 15 Jain, Dr. Prem Gada 4. Good natured, kind, honest and humble and other good traits worth mentioning. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 15 JAINA RATNA AWARD CRITERIA AWARD NOMINATIONS FORM 1. Use of time and/or personal financial resources for JAINA. Creative programs to meet the needs of member Name of the individual societies of JAINA. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 30 Phone Number Address 2.Demonstrate large contribution of time and/or money for Nomination for (Circle One only) the local Jain Society. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 Jaina Ratna Award 3.Publishing articles, lecturing, and teaching and displaying Adult Recognition Award Youth Award unselfish devotion for advancement of JAINISM. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 Describe how the individual stacks up against each of the 4.Enlist the intellect, heart and financial support of the com- criteria for this award (Please send detailed bio-data, passmunity-at-large to fulfill JAINA MISSION based upon port photograph and other supporting documents): NON SECTARIAN approach. Max. Possible Scoring Points - 10 obreview2005 JAINA calendar log on www.jana.orgsonal Use Only 9 WINTER 2005 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PLANNED GIVING AND JAINA Many affluent Jain individuals have spent their lives benefit others, bring more meaning to one's life, and to conacquiring wealth through hard work and long hours, but nect with a community. Parents, engaging in charitable givhave not taken the time to formulate a well-designed plan to ing can serve as role models for children by demonstrating distribute their wealth. Estate planners say the three most how wealth can be used wisely and selflessly. Sharing the frequently discussed issues are how to: experiences of giving with the family or creating founda tions and programs help build functionality and strengthen 1. Secure the livelihood of a spouse; values in the family. Additionally, tax savings may mini2. Maximize the distribution to heirs; mize the cost of such programs. 3. Minimize the estate tax It is reasonable to conclude that charitable giving is When these issues arise, you are pitting two objectives fundamental to wise wealth management. Providing that against one another: How can wealth be preserved in the wealth has a worthwhile purpose, sharing values with chilfamily while simultaneously reducing taxes? Without prop- dren and grandchildren and connecting to one's community er planning, the more wealth you leave your family, the are certainly worthy reasons to pursue philanthropy. more estate taxes need to be paid. Philanthropy, however, can be used to reduce taxes and simultaneously help involve An astute wealth holder can use available tax benefits family members and transmit values. to make charitable gifts cheaper, but will not allow the reduction of these benefits to inhibit the wise use of wealth. The act of Philanthropy can give value to wealth. Here we have provided some information on the types of Through the analysis of needs (education, support, luxuries donations and benefits available. and contingencies), one can quickly conclude that they have WHAT DO DONOR'S GIVE? more than is needed. It is at this time that we should look beyond consumption. The accumulation of wealth is inher- 1. Cash and cash equivalents ently to serve the purpose of creating functionality and the 2. Publicly traded securities enabling the pursuit of happiness by children. The question 3. Closely held securities is can we send constructive messages to our children about 4. Life insurance the use of wealth. Real estate Personal property With philanthropy, wealth can be valuable even when 7. Retirement assets not used for personal consumption. Wealth can be used to 8. In-kind gifts and pro bono services HOW DOES A DONOR GIVE? Donor's Benefits (1) Cash & Cash Equivalent May take a charitable gift deduction for the amount of a charitable gift of cash or cash equivalents 2) Life Insurance Can deduct the premium as donors pay them. Also can deduct the cash value 3) An Outright Gift of Appreciated Marketable Securities 4) A Charitable Lead Trust A charitable value of the security on the date of the gift, provided the owner owned it for more than one year. In addition, a donor does not incur capital gains tax on the transfer of such securities to JAINA The capital value of marketable or income producing assets to remain in the donor's family. This is a very unique and efficient way of passing the donor's assets to the next generation A donor retains defined income interest for their lifetime. A large income tax deduction now. The trust can sell appreciated security and at the same time no capital gain tax on the realized gain A bequest to JAINA would qualify donor's estate for an estate tax charitable deduction equal to the entire amount one bequeath 5) A Charitable Remainder Trust 6) A Bequest 10 - WINTER 2005 Fontena To preview 2005 JAINA calendar log on Faisal Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LET US LOOK AT THE GENERAL BENEFITS OF 4.Create funding and resources to establish an endowed GIVING FOR AN INDIVIDUAL chair in Jain studies at various American colleges and uni versities 1.Income tax reduction 5.Create particular foundation requested in the will or trust 2.Capital gains tax reduction/elimination of a donor 3. Estate tax reduction/elimination 4.Gift tax reduction/elimination We Jains possess our own unique set of financial cir5. Generation-skipping tax reduction/elimination cumstances, lifestyle and value systems. Most estate plan6.Ability to pass on a significant portion of your assets to ners cannot effectively prepare an estate plan without children/grandchildren knowledge of our various needs and desires regarding finan7. Ability to retain income for your lifetime or provide an cial independence, care for loved ones, tax reduction and income for loved ones charitable giving. Our attorneys, accountants and gift plan8. Ability to leave a legacy ning professionals can take a proactive role in educating us 9. Ability to share values with the family, children and about the variety of philanthropic options available and how grandchildren these can be used to impart charitable values to our children. 10.Ability to serve the community An estate plan is more than just the documentation reflect ing a formal distribution of assets; it is a reflection of our Generally, in the USA, tax laws are very favorable to gen- values, hopes and dreams. erous people. They allow donors to receive tax deductions and at the same time benefit their next generation as well as My request to all of the legal professionals, tax profescharitable organizations. sionals and financial planners of our community is to disAs JAINA is registered under IRS Section 501 (C) (3) as cuss the subject of planned giving to all their clients at the a Non-Profit Tax Exempt Religious Organization, it is appropriate time and ultimately make JAINA the beneficipoised to aid in charitable donations while upholding the ary of their trust. tenets of Jainism. We have a very unique opportunity here and can go beyond and help ourselves, our next generation Let us all work together to achieve the goals of JAINA as well as JAINA. and fulfill our dreams. When our North American Jain community realizes the benefits of giving, we will be able to achieve something that all of us are dreaming of. For example, we will be able to: Yogesh Kamdar 1. Provide funding to promote non-violence and peace all JAINA Planned Giving Committee over the world 2. Assist and promote charitable and humanitarian commu- Disclaimer: JAINA cannot give and is not intending to give any nity services in North America and worldwide legal/tax or accounting advice and we strongly encourage you to con3. Bring the entire Jain community of North America and the sult your own attorney/tax advisor or financial planner for the poten tial tax benefits if you intend to follow any of the charitable giving world closer options. સ્વામીજીની સાદાઈ અને ત્યાગ તો કૅ'વો પડે, ભગવા કલર ની મર્સિડિઝ કે લેક્સસ સિવાય તો ગાડીમાં બેસતાજ નથી. For info on 2005 convention log on 11 - WINTER 2005 Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bhagwan Mahavir's Early Great Disciples (527 BC - 252 BC) Rajiv Jain East Brunswick, NJ This article depicts the early monastic lineage from Lord Mahavira to Sthulabhadra. It describes the Ganadhara's contribution to maintaining and spreading Mahavira's message. The article is based on the historical account from Margaret Stevenson's book "The Heart of Jainism". hagwan Mahavir became omniscient until he obtained Nirvana at Rajghiri in Bihar in at the age of 30 and preached Jainism 515 BC at the age of 92. for the next 42 years before attaining Another great disciple of Bhagwan Mahavir moksha in 527 BC. Although establishing a fol- was Sudharma. Sudharma, like the other lowing of at least 500,000 Jains, Bhagwan Ganhadhara, stayed with Bhagwan Mahavir for Mahavir knew the importance of having heads of 30 years, learning and putting into memory every communities to carry the message forward after spoken word of Bhagwan. We are indebted to his death throughout India. Fortunately, he had Sudharma for the Jaina scriptures. Unlike Ganadharas - Great Disciples - each devoted to Gautam Indrabhutti who spread knowledge as a their master and possessing great wisdom and Kevali, Sudharma, having not attained Keval leadership, helping to carry Jainism forward Gyan, wrote into scripture the philosophy as he through the 4th and early 5th Kal Periods. heard it directly from Bhagwan Mahavir. Bhagwan Mahavir's earliest disciple was Sudharma is said to have compiled the great 12 Gautama Indrabhutti. Although three slightly Angas (including the Purvas), 11 Upangas and differing accounts of how Gautama became other works. Of the 11 Ganhadhara of Bhagwan Bhagwan Mahavir's chief disciple have been Mahavir, only two - Gautam Indrabhutti and recorded, the common theme is basically the Sudharma - lived after Mahavir's moksha, the same. Gautama Indrabhutti was a great learned other Ganadharas attained moksha at Rajghiri Brahmin. One day, after hearing Bhagwan through Sanlekhana (voluntary starvation). It's Mahavir answer all his questions, he became con- important to point out that all Jain monks today vinced of the true path and become Bhagwan are considered the direct descendents of Mahavir's chief disciple. He not only converted Sudharama since the other Ganadharas left no himself, but all his brothers - each becoming a disciples. Ganadhara. Sudharma obtained Keval Gyan and was also All four sects, Shvetambar, Digambar, the head of the Jain community for 12 years after Stanakvasi, and Terapanthi believe that Gautam Indrabhutti, until he passed on leaderGautama's intense attachment to Bhagwan ship to another great Ascetic -- Jambu Swami. Mahavir prevented him from attaining Keval Jambu Swami was a disciple of Sudharma. Gyan. A very famous sermon is recorded in the He is said to be the last person to obtain Keval Uttradhyana Sutra called "The Leaf of the Tree" Gyan. The doors to both Keval Gyan and the in which Bhagwan Mahavir tries to help Gautam knowledge next below -- Manahprayana Gyan attain Keval Gyan by teaching him about attach- (ability to know what other's think) -- were ment. Bhagwan Mahavir warns Gautama that closed to all men, coinciding with the completion life must end at sometime, just as a leaf of a tree of the 4th Kala. must someday drop from a tree. Bhagwan Jambu Swami is referred to as the great preaches to jettison all attachment toward him "Celibate" supported by his vows of perpetual leading him to deliverance -- "You have crossed celibacy. Jambu Swami led the Jain community the great ocean, why do you halt so near the and attained moksha in 403 BC and was then shore? Make haste