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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Magazine of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Volume 27 No 1 CO pratisti a mái ulsat 20TH-26TH DEC. 2008 Personal Jain Center of Greater Phoenix For Private Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Center of Southern California. Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Vol.27 No.1 circulation: 11000 From the President... Jai Jinendra ! In this issue Headquarter News......... Hope you all had a wonderful observance of Paryushan and DAS LAXANA Parva. In the true spirit of our Holidays, I wish to offer my MICCHAMI DUKKADAM. In trying to represent over 100, 000 Jains and in working with 67 Jain Centers, I may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt people known or unknown to me - I beg forgiveness of each one of you. Jains marches on............... Education committee.........6 Interfaith committee..........8 Jaina Yatra............ Veerayatan............... What a interesting time we are living in? Four Jain centers in America are celebrating their Pratistha Mahotsav before the end of this year. Jain Center of Southern California (LA); Atlanta, Jain Society of Tampa Bay (FL) and Jain center of Phoenix (AZ) are preparing for auspicious installations of Teerthankars Pratimajis, Panch Kalyanak Mahotsavs and Pratistha or Anjan Shalaka vidhi etc. They will also be welcoming various scholars and monks from India and visitors from all over the North America. With each such event at one of our Jain center, Jain foot print on North American soil is getting deeper and more permanent. Additional Pratistha Mahotsavs are planned for Chicago and Miami centers for the 2009. Wecan be rest assured that Jainism will keep marching forward here in North America. Everyone should consider attending these rare and and most pious events which will be rememberance for a lifetime. Jain Center and you........11 Regional News.................12 News and views ..............13 Samyagdarshan............. Committee news............ Matrimonials JAINA is marching forward as well. Jain Center of America (NY) has generously offered office space for JAINA Head quarters in their center. Finally 27 years after the birth of JAINA, it now has a home. At the United Nations, JAINA has been granted NGO status in a consultantcy status with Economic and Social Council - where most of humanitarian, economic development and educational projects by the community of nations are planned and completed. This prestigious organization confers upon JAINA a solemn responsibility to voice Jain opinion on issues most important to mankind. LA Pratishtha... Atlanta Pratishtha.......... Tampa Pratishtha........... Phoenix Pratishtha...........34 In serving as your President, I consider it a privilege to meet many of you at various events and discuss issues of preserving and propagating our precious Jain heritage in this adopted land of ours. Over 300 JAINA volunteers all over North America - from the - province of Alberta in Canada to Miami and from Boston to San Diego are diligently and quietly working to support JAINA activities. Most common issue that I hear is of concerns regarding our future generation. JAINA has taken a giant step towards addressing this issue by creating a Campus Outreach Committee. This committee will work with Jain kids on college campuses to link them with local Jain centers and with each other. If you have college bound kids away from home, please consider contacting the committee that is designed to energize our future generation. Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to: I am sorry, due to unavoidable circumstances, we were unable to publish JAIN DIGEST for the last few months. This issue of JAIN DIGEST has been sponsored by Jain Center of Greater Phoenix. Thanks to the Jain community of Phoenix for their noble gesture. JAIN DIGEST CIRCULATION Federation of JAINA 43-11 Ithaca Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 Ph: 215-561-0578 Dilip V. Shah, President For pelas Personal use only Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST A publication of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) EDITOR Lata Champsee 21 Swiftdale Place Don Mills, ONT, Canada M3B IM3 Phone: 416/441-2200 email: REGIONAL EDITORS Canada Ramesh Jain email: Midwest, US Manubhai Doshi email: Northeast, US Dineshbhai Chheda email: Phone: 973/394-1701 Southeast, US Pravin K. Shah Southwest, US Jadavji Kenia email: West, US Chandrakant Parekh email:cparekh ASSOCIATE EDITORS Amit Jain Meghi Mehta Matrimonials Mukesh Doshi 1540 Sandburg Dr Schaumburg, IL, 60173 Ph:847-517-2505 MANAGING BOARD Lata Champsee, Managing Director Mahendra Shah, Marketing Director Keerti Shah, Circulation Director The Managing Editorial Board will endeavor to publish all material submitted but reserves the right to edit and/or reformat for clarity and space restrictions. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Managing Editorial Board of JAIN DIGEST. JAIN DIGEST CIRCULATION JAINA 43-11 Ithaca Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 Ph: 718-208-4435 Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Dilip V. Shah Phone: 215-561-0581 First Vice President Lata Champsec Phone: 416/441-2200 latachampsee@@@gmail Secretary Sushil Jain Ph: 301-670-0519 Treasurer Rita Sheth 918-812-7802 Regional Vice Presidents Lalit Vora, Canada. Phone: 514-631-1393 Dilip B. Punatar, Midwest US Phone: 937-848-3228 Nitin Talsania. Northeast, US Phone: 908-306-1406 Deepika Dalal, Southeast US Phone: 954-431-5957 Nitin Shah, West US Phone: 562-902-0277 Udai Jain, Southwest US Phone: 281-980-0741 Immediate Past President Kirit C. Daftary Phone: 254-776-4209 SPECIAL OFFICE BEARER Executive Director of JAINA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Names of all Board of Directors are listed on http:// JAINA CHARITABLE TRUST Names of all Trustees are listed on http://www. AFFILIATES NORTHEAST Regular Atlantic Boston Buffalo Cherry Hill Essex Fells Hudson alley New York Ocen Orange Philadelphia Brahmi Jain Society. US and Canada 1. A. A. of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Rochester, NY International Mahavir Jain Mission. US and Canada Jain Adhytmic Academy of N. America, Plano TX Jain Meditation International Center, US & Canada Jain Social Ciroup. LA and Toronto Kutchhi Gurjar Jain Society, Grand Island, NY Kutchhi Oswal Jain Association of North America(KOJAIN) Shri Mahavir Jain Foundation, Santa Ana, CA Jain Academic Foundation of N.America,,TX Pittsburgh Rochester Washington Associate Albany Allentown Binghamton Delaware Elmira JAINA COMMITTEES Academic Liaison Committee Sulekh C. Jain 281-494-7656 Adhyatmic Committee Hasmukh Shah 727-934-6141 Calendar Committee Rajeev Pandya 718-816-0083 Campus Outreach Committee Ashok Damodia 510-979-9312 Constitution Review Committee Manibhai Mehta 714-898-3156 Fund Raising Committee Keerti Shah 630-837-8716 Govt.&Int'l Organizations Relations Dhiraj H. Shah 716-773-1314 Interfaith Activics Arvind Vora 631-269-1167 Naresh Jain 201-933-8963 Anop Vora 585-473-9290 Jain Center Resource Nitin Shah 562-902-0277 Jain Digest Membership Keerti Shah 630-837-8716 JNF/MIS Sunil Jain 630-705-1884 Mukesh Doshi 847-517-2505 Jain Rituals Naresh Shah 516-741-9269 Jaina Book Stores Rohit H. Doshi 607-754-6010 Jaina Charitable Trust Mahendra K. Pandya 718-816-0083 Jaina Convention Board Lata Champsee 416-441-2200 Jaina Education Pravin K. Shah 919-859-4994 Jaina Exhibition Sudhir Shah 203-397-5086 Jaina Library Ramesh Doshi 714-995-8914 Jaina Public Affairs Committee Manoj Dharamsi 703-620-9837 SOUTHEAST Atlanta Miami Augusta Charlotte Ft. Meyers Jacksonville Memphis Middle Tennessee Morgantown New Orleans Orlando Panama City Beach Harrisburgh Hartford Syracuse Palm Beach Raleigh Tampa MIDWEST Chicago Cinncinati/ Dayton Cleveland Columbus Detroit Lansing St. Louis Kansas City Minneapolis Milwaukee Toledo JAINA HEADQUARTERS 43-11 Ithaca Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 Ph: 718-208-4435 jainahq Jivdaya Pramodaben Chitrabhanu 212-534-6090 Legal Advisory Prakash Parekh 914-478-1075 Neel Shah 908-769-7000 Long Term Planning Yogendra Jain 781-856-0769 Media Production Mamata Shaha 516-487-1852 Media and Public Relations Mr. Nitin Talasania 908-306-1406 Membership Kamlesh Shah 301-838-9778 N. American Jain Families Assist Ila G. Mehta 419-865-2727 North American Jains History Jasvant Mehta 780-435-9070 Patron Program Udai Jain 281-980-0741 Pilgrimage Committee Vastupal Shah 586-323-2015 Planned Giving Committee Yogesh Kamdar 203-288-2350 Scholar Visitation Nirmal Dosi 732-390-0296 Senior's Housing Gunvant Shah 732-246-4030 Technology Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Tirthodhdhar Committee Usha Maru 203-775-1906 V. R. Gandhi Scholarship Fund. Pravin C. Shah 516-248-8265 Website Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 World Community Service Dhiraj Shah 716-773-1314 YJA and YJP Coordinator Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Young Jains of America (YJA) Ami Doshi & Sonia Ghelani Young Jain Professionals (YJP) Suchi Gala 03-305-5505 Sejal Lakhani 917-273-2160 SOUTHWEST WEST Los Angles San Francisco Las Vegas Portland Sacramento San Diego Dallas Houston Phoenix Tulsa Lubbock Colorado CANADA Toronto Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Vancouver 2/ JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Headquarters moves to New York JAINA is very pleased to announce that the Jain Center of America, (JCA), NY has offered its premises to house the JAINA Headquarters. For the last 12 years, JAINA headquarters was the home of its Executive Director Kamlesh Amin in Getzville a suburb of Buffalo NY. After faithfully and efficiently serving all these years, Kamleshbhai has decided to spend golden years of his life in India. His resignation as Executive Director has meant a search not just for new Executive Director but also search for new Headquarters. Search for new home for JAINA turned out to be much easier task than one would imagine. The first constitution of JAINA was discussed and adopted at Jain Center of America in 1983 under the guidance of Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji. Jain Center of America became one of the 1l centers that signed the charter of JAINA. During the last 25 years numerous JCA members have served as Chairpersons of JAINA committees or served on JAINA Executive Committee. One of the founding members of JCA also served as President of JAINA. When JCA learned of the JAINA's need for new headquarters it took their Trustees only 30 days to decide and offer the office space at no charge to JAINA. This really is a sweet home coming for JAINA. JAINA's office at a major member center is a powerful statement to the entire Jain community here and world wide. New York, a major gateway to the world will now be the center of Jain activities on this continent. It will also help to fulfill JAINA's new status as NGO at the United Nations. JAINA thanks the Board of Trustees of the JCA for this magnanimous offer to help JAINA. Together JCA and JAINA will undoubtedly reach new heights as both organizations strive to fulfill their respective goals. JAINA receives NGO status from the United Nations In July 2008, in recognition of the JAINA's humanitarian work all over the world, JAINA has earned a special consultative status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations. This prestigious designation by the world body will afford JAINA a platform to express Jain point of view in the areas of deliberations we choose to have our imprint on. Getting the UN recognition is only the beginning our work. There are two other Jain organizations as NGO at the UN: Siddhachalam under the blessings of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and one Anuvibha under the blessings of Acharya Maha Prajnaji. JAINA will join hands with these two fine organizations as we fulfill our mission. A 5 member delegation has been nominated to represent JAINA at the UN. Dilip V Shah; President, JAINA Dr. Dhiraj H. Shah: Chair JAINA World Community Service Dr. Tansukh Salgia, Chair: JAINA Govt. & International relations Committee Jawahar A. Shetti; Chairman, JCA BOT Pramodaben Chitrabhanu, Chair: JAINA Jivdaya Committee JAINA thanks Mahendra Mehta of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust of Bombay for his guidance and efforts as Dr. Tansukh Salgia and Dr. Sushil Jain worked tirelessly to the get UN approval. Farewell to a good Friend For the last 12 years, Kamlesh Amin served JAINA as the Executive Director. From his home in Getzville, NY, he was the voice of JAINA as he cheerfully answered all queries to the JAINA headquarters. Kamleshbhai has decided to spend his golden years in India. JAINA will miss his dedication and zeal as he enthusiastically provided courteous service to the entire Jain Community of North America. JAINA has grown considerably during his service and he deserves credit for managing the growth gracefully. We will miss him. Thanks for the memories Kamleshbhai. It will not be easy to find someone to replace you as JAINA head quarter moves to Jain Center of America (NY). Good luck and happy retirement! JAIN DIGEST. Fal 2008/3 Jain Education Intemational Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA MARCHES ON........ Dear JAINA Friend: Having served one year in my position as President of JAINA, I am writing to apprise you of where JAINA is and where we are heading. Many exciting things have happened since the 2007 JAINA Convention. I have attached a list of various achievements made possible by our volunteers during the past year. As you read about the different projects JAINA volunteers are working on, consider what the state of Jainism in North America would have been without JAINA. Think of how far we as a community have traveled since the founding of JAINA 27 years ago. We have two vibrant youth organizations, a uniform pathshala curriculum and recognition by various interfaith and humanitarian organizations. Our Conventions have been admired by Jain communities all around the world and more so for our commitment to Jain Unity. Prominent Jain organizations in India consistently seek collaboration with JAINA. Jain youths in UK and India have followed the YJA example and formed their own non sectarian youth movements. All of our accomplishments are due to hundreds of volunteers who give their time, treasures and talents in the noble cause of preserving our precious Jain heritage. They are assisted by one part time Executive Director who works from his home to manage routine office work. Most JAINA volunteers spend their own funds and never seek reimbursement from JAINA. But the volunteers can only do so much and rest of Jains need to do their part too. Let me share with you briefly how JAINA funds are collected and spent. Each JAINA committee manages its finances independently. Funds generated by any committee are used only for that specific committee purposes. General operations expenses are provided for by JAINA Gencral Fund. JAINA office expense along with one part time employee, printing and mailing of about 10.000 copies of Jain Digest every three months and all other functions of JAINA are paid from the General Fund. General Fund of JAINA is generated by donations to general fund, 3% service charges to some of the income of JAINA Committees and surplus from JAINA Conventions. Please note that convention surplus is not a dependable source of revenue as some conventions have produced a surplus, some have broken even and some have lost money. In recent years, this translates into need for $100,000 from JAINA General Fund for the routine JAINA Expenses. This deficit of roughly $100.000 every year puts a constant fund raising pressure on the Executive Committee year after year as it tries to fulfill its role. JAINA is the one and only organization representing all the Jains of North America irrespective of sect, language or place of origin. It is the largest such organization for Jains in the world. Unfortunately, for an organization of such a fine national and international reputation, JAINA does not have assured sources of funding. This lack of steady and reliable funding makes it difficult to make long term plans or to contemplate new initiatives. Successful non profit organizations produce a budget and plan their programs based on support funds that they can count upon. As a religious organization, JAINA does have limitations on receiving funds from any traditional charities or foundations. As an Umbrella organization of various Jain centers, JAINA constitution does not permit individual membership even though JAINA is for all the Jains. Our first generation of Jains, starting from scratch, built upward of 60 Jain Temples by investing almost 100 Million Dollars. For them, building Temples was a first step to establish a sense of belonging. Now the time has come for us to join hands with our second generation and build other institutions that will sustain our heritage. As we all move on with our lives we must decide on the legacy we want to leave behind. We should recognize that the next generation faces new challenges in maintaining our culture in their lives. In order to provide them best possible chance and hand them tools that can support their efforts, we need to give them a JAINA that is self sustaining. As I try to fulfill my responsibility as President of JAINA and consider new challenges ahead, I need your input. JAINA was created by Jain Centers and it is owned by Jain centers. Together we must find a way to support JAINA. JAINA Executive committee alone can not find resources to run JAINA. Let me know how to strengthen JAINA - I know I can count on you for a better future of JAINA. I strongly urge you to write to me at (Dilipvshah w or call me at (215) 561-0581 with your suggestions. Sincerely, Dilip V. Shah, President, JAINA Since 2007 JANA Convention... Jain Education Intemational 4/JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 For Private & Personal use only Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA MARCHES ON........ Since Convention 2007 • Jain Diaspora: At the 2007 Convention, JAINA initiates a . Two publishing houses invited JAINA to edit material global platform for Jains all over the world with the blessings on JAINISM before their books are published. from Dr. L M Singhvi. Tony Blair Faith Foundation: JAINA delegation is • Jain Way of Life: A handbook for compassionate, healthy invited to the inauguration of a new faith based initiative by and happy living is published by JAINA and has gone for the former Prime Minister of England. the third printing. • JAINA launches relief operation for the victims of • Mangalam a Sunday morning TV program by JAINA Cyclone Nargis in Burma. 20,000 Health kits are being started on TV ASIA. dispatched through our Indian partner "Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust". • Campus Outreach Initiative of JAINA in cooperation with YJA will help form Jain Students associations on JAINA Education Committee: E-library project added campuses to connect Jain students with each other and with 300 more Jain books to the 600 books scanned previously local Jain centers. and posted on JAINA Web site. Published a colorful book BASICS OF JAINISM by one of our youth which has been • JAINA receives UN recognition: For its humanitarian extremely well received. work, UN grants consultative status to JAINA with the Economic & Social Council. • 2009 JAINA Convention Planning for the convention in Los Angeles based on the theme of Ecology is in full force. • JAINA Liaison office in Mumbai will soon be operational • New Web Site Completely redesigned JAINA web site will be inaugurated in October. • JAINA Pilgrimage Committee organized 2008 Teerth Yatra to Jaisalmer and other Teerths of Rajasthan and Gujarat JAINA Constitution After 15 years will be revised this Planning for the next Yatra in January of 2009 to Shri Samet year by the Board of Directors. Shikharji is already under way. JAINA Calendar Committee is working hard to bring • YJA Convention in Chicago in July 2008 has been 2009 Calendar with Jain holidays. designed to entertain, educate and energize 700 of our • JAINA VRG Scholarship Committee has given 4 youngsters. scholarships this year in India for higher studies in Jainism. • JAIN Milan was held in Houston where 96 young Jains • Prominent Jain Organizations in India have requested participated in May 2008. JAINA to take lead in International initiative for restorations • The Pope Receives JAINA Delegation At a special of Jain Temples in Pakistan and elsewhere. interfaith meeting in Washington, D. C, 10 Jains were invited. A custom made Ahimsa Cube was presented to the Pope. JAIN DIGEST needs a new Editor For the past 12 years, Lataben Champsee of Toronto has served as an Editor in Chief of JAIN DIGEST. She has served as JAINA director for the past many years and presently she is a First Vice President of JAINA and also the Convener of the 2009 JAINA Convention. As she tries to fulfill various responsibilities in JAINA, she has indicated a desire to have someone else assume responsibilities of Editorship of JAIN DIGEST. JAINA had a couple of guest editors for past three years to take care of publishing Jain Digest. Our present guest editor was unable to publish the current issue. Lataben volunteered to publish the current issue and is being published under difficult time restraints. Please let me know if you or anyone you may know who can undertake the job as an Editor in Chief of Jain Digest. Please write to me at Dilipvshah@ or call at 215 561 0581 JAIN DIGEST. Fal 2008/5 Jain Education Intemational Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jaina Education Committee: JAINA Education Book Series: The JAINA Education Committee is pleased to present a set of JAINA Education books for all ages of students interested in learning Jainism. The following is the list of all Jaina Education books available in quantities. All books (except JES 922) are in English. We have categorized the available books as follow: Young Children Books High School Youths Books Books and CD for Adults Large Size Photos (18" x 24") of Five Tirthas The soft copy of the books and ordering information is available on the JAINA website material/$$$Pathashala Books/ If you have any question, please call me or send an eMail to Pathshala Education Books Series Level Age Cost Name JES-101 Level-1 05 to 09 $5.00 Jain Activity Book JES-102 Level -1 05 to 09 $5.00 Jainism l-Basics of Jainism JES-103 Level -1 05 to 09 $3.00 Jain Alphabet Book JES-104 Level -1 05 to 09 $3.00 Jain Moral Skits JES-202 Level -2 10 to 12 $6.00 Jain Story Book JES-203 Level -2 10 to 12 $6.00 First Step to Jainism JES-203Q Level -2 10 to 12 $3.00 Work Book - First Step to Jainism JES-302 Level-3 13 to 15 $4.00 Jain Philosophy and Practice 1 JES-401 Level -4 16 up $8.00 Jain Philosophy and Practice II Reference Literature JES 901 $1.00 Jainism Religion of Compassion and Ecology JES 911 $1.00 Essence of World Religions JES 921 $1.00 The Book of Compassion (English JES 922 $1.00 The Book of Compassion (Gujarati) Printed JES 931 $1.00 English Pratikraman JAINA Education CD DVD $5.00 JAINA E-Library 2DVDs 600 pdf books 72 DPI Resolution CD English Pratikraman Book It is our humble attempt to bring together a simple Pratikraman ritual for the English speaking youth and adult community of North America and other countries. In this ritual, we have maintained the traditional flavor of original sutras along with their essence and meaning. The English Pratikraman Book includes the sutras from various Shvetämbar traditions. The meaning of each Pratikramana Sutras is explained in simple English, which covers six 6 JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 Jain Education Intemational Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ essentials. This way English speaking youth can perform this ritual with proper understanding. The following link to Jaina website has pdf file of English Pratikraman. education material/SSSPathashalaBooks/ You can buy the Pratikraman book Cost is $1.00 per book + postage ($2.00 +0.50 per book). Just send an e-mail to education ( with your postal address and telephone and we will mail it as soon as possible. Please send your check to Jaina Education Committee after you receive the book. This year we have sold more than 1500 copies of this book. The youth from many Jain centers used this book to perform their annual religious obligation. Please provide any suggestions you may have with regards to this book. Jaina Education E-Library Project The project was initiated about a year ago. During this time we have scanned more than 700 books (High resolution images) consisting of 200,000 pages of the ancient and modern Jain literature in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. In addition we have received 600 scanned books (Low resolution images) from Digambar Achärya Suvidhi Sägarji Mahäräj. We are in process of compiling this data in a usable form on our website. However as a temporary solution, we have created a temporary website (do not type www in the front) and uploaded many of these books using the following classifications JAINA Education Päthashälä & Reference Books HR Ancient Books 600+ächärya Suvidhi Sägarji LRPunyavijayji and Jambuvijayji Edited Books HR Jain Ägams 32 Madhukarmuni Edit Rajasthan HR Präkrit Society Publications of Ancient Books HR Shrimad Räjchandra related Literature HR Pujya Kanji Swami Songadh Literature HRMuni Shri Santbäl related Literature HRAncient Miscellaneous Books HR Veeräyatan-Upädhyäy Amarmuni Literature HR Pundit Dhirajlal Mehta Publications HR Note HR = High resolution images, LR = Low resolution images There are a total of 900 books that exist in the above website. They are in pdf format. The file size of some of the books is very high (40 to 50 MB). Please do not open the pdf book on the website. First select the book and download the book in your local computer and then open to read it. You need acrobat reader to read the pdf formatted book. Financial Support The eLibrary project will preserve, protect, and disseminate our literature to any individual or institutes freely. So far education committee has spent $20,000 and now onwards the Committee will spend $25000 per year. Our target is to spend $100,000 on this project within the next three to four years. This service is totally free to the end users. Please support financially the Jaina Education and eLibrary projects. As of June 21, 2008 the JAINA education committee has a balance of $10,709. Please send your contribution to: Federationa of Jaina Education Committee 509 Carriage Woods Circle, Raleigh, NC 27607 USA Tele 919 859 4994 509 Please do not send your contribution directly to the Jaina headquarters. After proper recording, your contribution is sent to the Jaina treasurer. JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008/7 Jain Education Intemational Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Interfaith Committee News: On behalf of the Interfaith Committee, Anop Vora made a presentation to the JAINA EC on August 25, 2008 about sending a delegation to the interfaith event being organized by the Council of Parliament of World's Religions (CPWR) in Australia in December of 2009. The Parliament has been organizing major interfaith events that are of global and historical significance for many decades. The very first one was held in 1893 and became very well known especially in India because of the well publicized participation of Swami Vivekanand and of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi. This was followed by a similar event in Chicago in 1993 and in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999 where Jains Participated but in small numbers. The last event was in Barcelona in 2004 and was attended under JAINA banner by a delegation of about 20 prominent Jains. It was comprised of monks, nuns, scholars, JAINA leaders and committee chairs and others from USA, UK, and India, coordinated by Naresh Jain and Hema Pokharna. This was a huge success in terms of making Jainism more visible to the outside world. After the horrific episode that took place on 9/11, interfaith movement has gained a new momentum and entered into a new era. People all over the world have started opening up. The main stream America has also started realizing the importance of knowing the people, religions, cultures and values of other lands. This receptivity and openness have created a very favorable environment for sharing Jain principles and practices with the world. JAINA being the large, non sectarian organization representing our community across the globe, we have a special responsibility to promote our heritage of nonviolence and compassion and bring JAINISM to the forefront on the world platform and offer it as an option for the present day distress the world is facing. The next Parliament event in 2009 is projected to bring in at least 10,000 people and expected to be attended by high level spiritual/religious people from all over the world. Dalai Lama has already accepted the invitation. Several other celebrity invitations are in the works. Australian government is supporting it with full gusto and enthusiasm. Interestingly the theme of the conference "Hearing each other and Healing the Earth" is very much in harmony with Jain principles. In all, this is going to be a mega interreligious event Jain community must participate in actively. JAINA must strive to get Jains in larger numbers to share and showcase our principles, culture, people and practices on global platform. JAINA E.C. was very supportive of this proposal and is planning to discuss further how best we make our participation most effective. The current plan is to form a global delegation by inviting prominent Jains from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe including England, India, Africa, Singapore and other countries and represent our community at the 2009 parliament event. If you wish to participate in this exciting event financially or otherwise, please contact Anop Vora at 585-473-9290 or Naresh Jain at (201) 933-8963. JAINA HEADQUARTERS MOVES TO NEW YORK Jain Center of America (JCA) is the new home of JAINA. Please note the address: 43-11 Ithaca Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373 Telephone: (718) 208-4435 e-mail Jain Education Intemational 8/JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jaina Yatra 2009 Shree Samet Sikharji and other tirths in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh January 20 February 5, 2009 JAINA is planning a 16 nights/17 days Yatra to Shree Samet Shikharji and many other tirthdhams of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in 2009. Our itinerary will include Kolkatta, Sikharji, Rujuvalika, Veerayatan (Rajgruhi), Pavapuri, Varanasi, Ayodhya, Agra, Hastinapur and New Delhi. The yatra will start on Tuesday January 20, 2009 in Kolkatta and will end on Thursday February 5, 2009 in New Delhi. The mode of transportation from Kolkatta to New Delhi will be by bus or train depending on the distances to be covered. The roads in some of the areas in Bihar are primitive and will be challenging for bus travel. Accommodations during the yatra will be in good western style hotels as well as Dharmashalas. Yatris will need to make their own travel arrangements to and from India and also to Kolkatta (for the start of the yatra) and from New Delhi (at the end of the yatra). The estimated cost per yatri is $1200. The breakdown of the cost is as follows: $1050 Ground package* based on double occupancy (Two persons per room) $50 JAINA Administrative fees $100 Donations to various tirthdhams *Ground package includes all bus/train travel from Kolkatta to New Delhi, all accommodations and all meals. A registration form is included with this announcement. It will also be posted on JAINA website For more information, please contact: Yatri's Name 1. 2. 3. Address: Please mail completed form with a check for $1200/person (Made payable to JAINA Yatra - 2009) at the followed address: Vastupal B Shah, 43279 Tuscany Dr. Sterling Heights, MI 48314 Email 2009 JAINA YATRA Total number of yatris Signature JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008/9 Jain Education Intemational x $1200 = $ Vastupal Shah Chairman, JAINA Pilgrimage Committee, 586-323-2015 (Home) 810-241-0312 (Cell) Phone Registration Form A check for $ (R) (cell) Age is attached Date (w) Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Bhoomi Poojan of Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham by Urmi Mehta The time ticks and the moment arrives, and the divine designs bloom, thus making history — Bhoomi Poojan (Ground-breaking ceremony) of Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham at Sunbright, Tennessee, USA. Located in the picturesque surroundings of Tennessee with hills and dales, rocks and valleys, forest and trees, Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham is a project awaited, expected and urged by many people for a long time in the United States. Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham will be and institute where everyone will experience peace and bliss every moment. A pristine location with a flowing creek and ponds was selected as the site of a retirement and vacation resort on a sprawling 560 acres of land in the vicinity of Sunbright village, between Knoxville and Nashville. The area is known for its moderate temperature and unspoiled wilderness. The Smoky Mountains and Mammoth Cave National Park are unique nearby attractions. Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham is a concept of holistic living wherein the way of life is a manifestation of inner peace, bliss and tranquility. Based upon the Jain principles of non-violence and vegetarianism, as taught by Bhagvan Mahaveer, the resort community will be a gathering of like-minded individuals of all ages. The profound natural beauty at the site in Tennessee will not only provide solace to body, mind and spirit but also enable the seeker to awaken the spark of divinity within. This is a resort for all ages. Beautiful homes will be enhanced by the community infrastructure which will include religious facilities such as temple, discourse hall, prayer hall, museum, publication unit, spiritual and cultural center. The resort community will also have amenities such as walking and jogging trails, a fitness center, shopping mall, business center, yoga club, community hall, library and dining hall. In all, the magnificent 560 acres will be an ideal community emphasizing peace and harmony. You are all invited to enroll and choose your own home in this unique retirement and vacation resort along with other like-minded people. In July 2007. Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji envisioned the establishment of Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham in America. Inspired by the vision of Shri Chandanaji, Dr. Harsha and Mr. Vikram Mehta undertook the uphill task, utilized their own resources and dedicated themselves unconditionally to the project. All the formalities for the acquisition of land were fulfilled and the land was acquired with complete legal documentation within one year. On the auspicious date of August 16th 2008. Bhoomi Poojan was performed under the holy presence and guidance of Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji. the embodiment of love. purity and spirituality. The Bhoomi Poojan began with prayers by Sadhvi Shri Shubhamji, followed by rituals and blessings by Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji. The program was attended by distinguished guests, patrons, well-wishers and dignitaries from various parts of the United States. Some of the special attendees were: State Senator Tommy Kilby, County Administrator Becky Ruppe, the City Council Person, members of the Sunbright Utility Board. Dr. Mahesh and Mrs. Pramila Shah from Maryland. Drs. Mahendra and Chandra Varia from Kentucky, and the Project Developers Dr. Harsha and Mr. Vikram Mehta, their daughter and son-in-law. Ms. Amee Mehta and Mr. Ted McCaughan, and their granddaughter, Asha McCaughan, all from Chicago. During the ceremony, special thanks were given to Dr. Harsha and Mr. Vikram Mehta by Mr. Deepak and Mrs. Sampurna Shah of Atlanta for their relentless efforts in the execution of a project of such magnitude in the short span of nine months. They specifically mentioned that such dedication is a model to be emulated. With his personable style. Mr. Mehta gained the support of local people. In fact, his hard work and constant motivation are inspiring in their own right. Mr. Vikram Mehta expressed his gratitude and informed those present that the concept of Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham, as visualized by Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji, will begin to be transformed into reality with engineering of the resort's layout and finalization of floorplans within one week's time. He is hopeful that the project will progress at a rate such that Paryushan Parva of 2009 may be held at the resort. More information regarding this celebration will be forthcoming and will be available on the website. A ccraat:111.nct. Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham has generated a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, joy and the full-hearted participation of members of the Veerayatan International family. Hundreds of emails and phone calls of support and good wishes continue to pour in. Countless words of congratulations and appreciation were conveyed at the ceremony, yet Mr. Mehta maintained his usual modesty and emphatically expressed that Veerayatan Sarvoday Tirtham is but a divine grace of Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji. 10/JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 Jain Education Intemational Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Center and You Ramesh Doshi Did I raise your interest? Hope you will slow-walk with me to the end of this page! We all have an expert opinion about what is wrong with our Jain Center the way it is organized, the way it operates, and more importantly, the way it is managed. Most of us are convinced that we know a better way to organize, operate and manage our center more efficiently and competently. And yet, how many of us have shown the courage and conviction to join the Executive Committee (EC) and/or the Board of Directors (BOD) and lead the center? Unfortunately, not many and the reasons are varied: Some of us stay away from being a member of EC or BOD even when we know we have the people and manageria! skills Jain Center badly needs in order to excel. Our reasons may be: •Staying away from politics? Sure, there is politics, but it is not the bad kind! People just have different opinions, and they are passionate about them some more than others!! At the end of the day, there may be Mut-bhed' (difference of opinion) not 'Mun-bhed' (being personally at odds with each other). Donation alone does not cut it. We may be thinking only money gets the most respect. Maybe true, but perspiration will get us at least some respect with others, and most importantly, it will get us the utmost respect with our inner selves and with the people near and dear to us who know what we have done selflessly. Is that not worth something? Maybe a lot?! Do not want to fight an election? I cannot blame you. However, with this thinking Jain Center does not get good people who shy away from an election. Do you not think some times we have to take personal risk in order to do the right thing for our Jain Center? Election does not have to be dirty! Just state our skills and willingness, and let people decide. Not elected? So what have we lost? We would have gained self respect if we did it with our principles inline with the Jain Way of Life. Let's assume we are in the EC or BOD. Now what? •Full of ideas of corporate efficiency?! The three-hour meeting should have been only two-hour? Agreed, but wake-up! We do not have hiring/firing authority, Jain Center does not pay salary to our fellow committee siblings, and people including you and me have egos! People skills are of the utmost importance here for conducting efficient meetings without upsetting people. It is a fine line it is a compromise a little 'waste of time listening to someone's repeat ideas is much better than the PR nightmare our leaders will have to go through later in order to make sure our Jain Center does not suffer! •Staying late at the center can be a burden for us and our family, but meetings are usually once a month excepting special events like Pratishtha. Do we not stay up late once in a while to watch a movie or shooting the breeze with our friends?! There are so many issues that need our attention where do we stop?!! Are we going to get in the habit of coming to the meetings unprepared? Now, that wastes a lot of time in meetings to bring us up to speed; and worse, if we have already staked our position without enough information or due thinking, it takes even more time to reverse our position we all have egos!! What? We did not get the well deserved recognition for what we did for our Jain Center?! Or worse, someone else got recognized for our hard work?!! Should not happen, but sometimes it does a downer, for sure! Jain Way of Life is our rescue here what seems unfair may really be fair if we knew of our baggage from the past lives! We, Jains, do thoughtful actions, leaving fruits to the Karmic theory! Please come forward; risk it if you have to be proactive, take it to greater heights after all it is OUR organization! Ramesh Doshi is the President of Anekant Community Center and a past President of the Jain Center of Southern California. He can be contacted at RC Doshi walem . JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008/11 Jain Education Intemational Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Regional News: Paryushan Parva in Pittsburgh The Jain Community of Greater Pittsburgh celebrated the most auspicious Paryushan Parva and Das Laxana from August 27 to September 14. Pujya Pramodaben Chitrabhanu from Jain Meditation International Center, New York gave discourses from August 26 to September 3 and talked about five duties of Jains namely A-mari Pravartan (Ahimsa), Sadharmik Vatsalya. Kshamapana, Tapa and Chaitya Paripathi (Tirth Yatra). She also talked about Bhagvan Mahavir's teachings of Ahimsa, Compassion for all forms of life, Anekantvad (multiplicity of views), Karmavad, and Aparigrah (Nonpossesiveness). Discourse on Bhagwan Mahavir's teachings was also attended by about 15 American friends of Pramodaben and Gurudev Chitrabhanu. We saw a video of cruel treatment of cows in India taken by PETA. Pramodaben wanted to convey the message that we should try to give up milk and other dairy products and become vegan. Shwetamber Jains celebrated Paryushan from August 27 to September 3. In addition to daily group Puja, Swadhyaya and Pratikraman, Swapna Darshan and Bhagwan Mahavir's Janma Vanchan was performed on 5th day and the Samvatsari Pratikram on the last day of Paryushan. After Samvatsari Pratikraman, everyone asked for and granted each other forgiveness by saying "Michchhami Dukkadam", which means please forgive me and I also forgive you if we have hurt each other by our thoughts, speech or action. Swapna Darshan and Mahavir's Janma Vanchan was attended by approximately 200 people and was followed by Sadharmik Vatsalya. Digamber Jains celebrated Das Laxana from September 4 to 14 by observing ten virtues of soul namely Kshama, Mardav (humility), Aarjava (straight forwardness), Shauch (contentment), Satya, Sanyam, Tapa, Tyag, Brahmacharya, and Akinchanya (Aparigraha). In addition to Das Laxan and Anant Chaudas group pujas, Kshamavaani puja was preformed on September 20. After the Puja they asked for and granted each other forgiveness. It was a very joyous and enlightening experience during the entire Paryushan and Das Laxana Parva. Our Sangh also did Panch Tirth Yatra from May 02 to May 04, 2008 by visiting Detroit, and East Lansing, MI and Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio temples. Sangh was well received by Jain community of all five cities. The Panch Tirth Yatra was a great success and Detroit and Columbus Sangh are planning a visit to Pittsburgh Temple in the near future. Jain Society of Pittsburgh elected the following new committee in June 2008 for a period of 2 years. President - Anil Parikh, Vice President - Harshad Mehta, Secretary Ketan Shah, Treasurer Mahendra Gajarawala, Members Dipen Shah, Chandrakant Shah and Mira shah, Immediate Past President Bhupendra kamdar. 12 / JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 in Eu ntematonal Fer Private Pe Use Only Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NEWS and EVENTS: Jain Munishree Lokprakash Lokesh with 'KEY TO THE CITY' Mayor of Milpitas organized a Welcome Function to honor Munishree Lokesh in the City of Milpitas, California, City Hall. Mayor Joe welcomed Munishree Lokeshji as an Ambassador of peace, Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Spiritual leader dedicated to Human welfare. The Mayor called upon the political and the religious leaders and NGO's to come forward to check the violence, terrorism and strengthen the unity of mind. He was addressing a peace march led by Munishree Lokeshji, Coordinator National Integration Committee. The Mayor appreciated Peace march and said Peace march is not only the ideal for India but it inspires the whole Society and world. The march led by Munishree Lokeshji plays a great role in establishing peace and Harmony in the Society. Mayor Joe Esteves and Council Members presented Munishree with highest honor of the City and presented him with 'Key to City'. Munishree Lokeshji -founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, addressed the assembly and said all the Dharm gurus should sit together to find ways and means to propagate peace and human brotherhood and greater interaction between politicians ,bureaucrats and civil society. Munishree thanked the assembly and invited the council to visit Jain Temple and Jain Ashram in India. The Council Members present were Mayor - Joe Esteves, Bob Livengood, Vice Mayor, Althea Polanski, Council Member, Armando Gome Council Member, Michael J.Ogaz City Attorney and Thomas Williams, City Manager. The Senior Leaders of Jain Center of Milpitas , Prem Jain, Girish Shah, Praveen Jain and Ajay Bhutoria from Fremont Hindu Temple were also present on the occasion The Program was telecast Live on Sanfransico Local city channel. Mayor was highly impressed and moved by the words of Lokesh Munishree. Later in the evening, Mayor visited the Jain Temple in Milpitas and presented Munishree with City Commendation in front of around 800 Jains gathered on the occasion. JAINA JAIN PRAYER IN OHIO SENATE HEADQUARTERS MOVES TO NEW YORK Jain Center of America (JCA) is the new home of JAINA. Please note the address: A Jain prayer of peace and forgiveness has been scheduled on Friday, September 19, 2008 at 2:00 PM in the minority caucus room, second floor, Senate building of the Ohio Statehouse. The prayer has been sponsored by Ohio Senate Democratic leader Honorable Senator Ray Miller. This program has been organized as an on going celebration of ancient Jain art exhibition at James A. Rhodes State office Tower and annual celebration of days of reflection and forgiveness. The prayer will be officiated by His Holiness Sri Devendrakeerty Bhattarak Swamiji of Sri Hombuja Jain Math, Karnataka- India. This is a very proud and history making moment for all Jains in North America and particularly of Ohio. We want you to be part of this celebration. For further information please contact the former president of JAINA, Dr. Tansukh Salgia at 740-9652627 or e-mail him at: He is the coordinator for this event. JAIN DIGEST-Fall 2008 / 13 For Private 43-11 Ithaca Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373 Telephone: (718) 208-4435 e-mail Personal use only www . Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SAMYAG DARSHAN Many of us who have been brought up in the Jain tradition have heard the term "Samyag Darshan (Right Perception)" or its equivalent quite often while listening to the monks or to our parents, or while reciting prayers or hymns or while reading the religious books. They all contain one central message: Until we succeed in acquiring the virtuous state called "Samyag Darshan", there can be no liberation. In this article, I would like to discuss this unique Jain concept by answering questions such as: What is it? Why is it so important? What is the process of acquiring it? How do we know whether we have acquired it? If we have acquired it, how do we maintain and reinforce it? How does it relate to the 14 stages of spiritual elevation (gunsthanaks) outlined in Jain scriptures? Dansan Moolo Dhammo.... Samyagdarshanjnänchariträni Mokshamärgah. Tattvärthshraddhanam Samyagdarshanam..... Tuh Sammatte Laddhe.....Jiva Ayayamaram Thanam......... Uvasaggaharam Suttam Judging from the width and depth of thought that has been given to the subject of Samyag Darshan by Jain seers over many centuries, it is clear that they have held it in high esteem and treated it as the most important goal of human life. They have asserted very emphatically that since Samyag Darshan puts the soul on the path of liberation for the first time, it must be looked upon as a very valuable spiritual achievement. Because of its very high significance, they have described Samyag Darshan in metaphors such as dawn before sunrise, lightening, sudden glimpse of self realization, swift flash of insight, spiritual awakening etc. and regarded it as an indicator of inner spiritual transformation. They have said that without its presence, scriptural knowledge remains merely the information in one's memory bank; neither does this knowledge nor conduct transform into the instruments of liberation. With Samyag Darshan, knowledge becomes Samyag Jnän (Right Knowledge) leading eventually to Samyag Chäritra (Right Conduct) and finally to liberation. Meaning: Samyag Darshan (synonymous with Samkit, Samyaktva, Bodhi, Samyag Drusti etc) is described as the total faith in the teachings of Tirthankaras and in the truth explained by them about the soul and the laws Jain Education Intemational Anop R. Vora, Rochester, NY ..Lord Mahavir ....Umaswati Umaswati governing it. Samyag Darshan also means having right perception/vision of these core tenets and genuine interest in them. At the very simplest level, it means having an insight as well as conviction to recognize "truth as truth and untruth as untruth" regarding the soul and body and their true nature. Studying the scriptures, performing rituals, and listening to the sermons are useful steps to get to the initial stage of Samyag Darshan but not sufficient. Until we have clarity about the fundamental truths and unwavering faith in what was enunciated by Jain seers, our scriptural knowledge and other religious activities provide only a limited benefit. Once the truth is known, the vision is clear and the conviction is there, other things start falling in place. Perhaps this can be better understood through the example of a potter who has a diamond in his possession but is unaware of its worth because he is regarding it as just a stone. When he finds out the truth about what he has, its nature and value, and believes in it, his behavior and his actions change naturally and for good. In other words, once his vision and his belief are straight and he has realized the true value, he starts doing the right things. In the same manner, once Samyag Drashti is obtained, one becomes clear about his goal or focus in life (dhyeya) and then the right conduct falls in place. The clarity of "What" leads to the knowledge of "How" which in turn leads to the "right actions". Stage before Samyag Darshan: The stage before the onset of Samyag Darshan is defined as Mithyatva (first gunsthanak). This stage is considered as one of darkness, soul being under the dark cloud of Darshan Mohaniya (perception eluding) karma. Under its influence, the soul remains spiritually ignorant, possesses wrong beliefs about the reality and