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Author(s): Federation of JAINA
Publisher: USA Federation of JAINA
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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Peacenah Dialogue @jaina Convention 2007 Programmaire July 5th - 8th 2007 Program Guide Peace Through Dialogue Edison, NJ For Personal & Private Use Only Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ D JAIN DERASAR PROJECT Franklin Township 111 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873 Tetinet sec RRRRRRR! NEW JERSEY CENTER OF NEW th JAIN Anniversary 1982-2007 JAIN CENTER OF NEW JERSEY 233 Runnymede Road. Essex Fells. New Jersey 07021. Phone: (973) 226-2539 E-mail: For Personal & Private Use Only Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Convention 2007 Program Introduction... Jai Jinendra friends, How do you make an event that has been re-occurring every two years more interesting and appealing? Perhaps by reinventing it. The programming team has worked hard with a single motto: We value your time and want to make it worthwhile for you to be at the 2007 convention. By raising the bar for ourselves and giving you the best we can: With a global and interfaith theme on peace called the "Peace Through Dialogue" With a list of some 100 world-class scholars and some 200 spiritual talk sessions by speakers ranging from Sri Sri Ravishanker to Swami Ramdevji to Pujya Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri to youth speaker Nipun Mehta. With interesting and thought provoking panel discussions on "Communicating Jainism", "Artistic Expressions", Women and Religion", Jain Foods, Future Vision 20/20, and so on. With collaborative symposium like the one on "The Literature of Spirituality and Devotion" jointly presented at the JAINA convention by the Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, India and Gujarati Literary Academy, NA. With "enlightened" entertainment programs that are professional in quality and industrial strength ventures like "Apura Avasar" by Ideas Unlimited, "Samosaran" by Veerayatan, "Aham Na Odkar" by Chandrakant Shah, "Bhagwan Rishabhdev" by the Jain Center of Boston, "Asta Pratiharya" by Jain Center of America and the grand finale handicapped children's program from New Delhi by Ability Unlimited. With a "gem of an exhibition from India" called the "Three Chovisi and Ratna Mandir "exhibition from India which was recently witnessed by some 500,000 people in Mumbai. With an enchanting Raas Leela program and lovely musical programs- "Morning Melodies" bhakti sangeet program by Kumar Chaterjee, "Sanjeevani: The Revival!" oldies goldies musical concert by celebrity singers Sanjeevani and Shivprasad from India and a special feature program on devotion composed solely for JAINA called "Meeral The Musical". With youth programs designed for the youth and by the youth including a parallel custom program for mature youth called the JNF. Also a young children's activity program for ages 5 to 12 yrs. With a Ranakpur temple like interior decor and ambiance of a professional design by Architect Alvin Holmes based on the book by well-known photographer Thomas Dix. With excellent Art exhibits by well known professional artists With a variety of exhilarating mind-body-soul programs available every morning including one by our guest Krishnaji of the Art of Living The campus like facility structure adds a new dimension to the challenges we faced this time. But that did not prevent us from leaving no stone unturned to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable at the 2007 JAINA convention. Whether we succeeded or not in this endeavor, you will have to tell us after the convention. On behalf of the JAINA Convention 2007 Convention Board and all the hard working teams that have spent countless hours to make this convention happen, I thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you We cannot thank enough all the volunteers and helpers who have made this convention possible through their self-less service. Nitin Talsania Programming Committee For Personal & Private Use Only Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA Convention 2007 Host Committee Dear friends, A warm and hearty welcome to the 14th Biennial JAINA Convention 2007! We welcome you to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, our little Indian city of New Jersey. The JAINA convention is coming back to the east coast after almost eight years and we are very excited to be the hosts. The convention has been over a year in the making. It is bringing to fruition the hard work and planning of the programming team as well as various other teams who are the backbone of this convention. Conventions are not easy to do by any stretch of imagination. The site and logistics pose unusual challenges for this convention given the campus like facility structure and the breakout needs of the JAINA convention. A lot of care has been taken and so much attention has been paid behind the careful planning of this mega event. This is the first JAINA Convention in New Jersey. Looking at the line-up of the scholars we have, the quality of talk sessions and the rich variety of the evening cultural programs, we are confident that history will record this convention as being among the most enjoyable and spiritually lifting conventions. That will surely be our efforts. How can we assist you in making the convention an enjoyable experience for you? Please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you at the convention. Jai Jinendra. Sincerely, Dr Navin Mehta Chair, Convention Host Committee For Personal & Private Use Only Dr. Vinod Shah Co-Chair, Convention Host Committee Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAINA CONVENTION 2007 PROGRAM INTRODUCTION.. HOST COMMITTEE INTRODUCTION. JAINA PROFILE. PLANNING YOUR TIME AT THE CONVENTION.... FLOOR PLAN - NJ CONVENTION & EXPOSITION CENTER....... FLOOR PLANS - HOLYDAY INN AND SHERATON....... TRANSPORTAION AND EMERGENCIES... ARTISTS GALLERY.. ASTAPAD TIRTH... PROGRAM DETAILS (LIST VIEW). Table of Contents... RANGOLI & SAMOSARAN.... SYNOPSIS OF TOPICS BY SPIRITUAL LEADERS / SPEAKERS.... SPIRITUAL LEADERS / SPEAKERS BIO'S... FUND RAISING FOR JCNJ... CHOVISHI.. CULTURAL PROGRAMS.... KEY YOUTH ACTIVITIES.. JAINA ACADEMIC BOWL.. JAINA CONVENTION 2007 SUPPORTERS.. For Personal & Prete Lise Only Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TAINA FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA The Federation of JAINA is an umbrella organization of local Jain Associations in USA and Canada and was started with the blessings from Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji. It was initiated at the first Jain Convention held in Los Angeles in 1981 and formalized at the second Jain Convention in New York in 1983. JAINA is a federation of 67 Jain organizations representing more than 150,000 Jains living in USA and Canada without any distinction based on sect, language or region. It has provided a forum to foster friendship and unity among various Jain communities in North America. OBJECTIVES: 1) Promote religious and educational activities related to the Jain religion and to develop better understanding of the Jain religion. 2) Assist and promote charitable and humanitarian activities in North America and worldwide. 3) Actively promote vegetarianism and Nonviolence. 4) Provide and promote academic and cultural exchanges amongst Jains everywhere. 5) Assist existing Jain associations and support the formation of new Jain associations in North America 6) Serve as a liaison with government agencies in pursuance of the above objectives. 7) Foster cordial relationships with interfaith or multi faith organizations. JAINA functions through more than 300 Volunteers from all corners of North America. It has an executive Director with Headquarters in Getzville (Suburb of Buffalo, NY). The Executive Committee of JAINA is elected every two years from a group of Directors nominated by member organizations. JAINA has adopted the first Sunday in October in recognition of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday as Ahimsa Day. JAINA volunteers work with local governments to issue proclamations for observance of Ahimsa Day. It is celebrated by promoting non-violence, Vegetarianism and organizing seminars on Ahimsa. SERVICES: JAIN DIGEST is a quarterly magazine published by JAINA and is sent free to 10,000 families in North America. It chronicles news and activities of member organizations, community affairs and articles by scholars of Jainism, and humanitarian activities undertaken by JAINA volunteers. JAINA also publishes a colorful calendar each year with important Jain holidays and is mailed out free to all Jain households in North America. There is a JAINA library with more than 8,000 books in the Jain Center of Southern California. The Education Committee of JAINA has published teaching curriculum and text books which have received praise worldwide. The Jivdaya Committee promotes cause of vegetarianism and funds many Panjarapols and animal shelters in India. The JAINA Book Depot sells books, audio and videos on Jainism on no profit basis. Every other year beginning in 1981 JAINA holds a convention that draws thousands of attendees from all over the world. The 14th biennial convention will be held during July 5-8 2007, in Edison, NJ. The theme for the Convention is "Peace through Dialogue". The Pilgrimage Committee organizes a pilgrimage of Jain Teerthdhams in India every year. It raised funds to help build a school in cooperation with Veerayatan for 400 children in Lachhwar, Bihar. The Teerthodhdhar Committee sponsors medical camps for Sadhu/Sadhwis and funds restoration of Jain Temples. Jain Rituals committee helps local centers and individuals perform religious functions. JAINA Academic Liaison Committee is a charter member of Ahimsa Center at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, and is preparing to catalog and support Jain studies in North America. Fer Personal 4 ale Use Only Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Education International JAINA FEDERATION OF JAIN ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA The V.R. Gandhi Scholarship Committee grants scholarships for advanced Jain studies in India and has published literature on his life. It has worked closely with the WJC and others in India to petition the Post and Telegraph department and political leaders to issue a commemorative stamp for Shri VR Gandhi. YOUTH WING: There are two youth organizations within JAINA Young Jains of America (YJA) and Young Jain Professionals (YJP). Every other year YJA serving 4,000 members holds its convention. YJA has inspired similar organization in India (YJI) that has flourished well over the last two years. YJP holds their convention every year. The Marriage Information service and JAINA Network Forum have enabled many parents to find Jain spouses for their Children. HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES: The World Community Services (WCS) of JAINA has helped victims of the earthquakes in Latur and Kutchh (India), North Ridge (California) and Kobe (Japan), the famine in Rwanda and the devastation left by hurricane Andrew and Katrina on the southeastern coast of the US, the victims of the Mississippi river flood, hurricane victims of Kendal and Orissa and worked with UNICEF in Kosovo WCS also operates medical camps in rural parts of India. WCS has raised funds to help build a school for 1,000 children in Pawapuri. WCS has help build a school in Andaman Nicobar islands and provided financial support for Post Tsunami Permanent Rehabilitation Center in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The Wheels of Hope sub Committee ships medical equipment and supplies free to charitable hospitals all over India. The North American Family Assistance committee helps Jain families in need and the Senior citizen Committee is exploring possibilities of creating housing for the aging Jain population AFFILIATIONS JAINA has established bilateral relationships with Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), World Confederation of Jains (WJC), Veerayatan, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, Vegetarian Society of Bombay, Jain Social Group International Federation, Bharatiya Jain Sanghathan and Bidda Sarvodya Trust through its Government and International relations Committee. The Interfaith Committee has fostered valuable contacts with many inter-religious organizations and participated in the Parliament of the World's Religions in, Chicago, Cape Town, Barcelona, and interfaith conference in Montreal. JAINA as an umbrella organization with links to many such organizations around the world has often acted to enhance Jain cause worldwide. Recently; JAINA has petitioned to the Governor of Gujarat in opposition to the bill that attempts to classify Jains as Hindus. JAINA regularly attempts to correct errors in published materials about Jainism. RECOGNIZATIONS & AWARDS In recognition of JAINA's worldwide humanitarian work, United States Agency for International Development has awarded JAINA a certificate of registration making it eligible to receive grants from USAID. It grants JAINA a blanket certificate to export medical and educational equipment for humanitarian aid globally. JAINA has also received several awards in United States and India including awards from World Medical Relief Inc. of Detroit, and American Red Cross. 5 For Persor& Private Use Only Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ planning your time at the Convention... DUE TO THIS YEAR'S GROUND BREAKING CAMPUS-LIKE FACILITY STRUCTURE: - To optimize your convention experience, we recommend that you spend at least half of your day in one location complex), to minimize inter-site traffic. - We also recommend that you plan your inter-section break wisely, especially if you plan to take the bus to another location. - Best efforts have been made to schedule sessions which are in the same language in the same location to maximize your listening experience and minimize inter-site traffic. - Best efforts have been made to schedule sessions which cater to different groups of participants (ie. Youth, JNF, and JAINA) in the same location to maximize your listening experience and minimize traffic. Be sure to enjoy our Daily Exhibits which include: - The Samosaran Rangoli Display, truly a rare treat, created by The Kenya Group will be on display in the Sheraton Hotel, Edison D Room on Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-5:30p, and Sunday. - The Ashtapad Exhibit, a ground-breaking model of Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth carved out of crystal stones and Tirthankar Idols carved out of gemstones also in the Sheraton Hotel, Atrium Ball Room on Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday & Saturday 9am- 5:30pm, and Sunday. DAY-1: THURSDAY JULY 5, 2007 Arrive early at the convention site and check in for the convention. Relax and enjoy day sessions, social programs, and enjoy your free time with family and friends. 12:00pm: Arrival and check-in. Relax, meet old friends, reunite with family, and be sure to enjoy the day exhibits at the Sheraton! 1:30pm-6:00pm: General JAINA, Youth, and JNF participants can enjoy programs specifically designed for their tastes. 4:00pm to 6:00pm: Convention kick-off and blessing ceremony by religious leaders featuring opening speeches and blessings by the numerous scholars, sadhus, and sadhvies attending the convention. 2:00pm to 8:00pm: Enjoy the celebration atmosphere and learn about all of the JAIN happenings and services offered by the various groups at our vendor tables. 1:30pm to 6:00pm: Youth enjoy a movie matinee from and a meet and greet from 1:30p to 6:00p to get ready for a gala Raas-Garba evening 3:00pm to 9:00pm: Enjoy the light moments of "Hasya Chintamani" with hilarious stand-up comedy and the popular play "Aham Na Odkar". 9:00pm to 11:30pm: Enjoy the spiritual journey of "Apurva Aavsar", a story of the Mahatma behind the Mahatma, the spiritual mentor of Gandhiji: Shrimad Rajchandra. 9:15pm to 12:00am: The Youth will enjoy a stand-up comedy session followed by Raas Leela are in store for everyone featuring live music and a special guest performance. 9:15pm to 2:00am: JNF participants will enjoy a fun-filled musical evening with a Bollywood and Open MIC Night event. Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DAY-2: FRIDAY JULY 6, 2007 A wide range of activities await you at the convention. You can keep yourself busy with early morning mind-bodysoul invigoration, all-day religious lectures, special sessions, evening cultural program for adults, and special socializing events for youth and young adults.. 5:00am to 6:00am: Participate and learn about the sun gazing methods central to Jain cosmology. 6:00am to 7:00am (for adults) and 6:30am to 7:30am for youth: Four concurrent sessions featuring Pratikraman, Bhaktamar, Prekshaddhyan, Namokar chanting, yoga, 8:00am to 8:45am: Enjoy a musical morning program, "Morning Melodies", while having breakfast to soulfully bring you into the day. 9:00am to 11:45am: Opening Ceremony and Inauguration Program and a Key Note Address by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Sadhvi Shilapiji 9:00am to 11:45am: Opening Youth Keynote by Nipun Mehta, followed by another Youth Keynote centered on "Embracing the Present Moment" by Kim Eng. 10:30am to 11:45am: The first round of the Jain Academic Bowl will launch the competition for which center team can take the crown for Jain knowledge 11:45am to 5:30pm: Participants from all groups can choose from 40 different day sessions, in a variety of programming in Hindi, Gujarati, and English. Be sure to use the color key help you navigate through all of the programs available. 1:30pm to 5:30pm: JNF participants will enjoy a variety of networking events from speed dating to social breakout sessions. 7:30pm to 2:00am: Participants from all groups will enjoy evening programming customized specifically designed for areas of interest. **Be sure to enjoy the Samosaran Rangoli Display in the Sheraton Hotel in the Edison D and the Ashtapad Exhibit in the Sheraton Hotel in the Atrium Ball Room. DAY-3: SATURDAY JULY 7, 2007 A wide range of activities await you at the convention. You can keep yourself busy with early morning mind-bodysoul invigoration, all-day religious lectures, special sessions, evening cultural program for adults, and special socializing events for youth and young adults.. 5:00am to 6:00am: Participate and learn about the sun gazing methods central to Jain cosmology. 6:00am to 7:00am (for adults) and 6:30am to 7:30am for youth: Eleven concurrent sessions featuring for mind, body, and soul Pratikraman,Bhaktamar, Prekshaddhyan, Namokar chanting, yoga, 8:00am to 8:45am: Enjoy a musical morning program, "Morning Melodies", while having breakfast to soulfully bring you into the day. 8:15am to 5:30pm: Participants from all groups can choose from 70 different sessions, in a variety of programming in Hindi, Gujarati, and English. Be sure to use the color key help you navigate through all of the programs available. 10:00am to 12:00pm: The competition heats up as the second and third rounds of the Jain Academic Bowl continue as teams fight to get to the final round! 11:45am to 5:30pm: Participants from all groups can choose from 70 different day sessions, in a variety of programming in Hindi, Gujarati, and English. Be sure to use the color key help you navigate through all of the programs available. Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 1:30pm to 5:30pm: JNF participants will enjoy a variety of networking events such as Speed Dating and special breakout sessions designed to explore the source of effective communication and relationships. 7:30pm to 2:00am: JAINA Participants will enjoy a variety of special evening events spanning from "Rushabdev", a presentation by children of the Boston Sangh followed by "Asta Pratiharya" a presentation by The Children of Jain Center of America culminating in "Sanjeevani: The Revival!"a Musical Concert by Sanjeevani & Shivparasad. 7:30pm to 2:00am: JNF Participants will participate in a Formal Dinner and dance the night away at a Dance Dinner Party 9:30pm to 2:00am: Youth Participants will enjoy an evening of dancing and socializing at their White Ball, showing their white clothes for piece. **Be sure to enjoy the Samosaran Rangoli Display in the Sheraton Hotel in the Edison D and the Ashtapad Exhibit in the Sheraton Hotel in the Atrium Ball Room. DAY-4: SUNDAY JULY 8, 2005 A wide range of activities await you at the convention. You can keep yourself busy with early morning mind-bodysoul invigoration, all-day religious lectures, special sessions, evening cultural program for adults, and special socializing events for youth and young adults.. 18984, 5:00am to 6:00am: Participate and learn about the sun gazing methods central to Jain cosmology. 6:00am to 7:00am (for adults) and 6:30am to 7:30am for youth: Eleven concurrent sessions featuring Pratakraman, Bhaktamar, Prekshaddhyan, Namokar chanting, yoga, 8:00am to 9:00am: Enjoy a musical morning program, "Morning Melodies", while having breakfast to soulfully bring you into the day. 8:00am to 11:15am: Participants from all group will enjoy a wide variety of morning events featuring a Symposium on the Literature of Spirituality and Devotion by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, India and Gujarati Literary Academy, NA featuring the work of Poets Yeshovijayaji, Anandghanji & Shrimad Rajchandra and Meera & Narsinh 10:30am to 1:30pm: These events will the culminating end to our 2007 JAINA Convention highlighted by "Abilities Unlimited" performed by Children with Disabilities from India. 9:00am to 1:30pm: The Youth and JNF participants will have their own finale events with Youth Diaries and Closing Mixer as well as a JNF Closing Ceremonies. **Be sure to enjoy the Samosaran Rangoli Display in the Sheraton Hotel in the Edison D and the Ashtapad Exhibit in the Sheraton Hotel in the Atrium Ball Room. Jalla Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ For Personal & Private Use Only COD LOBBY Zhi Liang Dressing Room Dressing Room NJ CONVENTION & EXPOSITION CENTER 97 Sunfield Aveue Edison, NJ 08837 0000000 0000000 0000000 FOOD COURT Green Rooms 000 VIP Dining Area SEATING FOR APPROX 480 22 23 24 21 20 19 TO SEATING FOR APPROX 4800 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 10 250 Drape 300 Drape 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 11 10 9 8 7 5 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 6 15 39 40 41 42 4 3 2 1 ENTRANCE ELECTRICAL A.A.A.A.A.A.A 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 accaccacciac Dining Are 0000 10 MAGASABBREV www.CARAGR IHUANAGRA TOK CE GOD RED RO KELOLAKOCH WERD KADOKHOMOLANDANG KASKA KOCH.COM AKALELD CLAR 100-42 800 standing 140 Floor to Ceiling Drape ww 100 Drape BLI MAIN LOBBY MAIN ENTRY RISER Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ FIRE STAIRS 26 x 24 x 10 12 x 18 x 10 12 x 18 x 10 26 x 50 x 10 EXECUTIVE OFFICES FIRE STAIRS FRONT DESK ASSTT BOARD ROOM LOBBY CONFER ENCE ROOM PRINCETON ROOM POLO LOUNGE BAR BUSINESS CENTER 26 x 24 x 10 GIFT SHOP 23 x 25 x 10 HOUSE KEEPING LIBRARY ENGINEERING ELEV. TORS WOMEN'S RESTROOM STEPHENS ROOM SVC ELEV REST ROOM EXIT POOL CORRIDOR MEN'S RESTROOM POOL STORAGE 70 x 50 x 15 PARKING O FIRE EXTINGUSHER LOT FIRE PULL STATION GARDEN / ATRIUM ROOM EGRESS 22 x 36 x 10 RUTGERS ROOM O 22 x 36 x 10 ITAN ROOM... DOUGLAS ROOM 74 x 60 x 15 75 FT BALL ROOM KOSHER KITCHEN 22 x 36 x 10 RYDER ROOM FOLDING WALL HOLIDAY INN 3050 Woodbridge Avenue Edison, NJ 08837 800-345-8082 22 x 36 x 10 COOK ROOM EXIT EXIT EXIT 108 FT wom w UPPER LILY'S 0 0 WHISPERS LOUNGE MEU Oo . V : C : D J RAMP KITCHEN BAR EDISON BALLROOM 1 - ptt SHERATON HOTEL 125 Raritan Center Pkwy. Edison, NJ 08837 732-225-8300 0 0 ATRIUM BALLROOM MAIN FLOOR UNION MONMOUTH WM Muhl Mwam GARDEN SOMERSET MIDDLESEX STATE ROOM AMO SUMMIT ROOM SECOND FLOOR For Personal & IVate Use Only Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TRANSPORTATION (To and From Newark Airports to Hotels): Limited Free shuttle bus services is provided only from Newark (EWR) airport to the convention center on July 4, 2007 and on July 05, 2007 as well as on July 08, 2007 for returning to the airports. For more information please check with the Information Booth. Transportation: Shuttle buses to/from Raritan Expo: There will be shuttle bus service to provide transportation to/from Raritan Expo Hall and areas hotels to attend different sessions at different locations. Transportation: To Temples: (A) A Limited Free shuttle bus service is provided on Friday July 06, 2007 to Siddhachalam Temple and Saturday July 07, 2007 to New York temple. Seats are limited and dated/timeslot tickets are required to board the buses. Ticket will be issued on first come first serve basis to "pre registered guests" from Siddhachalam booth and New York booth respectively. (B) A limited free shuttle bus service is provided to visit Franklin Park temple. Seats are limited and dated/timeslot tickets are required to board the buses. For day/date of the trip and tickets, please visit JCNJ booth. Above bus schedules are not final and subject to change. Updated information will be available at the Information Booth. EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES: (A) Emergency Medical Services: "Medical Doctors are volunteering their services for emergencies and further details are available only at the Information Booth. If walking up to the Information Booth is not feasible, attendees are encouraged to contact any volunteer with a walkie talkie to be connected to the Information Booth and they will dispatch the Doctor to attend to the person. During after hours, attendees need to contact the Hotel operator and they will call 911." (B) Nearest Emergency room/hospital: JFK Medical Center 65 James Street; Edison, New Jersey 08818 Non Emergency Phone Number: (732) 321-7000 (C) Pharmacies (1) Walgreen Pharmacy. 