to get on the other side and succeeded by Prabhava. Since it was no longer reach that world of perfection where there is safe- possible for anyone to obtain Keval Gyan and ty and perfect happiness" therefore released from the cycle of birth, it is said According to Kalpa Sutra, it was only after Prabhava was such a great saint that he would Bhagwan Mahavir's moksha in 527 BC that eventually obtain moksha after passing through a Gautama Indrabhutti severed the deep attach- number of rebirths. ment to his master and obtained the highest Prabhava felt there was no one among the knowledge - Keval Gyan. At this point, Gautam Jains to succeed him. Therefore, having been Indrabhutti became the main leader of the Jain impressed previously by a deeply spiritual community (Gautama's other brothers who were Brahmin named Sayambhava, he converted him also Ganhadhara became heads of Jain communi- and broke with tradition to name him head of the ties also). As a Kevali, he led the Jain community Jain community. Sayambhava is known for his for 12 years after Bhagwan Mahavir's moksha, book Dasavaikalika which is a treatise on the illuminating the world with prefect knowledge major tenets of Jainism. (continued on page 21) 12. WINTER 2005 News on JAINA activities log on lain Education Interactional For Private Personal use only Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Enjoy Mind-Body-Soul & Cultural Programs plus Incredible Cooking Classes with Mrs. Tarla Dalal NA 102 الا لا The 13th Biennial JAINA Convention 2005 July 1-4, 2005 in San Francisco, Bay Area. Hosted by Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment Explore Silicon Valley & the Sanctuary of Jain Bhawan 2005 Enrich Your Careers, Contacts and Relationships Experience Jainism with Jain Monks, Scholars & Practitioners Escape In the Beauty of the San Francisco & the WestCoast Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Convention Board Convener Kirit C. Daftary (254) 776-4209 First VP, JAINA Co-Convener Girish P. Shah (408) 373-3564 Members Anop R. Vora (585) 473-9290 President, JAINA Bipin Shah (408) 973-1004 President, JCNC Manibhai Mehta (714) 898-3156 Dilip Punatar (937) 848-3228 Hasu Shah (510) 657-5927 Secretary Jitendra B. Shah (408) 729-7916 Committee Chairs Facilities Ketan Itchhaporia Finance Keerti Shah Food Pramod Patel Fund raising Kundi Kapadia Chair, BOD JCNC Guest Services Smitin Mehta Marketing Jayesh Kamdar Planning Bharat Kamdar Programming Parveen Jain Technology Devang Shah Youth Programs Nita Itchhaporia Message from Convener and Co-Convener... We are happy to extend a personal invitation on behalf of JAINA Convention Committees and Convention Board, Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) and Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) to all of you to participate in the 13th Biennial JAINA Convention. JCNC is hosting such second convention after 14 years; the first one was in 1991. We expect this to be a sell out convention for many reasons: This convention will mark the beginning of 25th year formation of JAINA. We will be honoring its two spiritual leaders, Gurudev Chitrabhanu and Acharya Sushil Muni (posthumously) with Life Time Achievement Award for their contribution to Jain Community and JAINA. * You will be witnessing one of a kind multimedia depicting past 25 years of JAINA'S achievements. This will be 5th Anniversary of Jain Bhawan. (JCNC Temple and Community Center) Jain Center of Northern California will have several special celebration programs to mark this occasion. We are at the critical times in the history, at the cross roads of terror and violence. World is looking ways to avoid all this bloodshed and constant fear. Ahimsa Center will be offering sessions on Ahimsa and Aparigrah in Western context. This will help propagate message of Lord Mahavir. "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment, convention theme will be pursued through the theme tracks to address the challenges and opportunities in sustaining Jain Philosophies in the western environment particularly, in this time of cross marriages and other influences. World renowned Ms. Tarla Dalal will conduct cooking sessions and workshops on Jain Cooking. Convention has commissioned a special cook book on "Jain Foods and Cooking" available to the attendees. * Perpetual trophy would be given away for the first time to a best cultural program entry from one of the Sangh. This trophy would stay with the winning Sangh for 2 years and rotated from there on. Optional one day tours to Yosemite National Park, Carmel and 17-Mile Drive, San Francisco Day tours and San Jose Technical museum From Beginners to Advanced discourses on various topics of Jainism in various languages. Please go through this brochure for detailed information. Don't forget to go on line and register early. The Westin Hotel, which is connected to the convention center, will be assigned on first come first serve basis. So sooner you register better it will be. Mark the page in your favorites, so you can check out the latest on convention. Looking forward to seeing you with your family and friends. Girish Shah Co-Convener Kirit Daftary Convener Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Special Program Celebration Twenty Five Years of JAINA & Growth of Jain Community in North America So Multi-media presentation on history of JAINA and its activities Presentation on achievement and growth of Jain centers and community jo Opportunities facing Jain community for the next twenty-five years. Life Time Achievement Awards To Honor Gurudev Chitrabhanu and Acharya Sushil Muni! u For their motivation & support in the formation of JAINA 3 For their spiritual leadership and guidance to JAINA and Jain Community go for their unwavering dedication to propagation of Jainism in North America D: JD ECO Live and Let Live परस्परोपग्रहोजीवानाम् Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Tour Information Optional Tours: Subject to change based on meeting minimum headcount requirements. Tour# 4: The Tech Museum of San Jose Tour# 1: Yosemite National Park Date: Friday, July 1, 2005 Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 Prices: $18.00 per person for all ages. Prices: $90.00 per person, age 6 and up; $70.00 per Approximately 4 hours, includes entrance fees child up to age 5 years. Duration: Approximately 13 to the museum and one show of IMAX, no hours, includes breakfast, dinner and the park en- meals. trance fees. Lunch is on your own. The Tech Museum's focus on technology and One of the major tourist attractions in California, the interactive displays will provide an unforYosemite National Park leaves a lasting impression gettable visitor experience. The museum on all who visit.The tour in houses themed galleries of unique exhibits, cludes a guided portion to the IMAX® Dome Theater, and a souvenir shop explore Yosemite Valley in all that features exclusive Silicon Valley items. its majesty and ample time for hiking, jogging and shop TheTech ping. Tour# 3: San Francisco Tour# 2: Monterey/Carmel City and Bay by-the-Sea Date: Thursday, June 30, Date: Wednesday, June 29 2005 2005 Prices: $50.00 per person, Prices: $80.00 per person, ages 6 and up; $40.00 per ages 6 and up; $60.00 per child up to age 5 years. child up to age 5 years. Duration: Approximately Approximately 12 hours, includes breakfast, dinner 6 hours, includes snack & tickets for the spectacular Bay and entrance fees for Monterey Bay Aquarium plus cruise. Lunch is on your own. the 17-Mile Drive. Lunch is on your own. Discover the most amazing and exciting city of America. California's rugged coast features many spectacular See the entire city at your feet atop the Twin Peaks. Drive views. Scheduled stops include Steinbeck's Cannery by Chinatown. Cross the world famous Golden Gate Row and multiple vista points along 17-mile drive. Bridge. Stop at Crooked Street and other vista points for The famous Monterey Bay Aquarium allows you to picture taking opportunities. Visit Fishermen's Wharfand explore a fantastic array of ocean life. spend an unforgettable hour on a cruise of the San Francisco Bay. Post Convention Seven-day Tour of famous West Coast Landmarks including visit to Jain Temple in Buena Park, Los Angeles Area: Beginning July 4, 2005, starting from $850.00 per person, ages 2 and up (negotiations going on with tour operators at the time of printing this brochure), includes entrance fees, breakfast, dinner (lunch on your own), accommodations and transportation, This tour includes major tourist attractions like Hearst Castle, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and a visit to the Jain Temple of Los Angeles. Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Convention Travel Arrangements An Official Convention Travel Agent Call Jaya Travel for all your travel needs for the convention. Convention has arranged Special Group Fares, and discounts with major airlines to offer you the best prices possible. Book early to assure you get the best prices. Jaya Travel & Tours 260 MCwesom High wwwW Suite 261, 5o. .God A 48076 North American Office 26500 Northwestern Highway, Suite 261, Southfield, MI 48076 1-877 359 5292 and ask for Aanal Kadikar India Office Rizvi House, 34 Hill Road Bandra (West), Bombay 400050 022-2651-0400 Transportation Free bus transportation will be provided from Bay Area airports (San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland) on 1st of July and 4th of July. San Jose airport is preferred and will have the most frequent pickup schedule. San Francisco and Oakland will have pickup schedule based on arrival load. Please email your arrival flight #, date, and time to transportation (do not email anything else to this email address. No response will be sent). Hotel Accommodations Stay at any of the three top hotels exclusively reserved for JAINA Convention guests - Westin Hotel, adjacent to Convention Center, Hilton Hotel across the street and nearby Marriott Hotel. Special arrangements have been made with the hotels to provide the heavily discounted rate of $79.00 + tax per room/per night when registered for the JAINA Convention 2005. This special hotel rate is also available during the pre & post convention days for the registered guests. Free shuttle transportation will be available from the bay area airports. This special rate is available only when bookings are made through JAINA registration. Please do not call hotels directly for this special rate. Register online at: Santa Clara Convention Center Westin (The Convention HO) Hilton Marriott Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cultural Programs Dayl: Friday July 1, 2005 Event: Raas-Garba Night Time: 8:00 PM to Midnight Traditional and contemporary music by a professional group from India. • Bring your friends and family Wear your colorful Raas-Garba costume . Please bring your favorite Dandias and enjoy full 4 hours of high intensity Dandia Raas Day 2: Saturday July 2.2005 Event: Cultural Competition Time: 7:30 PM to Midnight Win the newly initiated perpetual trophy for your Jain Sangh. . Put best performance and glorify the name of your sponsor ing Jain Center . Be recognized instantly, globally and professionally • Participate in an evening of Inter-center dance/skit competition Enter this competition before Feb 28th COMPETE...... COMPETE.....COMPETE..... For Entry Applications and Rules and Regulations contact: Your Jain Center President Or Nitin Shah : 408-406-2283 (day) email : Mail Your Entry to: Attn: JAINA Cultural Programming, 2005 JAINA Convention, P.O.Box 630, Cupertino, CA-95015-0630 DAY 3: Sunday July 3, 2005 Event: Entertainment Program By a Professional Group Time: 7:30 PM to Midnight A relaxed evening with well-known artists from India bringing back some of your memories. Other Cultural Events: · Art Exhibition by Amateur and Professional artists · Evening Youth Activities • Mind-Body-Soul Refresher Programs • Jain Networking Forum Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Youth Sessions/ 4 Tracks: JAINISM and JAIN LIVING Charity and Compassion in Action through Ser Vice Jain Stavans and Songs Puja, the what, when, why and how w/ Panditji at the Jain Bhawan (2 groups of 50 each) Growing up in America- Combining the Best of East and West Academic Roundtable Oratorial Contest College/Career Track for pre- and post College Jains Youth Activity Highlights Empowerment through Communication Jain Diet, Nutrition and Health-Do's and Don'tsWorkshop JAINA Networking Forum (UNF) sessions- Interest-based Ice Breaker/ Mixer, Communication/ Relationships, Battle of the Sexes, Service in action Meditation/Yoga Bollywood Aerobics Youth Social Events (FOR ALL) Can you Bhangra Raas? Garba/ Raas dance class Garba/ Raas Dance * Get to know your mates? Ice Breakers/Games Who rules? Cultural Program/ Dance Competition Optional Social Activities Open to All (FOR ALL) → Dance with Toofan Sounds Social Mixer Optional Social Activities (14 to 17) Enjoy Thrill Rides & Fireworks at Great America Park Ice Cream Social/ Movie Night Optional Social Activities (18 & older) San Francisco Bay Cruise with a twist OR Enjoy Thrill Rides & Fireworks at Great America Park Ice Cream Social/ Movie Night JAINA Networking Forum (21 & older) Table for Six Interest-Based Ice Breaker/ Mixer Special Service Event Cruise Musical Night Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 3 8 From 1200 1400 1700 1800 2000 From 0600 0730 0830 1010 1200 1300 1800 19303 From 0600 0830 1200 1100 1300 1800 1980 From 0730 1100 1200 x x x x To x 1400 1700 1900 2000 2400 To 0800 0830 1030 100 1500 1800 1930 2400 To 0800 0830 1030 1150 1300 1150 1730 1830 2800 To 0930 1100 1200 1300 Registration. Hotel Check-in, and Socializing Theme Track Paper Presentations-Lectures Seminars 2 Tracks Theme Track Continues x Jain Center Forum Theme Track Continues Theme Track Continues Theme Track Continues Theme Track Workshops 2 Tracks Four Convention Theme Tracks on "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment" consisting of sessions in seminar, discussion and workshop formats. Topics to be cov ered are: Jain School incl. 1 track in English 3 Tracks Theme Track Continues Jain School Continue Conference Continues Theme Track Continues Jain School Continue Bringing Together the Traditions Jain Values at Religious Places Women and Social Forum Jain Literature & Art Program Jain Scholars & Educational Development Ahimsa & Aparigraha Conference Theme Track Continues Jain School Continue Conference Continues Learning from Other Faiths & Ethnic Groups Living Like a Jain - Personal Lifestyle Living Like a Jain - Professional Lifestyle Theme Track Continues Jain School Continue Conference Continues Conference Continues Anekäntväd (Theory Of Multiplicity Of Views) Fourteen Gunasthänak Maitri, Pramod, Karuna & Mädhyastha Bhävnä Seven Religious Discourse Tracks. See next page for more details. One track on Advanced Religious Topics for those interested in a focused discussion on following topic: x Doctrine of Karma X x ONLY 30 ॐ 30 ॐ ॐ 30 Religious Discourses incl. 1 track in English 7 Tracks Religious Discourses Religious Discourses Religious Discourses JAINA Convention 20 Optional To Optional Tour #2: Mont Optional Tour Optional Tou Religious Discourses x x X x X Jain Rites & Rituals Puja & Vidhhi 2 Tracks Jain Rituals and Rites Jain Rituals and Rites Jain Rituals and Rites Intensive Studio 2 Tracks Jain Rituals and Rites Intensive Studie Inter Jain Cente 25 Years of JAINA-Kicking Intensive Studie Intensive Studie Entertainm Intensive Studie CLA Optiona Kalyan Mandir Stotra Jainism, Ecology & Environment One track for Intensive Studies and discu sessions of 2.5 hours each 2 Days One track for Intensive Studies and discu sessions of 2.5 hours each 2 Days Two tracks for Religious Rites & Rituals co other Jain activities in temples, sthanak, a workshops 32 Track Programo Vyavahär & Nischay, and Dän, Shil, Tap Twelve Bhävnä Nimit & Upädän, and Six Fundamenta Bhaktamar Stotra A Condensed 2-Day Course on Fundam geared towards to younger audiences Two Days of Religious Events at the Con Northern California in Milpitas California Three Days of Religious Events at the Co Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 005 Program Overview Our Yosemite in a day-Tuesday, June 28, 2005 terey Carmel and 17-Mile Drive-Wednesday, June 29, 2005 3 San Francisco City Tour Thursday, June 30, 2005 r4: San Jose Tech Museum-Friday, July 1, 2005 DAY FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2005 DAY 2 SATURDAY, JULY 2, 2005 Mind Body Soul Support Programs BREAKFAST es Mela and Art Exhibition Convention Kick Off and Sermons by Spiritual Leaders DINNER ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM RAAS GARBA Special Religious Events 2 Tracks OPENING CEREMONY s LUNCH Religious Events DINNER rCultural Competition & JAINA Awards Ceremony DAY 3 SUNDAY, JULY 3, 2005 Mind Body Soul Support Programs BREAKFAST Religious Events Social-Professional Programs incl. 2 tracks for Youth & 1 for Seniors 3 Tracks Social Professional Programs Continue Continue off One Year Celebration and Life-Time Achievement Awards LUNCH enary Session on Unity in Diversity Religious Events Religious Events al Truths Social-Professional Programs DINNER ent Program by Professional & Invited Artists DAY 4 MONDAY, JULY 4, 2005 Mind Body Soul Support Programs BREAKFAST Social-Professional Programs Continue Social Professional Programs Continue SING CEREMONY & JAINA ELECTION RESULTS LUNCH al Tour 5 Post Convention seven day tour Day 2, Day 3& Day-4 & Bhäv ssions on Tattvartha Sutra by Shri Umäswäti in 6 issions on Atmasiddhi by Shrimad Rajchandra in 6 Jain Cooking w/ Tarla Dalal 1 Track Jain Cooking Jain Cooking Jain Cooking Jain Cooking vering in 18 sessions over days, including pujas and and upashryas consisting of demonstrations and entals of Jainism by experienced Jain teachers, vention site and at Jain Bhawan of Jain Center of nvention site and at Jain Bhawan of Jain Center of of of * ॐ Jain Center Track 1 Track Jain Center Jain Center Jain Center Jain Center CME 1 Track CME CME CME CME Grp-Mtgs-Networking 2 Tracks Grp mtgs Grp mtgs Grp mtgs Grp mtgs Youth Activities 2 Tracks Youth Activities 2 Tracks Youth Activities 2 Tracks Youth Activities 2 Tracks Youth Activities -2 Tracks Open Track for Misc Add-on 1 Track Open Track Open Track Open Track Open Track Northern California in Milpitas California Two tracks on Social and Professional subjects in 12-15 sessions over 2 days, planned for age groups 14-17 years, 17-20 years and young professionals for educational and social preparedness, career planning, social networking,etc. One track on Social subjects in 6-8 sessions over 2 days on subjects oriented towards senior citizens. A Conference on "Ahimsa and Aparigraha in Western Environment" coordinated by Prof. Tara Sethia of Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly, Pomona. Two days of cooking classes, workshops, demonstrations on Jain cooking, foun dations and logic behind Jain food, nutritional and spiritual strengths of Jain food, and Jain food recipes fir western living. One track on Continuous Medical Education with lectures by prominent medical researchers on medical subjects relevant to Jain and Indian community in the West. Three tracks for Jain Group Interactions between various Jain Centers in North America, and group networking and reunions involving various regional groups. Multiple Tracks devoted to youth and young professional activities, as described else where in this document. Cinty Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Seven Religious Discourse Tracks Six in Gujrati and Hindi and one in English - all on subjects most suitable to living like a Jain in western environment: 30 Jain Literature Shrävakächär (Code of conduct for layman) covering the topics X * Story of Mahävir's first 10 Shrävaks X Background, Upäshak-dashäng, Prerequisite to become Shrävak (Samyaktva, Practice of Mulguna, etc.) Five Anuvrata from North America (NA) perspective 3 Gunvrata & 4 Shikshävrata from NA Percpective Samlekhanä vrata (Santhäro) - Art of Dying Three Manorath, Eleven Pratimä and Six Ävashyaka & Dainik Kriyä * Jivdaya and Animal Cruelty and Ecological Impact * Vegan Jain Food, eating home & out, observance of boiled water, sunset, etc. in NA - Practicality of Ahinsä Cosmetics, Medicine, businesses, investment, genetics research and practice of Ahinsä by a Jain Shrävak in NA Great Jain Teachers * * X X Lord Pärsvanäth and Lord Neminäth Lord Mahavir Swämi-Digambar perspective Lord Mahavir Swämi-Swetämbar perspective X * * X * X X * * Yashovijayji mahäräj & Pushpadanta Jainism by Dharmakathä including Ganadharväd Ganadharväd Gautam Swami & Lord Mahavir's Ganadhars (First dieciples) Karttikeya Kundkundächärya Haribhadrasuri Hemchandrächarya X X Stories from Gnata Dharma Katha (one of the 12 Agams) X Stories from Uttaradhyayan Sutra ㄨ Meeting of Keshi Shraman & Gautam Swami X X X Story of Chandanbala Stories from other Jain canonical books & other Agams Stories from Uttaradhyayan Sutra Jan Elication intematical File Agams & Jain Canonical hooks Achapter from Acharang Sutra * Q&As from Bhagawati Sutra X Char Durlabh & Apramat from Uttaradhyayan Sutra * AChapter from Shat Khand Agam X Achapter from Samaysar * First chapter of Tattvartha Sutra Jain Festivals, Art and Tirths * Festivals & Tirths and their importanc X Various Tapscharyas andrelated spiritual celebrations * Dash Lakshana Maha Parva X X X X X * Paryushan Maha Parva Mahavir Nirvana. Pavapuri * * * X Sametsikhar Shatrunjay & Girnar Jain Art Jain History and Contributions X Jain contributions to India and World-art, architecture, literature, education, business, science.etc. * Historicity of Neminath, Pärsvanath, Adinath & Mahavir Swami * Historyrepresenting Mahavir's time and 1000 years after Mahavir's Nirvana * Jainismas relating to Buddhism & Hinduism- based on archiology & history Jainism during British time and its influence Jainism during Moguls time and its influence Jainism in various parts of India (West, South, East & North) Influence on business economics politics Survival of Jainism during difficult time Mind Body Soul Activities Mind Body Soul Refresher Programs on Day 2, Day 3 & Day-4: Preksha Dhyan & other forms of meditation Chanting sessions (e.g., Bhaktamar) Pratikraman in different traditions Yoga Physical Exercise sessions Outdoors activities Only Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Invited Digniteries . Gurudev Chitrabhanu Dr. L. M. Singhvi N. P. Jain Tarla Dalal Dipak Jain Acharya Chandanaji Bandhu Triputi Cinchandraji & Keerti Chandrali) Devendrakirtiji Roopchandji Saman/Samanji Shubhamji Shilpaji Manek Muni Charukirtiji Amrendra Muni Atamnandji Pt. Abhay Kumar Jain Chandrakant Mehta Christopher Chapel Cromwell Crawford Pt. Dharamchandra Shastry Dhirubhai Pandit Girish Shah Hira Ratan Manek Dr. Hukumchandji Bharill Jagdish Sheth Pt. Jaikumar Upadhyay Dr. Jitendra Shah John Cort Pt. Khemchandji Kokila Doshi Kumarpal Desai Manubhai Doshi Narendra/Sudha Seth Neeraj Jain Nautambhai Vakil Pallavi Gala Paresh Maniar Prakash Jain Pramodaben Dr. Pravin Shah Mr. Pravin Shah (PA) Rajendra Kumar Rajnibhai Shah Raksha Shah Rakesh Zaveri Robert Arnett Dr. Sagarmal jain Dr. Shekharchand Jain Dr. Snerani Sudhir Shah Tarla Doshi . Prof. Tara Sethia • Vasantbhai Khokhani • Veer Sainik Plus business and academic leaders Plus Federal, State and Local Political Leaders.... And MORE Jain Cooking Classes & Workshop world-renowned Mrs. Tarla Dalal A book on Jain food and cooking will be distributed to convention attendees. Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Art Exhibition Understanding JAINISM Exhibition Objective: Educate, Expose, Motivate, Unite and Influence To educate the viewers on Jain philosophy and it's rich historic back ground 3 To expose the young generation to this glorious heritage with scientific and logical approach To motivate the viewers to apply these scientific principles in day to day life leading to greater happiness, peace and inner strength To unite Jain communities for a common goal of practicing and promot ing Jain values. Feel good about the contribution Jainism has made & can make in this world To influence and encourage people around us to follow Jain principles for greater harmony and peace Exhibit Highlights 3 Displays on Jain History, culture, scholars and scriptures Displays on Jain philosophy and its applications $ Displays on Jain art, architecture and temples Displays promoting JAINA, its activities and it's accomplishments Quotations from Jainism $ Replica of some original Jain Art Statues, sculptures, diva and other objects and artifacts Several Rangoli designs: The committee will solicit Rangoli design from each Jain center and display it as a part of the exhibition. Details for participation will be provided to each Jain center in future Jain Art to enjoy and take home Convention will display Jain Art created by artists for enjoyment and available to take home after a suitable contribution Convention and Artist will share the contribution The art will include paintings, sculpture, etc. Jain Education Interational Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Registration Form Phone: Email: JULY 1-4, 2005 San Francisco Bay Area, California USA 1 REGISTRATION FORM If you have access to internet, please register online at, then no need to mail paper form STEP 1: CONTACT INFORMATION: This information must be completed in order to receive your registration confirmation. Primary Registrant Name: Name of your Jain Center: Address: Street/Apt# State/Province Emergency Contact: STEP 2: INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION FEES: CHILDREN UNDER 6 Free CHILDREN (AGE 6 UP TO AGE 17) ADULTS (AGE 18 & UP) STEP 3: CONVENTION REGISTRATION 2 3 4 5 6 Last Name Primary Registrant: JAINA T Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment First Name Mail registration form and check to: JAINA CONVENTION 2005 PO BOX 630 Cupertino, CA 95015-0630 U.S.A To 1/31/05 2/1-4/15/05 4/16-6/15/05 US$ 69 US$ 79 US$ 59 US$ 109 US$ 129 US$ 149 Please list all attendees including infants. Postal Zip code Cell: Sex M/F EMAIL: PHONE: +1.408.946.5246 Individual Age Registration Fee (from Step 2) Please make your check or bank draft payable in (US$) to: JAINA CONVENTION 2005 Room (per night) + Tax* 79+7.54 (US$ 86.54) 79+7.54 (US$ 86.54) 2005 No. of attendees requesting VEGAN food for all four days STEP 4: HOTEL REGISTRATION (Please see Terms & Conditions. Convention Hotel Preference (1-Highest, 3-Lowest): Westin (Convention Center hotel). Hilton Check-in Date: Check-out Date: Smoking Room Type No. of room(s) w/ 1 King Bed Yes No No. of room(s) w/ 2 Double Beds Hotel Room Tax is estimated Step 5: OPTIONAL TOUR REGISTRATION Amount from the backside of the Form Please Donate (tax deductible) generously to make the Convention successful 6/16-7/04/05 US$ 89 US$ 159 Charge my: Optional Social Activities # 1 Age 14 to 17 US$30/pp 13TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment City MasterCard Country/Region Fax: Phone: LULU Postmark of registration form will determine applicable registration fees. Basic Registration Sub-Total (A) US $ Child Care needed (only potty trained) registration required for hotel registration) Optional Social Activities # 2 Age 18 to 35 US$50/pp JAINA Networking Forum (JNF)* Age 21 to 40 US$75/pp (across Convention Center). Marriott (1 mile away) 2nd & subsequent nights hotel payments to be made at checkout No. of Rooms 1st Night Deposit: US$ 86.54 x No of Rooms 1st Night Hotel Deposit Sub-Total (B) US $ Tour Sub-Total (C) US $ Donation Amount (D) US $ Total (A+B+C+D) US $ PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN US DOLLARS ONLY. Charge my CREDIT CARD below. I accept all the Terms & Conditions on this form. Total Amount Enclosed: US$ VISA Sub-Total Discover Exp. Date: (mm/yy) CW Code: L (Last 3 numbers on back of card) Name of Cardholder: Cardholder Signature: Credit card transactions will be entered online by JAINA. Please check if you do not want to receive occasional emails about the JAINA Convention 2005 & future conventions? STEP 6: SIGNATURE: Primary registrant must sign and date below:: On behalf of all registrants, I acknowledge and accept all the Terms and Conditions listed on the back of this registration form. SIGNATURE OF PRIMARY REGISTRANT; Date: Yes டடடடடடடடடடடடடடI No Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JULY 1-4, 2005 13TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION San Francisco Bay Area, Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment California USA STEP 5: TOUR REGISTRATION (Please see the Terms & Conditions below. Please list all attendees including infants.) Post Sex Tour #1 Tour #2 Tour # 3 Tour # 4 Last Name First Name Convention Sub-Total (June 28) (June 29) (June 30) (July 1) 7-Day tour M/F Age on AG N Convention registration required for tour reservation. Tour Registration Sub-Total (Please enter on front page) (C) $ Tour Information (Detailed information in the Convention Brochure and at Tour #1: Per person US$90 (age 6+); US$70 (age up to 5) Tour # 2: Per person US$80 (age 6+); US$60 (age up to 5) Date: June 28, 2005 - Day Tour to Yosemite Date: June 29, 2005 - Monterey/Carmel (approx 13 hours) (incl. Monterey Bay Aquarium and 17-Mile Drive) (approx 12 hours) Tour # 3: Per person US$50 (age 6+); US$40 (age up to 5) Tour # 4: Per person US$18 (all ages) Date: June 30, 2005 - Day Tour of San Francisco City Date: July 1, 2005 - Visit to the Tech Museum of San Jose (including spectacular Bay Cruise) (approx 6 hours) (approx 4 hours) Post-Convention Tour: *** (Seven Day Tour of the West) Estimated cost is US$850 per person. If interested email Convention Start Date: July 4, 2005 - Tour to Hearst Castle, Universal Studio, Disneyland, Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite Return Date: July 10, 2005 to Santa Clara, CA. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. 2. Convention Registration Instructions The JAINA Networking Forum (JNF) is open to young Jains between the age of 21 to 40 who are interested in networking and meeting other like-minded Jains for friendship or relationship and marriage. A special JNF online form may be required. Some activities that we are working on for JNF are Mixers, Table for Six, Cruise, Service events, Interest based ice-breakers, and much more. Youth activities are open to individuals between 14 and 35 who are interested in educational, social, charitable and cultural networking with other like-minded youths, meeting new and old friends, and learning more about Jainism. We are also working on optional social activities for youth including San Francisco Bay Cruise (w/ a twist), Ice Cream Social, Movie night, evening trip to Great America, and Toofan Sounds/DJ Dance. Age restrictions may be applicable for certain events. On-site registration starts at 12:30pm on July 1, 2005. Only CASH or CREDIT CARD will be accepted during onsite registration, st be sent by email to "" or by a letter sent to JAINA Convention 2005, P.O. Box 630, Cupertino, CA 95015-0630. Phone requests will not be honored. 3. 5. 1. Convention Registration Terms & Conditions DISCLAIMER: JAINA, JCNC, and its directors, officers, coordinators, and volunteers are not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to registrants and/or to any of their guests, to either their person or property, while attending the JAINA convention including during the hotel stay, attendance to convention sessions and social events, and/ or tours, etc. Optional Social Activities and JNF participants will be required to sign waiver forms. JAINA reserves the right to change convention plans (programs, activities, sessions, speakers, etc) as needed without any refunds. Registration confirmation will be mailed or emailed to you. Registrants must bring registration confirmation letter/email and picture ID to registration desk to collect registration material. Bounced checks will incur a US$25.00 return check fee. UNTIL June 1, 2005, CANCELLATION OF CONVENTION INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION WILL INCUR A CANCELLATION FEE OF US$35.00 PER PERSON NO REFUNDS for basic registration fee AFTER June 1, 2005. NO REFUNDS for JNF and Optional Youth Social Activities at any time. Cancellation refunds will be sent by check or credit to credit card based on payment method. Allow 30 days for refund to be processed. 6. 7. 8. Hotel Registration Terms & Conditions The discounted rate of US $79.00 + tax per night per room is only available through JAINA Convention registration. For each hotel room reservation, a deposit of one night's room rate plus tax will be charged. JAINA will try to accommodate your preference of the hotel and type of room, but cannot guarantee it. You will be informed of the hotel assigned by April 30, 2005. Please note, "rooming list" method is used to make hotel reservation and hence your name will not appear in hotel's reservation system (i.e. your call directly to hotel will not show your reservation). Request for a room with two double beds will be honored if the registration includes more than 2 adults (subject to availability of rooms at convention hotels). Otherwise a room with one king bed will be assigned Full amount of one night's deposit will be refunded until June 1, 2005. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be given after June 1, 2005. The check-in time at the hotels is 3:00 pm, and check-out time is 12:00 noon. 4. 1. 2. 3. Tour Reservation Terms & Conditions Tour registration requests will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis. JAINA reserves right to cancel any tour and refund fees paid. An adult must accompany tour participants below 18 years of age. Tours are contracted with "tour operators". JAINA & Tour Operators reserve right to make changes or substitute destination due to ance beyond their control. No refunds will be given for such changes. Full amount of Tour charges will be refunded until June 1, 2005. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be given after June 1, 2005, 4. Official Use Only Post Mark Date: Amount: Ver2_121504 DATE: Check No.: Registration ID: Updated DB: For Paw Patrol only Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sponsorship Opportunities JAINA Convention 2005 committee invites you to participate in sponsorship opportunities to donate for a worthy event and to promote your business to a large Jain community. All supporters will be given appropriate recognition for their contribution. Souvenir Advertisement Rate Sanghpati Sponsorships * Back Cover $10,000 * Sanghpati $50,000 * Inside Back Cover $7,500 * Grand Patrons $15,000 * Full page $2,000 * Patrons $10,000 Half Page $1,100 * Grand Benefactors $5,000 Quarter Page $575 * Benefactors $2,500 Business Card $300 * Sponsors for Scholars $1,000 * Exhibits Booth ( 10'x10') $1,000 * Friends $500 * Convention Sponsor $50,000 * Breakfast $2,500 * Platinum Sponsor $15,000 * Lunch $3,500 * Diamond Sponsor $10,000 * Dinner $5,000 * Gold Sponsor $7,500 * Cultural Event Sponsorship $5,000 * Silver Sponsor $5,000 * Temple Opening Ceremony & Aarti $5,000 * Grand Sponsor $2,500 X 24 Deri Aarti & Divo(each) $1,000 * Sponsor $1,000 * Kumarpal Aarti & Procession GheeBoli (each) $125 * Friends $500 Swamy Vatsalya & Other Contributions Convention Sponsorships For all sponsorship opportunities Please make the check payable to JAINA Convention and mail it to P.O. Box #630, Cupertino, CA 95015-0630, USA, Attention: Kundi Kapadai. For forms and details about sponsorship please check JAINA Convention 2005 section at For sponsorship information call Kundi Kapadia (408-268-0193) Girish Shah (408-378-8765) Dr. Manibhai Mehta (714-898-3156) Bipin Parekh (312-208-3091) Dr. Mahesh Shah (937-836-8080) Dr. Sumti Shah (516-625-8617) Bachu Bhai Ajmera (301-924-8070) lla Mehta (419-865-2727) Hemant Shah (248-426-6565) Padam Dhakad (704-542-1765) Ketan Shah (408-384-9100) Sunil Jain (909-861-4730) Uday Jain Kirit C Daftary Anop Vora Dilip Shah Rajeev Daga Raju Shah Chetan Shah Atul Khara Dilip Shah Lata Champsee Gyan C. Jain Shobhaya Khemesra (281-980-0741) (254-776-4209) (585-473-9290) (215-561-0581) (281-980-2611) (770-495-7911) (727-688-6149) (972-867-6535) (972-713-7755) (416-441-2200) (416-447-1650) (905-274-6464) Souvenirmaterial invited We invite material such as painting, cartoons, short stories, essays, articles and papers for inclusion in 13th Biennial JAINA Convention 2005 Souvenir. The material related to the convention theme: "Extending Jain Heritage in Western Environment" will receive special consideration. Contact: Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ About Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) & JAINA..... Celebrating the 5th Anniversay of Jain Bhawan Opening Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC) The Jain Center of Northern California is a unique membership-run, non-profit organization incorporating the innovative and progressive life style of over 700 Jain families in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. With the blessing of Shri Adinath Bhagawan, JCNC celebrated one of the most memorable and historical Pratishtha Mahotsav of JAIN BHAWAN from August 4-8, 2000. Jain Bhawan is the first Jain temple in the entire North America to have Pratimajis with Pran Pratishtha, uniting all Jains beliefs under one roof - Shwetambar, Digambar, Sthanakwasi, Terapanthi and the inspired ones by Shrimad Rajchandraji. Jain Bhawan's authentic design and architecture makes it a unique landmark, first of its kind in North America. The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) JAINA is an umbrella organization of local Jain Associations in USA and Canada, which was started in 1981. It now has 62 Jain organizations representing more than 100,000 Jains living in North America. Its key objectives are to Promote religious and educational activities related to the Jain religion; Promote academic and cultural exchanges amongst Jains; Assist existing Jain associations and support the formation of new Jain associations; Foster cordial relationships with interfaith or multi faith organizations and Serve as a liaison with government agencies in pursuance of these objective. JAINA functions through its committees and volunteers. It has more than 300 dedicated Volunteers from all across North America. It publishes quarterly JAIN DIGEST magazine, yearly JAINA Calendar and distributes various books on Jainism to over 12,000+ families. You will find more information on website. JAINA Convention 2005 contact information For detail information on convention, please visit or call (408) 946-5246 and for specific questions, please email to: For Registration information: For any Cancellations, please email to: For Tours, Travel, and Hotels: For Programming, cultural programs, and art & exhibit: For Youth Programming: For Fundraising and sponorships: For Convention Souvenir: souvenir TONY Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Charitable Giving Donation should be given without envy, freedom from expectation, deceit, name, fame, and ego. T Men fold religions consist of forgiveness, humility, purity, straightforwardness, truthfulness, self-restraint, penance, renunciation, non-possessiveness, and celibacy. By following these would stop incoming karmas and destroying existing karmas. Supreme Jina has said that true renunciation consists in developing indifference towards the world, the body, and the enjoyment through detachment of material objects. Persons should refrain from accumulation of unlimited property due to unquenchable thirst (greed) as it becomes a pathway to hell and results in numerous faults. A righteous and pure-minded person should not exceed the self-imposed limits in the acquisition of wealth. Charity helps and strengthens renunciation. The difference between these two are: Renunciation is our religion, does not have possessiveness, can renounce things does not belong to himself, and does not need another person. Charity brings good karma; giver must be a possessor, and need two parties. Charity is like taking a ship to cross the ocean but one must leave it (renunciation) when reaches the shore. Renouncing own property for the goodness of self and others is charity. Charity is of four kinds of giving namely of food, medicine, knowledge, and complete support. Giver gains by reducing possessiveness elevate contentment and improve self-restraint. The user of charity gets help in better living and improve positive attitude. There are four following special things about giving to keep in mind. 1.Should be according to customs of country and time. 2.Things given should be useful. 3.Giver should have respect for donee, and should not indulge in arguments. 4.Donee should be good person or organization like JAINA. Donation given to unfit and sinful person would cause donor bad karmas. Donating wealth is one of the nine ways of earning positive karmas. Charitable giving is 19th of the 35 necessary property of a good householder according to Acharya Hemchandra. As the blood can be washed with water, sins are removed by giving charity. As a small seed is sowed in fertile land would cause lot of fruits and shelter, charity given or made beneficial to organization like JAINA would shelter our next generations and would result in very fruitful results. JAINA has many multifaceted programs supporting non violence, education and spiritual uplifting. Part of Estate Planning can be directed to Jaina as beneficiary. Donation should be given without envy, freedom from expectation, deceit, name, fame, and ego. Recipient like JAINA would add dignity because its involvement in genuine causes benefiting whole population. - Samansuttam - Parvaraj- Muni Arun Sagarji - Tatvarthsutra -Sthanang - Aagam 9 sutra 676-JindhammoAcharya Naneshri Yog Shastra- Acharya Hemchandra. Ratna Karan Sravakachaar.- Samantbhadra Swami - TatavarthaSutra - 7-34 That which is For list of JAINA Directors log on: For Fare & Personal Use Only Nirmal Dosi, East Brunswick, NJ 13 WINTER 2005 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CANADA Dr. Mahendra Mehta, Regional Editor TORONTO, ON REGIONAL NEWS. on the stage and many old acquain- tances were renewed. The Peace Garden event to mark the 22ND UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE was organized on 21st Sept.2004. Our Jain Society's 'Ahimsa musical-dance item prepared by Puja Amin was very well received by every- one present. The inter-faith service was also nicely done. The Aymbil Ori Parva and Snatra Puja were performed at the Jain Centre. Some 30 people took part and many ladies and few men had done full 9 days Tap. Shri Jain Mandir at Park Lawn celebrated Dash Lakshana starting on Sept. 18 through Sept.27. Panditji Anantramji gave a series of Pravachan on ten Lakshana. Dr. Vastupal Parikh and Anjaliben also spoke on Sept.24 & 25. Every morning, there was Abhishek and Puja followed by Pravachan, Aarti and Bhajans. A grand "Navgraha Puja" was organized on October 31st, 2004 under the guidance of Satyavatiji from India. leading a good Life. Topics were on daily personal and spiritual management. The auspicious festival of Paryushan Parv and Das Lakshana Parv started with blessings, inspirational songs and lectures by Sadhviji Shilapiji from Veerayatan. She conveyed the message of ahimsa, true forgiveness, and the message of Tirthankara Mahavira to all age levels, young and old. Sadhviji told stories to our youngsters at Pathshala. Although she told stories the children had heard before, she took them one step beyond just the simple moral of the stories. Mr. Prakash Jain presided during the Das Lakshana parv and gave inspirational lectures every day. He got his spiritual education through intensive training from Todarmal Smarak Trust, which imparted all the four ANUYOGAS with special emphasis on Panch Parmagams.Our center had many Tapasvis with 8 to 11 upvas. Our children, many of them, performed tap of various types for all 18 days. We had Bahuman celebration for all the tapasvis. Diwali was filled with celebration with good food, meeting friends and community. We then had the Pathsala program of reciting the Namokar Mantra from our Rookies group with solo flute playing of Namokar Mantra and Maitri Bhavanu. This was followed by dances, garbo and skits. The two skits were "The Soul Lives On" showing the Kashays and "Sati Anjana". The program ended with dandiya raas for all. We had the traditional jaap on Thanksgiving day. We were fortunate this year to have three learned individuals to help us celebrate Paryushan and Das Lakshana. Shri Pravinbahi Shah from Ahmedavad was our second major speaker who delivered a series of lectures on Barsa Sutra Darshan and Explanation on Kshamapana. He spoke three times everyday, 10-12 in the morning, 2-4 in the afternoon and an hour or so after Pratikraman. Pravinbahi covered a huge volume of scriptural knowledge during his talks and answered many questions from the audience. Shri Rakesh Kumar Jain from Jaipur was a young 25 year old talented teacher of Jain Scriptures. He held a series of lectures on each of ten Lakshana followed by interactive small group of interested listeners in private homes. At the conclusion of his visit, the grateful audience asked Panditji to come back to Toronto during 2005 Das Lakshana. He consented to the request provided his Guruji concurs. Shri Rajubhai Desai was our third young 32 year old learned speaker who gave a series of six lectures on "Six Padno Patra". The Pratikraman, every evening, was very well attended and during Samvatsari Pratikraman, the overflow had to be accommodated at Sri Jain Mandir on Parklawn. The 19th Chaitya Paripati was organized on 17 October 2004. Some 60 or so participants took part in the puja and Stavan singing. The celebrations ended with a many dish lunch. Everyone enjoyed this year's Dadawadi. Annual DIWALI DINNER of Jain Society was organized by EC members on 21st November and over 900 people attended. There were children's dances, play and music items presented EDMONTON, AB: Jains participated prominently in the centennial celebrations of the city of Edmonton on September 26 at the City Hall before 700 people and dignitaries. The community gathered for meditation and other discourse at Rasik & Taraben's house on October 10. Nirvana Day was celebrated as the main event in Hindu Cultural Centre as the main event of Sunday on November 14,2004. BOSTON, MA Jain Center of Greater Boston, Norwood, MA has been buzzing with activity for the last few months. We ended the summer with Saman Shrutpragyaji and Saman Schitpragyaji with week long topics of Points of Jainism and Principles of Jainism for Jain Directory of North America Jain Center of Greater Boston has undertaken the project to publish fifth edition of the Directory of Jains living in North America and Canada. Our anticipated date of publication is first quarter of 2005 with an estimation that this edition will contain listing of over 10,000 families ! Continuing our tradition, most of the work will be done by the volunteers and we plan to mail the directory at no cost to each Jain family listed in the directory. Jal WINTER 2005onal For Private & PeFoareceive JAINA SPECTRUM log on Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SOUTHEAST Surendra Shah, Regional Editor ORLANDO, FL Jain Society