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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST A Publication by the Federation of Jain Associations in North America Summer 2006 Volume 25. No. 1 JAINA JAINA NO LET LINE PATION OF JAN ASSOCIATIONS JAINA Pilgrims at Mahamastakabhisheka JAINA www.ialgersUse Only Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Cardiology Vinod K. Shah, MD, FACC A. A. Patil, MD, FACC Mahesh P Shah MD,FACC Anil K. Shah, MD, FACC Anantha Rao, MD, FACC Gastroenterology Umed K. Shah, MD, FACG Atul R. Shah, MD, FACG Nayan R. Shah, MD, FACG Sreenivas Mannam MD Pulmonology Kiran D. Mehta, MD, FCCP Neurology Beena A. Shah, MD Internal Medicine Bhasker A. Jhaveri, MD David M. Federle, MD Mary Kramer, MD Avani D. Shah, MD Dhiren Shah, MD Chandra B. Sajja. MD Manoj Panwala, MD Hematology/Oncology Gurdeep Chhabra, MD Harminder S. Sethi, MD Gerontology Anwar T. Munshi, MD, FACP Rita B. Jhaveri, MD Pediatrics lla V. Shah, MD, FAAP M.EO. Lafeer, MD, FAAP Dawn Bertram-Stewart, MD Beena Khetpal, MD Fahmi H. Fahmi MD Pediatrics/Internal Medicine James I. Harring, MD, FAAP, FACP Family Practice John E Fenwick, MD J. Patrick Jarboe, MD Robert J. Bauer, MD John L.. Bennett, MD J. Scott Tidball, MD Roy H. Bunales, MD Radiology Halappa G. Hakkal, MD Harris E. Orzach, MD Psychiatry Aruna A. Patil, MD Endocrinology John Tourtelot, MD Hollywood Office Philip J. Bean Medical Center PO. Box 640 24035 Three Notch Road Hollywood, MD 20636 301-373-7900 Leonardtown Offices Shanti Medical Center PO Box 664 26840 Point Lookout Road, Suite 101 Leonardtown, MD 20650 301-475-5577 301-475-5524 St. Mary's Medical Arts Building PO Box 306 22650 Cedar Lane Court Leonardtown, MD 20650 310-475-5021 301-475-5023 Prince Frederick Office Calvert Medical Office Building 110 Hospital Road, Suite 303 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 410-535-4333 Lexington Park Office 22335 Exploration II,Suite 1030 & 1035 Lexington Park, MD 20653 301-863-7041 301-863-9000 California Office PO. Box 540 23263 By the Mill Road California, MD 20619 301-863-5835 Charlotte Hall Office Charlotte Hall Medical Centre PO. Box 507 29795 Three Notch Road Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 301-884-7322 301-884-7330 Mechanicsville Office Village Medical Annex 28160 Old Village Road, Suite A Mechanicsville, MD 20659 301-884-4666 Washington Area 831 University Blvd., #32 Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-445-4430 JAIN TEMPLE, WASHINGTON, DC AB RE EHA Harr ETTET JAI JINENDRA Dialogue Between Master And Student कहं चरे कहं चिट्ठे कहमासे कहं सए । कहं भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्मं न बंधई ॥ What should be the mode of movements? Of standing, sitting, lying, eating or talking So that there is no bondage and karma Emanating from our daily activities? जयं चरे जयं चिट्ठे जयमासे जय सए । जयं भुजतो भासतो पावं कम्म न बंधई ॥ When you walk, walk with awareness. When you stand, be mindful. When you sit, be aware. When you sleep, be peaceful. 18607 QUY When you eat and speak, be watchful. Commit no harm, to any living being, Which may invite painful karmic consequences. -- Dasavaíkalika 429 BC We dedicate ourselves to ceaseless efforts of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, in spreading the principles of Jainism among all the Jains settled in North America. We congratulate the Executive Committee for their devoted service to JAINA. SHAH ASSOCIATES, M.D., L.L.C. Shanti Medical Center, P.O. Box 664, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone: 301-475-5579 Metro 301-870-2049 Fax Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Vol.24 No.1 circulation: 11000 From the President.... Jai Jinendra In this issue Press Release...................3 Headquarter News.............4 Jains in News.....................6 Ansana.. My trip to Amritsar...........9 Astapada tirth.................10 Interfaith Events........... Regional news............... Committee news..........15 Affiliate News........... Committee news............ It is my pleasure to share with you some of JAINA's achievements in the past few months. While we are all indebted to great spiritual leaders who have held the fort of the rich Jain tradition, it may now be time to for us in JAINA to make a positive contribution to the Jain community in India. Many Jains, especially the younger generation in India want to learn form JAINA's success in maintaining Unity while fully accommodating the diversity. I recently visited many places in India and talked about our positive experiences. I have listed some of the highlights of the trip below: • Based on the model of YJA, Young Jains of India was established under the guidance of Dr. Manoj K. Jain, member of our Long Range Planning Committee. This group known as YJI had their first convention in Indore, where the theme the was 'Progress through a Jain Way of Life." . I represented JAINA at the 33rd Bidada Medical Camp in Kutch. Vijay Chheda, the trustee of this camp (a member of the Jain Center of Southern California, and Jain Center of Northern California) and his team have done a wonderful service for the needy. Vijaybhai, has agreed to become part of JAINA World Community Service to spread this work to other parts of the world. . I visited the successfully completed JAINA's Vardhman Nagar project in Bhuj. They are now constructing a new medical facility. This facility will benefit the residents of Vardhman Nagar and the surrounding area. The JAINA World Community Service will send all of the remaining Earthquake funds (about $12,000) to help them complete this project. . While in Kutch I also visited Veerayatan; a project undertaken with the inspiration and guidance of Acharya Chandanaji. They have now established a fully operational pharmaceutical university. JAINA members and organizations have made extensive contributions for this project. . World Jain Confederation(WJC) is working closely with JAINA's V R Gandhi committee in publishing a VR Gandhi stamp. Mr. Pravin Shah and Prakash Mody are also working with the Indian Postal Authority to facilitate the release in August 2006. • Dilip Shah and I participated in the first Jain Businessmen's Conference organized by Pujya Maharaj Saheb. We extended JAINA's unity message to them, which was welcomed by all. . Finally, I addressed a gathering of Acharyas and Jain Samaj at Mahamastak Abhishek at Shavanbelgola and spread our message of Unity. JAINA has become a role model of Unity and a host of socio religious activities not previously achieved by a single umbrella organization. In an interview with Sanskar and the Aashtha TV channel, I discussed JAINA's various activities and our message of Unity. JD Members list..............18 Non-violent approch........23 Book Report............26 Book store.................... Matrimonial...........30 Jain Contributions.......33 Jain Milan......................35 Moving? Receiving duplicate copies? Send your address corrections to: JAIN DIGEST CIRCULATION Federation of JAINA P. O. Box 700 Getzville, NY 14068-0700 (continued on the next page) Jain EducatiJAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/1 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST A publication of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) EDITOR IN CHIEF Lata Champsee 21 Swiftdale Place Don Mills, ONT, Canada M3B IM3 Phone: 416/441-2200 email: COVER DESIGN Dhrumil Purohit email: REGIONAL EDITORS Canada Dr. Mahendra Mehta email: Phone/Fax 416/241-2044 Midwest, US Manubhai Doshi email: Phone: 847/735-0120 Northeast, US Dineshbhai Chheda email: Phone: 973/394-1701 Southeast, US Pravin K. Shah Phone:919-859-4994. Southwest, US Jadavji Kenia email: Phone: 972/690-3593 West, US Chandrakant Parekh Phone: 562-926-5663 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Young Minds Hanul Bhandari 210-842-4825, Chirag K. Shah 262-880-6918, Matrimonials Hasmukh Shah 304 Tall Oak Trail Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-7711 Phone: 727-934-6141 / 3255 MANAGING BOARD Lata Champsee, Managing Director Dilip V Shah, Marketing Director Keerti Shah, Circulation Director The Managing Editorial Board will endeavor to publish all material submitted but reserves the right to edit and/or reformat for clarity and space restrictions. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Managing Editorial Board of JAIN DIGEST. Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) JAINA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Kirit C. Daftary Phone: 254/776-4209, Fax: 254/753-1411 First Vice President Dilip V. Shah Phone: 215-561-0581 Fax: 215-567-3146 Regional Vice Presidents Jashvant Mehta, Canada Phone: 780-435-9070 Ila G. Shah, Midwest US Phone: 419-865-2727 Fax: 419-868-7476 Gunvant Shah. Northeast, US Phone: 732-246-4030 Deepika Dalal, Southeast US Phone: 954-431-5957 Fax: 305-585-3798 Bipin Shah, West US Phone: 408-973-1004 Fax: 408-262-0180 Udai Jain, Southwest US Phone: 281-980-0741, Fax: 281/980-2924 Secretary Lata Champsee Phone: 416/441-2200, Fax: 416/441-2211 Treasurer Pravin Mehta Phone: 931-648-9535, Fax:931-648-9539 Immediate Past President Anop R. Vora Phone: 585/473-9290, Fax: 585/473-9450 SPECIAL OFFICE BEARER Executive Director of JAINA Kamalesh Amin Ph: 716-636-5342 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Names of all Board of Directors are listed on http:// JAINA CHARITABLE TRUST Names of all Trustees are listed on http:// AFFILIATES Brahmi Jain Society, US and Canada I. A. A. of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Rochester, NY International Mahavir Jain Mission, US and Canada Jain Adhytmic Academy of N. America, Plano TX Jain Meditation International Center, US & Canada Jain Social Group, LA and Toronto Kutchhi Gurjar Jain Society, Grand Island, NY Kutchhi Oswal Jain Association of North America(KOJAIN) Shri Mahavir Jain Foundation, Santa Ana, CA Jain Academic Foundation of N.America,,TX NORTHEAST Regular Atlantic Boston Buffalo Cherry Hill Essex Fells Hudson alley New York Ocen Orange Philadelphia Pittsburgh Rochester Washington Associate Albany Allentown Binghamton Delaware Elmira Harrisburgh Hartford Syracuse JAINA COMMITTEES Academic Liaison Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Calendar Committee Rajeev Pandya 718-816-0083 Constitution Review Committee Manibhai Mehta 714-898-3156 Govt.& Int'l Organizations Relations Dhiraj H. Shah 716-773-1314. 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Meyers Jacksonville Memphis Middle Tennessee Morgantown New Orleans Orlando Panama City Beach Palm Beach JAINA HEADQUARTERS PO Box 700, Getzville, NY 14068-0700 Phone/Fax: 716/636-5342 jainahq Raleigh Tampa MIDWEST Regular Chicago Cinncinati/ Dayton Cleveland Columbus Detroit Lansing St. Louis Associate Kansas City Minneapolis Milwaukee Toledo Long Term Planning Yogendra Jain 781-856-0769 Media and Public Relations Committee: Mr. Nitin Talasania 908-306-1406 Membership Kamlesh Shah 301-838-9778 Marriage Information Service Hasmukh M. Shah 727-934-6141 N. American Jain Families Assist Program Ila G Mehta 419-865-2727 North American Jains History Jasvant Mehta 780-435-9070 Patron Program Udai Jain 281-980-0741 Pilgrimage Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 Planned Giving Committee Yogesh Kamdar 203-288-2350 Scholar Visitation Nirmal Dosi 732-390-0296 Senior's Housing Gunvant Shah 732-246-4030 Technology Committee Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Tirthodhdhar Committee Kirit Daftary 254-776-4209 V. R. Gandhi Scholarship Fund Pravin C. Shah 516-248-8265 Website Committee Dilip V. Shah 215-561-0581 Wheel Of Hope Ramesh P. Shah 440-442-4596 World Community Service Bachubhai S. Ajmera 301-924-8070 YJA and YJP Coordinator Girish P. Shah 408-378-8765 Young Jains of America (YJA) Chintan Shah 212-682-5246 Young Jain Professionals (YJP) Mayur Shah 415-462-8030 SOUTHWEST Regular Dallas Houston Phoenix Associate Tulsa Lubbock Colorado WEST Regular Los Angles San Francisco Associate Las Vegas Portland Sacramento San Diego CANADA Regular Toronto Associate Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Vancouver 2/JAIN DIGEST⚫ Summer 2006 Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ On the home front many more activities are under way, as summarized below: Dr. Tansukh Salgia, past president of JAINA and Chairman of Government and International Organization Relations is working to get the NGO status for JAINA at the United Nations. With this status JAINA could get funding from the United Nations for international charitable projects. It will also give us a platform to deliver our message on Jain Values at international events. Mr. Naresh Jain, Co-chair of the JAINA Interfaith Committee has been selected to a committee that will decide the site for 2009 Parliament of World Religion Conference. It is a source of great pride for JAINA that Mr. Jain's active role on the Interfaith Committee has been noticed by other organizations. JAINA is actively working with Jain leaders in India so that they can potentially host the next World Parliament in 2009. Mr Gunvantbhai Shah and Mr. Mukesh Doshi, working closely with JNF, MIS, YJA and YJP have planned a "Jain Milan" function in the New Jersey area. Jain Milan offers a great opportunity for Jain Youths to network and know each other face-to-face for the purpose of matrimony. (See details in this issue). JAINA Adhyatmic Committee, under the leadership of Hasmukhbhai Shah will be holding its first shibir of SAMAYSAR at Niagara Falls, Canada during the long weekend of May. Rajendra Kamdar will be one of the main scholars at this function. Over 50 JAINA and Jain Center leaders attended the first Jain Leadership Conference at Kellogg Business School in Chicago. Dean Dipak Jain and the Long Range Planning Committee invested over 2000 man hours to come up with unique tools and learning materials that can be used for the advancement and management of all local Jain centers. We would like all members to get involved in the progress of JAINA and our JAIN heritage. We will soon open a forum where community members can send in their valuable comments. With best wishes and regards Kinle Kirit C Daftary, President JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006/3 PRESS RELEASE NRI'S REQUEST FOR COMMEMORATIVE STAMP Jains worldwide will be observing "Remembering Virchand Raghavji Gandhi (VRG)" event during August 2006. Celebrations are being organized by various organizations across the globe. JAINA is leading the initiative to request the Indian Post office to issue a stamp in memory of VRG. Minister of Communications and Information Technology JAINA have requested Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Hon. and India Post to issue a commemorative stamp for Virchand Raghavji Gandhi (VRG) 1864 - 1901 on either August 7th or August 25th, 2006, his anniversary date or his birthday. VRG was India's great emissary to the west. VRG educated the west about the rich Indian culture, civilization and traditions. This great cultural ambassador needs to be suitably honored and recognized. VRG represented Jain faith at the first Parliament of World Religion in 1893 at Chicago. He was awarded a silver medal for this contribution. VRG was also an Asian delegate at the 1899 International Commerce Conference, where he advocated the post-parcel system. VRG, a Barrister-at-law by profession, successfully advanced the causes of animal welfare, vegetarianism and unjust head pool tax levy. Visit for JAINA's activities and achievements.For more information, contact: Mr. Pravin C. Shah at 516-2488265; e-mail: Mr. Prakash Mody at 416-491-5560; E-mail: JAINS MAY GET A MINORITY STATUS New Delhi, May 10: Despite the Supreme Court's direction against any addition to the list of "notified minorities," the Centre is drawing plans to give Jains the status of a religious minority. Minister for Minority Affairs, A R Antulay, who has held talks with "various Jain organisations", told The Indian Express there was "consensus in the community" for the minority status under Section 2 (C) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. "We want to broaden the concept of minorities by including communities like Jains and Kashmiri Pandits," he said. The move flies in the face of a SC judgment delivered last August. A bench headed by then CJI R C Lahoti, while dismissing a plea to direct the Centre to notify Jains as a religious minority, said identification of minorities on the basis of religion would further divide the country. Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Executive Committee meeting at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida HEDQUARTER NEWS Summary of discussion on this. Few points were raised during long JAINA Executive discussion. There are many committees but there is no Committee meeting committee "Jain centre liaison with JAINA" Individual held at Fort centers will come forward if there is any give and take. Lauderdale, Florida Increase communication and connections with the local pn March 4th, 2006. community. Directors should take active role at local sangh meetings. Treasurer's report: Pravinbhai presented the report. he was presenting Executive Committee members present the report as of Dec 30th, 2005. On Sept JAIN CENTER OF SOUTH FLORIDA were as follows:, Kirit Daftary, Dilip 30th the balance was 338,000.00 and Shah, Lata Champsee, Pravin Mehta, VERETTIVE today the balance is 351,000.00. We are Gunvant Shah, Bipin Shah, Deepika still awaiting for detailed info from some Dalal, Ila Mehta committees to complete the audit and Directors and Guests: Bindesh then on to submit the audited account Shah, Jasesh Shah, Jeevan Prabha to US Govt. to continue our "US Aid" Mehta, (Jain Centre of South Florida) registration. Fundamentally we are in Rajendra Mehta and Shashikant Shah good shape. He proposed to hire a paid (Jain Society of Orlando), Kamlesh Shah of Orlando book-keeper to maintain all financial records. This will help President: Kirit Daftary thanked Jain centre of maintain continuity of data and records. We do not have Southern Florida for hosting the EC meeting. He talked about much in JAINA general fund but we should try and hir his recent trip to India. Young Jain of India had organized a paid book-keeper. Everyone agrred with his idea. youth camp. Dr. Manoj Jain from Tenessee had inspired Convention 2005 report: Kirit Daftary reported that this camp. "Progress through Jain way of life" was the attendance at the convention was 3700 persons. For the theme of the camp. Kiritbhai was a guest speaker at the first time we raised more funds nationally than locally. This camp along with Prem Jain and N. P. Jain. He also attended proves that all centers do support Conventions. Our the inauguration function of Bidada Medical Camp He also accounting is still being done. Total revenue was visited Vardhman nagar near Bhuj. Mr. Pratap Bhogilal of $683,000.00 and total expenses were $580,000.00 This World Jain Confederation had hosted a lunch to meet with gives us the surplus of $103,000.00 of which 50% will go JAINA and other leading Jains. Pratapbhai is working to JAINA, 30% to JCNC and 20% towards 2007 with Indian Post for a memorial stamp for VR Gandhi and Convention seed money. restoring his home in Mahua, Gujarat. JAINA is working Convention 2007 Report: Dilipbhai reported that on NGO status with the help of Dr. Tansukh Salgia. convention 2007 will be at Baltimore Convention Centre. Mahendra Mehta of Ratnanidhi Trust will assist Dr. Salgia. We are working with Baltimore Centre to finalize the This year JAINA took its yatra to South. JAINA has donated contract. There are 2-3 hotels in the walking distance of a room in a Manglore Dharamshala .The highlight of the Convention Centre. He is in constant touch with Mr. Girish vatra was Mahamastak Abhishek. JAINA was able to receive Shah of JCNC for his input in various items related to 86 out of 500 passes (to go on the top of mountain) is a Convention Centre contract. He requested Bipin Shah to credit to JAINA. Singapore has accepted Jainism as one negotiate the food contract since he was involved in of the religion. Parliament of World Religion will have its negotiating 2005 convention food contract. He talked about next conference in 2009. Naresh Jain is one of the members multi-sangh Convention. He talked about devising a system in site committee. JAINA should help India in getting next where a centre would acquire an expertise in a particular Parliament conference. Long Range Planning is holding a area of convention like registration, scholar invitations, leadership conference in Chicago during the March 24th programming etc. Since July 4th 2007 is falls in weekday. Weekend and everyone should try and attend this. We should EC discussed options of holding convention either weekend figure out a way to involve Directors. There was some prior or after July 4th. 4/JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Conference in Bombay: Dilipbhai discussed about holding a mini convention in India during January 6th & 7th 2007. It will be part of Jain Vyapar Sanstha. It will be 3 to 4 hours of JAINA convention as part of 2007 Vyapar Convention. All arrangements still need to be worked out. This idea was put forward during lunch on meeting with WJC by Dr. L. M. Singhvi. Nothing was finalized. Report from various committees: ⚫Senior Citizen Committee: Gunvantbhai gave report on Senior Citizen Committee. A builder was proposing homes between 230 to 250 thousand another builder was proposing homes for 350-400 thousand. This is a multi million dollar project. This project can only work if an investor is involved. He has received 25 forms back. It was decided to appoint a three member committee to define the role of JAINA in Seniors Housing. Gunvantbhai, Shashikantbhai and Ashok Desai will be the three member committee to come with a report about JAINA's role in Seniors Housing policy. Production cost of $1000 We will sell 7 ads for one minutes each and we are hoping to raise $2100 per show. Show will consist of welcome speech, Bhakti Sangeet, Lecture by a Scholar, JAINA update, JAINA activities, youth corner, Meditation yoga etc. Programme will start from April 06. ⚫V. R. Gandhi Committee: Kiritbhai read the report of Pravin C. Shah. The committee has awarded 27 scholarships. Committee has three long term goals. TV Production Committee: Kiritbhai read the report of Mamta Shaha. She has invited all regional VP's to send nominations, for an individual to provide regional news, from their region. A half hour show once a week will cost $1000.+ •We plan to make documentary on VR Gandhi's life ⚫V R G memorial in Gujarat at a cost of Rs100,000.00 ⚫A commemorative stamp in his memory. There is an expense of $10,000.00 and V R G committee is hoping to raise necessary funds. JAIN DIGEST⚫ Summer 2006/5 ⚫Jain Milan: Gunvantbhai proposed to organize Jain Milan in August. He is expecting an attandence of 200 persons. Registration fee will be $150.00 per participants. A Souvenir will be published with the bio data of the candidates. This book is not for sale and it only be given to the attending participants. July 15 will be the cut off date for adding their names and personal information in the souvenir. Evenings will be a fun time. Saturday they will receive registration package. All details will be worked out in good time. It was agreed that Jain Milan will be under JNF, MIS committee combined. Gunvantbhai will form a planning committee to plan the event with youth representation on the planning committee. Education committee: A report was presented by Mahendrabhai. Education committee is in need for funds to print education books. Different possibilities were discussed to finance the needs of education committee. EC agreed to a open cheque limit of $25,000.00 to Education committee for a short term loan. Their written report is part of this minute. Committee Effectiveness: lla Mehta presented a written report on five point program on Committee effectiveness. •Committee structure ⚫More committee members, more interest Jain's Committee structure diagram Finance is always important •Special interest and communication. JAINA yatra: Dilipbhai talked about recent yatra in south India. 86 members took the Yatra this time. Highlight of the yatra was Mahamastak Abhishek. Our Yatris got very good treatment from the organizers of the Mahamastak Abhishek. We went to Banglore, Manglore and other places. We did run into some problems this time. As chairmain of this committee I must admit that this 7th yatra did not meet the expectation of the members. At Shravan Belgoda on the opening day most of members could not participate in the abhishek. Dilipbhai talked about having an office in Bombay for JAINA work. WJC will do JAINA's liaison work from its office in India and JAINA will do WJC's work from its office in US. Montreal Conference: Interfaith committee requested $7500.00 for booths and JAINA exhibition. Jain Digest Life membership: After a discussion on the topic EC decided that Jain Digest life membership dues should increase from $151.00 to $201.00 and 20% on monies collected going forward from Jain Digest life membership should go towards the JAINA general fund. Minutes prepared by Lata Champsee Secretary, JAINA Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINS IN NEWS JAINS IN NEWS кета Dr. Navin Mehta has Prof Harish C. Jain is been awarded 2006 The recipient of th!e Order of Ellis Island Medal of Canada award. He is Honor. The award was Commissioner of the Canadian created in 1986 to honor the Human Rights Commission, he many ancestral groups who was a member of the Canadian through struggle, sacrifice Human Rights Act Review and success, helped build Panel. this great nation. Four He is a Professor Emeritus Presidents, several Senators of Human Resources & Labor and Congressman and Nobel Relations at McMaster Prize Winners are among the University. His research and professional interests include remarkable group of individuals to receive this honor for diversity management and employment equity/affirmative their outstanding contributions to America. The Ellis Island action ; human rights in employment; comparative human Medals of Honor are sanctioned by the United States resource and industrial relations policies of multinationals; Congress and recipients' names are listed in the and labour relations policy. Congressional Record. He is lead author of several books and monographs. Dr. Navin Mehta, born in a small port town of Mandvi, These are: Employment Equity and Affirmative Action: Kutch he came to US in 1974 after completing his medical An International Comparison, 2003 (M.E. Sharpe, New education in India. He received fellowship in head and neck York); Employment Equity/Affirmative Action Codes of surgery with New York Medical College affiliated hospitals, Best Practices in the USA, Canada and Britain and other after which he started his private practice and affiliation Selected Countries, 1998 (South African Dept. of Labor); with New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. He is a leading Equal Employment Issues: Race and Sex Discrimination authority in the field of Otorhinolaryngology is, among other in the United States, Canada and Britain, 1983 (Praeger, things, Surgeon Director of Department of New York) : he is the author of Disadvantages Groups in Otorhinolaryngology, the Secretary of Medical Board, Board the Labor Market and Measures to Assist Them. 1979 of Directors, Board of Trustees, and Faculty Member of (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development Temporal Bone Laboratory of New York Eye & Ear in France, OECD). He has published more than 60 articles Infirmary. He is Clinical Professor of Otorhinolaryngology in academic and professional journals. at New York Medical College and Associate Attending He assisted in the development of employment equity Surgeon at Cabrini Medical Center. legislation in South Africa and has been a policy advisor Dr. Navin Mehta is very proud of his professional and Consultant to the South African Department of Labour, accomplishments but is a person who has not forgotten he holds a Donald Gordon Chair at the University of Cape the true cause of his life, serving humanity with God given Town (UCT). He was a Consultant to the Organization for talent. In one of the many ways he has tried to share and Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, return some of the fruits of his success is evidenced by the France; Canadian federal and provincial government founding of the Matrushree Prankunvar Chunilal Mehta departments and agencies such as Labour Canada; Human Education and Charitable Trust in Kutch. The Trust organizes Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and runs several educational organizations and relief camps Heritage Canada; Saskatchewan Public Service as well as provides aids to cancer patients. Also in progress Commission, Solicitor General Canada; Multiculturalism are his plans to open a medical center with full facilities to Canada; Canadian, Quebec, and Nova Scotia Human Rights treat cancer patients in Kutch. "Providing relief to an ailing Commissions. He is former President of the Canadian patient gives more satisfaction to the doctor than the money Industrial Relations Association (CIRA) and formerly a a doctor could earn treating the patient" is something that member of the Advisory Committee to the President of the he says many times. Treasury Board of Canada on the employment of Visible He conducts his private practice in New York City and Minorities in the Public Service of Canada. currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Dr. Rashmi He has been invited to speak by Business, Human Mehta and his three children Sneha, Nirav, and Suniti. Resources and Industrial Relations Organizations in many countries around the world. 6/ JAIN DIGEST- Summer 2006 Jain Education Intemational Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dr. Chandrakant Shah was invested with the "Order of Ontario" by Ontario Lt. Governor James K Bartleman. He is a pioneer in public health education in Canada and in developing innovative healthcare programs, and advocates for Aboriginal peoples, the homeless, the jobless and poor children in Canada. He played a national leadership role in developing undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in public health and creating national objectives for teaching community health across Canada. His textbook, Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Canada, remains required reading for Canadian health sciences students. At the University of Toronto, he was the force behind the Annual Visiting Lectureship Program on Native Health and creation of the Endowed Chair in Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing. His work on employment equity has profoundly influenced hiring policies for visible minorities at Canadian universities. Dr. Shah has received an Honorary Life Membership in the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Public Health Association's highest award, Defries Award and the "Eagle Feather" from the First Nations House among other honours. BHARAT GAURAV AWARD was presented at Hyderabad in January by India International Friendship Society to Keshav Chandaria for his contribution for better better world. HIND RATNA was presented in New Delhi by International Congress of NRI for outstanding services achivement & contributions. Shreyas and Meena Ajmera of Toronto, long time members of Jain Society of Toronto donated Five million dollars to Royal Ontario Museum. This great act of philanthropy attracted banner headlines in Canadian national newspapers. Shreyas Ajmera has been a member of the ROM Board of Governors. After arriving in Canada in 1974, he and his brother founded Dough Delight, which became Canada's largest producer of frozen bakery products, flatbreads of the world, croissants, bagels, pizza and bran muffins. After selling the company in 1993, Mr. Ajmera founded Seenergy Foods Ltd., a producer of high fibre, low fat, specialty vegetarian foods that is now a premium supplier of I.Q.F. pulses (beans) in the North American marketplace. JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/7 On February 13th 2006 during Gommteshware Bhagawan Bahabali Mahamastabhisheka - 2006,NRI Reception Committee during grand Diksha Maha Mahotsav at Shavanbelgola, Kernataka, Dr. Tansukh Salgia, the founding member and past president of JAINA, was honored by the title of "Overseas Jain Samaj Ratan" by Shri Nirmal Kumar Jain Sethi, the President of the All India Digamaber Mahasabha. Jain Friends Association, Pune has announced it's most prestigious Prerana International awards for Active Jains at International Level honouring most promising active dignities of Jain community throughout world. Saurabh Dalal was awarded Prerana Ahimsa Award for his devotion to promoting Veganism and vegetarianism. He has done his masters in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He is now a devout Jain, a Vegan. He was involved in Washington Jain Center, nationally in YJA and YJP, and internationally in Young Jains International (YJI). Mr. Pravin K. Shah of North Carolina is a long time JAINA Director, has served as a Regional VP in JAINA Executive Committee.He is fully engaged in JAINA Education. He has been instrumental in preparing of uniform pathshala curriculum and publish a CD containing pathshala material and presentation of Jain philosophy with the goal of providing Jain religious education to children, youth and adults through classes, workshops and lecture at various Jain centers in North America. Mr. Vijay Chheda, trustee of Jain Center of Southern California received Jain Vibhuson award for his 26 years of humanatarian services. The award was given by the Jain Social Group International Federation during Silver Jubilee Convention at Hyderabad by the hands of the Andhra Pradesh Governor Shinde. awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal and tpgether with an Jasvant V. Mehta, a regional VP of JAINA, have been Official Certicate, as part of Alberta's 2005 Centennial celebrations, for his contributions to the community or to their fellow Albertans. Ram Gada, a long time JAINA director, received Service Excellence award from the India Association of Minnesota for his leadership and many years of service to the community. He has been re-elected on the council of The Minnesota Historical Society. JAINS IN NEWS Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ansana: The Art of Dying Peacefully ANSANA: THE ART OF DYING PEACEFULLY The Jain tradition gives great importance to Ansana. Ansana is regarded as an auspicious and spiritual exercise or practice. It is prescribed equally for ascetics as well as lay followers. The art of living is normally prescribed by almost all religions, but Jainism goes a step further by teaching the the art of dying. A Buddhist monk, Bhikshu Kashyap, once said, "I have learnt many things from Buddhism, but I have to learn the art of dying peacefully from Jainism. The same idea was also expressed by the Gandhian thinker, Vinoba Bhave, who actually practiced Ansana. METHOD OF ANSANA Ansana means fast until death. In reality, Ansana is an art of ideal death. The question is how to adopt Ansana. It has been described in detail in Jain canons like Bhagavati Aradhana, Uttaradhyayana Sutra, etc. Before undertaking Ansana, one should observe "Samlekhana." The word "Samlekhana" consists of two words: "Sam" and "Lekhana". "Sam" means in the right way and "Lekhana" means to emasculate the physical body as well as the passions. Thus, "Samlekhana" implies deliberate emasculation of the (karmic as well as gross physical) body and passions like anger, pride, deceit, and greed. DURATION OF ANSANA The minimum duration of Samlekhana is six months and the maximum is twelve years. The Uttaradhyayana Sutra describes the complete process of Samlekhana as follows: During the first four years one should exclude "Vikrith", the delicacies, from the diet, i.e. one should abstain from taking milk, curd, butter and clarified butter, sugar, edible oil, sweets, and fried things. If one cannot do so, he should observe "Ayambil", which means not to eat more than one item and that too only once during the day time. At night, nothing, not even water, should be taken. During the next by Samani Madhur Pragya four years, one should perform two-day fasting, threeday fasting, etc. and one may take any kind of diet at the termination of the fast. In the ninth and tenth years, one should observe alternate day fasting and "Ayambil" at the termination of the fast. In the eleventh year, one should observe one-day fasting or two-day fasting during the first six months and Ayambil at the termination of the fast. In the next six months, three- or four-day fasting should be done and one may take complete diet in any quantity at the end of the fast. In the twelfth year, one should do Ayambil on the first day, any other penance on the second day, and after the full course of Samlekhana. again Ayambil on the third day. In this way, Ansana is taken REASONS FOR ANSANA Ansana cannot be taken arbitrarily. A healthy ascetic or a lay person who is competent to perform religious or other activities is not allowed to embark on Ansana. Various reasons have been described for undertaking Ansana. The following are the conditions in which Ansana is allowed: 1. In the case of any incurable disease. 