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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Magazine of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America JAIN DIGEST le Spring 2001 Volume 17 No.1 2600h JANMA KALYANAK Jain Education For Private www.ja nelibrary oras Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cardiology Vinod K. Shah, MD, FACC A. A. Patil, MD, FACC Mahesh P Shah MD,FACC Anil K. Shah, MD, FACC Anantha Rao, MD, FACC Gastroenterology Umed K. Shah, MD, FACG Arul R. Shah, MD, FACG Nayan R. Shah, MD, FACG Sreenivas Mannam MD Pulmonology Kiran D. Mehta, MD, FCCP Neurology Beena A. Shah, MD Internal Medicine Bhasker A. Jhaveri, MD David M. Federle, MD Mary Kramer, MD Avani D. Shah, MD Dhiren Shah, MD Chandra B. Sajja, MD Manoj Panwala, MD Hematology/Oncology Gurdeep Chhabra, MD. Harminder S. Sethi, MD Gerontology Anwar T. Munshi, MD, FACP Rita B. Jhaveri, MD Pediatrics Ila V. Shah, MD, FAAP M.EO. Lafeer, MD, FAAP Dawn Bertram-Stewart, MD Beena Khetpal, MD Fahmi H. Fahmi MD Pediatrics/Internal Medicine James I. Harring, MD, FAAP FACP Family Practice John E. Fenwick, MD J. Patrick Jarboe, MD Robert J. Bauer, MD John L. Bennett, MD J. Scott Tidball, MD Roy H. Bunales, MD Radiology Halappa G. Hakkal, MD, Harris E. Orzach, MD Psychiatry Aruna A. Patil, MD Endocrinology John Tourtelot, MD Hollywood Office Philip J. Bean Medical Center PO. Box 640 24035 Three Notch Road Hollywood, MD 20636 301-373-7900 Leonardtown Offices Shanti Medical Center PO Box 664 26840 Point Lookout Road, Suite 101 Leonardtown, MD 20650 301-475-5577 301-475-5524 St. Mary's Medical Arts Building PO Box 306 22650 Cedar Lane Court Leonardtown, MD 20650 310-475-5021 301-475-5023 Prince Frederick Office Calvert Medical Office Building 110 Hospital Road, Suite 303 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 410-535-4333 Lexington Park Office 22335 Exploration II,Suite 1030 & 1035 Lexington Park, MD 20653 301-863-7041 301-863-9000 California Office PO. Box 540 23263 By the Mill Road California, MD 20619 301-863-5835 Charlotte Hall Office Charlotte Hall Medical Centre PO. Box 507 29795 Three Notch Road Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 301-884-7322 301-884-7330 Mechanicsville Office Village Medical Annex 28160 Old Village Road, Suite A Mechanicsville, MD 20659 301-884-4666 Washington Area 831 University Blvd., #321 Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-445-4430 2010_02 JAIN TEMPLE, WASHINGTON, DC 2000 EFT sAdhu JAI JINENDRA aho! aho! zrI sadguru, karuNAsiMdhu apAra A pAmara para prabhu karyo, aho! aho! upakAra (124) Thanks! the Holy True Teacher! Unfathomable ocean of compassion; I'm highly obliged; Oh! good Teacher, The Pupil poor has no expression. (124) zuM prabhucaraNakane gharaM AtmAthI sahu hIna, te to prabhu Apiyo, vartu caraNAdhina (125) What should I offer to you, Lord? In soul-comparison all is trifle; The soul is gifted by the Lord, I wish to act to your oracle. (125) - Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra, Srimad Rajchandra - vijaya We dedicate ourselves to ceaseless efforts of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, in spreading the principles of Jainism among all the Jains settled in North America. We congratulate the Executive Committee for their devoted service to JAINA. SHAH ASSOCIATES, M.D., L.L.C. Shanti Medical Center, P.O. Box 664, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone: 301-475-5579 Metro 301-870-2049 Fax 301-884-7419 Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE FALL 2000 VOL.16 NO. 3 CIRCULATION: 7500 Dear Sahdharmic Brothers and Sisters: In this issue Jai Jinendra! Editor in Chief .. An Introduction to Jain Religion. Jainism - Its message and practice. The strength of Jainnism....9 Bhagwan Mahavir's last sermon. Jainism - What is the difference... Jainism - A way of life.......13 The Eternal message of Jain Wisdom ..........10 As I write this message, our heart goes out with sympathy to all the victims of Gujarat Earthquake, as well as their families and friends throughout the world. At the same time, we can feel consoled and gratified by the tremendous response in extending help to the victims of this natural calamity. JAINA, through its World Community Service (WCS) Committee, and its affiliate Jain Centers throughout North America have already started planning to take part in the long term rehabilitation and reconstruction effort under the guidance of the experienced and able advisor Dr. Dhiraj Shah. We should always remember "One Who Serves the Needy, Serves Bhagwan Mahavir". JAINA Convention Board, under the chairmanship of Dr. Bipin Parikh, and its various committees are proceeding with the planning of 2001 JAINA Convention to be held in Chicago during July 5 to 8 of this year. We are making every effort to make this convention a spiritually and socially rewarding and memorable event. This convention will have many of seminars and plenary sessions devoted to specific topics related to Practice of Jainism for all of us. Please register early for the convention and donate generously for its various activities. JAINA Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration Committee Chairman Dr. Manoj Dharamsi has contacted all Jain Centers in North America with the guidelines for celebrating the event at local and national level. While I am in India, I was in contact with Mrs. Induben Jain, Mr. Dipchand Gardi and Mr. Ramesh Shahu as well as other members of Mahavir Memorial Committee to solicit their active participation in our celebration here in North America. A delegation of leading Jains from India is planning to attend the JAINA Convention this year. JAINA Yatra Sangh led by Messrs. Dilip Shah (Chairman), Kirit Daftari, Anop Vora, and others had the memorable and religiously fulfilling pilgrimage of Sammed Shikar, Pavapuri and several other Teerths, as well as a visit to Veeraytan. The response to our 2001 JAINA Calendar is again overwhelming. With the funds available now, we have ordered additional books and should soon start shipping them to all the respondents for their Mini JAINA Library. As we celebrate 2600h Janma Kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir this year, let us practice Anekantwad in thoughts, Ahimsa in practice, Syadwad in speech and Aparigraha in community. Anekantvad - Multiplicity of Viewpoints....16 Lessons from the life of Bhagwan Mahavir...... ....17 Life of Bhagwan Mahavir....19 Headquarter News............21 Regional News.............26 Committee News........... Affiliate News...................34 Jaina Yatra 2001................35 Life Members Update........37 Financial Statement...........37 MIS Registration Form......39 Matrimonials.....................41 Young Minds.................. Sincerely crocandya 11th JAINA convention.....48 Mahendra K. Pandya, President, JAINA Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to: Cover: Paitings on Life of Bhagwan mahavir by Gokuldas Kapadia- Artist Jain DIGEST CIRCULATION Federation of JAINA P. O. Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Graphic Designer: Dhrumil Kumar Purohit dru@Dharma Jain Education Interational 2010_02 JAIN DIGESTSPRING 2001/1 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) A publication of the FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA (JAINA) HEADQUARTERS PO Box 700. Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Phone/Fax: 716/636-5342 Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday, 2 PM - 5 PM EST JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Mahendra K. Pandya Phone: 718/816-0083, Fax: 212/319-6781 EDITOR IN CHIEF Lata Champsec 21 Swiftdale Place Don Mills, ONT M3B IM3 Canada Phone: 416/441-2200 Fax: 416/441-2211 First Vice President Bipin D. Parikh Phone: 847/699-1294, Fax: 312/726-4274 Regional Vice Presidents Jasvant Mehta, Canada Phone: 780/435-9070, Fax: 780/497-5598 REGIONAL EDITORS Canada Dr.Mahendra Mehta 26 Vancho Cres Islington, One M9A 4Z2 Phone/Fax 416/241-2044 Ila G. Mehta, Midwest US Phone: 419/865-2727. Fax: 419/868 7476 Hansraj C. Maru, Northeast US Phone/Fax: 203/775-1906 Midwest, US Manubhai Doshi 931 Golden Road Lake Forest, IL 60045 Phone: 8471735-0120 Deepika Dalal. Southeast US Phone: 954/431-5957. Fax: 954/545-6501 Kitit C. 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Chicago, IL Bhupendra Tolia, Norwood, NJ AFFILIATES JAINA FOCUS MANAGING EDITORIAL BOARD Laua Champsee, Manubhai Doshi, Jagat lain, Ramesh Jain, Vijay Jain, Harshad Shah, Anep Vora Trustees AJI Trustees names and photos to be printed in the Fall 2000 issue The Managing Editorial Board will endeavor to publish all material submitted but reserves the right to edit and/or reformat for clarity and space restrictions. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Managing Editorial Board of JAIN DIGEST. JAINA ON THE INTERNET JAINA Jain BBS Young Jains of America! Brahmi Jain Society, US and Canada International Alumni Association of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Rochester, NY International Mahavir Jain Mission, US and Canada Jain Meditation International Center, US & Canada Jain Social Group. I.A and Toronto Kutchhi Gurjar Jain Society, Grand Island, NY Kurchhi Oswal Samaj, San Francisco Shri S. 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All letters must include the sender's name, address and phone number to be considered for publication 2 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF... Jai Jinendra: This year marks the 2600th Janma Kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, a humble effort is made by the Jain Digest in creating this special issue. This was possible due to the tremendous support I received from all contributors and especially from Mr. Vinay Vakani, who spent hours upon hours going over the materials and coming up with helpful suggestions. It is really gratifying that the Jain community of North America came forward with the support for the victims of Earthquake in India. Everyone's focus was on nothing else but on those victims in the aftermath of this natural calamity. It demonstrated the compassionate side of our community. However, the real work of rehabilitation has yet to begin. JAINA in its modest way is extending a helping hand. The time has now come for all Jains in North America to get together and work under one banner. Our Jain community has been here for the past 25-30 years. We have organized Jain Sanghs all over North America with the idea of preserving our unique religion and culture, and passing this legacy to our next generation. We always wanted our kids to learn about our religious values - Ahimsa, Anekantvaad, and Aparigraha, (non-violence, multi-perspectives and detachment). And trust me, we have done a good job, an excellent work. Look at YJA and YJP! Both of these organizations are humming with activities as our young generation tries to understand and adopt the message of Bhagwan Mahavir. Many of our children are vegetarians, vegans and environmentalists who truly believe in Jain philosophy. However, recently we keep hearing that some Sanghs are splitting or are thinking of doing so on the basis of sects. This is very sad and disheartening. To begin with, we are hardly 10,000 families here in North America and to split would only dilute the Jain virtues and heritage, and undermine the excellent job we have done so far with our youth. This may also divide the youth and disturb the harmony with which they have been brought up. Our religious scholars have often remarked on how little separates the various sects of Jainism, when compared to other religions. Why should we, at this stage of our lives, begin the task of dividing our societies? Should we not sit back and reflect on the irreparable harm we might end up doing to our young generation in this process? We need to seriously contemplate on what legacy we want to leave for our future generation. A strong and united Jain community will provide us, as well as our young people, with the strength and serenity to endure our invaluable heritage among the diverse cultures that exist in North America. Lata Champsee, Editor in Chief, Jain Digest 2010_02 JAINA AWARDS At every JAINA Convention we give awards to persons, who did many good deeds for JAINA or Local Jain centers. Again this time I am requesting each of you to nominate Names of such individuals using the following criteria. Please send detailed bio-data and listing of their good deeds. Also get the nomination letter seconded by one of the officers of your Jain Society. AWARDS TO BE ISSUED ARE; JAINA Ratna JAINA Ahimsa JAINA Recognition Award for service to JAINA JAINA Recognition Award for service to JAINA Youth. CRITERIA: The person has displayed unselfish devotion for advancement of Jainism. He or She has created innovative programs that are in step with changing needs of member society of JAINA. This person has invested time and personal financial resources for JAINA's or Member Jain Society. This individual has enlisted the intellect, heart and financial support of the community at large to fulfil JAINA mission. He or she has stimulated awareness of non-violence principles to non-Jains through books, liturature and conferences. This person is good natured, humble and honest. international calamity. He or she has always extended a helping hand during national or Additionally, any other good traits of such persons, which requires a mention. JAINA WEBSITE Jaina website gets updated frequently for current information on following: log on to "" 1. JAINA Executive Committee Members 2. President of Jain Centers 3. Directors of Jain Centers 4. JAINA Trustees 5. JAINA Committees and their Chairpersons 6. Convention 2001 Board members 7. Jain Digest Chief Editor and Regional Editors 8. Mahavir Memorial Committee Members 9. Gujarat Earthquake news and Donors List Direct your questions to: Kamalesh Amin, Executive Director, JAINA P.O. Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068 E-mail: Phone/Fax: (716) 636-5342 JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/3 Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AN INTRODUCTION TO JAIN RELIGION Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India. According to Jains, Adinath, who is also known as Rishabhadev, was the first TEERTHNKAR. Adinath reestablished the Jain religious order in this era. Vardhaman Mahaveer, who lived around 600 B.C. and who was an elder contemporary of Gautam Buddha, was the twenty-fourth (last) TEERTHANKAR of the present cycle. Vardhaman (meaning the prosperous one) was born into the family of King Siddharth and Queen Trishaladevi in the city of Kshatriyakund in the present state of Bihar. The night before Vardhaman was born, his mother had auspicious dreams foretelling the arrival of a great soul. At the age of forty-two, Mahaveer achieved the state of perfect knowledge (KEVALAJNAAN). In other words, he became omniscient. In the year 527 B.C. at the age of seventy-two, Mahaveer attained salvation (MOKSHA), that is, his soul was completely liberated from the bondage of all material particles (karmas), thus ending the cycle of mundane existence involving birth and death. According to Jainism, certain ultra-fine particles of matter called karmas are attached to each individual soul. Such a soul is called a worldly soul (SAMSARI JEEV), and it undergoes the cycle of mundane existence (SAMSARA), that is, birth and death. One should try to rid one's soul of karma particles. The soul, once purified of the dirt of karmic matter, attains salvation and moves up to the boundary of LOKA (the region of space beyond which there is no medium of motion). A pure soul acquires complete perception and knowledge (omniscience) and infinite spiritual bliss. Such a soul is VEETARAAG, meaning that it does not have any kind of attachment and it does not bestow any favors or frowns. Jainism says that the liberation of JEEV from the bondage of matter is achieved by pursuing the three jewels (TRIRATNA): right perception (SAMYAK DARSHAN), right knowledge (SAMYAK JNAAN) and right conduct (SAMYAK CHAARITRA). The three jewels are to be pursued simultaneously. Virtue, for one who has both right perception and knowledge, consists in following the five vows (PANCH VRATS). These are nonviolence (AHIMSA), truth (SATYA), non-stealing (ASTEYA), celibacy (BRAHMACHARYA) and non-covetousness (APARIGRAH). The fundamental principle of Jainism is nonviolence. The Jain concept of nonviolence means abstention from hurting any living being not only by physical action but also by mind and speech. It prohibits injury to all living beings, not merely to human beings. It is the ultimate renunciation of the will to kill or injure. 4/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 by Vinay K. Vakani, Oradell NJ Jain philosophy is based on the principle of many sidedness of truth (ANEKAANTAVAAD). Knowledge of truth can be only relative, not absolute. Jains also believe that the universe is eternal and therefore do not attribute the creation of the universe to God nor acknowledge any creation. They hold humans and nature (and not God) responsible for human suffering. The teachings of Mahaveer are recorded in KALPASUTRA and other sacred scriptures (AGAMs). They were first memorized and finally set in writing in the fifth century A.D. The two main traditions of Jains are SHWETAAMBAR (clad in white) and DIGAMBAR (sky-clad or nude). Both traditions believe in the teachings of Mahaveer. As far as the basic principles are concerned, there is hardly any difference between the two tra ditions. There are some minor differences in the area of religious practices to achieve the final goal of a soul- MOKSHA (salvation). For this reason, it is inappropriate to call them sects. Jains are scattered all over India. However, they are concentrated in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Mysore, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Adopted from Jain Study Circular: April 1981 issue I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house, as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. I refuse to live in other people s houses as an interloper, a beggar or a slave. Mahatma Gandhi "I adore so greatly the principles of the Jain religion, that I would like to be reborn in a Jain community." - George Bernard Shaw "The Jains have written great masterpieces only for the benefit of the world." - Dr. Hertel, Germany Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PREFACE: Jainism is a religion of purely human origin and is preached and practiced by one who has attained perfect knowledge, omniscience and self-control by his own personal efforts and has been liberated from the bonds of worldly existence, the cycle of births and deaths. Such human beings are considered Gods of Jainism. The concept of God as a creator, protector, and destroyer of the universe does not exist in Jainism. Also the idea of God's reincarnation as a human being to destroy the demons is not accepted in Jainism. In summary Jainism does not believe in creator God, but it is not an atheistic religion because it believes in many Gods who are self realized individuals and who have attained liberation. JAINISM ITS MESSAGE AND PRACTICE In ancient times it was known by many names such as Saman tradition, or the religion of Nirgantha, or Jina. Literally Jina means a conqueror, that is, one who has conquered the worldly passions like desire, hatred, anger, greed, and pride by one's own personal efforts. Jina is a human being and not a supernatural being or an incarnation of an all mighty God. Some of the Jinas establish religious order, they are known as Tirthankara and there exist the spiritual lineage of the twenty-four Tirthankars of whom the ascetic sage Mahavir was the last. All human beings have the potentiality to become Jina. FOUNDER: About 2600 years ago Bhagwan Mahavir or Vardhaman (599 to 527 BC), the twenty fourth and the last Tirthankara of this era revived the Jain philosophy preached by his predecessor Bhagwan Parshva (950 to 850 BC) in India. He expanded the code of conducts and implemented daily rites for his followers applicable to his time. The present Jain scriptures reflect only his teachings. Mahavir was a prince and his childhood name was Vardhaman. Being son of a king, he had many worldly pleasures, comforts, and services at his command. But at the age of thirty, he left his family and royal household, gave up his worldly possessions, and become a monk in search of a solution to eliminate pain, sorrow, and sufferings from life. Mahavir spent the next twelve and half years in deep silence and meditation to conquer his desires, feelings, and attachments. He carefully avoided harming or annoying other living beings including animals, birds, insects, and plants. He also went without food for long periods. He was calm and peaceful against all unbearable hardships. During this period, his spiritual powers fully developed and at the end he realized perfect perception, perfect knowledge, perfect power, and total bliss. This realization is known as keval-jnana or the perfect enlightenment. 2010_02 Mahavir spent the next thirty years travelling on bare feet around India preaching to the people the eternal truth he realized. The ultimate objective of his teaching is how one can attain total freedom from the cycle of birth, life, pain, misery, and death, and achieve the permanent blissful state of one's self. This is also known as liberation, nirvana, absolute freedom, or Moksha. - Pravin K. Shah, Raleigh, NC At the age of 72 (527 BC), Bhagwan Mahavir attained nirvana and his purified soul left his body and achieved complete liberation. He became a Siddha, a pure consciousness, a liberated soul, living forever in a state of complete bliss. On the night of his nirvana, people celebrated the Festival of Lights (Dipavali) in his honor. This is the last day of Hindu and Jain calendar year known as Dipavali Day. In summary Jainism existed before Bhagwan Mahavir, and his teachings were based on those of his predecessors. Thus, unlike Bhagwan Buddha, Mahavir was more of a reformer and propagator of an existing religious order than the founder of a new faith. He followed the well-established creed of his predecessor Tirthankara Parshvanath. However, he did reorganize the philosophical tenets to correspond to his times. PHILOSOPHY: Primarily Jainism assumes that the universe, with all its components, is without a beginning or an end, being everlasting and eternal. The wheel of time incessantly revolves like a pendulum. In the first half circle from the descending to the ascending stage where human prosperity, happiness, and life span increases and in the second half circle from the ascending stage to the descending stage where prosperity, happiness, and life span decreases. Mahavir explained that from eternity, every living being (soul) due to its ignorance is in bondage of karmic atoms known as karma. These karma are continuously accumulated by our actions of body, mind and speech. Under the influence of karma, the soul is habituated to seek pleasures in materialistic belongings and possessions. This is the deep-rooted cause of self-centered violent thoughts, deeds, anger, hatred, greed, and such other vices. Which results in further accumulation of karma. The doctrine of karma occupies a significant position in the Jain philosophy. It provides a rational and satisfying explanation to the apparently inexplicable phenomena of birth and death, happiness and misery, inequalities in mental and physical attainments, and of the existence of different species of living beings. It explains that the principle governing the successions of life is karma. Our actions of body, mind, and speech bind us. JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/5 Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism - Its Message and Practice (cont.) One can get rid of karma and attain liberation by simulta- These vows can not be fully implemented without the accepneously following the path of right faith (samyak-darshana), right tance of a philosophy of non-absolutism (Anekantvad) and the knowledge (samyak-jnana), and right conduct (samyak-charitra). theory of relativity (Syadvad), Monks and nuns follow these vows The proper knowledge of the six universal substances (six Dravya) strictly and totally, while the common people follow the vows as and the nine fundamental truths (nine Tattva) is called right knowl- far as their life styles will permit. edge and true faith in that knowledge is called right faith. The right conduct includes nonviolence, self-purification, compassion, AHIMSA (NON-VIOLENCE) penance, austerity, and meditation. "Ahimsa parmo dharmah" (Non-violence is the supreme religion). THE SIX UNIVERSAL SUBSTANCES ARE: Ahimsa is a principle that Jains teach and practice not only towards human beings but also towards all nature. The scriptures Soul or Consciousness - Jiva - Living substance Matter tell us: "Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, Pudgala - Non living substance torture or kill any creature or living being." Medium of motion - Dharma - Nonliving substance The teaching of ahimsa refers not only to wars and visible Medium of rest - Adharma - Nonliving substance physical acts of violence but to violence in the hearts and minds of Space - Akasa - Nonliving substance human beings, their lack of concern and compassion for their felTime - Kal or Samay - Nonliving substance low humans and for any other living being. Ancient Jain texts explain that violence (Himsa) is not defined by actual harm, for this may be unintentional. It is the intention to harm, the absence THE NINE TATTVAS (PRINCIPLES) ARE: of compassion that makes action violent. Without violent thought there could be no violent actions. Jiva - Soul or living being (Consciousness) In a positive sense ahimsa means caring for and sharing with Ajiva - Non-living substances all living beings, tending, protecting and serving them. It entrails Asrava - Cause of the influx of karma universal friendliness (maitri), universal forgiveness (kshama) and Bandha - Bondage of karma universal fearlessness (abhaya). Punya - Virtue Papa - Sin ANEKANTAVADA (THE DOCTRINE OF MANIFOLD ASSamvara - Stoppage or arrest of the influx of karma PECTS) Nirjara - Exhaustion of the accumulated karma Moksha - Total liberation from karma The concept of universal interdependence underpins the Jain theory Jainism strives for the realization of the highest perfection of of knowledge, known as anekantavada or the doctrine of manifold man, which in its original purity is free from all pain, suffering, aspects. In this ever changing universe (reality) there exist an inand the bondage of birth and death. finity of viewpoints depending on the time, place, nature and state of the one who is the viewer and that which is viewed. Anekantavada ETHICAL CODE: means multifaceted view points. This leads to the doctrine of syadvada or relativity, which states The supreme ideal of the Jain religion is nonviolence (Ahimsa), that truth is relative to different viewpoints (nayas). What is true equal kindness, and reverence for all forms of life in speech, thought, from one point of view is open to question from another. Absoand action. Above all it is a religion of love and compassion to all lute truth cannot be grasped from any particular viewpoint alone living beings. At the heart of right conduct for Jains lie the five because absolute truth is the sum total of all the different viewgreat vows: points that make up the universe. Nonviolence (Ahimsa) - Not to cause harm to any living beings Because it is rooted in the doctrines of anekantavada and Truthfulness (Satya) - To speak the harmless truth only syadvada, Jainism does not look upon the universe from an anNon-stealing (Asteya) - Not to take anything not properly given thropocentric, ethnocentric or egocentric viewpoint. It takes into Chastity (Brahmacharya) - Not to indulge in sensual pleasure account the viewpoints of other species, other communities and Non-possession/ Non-attachment (Aparigraha) - Complete nations and other human beings. Non Possessions or Non-acdetachment from people, places, and material things 6/JAIN DIGEST- SPRING 2001 2010_02 Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism - Its Message and Practice (cont.) quisitiveness. Accumulation of possessions and enjoyment for personal ends should be minimized. Giving charitable donations and one's time for community projects generously is a part of a Jain householder's obligations. It is this sense of social obligation born out of religious teachings that has led the Jains to found and maintain innumerable JAIN SCRIPTURES: schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, lodging houses, hostels, orphanages, relief and rehabilitation camps for the handicapped, old, sick and disadvantaged as well as hospitals for ailing birds and animals. Wants should be reduced, desires curbed and consumption levels kept within reasonable limits. Using any resource beyond one's needs and misuse of any part of nature is considered a form of theft. Indeed, the Jain faith goes one radical step further and declares unequivocally that waste and creating pollution are acts of violence. Jainism is unique in allowing the very spiritually advanced person to hasten his own death by certain practices (principally fasting) under specified circumstances. Thus, the principles of Jainism, if properly understood in their right perspective and faithfully adhered to, will bring contentment and inner happiness and joy in the present life. This will elevate the soul in future reincarnations to a higher spiritual level, ultimately achieving Perfect Enlightenment, reaching its final destination of Eternal Bliss, ending all cycles of birth & death. DENOMINATIONS AND MAJOR SECTS: Mahavir attracted people from all walks of life, rich and poor, kings and commoners, men and women, princes and priests, touchable and untouchable. Mahavir proclaimed that in the matters of spiritual advancement, both men and women are on an equal footing. Many women followed Mahavir's path and renounced the world in search of ultimate truth and happiness. The most significant contribution of Jainism in the social field was the establishment of social equality among the four classes (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra) including untouchables prevalent in the society Each major sects has many sub-sects including idol and nonidol worshiping sects. Later generations saw the introduction of ritualistic complexities, which almost placed Mahavir and other Tirthankars on the throne of Hindu deities. A few centuries after Mahavir's nirvana, the Jain religious order (Sangha) grew more and more complex. There established two major sects. In the Digambar sect monks wear no cloths, while the Swetambar monks wear white cloths. Fundamental views of both sects on ethics and philosophy are identical. 