of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida celebrated Paryushan Parva and Das Laxna in its new Jain Temple / Upashray. Samniji graced the occasion, gave lectures and Sapna Darshan ceremony took place on September 12th. Over 150 people from all over Florida participated. During the Parva, one of the youngest member, Bhavya Sheth, age 10, did Atthai (8 Upvas). Bhavya is the first boy in Florida to do Atthai at this young age. Also there were several tapsvis with 16 Upvas, 8 Upvas and other tapsyas. Parnas were held in Orlando and also at South Daytona Beach. During the year scholars such as, Shri Dhirajbhai Pandit, Smt. Sunandaben Vora, Smt. Tarlaben Doshi and Shri Nautambhai Vakil visited the center. ATLANTA, GEORGIA The Paryushana Parva was celebrated in the presence of Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji. His visit follows the earlier visit of Pramodaji Chitrabhanu. After Paryushana Parva, Das Laxana Parva was celebrated. This year saw had the largest number of tapasvis in all age groups. The center is discussing the frame work for the creation of the board of trustees. WEST Chandrakant Parekh,, Regional Editor LOS ANGELES, CA Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) celebrated the Paryushan and Das Laxana with the guidance of Shri Narendrabhai Nandu, Shri Chitrabhanuji and Shri Bharat Shah. A phenomenal success of this year's Paryushan celebrations is highlighted by the fact that over $2 million were pledged for the new Jain Bhavan which is now under construction. Two families Dr. Manibhai/Savitaben Mehta and Harshadbhai/Rekshaben Shah - pledged to donate $751,000.. A charity gala performance to raise funds for the New Jain Bhavan was organized on October 31 and featured Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, a renowned Kuchipudi and Bharat Natyam dancer, and Kavita Murti Deshpande, a mesmerizing singer of film songs. A Bhaktamar Stotra Aradhana was performed on November 25, the Thanksgiving Day, to pray for peace through out the world. Kartiki Poonam was celebrated on November 27. Diwali was celebrated November 12-13 with a program of Panch Kalyanak Puja, Chopra Pujan, and bhavna. Construction of Phase I of the new Jain Bhavan is nearly completed and inauguration will be planned in early 2005. The exterior of the building is constructed of superbly carved Jesalmer yellow limestone from India and reflects graceful features of a traditional Jain temple. Various artifacts for the interior are being designed in India and will include paintings, murals, tapestries, sculptures, and other media to depict the religion, art, history, culture, heritage, and Jain way of life. Donations for this noble project are always needed and can also be made using credit cards. at Information about forthcoming programs and regular activities are posted on JCSC's website For additional information, please Rameshbhai Doshi, JCSC President, at 714/995-8914 or contact SAN FRANCISCO, CA Jain Center of Northern California celebrated the 4th Pratishtha Anniversary (Mahotsav) on August 2022 with a program of Bhavana Bhakti To view latest JAIN DIGEST log on For Fivate & Personal Use Only by Sri.Chetan Gadhavi from India, a Panch Kalyanak Vidhan and Snatra Pooja followed by Adhar Abhishek (18 Abhishek) Pooja for Gabhara and Bhomati Pratima including Dev and Devi. 18 Abhishek (Adhar Abhishek) Pooja is performed to eliminate all impurities (Ashatna) collected throughout the year. A program of Garba-Raas was arranged in the evening. An annual Shikhar Dhwaj changing ceremony was included within the Sattar Bhedi Pooja (17 different kinds of Poojas) Nearly 600 members attended the 3day Mahotsav and donated over $ 30,000. Paryushan and Das Lakshan Mahaparvas were celebrated with a multitude of activities that attracted many devotees to the temple. Sri Vasantbhai Khokhani, the visiting scholar delivered lectures on various topics relating to Paryushan, with an emphasis on Shrimad Rajchandra's message. Dr. Sudarshan Lal Jain educated the audience with his lectures during Das Lakshan. Jayesh Khona, the resident Panditji led the Kalpasutra Vanchan. This year the Paryushan activities were spread over two months, the attendance to the Pratikramans being spread as well. Dr. Sudarshan Lal Jain inaugurated the painting exhibition by the father-daughter team of Yogendra Sethi and Surbhi Pandya on Jainism during Das Lakshan Parva. A first Interfaith Conference organized on October 9 was attended by representatives of various religions - Islam, Judaism. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Information about forthcoming programs and regular activities are published in the "JCNC Darpan" newsletter and are posted on JCNC's website at For additional information or to request a copy of the newsletter, please contact SACRAMENTO, CA Jain Center of Greater Sacramento (JCGS) celebrated the Paryushan Mahaparva under the guidance of REGIONAL NEWS.... 15 WINTER 2005 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS... Samni Sanmati Pragya Ji and Samani Unatt Pragya Ji. JCGS organizes a monthly Swadhyay, and various activi- ties including religious celebrations, Preksha dhyan and meditation classes, and lectures by visiting dignitaries. For additional information, please contact Rajiv Jain, JCGS President, at e-mail: SAN DIEGO, CA Jain Society of San Diego (JSSD) organizes regular activities which include - a monthly Jainshala for children, adult classes, swadhyay, and a weekly pooja every Saturday at Shri Mandir. For additional information, please contact Trusha Shah, JSSD President at 760/943-1241 or e-mail: Chitrabhanu. Her lectures were very informative conveying a very down to earth message for people to follow in their day-to-day lives. Under her able guidance members displayed tremendous response and we had a lot of Tapasya. To name a few: Nimit Solanki 21 upvas, Jayshree Mehta 16 upvas, Pratik Shah, Tajas Shah and Raniben Solanki each with 11 upvas and four each with 9, 8 and 7 upvas. Our Youths were not far behind and Nidhi Turakhia, Charmi Shah and Ravi Shah all did Atthai. Also for the benefit of our youth, Samvatsari Pratikraman was performed in English per our tradition. This year about 50 of our members visited Dallas Jain Sangh for the Chaitya Paripati trip. We must express our gratitude to Dallas Sangh for their hospitality and well-planned activities and programs. Shri Virendrabhai form New Jersey performed the 108 Parshwanath Poojan on Oct. 31. Diwali was celebrated at JSH with various Jaaps such as Nirvan Samadhi Jaap, Ghatakaran Mahavir Jaap and Navkar Mantra Jaap. For more information please contact JSH President Dilip Kapasi at 281-9804567 or Navin Shah, JAINA Director at 281-565-9780 or by e-mail at Houston and Tulsa for a Chaitya Paripati gathering, about 90 people from outside joined the local Sangh for this 2-day event. After lunch on Saturday, there was a cultural program at a hall in the Fun Asia complex. Younger children presented some dances on songs and moral stories followed by a drama on Shalibhadra including his previous life where he offered most of his Kheer to a Sadhu (Supatra Daan) and due to that Punya, was born as Shalibhadra in a very rich family. The high school children presented their skits on how Sadhus and Sadhvis conduct their lives on a daily basis, which were enlightening even for some adults. After children's program, Prem Shah, Anu Sheth, Deshana Shah and some out-of-town guests sang some Stavans before breaking for dinner. On Sunday, there was a Puja followed by Bhavna by King Beats group of Bombay and a delicious lunch. JSNT celebrated Diwali on November 14, 2004 with Gautam Swami Poojan conducted by Rajendra and Aruna Shah from Nagpur. Sunday's Pooja was followed by children's program. Young children recited their Jain learning and also performed a dance. Urja Mehta from Pathshala group 2 presented a Jain song on a violin as her teacher Charuben Khara sang. The meeting was concluded with Aartis, Shanti Kalash, Chaitya Vandan and Sangh Jaman. Pathshala group 3 children attended YJA Southwest Regional Conference in Houston during the weekend of November 20-21. JSNT contact is our current president Bhal Daulat at 214824-1953, thewhiterocker@yahoo. com. our website is www.dfwjains. org. SEATTLE, WA Jain Society of Seattle (JSS) celebrated Payushan and Dashlakshan Mahaparvas which was attended by around 150 people. Many participated in performing poojas and abhishek. Diwali "Mahavir Nirvan Day" was celebrated by performing pooja and distributing sweets. Monthly programs are scheduled on every 2nd Sunday of the month. For additional information about JSS and programs in Seattle area, please contact Devkumar Gandhi, JSS President, at 425/235-4848 or log on to DALLAS, TX SOUTHWEST Jadavji Kenia, Regional Editor Paryushan Maha Parva was celebrated from September 11-18 with daily Puja, Kalpa Sutra Vanchan and Pratikraman in the evening, followed by Das Laxan Maha Parva through Sep. 27th. Besides several upvas and Ekasanas there were several Atthais locally and 2 in India by JSNT members. Over 300 people participated in the Swapana ceremony. Dineshbhai and Dr. Ujjwalaben Shah gave their discourses during the Das Laxan days. They again continued in November following their tour at the other centers during October Jain Society of North Texas invited our neighboring Sanghs from Austin, PHOENIX, AZ HOUSTON, TX With a long list of Sadhu-Sadhvijs and Jain Scholars leading up to Paryushan, the Mahaparva started with the arrival of Shrimati Pramodaben During the summer of 2004 the Jain Center of Greater Phoenix hosted Pandit Dhirubhai Mehta, Prakash Jain and Narendra Nandu. Narendrabhai and his group enthralled community with Stavan/Bhavana, Ras Garba and Jain E 160 WINTER 2009 For Private & Persona Pathshala materials is available on www Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ sponsored by individual families and Stotras by a few of the youth. In keeping with the theme of the program, the Pathshala I class performed a Dandia/Rass program and they invited very devotional SidhaChakra Poojan. Paryushan was celebrated with daily Swadhyay and Pratikraman. During Swapana Vidhi ceremony young (children) Tapasvis were hon- ored for their commitment to give up something during Paryushan. General body of JCGP met for Swami Vatsalya following Paryushan, when new By-laws were approved. Executive committee also approved incorporating Jain Center of Greater Phoenix in the state of Arizona. Diwali Poojan was held among the presence of Inter Faith Community members. Elections for new Executive committee and Board will be held during January 2005. For more information, please contact Mahendra Shah (President, JCGP) at 602-493-9745 or email: Swapana celebration followed by the Sangh lunch. All individuals who did Pratikraman actively participated in reciting the sutras. In October, the Sangh also attended Chaitya Paripati arranged by Jain Society of North Texas in Dallas. Diwali and New Year were celebrated with Bhavna, Jaap, Snatra ce Pooja, and Sangh dinner. We wish all of you a Happy New Year. For more information about The Tulsa Jain Sangh, please contact Chandrakant Shah (president, TJS) at 918-258-4400 or email. REGIONAL NEWS. ty to participate with them. The Pathshala II class performed a Khanjri dance as a celebration of the festivities. The program also brought our community together by having a potluck dinner followed by community Dandia. Our Sangh also achieved another major milestone in our history, the selection of an official name, Jain Sangh of Greater Austin. This is the first step as our Sangh moves toward establishing ourselves as an official non-profit organization. In the coming months, we will finalize our charter and once approved by the Sangh, we will file for our new status. It is a very exciting time for our Sangh and the community. For more