1197 Amboy Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837 Phone: (732) 549-3075 (2) Rite Aid Pharmacy. 10 Lincoln Hwy, Metuchen, NJ 08840 Phone: (732)744-0705. LOST AND FOUND: If you have lost and found please report to the Information Booth. Education International 11 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Artist's Gallery The Jain Artist's Gallery includes the work of seven artists from around the country, as well as that of the Jaina organization. The artists include a cartoonist, an oil painter, an acrylic artist, a water color painter, and a mixed media artist. Subjects show tremendous variance by artist, but include topics such as peace, Jain deities, astrology, and humor. SHEFALI AJMERA, for whom, art has always been her passion, was first recognized for her work on the media of earthen pot. Currently, she creates artwork based on the concept of the nine planets, eight karmas, and astrology based on the scriptural studies of Jainism. ALKA DALAL has been painting since 1988 and started her current 'Paintings for Peace' series in 2001, which aims to spread the message of peace. Dalal currently works in a broad cross-section of media; including oil, watercolor, acrylics, mono print, collage, and mixed media. CHANDU DESAI has always had a passion for the arts and after his retirement from the healthcare and technology industries, he chose the fields of oil and acrylic painting for his artistic expression. His paintings aim to explain the principles of Jainism through both literal and symbolic forms. SURBHI PANDYA, who has been studying Jain principles for the last few years under Munishri Kshama SagarJi, has created a series of paintings entitled the Scientific Approach of Jain Dharm.' Her exhibitions have been held in Washington DC, California, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. YOGENDRA SETHI, who started exhibiting his works in the 1970s, currently concentrates on giving human form to certain objects such as rocks. He aims to display aesthetic pleasures in the paintings of mountains, cliffs, and valleys, while simultaneously displaying human behavior in a set of flowing, transparent colors. Cartoonist MAHENDRA SHAH has been drawing for almost 30 years, and originally published his work in the Gujarati Samaj of Greater Pittsburgh Gurjar. His works now appear in publications around the world, and he just recently published his first book, entitled 'American Amdavadi.' PRAVIN K. SHAH has developed a portfolio of Jain-inspired art for the JAINA organization. 12 Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHRI ASHTAPAD MAHA TIRTH & RATNA MANDIR A HIDDEN TREASURE ASHTAPAD (MODEL #5) Come and visit a model of Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth carved out of crystal stones and Tirthankar Idols carved out of gemstones * Pay respect to the Tirth - Nirvan Bhoomi of Shri Rushabhadev, which is has been lost in time and one is not able to visit. * Learn more about 3 Chovisis (Past, Present & Future Chovisi) and many stories (24 of them) related to this epic Tirth. * See over 100 Idols, carved out of various gemstones namely Emerald, Ruby, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Kunzite, Morganite, Smoky, Rose Quartz, Malachite and so on. Some of them are rare by any description. Gain some knowledge about gemstones, regarding their color, clarity, and size. * Also see Emerald Chovisi, Crystal Chovisi and Gemstone Chovisi - again a rare collection. * Glance at the literature on Ashtapad collected so far, about 6000 pages presented in Vol I to XIII and other research books. * Find out what research work is going on to locate and to rediscover the 'LUPT" lost Tirth. HOTEL SHERATON NEW JERSEY This exhibit is open to everyone - Admission is Free Metro Park Station EDISON TATEN ISLAND 1040 terbridge Crossing PARITAN AMBOY GARDEN STATE -: TIMINGS :Friday & Saturday - July 6 & 7, 2007 From: 10:00a.m. to 07:00p.m. Sunday July 8, 2007 10:00a.m. to 01:00p.m. ENGLISHTOWN Shore Points and Atlantic City * FREEHOLD 125 Raritan Center Parkway Edison, New Jersey 08837 Tel: 732-225-8300 Fax: 732-225-7699 13 For Pers . Private Use Only Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Session Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers / Participants Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton Type Language DAY 1 Thursday July 5 2007 S10, $11. VIP. Sadhu, Sadhvi, & Speaker Hospitality S12 9:00AM 2:00PM Honorable Dignitaries S-Edison A JAINA English 9:00AM 2:00PM S12 VIP, Sadhu, Sadhvi, & Speaker Hospitality Honorable Dignitaries Hi-Rutgers Room JAINA English 9:00 AM 2:00 PM s10, S11, Pathshala - Teachers conference S12 Patshala Teachers HI-Douglas Room JAINA English 9:00AM 5:00PM The Kenya Group S-Edison D JAINA Exhibit 9:00AM 5:00PM s10, S11, S12, S13, Rangoli Display S14, S15 s10, S11, S12, S13, Ashtapad Exhibition S14, S15 S10, S11, S12, S13. KOJAIN Reunion S14 Dr. Rajni Shah S-Atrium Ball Room JAINA Exhibit 10:00 AM 4:00 PM KOJAIN Participants HI-Garden Room JAINA English 11:00 AM 2:30 PM S11, S12 Parswanath Poojan Sri Rajendrabhai Dalal HI - Ryder Room HI-Cook Room JAINA Prakrit 11:00AM 2:30 PM Interested Parties Hi-Ball Room JAINA Prakrit S11, S12 Shanti Vidhan & Dev, Guru, Shastra Pooja S12, S13.12 s14, S15 Registration LUNCH $12, S13 Youth Movie Matnee 12:00 PM 5:00 PM 12:00PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 3:30PM Registration Team JAINA Registration ALL Youth English YJA 2:30PM 3:30PM S13 JNF Ice Breakers: Group A and B JNF Coordinators E-Main Ball Room E-Expo Dining Hall H-Evergreen HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room JNF English 3:30PM 4:30PM S14 JNF Breakout Sessions: Group A and B JNF Coordinators English Youth 3:30PM 6:00PM S14, S15 Youth Ice Breaker 1 Youth Coordinators H-Evergreen Youth English 3:30PM 6:00PM S14, S15 Youth Ice Breaker 2 & 3 Youth Coordinators H-Longwood Youth English 4:00PM 6:00PM S14, S15 Convention Kickoff and Blessings Ceremony E-Expo Main Hall JAINA English 4:00PM 6:00PM S14 S15 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta E-Junior Ball Room Youth English JAINA 4:30PM 6:00PM S15 JNF Opening Ceremonies: All groups including Parents JNF Coordinators English HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room E-Expo Hall E-Expo Main Hall Youth ALL 6:00PM 7:30PM DINNER Hasya Chintamani Stand-up Comedy 7:30PM 9:00PM S16 Play by Chandu Shah JAINA Gujarati 7:30PM 9:00PM S16 "Aham Na Odkar Play by Chandu Shah E-Expo Main Hall JAINA Gujarati 7:30PM 9:00PM Youth Photo Session Youth Coordinators R-Main Hall Youth English 9:00PM 11:30PM S17 Apurva Aavsar A Spiritual Production Manoj Shah from Mumbai's Raangbhoomi E-Expo Main Hall JAINA Hindi 14 For Personalrivate Use Only Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Start Time End Time 9:00PM 12:00PM 9:00PM 2:30AM 11:30 AM 2:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 5:00AM 6:00AM S20 6:00AM S20 6:00AM 6:30AM 7:00 AM 9:00AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00AM 8:30AM 7:00 AM S20 7:00 AM S20 7:00 AM S20 7:30AM 9:00AM 5:30PM 1:30PM Session ID S17 5:30PM S18 S18 S20 S20 S20 8:00AM 8:45AM S21 8:45AM 9:00AM S21 9:30AM 9:30AM 10:15AM S22 2:15PM 10.15AM 10.30AM S23 10:15AM 11:45AM S24 S22-S28 Rangoli Display S22-S28 Ashtapad Exhibition Morning Melodies Peace Procession 11:45AM S21-S24 Opening Ceremony & Inaugural Program Keynote 1: Peace Through Dialogue Youth: 15 Minute Group Meditation 10:30AM 11:45AM S24 10:30AM 11:45AM S24 12:00PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 S25 Youth Youth Activities Session Title Enchantment de Raas Leela JNF Bollywood Karaoke and Open Mic Bhangra Block Party and Ice Cream Social DAY 2 Friday July 6 2007 Sun Gazing Yoga and Meditation Pratikraman Shwetambar Dehrawasi Pratikraman Sthanakwasi Pratikraman Digambar Yoga and Meditation Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Stress, Reduction Techniques Guided Meditation by Youth Breakfast Key Note Address Peace through Dialogue Jain Academic Bowl Keynote 2: Embracing the Present Moment LUNCH Relevance of Jainism in Today's World Sukhi Jivan na Nav Tatvo Children's Activities (Ages 5-12) Sravak Na Tran Manoratha Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI-Holiday Inn H=Hilton Forum Shah, Bharti Vyas, & Associates R-Main Hall JNF Coordinators Youth Coordinators Speakers/Participants HRM Swami Shrut Pragyaji Dr Chandrakant Mehta Taralaben Doshi Mataji Subhamati Samaniji Rohit Pragyaji, Pragyaji, Pratibha Pragyaji Krishnaji - Art of Living Youth Coordinators Vineet Pragyaji, The Kenya Group Dr. Rajni Shah Kumar Chatterjee, Meghal Desai & Associates All Participants JAINA Committee Members Nipun Mehta Youth Coordinators HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Sadhvi Shilapiji Jain Academic Bowl Committee Kim Eng For Perso15 Private Use Only JNF - Jain Networking Forum HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Jin Chandraji Maharaj - Triputi Bandhu Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta Tarla Doshi HI-Ball Room R-Main Hall Meet at Sheraton Sebas Edison A Punya HI-Garden Room S-Edison B S.Edison C HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Longwood HI-Ball Room E-Expo Dining Area S-Whisper Lounge HI-Dining Area H-Dining Area S-Edison D E-Main Hall E-Main Hall E-Main Hall HI-Ball Room HI-Ball Room Type Language E-Main Hall JNF Youth English JNF English Youth English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English Youth English S-Atrium Ball Room JAINA ALL JAINA JAINA Hindi JAINA English JAINA English Youth English Youth English JAINA English HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room E-Expo Dining Hall ALL E-Main Hall E-Ball Room E-Junior Ball Room S-Edison A S-Edison B ALL English Youth English JAINA English JAINA Gujarati Youth English JAINA Gujarati Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Start Time End Time Session Session Title Speakers / Participants Type Language Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton S-Edison C Hi-Rutgers Room HI-Ryder Room 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 Kokilaben Doshi JAINA English 1:30PM 2:15PM $25 Power of Kindness in Business Why India Matters and how you can be involved Einstein, Vegetarianism & World Peace: Animal Rights Movement In India YJI: Youngs Jains of India Youth English 1:30PM 2:15PM $25 Anil Narang HI-Cook Room Youth English 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 Minority Report Tanmay Gosalia & Shardule Shah HI-Douglas Room Youth English S25 1:30PM 1:30PM 2:15PM 2:15PM Daan Dharma, Abhyantar Tap Tatvarth Sutra Dr Rajni Shah Subhamati Mataji Hl-Ball Room HI-Garden Room JAINA Gujarati JAINA Hindi S25 1:30PM 2:15PM S25 JNF Speed Dating 1 JNF Team H-Evergreen H-Longwood JNF English 2:30PM 2:45PM S26 Historicity of 24 Tirthankars E-Main Hall JAINA English Dr L M Singhvi Anop Vora, Pravin K Shah & Naresh Jain 2:30PM 3:15PM S26 Communicating Jainism (1) E-Main Ball Room JAINA English 2:30PM 3:15PM S26 Yogendra Jain & Panel JAINA English Furthering JAINA Vision - Present Your Project Ideas for Funding Samaysar 2:30PM 3:15PM Rajendra Kamdar S26 S26 Creating Your Journey Michael Simmons 2:30PM 2:30PM 2:30PM 3:15PM 3:15PM 3:15PM S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C HI-Rutgers Room HI-Ryder Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room S26 S26 Diversify Your Influence Aprigrah No Aanand JAINA Gujarati Youth English Youth English JAINA Gujarati Youth English Bejoy Philip Devendra Shah 2:30PM 3:15PM S26 The Journey Gurudev Chitabhanu HI-Ball Room 2:30PM 3:15PM S26 Preservation of Sacred Tirth - Palitana Chandnaji J AINA Hindi 2:30PM 3:15PM JNF Speed Dating 2 JNF Team HI-Garden Room H-Evergreen H-Longwood E-Main Hall JNF English S26 Dr Kumarpal Desai JAINA Hindi 2:45PM 3:30PM 3:15PM 3:45PM S27 Significance of Ashtapad The Secret Of Good Health Is Hidden in Your Breath Communicating Jainism (2) E-Main Han JAINA English 3:30PM 3:30PM S27 S27 S27 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM E-Main Ball Room E-Junior Ball Room Swami Ramdevji Anop Vora, Pravin K Shah & Naresh Jain Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta Ashwin Pragyaji Dr. Mukesh Shah Bhavik Shah 3:30PM 3:30PM 3:30PM Children's Activities (Ages 5-12) Yoga For IQ and EQ A Peaceful Mind for a Healthy Heat Practical Aspects of Karma JAINA English Youth English JAINA Gujarati JAINA English JAINA Gujarati JAINA Hindi S27 S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C HI-Rutgers Room HI-Ryder Room S27 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 Jain Archaeology Sneh Rani Jain 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 HI-Douglas Room JAINA English Accepting Jainism Through Sun Gazing Hira Ratan Manek Method India Unveiled: A Spiritual Slide Presentation Through the Cradle of Religions Robert Arnett 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 HI-Cook Room JAINA English 3:30PM 4:15PM s27 Hira Ratan Manek HI-Douglas Room Youth English Practicing Jainism Through Sun Gazing Method Keynote 3: Going Beyond Drama Slide Show Presentation 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 Dhrumil Purohit HI-Ball Room Youth English For Persona16vate Use Only Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Start Time End Time 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 Session ID 3:30PM 4:15PM. S27 3:30PM 4:15PM S27 S28 4:30PM 5:15PM 4:30PM 5:00PM S28 5:00PM 5:30PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 4:30PM 5:15PM S28 7:00 PM S28 7:30PM 5:30 PM 5:30PM 7:30PM 11:30PM S29 7:30PM 8:45PM $29 7:30PM 8:00PM S29 9:00PM 11:30PM S29 9:30PM 2:00AM S29 11:30PM 1:30AM S29 5:00AM 6:00AM S30 Youth Youth Activities Session Title Journey of the Soul JNF Breakout Session Group B JNF Breakout Session Group A & B Dharma And Sampradaya Jainism and Meditation Mantra Sound and Vibration Children's Activities (Ages 5-12) Nava Graha and Ashta KarmaEffecting Zodiac Signs Influence of Jain Principles on Moghul Emperor Akbar Managing Jain Temple Projects In North America Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl India Unveiled: A Spiritual Slide Presentation Through the Cradle of Religions Rajasthan and Delhi Group Union Meeting JNF Breakout Session Group B JNF Breakout Session Group A & B JAINA Directors Meeting DINNER Dance Pearls Namothunam Presidential Awards Veerayatan Presents Samosaran Nritya Naatika Meera! A Musical Naration JNF Sneha Milan:All Groups including Parents Transportation pick up for Youth Off Site Event Peace Jam [at off site location] Carnivale Evening of Entertainment and Games Youth Mic DAY 3 Saturday July 7 2007 Sun Gazing Speakers/Participants Abhaykumar Jain JNF Coordinators JNF Coordinators Dr Rakeshbhai Jhaveri Jin Chandra Suri Ji Amrender Muni Ji Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta Nitin & Shefali Ajmera Dinesh Mody Nitin Shah Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee Robert Arnett Rajasthan and Delhi Groups JNF Coordinators JNF Coordinators JAINA Directors Veerayatian Jain Centers Children Sneha Milan Youth Coordinators Youth Coordinators JNF Team JNF Team HRM 17 For Personal & Private Use Only JNF - Jain Networking Forum Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI-Holiday Inn H=Hilton HI-Garden Room H-Evergreen H-Longwood English English E-Main Hall JAINA Gujarati JAINA Hindi JAINA Hindi E-Junior Ball Room Youth English E-Main Ball Room E-Main Ball Room S-Edison A JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English ALL English ALL English English ALL ALL English Youth English S-Edison B S-Edison C HI-Rutgers Room HI-Ryder Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room HI-Garden Room H-Evergreen H-Longwood E-Main Ball Room E-Expo Dining Hall E-Expo Main Hall HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI.Douglas Room H-Evergreen H-Evergreen H-Longwood HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room H-Evergreen H-Longwood Type Language Meet at Sheraton Lobby JAINA Hindi JNF JNF JAINA English JNF English JNF English JAINA English ALL JAINA English JNF English English JNF JNF English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA English Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Start Time End Time Session Session Title 6:00AM 7:00 AM $30 Yoga and Meditation 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM 7:00 AM S30 S30 S30 Pratikraman Shwetambar Dehrawasi Pratikraman Sthanakwasi Pratikraman Digambar 16:00AM 7:00 AM 30 Yoga and Meditation Room Location E-Expo Center Speakers / Participants S=Sheraton Type Language HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton S-Edison A Swami Ashwin Pragyaji S-Edison B JAINA English S-Edison C TBD HI-Rutgers Room JAINA English Taralaben Doshi HI-Cook Room JAINA English Mataji Subhamati HI-Douglas Room JAINA English Samaniji Vineet Pragyaji. Rohit Pragyaji, Punya HI-Garden Room JAINA English Pragyaji, Pratibha Pragyaji CANCELLED CANCELLED E-Expo Dining Area S-Whisper Lounge TAL HI-Dining Area H-Dining Area Kumar Chatterjee, Meghal Desai & E-Main Hall JAINA Hindi Gujarati Associates E-Main Hall JAINA English Pundit Abhaykumar Jain E-Main Ball Room JAINA Hindi Lokesh Muniji E-Main Ball Room JAINA Hindi 6:30AM 7:30AM $30 Guided Meditation for Youth 7:00AM 8:30PM BREAKFAST 8:00AM 8:30AM 831 8:30AM 8:30AM 8:30AM 9:15AM 9:45AM 9:45AM S31 S31 S31 Morning Melodies JAINA Plannery Session Kriya, Parinam Aur Abhipraay Harmony and Peach Through Dialogue 8:30AM 9:45AM S31 Jain Path of Purification Bhattaraka Devendra Keertiji E-Main Ball Room JAINA Hindi 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta E-Junior Ball Room Youth English 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 Vishva Shanti Mate Ahinsa Ek Matra Upay Shekharchandra Jain JAINA Hindi 9:00AM 9:45AM Dharam Chandra Sashtri JAINA Hindi E-Somerset E-Middlesex E-Monmouth E-Union E-Edison A E-Edison B E-Edison C Pravin K. Shah JAINA Hindi 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM S31 Why Pooja in Jainism? S31 Diet & Food - Holistic Approach to Spirituality, Health, and Ecology S31 Jain Art & Architecture S31-S37 Rangoli Display 9:45AM 9:45AM 5:00PM JAINA Hindi Updhaya, Jaykumar The Kenya Group S-Edison D JAINA 9:00AM 5:00PM S31-S37 Ashtapad Exhibition Dr. Rajni Shah S-Atrium Ball Room JAINA 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 Jain Community: Contribution Niranjan Shah HI-Rutgers Room JAINA English 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 Anuvrata Charukirti Bhattarak of Moodbidri HI-Cook Room JAINA English 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:45AM 9:45AM 9:45AM S31 S31 S31 HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room Hl-Garden Room JAINA English JAINA English JAINA Gujarati 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 Malaiya History and Diversity of Jainism Yashwant The Agaman Vani Dr. Kumarpal Desai Pasathia Yantra - Shabdda Shakti Ane Tarla Doshi Vighaan Women, Religion & Traditions : A Multi-Faith wome in Women Panelists Dialogue Youth Meditation Workshop for Busy Youth Coordinators People Mahatma Gandhi and Shrimadji Dr. L M Singhvi Vyavharnay-Nischaynay Dr Hukumchand Bharil Samayik Vigyan Dr Rajni Shah (NJ) H-Evergreen JAINA English 9:00AM 9:45AM S31 H-Longwood Youth English 9:15AM 9:45AM 10:00AM 10:45AM 10:00AM 10:45AM S31 S32 S32 E-Main Hall E-Main Hall E-Main Ball Room JAINA English JAINA Hindi JAINA Gujarati 18 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Session Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers / Participants Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton Type Language 10:00AM 10:45AM S32 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta E-Junior Ball Room Youth English 10:00AM 10:45AM S32 TBD Ramnick Bhai Savla JAINA Gujarati S-Somerset S-Middlesex S-Monmouth S-Union 10:00AM 10:45AM S32 Peace Through Diaglogue - Theme Nalin Shastree JAINA Hindi 10:00AM 10:45AM S32 Jain Diaspora (Invitation Only) Dr Kumarpal Desai Singhvi Dr LMS-Edison A Narendra Jain S-Edison B JAINA English 10:00AM 10:45AM Peace Through Forgiveness Samani Param Pragya Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 10:45AM 10:45AM 10:45AM 11:45AM 10:45AM 10:45AM 10:30AM 11:20AM 11:45AM S32 S32 S32 S32 S32 S32 S32 S32 S33 S33 Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl J AINA Scholars Committee Seminar Mithyatva Nu Swarup Behind the Scenes:2007 Enlightened Entertainment Enlightened Relationships Peace Through Language Management 6 Thana of Samyakatva Ane Mithyatva S-Edison C Hi-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room Hl-Ball Room HI-Garden Room JAINA Hindi ALL English ALL English ALL English JAINA English JAINA Gujarati JAINA English Youth English JAINA Hindi JAINA Gujarati H-Evergreen Dr Kirti Shah Performers Kim Eng Samani Mangal Pragnaji Pdt Dhirubhai Mehta Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta H-Longwood E-Expo Main Hall E-Main Ball Room 11:00AM 11:45AM S33 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 E-Junior Ball Room Youth English 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:45AM 11:45AM 11:45AM S33 S33 S33 Dr Kirit Gosalia Samani Akshaypragya World Jain Community and Unicef JAINA English JAINA Hindi JAINA Hindi Manu Doshi 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:45AM 11:45AM 11:45AM 11:45AM 11:45AM 11:45AM S33 S33 S33 S33 533 S33 Six Dhalas - Scriptures Peace through Anger Management Protection of Ancient Jain Monuments Compositions of Shrimad Raj Chandra Atmasiddhi, Apurva Avasar) Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl Jain Academic Bowl Namaskar Maha-Mantra Na Rahasyo Seniors Are Our Treasure: Current Issues, Possible Solutions S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C S-Somerset S-Middlesex S-Mammouth S-Union HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Garden Room Jain Academic Bowl Committee Jain Academic Bowl Committee JAINA Gujarati ALL English ALL English ALL English JAINA Gujarati JAINA English Jain Academic Bowl Committee Dr Chandrakant Mehta H-Evergreen 11:00AM 11:45AM S33 Youth Pannel: Inner and Outer Succes Fakirchand Dalal, Iggy Ignatius Bejoy Philip Michael Simmons Nirav Sheth Sam Rosen Subhamati Mataji H-Longwood Youth English 11:20M 11:45AM 11:45AM S33 E-Expo Main Hall JAINA Hindi 12:00PM 12:00PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 2:15PM 1:50PM Anekantvada in Practice LUNCH Kesh Lochan Ceremony -LIVE Parasparopagraho Jivanam S34 S34 E-Expo Dining Area ALL E-Main Ball Room JAINA Hindi E-Expo Main Hall JAINA Gujarati Subhamati Mataji Pramodaben Chitrabhanu Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta 1:30PM 2:15PM S34 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 E-Junior Ball Room JAINA English Where is Aatma ? Bruce Costain 1:30PM 1:30PM 2:15PM 2:15PM S34 534 S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C JAINA English JAINA Gujarati Asrav Ane Anubandh Vijay Doshi Sain Education International 10 For Persol Private Use Only Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Session Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers / Participants Type Language Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton S-Mammouth S-Union HI-Rutgers Room Anekant and Spouse Relationship Dr Rekha Gosalia JAINA Gujarati 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM Jain Inspired Artistic Expressions Artists Panel (Alka Dalal & Others) JAINA English Minority Report Tanmay Gosalia & Shardule Shah HI-Douglas Room 2:15PM S34 2:15PMS34 2:15PM 34 2:15PM S34 2:15PM S34 2:15PM S34 2:15PM S34 2:15PM S34 3:15PM S35 3:00PM 3:15PM S35 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:50PM 2:30PM 2:30PM Samanji Shrut Pragyaji JNF Coordinators Nipun Mehta Anger & Stress Management JNF Speed Dating 2 Paying It Forward Jain Philosophy with Landmark Education Methodology Animal Rights and Veganism Prabhu Mahavir No Vishwa Shanti No Sandesh Ahimsa - In It's True Nature Youth English JAINA Hindi JNF (English Youth English JAINA English JAINA English JAINA Gujarati JAINA Hindi HI-Cook Room HI-Ball Room HI-Garden Room H-Evergreen E-Expo Main Hall E-Expo Main Hall E-Expo Main Hall Prof. Joga Rao Sangeeta