2. When someone is forced to break his/her chastity. 3. During famine, when alms are not available. 4. When the eyes, ears, and feet have become feeble. 5. When one is incapable of undertaking tours. 6. When any calamity arises due to gods, human beings, or animals. 7. When there is strong detachment from someone or something. KINDS OF ANSANA There are two kinds of Ansana, Itvarika and Yavatkathikam. Itvarika Ansana is short term from one day to six months. Yavatkathikam Ansana is lifelong fasting that is undertaken unto death. The latter is again of three types: 1.Bhakta-pratyakhyana-giving up food until death. In this penance, the practitioner can move in a restricted area in accordance with the rules of Samitis (watchfulness). 8/JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 2.Inigini-marama-ansana - in this the movement is further restricted to the place he occupies for the purpose of fasting. Here, he can move his limbs, but the movement should be as less as possible. 3.Padopgamana Ansana - in this penance, the person neither takes care of his/her body nor asks others to do so. He is steady like a statue until death. He remains in the same state in which he existed at the time of starting the fast. No movement at all is given to the body. Ansana is not suicide Some people regard Ansana as suicide. Suicide is typically done in a fit of strong detachment and aversion as a result of a deluded mind. The person commits suicide with the aid of poison, weapon or any other similar means. The aim of such activity is to end life suddenly. But Ansana is not taken in a fit of attachment or aversion, neither is it a result of delusion.. If someone undertakes Ansana to kill himself immediately due to physical disease or depression as a result of a problem, we cannot call it Ansana. Such an action would not lead him to the highest goal of emancipation. True Ansana is not aimed at ending one's life. But it is done to attain purity of consciousness, which ultimately ends in self-realization. Ansana is, therefore, called as Samadhi-marana, i.e. death attained with complete tranquility and equanimity. Such a person is not eager to meet death, but is willing to face death with grace and equanimity as it comes over the course of time. Although body is is relinquished both in Ansana and suicide, the important thing to consider is the reason for giving up the body. The difficult path of Ansana can be followed only by a spiritual aspirant who has practiced spiritualism thoroughly, who has experienced that the body and the soul are totally different. The aspirant realizes that the body is temporary and lifeless while the soul is permanent and the seat of consciousness and life. In suicide, the person is fully of tensed, while in Ansana the person is fully relaxed. At the time of suicide, the physical posture does not express calmness, but it is overwhelmed with stress. In suicide, death comes suddenly, while in Ansana, death will be a natural phenomenon. Ansana means removing the attachment from the body by understanding the reality of nature, while in suicide one tries to give up life to escape from worldly troubles. The former is accepted by a virtuous person, while the latter is embraced with pessimism or negativity. There is no bravery in suicide; on the contrary, it is cowardice. Suicide is based on fear and desires. It is full of passions and excessive lust. Ansana on the other end is an exercise to overcome weakness, fear and vices. Thus, although giving up the JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/9 body is common to both, Samlekhana (Ansana) and suicide - their aims are quite different. In conclusion, Ansana means the right type of death in which there is no desire to live or die. It means to give up the body with equanimity. Persons attached to body, worldly pleasures and worldly possession does not like to face death. They try every possible means to stay alive-holding on to the body. But in the end they have to face the laws of nature, because when life is a reality, death is also a reality. Regardless of the enormous efforts put by the doctors and the patients to stay alive, the persons have to eventually face death. On the other hand, in Ansana, the aspirant is fully prepared for death and faces it peacefully and with equanimity. Such a person does not fear death, but accepts it as an experience that soul goes through when it departs the body. Thus, there is no place for fear or temptation, compulsion or force, attachment or aversion, anger or delusion in Ansana. Ansana is a means to attain the goal with equanimity. Every ascetic and every lay follower should aspire to embrace such death. The Jain canons mention three aspirations for all religious persons, one of which is to embrace death through Samlekhana or Ansana. ILA MEHTA'S TRIP TO AMRITSAR INDIA IN SEARCH OF WAYS TO BUILD PEACE ILA MEHTA, the Mid west Vice President of JAINA attended an interfaith conference titled, "Reconciliation: Creating Partnerships for Building Peace," which was sponsored by the Goldin Institute of the Parliament of the World's Religions. The conference was well attended by dignitaries from various countries and religions across the globe. The conference emphasized that while many international leaders are doing their best to reduce tensions at national and international levels, the real change and a peaceful resolution of conflict will only come from ordinary people's awareness, volunteer's hard work, inputs from grass root activist, and efforts from civic, cultural and religious organizations. Ilaben found it refreshing that the world community has realized that the only way to get lasting peace is by following the principle of Mahavir conveyed in his message "Live and Let Live". The challenges of today and tomorrow for a safer cleaner and healthier environment can be met only through non violence. Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHRI ASHTAPAD MAHA TIRTH Condensed from article by Shri Kumarpal Desai LILLE 101010 There are Recent research by MIT scientists predicts that numerous places of Jain the human civilization must have originated in Tibet. Is it pilgrimage but five of possible that it was the beginning of development of Asi, them are the most Masi and Krishi by Rishabhdev? important ones and Jasvantrai Busa's research corroborates that hence are known as Mount Kailash is mountain Meru and not Ashtapad. Astapad Maha Tirth and one of is believed to be situated between Padmahad (Mansarovar) them is Ashtapad. and Kagnimpo (Kailash) and at its foot is the plain land The place where staying and performing penance is possible. where 23 Tirthankars Shri Bharat Hansraj Shah of Delhi deserves the na do exist compliment for his research on Astapad. He seems to have today - Sametshikhar, taken it up as a mission. During his pilgrimage to Kailash in Girnar, Pavapuri and 1993, he took a number of photographs. On enlarged them Champapuri but the fifth one Ashtapad is still undiscovered. he discovered that the description in Trishasthishalaka It is believed that Ashtapad is somewhere among the snow Purushcharitra matches with what was seen in the clad Himalayan peaks, about 168 miles north from Badrinath photographs. The large steps seen in them suggest that on the way to Mount Kailash. It is about seven miles from must have been carved out by human beings and not by Mansarovar. forces of nature. Thousands of years ago the first Tirthankar In New York, the Jain Center of America has Bhagwan Rishabhdev attained Nirvana here. After his constructed new Aradhana Bhavan and on the top floor, Nirvana, his son Bharat Chikravarti constructed a crystal gemstone-studded Chovisi of Ashtapad Mountain will be palace in his memory on the Ashtapad Mountain. 24 idols installed. The idols are being made in Jaipur. They were of Jain Tirthankars carved out of gemstones were installed exhibited in Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad and Delhi before in it. Since there are eight steps to be climbed to reach the being sent to the USA for darshan. A large number of Sadus, palace, it is called as Astapad. Sadhvis, Shravaks, Sravikas, Scholars, Researchers and Description of Astapad is found in ancient others had Darshan of theses idols. A seminar was organized scripture. The first reference is in Acharang Niryukti and it in Ahmedabad in which scholars of scriptures and is referred as Maha Tirth in a very ancient text Himalayan researches participated. Ekadashangadi Agam. In one of his sermon Bhagwan The following facts stand out about Ashtapad. Mahavir said, (Uttraradhyayan sutra) anyone who It is 168 miles north of Badrinath and south of Kailash. undertakes pilgrimage to Ashtapad will attain salvation. Shri Located between Mansarovar (Padmahad) and Kailash, Gautamswami then undertook pilgrimage to Ashtapad with Ashtapad is, about five to seven miles from Mansarovar. It his special powers. Detailed description of Ashtapad Tirth is 8 miles tall and covered with white rocks. Hence it is is given in Trishasthishalaka Purushcharitra by Acharya knows as Dhavalgiri. From Darechin one can reach there Hemchandracharya. Twenty Kilometers from Mount on foot in about four hours by crossing over mountain Kailash is a snow-clad majestic mountain known as ranges. As the foot of the mountain is a ground where one Gurulamandhata. Between Mount Kailash and can stay and meditate. In morning, one can get glimpses Gurulamandhata Mountains is a large and beautiful Ravan of Kailash and Mansarovar. There are two hot-water Taal (lake). References of Ravan and to music and dancing ng springs. It is possible that Tirthankar Rishabhdev stayed near Ashtapad Mountain by Ravan-Mandodari are found in here with his disciples and meditated. Jain texts. A 24 days pilgrimage cum research tour to Swami Pranavanand stayed on Mt.Kailash for Ashtapad is planned by end of May 2006. Those who are years. In his volume "Kailash and Mansarovar" in English, interested please call Jain Center of America, New York he has observed that the first Jain Tirthankar attained 718 478 9141. Nirvana on Mount Kailash and Kailash is known as Ashtapad. 10/JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006 Jain Education Intemational Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UPCOMING GLOBAL INTERFAITH EVENTS Interfaith Tour to Turkey June 15-24, 2006 Interfaith Dialog Center (IDC), a non-profit organization in New Jersey, has organized an interfaith trip to Turkey from June 15-24, 2006, to foster dialogue and understanding between faiths, cultures and civilizations. Mr. Naresh Jain ( will join the tour representing the Jain community. World Assembly of Religions for Peace Kyoto, Japan, Aug. 25-26, 2006 Religions for Peace is a rapidly growing global network of affiliated inter-religious councils (IRCs) and groups that harness the power of cooperation among the world's religious communities to transform conflict, build peace, and advance sustainable development. Today, there are 70 national and 4 regional bodies (Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America) affiliated with Religions for Peace. Each is self-led, but also part of the worldwide network. Mr. Arvind Vora, JAINA Interfaith Committee Chair represents the JAINA President on its Council of Presidents. Mr. Pratap Bhogilal, of World Jain Confederation, Mumbai, and Mr. Chintan Shah, Young Jain Association (YJA), JAINA, are scheduled to represent the Jain Community at the VIII World Assembly in Kyoto, japan. WORLD'S RELIGIONS CONFERENCE SEPT 11-15. 2006, MONTREAL, CANADA A Global Congress, World's Religions after September 11, will be held from Sept. 11-15, 2006, in Montreal, Canada. The program will include lectures, workshops, panels, worship services, discussions, art performances, meditations, symposia, cultural evenings, exhibition and other activities JAINA will participate in this conference by installing an exhibition booth. Apart from disseminating information about Jain philosophy to the conference participants, this booth will provide a meeting point for all Jain attendees to network together and create a more effective presence. Several Jain scholars and community members would be participating in this event. Mr. Naresh Jain, is JAIN DIGEST⚫ Summer 2006/11 Jain Education Intemational also serving as a consultant to this event. If you would like to support the JAINA exhibition, please contact Mr. Sudhir Shah at (203) 397-5086 or WOMEN IN RELIGION IN THE 21ST CENTURY: NEW YORK CITY, OCT. 17-19, 2006 The Interchurch Center, home of major ecumenical organizations such as the National Council of Churches and General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church has organized an international conference, Women in Religion in the 21st Century, to be held October 17, 18, and 19, 2006, at 475 Riverside Drive, New York City. The conference will explore historical perspectives on women's religious roles, the breadth of women's religious leadership, and issues and concerns for the future. Dr. Hema Pokharna of JAINA Interfaith Committee and an expert speaker on nonviolent communications is scheduled to participate in this event. Mr. Arvind Vora, is co-coordinating this event and can be reached by e-mail: or telephone (631) 269-1167). 2009 PARLIAMENT OF WORLD'S RELIGIONS: The fifth Parliament of World's Religions has been scheduled to be held during 2009 to enhance the interreligious movement around the world The previous parliaments were held in Chicago during 1893 and 100 years later in 1993. The Council for the Parliament (CPWR) has invited proposals from members who have the capacity and willingness to host this event. Currently CPWR has received expressions of interest from many cities. The Parliament has invited Mr. Naresh Jain, to serve with them on the Task Force to select the site for the 2009 Parliament event. Naresh will be working with the Task Force to review the materials sent by the different potential hosts, attending meetings and phone conferences to evaluate the different proposals, and to participate in site visit, as required. Submitted by Mr. Naresh Jain, Co-Chair, JAINA Interfaith Committee, For any question, please contact him at (201) 933-8963 or Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS Legacy of Breakthrough Projects at JAINA Conventions by The Jain Center of Greater Boston The Jain Center of Greater Boston (JCGB) has always been one of the key participants in the JAINA conventions. The JCGB is well known for presenting unique and original items. In general, a majority of the items at the JAINA conventions are presented by the visiting scholars and monks that appeal to the first generation of Jains, whereas the JCGB Pathshala youth has presented thought provoking and very informative presentations, dramas, and skits during the previous JAINA conventions. These items, presented by the youth who were raised in the US, fill the gap and cater to the next generation of the Jain youth attending the conventions. The JCGB Community takes great pride in that in many of the JAINA conventions, these are the only "out of the box" thought provoking events for both youths and adults. Typically, senior level students and JCGB Pathshala staff start preparing for the conventions at least one year before the next JAINA Convention. On occasions, members of the JCGB also join the efforts. JCGB members and Executive Committee offer financial support as well. The following is a list of major programs presented by the JCGB Pathshala youth for the next generation of the youth. Exhibit on Jainism: Pittsburg Convention, 1993 - This exhibit covered over 4000 square feet and became the center of attraction at the convention and included a walk in temple. Tattavartha Sutra: Toronto Convention 1997-Several presentations were made during the two days and over 2000 people attended. This was subsequently presented at Harvard Divinity School. Rituals, to Do or Not: Toronto Convention 1997 The JCGB youth emphasized the significance of Jain rituals and described the practices and benefits of many of the Jain rituals. Gunsthans: Philadelphia JAINA Convention, 1999 This was a mini-drama presented in a theater-type setting that attracted hundreds of people during the several shows. This skit simplified a very complex topic on Gunsthans. Tapestry:Philadelphia Convention, 1999- This was a computer based program that highlighted how different topics of Jain philosophy are connected. 