lacks a sense of discrimination. He may be knowledgeable but acts with a distorted vision. His thoughts and actions are permeated with attachment and aversion (Rag and Dvesh) most of 14/JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ the time. The resulting emotions of anger, arrogance, further. Brighter this light, faster one ascends spiritually. deception, greed, etc. keep adding additional layers of this light of Samyag Darshan has been classified in 3 karmic particles on the soul. Under this condition, the states: (1) Aupashamik Samyaktva (2) Kshäyopashamik knowledge acquired or religious activities such as temple Samyaktva (3) Kshayik Samyaktva. When the soul worship, rituals, charity, fasting etc. performed remain at suppresses his mohaniya Karmas but does not destroy the superficial level and does not contribute much to the them, he is considered to have acquired Aupashamik spiritual advancement. Unfortunately, most of the human Samyaktva, meaning he has been able to change his souls remain in this stage during their entire life span external behavior but he is on a shaky ground because the without being even aware of their deluded condition. Mohaniya Karmas are still dormant and could over-power Journey from Mithyatva (First Gunsthanak) to Samvay him at any time and slide him back. Darshan (Fourth Gunsthanak) Kshayik Samyaktva at the other end of the spectrum At the very early stage, humility, open mindedness -only possible in human life-represents a state of soul and receptivity to religious concepts are a must. Deep where the Darshan Mohaniya Karmas are totally destroyed respect and faith in the preacher as well as his message, and the soul moves faster towards the goal of reaching and overcoming infinitely lasting emotions/defilements the emancipation (121h Gunsthanak). According to Jain (Anantänubandhi Kashäyas) are also other required scriptures, King Shr scriptures, King Shrenik had achieved Kshayik Samyaktva prerequisites. Without these ingredients, no spark can during his life time. He is destined to be one of the ignite. Taking the example of Naysar, we can observe that tirthankaras in the future era, after destroying his remaining being a son of a wood cutter, in all probability he did not karmic particles. The 2 state-Kshayopashamik is a mixed have much scriptural knowledge at his first encounter with and wavering state, falling somewhere in the middle of the the wandering Jain monks but must have possessed these spectrum. At the 4th gunsthanak the soul could be in any important virtues- most likely as a result of his spiritual of the first two states (rarely in the third state)-alternating progress in the previous lives. He displayed profound od back and forth for many years and then either moving up humility and respect towards the monks, listened to their the spiritual ladder or falling back to the first gunsthanak sermon with a pure heart, experienced an inner change and depending upon his will power and motivation. the lightening of Samyag Darshan struck-the lightening When a person starts making spiritual progress in that guided him until he became Lord Mahavir after only the 4th stage, his behavior patterns show a remarkable 26 more births. His innocence and pure feelings (Bhava's) change. He starts differentiating between body and soul proved to be an excellent fertile ground for the spiritual (iva and ajiva), becoming more introspective, staying seed only to blossom into a full blown tree in Mahavir's close to his true self, showing deep interest in the spiritual life. Although he did not realize the full potential until matters, and begins acquiring more knowledge. As he he became Mahavir, his first step was a turning point. ponders over the newly acquired knowledge, he changes Naysar's example proves that even when one gets a his priorities, becomes detached from the superficial glimpse of Samyag Darshan for a short duration, he starts worldly life and begins moving away from it. He starts the beginning of an end of the journey from that auspicious developing equanimity and stops reacting to the pleasant moment. as well as unpleasant situations. He becomes a different Samvag Darshan is the beginning of spiritual person because he lives like a lotus-staying in the world awakening but achieving liberation is a long drawn out but untouched by its dirty aspects. process for most souls and requires Samyag Darshan and Jain masters have said that the person who possesses Samyag Jnän to be implemented into Samyag Charitra in Samyaktva will exhibit the following attributes (virtues) the a perfect form. Even after the lightening strikes, the soul degree of which will depend upon his spiritual progress: goes through twists and turns along the way, advancing a. Upsham: Lessened intensity of the destructive sometimes and retracting at other times. The soul may emotions of anger, arrogance, deception, greed and related ascend spiritually from the first to the fourth gunasthank other passions. AND development of divine virtues but may fall back. The soul loops around under the primary such as forgiveness, humility, honesty, & contentment, influence of Mithyatva Moyaniya Karmas for many births equanimity (subdued reactions to life's problems), pe but the power of Samyag Darshan-acquired earlier and his and tranquility. own self efforts-eventually propel him into the fourth stage of self realization for further progress. b. Samveg: Total focus on achieving liberation (Moksha) and detachment from the worldly matters. In the 4th gunsthanakalso called Avirat Samkit, as the grip of Darshan Mohaniya Karmas loosens, the light of c.Nirveg: Disinterest in worldly affairs, genuine Samyag Darshan gets brighter and consciousness unfolds interest to escape the cycle of death and birth, meditative JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008/15 Jain Education Intemational Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ mood, self absorption. d. Anukampa: Compassion towards all living beings, treating every one with respect, always thinking well of others, charity work (Dravya Daya) as well engaging in activities designed to show the path of religion to the people who are not on that path (Bhav Daya). c.Astha (Astikya): Total and unwavering faith in the teachings of Tirthankaras. Always believing that Tirthankaras who acquired perfect knowledge (Keval Jnän) had no reason to misguide or preach the wrong path. Their only motive was to guide the souls towards the path of emancipation by sharing their knowledge and experience. Two important points are worth noting: 1. The sequence shown above is in the order of importance. These virtues in reality are developed in the opposite order. This means the starting point is Astha -the total faith in the teachings of tirthankars and the ending point is Upsham. 2. The person with Samyag Darshan exhibits the above virtues-implying that Samyag Darshan is the cause and virtues are the effect. But the reverse is also true! The efforts to develop the above virtues could also result in one acquiring Samyag Darshan. These virtues do not manifest in their highest form until one achieves Keval Jnän. The important point to remember is that what is needed is just a humble beginning with Astha with the right attitude. Using this strong foundation as a spring board, one moves up as he perfects the other steps. Steps to maintain Samyag Darshan Jain masters have identified several ways to maintain and reinforce the virtuous state of Samyag Darshan. They have advised to resolve doubts in the teachings of Tirthanakaras soon after they arise and never to retain them. They have further recommended to stick to one's own religion and use interfaith exposure only to strengthen one's own faith, avoid suspicion in the outcome of one's efforts, and suggested not praising any Mithyatvi in public thus- albeit unintentionally- promoting his deluded path of liberation. To reinforce Samyag Darshan, Jain sages have recommended continual self study and contemplation, participating in the religious rituals, staying in touch with monks, nuns, scholars and the like minded community members. They have also asked them to use their wealth and talents to help the Jain community and promote JAINISM actively in the public at large. Practical Suggestions to start the process Jain Education Intemational Since total faith in the teachings of Tirthankaras is the first critical step for Samyag Darshan and since Tatvarth Sutra and Theory of Karmas contain the core teachings, it may be a good idea for us to start with a few very simple books on these two topics. We need to focus on the parts we can relate to in every day life and skip the parts that are difficult to comprehend in the first go around. We need to look at the real message instead of getting bogged down into the details. Most importantly, we need to contemplate on the material learned and try to integrate it with day to day life. If we put our heart and soul into the above steps and do so every day for a long time, our life will change and hopefully the lightening will strike one day! Conclusion: Through this article, I have made a humble attempt to address just the overall concept of Samyag Darshan and hope it inspires the readers to pursue further and study it in more details. There is a vast amount of knowledge available on each and every aspect of Samyag Darshan. It is possible that we may not be able to comprehend fully and/or achieve Samyag Darshan during this life time. But this should not discourage us from making a beginning. More we dig in, more enlightened we will become. The good news is that the time spent on this critical issue will never be a loss because the understanding we develop in this life will stay with us in the next life and beyond. Another important point to remember is that to achieve the level of Samyag Darshan expected at the 4th gunsthanak, we do not have to have an in depth knowledge of scriptures, nor does it require a full compliance with the canonical rules of living a moral and ethical life. But it does require a total faith in the basic teachings and a dramatic shift in our thought process and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are important because they eventually lead to attitudes, attitudes become beliefs, and beliefs become the basis and documented this process in minute details and we for actions. Fortunately, the Jain sages have discovered are fortunate that they have shared with us their process knowledge which offers hope and promise for us all. (This article reflects my current understanding of Samyag Darshan based upon interpretation of the material listed below and a review by a few Jain scholars. Please read it a few times and study it critically to get the most benefit. Although I have spent a fair amount of time in preparing it, I do recognize the limitations of my own comprehension as well as the limitations of language. Please contact me at if you have suggestions for improvement.) References for samyag Darshan article 16/JAIN DIGEST⚫ Fall 2008 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ In Gujarati In English 1.Samyag Darshan by Kirtiyash Vijayji Ganivar (Disciple Tatvarth Sutra by Manubhai Doshi of Ramchandra Suriji Maharaj) 2.Karma- The Mechanism & The Key to the Center of the 2. Samkit na Sadsath Bol ni Sajjay-Composed by Yashovijayji Universe (A two volume set) by Herman Kuhn Maharaj and translated by Dhirajbhai Pandit 3.Alma Darshan by Atamanandji Maharaj 3.Karma Vipak by Dhirajbhai Pandit 4.Samyag Darshan: Right Belief by Dr. Sushma Singhvi (Fourth International Summer School for Jain Studies notes) CAMPUS OUTREACH INITIATIVE Students living away from their homes in college campuses often are disconnected from the Jain community in their new college town. Goal of Campus Outreach Committee is to connect Jain students with local Jain community in their new college towns and guide formation of Jain Club on Campus such as a template for Constitution etc.. Examples of proposed programs for college students at local Jain Sangh are: • Special poojas • Yoga classes • On-campus lectures Rides to the local Jain Sangh activities Seva during Paryushan and other auspicious days At YJA 2008 Convention in Chicago, more than 130 students registered from all over North America. We conducted two sessions during the YJA with overwhelming attendance. Photos of YJA Sessions are at We are currently working with President of each Jain Sangh to identify a local co-ordinator to support this program. Here is how you can help: If you or your child is a student in a college, please register him/her at http://www. Please contact Ashok Domadia, Chairman, at 510-979-9312 or at adomadia a if you have any questions. Committee: Ashok Domadia, Sandip Shah, Vipul Shah, Minal Shah, Sonia Ghelani, Dr. Mamta Shah, Sunil Jain, Harshad Varia MATRIMONIALS- Male (cont.from pg. 24) M00300708: Jain parents invite proposals with photo and bio- M00320708: 42 vear old divorcee, 5'8", medium built, data for handsome, vegetarian, US citizen son, born Oct 1981, vegetarian, non-drinker, believes in Jain values. Degree 5'8". well-employed as computer architect in a multi-national in business, working for a marketing firm. No health company from cultured, vegetarian girls. Call: 516-765-7952 problems. Looking for a girl who has no desire for or email: deshna 24 children. Call: 248-661-4250 M00310708: Physician parents invite proposals with M00330708: Correspondence invited for handsome boy, from pretty, educated girls with bio-data and photos for born and raised in India, born June 1981, 5'5", 140 lbs., handsome, talented, vegetarian, practicing ER physician B.S. (Computer Into. Sys.) formvegetraian well educated son in Washington, D.C., born June 1975, 5'8", 145 lbs. girls. Call: 714-685-7633 or email: kimeshu call: 301-983-8597 or email: drdematcha M00000908:Gujarati parents invite responses with photoM00000908: Gujarati parents invite proposals for biodata for vegetarian non-smoker U.S. born son, April handsome, successful vegetarian non-smoker son, Jul 75,5'6"150 lb. practicing Cardiology in Florida, from cul82, 5'11", 165 lbs, BS (Finance/Acctg), well employed tured educated jain girls. 410-771-0251/216-408-1628 as Financial Analyst in Top 5 Financial firm in New York, from cultured vegetarian girls. Ph: 718/343-0566, JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008/17 Jain Education Intemational Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Paryushana and Das Laxana Parva Jains around the world celebrate Paryushana and Das Laxana Parva every year. The span of the period is during August September, during which time there is heavy monsoon. The monks would like to stay one place to avoid hurting small insects during rainy season. They give Pravachanas to strengthen the belief propagate knowledge and help purify conduct of the listeners. Eight days of Paryushana starts on 12" day of Shukla Bhadrapad and ends on 4" day of Krishna phase of Bhadrapad (and some times on panchami of Bhadrapad when Chaturthi and Panchami combines) During Paryushana Kalpa Sutra is read in the morning. Kalpa Sutra is one of the oldest scriptures describing the life of Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami. It depicts the coming of in human life (Garbh), birth, and life of Bhagwaan. The scripture also tells about Lord Parshvanath, Neminath, Rishabnath, and all other Thirthanakars. The story of past life of Lord Mahaveer is read with great respect. In the evening Samayik and Pratikraman is done and monks/scholars give Pravachanas to the audience. Fasting is done as much as possible including children. Usually on Sunday Bhagwan's Janma Divas is celebrated with great vigor. Eighth day Samvatsari Pratikraman is done to ask forgiveness from all living beings in the universe. The Pratikraman has recitation of Navkaar Mantra (vanadan of Arihants, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyaya, and Saints) and Logassa (Vanadan of 24 Tirthanakaras) done repeatedly. Navkaar Mantra is called Beej Mantra of all fourteen Purvas. It brings highest quality to a person because bowing down to highest level without any bias or name. Logassa, Navkaar recital, and repentance, also called Chaturvishtistva, Vanadan, and Pratikraman respectively are part of six necessary and required conduct of Jains. Recitation of 160 Navkaar Mantra or 40 Logassa is done by all, sitting in Samvatsari Pratikraman. Next day Parna is done by all who have been fasting. At the end of Paryushana everyone feels more purified due to fasting, keeping vows and listening to scriptures. During Das Laxan Parva lasting for ten days starting on Bhadrapad Panchami (usually next day or same day of end of Paryushana), people do fasting, listening to Pravachanas each day for one Dharma, and do Samayik. It is said that on this Panchami the cycle of Ulsarpani starts ending the Avsarpani period which in the end persisted for 49 days of terrible disasters (in which everything is destroyed by wind, fire, rain, also called Pralay). On Dasvi it is called Dhoop Dasam; people go to temple and light up Dhoop. (incensc). Dhoop describes the burning of Karmas. Last day of Das Laxana ends on Chaturdarshi (called Anant Chaturdarshi) with fasting and Pratikraman. Ten Dharma are part of Samvar (stoppage of incoming Karma), and Nirjara (Annihilation of Karmas). We will use following sequence from Tattvartha Sutra leading to Das Laxana (Ten Dharma): 1. Samyaka Darshana Gyana Charitrani Moksha karma is Samvar and it is done through observance of three Marga: Right belief, right knowledge and right conduct Guptis, five Samitis, Ten Dharma, twelve Anuprekhsa, are the path of Moksha. victory over twenty two Parishah, and five Charitra. 