2010_02 Bhagwan Mahavira's preaching were orally compiled by his immediate disciples in Jain scriptures known as Jain Agam or Agam Sutras, which consist of many texts. The Agam Sutras teach great reverence for all forms of life, strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism, nonviolence, and opposition to war. These Agam Sutras were not documented in any form but were orally passed on to the future generations. In course of time many of the Agam Sutras have been were memorized and some were modified. About one thousand years later the memorized Agam Sutras were recorded on leafy papers (Tadpatris). Swetambar Jains have accepted these Sutras as an authentic version of Bhagwan Mahavira's teaching while Digambar Jains did not accept them as authentic. Digambars follow two main texts (Shatkhand Agam and Kasay Pahud) and four Anuyogs (consist of about 20 texts) written by great Acharyas (scholars) during 100 to 800 AD RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS: Jains celebrate their religious holidays by fasting, worshipping, recitation of sacred texts, holding religious discourses, alms giving, taking certain vows and other such acts of piety. Annual holidays are observed based on the lunar calendar. The two are most important religious holidays are: He organized his followers, into a four-fold order, namely SPIRITUAL PRACTICES AND WAYS OF WORSHIP monks (Sadhu), nuns (Sadhvi), laymen (Shravak), and laywomen (Shravika). This order is known as Jain Sangh. There are about six to eight million Jains live almost exclusively in India. About 100,000 Jains live in North America and other countries. Mahavir Jayanti: the birthday of Bhagwan Mahavir, the last Tirthankar (April). Paryushan (Swetambar) and Das Lakshan (Digambar): eight or ten days in a year are marked by prayers, meditation, fasting, penance, introspection, confession, and forgiveness (August or September). The sacred prayer is Namokar Mantra in which homage is paid to the five worshipful personalities: Arihanta (enlightened human beings), Siddha (liberated soul), Acharya (head of Jain congregation), Upadhyaya (ascetic teacher), and Sadhu (all ascetics). Jainism advocates six essential rites to be performed daily by its followers: Samayik (Meditation) - to remain and undisturbed for 48 mins. JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/7 Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jainism Its Message and Practice (Cont.) Praying of Tirthankars to pray and appreciate the qualities of the twenty-four Tirthankars. Vandana to respect Ascetics. Pratikraman - to repent and confess bad thoughts and deeds. Kayotsarg - Non-attachments to the body Pratyakhan or Pachchhakhan - Religious vows renouncing certain activities for some time to discipline one's self. Also on certain specific days special rituals are performed and special dietary restrictions are followed. SYMBOLS: The Palm of the hand signifies this assurance; 'do not be afraid' indicating that human being, which are suffering due to karmic bondage, do not need to be disheartened. The comprehensive Jain symbol consists of a digit of the Moon, GREETINGS three dots, the Swastika or Om, the palm of a hand with the wheel (Chakra) inset, and outline figure which encompasses all symbols. Also each individual symbol is separately used in Jainism. The Wheel of Dharma (Chakra) with 24 spokes represents the religion preached by the 24 Tirthankaras consist of nonviolence (Ahimsa) and other virtues. The three Dots represent the Jain path of liberation (Jain trinity): right faith (Samyak Darshan), right knowledge (Samyak Jnana), and right conduct (Samyak Charitra), together lead to liberation. Also these Dots represent the three worlds: earth (place for humans, animals, birds, vegetables etc.), hell, and heaven, where all non-liberated souls born, live, die, and suffer. The first letter "a" represents Arihant (realized human beingliving God) The outline figure represents the Jain description of the shape of the universe, resembling a person standing with feet apart and arms rested on both hips. The wording underneath translates as the Living beings (souls) render services to one another. The second "a" represents Ashariry (Siddha or perfected being) The third letters "aa" represent Aacharya (head of congregation) The fourth letter "u" represents Upadhyay (monk teacher) and The fifth letter "m" represents Muni (Sadhu or monks). The overall symbol means that the living beings of the three worlds suffer from the miseries of transmigratory existence, can have recourse to the path of religion (dharma) shown by the Tirthankaras, thereby bringing about auspiciousness for themselves, and after obtaining perfection, will live forever in the world of perfected beings. Hence the Om represents the salutation of five revered personalities of Jain religion (same as the Navakar Mantra). 8/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 The usual greeting is Jai Jinendra meaning Honor to the Supreme Jina. Michhami Dukkadam is a request for forgiveness usually said after performing Samavantsari (annual) pratikraman ritual. Mahavir said that, "A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it is the abode of the soul which potentially The digit of the Moon represents the region beyond the three has perfect perception (Anant-darshana), perfect knowledge worlds wherein reside the liberated souls. (Anant-jnana), perfect power (Anant-virya), and perfect bliss (Anant-sukha). Mahavir's message reflects freedom and spiritual joy of the living being. Significant points of Teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir: Mahavir made religion simple and natural, free from elaborate ritual complexities. His teachings reflected the internal beauty and harmony of the soul. The Swastika signifies the cycles of births and deaths due to karma, in any of the four forms; heaven, human, tiryanch (animals, birds, and plants), and hell of the non-liberated souls. It reminds that one should follow the true religion and be liberated to get out of this suffering. The Sanskrit word Om is made up of five letters a, a, aa, u, preached the gospel of universal love. and m: Mahavir taught the idea of supremacy of human life and stressed the importance of the positive attitude of life. Mahavir's message of nonviolence (Ahimsa), truth (Satya), non-stealing (Achaurya), celibacy (Brahma-charya), and non-possession (Aparigraha) is full of universal compassion. Mahavir emphasized that all living beings, irrespective of their size, shape, and form how spiritually developed or undeveloped, are equal and we should love and respect them. This way he Mahavir rejected the concept of God as a creator, a protector, and a destroyer of the universe. He also denounced the worshiping of gods and goddesses as a means of material gains and personal benefits. Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THE STRENGTH OF JAINISM Father Valles, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Many pilgrims and tourists visit the beautiful Jain temples on other half. Meanwhile, Bhagwan Mahavir had gone his way, the Mount Abu, but not all know that, after completing the work for loosely hanging cloth had caught in a thorny bush, and he had which they had been paid, the masons and sculptors voluntarily walked on while the cloth hanged on to the thorns. Somadatta erected another temple as a free-will offering, out of their own found it there and returned happy with it. Bhagwan Mahavir made personal devotion. This is a sign, in fact a standing monument to a living parable out of that incident, and preached total detachthe faith and commitment of devout Jains in their own profession ment with the example of his own experience more eloquently and their practical ways. The Mount Abu temples are not only a than with any words. marvel of beauty and harmony of old days, but a living expression The complete ascetic has to conquer all emotions, even the of the best that humans can feel and express through their art and emotion of shame; he must become unselfconscious. One cannot their dedication even today. obtain moksha as long as one remembers one is naked. In the A characteristic of the Jain community is precisely this par- biblical Paradise, when Adam and Eve became conscious that they ticipation in religious practice by lay people in all professions. were naked, they were expelled from it. Complete detachment is Bhagwan Mahavir had a vision which he clearly expressed and the ideal to keep before our eyes. passed on to his disciples, and which is special and essential to his "This ideal is then brought to daily life in the behaviour of the original contribution to the religious history of humankind. In shravaka and shravika who make simplicity in life, the words of Margaret Sinclair Stevenson in her classic work, "THE nonpossessiveness, detachment a deep attitude and a sincere pracHEART OF JAINISM": "Bhagwan Mahavir certainly possessed a tice. One of my first impressions when I arrived in Gujarat and greater power of organisation than the Buddha, and to this faculty began to learn the language was that of a Jain college student who we owe the existence of Jainism in India today. Mahavir's genius very innocently and simply gave me his first rule in life. He told for organisation stood Jainism in good stead, for he had made the me: "If I can do without it, I do without it." And he lived up to Laity an integral part of the community, whereas in Buddhism they that simple rule in his college life. had no part nor lot in the order. Buddhism, under the fierce as- This is the opposite of the consumerism that has taken hold This is sault on its monastic settlements made by the Moslems of the twelthof of society today. "If my neighbour has it, I must have it: if it is and thirteenth centuries, proved incompetent to maintain itself advertised. I must have it: if it is the latest model. I must have it." and simply disappeared from the land. The survival of the Jains e Jains This This example shows how the same ideal can be practiced at differwas due in large measure to their having opened the doors of insti- instient levels, thus weaving all society together and bringing to practi ent levels, thus weaving a tutional religion to lay representation." (pp.17,42) cal fullness the teaching of the wise. In the words of the This institution of the Chaturwidh Sangh of the four tirthas, Uttaradhyayan, "Happy are we, happy live we who call nothing sadhus, sadhvis, shravakas, shravikas, is the source of the vitality our own; when Mithila is on fire, nothing is burnt that belongs to and inner connection of Jainism throughout history and unto this me." This does not mean lack of concern with the sufferings of day. Lay men and women are not inferior to Jain monks and nuns, others, but balance of mind in the ideal of nonpossessiveness. but exercise the same ideals at different levels, complementing one As I have given the example of a virtue, detachment, I give another and enhancing all together the basic truths by living them also the example of a vice. I take the sin of mayamrisa, which is the in all their different aspects. last in the list of seventeen deadly sins that can mar our lives. It is Detachment, for instance, is a fundamental attitude in the Jain untruthfulness, deception, hypocrisy. The above-quoted book deway of life, and is carried out in its fullness by monks and nuns scribes it thus: "The lain love of the country side and their shrewd while lay men and women also adapt in due proportion the ideal country wit is shown in the fact that the typical example they of detachment to the practical life they live in their homes and quote of the hypocrite is the stork. This bird, they declare, stands offices. on the river bank on only one leg (to pretend he has the lest posBhagwan Mahavir kept only his initiation robe after he had sible connection with the things of the earth) and seems to be lost distributed all his goods and went his way with only that garment in meditation, but, if a fish appears, he swoops down and kills it, on his body. The brahmin Somadatta arrived late at the ceremony thus committing the sin of himsa, the most heinous of all crimes, and thus was left without any gift, so he hurried after Bhagwan whilst professing to be engaged in devotion." (p.118) Mahavir and pleaded for a gift.At that, Bhagwan Mahavir divided This vice of hypocrisy can well be found in devoted ascetics, his robe into half and gave half to Somadatta while he kept only as also in ordinary people, and we all are exhorted to keep the first half on himself. Somadatta went back happy and showed the cloth to a weaver who appreciated its value and urged him to get the (Continued on Page 20) JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/9 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BHAGWAN MAHAVIR'S LAST SERMON Dr. Pravin L Shah, Reading, PA. Chatari Parmangani, Dulahanin Jatunan; Manusat, Sui, Shradhha, Sayamamiya Viriyam It mentions four important prerequisites: 1. The most important prerequisite for self realization is to have human life and ability to think about ones self: (a) Who am I? (b) where did I come from? (c) What is my real form? (d) How can I know my true self? 2. For a genuine disciple, the next requirement prescribed by our Bhagwan is regular and devoted study of the scriptures which cover the metaphysics of soul and matter. 3. From the study of the scriptures, one needs to develop a scientific conviction of the cosmic consciousness and strong faith in six steps of soul. 4. The last requirement is to have a very strong commitment to explore and attain spiritual awareness by seeking continuous guidance from a teacher and follow the path of a self realized Master. Question: In layman's term, what is the metaphysics of soul and matter? Twenty six hundred years ago, prince Vardhman, a son of king Siddharth and queen Trishaladevi renounced the world to attain self realization at the highest form. At age 42, prince Vardhaman attained omniscient knowledge (Kevalgnan) and became the last Jain Tirthankar known popularly as Bhagwan Mahavir. For the next thirty years, Bhagwan Mahavir continued his teachings for his key disciples: Gautam Swami, Sudharma Swami, and Jambu Swami and these three Gandharas compiled Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings in most revered texts knows as Agam Sutras. The last sermon of Bhagwan Mahavir was given in a town called Apapa Nagari (Pavapuri Tirtha) and the entire sermon is compiled by Sudharma Swami in the most admired and popular Jain text, Utradhyayan Sutra. The last sermon of Bhagwan Mahavir condensed in Utradhyayan Sutra can be classified as a scientific thesis on a universal religion for healing of mind, body, and spirit, and a road map for living a spiritually aware and blissful life in the 21" century. The Utradhyayan Sutra can be thought of as a graduate level course in theology. In fact, the writing of this text is in question and answer between Gautam Swami Bhagwan Mahavir. Question: What is the true nature of this world we live in? Bhagwan Mahavir replied: Jnama Dukham, Jara Dukham, Rogani Maranani Cha; Aho! Dukho bi Sansaro, Jassam Kisanti Jatunam. Hey Gautam, this world is full of pain and misery where all living begins constantly experience pain of birth, old age, ill- ness, and death. In reality there is no real happiness in the world that is why it is called Sansara which means collection of misery. Question: Who is responsible for our misery, and is there a way to find permanent happiness and bliss? Bhagwan Mahavir replied: Appa Katta Vikkata ya, Suhay Duhay cha; Appa mitam Amitam cha, Supathhium, Dupatthium Hey Gautam, our soul is responsible for our own misery and happiness. If we follow the spiritual path, our soul becomes our " friend, and if we go in the opposite way we become our own worst enemy and end up with the eternal cycle of birth and death, and pain and misery. Question: What are the requirements for a disciple to follow your spiritual path and to attain self realization? Bhagwan Mahavir replied: With this divine verse of chapter 3: Bhagwan Mahavir replied: Soul or Atman is energy always in the state of knowing and is everlasting and formless with infinite knowledge, perception, and bliss. Matter is non-life and it can be created, transformed and destroyed while soul cannot be created or destroyed. In chapter 36 of this text, Bhagwan Mahavir declares the universe composed of two entities: life and non-life or soul and matter. Question: What is the relationship between soul, matter, and karma? Bhagwan Mahavir replied: Karmic particles are matter by class. Just like the earth has magnetic forces, soul too has field forces to attract Karma. The primary field force for the soul or Atman to attract Karma is the ignorance of self knowledge known as Mithyatva in Jain science. When a person is ignorant about his self, he is constantly attracting new Karmas all the time be they good or bad Karmas depending on his feelings and actions. Question: Why are bad karmas harmful and good Karmas helpful to the soul? Answer: In chapter 34 (Utradhyayan Sutra), Bhagwan Mahavir discloses the greatest scientific discovery found in no other religious text like this one. Bhagwan describes the effect of negative and harmful emotions like lust, anger, deceit, extreme revengeful attitude, violent anger etc. as three negative Leshyas or mental dispositions known as Krisna, Neel, and Kapot Leshyas. A person who has this type of mental attitude and feelings is 10/JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bhagwan Mahavir's Last Sermon (cont.) as: considered to have negative Leshyas which will attract bad Karmas 4. Develop a religious habit for self study of scriptures and make ones life miserable. On the other hand, a person who (Swadhyay) on a daily basis for a minimum of one hour. is kind, loving, merciful, and spiritually aware, will have men 5.Search for a self realized teacher or a guide (advanced tal disposition characteristic of Tejoleshaya or Padamaleshaya, or Mumuxu) for spiritual guidance. Suklalesya all three being considered as positive emotions and therefore attracting good Karmas and leading to a happier and 6.Regular participation in spiritual discourses is absolutely a blissful life. must for a genuine seeker of self realization. Question: How can one free his soul from Karmas completely 7.A serious study of the scriptures dealing with the metaif one keeps on attracting either good or bad Karmas? physics of soul and matter is highly recommended. Examples are Atmasiddhishatra, Tatvarthsutra, Samaysar, and Adhyatmasar. Answer: In chapter 29 of this text, Bhagwan Mahavir provides a practical workbook to attain liberation of soul from all 8.Develop reverence for all life and practice "Live and Let karmas. Bhagwan says that when a disciple destroys his self ignorance and becomes a self-realized person, when the dark- 9.Cultivate self control habits and develop ability for diness of ignorance is destroyed by the divine light of self realiza- vine forgiveness. tion, the cycle of life and death comes to an end as the new 10.Practice of Yoga and Meditation for peace of mind and karmas can not bind the soul any more since the field force is healing of body and soul. Good text to study is Acharya absent. Field force to attract new karmas is present as long as one Haribhadra's Yogdrastisamuchaya. is ignorant of his self. A self realized person does not have the karma binding field force. Instead, a divine light (Samyakdarshan) A careful study of Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings condensed in Utradhyayan Sutra and other Agam texts makes us feel really is illuminted to destroy all the old karmas and attain complete appreciate how scientific the principles are to attain spiritual liberation or Moxa. awareness. It is said by Shrimad Rajchandra and Anandghanji Question: How can I put this science of healing my spirit and that no other religion or philosophy in the world comes close being self aware in practice in the 21" century? Does it really to Jain metaphysics of soul and matter (Dravyanuyog) in terms of work?0 its depth and completeness. Many scientific principles of Answer: Yes, it does work. Bhagwan Mahavir guarantees us that Bhagwan Mahavir postulated 2600 years ago have been since any one who is serious to attain self realization and to become proven by modern science such as life in vegetables and microorfree from the bondage of karma can attain it in modern times ganisms in water etc. provided he or she follows Bhagwan's ten commandments. Today as we enter the 21" century, the world is filled with pain Question: What are Bhagwan Mahavir's Ten Commandments? and misery of crime and violence, dogmas and sects, stabbing Answer: Chapter 29 of Utradhyayan Sutra lists 73 steps or tools and killing in the name of political. Religious, and domestic disfor self realization. The ten most important commandments or putes, power struggle and greed, and lack of trust and respect steps are listed here for daily practice no matter where we live: for each other. We need to apply Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings of non violence, reverence for life, and self control if we want to 1. One must have very strong and genuine desire and a find true happiness and peace. The gateway to Heaven starts burning passion for attaining self realization and liberation of liberation of with Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings of forgiveness and equanim with soul as attained by Bhagwan Mahavir. ity towards all living beings. Let us make a commitment to 2. Our biggest enemy is our ego. In chapter one, Bhagwan become a true disciple of Bhagwan Mahavir in the 21st century says that a person without humility and humbleness can not to find spiritual bliss and ever lasting happiness. Let us do a enter into the path of spirituality. Most of our actions are random act of kindness every day. Let us be more kind to fellow based on satisfying our ego whether it is a charity we do or a Puja men than proving to be right. Let us practice kindness, compaswe may sponsor. Bhagwan Mahavir praised Gautam Swami for sion, and tolerance for others and live every day using the pricehis humility and Vinay when he was asked to seek forgiveness less teachings of this divine sermon of Bhagwan Mahavir. This is from Anand Shravak and did so without any hesitation; a great the best tribute we can offer to Bhagavan Mahavir to commemoact to follow for all of us indeed! rate the 2600th Janma-Kalyank of our Bhagwan. Vande Viram. 3.One must develop unshakable faith in Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings and doctrines of nine elements and six steps of soul JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/11 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BA JAINISM : WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? By Dr. Duli Chandra Jain, Flushing, NY Alpa: Ma, Jainism teaches us nonviolence and vegetarianism. It Alpa: Ma, how can young children make proper choices? teaches us to speak the truth. It tells us that anger, pride, decep - Ma: Everybody makes decisions with the advice of family and tion and greed are violence of self. Such behavior also leads to friends. Young people should understand that parents have a self frie violence of others. Is there any religion that does not agree with less concern for their children's comfort and well being. So chilthese ideas? dren should trust their parents. They should seek and value their Ma: Alpa, you are right. Teachings of all religions are similar to parents' advice. We should remember that hurting the feelings of the Jain teachings. However, there is one important difference. one's parents is violence. Jains practice nonviolence to the greatest extent possible. Neel: Should we always do things that our friends do or say? Alpa: Is there any other difference? Ma: It is helpful to listen to and follow one's good friends. HowMa: Jains believe that bad thing like untruth, anger, pride and ever, we should understand that our friends do not have the same greed are forms of violence. We have to avoid such things to prac- kind of feelings for us as our parents do. So it is better to seek our tice nonviolence. parents' guidance too. Blindly doing what others do is not proper. Neel: Ma, if we lie or cheat, steal or hurt someone, we obtain bad We should not yield to peer pressure. karma. Our friends will not like us. These things are also against Alpa and Neel: Ma, we now understand some special things about the law. Is that why we should not do bad things? our religion of nonviolence. Ma: Yes! However, here is one more important point. It is proper Alpa: Ma, Jains believe that each soul is independent. Jainism to avoid bad things for fear of law or of bad karma, or peer pres- teaches that self-help is the way to gain such independence. Jainism sure. However, it is best to avoid bad things because we want to also says that the role of living beings is to help each other. Will lead a good clean life. you please explain these ideas? Alpa: What about fear of God? Ma: Alpa, as you know, there are two kinds of souls: liberated Ma: Jains believe that God does not reward us or punish us. So the souls (SIDDHAS), who have freed themselves from the bondage question does not arise. of karma, and worldly souls, who have physical bodies and the bondage of karma. All liberated souls are independent. The worldly Alpa: Ma, everybody is afraid of bad things happening to him or souls are not completely free. Worldly beings live with the help of her. How can we face such things? each other. They need food, water, air and other things. DependMa: It is normal to have some fear. That is why followers of some ing upon their spiritual development, worldly souls enjoy varying religions perform rituals to seek the help of God. We Jains, on the degrees of freedom. other hand, regard that good and bad things are part of life. So we Alma " Alpa: Ma, worldly souls need many things to live. They need the should face them calmly. help of other living beings. So they are not independent. Neel: Ma, Jains also perform some rituals. We pray to Ms. A Ma: Alpa, you are right. I am happy to know that you understand TEERTHANKARS. We perform worship. Some Jains even pray ay thar that worldly souls are not completely independent. to imaginary gods and goddesses. Do these things help? Neel: Ma, in what sense are worldly souls independent? Ma: Although people get some satisfaction by performing rituals, in fact, they can not prevent bad things from happening to us. Ma: Neel, let me explain this by means of an example. Suppose there are two classmates, Amit and Rekha. Both have the same Alpa: But we do get some inspiration and confidence by doing y doing teachers, books and other things. They depend on them for their och such prayers and worship. studies. However, they are free to study as much as they want. Ma: A better way to get inspiration, confidence and peace of mind They take the same test and both fail it. Amit stays calm and deis to understand that good and bad things will happen to us in our cides to try harder in the future. Rekha gets upset and blames lives. We should carefully think and figure out what we should do everything in sight including her karma. In this respect, Amit and in a given situation. Even if we do not succeed in spite of our best Rekha are free to do as they wish. efforts, we should stay calm. This is part of our practice of nonvio Alpa: Ma, this is a good example of our belief that truth is manylence. sided. Amit and Rekha are not free in some respects and yet they Neel: Now I understand that the Jain concept of nonviolence in are free in other respects. This is called ANEKAANTAVAAD. volves a lot more than not killing or hurting living beings. 12/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINISM-A WAY OF LIFE This year, in sixth grade in my social studies class. we were studying different religions in India, I was quite disappointed to see Jainism barely mentioned in the handout given to all the students. Just one paragraph, and that too not completely accurate! This encouraged me to compile this brief description to give it to my teacher. With her suggestion, I did a powerpoint presentation for our class and handed out this description for all her classes. I would encourage all of you to do the same. JAINS * Jains are the followers of JINAS. JINA means victors. JINAS are the victors of their inner enemies INNER ENEMIES Anger, Ego, Deceit, Greed BEGINNING Jains believe that Jainism has always been there. There is at least 5,000 years of documented history. MAIN PRINCIPLES/ BELIEFS Ahimsa (non-violence) *Anekantvad (non-absolutism) *Aparigraha (non-attachment) CONCEPT OF GOD Jains do not believe in god as a creator, destroyer or preserver *Every soul in its purest form is a god *Every life form is equal and is able to become God Ma: Neel, you are right. The thoughts and feelings that we have in a given instance make our good or bad karma. You can see that Rekha's bad karmas are not going to help her in the future. Alpa: Ma, I have heard that reciting some mantra can help us in examinations. Ma: We can learn to be calm by understanding the meanings of prayers and mantras. However, a blind faith in the effect of mantras, prayers and worship may give us a false sense of security. So we may not study properly and fail the examinations. Alpa: What is this way of thinking and understanding called? Ma: Alpa, we can call it the rational way. Neel: What is meant by rational? Ma: Alpa, can you explain the meaning of the word 'rational'? 