21st Century-A play :Philadelphia Convention, 1999 - This was a mini-drama, which showed conflict resolution between present day life in the US and the principles of Jainism. Comparative Study of World Religions :Chicago convention, 2001 - In order to instill a stronger faith in our own religion, we should know the basics of other religions. This was a one hour long seminar and crash course in World Religions. Spiritual Theme Park A Conceptual Design: Chicago Convention 2001 - This program was a high-tech conceptual design of a Spiritual Theme Park. The objective was to influence a person so that after touring through the park, the person would come out spiritual enlightened. Reconciling and Strengthening our faith: Cincinnati Convention, 2003 - Here the attendees reexamined their core faith in Jainism in light of the scientific and social progress. Rebranding and Repackaging of Jainism: Cincinnati Convention, 2003 - To not just survive but thrive, Jainism needs to be simplified and shift in focus to concepts relevant in today's times in North America. This session focused on how Jainism needs to be repositioned. The above two interactive sessions addressed the challenges that Jainism faces in this century and possible solutions. Jain Way of Life A Presentation and on-line interaction: Santa Clara Convention, 2005 - Most of our scriptures describe the practice of Jainism based on the life style prevailing centuries ago. Just like an speedometer in a car or a map, this program allowed the attendees to see where they are in their progress in living a Jain Way of Life. This program presented ways of practicing Jainism in the present days without compromising the principles. Essence of Jainism - Elevator Pitch - Presentation and Training: Santa Clara Convention, 2005 - After several years of research and testing, the team developed a 45 second pitch on the essence of Jainism. Such a pitch is so compelling and powerful that it can be conveyed in a short elevator ride. In additions to the above items, the JCGB Pathshala is always present in the Academic Bowls and also during the evening cultural programs. Also, JCGB youths always present novelty and entertaining items at YJA conventions. We invite other Pathshala youth to join us to prepare more programs in the future JAINA Conventions for the youth. The Pathashala Staff The Jain Center of Greater Boston 12/JAIN DIGEST.Summer 2006 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DETROIT, MI Jain Society of Greater Detroit achieved a major milestone and paid off our bank mortgage balance on January 11, 2006 for the temple building. The total cost to build the temple was over $ 6.1 Million. This achievement was a result of the combined determination and efforts of many committees, volunteers and youth members over several years after the temple was constructed in 1998. The society celebrated the 13th annual Fundraising Dinner on March 25, 2006 to generate additional funds for meeting the temple's on-going obligations and to create some working capital. The event was attended by 350 members and friends of the society and was successful in raising over $ 128,000. We continue to see increased participation and interest in our bi-weekly Jain Study class. The class has an enrollment of 110 students (from KG to high school seniors). We also conduct a parallel group class for parents (young adults and others) with a simplified curriculum based on JAINA'S reference books. This is a wonderful opportunity for all family member to increase their knowledge of Jain philosophy. On March 5, 57 students of all ages participated in a program to recite simple Stutis and Sutras like Vanditu'. The success of this program with over 180 in audience has encouraged us to plan a similar program in future. JSGD has also recently started a youth mentoring program under the guidance of Bhavnaben Mehta and her team. Jain Society is offering social services to our needy members. Specifically, medical help is provided through volunteer doctors at no cost. The committee arranges Health-O-Rama, Blood and Bone Marrow Drives.Our Constitution was unanimously amended to JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006/13 include two major changes. The Executive Committee composition was increased to seven members from the current five and the serving term is increased to two years from the current one year term. Second a declaration of Indivisibility of Society Assets was passed to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the Society. CHICAGO, IL Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago is much obliged to Swami Shrut Pragyaji and Swami Charukeerti CINCINNATI, OH Bhattarakji for their Spiritual guidance and participation in Paryushan and Daslaxna. More than 3000 members attended their discourses. They covered various facets of Jain philosophy from simple non violence "Ahimsa" to complex issues such as multiplicity of views "Annekantwad" and also conducted Bhav Samayik. There were more than 60 athais including 8 youths. On the day of Tapasvi Parna more than 2000 members participated. JSMC had organized 52 simultaneous Sidhdhachakra Poojan with Swami Shrutpragyaji's blessing after the Paryshan Parve for all Tapasvis with nominal donation of $201. This was a unique event. Sidhdha Chakra Poojan was conducted by Nirav & Vimal Sanghvi (Grand sons of Late Shri Babubhai Kadiwala) from India. On Nov 6 2005, special general body meeting was called to extend the present term of BOT and EC for one year in best interest of Jain Society to complete the expansion project. The resolution to extend the term was passed by an overwhelming majority. Seven million dollars expansion project of the Jain Center has been undertaken since the last fall. Thanks to the mild weather the construction could be carried out even in winter. The basement part is over and construction of the first floor has been going on. It is expected that the entire project would be completed by August end. Due to ongoing construction the temple hours have been restricted from 10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. Most of other programs at the temple have been suspended for the time being. Pending the completion of the project Pathshala classes are held in East View Middle School, Bartlett. The Jain Center of CincinnatiDayton celebrated Republic day of India on January 19, 2006. The program included the cultural activities presented by young kids, youths and adults. It started with singing of the Indian National Anthem, followed by a speech on the history of the Republic Day. This was followed by a presentation describing the History of Jain temples. Kids were involved in a flag-making activity that everyone enjoyed. The program also included a breathtaking Bharat Natyam performance. The event ended with Ärati and Mangaldevo followed by lunch. Pathshala classes started on January 15, 2006. The initial topic was Ayurved, the ancient Indian medical system of health and nutrition and its relationship to Jain principals. A Temple retreat was held on February 26. 2006. Several kids and adults. attended the day and night retreat. Some of them stayed up till wee hours of the morning. There were games, food, fun and various sorts of other entertainment. A group of about fifty belonging to other faiths visited the Center as part of the Inter-faith dialogue. They were REGIONAL NEWS Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REGIONAL NEWS told about the basic tenets and philosophy of Jainism including live demonstration and significance of key rituals. At the end they were served with steamy Asian-Indian style lunch, which they all enjoyed. DALLAS, TX This year again we had an carly start of our religious activities with a visit of Swami Shrut Prajnaji from February 24 to March 2nd. He gave discourses on some basic Jain practices such as Samayik, importance of taking vows, techniques to develop concentration while doing meditation, and on other rituals. We also had a one day visit by Samani Jayant Pragyaji and Samani Sanmati Pragyaji. They explained the 4 Bhavnas (Mitrata, etc.). From June through August we'll have scheduled visits of other dignitaries. For more information contact JSNT president Pradeep Vaidya at 972931-9102, email: bars. JSNT website is PHOENIX, AZ For information about Jain Center of Greater Phoenix, please contact Usha Shah, President & Chair of the Board of Directors of JCGP Email: meta hala grada Tel: (480) 8131200 or Dr Kirit Gosalia BOD member, 863-1073. TULSA, OK Tulsa Jain Sangh elected a new board for 2006. After 18 months break. Kanti shah was unanimously elected President. Swami Shrutpragyaji visited Tulsa during March 3 to March 7. He gave discourses on Twenty five Mithayatv. This being a new topic the attendees enjoyed all the five days of discourses. We will celebrate Mahavir Jayanti in April and our 2nd Pratishtha anniversary on May 21, 2006. Please visit our Derashar, It is open for Puja. We have facility for shower. Please call us so we can arrange to open Derashar. Please contact Kantibhai Shah at 918-3693163 ordentlig The Pathsala at the Jain Centre is bubbling with activity every fourth Sunday, with the enrollment of over 120 children. Dr.Manoramaben Kapadia has started to conduct the Adult Pathsala. She is a great repository of Jain Shastras knowledge and is a jovial teacher who explains difficult Jain concepts in simple Gujarati and with appropriate anecdotes. A separate Jain Society Adult Study Group led by Mr. Ramesh Varia meets every first Sunday of the month. They are currently studying Chapter VII on NIRJARA We will be celebrating Aayambil from Acharya Kund Kund's Samaysar. Oli by having Samuh Aayambil at Derasar. "Cha Gau" jatra program was celebrated on March 12, 2006 followed by Navanu Prakari Pooja. Many people took part from morning till afternoon. ESSEX, NJ Franklin Township project to build another Derasar is continuing. We have received approvals from Township for Phase I and Phase 2. Derasar is kept Tel: (602) open on every Sunday in the afternoon due to the dedicated effort of volunteers. If you are visiting New Jersey/New York City area and would like to visit or attend a program, please call Shri Viren Shah at 732-329-3236 Jain Center of New Jersey conducts monthly Pooja and Samuh Samayiks at the Derasar. Pathshala classes are conducted at four different locations so many students can attend. More than 300 students are currently enrolled. The guest speaker for this year's Paryushana Mahaparva will be Pujya Shri Chitrabhanuji. TORONTO, CANADA The 2006 Sri Roop Lal Jain Lecture titled Jain Temples in India: The Development of a Distinct Language in Architecture and Ritual was given by Julia Hegewald of the South Asian Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany, at Combination Room, Trinity College, University of Toronto, on Saturday, March 18, 2006. The talk generated lot of questions from the audience and Prof. Hegewald's answers were very well received by the audience. The election for a new Executive Committee was held at Jain Centre on Sunday 2nd April 2006. The new President: is Lata Champsee, Vice President Rupal Doshi, Ashwin Vora Secretary, Hasmukh Batavia, Treasurer. Anil Vora, Upen Shah, Pankaj Mithani, Dr. Dilip Mehta. Manav Jain, Namita Doshi, Meena Mehta, Pankaj Mithani and Tushar Parikh as Committee members. TENNESSEE, TN Jain Society of Middle Tennessee had their Mahavir Jayanti celebration on April 3, 2006. Swami Shrutapragna is visiting the center between May 8 and 17. For more information contact JSMT's President Pravin Mehta at 931-648-9535 14/JAIN DIGEST.Summer 2006 Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE REPORT Since the founding of World Community Service of JAINA, it has been involved in many humanitarian projects worldwide. One of our highly successful project has been the Gujarat earthquake (January 26, 2001) victims' relief project. Within few days after the disaster JAINA team began the relief operation and started working on the Vardhmannagar project. This work continues even today. Details of this project have been provided in previous issues. In this issue we simply present some of the recent highlights. With the generous help of our community members: 250 ncedy families were provided new houses. Primary, middle and high school buildings are ready and hundreds of students are using them with facilities like science center, library, computer center etc. Hospital, dental clinic and community hall are built and being used today. Hospital is also receiving remaining balance of JAINA's earthquake fund ($12.868.89) to equip it with necessary equipments like beds, oxygen cylinders, EKG machine, dental chair and other medical supplies. This fund is sent to Vardhmannagar hospital as per promise of JAINA president Kirit Daftary to Vardhmannagar trustees during his visit in January 2006. Vardhmannagar project is an example of success, materialized due to the dedicated effort of JAINA's generously contributing members and the dedicated team of volunteers who saw the project through its completion. For more information contact Dr. Dhiraj shah (Project manager), Babhubhai Ajmera, Chair: WCS Prakash Mehta, Co-chair. WCS. Bhadresh Dhila, Co-chair, WCS COMMITTEE NEWS JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/15 Jain Education Interational Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ AFFILIATE NEWS Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando held the 10th Annual Camp on January 13-15, 2006, in the presence of Samani Madhur Pragya, Samani Parimal Pragya, Samani Sanmati Pragya and Samani Jayant Pragya. VISHWA BHAR 10th Annual Spiritual Camp Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando, FL The camp was attended by families from all over USA. The attendees were presented with a packed Friday: to Sunday schedule that included a wide range of activities targeting different age groups. The activities included spiritual lectures. Preksha exercises (yoga). Preksha meditation, chanting and singing, performing skits, debating, and quiz competitions. 30 The Adult Lecture topics included "How to purify your Aura", "Anger Management", "Karma and Purusharth", "Mai Atma Hun", and "Your Health is in your Hands". Youth and Kid's topics were "How to set your Goal", "Personality Development", "Anger Management", "Jain History and Literature", and "Jain Universe". The debate session induced a lot of interest among the participants. The topics discussed were, "cating out versus home cooking" and "prescription medicine is it good or bad?". The skit performed by the adults and youths was called "Jage Tabhi Savera" The camp was truly a spiritual event for the more than 200 participants. They went back more knowledgeable, enlightened, and resolute towards self-improvement. For more information one can contact the JVB office bearers who organized this wonderful camp. They include, Ashok Shah, Tushar Shah, Kamlesh Shah, Devang Chitalia, and Vijay Lunawat. Professionally recorded DVD'S BY GURUDEV CHITRABHANUJI NOW AVAILABLE FOR FIRST TIME What Is, Is You Explanation of 4 types of people Atma - Gnana - Kashya You Are Wonderful How meditation works with insights concepts, experiences The Joy of Becoming How to transform situations, moods Bondage and Freedom The art of living in happiness The Power of Mind How knowing oneself helps in our everyday living Recognition of Self How meditation directs us to attract qualities beneficial for us Love Within Love Without Understanding aspects of love and their effects Train or Entertain the Mind? What the mind yearns for even during spiritual practice Tuition and Intuition How one achieves universality Growth through meditation Think of What You Think Nine steps to purify one's consciousness Self-Acceptance How to build self-acceptance Reality Behind Change What determines attitude toward change Blessings from Within - Blessings from Without Achievements through thoughts, methods and means and many more Please call or write to Jain Meditation International 212 352 6485 Jainmamata( 16/JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA PILGRIMAGE COMMITTEE JAINA YATRA 2006 in the beginning of this year was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the 86 Yatris from North America to the pilgrimage of the Temples of South India. The High point of the Yatra was undoubtedly our participation on the 1st day of MAHIAMASTAKABHISHEKA of Bhagwan Bahubali at Sravan Belgola held once every 12 years. Bhattarak Charukeertiji and the Mahamastak Abhishek reception committee graciously provided passes for every JAINA Yatri and also allowed all Yatris to do "Phool Varsha" from a platform above Bhagwan Bahubali's head. The Mahamastaka Abhishek Mahotsav was attended by over two million devotees and covered live by national and International media. JAINA Yatris were indeed fortunate to be among the few thousands to witness the first Abhishek m person. This years IAINA Yatra was planned to coincide with the 1st day of MAHAMASTAK ABHISHEKA (Feb 8, 2006) In addition to the participation in the Abhishek, JAINA Yatris visited many other Teerths in Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka and Kerala. Two Scholars from India. Drs. Shekharchand Jain and Tarlaben Doshi joined our yatra as scholars and made our pilgrimage more spiritual. Our Yatra got a tremendous boost when Gurudev Chitrabhanuji came to the first meeting place (Shree Parswanath Temple at Marine Lines) to bless the pilgrims and spoke of importance and piety of a Yatra. 15 day Yatra took us from Bombay to Hyderabad (Shri Kulpakji Teerth). Mysore, Sravan Belgola (Twice) Halebid, Belur, Manglore. Moodbidri, Calicut, Allepy, Kottayam, Cochin, Banglore. Devanalli and Tirupati. In Hydrabad, we attended 25th Anniversary celebration of Jain Social group International Federation. In Moodbidri, our Yatris got special viewing of the precious gem collection of ancient idols and manuscripts, visited Malaja Palace and Vrindavan Gardens in Mysore and at Kottayam, we enjoyed ride through backwaters and stayed at a wonderful resort. This eighth JAINA Pilgrimage was a first one to the Temples of the south India and as such, it did encounter some transportation and accommodation problems that could have been alleviated with more careful planning. 