information, please contact, Apurva Bhansali at (512) 7950740 TULSA,OK The members of the Tulsa Jain Sangh are thoroughly enjoying the new Jain Center. All the members successfully celebrated Paryushan, including The Jain Sangh of Greater Austin celebrated Diwali on November 14 with our annual program. This year both the Pathshala I and II classes performed in front of the whole Sangh. In India, regardless of religious beliefs, Diwali is a time of celebration and community get together and this was the theme of our program this year. The program was started by Stavans Jain Digest Life Members 741 U Vinayak and Saryu Mehta North Canton OH 742 U Yogesh and Sunanda Kuvadia Chicago IL 743 U Deven D. Shah Voorhees NJ 744 U Rohit and Malti Shah Forest Hill NY 745 U Bansi and Bharti Shah Sterling Heights MI 70 C Chand and Niru Chandaria North York ONT This is a list of new Jain Digest life members whose dues were received upto Dec. 9, 04. Please send your S151.00 Jain Digest life membership dues to Keerti Shah, 842 Lakeside Drive. Bartlett Illinois 60103, Phone: 630-837-8716. email: FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA APPEAL I want to help retaining Jain identity and culture by supporting JAINA and I want to be a proud Jain! Please fill out this form and support JAINA. Mail this completed form and your financial contribution to JAINA Headquarters PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068 Please send your $151.00 Jain Digest life membership dues to Keerti Shah, 842 Lakeside Drive, Bartlett Illinois 60103, Phone: 630-837-8716 email: I want to be a Trustee of JAINA Charitable Trust Name and will donate $500 every year O I want to be a JAINA Patron and will donate $251 Address every year I want to be a Life Member of JAIN DIGEST and will donate $151 Phone ( ) other amount: $10 $25 $50 Email: Please make checks payable to JAINA. Your donation is tax deductible. Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous. 950 Jam families have already done so, would you not do so? If not for you, do it for your children and grandchildren. To previewm2005 JAINA calendar log on www.jaina.orgersonal Use Only 17 WINTER 2005 org Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ZIP MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 1 Send this completed form, a check in the amount of $25 and a recent, full-length photograph of yourself with your name printed on the back to: Hasmukh M. Shah, 304 Tall Oak Trail Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-7711 Phone: 727-934-6141 / 3255 Name (please print): - LAST FIRST MIDDLE Address: STREET CITY STATE Phone: () _ Fax: () Email: Date of Birth: Height: Weight: Are you a vegetarian? YES NO Do you smoke? YES O NO Do you drink? O YES NO Have you been married before? YES ONO If yes, indicate the name of your divorced spouse. Your visa status in the USA/Canada? When did you enter the USA/Canada? MONTH/YEAR What languages do you speak? What is your religion? What languages do you read? What languages do you write? Education: DEGREE YEAR RECEIVED MAJOR NAME OF UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE Work experience: COMPANY'S NAME POSITION DURATION Father's Name: Occupation: Mother's Name: Occupation: Brother(s) and/or Sister(s) NAME(S) AGE(S) EDUCATION OCCUPATION Do you have other relatives living in the North America? NAME RELATIONSHIP OCCUPATION ADDRESS Other relevant information (use additional paper if necessary): Candidate's signature: Date: IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: It is important to remember that the MIS is a non-for-profit, voluntary community service. The MIS and JAINA assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the information furnished in the ads or any consequences resulting thereof. The entire responsibility rests with the candidates themselves. All information furnished to the MIS is confidential. Only those who are sincerely interested in looking for a Jain life partner should send a Registration Form. While matching, photographs will not be passed on to the candidates by the MIS. Parents/guardians should communicate with the candidate before placing ad and assist them in making a final decision. Jain 18 WINTER 2005 For Private & Personal Poroinfo on 2005 convention log on www jainacorg Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 1. Two references who are members of the Jain Community or other Indian organizations. Our world is shrinking and we are a global village and life is not always easy. However, we can carry our philosophy and our value system that is very worth while, with us. Accept the challenge and make your choice be a worth while one. A. Name: Address: Phone: Member of: ORGANIZATION'S NAME B. Name: Address: Placing an Ad and Registration with MIS Anyone wishing to place an ad and register with the MIS must follow these instructions care-fully: 1. Fill out the attached Registration Form Page 1 and Page 2.. The registrant must fill out this form. Do not leave anything blank. . You may draft an ad yourself in 30 words or less. MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. 2. Mail the the completed form + a check in the amount of $25 payable to Hasmukh M. Shah. Leave the Memo or For column blank. 3. A recent photo of yourself with your name printed on the back. 4. Upon receipt of this information the MIS will arrange to publish your ad in the JAIN DIGEST - but only once. You may repeat it in the subsequent issues by mailing $25. JAIN DIGEST is a quarterly publication. Phone: Member of: MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 2 ORGANIZATION'S NAME 2. Indicate your personal preference of these criteria for the match. Age: Between the ages of_ and or open. Height: Between the height of_ and or open Weight: Between the weight of _ _and or open. Education: Bachelor Masters Degree Other Major: Vegetarian: YES O NO Work experience: YES NO Residence: (state) Visa Status: Length of time in North America: years. Language. English: YES NO Other (specify): Placing an Ad Only If you do not wish to send photo and wish to draft an ad yourself, you may do so in 30 words or less. Remember that the MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. Fill out MIS Registration Form pagel only (without leaving anything blank), or you may provide the entire information as asked for in this Form. Follow step 2 above. It is very necessary for MIS to complete its database with the information available in Form pagel, without which MIS will not be able to process your ad for publication. Please note, your ad will be published once, but you can repeat it by mailing check of $25. CONGRATULATIONS! Female: 167, Male: 155 (Married / Engaged) JAINA would like to congratulate all couples who have come together with the help of the services of the MIS. JAINA wishes to thank them for their generous donation. More and more Jains around the world are not only appreciating this much needed service, but are also taking advantage of it. Simultaneously, the flow of ads in JAIN DIGEST is gradually increas Responding to an Ad (only if contact info isn't available). If the phone number or address is not given in the ad, then you must contact the candidate through MIS. Follow these step-by-step instructions. Place your bio-data and a recent photograph of yourself in a sealed, stamped envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and the MIS ad reference number in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope. Leave space on the envelope for an address. Place this envelope in another envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and mail it to Hasmukh M. Shah. Upon receipt of these responses the MIS will place the ad holders address on the inner envelope and mail it. Remember, MIS is not responsible for responses that do not conform to these instructions. ing. Guideline to all perspective participants Be positive, constructive, creative and friendly! No match is going to be "perfect." Complement and support each other practicing re-spect,sharing, acquire knowledge and maintaining your uniqueness while keeping an open mind. These are the qualities that make for human perfection. Please notify the MIS Please notify the MIS when an engagement or marriage has been announced. This helps us to know if this community service is working to help maintain our traditions. Please note that if a successful alliance has taken place, both parties will agree to donate what ever amount they wish to JAINA to help defray the cost of publication. News on JAINA activities log on www.jaina.orgor Private & Personal Use Only 19. WINTER Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - FEMALE F000: Gujarati parents invite proposals F1084: Gujarati Physician parents invite AF434: Accomplished MD, US born, for beautiful cultured US citizen daugh- proposals from professional handsome Sept 73, 5'3", beautiful fair athletic culter, born Dec 73, 5'1", 110 lb, BS cultured boys for beautiful US born tured vegetarian daughter. Gujarati par(molecular biology) & BS (CS), biotech daughter, June 79, 5'2", 110 lb, MD, ents welcome responses from well-edu/ software professional in silicon Valley, 2nd Yr OB Resident at IVY league col- cated cultured vegetarian professional CA, from well educated professional veg- lege. Email: young men. Email: etarian boys. Call: 408/272-6833. Email: F1091; Gujarati parents invite alliance AF435: Gujarati parents invite proposals for very beautiful attractive fair accom- with bio-data / photo from well educatF621: Gujarati parents invite proposals plished compassionate vegetarian daugh- ed professionals for pretty vegetarian US for beautiful attractive accomplished ter, born June 68, 5'5", BS (accounting), born daughter, June 79, MD (2005). virtuous US born daughter, Dec 73, well positioned in a reputed enterprise Call: 516/302-7431. Email: 5'7", MD, will pursue fellowship from owned by family, from cultured profes- 2005, from cultured vegetarian professional vegetarian boys. Call: 727/787sional boys preferably MD. Call: 8033. 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Email: Email: or AF441: Alliance invited for beautiful attractive fair slim accomplished vegetar ian family oriented Gujarati girl, born F1055: Proposals with photo / bio-data F1094: Gujarati parents invite corre- 67, 5'4", MBA, pursuing MS, from proinvited for beautiful slim attractive vege- spondence for beautiful very-fair charm- fessional well-settled vegetarian match. tarian Gujarati girl, born Aug 73, 5'1", ing talented vegetarian US born daugh- Email: BS (Biology), well employed, from well ter, April 78, 5'0", BS (MIS), from culeducated, values both cultures vegetarian tured well educated professional boys. F1031: Gujarati parents invite alliance Jain boys. Call: 973/626-3477. 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Email: girishshah Swami described above are called Shrutakevali AM437: Gujarati parents invite respons meaning they attained complete knowledge of M1089: Gujarati parents invite proposals es fro handsome brilliant vegetarian US the scriptures but not Keval Gyan. The leadfor handsome talented vegetarian US cit- citizen son, born May 79, 150 lb, pursu ers after Sthulibhadra are called Dasapurvi -- izen son, born Dec 76, 5'7", MD, cur- ing dual degree MD & PhD, from cul- those who knew the 10 Purvas of the 12th rently doing 2nd Yr residency in Tampa, tured educated girls. Call: 678/482 Anga. FL, from cultured educated pretty vege- 4581. Email: To receive JAINA SPECTRUM log on 21. WINTER 2005 til www. j org Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dr. Pravin L. Shah is a Molecular Rheologist with his own private practice. He has extensively studied the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra. Pravinbhai has composed many Stavans and Bhajans, and has contributed articles many places. He writes regularly for Jain Digest and has contributed more than twenty articles on Jainism. He is presently working on two comprehensive user-friendly Texts on Jain Metaphysics of Soul and Matter, and Self Realization Handbook, both in American English. 