2010_02 -By Nirav Shah (Age 11) *The way to become a God is to rid of all karma: good & bad KARMA THEORY The soul is like a magnet *Karma is like iron particles *All our actions good or bad attract these particles to the soul Our ultimate goal is to get rid of all these particles (demagnetization) *We do this through knowledge, service, equanimity, introspection, meditation, penance, practice tolerance & repentance. PROPHETS The prophets in Jainism are called 'Tirthankars'. *There are 24 Tirthankars in every time cycle Jains follow the teachings of the latest Tirthankar Mahavir Swami (599BC 527BC) (continued from Page 12) Neel: Ma, in this case, Rekha will get more bad karma than Alpa: Rational means based on reason. We see the things around Amit. us, study and discuss them. Then we accept only the things that appeal to our common sense. This is the rational way. Jainism teaches us to be rational. This is an important teaching of Jainism. Neel: Some people believe in miracles. They tend to believe in things written in religious books or taught by religious leaders. Sometimes people accept traditional things. Sometimes people copy others. Is it proper to accept and do anything without thinking? Ma: Believing in anything without giving it careful thought- not understanding things as one sees them, is delusion. Delusion is the root cause of many problems in life. A rational outlook, free from delusion, is the key to happiness and peace.(Adopted from Studies in Jainism, published by Jain Study Circle, Flushing, NY) TEXTS/SCRIPTURES The main Jain scriptures are called "Agams" - 45 (36-according some) volumes on the teachings of Mahavir There are many other works by noted scholars throughout history, which goes into the detail of every aspect of life. SUMMARY "Any activity of thought, speech or action, that helps us get rid of our inner enemies (anger, ego, greed and deceit) is a Jain activity" JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/13 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THE ETERNAL MESSAGE OF JAIN WISDOM The stream of knowledge has been incessantly flowing in India since times immemorial and credit for this goes to the seers, saints and Tirthankaras, who have guided and inspired mankind to tread the sublime path of righteousness in order to realise the truth. JAIN TRADITION Jain scholars trace its origins back through almost limiteless time. The present historians, however say that it is at least 5000 years old. A great generation of Tirthankaras, Acharyas, saints and scholars belonged to this tradition. Bhagwan Mahavira was twenty-forth Tirthankara of the present era. He was not the founder of Jainism but was propounder of this great religion. He realised his true self and attained omniscience by practicing rigorous austerities and penances. A glimpse into his life shows that he was an embodiment of nonviolence and compassion. Although Mahavir (599 B.C. - 527 B.C.), preached 2500 years ago, his teachings are relevant even today and bear special significance for the spiritual advancement of mankind. His message is full of pragmatic optimism, self-reliance, self-discipline and self-purification to develop inherent and infinite potentialities of human self. CONTRIBUTION OF JAIN FAITH The contribution of Jain faith to Indian thought and life has been very significant. Actually, vegetarianism, as a habit prevailing throughout the Indian sub-continent, practiced by a large major of ity, is an evidence of Jain influence. Indian art, literature, architecutre, painting and sculpture as also every other aspect life have been greatly influenced by Jain thoughts. Jains are noted for the catholicity of their outlook and broad mindedness. The other significant contribution of Jainism is its harmonious and peaceful approach to life. The central themes of the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira are non-violence, non-absolutism and nonpossession. NON-VIOLENCE Non-violence is equality of all living creatures. If you feel that every soul is independent and autonomous, you will never trample on its right to live. This leads you to compassion and kindness towards all living beings and results in harmony and peace in the world. The principle of non-violence in Jainism embraces not only human beings but also animals, birds, plants, vegetables and creatures in earth, air and water. It is the holy law of compassion extended to body, mind and speech of a living being. Bhagwan 14/JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 2010_02 Duli Chand Jain 'Sahitya - Ratna', Secretary, Research Foundation for Jainology, Chennai Mahavir says, "All living beings desire to live". They detest sorrow and death and desire a long and happy life. Hence one should not inflict pain on any creature, nor have any feeling of antipathy or enmity. One should be friendly towards all creatures (Acaranga Sutra, POSITIVE ASPECTOF NON-VIOLENCE The positive aspect of non-violence implies forgiveness, kindness, charity and service. This has been beautifully explained in a verse by the renowned Acharya Amitagati of the 11th century A.D. as follows. Satvesu maitri gunisu pramodam klistes jive krpaparatuam madhyasahabhavam siparitettu sada mamatma vidadhatu deva! - Samayika Patha, 1 i.e., friendship towards all beings, respect for the qualities of virtuous people, utmost compassion for the afflicted beings and equanimity towards those who are not well disposed towards me - may my soul have these dispositions for ever. All other vows prescribed in Jainism are only an extension of the vow of non-violence. Truthfulness is essential to keep order and harmony in society. There are moments in life when one has to work hard to keep up one's convictions. In business and in our day-to-day dealings our truthfulness is put to test. We have to practise it constantly to maintain our integrity. While observing the vow of non-stealing, one is required to earn his livelihood by holding what is not needed by us. What we possess in surplus has honest means. We violate the vow of Aprigraha by accepting and to go to those who need it badly. The principle of continence is significant in maintaining the morals in society. Thus we see that character and are applicable to every individual in any society. these principles, preached by Bhagwan Mahavir, are universal in cal speculation, even by an ordinary man. These simple rules can be practised without the least philosophi INTEGRAL VIEW OF LIFE: Jainism takes an integral view of life. Either faith or knowledge by itself cannot take us to the path of salvation. We should have a combination of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct to tread the path of salvation. These constitute the three jewels of Jainism. Without right faith, there is no right knowledge and without right knowledge there is no virtuous conduct. Bhagwan Mahavir says, "By knowledge one understands the nature of substances, by faith one believes in them, by conduct one puts an end to the flow of karmas and by austerity one attains purity". (Uttaradhyayana Sutra, 28.35) Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Eternal Message of Jain Wisdom (cont.) CONCEPT OF KARMA EQUALITY The significant achievement of Tiruchankar Mahavir's revo- Mahavir laid great stress on the equality of all human belution in spiritual field was the upholding of the concept of karma ings. Stressing action and not birth as a determining factor of in place of the creator God. He said that man is the architect of superiority was a radical step in the teachings of Mahavir. He his own destiny and he can rise only by his own efforts and not by proclaimed, "A person does not become a monk by merely tonthe grace of any external agency. God is devoid of attachment, suring, nor a Brahamana by reciting the Omkara Mantra, nor a hence there is no need for him to create this universe, which is Muni by living in the forest, nor a hermit by wearing clothes beginning less and endless. Every inexplicable event in the life of woven out of Kusa grass. One becomes a monk by equanimity, an individual occurs due to the karmas accumulated in his previ- a Brahmana by celibacy, a Muni by his knowledge and a hermit ous life. Karma is conceived as something essentially material which by his austerities" (Utta. Su., 25.31, 32). He boldly condemned gets interlined with immaterial soul. As particles of dust get at the caste system based on birth alone for the defects that had tached to the body smeared with oil, so does karma with the soul. crept in it at that time. Bhagwan Mahavir had great regard for Bhagwan Mahavira says. "Attachment and aversion are the root women. He said that both men and women were eligible to causes of karma and karma originates from infatuation; karma is attain emancipation after destroying the passions and karmas. the root cause of birth and death and these (birth and death) are He declared, "There are many virtuous women who are famous said to be the source of misery (Utta. Su., 32.7). He further adds, for their purity and chastity. They are like the goddesses before "None can escape the effect of their own past karmas" (Utta.Su4.3). whom even the celestials bow" (Bhagavati Aradhana 995). CONQUEST OF PASSIONS IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN EFFORT Bhagwan Mahavir was a great believer in soul, godliness. The importance of human effort is emphasised by Mahavir karma and rebirth. According to him, a man should lift his soul which rules supreme in Jainism. He asserts in Uttaradhyayana by his own efforts. He says, "The soul is the begetter of both hap- Sutra, "This life is most difficult to obtain. Just as the dry leaves piness and sorrow; it is its own friend when it treads the path of of a tree wither away, so also when duration of life terminates righteousness and is its own enemy when it treads the forbidden human life too comes to an end (Urra. Su., 10.1). It is only the path" (Utta. Su., 20.37). The pre-requisite to the path of righ- ignorant who do cruel acts and hence are tied to the cycle of birth teousness is to conquer the four passions, viz., anger, pride, deceit and death. In Dasavaikalika Sutra it is said, "One should endeavand greed and the five sense-organs. He says, "Conquer anger by our on the path of righteousness before old age creeps up, the forgiveness, pride by humility, deceit by straight-forwardness and senses become feeble and man falls prey to all kinds of diseases" greed by contentment" (Dasavaikalika Su., 8.39). According to (Dasa. Su., 8.36.) Dharma preached by Mahavir is called Veetaraga Mahavir, conquering one's own self is the most difficult thing. He Dharma. He himself practised it first and than preached the same never ignored this aspect in his preaching. He says, "Victory over to others. In religion, internal purity is more important than exone's self is greater than conquering thousands and thousands of ternal observance. Bhagwan Mahavir says in Uttaradhyayana Sutra, enemies on the battle-field. A true conqueror is one who conquers "The path of salvation really rests in insight, critical knowledge his own self (Utta. Su., 9.34). and pure conduct; cloths and other religious paraphernalia are just outside symbols". It has been repeatedly declared by both FUTILITY OF MATERIAL COMFORTS Swetambar and Digambar Agams that "Even if an ascetic walks about unclad, grows lean and eats only once after months of rig. Bhagwan Mahavira says that all material comforts and plea orous fasting, if filled with deceit, he will be born endless number sures can never satiate anybody and give him true happiness. He of times" (Sutrakrtanga Sutra preached the doctrine of non-possession to limit the desires for wordly pursuits. He says, "It is owing to attachment that a person commits violence, utters lies, commits theft, indulges in sex and CATHOLICITY OF APPROACH develops a yearning for unlimited hoardings (Bhakta - Parijna There has been catholicity and absence of dogmatic approach in 132). Possessiveness and greed are the main causes which create Jain belief. Bhagwan Mahavir said that Dharma is of prime imtension in the life of an individual and also in the society at large. portance to every one in life. In Dasavaikalika Sutra, he says that Hence, as aspirant should limit his possessions and desires to the righteousness (Dharma) is supremely auspicious. Its constitutents minimum extent. are non-violence, self-restraint and austerity. Even the celestials rever him who is rooted in Dharma (Dasa. Su. 1.1.) Any person, irrespective of caste, creed and colour can follow this path of purification. JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/15 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Eternal Message of Jain Wisdom (cont.) ANEKANTVAD - MULTIPLICITY OF VIEWPOINTS ETHICAL CODE OF CONDUCT Jainism holds that all knowledge is only probable or partial. This Jaina scriptures describe the conduct elaborately, expected belief leads to the Jain doctrine of "many sidedness of reality called from a monk as well as a house-holder. The monk and nuns ob- Anekaantavaad. Anekaantavaad describes the world as a multifacserve the five great vows (Mahavratas) and the laity five primary eted, ever changing reality with infinite viewpoints, depending on vows (Anuvratas). The five Mahavratas are total abstience from the time, place, nature, and the state of the one who is the viewer, violence, falsehood, stealing, sexual indulgence and possessions. and, that which is viewed. Now let us follow a lively demonstraThis four-fold congregation known as Dharma Tirtha (centre of tion to understand this concept: worship) is still observed. It proves that Jainism is a living reli- Six blind persons are curiously touching and feeling different parts gion. There are numerous monks and nuns and nearly ten million of the body of an elephant. They touch and, one by one, describe house-holders continuing the tradition, following virtually the same the part of the body of the elephant. path as prescribed by Jinas. Jain monks and nuns move about in and nuns move about in 1st blind person: (touching the side of the elephant) The elall parts of the country bare-footed, keeping minimum equip- ephant is like a wall ! ment required for their spiritual practice. There are some Digambar 2nd blind person: (touching the trunk) The elephant feels like a monks too who remain unclad. Jain laity still practise complete thick branch of a tree! vegetarianism and mostly lead a life free of vices and intoxicants. At the same time, the Jain community is richly endowed with 3rd blind person: (touching the tusk) No, I think it is like a education and material comforts. They lead in the field of indus sharp spear ! try and business and have established a large number of charitable 4th blind person: (touching the leg) I can tell you it is like a big pillar institutions for the cause of education, medical services and ser- 5th blind person: (touching one ear) I must say it is like a large fan! vice to the downtrodden. 6th blind person: (touching the tail) The elephant is like a rope or even a snake! HERITAGE OF JAINA SCRIPTURES : Listening to so many different descriptions, the first blind perThe teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir are preserved in Jain scrip- son says: Let us ask the wise man. He has seen the elephant. tures, which have come down through a very rich tradition. The Then turning to the wise man who comes forward, the first blind Tirthankars preached and the Ganadhars gave a structure to those person asks: Can you tell us who amongst us is right? preachings in the Agams. The Acharyas and the saints protected The wise man says, "You, all six of you, are right about the eland preserved them. These Agams serve as the source of under- ephant with respect to the part of its body that you just touched. standing Jain philosophy and culture and also of Indian thought But you have only a partial image of the elephant. If you put and way of life at that time. Mahavir's preachings are like the in- together your partial "views", you will get a real picture of what numerable pearls of wisdom that are found in abundance in the an elephant looks like." limitless and unfathomable ocean of knowledge. In the words of The moral of the story is, that each one of us sees things from our the late Upadhyaya Amarmuni, "The Sutra literature of Jains is own point of view. Consequently, we acquire a view that is only deeper than the deepest ocean in which innumerable divine pearls partially correct. Jainism teaches that one should look at things of wisdom are hidden. It is a great store-house of golden words. It from the points of view of others. This will give us a proper peris important not only for the inspiration it gives, to tread the path spective on events or situation. of righteousness and spirituality, but also for the message it gives, Religion, truth and reality are like elephant. Anekaantavaad, or for the harmonious development of family and social life. The Jain theory of multiplicity of viewpoints, presents a technique for aphorisms on moral and ethical progress are scattered here and understanding and analyzing each event or situation. Our own there in all the Agams, which lay a strong foundation for a peace concept of truth or reality is formed by our individual observaful and humanitarian world (Sukti Triveni, p.11). tion and experience, providing us only a partial view of it. If we (Speech delivered at the Seminar on "Wisdom of India" at the apply the principal of Anekaantavaad and analyze it from other Vivekananda College, Chennai on 17.1.2000). points of view, we will be able to understand and resolve the differences between individuals, religions and nations. Mahatma Gandhi once observed, "It has been my experience that I am always 'right' from my point of view, and often wrong from the point of view of my honest critics. I know we are both right from our respective points of view." (Adopted from Studies in Jainism Presented at Multi-Faith Festival- Long Island organized by Arvind 16/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Vora) Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ INTRODUCTION: LESSONS LEARNED FROM BHAGWAAN MAHAVIR'S LIFE Chyavana (conception), Janma (birth), Deeksha (initiation), Keval Ghyan (supreme knowledge), and Nirvana (liberation) are significant events, known as Five Kalyanak, in the lives of all Teerthankars. We are celebrating the 2600 Janma Kalyanka of Bhagwaan Mahavir this year. In many Jain temples, marble walls are carved with the life stories of Bhagwaan Mahavir. Mahavir's life has been praised through Stavans, Bhajans, Stuties, prayers, songs and other writings. Bhagwan Mahavir's qualities are described beautifully by Acharya Shree Hemchandracharya in the following verse (Stuti): Veerah sarva surasurendra mahito, Veeram buddha sansrita; Veernabhihat svakarma nishchyo, Veeray nityam namah; Veerateertha midam pravrattam tulam, Veerass ghoram tapo; Veere shree dhrati keerti kanti nishchya, shree Veer bhadram dish. Sanskrit grammar has been used very intelligently in the above verse to praise Bhagwan Mahavir. Swami means supreme or highest authority. The idol of Mahavir helps us concentrate (Dhayan), provides a media or an object(Dhyata) for concentration and help us achieve our final aim or goal (Dhayey). The sight of an idol of Mahavir inspires us objectively for bhaktiyog (combination of prayer and meditation). Mahavir discussed the caste of humanity, the religion of love and the dharma of truth during his talks. LESSONS LEARNED: Seeing an idol of Mahavir can make us feel pious. What can we achieve if we follow all of Mahavir's virtues? Mahavir's life was "Walk the talk". Whatever he said, he showed it in his conduct and behavior. Appropriate words, meaning, understanding with purpose can only simplify his life message. Mahavir added the fifth vow, celibacy (bhahamcharya) to the existing four vows from the Lord Parasnath's period. These five vows are nonviolence (in thinking, speech and physical act), non-stealing, truth, celibacy (controlling sex, sensual, pleasurable desires and wants) and nonaccumulation (learn to live simply with fewer worldly items). The following four elements Daan (donation), Sheel (purity of conduct or behavior, nature of a pure soul), Tapa (austere, constraints) and Bhavana (feeling) describe an important part of the Jain religion. A) DAAN (DONATION) Mahavir had no interest in materialistic world. Prior to his Deeksha, he distributed all his wealth to the common people. After the Deeksha, he was left only with a Devdushya cloth given by the King Indra. Mahavir was approached by a Brahmin, who was out of town at the time of the wealth distribution, Mahavir 2010_02 Navin Shamji Dedhia, San Jose, CA gave this Brahmin half of his cloth. The Brahmin was not satisfied with only half of the cloth and he followed Mahavir. One day the remaining Devdushaya cloth blew away from Mahavir's body with the wind and the Brahmin grabbed it. Mahavir did not turned around but continued walking. Parigraha Sangna (karma bond due to accumulation) can be erased with donation. Mahaviar followed the daan principle in order to stay away from Parigraha Sangna. B) SHEEL (PURITY OF CONDUCT OR BEHAVIOR.) Sheel is connected with right knowledge, right perception, and right conduct. Mahavir preached the message of nonviolence, forgiveness, love, compassion. He did not use his knowledge for wrong-doings. He treated everyone equally, with love. There was no raag (attachment) for one and dwesh (hatred or aversion) for another in his life. He showered love to Goshala even after he threw Tejoleshya (burning energy) towards Mahavir. That event brought tears into Mahavir's eyes as he knew Goshala's destiny. Karuna (showing compassion) was his virtue. Purity of conduct or soul can be maintained by staying away from Maithun Sangna (karma bond due to sex act). How to live a pure life is a lesson to be learned from Mahavir's life. C) TAP (AUSTERE, CONSTRAINTS) No one can do tap like Mahavir did. He endured all sufferings with nonviolence, truth, and non-stealing. Once a shepherd left his ox with Mahavir for a short time while Mahavir was in dhyan (meditation) state. The Ox went far away and the shepherd did not see the ox upon his returning. The shepherd nailed wooden sticks into Mahavir's ears and Mahavir suffered that pain without anger. This showed his great power of endurance with his patience. Once, Mahavir did not get any food for six months as no one was able to fulfill his wishes (abhigraha). Finally, Sati Chandanbala in Rajgrahi city met all his requirements and Mahavir received his desired food. Mahavir ate less than 8 % of the time during his 12 years in the Deeksha state. His tap was associated with an inner soul search process. He was in a state of constant meditation. Mahavir said "Atlu bas, parmathi khas, ane svama vas", which means be satisfied with who and what you are. Don't look outside but look inside yourself or search your inner soul. Mahavir had full confidence inside and he did everything to attain supreme knowledge. Aahar Sangna (eating) can be avoided with Tap. D) BHAVNA (FEELINGS) act. He gave his Mahavir always had good feelings during any act cloth to the Brahmin with good bhavana towards him. He welcomed Indrabhuti Gautam and his brothers graciously when they JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/17 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Lessons from Bhagwan Mahavir's Life (cont.) came to argue and defeat him in discussion. They all became his give us the same message as given by Mahavir. In short the assodisciples. Bhay (fear) Sangna is removed with feelings of love. ciated stories also tell us: Mahavir showed love towards all living beings. Mahavir's behav- Sati Chandanbala-Bear the sufferings to get rid of karmas. ior was shown in his speech or talk. Showing love and compassion Chandkoshia Snake Control anger. Show love to all. to all living beings and discarding hatred were visible throughout Puniva Srawak-Be content, Do not accumulate more than necessary. Mahavir's life. He gave equal respect to the King Shrenik and to King Samprati = Control feelings and thoughts all the time. common man. Mahavir was kind to Goshala and taught him Tejoleshya even knowing it will be misused. Mahavir was fearless Gautam Swami - Be humble, stay away from raag, be detached. as it happened in the following examples: Maha Sati Sulsa = Have a faith in Teerthankars, inner soul. *While playing with children near a tree, when a snake appeared, Queen Mrugawati = Show respect to your Guru (teacher) *Despite the warning from the villagers, he walked to a jungle King Shrenik =Bear the result of violence(killing) in next life. where a poisnous snake named Chandkoshiya was living. He The aroma of a flower is hidden inside a flower and cannot be showed love to the snake when his toe was bitten. seen but can only be experienced. Similarly, living a worthy life * He went to areas where civilized people were not living message is hidden in Mahavir's life events. Today, we are not folWhen Mahavir's son-in-law, Jamali, and daughter, Preeyadarshana, lowing Mahavir's message or applying it in our lives. Like the went separated from Mahavir's Sangh, Mahavir did not oppose it, Rohiney thief we are running away from Mahavir's message. The but permitted them with love to follow their own chosen path. Rohiney thief did not want to listen to Mahavir's message. Rohiney Mahavir understood that everyone has a right to do their own accidentally heard some words when Mahavir was preaching and thing and follow their own chosen path. Mahavir's heart was soft those words saved his life when Abhaykumar caught him for punas a flower and hard as an iron. He knew that he had to use up all ishment. Upon his release he became a disciple of Mahavir. his accumulated karmas in order to get liberated. He showed soft Mahavir said look at human beings from the inside, but look at ness towards Goshala with tears in his eyes and did not scream animals from outside. That means take good care of animals and when a shepherd put wooden nails in his ears as punishment for do not let them suffer from anything. Mahavir also said get rid of all four enemies sitting in our mind and showing in our behaviour. not taking care of his ox. Forgive and forget are the words connected with Michchhami Dukkadam during the Paryushan festi These are anger (krodh), pride or ego (maan or ahamkar), deluval. But, Mahavir said that one should use these words all the sion (moha) and greed (lobh). Without anger a person will be time. He liked to wear the ornament of forgiveness all the time. calm and can follow the nonviolence principle very easily. With out ego, a person will be a humble person. Ego or pride invites The following lines in Gujarati says: "Samo thay aag to tu thaje violence. A person will accumulate less and will not be violent to pani, evi chhe Mahavir Prabhuni vani." This means that Mahavir's achieve unachievable with the absence of delusion. It will be message says that you be like a water in front of fire. It means that easier to follow non-stealing principle without deceit or cheating. do not get angry or mad, but show coolness and be calm under All accumulation occurs with greed in mind. In the absence of unfavorable circumstances or conditions. Mahavir kept his cool greed, there will be less desire and the non-accumulation prinness and stayed calm, when spending a night in the temple and ciple can be observed. Mahavir gave us a principle of Anekantvad Yaksha started harming Mahavir, and when a Dev (angel) started or the theory of multiple views. By taking all views into account a storm while he was crossing a river in a boat, and when Goshala and honoring every idea and thought, we will not make serious threw tejoleshya (burning energy), and when a shepherd nailed mistakes, errors or enemies. Analyze from all perspectives before his ears for not taking care of ox. When Meghkumar, son of King taking a decision. Shrenik, came to Mahavir to relieve him from his one day stay as monk, Mahavir started telling him his previous life story to save SUMMARY: him from going back to the materialistic world. He advised Mahavir's life message is not about miracles or heroism, but about Meghkumar to bear little pain which was nothing compared to practical solutions to our day-to-day problems. The life message Meghkumar's pain in the previous life as an elephant standing on reminds us about our natural duties. Controlling anger, hatred, three feet for three days to save the life of a rabbit. Mahavir never lust (kaam), greed and emotions will remove our stress and ease forced anyone to leave the home to take Deeksha. People came on tension. Caring for others with love and sharing areimportant their own to get their vows as monk or nun. Stories of aspect of a life. Overcome the tendency of easier to say but diffiChandanbala, King Shrenik, Puniya Shrawak, Queen Mrugawati, cult toput into practice by remembering Mahavir and increasing Maha Sati Sulsa, King Samprati, Chandkoshia snake and Gautam endurance power and patience. Swami are all connected with Mahavir's life and these stories also 18 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LIFE OF BHAGWAN MAHAVIR* (Editor's Note: This article narrates Bhagwan Mahavir's life story prevalent in Digamber tradition.) A little over 2500 years ago, in the land of Bharata, there was a prosperous city named Vaishali. In that republic, there was a beautiful city named Kundalapura ruled by King Siddhartha. His wife was Trishala, who was also known as Priyakarini. One night as queen Priyakarini was sleeping in peace in the palace, she dreamt sixteen very auspicious dreams, which were as follows: (1) an infatuated elephant, (2) a white bull with high shoulders, (3) a roaring lion, (4) Goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus throne, (5) two fragrant garlands, (6) the moon surrounded by stars, (7) the rising sun, (8) two golden jars covered by lotus leaves, (9) a pair of fish at play in water, (10) a pool of clean water, (11) a sea making a loud road, (12) a throne studded with gems, (13) a heavenly abode shining with jewels, (14) king's huge palace kissing the sky, (15) a heap of gems and (16) a smokeless fire. In the morning, the queen narrated the dreams to the king and expressed a desire to know their implications. The king, who himself was an expert in astrology, became highly delighted. Explain ing the dreams, the king said, your son will be powerful like an elephant, active like a bull, strong like a lion, upholder of four types of treasures, soft like flowers, cool like the moon, killing darkness like the sun, auspicious like the golden jars, submerged in the ocean of knowledge like the pair of fish at play, purified by right knowledge, calm like the ocean, reigning over the three worlds, a visitor from the 16th heaven, master of extra-sensory knowledge, shining like the pile of gems, and brilliant like the burning flame. He told her that the dreamt means that she would give birth to