2007 Yatra is expected to be to Jaisalmer and other Teerthdhams of Rajasthan and Gujarat - including Palitana and Girnar. The Pilgrimage committee will make sure that the lessons learned from the 2006 yatra will be implemented so that 2007 Yatra is as comfortable as could possibly be made. Dilip Shah Chairman, JAINA Pilgrimage Committee JAIN DIGEST⚫ Summer 2006 17 WHY SHOULD YOU BECOME A LIFE MEMBER OF JAIN DIGEST Jain Digest, a quarterly magazine of the Jain community of North America is a lifeline to Jains living in North America It reaches to many Jain families (app.10,500) in North America free of charge since 1985. It provides the news about the activities of more than 65 Jain Centers of North America and their members, it educates us by publishing religious articles, it provides the news and activities of our youth, it also brings together Jain Youth of marriage age by publishing a matrimonial column. It also publishes news about Jains living in other parts of world. The most important task of Jain Digest is to provide identity to Jains and particularly our youth who are born and brought up in North America, who otherwise would have never known the beauty, joy and strength of our culture and religion. Each issue of Jain Digest is a result of labour of volunteers, the editor in chief is assisted by the publishing editors, members of the Editorial Board, regional editors. and associate editors, regular and guest columnists all living in different parts of continent. They all work by fax, phones and E-mail to put together a snapshot of our community in timely fashion producing the most visible evidence of unity among Jains of North America. Without pining monetary value on time and efforts of the volunteers, it costs about $40,000 per year to publish four issues of Jain Digest and send to every family in North America and Jain Sanghs abroad free of charge. The JAINA has created a endowment fund for this purpose. This fund is collection of Jain Digets life membership fees. The principal of endowment fund is kept as reserve and only the interest income is spent towards yearly expense of Jain Digest. At the moment it amounts to about $4000 per year Advertisement brings about another $6000 per year leaving $30,000 deficit per year JAINA is committed to continue quarterly publication of Jain Digest by raising funds from generous donors. We don't know how long these donors will continue to subsidize Jain Digest. Therefore it is essential for all of us to become life members of Jain Digest, by contributing tax deductible donation of $201.00. It will assure all of us and on future generations to continue to receive Jain Digest and help us maintain our Jain identity and to be proud Jain Keerti Shah Jain Digest Membership Director COMMITTEE NEWS Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS This is a list of Jain Digest life members whose dues were received up to December, 2005 1 A Dragan, Eugene, OR 2 Ajay & Harsha Shah, Danbury, CT 3 Ajay & Jyoti Jain, Garl&, TX 4 Ajay & Madhu Jain, Houston, TX 5 Ajay & Nia Shah, Elk Grove Vig., IL 6 Ajay & Punita Shah, Stanford, CT 7 Ajeet & Bina Sanghvi, Hemet, CA 8 Ajit & Nima Gujar, Fremont, CA 9 Alpa J. Sanghvi, Hicksville, NY 10 Amishi & Rupal Shah, Cayce, SC 11 Amit & Sapna Bhalodia, Blackwood, NJ 12 Amit & Ushma Sanghvi, Hicksville, NY 13 Amitabh & Parul Patel Manchester, CT 14 Amrit & Prema Ranavat, La Canada,CA 15 Amrut & Ch&ra Shah, Fullerton, CA 16 An& & Shailja Kanjolia, S.Hadley MA 17 Anil & Bharti Shah, Burr Ridge, IL 18 Anil & Hemlata Shah, E Brunswick, NJ 19 Anil & Meera Desai, Fort Myers, FL 20 Anil & Mohini Jain, Davis, CA 21 Anil & Ranjan Shah, Chicago, IL 22 Anil Shah, Memphis, TN 23 Anilkumar & Alka Jain, Elmhurst, IL 24 Anjana P&ya, Dublin, GA 25 Anonymous Donor-PCS, New York, NY 26 Anonymous Donor-SS, Pittusburgh, PA 27 Anoop K. Shah, Allentown, PA 28 Anop & Rekha Shah, Houston, TX 29 Anop R. Vora, Rochester, NY 30 Anudeep & Aarthi Jain, Houston, TX 31 Arthur Payne, Kerrville, TX 32 Arun & Asmita Parikh, Wayne, NJ 33 Arun & Deviyani Kothari, Englewood, NJ 34 Arun & Jashu Mehta, Fremont, CA 35 Arun & Jean Jain, Williamsville, NY 36 Arun & Pratima G&hi, Mequon, WI 37 Arun & Rita Shah, North Wales, PA 38 Arun & Tapasya Jain, Evans, GA 39 Arvind & Chandrika Shah,Bridgewater NJ 40 Arvind & Charu Shah, Clarksburg, NJ 41 Arvind & lla Vora, Kings Park, NY 42 Arvind & Jaya Shah, Orchard Lake, MI 43 Arvind & Kalavati ShahWappiger Falls. NY 44 Arvind & Kalpana Shah, Des Plaines, IL 45 Arvind & Kusum Shah, Hopewill Jct NY 46 Arvind & Ramila Shah, Troy, MI 47 Arvind & Smita Shah, Hightstown, NJ 48 Ashish & Asha Mehta, Anaheim, CA 49 Ashish & Rupa Udani, Brookfield, WI 50 Ashok & Amit Parekh, Columbus, IN 51 Ashok & Anju Kothari, Burr Ridge, IL 52 Ashok & Asha Jain, W.Bloomfield, MI 53 Ashok & Deepika Dalal,Cooper City, FL 54 Ashok & Harshana Savla, emple City, CA 55 Ashok & Megha Doshi, Lake Forest, IL 56 Ashok & Nirmala Shah, Morton GrovelL 57 Ashok & Nutan Parekh, Lawrencevill, GA 58 Ashok & Ujwala Shinghvi, Houston, TX 59 Ashok & Urmila Choski,Baton Rouge, LA 60 Ashok & Usha Daftary, Plano, TX 61 Ashok & Usha Shah, Naperville, IL 62 Ashok & Yeshvant Saklecha Los Angeles, CA 63 Ashok & Sushma Jain, Pittsburgh, PA 64 Ashvin & Charu Parekh, Bloomfield, MI 65 Ashvin & Usha Shah, Racine, WI 66 Ashwin & Bharti Shah, Hanover Park, IL 67 Ashwin & Kirtibala Shah, Lombard, IL 68 Asvin & Sunita Desai, San Jose, CA 69 Avnee Ujala, Columbus, OH 70 Babulal & Kusum Lalwani Mishawaka,IN 71 Babulal Pragani, Martingsburg, WV 72 Bahadur & Leela Bohra, Dearborn, MI 73 Bankim & Indu Shah, Fort Worth, TX 74 Bankimch&ra & lla Dalal, Tiffin, OH 75 Bansi & Bharti Shah,Sterling Heights, MI 76 Bansi & Sushila Mehta, Gloversville, NY 77 Barry & Sallye Thomas, Clute, TX 78 Bhadrik & Sonal Dalal, Milpitas, CA 79 Bhailil & Sumitra Shah, Allentown, PA 80 Bhalchandra & Veena Daulat, Dallas, TX 81 Bharat & Bhavna Kothari, Poughkeepsi, NY 82 Bharat & Dipti Shah, Troy, MI 83 Bharat & Geeta Tolia, Orchard lake, MI 84 Bharat & Lata Vakil, Carol Spring, FL 85 Bharat & Padmaja Doshi, Utica, MI 86 Bharat & Panna Shah, Sugar Land, TX 87 Bharat & Pramila Shah, Orl& Park, IL 88 Bharat & Veena Shah, Princeton Jct, NJ. 89 Bhavari & Gita Purohit, Houston, TX 90 Bhavesh & Malini Adani, Edison, NJ 91 Bhavesh & Panna Kamdar, Buffalo, NY 92 Bhavi & Anju Vora, Silver Spring, MD 93 Bhavik P. Vasha, Newbury Park, CA 94 Bhogilal C. Doshi, Bloomfield Hills, MI 95 Bhupendra & Alka Shah, Painted Post, NY 96 Bhupen & Chandrika Tolia, Norwood, NJ 97 Bhupendra & Neena Shah Northville, MI 98 Bhupen & Pallavi Deliwala, Oviedo, FL 99 Bhupen & Priti Sheth, Missouri City, TX 100 Bhupen & Smita Mepani, Lewiston, NY 101 Bina Shah, Missouri City, TX 102 Bipin & Bharti Bhayani, Bourbonnais, IL 103 Bipin & Harsha Patadia, Upland, CA 104 Bipin & Kalpana Vora, Naperville, IL 105 Bipin & Kashmira Shah, Delray Beach, FL 106 Bipin & Ketki Shah, Fort Myers, FL 107 Bipin & Nutan Shah, Melrose Park, IL 108 Bipin & Rekha Parikh, Aurora, IL 109 Bipin & Rekha Shah, Saratoga, CA 110 Bipin & Sohini Shah Farmington Hills, MI 111 Bipin J. & Anjana Dalal, Fairfield, CT 112 Braj & Chander Jain, Wheaton, IL 113 Brigitte M. Walker, St. Pittersburg, FL 114 C.S. & Reena Shah, Buford, GA 115 Chaman & Usha Jain, Flushing, NY 116 Chandra & Asha Khasgiwala, Andover, MA 117 Chandrakant & Aruna Shah, Brooklyn, NY 118 Chandrakant & Bharti Shah, Edison, NJ 119 Chandrakant & Devyani Shah Schaumburg IL 120 Chandrakant & Gita Shah, Pittsburg, PA 121 Chandrakant & Hasmita Parekh, Cerritos, CA 122 Chandrakant & Ila Shah, Beckly, WV 123 Chandrakant & Lata Mehta,Naperville, IL 124 Chandrakant & Madhu Maide, Flint, MI 125 Chandrakant & Pravina Mehta Parsippany, NJ 126 Chandrakant& Shobhna Shah,PtJefferson NY 127 Chandrakant & Sudha Shah, Dublin, GA 128 Chandrakant R Shah, Glen Oaks, NY 129 Chandravadan & Hansa Shah, Middlesex, NJ 130 Chhagan & Indu Bapna, Solon, OH 131 Chintan Shah, Jersey City, NJ 132 Chinu G Shah, New York, NY 133 Chirag & Shital Shah, Chicago, IL 134 Chirantan V. Parikh, Glendale, CA 135 D. C. Mohnot, New Orleans, LA 136 Dalsukh & Kanak Kothari, Austin, TX 137 Damroo & Jyoti Shah, Piqua, OH 138 Darshan & Swati Mehta, Chicago, IL 139 Daulat & Manorama Khamesra, Dallas, TX 140 Deepak & Ami Jobalia, Ormond Beach, FL 141 Deepak & Aruna Maniar, Webster, NY 142 Deepak & Milan Kapadia, Chesterfield, MO 143 Deepak & Rashmika Kapadia, Hillard, OH 144 Deepak & Ujwala Shah, Williston Park, NY 145 Deepak & Usha G&hi, Hoboken, NJ 146 Deval & Rakesh Kamdar. Melrose, MA 147 Deven D. Shah, Voorhees, NJ 148 Devendra & Bindu Shah, Hoffman, IL 149 Devendra & Madhu Bhandari, Sugarland, TX 150 Devendra & Meeta Peer, Philadelphia, PA 151 Dhimant Desai & Julie Shah, Irwing, TX 152 Dhiraj & Niru Maru, Farmington Hills, MI 153 Dhiraj & Pratima Shah GrandIsland, NY 154 Dhiren & Raksha Shah, Elmhurst, IL 155 Dhiren & Susham Shah, Dallas, TX 156 Dhirendra & Aruna, Valrico, FL 157 Dhirendra & Priti Mehta, Ft Myers, FL 158 Dhirendra Vasa, Plano, TX 159 Dhiru & Tara Patel, Charlotte, NC 160 Dhruv & Bharti Shah, Hightstown, NJ 161 Dilip & Bhavna Shah, Oakbrook, IL 162 Dilip & Hemlata Jain, Americus, GA 163 Dilip & Ranjan Punatar, Bellbrook, OH 164 Dilip & Rekha Ujla, Westlake, OH 165 Dilip & Sarla Shah Huntingdon Valey PA 166 Dilip & Smita Maniar, Mentor, OH 167 Dinbandhu & Kumudini Shah,ArdsleyNY 168 Dinesh & Anila Shah, Fairfield, CT 169 Dinesh & Hansa Shah, Apple Valley, MN 170 Dinesh & Hemlata Patel, Rockville, MD 171 Dinesh & Jyoti Shah, Stn Mountain, GA 172 Dinesh & Madhu Shah, Naperville, IL 173 Dinesh & Muktida Shah, S.Pasadena, CA 174 Dinesh & Panna Shah, Monitowoc, WI 175 Dinesh & Prabha Chheda, Parsippany, NJ 18/JAIN DIGEST.Summer 2006 Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS 176 Dinesh & Ragini Lakhia, Sugarland, TX 177 Dinesh & Reena Sheth, Inverness. IL 178 Dinesh & Shobhana Mehta, Terre Haute, IN 179 Dinesh & Surbhi Shah, Clifton, NJ 180 Dinkar & Manjula Bhakta, Muleshoe, TX 181 Dipak & Jyoti Shah, Glenview, IL 182 Dipak & Priti Kapadia Oakbrook, IL 183 Dipak & Vishakha Jhaveri, Skokie, IL 184 Dixit & Parul Shah, Hicksville, NY 185 Durgesh & Alpa Shah, Lake Zurich. IL 186 Fakirch& & Manju Dalal, Lanham, MD 187 Gaurang & Ashwina Sheth, Williamsville, NY 188 Gaurav Jain, Rye Brook, NY 189 Ghanshyam & Susmita Mehta, Bolingbrok, IL 190 Ghevarchand & Kamal Jain, Houston, TX 191 Girish & Dutta Shah, Campbell, CA 192 Girish & Indu Sanghvi Levittown, NY 193 Girish & Juhi Jain, Freehold, NJ 194 Girish & Kokila Chheda, E Amherst, NY 195 Girish & Kokila parikh. Stow. OH 196 Girish & Lina Multani, Parkland, FL 197 Girish & Pravina Shah, Merced, CA 198 Girish & Sugnya Desai, Lansdale, PA 199 Gita Pancholy. Troy. OH 200 Glenn D. Paige, Honolulu, HI 201 Gopal & Sudha Turakhia, Fairport, NY 202 Gordhan & Saroj Patel, La Mirada CA 203 Guatam & Sweta Daftary. Dallas, TX 204 Gulab &Movan Kothari, Kansascity,MO 205 Gunvant & la Mehta Maumee, OH 206 Gunvant & Rekha Shah, Oaklawn, IL 207 Hamendra & Hansa Momaya, Elgin, IL 208 Hansraj & Usha Maru, Brookfield, CT 209 Harakh & Anuja Dedhia, Morgantown, WV 210 Harakh & Jaya Dedhia, N Orleans, LA 211 Harendra & Bhavna Shah, Fremont, CA 212 Harlal & Jyoti Shah, Fremont, CA 213 Harilal & Ranjan Dedhia, Anaheim, CA 214 Harinder K Jain, McAllen, TX 215 Harish & Neela Shah, Munster,IN 216 Harish & Pratibha Gandhi Fairmont, WV 217 Harshad & Annapurna Shah, Streamwood, IL 218 Harshad & Bharti Shah, Buffalo, NY 219 Harshad & Jyotsna Shah, Morgantown, NC 220 Harshad & Nihanka Kothari, Habra, CA 221 Harshad & Prafula Doshi, Whittier. CA 222 Harshad & Ramila Gandhi, Mabieton, GA 223 Harshad & Taru Matalia, Herndon, VA 224 Harshida J.Kothari, Madison, WI 225 Hasendra & Beena Shah Cerritos, CA 226 Hasmukh & Bharti Shah, ClevelandOH 227 Hasmukh & Chandrika Doshi,Katy. TX 228 Hasmukh & Mina Shah, Spring, TX 229 Hasmukh & Nalini Shah, NPhiladelphia, OH 230 Hasmukh & Sarla Bhakta, Lubbock, TX 231 Hasmukh C Harde Hudson NY 232 Hasu & Subhi Doshi, Shawnee Mission, KS 233 Hemang & Darshana Shah. Olney. IL 234 Hemant & Hansa Bhayani, Lockport, NY 235 Hemant & Purnima Gajarawala, Missouri TX JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006 / 19 236 Hemant & Tarulata Shah, Canton, MI 237 Hemendra & Alka Shah, Schaumburg IL 238 Hemendra & Chandrika Mehta, Naperville IL 239 Hemendra & Daksha Patel Livingston NJ 240 Hemendra & Kiran Shah, Hyde Park, NY 241 Hemendra & Meena Mehta, Elyria, OH 242 Hemendra & Shraddha Shah, Sunnyvale, CA 243 Himesh & Alpa Shah, Plano, TX 244 Hiranya Maru , Syosset, NY 245 Hitesh & Rupal Shah, Mt. Prospect, IL 246 Hitesh & Usha Shah, Schaumburgh, IL 247 Indrajit & Alka Shah, Elk Grove, IL 248 Indravadan Saroj Bhavsar, Lawrenceville, GA 249 Ishwar & Usha Bhuta, Montgomery .AL 250 Jagadish & Bhanuben Shah , Novi, MI 251 Jagadish & Sheela Shah, Lombard, IL 252 Jagadish Shah , Lawrence, MA 253 Jagat & Manjula Mehta , Pittsford, NY 254 Jagat & Rita Shah, Bloomingdale, IL 255 Jagat & Urmila Jain, Williamsville, NY 256 Jagdish & Renuka Mehta, Schamburg, IL 257 Jagdish & Urvashi Shah, Blomingdale, IL 258 Jagjit & Rani Jain Oak Park, IL 259 Jain Center of Minnesota, St.Paul, MN 260 Jain Family (Anonymous), Iowa City, IA 261 Jain Society of Charitable Fund, NCaldwell, NJ 262 Jaisukh Gosalia , Tallassee, AL 263 Janak K. sheth, Kenner, LA 264 Jasvant & Nalini Shah, Richardson, TX 265 Jaswant & Kalpana Shah , Darien, IL 266 Jaswant & Saroj Shah, N Bergen, NJ 267 Jatin & Geeta Shah , Macon, GA 268 Jawahar & Renuka Desai, Roseville, CA 269 Jay & Suman Mehta , Horseheads. NY 270 Jayant & Bhanu Shah, Richardson, TX 271 Jayant & Rajul Shah, Pompano Beach, FL 272 Jayanti & Heena Shah , Troy, MI 273 Jayantilal & Jyotsna Sanghvi, Naples, FL 274 Jayendra & Nalini Vora. Granger , IN 275 Jayesh & Namita Patel. Chicago, IL 276 Jaykumar & Ramila Shah, Monrovia, CA 277 Jayshree Shah, South Barrington, IL 278 Jaysukhlal & Usha Shah , Holiday, FL 279 Jaysukhlal Manilal Shah, Port Richey, FL 280 Jeffery & Anita Halditch, New York, NY 281 Jigney Shah, Rochester Hills, MI 282 Jim & Kundan Sata Romulus, MI 283 Jindas & Manda Shah, La Habra, CA 284 Jiten & Ch&an Shah Northbrook, IL 285 Jitendra & Priti Tolia, Searingtown, NY 286 Jitendra & Aruna Ravani, Plano, TX 287 Jitendra & Daksha Ghelani, Richardson TX 288 Jitendra & Indira Mehta, La Verne, CA 289 Jitendra & Jyoti Mehta, Lexington SC 290 Jitendra & Manda Turakhia. Liverpool, NY 291 Jitendra & Nayana Parikh, Northville, MI 292 Jitendra & Panna Shah, Port Jefferson, NY 293 Jitendra & Saroj Dholakia, Cerritos, CA 294 Jiya & Shubhi Jain , Fort Wayne, IN 295 John & Smita D'archengelo, Buffalo, NY 296 Joseph Royack, Shamokin . PA 297 Jutu & Usha Shah, Clevel&. OH 298 Jwala & Aruna Prasad Cincinnati, OH 299 Jyotsna Thakkar, Irvine, CA 300 K.M. Shah, Patchogue, NY 301 Kal & Maiti Mehta, Coral Gable, FL 302 Kamal & Jyoti Sanghani , Fairfax, VA 303 Kamlesh & Bela Shah, Elk Grove, IL 304 Kamlesh & Dipti Shah E Brunswick, NJ 305 Kanaiyalal & Leela Bhalgat, Flint, MI 306 Kanti & Debra Shah , Monroe, MI 307 Kanti & Palavi Shah, North Bergen, NJ 308 Kanti & Pushpa Shah. Ada. OH 309 Kanti & Shridevi Doshi Overland Park, KS 310 Kanti & Vina Ravani, Schaumburgh, IL 311Kantilal & Meeta Gangar, Silver Spring, MD 312 Kantilal & Bhagvati Jain, Canton, OH 313 Kanti & Jyotsna Shah, W Bloomfield MI 314 Kantilal & Madhu Shah, Houston, TX 315 Kantilal & Nilam Desai, Dallas, TX 316 Kanubhai & Bhadra Patel, Piscataway.NJ 317 Kasturilal & Kamala Jain, Everett, WA 318 Kaushik & Geeta Shah Orchard Park, NY 319 Keerti & Hansa Shah, Bartlett. IL 320 Keshrichand & Bhanu Shah, DesPlaines, IL 321 Ketan & Nilipa Tolia, Southfield, MI 322 Kevin K. Shah, Santamonica, CA 323 Kewel & Usha Jain . Williamsville, NY 324 Khim & Sheela Vira, Fairhope , AL 325 Kiran & Ch&ra Bhayani, Salt Lake, UT 326 Kiran & Dipti Mehta, Franklin Pk, NJ 327 Kiran & Hansa Shah . Yorba Linda, CA 328 Kiran & imple Zaveri, Kenner . LA 329 Kiran & Mita Kothari. Goshen. NY 330 Kiran & Sharmila Mehta Leonardtown, MD 331 Kiran J Shah . Los Angeles, CA 332 Kiran K Shah, Milpitas, CA 333 Kiran Shah, Arcadia, CA 334 Kirit & Hansa Shah, Charlotte, NC 335 Kirit & Jyoti Shah. Flushing. NY 336 Kirit & Pramila Daftary, Waco, TX 337 Kirit & Sudha Shah, Torrance, CA 338 Kirt & Vasanti Shah, Houston, TX 339 Kirit & Vasu Tolia, Bloomfield Hills, MI 340 Kint & Vibhuti Gosalia. Phoenix, AZ 341 Kirti A. Shah Charlotte, NC 342 Kirti & Barbara Shah, N Manchester, IN 343 Kirti & Nayana Shah, La Palma, CA 344 Kirti & Urmila Talsania, Woodridge, IL 345 Kishor & Aarti Sheth, N Cumberland PA 346 Kishor & Bharti Shah , Munster, IN 347 Kishor & Indira Mehta Barrington, IL 348 Kishor & Kokila Parikh, Kendall Park NJ 349 Kishor & Priti Shah, Lansdale, PA 350 Kishor & Rashmi Shah, Roselle, IL 351 Kishor & Sohini Shah , Humble, TX 352 Kishor & Trupti Kuvadia, S Barrington, IL 353 Kishor & Varsha Chikani. Niles, IL 354 Kishore & Kavita Sanghavi, Corona, CA Jain Education Intemational Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS 355 Kumud & Renu G&hi. Boothwayn, PA 356 Kushal & Jyoti Bald. Concord, OH 357 Kushal & Piyush Bhaiji. NRoyalton OH 358 Lalit & Abha Jain. Batavia, NY 359 Lalit & Niru Shah, Sugar & TX 360 Lax & Kirtida Shah, Pembroke Pines FL 361 Lax & Hemlata Gogri, Renton, WA 362 MG Jhaveri. Long Island, NY 363 Madhukar & Divya Shah. Toledo, OH 364 Madhuker & Gita Mehta, Durham, NC 365 Mahavir & Padma Shah, Paintsville, KY 366 Mahen & Revanti Gala, Barrington, NJ 367 Mahendra & Hansa Shah, Newtown, PA 368 Mahendra & Charu Vora Pittsford, NY 369 Mahendra & Deena Mehta, Ft. Myers, FL 370 Mahendra & Indira Doshi W Bloofield, MI 371 Mahendra & Indu Jain Milpitas CA 372 Mahendra & Jayshree Vora. Edison, NJ 373 Mahendra & Jyou Nanavali Rochester NY 374 Mahendra Kalpana Parekh Batcnue A 375Mahendra & Linda Kapadia w Bield, MI 376 Mahendra & Nalini Maru Owersboro, KY 377 Mahendra & Panna Tejani. LaQuintaCA 378 Mahendra & Prabha Maru Littleton CO 379 Maheridra & Pushpa Mehta Missionvejo CA 380 Mahendra & Saroj Porwal Rochester Mi 381 Mahendra & Saroj Shah Canton. MI 382 Mahendra . Usha Gajarwala Pittsburg PA 383 Maherwira & Veena Khandar Cypress CA 384 Mahendra Doshi, Alpharetta GA 385 Mahe Idra Shah, Miami, FL 386 Mahesh & Ch&rika Shah Dayton, OH 387 Mahesh & Indu Vana Chapel Hill, NC 388 Mahesh & Rohini Kinkabwala NewCity NY 389 Mahesh & Sarla Doshi, Rosemead, CA 390 Mahesh & Sudha Shah. Fort Collins, CO 391 Mahipal Meena Shah Diamond Bar CA 392 Mamata Yagalla New York NY 393 Mannar & Mukta Parekh. Tucker GA 794 Marha & Ramua Shah Norin Bergen N. 395Manilal & Pushpa Shah Germentown IN 396 Manilal & Savita Mehta, Cypress, CA 397 Manu Ran Jain, Fairfax, VA 398 Manoj & Dina Shah, Houston, TX 399 Manoj & Jyoti Shah, Edison, NJ 400 Manoj & Kanta Dharamsi, Reston VA 401 Manoj & Rupali Shah Hoffman Estate IL 402 Manoj & Minaxi Shah, East Lansing, Mi 403 Mansukh & Indira Shah, Liverpool NY 404 Mansukh & Niru Shah Gaithersburg, MD 405 Mansukhla! Timbadia Hightstown, NJ 406 Manu & Ch&ra Shah . Capiague NY 407 Manu & Chinta Shah . Cherry Hill, NJ 408 Manu Shah, Colonia. NJ 409 Manubhai & lla Shah, Oak Brook, IL 410 Mayank & Smita Shah , Tellahassee, FL 411 Mayur & Nina Doshi, Brooklyn, NY 412 Mayur & Purnima Kothari, Roslyn, NY 413 Mayur & Shashi Sheth, Lynn Wood, WA 414 Mohan & Kamala Bafna. MoreladHills OH 415 Mohan & Mohini Jain . Macungie PA 416 Mohan & Sevanti Jain. MoreladHills Ori 417 Mukesh & Nimr Turakha SugarlandTX 418 Mukesho Pan ShahPittsburgh, PA 419 Mukesh & Usha Doshi, Schaumburgh IL 420 Mukesh & Vibha Shah, Trumbull, CT 421 Mukesh Dharod Lenexa, KS 422 Mukul & Gargi Mehta Agoura Hills, CA 423 Mukund & Dhira Mehta Stoughton MA 424 Mukund & Hansa Shah Parkersburg WV 425 Mukund Mehta, Westland, MI 426 Mukutdray & Nalini Shah Irvine, CA 427 Munish Jain. San Jose, CA 428 Munish Jain San Jose, CA 429 Nagin & Shakuntala Shah, Fairport, NY 430 Naimish & Minal Shah Schaumburgh IL 431 Nalin & Jyoti Shah. Greenwood. IN 432 Nalin & Kamal Toila Odessa. TX 433 Namrata Lisa Abrams. Ann Arbor, MI 434 Narendra & Beia Khandwala Elkgrovevillagell 435 Narendra & Hansa Shah Athens, GA 436 Narendra & Ila Mehta Charlotte, NC 437 Narendra & Jyotsna Goda. Herndon, VA 438 Narendra & Sonal Sheth, San Diego, CA 439 Narendra & Subhadra Jain, Hicksville, NY 440 Narendra & Sushila Jam, Fairfax, VA 441 Naresh & Minaxi Shah, Hyde Park, NY 442 Naresh & Sarla Jain. Rutherford, NJ 443 Natavar & Devila Sneth Ashland, OH 444 Natin & Anjana Sheth. New City. NY 445 Natu & Madhu Shal: Higland. NY 446 Natu & Madhu Shah WappingersFailsNY 447 Natvar & Usha Shan. Richardson, TX 448 Natvarlal & Saroj Shah BaskingRidge NJ 449 Natwar & Manjula Shah, WBloomfield MI 450 Navin & Diya Gangar. Orange . CA 451 Navin & Kokila Shah, Houston, TX 452 Navin & Leena Rambha Dayton, OH 453 Navin S. Dedhia San Jose, CA 454 Navin & Renuka Shah Elizabethtown KY 455 Navnil & Manjula Shah. Stone Mountain GA 456 Navnit & Varsha Mithani PhiladelphiaPA 457 Nemich& & Hema Jain, Charlotte NC 458 Nicholas Kokoshis, Rockville, MD 459 Nikhil & Hema Bhavsar, N.BrunswickNJ 460 Nikhil & Rajul Gandhi Naperville, IL 461 Nikhil & Rupa Doshi Mansfield, OH 462 Nikhil K. Jain Manalapan, NJ 463 Nikhilesh Mehta. Manahawkin NJ 464 Nikin & Ranjan Mienia. Dallas, TX 465 Nilesh & indira Shah Nitro, WV 466 Nilesh & Manna Shah, Burensville, MD 467 Nmish & Nill Sanglitana. LowerGwyned PA 468 Nimish & Sejal Shah Lake Zurich 469 Niranjan Shah Schaumburg IL 470 Nirmal 8 Snehlata Dos E Brunswick N 471 Nitin & Indira Bhinian Caledonia MI 472 Nitin & Parul Mehta. Mt Laurel, NJ 473 Nitin Shah, La Mirada, CA 474 P R. Lakhani. Canfield, OH 475 PA & Hansa Varia. Richardson, TX 476 PR & Suman Sheth Chestnut Ridge NY 477 Pankaj & Avani Sheth Edmond. OK 478 Pankaj & Nalini Vakharia Swartz. MI 479 Pankaj & Veena Parekh, Gainsville FL 480 Parag & Jayshree Shah Schaumburgh IL 481 Parag & Saloni Bhansali Pointe VerdaBeach FL 482 Parash & Rina Shah. Great Fails VA 483 Parimal & Dharmishtha Parekh Freeport il 484 Panmal Kothan, Miami, FL 485 Patricia Takas Clevela, OH 486 Payal Kothan. Streamwood IL 487 Pinakin & Pallavi Shah, M: Prospect. IL 488 Pinakini Shah. Fresh Meadows. NY 489 Piyarelal & Priti Jain, Williamsville NY 490 Piyush Mehta, Newark NJ 491 Prabodh & Lata Vaidya Burr Ridge, IL 492 Prabodh & Sheela Mehta Houston TX 493 Pradip & Ajila Shan Bakersfield, CA 494 Pradip & Bina Shah. Dallas, TX 495 Pradip & Chandrika Shah, Nordge, IL 496 Pradip & Darshna Shah Bourbonnais. IL 497 Pradip & Hardika Shah. La Mirada CA 498 Pradip & Jyoti Shah Schaumburgh, IL 499 Pradip & Rashmi Chhadva, Wesion FL 500 Praduman & Dhanlaxmi Zaven Planol x 501 Praful & Kirtida Shah Sugarland, TX 502 Praful & Pratima Shah W BloomfieldMI 503 Pratud & Vaijant Dunung Des Plaines IL 504 Prakash & Birla Jain Sacramento CA 505 Prakash & la Doshi Walnut CA 506 Prakash & Jyoti Lapsia. Trumbull, CT 507 Prakash & Kirtida Mehta tiendun. VA 508 Prakash & Rashmi P&ay. Holbkus, NJ 509 Prakash & Sudha Jan, Troy M 510 Prakash Kapacia, Flushirig. NY 511 Pramod & Paul Shah Schaumburg IL 512 Pramod & Ushaben Shah Skukle, IL 513 Pramod & Vina Jhaveri Cincinnati, OH 514 Pranav & Shefali Patel Aurora IL 515 Prashant & Dharmi Shah. DiamondBarCA 516 Pravin & Arti Shah, Raleigh NC 517 Pravin & Bhavin Vakani, Williston Park NY 518Pravin & Chandrika Kothari Poughkeepsie NY 519 Pravin & Daxa Katwala Roselle, IL 520 Pravin & Dina Shah. Wyomissing. PA 521 Pravin & Harsha Shah Canton, OH 522 Pravin & Jyoti Shah. Troy Mi 523Pravin & Jyotsna Gohel Rehboth Beach DE 124 Pravin & Jyotsna Shah Palinfield, IL 525 Pravin & Kalpana Choksi. Livonia, MI 526 Prav & Kanta Shah, Hyde Park, NY 527 Pravin & Kiran Shah, Naperville, IL 528 Pravin & Kunjata Sheth HalesComerswil 529 Pravin & Madhukanta Mehta. Clarksville TN 530 Pravin & Maini Menta, Getzville, NY 531 Pravin & Pratibha Mehta Willowghbyhills OH Jain Education Intemational 20/JAI DIGEST. Summer 2006 Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS 532 Pravin & Surbhi Shah Canton, MI 533 Pravin & Tarla Kapadia, S Pasadena, CA 534 Pravinchandra & Dina Shah, Jericho, NY 535 Prem & Lata Jain, Dayton, OH 536 Prem & Bhagawati Gada Lubbock, TX 537 Priti B. Shah , Edison, NJ 538 Pukhraj & Manju Jain Springfield. IL 539 Rahul K Shah, New York, NY 540 Ra & Daya Doshi, Bakersfield, CA 541 Raj & Duru Jain. San Ramon. CA 542 Rajeev & Falguni Bhavsar, Dublin, CA 543 Rajeev & Nita Daga Sugarl& TX 544 Rajen & Saroj Mehta, Schaumburgh, IL 545 Rajendra & Meera Jain , Manhasset, NY 546 Rajendra & Neelu Jain, Columbus, OH 547 Rajesh & Ashis Mehta . Houston, TX 548 Rajesh & Kaushika Patel, GardenCitypark NY 549 Rajesh & Kripa Shah, Jefferrson Hills, PA 550 Rajesh & Meena Mehta, Exton, PA 551 Rajesh & Nita Desai, Sugar Land, TX 552 Rajesh & Rashmi Kotadia, Newark, CA 553 Rajesh & Swapna Shah. Solon. OH 554 Rajiv & Sonal Modi, Demarest, NJ 555 Rajni & Sudha Doshi, Park Ridge, IL 556 Rajnikant & Chandan Shah Warrenville, IL 557 Rajni & Damayanti Doshi, Milford CT 558 Rajni & Jyoti Gandhi, Williston Park, NY 559 Rajnikant & Neelam Patel OrchardPark, NY 560 Rajnikant & Vina Shah, Cincinnati, OH 561 Rajshree & Sushilkumar Jain, Akron OH 562 Rajula N. Shah, Lynchburg, VA 563 Rakesh & Indu Jain, Vero beach, FL 564 Ram & Neena Gada, St. Paul, MN 565 Ramanbhai & Kailash Patel, Chicago, IL 566 Ramanbha & Vimuben Patel, Fayetteville NC 567 Rambhai Bhakta. Odem TX 568 Ramesh & Alka Kothari, Fullerton CA 569 Ramesh & Anupama Desai, Schaumburg IL 570 Ramesh & Bharat Doshi, SanGabriel CA 571 Ramesh & Bharti Doshi . Newark DE 572 Ramesh & Indu Shah, Missouri City TX 573 Ramesh & Jaya Shah, Cleveland, OH 574 Ramesh & Jyoti Shah, Wilkes Barre, PA 575 Ramesh & Kusum Shial, Midlothian. VA 576 Ramesh & Lata Shah. Glen Oaks, NY 577 Ramesh & Manjula Shah. Dyer, IN 578 Ramesh & Minaxi Shah, Beckley. W 579 Ramesh & Naina Shah, DiamondBar,CA 580 Ramesh & Nayna Gokaldas, Whittier, CA 581 Ramesh & Prafulla Shah. LaHabra, CA 582 Ramesh & Ramila Shah, Des Plaines, IL 583 Ramesh & Rashmi Shah, Houston, TX 584 Ramesh & Rasmika Shah, N Bergen, NJ 585 Ramesh & Rekha Gandhi, Morton Grove, IL 586 Ramesh & Rekha Shah, E Amherst, NY 587 Ramesh & Shukriya Bhandari, Vestal.NY 588 Ramesh & Surekha Parekh Orland Park IL 589 Ramesh & Virsha Shah. Newark DE 590 Ramnik & Hansa Shah Wilmington DE 591 Ramnik & Ila Vora , Pittsford, NY 592 Ramnikant & Rasila Doshi Springfield, PA 593 Ranjan & Kiran Shah. Edison. NJ 594 Ranjit & Renu Jain, Las Vegas, NV 595 Rashmi & Kusum Shah, Palos Verdes, CA 596 Rashmi & Smita Shah. Schaumburg. IL 597 Rashmi & Chandrika Gardi. S. Barrington, IL 598 Rashmikant & Tarulata Vora, Oakbrook, IL 599 Rasik & Harsha Nagda Ocala, FL 600 Rasik & Leela Shah Elk Grove Village, IL 601 Rasik & Ranjan Shah, Des Plaines, IL 602 Rasil & Manorama Patel, San MarinoCA 603 Ratilal & Indira Dodhia, Lincoln, RI 604 Ravi & Kamal Jain, Loiusville, KY 605 Ravi & Pallavi Kobawala. Naperville, IL 606 Ravi & Pramod Pahade, Getzville, NY 607 Ravindra & Manjula Shah, Oswego , NY 608 Ravindra & Usha Jain, Bedford, TX 609 Rick & Tracy Khona , Jacksonville, FL 610 Rina Shah, Hacienda Hts., CA 611 Rita M Kothari, Des Moines, IA 612 Rohak & Swati Vora, San Diego, CA 613 Rohit & Harsha Shah, Fontana, CA 614 Rohit & Malti Shah, Forest Hill NY 615 Rupal Mepani, Columbus, OH 616 S. N. & Lalitha Prakash, Sylvania, OH 617 Sailesh & Maya Lakdawala , Aledo, TX 618 Sailesh & Sachi Jain, Brea CA 619 Sailesh & Sonal Parikh ReynoldsburgOH 620 Samir & Aruna Shah. Skokie, IL 621 Samprati & Hansa Shah, Elk Grove, IL 622 Sandhya & Amit Mehta, Waynesboro, VA 623 Sandeep & Charu Jain, Plantation, FL 624 Sanjay & Bela Shah , Troy, MI 625 Sanjay & Nina Mody, Closter, NJ 626 Sanjay & Purvy Shah, Desplaines , IL 627 Sanjay H. KapasıAustin TX 628 Santosh & Bhakti Shah, Gretna, LA 629 Santosh & Sarala Kothari, Roswell, GA 630 Satish & Arati Doshi, Rochester Hills, MI 631 Satish & Kinna Shah S. Barrington, IL 632 Satish & Smita Doshi Concord. CA 633 Satish & Surya Shah, Plano, TX 634 Satyen & Rekha Humad Lake Forest, IL 635 Saumil & Damini Shah. Vestal , NY 636 Saurabh & Smita Shah. Huntsville, AL 637 Saurin & Priti Mehta, New York, NY 638 Sean & Shefali Power, Berea, OH 639 Sevanti & Hasumati Bavishi Naperville IL 640 Sevantilal & Bindu Jain . Mahwah, NJ 641 Seventilal & Seresha Shah Phoenix, AZ 642 Shailesh & Harsha Nanavati, Westlake OH 643 Shailesh & Mayun Zaven, Matton, IL 644 Shailesh & Sonia Shah, Little Rock, AR 645 Shanti & Chandra Lunia, Latham NY 646 Shanti & Geeta Gala, Katy TX 647 Shanti & Hema Satra. Crete, IL 648 Shanti & Sobha Bedmutha Amherst NY 649 Shantilal & Indupsi Mehta Fayettville NC 650 Shantilal & Minaxi Shah, Plano, TX 651 Shantu D. D& Bonsall, CA 652 Sharad & Bhanu Gosalia Kansascity Mo 653 Sharad & Bina G&hi, Voorhees , NJ 654 Sharad & Binta Shah, Ramsey. NJ 655 Sharad & Jayshree Parekh , Dallas, TX 656 Sharad & Ketki Shah Paramus, NJ 657 Sharad & Nalini Shah , Taylor, MI 658 Sharad R. Shah , Troy, MI 659 Shashi & Renuka Jogani, Glendale, CA 660 Shashin & Rekha Shah, Marietta, GA 661 Shashin Shah, La Canada, CA 662 Shirish & Chhaya Parikh Safety Harbor FL 663 Shirish & Jyoti Shah, Pittsburg PA 664 Shirish & Padma Seth . Anaheim, CA 665 Shirish & Ramila Patel Corona, CA 666 Shirish & Sunanada Ghelani St. Louis MO 667 Shobhan & Nirmal Lal Fort Salonga, NY 668 Shobhan & Nirmal Lal, Fort Salonga NY 669 Shobhana Kamdar Westmont, IL 670 Shrenik Jhaveri, Freemont, CA 671 Shrikant & Manjari Anagol Glendale CA 672 Shrikant & Neena Mehta Bloomfield Hills, MI 673 Shrikumar & Mayurika Poddar. Lansing MI 674 Siren & Jennifer Chudgar PittusburghPA 675 Sobhan & Chandra Sheth Charleston SC 676 Subash Shah , Winston Salem, NC 677 Subodh & Sadhana Mehta, EHaven, CT 678 Subodh & Saroj Jain, Davis, CA 679 Sudesh & Rekha Jain, Raleigh, NC 680 Sudhir & Bindu Shah, Hoffman Estate IL 681 Sudhir & Jayshri Shah Schaumburg. IL 682 Sudhir & Sadhna Mehta, Plano. TX 683 Sudhir & Taru Amin , Aurora, IL 684 Sujal & Rajul Shah, Harleysville, PA 685 Suketu & Sheetal Shah, Forest Hills, NY 686 Sukh & Kalyan Mehta Redlands, CA 687 Sulekh & Ravi Jain, Sugarland, TX 688 Suman Jain Scarsdale, AZ 689 Sumati C Shah, Cerritos. CA 690 Sunil & Devyani Sheth Arlington, TX 691 Surender & Parvesh Jain Athens, OH 692 Surendra & Bharti Shah Schererville, IN 693 Surendra & Hira Sethi, Butler, PA 694 Surendra & Jyotsna Salgia, Wheaton, IL 695 Surendra & Shila Shah, Desplaines. IL 696 Surendra & Sneha Jain, Bluefield , VA 697 Surendra & Sushil Singhvi, Dayton, OH 698 Surendra & Vasanti Shah, Naperville, IL 699 Surendra Manilal Shah , Inverness, FL 700 Suresh & Asmita Shah, Streamwood, IL 701 Suresh & Dina Shah , W Hartford, CT 702 Suresh & Gita Hemani Cincinati, OH 703 Suresh & Meena Shah, Lockport, NY 704 Suresh & Nita Shah, Dallas, TX 705 Suresh & Vimla Lodha, Santa Maria, CA 706 Sureshch&ra & Lata Patel, Irving. TX 707 Suryakant & Jasumati Shah Johnstown PA 708 Sushil & Lata Kothari, Williamsville, NY JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/21 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CANADA 56 Ratilal & Hansa Haria, Orleans. ON 57 Ravinder & Vijay Jain, Brampton, ON 58 Sachindra & Usha Jain Mississauga, ON 59 Sagar & Kanta Jain, Hamilton, ONT 60 Sanat & Madhuri Doshi, Sherwood, AL 61 Saubhagya & Garima Khamesra Misisauga.ON 62 Shan & Sushma Jain, St Catharines, ON 63 Subhash and Bhanu Shah, Toronto, ON 64 Sumatprakash & Raj Jain Hamilton, ON 65 Surinder & Subhash Jain, Toronto, ON 66 Sushil & Brij Jain, Barrie, ON 67 Talakchand & Ranjan Doshi MarkhamON 68 Usha, Vikash, Sonali Jain Toronto, ON 69 Vanita Banthia, Vancouver, BC 70 Vasu & Bhavna Morchi Mississauga ON JAIN DIGEST LIFE MEMBERS OVERSEAS 709 Sushil Jain, Bryan, OH 710 Sushma Parekh , Port St. Lucie, FL 711 Talakshi & Maya Gala, Plano, TX 712 Talaksi & Maya Gala , Owensboro, KY 713 Tansukh & Bharti Salgia Columbus, OH 714 Tarun F. Jogani, Hacienda Hts, CA 715 Tony Larson, Racine, WI 716 Udai & Sushila Jain , Sugar L&. TX 717 Uday & Pratibha Shah , Munster , IN 718 Umesh & Harsha Shah , Lexington, NC 719 Upesh & Nimisha Shah, Zion, IL 720 Uttam & Anita Jain Addison, IL 721 Vasant & Chanda Gandhi Oak Brook, IL 722 Vasant & Mina Shah , Fords, NJ 723 Vasant & Prabha Sejpal, Burlington, NC 724 Vasant & Shaila Vora , Yardley. PA 725 Vasant & Shobha Chheda Effingham, IL 726 Vastupal &Varsha Shah, Sterling Height, MI 727 Vidya Jain , Brooklyn, NY 728 Vijay & Kanta Jain. Bufflo, NY 729 Vijay & Nayna Mehta , Kalamazoo, MI 730 Vijay & Alka Jain, San Antonio, TX 731 Vijay & Madhu Chheda , Tustin, CA 732 Vijay & Nalini Doshi, Charlotte, NC 733 Vijay & Paresha Shah, Rockford , IL 734 Vijay & Pratibha Vakharia Boalsburg, PA 735Vijay & Trinidad Bhandari WilliamsvilleNY 736 Vikram & Anjana Kamdar, Santa Monica CA 737 Vinay & Sneha Shah , Troy, MI 738 Vinayak & Saryu Mehta, N Canton, OH 739 Vinaykumar & Laxmi Jain Wellesley, MA 740 Vinod & Anila Shah. Burnsville, MN 741 Vinod & Hansa Sutaria, Cleveland, OH 742 Vinod & Jyotsna Mehta Los Angeles, CA 743 Vinod & Saroj Mehta, Hemet, CA 744 Vinod & Suman Vakharia, Grosse lle, MI 745 Vinod Mehta San Jose, CA 746 Vipin & Jyoti Vadecha, Diamond BarCA 747 Vipul & Sangeeta Sanghvi Hicksville, NY 748 Viren & Jolly Shah, Sugarland. TX 749 Virendra & Kalpana Shah, Dayton, NJ 750Virendra & Prem Khemsara, Sugarland, TX 751 Virendra & Sushila Bhachawat Canton, OH 752 Virsingh & Chanchal Jain Cincinnati OH 753 Vishal Mehta & Mrunal Shah Little Rock, AR 754 Vishal Shah, Copegne , NY 755 Vivek & Alka Shah Austin, TX 756 Yash & Sunayana Bhandari, Olathe KS 757 Yashwant & Jyotsna Bhandari Shorthills NJ 758 Yashwant & Shakuntala Shah, Mt. Prospect, IL 759 Yasoda Jordan , Montclair, NJ 760 Yogesh & Dipika Shah, Florence, NY 761 Yogesh & Kashmira Shah, Zion, IL 762 Yogesh & Nila Kamdar, Louisville, KY 763 Yogesh & Sunanda Kuvadia, Chicago, IL 1 Amit Arya, Coquiltom, BC 2 Anand & Bina Jain Vancouver, BC 3 Anand & Saroj Jain, Thomhill, ON 4 Anil & Smita Vora, Kingcity. ON 5 Arhant & Vandana Jain, Oakville, ON 6 Arvind & Meera Jain, Mississauga, ON 7 Ashok & Jayashree Shah, Lindsay. ON 8 Ashok & Keerti Kotecha, Calgary, ALB 9 Ashwin & Sobhana Shah, Woodridge. ON 10 Babulal & Nayana Mehta Edmonton, AL 11 Bhaichand & Mangla Shah Don MillsON 12 Bhrarat & Kailash Mehta Unionville, ON 13Bhuvanendra &Bramhi Kumar Mississauga ON 14 Chand and Niru Chandaria, N York, ON 15 Chandu & Ranjan Morabia, Windsor ON 16 Dinesh & Chitra Jain, Mississauga, ON 17 Gyanchand & Kanchan Jain Toronto ON 18 Gyanchand & Kusum Jain Richmond BC 19 Harish & Connie Jain, Hamilton, ONT 20 Himat & Dulari Khandor Etobicoke, ON 21 Int. Mahavir Jain Mission, ONT 22 Jagadish & Lalita Mehta StCatharines ON 23 Janeshwar & Premlata Jain Welland, ON 24 Jaswant & Asmita Mehta Edmonton, AL 25 Jitendra & Savita shah, Edmonton, AL 26 Jitendra & Sudha Shah Scarborough, ON 27 Jitendra and Sudha Shah, DollardDes QC 28 Kamal & Ashi Jain, Ancaster, ONT 29 Keerti & Snehlata Khandor, Mississauga ON 30 Keshav & Manu Chandaria, Toronto ON 31 Labhshankar & Kumud Mehta Catharines ON 32 Lalit and Jyotsna Vora, Doral, QC 33 Lax & Vanita Nagda , Etobicoke, ON 34 Mahendra & Aruna Mehta, Sherwood AL 35 Mahendra & Bindu Jain, Toronto, ON 36 Mahendra & Neela Mehta, Toronto, ON 37 Mahesh and Kamlesh Jain, Dorval, QC 38 Manhar & Sunita Seth Mississauga, ON 39 Manish S. Dhami, Mississauga, ON 40 Milan & Smita Shah Richmond Hill ON 41 Mohanlal & Ajwaliben Mehta Toronto ON 42 Moti &Lata Champsee, Don Mills, ON 43 Narendra K. Jain, Winnipeg, MAN 44 Naresh & Urmila Jain, Mississauga, ON 45 Navin & Urmila Mehta, Edmonton, AL 46 Niranjan & Anjali Desai, Ancaster, ON 47 Omprakash & Trishia Jain, Rexdale. ON 48 Parmod & Savita Jain. Etobicoke, ONT 49 Prabhulal & Bhanu Mehta Brampton ON 50 Prakash & Prafulla Mody North York ON 51 Pravin & Jyoti Shah, Hyde Park, ON 52 Ramesh & Anupama Varia Brampton ON 53 Ramesh & Asha Jain, Etobicoke, ON 54 Ramesh & Neelam Jain, Toranto, ON 55 Ramesh & Santosh Jain Mississauga, ON 1 Ajitkumar Jain. Ulzburg, Germany 2 Aruna and Rajni Shah Dubai, UAE 3 Bharai and Tarulata Jasani Perak Malaysia 4 C.N. & Hansa Sanghvi, Bombay, India 5 Chintamani & Shakuntala Katte, India 6 Daksha Sanghvi, Geneva, Swistzerland 7 F. Parekh Dahigaon, Mahar, India 8 Gokulchandra Jain Ghaziabad, U.P. India 9 J. Shah, UK 10 Kalyan & Jyoti Mota, Bombay India 11 Kishor Shah Norbury, London UK 12 Lalit & Madhu Shah, Ahemdabad India 13 Lina Shah Norwood, Middlesex UK 14 Mr. And Mrs. Bharwada, Quay, UK 15 Mutt Jain Hombuja India 16 Namita Kothari, Bangkok Thailand 17 Neetish R. Doshi, Dubai, UAE 18 Nemu Chandaria, UK 19 Pratap & Sumitra Toliya, Banglore India 20 Rajiv Prasad Jain, New Dehli, India 21 Santkumar Jain, Haryana India 22 Sardar & Chandulal Shah, Bombay India 23 Shreyams & Shaila Morchi, Sangli India 24 Shrimandha & Lalita Kumar, Banglore India 25 Toki & Veena Savla, Bombay India This is a list of Jain Digest life members whose dues were received up to December, 2005 Please send your $201.00 Jain Digest life membership dues to Keerti Shah, 842 Lakeside Dr., Bartlett, Illinois 60103 Phone: 630837-8716 email: RECENT MEMBERS: 764 Kirit and Harshida, ShahJupitar, FL 765 Manu and Inaxi Shah, Gaithersburg, MD 766 Navin and Nirmala Mehta Sugarland, TX 22/ JAIN DIGEST- Summer 2006 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Non Violent Approach TO Life Through Vegetarianism By Pramodaben Chitrabhanu In life sooner or later there is one question we are "wherever you see life-that is you. What is this recognition, faced with that is what is the purpose of our existence"? this knowledge apprehended by the most learned and most I have no doubt that many answers have been given to childlike alike? It is *Reverence for Life,' reverence for the impenetrable mystery that meets us in our universe, an this question, but the one that I find close to my heart is, existence different from ourselves in external appearance "strive to free oneself from pain and misery and to help yet inwardly of the same character with us. Terribly similar, other living beings achieve the same." awesomely related. This dissimilarity, the strangeness I would like to start with a quotation: between us and other creatures are here removed. "Unseen they suffer, unheard they cry. Reverence before the infinity of life means the removal of the strangeness, the restoration of shared experiences, and In agony they linger, in silence they die. of compassion and sympathy." Is it nothing to you, all ve who pass by?" In this way when we learn to see the animals as -Anonymous, ourselves we change our perception of them and become more compassionate towards them. When such an These are the lines that express the pain and suffering understanding dawns on us, the first change occurs in the of the animals that are subjected to exploitation and torturo food pattern. One starts to observe what one puts into the for the human greed. It is sad to see that the innocent, body where the soul is housed. For we know that, we are dumb and defenseless creatures are being put to cruel pain what we eat. What we eat reflects in our thinking and our far from the human eyes. The thought itself makes one's thinking reflects in our action. If we want a healthy body, heart bleed with anguish and grief. How can we as human the body should be provided with healthy and wholesome beings sit quietly when our younger brothers and sisters diet, pure and untainted by bloody food. If we want a are in terrible state? Is it not our duty to protect and help healthy mind, the mind should be provided with inspiring them? But how difficult it is to predict man for, "Man is an and positive thoughts. actor. He acts all manner of men, and each one is a lic. Only the animal in him is real," says William Saroyan. One is often not aware of the fact that when one eats Probably he is right by saying so, for the best iality in the meat, one takes in protein along with the chemicals that are man has created a violent and destructive world in which injected into the animals to fatten them up and antibiotics we live today. to control diseases and viruses. One also forgets that in flesh, the negative vibrations of pain, fear and rejection How long shall we pretend to believe that animals have exist, and they permeate in every cell of the human body no souls and so they feel no pain. It is time to wake up creating there the feeling of fear, pain and rejection. Meat from our slumber and ignorance and face the truth. Animals contains no essential nutrients that cannot be obtained are living beings just like you and me and as we suffer directly from plant sources. By cycling grain through from pain and agony they also do. Let us stop being violent livestock, we lose 90% of the protein. 