Kumar (PETA) Jin Chandraji Maharaj S35 Dr Hukamchand Bharill Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta 2:30PM Children's Activities Ages 5-12 JAINA English S35 JAINA Gujarati J 2-30PM 2:30PM 2:30PM 2:30PM 2:30PM Haribhadra Suri's Eight Drasti Ni Sajjaya Pravin L. Shah A Comparative Study of Jain Dharma vis-a Pankaj Jain vis Other World Traditions Unnati Kram of Aatma - Nigod to Manushya Sameer Shah AINA English 3:15PM 3:15PM 3:15PM 3:15PM 3:15PM S35 S35 $35 S35 E-Junior Ball Room S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C S-Mammouth S-Union HI-Rutgers Room HI-Ryder Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room Creating Our Jain Entourage Youth : Power of Service Youth Coordination Team Nipun Mehta JAINA Gujarati Youth English Youth English 2:30PM 3:15PM S35 Scientific Evidence of Meditation Dr Sudhir Shah JAINA English 2:30PM 3:15PM S35 Jain Scripture And Preservation Jitubhai Shah HI-Garden Room 2:30PM 3:15PM Dr Manoj Jain, Pravin Shah, Saurabh Dalal H-Evergreen JAINA Gujarati JAINA English JNF English 2:30PM 3:15PM JNF Coordinators HI-Ball Rooms Jain Food: Philosophy, Nutrition, & Health JNF Speed Dating 2 Jainism and Global Peace - Revenge and Wisdom Jainism Brings Heaven on Earth Vastupal Parekh E-Main Ball Room 3:50PM 3:30PM 3:30PM S35 S35 $35 S36 S36 S36 S36 Dr Narendra Jain 3:15PM 3:50PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 4:15PM E-Expo Main Hall Dr Chandrakant Mehta E-Main Ball Room JAINA Hindi JAINA English JAINA Gujarati JAINA English JAINA Gujarati Sadhu: 21mi Sadi no Chamatkar Jain Lessons With English Rhymes Patan Mitra Mandal Reunion 3:30PM 3:30 PM Bruce Costain E-Junior Ball Room E-Board Room 3:30PM 4:15PM S36 Ashtapad Dr Rajni Shah Jitubhai Shah Dr Mayur Desai Arvind Bhandari S-Edison A S-Edison B JAINA English 3:30PM 4:15PM S36 Who Controls My Destiny? JAINA Gujarati 3:30PM 4:15PM S36 Planned Charitable Giving Yogesh Kamdar JAINA English Chiman Bhai Mody 3:30PM 3:30PM 3:30PM 4:15PM 4:15PM S36 S36 TBD Spiral Dynamics S-Edison C S-Somerset S-Middlesex S-Mammouth S-Union HI-Rutgers Room HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room JAINA Gujarati Youth English Youth English ALL English 4:15PM S36 Sam Rosen Sangeeta Kumar Monica Jain Jain Academic Bowl Committee 3:30PM 3:30PM 4:15PM 4:15PM Cruelty Free Living Jain Academic Bowl - Final Championship Round JNF Breakout Session Group B S36 536 JNF Coordinators H-Evergreen JNF English For Perso20rivate Use Only Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Start Time End Time Session Session Title Speakers / Participants Type Language Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton HI-Garden Room E-Expo Main Hall E-Expo Main Hall JNF Coordinators 3:30PM 3:50PM 4:30PM 4:15PM 4:15PM 5:15PM S36 536 837 JNF Breakout Session Group A Jainism: A Super Science Dharma, Saral And Sukhakari Dr Sudhir Shah JNF English JAINA English JAINA Gujarati Dr Rakesh Jhaveri 4:30PM 5:15PM S37 Peaceful Coexistence - Jainism & Hinduism Vastupal Parekh E-Main Ball Room JAINA English 4:30PM 5:15PM 837 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani Mehta E-Junior Ball Room Youth English 4:30PM 5:15PM Global Relevence of Jainism Narendra Jain 4:30PM S37 S37 S 37 TBD Hasmukh Vora JAINA Gujarati S-Mammouth S-Union S-Edison A S-Edison B 4:30PM JAINA English 5:15PM 4:50PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 4:30PM 4:30PM S37 S37 S37 1:30PM 3:15 AM 4:30PM 4:30PM 4:30PM 4:50PM 5:30PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 5:15PM 7:30PM S37 537 S37 S37 Jainism & Ecology Dr. L M Singhvi Syadvad - Right way for Peace Through Manak Muniji Maharaj Dialogue. Tapasya As Light and Fire Kamala Mehta IMJV - Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Allumni group Ramesh Fofaria Reunion Madhya Pradesh Group Union Meeting Madhya Pradesh Group JNF Breakout Session Group B JNF Coordinators JNF Breakout Session Group A JNF Coordinators The Global Dietary Imperative to Global Dr. Saurabh Dalal Warming DINNER S-Edison C JAINA Hindi HI-Rutgers Room JAINA Hindi Hl-Cook Room JAINA English HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room JAINA Hindi H-Evergreen JNF English HI-Garden Room JNF English S-Edison C JAINA English E-Expo Dining Area ALL 6:00PM 9:00PMS38 Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, India and Gujarati Literary Academy, NA Dr Kumarpal Desai Presents A Talk on "Gujarati Sahitya Na Shri Mahendra Meghani Pravaho" & Choice Readings from 'Gandhi Ganga' S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C JAINA Gujarati 7:30PM 8.00PM 838 "Rishabdev" a play by Children Boston Jain Sangh JAINA English 7:30PM 2:00AM S38 JNF Formal Dinner and Formal Dance Party JNF Coordinators E=Expo Main Hall HI-Rutgers Room Hi-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room HI-Ball Room E-Expo Main Hall JNF English 8:00PM 8:30PM S38 JAINA Presentations JAINA Organizers JAINA English 8:30PM 9:00PM S38 "Asta Pratiharya" The Children of Jain Center of America E-Expo Main Hall JAINA English 9:00PM 11:30 PM 838 "Sanjeevani: The Revival!" A Musical Concert Sanjeevani & Shivparasad JAINA English E-Expo Main Hall S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C 9:30PM 2:00AM S38 Youth White Ball Youth Coordination Team Youth English DAY 4 Sunday July 8 2007 5:00AM - 6:00AM S40 Sun Gazing HRM JAINA English S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C S-Edison A S-Edison B S-Edison C Hi-Rutgers Room 6:00AM 7:00AM 540 Yoga and Meditation Samaniji Shrut Pragyaji Swamiji JAINA English 6:00AM 7:00AM 540 Pratikraman Shwetambar Dehrawasi Rasilaben Shah JAINA English 21 in Education International For Personal & Private Use Only Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Key: JAINA- General Activities Youth - Youth Activities JNF - Jain Networking Forum Session Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers / Participants Type Language Room Location E=Expo Center S=Sheraton HI=Holiday Inn H=Hilton HI-Cook Room HI-Douglas Room Taralaben Doshi 6:00AM 6:00AM 7:00AM 7:00AM S40 540 Pratikraman Sthanakwasi Pratikraman Digambar JAINA Gujarati JAINA English Subhamati Mataji Samaniji Vineet Pragyaji, Rohit Pragyaji. Punya Pragyaji Pratibha Pragyaji 6:00AM 17:00AM S40 Yoga and Meditation HI-Garden Room JAINA English 7:00AM 10:00AM BREAKFAST ALL E-Expo Dining Area S-Whisper Lounge HI-Dining Area H-Dining Area E-Expo Main Hall S-Edison D 8:30AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 12:00PM 12:00PM JAINA Hindi JAINA 9:00AM S-Atrium Ball Room JAINA 9:00AM 9:30AM E-Expo Main Hall JAINA English S41 Morning Melodies - Bhakti Sangeet Samni Punya Pragyaji S41, S42 Rangoli Display The Kenya Group S41, S42 Ashtapad Exhibition Dr Rajni Shah 341 Omkara Upasana: Use of syllable OM in Swami Tadatmananda meditation and contemplation Sthitapragnyata (Equipoise) - The First S41 Principle of Effective Action Karma & Parimal Gandhi Winning Strategies in Business and Professions 541 Youth Guided Morning Meditation Workshop Youth Coordinators 341 How to Perform Siddhachakra Poojan At Rajendra Dalal Home 541 Jainism in South India Dr P Jayraman 9:00AM 10:30AM E-Expo Main Hall JAINA English 9:00AM 10:30AM H-Longwood Youth English HI-Garden Room 19:00AM 9:30 AM 10:30AM 10:30AM JAINA Gujarati JAINA English E-Expo Main Hall 9:00AM 11:00 AM JAINA Gujarati 9:30AM 10:30AM 12:30PM 11:00AM JNF English JAINA English 10:30AM 11:00AM JAINA Gujarati 10:30AM 11:00AM Symposium on S-Edison A 541, S42 Literature of Spirituality and Devotion Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, India and S-Edison B Poets: Yeshovijayji, Anandghanji & Shrimad Gujarati Literary Academy S-Edison C Rajchandra and Meera & Narsinh S41, S42 JNF Closing Ceremonies JNF Coordinators HI-Ball Room 842 Ethics, Values, and Leadership: Dr Deepak Jain E-Expo Main Hall A Jainism Perspective 542 Building Temple in North America Rajendra Dalal Hi-Ball Room 542 Children's Activities Ages 5-12 Ms. Chaitali Malde and Ms. Shivani E-Junior Ball Room Mehta 542 Youth: Jain Diaries Discussion Youth Coordinators H-Longwood S43 GRAND FINALE "Abilities Unlimited" Professional Dance Theater From India E-Expo Main Hall S43 The True Meaning of Jihad Ismat Sarah Mangla H-Evergreen S43 Youth: Closing Mixer and Photo Room Youth Coordinators H-Longwood S43 Closing Ceremony JAINA Coordinators E-Expo Main Hall BOXED LUNCH BOXED LUNCH E-Expo Dining Area JAINA English 10:30AM 11:30AM 11:30AM 12:00PM 12:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:30PM 1:30PM 1:30PM Youth English JAINA English Youth English Youth English JAINA English ALL LUNCH 1:30PM 2:30PM For Persona 4 Private Use Only Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Samosaran -Rangoli Exhibition This is truly a rare treat. Five artists from Kenya have come specially to create this - 16' x 20' Rangoli for the JAINA Convention. Hundreds of hours are devotionally spent to create an art piece with most intricacy done in three Dimensional detail using 500 shades of crushed marble to depict a story - SAMOSARAN. There are approximately 100 figures in this Rangoli. Don't miss this magnificent presentation in the Sheraton Hotel near the Ashtapad Exhibition. The team from Kenya is headed by Reshmaben Shah and is composed of Miss Meetal Shah, Mrs. Heena Shah, Mrs. Surbhiben Shah & Mrs. Ashmi Shah. After standing ovation in Kolkatta. Pune and London First Time in America "SAMOSARAN" A holy religious performance Final magical words of TIRTHANKAR MAHAVIR Compiled in the "Uttaradhyayan Sutra" Presented In Melodious musical dancedrama with multimedia by VEERAYATAN Envisioned and Created by: ACHARYA SHRI CHANDANAJI Performed by - Over hundred students of various Jain Pathshalas July 06, 2007, 8.00PM 23 For Pers Private Use Only Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Synopsis of Topics by Spiritual Leaders / Speakers ABHAYKUMAR JAIN Journey of the Soul Each and every soul who has not attained Moksh is wandering and will wander in the cycle of birth and death. This wandering can be in any of the four Gatis, like Manushya (Humans), Tiryanch ( Plants & Animals), Swarg (Heaven beings) & Narak (Hell beings). Each and every lifeform has its own miseries. Abhaykumarji will explain this journey in a very interesting way and will show how to get rid of the miseries of this wandering ABHAYKUMAR JAIN Kriya, Parinam Aur Abhipraay Each and every non-liberated soul has constant influx and bandh (bondage) of Karma. This process of Karma very much varies according to our Abhipray (belief), Parinam (Thought process) and Kriya (action). Abhaykumarji will explain this aspect in a very easy to understand way. With simple examples he will make everyone truly understand the main cause of Karma Bandh. ACHARYA CHANDANAJI Preservation of Sacred Tirth - Palitana Pujya Chandnaji has been passionately speaking up for the needs to preserve Jain Tirth places located all over India. The temples at Palitana are considered the most important ones for all Jains.. These tirths need the attention of all Jains & the government to take care of such ancient temples of historic importance & do everything to preserve & restore their conditions for the future generations of Jain in India & everywhere. Pujya Chandnaji is going to speak on this subject to make us aware of what is needed to preserve Palitana Temples. AMRENDRA MUNIJI Mantra Sound and Vibration Mantra Recitation brings numerous positive effects in daily life. With Mantra we can cure a lot of diseases. Mantra when recited with deep emotion and devotion can create calmness and destroy anger. Through Mantra and its vibrations you can remove thoughts of violence and tension. Bible also says that Mantra is beginning and the end of our Shrishti, the universe. Special sounds create soothing and calming effects. With recital of Mantra many incurable diseases can be overcome. With the power of Namokar Mantra my Guru Acharya Shri Sushil Kumar Maharaj was able to cure Mrs. Piller's cancer in Boston. There are a lot of examples to illustrate that we can accomplish many things with Mantra and sound vibrations. Today we will discuss effects of Mantra and sound vibrations. ANOP VORA, PRAVIN K SHAH, NARESH JAIN Communicating Jainism (1) & (2) Anop Vora will present on the importance of interfaith work. Why now? Strengths and weaknesses of Jain community, Ideas to fill in current gaps, Need for co-ordination, Steps going forward) It will be followed by JAINA Experience in Interfaith Setting by Naresh Jain. Lessons learned from Barcelona, Montreal and local encounters, User-friendly ways to communicate on Jainism with the Western public, other thoughts. Pravin K. Shah will present the educational material for Interfaith work. Also discussed will be need for books, flyers, presentation materials for western audience. Need funds and dedicated people with excellent communication skills. It will be followed by a panel discussion with participants including Bobra, Sudhir, Arvind Vora, Hema, Dipikaben. Anop Vora to introduce the panel members. They will describe their local experience and interfaith perspective. Followed by Questions and Answers, review of action items. Januelon International For Person 24. Obe only www.ainelibrary Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ARTISTS PANELIST (ALKA DALAL) Jain Inspired Artistic Expressions A panel discussion composed of an array of various Jain artists. The panel's seven members from around the country, include a cartoonist, an oil painter, an acrylic artist, a water color painter, and a mixed media artist. The group has painted numerous different types of subject matter, including that relating to peace, Jain deities, astrology, and humor. The group will discuss their diverse backgrounds, artistic inspirations, and current compositions. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session. ARVIND BHANDARI I control my destiny Who controls my destiny? Is it my fortune or is it my efforts. Jainism has a precise way to elevate our destiny towards achieving Kevalgyan. Bhagwan Mahavir's life explains the way to control our destiny. We will examine how one with their own efforts can eliminate problems and achieve Kevalgyan in very short time. This is the Jain way. ASHWINI PRAGYAJI Yoga Pranayam & Laughing Yoga Pranayam & Laughing can be effectively used to keep the body healthy & cure diseases. ASHWINI PRAGYAJI Yoga to achieve IQ and EQ Today's world is filled with sorrows, such as mental, physical, and emotional unstableness. These days when someone is asked what they own, they would say that I have a T.V., sofa, radio, and kitchen set. However, how's your mind? They say it's "upset." With the knowledge of yoga, we can improve our Intellectual Quality, IQ helps to develop the concentration power, efficiency power, personality, memory, mind power, and holistic health. Emotional Quality (EQ) helps to control your anger, ego, and helps to live a better life. By EQ you can improve your physical health, mental peace, , and emotional development. Energy is neutral, but the way that you apply your energy, makes the person you are. By properly learning yoga, one can use its holy energy in a positive manner. According to Jain religion, yoga means communion of mind, speech, and body. With the development of EQ and IQ one can achieve VITARAGTA. BHATTARAKA CHARUKEERTHI OF MOODBIDRI Anuvrata Five Components of Anuvrata are: 1) Sathya- truth. "Without truth I can not speak anything" Mahatma Gandhiji followed this principle motto. Truth curbs adversity. 2) Ahimsa - Non violence. Atomic, Nuclear wars - we as people must avoid. We need a non-violent atmosphere. 3) Achourya- means non-stealing of materials which curbs violent illegal actions. 4) Brahmacharya - good conduct, celebacy. One should not fall on desire, kama-sexual anxiety. Living in a stronghold of mental and physical body, attaining self control. 5) Aparigraha - means to hold ones own desire limitedly. one should keep wealth, as much as he can maintain and afford. Luxurious life can cause untruthful, unlawful desires which will lead to sorrow. One's wealth should be utilized properly by donating as told in chatur vidhana Dana principles. BHAVIK SHAH Practical Aspects of Karma 3.Eight Karmas and the reasons of the karmas. CHANDRAKANT MEHTA Namaskar maha-mantra na rahasyo Navkar mantra is the greatest mantra in the entire universe. You will learn twelve special characteristics of Namaskar maha mantra. This is the only mantra that cannot do any harm if recited anywhere and at anytime. The spiritual meaning of line by line will be explained. Detail explanation will be given to the common question; Why it is known as 14 Purva no Saar?. Discussion will also be focused how one can achieve peace of mind by reciting Navkar mantra. 25 For Persona Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CHANDRAKANT MEHTA Sadhu: 21 mi sadi-no-Chamatkar - how to become monk, how is the sadhu jivan etc. The discussion will be focused on the life of a Jain monk. How and why he renounces the world. Step by step process of the transformation from householder to sadhu will be described. A day in the life of a Sadhu will be discussed. What is the ultimate goal of a Jain Sadhu and what he does to achieve the goal will be presented. Our life is dependent on many things while Sadhu is completely independent. He does not need a barber or a pair of shoes, people will learn why monk hood is necessary to achieve Moksha. CHITRABHANU, PRAMODABEN Parasparopagraho Jivanam The ancient Jain scriptural aphorism Parasparopagraho jivanam (All life is bound together by mutual support and interdependence) is refreshingly contemporary in its premise and perspective. It defines the scope of modern ecology while extending it further to a more spacious 'home'. It means that all aspects of nature belong together and are bound in a physical as well as a metaphysical relationship. Life is viewed as a gift of togetherness, accommodation and assistance in a universe teeming with interdependent constituents. DR. L.M. SINGHVI Ecology & Jainism Ahimsa and Ecology The Jain Principles on Ecology. Reference The Jain Declaration on Nature DR. L.M. SINGHVI Historicity of 24 Tirthankars Time frame of 24 Tirthankars & scriptures based on Tirthankars DR. L.M. SINGHVI Jain Diaspora (1) Demography and Identity. (1) Concentration of Jains (i) Occupational Diversities (iv) Relations with Jains in India: (v) Pravasi Jains On the Periphery or In the Mainstream or As Catalysts of change. DR. L.M. SINGHVI Mahatma Gandhi and Shrimadji Srimad Raj Chandra's Abiding and Transforming impact on Gandhiji. (i) Crucial situations and Srimad's Key Role (ii) Atma Sidhi Shastra Mahatma Gandhi was born in a Hindu Family. When Gandhi was in South Africa, he was under the strong influence of Christian Missionary to convert to Christianity. Gandhiji wrote a letter to Shrimadji to get clarifications on some questions on Hinduism and based on reply from Shrimadji, he decided to remain Hindu. That was the beginning of life long influence of Shrimadji on Mahatma Gandhi. The speaker will further expand on this relationship. DEVENDRABHAI SHAH Aparigraha no Anand Devendrabhai Shah will discuss the importance of "aparigraha" or non-possessiveness in Jain belief. Happines through "aparigraha" is truly known only to the one who has experienced it. Also, "ahimsa" (non-violence) can be followed at its best only by "aparigraha". DHIRUBHAI MEHTA Samyakatva ane mithyatva na 6 thana The soul has been woundering through many lives fo various types & experiencing various kinds of miseries as well as happiness due to the effect of various Karmas. Influence of these Karmas is so high that the soul can not exhibit its true nature. Therefore instead of living in reality, it can live in false belief called Mithyatva. It is not easy to gain Samyakatva under the influence of Mithyatva. The speaker is going to explore 6 steps (Thana) necessary to remove Mithyatva & attain Samyakatva 26 For Pers4 www Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DINESHBHAI MODI Influence of Jain Principles on Moghul Emperor Akbar Highlights of the seminar: -Diverse Missions of Jain Munis of various Jain sects visiting the court of the Emperor at his request. - Fiats and farmans issued by Akbar from time to time pursuant to teachings of these Munis for the benefit of Jain community and others. - Incidents in Life of Akbar pursuant to influence of Jain Religion. -Jain Doctrines which influenced Akbar the most viz., Attributes of soul, Independence of soul, Independent predetermined sequential pattern of modification of matter, Cycles of Karmas, Rebirth, Cosmic Composition, Jain ontology and epistemology. -Contribution of Jain dictates in evolving Hijri Religion by Akbar. - Honours bestowed by Akbar on all these Munis DR. BRUCE COSTAIN (BALABHADRA) Atma Kalyan - Jain meaning and purpose The speaker asserts the following on the premise - Fatigue in jain community; Lifestyle issue; Caught up in western society. People are not resisting them. People need to focus on atma kalyan; pure soul meditation to improve the quality of soul. Proper use of mantras. Pure object (atma) plus pure instrument (mind) = pure effect (experience of soul). Atma darshan and gnan are to aspects of chetna. Our goal should be to not only experience our soul, but also become consciousness; transmute knowledge into knowing and perceiving- so that they are united - at that ultimate level DR. DIPAK JAIN Ethics, Values and leadership: A Jainism Perspective Through its foundational teachings of Ahimsa (nonviolence), Aparigraha (nonpossessiveness), Anekantavada (multiplicity of viewpoints) and others, Jainism offers many insights of profound value for leaders. Through such practices, one can endeavor to eradicate the Papsthanaksthose qualities such as anger, criticism, violence and deception that form impediments preventing a liberated soul. The world today seeks the enlightened leader, one who is responsible both for creating shareholder value and value for society in general. The challenge of preparing such leaders is one that confronts business schools. No longer is it sufficient for leaders to concern themselves narrowly with material gain only. While shareholders and those involved in the life of an organization do indeed seek material returns, they also wish to balance those returns against the larger social good that they and their colleagues can effect. Hence, today's leader must be aware of an array of responsibilities inside and outside the organization. DR. KIRIT GOSALIA Six Dhalas-Scriptures Chha Dhala is a scripture written by pundit Daultamji. There are six chapters in this scripture and each chapter has poetry with different tunes hence is called chha dhala. First chapter describes the sufferings of the Tran migratory soul in the four realms of existence. The second chapter gives the reason for these sufferings of the soul. The third chapter describes the nature of the right faith, the fourth about the nature of the right knowledge. The fifth chapter describes the nature of the right conduct and the twelve contemplations. Sixth chapter describes the right conduct for monks and also the nature of the Omniscient Lords. It is considered as mini samaysar and many Jain families recite it daily as their routine. We will discuss the overview of the scripture in the class. DR. KIRTIBHAI SHAH Mithyatva nu Swarup Mithyatva means wrong attitude, wrong taste, wrong activities, and lack of faith in the seven fundamentals (Tattvas) in Jainism. Mithyatva also means not having interest and faith in the path of Moksha. A seeker of liberation (Moksha) leams the meanings of Mithyatva and Samyaktva. The speaker provides an overview of the the reasons to breakdwon Mithyarva and explores various examples of Mithyatva in practical life and oulines some basic principles in twelve Bhavana. 