2. Tatvartha Shraddhanam Samyak Darshnam: Belief 7. Uttam Khsamamardava arjava shochsatya in Tattva is Samyak Darshana. sayyam tap tyagak inchanb ramhcharyan hidharma: 3. Jlvajivasravbandhsamvarnirjaramokshasttvam: Forgiveness, no proud, straightforward, contended, Jiva, Ajiva, Ashrava (incoming of Karma), Bandh truthful, keeping control, austerity, giving up, limiting truthtul, keeping con (Bondage of Karma), Samvar (stoppage of incoming material world, and living with own soul with Samyak karma), Nirjara (annihilation of karma), and Moksha Darshana is following of Ten Dharma. (libcration) are seven Tattvas. 8. Anshanav modryav ritiparisa khanra sparitya 4. Kaayavagmanakarma Yoga Sa Ashrva: Karma gvivik tashyyasanka yklesha bahya Tapa. Prayashchita comes in due to activity of mind, speaking and doing vinay vaaiyavritya swaddhya vyutsargadhyan things. anyuttram: Fasting, eating less, keep limit, not eating heavy food, spend time alone, and doing hard Asana are 5. Mithyadarshanaviratipramadkshayayoga six outside Tapa (austerity) Feeling sorry for wrong things, Bandhahetavah:_Bondage occurs due to wrong belief, respect, helping others, reading scripture, keep material not keeping vow.carelessness, emotions and yoga (activity limitation and meditation are Inner Tapa. Meditations of of mind, speaking, and doing). two highest and positive qualities are called Dharma Dhyan 6. Asravanirodha Samvar, SaGuptisamiti dharman and Shukla Dhyan. uprekhaparishajaycharitreh: Stoppage of incoming 18/JAIN D GEST. Fall 2008 Jain Education Intemational Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 9. Agyaapaya vipaksanstha navichyaya Dharma pramattsanyatsya: Following Lords and scriptures guidance. teach right things to people doing wrong things, link results to karma, and keep wider view is Dharma Dyana ( right meditation leading to Heaven and Moksha). 10 Prithktvek tvavitarka suksham kriyaprti pativyupara tkriyani vritteeni: Prithktvvitark, Ekattvavitark, Sukshakriyaprtipaati, and vyuparatkriyanivrati are four types of Shukla Dyana leading to Moksha (liberation) During eight days of Paryushana, this higher level of consciousness is achieved by reading of Kalpa Sutra, pravachana. Navkaar Mantra and Logassa Uccharan, Deep Bhakti, austerity (Tapa) and learning and staying with our pure soul. During 10 days of Paryushana ( Das Laxana), this is attained by removing anger, deceit, ego, and greed from our conduct, be truthful, Keeping limitations on senses, austerity, giving up worldly things, keep restrictions on 14 internal and 10 external Parigrah, and staying with soul. By concentrating on our soul, removing impurities using 12 levels of austerities, the person can attain the stages of Pindastha, Padastha, Roopastha, and Roopateet. How do we do together? One suggestion - by incorporating Ten Dharma pravachana every day during eight days of Paryushana, and by including Kalpa Sutra reading (similar to 1 Anuyoga - consisting of learning about 63 Salaka Purush), recital of Navkaar Mantra and Logassa (prayer of 24 Tirthankaras) during 10 days of Paryushana. More better we can do together Paryushana and Das Laxana in 10 days from Friday, and concluding on Sunday of 2 week, keeping last as day of Samvatsari Pratikruman und Alochana Path, Parna und Tapasvi's Bahimaan. All can celebrate Bhagwan's Birth on Sunday. Nirmal Dosi, Chairperson JAINA Scholars Program: ndosia LIST OF JAIN HOLIDAYS (HOLY DAYS) FOR 2009 Religious festivals, in general, are celebrations characterized by excitement, enjoyment, and solemn prayers. Jain festival practices and observances are characterized more by renunciation, self-restraint, learning, meditation, forgiveness, repentance, and expressing devotion to the moral values brought to life by the Jinas or Tirthankar. GREGORIAN 2009 A. D. Tuesday April 7 Monday April 27 Akshay Trutiyä Tuesday July 7 Guru Purnima Tuesday August 18 Monday August 24 Monday August 25 Thu. September 3 Friday September 4 Sunday October 18 Monday October 19 Friday October 23 November 2 Jain Auspicious Occasions Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Varshitap Year - long fast ends. Pilgrimage Day Reverence Day for Guru Teacher PARYUSHAN PARVA BEGINS SAMVATSARI DAY DASTILAXANA PARVA Anant Chaturdashi KSHAMAVANI, DAY DASLAKSHANA ENDS MAHAVIR NIRVAN, DIWALI New year day & Day of Enlightenment of Lord Gautamswämi Gnan Panchami, Dev Diwali; Birthdays of Hemchandächärya; Shrimad Rajchandra and Lonkäshah Maun Agiyaras or Ekadashi, Compiled by, Prakash Mody at Aprakasha or call (416) 491 5560 Saturday November 28 JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 / 19 Jain Education Intemational Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Name (Please Print): Address: Phone: Home: Email: 2. Name: Last Address: MIS REGISTRATION FORM Work: First Birth date: Smoke: YES/NO Height: Vegetarian: YES/NO Drink: YES/NO Current Marital Status: Never married/ divorced. If divorced, number of yrs. married: If divorced, reason for divorce (optional): Current U.S./Canada visa status: Education: Major: Under graduate school attended: Graduate School attended: Work Experience: Father's Name: Name of the Jain Center you/your parents belong to: Please provide two references, whom we may contact for your reference: Phone: 1. Name: Address: Middle Cell: Number of years in U.S./ Canada: Minor: Mother's Name: Phone: (May attach a separate sheet. if desired) Weight: Candidate's Signature: Date: Important Notes: 1.You may include an optional recent photograph. 2. Your MIS form and advertise will be kept in our files for a maximum of one year. after which it will be destroyed. 3. You MUST include your ad, typed on a separate piece of paper, as you would like it to appear in Jain Digest. in no more than 40 words. Any MIS forms missing this may not be published in Jain Digest. OR at our option we may format your ad for publication in Jain Digest.4. You MUST include your contact information in your ad 5. Jain Digest reserves the right to edit your ad. refusal to publish and/or verify the information provided by you. 6. You MUST include a check in the amount of US $30.00 per issue of Jain Digest payable to JAINA along with your MIS registration form. 7. Jain Digest is a quarterly publication, normally published in January. April, July and October. Your registration material MUST be received by the 10 day of the previous month to be included in the next issue of Jain Digest. Please mail completed MIS registration form along with a check to: Mukesh M. Doshi, 1540 Sandburg Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173-2183. You may register for MIS online by logging in to, For further information you may call (H) 847-517-2505 OR (Cell) 224-558-4345 OR Email: mukusha @ Disclaimer: MIS is a service of JAINA, a not for profit tax exempt organization. MIS and JAINA assume no responsibility for the accuracy or the authenticity of the information published in ads or any consequences resulting thereof. By voluntarily placing your ad in Jain Digest. you agree to hold JAINA, MIS Director, JAINA officers, its agents and its employees harmless for any consequences resulting through and by MIS service... 20/ JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MATRIMONIALS- Female F00010408: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals with bio-data and photo from cultured, professional US raised vegetarian boys for cultured, beautiful US born professional vegetarian daughter, born Jan 1973, 5'3", 130 lbs, residing in Philadelphia. Call 215-721-9452. Email: F00020408: Gujarati parents invite responses for beautiful vegetarian US citizen daughter, born Aug 1980, 5' 2", wellemployed IT professional in Chicago suburb, from cultured. educated Gujarati Jain professionals. Respond with bio-data and photo to F00030408: Gujarati parents invite responses for their talented, charming US born daughter, born Oct 1978. Ph.D. from reputed institution, from well-educated vegetarian boys. Email: hamm F00040408: Gujarati parents invite responses for cultured professional, vegetarian US citizen daughter, born Nov 1979, 4" 11, 105 lbs. Pharm.D., employed as Pharmacist, from cultured. well-educated boys. 847-401-6168. Email: meghnashah 13 F00050408: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from welleducated, cultured professional vegetarian boys. age 29-33, for pretty, US born daughter, MIS (computer), 4' 10", born March 1979, Kindly reply with bio-data and a recent photo to F00060408: Gujarati parents invite responses with photo and bio-data for beautiful, professional US citizen daughter, born Dec 1973, 5' 1". B.S. (molecular biology) and B.S. (computer science), working as biotech/software professional in Silicon Valley, CA. from well-educated, professional, non-smoker. never married boys. Cast no bar. Call 408-272-6833. Email: F00070408: Jain parents invite proposals from well-educated. Gujarati vegetarian, non-smoker, non-alcoholic boys age 29-31. for US born daughter, born Nov 1978, M.B.A.. working in NY. Call 407-417-7829. Email: F00080408: Gujarati parents invite alliance from never married physicians for US born vegetarian physician daughter, born March 1975, will be completing fellowship in Ped. Oncology in June 08. Call 502-239-4973. Email: kyk F00090408: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and bio-data from well-educated, vegetarian, non-smoking professionals for their beautiful. slim, accomplished. US citizen daughter, born Aug 1980, 5" 7". BS (CIS), employed at reputed company. Call 714-515-4263. Email: punamshahl1 F00100408: Uncle invites correspondence from well-educated. vegetarian Gujarati boys for talented niece, born Jan 1973, 5 1", 140 lbs. M.B.,B.S., M.D. (Preventive Medicine and Social Medicine (India), willing to settle In US. Currently on B2 visa in Houston. Call 832-563-0919 or 281-498-7320. Email: or F00110408: Seeking male partner for a fun loving divorcee. If you are handsome. fit, 45-55 years. 5'5" or taller. loving, caring, kind and honest, with a professional job, let us JAIN DIGEST⚫ Fall 2008/21 Jain Education Intemational talk. Must be in the U.S. for at least 15 years. Call 301 838 9778 (evenings). F00120408: Gujarati parents invite responses from welleducated US citizen vegetarian boys, for beautiful outgoing US born daughter. born May 1981, 5' 3", 110 lbs, BS (MIS). working as software professional for fortune 100 company. Call 520-730-7892. Email: F00130408: Jain Parents invite alliance for U.S. born thoughtful, cultured, compassionate, vegetarian, non-smoking, non-profit professional daughter with a Harvard PHD. 5'1". born Feb 1977, from US born professional with similar qualities, preferably living in San Francisco bay area.Call:847 695 0935 F00140408: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for M.Sc.. beautiful, slim daughter (Divorced in I month), born April 1976. 5" 3", staying in Mumbai, from educated. vegetarian, N.R.I. boys. Mobile: +91-9920689361 Email: deravasita F00150408: Gujarati parents invite proposal with bio-data/ photo for a beautiful, cultured. U.S. citizen daughter, born Oct. 1979, 5'3", 100lb, D.D.S.. working as a dentist from well educated, professional boys. Please email: sksh0330@yahoo. com F00160408: Gujarati physician parents invite proposals for beautiful, US born daughter, born 1981. 53. slim. vegetarian. M.D.. doing 1 year residency. from professional boys. Prefer M.D. Call 607-276-6060 OR Email: pankajsh269@yahoo. com F00170408: Correspondence invited from vegetarian professionals with bio-data and a phot from the west coast for a pretty, intelligent, slim, vegetarian Jain girl. U.S. born. may 1987. 5' 7", BA, MA. JD. Email: F00180408: Gujarati Jain parents invite correspondence for their daughter, residing in India, born Sep 1981, 52, 65 Kg. B.Com. and Dip. in Management, from vegetarian Gujarati boys, between 27 and 30 yrs. Age and 5' 4" to 5' 9" Ilt. Call: 011-91-99250-28963 OR email: F00190408: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from well educated, professional gentleman for beautiful, caring, smart. vegetarian. US citizen daughter. Born Sep 1978, 5' 5". She is charming, outgoing, and humble. Holds the best of both cast and west values. Resides in Chicago area. Well positioned as a Clinical Account Executive at one of the top health insurance companies. Email: Phone: 847-5712420. F00200408: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and bio-data from professional boys for beautiful, charming, slim. talented vegetarian US citizen daughter, 27 years old. 5' 2". MD. 3rd year resident. Contact: 417-434-6288. siddhivi(@ F00210408: Gujarati parents invite proposals from wellcultured educated boys for their US born daughter. Born March 1980,5'6". BA in Education. Currently employed in NJ School System as a teacher for the handicapped students. Call: 201265-7160 OR email: Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ F00220408: Correspondence invited for 1979, US born. vegetarian, family oriented, cultured, outgoing girl, currently pursuing MBA at UCLA. Request educated, non-smoking, US raised boy. Please contact 408-268-3536/californiagirl2008 F00230408: Gujarati Jain Vanik parents invite correspondence for their beautiful daughter, Canadian citizen, B.Com. LL.B.. Age 26, Height 5' 5, 50kg, from professional Gujarati Jain Vanik vegetarian boys. Please send bio-data with a recent photo to: or call 905-471-4571 F00240408: Proposals for alliance are invited with photo and bio-data from well educated, non-smoker professional (MD/JD/ engineer etc) boys, age 34 40, for fair, beautiful, accountant, east/west blend, north American born and raised daughter. Willing to relocate. Email:bld F00250708: Reputed Jain business family of Bombay, India invites alliance for their charming religious daughter, born Nov 1984, 5' 2", Masters in hospital management from well educated, cultured boys, preferably born and brought up in India. Call 91-9967049994 or email: F00260708: Gujarati parents invite proposal for beautiful, slim, fair, talented, compassionate, vegetrain, US raised citizen daughter, born Dec 1979, 5' 4", B.S. (O.T.), masters in Healthcare Adm; well positioned in Healthcare enterprise, from professional and cultur5ed boys. Call: 561-339-3108 or email: hkshah15@ F00270708: Gujarati family invites responses for good looking, cultured, vegetarian sister, born Oct 1984, 5'5", 125 lbs. B.B.A.. (India), MBA (Finance), now actively looking for a job. Call: 321-255-3765 or email: F00280708: Correspondence for alliance invited from boys, who are ambitious, family oriented, honest, who have a great sense of humor and who can become my best friend. I am 5'6", 128 lbs. born in 1977and working in California. I have masters in Public Health and enjoy working out, phtography, sports, reading and hanging out with friends and family. If you are my kind, call: 909-938-7970 or email: F00290708: Alliance invited from cultured professional boys for talented and ambitious vegetarian sister having leukoderma, born Oct 1976, 5' 6". Architect, MBA, currently working in London. Call: 201-792-0704 or email: virashah F00300708: Gujarati Jain family invites introductions for beautiful, smart, outgoing, US born daughter, Chem. Engineer, 26 yrs. old. 5' 3". Seeks a well educated, vegetarian, family oriented, professional. Email: F00310708: Alliance invited with full photos and bio-data for very beautiful, charming, slim, talented, family oriented, cultured, US citizen daughter. Born Aug 1984, 5'2", B.S. from business school. Well employed in NY: from cultured, well educated boys. Email: Jaina 108 F00320708: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for alliance for their Physical Therapist daughter (MPT), born Aug 1982. 