96% of the calories, to these dumb and innocent creatures. For violence begets 99% of its carbohydrates and 100% of the fiber. violence and love begets love. How does one hope to live with good feelings of health, To begin with let us look at animals as living beings happiness and sound mind when negative vibrations of pain and not as things that are made for human beings to use blended with chemicals are working in the body? These and consume. For they are lives full of emotions and feelings are the main causes that lead to the fatal diseases of the that experience pain and pleasure as we do. mind and the body. That is the reason why we see so many Dr. Albert Schweitzer the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient people suffering from emotional, psychological and in 1952 said in his book "A Place for Revelation that physiological diseases. Meat-centered dicts are linked to JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/23 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ many kinds of cancer, most notably cancer of the colon, today one can find out for themselves the change in the breast, cervix, uterus, ovary, prostate and lung. state of mind and the body. Statistically, approximately two million Americans die each year of which 68% are victims of the three major chronic diseases in which diet is major contributory factor: heart disease, cancer and stroke. The foods that have been singled out for special concern in connection with these diseases are eggs, meat, poultry, sea- food, animal fat and many more. If the body is fed with pure, natural and wholesome food, that involves minimum of violence. minimum of environmental damage and minimum of ecological imbalance; it helps create harmony within the body and harmony without. It is good to know the statistics. It takes 273 litres of water to produce 450 grams of wheat ic. (1228.5 cups of water), 1136.5 litres of water to produce 450 grams of rice and approximately 9092 to 27.276 litres of water to produce 450 grams of meat. A chicken processing plant uses 454 million litres per day - enough to supply the water needs of 25,000 humans. Livestock are responsible for consuming 80% of the world's water supply. A litre is 41⁄2 cups of liquid. We are the cause for the scarcity of the natural resources in this world. Methane from cattle accelerates the global warming and the ozone layer depletion. PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) research shows that 26 billion animals are killed for food in the U.S. alone each year (9 billion land based, 17 billion aquatic). In this way when man lives a life involving gross violence like this he becomes a terrible threat to himself and to the entire planet. The planet's entire petroleum reserves would be exhausted in 13 years if the whole world were to take on the technological methods used in the U.S. that produce the standard American meat-centered diet. Trees are being cut down at an alarming rate all around the world for meat production. If people made radical change in their diet only in U.S. alone 200 million acres could be returned to the forest. If one becomes a vegetarian he saves 2,400 animals in a lifetime thus becoming a blessing to oneself and a blessing to the Mother Earth. Today we see many people around the world slowly becoming aware of the animal abuse and environmental pollution and are turning vegetarians. Though it may be for religious reasons, for ethical reasons, for ecological reasons or for health or environmental reasons. Whatever the reason may be the awareness is gaining momentum day by day and people are questioning their beliefs and conditioning. If one can try this way of diet for a few months from Let us see what vegetarianism means in today's world. The term Vegetarian is derived from the Latin word vegetus meaning "whole, lively, sound, fresh." Thus a vegetarian is one who does not eat any meat, fish, fowl or eggs. There are those who consider themselves to be vegetarians even though they cat eggs. So the vegetarians are divided into three categories: (1) Lacto -ovo-vegetarians: those that include milk. dairy products and eggs in their diets; (2) Lacto-vegetarians: those that include milk, dairy products but no eggs in their diets: (3) Vegans those that do not include any animal products like milk, cheese, curd (yogurt), butter or eggs in their diets (most even eschew honey). A vegetarian thus can easily sustain on foods like grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits that are good sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We just saw the ethical, ecological and the health point of view of vegetarianism. Now let us address the philosophical aspect of the issue in brief. Since time immemorial scriptural studies and researches have revealed one thing that is common to all living beings and that is the desire to live and to be happy and not to die and be unhappy. But man in his pursuit of pleasure and happiness forgets this and goes to the extent of exploiting everything and everyone for his greed. To satisfy his yearning he engages in violent acts like hunting. killing. confining, or taking the life of freely roaming innocent creatures and ignores their right to live happily. In this way. not only does he abuse the living creatures, but in turn abuses him self by doing this. He forgets that he too is part of the planet and cannot remove him self from the universal law of vibrations of the living which is, that which you throw out comes about. To kill someone one has to be callous inwardly and then take a life. When one acts from a state of hard heartedness, one is gradually erasing the goodness in the self and reaching a point of hating everyone including the self. If one does not have reverence for one's own self. how can one have reverence for other living beings? So in this way the act of brutality perpetuates and the vicious circle of hate and violence continues. One never stops to think that eating meat for taste involves much pain and torture to a life! A life that cannot 24/JAIN DIGEST-Summer 2006 Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ be created in the laboratory! A very precious life with a Two thousand and six hundred years ago, Lord Mahavir, strong will to live! A life that needs time to unfold its own the last prophet of Jainism and exponent of non-violence destiny on the earth, for a premature death breaks the cycle and compassion emphasized that thoughts that govern our of natural expression of that life. The philosopher Plutarch actions are the products of the food we eat. The food that said, "But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we feeds the system has a definite influence on the person deprive a soul of the life and time it had been born into the physically as well as cmotionally, psychologically and world to enjoy." spiritually. Healthy, whole and harmless foods give rise to Very often people ask the question, "Why then, kill healthy whole and harmless thoughts. Once the thoughts vegetables if not animals?" The Jain school of thought are harmless and healthy, the actions also reflect the same answers this question precisely. According to Jain qualities. Weakness in character always develops in those who are in poor health, mentally or physically. philosophy, all life is divided into five categories: one sense, two sense, three sense, four sense, and five-sense beings Science has discovered in recent years that character having the sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing and personality are attributes of the inner workings of the Vegetables are one-sense beings having only the sense of body and have a great bearing upon our success in life and touch and animals are five-sense beings having all the five in our happiness. The personality reveals and expresses senses. The more the number of senses the more evolved itself through the physical body. The expression of the the life is and more the feeling of pain. Life has to go through face, the smile, which is the manifestation of joy, happiness a laborious and strenuous process to evolve from one sense and compassion, reveal the personality within. Without a being to five-sense being. By slaughtering an animal one healthy body, these manifestations are not possible. destroys completely the evolutionary progress of that life, Thus a non-violent approach to life through which it has attained through suffering and pain. The vegetarianism expresses our reverence for all life forms vegetable kingdom has not yet reached the blood including ourselves- from the minutest micro-beings to the "consciousness" which the animals and humans have. So major macro- beings. from the lowest developed the degree of pain is less. Where there is blood, there are consciousness to the highest developed consciousness. more feelings, more emotions and greater possibility of feeling deep pain. I would like to end this paper with a prayer of Affirmation of Peace. Here I would like to quote the views of Roshi Philip Kapleau on the above subject. He says that, Flesh caters Hidden Life. Vibrant in Lvery Atom often say that if you eat only vegetables you are also taking • Hidden Light, Shining in every Creature life. What, then is the difference between taking the life of • Hidden Love, Embracing All in Oneness, say a pig and that of a vegetable? He answers: all the difference in the world. Does a potato cry out when it is May each of us who feels as One with Thee taken from the earth the way a calf does when it is taken Know that we are therefore One with every other. from its mother? Does a stick of celery scream in pain and Author Unknown terror when it is picked the way a pig does when it is being led to slaughter and is having its throat cut? And how sad, This lecture was given al "The Second Asian Vegetarian lonely, and frightened can a head of lettuce teel? We don't Congress" held in Bangkok, Thailand from March 19" need a polygraph to demonstrate that plants have 27" 2006. consciousness of a sort, but this consciousness is obviously of a rudimentary kind far different from that of mammals that have well developed nervous systems." It must dawn upon you that mind Nathaniel Altman said, “a vegetarian actually cats tewer is not operating, governing or controlling. plants than a mcat-cater docs, because the animals that the Mind is operated, governed and controlled, meat-cater has for dinner consumed thousands of pounds by whom of plants in order to reach slaughter weight." by sentiment energy, It is a fact of life that our present stage of evolution by atma calls for the cating of plants in order to survive. Until we which has the living force of life, find a way of getting our nutrient from the sun we have to a deep awareness of inner qualities. take it from the plant kingdom thus doing the least amount of harm to the sentient beings. Gurudev Chitrabhanu JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/25 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHRIMAD DEVACANDRAJI KRTA CAUBISI (Hindi-Gujarati) Book review by Sahityacarva Girish B. Jani BOOK Printed on glossy art paper with full colour illustrations With Svopajña Balavabodha With Hindi and Gujarati glossary by Acarya Vijaykalapurnasuri Ed. Premal Kapadia 506 pp, all colour plates + 471 colour ill. + 159 decorative motifs and emblems Deluxe hardcover edition REVIEW This work is a pleasing marriage of scholarly commentary with an extraordinarily beautiful coffee table book! It is the product of the life-long dedication of a great scholar accomplished Adhyatma-yogin of high repute Upadhyaya Shrimad Devacandraji Vacaka :1689-1755 ) A brief biography of the author is beautifully presented in the Introduction. This presentation of the author's life-sketch is enriched with the quotations and references from the important works published in Gujarati) on Shrimad Devacandraji and his works. Shri Devacandraji's Stavanas, in content and calibre are reminiscent of Anandghanji's chovisi, and perhaps more difficult since they focus on Dravyanuyoga. This "chovisi" (as 'Stavana-chovisi") has 25 stavanas.. The 24 stavanas are named after the 24 Tirthankaras and the last stavana is concluding in nature. These 25 stavanas have a total of 214 Gathas - verses composed in 18th Century Old Gujarati. The work 'chovisi' is published along with the author's own commentary - Svopajña Balavabodha and has Pujya Kalapurnasuriji's lucid and elaborate Gujarati glossary and its Hindi rendering by Pt.Basantilal Nalavaya Ratlamwala. Though this is a Chovisi (collection of 24 hymns)in the praise of the Lord, it also cultivates the deep and ultimate devotion towards the Supreme Enlightened Souls - the Lords. But this devotion is not merely an outcome of sheer emotional outburst. It is not the state of either fascination or helplessness. It is, rather, a means to help oneself to understand, recognize and know his own Self through dedication The questions like how can the devotion lead to the knowledge of the Self, what is the secret of the real evolution of the Self, how far the means, as prescribed in the scriptures, how far the knowledge of reasoning, logic and philosophical complexities become helpful in the attainment of Moksha-the final release-all such questions find appropriate convincing answers in the journey of the Gathas in this Prayer-book. The topics like the importance of meditation in the final realization of one's own self (sva-rupa), the attainment of one's real state of pure Atman by removing all impurities of Karmas, greatness of the tradition of chanting the holy names of the Lord, role of the knowledge of the science of logic in acquiring the true perception of the real nature of the self. The spontaneous flow of the most effective and charming words pregnant with the aesthetic excellence and philosophical spark arrests the mind of the readers. The philosophical topics are treated in an off-beat manner which clucidates the message of the author. After every stavana, the essence of the stavana is given, which helps the reader to quickly grasp the central topic under discussion in particular stavana, and of course it also serves the purpose of brief revision. The present work is cmbellished with very beautiful and pleasing illustrations, miniature paintings, decorative items and photographs (630 in all). This really docunents the precious record of the very rich contribution from the Jain culture and tradition to the fields of Painting in particular and arts in general. The picturesque calligraphic presentation of the text of the Gathas has really enhanced the beauty and value of this excellent publication. The beautiful illustrations include rare pattas, old miniatures and paintings representing some of the finest examples of Jain art heritage sourced painstakingly from Jain Jnana Bhandaras, museums, temples and private collections. The illustrations relevant to each stavan are appropriately exhibited providing exceptional charm to the whole work, which is unique in concept. The appendix contains the explanation of the specific philosophical terms, the list of the captions of the pictures and the acknowledgements regarding the sources of the illustrations etc. The editor and the publishers surely deserve our hearty congratulations for publishing such an important work. which is perhaps more relevant today, for its scientitic treatment of asubject like devotion for the attainment of the Truth in its unique way. It is hoped that this work will be warmly welcomed by the students and scholars of philosophy as well as literature on devotion, and also the artists and the connoisseurs of the art heritage of India. A limited supply of this book is available from JAINA Book Store for $70.00 (postage paid) 26 JAIN DIGEST- Summer 2006 Jain Education Intemational Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jaina Book Store...... 