27 For Persona Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DR. MAMTA SHAH Panel on Women This is a lecture/ discussion session with audience participation. The scholars from different faiths will talk about the status of women as per the religious scriptures of their particular faith. There will be discussion about how the scriptures are interpreted differently in social, cultural and political context, what impact it has on today's women and how the knowledge from scriptures can be used as a positive force to deal with the social issues facing today's women. DR. MANOJ JAIN, PRAVIN K. SHAH Jain Food Jain tradition has laid the deep-rooted scientific and philosophical foundation of a healthy vegetarian diet. Now, vegetarianism has become a movement through out the world. If you have wondered what is the philosophy, the nutritional merits and health benefits of a Jain diet - this session will be illuminating Topics Covered are: Philosophy of Jain Food, Nutritional benefits of Vegetarian Diet, and Health Benefits of Jain Diet DR. P. JAYRAMAN Jainism in South India Jain religion has been prevailing in South India in ancient times. The speaker will discuss current following of Jainism in South India. DR. RAJNI SHAH (NJ) Daan Dharma, Abhyantar Tap Tapa (Austerity) means voluntary restrain from available things and desires or voluntary suffering to uplift the soil. There are two major types of austerities; (1) Bahyantar (External) and (2) Abhyantar (Internal). Each of these two are further sub-divided into six groups. Abhyantar Tapa includes six groups such as Prayaschit (confession); Vinay (police towards all); Vaiyavachch (serving four categories of chaturvidh sangh); Swadhyay (study and teach); Dhyan (concentration) and Kayotsarga (meditation). DR. RAJNI SHAH (NJ) Samayik Vigyan Samayik is the act of purifying the soul from karmic bondage caused by our actions. Equanimity achieved through meditation and prayer. Monks and lay followers (Shravaks) are supposed to recite the verses of Samayik and do'chintan' for a period of 48 minutes every day. The result of "Samayik' is equanimity through self-consciousness. The intention of reciting the verses is to relate the own consciousness to the sense of the words and to ask for forgiveness for the transgressions committed during the day. DR. RAJNI SHAH (NY) Ashtapad As per Jain scriptures, the first Tirthankar Bhagawan Shri Rishabhadev had attained nirvana on the Ashtapad Mountain. Shri Ashtapad Tirth is one of the major Tirths and is located in a tranquil region of the Himalayas. Chakravarti King Bharat (son of Shri Rishabhadev) had built a palace with precious stones at this place as a memorial to commemorate the nirvana of Bhagawan Shri Rishabhadev. The name "Ashtapad" is derived from the fact that there are eight (Ashta) steps (Pad) leading to the palace. The Jain center of America in New York has constructed a new building for its temple and other religious activities. As a tribute to 24 Tirthankars, it was decided to make idols of 24 Tirthankars in Gem Stones and install them on a crystal mountain - thus creating a model of Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth. All the related stories are also being carved out of gem-stones. This will be one of a kind - first Ashtapad Maha Tirth carved out of gem-stones after the original one which is supposed to be lost in time. Presently lot of research is going on to locate this tirth. FAKIRCHAND DALAL Senior Symposium Building a retirement community for Indians poses challenging issues due to the language, food, and cultural diversity of Indians. Some of the issues faced by Seniors will be addressed in this session. ForP 28 Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HIRA RATNA MANEK Spreading Jainism Through Sun Gazing Method This morning session will be in one hour from sunrise & will explain the benefits of sungazing. Spreading of jainism is very easy through sungazing method or atap and atapna of bhagwan mahavir.we jains are desirous of doing tap(fasting) and sungazing is an easy method of long fastings given to us by lord mahavir. HUKAMCHAND BHARILL Ahimsa - In it's true nature Ahinsa is observed by each and every Jain at certain extent. We all believe that as Jains we all should follow Ahinsa according to our capability but do we know what Ahinsa is? Dr. Hukumchandji Bhatill in his own unique style will explain Ahinsa - Our utmost principle which is not limited by just not killing any living being but there is much more to that. Find out and become true Jain. HUKAMCHAND BHARILL Vyavharnay-Nischaynay Each and every non-liberated soul has constant influx and bandh (bondage) of Karma. This process of Karma very much varies according to our Abhipray (beliet), Parinam (Thought process) and Kriya (action). IGGY IGNATIUS Senior Issues Building a retirement community for Indians poses challenging issues due to the language, food, and cultural diversity of Indians. Bharat Vilas, a non-profit organization, has found an innovative solution to address these challenges. A Bharat Vilas community consists of multiple segments, each segment catering to a specific food/language preference. Each segment consists of one main house (4000 sqft) with room for 10 seniors and a full time maid, and 10 or more houses owned by individual owners either for their own retirement living or for investment/rental purposes. The residents of the individual homes can opt to have their meals in the main house and obtain cleaning/maintenance services Seniors would be able to live in these communities on a cost basis, shared among all the residents. JAIN ACADEMIC BOWL Jain Academic Bowl - I, II, III & Final Champonship The Jain Conference would not be the same without this Jain Academic Competition. How much do you know? Test your knowledge against your peers. Who will be victorious in the Final? The JAB event provides a great learning experience and increases interest and knowledge of Jainism among our youth. This year we have a total of 50 youth participants and six young adults who were past participants of JAB will moderate the entire event. JIN CHANDRAJI MAHARAJ Prabhu Mahavir no Vishwa Shanti No Sandesh When the world is burning in rage, Lord Mahavir's message shows the path to universal peace and love. He suggests to exercise non violence towards not only humans but also towards animals, plant kingdom and even the microbes is important. In one's mind, when there is friendship, love and affection towards all the living beings of the universe then the thought process automatically has multiplicity effect and non violence in action becomes a second nature. When one becomes aware of all the living beings of the universe, then in personal life there is restraint and compassion, peace and love in the society and automatic protection of the environment occurs. JITUBHAI SHAH Astapad Shri Astapad Mahatirth is one of the major Jain tirth & is situated in Tranquil Heights of snow covered Himalayas. Shri Adinath Bhagwan attained salvation at this place. The exact location of Astapad is not yet known. In the recent history, no one has witnessed the actual tirth and described in the scriptures. Scholars & visitors travelled to the mountain where this tirth is believed to be buried under the snow. The speaker will talk about Astapad, its possible location & attempts to find it. 29 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JITUBHAI SHAH Jain scripture and preservation How preservation of Jain Scriptures & other valuable resources can be done & what steps can be taken for safety of Jain heritage. KACHHERA NARAYAN The science of Vargana and Origin of Matter Parmanu pudgala is one of the Reality and is the building block of all matter in the Universe. The Parmanu is in the form of energy having a charge and temperature.It forms groups known as Vargana. The Varganas are found to be electromagnetic and they exist all over Loka as electromagnetic waves. Varganas have different energy levels and different use. Some Varganas have four touch and exist in energy form. Other Varganas have eight touch and are in bonded form having mass. The energy Varganas are used by higher Jivas for subtle bodies and the higher Varganas are used by lower Jivas. The biggest Mahaskandh Vargana produces the subatomic particles and all the visible matter therefrom.Existence of dark energy and dark matter is also predicted by Jain Philosophy. All the four fundamental forces in nature are implied by bonding processes taking place in Varganas KAMALA MEHTA Tap - Jwala bhi, Tap - Jyoti bhi Tap is an essential part of practicing Jainism according to the jain scriptures Jain Acharyas have practiced Tap for their own pursuit of liberation. The speaker is going to address how cedinary Jains have done so much for the physical body in all of the past bhav. However, they have not put the physical body to any kind of hardship assciated with Tap for the liberation of Soul. KOKILA DOSHI Power of Kindness in Business Based on the Wall Street Book - "The Power of Nice" - this session explores different ways of succeeding in business; using kindness and abundance instead competitiveness, putting ourselves in other people's place and helping others get their share of the pie, spreading wealth and communication compassionately. Concrete examples from the business world and research data will be used to illustrate the points. Connections to Jain values and principles such as Anekantvad and Four Bhavanas will be made in building relationships and enforcing positive social interactions. In the end, the pie you take is equal to the pie you bake. What you give is what you take, so take your Jain values to work. MAGIC TOUCH Children Ages 5 to 12 yrs Education is the foundation for the upliftment of mankind. It is of utmost importance in the development of each individual. Children are taught to create magic in their own lives... the magic of love. Magic Touch is merely a medium to bloom the budding divinity within each child. SRM does not believe in teaching, it believes in inculcating values, in inspiring and transforming lives. And this is done through Spiritual Enhance ment, Self Development and by imparting strong Moral Values in the children. These are playfully imparted to the children through puppet shows, captivating skits, cartoon characterizations, interactive worksheets, creativity sessions, rhymes, dances, and much more. MAHARAJ JINCHANDRA SURIJI Jainism & Meditation Natural temples of teerthankars MANAK MUNI JI MAHARAJ Syadvad Right way for peace through dialogue. Every Tirthankar's teaching (Jinvani) is Syadwadmayi. If we truly want to understand their teachings, we must know what Anekantwad is and how it is explained in our scriptures. Most of us think that Anekantwad means everyone is right. That is not how it is. Dr. Hukumchandji Bharill will explain this complicated subject in a very simple and interesting way. Understandig what Anekantwad and Syadwad is, will help us understand the Scriptures. 30 For Person Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ MANOJ OSWAL Animal Rights in India How to protect animals by raiding, rescuing, rehabilitating, funding, campaigning, lecturing, writing and litigating, advocating and caring, The Animal rights movement in India & what can we do about it? MANU DOSHI Compositions of Shrimad - Atmasiddhi, Apurva Avasar Shrimad Rajchandra was the spiritual philosopher of very high caliber and was born with a high level of Kshayopasham. He was Shatavdhani. Atmasiddhishastra is the prime jewel of his writings. It deals with soul, its everlastingness, acquisition of Karma, bearing the consequences, liberation and the path for liberation. It contains the gist of Shad (six) darshan. Its stanzas are full of significance and constitute the precious jewels of spiritual realm. By composing it Shrimad has virtually contained the sea of spiritual science in the bowl of the book. If one wants to realize the Self, putting its precepts into practice would suffice. The fact that Shrimad wrote the 142 stanzas within 100 minutes shows the depth of enlightenment at his heart. MATAJI SUBHAMATI Anekantvada in Practice Bhagwan Mahavir's fundamental principel of multiplicity of view point and its application in daily life for peace in daily life, peace in spiritual life and peaceful coexistance amongst all Jain sects aw well as other religions MATAJI SUBHAMATI Tatvarth sutra Origin, History, Matter and relevence to all sects of Jains.Summery of each one of ten verses NARENDRA JAIN Global relevence of Jainism (1) Jainism is not a narrow creed or religion to be subscribed by born Jains in terms of set rituals and practices. It is also not anchored on the mercy or generosity of God sitting in heaven and regulating the universe. Jainism teaches each living being to be master of one's destiny through self-reliance, self-control and self-discipline. You are youself the miracle for bringing peace to your life and life of the society in which you live. Jain teachiong on all life and nature being interdependent (Parasparopgraha Jeevanam) has a universal relevance. (2) Spiritual resurgence is taking place all over the world. Humanity is fed up with escalatibng violence, fear of terrorism, exploitation, hostility and hatred. Humanity is on a dangerous path of living by greed intead by need. NARENDRA JAIN Jain Diaspora Meeting of global Jain diaspora is a significant event with promising potentialities for establishing a distinct identity of global Jain community. It also symbolizes Jain religion becoming a truly globally spread religion. Presence of well-settled, professionally successful and socially respected Jains in different countries has enabled spreading knowledge about Jain religion and Jain way of life to other communities, cultures and followers of other faiths. NARENDRA JAIN Jainism brings Heaven on Earth In global spiritual thinking and religious orientation, there is a widespread conception of going to heaven or hell depending on the nature of good or evil deeds done during one's life time. Jain philosophy puts it in the universal context of all living beings endeavouring through the ongoing cycle of birth and death for eventual emancipation. The essential pre-requisite for it is the pursuit and attainment of true and rational perception, knowledge and conduct enshrined in Jain philosophy as Samyak Darshan, Gyan and Charitra. This trinity provides the key towards what in common parlance we call as going to heaven (or achieving emancipation). All life is a constant struggle between forces of good and forces of evil. Evil thrives on making people victims of ego, jealousy, rivalry, greed, anger,hatred, hostility, violence, unrestrained pursuit of multi FOR per 31 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ plying wants and desires, over-possessive instincts, exploitative mindset, and intolerance. Victory of good over evil during one's life time, and the road map for it goes to determine the extent and depth of one's happiness and bliss. NIRANJAN SHAH Jain Community:Great Contribution 1. Eventhough a small minority, why jains are highly influential through out history? What is the reason of these unusual contribution? NIRMAL DOSI JAINA Scholars Committee Seminar The theme will be promoting dialogue of unity at centers and strengthening in our belief. NIRMAL SETHIA Protection of ancient Jain monuments by world Jain community and Unicef The Jain heritage particularly in form of Idols, artifacts and manuscripts have been taken from India to abroad either by manipulation or theft. Steps for safety of Jain heritage is required as well as a world wide documentation of monuments, idols, artifacts, manuscripts and cultural remains. Tireless efforts are needed to rope in the UNESCO, the Government of India and other concerned countries for the proper excavation, restoration, preservation, conservation and identification of our ancient heritage. Besides, the Jains all over the globe should contribute generously for this noble cause and to support the Mahasabha's efforts in this direction. DR. KUMARPAL DESAI Jain Diaspora The main aim of this organization would be to ensure that the Jains all over the world speak with one voice on the Jain religion. The major problem we are facing today is the fact that most people have been divided and subdivided into groups and various religious sects. In this situation, even if we want to raise our voice against any problem which are harming our cause, there is no single world-wide central platform or a body through which we can raise our voice. We must organize in a manner to avoid divisive tendencies. DR. KUMARPAL DESAI Literature of Spirituality and Devotion-2 Upadhyaya Yashovijayji has contributed more than one hundred books in Sanskrit, Prakrit and Gujarati. In his compositions, one finds the teachings of social reforms and spiritual enjoyment. He has strongly condemned the dogmas, the rigidities and the strong addictions to rituals that was so widespread in the society. One also abundantly comes across the seriousness in acquiring knowledge, the expertise in scriptures and the mobility of spirituality in his poetic compositions. One does not have to seek anything from God through the Jain poetic compositions but only to seek ones progress in life. It is in this context that this poet is fundamentally different as compared with other poets. DR. KUMARPAL DESAI Literature of Spirituality and Devotion -1 Among the religious and devoted Indian poets, the place of the great poet Anandghan is very high. In his compositions, one finds the flavor of devotion while in his songs one finds the rich experience of life obtained by this disciple of god. By using the join terminology, he has with great force expressed the deepest thoughts and ideas. Very few poets could reach the spiritual heights which Anandghan could attain. DR. KUMARPAL DESAI Significance of Ashtapad The first Tirthankar Bhagwan Rishabhdev was the first to establish social code of governance and symbolized this importance of renunciation and penance, and attained Nirvana (final emancipation) at the Ashtapad Mountain. Description of Ashtapad is found in ancient volumes. There are numerous places of Jain pilgrimage but five of them are the most important ones and hence are known as Maha Tirth and one of them is Ashtapad. The places where other Tirthankars attained Nirvana do exist today - Sametshikhar, Girnar, Pavapuri and Champapuri - but the fifth Jan Education Intemational For Person 32 Only Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ashtapad is still undiscovered. It is believed that Ashtapad is somewhere among the snow-clad Himalayan peaks near Mount Kailash and Mansarovar. DR. KUMARPAL DESAI The Agam Vani in the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra In the philosophy and spiritual ideas that Shrimad Rajchandra has enunciated, one comes across the basic tenets of the Jain religion. For various reasons, people have forgotten the main objective that the Jain religion had emphasized, namely, that of attaining salvation but it was Shrimad Rajchandra who re-emphasized it and explained its importance to the people. One who conquers passions is the real Jain and one who reduces worldly activities lives the life in reality was his advice. The efforts of renunciation was spread all throughout his life, which he enunciated to people further. Mahatma Gandhi had accepted him as his spiritual Guru whose teachings has the power to get rid of the circle of life and death. PANKAJ JAIN A Comparative study of Jain Dharma vis-a-vis other world traditions Surveys have indicated that more than 75% of Japanese consider themselves as both Shinto and Buddhists. A popular Japanese saying is "Born Shinto, Die Buddhist", meaning the life-cycle rituals of Japanese are inspired by Shintoism whereas the death rituals are inspired by Buddhism. Similarly, in China, a Chinese can visit a Buddhist temple, live life inspired by Taoist ideals, worship ancestors and at the same time philosophize based on Confucianism. The situation is similar in India. A Jain can visit Jain temple with the same devotion as one worships Laxmi and Ganesha, especially on the Diwali festival. Saraswati is another example of pan-Indian goddess of knowledge. Similarly, in Punjab, a Sikh can visit Gurudwara with the same fervor as he chants or writes Jai Mata Dee at the back of his truck. This simultaneous practice of several Asian traditions is possible because they are not "religions" in the Western sense. PARIMAL GANDHI Karma & Winning Strategies in Business and Professions Karma is a law of nature, as definite as the rising of the sun or the laws of gravitation. Every action has a like consequence. There is no escape. Most people feel helpless over the lack of control. We can learn instead to rejoice over the complete control we do have over one part of this cycle. Our actions. Once we act, there is no further choice. But till we act, we do have the right, duty and responsibility to select our actions. The session focuses on how we can apply the principles of Karma to our businesses and professions on a day to day basis, choosing our actions carefully keeping the consequences in mind. It is a compelling argument for acting fairly, respectfully and transparently towards all business stakeholders. In turn, we would gain their loyalty and their support in the profitable long-term growth of our businesses. PERFORMERS Behind the Scenes:2007 Enlightened Entertainment Making of JAINA 2007 entertainment programs and meet the stars. PRAVIN K. SHAH Diet & Food - Hollistic approach to Spirituality, Health and Ecology What does Jain food mean? Is it a vegetarian food that contains no root vegetables? Is the Jain scriptures define such narrow definition? The presentation investigates that the Jain diet definition using the holistic approach of Ahimsa and Self restrain from Jain scriptures. It properly defines the criteria of Jain diet and concludes that Jain diet if practiced properly is an ideal as well as practical diet that helps to progress our spirituality and a healthy and eco-friendly to our environment. PRAVIN L. SHAH Haribhadra suri's eight drasti ni sajjaya-yog drastic sammuchaya Acharya Haribhadra who lived in India in the eight century is considered one of the most authoritative Jain Masters. His biggest contribution is in the area of spiritual or Adhytama Yoga. Haribhadra integrated the science of Adhytma yoga of other masters including Ptanjali and Gopendra Muni into a new revolutionary system called eight Yogdrashti - A scientific barometer to measure the fourteen stages of spiritual progress. The eight yog drashtis are: Mitra, Tara, bala, Dipta, Sthira, Kanta, Prabha, and Para. Each yog drashti reveals the evolution of soul from the darkens For Pon33 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ of self ignorance into a spiritual awareness by acquiring new divine virtues and getting rid of the old virus conditioning contaminating the soul. His text Yog-Drashti Samucchaya discusses all the eight Yog drashtis in a scientific way how to measure ones own progress in attaining the spiritual self realization in ascending order of the fourteen Gunsthanaks. PROF. JEFFERY LONG Women, Religion & Traditions: A Multi-Faith Dialogue Prof. Long is going to participate in Panel Discussion of this topic & present his views. PROF JOGA RAO Jain Philosophy with Landmark Education Methodology In a world where we are constantly impacted by the actions of other people, how does one become fully responsible for one's own life and one's community? The first part of this interactive event allows people to address these by inventing a new possibility in an area of life that's important to them, regardless of the circumstances. First we take an honest look at an area that's important to you then we create what's missing the presence of which would make a difference. The second half of this event gives specific information about Landmark Education and how it's unique transformational methodologies can make a positive and permanent difference, unfolding a future where Jainism is fully alive and real in your life. PROF. NALIN SHASTREE Peace Through Dialogue Presentation on the central theme of the convention, i.e. " PEACE THROUGH DIALOGUE." This presentation shall focus on the concept peace with a reference to the Jain view in general and Anekant in specific. of RAJASTHAN & DELHI GROUP MEETING Reunion of Rajasthan & Delhi Group RAJENDRA DALAL How to Perform Siddhachakra Poojan at home Home Mini Siddhachakra Poojan Kriya in 10 Minutes: A presentation by Shri Rajendra Dalal - Explanation of importance of Siddhachakra Poojan in daily life. Participants will be able to get a small gold plated Siddhachakra Yantra and a booklet to perform daily mini SIDDHACHAKRA Poojan RAJENDRA DALAL Building a temple in North America Religious importance of building temple in North America & practical insight into issues to be addressed while building temples. RAJENDRA KAMDAR Samaysar Samaysar is the scripture written by Acharya Kundkund Swamiji in about first century. It is the scripture about the core philosophy of the soul narrated in nine chapter and with total 415 stanzas. There are following chapters in the scriptures. 