5'3", 105 lbs, from well educated non-smoking cultured US citizen boys. Call: 505-292-4313. F00330708: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposal from well educated, vegetarian boys for pretty. US born physician daughter, completing her residency in P.M. & R. in June 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born Aug 1978, 5' 3".Call: 216-235-8374 440-333-7199 or email: F00340708: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from well educated, professional, vegetarian boys for pretty, vegetarian US citizen daughter, born June 1980, 5' 4", M.D., currently in 2nd year residency. Call: 847-393-7005 or email: shahpinaking F00350708: Gujarati parents invite proposals from well educated, professional boys with photo and bio-data, for US born daughter, born April 1982, 5' 6", currently a manager at corporate consulting firm in Chicago. Call: 608-44-3315 or email: F00360708: Jain parents invite proposals for pretty, cultured, slim, vegetarian, US born daughter, born Aug 1978, 5' 2", 110 lbs., resident physician: from well educated, professional well settled boys. Call: 631-271-2859 or email: renujain@gmail. com F00370708: family friend invites correspondence from well educated, professional, vegetarian boys: for pretty physician girl, born march 1979, 5'0", currently doing 2nd year residency in Chicago. Email: F00380708: Gujarati professional parents invite proposals from well eduvated boys for good looking, vegetarian, friendly, US born daughter, JD, born July 1979, 5' 5", Call: 410-531-5431 or email: F00390708: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and bio-data from cultured, non-smoking professional boys for beautiful, slim, accomplished, US born daughter, born Dec 1981, 5' 3", 110 lbs, BS, MSE (Eng). Call: 847-259-0975 or email: F00400708: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from highly professional boys, for beautiful, slim, vegetarian daughter, born Dec 1977, 5 3". Physician (internal medicine) working in Chicago. Call 219-201-1796 or email: sankhedbar yahoo. com F00410708: Gujarati Jain family invites proposals for their daughter, 26 yrs, 5'4", lawyer, working for the City of Chicago; from handsome, well educated and well settled boys. Call: 561-351-1436 or email: nicey F00420708: Gujarati Jain parents seek correspondence for alliance from well educated, professional, US raised boys for their attractive, intelligent US born and raised daughter, born June 1977, 5' 5", CPA/MBA, financial analyst in major bank. Please respond with photo and bio-data to gsm2005@yahoo. com F00430708: Correspondence invited for alliance from vegetarian, non-smoking boys with at least master's degree. I am a physician currently doing residency in Pulmonary Critical Care medicine, on H1B visa, born July 1974, 5' 2", 110 lbs. Call 423-596-9860 or email: drjas shaha F00440708: Correspondence invited for alliance from tall. US born and raised professional boys with at least Master's degree. I am 5' 4", 110 lbs., US born, beautiful girl, B.S., M.S., currently a medical student (finishing 2010), born Nov 1982 from Michigan. Email: bay F00450708: Gujarati parents invite responses from well 22/JAIN DIGEST Fall 2008 Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ educated, US citizen, vegetarian boys for beautiful, vegetarian, from well educated, professional, vegetarian boys. Call: 732US citizen daughter, born May 1977, 5' 2", M.S. (U. Penn.) 750-5686 or email: shah450w and employed at ivy league University, Call: 973-471-7292 or F00500708: Gujarati parents invite proposals with profile and email: photo for pretty outgoing US raised daughter, born Feb 1974, F00460708: Gujarati parents from Canada invite correspondence 5'2", B.S. (Biology), B.S. (Microbiology), well positioned in a for alliance for their well educated, talented daughter, B. Com. Bio-science company: from educated, professional boys. Call: (Marketing), born Aug 1978, 5'7", 130 lbs., working as a 847-394-3547 or email: marketing coordinator: from well educated US/Canada citizen FO0510708: Parents seeking alliance for heautiful lain sirl boys. Call: 514-956-8197 or email: kokila-shah hotmail. with strong family values. She has a caring personality, great COM sense of humor and an excellent blend of modern and traditional F00470708: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for their values. Born May 1978, 5'2", M.Com. (Mumbai), Diploma in good nature, well cultured, educated daughter, born and brought Jewelary Desigining/Graphic Designing. Respond with bio to up in India, born May 1985, 5'6", B.E. Computer. Call 408- Gautam at 917-415-1080 or email: gbeganiu 970-9614 or email: sarika shahe F00520708: Gujarati Jain parents seek a handsome. Us F00480708: Gujarati parents invite alliance for their attractive. born professional boy (age 27 30 yrs), for their beautiful, fair, accomplished, vegetarian daughter, born June 1980, 5' accomplished US born daughter, born June 1980, 5'1", B.S. 3", M.S. (EE), well positioned in a reputed firm in NJ, from Email: mksi 114a cultured, professional well educated boys. Call: 732-662-3752 F00000908: Gujarati Jain family invites proposal for their USA or email: harish parikh sa citizen daughter, July 1980, 5'1", fair, educated, working in F00490708: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals with photo Media production as a video editor. Looking for vegetarian, and bio-data for their well cultured daughter, born July 1982,5 educated and professional Jain boy. Ph:. 630-221-0988. E2", 110 lbs, US citizen, completing her master's, well employed: mail: MATRIMONIALS- Male M00010408: Jain parents invite proposals with bio-data for M00060408: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for handsome successful vegetarian non-smoker, well-employed accomplished, vegetarian, US born son, electrical engineer, age US citizen boy. Born June 1981, 6'2", 155 lbs. BS (Finance) 25 yrs, 5'8" Well-employed by reputable global company: from a top Ivy League school, from family oriented, slim, from professional vegetarian girls. Respond with a photo and vegetarian, educated girls. Call 304-345-8340 or email: bio-data to: jainshah2007 M00070408: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and M00020408:Gujarati parents invite proposals with a photo bio-data for handsome, accomplished, vegetarian US citizen and bio-data for athletic, handsome, vegetarian US citizen son, born Aug 1979, 5'9", B.S. (accounting and finance), son born Jan 1975. 6' 1", B.S./M.S.. USC, Senior program well-employed in a multinational company: from cultured, manager for a major gaming company. Seeking professional, educated pretty girls. Call 973-272-3797 or email: hjsanghvia fun-loving,vegetarian girls. Email: amikbox-response yahoo. com M00080408: Gujarati parents invite proposals for cultured, M00030408: Gujarati Jain physician/dentist parents invite professional, vegetarian, US citizen son, born Oct 1981. proposals for their US born, handsome son, born Jan 1980,5* 5'6". 145 lbs, B.S. (Comp. Sc.), software developer: from 9". 170 lbs, MBA from NYU. Doing own business in New York cultured, well-educated girls. Call: 847-885-1721, or email: City. Fax bio-data 201-222-9041 with email address mshah2481 M00040408: Gujarati parents invite proposals w/photo bio-data M00090408: Gujarati parents invite alliance for handsome, from cultured vegetarian educated pretty girls, for handsome accomplished, vegetarian, US born son, DMD, currently in US citizen son, born Dec. 81. 6, BS (EE), well employed at dental residency (orthodontics), born 1982.5'9", 150 lbs: from reputed company. Call: 281/265-2271 OR Email: mshah cultured, pretty, educated girls. Email: M00100408: Hindi speaking Digambar Jain parents invite M00050408: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and correspondence for their handsome, physician son, born bio-data for handsome, talented, US citizen son, born Sept 1976, Nov 1980, 5' 7". 135 lbs., currently doing residency in 5'7", 135 lbs, Ms (EE & CS) from reputed school, working Internal medicine in St. Louis, from vegetarian, well educated as a hardware design engineer in Silicon Valley, CA; from professional girls, call: 770-476-5115 or email: nkgupta well-educated, professional, good looking cultured girls. Call c ent nie! 408-272-6833 or email: mshah mailem JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008/23 Jain Education Intemational Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ M00110408: Gujarati/Katehhi parents invite alliance for their US born son, born Nov 1976, 5' 9", major in business and finance, well-employed in US consulting firm. Respond with photo and bio-data. Call 202-607-6322 or 240-429-1186. Email: M00120408: Gujarati parents invite responses from India born educated, vegetarian, US citizen Gujarati girls for handsome, talented, vegetarian son. Born Sep 1982, 5' 10", 145 lb, MCA (Comp. Sc.), well-employed as a lecturer and willing to settle in USA. Call: 630-924-7012 / 773-592-0920 OR email: M00130408: Reputed Jain business family from Bombay invites proposals for USA based handsome, bright son, born Jan. 1981, 5'11", 155 lb, MS, well employed. Call: 848 391 1709 OR Email: M00140408: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo and bio-data from cultured, vegetarian, educated Gujarati girls, for handsome, brilliant, cultured, vegetarian, US citizen son, born Dec 1980, 5'5", BS (computer science), well employed.. Cell: 732-762-3945 OR Home: 732-819-4056 OR email: parinshah3a M00150408: Gujarati parents invite responses for very well settled accomplished, vegetarian, easy-going, well cultured USA born son, Dec.75, 6'0", M.S.. 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Email: M00260708: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for alliance for their son, 6" 0", 185 lbs, US citizen, born March 1978, BBA, MS (Info. System), pursuing executive MBA currently working as a COO in Healthcare field. Call 301-437-2116. Email: M00270708: Gujarati parents invite alliance with photo and bio-data for handsome, athletic vegetarian, non-smoker, US born son, born Dec 1980, 5'9", MD, doing residency in surgery. from well-educated, cultured Jain girls. Email: M00280708: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for alliance for their son, 5" 11", 180 lbs, US citizen, born Aug 1980. currently working as a tax auditor for the state of NJ, dept. of treasury. Call 908-868-9416. Email: M00290708: Gujarati parents invite responses with photo and bio-data for vegetarian non-smoker, Us born son, born April. 1975, 5' 6", 150 lbs, practicing Cardiology in Florida, from cultured well-educated, Jain girls. Call: 410-771-0251/216408-1628 or email: (cont.on pg.17) 24/ JAIN DIGEST⚫ Fall 2008 Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PRATISHTHA MAHOTSAVS in Los Angeles Atlanta Tampa Phoenix Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PRATISHTHA MAHOTSAV 26 SEPTEMBER - 6 OCTOBER, 2008 Chandrakant Parekh Creating a temple does not entail creating a building. It means creating a sanctuary from where Lord Mahavir's message can be learned and delivered to the world. I H. Jin Chandraji Maharaj AAABAHO POOH From a concept in 1994 To a reality in 2008 THE BEGINNING Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) located in the City of Buena Park, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, was established on 15 September, 1979 by thirty Jain families with one important mandate - to practice, promote and teach Jainism with no sectarian bias. THE FIRST JAIN BHAVAN A challenge posed by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji to build a Jain Center, and encouragement from Acharya Shushilkumarji inspired JCSC to build a custom-designed Jain Bhavan in the City of Buena Park. Built at a cost of about $1 million, the 11,500 sq ft facility with a Derasar and an auditorium addressed the community needs for organizing religious, cultural, educational, and outreach activities. Idols of three Tirthankars - Mahavirswami, Parshvanath, and Rushabhdev - and Ghantakarna Mahavir (Yaksha) and Padmavati (Yakshini) were installed in the Derasar. JAIN CENTER MASTER PLAN JCSC membership expanded fairly rapidly to nearly 1,000 families and 400 students are enrolled in the Pathshala. With such a phenomenal growth, a vision to expand the original Jain Bhavan began with the acquisition of several neighborhood properties. A "wish list" compiled from a survey of the member during the 1994 Paryushan overwhelmingly identified a need to expand the Derasar; and build a large meeting hall, more rooms for the Pathshala, Swadhyay and Aradhana activities, a larger kitchen, a library, and several other amenities including ample parking. With a unified community consensus, JCSC developed a master plan to build a multipurpose Jain Bhavan complex in three-phases: Jan Education international For Private Personal use only Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PHASE I: CULTURAL COMPLEX The construction of the Cultural Complex began in 2002 and was completed in 2005. The 62,000 sq ft complex built at a cost of $11 million was inaugurated on 27 March, 2005. The state-of-the-art facility includes an auditorium, Pathshala and swadhyay rooms, a museum, a commercial-grade kitchen, a dining hall, and subterranean parking for 53 vehicles. An offsite parking lot with 50 parking spaces was also completed in Phase I. The construction of Phase I was financed through a combination of a bank loan and donations and interest free loans from the members. The bank loan was repaid from the funds - approximately $2.3 million - raised on the very first day of inauguration. PHASE II: RELIGIOUS COMPLEX Planning of the Phase II was initiated as the Phase I construction was nearing completion. The original Jain Bhavan was structurally inadequate to carry the weight of exterior limestone and interior marble structural elements. It had to be demolished to initiate Phase II of the master plan. The construction of the Religious Complex began in February 2007 and was completed in September 2008. The new 13,000 sq ft Religious Complex includes an Aradhana Hall on the 1st floor and a new Derasar (Jinalay) on the 2nd floor. Once again, the construction of Phase II was financed through a combination of a bank loan and donations and interest free loans from the members. PHASE III: ATMA SADHANA KENDRA Following the completion of Phase II, emphasis will shift to the construction of an Aatma Sadhana Kendra as Phase III of the master plan. An existing facility currently leased to the United States Postal Service will be re-modeled to accommodate study rooms and the JAINA/JCSC Library - one of the largest collections of Jain literature outside of India. Accessible via Internet, the library is a valuable resource for researchers and students throughout the world. When completed, the Jain Bhavan will become a prominent international Tirth for pilgrimage and scholarly pursuits. JAIN CENTER ARCHITECTURE: EXTERIOR The design of the Jain Center was inspired by the temples of Delwada, Ranakpur and Palitana Tirths. Temple Architect Virendrabhai Trivedi of TCPL, Ahmedabad, designed the exterior of Phase I and Phase II buildings and the interior of Phase II building based on the Jain traditions. In addition to all the exterior carved limestone and marble features, Virendrbhai also designed the Jinalay with Garbh Grah, bhamati, rangmandap, shikhar, dome, gokhalas, dwarpals, carved pillars, torans, floor medallions, mandovar, and the main entry. The exterior of the two buildings is constructed of superbly carved Jesalmer yellow limestone which was designed, manufactured and supplied by TCPL, Ahmedabad, and installed by MS International. Windows and roof parapets, designed and finished to match the exterior carved stonework, were fabricated locally. The distinctive main entrance of the Religious Complex is made out of carved marble with an ornate zarukha and ornamental columns. Two Dwarpals on elephants welcome Shravakas and Shravikas to enter the auspicious sacred place. A Shankheshwar Tirth pat is displayed in the entry foyer. JAIN CENTER ARCHITECTURE: INTERIOR JAIN DIGEST⚫ Fall 2008/27 The entrance foyer of the Cultural Complex was designed to accommodate a priceless 104-year old wooden temple which is intricately carved from teak wood.. Originally commissioned by the British Government, the 15 ft x 20 ft x 35 ft high wooden temple weighing nearly 10,000 lbs was first displayed in the United States at the 1904-1905 St. Louis World Fair. Subsequently it was displayed in a Las Vegas casino courtyard for several decades, and eventually donated to JCSC. The wooden temple has finally found an appropriate permanent home and is now proudly displayed at the Jain Center. The interior displays of the Cultural Complex reflect the Jain Heritage and Jain Art that complement the wooden temple. Vipool Shah of Vee Design, Ahmedabad designed some of these artworks by consulting the Acharyas. The glass stair panels are etched with wavy floral design to reflect an ocean (Samsar Samudra) with a rising temple in its midst. This concept represents a spiritual evolution of one's self. Eight beautiful Ashta Mangal symbols identify an auspicious place where Arihant Bhagwan is present. Beej Mantras - Om, Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rhim, Arham etc. - are associated with meditation, poojas and Jain rituals. Ten principles (Dharma) in the form of rays originating from the center are displayed above the main entry door. Ajali partition between the wooden temple and the dining area is a replica of the walls of Hasti Shala in front of famed Vimal Vashi Temple of Delwara. Installation of the interior decorations for the Cultural Complex is an ongoing task. The story of Jhagdisha, a rich Shravak motivated by an Acharya Maharaj to spend his wealth for compassionate causes, and Paanch Dan will be displayed in the Jhagdusha Dining Hall. Stories of Vardhman's childhood will be depicted in the children's room. The classrooms are named after various Acharyas whose stories and contributions will be displayed in the respective classroom. A Veena and a Ghoongru displayed on two sides of the auditorium stage symbolize the famed story of King Rawan and Queenand Queen Mandodari, and their highest form of bhakti of Tirthankara in music and dance form. 2500year history of Jainism, stories of the Acharyas in a chronological order, and famous Jain temples from around the world will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall using various media - artworks, antiques, tapestries, paintings, and pictures. The Aradhana Hall located on the 1st floor of the Religious Complex is reserved only for religious and spiritual activities. A Navkar Mantru pat carved from ambaji marble is placed on the stage. Images of Acharyas and Granths - Atma Siddhi, Samay Sar, Kalpa Sutra, Acharang Sutra and other Agams - will be displayed on the walls. A deri of Rushabhdev's Paglas and a model of Samvosaran Temple installed in the 2nd floor Exhibit Area will complement the