a great child who would be the founder of the Dharmatirtha, the last Tirthankar. Thus, on the sixth day of the bright half of Ashadha, Mahavir came in the womb of queen Trishala. During the growth of the boy in the mother's womb increased the wealth, happiness, and enthusiasm of the king. After a long happy waiting, on the auspicious thirteenth day of the bright half of Chaitra, mother Trishala gave birth to a powerful son, and named him Vardhaman, a worthy name, which suggested itself for him. His birth was celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. Even Bhagwan Indra and other gods came to celebrate the birth, which has been known as Janmakalyanaka. From birth, Vardhaman was healthy and graceful and had an attractive personality. He used to attract everybody. He had the knowledge of life and matter. He was considerate with a developed conscience and fearlessness. Once he was playing with his friends under a tree. An angel came there as a furious snake to test his brevity. Vardhaman was not afraid with the snake, and he 2010_02 -Compiled by Narendra Jain threw him far away. The angel was impressed with his fearlessness and named him "Vir." Once an elephant got infuriated and having broken the post to which he was tied, he started creating havoc in the whole city. The city was in turmoil and people started running amock. Even the most highly trained elephant drivers failed to bring him under control. Other warriors also failed to restrain him. So it was apparent that if he could not be checked soon, there would a great loss of life and property. But prince Vardhaman soon tamed him and removed his fury. This surprised everybody, and they all started praising his bravery. The elderly statesmen of the kingdom were amazed at the bravery of the prince and named him "Ativira." He was gentle by nature, but when he entered his youth, his seri ousness increased. He preferred to live in solitude in a pensive mood and think of deeper things. He solved other's difficulty through ordinary conversation and they went away convinced. Once the difficulties of two monks were got resolved at his very sight and they named him as "Sanmati." When the prince entered into youth, he became remarkably handsome. Impressed by his superhuman grace and values, many a king approached king Siddhartha with a proposal to marry their daughters with prince Vardhamana, but the prince did not agree. Even the parents made pressing request for his marriage but he declined. One day, pensive Vardhaman was in deep thought and suddenly many of his past lives were revealed to him. This raised his detachment to its full. He decided to give up the household and go out in quest of the soul. The world tried to win him over, but he was already won by the soul and so all the efforts of the world failed. The Call of Youth cast snare at him, but they went in vain. The affection of the parents tried to prevent him but even the torrents of the mother's tears could not sweep him away. His parents, relations and members of the household made many efforts to dissuade him, but the tie of his attachment was wholly gone. His detachment was inherent and instinctive, because it came from within. Thus while in the prime of youth, he was initiated by himself to be a monk on the tenth day of the dark half of Margasirsa. The prince left the city and entered into the forest. As all his attachment and greed were already gone, he had no more attachment for things, which were still on his person. So, in his full senses, he discarded his clothes and ornaments, and became a monk. Vardhaman gave up all attachment from this world and practiced penances, both internal and external. A favorable situation did not give him pleasure, and adverse situation did not cause him any pain. The excesses of summer, winter or rains never perturbed him. Many a wild animal gave up its ferociousness at JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/19 Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Life of Bhagwan Mahavir* (cont.) the sight of his ranquil stature, natural simplicity, a harmfree life the highest state of pure meditation, exhausted all karma bondand humility. At times when he wanted to take food, he would ages including the four which still till the final moment, fully disthink of imposing some difficult conditions for acceptance. If some carded his mortal frame and entered into the final liberation, nirJain follower fulfilled the conditions, only then would he accept vana. The event took place about 2500 years ago. It was the last the food, and soon thereafter would return to the forest. In this day of the dark half of the month of Kartika, and the night was manner, he spent 12 years progressing on the road to detachment. pitchy dark. The morning was soon to start. Bhagwan Mahavir One day, at the age of 42, he came to a forest named Manohara on went into liberation. On receiving the news of his liberation, the the bank of the river Rijukula near the village Jrimbhika. There, gods came down to perform the last ceremony. The city of Pava beneath a Sala tree, on a slab of stone, he assumed pratima-yoga became illuminated with lights, and since then is called Dipawali, and sat down in a trance. It was evening on the tenth day of the the festival of lights. bright half of Vaisakha. With the help of his soul, he experienced the purest state. With deepest of concentration on the self, he erased the remnants of his attachment and became fully detached. No sooner did he attain the stage of detachment, four of the Karmas were destroyed. He had achieved the supreme knowledge, kevalajnana. As a result, he became all knowing "Arihant." When Saudharm Indra realized that Tirthankar Mahavira had come to "Jainism has contributed to the world the sublime doctrine of Ahimsa. acquire the supreme knowledge. At once he came down and No other religion has emphasized the importance of Ahimsa and carried performed the kalyanaka ceremony befitting the occasion. He its practice to the extent that Jainism has done. Jainism deserves to ordered Kuvera to erect a congregation hall where the Tirthankara become the universal religion because of its Ahimsa doctrine." could deliver his sermon. The congregation hall of a Tirthankara is called samavasarana. Kuvera exhausted all his resources and skill in the construction of the congregation hall where all are - Justice Ranglekar, Bombay High Court seated alike, a king or a pauper. Even animals, birds and beasts take their seat along with monks and nuns, men and women followers, even gods and goddesses. "What would be the condition of the Indian Sanskrit literature if the Such a motley audience is difficult to find on any other occasion. contribution of the Jains were removed? The more I study Jain literature His principal and 1st disciple was Indrabhuti, a great Vedic scholar the more happy and wonder struck I am." of the time. Along with Indrabhuti, his 500 disciples also joined - Dr. Hertel, Germany the order of Mahavira. Indrabhuti requested the Bhagwan to shower his words of wisdom to the assembled so that people may be benefited by the divine knowledge. The divine words began to flow from the lips of the Bhagwan. The omkara sound was spreading out and it was revealing the true nature of the soul and matter. It was virtually a shower of nectar. The members of the audience (Continued from Page 9) were soaked in the joy. On the first day of the dark half of Shravan month, the 1st sermon by the Bhagwan commenced. That day is principle of Satya by living the truth in our minds and in our celebrated all over the country as the Vira Shasana Day. After this, behaviour, that is, by making us behave ourwardly according to Bhagavan Mahavir went on wandering and delivering sermons all what we believe inwardly. over India for about 30 years. Wherever he went, he delivered his sermons. Everbody, from the king to the commoner were inspired, A clear expression of this unity between the professional asand thousands became his followers. Thousands acquired right cetics and people in general is the remarkable fact that the Jain knowledge and accepted the vows so that the whole environment Scriptures were not written in Sanskrit, but in Ardha-Maghadi, was charged with spirituality. that is to say, not in the language of the learned but of the com mon people. This means that the highest religious doctrine is within In the end, while wandering from place to place, Bhagavan Mahavir the reach of everyone. This is the strength of Jainism. arrived at Pava. There he stopped any further wandering and sermonising, ended all activities of body, mind and speech, reached 20 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HEADQUARTERS NEWS.... JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE grams will be suited to all age groups. Interfaith discussion will MEETS AT SIDDHACHALAM also be organized. Live web-cast is likely to be arranged if suitable technical assistance is made available. Executive Committee of JAINA held its meeting on September Registration for the Convention: Online registration and Credit 30, 2000, during the weekend when Kshamapana Day is celebrated card payment system is being set up. Everyone will get confirmaat Siddhachalam. The following are the highlights of the subjects tion of the registration. There will be cancellation charges. Registhat were discussed: tration forms will be published in upcoming Jain Digest. The meeting opened with the recitation of Navakar Mantra. fol- Fund Raising: Bipin Parikh and Kishor Shah presented the lowed by Mahendra Pandya, President, JAINA, welcome the at- budget and revenue figures. Contribution by various categories tendees. will be solicited. Regional Fund Raising Committees will be or*Vinay Vakani, Secretary, JAINA read the minutes of the meet- ganized. Fund raising through advertising in Souvenir and coming held during August, 2000 in Milpitas, California, which were mercial booths (meeting the Guidelines approved by the JAINA then approved. Convention Board) is planned. Events can be sponsored but not * Mahendra Pandya, President, JAINA presented his report to the speakers or scholars. JAINA Regional VP's will be asked to the Executive Committee on following: participate actively in regional fund raising activities. A fund rais ing dinner was being organized during October 2000 in Chicago. Unity-how important it is to maintain unity amongst the Jain community of North America. He explained how the Jain com A proposal was put forth by Mahendra Pandya, President JAINA munity in India was impressed by the non-sectarian approach that that to name Ravindra Kobavala (Chicago) to the JAINA Convention JAINA has followed in its dealings with different Jain traditions. Activity Review and Advisory Committee, and Arvind Vora (New York) to JAINA Interfaith Committee. JAINA Executive Com* JAINA calendar program and its success, attributing it to the mittee confirmed both nominations unanimously. support of the Jain community. * Mahendra Pandya, President, JAINA, proposed to replace the JAINA Patron program and its importance for financial health. current JAINA Library and Education Committee by four sepa* UN Conference of Religious Leaders organized by Bawa Jain rate committees. These are JAINA Education Committee to be and its success. chaired by Pravin K. Shah (North Carolina), JAINA Publication * Anop Vora, Treasurer, JAINA presented his report, with a com- Committee to be chaired by Dr. Prem Gada (Texas), JAINA Liment that more patrons were needed to come forward and help brary Committee to be chaired by Virendra Shah (California) and put JAINA on good financial footing. Uniform accounting pro- TAINA Website Committee to be chaired by Girish Shah (Calicedure for YJA, YJP, JAINA Convention Board as well as other fornia). After some discussion, the attendees affirmed the procommittees need to be set up. All JAINA Committee Chairper- posal unanimously and a formal resolution was moved and adopted sons should do disbursement of the funds for activities of their by the Executive Committee. Committee only after the review of the request by the JAINA Ex JAINA Committee Reports: ecutive Committee. * Media Watch/Public Relations Committee: Sushil Jain briefed * A suggestion came from Dilip Shah (Philadelphia) to make the the Executive Committee about the status of the case of tradeJain Digest self-sufficient and he volunteered to prepare a pro mark registering of the word JAIN. He presented several scenarios posal about how to accomplish this objective. and Executive Committee asked him to continue to pursue the * Messrs. Bipin Parikh, Kishor Shah and Samprati Shah from matter and report the matter at the next meeting. Chicago made presentation about the 2001 JAINA Convention. ention . Membership Committee: Kamlesh Shah indicated that there were * Bipin Parikh confirmed that Rosemont Convention Center three new Centers that would be applying for the membership would be the site of the Convention; they have not been able to Senior Citizens Committee: The committee is involved in esget the Grand Hall. tablishing Senior Groups at Los Angeles and other Centers. * Presently Keynote Speakers & Chief Guest are being pursued. Family Assistance Program: Ila Mehta asked that 800 number * Bipin Parikh conveyed that Convention accounting system has be prominently published in all issues of the Jain Digest. been set up in consultation with Anop Vora, and detailed account- . Temple Guidelines: Jagat Jain proffered that JAINA format ing report will be sent each quarter to Messrs. Anop Vora and should be promoted in new temples. After a very lively discussion Krishna Mehta (CPA-Auditor). it was concluded that this matter needs more deliberation to come * Samprati Shah assured that the programs would follow the up with acceptable alternates. Practicing Jainism in 21" Century theme of the Convention. Pro Jain Education Interational 2010_02 JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/21 Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HEADQUARTERS NEWS.... * Mahavir Memorial Committee: Manoj Dharmasi presented the activities planned to celebrate the 2600th JanmaKalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir. Details available in this issue of Jain Digest. * Pilgrimage Committee: Dilip Shah presented the details of the upcoming Yatra to Shikharji & other Teerths in eastern India. * Tirthoddhar Committee: Kirit Daftary presented details of activities carried out by Navkar Kendra and supported by JAINA to serve Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis in India. * Virchand Gandhi Scholarship Committee: Pravin Shah described the plans for awarding 10 scholarships for college level study in Jainism. Arrangements are being made through Jitendra Shah of Ahmedabad. For any information or questions regarding the nomination and election, contact Dr. Vinay K. Jain at (781) 237-5997 JAINA Nomination and Election Committee: JAINA Executive Committee has approved the formation of Nomination and Election Committee under the leadership of Dr. Vinay K. Jain for the upcoming election. The Nomination and Election Committee shall be responsible for obtaining the nominations for the President, First Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Vice Presidents, and conduct the election process that will include distributing and collecting ballets, counting the votes and certifying the successful candidates a day before the July 2001 Convention. The Nomination and Election Committee shall be as follows: Dr. Vinay K. Jain (Wellesley, MA) Chairman Mr. Kirit Gosalia (Phoenix, AZ) Member Mr. Prem Jain (Fremont, CA) Member Mr. Mohanbhai Mehta (Islington, On, Canada) Member Mr. Dinesh M. Shah (South Pasadena, CA) Member 22/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 JAINA Award Selection Committee JAINA Executive committee has approved the formation of Award Selection Committee for the recommendation for the Awards that will be presented at the 2001 JAINA Convention. The Award Selection Committee shall be responsible for establishing the guidelines for awards, obtaining the nominations for various awards, make selection and recommendation to the JAINA Executive Committee for the final selection. The Award Selection Committee shall be as follows: * Young Jains of America: Nirav Shah presented details of YJA Convention in LA, Committee election and future activities planned by the new committee. Future Projects: JAINA Merit Scholarship: Vinay Vakani presented an idea of instituting JAINA Merit Scholarship for the college bound Jain Youth. About 10 scholarship $1000 each were proposed to be awarded at the JAINA and YJA Conventions in alternate years. JAINA could not assure funding for such scholarships due to lack of funds. JAINA Headquarters: Jain Center of America, New York's President Sumati Shah has sent a letter inviting JAINA to relocate its Headquarters in the new Temple building that would be built in New York City (Queens). JAINA Executive Committee will give a serious consideration to this graceful gesture in very near future. The Jain Society of Greater Detroit is pleased to announce the Pratishtha Mahotsav for 24 Tirthankars in its temple. This Meeting was adjourned after reciting the Khamemi Savva Jive, auspicious event will be held during July 28th to August 6th of Savve Jiva Khamantu me.... Prayer. 2001. The Pratishtha ceremony will take place on Sunday August 5th, 2001. Religious leaders, scholars, and prominent dignitaries from around the world will be present to bless this event. Dr. Bipin Parikh (Chicago, IL) Dr. Dilip Shah (Chicago, IL) Dr. Mahendra Mehta (Toronto, Canada) Member Mr. Hasendra Shah (Cerritos, CA) Member Member Ms. Shama Khnadwala (Elk Grove, IL) For information contact Dr. Dilip Shah at (630) 655-1670 -Vinay Vakani, Secretary, JAINA Chairman Co-Chairman JAIN SOCIETY OF GREATER DETROIT PRATISHTHA MAHOTSAV July 28- Aug 6th On behalf of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit, we extend a cordial invitation to you, your family and friends to join us during the festivities. Please visit our web-site at for the latest information on various gheebolies, tentative program details. Site will be updated regularly. If you need any further information, please contact any of the following: Nalin J. Shah (248) 689-8296 Niranjan H. Shah (248) 553-7327 Praful L. Shah (248) 851-1978 Finally, please mark your calendar now and plan to be a part of this holy and joyous event. -Jain Society of Greater Detroit Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HEADQUARTERS NEWS.... FIRST HOURS IN BHUJ ON JAN 26 cions. I was helpless. I didnot have needle and thread either. Do you know what I did? I shook the patients. With affection, I told them to get out of the trauma. I shouted: Breathe deeply! Breathe This is a story about the battle between the human will to deeply! There were so many serious cases. So many people were survive and nature's destructive instinct. Dr Gyaneshwar Rao is a dead! Ninety per cent of them had head injuries. I asked people to well-known surgeon in Bhuj. After reading how he saved many help. I asked one young man to break into a chemist's shop and score lives the day the earthquake struck, you have little doubt get syringes, glucose bottles, needle and thread. I told him not to who the winner is in the fight between man and nature. worry, that I would take the blame. He got some supplies, but I have lived in Bhuj since 1987. This is the city of unambi- hardly much. Get medicines, I screamed. When I shouted again, cious people. It is so small that everyone knows everyone. On Janu- people got courage. I got what I wanted. It was around 9.40 am. ary 26, I was playing badminton when the unexpected earth I realised the magnitude of the problem and knew that what I quake shook us. Unexpected because I have built a bungalow and was doing was not enough. In an hour, patients from Anjar arhospital here and no authority ever told me to be careful. My rived, many with serious injuries. Dr Patel, Dr P N Acharya, Dr friend and architect Kumtekar did prevail on me not to build a Pujaraand Dr Bharat Joshi had joined me by then. I wanted to basement because he said, Bhuj is in a seismic zone. I have been operate. I was desperate.The city had collapsed, and not a single associated with 20 institutions in Bhuj, but no one ever discussed operation theatre was available. I asked my colleague Bharat this, not even any of the collectors posted here. Chothani to rush to my hospital and bring the operation kit. I No one can ever accurately describe what we experienced on asked patients's relatives to get me red tiles,sheets of wood and riday morning. It was frightening, sickening. For many moments cardboard to put patients's limbs in plaster. I asked someone to get the tremors did not stop. I screamed again and again; Oh God, Menanitol. I used pieces of shawls, shirts and sarees as bandages. why don't you stop? Dhadak,dhadak... Buildings were crashing When one patient complained of bleeding I tore his headgear and down and a monstrous cloud of dust covered the city. My father tied it tightly around his thigh. described it correctly. He said it was like a huge plane landing One man rushed to me with a girl in his hands. Doctor, he right on your head. said, please treat her first. I thought the girl was dead. The faWhen I came out, Bhuj was dead. That was the worst 15 ther wanted my confirmation of that fact. Be quick doctor. If minutes of my life. I drove home and saw my family. My wife she is dead, then let me rush to look for my wife in the debris Alka and daughter were searching for me. They were crying. All of my home. He was in deep shock, emotionless. I told him, five of us hugged each other and cried. I thought of my patients Just keep her in our care and run for your wife. He left, leavand rushed to the hospital. My staff were smart -- they had led ing his daughter's dead body in our custody. all the patients out onto the road. Thus, they were saved. When I The most traumatic thing for me that day was when I had to arrived, one of my staffers said, Sir, forget it (my hospital). It's gone. ask relatives to take the quickest possible decision to allow me I met Dr Mahadev Patel, we hugged and cried. Someone shook to save a life by cutting off an injured limb. I was rough. I norme and asked :Doctor: How can you lose heart ?; That resident of mally don't behave like that, and I am sorry. I knew every third Bhuj asked me to act. I was not prepared. I said, What can I do? patient personally. They would scream at me, Doctor, why don't Let us go to the general hospital. He said, Don't you know? It's you look at my leg? Don't you recognise me? For the first few gone. It has collapsed. I was speechless. I looked around for my hours I only had one needle. I told Dr Bharat Joshi to hold that stethoscope. People started arriving outside where my hospital had needle. It was the most valuable thing I had. My colleagues arstood. In 10 minutes, there were 100 patients. This was around ranged patients in such a manner that I could stitch three patients 9.30 am. All ofthem had multiple injuries. Someone's intestine at one go. Hundreds of patients were lying on the open ground. had burst, some hadbroken hands, others came with broken legs. With a needle, thread and a pair of scissors, I started suturing. I All of them needed surgery as soon as possible. I instantly took was shouting at the patients, Don't cry. Keep quiet. Around us, one correct decision, don't ask me how. I asked the injured to fol- the noise level was so high. People were screaming in pain, relalow me to the Jubilee ground. All hell then broke loose. I am still tives crying in anguish, I must have sutured 150 patients that day. amazed that in 10 minutes so many injured people got to know By 11 am, the homeguards arrived, then came member of Parliathat medical help was available on Jubilee ground. ment Pushpdan Gadhvi. I finally got a table; I asked for a tent. In that mad rush so many good doctors of Bhuj were around, Once they were in place I started operating. Again, it was a hard but for the first few hours I was the only surgeon. People started time. With only a pair of scissors I had to cut off a leg or arm of jostling to catch my attention. I requested two of the patients's many patients. I did it to save lives. Other doctors tied the banrelatives to flank me for my protection. I did not have any injec- dages. By 3 pm, 1 had 5 tables and lots of medical help. JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/23 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NG HEADQUARTERS NEWS.... JAINA'S IMMEDIATE RELIEF EFFORTS: Dr. Dhiraj Shah, past President of JAINA is the Project Manager for JAINA's Earthquake Relief Operations. He was in Bhuj just before the earthquake for Bidada Medical Camp. Upon hearing the news of the earthquake in Bombay, he rushed immediately to Bhuj to locate his parents and other family members. It turned out all of his immediate family members were safe. He did lose 300 of his relatives, friends and neighbors. He saw the most heart wrenching scenes of dead bodies and crying children. On behalf of JAINA, he personally supervised the JAINA's emergency relief efforts. He is back in USA to start coordinating JAINA's fund raising efforts for long term rehabilitation. He has managed to sent much needed 100 wheelchairs for amputees. Dr. Manibhai Mehta, former President of JAINA was also at the Bidada Medical camp. He had just returned to his home in California and the earthquake news prompted him to go back. Under the auspices of Southern California Jain Sangh, he led a delegation of six other community members: Popat Savla, Rashmi Shah, Dr. Bala Subramanyam (L.A.County Disaster Co-ordinator), Ukabhai Solanki and Govind Lalani for one week to the devastated areas. The American ambassador Hon. Richard Celeste flew from New Delhi to Bombay to meet with them and discuss American help. They also met with the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani to discuss resettlement plans, They visited many affected places and donated $50,000 to Bidada Sarvodaya Hospital. During the last ten years, JAINA/WCS has collected over $2,000,000 in donations for the benefits of victims in the aftermath of Kandala cyclone (Vilages of Ragha and Shekhadia), Latur earthquake (one village) and Orissa Cyclone (Rebuilding salipur Mahavirgram Village) here too, JAINA has plans to rebuild a town with a community center and a middle school near Sukhpur - 7 km from Bhuj. Dhirajbhai has received a promise of free land (15 acers), a grant of one crore rupees and infrastructure from the Gujarat Government. Bachubhai Ajmera, Chairman of JAINA's World community service and other members , Ramesh Shah, Shirish Mehta, Rashmikant Shah and Laxmikant Shah rushed to Kutch for personal evaluation of needs. Ramesh Shah is organizing fund raising in California and is returning to Kutch in the second week of March. All of the Sanghs under the JAINA umbrella have collected funds for the victims. Every penny you donate through JAINA will be used for the victims, JAINA has already sent $2,500 to Mandvi Jain Sangh JAINA also helped in opening of first school for 1,100 students at Samkhiali near Bhachau by sending $7,500 for the same. Most of the efforts thus far have been spent in relief work. The rehabilitation work is yet to start. Now is not the time to send more used clothing to them. If you have resources to obtain medical supplies or educational supplies or any life building materials, you can contact the World Community Service of JAINA. If you have expertise in construction, rehabilitation medicine or any life saving skills, offer your services through JAINA. (Continued from page 21 ) Harish Thakkar, who has a food stall on the footpath opposite the bus stand asked if he could help. I said, get me a gas stove and a huge utensil to boil water. He got it in no time and also brought dabeli, a popular dish in Bhuj,for the patients and their relatives.Imagine, hundreds of pieces in a few hours. It was a miracle. As I was treating patients, I got pieces of news. Ramesh is no more, that some other friend had died. So many people I knew have died. One nice chap put biscuits in my mouth when I was stitching wounds. He was so caring. Slowly, things got organised. We don't know who got those things for us. Things poured in. Dicloran and Tetanus Toxideinjections were made available. After 7 pm, I was tired, it was beyond my scope. I went to the district health officer's office. It's an administrative post. The man does not know anything about medicine. I wanted a mobile operation theatre and 100 operation kits. It was not made available even on Monday night. I pleaded with him and the politicians. Don't call doctors. Get the operation stuff first. Two hundred doctors have arrived in Kutch, but we don't know how to use them in the best way. Thirty bright medical men came from AIIMS, Delhi, but without equipment. Eighty per cent of medical help is useless unless we have an operation theatre and equipment. Someone sent a helicopter full of Cloramycin, not a great help. I need 1,000 pairs of gloves, please. I understand that the sender does not know the ground realities. As of late night, January 29, we don't have a functioning orthopaedic section and an operation theatre. The military hospital is doing a wonderful job under Colonel Lahiri's leadership, but their resources are limited. -Source unknown 24/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HEADQUARTERS NEWS.... WHAT JAINA IS DOING TO HELP EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS JAINA/WCS has collected over $2 million dollars in the last 10 years and every cent has been spent for benefits of victims irrespectively of religion, race, cast, color or creed. JAINA Charitable Trust has sent $10,000 for immediate relief work for earthquake victims.JAINA has already started working with the following organizations: WHAT WILL JAINA DO IN FUTURE: V Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust of Bombay. Bhartiya Jain Sanghathan of Pune, Maharastra. Vivekanand Trust. Bidada Sarvodaya Trust. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE SO FAR? JAINA intends to adopt as many villages as possible depend ing upon our resources. JAINA has received an offer for 15 acres of land seven kilometers from Bhuj, Kutch. from Gujarat Govt.. Govt. will take care of repairs and infrastructure of village. If government provides 50% matching grant then JAINA/WCS plans to build 200 townhouses. Each townhouse will be 400 sq. feet. Village will have middle school and community center. Total for this project will be $400,000. So far, we have raised $100,000 in funds plus commitment for the school and community center. * Project Manger Dr. Dhiraj Shah is leaving on March 31" to finalize details with Gujarat government. HOW JAINA WILL SELECT THE BENIFICIARY: * JAINA Charitable Trust has sent $10,000 for immediate relief work for earthquake victims. * JAINA has already distributed 5,000 blankets. * 1,000 flashlights distributed to victims' families. * 10,000 bottles of mineral water distributed to victims. * 10,000 food packets distributed. * 30,000 lb. of used clothing were transported to Gujarat. * 600 refugees in Mandvi are provided shelter & food. * 100 wheelchairs are on the way to help amputees. * 10 doctors and 400 volunteers sent to Bhachau * 2,000 victims are given shelter, food and medical treatment with the help of Bharatiya Jain Sanghathan, Poone, Maharastra * JAINA has started first School at Samkhyali, 10 km from Bhachau for 1100 students with the help of Bharatiya Jain Sanghathana of Poone, Maharastra. * 1" Preference will be given to the widows with child or children who have lost their bread winner. 2nd preference will be give to widower (who has lost their business) with children. 30 preference will be given to single widows. For further information and suggestion please contact any one: B.S. Ajmera Chairman WCS 301-431-2525 Prakash Mehta Co-Chairman WCS 703-318-8252 Bhadresh Dhilla Co-Chairman WCS 301-570-1117 WHAT JAINA HAS DONE IN THE PAST: Dr Dhiraj H. Shah Project Manager Earthquake Victims Relief 716-773-1314 Dr. Mahendra Pandya JAINA President 718-816-0083 * Rehabilitated as many families as possible. . During Latur earthquake, rebuilt Kwatha village (178 houses) with the help of Lions Club of Latur and 50% of the matching hatching grant provided by the Maharastra Govt. Also helped 1500 orphans. * During Kandla cyclone, worked with Vivekanand Trust (re built 75 houses in Ragha and Shekhadia Villages ). * During Orissa cyclone, worked with the Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust of Bombay and Gujarati Samaj of Orissa (rebuilt 68 houses in Salipur Mahavirgram Village). * Helped in Kosovo relief efforts with the assistance from U. N.High Commissioner for refugees. * Helped Rawanda Refugees in cooperation with American Red Cross. * Helped in Turkey earthquake, Mississippi floods, Northridge (CA) earthquake. Please, remember every penny you donate is used for the victims, please open your heart and check book. Send your tax deductible (USA) contribution payable to JAINA mail to: Prakash Mehta 2960 Mother Well Ct, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Email: Pmehta@psiint.comy Please visit our web sites: JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/25 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS.... (Editor's Note: Jain Digest is initiating a special feature of Focus on a Jain Center, giving the details about history, present activities and future plans of the subject Center. The special feature will be published in each issue of the Jain Digest. Please provide information about your Center to the area Regional Editor of the Jain Digest for such publication) NORTHEAST Dinesh Chheda, Regional Editor Focus: Jain Center of New Jersey, Essex Fells, NJ tion, devotion for our hearts and mind. On August 24, 1980, the Jain Center of New Jersey was established with the efforts of a few dedicated members. Within a year, the first Jain Derasar in New Jersey was established at 233 Runnymede Rd. (formerly a synagogue) in the town of Essex Fells, NJ. With generous contributions from mem bers, the Derasar opened its doors without a mortgage obligation. Ramesh Shah and his family from Bloomfield, NJ donated three deities. These are: Moolnayak Bhagwan Parshvanath, Bhagvan Mahavir and Bhagwan Rishabhdev. The first Paryushana was celebrated at the Derasar in 1982. From a modest beginning, the membership of the Center has now increased to approximately 800 Jain families from northern and central New Jersey. During the last few years, the Derasar facility has received some improvements. The inner sanctum of the temple (Ghabhara) has been renovated. In the sixties and the early seventies many professional Indians, including Jains, started to migrate to the USA. Right after the initial settlement in the seventies, our community members started to organize religious events like Mahavir Jayanti in the Indian Consulate in New York and various churches in New Jersey. The events were performed with such enthusiasm and devotion that some members (Late Vinod Shah, Sanat Jhaveri, Ramesh Shah, Diwakar Shah, Dilip Shah, Dipak Gandhi, Narendra Gandhi, Ajit Parekh, Arvind Bhandari, Virendra Shah and Kirti Shah) started to dream about establishing a Jain Center with Derasar where: 1)Children and adults, poor and rich, all of various Jain traditions are welcome; 2) Jains in New jersey can focus on their collective and individual spiritual pursuits; 3)It can be a place for educating the future generation in our tradition and impart the Jain Samskar to them; and 4)It can also be a place of peace, medita- centers regularly invite them to perform pujas. Besides the celebration of the Paryushana Parva, Mahavir Jayanti, Diwali/ New Year, and the monthly puja the following activities are conducted by JCNJ on a regular basis: 26/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 The Jain Center of New Jersey has its own constitution. The 15 Member Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer is elected by the membership every two years. The Executive Committee is charged with complete responsibility of daily administration as well as planning of various events including celebration of Paryushana, Mahavir Jayanti and other Jain holy days. Jain Center of New Jersey is the member of JAINA since 1990. In last few years there has been an incredible growth of the Jain community in Cenneeds, the JCNJ recently acquired a parcel tral New Jersey. To fulfil its increasing of land (approximately 9.6 acres) in Town ship of Franklin, NJ, with plans to build a beautiful shikharbandhi Derasar, a hall, care taker house and other amenities at an estimated cost of $6 to 7 million. Puja: The monthly puja and other religious ceremonies are performed by duo brothers: Virendra and Dr. Kirti Shah. Nearby Jain dren are divided in three to four age groups. They are taught the meaning of various Jain symbols, significance of Jain religious holidays and festivals, how to worship in Derasar, basic principles of Jainism, and simple Jain Sutras. The classes are conducted every other Sunday. Students are also encouraged to learn the Gujarati language. Swadhyaya: Adult classes (Swadhyaya) are held every week, either at the Center or any other convenient place in central Jersey, by local scholars that include Mr. Chandrakant Mehta, Dr. Kirti Shah, and Dr. Rajni Shah. These scholars are also invited many times by other Jain Centers to help celebrate Paryushana Parva as well as Swadhyaya. Jain center of New Jersey also invites Jain scholars from India to give discourses through out the year. Aayambil Oli: Twice a year, the Center organizes a samoohic Aayambil at Derasar on a weekend that is attended by about 70-80 people regularly on each day. Samooh Samayik: Once a month, a group Samayik is organized on Sunday morning. It starts with a recital of the Bhaktamar Stotra, followed by Samayik. More than 100 people regularly participate in it. Current News Esssex Fells, NJ: New 19 members Executive Committee has been formed for year 2001 and 2002 with general body approval. Shri Diwakar Shah was elected President for the year 2001 and Executive Committee. Shri Viren Shah for the year 2002 by the A 2nd Health Fair organized on Sept, 00 was a success. More than 15 doctors volunteered their services for EKG, General Pa tient Care, Dental Care,Women's healthcare, children's health, physical therapy, Bone Marrow donation drive etc. Seventy two hours of continuous Navkar Mantra JAP were held at the Derasar from Pathshala: Classes are conducted on a regu- the evening on Diwali day to the morning lar basis to provide spiritual and cultural heritage to children and young adults. Chil of New Year to celebrates the 72-hour Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS (continued) Akhand Deshna (message) given by Smt. Sunandaben Vohora, Dr. PHILADELPHIA. PA Bhagvan Mahavir before his Nirvana. Hukamchand Bharill, Shri Dhirajbhai PunNew Year was celebrated on Oct 28 start dit and Smt. Tarlaben Doshi. Celebrating Samar ing with Manglik in the morning followed the Paryushna Parva with Tarlaben was a gram of Hindi film songs and dances "Fabuby Snatra Pooja. Gyan Pancham and Dev very religiously awakening experience for lous fifties" by Dr. Nerurkar and artist from Diwali/Kartaki Poonam were celebrated at the Jain community. There were daily reli Kalabhavan on February 17th 2001. The the Derasar. Members, particularly students gious discourses and group evening program was organized by Samarpan Jain were briefed about the importance of Gyan pratikraman. She emphasized the impor Sangh, India Development and relief fund Poojan in their lives and how its aaradhana tance, with good examples, of sanyam, (IDRF), Council of Indian organizations eliminares Gyanavarniya Karma. daan, sheel, tapa and bhavana in our daily (CIO), Share and Care, NJ and other orgaSpecial Thanksgiving Pooja tradition practice of Jainism. The day of swapna nizations in the greater Philadelphia region started about three years ago continued in darshan ceremony, with inspiring readings area to raise the funds for earthquake relief. year 2000 with Antaraykarma Nivaran con of Mahavir birth, discourses by Tarlaben They have raised about $37,000. The comPooja at Derasar. Many people participated. and Dr. Jagdish Doshi was well attended. mittee has decided to spend the entire Atthai, Tela and other forms of tapasya inJain Center of New Jersey welcomes the amount towards building a hospital (for visitors to the Derasar. The Derasar is locluding upvas, ekasana etc. were performed capital investment) in Kutch. For more incated at 233 Runnymede Road, Essex Fells, by many people. Generous donations were formation, please contact Devendra Peer at NJ. For directions, call (973) 226-2539. made by the people in support of religious 9701 Bustleton Ave. Philadelphia, PA activities, Jiv Daya and Sadhu Vaiyavachh. For the details of programs, please contact 19115. Phone: (215) 947-9083 Mr. Diwakar Shah, President at (908) 754 Jain center had enjoyed the Parna Parva for Mrs. Prabha Shanti Mohnot, for her atthai. 0891 or Mr. Viren Shah, Vice President at Sri 108 Parshvanath Mahapujan on August WASHINGTON, DC (732) 329-3236 or Mr. Kirit Shah, Secre 19 & 20 h was sponsored by Mukesh & Alka tary (973) 428-1407. Jhaveri, while puja was performed by A general body meeting was held at the Jain Narendrabhai Nandu & Group. Center on Sunday, January 21, 2001 to elect CHERRY HILL,NJ During July 4th holidays, Shri members for the vacant positions. Kanta Siddhachakra Mahapujan was performed by Manoj Dharamsi was elected as a presiThe Jain Sangh is in process of publishing Narendrabhai Nandu & group. It was spon- dent. The new committee sincerely thank a Sangh directory for distribution during sored by Dipen Shah & family in recogni- the outgoing President Pravin Dand, and their 11th anniversary and dhvaja aarohan tion of their parent's spiritual and charitable all outgoing members of the Executive celebration scheduled on May 28 and June life of Shantilal & Shubhdraben Shah. Committee, Board of Trustees, and Youth 2 and 3 of this year. In May, Dr. Himanshu Doshi & family has Committee for their dedicated work durThe Sangh is also collecting relief fund for sponsored a Antraya Karma Puja, in ing the year 2000. the earthquake victims in Gujarat. Please memory of their mother Taraben Doshi. Mahavir Jayanti Celebration is scheduled send your contribution payable to The Jain They donated $10,001 to Jain Society to- on Sunday, April 8, 2001 starting at 2:00 Sangh, Inc. They have given $3,000 to ward the lecture series of scholars. p.m. As in the past, the celebration will in clude cultural programs by our children. For advertisement in the directory, please Doshi, Vice President; Shantilal Mohnot, Friday, April 6, 2001 is the 2600th birth contact Ashok Vora (856) 985-8014. Treasurer: Yogesh Jhaveri, Secretary; anniversary of Bhagvan Mahavir. On that For all other information contact Kirti Shah Chandrika Shah, Member; Leena Dalal & very auspicious day, at 12:39 p.m. (Vijay at 29 Willow Ridge Rd Marlton NJ 08653. Shirish Shah, Immediate Past President; Muhurt), all members are requested to stop Suresh Shah. what they are doing and perform a Jaap of PITTSBURGH, PA For additional information contact: Vinod at least 12 Navkars. Doshi 412-856-9235 / Chandrika Shah, Jain prayer in the US Senate: We have 724-282-7459 Or write Jain society of Pitts- been successful in arranging the recital of a Every year, the Jain Society of Pittsburgh, burgh 140 Penn Lear Drive Monroeville, Jain prayer in the US senate in May. This PA invites Jain scholars for enhancing our D is a very important achievement for Jain knowledge of Jainism and our spiritual up religion since only Christian prayers are lift. Last year we had the benefit of having of scholars. JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 / 27 2010_02 Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS (continued) normally conducted in the US Congress Falls, San Bernardino Mountains, was at- SACRAMENTO, CA and Senate. Jain Sunday School: The school year is from September through May and the classes ofr children are held on 2nd and 4th Sundays from 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. Adult classes are also held in parallel. We urge all the members to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Earthquake Relief Fund All members are requested to send their generous donations for the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund. The funds collected will be sent to India through JAINA World Community Services. Also, if you have any extra or old clothes, please leave them at Sam & Raj, 1502 University Blvd., Langley Park, MD 20783 (Phone: 301-431-2525) for sending those to India. tended by 110 children age 9-19 years, and 15 youth volunteers age 19-26 years. The theme of the camp was Jain Tirths. Fifteen sub-committees are actively involved with the architect and consultants to finalize the design of the new Jain Bhavan. The detailed design has gone through several reviews and iterations, and the final configuration will be submitted shortly to the City of Buena Park Planning Department for approval. Information about forthcoming programs SAN DIEGO, CA and regular activities are posted on JCSC's website at For additional information, please contact Sumatibhai Shah, JCSC President, at 562/ e-mail: 926-4075 or Please make your donation check payable SAN FRANCISCO, CA to Jain Society of Metropolitan Washing ton and send it to Mr. Manu J. Shah, treasurer, at 21009 Sunny Acres Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20882. Please mention "Earthquake Relief Fund Donation" on your check. WEST Chandrakant Parekh, Regional Editor LOS ANGELES, CA Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) Board of Directors for the 2001 term includes: President - Sumati Shah; Vice President - Nitin Shah; Secretary - Sailesh Desai; Treasurer - Ashok Savla; Public Relations Ramesh Doshi; and Directors - Amrit Bhandari, Vijay Chheda, Dhiraj Dedhia, Divyaben Gangar, Ushaben Mehta, Gordhan Patel, Pradeep Shah, Vipin Vadecha, Harkishan Vasa and Nitin Vora. Jain Center Youth Council (JCYC) winter camp from January 4-7 at Camp Cedar 28/ JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 2010_02 To facilitate an efficient use of the Jain Bhawan facility, a comprehensive schedule of programs for various Jain traditions has been planned and posted on JCNC's website at This popular website is updated regularly. For additional information, please contact Jay Itchhaporia, JCNC President, at 408/2638739. Jain Center of Greater Sacramento (JCGS) organizes a number of activities, religious celebrations, and lectures by visiting dignitaries. Members meet regularly for a monthly swadhyay. For additional informa tion, please contact Manoj Desai at 916/ 791-4111 or e-mail: Jain Center of Southern California (JCNC) Executive Committee for the 2001-2002 term includes: President - Jay Itchhaporia; SEATTLE, WA Vice President Pramod Patel; Secretary - Prerana Saraiya; Treasurer- Tushar Vora; Public Relations - Sunil Vora; Coordinators - Ashok Domadia, Deepa Doshi, Ritesh Shah, Smitin Mehta, Ketan Itchhaporia; Nitin Shah; Devang Shah; Girish Shah; and Kinjal Shah. The Board of Directors includes: Arun Bhimani, Yogendra Bobra, Navin Dedhia, Kirti Doshi, Jay Itchhaporia, Parveen Jain, Prem Jain, Surinder Jain, Bharat Kamdar, Pallavi Khokhani, Chandra Parekh, Pramod Patel, Prerana Saraiya, Bipin Shah, and Girish Shah. Jain Society of San Diego (JSSD) organizes a number of activities, religious celebrations, and lectures by visiting dignitaries. Regular activities include - a monthly pathshala for kids, adult classes, swadhyay by Girishbhai Shah, and a weekly pooja on Saturday at Shri Mandir. For additional information, please contact Kokilaben Doshi at 858/6797645 or e-mail: Although there is no formal Jain Center, Jain families in Seattle area meet for tivities followed by a fellowship dinner. Namokar Jaap, Snatra Pooja, and other acThey stay in contact via email and a virtual club at North-WestJainsClub/ where messages and event information are posted. For additional information, please contact Mukesh Jain at 425/558 1949 email: or CANADA Dr. Mahendra Mehta, Regional Editor EDMONTON, ALBERTA: Parsvanath Jayanti: The Edmonton Jain Community celebrated Parsvanath Jayanti with a Puja on December 17, 2000. Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS (continued) Gujarat Earthquake: The Jain Society members have started a fund raising campaign among the whole Gujarati community and already collected over $5,000. Jasvant Mehta and Jitendra Shah also inform the media on community activities with interviews and updates. 2600 Mahavir Kalyanak: The Jain Society will celebrate this day on April 8, 2001 with Puja, Interfaith dialogue on 'Ahimsa & Compassion'. The Jain youth will be actively involved. TORONTO, ONTARIO: Gujarat Earthquake: A remembrance meet ing with Shantipath was held at Jain Centre on the evening of Wednesday, January 31, 2001. The horrors of this calamity were briefly recounted before the Shantipath and our members whose families are affected were mentioned. Pritambhai and Manjula Mehta lost their brother-in-law in Rajkot when he was hit by falling debris. More details of other members' families are com ing in. The fund raising was begun and the initial collection that evening was over $20,000. A second meeting is scheduled on Sunday, 11th January 2001. Special General Body Meeting: This was called on Sunday December 17, 2000 at the Jain Centre. Our Society has passed a milestone of quarter century in existence and we now need to revisit our mandate, activities, goals and future directions. One of the issues frequently discussed is the inadequacy of our present premises. The Trustees and Executive asked for and received approval from the members to look for a suitable site for building a new Jain Centre which would include a Sikharbandhi Temple. Incorporation of JSOT: At present Jain Society is a registered organization and title of the property is held in personal names of original trustees. By incorporating the 2010_02 Society, property title will be held in Jain Society of Toronto's name. The Executive was asked to look into this issue and come back with recommendations. Self-Study School of Jainism: The informally organized Study Group that has run for last few years, has now official sanction from the Executive of JSOT and was formally named 'Self-Study School of Jainism', an adult version of the youth Pathsala. However, the learning process is different in that a 'seminar style' approach is followed. A topic leader for an agreed assignment guides the group discussions to help others understand the subject and promote exchange of ideas. English is the medium of study to ensure that the format remains non-sectarian and the young Jains at college and University can participate. The group meets fist Sunday of every month at 8.30 am at Jain Centre. Everyone is welcome. The current text of study is English translation of Muniji Nyayavijaiji's 'Jaina, Philosophy and Religion'. South Asian Gallery at Royal Ontario Museum: This was recently opened with financial help from our South Asian Community with significant contribution from Jain Society members and philanthropist Christopher Ondaatje. The Gallery displays many artifacts from India and its neighbors spanning over 2 million years. The Jain aspect of the display includes the 8th century sandstone sculpture of Jain goddess Ambika from Madhya Pradesh. The ROM collection also includes some of the beautiful objects that were displayed during the Jain Liberators exhibition. entitled "Did the Tirthankars Cross These Oceans? Trans-national Dialogue and Religious Identity Within the Jain Community of North America". The paper examined some of the issues confronting the Jain community which must, at times, operate within two (or more) environments at the same time: e.g. the religious (with roots firmly planted in India) and the secular (particularly within the context of a globalized North America. With this as its starting premise, the paper focused on the dialogical strategies used by parents, youth and children to both, maintain and re-cre ate religious and social identity within Canada and the USA. SOUTHEAST Surendra Shah, Regional Editor RALEIGH, N.C The elections for the executive Committee of Jain Study Center of North Carolina were held in Nov 00. The following were elected to the executive committee. President: Rekha Banker Vice President, Treasurer: Jagdish Shah Secretary: Heena Mehta Food Coordinator: Sujata Shah Youth Coordinator: Jyoti Shah The members meet every Thursday for swadhyaya at home of Mr. And Mrs. Pravin Shah. Also during their monthly meetings, religious discourses and other religious activities such as pooja are performed. The plan is to have a series of lectures on Nav Tatva by Pravinbhai Shah and Dr. Ramnikbhai Zota. The Mahavir Jayanti is to be celebrated on Sunday, April 8,2001. Dr.Harish C.Jain was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Vision TV, Canada's longest-established national nonprofit multifaith television service. Mikal Radford: A Ph.D. candidate of Re- ORLANDO, FL ligious Studies and Social Sciences at McMaster University recently presented a paper at the 27th Congress of the Canadian Anthropology Society in Calgary, Alberta The Jain Society of Central Florida, Orlando, has selected a new committee for JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/29 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS (continued) the year 2001. The new committee follows: MIDWEST CHICAGO,IL President : Dr. Shashikant Shah Manubhai Doshi, Regional Editor Treasurer: Mr. Ashok Shah The Society has been having Snatrapuja Secretary : Mrs. Nita Shah and Digambar Puja every Sunday. The reNew Trustee : Mr. Jitendra Kotadia Cincinnati & Dayton, OH ligious classes are held on the third SunExisting trustees : Mr. Suryakant Dawawala, day and Gujarati class on the 2nd Sunday Mrs. Kumud Mehta JAINA Director from On December 31, 2000, the Jain Center of of every month. The attendance is mainCentral Florida Rajendra Mehta. Cincinnati & Dayton participated in the tained at a very high level. Jain Society of Central Florida has acquired second annual Interfaith Service in Celebra- second annual Interfaith Service in Celebra- T The drive for collecting usable clothes was land for their non-sectarian "Jain Temple". tion of World Peace & Justice in Newport, highly successful. About 300 boxes were The agreed upon price for the property is KY. The celebration was also attended by collected for the purpose and they were sent $220,000. The property consists of six lots representatives from eight other faiths: to the JAINA World Community Commitwith an existing 2100 sq ft house. The first Bahai, Native American, Hinduism, Juda- tee for onward transmission to India. phase project is to remove partition walls ism, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism & Niranjan Shah, Dilip and Nalini Shah, their to create a temple/prayer hall/ Upasraya. We Islam. The program included prayers for son Rupesh, Champakbhai Shah, Uday have an urgent need for funds and call on peace, u peace, unity & justice, recitation from Holy Mehta, Mahendra Shah and Mr.Gandhi other Jain Societies for help. We can use Scriptures, speeches by religious leaders, were helpful in preparing the boxes for donations/loan on urgent basis. Without cultural programs for harmony and world transportation. your kind support, we may not be able to peace and ringing of the world peace bell. peace and ringing of the world peace bell. Dachle Dashlaxana Parva was celebrated from Sepfulfill our dream of building this temple. The Jain Center presented the immortaltember 3 to 12th in the presence of Pundit Please make checks payable to: Jain Soci- song of Gurudev Chitrabhanu, which was Bharill. ety of Central Florida, Inc. (EI # 59- recited by Geeta and Saloni Hemani; a brief Collective Ayambils was organized on Oc3197501 , A religious tax-exempt organi- speech on Anekantvad by Dr. Surendra tober 7th and 8. About 80 persons, who zation) and mail to Dr. Shashikant Shah, Singhvi; and a folk dance by six youth mem- observed Ayambil, took advantage of the 724 Silverwood Drive, Lake Mary, FL bers, which received a standing ovation by facility. 32746 Phone 407-323-3809 the audience. This interfaith service was 18 bathing ceremony of the idols and organized by the Millennium Monument Padmavati Pujan and were organized on Center World Peace Bell and the National October 8. Many people participated ATLANTA, GEORGIA Conference for Community & Justice. The therein. afternoon program was attended by about Ashtaprakari Pujan was organized on OcIn an uncontested election, Jain Society of 500 individuals. Mr. Vir Singh Jain was a tober 29th mainly for the benefit of youngGreater Atlanta selected the executive member of the Interfaith Peace Commit sters. About 250 persons, inclusive of the committee members for the year 2001. The tee, representing Jainism. elders, participated therein executive committee members are: The Center elected new Executive ComPresident: Deepak Shah Pardarshan was kept on November 11". It mittee for 2001. Vice President: Indravadan Bhavsar was pointed out that the day also happened For the first time, a youth member, Miss Secretary: Smita Shah, to be the 912th birth day of Soha Shah, has been elected as the PresiTreasurer: Jitendra Jain Hemchandracharya and 132 birth day of dent of the Center. The other elected memEducation & Youth Secretary: Sameer Shah Shrimad Rajchandra. bers are: Bipin Shah -Sr. VP, Sumi Chordia Executive Members: Jayuben Momaya and -Secretary, Mahendra Doshi - Treasurer, The Constitution Amendment meeting Hitesh Shah A picnic is planned on March cum Annual General Body meeting of the Nirali Shah -VP Membership, Sushila 4, 2001. Mahavir Jayanti along with the Mehta - VP Hospitality, Ramesh Shah - Society was organized on December 10 inauguration of new Jain Center building VP Facility, Haresh Hemani - VP Youth, The amendments proposed by the Constiwill be celebrated during April 6 through 8 tution Committee to general body and they Viral Vora - VP Education. Chandu Shah The outgoing president for the last two were adopted with minor changes. & Surendra Singhvi have been elected as years Madhuben Sheth has worked tirelessly Jain Directors. For more information about Mahavir Senior Center was organized on for the society and towards the fulfillment July 31. It has arranged with several docof goal of the completion of Jain Center our center, contact Soha Shah at 937-7733906 tors to honor the Medicaid cards of its membuilding. bers. The names of the participating doc 30/JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS (continued) tors were conveyed to the members by De- cess. 50 people attended this Camp. The 2000. Snatra Pooja was followed by cember end. The Center has also the plans weather cooperated with us and had beau- children's program. Children ages 9-13 perto undertake pilgrimage to Detroit or tiful three days. Kirit Gosalia, Varsha Shah, formed a skit depicting incidents in Siddhachalam during the ensuing spring Vibhuti Gosalia and Jayanti Savla con- Bhagwan Mahavir's life such as Parnu at Samuh Chairyavandan was organized on ducted informative and interesting sessions Chandanbala's, Tejo Labdhi exchange with December 31st specially for the benefits of on Jainism. Thanks to all the teachers. Goshala and a round with Chand Kaushik youngsters. About 250 youths participated Participants enjoyed and liked Jain Sessions. snake. Suhani Daftary performed a beautitherein. The questions, that arose to them, debate, team building project by Ashok Jain, ful devotional dance on a song "Hey, were satisfactorily replied on that occasion. talent night, great foo and games. Shankheshvar na Vasi, Mare Haiye Karjo Participants enjoyed special activity facili- Vaas." Older children's program covered tated by Piyush shah called "Kon Banega happenings in Gautam Swami's life such as SOUTHWEST Athmarthi", a game show on Jainism based feeding 500 hermits from a single bowl of on a TV show "Who wants to be a million- Kheer and not being able to attain Keval Jadavji Kenia, Regional Editor aire". Health topics such as Diet and Exer- gyan due to attachment to Bhagwan cise (by Kirit Gosalia), Dental Hygiene (by Mahavir. The meeting was concluded with Jayanti Savla / Vandana Joshi) were very Aartis, Shanti Kalash and a delicious lunch. Phoenix, AZ informative. Thanks to Ami Shah for teach- Jain Youth Group hosted a Southwest Re ing basic defense techniques of Karate. gion Youth Conference during the ThanksThe Swamivatsalya was celebrated on Sep Overall, it was another joyful Camp. The giving Weekend. About 45 youth particitember 24, 2000. The program included Center would like to acknowledge hard pated. Here is an incident at the Jain CenJain Stavans, India's Heritage Slide show, work and planning put together by event ter earlier in the year that people should try Skit on Das Lakshana Parva, Honoring the coordinator Asha Jain. An event like this to avoid. During Mahavir Jayanti celebraTapasvies, The Pathshala students did an requires help from many participants and tion we had a multi level Divo with many excellent job of presenting each one of the everyone has helped in making this event a flames to simulate 108 lamps or Divo for ten days. The Center thanks the event co- grand success. Keep up the spirit. For those Aarti. Instead of flames staying neat and ordinator Bhavana Mehta and every one yummy oranges, thanks to Daneshvariben/ separate they started to combine with who assisted in making this event a success. Vijaybhai Sheth. each other and it became a one huge flame. Over 200 members attended the event and If any center wishes to receive the Pathshala The person handling the Aarti started to several participated in nominating members books, please contact Kirit Gosalia shake and was truly worried that the flame for 2001 Jain Center Committee election ( or the center at would get out of control and may be set to be held later. Guru Jayanti was celebrated or Bhakti the building on fire. Before any disaster, he on Saturday, November 11, 2000. This was Gosalia at (623) 561-2148. wisely ended the Aarti and took the lamp the last event for the year. The program in out of the building. The lesson here is that cluded Jain Stavans, life of Shrimad DALLAS, TX traditions are fine but safety must come first. Rajchandraji by Pathshala students and A symbolic one flame Divo is much safer Dinner. Again, in spite of having less prepa and much better than 108 flame or a multi Year 2000 has been full of religious activiration time, the Pathshala students pro level Divo.JSNT contact is our current ties. Overall participation in Poojas and jected important dates and its significance president Kirit Daftary at 254/776-4209, to the audience. A job well done. The Cenmeetings is increasing as the North Texas email: area is gaining in Jain population due to ter thanks the event coordinators Pratibha talented Jains being attracted by area Gosalia, Bhakti Gosalia and every one who telecom and other industries. Since the last assisted in making this event a success. Over report we had Pandit Dhirajbhai Mehta visit 100 members attended the event. The us in September and continued with dis JAINA's North American Jain Pathshala is held every. Swadhyay is also courses on Tattvarth Sutra. Swami Vatsalya Family Assistance Program is available held every Sunday. meeting and lunch was held in his presence to help needy Jains in emergency situJain Center of Greater Phoenix held their on 9-24-00. Last major event for the year ation. Please call toll free - Mrs. Ilaben seventh on Feb. 17, 18 and 19, 2001 at was Diwali celebration on October 29, Mehta 800-203-3590 Camp Tontozona in Payson was a great suc JAIN DIGEST-SPRING 2001/31 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ COMMITTEE NEWS.... MAHAVIR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE CELEBRATING 2600th JANMA KALYANAK OF BHAGWAN MAHAVIR 2001-2002 Friday, 6th April 2001 will be the 2600th Janma Kalyanak of 5-8, 2001). A special commemorative postal stamp to be issued Bhagwan Mahavir. This is a very important milestone in the his. in India on April 6, 2001 will be made available at the JAINA tory of Jainism. JAINA plans to increase awareness of our religion convention. CD and Videotapes on Bhagwan Mahavir's life, and and its great principles to the public by providing publicity of this various souvenir items will also be available at the JAINA convenimportant milestone through media. JAINA is working on pre- tion. paring a 3-fold brochure on Jainism and other publicity material 7. Seminars on Jain principles will be arranged at various locafor use by Jain centers and their members to promote awareness of tions. Special lecture series on Jain religion will be arranged at Jainism. A number of activities are also planned at the JAINA universities/colleges. convention and all Jain centers in North America. Various activities planned in North America are given below. 