1. Jiv ajiv adhikar, 2. Karta karma adhikar,3.punya pap adhikar, 4. Asrav adhikaar, 5. Sanvar adhikar, 6. Nirjara adhikar, 7. Bandh adhikar, 8. Moksha adhikar and 9. Sarva vishuddha Gyan adhikar. In these nine chapters Kundkund swami keeps the pure nature of the soul in the center of discussion and from different angle the pure nature of the soul is brilliantly explained. When one comes to understand the true nature of the soul then the process of purifying the soul becomes somewhat simplified. Gurudev Shri Kanji swami in twentieth century gave discourses on Samaysar for nineteen times for forty five years and made it very simple for one to understand the scripture. The lecture will give general overview of the scripture. For Personal 34 Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RAKESHBHAI JHAVERI Dharma & Sampradaya Lord Mahavir is our last Tirthankara of the present time cycle. He gave the divine discourses and He said that Dharma means to stay in one's true nature. We are the follower of Lord Mahavir. Therefore we are the part of congregation-'Sampradaya' of Lord Mahavir. Therefore we are proud to be part of His legacy. In this way the word "Sampradaya' has an affirmative meaning. But when we bog down to the narrow focus of congregation in the name of swetambar, digambar, terapanthi, Shrimadji, Kanjiswami etc. then the word becomes a non affirmative in nature. Therefore we should keep our horizons open and let us break the barrier of narrow vision and go for the message of our great leader of our time, Omniscient Lord Mahavir. RAKESHBHAI JHAVERI Dharma, Saral & Sukhakari What is Dharma? To get engrossed in one's true nature is known as Dharma. It is nature of the self to get engrossed in it. When one does not understand this fact then he is looking for happiness in alien substances. Every substance is independent of its own nature and has no relation to any other substance in the universe. Therefore if one wants to be happy then he better look within and it is the easiest process and it is the straightforward process. This brings the happiness from within. If one looks for happiness in outside alien substances then it becomes difficult and ambiguous. From time infinite the soul has been looking for happiness in alien substances and therefore he is miserable. One has to forget his own faults, give up the life style which gives misery and start taking steps towards the contentment nature, straightforwardness and happiness. REKHA GOSALIA Anekant and Spouse relationship Husband and wife are two pillars of a family. The union of the two can survive only on fulfillment of some expectations from each other. But in reality, minor individual limitations look like huge deficiency. This is reality of married life. Spouse's value system needs understanding. The principle of Anekantwad help to synthesise differences and establish harmony. Human nature being what it is, minor differences are being magnified out of all proportions. Spouse Relation becomes surprise in some homes, underpriced in some and a bad enterprise in many. Simple yet systematic, and logical principle of Anekantwad leads it to a Prized relations ROBERT ERNETT India unveiled A spiritual slide presentation through the cradle of religions. ROOP CHANDRA JI MAHARAJ Inner Journey of the Sadhak The internal journey is a unique movement for awakening supernatural energy. It is a movement for internalization of consciousness. Prolonged practice directs a Sadhak to his inward nature, turns him away from outer phenomenon. As long as his fascination with the external does not come to an end, direction of life can not be changed. The speaker will explore various aspects of this internal journey. SADHVI SHILAPJI Key Note Peace through dialouge Shilapiji will address the convention theme "Peace through Dialogue" SADHVI SHUBHAMJI Meaning of Pratikraman Sadhviji will explain the meaning & importance of different kinds of Pratikraman. 35 Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SAMANI MANGAL PRAJNA New era of Jain education-vishva Bharati University * The first ever Jain University which is based on Lord Mahavira's Vision and Values. *Propagating Jain Dharma at world level and presenting Jain Religion and Philosophy in a pure academic way are our predominant aims. It will launch a great platform for our Jain youth to be connected with Jain Dharma. It will also open new avenues for higher studies to Jain Monks and Nuns. * Preservation of Jain Manuscripts and other valuable resources has been included in our main tasks. SAMANI MANGAL PRAJNA Peace Through Language management * Peace is desirable for everyone Communication is essential for our survival and it is at the very root of all human relationships Undisciplined communication creates turmoil in life. *There are four types of communications: 1. physical, 2. mental, 3. vocal, 4. emotional SAMANJI SHRUT PRAGYA SWAMIJI Anger/Stress Management First, we must understand that, stress is always a part of our daily life; no one is immune from it. Second, stress is not harmful at all; it can be very helpful in life. Third, stress is not harmful, but living continuously with stress is. Three reasons of stress - overload of time, activity, and information. If we can manage the reasons of stress, then we can save ourselves from harmful effects of Stress. Anger is the by product of Stress. Lots of psychosomatic diseases are created by stress. Few yogic techniques are very useful to remove psychological stress. You should understand the master key which is: Only we ourselves are responsible for creating our own stress, and only we have the ability to destroy it because no one else can directly come and take out your stress. SAMEER PRAKASHCHANDRA SHAH Unnati Kram of Aatma - Nigod to Manushy Body containing countless Jiv (lives) is called Nigod in Jainism. It is a class of infinitesimal, inperceptible doemant being awakening from Apathy and starting spiritual evolution. It is a lowest form of life. The elevation of a Jiv from Nigod to Manushy, in its final stage, is called Manushy bhav. Whena Jiv attains Manushy bhav, he can now practice Jainism to attain Moksha. Having attained this Manushy bhav, it should be our constant endeavour to attain Moksha through intense Sadhna. The speaker will explore various steps of Sadhna to attain Moksha. SANGEETA KUMAR Animal Rights and Veganism Veganism is the most powerful decision you can make to help end animal suffering, social injustice and environmental destruction. Each time we buy any animal products (including dairy and eggs) we are giving money to industries to torture animals in ways we could never do ourselves. By becoming conscious of the foods we eat and where it comes from, we can help end the cycle of violence towards animals. Our lives can become statements of compassion by embracing a vegan diet. SAURABH DALAL Jainism, Ecology, and Global Warming An animal-based diet is perhaps the greatest contributor to global warming. i would describe the background, most basic science and mechanism, supporting facts, and individual and community actions as solutions within our reach as Jains. Jain Education Intemational For Person 36 Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHEFALI & NITIN AJMERA Nava Graha and ashta karma - effecting zodiac signs Planets throw light and indicate what Karmas are going on and will come in an individual's life. They are not the cause of the Karma; they are just a light in a dark room indicating what is where. These indications get filtered through the respective zodiac signs and planetary combinations of one's existence to cause a good or adverse effect on one's life. These Planets have akritrim Jinalayas of Teerthankars. When we realize that our Karmas are obscuring us from our path to Moksha; we should pray to the respectiveTirthankars to bring us out of the doubt and closer to the absolutism that we need to finally attain. The Japya Mantra of the planet would help in removing the adverse effect or give us strength to handle the effect. Highlights of the seminar: 1. Natural temples of teerthankars. 2. Jain Astronomy- Planetary combinations. 3.Eight Karmas and the reasons of the karmas. 4.Jain Astrology- Zodiac signs etc. 5.Japya mantras of the teerthankars. 6. How can this concept of seminar help bring peace, happiness and tranquality in our lives. SHEKHARCHANDRA JAIN Vishva shati mate Ahinsa ek matra upay - Moderan concept of ahinsa-environment The modern world finds itself in the dangerous possibilities of total annihilation. This was not to be seen in past. Nobody is to be blamed for this situation than man himself. The panacea for the modern world is peace which is nowhere to be seen. There is a loud talk about peace, conferences are held to discuss about peace but in practice it is not to be found anywhere. Those who talk about peace, themselves have amassed weapons of mass destruction. They have endangered the world. - If we are to look at non violence from the view point of Jain Darshan, we find it is the ultimate formula which can bring tranquility to the modern world without any bloodshed. Not only Lord Mahaveer, but all the Teerthankars before him, widely exploring all the religions of the world including the Islam, Christianity or Jewish have advocated non violence. None has preached mass killing, yet millions of followers of all these cults have not understood non violence and its significance in toto. SHIVANI MEHTA & CHAITALI MALDE Magic Touch Workshop for Children Age 5-13 Education is the foundation for the upliftment of mankind. It is of utmost importance in the development of each individual. - Children are taught to create magic in their own lives... the magic of love. - Magic Touch is merely a medium to bloom the budding divinity within each child. This workshop does not believe in teaching, it believes in inculcating values, in inspiring and transforming lives. And this is done through Spiritual Enhancement, Self Development and by imparting strong Moral Values in the children. These are playfully imparted to the children through puppet shows, captivating skits, cartoon characterizations, interactive worksheets, creativity sessions, rhymes, dances, and much more. SNEH RANI JAIN Jain Archieology Harrapa and Mohanjudaro cultures, Their archetect, Sumbolic lenguage and their association with Jain symblos and religion will be discussed. SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR Jainism An interactive session that will cover the various aspects of Jainism and will not limit to any particular principle. He will adrees the youth also in the same talk. SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR Key Note Peace through dialouge A Key note lecture by Pujya Guruji Sri Sri on our theme of the convention: "Peace through Dialogue" For P. 31 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SUDHIR SHAH Jainism - Super Science Jain philosophy is oldest of all philosophies, older than Vedanta and Buddhism. It's a complete philosophy. It offers perfect knowledge, way of life and Ethics, precise steps of liberation. It has a classic karmic theory and its own philosophic theory of relativity. It has looked upon ecology balance and by following Jain doctrines world peace can be achieved. Science is just one part of Jain religion. If we take science, then right from mathematics to astronomy, from atomic science to biological sciences, from laws of motion to speed of particles, from psychology to detailed division of living beings ....... We will find every thing depicted in Jain religion and philosophy. The height is that the language is of a religion, but the knowledge is of pure science. Science applied for liberation of a human being. SUDHIR SHAH Scientific Evidence of Meditation We exist in at least 3 forms: Physical body, Mental-Emotional body and Spiritual body. We waste our whole day and life, our whole energy for physical body, its care taking, its exercises, wellbeing and its pleasures. But, somehow we are not taught to take care of our mental and spiritual bodies, their exercises, their well beings and their pleasures. Meditation is one powerful way to correct these mistakes. The real purpose of meditation is taming the mind, elimination of ego and then elimination of mind itself, thus attaining Samadhi-total bliss. Here soul remains uninhibited, manifesting its complete knowledge, complete revelations etc. Apart from this, meditation can give-physical relaxation, relief from stress, relief from psychosomatic illnesses, control over emotions and negative thoughts and can purify our perceptions and perversions of mind. Science has correlated meditation as a real neurological event and hence its tremendous positive benefits on body and mind are confirmed. Apart from neurological, there are equally nice effects on body metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory system and other bodily systems, some of which are also documented in scientific experiments. Hence, let us meditate from today and now, in a correct way and persue it with patience and courage. SWAMI RAMDEVJI Yoga and Science Swami Ramdevji says that Pranayam Yoga is the complete ancient Indian therapy & life science, which is a medical science in itself which cures almost all of the physical or mental medical condition, without any side effects. Swami Ramdevbaba will explain more on this technique of Yoga. SWAMI TADATMANANDA Wisdom of sages The meaning and symbolism of bijakshara (seed-syllable) will be examined together with its application in formal meditation. TARLA DOSHI Pasathia yantra- 24 tirthankar etc, information-karma kshaya etc. In the present day life, Shravak (the seeker of enlightenment) may not be able to adopt Sadhuta (giving up the worldly possessions, first become a student of Moksha and progress towards teaching the preaching's of Shri tirthankar Bhagwans to others), however, his or her perseverance in the thought process is reflective of the preachings of Bhagwan Mahavir. TARLA DOSHI Sravak na tran manoratha a) when can I be free from parigraha-thanag sutra b) Mukti from arambh samarambh and c) when can I get samadhi marana The Shravak (the seeker of enlightenment) may not be able to adopt Sadhuta (giving up the worldly possessions and become a student of Moksha and progress towards teaching the preaching's of Tirthankar Bhagwans. Shravaks during Bhagwan Mahavir's time with self-determination were able to achieve Moksha in the same life. This topic of "three manorath" explores the depth and meaning of self-determination practice for achieving enlightenment. The three manoraths are a) when can I be free from parigraha-thanag sutra b) Mukti from arambh samarambh and c) when can I get samadhi marana. 30 For Por www Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UPADHYE JAYKUMAR Jain Art and Architecture - Adyatmik-religious architecture, pratima manstambh-Vastukala Much has been written in 20th Century about Indian Art & Architecture, but the depth of Jain Art & Architecture has been generally overlooked. An understanding & the motivation behind Jain art & architecture is important. The speaker will dwell in depth on Jain art & architecture with a specific angle of Adhyatmik interpretation. VASANT GURUJI Parshwa Padmavati Mahapoojan VASTUPAL PARIKH Jainism and Global Peace - Revenge and Wisdom Senseless acts such as attacks on Twin Towers in New York, Stock Exchange in Bombay, or Tube Railway in London, killing innocent people would certainly generate grief and rage in any sensible human being. However, is revenge the sensible response? VASTUPAL PARIKH Peaceful Coexistence - Jainism & Hinduism This Power-Point presentation starts with two important concepts - "Dharma" and "Religion", and moves to the recent archeological research on the Indus Valley Civilization; Aryan arrival; and a comparison of the two civilizations in terms of their lifestyle, religious practices, and the references in Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist literature. The liberal 'give' and 'take' between Jains and Hindus explains the working of 'Dharma' and the peaceful coexistence of both in ancient India. However, "Dharma" soon transformed into "Religion", resulting in subsequent uprooting of Buddhism from India and occasional conflict between Jains and Hindus. We see this transformation on the present and future status of Jainism. VIJAY DOSHI Asrav ane Anubandh Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA presents seven aspects of reality (TATTVAs) are: Souls (JEEV), inanimate entities (AJEEV), influx of karmic matter towards a soul (AASRAV), bondage of karmic matter to a soul (BANDH), stoppage of influx of karmic matter (SAMVAR), shedding of karmic matter (NIRJARA;), liberation of soul from karmic bondage (MOKSHA). Two other Tattvas, namely Paap (bad karma) and Punya (good karma) are the results of Aasrav and sometimes are added to count as Nine Tattvas. These concepts directly relate to the pursuit of spiritual uplift. The understanding the meaning of Aasrav and its roots enables the liberation seeker to enter the practice of Samvar and Nirjara. In Jainism, yoga is defined as the activity of body(Kaaya), speech (vachan) or mind (mano). The soul and yoga are separate and have their own characteristics. When the liberation seeker engages in Bhakti (for instance), his three yogas are engaged in it, however the soul could be indulged in the worldly activities. This combination results in "ANUBANDH" of Paap and "Bandh" of Punya. It is called "Papa nu bandhi Punya". YASHWANT MALAIYA History and Diversity of Jainism in different regions of India Anyone can be a Jain. At one time Jainism was popular all over India. It was popular in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka before Saiva Siddhanta and Lingayat movements arose. It was present in Punjab and Sindh long before the rise of Sikhism. It became popular in Bihar and Bengal during the time of Lord Mahvira himself. Amazingly, some isolated Jain communities have survived to this day in these regions. History and current status of Jains in different parts of India are presented. Some of these communities have become very small but have a glorious heritage. For example, there are now only a few thousand Tamil Jains, but a large fraction of classical Tamil literature was written by the Jains. The history of Jains of Punjab is connected with legendary Acharya Kalakacharya. Even in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, we find diversity among the Jains. There are even Dalit and Brahmin Jains. I will discuss the fact that Jainism was never restricted to a specific group or region, and thus is truely universal. Ja memabohat For Pers 39 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOGENDRA JAIN Future Vision - 20/20 Pujya Yogendrabhai Jain will Promote Vision20/20: Jain Way of Life - among the attendees. -Put people in touch, see it, hear it (the vision) - People need to understand that action has to be taken -Hook: Community concern: What will happen to next generation Behavior change: i. Go back to your center and display the Vision, ii. Take up the projects in your local center or with your family Vision2020 may be too abstract - Pitch it differently to different groups YOGESH KAMDAR Planned Charitable Giving by Yogesh Kamdar Planned giving - Is a process of making charitable gifts now or in the future to one or more non-profit organization taking into considerations the donor's situations and goals. Planned gifts are usually deferred and can be revocable or irrevocable Jain Education intemational For Person 40 PREFECOARS HEELERANST 333333 203 Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Spiritual Leaders / Speakers Bio's ABHAYKUMAR JAIN After completing M.Com from Jabalpur University in 1974 he went on to receive a Jain Darshanacharya from Rajasthan University in 1985. He has served as a teacher at the Shree Todarmal Jain Siddhant Mahavidyalaya in Jaipur from 1981 to 1998. His innumerable achievements include publishing 10 volumes of Bhakti Sarovar including many religious songs on tape. He has translated several poems from Sanskrit to Hindi including "Atmanushasan" written by Acharya Gunbhadra, "Laghu Tatva Visfot" written by Acharya Amrutchandra, "Niyamsaar Kalash", and "Pravachan Saar Kalash". He has also translated several poems from Gujarati to Hindi including "Adwitiya Chakshu", "Adhyatmik Ratnatray", and "Samavsharan Stuti". He has written a book entitled "Kriya, Parinaam Aur Abhipraay" in 2004. Pandit Abhay Kumar Jain has travelled to various places including London, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, Houston and many other cities throughou the United States to give religious lectures and spread the teachings of Jainism. His current interests include giving religious discourses, self studying and writing ACHARYA CHANDANAJI Disciple of Upadyaya Amar Muniji. Acharya Chandanaji began her spiritual journey at the very tender age of twelve. She took Diksha at the age of 14 in Mewar, Rajasthan. She established Veerayatan centers in Rajghiri, Bhuj, Bombay and Pune in India, and has international activities in USA, UK, East Africa, Singapore, Dubai and many other countries. Veerayatan is founded based on the principles of Seva, Siksha and Sadhana. It has been carrying on its humanitarian work through religious seminars and the building of schools and hospitals. Acharya Shreeji has a deep understanding of all the Jain Shastras. She accomplished the monumental task of translating the Uttradhyana in 33 days. She is not only a great philosopher, but an extraordinary poetess. Her recent publication "Bhav Dhara" mirrors her purity of thoughts, words and deeds. ALKA DALAL Alka Dalal has been painting since 1988 and started her current Paintings for Peace' series in 2001, which aims to spread the message of peace. Dalal currently works in a broad cross-section of media, including oil, water color, acrylics, mono print, collage, and mixed media. AMRENDRA MUNIJI H.H. Shantidoot-Dhyan Yogi Acharya Shree Amrender Muni, a Jain monk, travels the globe extensively to preach the values of nonviolence, vegetarianism, yoga , mercy and compassion. He emphasizes the importance of meditation, and mantra (chanting positive affirmations) through Arhum yoga.( Arhum yoga differs in that it's a science of sounds, vibrations and breathing). Muni Ji was born in 1949 in Delhi, India. He is a disciple of Acharya Shree Sushil Kumarji, the first Jain monk to travel outside India. Muniji founded The Universal Ahimsa foundation and Shri Shukal Foundation. Muni Ji is an internationally renowned yoga teacher as well as Spiritual Guru who has met major world leaders. Muni Ji has many followers in the US as well as across the globe. Muni Ji holds a degree in Sanskrit, a master's degree in philosophy and is self-educated in the Hindu, Buddist and Jain scriptures. Muni Ji has been honored with many awards. Muni Ji's path is not just some philosophical ideal; it's about people taking responsibility for nonviolence. His message is not only for nonviolence of deeds, but also for nonviolence of thoughts. ANOP VORA Past President of JAINA and of the Jain Society of Rochester, Founder President of International Alumni Assoc. of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya. Published articles on: Anger, Arrogance, Forgiveness, Theory of Karma and Meditation, Was instrumental in raising over $1 million to promote professional education for Jain students. Established a Foundation in 1998 to help the poor residing in a small village-Pachhegam (Gujrat). Attended VIPASSANA Meditation Camps and Preksha Meditation in Ladnu, India. Participated in the local Interfaith programs as well as in the one at Barcelona, Spain in 2004. 