paintings depicting Bhagwan Mahavir's life as described in the five popular Kalyanaks. The ornate ceilings in the entry foyer, the Exhibit Area, and the Derasar (Jinalay) were inspired by the famed carvings of the Delwara Temple. They were designed and fabricated exclusively for JCSC by Nipul Shah of Temple Arts, San Diego, California. A sculptured marble Mandlovur on top of the main Jinalay entry door was inspired by a carved lintel arch at the Palitana Tirth. Four Yaksha (Dev) - Ghantakarna Vir, Manibhadra Vir, Nakoda Bhairavnath, and Bhomiayaji - and four Yakshini (Devis) - Padmavatidevi, Ambikadevi, Saraswatidevi and Chakreshwaridevi are installed in the entryway. Ornately carved marble Torans provide a beautiful transition from the Dev/Devi area to an awe-inspiring rangmandap area. The rangmandap design was inspired by Vamal Vasahi Temple of Delwara and the Meghnaad Maha Mandap of Ranakpur. The dome is 22 feet in diameter. The first layer of dome displays 192 elephants. The second layer displays 108 Tirthankars. Additional layers depict exquisite designs. Sixteen Vidyadevi of different designs - in a dance posture and playing a musical instrument - are displayed around the rangmandap. Four pillars supporting the rangmandap-cach with a different design - were specially carved to reflect the flavor of Ranakpur Temple. The rangmandap was designed and fabricated exclusively for JCSC by Nipul Shah of Temple Arts, San Diego, California. Five Tirthankar idols are installed in a beautiful Garbha Grah designed with carved pillars and ornate Torans made of white marble. The main altar has Mahavirswami in the center, Rushabhadev on the right and Parshvanath on the left. Two additional idols - Mabvirswami (Anjanshalakha) and Neminath (Digambara Tradition) are placed on two individual altars on the right and left of the main altar respectively. A bhamati with idols of 24 Tirthankars in individual Gokhlas surrounds the Garbha Grah. Marble pats of four tirths - Sammet Shikhar, Pava Piri, Girnar, and Shetrunjay - and four Gokhlas with Simandharswami, Padmanabhswami, Guatamswami, and Sudharmaswami are installed within the Jinalay. The remarkable design of the Jinalay truly reflects the graceful fcatures of a traditional Jain temple. The sacred architecture inspires a splendid feeling of being in the midst of a famous Jain Tirth in India. A vision to build a fine Jain Tirth in Southern California has been accomplished. JCSC AND JAINA The concept to unite all Jain organizations in the USA and Canada was proposed and initiated in mid-1980 by the Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC). JCSC is one of the founding members of JAINA which was established at the first national convention of Jains in the USA hosted by JCSC from May 22-25, 1981 in Los Angeles. JCSC adults and youths continue to serve in leadership roles in JAINA and Young Jains of America (YJA) respectively. Their contributions and achievements have been duly recognized by JAINA with numerous awards and citations, After its inception in 1981 in Los Angeles, JAINA is coming back to its place of origin. The next JAINA Convention will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center 2-5 July 2009. Once again, Jain Center of Southern California will have an opportunity to be a proud host for JAINA. Jain Education Intemational 28/JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 www. Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ in E cation Intematona Tuesday-September 30th, 2008 7-8 AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 8-9 AM Breakfast - Sponsored by Nirmalar Gunnantal Sali 9-10 AM Snatra Puja 5-5:30 PM Dignitary Lecture 5:30-7 PM Swamivatsiya Dinner 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Divo 7:30-10 PM Bhagwan's Janma Kalyanak Under the guidance of Shri Narendrabhai Nandu, this gran performance will celebrate Bhagwan's Janma Kalyanak. AM Saturday-October 4th, 2008 6:30-7AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 7-8 AM Snatra Puja/ Breakfast 8:30-11:30 AM Procession/Jain Center Complex Opening Pokhna 12-1 PM Lunch 1-5 PM Adhaar Abhishek 5:30-7 PM Swamivatsiya Dinner 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Divo 7:30-10 PM CSC Cultural Program/Bhavna Bhakti Procession - We invite all of you to join the procession carrying all pratimaison decorated floats. M Friday-September 26th, 2008 PM Swamivatsiya Dinner - Sponsored by Hamilton Brut Insurance Agency PM Aarti & Mangal Divo PM Lighting of Lamps (Divo)/Opening Remarks PM Raas Garba -by Mina Modi & group Sponsored by Hilton Brewar insurance Agency Saturday-September 27th, 2008 M Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti Snatra Puja/Breakfast Kumbh Sthapan/Dipak Sthapan/Jawara Ropan 1:30 AM Maneksthambh Aropan/Toran Bandhan -11:30 AM Navgrah Patla Pujan PM Lunch 5 PM Das Digpal/ Astha Mangal Pujan PM. Swamivatsiya Dinner A arti & Mangal Divo OPM ICSC Cultural Program ural Program - Please join and enjoy the breathtaking ormance of our community members Sunday-September 28th, 2008 MA Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti M C Snatra Puja/Breakfast 11 AM Lecture by Pujya Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri -30 AM Opening Ceremony-Aradhana Hall/Shrimad Rajchnadra Quad-By Pujya Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri -12:30 PM Lunch - Sportsored by Los Angeles Mumuks of Shrimad Rachandra -5 PM Bhagwan's Chyavan Kalyanak Swamivatsiya Dinner PM Aarti & Mangal Divo LOPM B havna Bhakti by Amit Anand & group Sunday-October 5th, 2008 SANGHPATI - Nirmalbhai-Neenaben Jain and Family 6.30-7 AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 7-8 AM Breakfast 8:30 AM Pratishtha/Dhwa Dand/Kalash 12-1 PM Lunch - Sponsored by Pallet Parshmal group of Los Angeles 1-5 PM Shanti Snatra Pujan 5:30-7 PM Swamivatsiya Dinner - Sportscored by Haridus-Rakshaben Shand Family 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Divo 7:30-10 PM Bhavna Bhakti Wednesday-October 1st, 2008 7-8 AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 8-9 AM Breakfast - Sponsored by Mahendrabhai and Pambe le 9-10 AM Snatra Puja 5-5:30 PM Dignitary Lecture 5:30-7 PM Swamivatsiya Dinner 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Divo 7:30-10 PM Bhagwan's Kalyanak-Janma Vadhai, Release of Prisoners, Naming Ceremony Thursday-October 2nd, 2008 7-8 AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 8-9 AM Breakfast - Sportsored by Anonymous Binand Jagruth Molte 9-10 AM Snatra Puja 5-5:30 PM Lecture by Tarlaben Doshi 530-7 PM Swamivatslya Dinner 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Divo 730-10 PM Bhagwan's Kalyanak-Pathshala, Mamer Varghodo Friday-October 3rd, 2008 7-8 AM Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti 8.9 AM Breakfast 9-10 AM Snatra Puja 10-11:30 AM Lecture by Pandit Dhirajlal Mehta and Acharya Chandanaji 11:30-12:30 PM Lunch 12:30-5 PM andavrat/Bhagvati Mandal Pujan 5:30-7 PM Swamivatslya Dinner 7:15 PM Aarti & Mangal Diva 7:30-10 PM Bhagwan Kalyanak-Wedding Rajyabhisek, Diksha PM Monday-September 29th, 2008 Prabhatia/Usha Bhakti M Breakfast - Sponsored by Vascutien Serantilal Salt M Snatra Puja PM Lecture by Padmashree Kumarpal Desai PM Swamivatsiya Dinner M Aarti & Mangal Divo 0 PM Drama by Swadhyay, Jain Study Group & JCSC Cultural Program Monday-October 6th, 2008 6:30-7 AM Dwar Opening 7-8 AM Satarbhedi Puja 8-9 AM Breakiast 9 AM Conclusion of Pratishtha E Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Society of Greater Atlanta History Jain Society of Greater Atlanta is relatively young organization. Prior to 1992, families were getting together on informal basis for various Jain religious and social activities in greater Atlanta. The JSGA society was formed in 1992 and the constitution & by-laws of JSGA were established in 1993. The society grew significantly from 1993 to 1998 and there was an apparent need of building our own center. The society acquired approximately 3.8 acres of land in the fastest growing Gwinnett County with the largest population of JSGA membership in 1998. The land was purchased for building our center and future temple. During late nineties, conceptual design activities of Jain center took place and completed in 1999. The construction of main level of JSGA Center began in 2000 and completed in December 2000 and this was inaugurated in April 2001. In year 2002, the basement facilities were completed with full kitchen facilities. Current centre has total area of 14400 Sq.ft on two levels and has following features. Main Floor Front entrance foyer with granite floor and skylight Main floor hall with sitting capacity of 500 persons with stage and dressing area Meeting room, storage rooms and two rest rooms Basement Dining area with sitting capacity of more than 250 persons Full kitchen facilities Four rooms for various JSGA activities (Pathshala, Adult swadhaya etc.) Two rest rooms for men and women with shower facilities Library and storage room • Temple Project Momentum continued with initiation of building our own Temple. The Temple Committee was established and the activities for building our own Temple were started. The design activities took place between 2003 and 2005 and construction started in late 2006. Jan Education Intematonal For Private Personal use only WWW 30/JAIN DIGEST. Fall 2008 Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Features of Our Temple ⚫ Floor Space Approximately 4200 Sq. feet on each level Three main Moortis - Main Mulnayak Adinath Bhaghvan and two side moortis: Parshvanath Bhaghvan and Mahavir Swami Bhaghvan surrounded by 24 Tirthankaras. Ten additional Dev and Deviyas in front and main area Sitting capacity of more than 200 persons Ghabhara 15 ft X 12 ft and Rangmandap 30 ft X 30 ft Main Sikhar to be made of marble. Access to Sikhar from the main floor Outside walls will be made of marble with beautifully carved marble works Entrances from the front as well as from the center Lower level will have two main areas: Digamber temple with three Moortis: Main Mulnayak Mahavir Swami and two side Moortis: Shantinath and Sheetal Nath Bhaghvan and Upashrai For more information on our temple and pictures, please visit our website Costs of Building and Fund Raising Our total estimated costs of building the temple will be approximately $2.7 million. We had very successful fund raising events during Mahavir Janma Kalyanak day celebration in April and Paryushana Parva in August. During Paryushana Parva, we collected more than $660,000 towards construction of the temple by conducting gheebolis for Mulnayak, Murti Bharaman and Swapanas. Pratishtha Mahotsav The Temple Pratishtha ceremonies will be celebrated from November 14, 2008 to November 23, 2008 and Dwar opening on November 24, 2008 early morning. Following dignitaries have accepted our invitation. Poojya Gurudev Chitrabhanuji Acharya Shree Chandanaji Sadhaviji Subhamji Highlights of the Pratishtha Mahotsav are as follows: November 14 to 16, 2008 November 17 to 20, 2008 November 21, 2008 November 22, 2008 November 23, 2008 November 24, 2008 Shree Jin Chandraji Swami Shrut Pragyaji Bhattarakji The details of the daily programs will be sent out soon. We need to raise additional $500,000 to complete our temple project. Your contribution towards this project will be greatly appreciated. Please send your tax free contributions in any amount to: - Drama on Mahavir Swami - to be conducted by Narendra Nandu - Lectures by Scholars and Other Programs - Entertainment Program - Procession and Pratishtha Preparation - Pratishtha Mahotsav - Dwar Opening Ceremony Jain Society of Greater Atlanta 669 S. Peachtree Street, Norcross, GA 30071. We are working very hard to complete this project and look forward to see all Jains across North America and abroad and share greatest moments for our society with us. JAIN DIGEST- Fall 2008/31 Deepak Shah, President Anil Shah, Vice President Rajan Doshi, Treasurer Paresh Shah, Secretary Meeta Parikh, Youth Secretary Madhuben Sheth and Kiran Shah, Executive Committee Members Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ We are pleased to announce the above event and invite all Saadharmi Brothers, Sisters to participate to add glory to this auspicious occasion. Bhoomi Poojan of our new Shikharbandhi Temple was performed on July 21, 1998 by Pundit Chimanlal Modi from India. We faced many problems including financial constraints during this period of one decade. But our determination to achieve the goal despite of many obstacles has fulfilled our dream after ten years. JAIN SOCIETY OF TAMPA BAY PRATISHTHA MAHOTSAV November 27, 28, 29, 30. 2008 Our association was started during 1988 with about four Jain families in Tampa Bay area. As of today we have more than 125 Jain families. Our aim is to learn and promote Jainism throughout the region, so that our future generation understand and follow Jainism. We are in close contacts with most national and international organizations and we ascertain information about Jainism. We whole heartedly invite to participate this event. Please mark above dates in your calendar. For detailed information and Registration Form please visit our web site:WWW.JAINSOCIETYTAMPABAY.ORG and download the Registration Form. Our email Address: INFO@JAINSOCIETYTAMPABAY.ORG Our Temple is located at 5513-A Lynn Rd., Tampa, Florida 33625 Our mailing address: PO Box: 48302, Tampa, Florida 33647. If you need further information, please contact: 1. Mr. Rupesh Shah, Chairman: Pratishtha Committee (813-765-0066) 2. Mr. Sanjiv Jain, President Jain Society and Co-Chair: Pratishtha Committee. (813-714-3555) 3. Dr. Dipak Shah, Co-Chair: Pratishtha Committee. (813-486-1074) 4. Mr. Bipin Shah, Co-Chair: Pratishtha Committee. (727-423-1455) 5. Mr. Mahendra Doshi (813-962-2487) 6. Mr. Chetan Shah (727-688-6149) 7. Dr. Ashwin Mehta (813-928-1922) 8. Mr. Hasmukh M. Shah (727-934-3255) Highlight of the events: Nov 27: Vidhan Mandal and Vidhi Vidhan for Bhagwan Adinath (Digamber Idol: one of the three main Idols)/ Bhavna and dinner. • Nov 28: Pujans / 18 Abhishek pujan for main Idols and all 24 Tirthankar Idols/Chandra Darshan / Surya Darshan/Arti, Mangaldivo/ Shanti Kalash / coin ceremony/cultural program Nov 29: Procession & Temple Pravesh / Pratishtha Mantochar / Pratishtha of all Idols / Ashta Prakari Puja / Kalash & Dhwaja ropan ceremony / 1st Arti & 1st Mangaldivo./ Shanti Kalash / Shanti Dhara Nov 30: Jain Temple & Upashraya Udghtan / Abhishek / Chaitya Vandan / Puja. - Hasmukh M Shah, Director: JAINA. 32/JAIN DIGEST⚫ Fall 2008 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ On behalf of Jain Society of Tampa Bay the Sanghpati Invites you to participate! Come celebrate with us Pratishtha Mahotsav November 27, 28, 29, 30, 2008 (THANKSGIVING Weekend) Tampa, Florida Jain Derasar 5513-A Lynn Rd 1 Tampa FI, 33625 | E-mail: Sanghpati Mr. Sanjiv & Mrs. Seema Jain Dr. Dipak & Mrs. Mina Shah Dr. Ashwin & Mrs. Rupa Mehta Mr. Chetan & Mrs. Shreya Shah Mr. Mahendra & Mrs. Jayshri Doshi Mr. Bipin & Mrs. Pallavi Shah This Auspicious event will be held under the spiritual guidance of: MUNI SHREE JINCHANDRAJI MAHARAJ SWAMIJI SHREE DEVENDRAKEERTIJI MAHARAJ ADARNIYA SAMANI PARAM PRAGYAJI Pratishtha of all following Thirthankars and Idols will be performed by: Vidhikar: SHREE NARENDRABHAI NANDU Aadinath Bhagwan Mahavir Bhagwan Rushabhdev Bhagwan Abhinandan Bhagwan Suparshvanath Bhagwan Shitalnath Bhagwan Vimalnath Bhagwan Shantinath Bhagwan Mallinath Bhagwan Neminath Bhagwan Padmavati devi Chakeshwari devi Navkar Mantra Chowishi-metal murtis Main Gabhara Mulnayak Parshvanath Bhagwan Chowishi Bhumati Ajitnath Bhagwan Sumatinath Bhagwan Chandraprabhu Bhagwan Shreyashnath Bhagwan Anantnath Bhagwan Kunthunath Bhagwan Munisuvrat Bhagwan Parshvanath Bhagwan Laxmi devi Ghantakaran mahavir Navgrah Trithankars Sambhavnath Bhagwan Padmaprabhu Bhagwan Suvidhinath Bhagwan Vasupujya Bhagwan Dharmanath Bhagwan Aarnath Bhagwan Naminath Bhagwan Mahavir Bhagwan Saraswati devi Parshvayaks Parsvanath-9"metal murti For more information contact: Mr.Rupesh Shah Pratishtha Chairman (813765-0066 Mr. Sanjiv Jan, Pratishtha Co-chairs (813714-3555 Dr. Dipak Shah.Pratishtha Co-chairs (813)486-1074 Mr. Bipin Shah, Pratishtha Co-chairs (727)423-1455 Mr. Mahendra Doshi (813) 962-2487 Dr. Ashwin Mehta (813) 928-1922 Mr. Chetan Shah (727) 688-6149 Mr. Hasmukhbai Shah (727) 934-3255 For Private PE U se Only JAIN DIGEST-Fall 2008 / 33 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Adinathaya Namah Shri Mahaviraaya Namah AIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOENIX INVITES YOU FIRST TIME IN USA Shree Jinbimb Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav CB FIRST JAIN TEMPLE JE: Panch Kalyanak Mahotsav JW MARRIOTT DESERT RIDGE RESORT & SPA 5350 E. Marriott Drive Phoenix, AZ 85054 Phone: 480-293-5000 UJE: Pratistha Ceremony Jain Center of Greater Phoenix Temple 6202 S. 23rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85041 TO ATTEND AND EXPERIENCE A HISTORIC EVENT With all Tirthankar Idols' Anjansalaka/Ankanyas Pran Pratistha 20-26, 2008 FULL DAY'S OF PROGRAMMING WILL TAKE YOU TO THE KINGDOM OF SIDDHARTHA You will celebrate and enjoy as part of the event of Panch Kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir the way people from Lachhuar to Pavapur enjoyed and celebrated harbandh ple will be 00+ sq. ft. on re land with 41 ft. ble Nonence monu1 and marvelpink sand e Toran Dwar elcome all of This auspicious event will be conducted by Pratisthacharya Bal