8. In addition to providing a JAIN calendar, JAINA would like to provide a set of books on Jain religion to all Jains in North 1. At 12:39 PM (Vijay Muhurta) on Friday, April 6, all America as proposed in the cover letter sent with the calendar. Jains are requested to 12 (or more) Navkar. In addition, all Jains However, this will be possible only if JAINA receives donations are encouraged to perform Navkar Mantra Jaap for some time on for this purpose as outlined in the cover letter. For further inforthat day at a place and time convenient to them. Pooja and Navkar mation, please contact: Dr. Manoj Dharamsi,Chairman Mantra Jaap programs will also be performed at all Jain temples/ Phone: (703) 620-9837, centers in North America. This being done by all Jains through E-Mail: out the world will generate very strong vibrations through the day. 2. A Jain prayer in the US Senate on May 22 this year. This PUBLIC RELATIONS is a very important achievement for Jain religion since only Chris AND MEDIA WATCH COMMITTEE tian prayers are normally conducted in the US Congress and Senate. The other religious prayer allowed so far has been a Jewish The issue regarding Sun Micro system and JAINA of using JAIN prayer. Recital of Jain prayer in the US Congress is also confirmed as the exclusive trademark for a software product. The Patent offi(date of recital to be finalized soon). Jain centers are working on cials have ruled in our favor at this time. However, we need to arranging recital of Jain prayer in their state assemblies. continue to monitor these types of activities. Thanks to all those 3. We are publishing a 3-fold brochure on Jain religion for who helped resolve this issue. non-Jains. Copies of this will be distributed to libraries, newspa- On the occasion of Bhagwan Mahavir's 2600h Janma Kalyanak pers and radio/TV media stations in North America. A press in 2001 we have been successful in arranging recital of a Jain prayer release will be given to Newspaper and TV/Radio media for pub- in the US senate on 22 May of this year. We have also arranged a licizing this important milestone in the history of Jainism along Jain prayer in US congress on May 3 2001. We will begin each with details on Jainism, its major principles and on Jain activities one of these prayers by hosting a reception for the Senators and in North America. We will also provide a Media Kit to all Jain House of Representatives to educate and thank our elected leaders centers for their use in providing publicity in their area. in celebration of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak. This is a very impor4. Efforts are in progress in various cities to request state gover tant achievement for Jain religion since only Christian prayers are nors and city mayors to declare April 6 as the "Non-Violence Day normally conducted in the US Congress and Senate. We Request in recognition of the" Ahinsa" as main principle of Jainism. that each center or organization arrange a recital of Jain prayer in your state Senate and/ or General Assembly. 5. Being the 2600h Janma Kalyanak, a grand scale celebration * We are working with Mahavir Memorial Committee and deof Mahavir Jayanti is planned at all Jain centers. A Walkathon is veloping media guidelines and kit for distribution to each organibeing planned at various Jain centers to provide awareness of Jain zation. religion and its principles to the public. Other activities including lecture series are also being planned by various Jain centers. * Kit will include Tri-fold basic information on Jainism for Non Jains. 6. Special programs to commemorate 2600th Janma Kalyanak * How to submit a request for media coverage! of Bhagwan Mahavir will be held at the JAINA Convention (July 32 / JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ COMMITTEE NEWS.... VS.... TIRTHODHAR COMMITTEE JAINA -THE TIRTH RAKHSHAK OF LACHWAR How best to celebrate the 2600 Birth anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir? Yatris of JAINA Pilgrimage 2001 and the Tirthodhar Committee have found a wonderful way. During January of this year, we visited Lachhwar (Kshatriya Kund) Mahavir Swami's Garbha and Janam Kalynak. We climbed the mountain to visit Kshatryia Kund. There is a beautiful murti of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami. What struck most of us was the poverty in Bihar. Though most of the tirthankar's were born here and went to moksha from this state, the state has lost that magic. Nowhere is to be found those rich kingdoms or rich shravks and happy citizens. There is no significant Jain population living in Bihar. Jainism has almost disappeared in this land where Jainism once flourished and as a result, all you find today is deep poverty and hopelessness. At the end of the day, We were requested as a Sangh to visit a private school. What we saw was unbelievable. The school had nice garden, and looked like 8 rooms under construction. There were no walls, windows or doors, just open room with four pillars. The roof was covered with Grass; the floor was bare of any covering or tiles. We thought this was still under construction, so we asked Principle about its completion date. He told us that this was it. This was the real school. They did not have any money or resources to have any thing else. All students set on the ground for 7-8 hours/day. There were no benches or tables. The blackboard was painted on one side of the wall, separating other classroom. It was an open classroom. When it rained, they all gathered under one tree, till rain passed away. If it got worst, they all went home. There were 300 students enrolled, but the average attendance on any given day was about 250 students. On a day when pilgrims were in town attendance would usually drop down to 150 students. Absentees probably worked for Yatris so they could earn some tuition fees. There were total of eight teachers, and fee was from 25-45 Rs. Per month, When we asked students what would they like from us, they all wanted to have benches with tables, decent roof over the school, water, electricity, books etc. It was a moving experience. Our next stop was Veerayatan and we discussed the school situation and our desire to help with Aacharya Chandanaji. She agreed to work with JAINA. Very next day Aacharya Chnadnaji sent message to Lachwar to bring principal to Rajgir. She told him about our plans of helping them. . We offered to build a New school with eight rooms and all the basic amenities. Veerayatan will also attach a small clinic. Estimated cost for the total project is $90,000. JAINA will raise funds for this mission. On day to day basis, it will be managed by the principal, and looked over and audited by Veerayatan. JAINA will stay involved through Teerthodhar Committee, as Tirth Rakshak of Lachwar Tirth. Name of the school will be Shri Tirthkanr Bhagwan Mahavir Swami Vidaylaya. Students will be required to start their prayers with Namokar Mantra. Parents will be requested to become vegetarian, and give up Alcohol. She will request Government of Bihar to improve roads leading to Lachwar Tirth. If you would like to participate in this project of re igniting Jainism in the very land where Mahavir was born, Contact: Kirit Daftary, Chairman, Tirthodhar Committee, 3322 Woodlake Drive, Waco, TX 76710 Phone Number: 254-776-4209, e-mail: MEDIA WATCH COMMITTEE (CONT.) * Draft letter to elected leader, inviting them to the event and requesting a proclamation declaring Friday, April 6 as the "Non-Violence Day". Draft letter to elected leader requesting them to host/ recite Jain prayer. * A public concern was voiced regarding nomination of Senator Ashcroft as the Attorney General: * Will Senator Ashcroft defend religious rights of all people of faith or impose his own beliefs as, a Pentecostal Christian, he has done in past? * President Bush's proposal of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Service. * We need to discuss Pros and Cons of this issue. special session is being planned to develop policy statements to serve as guiding principles when addressing these issues for future. JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 / 33 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AFFILIATE NEWS.... KO JAIN Kachchh Cyclone relief: From the KOJAIN and JAINA donation received, Vivekanand Research & Training Institute (VRTI) has planned to spend the money on two villages Shekhadia and Raga on the following activities: A Branch ofShri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya opened up in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. To help the bright and needy Jainstudents residing in the Udaipur area obtain college education, a branch of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya was opend up onFeb. 12, 2001. The opening ceremony wasgraced by Shri Dipchand Gardi, Shri S. Dhariwal, Shri R.Khurana, Shri J.Chopda, Shri Babubhai Bafna, MJV Management team and about 300 members of the localcommunity. InternationalAlumni Association of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya (IAAMJV), USA wa srepresented by Anop Vora, Dr. Mohan Jain, Dr. Y.P. Jain, Dr. Mohan Bafnaand their wives. Raga: Help 18 families to build their homes, drill two tube The branch is expected to start admittingcollege bound students wells, and train some women for sewing. beginning June of this year and cost around $450,000upon full completion. US donors (56%), Bombay donors (25%), Udaipur donors (10%) funded the project. Dr. Mohan Jain (Allentown, PA) was the main force behindit. Mr.Babubhai Bafna (Udaipur) wasinstrumental in completing the construction in only 6 months. The project still shows a deficit ofabout $40,000. If you are interested in supporting it financially andwish to receive more details, please call Anop R. Vora, President, IAAMJV at716-473-9290, Dr. Mohan Jain 610-437-9596 Shekhadia: Help 41 families to build their homes, drill one tube well, start one flour mill and one provision store by selecting one capable person and giving him interest free loan, build one temple, plant trees and train some of them for carpentry and masonry. Scholarship: The following college students have been awarded a scholarship for the school year 2000. We at KOJAIN are proud of all the recipients of scholarship and wish them continued success in their career. 1) Lena Vasant (Bhanu) Chheda........... Voorhees, NJ 2) Darshini Dilip (Kastur) Vira.............. Palmdale, CA 3) Dimple Nemchand (Hema) Chheda.... Houston, TX 4) Rashmi Dinesh (Heena) Chheda...... Paramus, NJ Kachchh earthquake Relief Fund: At the end of February, KOJAIN has collected more than $200,000, of which $20,000 has been forwarded to Bidada Sarvodaya Trust in Kachchh. The Bidada trust runs hospital which has treated more than 2000 earthquake patients while orthopedic surgeons have performed surgery on more than 300 patients. In order for your contribution to be tax deductible, please make your check payable to KOJAIN (please add in the memo section of the check for Kachchh Earthquake Relief) and mail to: Mangal Shah, 16 Donna Drive, Unit 36, Norwalk, CT 06854. Also Visit KOJAIN website: WWW.KOJAIN.COM for further information. On February 24, 2001 concern citizen of Cherry Hill, NJ and Philadelphia, PA held an earthquake relief dinner at Bombay cuisine, Howard Johnson in Cherry Hill, NJ. About 350 people played Garba and dandia raas to the complimentary music by DJ Pankaj and party, while collecting more than $20,000. Entire proceed will go to Kachchh earthquake relief fund through KOJAIN (Kachchhi Oswal Jains in North America). 34 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 MAHAVIRA JAIN VIDYALAYA Submitted by Anop Vora 716-473-9290 WORDS OF WISDOM People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish, having ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give your best anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and GOD; It never is between you and them anyway. Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YATRA 2001 - SAMET SHIKHARJI Dilip V. Shah, Philadelphia, PA JAINA greeted the dawning of the new millennium with a health considering their advanced age. The gift of their presence pilgrimage to Samet Shikharji and other Tirths of Bihar and Uttar will forever remain etched in the hearts of the Yatris. Their stories Pradesh. We started Yatra 2001 from Delhi on 18th January travel from the scriptures added to our understanding of significance of ing by train and bus across the northern width of India to Calcutta. our Tirths. Along the way, we visited temples of Sauryapuri (Agra), Ayodhya, Our first Tirth was Sauryapuri (Shri Neminath's Chyvan and Banaras, Vaishali, Champapuri, Lachwad (Xatriyakund), Rajgir, Tanma Kalyanak bhumi) which is 60 km. from Agra. Everyone Pawapuri, Nalanda, Kundalpur and Shikharji. The 16-day Yatra also wanted to visit the Taj Mahal but it was the first time that the also wante was oversubscribed. Initial plan was to have 111 Yatris but so many Government ordered closing of Taj Mahal on Fridays. The next wanted to join that eventually the number reached to 128. Still, day we went to Ayodhya, land of 19 Kalaynaks. It was this land day we wer regrettably we could not accommodate all those who wanted to who wanted to that gave to that gave to the world social, political and worldly order during join. the reign of Shree Adinath. Varanasi was our next stop where we During a pilgrimage, pilgrims are supposed to perform cer- stayed for two days in a nice western type hotel. This ancient capitain prescribed rituals (6 Avashyks): Dev Puja, Guru Vandan, tal of knowledge where Mahopadhyay Yashovijayji spent 12 years Swadhyay, Daan, Tap and Restraint. As to the very important first studying, is the home of 16 Kalyanaks. We visited temples of (Dev Puja), We visited 75 Kalyanaks during this Yatra. Traveling Bhadaini on the Ganges riverbank, Bhelupur, Chandrapuri and through Bihar is not easy but the lure of that land, its significance Sinhpuri. to Jainism - makes you forget about the small inconveniences, de The next day in Varanasi was for a visit to the 65 year old lays and brushes with abject poverty. The emotional high of reach Parswanath Vidyapeeth affiliated with the Banaras Hindu Univering the Jal Mandir or Parswanath toonk or Chandraprabhu toonk sity. The Vidyapeeth has 150 publications to its credit and about at Shikharji cannot be overstated. Starting at 4:00 A.M. on 18 60 scholars of the Vidyapeeth have been awarded Ph. D. in mile trek of the Shikharji Mountain, on a dark and cold morning, lainology. The institute is working on preparing a Jain encyclopewith stories of need to remain in large groups and with so many dia (7,000 pages), editing and translating works of Acharya senior citizens in our group-finishing a 15 hour day without any Haribhadraii and Upadhyay Yashovijayji. They hope to be a full difficulty whatsoever is an ample proof of the magic of that land. University in the near future University in the near future. We saw the serene campus, a rich But I am getting ahead of myself. There were many joyous and sell. There were many joyous and library with 30,000 books and periodicals, a museum of Jain artiauspicious days before we got to Madhuban (Shikharji). facts and met with many of the faculty and students. Our Yatris We started our Yatra from Delhi with blessings of H.H. Shree awarded 6 scholarships and donated generously to the Vidyapeeth. Amrendra Muni who accompanied us for most of the Yatra. His On the sixth day of our Yatra, we were in Patna to visit Vaishali. spiritual guidance, Mangal Vachans and Yoga instructions el On the way to Vaishali we visited a place where Stulibhadraji medievated the tone of our Yatra. In Delhi, we visited Dadawadi and tated. It is the only known place to have his charan paduka. We Ahimsa Sthal. Mahavirswami's Murti on top of a small hill over noted with regret that at Vaishali, where according to Digambar looking Delhi is quite a breath-taking scene. Weather related de belief, Bhagwan Mahaveer was born; there is only one marble lays cancelled our plan to visit Lal Mandir and we boarded our urded our pl plaque in a small park that is very poorly maintained. On our way train to Agra on the first night. We had three train compartments back to Patna. we stopped by a Buddha stoop built by the Japa- 2 tier second class A.C. that stayed with us from the beginning nese Government with a picturesque garden that is maintained to the end. We left most of our baggage in the train when we beautifully. visited the cities and the towns. We spent most nights in hotels The next day we reached Bhagalpur by train and visited and Dharmsalas and a few nights in the trains. Vasupujyaswami's temple at Champapuri - the only Tirth which For Swadhyay during the Yatra, we were very fortunate to witnessed all 5 Kalyanaks of any Teerthankar. From there we went have an illustrious couple - Dr. Ramanlal C. Shah and Taraben to Lachhwar by a 5 hour bus journey. Our buses had to slow down Shah of Bombay who have written nearly 150 books between them. because that route was also the route for thousands of pilgrims They accepted our request to accompany us at the cost of cancel young and old walking on both sides of the road carrying water ing a few previously committed programs and at the cost of their on their backs from a river to a Shivji's temple. Their journey will JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 / 35 2010_02 Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Yatra 2001 - Samet Shikharji (cont) last 5 days and they will camp out in the open air in surrounding We arrived at Madhuban next morning, after obtaining rooms fields. The site of these bare footed pilgrims silently walking in at the Dharmsala, Yatris had a free day to visit different temples. droves was awe-inspiring. We stayed in the Dharmsala at Lachhwar in the afternoon, we went to Rujubalika River; the Keval Gnan and the next morning rode tractors to the foot of the Xatriyakund Bhoomi of Mahaveerswami and on the way back visited the Jain Mountain. There are three separate temples on the mountain mark- Museum in Madhuban. We went to bed early in preparation for ing Chyavan, Janma and Diksha Kalyanaks. This is where the the Pahad Yatra of the next day. For many, this was to be a life Bhagwan Mahaveer spent first thirty years of his life. That evening long dream turning into reality. Once we reached Gautam Swasome of us went to see a local school that was in such poor shape mis temple, some opted for Chandra Prabhus temple and others that Kirit Daftary, a fellow yatri who is chairman of the went straight to Jal Mandir. After Pooja and Aarti, we had lunch Teerthodhdhar Committee decided to adopt it as his committee's in front of the main temple and posed for group pictures. Return next project. journey started at about 2:30 PM. via Parswanath temple on the Early next morning, we drove to Veerayatan Ashram of Acharya other hill, Every one's face had lit up and amazingly no one was Chandanaji at Rajgir. On the way, we visited Jal Mandir of Gunivaii tired. Miracles happen on this land every day. - Gautam Swami's Keval Gnan bhoomi. It was the 26th January Before leaving for Calcutta the next day, we held a closing and the trustees and Sadhwijis of the Veeraytan warmly received ceremony to thank the extremely polite and devoted staff of Patni us. First we were greeted by a local high School marching band tours of Bombay who had taken such a wonderful care of us, fed and after hearing welcome remarks from Acharyashriji, we par- us and attended to all our needs. It was also the time to recognize ticipated in the Republic day celebration and the hoisting of the our group leaders - Dr. Anil Shah and Keerti Shah of Chicago, national flag. Next we visited the hospital at Veerayan where rib- Vastupal Shah of Detroit, Harsha Patadia of Los Angeles, Kirit bon-cutting ceremony of the new Polio clinic by the hands of Drs. Daftary of Waco, Texas, Dr. Sumtilal Shah of New York, Dr. Avni Mahendra and Chandra Varia took place. It was also Shri Sheth of Edmonton, OK and Madhukar Mehta of Raleigh, NC Chandanaji's birthday and we all sang her birthday greetings in who shared most of the responsibilities during the Yatra. Their Hindi and in English. After lunch, we started to hear about the teamwork and dedication made this Yatra possible. Anil Shah of earthquake news. One of our Yatris - Prafulla Shah's husband East Brunswick, NJ took care of the registration and was the treaRameshbhai was in Mandavi - Kutchh that day and was to join ussurer for the Yatra. One of our Yatris, Jaynaben Mehra was observat Shikharji in a few days. Communications to Kutchh was nearly ing Varshi Tap and we felt that her good deeds were helping the impossible and She did not get any news from him for five days Yatra because essentially, our Yatra had sailed without any real until she finished her Samet Sikhar Pahad Yatra. But the news was trouble. A wonderful and very helpful souvenir of the Yatra with very good. Rameshbhai was all right, had decided to forgo joining description of all the places we were to visit was prepared by Dipti us in order to stay in Kutch for relief work. Shah of Bombay and distributed to Yatris at the beginning of the The next day we saw temples of Pawapuri and Kundalpur. Yatra. All the Yatris were given a set of 3 books - Pratikaman Tal We also visited Nalanda Viswa Vidyalaya and some of the Yatris Bodhika made possible in part by donation from Jit Turakhia of got a chance to see the Nalanda Museum across the street. After NY who also donated special badges for the Yatris. visiting the Munisuwarat Swami temple, returned to Veerayatan. Calcutta was our last stop. Trustees of Veeraytan held a lunNext morning we did Yatra of the Vaibhavgiri Mountain and vis- cheon- reception at the Jain Bhavan and a delegation of Jain Soited the cave where Amar Muni meditated. Back at the Veerayatan cial Group's officers came to greet us at the hotel. We visited a that night in the assembly hall, Yatris responded to the Acharya couple of temples in the city and dispersed at Calcutta airport on Chandanajis call for help to the newly opened Polio Clinic and the night of Feb. 2nd. Next January, JAINA is planning the Pilalso for the Earthquake relief efforts by Veerayatan. Drs. Varia grimage of Kutch Panchteerthi, Girnar and Palitana. offered to match every dollar pledged by Yatris that evening and before long Yatris pledged $65,000 to Veerayatan. Undaunted, Dilip V. Shah. Philadelphia, PA Pilgrimage Committee Drs. Varia promptly extended their offer of matching Yatri contributions from that evening to the duration of the Yatra! Everyone was now ready for the main event - Samet Sikharji. 36/JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 2010_02 Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS UPDATE JAINA CURRENT FINANCIAL STATEMENT JAINA FINANCIAL STATEMENT AS OF 01/01/01 $11,769.99 578U Chandrakant R Shah, Glen Oaks, NY 5790 Nikhil and Rupa Doshi, Mansfield, OH 580U Prakash and Sudha Jain, Troy, MI 5810 Chandrakant & Bharti Shah, Edison, NJ 5820 Hasmukh & Sarla Bhakta, Lubbock, TX 583U Bhupendra & Neena Shah, Northville, MI 5840 Bipin and Sohini Shah, Farmington Hills, MI 585U Harakh & Jayawanti Dedhia, New Orleans, LA 586U Mahen and Revanti Gala, Barrington, NJ 587U Rajeev and Falguni Bhavsar, Dublin, CA 588U Arthur Payne, Kerrville, TX 589U Ramesh and Nayna Gokaldas, Whittier, CA 590U Dilip and Smita Maniar, Mentor, OH 591U Chandrakant and Sudha Shah, Dublin, GA 5920 Anop and Rekha Shah, Houston, TX 593U Sharad and Bhanu Gosalia, Kansas City, Mo 594U Indravadan and Saroj Bhavsar, Lawrenceville, GA 595U Parag and Saloni Bhansali, Pointe Verda Beach, FL 596U Praful and Pratima Shah, West Bloomfield, MI 597U Dinkar and Manjula Bhakta, Muleshoe, TX JAINA General Fund Various sub-committee balances: Education Committee Jiv Daya Committee World Community Service Temple Guideline YJA Virchand R. Gandhi Fund N. American Jain Family Assistance Program Tirthoddhar Committee Pilgrimage Committee JAINA Book Source Committee $9,829.92 125.16 19,367.31 1,401.00 21,563.01 10,308.00 5,484.00 3,838.55 20,316.00 6,149.55 COMMITTEES TOTAL $98,372.50 Money Market fund for JD Endowment CD for JAIN Digest Endowment Fund JAINA Charitable Trust as of 3/13/00 as per information supplied by Jagat Jain $16,758.91 $57,674.02 $176,785.23 FOREIGN - LIFE MEMBERS GRAND TOTAL $361,360.65 24 F Bharat and Tarulata Jasani, Perak, Malaysia submitted by Anop R. Vora, Treasurer - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA APPEAL I want to help retaining Jain identity and culture by supporting JAINA and I want to be a proud Jain! Please fill out this form and support JAINA. Mail this completed form and your financial contribution to: JAINA Headquarters PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068 I want to be a Trustee of JAINA Charitable Trust and will Name donate $500 every year Address I want to be a JAINA Patron and will donate $251 every year I want to be a Life Member of JAIN DIGEST and will donate $101 I want to subscribe to JAIN DIGEST for one year (Winter 1999 Phone to Fall 2000) for $11 Email other amount: $100 $25 $500 Please make checks payable to JAINA. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous. 950 Jain families have already done so, would you not do so? If not for you, do it for your children and grandchildren. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 L - - JAIN DIGEST- SPRING 2001 / 37 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 1 Send this completed form, a check in the amount of $25 and a recent, full-length photograph of yourself with your name printed on the back to: Hasmukh M. Shah, 8721 Scrimshaw Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34653-6623 Phone: 727/376-7989 Name (please print): LAST FIRST MIDDLE Address: Email: STREET CITY STATE ZIP Phone: ( Fax: (). Date of Birth: Height: _ __ Weight: Are you a vegetarian? YES NO Do you smoke? YES NO Do you drink? YES NO Have you been married before? YES NO If yes, indicate the name of your divorced spouse. Your visa status in the USA/Canada? When did you enter the USA/Canada? _MONTH/YEAR What languages do you speak? - What is your religion? _ What languages do you read? What languages do you write? Education: DEGREE YEAR RECEIVED MAJOR NAME OF UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Work experience: COMPANY'S NAME POSITION DURATION Father's Name: Occupation: Mother's Name: _ _ Occupation: Brother(s) and/or Sister(s) NAME(S) AGE(S) EDUCATION OCCUPATION Do you have other relatives living in the North America? NAME RELATIONSHIP OCCUPATION ADDRESS Other relevant information (use additional paper if necessary): Candidate's signature: Date: Important Considerations: It is important to remember that the MIS is a non-for-profit, voluntary community service. The MIS and JAINA assume no respon-sibility or liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the information furnished in the ads or any consequences resulting thereof. The entire responsibility rests with the candidates themselves. All information furnished to the MIS is confidential. Only those who are sincerely interested in looking for a Jain life partner should send a Registration Form. While matching, photographs will not be passed on to the candidates by the MIS. Parents/guardians should communicate with the candidate before placing ad and assist them in making a final decision. 38 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 2 1. Two references who are members of the Jain Community or other Indian organizations. A. Name: Address: Phone: Member of: B. Name: Address: Phone: Member of: ORGANIZATION'S NAME Major: Vegetarian: YES NO Residence: (state) and Masters Degree Visa Status: Length of time in North America: Language. English: YES NO Other (specify): ORGANIZATION'S NAME 2. Indicate your personal preference of these criteria for the match. JAIN DIGEST is a quarterly publication. Age: and or open. and or open. Between the ages of Height: Between the height of Weight: Between the weight of Education: Bachelor or open. Work experience: YES NO 2010_02 Other years. Congratulations! Female: 113, Male: 102 (Married / Engaged) JAINA would like to congratulate all couples who have come together with the help of the services of the MIS. JAINA wishes to thank them for their generous donation. More and more Jains around the world are not only appreciating this much needed service, but are also taking advantage of it. Simulta-neously, the flow of ads in JAIN DIGEST is gradually increasing. Guideline to all perspective participants Be positive, constructive, creative and friendly! No match is going to be "perfect." Complement and support each other practicing respect, sharing, acquire knowledge and maintaining your uniqueness while keeping an open mind. These are the qualities that make for human perfection. MIS INFORMATION: THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Our world is shrinking and we are a global village and life is not always easy. However, we can carry our philosophy and our value system that is very worth while, with us. Accept the challenge and make your choice be a worth while one. Placing an Ad and Registration with MIS Anyone wishing to place an ad and register with the MIS must follow these instructions care-fully: 1. Fill out the attached Registration FormPage 1 and Page 2,. The registrant must fill out this form. Do not leave anything blank. 2. Mail the the completed form + a check in the amount of $25 payable to Hasmukh M. Shah. Leave the Memo or For column blank. 3. a recent, full-length photo of yourself with your name printed on the back. 4. Upon receipt of this information the MIS will draft an ad for you and it will appear in the JAIN DIGEST-but only once. Remember, Placing an Ad Only If you do not wish to register with the MIS and wish to draft an ad yourself, you may do so in 30 words of less. Remember that the MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. Follow step 2 above, but submit your own ad with phone number instead of a completed form and photo. Full Name, Address, Phone number of the candidate must be furnished with the ads for MIS records, without which MIS will not be able to process the ad for publication. Responding to an Ad (only if contact info isn't available). If the phone number or address is not given in the ad, then you must contact the candidate through MIS. Follow these step-by-step instructions. Place your bio-data and a recent photograph of yourself in a sealed, stamped envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and the MIS ad reference number in the lower lefthand corner of the envelope. Leave space on the envelope for an address. Place this envelope in another envelope with your return address in the upper left-hand corner and mail it to Hasmukh M. Shah. Upon receipt of these responses the MIS will place the ad holders address on the inner envelope and mail it. Remember, MIS is not responsible for responses that do not conform to these instructions. Please notify the MIS Please notify the MIS when an engagement or marriage has been announced. This helps us to know if this community service is working to help maintain our traditions. Please note that if a successful alliance has taken place, both parties will agree to donate what ever amount they wish to JAINA to help defray the cost of publication. JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 / 39 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONOIALS - MALE M720: Alliance invited for Gujarati, M844: Responses invited from attractive, M345: Proposals invited for handsome, handsome, vegetarian boy, born July 76, educated, slim girls by North Indian parents brilliant, successful, dynamic, well settled, 5'11", BS (comp sc), well employed with for handsome, vegetarian, non smoker, vegetarian Gujarati boy, born Nov 71, 5'8", software co., from culcured, educated girls. outgoing, US born / raised son, May 74, 140 lb, BS, studied comp sc,very well Call: 860/673-7549. email: 5'11", 165 lb, BS (EE), pursuing MBA, employed, from cultured, educated girls. working in fiber optics / semiconductor co. Call: 301/982-1628. Email: Call: 651/490-7592. Email: M769: Gujarati parents invite proposals with biodata / photo, for handsome, fair, M450: Physician, MD (emergency intelligent son, born April 71, 5'11", Third M846: Jain parents invite correspondence Medicine), handsome, vegetarian, year Medical student, from professional, from cultured, educated girls, for their athletic, US born son, Oct 73, 6'3", 175 lb. preferably MD, vegetarian girls. Ph: 407/ handsome, vegetarian son, born March 76, Jain parents invite proposals from good 366-8810 or 407/366-7439. 5'11", 140 lb, BS, well employed as software natured, educated, vegetarian girls. Mail technology manager in a renowned NJ biodata / photo to: Dr. R. Kothari, 8551, M776: Alliance invited for handsome, based co. Call: 732/ Holmes Rd, #73, Kansas City, MO 64131. talented, very successful, vegetarian, US citizen son, born Jan 73, 5'7", 155 lb, MBA M489: Gujarati parents invite responses for /MIS, BS Eng., well positioned in a reputed M847: Alliance invited by Jain parents for very handsome, fair, talented, computer co., from cultured, educated, vegetarian their successful, handsome, US born son, consultant, vegetarian, highly girls. Call: 732/596-1114. May 74, 5'10", 145 lb, BBA, planning to accomplished, US born son, March 71, pursue MBA, well employed as web 5'9", 155 lb, MS Computer Engg. (Cornell M836: Parents invite correspondence for developer, from cultured, educated girls. Uni.), from pretty, cultured, educated girls. handsome, fair, vegetarian, US raised son, Call: 718/987-9213. email: Call: 410/771-0251. Email: born Nov 72, 6'0", 180 lb, well established system analyst with well known IT co., from tall, vegetarian, professional girls. Call: 502/ M848: Proposals invited for good looking, M496: Alliance invited for good looking, 429-5634. talented, vegetarian, Gujarati boy, born Nov brilliant, vegetarian, issue-less divorcee, 73, 5'8", 170 lb, BE (comp sc), well Gujarati boy, born Oct 67, 5'7", 120 lb, M837: Responses invited by vegetarian, employed with Microsoft, from cultured, MS Computer Sc.well positioned as Sr. nonsmoker, good looking, US citizen, educated match. Call: 4257558-2469. Computer consultant with a reputed co., Gujarati gentleman, born July 55, 5'6", 180 email: from cultured, educated match. call: 614/ Ib, BCom, dealer in Atlantic City Casino. 791-8139. email: anish_sanghvi@hotmail. Divorcee or Widow without issue, ok. Call: M849: Gujarati parents invite proposals for 724/327-3171. very handsome, successful, vegetarian, US M501: Gujarati parents invite proposals for born son, Feb 74, 6'0", 170 lb, DDS, very handsome, fair, accomplished, M838: Jain parents invite proposals for working as Dentist, from pretty, cultured, talented, ambitious, vegetarian, US born / handsome, vegetarian, accomplished, US educated girls. Call: 281/561-9887. email: raised son. June 70, 5'6", 135 lb, BBA (Fin), citizen son, born Oct 76, 5'10", 155 lb, BBA (Comp/Info.) BBA (Human Resour.), MD, doing first year residency, from pursuing MS, well positioned as Fin. cultured, strict vegetarian, professional girls, AM124: Attorney and MBA, financially Analyst with a reputed co., from cultured, preferably MD. Call: 219/247-9240. successful, exceptionally handsome, very educated, caring girls. Call: 419/841-8985. fair, 6'1", 30, highly accomplished son. M840: Gujarati parents invite Gujarati Jain parents invite photo and bioM548: Proposals invited for very correspondence for highly successful, data. Call: 949/371-0150. handsome, highly accomplished son, 30 handsome, US raised, software professional years, 5'8", MBA, soon to start working in son, MS (comp sc), born Feb 68, 6'1". AM244: Gujarati parents invite proposals the tri-state area at six figure salary, Interests include travel, outdoors, and for handsome, talented son, born April 73, frompretty, educated, preferably vegetarian music. Call: 732/855-0093. 6'1", MBA, MS (CompSc & Finance), girls. Email: ajain or send to: Investment Banker with reputed 519 French Rd., Apt. 4, Rochester, NY Multinational co., in New York, from 14618. educated girls. Call: 908/412-0507 orEmail: 40 / JAIN DIGEST- SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - MALE AM253: Jain parents invite proposals for AM294: Alliance invited by Gujarati MD, Resident in Radiology, from handsome, outgoing, US born son, March parents for handsome, talented, athletic, preferably MD or professional boys. Call: 74,62", BS (IE), pursuing MBA, employed amicable, vegetarian, US born son, Aug 75, 606/297-2626. with multinational co., from attractive, 5'9", 150 lb, BBA (Fin/ Business law) well educated girls. Call: 810/750-0999. settled, successful CEO of family business, F581: Gujarati parents invite responses for from parents of cultured and pretty US beautiful, talented, cultured daughter, born AM287: Rajasthani parents invite educated Jain girls. Call: 215/497-5088. Dec 73, 5'1", 110 lb, BS (Molecular correspondence from attractive, educated, email: biology), biotech / software professional in sociable, US raised, vegetarian Jain girls, for silicon valley, CA, from well educated their handsome and cordial Mechanical / AM 295: Gujarati parents in NY invite Gujarati professionals. Call: 408/272-6833 Software Engineer son, 30, 5'6". Call: 256/ proposals for handsome, intelligent, 760-0359. vegetarian son, born Oct 75, 5'10", 160 lb, F621: Gujarati parents invite proposals for BBA (Fin), well employed, from pretty, beautiful, talented, vegetarian, US born AM288: Gujarati parents invite responses cultured, educated girls. Call: 718/482 daughter, Dec 73, 5'7", 3rd year Medical with biodata / photo for Physician(MD), 8779. student, from professional boys preferably 2nd year GI fellowship, handsome, fair, MD or Medical student. Call: 407/366vegetarian son, born March 71, 5'9", 135 Jain parents invite correspondence from 8810. lb, from pretty, cultured, educated Gujarati professional vegetarian girls with biodata girls. Call: 573/814-1700.Email: and picture for 27 / 5-10 MD (4th year F628: Correspondence invited by Gujarati resident specialist), very fair /handsome, Jain family for beautiful, slim, attractive, Canadian Born, Toronto AM289: Gujarati Jain parents invite caring, vegetarian, US citizen daughter, responses for US born, handsome, fair, born April 74, 5'3", MS (management), BS intelligent, fun loving son, Oct 74, 5'5", M826: Proposals invited for good looking, CompSc, well employed, blend of east / BS biomedical eng, MBA, working with vivacious, talented, Jain boy, born April 72, west, family values, From cultured, well consulting firm (NY), from US raised, 5'11", MS (EE), well employed as Sr Engr educated, vegetarian boys. Call: 732/596beautiful, professional cultured, outgoing, with international co., fromcultured, 1114. caring girls. Call: 4057447-4362. educated girls. Call: 916/447-7568. Email: ashah F636: Jain parents invite proposals with bioAM290: Alliance invited for handsome, data / photo from well educated, bright, vegetarian, Gujarati boy, born Jan FEMALE professionals, for their beautiful, slim, 75, 5'6", 130 lb, studied Engg. (Digital talented, US raised daughter, born Jan 73, electronics), well employed with IT co., in F337: Physician, MD (internal medicine), 5'4", 115 lb, MS (EE), well employed with NY, from cultured, vegetarian, caring, im virtuous, vegetarian, 29 yrs, 5'4". 115 multinational co., Call: 815/397-3740. educated girls. Call: 718/291-4962. Email: lb, Jain daughter. Parents invite biodata / photo from vegetarian educated boys. Mail F637: Gujarati parents invite proposals for pretty, charming, talented, vegetarian, US AM292: Proposals invited for vegetarian, to: Fair Hill Rd, #308, Shaker Heights, OH talented, citizen daughter, born May 72, 5'5", 120 issueless 44120. innocently Ib, BS (pharmacy), weli employed as divorced, Gujarati boy, born Jan 72, 5'9", Pharmacist, from cultured, professional 150 lb, BS chemical engg, MBA, well F419: Gujarati parents invite responses for boys. Call: 732/326-9108. pretty, slim, talented, vegetarian, US raised employed with Andersen consulting, from cultured, educated match. Call: 847/942daughter, born April 69, 5'6", 105 lb, JD, F640: Gujarati parents invite responses for namaste LLM, well employed as lawyer with Arthur their cultured, caring, slim, beautiful, Anderson, from cultured, professional boys. sociable, intelligent, vegetarian, US raised AM293: Gujarati parents invite proposals Call: 718/424-5727. / citizen, born Aug 74, 5'6", Account for handsome, intelligent, athletic son, born Executive in a family business, from Aug 74, 5'9", Third Year Medical student, F481: Parents invite correspondence for cultured, educated boys. Call: 847/985from cultured, educated girls.Call: 765/ their beautiful, slim, charming, vegetarian, 6858. email: 662-9586 or 765/664-0571. US raised daughter, born Sept 72, 5'10", JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001 / 41 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - FEMALE F655: Jain parents invite alliance for pretty, F790: Gujarati parents invite proposals for from MD or Professional vegetarian charming, successful, vegetarian, US raised beautiful, fair, slim, charming, vegetarian, boys. Call: 5137563-5013. Email: daughter, born Jan 73, 5'1", 110 lb, BA virtuous daughter, born Nov 77, 5'1", BS, (Harvard), well employed at London, UK, pursuing MS (Comp applications), from with Dow Jones, as Journalist, from cultured, educated, vegetarian boys. She is F835: Alliance invited by Uncle for very cultured, professional boys. Call: 916/488. in India and willing to settle in USA. Call: pretty, charming, slim, intelligent, Gujarati 2601. 516/423-9647 or 717/532-7311. email: niece, born Aug 75, 5'4", 110 lb, BS (physical therapy), employed as Physical F670: Alliance invited with biodata and Therapist, from well educated, cultured returnable photo for a bright, beautiful, F793: Gujarati parents invite responses for boys. Call: 908/222-1038. caring, US raised vegetarian girl, born May very beautiful, fair, slim, vegetarian, 73, 5'3", MD, doing residency, from well accomplished, US born daughter, July 74, F839: Proposals invited for pretty, educated, professional boys. Call: 440/357- 5'3", Doctorate in Pharmacy, well vegetarian, virtuous Gujarati girl, born Aug 6148. positioned as critical care pharmacist in a 63, 5'0", 110 lb, B.Com(India), pursuing reputed Hospital, from cultured, CPA, from cultured, educated boys. Call: F688: Gujarati parents invite professional boys. Call: 614/792-6869. 972/673-1277. correspondence for very beautiful, very fair, email: charming, vegetarian, virtuous, US born F841: Alliance invited for beautiful, daughter, July 75, 5'3", MPH (Masters in F797: Gujarati parents invite responses for charming, slim, virtuous, vegetarian public health), well employed with beautiful, fair, attractive, slim, vegetarian, Gujarati girl, born July 79, 5'6", 105 lb, international healthcare co., from well US citizen daughter, born Dec 77,5'1", 105 BS, Pursuing Masters, Computer consular educated, cultured boys. Call: 419/841. Ib, BA (CompSc), from well educated, at NIIT, from cultured, educated boys. She 8985. professional, cultured, vegetarian boys. Call: is currently in India & willing to settle in 704/599-6575. Email: USA.Call: 3057595-3833. Email: F715: Prestigious Gujarati parents invite proposals for slim, very beautiful, fair, attractive, vegetarian, US born daughter, F832: Gujarati parents invite F842: Alliance invited by Gujarati parents Nov 74, 5'4", MBA / MS, well employed correspondence for very beautiful, fair, for beautiful, slim, attractive, intelligent, with multinational co., from cultured, charming, slim, vegetarian, US raised caring, vegetarian, US born daughter, April professionals who have diversified daughter, born Jan 75, 5'4", 108 lb, MA, 77, 5'0", 100 lb, BS Pharmacy, from interests. Call: 732/287-2738. BS, joining Anderson consulting co., as cultured, professional boys. Call: 518/785 consultant, from cultured, well educated 7470. F716: Jain parents invite correspondence boys. Call: 718/671-8012. for their beautiful, slim, charming, F843: Proposals invited from well educated, vegetarian daughter, born July 73, 5'7", BS F833: Jain parents invite biodata / photo cultured boys, for pretty, charming, (ME), well employed in Toronto, as for beautiful, fair, charming, talented, talented, vegetarian, Gujarati girl, born Aug Manufacturing Engr., with multinational vegetarian, US born daughter, July 79,5'8", 72, 5'6", MBA, well employed in Bombay co., from well educated, professional boys. 130 lb, graduating with double BS in spring and willing to settle in USA. She visited Call: 514/684-9087. 2001, majoring biochem & psychology, USA several times in past. Call: 732/796 working part time in Hospital, from well 9292. (B'bay Ph: 3649752). Email: sejF734: Proposals invited from well educated, educated, cultured, professional boys. Call: professional boys for beautiful, slim, 30 916 9 3 - 3 6 61. Email: attractive, successful, vegetarian, Gujarati F845: Alliance invited for pretty, slim, girl, born Nov 75, 5'3", 100 lb, MS Comp family loving, vegetarian, Gujarati girl, born management, employed as software engr. F834: Gujarati parents invite July 78, 5'5", 115 lb, BCom, studying in India & willing to settle in USA. Call: correspondence with biodata/photo for US CompSc, from cultured, educated boys. She 9257361-7936. India phone: 2822-30366. born, beautiful, charming, slim, virtuous, is currently in India & willing to settle in Email: talented daughter, Nov 73, 5'6", 118 lb, USA. Call: 201/330-0235. MD,doing 2nd year residency in OB / Gyn, 42/ JAIN DIGEST- SPRING 2001 Jain Education Interational 2010_02 Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS - FEMALE F850: Proposals invited from cultured, AF286: North Indian parents invite AF301: Uncle invite correspondence from educated boys, for pretty, vegetarian, slim, correspondence for pretty daughter, MD Gujarati Jain boys, for charming, talented, Gujarati girl, born Oct 74, 5'3", 100 lb, (USA), Assist. Professor in a Medical vegetarian niece, born 1979, 5'3", 105 lb, BSc (microbiology) MLT, Lab Technician College, vegetarian, US citizen, born Oct BCom, PGDA, JAVA, well talented (sitar, in India and willing to settle in USA, Call: 71, 5'4", reputed family, from professional dance, fabric painting, beauty parlor), raised 614 / preferably Medicos. Call parents:757-838- in Ahmedabad & willing to settle in USA. 6377 Call: 413/664-7488. email: F851: Uncle invite proposals for beautiful, AF291: Gujarati parents invite fair, slim, vegetarian Gujarati niece, born correspondence for beautiful, slim, virtuous, AF302: Alliance invited for good looking, Feb 76, 5'3", 98 lb, BCom, Diploma in vegetarian, US born daughter, Sept 73, 5'5", slim, talented, vegetarian girl, born Nov 74, comp graphics, advance fashion designing, 115 lb, JD, well employed as attorney, from 5'5", 104 lb, MS (comp sc), well employed from cultured, educated boys. She is cultured, well educated, professional boys. as Software developer in California, from currently in India and willing to settle in Call: 1-877-203-2622. cultured, well educated, Gujarati / Kutchi USA. Call: 301/475-0488. match. Call: 408/246-8061. AF296: Shvetamber Oswal Jain parents AF121: Ivy League Law student, invite proposals for their very beautiful, US AF303: Gujarati Jain parents invite exceptionally beautiful, very fair, very lively citizen, vegetarian, Physician daughter, 25, correspondence for pretty, athletic, and loving, family oriented daughter, with 4'11"Call: J.K.Jain 972/644-2504. email: successful, never married, US born Indian values, excellent dancer and singer, daughter, Sept 67, 5'2", MS (Engineering) highly virtuous, 5'7". 27. Gujarati Jain and aerobic instructor, from handsome, family invites photo and bio-data. Call: AF297: Grand parents invite intelligent Gujarati boys. Call: 703/758949/371-0150. correspondence for their beautiful, smart, 9547. email: caring, Grand daughter, born April 77,5'4", AF171: Alliance invited by Gujarati studying for MBA in India, hailing from AF304: Correspondence invited by Physician for very beautiful, fair, highly highly renowned family from M.P. India. Gujarati Jain parents for attractive, accomplished, US raised daughter, born Feb Call: 203/791-1828. intelligent, outgoing, US born daughter, 72, 5'5", MD (98). Finishing Residency, June 76, 5'7", MS (Engineering), from from professional boys, preferably MD. AF298: Alliance invited for pretty, slim, handsome, sociable, intelligent Gujarati Call: 202/887-0456. attractive, vegetarian, well rounded, east boys. Call: 703/758-9547. email: west balanced, US raised daughter, born AF251: Jain parents invite proposals for Oct 75, 5'5", 110 lb, MBA (Fin), well their good looking, slim, US born daughter, employed, from cultured, professional, F852: Jain parents invite correspondence March 76, 5'6", BS (Chem. Engg), well vegetarian, non-smoker boys. Call: 718/ for beautiful, caring, family loving talented, employed with multinational co., from 454-4069. vegetarian daughter born June 77, 5'1", cultured, well educated, professional boys. 1071b, MBA, well employed, from cultured Call: 810/750-0999. AF299: Proposals invited by Jain parents professional boys Call: 715/384-2103. for their pretty, vegetarian, talented, US email: AF270: Gujarati parents invite responses for citizen daughter, born Nov 76, 5'2", 115 beautiful, intelligent, Doctor of Pharmacy, lb, MS (Physical therapy), well employed, F233: Alliance invited by Gujarati Jain well employed, US citizen, vegetarian from cultured, educated, professional boys. parents for beautiful, charming, talented, daughter, born Aug 74, 5'0", 90 lb, from Call: 6071748-9493. caring, affectionate, vegetarian, virtuous US well educated, vegetarian, non-smoker, raised daughter, born July 66, 5'5", BS professional boys, preferably Jains. Call: AF300: Alliance invited for slim, 34, 5'2", (chemistry), well positioned as chemist, 215/673-3682 (eve. & weekends) Gujarati Jain girl, software professional in from well educated professionals. Call: 919/ the Bay Area, outgoing, cultured, smart, 776-9091. attractive, good sense of humor, Family oriented. Call: 510/813-5192. email: SHAHNKS@YAHOO.COM JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/43 Jain Education Intemational 2010_02 Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA (144 5 Federation of Jain Associations in North America A Non-Profit Tax Exempt Religious Organization. IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) El #54-1280028 padasyomako jIvanAma Ulica Jai Jinendra! CHAIRS Birud Jhaveri (503) 292-1965 Nirav Shah (215) 361-1544 After three successful regional conferences this past Thanksgiving weekend, the YJA Executive Board has been diligently working to plan for the coming six months. In order to start off on the right track, we held our semi-annual board meeting in late January in Chicago, IL. The board members, new and old, came together to share ideas, brainstorm new projects, and coordinate our current efforts. We are currently working on several main projects. Our top priority is the play-in-a-box that was created for the celebration of the 2600h Mahavir Jayanti on April 6, 2001. In addition to that we are assisting the JAINA Chicago Convention committee in planning educational and social sessions for the youth that will attend. Our third main project is the preparations for our own biennial convention that will be on the 4th of July weekend in 2002. DIRECTORS Education Amishi Dedhia (310) 443-8638 Events Shama Khandwala (847) 985-6858 Finance/Fundraising Neil Shah (310) 989.7395 Membership/Records Shetal Sutaria (202) 333-1349 shetal Publications Rajan Mehta (510) 704-5683 rajmehta Public Relations Mansi Shah (313) 598-6754 Information Technology Beeneet Kothari (631) 586-1579 beeneetkothari Little did we know that on that fateful Friday of our board meeting a terrible earthquake would rock the state of Gujarat. Along with JAINA, we immediately set forth to collect and send monetary donations, medicines, clothes, food, and shelter. Project Ahimsa, our disaster relief project was born soon after. With Project Ahimsa, YJA has taken upon itself to implement an ambitious project to send much needed materials to the victims in Gujarat. We are asking you to take an active role in helping YJA succeed in aiding these victims of the disastrous earthquake. Visit for all the details. A list of necessary items as well as collection centers in your area can be found at this site. The devastating effects of this quake will be felt for many months. Please join us in making a long-term commitment to helping our Jain friends by continuing to donate goods over the next 3 months. Looking to the future, the YJA Executive Board is working closely with several groups interested in hosting our next convention in the summer of 2002. With the ball rolling on the planning of this event over 18 months in advance, we have no doubt that our next convention will be the best ever. If you are interested in assisting us with this mammoth project, please contact one of the co-chairs for more information. As more information becomes available on Convention 2002, we will post it on our website. To learn more about any of our current projects, hear about what is going on in your region, or to find out how you can get involved please visit our new and improved website at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to contact either one of us via phone or email. REGIONAL COORDINATORS Mid Atlantic Rahul Mepani (508) 850-8906 Midwest Chintan Shah (608) 864-4126 chintan shah Northeast Sanjay Raisoni (248) 651-1299 South Pavan Zaveri (713) 797-0217 Southeast Rina Shah (703) 989-4475 rinashahia West Suken Jain (714) 529-5874 sukenjaina Sincerely, Nirav Shah and Birud Jhaveri Co-Chairs, Young Jains of America Young Jains of America (YJA) is the umbrella youth organization of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA). The mission of YJA is to be recognized 44 / JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010 02 Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA YJA EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING IN CHICAGO REPORT ON REGIONAL CONFERENCES South By l'avan Zaveri The last weekend of January was a weekend full of surprises. The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and a massive earth - quake rocked Gujarat. Same weekend the YJA Executive Board meeting took place in the Chicago, IL. The meeting started off with confusion at the airport, the pleasure of hearing the names of the fellow board members on the airport's intercom just added to the memories. When the group finally got together, the fun and excitement began. You could see the delight on the faces of old friends who saw each other after six months. Fourteen board members, some old and some new, came together for the progress of our organization. Within this successful meeting, we looked forward to map- ping out the programs for the rest of the year and discussing what we were looking for in the next YJA convention. That evening we had a Mexican feast that was needed after a hard day at the airport and the bland plane food. That night allowed us to get to know each other and we stayed up all night playing games, chatting, and joking around. The next morning we started at 6 am, which may have been fine for the people from the east coast and midwest, but for those from the west coast, it was still three in the morning. A few of us were lucky enough to get hot water to shower, as for those who got up late, an icy-cold shower on a winter morning in Chicago. We started the meeting in a conference room at the Jain Center in Bartlett. We discussed a lot of issues including the pros and cons of the past six months. We also talked about the upcoming activities like the Mahavir Jayanti 2600 play. Other topics and the activities that we want to undertake over the next six months. It included Project Ahimsa as a continual North American service project, which developed immediately into the YJA-JAINA Disaster Relief Aid and Project Unity as a further effort to increase the strength of the local youth groups across the continent, spearheaded by the regional coordinators. We amended the constitution, updated guidelines for YJA Convention 2002, and allocated directorship positions to the new board members. There was a meeting with a YJP Representative to dis- cuss their activities and ours and how to combine efforts to reach the youth. To end the meeting, we met with JAINA Vice President Bipin Parikh to discuss the upcoming JAINA Convention. Like all good things, this weekend had to come to an