41 For Personal Private Use Only Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ARVIND BHANDARI Shri Arvind Bhandari takes special interest in teaching and promoting Jainism to the youth. He has taught Pathshala classes at Jain Center of New Jersey from 1986 to 2000 and has given special lectures to youth during Paryushana. He has authored and directed several plays at NJ and NY Jain centers, as well as past JAINA conventions. He has been guest speaker and conducted swadhyays and seminars, performed Poojas at various Jain centers across the US. He is one of the founding members of Jain Center of NJ and continues to play key role in supporting various activities at the center. ASHWINI PRAGYAJI Greatly influenced by Acharya Shree Mahapragya's teachings. He started his holistic journey in 1992 from his birthplace, Surat, by taking Sanyas, when he attended Acharya Mahapragya's Preksha Meditation camp. Widely traveled to different countries around the world and in India, spreading the message of Jainism as well as Preksha Dhyana. Very capable and influential orator. Conducts lectures in a simple and practical language while maintaining a personal touch with humor to make it very interesting. He is energetic and is committed to spread the knowledge of Jainism, Preksha Dhyana, Indian Culture and Values with special references to Western Philosophy. Coordinated thousands of training camps & workshops in schools, colleges, universities, NGO'S, UNESCO, World Region parliament seminar, public places. He has also conducted Jainism and Preksha Dhyana discourses for various Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Jain, Buddha, Zeus's religious organization. Organized Training & Yoga camps for prisoners in jail, military camps, police personnel, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and for Indian embassies. BHARILL HUKAMCHAND Dr. Hukamchand Bharill's name is pereminent today among the high-level learned persons of Jain community. Dr Bharill, after having received the degrees of Shastri, Nyayatirtha, Sahityaratna and M.A. made a research on the subject of 'Pandit 'Todarmal : Vyaktittv Aur Kartrittv' and got the degree of Ph.D. from Indore University. The Jain community has also from time awarded him degrees of 'Vidyavachaspati', Paramagam Visharad", "Tattvevtta", Vanivbhushan, 'Jain Ratna, 'Adhyatm Shiromani', Adhyatm Divakar" 'Mahamahoupadhyaya" etc. Dr. Bharill has written 53 books with more than 4 million copies of his books, translated in eight languages, have reached to the public. He is the best decipile of Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami and has made unprecedented contribution to the spiritual revolution accomplished by Swamiji. All activities of his mission being conducted from Jaipur, are the result of Dr. Bharill,s foresightedness and unique direction. BHATTARAKA CHARUKEERTHI Bhattaraka Charukeerthi of Moodbidri Swamiji (reverend) hails from Moodbidri, a historic town in Karnataka. He comes from a religious family that sowed the Dharmic seeds early in his childhood. Swamiji has formal degrees in Engineering and Economics. He had his initial religious indoctrination (Dharma Bala Bodha) at Bajagoli-Karkala and further religious lessons "Rathna KarandakaVisharada Dravya Sangraha" at Varanasi. He showed earnest interest in offering volunteer service at religious functions and showed great zeal for literature, culture and architecture. The Swamiji's staunch religious fervor and his creative activities earned him holy blessings from the Shravana Belagola Swamiji and at public request of South Kanara Jain community he was designated as the religious Head (pontift) of Sri Jain Mutt. Right from the day of his becoming the head of Jain Mutt the Swamiji kept himself busy in all kinds of religious activities, organized literary conferences and religious functions in Moodbidri and carried on the work of his predecessor and gave Moodbidri a new shape as a centre of religious activities, all kinds of art and culture. He has also promoted religious awareness and proclaimed the importance of unity in diversity In recognition of his immense knowledge in Architecture, Kolkatta Astrological University honored him by presenting the honorary award of Bharatha Bhushana in the International Astrological Conference. The "Non-Violence" organisation honored him by presenting the award of "Dharma Rathna". BHAVIK SHAH Bhavik Shah hails from the town of Khambhat in India and intends to renounce everything and take diksha after he finishes his religious studies. Remarkably, he is only 21 years old but has already studied karma granth and has a deep interest to study every Jain topic in detail. His guruji is from Khambhat - Param Pujya Jitendra Muniji, the disciple of Pujya Kamlesh Muniji and under late Pujya Shri Kantirishiji Maharajsaheb. Bhavik comes from a very religious family. His elder sister has also taken diksha, and her name is Pujya Shitalbai Mahasatiji. For Personal Private Use Only Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CHANDRAKANT MEHTA Chandrakant Mehta has been giving discourses on Jainism for the past seventeen years. He is a well-respected Jain scholar who has provided a remarkable contribution by giving lectures, Swadhyaya, Aradhana, Samayik, and Shibirs in many Jain centers of USA. He has delivered inspiring lectures during the eight-day Paryushana Parv celebration at the Jain Center of Cincinnati (Ohio), Jain Center of Greater St. Louis (MO), Jain Samaj of America (New York City), Jain Society of Houston (Texas), Jain Society of metropolitan Washington and Jain Center of New Jersey. He holds a Masters degree in Physics from India and a Masters degree in Nuclear engineering. He retired in 2005 to devote more time for religious activities. DEVENDRABHAI SHAH Devendrabhai Shah is retired CPA (accountant) by profession, who spent significant part of his life in Mumbai, India. Currently, he resides with his family in the US. He has studied in detail various aspects of Jainism. He frequently conducts Sthanakwasi Pratikaman, with full translation and meaning, He also conducts swadhyay sessions on Jainism topics DHIRUBHAI MEHTA Panditji, at the age of 13, in 1948, joined Shri Yashovijayja Jain Sanskrit Pathshala' at Mehsana, North Gujarat, after completing Primary school education. He stayed there for eight years during which he studied a variety of Jain religious subjects and several original scriptures such as Panch Pratikeamana, Nava Senarana, Jiva Vichar, Nava Tattvas, Jambu Dvip, Trana Bhasya, Six Karma Granthas, Visheshavashyak Bhashya, Tattvartha Sutra, Kammapachadi, Tark Sangraha, Siddhahem Vyakaran. After completing his study at Mahesana, he accepted the activity of teaching Jain Monks, Nuns, Shravakas and Shravikas at 'Shri Hemchandra-Acharya Jain Sanskrit Pathshala and other places, in Ahmedabad. His students have prepared audio cassettes of his lectures. These cassettes have generated a great deal of interest among people desirous of studying the Jain religion, both in India and abroad. DINESHBHAI MODY Shri Dineshbhai Mody is based in Mumbai, India. He holds degree of M.A. in economics from University of Mumbai. He has been a senior attorney for supreme court of India and been practicing in Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court for past 40 years. He is also associated with K.C. Law College, University of Mumbai and several other colleges. Shri Mody has published several books on law, finance, capital market numismatics, labor and industrial relations philosophy. He has also published 13 books on Jain philosophy. To honor him, Mumbai University has named after him the Institute of Management Studies and a Business School. Also, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has named after him a street in the business district of the city. DR. BRUCE COSTAIN (BALABHADRA) Dr. Bruce Costain, (Balbhadraji) is the first Jain Chaplain in North America. He is a Canadian Citizen now lives in US practicing and propagating Jain philosophy for over twenty years. He has visited almost all Jain center in North America and provided discourses on Jain philosophy to people of all ages and also participated in children's camp where he taught basic things to young Jains, has become the first official Jain Chaplain in North America. He completed Hospital Chaplain Program in August 2003 at the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education in Nashville, Tennessee. For a further understanding, he traveled several countries including India. He came in contact with Gurudave Shri Chitrabhanuji in 1980 and since then got involved in Jainism and its philosophy of life and did his PhD from University of Toronto. Recently the second edition of his "Applied Jainism" book which is a combination of his Master Thesis and PhD Dissertation is published. DR. DIPAK JAIN De Dipak C. Jain, PhD Marketing, is Dean, Kellogg School of Management and Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor in Entrepreneurial Studies, Professor of Marketing and currently teaching Strategic Marketing, Marketing Research, New Products & Services and Probabilistic & Statistical Models in Marketing. Has been recipient of several career, professional and teaching awards, has been involved in several research projects and has published over 30 articles in leading journals and has been consultant to many leading corporations. 43 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DR. JITENDRA SHAH Director, L.D. Institute of Indology, Ahemedabad, India And Research Director, Shardaben Chimanlal Educational Research Center. Visiting Professor: *International Jain Center, Gujarat Vithyapith, Ahemedabad. *Ph.D. in Jain Philosophy, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. *Acharya, in Jain Darshan, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, India. Published several books including Rajanagar Na Jinalao (CoAuthor Chandrakant Kadia). Editor and advisors for four renowned Jain institutes publications, and Jain Philosophy discourses at various centers throughout USA and Canada. DR. KIRIT GOSALIA Dr Kirit Gosalia finished medical school from M.S.University Baroda and then completed internal medicine and cardiology training from New York and Boston and is practicing as interventional cardiology in Phoenix, Arizona since 1980. He became student of Jain philosophy when he started teaching Pathshala for the young kids in Phoenix. He did deep reading of Jain scriptures from all the sects and come to understand the philosophy as well as the meaning of rituals. He realized need for English language materials for US born kids. As a result, with the help from Jaina education committee, he became instrumental in creating first set of books for pathshala kids all over North America. He then also authored Primer of Jain Principles and Chha Dhala scripture in English language. He is pioneer for pathshala at Jain Center of Greater Phoenix, where we meet once a week for last more than 25 years. DR. KIRTIBHAI SHAH Kirtibhai is a medical doctor by profession, based In New Jersey. He and his family have deep interest in religious activities. Kirtibhai has continued the family tradition of strong Adhyatmic foundation ingrained by his grandfather Shree Umedchandmaster, who was a religious scholar and teacher and several of his disciples have become Jain Acharyas DR. L. M. SINGHVI Hon. Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi is High Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom. Hon. Singhvi is an eminent jurist, a leading constitu tional expert, a distinguished parliamentarian, a well known human rights exponent, an author, a poet, a linguist and a Jain. He has a distinguished career in law, including at the Supreme Court of India, as well as in Indian Civil Service. He has made significant contributions with respect to his religion, profession, and country. He has received numerous honors in India, as well as throughout the world. His offices and membership are legion and too many to be listed here. He prepared the Jain Declaration on Nature, which was presented to His Royal Highness Prince Philip and Pope John Paul II. DR. MAMTA SHAHA An assistant professor of pediatrics at New York University, she is a board certified pediatrician. She is also a board certified ophthalmolo gist from Bombay University. She has been also involved with American Academy of Pediatrics and has served on its research committee as the chapter representative. She was one of the first life members of the Jain center of NY, and remains actively involved with various activities at the center. She had organized the first ever Jain youth camp for JCA NY youth at Siddhachalam. She has been actively involved with JAINA, she organized the very first Women's Forum. She is part of the Patron Membership committee, Awards committee and The Long Range Planning committee. She is also actively involved with youth related JAINA activities. Outside of JAINA and NY Jain Center, she is actively involved with Gujarati Samaj of New York. At present she is the secretary of the Samaj. She has been working on the women's com mittee for last 10 years. She had organized a tri state area women's convention in 2004 where Kiran Bedi was the key note speaker. She is a member and past President of the Long Island chapter of the vegetarian Vision society of New York. She had organized first successful youth seminar at the Baroda Alumni association convention held at Daytona Beach Florida in 1992. She is also actively involved with local school district and serves on its health committee. DR. MANOJ JAIN Dr. Manoj Jain is a physician living in Memphis, Tennessee who has been conducting research in spirituality & medicine & lectures on "Eastem and Western thoughts." Recently he has been involved in a multi-center study looking at the "therapeutic effect of prayer" in collabora tion with Harvard Medical School. He is also an author of the book on Jain Food with Tarla Dalal. Manoj's writings have also appeared in the New York Times and Washington Post. Manoj received his engineering, doctorate and public health degrees from Boston University. 44 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ He has served as a consultant to the World Bank and authored two books and numerous medical articles and chapters. Presently, Manoj is a clinical assistant professor at University of Tennessee, Memphis, a consultant in infectious diseases, and the Medical Director at Tennessee's Quality Improvement Organization. Manoj is a board member for the M.K.Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and works closely with Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. DR. MUKESH SHAH Mukesh Shah M.D. FACC joined Cardiology Inc. in 1986. Dr. Shah is one of the most experienced interventional cardiologists in the Mount Carmel Health System. He has been serving as Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Mount Carmel Health for 15 years. His efforts in this capacity led to Mount Carmel Health being awarded the "Acclaim Award" from the American Medical Group Association in 2001 for treatment of heart attack patients. Dr. Shah has been practicing transcendental meditation and soulful compassion meditation for more than 15 years, Dr. Shah has a very active interest in improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of family, friends and patients. DR. P JAYARAMAN Dr. Jayaraman is in the service of the Bhavan USA since its inception in 1981. He is a scholar and teacher of Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil languages and their literature, Indian scriptures, such as Upanishad and Bhagavadgita and philosophy. Dr. Jayaraman who has numerous degrees/diploma including Ph.D., and D. Litt., has to his credit more than 16 published books on literature, philosophy and languages and has also received several awards including Sahitya Vachaspati (Honorary Doctorate (1994) from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad and Sahitya Bhushan (1996) from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Academy, Lucknow. DR. SAURABH DALAL Saurabh Dalal (from Maryland) enjoys being involved in outreach, education, and greater advocacy of sustainable plant-based diets and Ahinsa as compelling solutions to many global problems. In addition to having been active in the Jain community on the local and international levels, Saurabh serves as Deputy Chair of the International Vegetarian Union, President of the Vegetarian Union of North America, a Director of the Board of the Washington Center for Clinical Research, and works in various capacities with many other like-minded nonprofit groups. He holds graduate degrees in Physics and Engineering, takes part in several professional and technical societies, and explores ways of integrating sound science into his areas of interest. DR. SUDHIR SHAH Fellowship on stroke, D.M. Neurology, Director of Neurosciences at Sterling Hospital, Honorary associate professor of Neurology and numerous professional participants, winner of many professional awards, and author of 3 books relating his profession. Lectures and discourses on - Stress relief by Jain religion, Scientific basis of austerity, and various Jain practices and research related to cure of diseases by Jainism. DR. YASHWANT MALAIYA Yashwant K. Malaiya received a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1978 and was with State University of New York at Binghamton during 1978-82. He is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Colorado State University. He has served as chair of several International conferences including IEEE Int. Symp. Software Reliability Engineering, Denver, 2003 and IEEE Int. Test Conference, Shanghai, 1999. He has been one of the pioneers of making Jainism available on the internet by creating "An Outline of Jain History" in 1996 and "The Jain Festivals" in 1997. He has explored several aspects of Jainism including history, demography and practice of Jainism in North America. FAKIRCHAND DALAL Mr. Dalal got his education in India in Commerce and Law and received M.B.A. at the University of Maryland. He worked in India and then later in the US. He worked for Amtrak for 17 years and retired as a Travelling Contract Auditor. In India, he worked as a Gandhian Social Worker, among Harijans, and started Writing in Daily Newspaper. In U.S.A., he continues writing in Indian Community Journals. He remains a active community member in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Area. He took Leading Role in Formation of Washington Gujarati Samaj, Federation Of Gujarati Associations in North America (FOGANA), Washington Chapter of Association of Indians in America (AIA), Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), Jain Society of Washington, and Federation of Jain Associations in North America 45 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ (FOGANA), Washington Chapter of Association of Indians in America (AIA), Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), Jain Society of Washington, and Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA). He Traveled extensively in India and U.S.A and around the World. GURUDEV CHITRABHANUJI Disciple of Acharya Sagaranand Surishvarji. Formerly a very famous monk from India., Gurudev spent the first five years of his monastic life in silence and meditation.. First monk to bless America. He was a freedom fighter earlier in his life. He participated in the Second Spiritual Summit Conference in Geneva in 1970, becoming the first Jain master to come to the West. He came to the Third Spiritual Summit Conference at Harvard Divinity School in 1971. He is the founder and advisor to the Devine Knowledge Society in Mumbai and Jain Meditation International Center in New York City, a spiritual guide of 67 Jain Centers in North America under JAINA, and of other centers in England, Africa, Japan (Kobe), Singapore, Dubai and India. He is a world-renowned author of over twenty-five books. Performed innumerable workshops, seminars and temple sthapanas around the world. IGGY IGNATIUS Iggy Ignatius, (52 years) an engineer from BITS Pilani and an MBA from Urbana-Champaign, is launching Bharat Vilas, a non-profit organi zation, to build retirement communities in the US for seniors of Indian origin. Iggy has many years of experience in the field of real estate development in New Jersey, developing time-sharing resorts across India, and building highway motels on the national highways in Tamilnadu. Iggy and his wife Shanti are embarking on this project on a non-profit basis as their way of giving back to their society. They currently live in Lansing, Michigan and are planning to start these retirement communities across US wherever there is a need/interest for these. JAYKUMAR UPADHYE Dr. Jay Kumarji Upadhye is a well known Jain scholar in our community, disciple of AcharyaShri Muni Vidyanandji Maharaj. And currently head of the Prakrit department in the Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit University, New Delhi. He is a VidhaanAcharya & Pratishthacharya. He is holder of many degrees including Masters in Jain Temple Ceremony (Pratishthaacharya) and in Jain Householders. He got his Doetorate in Critical Analysis of Jyotish & Vastu Vidya in Prakrut. He's been giving religious discourses since many years. JIN CHANDRA SURIJI "Jin Chandra Suriji undertook long journeys within the country to propagate Jain religion and its philosophy. On insistence of the Sangh, he journeyed to foreign countries in the year 1975. He has been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, United States of America, Canada and England etc. His simple explanation of the deep and complicated philosophical thoughts were easily understood and highly valued by the people in those countries. JIN CHANDRAJI MAHARAJ Diksha at the age of 21. Immediately established as Bhattaraka at Humbuja Jain Math.. Bhattarakji is similar to Hindu Jagatguru Shankaracharya. He is MA in Philosophy from Madras University and PhD from Madurai University. He directs monthly magazine "Gurudeva" and "Sri Siddhanteerty Granthmala" through which His Holiness has published hundreds of religious books. He is first existing monk to propagate Jain religion and philosophy outside India and first monk to establish Bhagwan mahaveer's idol in Southern hemisphere (Australia). Performed Pratishtha for at least 25 Jain temples and ten Hindu Jain temples. He traveled at least forty times covering almost all of the countries of the world. He graced Parliament of World religion, UNO Peace Summit, World religion and Cultural conference (Belgium - 1974). Directing educational institutions to impart religious values in Karnataka state. KAMALA MEHTA Mrs Kamala Mehta is an acclaimed Jain scholar with core knowledge in various Jain Agams, sastras and deep knowledge in Jainism. Her mission or interest is in social service, vegetarianism, education, women's welfare and animal welfare. She holds positions of inspiration and responsibility in many organizations including: All India Swetamber Sthanakwasi Jain Conference Woman Wing, Tamil Nadu, President - Rastra Gyan Prakash Yojna, Tamil Nadu. She is completely dedicated and has devoted herself to learning & exploring Jainism, presenting 46 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ lectures, arranging shivirs, eye camps, limb camps, pathshalas and teaching stavak and stavikas as well as sadhus and sadvies, exposing them to the vision, ideals and core concepts of Jain Dharma. All her services are free at no cost. She also teaches Art of Jain living, Yoga, Acupressure and Meditation. As a senior swadhayae, she has been conducting Parushana programs for more than 20 years. She is well versed with Jain literature - sutras, stotras, thokdas ans stutis. KOKILA DOSHI Dr. Kokila Doshi is a Professor of Economics at the University of San Diego. An educator for over twenty years, Dr. Doshi has received her Ph. D. in Economics from the University of Rochester. With her strong interest in peace and non-violence, she is playing an instrumental role in developing the mission, vision ad formation for the Peace Studies' programs at University of San Diego.Dr..As regular contributor to JAINA Conventions, Dr. Doshi has also published articles on Jainism. She has established pathshala for children with Jain Society of San Diego. In recognition of her community service and academic contributions, she received a teacher of the Year award from the FIA in 1997. GURU KRISHANJI Krishanji is a disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the past 21 years. He is "Art of Living" Advanced Course Teacher, Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher, Director of Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Course, President of Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth International. He has taught yoga and meditation courses in many countries worldwide including. He is a Professional Electrical Engineer but resigned from his job with the Province of Nova Scotia as Senior Electrical Engineer to devote his full time to the Art of Living Foundation. MANAK MUNI JI MAHARAJ Diksha at a very early age of 14. Next 12 years devoted to study of jain Philosophy and scripture. Muniji has natural gift of intuition and has great spiritual power. He is a great Shatavdhani. Shatavdhan is an ancient science of memory and mathematics based upon the concentration of mind. Through the presentation of Shtavdhan, Muniji has delighted and astonished thousands of people across India, Canada, UK., and USA. Muniji has travelled far and wide all over India and Nepal from village to village by foot for 27 years. Munij has given lectures at many universities in North America. With Dhyan-Sadhana(Intense Meditation)muniji has undergone several supernatural experiences. The art of meditation resulted in attaining peace and inner bliss to many persons. Muniji has founded Shri Pdmavati Shakti Peeth. The main purpose and aim of the foundation is to awaken inner powers of the soul through yoga, meditation and Mantra-Sadhana. It also advances the services to the needy and poor for education, welfare, and health. MANOJ OSWAL Manoj Oswal is actively involved with animal rights and child rights organizations for last 13 years.. He continues to support both morally and financially, more than 12 organizations in this area. He is a vegan and He has been involved with rescuing, rehabilitating, funding, campaigning, lecturing, writing and litigating, advocating and caring for animals. MANUBHAI DOSHI Manubhai has M.A. with Economics and Political Science from the University of Bombay. Founder-editor of Jain Darshan since 1990 and a regional editor of Jain Digest since 1995. Founder and Executive Director of Mahavir Senior Center in Chicago area. Main interests: Meditation, unity of all Jains, projecting pure Jainism irrespective of sects and sub-sects. Written 8 books under titles Dev Vandan, Essence of Jainism, Simayik, Spiritual Code and Restraints, Jain Stories of Ancient Times, Pilgrimage to Shatrunjay, Atmopanishad (Aimasiddhi) and Shrimad's biography. He was Asst. Commissioner of Industries of Gujarat and have translated (with notes) Chha Padano Patra, Apoorva Avasar, Amulya Tattvavichar and some letters of Shrimad and have also written at length on Yog (meditation) and Tattvarthasutra (now being edited to publish in a book form). MATAJI SUBHAMATI "Kshullika Subhmatiji received her Kshulika diksha on 25th April 2003 from Tapasvi Samrat Acharya Shri 108 SANMATISAGARJI Maharaj. Prior to this diksha, she, at the age of 12, took the bramhchari vrata (celibacy) on her own accord and at the age of 18 she took aamaran bramhcharya varta. 