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Shah, 304 Tall Oak Trail Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-7711 Phone: 727-934-6141 / 3255 STREET LAST Phone: () Date of Birth: Are you a vegetarian? YES NO Have you been married before? YES NO If yes, indicate the name of your divorced spouse. Your visa status in the USA/Canada? YEAR What languages do you speak? What languages do you read? What languages do you write? Candidate's signature: Fax: () FIRST Height: CITY Weight: Do you smoke? YES NO COMPANY'S NAME POSITION DURATION Father's Name: Mother's Name: Brother(s) and/or Sister(s) NAME(S) AGE(S) EDUCATION OCCUPATION Do you have other relatives living in the North America? NAME RELATIONSHIP OCCUPATION ADDRESS Other relevant information (use additional paper if necessary): MIDDLE STATE When did you enter the USA/Canada? Education: DEGREE YEAR RECEIVED MAJOR NAME OF UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE Work experience:_ Occupation: Occupation: Email: Do you drink? YES NO What is your religion? Date: ZIP Important Considerations: It is important to remember that the MIS is a non-for-profit, voluntary community service. The MIS and JAINA assume no respon-sibility or liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the information furnished in the ads or any consequences resulting thereof. The entire responsibility rests with the candidates themselves. All information furnished to the MIS is confidential. Only those who are sincerely interested in looking for a Jain life partner should send a Registration Form. While matching, photographs will not be passed on to the candidates by the MIS. Parents/guardians should communicate with the candidate before placing ad and assist them in making a final decision. MONTH/ 28/JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MIS REGISTRATION FORM - PAGE 2 1. Two references who are members of the Jain Community or other Indian organizations. A. Name: Address: Phone: Member of: B. Name: Address: Phone: Member of: ORGANIZATION'S NAME ORGANIZATION'S NAME 2. Indicate your personal preference of these criteria for the match. Age:Between the ages of Height: Between the height of Weight: Between the weight of Education: O Bachelor Major: Vegetarian: YES NO Residence: (state) and and and O Masters Degree Visa Status: Length of time in North America: Language. English: YES NO Other (specify): JAIN DIGEST⚫ Summer 2006 / 29 or open. or open. or open. OOther Work experience: YES NO Congratulations! Female: 200, Male: 190 (Married / Engaged) JAINA would like to congratulate all couples who have come together with the help of the services of the MIS. JAINA wishes to thank them for their generous donation. More and more Jains around the world are not only appreciating this much needed service, but are also taking advantage of it. Simultaneously, the flow of ads in JAIN DIGEST is gradually increasing. years. Guideline to all perspective participants Be positive, constructive, creative and friendly! No match is going to be "perfect." Complement and support each other practicing re-spect,sharing, acquire knowledge and maintaining your uniqueness while keeping an open mind. These are the qualities that make for human perfection. MIS INFORMATION: THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Our world is shrinking and we are a global village and life is not always easy. However, we can carry our philosophy and our value system that is very worth while, with us. Accept the challenge and make your choice be a worth while one. Placing an Ad and Registration with MIS Anyone wishing to place an ad and register with the MIS must follow these instructions care-fully: I. Fill out the attached Registration FormPage 1 and Page 2,. The registrant must fill out this form. Do not leave anything blank.. You may draft an ad yourself in 30 words or less. MIS reserve the right to edit all such ads. 2. 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AM494: Alliance invited for fair talented handsome vegetarian divorcee US Citizen, Gujarati male, born Feb 68, 5'11", 180 lb, BE, well settled, from educated vegetarian girls with family values. Jain Network Forum Forum - JNF Jain Meets Jain Online or contact Sunil Jain at 32/JAIN DIGEST+Summer 2006 Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Contributions to South Asia at the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Canada Elizabeth Anne Knox Four important pieces of Jain sculpture are in the holdings herself, this yakshi promises to the devotee all the of the Royal Ontario Museum. There their contribution makes accoutrements of a happy and successful life. Thus for the a significant impact on the presentation of the artistic heritage Jain layman and his family of the Kushan cra, the benevolence of the subcontinent. of these gentle female figures was a welcome inducement for Jainism came into existence by the 6th century BCE when their continuing acts of piety and devotion. Vardhamana Mahavira taught his ascetic doctrine. It may For the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum, this even have been in existence as a religious system from the stupa railing pillar gives evidence to the importance of the time of Parsvanatha, flourishing several centuries earlier. As central Indian sitc of Mathura and to the multiplicity of cults philosophically oriented, praxis based teachings, both Jainism finding their iconographic origins there amidst figures drawn and Buddhism offered a religious alternative to the from a very active folk devotion. The yakshi cult is oriented brahmanically oriented, sacrificial worship structure of the as a folk worship form during the Kushan period, with clear Hinduism of their day. linkages to the pan-Indic cult of the God of Wealth, the yaksha From the eastern regions where the first teachings of Kubera. The yakshi herself, however, clearly takes on a more Mahavira were promulgated, the Jain community moved central role in later Jainism. She arguably also underpins the towards central India and settled in the area around Mathura importance of the feminine principle as it later appears both in Mathura, as a seminal religious centre, was the site where Hinduism and in Mahayana as well as Vajrayana Buddhism. early stone built monuments of the Jains were produced. By Mathura was also a central site where architectural forms the beginning of this era, stupas or memorial mounds as well as iconographic forms are articulated. The Mathuran consecrated to the memory of great teachers, such as stupa site provides essential insight into the development of Mahavira, had been constructed around Mathura. later architectural forms. Though not a complete stupa, this The pillar from a stupa railing, ca. 1st century CE.(959.119 component of the stupa complex is instructive with regards Ex Heeramaneck Collection) shows the construction of the to the early religious architecture both of Jainism and of vedika railing around such a stupa. Upright pillars such as Buddhism and of the worship modes appropriate to the time. this were placed in the ground at regular intervals. Into the That several mandala forms under worship later in the history hollowed Junate shapes on the sides, stone crossbeams would of religious activities in the subcontinent are closely related to have been fitted. At the rear of the railing, a lotus indicated the carly stupa groundplans can only be demonstrated through religious purity of the site, while on the front of the railing, a the introduction of stupa configuration in the period of the lovely yakshi adjusted her ornaments and the arrangement of Kushans. her hair as she gazed into a mirror held in her left hand. Her T hus this Jain stupa railing from 1st century Mathura is a hairstyle, with that bouffant puff at her forehead, is key piece shedding light on many aspects of religious characteristic of the style of the early years of this cra i conography in South Asia during the ancient period. Over her head, a railing forming a balcony, based on the One of the significant aspects within the concept of the forms of current wooden architecture, suggests the actual feminine in South Asian religious practice is that of the Mother. appearance of the vedika railing for which this pillar forms an Nowhere is the image of the Mother more beautifully upright. The railing enclosed the sacred space around the represented than in the portrayal of the Jain yakshi Ambika. memorial stupa thereby demarcating a pathway where the The 8th century post-Gupta representation of Ambika from devotee could walk as he offered homage to the Jina central India (988.97.1 Gift of Carol and James Gcorge) is commemorated there. one of the treasures of the ROM collection. Ambika, having Circumambulation of the memorial mound dedicated to a abandoned her home with her children, fears thirst and Tirthankara was the act of piety undertaken by the laity of the starvation when miraculously a mango tree, ripe with fruit. Jain religion. The appearance of this yakshi, adomed by her appears overhead. She plucks the fruit and nurtures her gems and so obviously taking her case, symbolizes the children and herself. Because her iconography supplies her prosperous life well lived and regulated by right knowledge, with the lion as a vehicle, sometimes Ambika is confused with right faith, and proper conduct. Almost as a token of fortune Parvati. But one glance at the amiable expression of this lion mount belies any possible confusion. JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006/33 Jain Education Intemational Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Carved in a reddish sandstone, the elegance of the form of this depiction is captivating. In the few centuries following the height of Gupta style, the fresh and appealing forms of the Gupta canon are graced with a slightly leaner, more taut line giving them an envious elegance without rendering them mannered. This carving embodies the pinacle of such a form. Ambika's elaborate coiffure and ornaments add grace and delicacy to the successful composition of the whole as the mango sprays overhead form a gently arching canopy and the sculpted plinth under the lion polishes and completes the panel. The rendering of Ambika's scarf behind her shoulders indicates the advance in sculptural technique over the Kushan period's tendency to present the scarf is an ambiguous and almost clumsy canopy-like carving over the head of the figure. Also during the Kushan period, the image of the mother in the Buddhist context is represented by that of the demonness Hariti holding her child at her breast or in the scenes of the birth of Siddhartha Gautama from the side of Queen Maya. Yet, in terms of capturing the tenderness of maternal expression, the concept of the mother is brought to its finest form in this figure of Ambika, nurturing and yet alone and self-sufficient. The fructifying character of the feminine ideal for the beholder is personified in the yakshi figures of Jainism where none better represents the type than Ambika. Considered to be one of the masterpieces of metal sculpture from South Asia, the 9th century yakshi (939.17.20) from Deccan India illustrates one central aspect of the nature of the yakshi, her association with vegetation. In this case, the depiction of the lotus rhizome to which her torso forms a rhythmic counterpoint and the remains of a lotus bud in her left may associate her particularly with the concept of purity as well. The lotus flower with its radiant petals, though born from the mud, symbolizes purity in South Asian art. Without any further cognizance, however, it is impossible to identify her concretely. The charming head of a Tirthankara, ca. 10th century, (980.138.16 Gift of Louise Hawley Stone) carved in pale sandstone in the Candella school comes from central India. Unfortunately, without any further portion of the original figure, it is impossible to determine the identity of the image. Nonetheless, certain features of his iconography serve to render him characteristic of his typology. The serene expression of his softly smiling countenance indicates the character of a liberated soul. Other characteristics, such as the lengthened earlobes, the protuberance at the crown of his head, and the cluster of curls formed by his hair, are shared with images of the Buddha in the same period, for these elements are the signs of the superhuman being according to the shared cultural ideals of the subcontinent. Were we to have a more complete figure, we might find an intricately carved rhombus on his chest, the shrivatsa, and three parallel umbrellas shading him overhead. He would either be standing Jain Education Intemational in the body-abandonment posture, indicating the severity of the austerities performed to remove the last bit of impurity from his soul, or else seated in meditation with his hands open-palmed in his lap. Whatever the context, however, the vision of the gentle smile and demure expression on his face brings an ample measure of peace and joy to the beholder. Above all the images representing the religious complexities born of an expanding pantheon of deities and a conflicting assortment of doctrines and ritual practices of the ancient period of South Asian art, this serene expression teaches us the tranquility and patience with which to approach the next task falling to our lot. The South Asian collection at the Royal Ontario Museum has considerable breadth with which to represent the many regions, periods, dynastics, schools and religions in the ancient period of the artistic production in the subcontinent. Certainly it is important to have a firm grounding in mankind's historical underpinnings: in our cultural, social, and religious distinctions. We can only appreciate the worth of a tradition different from our own if we try to understand its rationale, its function, and its living vitalism. That is to say, we can only appreciate the worth of another tradition by coming to an understanding of its historical context. For that reason, the value of a collection such as that of the South Asian holdings at the ROM exists only in its ability to make a comprehensive statement about itself to its own public and to reveal to a new public the culture and society it represents. But it is also possible in our complex and compartmentalized society today to assign a heightened value to the differences separating various parts of our experience of humanity from others. It is possible to permit this heightened value of difference to separate us further from integration into the stream of the human record viewed as a more comprehensive whole. To remedy this error, we must be able to find universal statements in our diverse and complex record. universal statements of our humanity which lower the barriers of distinction and make an easier ford permitting us to cross the streams of experience which separate us. Here we begin to appreciate the real value of the Jain component in the holdings from the ancient period of South Asia art at the Royal Ontario Museum. In nearly each instance, the Jain artefact has been able to reach, by comparison and contrast, beyond its own particular statement to reveal or unlock the greater articulated statements of cultural synthesis and societal expression of artistic form from the subcontinent for the benefit of the visitor. Elizabeth Anne Knox is a scholar in the field of South Asian Art. She was a Curatorial Assistant for South Asian and Tibet at the Royal Ontario Museum. She was trained in Sanskrit and dramacurgy and art history: 34/JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Milan 2006 Crowd POMPE As the next generation of Jain Americans begins to assimilate into Western culture, it becomes increasingly challenging to meet those that hold similar beliefs and religious values. Though websites and e-mail communication help to a certain extent, nothing comes close to meeting potential suitors in person. Jain Milan is organized to encourage our Jain youth to meet other Jains for the purpose of matrimony and to facilitate a face-to-face meeting. We have witnessed many other Indian organizations holding similar successful events and we felt it was time to create a forum for the Jain youth. With events like Jain Milan, we hope to achieve our goal to preserve Jain traditions and values in our next generation and strengthen our community. JAIN MILAN What is Jain Milan? Jain Milan is an opportunity for Jain youth (age 21 and older) throughout North America and around the world to meet in person, to make friends, to engage in networking, to develop business contacts and to possibly find a life partner. Jain Milan believes in Jain family values and will work hard to preserve these values. What is planned for 3-day weekend? * Following activities are under consideration: Opening Ceremony. Ras-Garba evening. Speed dating. Icebreakers. Games. Speaker(s). Group Sessions. Outdoor Activities in Park (Weather permitting). Mingling with Light Music background. Free Time. Vegetarian Food. Honoring Financial Supporters. One-on-one meetings with consent of each other. Souvenir with Partial Bio-data and Photo of the Participants. Formal/Semi Formal Dress Code except for outdoor activities. Moral and Financial Support and Volunteers: JAIN MILAN counts on you to place Ad in the souvenir. Full Page $500, Half page $300, Quarter Page $175, One Line $50. ► JAIN MILAN counts on financial support from the businesses. JAIN MILAN counts on your Jain Center for volunteer's support. JAIN MILAN counts on you for Fundraising, Contact: Gunvant Shah praban stabal}.com Phone: 732-246-4030. Web: vt (available soon). sen * These details are subject to cha JAIN DIGEST. Summer 2006 / 35 Jain Education Intemational For Private & Personal use only Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN MILAN € red WELK Name: For more information 1st Annual Jain Youth Matrimonial Convention (A unique opportunity to meet and find a life partner... in person!) Admission by advance registration* only. Participant must be Jain, age 21 or older. Registration Fees: US $180 by 7-5-06 per participant. Early Date: US $160 by 5-31-06. Hotel list will be available for you to book room at discount prices. Register before deadline of July 5, 06 to be included in the Souvenir. ➤ Registration after 7-5-06, add US $50 per person (will not be included in the Souvenir). ➤ Souvenir with partial Bio-data and pictures will be distributed at the event. Souvenir is for participants ONLY and will not be available for sale. Location: Middlesex County, New Jersey. Last Date for Registration: Wednesday July 5, 2006. Address: Phone: H: E-mail: Friday August 4, 2006, 8 pm to midnight Saturday August 5, 2006, 9 am to midnight Sunday August 6, 2006, 9 am to 2 pm Write check or US money order to "JAINA JAIN MILAN 2006". NO REFUNDS. Mail to: Jain Milan, 12 Ascot Place, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, USA Registration by mail (include two 2"x 2"color photos) Contact Person: Gunvant Shah, phone: 732-246-4030; E-mail: First Jain Milan 2006 Age: Marital status: Single U.S. Status: US Citizen Vegetarian: Yes Occupation: Father's name: Or Guardian's name: Applicant signature: No MI Height: WORK: ft Divorced Green Card Smoker: Yes Last Other: No in Highest degree: Mother's name: Gender: M Weight: Widowed Drink: Yes Major: Relation: Date: *JAINA and Jain Milan reserve the right to ask for documents to verify above information, DOB: Cell: No F 当 tund Jap day lbs mo /19 Year 36/JAIN DIGEST Summer 2006 Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MSD M S International, Inc. 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