22 WINTER 2005, The Fourteen Stages of Spiritual Elevation (Apurva Avasar) Shrimad Rajchandra (1868-1901) was a great Seer and one of the most recognized Jain sages of the modern time who has made priceless contribution to Jain philosophy and literature according to Pundit Sukhalalji. Shrimad possessed brilliant poetic abilities as reflected in his master epics Atmasiddhi and Apurva Avasar, the later poem impacted Mahatma Gandhi so much that it was included by Gandhiji in the Ashram Bhajanvali for daily recitation. In Apurva Avasar poem, Shrimad describes one's genuine aspiration for achieving the spiritual elevation and a burning desire to ascend the 14 stages of elevation prescribed in Tatvarthsutra. One may think of this poem as a short version of Haribhadra's Yogdrasti Samuchhya which is considered as a scientific barometer by Shrimad to measure the spiritual stages of an aspirant. According to Umaswati's Tatvarthsutra, the first three stages (Gunsthanaka) are not so important as they pertain to soul with deeply deluded perception. In this poem Shrimad describes the prerequisite mode and the qualifications of an aspirant in the first two verses before attaining the 4th stage describing right perception (Samyak Darshan) in verse 3. Arriving at stage 4 is considered as the most important milestone in one's spiritual pursuit and this precious stage can be attained by a house holder (e.g. Shrimad Rajchandra in 1891) or a monk (e.g. Haribhadra in 8th century, Hemchandra in 12th century, Yashovijayji in 18th century, etc.). Once stage 4 with Samyak Darshan (self realization) is attained, the aspirant strives with burning desire to attain stage 7 symbolizing Samyak Charitra (right conduct) as described in verses 4 to 12 by Shrimad in a brilliant way to lead us into meditative mode to follow the path of the Lord Jina. During stages 4 to 7 one continues to develop total detachment from the senses and the worldly desires while experiencing the majesty and the bliss of the pure consciousness. Apurva Avasar verses 4 to 12 give us a very good insight and a pictorial view of a self realized saint's intense meditation and inner determination, force, and spiritual strength to dissolve and destroy all the passions such as anger, greed, ego, deceit, lust and jealousy before attaining the omniscient knowledge (Keval Gnan). Verse 12 describes the 10th Gunsthanak where Svanjalan Kashaya (Last passion of greed) is fully destroyed and the aspirant is now ready to climb to the 12th and 13th stage of spiritual elevation. In verses 13 and 14, Shrimad brilliantly describes the process of ascending from 10th to 12the stage to destroy the four Ghati Karmas (obscuring pure self) and ascend in the powerful meditative Shreni (thurstful fire of meditation known as Shukla Dhyan to destroy all the soul obscuring Karmas) to arrive at 13th stage in 48 minutes to attain the omniscient knowledge (Keval Gnan). Verse 15 describes the Arihant stage or 13th Gunsthanak where one attains infinite perception, knowledge, energy and bliss by destroying all the Ghati Karmas. As we know, Lord Mahavir attained this stage 13 at age 42. Verses 16 to 18 describe the process and the characteristics of the 14 th stage where attachment of body, mind, and words and all the Karmas are shed completely to become Siddha which is described in verse 19. When Siddha stage (14th Gunsthanak) is attained the soul is liberated from all the Karmas as well as from the association of the body, mind and speech. This is the ever lasting state of Lord Siddha who has omniscient knowledge and perception experiencing and enjoying the formless pure consciousness for ever as beautifully described in verse 19 by Shrimad. Lord Mahavir attained the Siddha state at age 72 this is the goal of every seeker. Verse 20 explains why it is so difficult to narrate this final Ayogi (bodyless and formless) state as even Lord Mahavir could not narrate it fully; it has to be experienced only by the self. Finally in the last verse # 21, Shrimad shows his firm determination to attain that omniscient liberated state with Lord's blessing. One can use this poem in performing daily Samayik to meditate and contemplate deeply on how to move forward on the fourteen stages of spiritual elevation. Shrimad Laghuraj Swami, the first disciple of Shrimadji, who attained self realization had this to say about this epic poem: "Each word of Apurva Avasar is truly a holy Mantra evolving from the heart of a highly accomplished Siddha Yogi like Shrimad Rajchandra and it has the divine powers to awaken and lead an aspirant to self realization in less To view latest JAIN DIGEST log on Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ than six months if one constantly meditates on its meaning in depth with genuine faith. The following translation of this poem is provided for daily meditation: When will I attain that unprecedented spiritual stage, When will I break off the external and internal bonds of desire; When will I fully detach from all the worldly relationships, And when will I follow the spiritual path of the great Masters? ....l Who wonders alone in the crematories or lone mountains; Where he may encounter a tiger or a lion, He remains steadfast in his equanimity, As if he is with his best friends. ********............................11 Let there be no mental stress from severe austerity, Nor there be any delight from delicious food; Enormous wealth of heavenly Gods I may view Equally lifeless as the earthly particles of dirt.... ....... 12 When will I detach from all the emotions and desires, When will I experience complete self control, When will I arrive at a state of pure self content, And when will I have no attachment to my physical body?....... 2 After conquering the delusive Karmas, Which obscure the right conduct, May I ascend the intense ladder of spiritual perfection To experience the everlasting bliss of my pure consciousness. 13 By fully destroying the self ignorance, I realized pure consciousness separate from the body, With the enlightened contemplation of pure self, May I remain an observer to all the diminishing activities?..... After crossing the largest ocean of delusion, May I reach the twelfth stage of spiritual elevation; Reaching perfection in detachment and equanimity, May I now experience the omniscient knowledge!............... Let the blissful peace of self illumination Remain steadfast for ever, Let the state of equanimity not be disturbed By the external or internal adversities... Let the soul obscuring karmas be fully destroyed, Vanishing the very seed of the life cycle; Let my true consciousness be realized in the purest form, With omniscient knowledge and the perception infinite. 15 Let all my efforts be focused at self control, Obediently following the path of the Lord Jina; Only to realize the pure consciousness, Let the external activities gradually diminish, Until I am fully submerged in my pure self. ... Let the four Aghati Karmas become lifeless, Like a burnt rope with no force, Their life span depending on the life itself, Ending for ever when the body becomes lifeless.................16 Let my feelings be without craving or aversion, In experiencing the five senses, Let my mind not be disturbed from fivefold indolence, Let me follow the destiny with no expectations, Let me not be influenced by external object, space,or time.....6 When the soul dissociates from all the external matter, Detaching finally from the mind, body, speech, and karma; The fourteenth spiritual stage finally arrives, With eternal happiness & freedom from the Karmic bondage. 17 Let my provocation be towards the anger itself, Let my humility extend towards arrogance, Let me remain a calm observer towards deception And avoidance of covetousness towards greed... The inert state of the soul finally arrives, When no atomic particle can associate with pure self, As the soul is now fully perfected, flawless and pure, Omniscient, formless, brilliantly shining is the pure consciousness, And effortless remaining in its natural state for ever............ 18 Let me not be angry towards anyone Who inflicts deep wounds of pain on me, Let me have no ego even if an emperor bows to me, Let me remain carefree even in case of the loss of my life, And let me have no desire for the priceless worldly achievements. Charged fully from the previous spiritual experiences, Cosmic momentum lifts the soul to full liberation; Steadfast in infinite bliss and joy, With omniscient knowledge and infinite perception...........19 Let me become a fully detached monk Who is carefree of his body's cosmetics, And one who has conquered all the emotions and passions To be a real saint overcoming all the body infestations.......... Though omniscient Lords have experienced this (14th) stage, But are unable to describe fully its majesty and grandeur, How can any one else describe it in words, Alas, it can only be experienced by Self knowledge. ......... 20 Let me live in a state of equanimity Towards a friend or a foe; Let me have no concern for life or death, And my blissful peace prevail in an embodied or a liberated state. Let me be like an unshakable monk. ............10 I have conceived to attain this fourteenth blissful stage, Even though it may be a dream beyond my reach; Confident I, Shrimad Rajchandra, remain to attain this stage, By following the teachings of the Lord. When will I attain that unprecedented spiritual state ..........21 Pathshala materials is available on .... 23 - WINTER 2005 www.jalitetan Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jaina Book Store...... 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The tsunami that swept through the Indian subcontinent on December 26 is a global calamity. As followers of "Jiv Daya" and "Ahimsa" it is our moral obligation to respond to this cause and help these victims. We can't bring back the dead but let us help millions to help survive. Your contribution will make a remarkable difference in the lives of these unfortunate people. In the past, with your support, we have raised over $650,000 for Gujarat Earthquake, $100,000 for Latur Earthquake, $70,000 for Kutch Cyclone and some the Turkey earthquake etc. Once again, we request your generous help for this humane cause. We realize that many different organizations have started such a fund raising drive. The reasons why you should send your donations through JAINA: JAINA WEBSITE The first phase of newly revamped JAINA web site has ushered JAINA in the 21 century.. It has potential for being a single portal for all North Americal Jain related activies in North America.. 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I urge each of you to come forward and share your information with us. This will benefit the entire Jain community. JAINA does not charge any administrative cost to the relief fund. Every penny donated to the fund will go towards relief effort. JAINA will not hand over the funds to a government agency. In fact JAINA volunteers will add their presence, experience and effort to the fund as it is delivered to the affected area. √ Funds collected by JAINA will be spent in completely non-violent manner keeping in mind Jain way. For example, our money will not be spent on replacing fishing boat or serving meals with meat. Our efforts will be directed in helping build a school or a hospital or housing. JAINA has already requested Presidents and Directors of all the 67 centers in the US and Canada to collect the funds. and forward to JAINA so we can carryout a meaningful relief project. Remember: Together Everyone Achieves More. 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