47 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ She has studied various Jain Agams viz: Chaha Dhala, Ratankarand Shravakachar, Dravya Sangraha, Tatvartha Sutra , Samayasaar, Sarvartha Siddhi etc.and several other Jain and Hindu religious books for example the Bhagwat Geeta. She gives discourses on the Geeta as well. She is fluent in Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi languages. She has authored two books: Subh-Mangalam and Shubum-Shbhanam and is currently writing a book which will have Jain Shloks with their meanings. She is an editor of the monthly patrika (magazine) ""Anklikarwani."" She is known for giving discourses on Jain philosophy and instructions on how to do meditation. She has traveled extensively throughout India visiting various Jain Sanghs/temples giving religious discourses and performing religious rituals." NARENDRA JAIN Dr. Narendra P.Jain has been an accomplished career diplomat who has distinguished himself as India's Ambassador to European Union, Nepal, Mexico, Belgium and U.N., as well as Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. He is a noted economist, ardent environmentalist, a well-known poet, author and eloquent orator and above all a renowned Jain scholar. His publications on Jainism include books like "AHIMSA-The ultimate Winner', Wave of Bliss, Karuna ka Jharna (Hindi), Jainism in the global perspective. He has addressed Parliament of World's Religions at Chicago and Cape Town, Millennium Spiritual Summit of U.N. in New York, U.N. Earth Summit in Brazil, several JAINA Conventions and many inter-faith conferences on the world view of Jainism. His essays and articles have been regularly appearing in inter-faith journals like World and I (Washington) and leading Jain research Institutes. He has been a prominent speaker at the various international Jain conferences. In 2004, Vice President of India honored him with the title of JAIN GAURAV sponsored by Bharat Jain Mahamandal, He enjoys the status of Permanent Academician at the Mexican Institute of International affairs as well as Distinguished Professor at the Frei University, Belgium He has been a member of the world Spiritual Assembly of the Parliament of World's Religions, and is currently Executive President of World Jain Confederation and Advisor to the Jain University, Ladnu and Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur. NARESH JAIN Co-Chair of the Interfaith Committee of JAINA and its Director, VP, International Jain Sangh; Board Trustee, Educare Foundation and the Council for a Parliament of World's Religions. Advisor to the Board of the Monmouth center of World Religions and Ethical Thought in NJ. Involved in the interfaith forums as a presenter, moderator and organizer. Organized family camps and youth workshops. Coordinated a Jain international delegation to the 2004 Parliament of World's Religions held in Barcelona and served as an advisor to its Program Task Force. NIRANJAN SHAH Niranjan Shah is a retired civil engineer presently a columnist in various Indian-American weeklies. He teaches Indian philosophy at State Universities in New York. NIRMAL DOSI Started learning Jain philosophy when came in contact with Dalsukhbhai Manvaliaji during study at Banaras Hindu University. Learned 'Samaysar' when CFO of Heavy Electricals presented the book. Came in contact with many monks and scholars in India from early age. Learned Jain philosophy from understanding scriptures namely Tattvartha Sutra, Saman Suttam, Purushartha Sidyupaya, Chhadhala, Jin Dhammo and Ratna Karan Shravakachar. As a part of JAINA scholars program, working on unified JAIN vision for North America - "We were 'one Jain'- only in North America we can have such unity and that we need to pass on to next generation". Learned Indian Classical Music on Violin from Guru Expert in Saragi (reverse Violin) and participates in local poetry recitals. Two of the poetries were published in collection of poetries of overseas Indians. From these learning wrote many Jain Bhajans. Participated as a Jain speaker on the subject of removing poverty at UN world religion conference organized in year 2000 and on Jain Unity seminar with Dr. N.P. Jain and Mr. Vinay Jain at San Fransisco 2005 Jaina convention. NIRMAL SETHIA "Nirmal Sethia is Professor of Management at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. His scholarly interests cover the areas of creativity, innovation and design. More recently, he has been exploring the relevance of Gandhian thought to contemporary business practices, especially in the contexts of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development." 19 For Personalvate Use Only Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DR. KUMARPAL DESAI Dr Kumarpal Desai, a Padmashri Awardee, is a well-known writer whose contribution to diverse fields such as literature, education, journalism, religion, sports and social service has been invaluable. He has authored about 100 books He is the president of Gujarat Sahitya Parishad the most prestigious literay organisation in Gujarat. Formar Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Gujarat University. Dr Desai has guided a record number of twenty Ph.D. students. Dr Desai is the co-ordinator of Institute of Jainology and he is the first recipient of the Jain Gaurav Award of Bharat Jain Mahamandal, Jain Ratna' from Atal Behari Vajapeye former Prime Minister and the President's special Award of JAINA of America. PANKAJ JAIN Pankaj Jain came to the United States in 1996 as a software engineer. Quit his career in IT to contribute to the Indian studies within the American academic system. Got a Master's Degree in Indian Religions from Columbia University in 2003 and then join PhD at University of Iowa from 2004. Currently teaching Sanskrit at Rutgers University and World religions at New Jersey City University. He is interested to connect ancient traditions with contemporary issues. He relates his critical observations with global environmental problems based on the latest ecological theories. He plans to continue working in current religion theories to devise new categories of knowledge for the study of Indic traditions. PARIMAL GANDHI Parimal Gandhi In the profession since more than thirty years, Parimal is a results-oriented, innovative, gifted and acclaimed international facilitator, consultant, speaker and author. His abiding interest lies in the application of timeless philosophies to human life for holistic human and organizational development, performance and happiness. With academic backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, Literature and several international certifications, he orchestrates heart felt learning experiences in his areas of interest: Leadership, Teams, Customer Service, Management Development, Performance Management, Innovation, Time Management and Trainer Training, His participants number in the tens of thousands and his client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small and tiny industries and families. He lives and works in the USA and India. PRAMODABEN PRAMODAJI CHITRABHANU Pramodaben Pramodaji Chitrabhanu started studying Jainism at the age of eleven. Gifted in Sanskrit, Jain mantras, music, vegetarian nutrition. she plays the sitar and has a professional singing voice. After receiving her BA from Bombay University, majoring in psychology, she dedicated her life studying Jain Dharma in depth. She is President of the Jain International Meditation Center in Bombay and is on the Board of Directors for PETA in India. She also sponsors projects in educating and rehabilitating the poor and the underprivileged. She works for Reverence for Life Society and Beauty Without Cruelty which promote animal welfare and the vegetarian way of life worldwide. She is a director of Jain Meditation International Center in New York City and chairperson of JAINA's Jivdaya Committee. She has written four books: Foods of Earth; Tastes of Heaven - Jain Symbols - To Light One Candle (co-authored with Clare Rosenfield) - The Book of Compassion (co-authored with Pravin K. Shah PRAVIN K. SHAH Pravin K. Shah is a founding member of Jain Study Center of North Carolina and an Executive Committee Member Federation of JAINA. He is a chairperson of JAINA Education Committee and advisor to YJA and YJP youth organizations. He is an Electrical Engineer, retired from IBM and lives in Raleigh North Carolina. He is a Jain scholar and activist against animal cruelty. He is also a member of the Harvard University Pluralism Project Advisory Council and director of Wake County Interfaith organization. He has published several articles and books on Jain philosophy, cruelty to animals, and Comparative religions. One of his objectives is to prepare the Jain educational material in English for youths and adults of the Jain community at large. He offers two-day interactive workshop on various aspects of Jainism to prepare Jain Pathashala teachers and educate community at large. The education committee section of the JAINA website ( contains significant information of Jainism prepared by him. 49 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PRAVIN L. SHAH Dr. Pravin L. Shah is a Molecular Rheologist with his own private practice, and lives in Reading, PA. Pravinbhai has been keenly interested in Jain Scriptures for more than twenty years. He has extensively studied the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra who is his Spiritual Master (Sadguru). Pravinhhai's spiritual Sadhana has been highly influenced by the epic works of Acharya Kundkund, Haribhadara, and Yashovijayji. He writes regularly for Jain Digest and has contributed more than twenty articles on Jainism. Pravinbhai is fluent in Sanskrit and Ardhamagdhi. He has been an invited scholar to numerous Jain programs and has been very instrumental in presenting the Jain concepts to youth groups and adults with a scientific approach with excellent clarity. He has studied more than two hundred scriptures and plans to write on Jainism for the westerners and the youth group. PROF. JOGA RAO Prof. Joga Rao is a professor of Computer Science at NJIT. He has received several academic accolades during his time at NJIT, which he accredits to his implementing the tools of Landmark Education. Dr. Rao received his PhD from Texas A&M University, MS from the University of California at Berkeley and his BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology. Prof. Nalin Shastree Professor at Magadh University, Bodhgaya, India. RAJENDRA DALAL Rajendrabhai Dalal is blessed by leading Acharyadev Late Sei Vikramsuriji and present Acharyadev Rajyashsurij. He learnt so many Jain Poojans and Jain Philosophy from Gurudev since 35 years. He performs Sri Sidhchakra Poojan, Bhaktamar Poojan, Uvasagram Poojan, Parshva Padmavati Poojan, Gautamswami Poojan and Sarasvati Poojan. He performed poojan at President and Prime Minister Houses. He is the main co-ordinator for developing Banaras Parsvnath Jain Temple, Uvasagram Jain Temple, Kulpak Jain Temple and Bharuch Jain Temple, along with Pujya Gurudev Rajyash Sri M.S. Since 30 Years he is President of Jain Sangh at Secunderabad A.P. India. RAJENDRA KAMDAR An eminent Jain Scholar, based in Rajkot, India. Conducts classes for the young adults. Actively involved as Trustee / President in various educational activities for young Jains. Studied Jain Scriptures in depth. His very simple and easy to understand teaching/expressing method, has attracted many. Widely traveled throughout the world. Devoted to religious activities since more than two decades. Studied scriptures by eminent Jain Acharyas and entire literature of Shrimad Rajchandra. Currently serving as Chairperson: Delhi Public School at Rajkot. Vice President: Lions Club. DR. RAJNI SHAH (NJ) Dr. Rajnibhai Shah, an economist by profession, has come in contact with many Acharyas, Sadhus and Sadhvijis. He has conducted Swadhyay at many centers in USA, and practices what he preaches. DR. RAJNI SHAH (NY) Rajni Shah is a physician by profession, presently in Gem-Stone Business. He was instrumental in the construction of Jain Center of America Temple Building at New York. Currently he is working on and researching the Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth. DR. RAKESHBHAI JHAVERI PUJYASHRI (REVEREND) Dr. Rakeshbhai Jhaveri has dedicated his life to the promocion of Jainism, especially amongst youth. His first experience of samyak darshan was at the age of eight. He told his parents that he wants to pursue the religious path but his parents advised him to first obtain a thorough knowledge by completing PhD studies. He was awarded his doctorate on December 2,1998 under the guidance of Guru Krupaludev and Dr. Ramanlal Shah.. He has remained brahmchari (celibate). He got deeply involved in the spiritual sadhna and meditation. Puj. Rakeshbhai has established Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Satsang Sadhna Kendra in Mumbai, India and Ashram at Dharampur. Pujyashri gives numerous discourses and regularly conducts Shibirs, retreat camps, both at Mumbai and Dharampur. He feels that followers create divisions, not founders. He wants to be classified as a Jain and not a follower of Shrimadji. His publications include four volumes of his PhD thesis on Atmasiddhi and few others in Gujarati like Jeewan Ane Kavan, i.e., life & works of Shrimad Rajchandra. 50 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ REKHA GOSALIA M.A. with Sociology and Psychology from the M.S. University of Baroda. Doctorate in Sociology in the topic of "Spouse Relationship". Diploma in Jainology. Currently teaching Jainism in Mumbai University - Philosophy Department. Award winning lecturer. Devoted last fifteen years to study of Jain Philosophy. Approach towards Jain Philosophy is that of a reformist. Writes articles on social issues in dailies and magazines. Active member and social service through involvement in Rotary as well as Lions Club, Consumer Guidance Forum and All India Women's Conference. ROBERT ARNETT Robert Arnett is the internationally acclaimed photographer specializing in spiritual photographs of India and the author of the multi award winning books "India Unveiled" and "Finders Keepers." As a recognized speaker, he has given numerous slide presentations on India at various locations including The Smithsonian Institute, Yale, Harvard and Stanford University. ROOP CHANDRA JI MAHARAJ Deeksha at the tender of 13. Followed Acharya Tulsi Sangh. Founder of "Nav Tairah Panth" and "Manav Mandir Mission". Author of more than 15 books. Translated several Indian scriptures into Bangla, Kanner, Gujarati, and English language. As a pilgrim , he walked 35000 miles bare-footed to many parts in India and Nepal. He is a great poet, writer, philosopher and extremely knowledgeable of Jain scriptures. He is a great orator and monk with profound understanding. He has deep study of Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvatgeeta, Buddhist literature and of Bible. He has mastery of Mantra-Yoga-Meditation. Lecture series and seminars on Jain religion and philosophy, vegetarianism, non-violence, and mantra - Yoga classes and camps in India (Delhi, Punjab and Hariyana) and abroad are conducted under his guidance. Naturopathy, dispensary centers are managed by him for service to humanity. SADHVI SHILAPJI Sadhviji Shree Shilapiji has been associated with Veerayatan since 1986 and has been working under the guidance of Acharya Shree Chandanaji in preaching, teaching and spreading the message of Jainism and humanity in a broader sense. Sadhviji Shree Shilapiji is often invited to Oxford, Harvard and other well reputed universities as a guest speaker. She has been a representative at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago; in Cape Town, South Africa; in Geneva, Switzerland, and at many other international conferences. Sadhviji Shree Shilapiji' is also the first Jain Monk ever to have studied abroad. She is currently pursing her PhD in Comparative Religions from King's College in London.Due to her efforts, a permanent educational institution in Jakhania, Kutch has now materialized. At present, there are also fifteen other vocational training programs that have stabilized numerous earthquake victims to gain a meaningful livelihood under Sadhviji Shree Shilapiji's able guidance. SADHVI SHUBHAMJI Sadhvi Shubhamji has been a disciple of Acharya Shree Chandanaji since the early age of 12 and was the first one to have Diksha in Rajgir, Bihar after Bhagwan Mahavir's Diksha. With the blessings of Upadhyay Shree Amar Muniji, Acharya Shree Chandanaji established Veerayatan Centers in Rajgir, Bhuj, Bombay and Pune in India, and has international activities in USA, UK, East Africa and many other countries. Veerayatan is founded on the principles of Seva, Siksha (education) and Sadhna. It has been carrying on its great humanitarian work through schools, hospitals and religious seminars.Sadhvi Shree Shubhamji is a proficient scholar of Sanskrit and Prakrit. She has extensively studied scriptures and theories of Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. Sadhviji Shree Shubhamji has been traveling all over the world preaching and spreading the message of humanity and Jainism. She has also been teaching meditation, yoga, and delivering discourses on Jainism and on other religions. SAMANI AKSHAY PRAGYA Qualification M.A. in Jainology, JVBI(Ladnun) Language known Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, English, Rajasthani Field of Specialization Jain Philosophy, Meditation & Yoga, Science of Living, Non-Violence Achievements "Niyojika' (Head of saman order) from 2002 to Jan 2007, Member of Board of Management (BOM), JVBI; Member of management comity of saman order(Pragya parishad), guided parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha for 4 yrs. Other Information Organized many Preksha Meditation camps, Attended Jaina Conventions, Interfaith Conferences, many Other Conferences & Seminars in India & overseas. 51 For Personal & Private Use Only Jal Education International Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SAMANI MANGAL PRAJNA Disciple of Acharya Sri Mahaprajna and a member of the Saman order.Born in 1962 in Momasar, Rajasthan (India). Diksha by Sri Tulsi in the year 1984 at the age of 22. Mangal Pragya achieved her Masters in Jainology, Comparative Philosophy, and Religion in 1987, her Ph.D. work was on Philosophical concepts of Jain Agamas'. Formerly director of M.S. Anekant Shodhpeeth of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute - the first and only Jain University recognized by the Indian Government. At present she is vice chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharari University. Proficient in Prakrit, Sanskrit, and Pali as well as modern languages - Hindi, Gujarati and English. Traveled extensively in many countries. Her field of activities is in teaching and training the Science of Living', Preksha Meditation, and Jainology in schools, colleges, and universities. She has presented papers in national and international seminars and conferences, and has also been interviewed on Radio, TV: and Newspapers. Published three books on Jain Philosophy: Arhati Dristi (Hindi), Vratya Darshan (Hindi), Jain Agam me darshan and more than 50 articles had published in philosophical research journals and other magazines and newspapers. SAMANI PARAM PRAJNA M.A. In Jainism M.A. In Science Of Living Qualified In Yoga And Meditation Visiting Professor In Jain Darshan & Jeevan Vigyan. Majored In Sanskrit & Prakrit. Proficient In Hindi Gujarati & English. Study of Agamas Under The Guidance Of His Holiness Acharya Shree Mahapragya. Initiation: By Gurudev Ganadhipati Shri Tulsi & His Holiness Acharya Mahapragyaji. On 19th April 1981 At Jaipur (Rajasthan) Places Traveled: London, Hongkong, Japan, U.S.A., Belgium, Holland, Nepal, & Most Of India. SAMANI PUNYA PRAGYA "Personal Background: Samani Punya Pragya was born on July 25th, 1971 in Asada, Rajasthan, India. She is a disciple of His Holiness Acharya Sri Mahapragya. She was initiated into the Saman order in the year 1993 at the age of 21, after five years training of Diksha as Mumukshu. Academic Background: She has an M. A. in Prakrit language and literature. She knows ancient classical languages such as Prakrit, Sanskrit as well as modern languages Hindi, Gujarati and English. She is gifted with a beautiful voice and a melodious singer. Travels: She has traveled throughout India to propagate Jainism, Preksha Meditation, non-violence as per direction of H.H.Acharya Mahapragya. At present she is working at Jain Vishva Bharati Orlando." SAMANI VINAY PRAGYA Qualification B.Sc. (Banasthali Vidhyapith) M.A. in Jain Philosophy and Comparative religion. M. Phil. in Jainology, NET(Degree for Lecturership). Designation Lecturer, JVBI, Ladnun, (INDIA). Languages Hindi, Prakrit, Sanskrit, English, Rajasthani. Participated in Conferences and Seminars, Conducted Camps, written Dissertation and some Research articles too. Trained in Yoga, Meditation, Science of Living, Training in Non-violence. SAMANJI SHRUT PRAGYA Swamiji Saman Diksha at the age of 20 under the guidance of Acharya Tulsiji. Visited several prominent Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London, Hawaii And Berkley. He has conducted thousands of Yoga and Meditation seminars and have trained Thousands of people in the subject. More than 5000 Youths have been trained by him in various subjects of life, e.g.Personality development, body language, mind power, memory development and spiritual life style. He publishes several Articles regularly in different newspapers in India. More than 12 publications. His main focus of discourses is on, "how to handle Anger", stress management, Healthy life style, human psychology, peace of mind, Indian culture, healthy diet, art of enlightenment, jain way of living, how to achieve emotional balance, yoga and meditation.Several Audiocassettes, cds and DVDs have been recorded and available on various subjects, e.g. Self-management, power, spritual awakening and Jain philosophy. SAMEER PRAKASHCHANDRA SHAH Shree Sameerbhai is 31 years old and an eminent Jain scholar and teacher based in Ahmedabad, India. Since last twelve years he has been teaching full time at Sadhu-Sadhvi Pathsala in Ahmedabad. Presently there are fifty Sadhu & Sadhviji, sixty adults and hundred children in his Pathsala. He has conducted Shibirs on many subjects including Karma Grantha, Yoga Drashti Samuchchaya, Yogbindu, Yog Shatak, Lalit Vistar, Shodsak and Ashatak. 