end. Lots of goals were accomplished, creative ideas were exchanged, and new projects were undertaken at this YJA Meeting. Each board mem- ber departed with one common goal in mind, to further the progress of this youth organization. By Kunal Shah The South Regional Jain Youth Conference began on a rainy Thanksgiving Thursday in Dallas, Texas. Participants from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Houston came together on Thursday afternoon joining the 12 hr Namokar Mantra Jaap at the Jain Center of North Texas. The Jaap ended at 6:30 p.m. and introductions for all the guests, followed by a bhel puri dinner. In the evening, various games followed by open mike/karaoke night. All through it rained, the next morning, the youth came together at 9 am for prayer and yoga with Samani Akshay Pragyaji and Samani Sanmati Pragyaji. The youth recited a couple bhajans led by Ruchi Khara, Stuti Khara and Shraddha Vora with English translations. Then a panel of young professionals with diverse background shared their experiences of Jainism in the Workplace, all of whom had similar experiences. The discussion often got into newer topics including pets, vegetarianism, animal dissection etc. Yet, at the end of the discussion, one key point was that as long as you maintained faith in your religion, you would be guided correctly through life and career. After lunch, the youth played Jain Win, Lose, or Draw / Charades where they drew out and acted out various Jain words and phrases. Then, the discussion was The Happiness Experience led by Ruchi Khara and Seema Daulat where answers were sought to what is happiness? where do we find it? why do we want it? The group realized quickly that moksha was the true, permanent happiness, though our temporary happiness often relies on material possessions. The self-exploration continued with a discussion on Touching the Spirit, led by Gabriel Figueroa, a young professional Jain from Austin, Texas, who embraced Jainism only ten years ago, and now firmly believes in it. He helped us to examine our true self, and identify the body versus the soul and relate to their interaction. A South Indian dinner with uttapam, upma, idli and medhuvada After dinner, the group did some Raas/Garba, and played other games including Steal the Rotli as everyone enjoyed the new friendships. The next morning a break in the clouds heralded a new refreshing day, as the rain slowed. The morning started with the group prayer and yoga and added meditation on this day. It was a relaxing experience. Next was the second panel discussion where college and young professional Jains opened their lives up to scrutiny as the younger youth looked to learn from them. Topics discussed included peer pressure, alcohol, vegetarianism, parties, fraterni 2010_02 JAIN DIGEST- SPRING 2001/45 Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ties, cheating and business deals, dating and marriage across faiths, and keeping the faith and culture through the college. Once again, the group took a break for lunch. After lunch, the group played several games including the Tunnel of Equanimity and the Circle of Interdependence led by Sagar Desai from the Jain Fellowship of Houston. Finally, the youth settled into the last discussion, again led by Gabriel as he helped us explore what to do with this realization of our identity as soul. Simply being aware of our thoughts, speech and actions can lead us to a simpler, better life with more happiness and less pain. In closing we showed a silent appreciation of each other by taping a paper plate to our back and allowing the other participants to freely write any comments giving us something to take back as a momento of the con ference. YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA The night held a formal Tex-Mex dinner and dance at a nearby party hall, where we all enjoyed thoroughly. Sunday morning, the youth met at the Jain center and departed for their homes across Texas, reveling on the fun they had had, the learning they had done, and the friends they had made. Each youth was happy that they had come and looked forward to the next event where they would be together again. SOUTHEAST By Mona D. Shah "God shows the light, but you have to find the way yourself." Gurudev Chitrabhanu. Whoever thought that one weekend at a Jain conference could have such an impact on someone's life? This year's Southeast Regional Conference was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Washington, D.C. from November 24-26. A group of 32 young Jains gathered from different parts of the Eastern U.S. to learn and discuss more about Jainism. Because of the wide range of ages, there were many different perspectives given on the variety of topics addressed. The first day of the conference was basically spent settling in. As everyone arrived, lunch was served during opening speeches given by conference directors- Rina L. Shah & Harriti J. Shah. Icebreakers were set up so that everyone could get to know each other. The first seminar began with an open question/answer session led by Harriti J. Shah. Later that evening, everyone divided into two groups and explored the city's Greek and Mexican cuisine. Late night found people hanging out listening to music, playing s such as Taboo, & exchanging stories. games 46/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 Early Saturday morning, we began with different seminars ranging from topics such as 'Karma' to topics such as the 'Significance of the Jain time [Chokra] cycle.' The keynote speaker that day was Dhrumil Purohit, from Delaware, who brought forth ideas and facts on Veganism that many could not imagine. The next discussions, titled as "Real World Sessions" were split into three age groups where youth questioned & addressed curious topics such as: dating, Jain youth in our generation (is there a generation gap?), vegetarians/vegans in today's society, etc. Many found this to be the most memorable/enjoyable part of the conference. That night, everyone went out together for Thai cuisine. Everyone had a great time whether they spent it joking around, getting to know each other, or trying authentic Thai dishes. The last night spent in D.C. was very relaxing while people discussed what they learned and hung out with their new friends. Sunday was too soon to arrive! The conference officially ended that day. Everyone said his/her good-byes and went their separate ways. Some people decided to stay into the afternoon and explore D.C. in the daytime. I know that the Southeast Regional Conference weekend truly touched the hearts of all that attended. Conference directors Rina L. Shah, the YJA Southeast Regional Coordinator, and Harriti J. Shah, the Young Jains of Maryland President, did an extraordinary job handling everything from creating creative seminar topics to arranging entertaining activities that tied in with Jainism. All attendees had the chance to learn how to apply Jainism to our everyday lives. We were all happy leaving with the feeling that the past weekend had been well worth it. Because of Rina and Harriti's numerous hours of hard work and dedication, this Southeast Regional Conference was extremely successful and definitely a memorable experience for all who were there. WEST 94 121 Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ROIT YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA By Suken Jain From November 23rd to the 25th youth gathered at the Jain Center of Northern California for the first ever YJA West Regional Conference. It began Thursday evening, when the Jain youth gathered at the temple in Milpitas. Some came early and helped put together our Thanksgiving feast, and others trickled in throughout the night. Our own youth put together a wonderful Jain vegan Thanksgiving meal, which was devoured by all. Before everybody started, they took turns saying what they were thankful for, Thursday night concluded with games and more socializing before every body retreated to their own homes or to a host house. Friday was started with yoga, which was led by one of the youth attendees, and after a good amount of stretching and breathing exercises, everybody was ready for some discussion. The first topic that was discussed was happiness. The discussion started with the whole group listing what made them happy which varied from family to cars. From there the group discussed the Jain outlook on happiness and how one can live without so many materialistic things in his life. Success was another topic talked about and people described what it meant to them. Soon after the opposite emotion came up, anger. People described what angered them and the group came up with ways to deal with it. The Jain ideal of equanimity was brought up here to show that we should not let our emotions run wild. 2010_02 The next topic to come up was how to deal with parents and the generation gap. Here, many of the older youth gave their experiences and helped the younger ones with certain problems they had been facing at home. That led into the discussion of careers and again the older youth acted as mentors to the younger ones. At that point the topic of dating and marriage came up. Due to the wide array of attendees, many views were put forth about casual dating, and actually looking for somebody to wed. Next, a sensitive subject was discussed, sectionalism. The general consensus of the group was that it was not important, and that everybody follows Jainism in their own way with the main ideals the same. The discussion portion was wrapped up with a brief discussion on Jainism in politics. In between a couple of the discussions, a lunch of Jain vegan Mexican food was served and once again enjoyed by all. After the discussions, the group had a great night out with dinner followed by some bowling. After a lot of fun on Friday night, everybody came Saturday morning ready to gain some knowledge on something most of us see and do but not fully understand, puja. A very kind uncle and auntie led us through a puja and explained the significance of each and every step. This was a very knowledgeable and enlightening experience for everybody involved. After the puja, uncle and auntie then showed us around the beautiful mandir that was recently built. yoga, but this time it was followed by some meditation which was The group was again led by one of the youth attendees for a relaxing and calming experience. After some tasty Jain-vegan spaghetti, the group gathered for one last time. Each person took a turn in saying what Jainism means to them and how they prac tice it. Each person had a unique answer, but it was all from the same base. After that, everybody said closing statements which included the following: "I planned to only come for one day, but it was great, so I stayed." "It was a lot of fun." and "I think we should have it more often." The first ever YJA West Regional Conference was a definite success and the start of what YJA hopes to be a great deal of regional action. The representation of the attendees stretched from Los Angeles to Calgary, and will hopefully be even greater next time. A special thanks is due to Jain Center of Northern Califorgracious hosts. In light of the success of this conference and the nia and Girish Uncle for letting us use the facilities and being convention in L.A., we hope to build strong youth groups in the west and throughout North America with Young Jains of America. JAIN DIGEST. SPRING 2001/47 Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 11 TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION Practicing Jainism in 21st Century Jai Jinendra July 5th, the opening day of the 11" Biennial JAINA Conven- tion Services programs are planned. We also have lectures planned tion is near. This Convention will be the third that JAINA has with a focus on career and business. A day care services for young held in the city of Chicago. During the dual celebrations of children will be provided. Pratishtha and JAINA convention of 1995, over 11,000 people for the first time, JAINA is taking full financial responsibilattended. We hope that that number will be surpassed this year. ity for the convention. In 2001, for the first time, a networking Already at this early date, the hotel rooms for this year's Con- program for the officers and trustees of Jain Centers of North vention are filling up rapidly as over 600 families have already America will be incorporated. Also, families will be able to meet registered. To enable us to accommodate as many people as pos- one-on-one with scholars of their choice, on a first-come, firstsible, I would greatly appreciate and urge you to make your reser- serve basis. Educational and commercial booths will offer unique vations now. Registration packet is enclosed. Also, you may reg- learning and shopping opportunities. From academia, professors ister online at our website, will attend to make families aware of the Jain educational opporThe 11th Biennial Convention will open with the North tunities available on campuses. American Celebration of Bhagvan Mahavir's 26th birth centenary. The JAINA Convention Board and the Jain Society of MetIt is our hope that the Honorable Atal Bihari Vajpai, Prime Min- ropolitan Chicago are working hard to prepare an excellent Conister of India, will attend. World-renowned figures will come to vention for you. Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago is also playshare their knowledge. The participation of Jain Scholars Dr. ing a major role in fund raising. The Convention registration fees Virendra Hegde, and Father Valles are confirmed. We also hope are part, but only part of the income needed for us to proceed. to confirm such U.S. dignitaries as Ted Turner and the Honorable The rest comes from generous donations. The JAINA ConvenSenator Hillary Clinton. We also have invited prominent leaders tion is an extraordinary event that furthers our cultural and relifrom India, namely, Mr. Dipchand Gardi, Mr. Srenikbhai gious traditions as well as our national and international ties. It Kasturbhai Sheth, and Mrs. Induben Jain. offers us a way to share our heritage with our sons and daughters This enriching event will feature memorable programs for while ensuring programs for while ensuring that our culture and traditions will be maintained Jains of all ages and languages. These programs will include schol for generations to come. I look forward to your support and pararly dialogues, cultural programs, exhibitions, meditation classes, ticipation. seminars, workshops, and special programs for families, youths, sincerely, and businesses. For young adults, a cruise and Marriage Informa Bipin D. Parikh Chairman, JAINA Convention Board JAINA CONVENTION BOARD DOCUMENTATION Vinay K. Vakani Ph: 201-967-9344 CHAIRMAN & CONVENOR Bipin D. Parikh PH: 847-699-1294 CO-CONVENOR Kishor C. Shah Ph: 630-671-0001 CO-CONVENOR Prabodh B. Vaidya Ph: 630-985-9144 ADVISOR Gyan Chand Jain Ph: 416-447-1650 FINANCE Keerti N. Shah Ph: 630-837-8716 PROGRAM & VIP Samprati Shah Ph: 847-524-0463 REGISTRATION Lata Champsee Ph: 416-441-2200 PUBLICITY Dilip V. Shah Ph:215-561-0581 SOUVENIR Virendra K. Shah Ph: 310-326-5268 HOSPITALITY - FACILITY Pravin M. Mehta Ph:815-436-1312 FOOD SERVICES Arvind M. Shah Ph: 847-699-7778 CULTURAL PROGRAMS Megha A. Doshi Ph:847-735-0120 YOUTH ACTIVITIES Mukesh Doshi Ph:847-517-2505 mukesh EXHIBITION & SOUVENIR Jagat J. Shah Ph: 630-529-5645 CONVENTION HQ Priya M. Shah 847-397-8316 48/JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 2010_02 Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PROGRAMS Following is the tentative plan for major sessions in Convention Hall F, Rosemont Ball Room in Hyatt and Rosemont suites ballroom. While program Skeleton may remain fixed the details will remain fluid for some time. Thursday July 5th:5:30pm to 11:00pm Icebreaker, Meet the Guests, Registration, Dandia Ras & Bhakti Sangeet, Light Dinner and Snacks 6:00am to 7:30am 7:00am to 9:00am 9:00am to 12:30pm 12:00pm to 1:30pm 1:30pm to 5:30pm 5:30pm to 7:30pm 7:30pm to 11:00pm 6:00am to 7:30am 7:00am to 9:00am 9:00am to 12:30pm 12:00pm to 1:30pm 1:30pm to 5:30pm 5:30pm to 7:30pm 7:30pm to 11:00pm 6:00am to 7:30am 11TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION JULY 5-8, 2001 7:30am to 9:00am 9:00am to 12:30pm Friday July 6th: Meditation, Yoga, Pratikrman and Bhakti Sangeet Breakfast Procession, Namokar Mantra, Open ing of the Convention,2600th Bhagwan Mahavir Janmkalyanak Opening Cel ebration and Speeches by Dignitaries Lunch Panel/Group Discussions, Youth Pro gram. Breakout Group Sessions Dinner Cultural Program Saturday July 7th: 11:00am to 1:30pm 2010_02 Meditation, Yoga, Pratikrman and Bhakti Sangeet Breakfast Plenary Session, Key Note Speeches, Speeches by Dignitaries, Youth Program Lunch Panel/Group Discussions Youth Program, Breakout Sessions Dinner Cultural Program Sunday July 8th: Meditation, Yoga, Pratikrman and Bhakti Sangeet Breakfast Closing Ceremony,Awards/Recogni tion. Speeches by Dignitaries Youth Program, Samapta vidhee Brunch PROGRAM TOPICS Following is the suggested list of topics being considered for discourses at the JAINA 2001 Convention. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list and JAINA Convention Board and its Program Committee are open to any suggestions. 1. Jain Unity 2. CHICAGO Non Violence an Interfaith Perspective Business & Jain Ethics Question & Answer Session (Ask Your Scholar) 3. 4. 5. Jain Centers Interactions 6. Jain Universe etc. 7. Life of Bhagwan Mahavir 8. Scientific Basis for Dev Pooja, Swadhyay, Tap, Charity etc. 9. Vegetarianism and Reverence for Life, Medical significance 10. Anekantvad 11. Efforts and Destiny(Purusharth and Prarbh) 12. Theory of Karma and its Importance 13. Concept of Soul and eternity 14. Jain Ceremonies 15. Stress Management and Dealing with Anger 16. Ethical Investing 17. Bhagwan Mahavir's Message for the Universe 18. Science and Religion in day today Life 19. Significance of Jain Rituals and Jiv daya 20. Jain Scriptures 21. Practicing Jainism in East and West 22. Medicine, Science and Spirituality 23. Old Tradition with the New Generation 24. Ghandhi, Shrimad and Jainism 25. Comparative Religion 26. Shravak(Jain) of Modern Times 27. Way of Nirvana (Moksha) 28. Five Basic Principles of Jainism 29. Practice and Importance of Meditation 30. Practical Spirituality 31. Balancing Religion, Culture and Work 32. Practice of Religion in a Non-Sectarian Society 33. Eternity of Soul and the Religion 34. World peace through Non-Violence 35. Prayer(Bhakti) the Way to Moksha 36. Knowledge Vs. Bhakti 37. Manav Seva and the Religion JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/49 Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 11TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION Practicing Jainism in 21st Century INVITED SPEAKERS YOUTH PROGRAMS TRAVEL * Keynote speaker Father Vallace. * Panel discussions and educational ses- sions by various well-known Jain scholars, and discussions on a wide variety of top- ics - Presented by YJA on topics from veganism to how to be a young Jain in America regarding social, moral and spiritual issues -Presented by YJP: Women CEO's in the corporate world, Nitin Talsania on business ethics, fishbowl for parent/young adult interaction and another TBA * Jain Academic Bowl United airline is named the official airline of JAINA. United offers a 5% off lowest applicable fare, including First Class. Or a 10% discount off the applicable fare, if purchased 7 days in advance.An additional 5% discount will apply, if you purchase tickets 60 days advance. The discount also applies to Shuttle by United and United express Flights. Call United airlines' specialized registration Center at 800 521 4041 to obtain the best fares and schedule information. Please refer to Meeting ID No. 592XE. Dedicated reservation agents are on duty 7 days a week. SOCIAL EVENTS Hyatt Regency O'Hare (Convention Headquarters Hotel) 9300 W. Bryn Mawr Ave(at River Rd.) Rosemont, IL 60018 (800) 233-1234 (847) 696-1234 US$99.00 + applicable taxes Maharaj Amrendra Muniji Maharaj Atmanandji Acharya Chandanaji Gurudev Chitrabhanuji Bhattarakji Devendrakeerciji Maharaj Jinchandraji Maharaj Jinchandsuriji Maharaj Keertichandraji Sadhviji Madhusmitaji Maharaj Manak Muniji Maharaj Roop Chandaji Samans & Samanijis Akhtar Dr. Salman Arnett Robert Bharill Dr. Hukamchand Chitrabhanu Ms. Pramodaben Costain Dr.Bruce (Balbhadra) Dalal Rajendra Desai Dr.Kumarpal Doshi Dr.Kokila Doshi Tarla Hegde Dr. Virendra Jain Neeraj Jain Prakash Jain Dr. Sagarmalji Jain Dr. Shekharchandra Dr. Tilokchandra Jain Prof. Vimal Prakash Jaini Dr. Padmanath Kamdaar Rajendra Khanna Ravi Kothari Shantibhai Lokhande Dr. Kulbhushan Mehta Abhaya Chandra Mehta Chandrakant Mehta Pdt. Dheeraj Lal Pdt(Shastri) Dharma Chandra Shah Dr. Jitendra Shah Dr. Keertibhai Shah Pravin K Shah Rajendra Sheth Mr. & Ms.Niranjan/ Sudha Toliya Prof. Pratap Kumar Valles Father Carlos Vohra Sunandaben Zaveri Diptiben Thursday: Icebreakers Friday: Youth Dance for ages 12-17 with DJs Lomesh and Mayur of Chicago * Youth Concert for ages 18+ featuring live entertainment by Chicago's finest DJ Sunny of the highly popular TS Sounds and a live band TBA Saturday : Youth Cruise for ages 18 and above from Navy Pier the Odyssey Cruise offers Chicago's most unique entertainment experience. You will enjoy an incredible skyline view where you can meet new Jains and reacquaint yourself with old ones. Double Tree Hotel 5460 N. River Road Rosemont, IL 60018 (800) 222-8799 (847) 292-9100 US$104.00 + applicable taxes Jain The Rosemont Suites At O'Hare 5500 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018 (888) 476-7366 (847) 678-4000 US$104.00 + applicable taxes MARRIAGE INFORMATION SERVICES(MIS): * MIS will make candidate's biodata and picture available on a secure website for other candidates to browse, prior to convention. Friday. We will present a skit and talk show followed by a social hour for MIS candidates. Saturday- Interactive games and on Sunday- Break-out sessions. * Any one interested in registering with MIS must visit the JAINA web site (http:// and visit the MIS link after receiving their password to complete their additional profile. * Upon completion of additional profile, one will be able to browse through the MIS database, using their unique password. * The last date for MIS registration is May 31, 2001 50 / JAIN DIGEST-SPRING 2001 _ 2010_02 Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FUND RAISING UPDATE: 11TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION JULY 5-8, 2001 Drs. Mahendra and Chandra Varia has generously donated $50,000.00. Dr. & Mrs. Vasantha Kumaraiah has given $25,000.00. JAINA CHARITABLE TRUST has donated $10,000.00 At present Indiraben Mansukhlal Memorial Trust has pledged $10,000.00. Dr. and Mrs. Mahendra Pandya has donated $5000.00 SPONSORSHIP: We need Donors for the 2001 JAINA Convention. The revenue from the registration will not be sufficient to defray the cost of the convention. Please help us by your generous donation. It will be highly appreciated and recognized. Following are the Donor categories. Donor Designation Well Wisher Friend Sponsor Benefactor Grand Benefactor Convention Patron Convention Grand Patron Sanghpati Donation for Swamivatsalya Breakfast US$2,000 Supper US$10,000 Minimum Donation US$500 US$1,000 US$2,000 US$5,000 US$10,000 US$15,000 US$25,000 US$50,000 Lunch US$5,000 Banners in food area US$2,000 For details of privileges offered to the donors, please call Samprati Shah at 847-524-0463 or write at sshahjain 2010_02 VOLUNTEERS We are looking for Volunteers to help out before and during the convention. Please e-mail to, or call to Mrs. Priya Shah at (847 397 8316) Also mention your area of interest. All volunteers are required to register for the convention. 11th Biennial Convention will be held at Donald E Stephen Convention Center Rosemont, II (Near Chicago's Ohara Airport) SOCIET SOUVENIR ADVERTISEMENT RATES Back Page Inside (Full Colour Ad) Front Page Inside (Full Colour Ad) Full Page (Full Colour Ad) Full Page (Black & White) Half Page (Black & White) Quarter Page (Black & White) Best Wishes (Business Card Size) CHICAGO ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: US$10,000 US$10,000 US$1500 US$1000 5500 SOUVENIR BOOKS Souvenir Size 8 1/2" x 11" Provide Camera ready artwork for all advertisements US$600 US$400 US$250 I would like to advertise in the CONVENTION SOUVENIR as marked above. I am enclosing my check for US $ in full payment, payable to JAINA CONVENTION 2001 Please send us original articles of interest for publication in the JAINA 2001 souvenir. Please send your checks and adverisement materials and articles to: Jagat H. Shah 50 Founders Pointe North, Bloomingdale IL 60108 Phone: 630 529 5645, Email: EXHIBITION BOOTHS 1. Exhibition Center is in agreement with union labor that any construction activity including furnishing be handled by union labor only. Should any organization require additional furnishing please let us know in advance. 2. Display or business at the booth must conform to basic Jain principle of non-violence. Booth selection committee will have full discreationery power to accept or reject an application. 3. A formal contract will include rules, regulations, terms and conditions and any monetary arrangements. 5. Registration for convention is must for Jain Center and NonProfit booths. For application form and information please call: Rajnikant T. Shah Tel: 630-876-1279 JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001/51 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ First *Address: Street / apt # Registration Fees: *Residence Phone Business Phone 3. 4. 5. 6. Primary and Immediate Family Members (Spouse, Sons, Daughters) Name 7. Mi. 8. 9. Couple Each Additional Immediate Family Members Individual 11TH BIENNIAL JAINA CONVENTION JULY 5-8, 2001 Last Jan 16 to April 15 US $200.00 US $85.00 US $120.00 REGISTRATION FORM * Required Fields City Fax Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-6198 Phone for Convention Head Quarters: (847) 397-8316 Date (Postmark of registration form will be determined by applicable registration fees) Please mail Check payable to: JAINA 2001 Convention Mail Registration forms via regular US mail to: 821 Seers Dr. Registration Rules/Information 1. Online registration through Web site is available. 2. 52/JAIN Jain2 JAIN DIGEST SPRING 2001 02 April 16 to June 15 US $235.00 Marriage Info. Service (MIS) M/F MM/DD/YY Relationship (US $50/person) Sex DOB XXXXXXXXXXXX PRIMARY Yes/No XXXXXXXXXXXX SPOUSE US $110.00 US $150.00 *State/Province June 16 to July 07 US $275.00 US $140.00 Amount US $185.00 E-mail Yes/No Yes/No Reg_id Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No 10. Organizers are not responsible for loss, injury or damage of any kind to registrants or guests. 11. Check if have registered rooms at (Name of hotel) Youth Cruise (age 18-35) *Zip/Postal code *Country/Region (US $60/person) Yes/No Updated DB Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No SOCIETY CHICAGO Profession (Primary's) Youth Dance (DJ) (age 12-17) Concert (age 18 or above) (US $10/person) Dance/Concert/None Dance/Concert/None The registration fee is based on individual, couple or each additional family member. (For example family of 4 register before Jan 15, 2001, it will be US $ 175 +60*2-$ 295). Additional fees apply for Youth cruise/Dance/Concert/MIS. Registered family with children's up to age 5 are FREE. June 15th 2001 is the LAST DATE of pre-registration for Youth Cruise and Youth Dance/Concert. Dance/Concert/ None Total Amount Enclosed US $ Charge my Master card/ Visa/Discover/American Exp. Card #_________# #### #### Name on Card: Signature: Exp. DT: Date: Cancellation charges will be US $50.00 for total registration fee up to May 31. Cancellation charges will be US $50.00 or 25% of total registration fee (whichever is higher) from May 31 to July 2, 2001. Marriage Information Services (MIS), Youth Cruise & Dance/Concert charges are non-refundable. Most programs are at convention hall, Hyatt and Rosemont Suites Hotels. Receipt of confirmed registration will be mailed to you. Registrant must bring registration letter and picture ID at registration desk to collect registration material. All convention participants require Picture ID. On site registration begins 12:00 noon on Thursday July 5, 2001. Only Cash or Credit Cards will be accepted during on site registration. The programs start Thursday evening, conclude on Sunday afternoon. You need to be registered for the convention and fill out separate Candidate Information Form to participate in Marriage Information Service (MIS). The cruise is scheduled for the 18-35 age group on Saturday for 3 hours. Youth concert for ages 18 and above will have live bands. Youth cruise, concert and dance will be served on first come first serve basis. Checked by Dance / Concert/None Signature: Date: If you need help filling out the form, e-mail questions at or go to web site to see a sample. Convention Use Only: Receipt No Dance/Concert/None Dance / Concert / None Total MIS/Cruise/Dance/Concert Fees: Registration fees: (couple/individual) Additional member fees: (# of Additional members X S applicable fee) Donation Total Amount 1 US SSS Amount Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Digest With best compliments to JAINA Dr. Navin C. Mehta, M.B.B.S., M.D., P.C. EAR, NOSE & THROAT HEAD & NECK FACIAL PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEON SASCOM ADJUNCT SURGEON NEW YORK EYE & EAR INFIRMARY 2010_02 ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE & AFFILIATED HOSPITALS 303 2nd AVENUE, SUITE 10 NEW YORK CITY, NY 10003 (212) 505-9640 Tirthankar Parsavnath namI arihaMtANaM namo siddhANaM namo AyariyANa namo uvajjhAyANa namo loevAhaNaM emo paMcanamukArI. pAvapaNApaNI maMgalANaM ca savAMrI paDhamaM va maMgalaM' Live and Let Lase Jain temple format mahmut forget Tirthankar Mahavir Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ This cover is sponsored by Jaya Travel and Tours Girnar Hills Jain Temples, Gujrat Visit our North American office at: Visit our Indian office at: 26500 Northwestern Highway TELEPHONE Suite 260 248/358-9100 Southfield, MI 48076 USA Rizvi House 34 Hill Road Bandra (West), Bombay 400050 INDIA TELEPHONE 6423031 6420402 6425222 FAX 6436421 FAX 248/372-4806 Also visit us at JAIN DIGEST Circulation Federation of JAINA PO Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 NON-PROFIT ORG. 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