Brahmchari Shri Abhinandanji from Manglayatan, India & Shree Narendrabhai Nandu from Mumbai, India. We have several spiritual dignitaries attending the Pratistha including Pujya Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri, Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj Saheb, Doctor Hukumchandj Bharill, and Padmashri Dr Kumar pal Desai etc Our joy know no bounds in inviting you to this truly magnificent celebration, for a unique opportunity awaits people from all walks of life to experience in person the process of becoming God from a mere mortal. It is a great pleasure to have you and your family and friends grace the occasion PARTICIPATION, ACTIVITIES AND OMODATIONS FOR ALL AGES PLEASE VISIT US AT CONTACT Dr. Kirit Gosalia Piyush Mehta Manish Mota Mahendra Shah Piyush Shah FJayanti Savla Use Only Dr. Rajesh Daulat /WW.JCGP.ORG 602-316-5077 480-820-5091 602-363-6145 602-614-4683 480-241-6258 602-708-8681 623-696-6946 Dr. Dilip Bobra Anupa Jain Nimish Shah Praveen Jain Usha Shah Prakash Deshmukh Vikram Shah 480-839-2682 480-686-5300 480-705-9082 480-282-3684 480-235-6523 602-690-7301 602-692-5154 Jan Eucacions internauunal TAIL US at jain Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOE You're Invited hree Jinbimb Panch Kalyanak december 20th-26th, 201 Sprátistha mahotság FIRST EVER IN NORTH AMER már agir swam. ádinati nám.okár mántra नमी सिद्धार्ण जनमोउवज्झायाण नमीलोएसवसाहणं उसी पंचनमुक्काये मंगलायसवेगि Respected Friends: Jai Jinendra!! With great pleasure Jain Center Of Greater Phoenix cordially invites you for the Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav with Anjansalaka/Ankanyas ceremony. This auspicious occasion of Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav is on Vir Samvat 2534, Pausha Krishna Ashthmi, Saturday 20 December 2008 to Pausha Krishna Chaturdashi Friday 26th December 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. First time in USA, Balbrahmachari Pratisthacharya Shree Abhinandanji, Pundit Ashok Kumar Luhariya and Shree Narendrabhai Nandu will jointly conduct an authentic Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav. During this Mahotsav, we will be blessed by the presence of Kshulika Shubhamati Mataji, Shree Jinchandraji Maharaj fron Tithal, Pujya Shree Rakeshbhai Jhaveri from Dharampur, Padmashri Dr. Kumarpal Desai from Ahmedabad, Shree Dr. Huku mchandji Bharill from Jaipur, and Shree Pawankumar Jain from Mangalayatan, India. Your presence at this event will make you feel a part of the life course of Tirthankar Bhagwan. Jainam Jayati Shasanam Jain Center of Greater Phoenix, Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav Committee 6250 s. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85041 (USA) Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOEN Histoon oneghe Daily Program Highlights December 20th Saturday arma Dhwaja Aarohan (flag hoisting ceremony) lcome of Vidhi-adhyaksh Bhagwan, Shobha Yatra (procession) ndalpur and Stage/Mandap Suddhi/ Inauguration Ira Pratistha, Indra Sabha and Raj Sabha atra Pooja, Akhand Deepak Sthapana, Kumbh Sthapana, Jwara Ropan wgragh Patla Poojan, Dash Dikpal Poojan, Aasht Mangal Poojan dreams and 8 Devi Dances Cultural Program December 21st Sunday Garbh Kalyanak (Conception Event) Indra Sabha/ Result of 16 Dreams / Mata Enters at Kings Palace Laghu Nanda Vrata Poojan Sanmati Kalash Yatra Bhagwati Mandal Poojan Vedi, Kalash, Dhwaja Suddhi Unveiling Holy Scriptures Mata Trishala & Aasht (8) Devi Discussion, Cultural Program ecember 22nd Monday anm Kalyanak (Birth Celebration) ra Sabha and Raj Sabha m Kalyanak Shobha Yatra dhman Janm 1008 Kalash Abhishek on Panduk Shila at Meru Parvat nday Nritya by Saudharm Indra na Joolan of Bal Mahavir a's gift to Bal Mahavir December 23rd Tuesday Diksha Kalyanak (Renunciation Celebration) Vardhman's Rajya Abhishek Display of Child Vardhman's events and Previous nine lives event Kumar Vardhman's Vairagya. Arrival of Lokantik Dev Dev & Raja's discussion for Palaki, Ankanyas Vidhi, Going to Jungle for Diksha, Diksha Vidhi Arihant Vandanavali Poojan Evening: Cultural Program Vairagya Varsha s. 23rd Ave nix, AZ 85041 (USA) il: elle Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOEN माङ्गलिक कार्यक्रम Daily Program Highlights December 24th Wednesday eval Gyan Kalyanak (Omniscience Celebration) Muni Raj Aahardaan, Van Gamman Adhar Abhishek of Mulnayak Murti (Main Idol) Adhar Abhishek of Bhamti Murtis, Devi-Devta, Dhwaja Keval Gyan Kalyanak Poojan Samosaran Rachna, Divya Dhawni (Sermons) Kumarpal Raja Aarti, Abhar Pradarshan (Thanks giving ceremony) December 25th Thursday Moksha Kalyanak (Nirvana Celebration) Pratistha ceremony 5250 s. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85041 (USA) e-mail:jain Bhagwan's Yog Nirodh, Pavapur Rachna Jinendra Shobha Yatra Bhagwan's Pravesh / Pokhana Opening Ceremony of Jain Temple Pratistha of All Tirthankar's Idols Dhwaja Aarohan and Kalash Sthapana on Temple December 26th Friday First Day of Temple Opening Celebration First day Opening Ceremony of Temple First Pakshal Pooja Shanti Snatra Poojan Five Aarti - Mulnayak/Devi-Devta Bhavana Bhakti/ Stavan First Aangi of Swetambar Murtis Aangi Darshan 000 www.jcgp.or Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ World Wide Coordinators of Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav dia-Rajasthan ri Kanaiya Lal Dalavat, Udaipur - India Ph. 0294-2427551 iMahipal Jain, Banswara -, Ph. 02962-257405 ri Gyanchand Jain, Kota - India Ph. 0744-2407623 ri P. C. Jain Bajaj, Kota - India, Ph. 0744-2366132 Hukum Chand Bharill, Jaipur, Ph. 0141-2707458 ri Moti Chand Luhariya, Jodhpur, Ph. 0291-2432764 ri Pradeep Jain, Ajmer, Ph. 01463-250757 dia-Madhya Pradesh ri Gulab Chand Jain. Sagar, Ph. 07582 406689 ri Ashok Jain, Bhopal, Ph. 09425013096 ri Ashok Badjatya, Indore, Ph. 0731-2529751 Vimal Chand Jhajri, Ujjain, Ph. 0734-2559968 ri Ashok Kumar Jain, Jabalpur, Ph. 0761-2316232 ri Shanti Lal Patni, Chindbada, Ph. 07162-245520 indit Gayan Chand Jain, Ph. 07522-262307 ri Anandilal Jain, Ratlam, Ph. 07412-2405040 ri Prem Chand Jain, Khairagarh, Ph. 07820-234595 ari Narendra Kumar Jain, Khandwa, Ph. 0733-224760 dia- Uttarpradesh / Uttarakhand ri Narendra Jain, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Ph. 01396-272113 ri Chatarsen Jain, Dehradun - 248001, Ph. 0135-2654661 ari Keshavdev Jain, Kanpur, Ph. 0512-2607674 ari Alok Kumar Jain, Kanpur, Ph. 0512 2551273 ari Prakash Chand Jain, Manipuri, Ph: 05672-2342227, of. P. K. Jain, Roorkee, Ph. 01332-273311 ri Navneet Jain, Meerut, Ph. 0121-2520073 shok Luhariya, Teerthdham Mangalayatan, Sasni, Ph. 057102977 dia- Gujarat ri Ajit Jain, Baroda, Ph. 9824398999 ri Ajit Mehta, Ahmedabad, Ph. 079-27451233 ari Prateek C. Shah, 12, Ahmedabad, Ph. 079-22817332 ri Saubhagmal ji Kataria, Ahmedabad, Ph. Res. 0792945676 ri Rajnibhai Doshi, Dist. Savarkhanta, Ph. 09427080500 50 s. 23rd Ave. Denix, AZ 85041 (USA) mail: jain JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOENIX Shri Amritbhai Mehta, Himmatnagar, Ph. 02770-273400 Shri Sumanbhai Doshi, Rajkot, Ph. 0281 2231073 Shri Vipinbhai Vadhar, Jamnagar, Ph. 0288 2560966 Shri Hiralal ji Kala, Bhavnagar, Ph. 0278 2423207 India-Maharashtra Shri Hitenbhai Sheth, Ville Parte Mumbai, Res. 24015434 Shri Kantibhai P. Motani, Mumbai, Ph. Res. 022 2817646 Shri Anjanbhai Shantilal Shah, Mumbai 400007, Ph. 022-23510073 Shri Pankaj B. Doshi, Dadar Mumbai 400028, Ph. 022-24465521 Shri Mukund Rai Khana, Devlali Nasik 422401, Ph. 0253 2491044 Shri Naresh Jain, Nagpur, Ph. 0712 2763819 Shri Ranjit Gandhi, Sholapur, Ph. 0217 2652700 Shri Santosh Patni, Vashim, Akola 449505, Ph. 07252-233224 Shri Pradeep Todal, Hingoli 431513, Ph. 02456-220575 Shri Harshvardhan Jain, Aurangabad 431 005, Ph. 09822046177 India- other cities Shri Kamal ji Patni, Howrah, Ph. 033-22357409 Shri Balchand Patni, Kolkata, Ph. 033-25544271 Shri Pradeep Bhayani, Chennai, Ph. Res. 044-25369197 Shri Mahachand Preakash Chand Jain, Manipur, Ph. 0385-223273 Shri Ramesh Bhandari, Bangalore, Ph. 080-22911890 Shri Rajesh C. Shah, Hyderabad, Ph. 040-24757447 Shri Ajit Prasad Jain, Delhi, Ph. 011-23966048 Shri Adish Jain, Delhi, Ph. Res. 011-64500932 Other country Shri Praful D. Raja, Nairobi, Kenya, Ph. 733637970, Shri Navinbhai Shah, Sharjah -UAE, Ph. 971-4 5689611, Shri Ashok Patni, Singapore, Ph. 65 81801170 Shri Manubhai Shah, Surrey, U.K., Ph. 208 684 4318 Shri Bhimjibhai B. Shah, Middlesex, U.K., Ph. 208-5667100 Shri Vinodbhai Kapasi, London UK. Ph. 7947-581584 Shri Vijen B. Shah, Northwood, Middlesex, U.K., Ph. 192 384 0879 Shri Satish Mehta, illford, UK Ph. 208-518-0612 Shri Bharat Mehta, illford, UK Ph. 208-500-3493 Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOEN Contact: Pratistha Temple Committee Dr. Kirit Gosalia, Chair 602-316-5077 Dr. Dilip Bobra 480-839-2682 Piyush Mehta, President 480-820-5091 Dr. Rajesh Daulat 623-696-6946 Manish Mota, Vice Pres. 602-363-6145 Anupa Jain 480-686-5300 Mahendra Shah 602-614-4683 Nimish Shah 480-705-9082 Piyush Shah 480-241-6258 Vikram Shah 480-345-7269 Usha Shah 480-235-6523 Praveen Jain 480-755-0046 dayanti Savia 602-708-8681 Prakash Deshmukh 602-690-7301 Dr. Kumar Daulat 623-202-3050 Coordinators in the USA for Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav Anup Vora, Rochester, NY 585-473-9290 Arvind Shah, Jain Sangh of Hudson Valley 845-226-6016 Ashok Savla, Jain Center of S. California-LA 626-287-6560 Ashok Shah, Jain Society of Central Florida, Inc. 407-438-5297 Ashwin Turakhia, Jain Society of Greater Cleveland 440-526-5807 Atul Khara, Plano Texas, 972-867-6335 Atul Shah, Jain Society of Metro Chicago 630-428-1360 Bhalchandra Daulat, Dallas, TX 214-824-1953 Bhupendra Kamdar, Jain Society of Pittsburgh 724-457-8124 Bhupendra Parekh, Jain Center of South Central PA 717-898-6173 Bipin Shah, Montreal Jain Association 514-747-9707 Chanchala Mehta, Jain Society of Greater Memphis 901-755-5343 Dr. Chandraben Varia, Jain Center of Cincinnati 606-285-9575 Deepak Shah, Jain Society of Greater Atlanta 770-552-2507 Devendra Vora, Floral Park, NY, 718-809-4420 Devendra Peer, Samarpan Jain Sangh 215-947-9083 Dr. Dhiraj Shah, Niagara Falls, NY 716-773-1314 Dilip Mehta Jain, Assoc. of Palm Beach 561-793-3564 Dilip Punatar, Dayton, OH, 614-440-4239 Dilip V. Shah, JAINA President, 215-868-0381 Dipak Doshi, Jain Society of Metro Chicago 847-420-9025 Dr. Deepika Dalal, Jain Center of South Florida 954-431-5957 Dr. Mahendra Mehta, Jain Society of Toronto 416-241-2044 Dr. Mayur Kothari, NY 516-746-6266 Dr. Naresh R. Shah, Jain Sangh of North East PA 570-696-2202 Dr. Prem Godha, Jain Center of Greater Hartford 860-657-2284 Dr. Ragini Lakhia, Jain Society of Houston 281-980-3409 Dr. Rajnibhai Shah, New York, 212-702-9690 Dr. Shashikant Shah, Jain Society of Central FL, 407-323-3509 Dr. Shushil Jain, Jain Society of Metro Washington 301-670-0519 Gajendra Punatar Jain Center of Colorado 303-987-9579 Girish C. Shah, Jain Center of N.J. - Essex Fells 973-335-4172 Girish Shah, Diamond Bar, CA 909-595-8995 Harshad Shah, New Jersey, 732-572-7913 Hasmukh Parikh, Jain Center of Connecticut 203-335-2952 Hasmukh M. Shah, Tampa, FL 727-934-3255 Hemal Sanghvi, Jain Center of Greater St. Louis 636-922-3818 Hira Shah, Jain Center of British Columbia, 604-438-2243 Ila Vora, Jain Society of Rochester 385-264-9834 J.D. Shah, Jain Society of Toronto 416-736-1640 Jagmohan Humar, Jain Association of Ottawa 613-736-0783 Jasvant Mehta, Jain Society of Alberta, 789-435-9070 Jawahar A. Shetti, Jain Center of America - NY 201-387-0577 Jayendra Shah, Long Island, NY 718-740-1226 Jaymik Shah, Jain Center of America - NY 718-217-8684 Jitendra Shah, Jain Center of West Texas 806-795-7057 Jitendra Vora, Jain Center of Greater Boston 508-366-2223 Kamal Shah, Jain Religion Center of Wisconsin 262-242-4827 Kanti J. Shah, Tulsa Jain Sangh 918-369-3163 Kirit Daftary, Waco, TX 254-379-2100 Kirit Mehta, Los Angeles, CA 909-395-6746 Kirit R. Shah Jain Study Center of N. Carolina 919-469-5158 Kirit Shah Jain Center of N.J. - Essex Fells 908-753-0319 Kirit Shah, Jain Society of Las Vegas 702-364-2630 Kishor Mehta, Tulsa Jain Sangh, OK 918-491-6392 Kishor Parekh, Simi Valley, CA 805-582-0603 Kundan Ghelani, Atlantic Jain Sangh 609-748-0032 Kundi Kapadia, JCNC, CA 408-268-0193 Lata Vora, Jain Society of San Diego 858-538-0224 Lataben Champsee, Vice President JAINA, Toronto, 416-441-2200 Mahendra Khandhar, Los Angeles, CA 714-404-7011 Mahendra Mehta, Jain Center of Ft. Myers 239-561-2731 Mahendra Shah, Miami, FL 305-595-3833 Mahesh Vadhar, LA, CA 909-376-4027 Manda Turakhia, Jain Center of Syracuse 315-622-3287 Dr. Manibhai Mehta, LA, 714-898-3156 Manoj Shah, Jain Society of Greater Lansing 517-332-5621 Mayur Mehta, Jain Society of Middle Tennessee 931-648-9535 Meera Jain, Jain Society of N. Texas/Dallas 972-867-7609 Mehul Vora, Jain Association of KC. 913-383-2293 Navnit Shah, Augusta Jain Community 706-863-6976 Nitin Talsania, New Jersey, 908-306-1406 Parveen Jain, Jain Center of Northern California 408-528-6987 Piyush Mehta, Jain Center of Greater Phoenix, 480-820-5091 Pradip Sanghvi, Toronto, CN 416-990-2376 Prakash C. Jain, Jain Center of Northern Califomia 408-238-1193 Pramod Shah, Jain Society of Capitol District-Albany 518-756-6606 Pramod Jain, Jain Association of Northeast Florida 904-519-1234 Pratik Shah, Jain Center of Central Ohio, Columbus 740-549-0014 Pravin K. Shah, Raleigh, NC 919-859-4994 Pravin Shah, Lansdale, PA 215-362-5598 Prem Jain, JCNC 510-770-0503 Rajani Shah, Jain Society of Houston 281-870-8472 Rajeev Pandya, Staten Island, NY 917-783-7017 Rajiv Jain, Jain Society of Greater Sacramento, 916-683-4335 Rajiv Maheshwari, Jain Society of Greater Detroit, 248-488-133 Rajni Gosalia, Washington DC 301-464-5947 Rajnibhai Gandhi, Floral Park, NY 917-279-6339 Ram Gada, Jain Center of Minnesota 651-636-1075 Ramesh Shah, Jain Society of Greater Detroit, Inc. 248-661-4250 Rashmi Sheth, Jain Center of Allentown 610-868-1231 Rohit H. Doshi, Greater Binghamton Jain Sangh 607-754-6010 Sanjiv Jain, Jain Society Inc. of Tampa Bay 813-971-3698 Santosh C. Shah, Jain Society of Southern Louisiana 504-394-1586 Saumin Mehta, Jain Center of Toledo 419-885-0051 Shanti Bedmutha, Jain Community of Buffalo 716-636-5877 Shashikant N. Sheth, Jain Sangh of N.J.-856-845-8520 Snehal Shah, Cherry Hill, 856-809-9888 Sunil Jain, Jain Society of Oregon 503-702-1069 Suresh Shah, Jain Study Group of Charlotte 704-717-8481 Sushila Shah, Jain Center of Minnesota 651-636-9833 Uresh Shah, Jain Society of Rochester 585-421-6965 Vijay Chheda, Los Angeles, CA 714-654-6097 Vimala Jain, Jain Association of Elmira 607-562-8606 Vinay Garg, International Jain Sangh 732-388-1280 6250 s. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85041(USAJ filail:jali WWW.icgp.or Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOENI Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav December 20-26, 2008 I/we like to sponsor by participating in following: GRAND SPONSOR: . PLATINUM SPONSOR: . GOLD SPONSOR: $25,000 $15,000 $5000 Souvenir Advertisement: . Back Cover Page Color $5000 Back Inside Page Color $3000 . Front Inside Page Color $5000 a First Page Color $3000 Full Color Page $1500 Full Page Black & White $1000 Half Page Black & White $500 Quarter Page Black & White $250 Vender booth Setup during the 6 Days of event..........$1500.00 Any other Activity from our Program Participation: $ I cannot attend, But wish to Donate.. .........$ TOTAL AMOUNTS Your Information: Name Company Name Mailing Address City Phone: Fax: State Zip Cell Please contact us with your valuable contribution or for further information. Make check payable to Jain Center of Greater Phoenix. 250 s. 23rd Ave. hoenix, AZ 85041 USA mail: jain For Private Personal Use Only w WWW.icgp.or Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOENIX GRAND HOLY-DAY VACATION! wxen WAS LASE time YOU XAD YACATION? XOX MUCX XAYE YOU PAID FOR YACATION? HOW ABOUT VACATION OF A LIFETIME? FIRST TIME OFFERING IN THE USA 7 DAY 6 NIGHT HOLY-DAY VACATION Only FOR $450 (per person double occupancy, plus airfare) Including: Stay at 5* Resort, all JAIN MEALS and Airport Transfer W THE CITY WITH most BEAUTIFUL WEATHER IN THE COUNTRY, VALLEY OF THE SUN PHOENI, ARIZONA SOUND INTERESTING! JAIN CENTER OF GREATER PHOENIX Invites you all to First ever Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav In the USA First Temple in USA having all Tirthankar Pratima's with-Anjansalaka/Ankanyas ceremony Pratisthit. VISIT WWW.JCGP.ORG WHY VISIT INDIA or Elsewhere THIS DECEMBER WHEN YOU CAN HAVE HOLY-DAY VACATION HERE IN USA?? GIVE YOUR LOVED ONE'S AUSPICIOUS GIFT OF YOUR LIFETIME 6250 s. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85041 (USA) Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ This cover is sponsored by Jaya Travel and Tours Visit our North American office at: Visit our Indian office at: 26500 Northwestern Highway TELEPHONE Suite 260 248/358-9100 Southfield, MI 48076 USA FAX: 248/372/4806 Rizvi House TELEPHONE 34 Hill Road 6423031 Bandra (West), Bombay 400050 6420402 INDIA 6425222 FAX: 6436421 Also visit us at JAINA HEADQUARTERS 43-11 Ithaca Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 Ph: 718-208-4435 jainahq NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NIAGARA FALLS, NY PERMIT NO. 142 Address Service Requested Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to: JAIN DIGEST Circulation Federation of JAINA P.O. Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Jamedrersation internet