52 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SANGEETA KAMDAR Sangeta Kumar, M. Ed. serves as the Manager of South Asian Outreach for the international organization, People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA). She is committed to educating the public about a compassionate lifestyle for over a decade. She has founded and directed nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and in Canada. Sangeeta has also appeared in both local and national media as an expert on pertinent animal and environmental protection issues. She has a degree in Environmental Leadership and a Masters in Humane Education. SHEFALI NITIN AJMERA Shefali Ajmera was born in New Delhi, India. Since her childhood, art has been her passion. At the age of 19, she was recognized as the most talented person by the Jain society in Indore, India for her art work on an earthen pot. She sculptured the complete life of a particular Jain saint on this earthen pot. She continued to keep art as one of her favorite past times. She completed her MBA in 1997. After moving to the US, she decided to make art her career. She is presently involved in artwork based on the concept of the nine planets, eight karmas, and astrology based on the scriptural studies of Jainism. SHEKHARCHANDRA JAIN Education: M.A., Ph.D., L.L.B., Sahitya Ratna. ACEDEMIC EXPERIENCE: A) 35 yrs. Teaching in graduate & post graduate collages and University. B) Ph.D Guide in Hindi & Jainology. PUBLICATIONS : 8 books published in Hindi, 12 books Jain literature 12 books and 100 research papers are published. Chairman - Samanavay Dhyan Sadhana Kendra & Shri Aashapura Maa Jain Charitable Hospital, Ahmedabad. Chief Editor "Tirthankar Vani'. Delivered lectures on Jain & Indian philosophy and organized Namokar Mantra Dhyan Sibir at India and abroad SINCE 1989. HONOURED BY THE H.E. THE GOVERNOR OF GUJARAT AS A JAIN SCHOLAR. SHIVANI MEHTA & CHAITALI MALDE Shivani Mehta and Chaitali Malde arc teachers at the much acclaimed educational program for children ages 5-12) in India called the Magic Touch. SNEH RANI JAIN Academics: B.Sc., M. Pharm., Ph.D. from Sagar University, India. She holds a meritorious Academic record and is the first woman Ph.D. in Pharmacy from India:Religious interests: Developed religious interests at the feet of the most rev. Baal Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj when she saw him first in 1978 at the Nainagir Jala Mandir and later on also talked to him. He then taught her the Jain Basics. Since 1980 she has devoted herself as Brahmacharini joined the Sangha attending her work-duties as well, taook Anuvrata-oath in 1984 and Brahmacharya-oath in 1986 at the feet of the great Guru Acharya Shri Vidya Sagarji Maharaj. She wrote Several songs of Jain themes in English for Children which she sings since 1981. She interprets religion scientifically and has prepared a Pictorial Book on Religion with the Title: "Jainism-the Eternal Truth". She has also composed several songs on the Message of Jainism for World in form of a booklet named Save Nature, Save World. The songs are composed by herself and she sings them for people at various occasions. Her first song appeared at the Chicago - Parliament of World Religion, 1993. She has more than 50 published papers on Religion through National and International Magazines. She is a member of the Editorial board of the Arhat vacan an international Jain Quarterly SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian. His mission of uniting the world into a violence-free global family continues to inspire millions the world over. He seeks global peace through service and fostering human values. Born in 1956 in southern India, Sri Sri's appeal cuts across all barriers of class, race, religion and nationality. Millions of Hindus revere Sri Sri as their religious and spiritual leader, while people of other faiths look up to him for promoting inter-faith harmony. After Mahatma Gandhi, it's Sri Sri who has been uniting people of different traditions into a spiritual communion throughout the length and breadth of India. Even as a young child, Sri Sri was often found in deep meditation and at the age of four, he surprised his parents by reciting the Bhagavad Gita. By the age of 17, he had obtained advanced degree in Modern Physics. In 1981, he founded the Art of Living Foundation, which today is one of the world's largest volunteer-based educational and humanitarian organization. In 1997, he founded the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). Through his personal interactions, teachings and humanitarian initiatives, Sri Sri has reached out to an estimated 300 million people worldwide. From over 25,000 villages in India to the ghettos of South Africa to more than 150,000 prisoners incarcerated around the world, Sri For P53 & Private Use Only Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Sri is transforming lives. Touching upon every section of society and addressing every aspect required to build a violence-free, crime free and stress-free society, Sri Sri's work covers the areas of conflict resolution, trauma relief and disaster management, stress elimination, prisoner rehabilitation, youth & women empowerment, education, community development, empowering individuals and the revival of ancient wisdom. Sri Sri's range of social work encompasses conflict resolution, disaster relief, women empowerment, prison reform, campaign against female infanticide and eradication of child labor. He is engaged in peace talks and counseling in conflicts zones around the world. His expertise in bringing people to the negotiating table in Sri Lanka, Kashmir and other places is widely acknowledged. Sri Sri has brought to the masses ancient techniques which were traditionally kept exclusive. He has designed many self-development modules which people can take back home and use to calm their minds and heighten enthusiasm. Through these programs, thousands have come out of depression, suicidal tendencies and aggressive behavior. Traveling throughout the year to around 40 countries, Sri Sri has been calling for globalization of wisdom. Governments and organizations across the world have honored Sri Sri in recognition of his tireless service to humanity. Over the years, he has been invited to address several global forums, including the UN Millennium Peace Summit (2000), NASA scientists (2004) and several parliaments across the globe. SWAMI RAMDEVJI Baba Ramdev Maharaj ji is a renowned Yoga and Ayurved guru. He is well-versed in Sanskrit Grammar, Ayurveda and Vedic Philosophy His practical approach to Yoga has won him millions of followers throughout India and abroad. Swami Ramdev was born as Ramkishan in a very humble family of a farmer in Narnaul village at Alipur, in Mahendragarh district of Haryana. Two and half months after he was born half of his body was paralyzed but he recovered. He got his primary education in the village then went on to a gurukul to learn Sanskrit. From there he joined the Kalva gurukul under Acharya Baldev ji Maharaj. He traveled to Himalayas for several years before he settled in Haridwar. He spent a considerable amount of time in the caves of Gangotri. He discovered several medicinal plants in the Himalayas which he uses in treating his patients. Swami Ramdev started relentless efforts to popularise Yoga in 1995 with the establishment of Divya Yoga Mandir Trust, along with Acharya Karamveer and Acharya Balkrishna. Ramdev became the president of the trust, Karamveer the deputy president and Balkrishna the general secretary. The objective of the trust was to reach Yoga in every part of the country and cure as many patients as possible. With this he began activities in health and spiritual pursuits. Now thousands of people everyday attend his Yoga Camps. And many are following him in Yoga through television. Swamiji has given a new birth to Yoga by bringing it to public and benefiting people with it. He has helped Yoga become popular among common man. He is responsible for a revolution in Yoga and health. Guru Ramdev has planned dream project, Patanjali Yog Peeth, near Haridwar. It is an ambitious project with a Yoga university, a naturopathy department, a residential complex for patients, a hall for thousands of people to practice Yoga and a large hospital ward to treat thousands of patients. Swamiji believes that "yog se yeh Aaryavrat desh punah Vishva guru ke garimamay pad par pratishthit hoga" (India will again become world leader through Yoga). He dreams of a "rog mukt Bharat Varsh aur Vishva" (Disease free India and World). SWAMI TADATMANANDA Swami Tadatmananda is the founder and resident teacher of Arsha Bodha Center. From 1981 onwards, he studied in the U.S. and India under Pujya Swami Dayananda, who initiated him into a traditional Hindu monastic order on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh in 1993. Swami Tadatmananda is also a Sanskrit scholar and former computer engineer. His background allows him to draw upon contemporary scientific and psychological insights while unfolding sacred Sanskrit scriptures. He thus endows the spiritual teachings of ancient India with a new relevance. His teachings are full of warmth and humor; his style is informal and personal. He relates easily to all, including teens and children who love to sing bhajans to his guitar accompaniment. TARLA DOSHI She sas been interested in Jain Dharma since childhood. Well known Jain scholar, participating in educational activities for adults & teachers. Extensive knowledge of Jain scriptures. Current editor of "Jain Prakash" magazine & frequent contributor of articles on Jain philosophy in several Jain publications as well as reviewing books on Jainism. Ex-associate editor of "Bal-Jyot", a monthly publication of Bruhud Bombay Jain-shala Utkarsha Sangh. Education: Masters in Literature & Ph.D. thesis completed. Reiki Master: Reiki is an ancient art of mind, body & spirit healing. Mudra vigyan:Self healing through various postures & Mudras. Has written National award winning essays, such as "Syadwad" & "Propriety in Jain Darshan". For Person 54 vate Use Only Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ VASTUPAL PARIKH Professor Parikh has studied Jainism for over 40 years from the perspective of a scientist and a reformist. Therefore, his lectures emphasise logical explanations of Jain principles and practices, relevance of Jain principles to the 21st century - particularly to the concerns of youth, and need for unity and reforms to bring Jainism in the forum of world religions. Dr. Parikh received "JAINA RECOGNITION AWARD" at the JAINA 2003 convention for his book - Jainism and the New Spirituality. His latest project is to write Mahavir's Biography suitable for the 21st century mindset. Professor Parikh has published several articles on Jainism including a small booklet titled "The Jains - Questions and Answers". He gives seminars on Jainism at schools, colleges and universities, service clubs, local churches, as well as at the youth gatherings and YJA/YJP conventions. He was featured on several national television shows in Canada to highlight Jainism. Prof. Parikh received his PhD from Queen's University in Canada. As a professor in Canada, he wrote several texts and earned a reputation as an author who could explain the most complex topics in a simple and easily understandable style. Dr. Parikh lives in Toronto, Canada. VIJAY DOSHI Helped establish Jain Study Group (JSG) in Charlotte, NC in 1984 and has been providing active leadership in teaching the important principles and various other aspects of Jainism through interactive dialogues and discussions, on a regular basis, for over 20 years. Coached youth for Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)'s Academic Bowl Competition in past conventions. Conducted discussions on "Tatwarth Sutra" in a class room environment for adults, on a regular basis since 1996 until 2003. Currently leading class room discussions on "Karma" from Shri Dhirubhai Panditji's "Karma-Granth-set. Written books: a hand written book including the discussions on "Tatwarth Sutra" in 2002. Published in Gujarati, "Aaroh, Avaroh ane Arihant"- a book on poems, gazals and Jain Stavans in 2005. B.E. Civil, Professional Engineer (retired). Alumnus of Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Mumbai. YOGENDRA JAIN Yogendra is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate practitioner and promoter of Jain Way of Life. He started his career at MIT Lincoln Labs, and Texas Instruments and then founded and operated several successful companies. He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University, B.S. from Boston University, and MBA from Babson College. Yogendra Jain has been active in the Jain Center of Greater Boston since its inception. He is the Chairman of the JAINA Long Range Planning Committee, a JAINA Director, and teaches Level 5 and 6 Pathshala (religious school). He has lead over a dozen "out of the box" seminars and ground breaking projects including Tattyarth Sutra - Ancient Scriptures Come Alive, Comparative Religion, Essence of Jainism, Rebranding and Repackaging Jainism, Discovery of the Soul, Strengthening of Faith, and Measuring Your Jain Way of Life Progress. YOGESH KAMDAR Originally from India, Yogesh came to USA in 1988. Prior to leaving India, Yogesh earned his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Law. Yogesh has provided financial advice and wealth management services for more than 18 years. He has extensive expertise assisting high networth individuals, family offices and foundations with financial, estate, legacy planning, trust strategies, and comprehensive asset management. His clientele is comprised of affluent families, corporate executives and business owners. Yogesh was a president of Jain Center of Connecticut for the year 2002 and 2003. He started the JAINA Planned Giving Committee in the year 2005 and he is a current JAINA director. His goal is to educate and provide information to our members about benefits of "GIVING" to their families and our beloved organization "JAINA". 55 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JAINA 2007 CONVENTION TEAM Anekantvad Jainism is the Essence of Peace. Shri Adinathay Namah Sushilaben Bipin and Rekha Shah Samir and Tanvi 'To deny the co-existence of mutually conflicting view points about a thing wouid mean to deny the true nature of reality -Acharang Sutra Manisha and Ravi Jasmine Kishorebhai Mody For Personal & Private Use Only Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF NEW JERSEY JCNJ appreciates your strong support and generous donations for the new Derasar. Kindly complete the following pledge form. Name: Spouse's Name: Address: City: Daytime Phone: Email Address: An Appeal From The Host Sang II Shri Parshwanathaaya Namaha: II II Shri Munisuvratswamine Namaha: II Platinum Plaque ($11,111) Platinum Brick ($751) Daan Patra Scheme: TOTAL DONATIONS: Signature: Jan Education International State: Evening Phone: Zip Code: Gold Plaque ($5,001) Gold Brick ($501) My check for $ is enclosed herewith. I am interested in making payment by credit card. Please contact me. I am interested in giving a loan of $ Daan Patras ($ 2000 each) Country: Silver Plaque ($1,001) Silver Brick ($251) Bronze Brick ($151) Date: Cell Phone: (Min $25,000-Interest Free). All donations are tax deductible. Please make the check payable to Jain Center of New Jersey, Memo: Franklin Township Project Fund and mail to JCNJ c/o Anil Shah 18 Stout Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 For Personal & Private Use Only Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jai Jinendra Shravaks & Shravikas, Congratulations and Thank you all for deciding to attend JAINA 2007 Convention. The convention board has arranged a very exciting, informative, educational, & entertaining program for all of us. I have no doubt that you all will find enough to do during the convention. Furthermore, we also have a very unique exhibition-replica of Ashtapad Mountain carved out of rock crystal; Emerald Chovishi and Tirthankar idols of Three Chovishis, Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen for the first time we will have a display of 72 Tirthankars during JAINA Convention. These idols are carved out of various gemstones namely Emerald, Ruby, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Smokey and Rose Quartz, Malachite and so on. Some of them are rare by any description. Let us all take this opportunity to educate ourselves, our children about Past (Atit) 24 Tirthankars, Present (Vartman) 24 Tirthankars, & Future (Anagat) 24 Tirthankars! What a treat? With this we will like to request all of you to consider sponsoring one or more Tirthankars exhibition. We have created the following plan for sponsorship. This exhibition will be in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and every evening there will be Aarti and Bhakti Sangeet. This is a once in a life time opportunity. Do not miss it. Atit (Past) Chovishi: 1. Kevalgyani 2. Nirvani 3. Sagar 4. Mahayash 5. Vimal 6. Sarvanubhuti 7. Shreedhar 8. Shreedatta 9. Damodar 10. Suteja 11. Swaminath 12. Munisuvrat $1500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 For Personal 58vate Use Only 13. Sumati 14. Shivgati 15. Astyag 16. Namishvar 17. Anil 18. Yashodhar 19. Krutarth 20. Jineshwar 21. Shuddhmati 22. Shivankar 23. Syandan 24. Samprati $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $1500 Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Vartman (Present) Chovishi: 1. Rushbhadev $1500 13. Vimalnath 2. Ajitnath $500 14. Anantnath 3. Sambhavnath $500 15. Dharmnath Abheenandan $500 16. Shantinath 5. Sumatinath $500 17. Kunthunath 6. Pabhnaprabhu $500 18. Arnath 7. Suparshvnath $500 19. Mallinath 8. Chandraprabhu $500 20. Munisuvrat 9. Suvidhinath $500 21. Naminath 10. Sheetalnath $ 1500 22. Neminath 11. Shreyansnath $500 23. Parshynath 12. Vasupujya $500 24. Mahavirswami $500 $500 $ 500 $ 1500 $500 $ 500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $1500 $ 1500 Anagat (Future) Chovishi: 1. Pabhnnabh $1500 13. Niskashay 2. Surder $500 14. Nispulak 3. Supashvar $500 15. Nirmam 4. Swayamprabh $500 16. Chitragupt 5. Sarvanubhuti $500 17. Samadhi 6. Devshrut $500 18. Samvar 7. Uday $500 19. Yasodhar 8. Pedhal $500 20. Vijay 9. Potil $500 21. Malli 10. Shatkirti $500 22. Dev 11. Suvrat $500 23. Anatvirya 12. Amam $500 24. Bhatrkrut $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $1500 Shravaks & Shravikas, we request you to avail yourselves to this unique "Labh" of sponsoring not only present but also past & future Tirthankars at the same time! Sponsors names will be displayed in the exhibition hall. Please call Nitin Shah from Los Angeles on 562-244-9035 - for sponsorships & any questions. ucation International For Per 59 Private Use Only Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Welcomes 15th Biennial JAINA Convention to Los Angeles July 2 thru July 5, 2009 st OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The immensely beautiful Wooden Temple replica of Palitana temple Come to Southern California in July 2009 Visit our website to get latest news about Temple Construction & Pratistha 8032 Commonwealth Ave, Buena Park, CA 90261 Our Website: o den neuen BESARDANA Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DES UNITED apUrvaavasara APURVA AVSAR "A Dhammal Play in Gujarati about a Srimad Raj Chandra's spiritual self discovery" - Hindustan times; India Enlightening with an emotional Enactment of Srimad's rich spiritual life - Param Pujay Shri Rakeshbabi Zaveri Thursday, July 5th, 2007 9:00pm to 11:30pm Noora al MEERA Pag Ghunghroo baandh Meera naachi re !! Friday, July 6th, 2007 7:30pm to 8:30pm SAMOSARAN A Mega event - Dance Drama by Veerayatan Group from India Friday, July 6th, 2007 9:00pm to 11:00pm VRVRUVTV BHAGAWAN RISHABHDEV Absolutely entertaining Panch Kalyanak Drama from Boston JCGB Saturday, July 7th, 2007 7:30pm to 8:10pm ASHTA PRATIHARYA Melodious Dance Drama by Jain Centre of America, New York Saturday, July 7th, 2007 8:30pm to 9:00pm The Revival Concert a mostalji samning of war finori film songs playback singer Sanjeevani YER with Shivprasad Mallya & Microfons Mundi SANJEEVANI - THE REVIVAL Honey-soaked vocals - Bubbly and full of life When Sanjeevani sings, the world stops to listen Saturday, July 7th, 2007 9:00pm to 11:30pm ABILITIES UNLIMITED Masterpiece performance by Handicapped Children of India Sunday, July 8th, 2007 11:30am to 1:00pm mational For 61 & Private Use Only Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ YOUTH PROGRAMMING JAINA 2007 [All sessions and social programming activities are planned by youth, for youth.] Youth Programming is designed specifically for ages 14 and up, with patashala day programs for youth under 14 years old. YOUTH SESSION PROGRAMMING: This year's speakers and workshop leaders have been handpicked by the youth committee for their demonstrated ability to not only teach, but entertain as well. Our amazing line up of speakers includes: Nipun Mehta, Kim Eng, Gurudev Chitrabhanu, Dhrumil Purohit, Bejoy Philip, Michael Simmons, Sam Rosen, Nirav Sheth, Sangeeta Kumar, YJI, YJA, YJUK and more. YOUTH SOCIAL PROGRAMS: Social Programming for youth will be spread out over the 4-day convention with the following events, Garba, Bhangra Block Party, Peace Jam featuring Lauryn Hill, After Jam Mixer, White Ball and Sunday's closing mixer. Hotivities JAIN NETWORKING FORUM (JNF) JAINA 2007 Jain Network Forum (JNF) is open to young Jains between the age of 21 to 40 who are interested in networking and meeting other like-minded Jains for friendship, relationship and marriage. JNF team is planning a great JNF program. As you may have heard, JNF has been one of the most in demand programs of the past few conventions, We have spent time trying to understand the needs of single Jains through research and are focused on providing a wonderful, satisfying and superior matchmaking experience to our JNF members while working hard to protect their personal privacy and security. As a participant you will have numerous chances to meet great young jains and will have the flexibility and opportunity to meet individuals you are interested in. in Education International Fi Personal & Private Use Only Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JAIN ACADEMIC BOWL (JAB) Coordinator: Darshana Shah Preliminary Rounds @ Edgar, Cook, Douglas @ the Holiday Inn Friday - July 6, 2007, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm / Friday - July 6, 2007, 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm Saturday - July 7, 2007, 10.00 am - 12.30 pm Final Rounds @ the Holiday Inn Ballroom Satuday - July 7, 2007, 4.30 pm PHOENIX BOSTON Coach: Arti Mehta Partcipants Neelam Shah Nisha Shah Asmi Sanghavi Neeral Mehta Naman Shah Coach: Piyush Shah Partcipants Rachita Shah Mehga Savla Shebani Shah Mansi Shah Nikita Mehta HOUSTON Coach: Riddhi Desai Partcipants Dhrumil Mehta Manan Mehta Nirav Mehta Ankit Mutha Ravi Shah CHICAGO- TEAM WHITE Coach: Shital Shah Partcipants Shikhar Shah Akhil Shah Kshama Shah Deesha Shah Mehal Shah CHICAGO-TEAM RED Coach: Dulari Doshi Partcipants Anjali Doshi Anish Doshi Puja Shah Shriya Shah PITTSBURGH Coach: Shanti Mohnot Partcipants Ravi V. Mehta Salil Doshi Kunal Shah Rupa Mehta Rishi Mohnot NEW YORK - TEAM WHITE CHICAGO-TEAM RED Coach: Alok Lal Coach: Chintan Shah Partcipants Partcipants Vishal Tolia Riddhi Doshi Pooja Jhaveri Neha Surana Nirmita Doshi Rahul Shah Yash Shah Rikita Doshi Deval Tolia Sheetal Tolia NEW JERSEY - TEAM Coach: Nita Vakharia Partcipants Shikha Shah Kunjan Udani Kush Shah Rishi Chedda Kunal Kothari NEW JERSEY - TEAM RED Coach: Mr. Vakharia Partcipants Chintav Shah Juhi Shah Charmi Vakharia Mansi Vira Ketur Kothari The JAB is based on an appreciation of knowledge on Jainism, the ability for quick response, and a friendly yet competitive spirit. The final match- "the show"- featuring the four teams with the highest rankings will be played in a larger toom for the third, second and first place. Audience is welcome, actually encouraged to be present during all matches. 63 Ein Educatoamnational Use Only Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ( JAINA 2007 CONVENTION CO-SANGHPATI ($ 25,000) Shah Associates, M.D., L.L.C. Supporters JAINA AMBASSADORS GOLD ($ 5,000) Jet Airways Shrenik & Rupa Doshi and Ilesha & Mayurika Doshi Prem & Sandhya Jain SILVER ($ 2,500) Anonymous Dr. Parveen & Niraj Jain Sun Financial Group, Kamlesh Zaveri Diamlink, Excellent Facets, Inc. Nina Sheth Jitu Turkhia GRAND ($ 1,500) Amarkumar & Jyotsna Shah Kishore & Kokila Parikh Siddharth & Alka Dalal Vasant & Prabha Sejpal Dr. Arun & Bharti Palkhiwala Sharad Shah & Dr. Ketki Shah Swapnil & Shail Janak Shah SWAMIVATSALYA SPONSORS DINNER ($ 7,500) Devji & Damayanti Dedhia & Family and (Nina Jewelers) Prafulbhai & Kiran Vaid & Family and Samir & Sheena Dedhia Jain Center of NJ - Essex Fells LUNCH ($ 5,000) Bhanuben & Kantilal Shah and Shashikant & Surbhi Sheth Dilip & Sarla Shah Dr. Raman Daga & Mrs. Shashi Daga (Towanda Metadyne Inc.) BREAKFAST ($ 2,500) Anop & Renu Vora DIAMOND GROUP OF LA ($3,332) Family of Late Shri Ratilal Govindji & Tarlaben R. Shah (Khaparwala) Jain Center of Southern California Jain Society of Toronto Jatin & Mina Shah Mahendra & Pushpa Shah Udai Jain Vasant & Prabha Sejpal Vijay & Madhu Chheda AARTI/MANGAL DEEP ($ 1,000) Udai Jain Souvenir/Program Guide JAINA expresses very sincere appreciation of individuals, families, Jain Associations, and Non-Profit and For-Profit Businesses for their very generous support with the advertisements in the souvenir & the program guide amounting to a record of $ 93,455. For Person 64 vale Use Only Page #67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ The Art of Happiness by His Holiness The Dalai Lama "I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. That is clear. Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, we all are seeking something better in life. So, I think, the very motion of our life is towards happiness..." "If you maintain a feeling of compassion, loving kindness, then something automatically opens your inner door. Through that, you can communicate more easily with other people. And that feeling of warmth creates a kind of openness. You'll find that all human beings are just like you, so you'll be able to relate to them more easily. That gives you a spirit of friendship..." "This is not a matter for complicated is a matter of common sense. There is no denying that our happiness is in-extricably bound with the happiness of others. There is no denying that if society suffers we ourselves suffer. Nor is there denying that the more our hearts and minds are afflicted with ill will, the more miserable we become..." "We can reject everything else: religion, ideology, all received wisdom. But we cannot escape the necessity of love and compassion. This is my true religion, my simple faith..." With Love and prayers, Mrs. Shantaben K. Shah and The Late Mr. Kasturchand M. Shah and families of Shah Associates, M.D., P.A. *our gratitude to all those who have helped to make this a successful JAINA convention* For Personal & Private Use Only Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Who's Who? 16/ One person who has won the hearts of people of over 60 cities worldwide with his Indian grace and hospitality in his own inimitable way. Who Else? Direct Flights to India from New York, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto Toll free No. 1-800-223-7776 PROGRAM GUIDE DESIGNED BY: WWW.NUCREATIONS.COM Fly well | RUERZO Discover frequent flyer benefits at For Personal & Private Use Only