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Page #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Moral Skits (JAINA Education Series 104 - Level 1) Compiled by JAINA Education Committee Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson Federation of Jain Associations in North America JAIN MORAL SKITS 1 Page #2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Jain Moral Skits (JAINA Education Series 104 - Level 1) Third Edition (revised): January 2004 ISBN: 1-59406-003-7 This book has no copyright Please use the religious material respectfully Published and Distributed by : JAINA Education Committee Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson Federation of Jain Associations in North America 509 Carriage Woods Circle Raleigh, NC 27607-3969 USA Telephone and Fax - 919-859-4994 Email - Websites - Please provide us with your comments and suggestions. Support JAINA Education activities. Your contribution is tax deductible in USA. Use the above address for communication. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Dedicated to Young Jains of America (YJA) ( Young Jain Professionals (YJP) and ( Jain Päthashälä Teachers of North America ( for their continued effort and commitment in promoting religious awareness, non-violence, reverence for all life forms, protection of the environment, and a spirit of compassionate interdependence with nature and all living beings. As importantly, for their commitment to the practice of Jainism, consistent with our principles, including vegetarianism and an alcohol/drug free lifestyle. Our great appreciation to all the Päthashälä Teachers for their effort in instilling the basic values of Jainism, and promoting the principles of nonviolence and compassion to all youth and adults. Special thanks to all Jain Vegan and alcohol/drug-free youth and adults for inspiring us to see the true connection between our beliefs and our choices. A vegan and alcohol/drug-free lifestyle stems from a desire to minimize harm to all animals as well as to our own bodies, minds, and souls. As a result, one avoids the use of all animal products such as milk, cheese, butter, ghee, ice cream, silk, wool, pearls, leather, meat, fish, chicken, eggs and refrains from all types of addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. JAIN MORAL SKITS 3 Page #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Acknowledgements The project of compiling, revising, and editing of the existing JAINA Education series books was accomplished by a dedicated group of Päthashälä teachers, educators, and individuals of North America, India and other parts of the world. The devoted contribution of all these supporters is evident on every page of this series, and is gratefully acknowledged. We would like to extend special thanks to the following people who contributed in the revision and publication of JAINA Education series Books. For Guidance: Muni Shri Nandighosh-Vijayji M.S. Muni Shri Ajayasagarji M.S. For Revising and Editing the Contents: Pradip & Darshana Shah Chicago IL Mukesh Doshi Chicago IL Parul Shah Raleigh NC Harendra Shah San Jose CA Sudhir & Anita Shah Woodbridge CT Jadavji Kenia Dallas TX Neha & Rakesh Jain Columbus OH Alap Shah Chicago IL Shanti Mohnot Pittsburgh PA Shweta Shah Austin TX Shibani H. Shah Chicago IL Parinda Shah Chicago IL Shrenik P. Shah Boston MA Nirav Shah Woodbridge CT Rekha Banker Raleigh NC For Cover Design: Narendra Velani Sudhir & Anita Shah - Chicago IL - Woodbridge CT For Artwork: Steven Pancotti - New Haven CT For Layout: Sudhir & Anita Shah - Woodbridge CT - LUT For Publishing, Printing, Layout, and Distribution Support: Virendra Shah Los Angeles CA Rajendra Mehta - Orlando FL Lalit Shah Ahmedabad India Kusumben Shah Ahmedabad India Hemant Parikh - Ahmedabad India JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Supporters of JAINA Education Activity: The estimated cost of printing all the education books will be approximately $50,000 to $65,000. We have received enthusiastic support in terms of advance payment from various Jain organizations and contributions from various individuals as follows: The Support Organizations: Jain Center of Chicago IL $5,000.00 Jain Center of Northern California CA $5,000.00 Jain Center of New York NY $3,000.00 Jain Society of Houston TX $3,000.00 Jain Center So. California - Los Angeles $3,000.00 Jain Society Detroit $3,000.00 Young Jains of UK $2,440.00 Jain Center of N.J. - Essex Falls $2,001.00 Jain Center of Toronto $1,500.00 Jain Society of Metro Washington DC $1,000.00 Jain Society of Dallas TX $1,000.00 Jain Center of Boston $1,000.00 Jain Society of Pittsburgh PA $1,000.00 Jain Society of Greater Cleveland OH $1,000.00 Jain Center of Greater Atlanta $1,000.00 Jain Study Center NC - Raleigh $ 500.00 Jain Center of Minnesota $ 500.00 Jain Center of Connecticut $ 500.00 Jain Center of Louisiana $ 500.00 Tulsa Jain Sangh - Tulsa OK $ 500.00 Jain Society of San Diego - CA $ 500.00 Jain Center of Greater Phoenix $ 500.00 Jain Sangh of N.J. (Cherry Hill, N.J.) $ 500.00 Jain Society of South Louisiana $ 400.00 Jain Society of Las Vegas $ 200.00 Jain Society of Central Florida $ 180.00 Jain Center of Cincinnati/Dayton $ 180.00 Jain Society of Oregon $ 101.00 The Benefactors: Riddhi Desai - Houston TX Mahendra & Saroj Shah - Detroit MI Suketu and Hetal Khandhar - Los Angeles CA Hemant and Bela Gandhi - Olathe KS Santosh and Bhakti Shah - Gretna LA Andrea Argenton - Italy Desingu S. Raja - Charleston WV Dilip and Suman Bobra - Tempe AZ Several Anonymous individuals JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Book Number JAINA Education Series Books (3RD Edition Revised) JES-101 One 5-9 Level Age 6 Publication Title Date JES-102 One 5-9 Merged JES-103 One 5-9 10-31-03 JES-104 One 5-9 02-28-04 JES-201 Two 10-12 07-31-04 JES-202 Two 10-12 05-31-04 JES-203 Two 10-12 05-31-04 JES-204 Two 10-12 05-31-04 JES-301 Three 13-15 05-31-04 JES-302 Three 13-15 03-15-03 JES-401 Four 16 up 06-30-04 JES-CD All All 08-01-02 10-31-03 Jain Activity Book (Old Coloring book and Dot to Dot Book combined) *Note JES-201 and JES-301 books are new editions Jain Dot to Dot Book merged in JES-101 Jain Alphabets Jain Moral Skits Jain Sutras and Stavans Jain Story Book The First Step The Second Step The Third Step Jain Philosophy and Practice I Jain Philosophy and Practice II JAINA Education CD JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Preface Jai Jinendra Non-violence (Ahimsä) is the backbone and focal point of Jain philosophy. Non-violence, non-absolutistic viewpoint (Anekantavad), and nonpossessiveness/non-attachment (Aparigraha) are fundamental principles of Jainism. Non-violence strengthens the proper conduct of every individual, non-absolutistic viewpoints strengthen the right thinking of every individual, and non-possessiveness strengthens the interdependence of all existence and provides harmony in society. If we observe these three principles in their true spirit, peace and harmony can certainly be attained within us as well as in the world. Although not fully introduced to the western world, Jainism is India's oldest living religion. The basic principles of Jainism are scientific and the 'truths' presented in our scriptures are universal; however, their interpretations and applications have to be done in the context of time and space in which we find ourselves. In English-speaking countries where many Jains have settled permanently such as the USA, Canada, the UK, and Africa, children do not have access to Jain educational material. In an attempt to make Jain principles known globally, the educational material must be made widely available in English. It is also necessary to publish Jain literature and educational material in a variety of media (i.e. books, videos, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and web deployment) for English-speaking people interested in Jain philosophy, religion, and scriptures. The JAINA Education Committee is pleased to present a set of JAINA Education books (revised 3rd edition) for students of all ages interested in learning Jainism. These books are grouped into four age levels: Level 1 for elementary, Level 2 for middle school, Level 3 for high school, and Level 4 for college students. The entire list of JAINA Education Series Books is listed in this section. In 1995 and 1997, the first two editions of these books were published by the committee under the leadership of Dr. Premchand Gada of Lubbock, Texas. It took several years of dedicated hard work to compile and publish these series of books. The Jain community of North America has greatly benefited from this effort. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Under a new JAINA Education committee, this 3rd edition series has gone through major revisions incorporating suggestions received from various Päthashälä teachers, educators, and students from different centers. The new committee members are Jain Päthashälä teachers of various centers and they have spent countless hours in the preparation of this material. Great care has been taken to present the material in a non-sectarian way and incorporate the uniqueness of every Jain sect. Most of the books have been rewritten with the addition of many new topics. Significant effort has been made to maintain consistency in the spellings of Jain words. Many youth have helped us in improving the English grammar in these books. The names of people who helped us in the preparation of this series are also listed in this section. Jain Scriptures are written using Devanagari characters. To pronounce these characters in English correctly, it is necessary to put various diacritical marks on some English vowels and consonants. However, most internet browsers and word processors do not display and print all these transliterated characters. The main objective of these books is to teach the principles of Jainism to Jain youth and lay people who do not have the knowledge of this transliteration convention. As a result, a simplified diacritical mark scheme has been adopted for this series. The transliteration used here is neither authentic nor totally consistent. While it will serve the purpose of learning Jain principles, this book should not be used for learning correct pronunciations. The estimated cost of preparation and reprinting this education series will be $65,000. We have received great enthusiastic support in terms of advance payment from various Jain organizations and contributions from various individuals. Please support JAINA education activity generously. We distribute the religious books on a cost basis. The names of financial supporters are listed in this section. The Jain Moral Skits (JES 104 - Level 1) for young children was recompiled using the 2nd edition book. Both the contents and the grammar were improved by adults and youth volunteers. Also, the members may have used other sources, and we are grateful to the authors and publishers for being able to use their work liberally. Please note that the JAINA Education committee members are Jain Päthashälä teachers and are not Jain scholars. Hence, you may find some errors in the presentation. Certain items may be applicable to one Jain sect and not applicable JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ to other Jain sects. Please pardon us for any mistakes, oversights, understatements, or overstatements in the material. We request you to use and review the material objectively and provide suggestions to enable us to incorporate them easily in future revisions. In line with Jain Philosophy, the JAINA education series is not copyrighted. However, if you need to copy and distribute any of the material, please do it respectfully and on a cost basis. Please note that most of these books and other material are available on JAINA Education CD and from the JAINA website - A lot of minds and blessings, both directly and indirectly, have touched this noble project. We sincerely appreciate and thank every person and every organization that made this project successful. As always, if you have any comments and suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us. If we have mentioned anything against the teachings of the Tirthankars, we ask for forgiveness. Michchhämi Dukkadam. Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson JAINA Education Committee January 31, 2004 JAIN MORAL SKITS 9 Page #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Pronunciation Guide and a Disclaimer note on Transliteration Jain scriptures are written using Devanagari characters. To pronounce these characters in English correctly, it is necessary to put various diacritical marks on some English vowels and consonants. Scholars usually follow a standard transliteration scheme adopted by the International Congress of Orientalists at Athens, Greece in 1912. However, most Internet browsers and word processors may not display and print all transliterated characters. The main objective of this Jain education series has been to teach Jain concepts to Jain youth and lay people who do not have the knowledge of this transliteration convention. As a result, a following simplified scheme has been adopted for this series. Only one diacritical mark, two dots over the letter "ä" (aa) or "Ä" (AA) is used to indicate a long vowel sound of letter "ä" associated with certain words. The transliteration used here is neither authentic nor totally consistent. Therefore, while it will serve the purpose of learning Jain concepts, this book should not be used for learning correct pronunciations. The pronunciation guide is as listed below. The bold letter in each Sanskrit word should be pronounced similarly to the bold letter in each English word. Please do not pronounce ä (aa) if the letter "a" but not "a" appears at the end of word such as Karma or Jina. English vowel CO-MD:D English word ago fär red police Sanskrit or Präkrit word Karma Ätmä Deva Jina ogho go rule guru Note - The Jain Sutra book (JES 201) will have all diacritical marks in the transliteration portion of the original Sutras. 10 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Preface Mangalächaran 01 - Jealousy Leads to 02 - Cheaters Never Pass Contents ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ - 03 - Sharing is Caring. 04 - Honesty is the Best Policy 05 - Kindness Leads to Friendship --- 06 - Name Calling is not Nice 07 - Showing off is not Nice 08 - Pouting is not Pleasant. 09 - Tattling is not Good 10 - Pure Thoughts for a Pure Heart 11 Liar, Liar...... 12 - Humility subdues Ego 13- Thankfulness leads to Contentment ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 14 - Compassion is the Way to go 15- Contentment is a Way to Happiness...... 16 - Sharing is More Fun ........ 17 - Respect All - Big and Small. 18-Learning Responsibility 19-Always be Merciful. 20 - Be Responsible for Your Own Action 21 - Stand Up For What You Believe In 22 - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover 23 - Understanding Prayers 24 - Bhagawän Mahävir, Our Idol...... -‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒ JAIN MORAL SKITS 72! 12 17 20 23 26 29 32 36 40 43 46 49 52 54 57 59 62 64 67 69 72 76 78 80 2888 83 11 Page #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ नवकारमंत्र Mangalächaran navakära mantra नमो अरिहंताणं। नमो सिद्धाणं । नमो आयरियाणं। नमो उवज्झायाणं। नमो लोए सव्वसाहूणं। एसो पंच नमुक्कारों। सव्वपावप्पणासणो। मंगलाणं च सव्वेसिं पढमं हवई मंगलं ॥ namo arihantänam namo siddhänam | namo äyariyanam || namo uvajjhäyänam| namo loe savasähünam || eso pancha namukkaro | savvapävappanäsano | mangalanam cha savvesim padhamam havai mangalam || I bow to Arihantas (Tirthankars), the perfected human souls, who have reached enlightenment by overcoming their inner weaknesses, who have attained infinite knowledge, perception, bliss, and power and have shown the path, which brings an end to the cycle of birth, life, death and suffering. I bow to Siddhas, the liberated souls, who have attained the state of perfection and immortality by eradicating all karma. I bow to Ächäryas, who are the head of Jain congregation and preach the principles of religion and show the path of liberation, which is the unity of Right Faith, Right Knowledge, and Right Conduct. I bow to Upadhyäys who are the ascetic teachers. They explain Jain scriptures and show us the importance of a spiritual life over a material life. I bow to all Sädhus and Sadhvis who strictly follow the five great vows of conduct and inspire us to live a simple life. To these five types of great souls, I offer my praise. Such praise will help diminish my negative vibrations and sins. Offering this praise is most auspicious of all benedictions. In short, I bow and seek inspiration from perfected human souls, liberated souls, enlightened ascetic leaders, ascetic teachers, and all monks and nuns in the world who practice non-violence (Ahimsä), truthfulness, non-stealing, celibacy, and non-possessiveness in their conduct, non-absolutistic viewpoint (Anekäntaväd) in their thinking. 12 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ chattäri mangalam चत्तारि मंगलं चत्तारि मंगलं, अरिहंता मंगलं, सिद्धा मंगलं, साहू मंगलं, केवलिपण्णत्तो धम्मो मंगलं । chattäri mangalam, arihantä mangalam, siddhä mangalam, sähü mangalam, kevalipannatto dhammo mangalam | चत्तारि लोगुत्तमा, अरिहंता लोगुत्तमा, सिद्धा लोगुत्तमा, साहू लोगुत्तमा, केवलिपण्णत्तो धम्मो लोगुत्तमो। chattäri loguttamä, arihantä loguttamä, siddhä loguttamä, sähü loguttamä, kevalipannatto dhammo loguttamo चत्तारि सरणं पवज्जामि, अरिहंते सरणं पवज्जामि, सिद्धे सरणं पवज्जामि, साहू सरणं पवज्जामि, केवलि पण्णत्तं धम्म सरणं पवज्जामि || chattäri saranam pavajjämi, arihante saranam pavajjami, siddhe saranam pavajjämi, sähü saranam pavajjami, kevalipannattam dhammam saranam pavajjami|| There are four auspicious entities in the universe. The Arihantas are auspicious. The Siddhas are auspicious. The Sädhus are auspicious. The religion explained by the omniscient is auspicious. There are four supreme entities in the universe. The Arihantas are supreme. The Siddhas are supreme. The Sädhus are supreme. The religion explained by the omniscient is supreme. I take refuge in the four entities of the universe. I take refuge in the Arihantas. I take refuge in the Siddhas. I take refuge in the Sädhus. I take refuge in the religion explained by the omniscient. JAIN MORAL SKITS 13 Page #14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 14 दर्शनं देवदेवस्य दर्शनं पापनाशनम् । दर्शन स्वर्गसोपानं दर्शनं मोक्षसाधनम् ॥ darshanam devadevasya darshanam päpanäshanam darshanam svargasopānam darshanam mokshasädhanam || The sight of the idol of the Lord, the God of all Gods, is the destroyer of all sins. It is a step toward the heavens, and is a means to the liberation of the soul. मंगलं भगवान वीरो, मंगलं गौतम प्रभु । मंगलं स्थूलिभद्राद्या, जैन धर्मोस्तु मंगलं ॥ mangalam bhagaväna viro, mangalam gautama prabhu mangalam sthūlibhadrädyä, jaina dharmostu mangalam || Bhagawan Mahavir is auspicious, Ganadhar Gautam Swami is auspicious; Acharya Sthulibhadra is auspicious; Jain religion is auspicious. मंगलं भगवान वीरो, मंगलं गौतमो गणि । मंगलं कुन्दकुन्दार्यो, जैन धर्मोस्तु मंगलं ॥ mangalam bhagaväna viro, mangalam gautamo gani | mangalam kundakundaryo, jaina dharmostu mangalam || Bhagawan Mahavir is auspicious, Ganadhar Gautam Swami is auspicious; Ächärya Kunda-kunda is auspicious; Jain religion is auspicious. अर्हन्तो भगवंत इन्द्रमहिताः, सिद्धाष्च सिद्धिस्थिता । आचार्या जिनशासनोन्नतिकराः पूज्या उपाध्यायकाः । श्री सिद्धान्तपाठका मुनिवरा, रत्नत्रयाराधकाः । पंच ते परमेष्ठिनः प्रतिदिनम् कुर्वतु वो मंगलम् ॥ arhanto bhagavanta indramahitäh, siddhäshcha siddhisthitä | ächäryä jinashäsanonnatikaräh, püjyä upadhyayakäh shri siddhāntasupäthakā munivarä, ratnatrayāradhakäh| panchai te paramesthinah pratidinam kurvantu vo mangalam || The Omniscients who have been worshipped by heavenly gods; the liberated souls, who are Siddhas; the heads of the religious order who reinforce the four-fold order established by the Jinas; the revered Upädhyäys, well versed in the scriptures; and the Saints, who are also the followers of the true path of liberation (three jewels); may all these five auspicious entities bestow blessings on you everyday. आदिमं पृथिवीनाथ- मादिमं निष्परिग्रहम् । आदिमं तीर्थनाथं च ऋषमस्वामिनं स्तुमः ॥ ädimam prthivinatha-mädimam nisparigraham ädimam tirthanätham cha rsabhasväminam stumah || We adore Lord Rushabhadev who was the first king, who was the first to renounce all his possessions (everything) and who was the first Tirthankar. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ तुभ्यं नमस्त्रिभुवनार्तिहराय नाथ, तुभ्यं नमः क्षीतितलामलभूषणाय | तुभ्यं नमस्त्रिजगतः परमेश्वराय, तुभ्यं नमो जिन भवोदधिशोषणाय || tubhyam namastribhuvanärtiharaya nätha tubhyam namah ksititalämalabhüsanäya| tubhyam namastrijagatah parameshvaraya | tubhyam namo jina bhavodadhishosanäya ||| Lord, bow to you, the eradicator of misery of the three worlds; bow to you the adorable ornament on the face of the earth; bow to you, the Lord of the three worlds; omniscient Lord; bow to you, the destroyer of the sea of the life cycle. वीरः सर्वसुरासुरेन्द्र-महितो, वीरं बुधाः संश्रिताः वीरेणाभिहतः स्वकर्म निचयो, वीराय नित्यं नमः | वीरात् तीर्थमिदं प्रवृत्तमतुलं, वीरस्य घोरं तपो वीरे श्री धृति कीर्ति कांति निचयः श्री वीर भद्रं दिश || virah sarvasuräsurendra-mahito, viram budhäh samshritäh virenäbhihatah svakarma nichayo, viräya nityam namah virat tirthamidam pravrttamatulam, virasya ghoram tapo vire shri dhrti kirti känti nichayah shri vira ! bhadram disha || Lord Mahävir is worshipped by all heavenly gods as well as demons; the learned take refuge in Lord Mahävir; the aggregate of his own karmas has been uprooted by Lord Mahävir; I always bow to Lord Mahävir; this unparalleled Tirtha has been set up by Lord Mahävir; Lord Mahävir's austerities were intense; collections of enlightenment (Shri means wealth, here wealth of knowledge), patience, glory, and grace rest in Vir; Oh Lord Mahävir, show me the path to attain bliss. उपसर्गाः क्षयं यान्ति, छिद्यन्ते विघ्नवलयः । मनः प्रसन्नतामेति, पूज्यमाने जिनेश्वरे || upasargäh ksayam yanti, chhidyante vighnavallayah| manah prasannatämeti, püjyamäne jineshvare || All the troubles disintegrate, the shackles of obstacles break, the mind achieves a blissful state wherever and whenever the Lord Jineshvars are worshipped. शिवमस्तु सर्वजगतः, परहितनिरता भवन्तु भूतगणाः । दोषाः प्रयांतु नाशं, सर्वत्र सुखीभवतु लोकः || shivamastu sarvajagatah, parahitaniratä bhavantu bhütaganäh| dosah prayantu näsham, sarvatra sukhibhavatu lokah || May the entire universe attain bliss; may all beings be oriented to the interest of others; let all faults be eliminated; and may people be happy everywhere. खामेमि सव्वजीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे | मित्ती मे सव्व भुएसु, वेरम् मज्झं न केणइ ।। khämemi savvajive, savve jivä khamantu me mitti me savva bhuesu, veram majjham na kenai || I forgive all souls; let all souls forgive me. I am on friendly terms with all. I have no animosity towards anybody. JAIN MORAL SKITS 15 Page #16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NAKED TRUTH AND PARABLE Naked Truth walked down the street one day. People turned their eyes away. Parable arrived, draped in decoration. People greeted Parable with celebration. Naked Truth sat alone, sad and unattired, "Why are you so miserable?" Parable inquired. Naked Truth replied, “I'm not welcome anymore. No one wants to see me. They chase me from their door." "It is hard to look at Naked Truth,” Parable explained. "Let me dress you up a bit. Your welcome will be gained.” Parable dressed Naked Truth in story's fine attire, with metaphor, poignant prose, and plots to inspire. With laughter and tears and adventure to unveil, together they went forth to spin a tale. People opened their doors and served them their best. Naked Truth dressed in story was a welcome guest. 16 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JEALOUSY LEADS TO... 01 - Jealousy Leads to ... ohit and Rajesh are friends. Rohit gets a new toy as soon as it comes on the market. Rajesh gets a toy when an occassion arises. Hence, Rohit always has the latest toys on the market and Rajesh often gets very upset that he cannot have them too. He is especially upset because he really wants a big red truck that he saw on a TV commercial. Rajesh: (Rajesh is angrily talking aloud to himself) Rohit makes me so mad! He left his new toy truck over here just to make me jealous. He knows that I want one too, but my parents won't buy it for me. It isn't fair that he has a whole roomful of toy trucks, and I don't have any. I bet his bedroom looks just like Toys 'R' Us. Well, guess what? I am going to break his toy truck. Rohit doesn't need so many cool, new toys! He annoys me so much. This will teach him a lesson. (Rajesh smashes the truck into many pieces). A ello Ahhh! I feel so much better now. Rohit had it coming for a while now. JAIN MORAL SKITS 17 Page #18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JEALOUSY LEADS To... (Rohit enters) Hey Rajesh. Did you like the birthday present I left for you? Rohit: Rajesh: What birthday present? What are you talking about? You didn't leave any present here. Rohit: Yes, I did. It was a big red truck with a red tag on it, and I put it on top of the table. Now I don't see it anymore. I wonder where it could be! The red tag said, "To Rajesh, From Rohit." Rajesh: (In shock with big, bulging eyes) You... you mean it was a present? Rohit: Yes, of course it was a present. For four weeks, I have been saving up my allowance to buy you that toy truck. I even told your parents not to buy that truck for you because I wanted to give it to you. Rajesh: A toy truck? For me? Really? Rohit (Looking around the room) You haven't seen it? What could have happened to it? It left it right here... (trailing off the sentence) Rajesh: (Feeling quite embarrassed and stuttering) It could have been stolen. Or... or maybe it just rolled away. Rohit: Rolled away? I've looked everywhere and it's not here! Maybe we should call the police. I paid a lot of money for that truck. Hopefully, they will put the thief in jail for taking the truck. People go to jail for stealing cars, so they will go to jail for stealing trucks too. Rajesh: (In a guilty tone) Oh, I feel awful. Rohit: Don't worry. The police will find the thief, and he will be very sorry that he ever messed with your present. He will go to jail. I hope they fingerprint the thief and put handcuffs on him, too. Rajesh: Oh, I feel even worse now. Rohit: (In a calming tone) Rajesh, don't worry. I will make sure the 18 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ JEALOUSY LEADS TO... thief goes to jail and doesn't get anything except water and celery sticks for a whole month. Rajesh: (Speaking to audience) I was jealous of Rohit and all his toys, and now I'm in deep trouble. My Jain schoolteacher said we should not be jealous, and that I should be content with what I have. I sure wish I had listened to her. She also said that we should tell the truth. I think I better tell Rohit what really happened. I can't go to jail. My parents will be very upset with me. Rajesh: (Loudly) I found the thief! I caught him right here. His name is Rajesh. Don't call the's me. I broke the truck and threw it away. Rohit: (In a tone of disbelief and hurt) You broke the truck and threw it away! Rajesh, how could you? Why would you do such a thing? Rajesh: I thought it was yours and that you left it here to make me jealous. What I did was really dumb. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Rohit: Of course, I forgive you. After all, it is your loss. Remember, it was your birthday present. I would love to have you come over and we could play with my truck. JAIN MORAL SKITS 19 Page #20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CHEATERS NEVER PASS Nisha: B ina is worried because her younger sister Nisha is not doing well in Math. She has repeatedly asked Nisha if she would like help but Nisha always gets angry and says, "I can do it myself!" One day, Bina is home early from school and is having a snack on the kitchen table. Nisha comes rushing in... Bina: Nisha: Bina: Nisha: Bina: Nisha: Bina: Nisha: Bina: Nisha Bina: 20 02 Cheaters Never Pass - (In an excited tone) Hey, Bina! Guess what? I got five Math papers back, and I got 100 on all of them. See, they all have special smiley stickers, too. Wow! I'm so proud of you. Weren't you having trouble with Math just last week? Yeah. I was always having trouble with this Math class. Then I started wearing these magic sunglasses and I've been getting perfect scores ever since. You must practice a lot? Nope, not at all! The magic sunglasses do all the work. I want to give you something special to encourage you to keep up the good work. You can't be getting 100's just because of the sunglasses; you must have studied hard to score five 100's. You don't have to do that Bina. It was nothing. You deserve a special gift. I want to give you my Mickey Mouse watch that plays your favorite Disney songs. No Bina, I can't take the watch. Honestly now, I really don't deserve it! Nisha, you studied hard and you deserve it. (Very insistent) No, I don't. (Beginning to get suspicious now) Okay. I'll tell you what. I'll JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CHEATERS NEVER PASS give you a pop quiz. If you answer all the questions correctly, I'll give you the watch. How does that sound? Nisha: (Reluctantly) Umm...Okay. Bina: What's 8 plus 8? (In deep thought) Uhhh, let me think, Oh, yeah, it's 15. Nisha: Bina: No, let's try another problem. What is 6 + 6? Nisha: (Hesitating) Uhhh.... 14? Bina: You must be nervous. What is 2+1? Nisha: 4? Bina: 4? You don't know your Math at all! How did you score 100 on all your papers? Nisha: I already told you, it was the magic sunglasses. Bina: And just how did those magic sunglasses help you? Nisha: The answers popped right before my eyes. It's like they came out of nowhere but I was certain they were the right answers. Bina: (Knowingly) I bet your sunglasses had something to do with the answers popping right in front of your eyes. Nisha: (Feeling hurt) You don't believe me? Bina: Ohhh, I believe you... I believe that you may have cheated? Nisha: (Defensively) When I am wearing my sunglasses, no one knows that I am cheating. No one else knows but you and me. Bina: That's not true; you have forgotten someone else who knows what you are up to. Nisha: Who? JAIN MORAL SKITS 21 Page #22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CHEATERS NEVER PASS Bina: You forgot Arihanta Bhagawans. Arihanta Bhagawan sees everything we do. You are taking things that aren't really yours. Don't you remember we learned that we are committing Päp when we do such things? Nisha: You really think that cheating like this is a bad sin? Bina: Yes, it is. You are hurting your soul each time you cheat. Nisha: I don't think I want to cheat anymore. Here, you keep my sunglasses. Do you think that I may be having trouble learning because I did some bad things in my past? Bina: I definitely know that you are having trouble because you do not study! For now, let's take the smiley stickers back to your teacher. Nisha: (Whining) Do I really have to? Bina: Yes of course. You have to be honest with everyone, including yourself. Nisha: Tam going to ask my teacher if she will help me in Math. Bina: That sounds much better. And, if you like, I can help you at home. Nisha: I would love that. Thank you so much for being such a caring person. 22 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHARING IS CARING 03 - Sharing is Caring uketu is having a party and each child has decided to bring their favorite food. Ram loves chocolate chip cookies but his mother makes them occassionally because they have a lot of sugar in them. Hence, Ram decides he is not going to share - he will eat them all by himself. What do you think happens to Ram after eating a whole plate of cookies! What does Suketu do? Suketu: Hey Ram, what's up? Are you ready for the party at my house tonight? I am so excited. Ram: Yeah, I can't wait either. I'm looking forward to playing games and eating lots of junk food.. Suketu: I know. My mom is making popcorn for everybody. That's one of my favorite foods. Ram: My mom is making chocolate chip cookies. Suketu: (Rubbing his belly) Yum! I love chocolate chip cookies. Ram: (In a rude manner) Not as much as I do! You're not getting any. They're my favorite and I plan on eating all of them myself. Suketu: Aren't you going to share your cookies? Ram: Are you kidding? My mom hardly makes them for me. She says they're too sweet. But tonight, she won't be there to stop me and all the cookies will be mine! All mine! Suketu: We learned in our Päthashälä сlass that we should share what we have with others. That's why we're all making something - to share with each other. Ram: Who cares about sharing? If I bring them, I am going to eat all of them. Suketu: Okay, suit yourself. (Both leave) JAIN MORAL SKITS 23 Page #24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHARING IS CARING (At the party, Ram walks in carrying a plate of cookies) Suketu: Hey, Ram. Why don't you put the cookies on the snack table? Ram: Okay. (Instead Ram walks past the table, sits in a corner and eats all the cookies.) (After the party) The party was a blast. Did you have a good time? Suketu: Ram: (Head hanging very low) No. Ohh, I feel terrible! And I mean terrible. Suketu: What's wrong with you? Ram: (Clutching his stomach) My stomach is killing me. It hurts so badly. Suketu: Should I call your mom? Ram: No, Suketu! Don't call my mom. I'll get in trouble. Suketu: Why would you be in trouble? Ram: Because I was told to share the cookies, and I didn't. I ate all those cookies myself. Suketu: Why didn't you think of sharing before? Then you wouldn't have eaten all those cookies and would not have a stomachache either? Ram: (Guiltily) I was selfish and didn't want anyone else to have any. Suketu: You should always share with other people and not be so selfish. Ram: You got that right....Ohh, I think I am going to die. My stomach is killing me. 24 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Suketu: Ram: Suketu: Ram: Suketu: Have you learned your lesson now? Yes, I will share things for the rest of my life. I will be fair and this won't ever happen again. I promise to do what is right, SHARE. I will be helpful and share with you too, Ram. In fact, I will do that right now. Share what? My Pepto-Bismol! Let's go. Helpfulness They might not need me, but they might. I'll let my head be just in sight; A smile as small as mine might be Precisely their necessity. If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; SHARING IS CARING If I can ease one life from aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in Vain. JAIN MORAL SKITS Emily Dickonson 25 Page #26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY R ohit and Ravi are returning from a play date with Ram, and are talking of the wonderful time they had. There seems to be a touch of jealousy in Ravi's voice when they talk of the number of toys Ram has. He slowly pulls out a toy from his pocket that he insists belongs to him! On listening to the entire conversation between friends, what do you think? What does "freedom in America" mean? Is it different in India? What are the rights and responsibilities of that freedom? Rohit: Ravi: Rohit: Ravi: Rohit: Ravi: Rohit: Ravi: Rohit: Ravi: Rohit: 26 04 - Honesty is the Best Policy (Rohit is walking home with Ravi) I had a good time playing at Ram's house. Didn't you? Yeah, I guess. His room looks like Toys 'R' Us. His parents must have a lot of money. He does have a lot of toys. I had fun playing in the fort and on the jungle gym. And did you see the huge swing set in his backyard? Yeah...I even saw a Sony Play station in his closet, and he had all the games I wanted. What I really liked was his toy army set. They looked like real army men. I have an army man. Do you really? Here, I'll show you. (He takes out a toy army man from his pocket.) That looks like one of Ram's toy men. Those toys are expensive. Did your dad get it for you? No, not exactly. How did you get it then? For your birthday? I've never seen it before. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Ravi: Ummm, I've had it for a little while. Rohit: Why didn't you take it out at Ram's house? We could have played with it. Ravi: (Lowering his voice) I'll tell you something if you promise not to tell anyone. This toy was Ram's, but now it belongs to me. Rohit: Did Ram let you have it? Ravi: No, he didn't give it to me. (hesitates) I...J... I found it outside in the yard. Rohit: (Getting suspicious) Where did you actually find it? Ravi: (In a whispering tone) Well, actually, I found it in his toy box. Rohit: (In shock) Ravi, did you steal this army man from Ram? Ravi: No way! I don't call it stealing. Have you heard of "Finders keepers, losers weepers”? Rohit: Oh man, I am so ashamed to be your friend. Ravi: When I was playing in his room, I counted his toys. Would you believe he has eleven of these army men? Now I have one of them. He doesn't need that many army men. Rohit: Don't you remember what we discussed about stealing at Päthashälä? Ravi: Yeah. That we should not steal, and we should not take anyone else's things without permission. We should not keep things that we find, because they do not belong to us. Rohit: That's right. Ravi: But, sometimes we take things and it's called borrowing. Yes, but then we give back whatever we took. That stuff we learn in Päthashälä was for people in India. We are in America and we are free to do what we want; so we don't have to listen. JAIN MORAL SKITS 27 Page #28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Rohit: Boy! Are you mixed up! We are Jains, and Jains don't steal, no matter where we are. By stealing, we get bad karmas (Päp). Ravi: Yeah, right! Rohit: Stealing is wrong, Ravi. It doesn't matter if the person has money or not. Stealing is stealing and as far as karmas are concerned, we get bad karmas by stealing. Ravi: (Guiltily) It's not fair that Ram has all those toys, and I don't have any. I was just trying to even up the score a bit. Rohit: How would you feel if Ram stole one of your toys? My dad says, "Life is not always fair”. Each family has different priorities. We all have to learn to accept this and if we keep collecting bad karmas, then all it will bring us is more suffering. Ravi: What will happen to me if I keep getting bad karmas? Rohit: Well, we learned in Jain school that bad karmas will cause you unhappiness in your next life. Ravi: Rohit, can I get rid of bad karmas? Rohit: Yes, you can. First, you need to take the toy back to Ram, and ask him for forgiveness. Ravi: I am really sorry. But, Ram will be mad at me. I am scared to take the toy back. Rohit: If it will make you feel better, I will go with you. Come on, let's go! Ravi: Hurry up and let's get this over with. I have really learned a lesson from this. I will never take things that do not belong to me. 28 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ S anjana walks into a room to find Rima sitting dejected and unhappy. Out of concern she asks her what is wrong. Rima goes into a big discussion Sanjana: her being friends with all of them. Sanjana tries to find out what action on Rima's part caused them to be upset with her. And this is what she finds out... Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: 05 - Kindness Leads to Friendship KINDNESS LEADS TO FRIENDSHIP (Rima is sitting by herself with her chin resting in her palm and she is looking very sad. Sanjana walks up to her). (Looking at Rima in a concerned manner) Hey Rima, what's wrong? No one likes me. No one wants to be my friend. I don't know why. What makes you say No one wants to play with me anymore. That's not true. How about Manish? You two get along just great. That was a long time ago. Why, what happened? Well, you know how he always used to let me do whatever I wanted. Now, he won't even let me go first when we go on the slide. So what? He knows that I should always go first. So, I got mad and kicked him. And now he is mad at me and won't play with me. that? That was an awful thing for you to do. But what about you and Priyanka? You two have always been good friends. JAIN MORAL SKITS 29 Page #30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ KINDNESS LEADS TO FRIENDSHIP Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: 30 Yeah, until this morning. What happened this morning? (Angrily) She brought cookies to share with the class at snack time, and I wanted the biggest one and she told me I couldn't have it. She said she was saving it for the teacher! That was nice of her to bring cookies for everyone. But why aren't you friends? Well, I got so mad at her for not giving me the biggest cookie that I pulled her ear, and poured my juice all over her dress. That was very unkind of you to do that to her. I think she deserved it. Well, what about you and Sonal? 'Are you two mad at each other? Yes, I bit her because she said I wasn't the smartest person in the class. Gee, now I know why you don't have any friends! I know. Can you believe how mean all the other kids have been to me? Mean to you? You're the one who's been mean to them. You've got a lot to learn about being kind to people. Why do I need to be kind to people? Well how would you feel if someone kicked you, or pulled your ear or bit you? JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: Sanjana: Rima: (Thinks for a few seconds) I guess I would feel pretty bad. But they deserved it for what they did. No they didn't. It's not fair to others for you to always go first, and always have the biggest cookie and always pretend to be the smartest in the class. "To have a friend, you have to be a friend". I don't understand what you mean by saying: "To have a friend, you have to be a friend". KINDNESS LEADS TO FRIENDSHIP You can't be mean to a friend and always have your own way. To gain a friend, you have to treat the friend the same way that you want to be treated. I have more fun, if I have my way. You are selfish. Your friends don't like it. No one likes to play with someone who acts selfish. You need to be more generous. You mean I must learn to be kind to others. I guess you're right. It is terrible being lonely. I must be kind. Come on, I will play with you. You will? Yes, let's go on the slide! Me first!!! (Sanjana, looks at her in disbelief) Just kidding! You go first! KINDNESS I have wept in the night, For the shortness of sight; That has led me to argue and fight, For the selfishness that made me blind; But I never have yet Felt a tinge of regret, For being a little too kind. JAIN MORAL SKITS - Unknown 31 Page #32 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NAME CALLING IS NOT NICE M egan has had a bad day in school. A boy in her class made fun of her and called her names. She goes home and stomps around in anger. When her friend Nutan comes over and tries to help Megan, Megan gets mad at her and calls her names. When Nutan does not get mad and shows Megan what she has been doing she comes to realise... Megan: Nutan: Megan: Nutan: Megan: Nutan: Megan: Nutan: Megan: Nutan: Megan: 32 06 - Name Calling is not Nice (Stomping her feet and walking around in a very angry manner) This is a really bad day. Everything is going wrong. (Nutan walks up.) Hey Megan, what's up? None of your business, Miss Nosy Know It All. Why are you snooping around here? You look upset. I thought maybe I could help. You're nothing but a dummy. What makes you think you can help me? (Offended) Megan, you're not being very nice. (Looking Nutan up and down) Where did you come from? Outer space? You look like a weirdo. I don't know why you're being so mean to me, but it doesn't matter. You know the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Well, that's because your big head is full of air, like a giant balloon... What an awful thing to say! Well, what do you expect? You're the one bothering me. Just leave me alone. You creep! JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NAME CALLING IS NOT NICE Nutan: I can certainly see that you are mad. What are you so mad about? Maybe I can help. Megan: I don't think so. I am mad at Ravi. He makes me so angry. Nutan: Did he hurt you? Megan: He really hurt my feelings. He had a lot of nerve acting like that. Nutan: What on the earth happened? Megan: Ravi called me some very lousy names. He said that I had a face like a monkey. Nutan: Is that what hurt your feelings? It sure did. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings? Megan: Nutan: Well one day, one of my friends called me a dummy, a weirdo, and a creep all in the same day. She also said "I was a know-itall". Megan: All in the same day? You must be kidding. Nutan: Nope, it really happened. Megan: I would have hit her. Did you? Nutan: No, I didn't do that. Megan: I would have kicked her and pulled out her hair. Did you? Nutan: No, I didn't do that either. Megan: (Getting worked up) Well, it looks like she deserves something awful. Who is she? I'll take care of her for you. Nutan: Megan, you know her very well. I do? Who is she? Megan: JAIN MORAL SKITS 33 Page #34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NAME CALLING IS NOT NICE Nutan: It's you, Megan. Just a few minutes ago, you called me all of those names. Megan: (Surprised) I did? Well, why didn't you get mad like I did? I am really sorry. Nutan: I learned a long time ago in Jain religion class not to worry about such things. Usually people don't mean the things they say when they are angry. So, I don't get mad. Plus, by getting mad we get bad karmas which will bring us more suffering. Megan: So you won't try to get even with me? Nutan: No, Megan. Name-calling and things like that are not good for our souls. Megan: Oh, I see. Jains do not call people nerds, creeps, or even pig face? Nutan: No. We learned in Jain class not to use any bad names. Megan: Jains can't be Jains if they do not follow the values preached by Lord Mahävir. So, I guess I am just an ugly toad. Nutan: Now look at what you have done! You just called yourself a name. Megan: Ohh, I'm hopeless! Nutan: The next time someone calls you a name, don't get mad. That way you won't get hurt. Megan: I will try, Nutan. Nutan: You will definitely have to watch your own language. Don't get mad at others. Don't call them bad names. Megan: You are absolutely right! I will try to do better. You have helped me so much that I just have to call you one more name. Nutan: Megan!!! 34 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ NAME CALLING Is Not Nice Megan: Yes, I have to. Nutan: (Annoyed) What do you want to call me now? Bonehead or fat face? Megan: (Megan shakes her head) No, I just want to call you Nutan the Great! Nutan: I like that better than all the other names you have called me earlier. Thanks a lot, Megan. Megan: No problem, you are simply Miss Nice and Wonderful. This is fun. Megan is my name. Calling people nice names is my game. Isn't that right, Nutan the Wonderful One? Nutan: Yes, Sweet Dumpling. Megan: Oops, this is backfiring, Miss Wonderful. I knew that would calm you down, Sweet Dumpling. Nutan: JAIN MORAL SKITS 35 Page #36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHOWING OFF IS NOT NICE 07 - Showing off is not Nice T he class just got back an English spelling test. Rohit was upset because he had not done as well as he had expected to. Manoj, on the other hand, got a 100 on it and was bragging about it to everyone and making fun of them for not having done as well. The saying 'Pride comes before a fall' or 'Think before you leap' may be a good proverb in this case! Instead of being egotistic and bragging, a little equanimity would have been good for Manoj. Manoj: Rohit: Manoj: Rohit: Manoj: Rohit: Manoj: Rohit: Manoj: Rohit: Manoj: 36 (Yelling across a room, in an excited, high-pitched voice) Hey, Rohit, guess what I got on the spelling test? I don't want to talk about it. I didn't do as well as I thought I would. Come on, what did you get? It couldn't have been that bad. (Angry and upset) I got a fifty-five. And I studied so hard for it. (Laughing) Fifty-five! That's terrible. I thought you were pretty smart. I guess not. Ha! Ha! A fifty-five. I can't believe it. (Embarrassed) I know. My parents are going to be so upset with me. I better go home and study for next week's spelling test. Yeah, you better start studying now. I don't have to worry though. What did you get? (With a lot of pride) I thought you'd never ask. I got a hundred. The highest grade in the class. No one else even came close. Everybody is so jealous of me. Ha! Ha! And the best part is, I didn't even study for the dumb test. What do you mean? You didn't study at all? I spent two hours studying for the test. I'm just naturally smart. I think I might even be a genius. I like that title: Manoj, the great Genius. It has a nice ring to it. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHOWING OFF Is Not Nice Rohit: I thought the test was really hard. You must be very smart to get a hundred without studying. Manoj: Well, Rohit, it might be hard for an average student like you, but not for me. I could've made a hundred on that test in my sleep. Rohit: Get outta here! No one can make a hundred in their sleep. Manoj: I can. Iam Manoj, the great Genius. The smartest student in the whole world. (Looking around and spotting Anjali) Hey, there's Anjali. She thinks she's so smart. Wait till I tell her what I got on my test. Hey Anjali! Rohit: Well, I have got to go and study. I need to do well next week. I hope I get a hundred next time. (Slowly starts walking away) Manoj: I'd like to help you, but I don't have time to waste on average students like you. (Just then, the teacher walks up.) Manoj: Look, the teacher is coming. I bet she is glad that she has such a smart boy in her class. I imagine she wants to announce it to the class or put my picture up on the board. Teacher: Manoj, I have been looking everywhere for you. I need to see your spelling test. Manoj: (Pulls his paper from a notebook & hands it to the teacher) Sure, here. Do you want to frame it, or put it in the local newspaper? Either one will be fine with me. Teacher: That's not why I am here. My teaching assistant mis-graded some papers and I need to check some of them. Manoj: (Looking extremely smug and confident) I don't think there's any mistake with mine. (The teacher takes a few seconds to look over Manoj's paper & makes a few corrections) JAIN MORAL SKITS 37 Page #38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHOWING OFF Is Not Nice Teacher: I'm sorry to tell you, Manoj, that you didn't get a hundred. Here is the correct grade. (She hands back the paper and Manoj looks at his new grade.) Manoj: (In disbelief) A 35? I got a thirty-five? Teacher: (Looking down at Manoj and shaking her head) Yes. Manoj, a 35. Looking at your grade, I don't think you studied at all. Did you study at all for this test? 3 I to Manoj: But... Are you absolutely sure I didn't get a hundred? I told everyone in the class I made a hundred. I told them what a genius I am. You can't change my grade now! Teacher: You need to stop being such a show off, Manoj. No one likes to be around someone who is bragging and showing off all the time. And most of all, you need to study harder. (The teacher walks away) Rohit: Boy, is she right! My score of 55 doesn't look too bad all of a sudden, huh? Manoj: I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I mean totally shut. Now everyone will make fun of me. Rohit: (Laughing) Yeah, they probably will. They'll probably call you Manoj, the great Dummy from now on. 38 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #39 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHOWING OFF Is Not NICE Manoj: You're not going to make fun of me too, are you? You're my best friend. Rohit: Well, I don't know... you weren't too nice to me a little while ago. Manoj: You're right. I'm sorry. I'm not as wonderful and smart as I thought I was. How about we study together for the next test? We can help each other. Rohit: Sure, let's go to my house and get started. Manoj: You know I have already learned something today. Showing off never pays and that's a big lesson to learn. How do you spell stupid? S-T-E-W-P-I-D? That's right, isn't it? Rohit: Oh, boy! We have a lot of work to do. Allikave e JAIN MORAL SKITS 39 Page #40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ POUTING IS NOT PLEASANT 08 - Pouting is not Pleasant anisha comes to remind Asha about baseball practice. But Asha is too busy pouting and has no time for baseball or anything - she is hoping to manipulate her mother with her pouting. She did not realise that instead of spending her energy in manipulation, she could have spent that time in baseball and would had a much better time. Manisha: Hey Asha, it's time for baseball practice. Let's go, or we'll be late. Asha: (Sitting with her hands under her chin) I'm too busy for baseball today. Manisha: You don't look busy to me. Asha: Tam busy. Can't you see, I'm pouting? Manisha: Pouting is for babies. Come on, let's get going. Asha: No, I'm not going to practice today. I'm mad at my mom. She wouldn't give me any candy. She's so mean. So I'm just going to sit here and pout until she realizes how wrong she is. 40 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ POUTING IS NOT PLEASANT Manisha: Your mom won't give you any candy because the dentist told her it's not good for your teeth. You had too many cavities at your last checkup. Asha: (In an annoyed, haughty voice) Oh, be quiet! You sound just like my mom. I like to pout, because it works every time I want something. Manisha: You're just being silly. I think you're wasting your time sitting here alone and pouting in the hot sun, when you could be having fun playing baseball. Asha: I am not being silly. You'll see. I bet my mom will be out here with candy real soon. Manisha leaves. (2 Hours Later - Asha is still sitting in the same spot) Manisha: Asha, are you still pouting? Have you been sitting in this heat for two hours? Did you get your candy? Asha: (Grumpily) I don't want to talk about it. Manisha: You mean you've been sitting out here for two hours, in this blazing heat and you still didn't get your candy? Asha: No. My mom hasn't given in yet. She keeps looking out of the window. I think she will give in soon. Manisha: Boy, you missed out on a lot of fun at baseball practice. The coach took us all for ice cream. You should have come with us. Thad a huge Sundae and a cookie. It was so much fun. Asha: Really? Ice cream? Manisha: Yeah. We had a great time. Asha: Did you get a sundae with strawberries? Manisha: No, I didn't. JAIN MORAL SKITS 41 Page #42 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ POUTING IS NOT PLEASANT Asha: Manisha: Asha: Manisha: Asha: Manisha: Asha: Manisha: Asha: Manisha: 42 Good! I didn't miss much then. I love strawberry sundaes. I just got a regular sundae. I don't care too much for strawberries. (Feeling guilty) Oh! I really missed out, didn't I? Yeah, you sure did. All you have to show for your pouting is a sunburned nose and a growling tummy. (Asha looks up as if watching a car pull into a driveway) Uh-oh. I'm in for it now. That's my dad. When he finds out that I missed baseball practice, just sat around and pouted all afternoon, he is going to be really angry with me. Well, don't you think that you deserve it? I guess. My parents have told me so many times that I need to grow up and stop pouting. Until now, they've just lectured me. This time, I think that they'll probably ground me. Boy, you're pouting has really cost you. You missed out on a great game, a good time at lunch and now you're in big trouble with your parents. And you still don't have any candy! I know. From now on, I'm never going to pout. It doesn't work. I guess I better go in and face my parents. (Waves to Asha) Good luck. I'll see you at baseball practice next week! JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TATTLING IS NOT GOOD 09 - Tattling is not Good istening to the conversation between Rahul, Shalin and Viraj one can learn that one does not look good by making someone else look bad. One should become better because of what you do and what you are as an individual. Your qualities depend on your actions, not by making others look bad. (Shalin and Viraj are whispering to one another and Rahul walks in) Rahul: (Looks at them suspiciously) Hey, what are you guys whispering about? Shalin: Nothing. Viraj: Yeah, nothing. Rahul: (Furiously) Yeah right! I bet you guys were talking about me! (Shalin & Viraj shake their heads) Viraj (Stutters) No Rahul, we were not talking about you at all. We were talking about uh... uh, we were talking about... Shalin: We were talking about the test today. Rahul: You can't fool me. I know that you were talking about me. I'm going to tell on you. I'm going to tell the teacher right now. Viraj Rahul, don't do that. Shalin: Yeah, don't be a tattle-tale. Rahul: I'm not a tattle-tale. Shalin: Yes, you are. The other day I asked Rita for a pencil during reading class and you told on me. Now the teacher thinks I'm a cheater. Rahul: Well, you shouldn't have been talking during reading class. JAIN MORAL SKITS 43 Page #44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TATTLING Is Not GOOD Viraj: What about last week, when you were at my house and you told my mother that I ate an extra piece of candy. Now I can't have any candy for a month. That's something a tattle-tale would do. Shalin: And the time that you told the teacher how we all made paper airplanes when she left the room. Rahul: The teacher likes me when I tell her these things. Viraj Yeah, but the other kids don't. Shalin: Don't you remember what they taught us in Päthashälä? We should tell our parents and teachers when someone is hurting themselves or others. Not tattle all the time! Viraj: Yeah, you don't have to tell them about every little thing. Remember the time you stuck out your tongue at Nikita? I didn't tell on you then. Shalin: And what about the time you picked the rose from Sonal-auntie's house to give to Smita? Did I tell Sonal-auntie? No! Rahul: (Looking down, defeated and embarrassed) No. You didn't. Viraj: We knew that that was just fun stuff. Nothing serious or harmful to others. Shalin: But we did tell the teacher when that bully was picking on Jigar. Rahul: You guys are right. I should stop tattling for little things. But what if the teacher doesn't like me anymore? Viraj: I'm sure that she'll still like you. She likes everyone. Rahul: Okay, I'll stop tattling. On one condition. You tell me what you guys were whispering about. Viraj: Well, we were trying to decide what to get you for your birthday. (His eyes light up) Really? What? Tell me. Rahul: 44 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ TATTLING Is Not Good Shalin: Well, we decided to get you a.... Viraj: We decided to get you a tail! Rahul: What? You mean like a tiger tail or a dog tail? Shalin: No, a tattle-tail!! (They all start laughing) I will tell the teacher!! JAIN MORAL SKITS 45 Page #46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PURE THOUGHTS FOR A PURE HEART 10 - Pure Thoughts for a Pure Heart onia and Monica come home from their first day at school. Both are excited that they learnt a lot of new things on their first day, but... each one's idea of new things is totally different. Watch you thoughts, they become your action; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character, watch.. Sonia: Hey Monica! How did the first day of school go today? Monica: Great. I learned so much today. You won't believe the new things that I learnt! Sonia: Yes, I also learned a lot. We are going to study about Native Americans, and the teacher said that we could build a great big teepee in our classroom. Are you doing anything like that? Monica: That's nothing compared to what I learned today! Sonia: I also learned about whales and dolphins. Monica: Oh, Sonia! That's just baby stuff. Sonia: During math class I learned my multiplication facts. Do you want to hear them? 2x7 are 14, 3x6 are 18, and 3x8 are 24. I bet you didn't know that. Monica: (Shakes her head) No, we're still working on addition. But I did learn some new words today. Sonia: I did too. Do you know what transportation means? I also learned what vaccination means. And what the word colony means. Monica: I didn't learn my new words in class. I learned them at recess. Sonia: At recess? Your teacher taught you new words at recess? 46 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: Monica: Sonia: PURE THOUGHTS FOR A PURE HEART No silly! Not my teacher! Some of the older girls taught me some new words. I bet you've never heard these words before. Listen (whispers in Sonia's ear). (Looks shocked) Monica, that is a very bad word. You haven't heard anything yet. (She whispers again in Sonia's ear) Monica, your mother would be so disappointed with you if she heard you say that. That's exactly why I am telling you and not her. Don't you remember what they taught us in Päthashälä? You know that you can get bad karmas by saying these bad words. You don't get bad karma just by saying words. It's not just the words, it's the impure thoughts that come with those words. Well, I did have some bad thoughts when I was saying those words, but I didn't know that I would get päp for them. Well, you did get karma, and now you need to get rid of those thoughts so you can be pure. How can I do that? Well, you can start by thinking good thoughts and saying the Navakär Mantra and making a promise to yourself to never repeat those words. But it's fun to use those words. Plus everyone thinks that it's cool. It's not cool. What's cool is sticking to what you believe in, and I know you don't believe that it's fun to use bad words. Our Jain teacher taught us that when we say, think or do bad things, we are hurting our soul. JAIN MORAL SKITS 47 Page #48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ PURE THOUGHTS FOR A PURE HEART Monica: You're right. I better start thinking about good things so I can be a better person with pure thoughts and good wishes. Tell me about the teepee you're going to build. Now that sounds cool! But I can only see the bright side! BAD Oo Oo..! BAD BAD "WHAT MAKES YOU SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 KNOWLEDGE 11 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5 = 96 % HARD WORK 8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = 98 % ATTITUDE 1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = 100 % 48 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LIAR, LIAR 11 - Liar, Liar ia is bragging about her new doll to Shikha, explaining how fancy it is and how it can do a lot of things. When Shikha says that she saw the same kind of doll at Toys 'R'Us, Ria lies about getting it from the world's biggest toy store! What happens when Ria gets caught in her own lies.... (Ria is holding a doll and Shikha walks up to her) Ria: Hi, Shikha. Shikha: Hey Ria, is that a new doll? Ria: Yeah, my parents just bought it for me. Shikha: I saw one just like it at Toys 'R'Us. Ria: (Looks down at Shikha) Oh well, my doll is not from Toys 'R' Us. My family went to New York City for a wedding and we bought this doll from the best toy store in the world! Shikha: It sure looks like the doll I saw at Toys 'R' Us. I asked my parents to get it for me, but they said I'd have to wait until my birthday. Ria: I don't have to wait until my birthday to get toys. My parents buy me things whenever I ask for them. Like this doll. It's a one-of-a-kind doll. Shikha: What's so special about it? Ria: It cries "Mama" when you put it down. Shikha: So does the doll from Toys 'R'Us. Ria: Well, my doll comes with her own hairbrush and mirror. JAIN MORAL SKITS 49 Page #50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LIAR, LIAR Shikha: Yeah, just like the doll at Toys 'R'Us. Ria: I don't care what you say, my doll did not come from Toys 'R' Us. This doll is very, very expensive. Um, it can walk and cry too.....umm, and it can fly. Shikha: (Surprised and skeptical at the same time) Wow, the doll from Toys 'R'Us definitely doesn't do that. (Their friend Nikita walks up to them) Nikita: Hi guys! Hey Ria, is that the doll you bought this weekend at Toys 'R'Us? Ria: (Looking guilty and momentarily at a loss for words) I don't know what you are talking about. I got this doll from New York. Nikita: No! I saw you with your Mom at Toys 'R' Us on Saturday! My Mom wouldn't buy that doll for me. She said she'd have to talk to my Dad about it. Shikha: So you did buy it at Toys 'R'Us. Ria: Well, so what if I did? You almost believed me when I told you bought it in New York. Shikha: I don't care where you bought it. But why did you have to lie about it? Ria: Well, I didn't think that you would like me if I had ordinary toys. So I made up stuff about my toys so you would think that I had special ones. Nikita: Ria, don't you remember what we learned? Lying is bad and you are committing a sin. We should always tell the truth. Even when lying doesn't hurt anyone. Shikha: And we'll like you more if you don't lie. Then, we can trust you. You are fun to be around, but not when you are lying. 50 50 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #51 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Ria: Nikita: Shikha: Ria: Really? Yes, really. Now, can I hold your new doll? Sure. (Ria gently tosses the doll to Shikha) See, I told you it could fly! (Everyone starts laughing) TACKLE Your 'Kashäy' JAIN MORAL SKITS LIAR, LIAR 51 Page #52 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HUMILITY SUBDUES EGO ajesh and Manish are two friends with different attitudes about themselves. Rajesh thinks he can do everything just right and is superior to everyone else; while Manish is not very good at playing baseball but he is willing to try and work hard at it to better himself. So when it comes to a trophy for achievement, who should get it? R Manish: Rajesh: Manish: Rajesh: Manish: Rajesh: Manish: Rajesh: Manish: Rajesh: Manish: 52 12 - Humility subdues Ego Rajesh, are you coming to the baseball practice? It's 6:30 and practice starts at 7:00am. Wait a minute. I just have to say my prayers and I will be all set. Okay, finish your prayers, and then we can go to baseball practice. (After Manish finishes his prayers) Why do you even bother going to practice? You don't play very well; you miss more balls than you hit. If I keep trying, maybe I will get better, Rajesh. You would be better at one of the bases. All you have to do is stand there and let people run around you. You will never be good at anything. You'll never be as good as I am. Today the coach is going to give out the outstanding baseball player award. I know I won't get it, but it will be interesting to see who gets it. I know that you won't get it, but I will. I'm the best. I hope you get it, if you think you deserve it. Sure I deserve it. I'm Rajesh, the best and the greatest. I never do anything wrong and I am good all the time. I am proud to be the best baseball player on the team. Sometimes, I do things that are wrong. I am sorry that I am not as good as the others, but I will try harder to do better. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ HUMILITY SUBDUES ANGER Rajesh: Oh, it's too bad that you aren't like me, Manish. I am perfect. Manish: Well, I hope you will still play with me. I am sorry that I am not as great as you are. (Neel joins them on the way to the baseball field) Neel: Hey, you guys! Let's go and see who gets the trophy. (They go to their practice and Manish is given the trophy) Rajesh: (Rudely) Hey, you're no friend. I can't believe you got my trophy. Manish: (In shock, but happy) I can't believe the coach picked me. Can you believe it? Rajesh: (Turning to Neel) I can't believe I lost the award for the outstanding baseball player. The coach gave my award to Manish! Neel: Manish, I am glad you got it. You deserve it. Manish: I still don't believe it. I thought someone else would get it. Rajesh: I was ready to go up, but the coach called out your name. Manish: Tam sorry that you didn't get it Rajesh. Honest! Neel: Rajesh, even though you might be a better player than Manish, he won the award because he works very hard. Those who are humble always win. You brag too much about yourself. Rajesh: So that's it! Do you think I brag too much? Neel: Well, don't you think you do? Rajesh: I guess I do. I need to stop bragging about myself. I have learned a big lesson. Manish, let's go and show your award to the guys. I'm so glad that you're my best friend. You really are a great baseball player. Congratulations. JAIN MORAL SKITS 53 Page #54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THANKFULNESS LEADS TO CONTENTMENT Mansi: P eople do things for one another because they care for them without an ulterior motive behind it. If it is done with a bad motive in mind, the caring isn't there, it is more of - "what's in it for me?" When anyone does something for you, it is always good to appreciate it - then you are always happy. If you think it is your right to expect others to do things for you then you will always be discontent because it will never be enough. Sonia: Mansi: Sonia: 54 13 Thankfulness leads to Contentment - (Sonia comes running into the kitchen in sports clothes) Hey, little Sis. I knew you'd be hungry after your soccer game, so I made some cookies for you. (Grabs the plate from her sister) Cookies! All right. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Sonia, haven't you forgotten to say something? (Examining the cookies) Forgot what? I think you're the one who forgot. You know I like chocolate chips in my cookies, and you forgot to put them in here. Oh well, just remember that next time. (She starts munching on the cookies.) JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Mansi: Sonia: Mansi: Sonia: Mansi: Sonia: Mansi: Sonia: Mansi: Swati: Sonia: Swati: Sonia: THANKFULNESS LEADS TO CONTENTMENT That's not what I meant. Then what did you mean? Hey, can you get me a glass of milk? Milk goes great with cookies. You forgot to say "thank you" for the cookies. I was in the kitchen all afternoon baking them. So? I didn't ask you to bake them for me. And you're my older sister. You're supposed to take care of me. Why do I need to say thank you? Can you get me some milk? I am really, really thirsty. Sonia, I don't have to do anything for you. I do things for you, because you're my sister and I love you. What's your point? My point is that you need to learn to be more grateful. You want thanks, then okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you sooo much. (Sarcastically) That's not the way to say 'thank you'. You don't sound very sincere. No more cookies for you. (Mansi takes away the plate of cookies) Go outside and think about your behavior. (Sonia exits slowly and sits down on the back porch. She looks sad. Her friend Swati walks over.) (In a concerned tone) Hey, Sonia! What happened? Why do you look so sad? My sister's mad at me because I didn't thank her for making cookies for me. Oh, she baked cookies for you! That was so nice of her! Why didn't you thank her? She's my older sister. She's supposed to do things like that for me. JAIN MORAL SKITS 55 Page #56 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ THANKFULNESS LEADS TO CONTENTMENT Swati: You know she gave up going to the mall with my sister to make those cookies for you? Sonia: She did? I can't believe she would do that for me. Swati: You're lucky to have such a wonderful sister. Sonia: You're right. Thanks Swati. You've made me realize how special she is. I'm going inside to thank her right now. (Sonia runs into the house, yelling Mansi's name and they meet) Mansi: What is it, Sonia? Sonia: I'm sorry I didn't thank you before. You are a wonderful sister and it was very nice of you to take time and make cookies for me. Thank you so much! I really mean it! Mansi: Oh, you're welcome. (They hug) Now why don't you run outside and ask Swati if she wants to help you finish the cookies. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. 56 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ COMPASSION IS THE WAY To Go 14 - Compassion is the way to go irav is watching and making fun of Ram learning how to jump rope. He makes fun of Ram's inability and lack of co-ordination. He takes the cope and pretends to act like Ram, and acts very funny till he falls down himself... (Ram is trying to jump rope, but keeps tripping and falling down. Nirav walks in. He sees Ram trying and begins to laugh at him.) Nirav: Hey Ram. What are you doing? Practicing to be a clown? Ram: No. I'm trying to learn how to jump rope. I want to try out for the basketball team and the coach said I should be able to jump a 100 times to make my legs strong enough. Nirav: (Still laughing) Looks like you're going to need a lot of practice. (Ram falls down again and Nirav laughs even harder) Ram: (Standing up and rubbing his legs) I wish you wouldn't laugh at me. It's making me very nervous Nirav: It's hard not to laugh. You look so funny. Ram: Well, I'm trying my best! Oh, I think I hurt my knee. Nirav: Hurt your knee? Ha! Ha! You'll never make the team at this rate. If you can't jump rope, you'll never be able to dribble the ball. You'll trip all over the court. JAIN MORAL SKITS 57 Page #58 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ COMPASSION IS THE WAY TO GO Ram: (Nirav pretends to be Ram playing basketball and tripping all over the court - then he sits down and laughs real loud) (Angrily and upset) It's not funny. I've wanted to be on the basketball team all year and now I've actually got a chance. So stop making fun of me! (He wipes away tears) Nirav: Oh don't cry about it. Here, let me show you how to jump rope. (Nirav takes the rope and begins to jump. All of a sudden, he trips and falls on his arm) Nirav: Ow! I can't move my arm! Please, Ram, help me get up. Ram: (Ram rushes over) Quit making fun of me Nirav, I get the point. (Nirav remains in pain) Hey Nirav, you really are hurt! Here let me see your arm. Oh, it isn't that bad. You've just skinned it a bit. You'll be okay. Nirav: You sure? It feels pretty bad. Ram: Yeah, You'll be fine. I skin my knees and legs all the time and I'm usually better pretty quickly. Nirav: (Still rubbing his arm) Hey, I'm sorry I made fun of you. It wasn't very nice of me. Ram: That's okay. It doesn't bother me! Nirav: Why didn't you make fun of me when I fell down? Ram: Well, remember, how we learned about compassion in Päthashälä. Bhagawan Mahävir always showed compassion to everyone, no matter how mean they were to him. I think that's pretty cool, and I want to be like that. Nirav: You're right. People don't like me much because I make fun of them. They all like you, though. I guess I need to be more compassionate too. Hey, how about I help you to train, so you can make the basketball team? Ram: Sounds great! 58 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #59 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CONTENTMENT IS A Way To HAPPINESS 15 - Contentment is a Way to Happiness halin comes from a family where his parents buy him every new toy that comes out on the market. Shalin has to have the toy to keep him happy even if he does not use it in a few days when he gets a new toy. Neil on the other hand, gets a toy on his birthday or when he does well in school. Normally Neil doesn't mind as much, but he really wants this new train set that he saw at Shalin's house. Shalin: Hey Neil, why don't you come over to my house? I got the new train set that everyone wants. Neil: Shalin, you get a new toy every week. You must have more toys than anyone I know. Shalin: Yeah, I probably do. I like to get new toys. Neil: Yeah, but when do you get a chance to play with them? Shalin: Tusually play with each toy for a few days and if I really like it, I play with it for about a week. Then I get a new one. Neil: I can't imagine having so many toys. Shalin: In a few weeks, it'll be my birthday. Then I'm going to get a whole lot of presents. I just hope people don't give me any clothes. I hate getting clothes. Hey, do you think I should send a list of all the toys I want with my birthday invitation? That way, people will know exactly what to give me. Neil: I don't think that's such a great idea. Shalin: It doesn't matter anyway. My parents will get me what I want if I don't get it at my party. Neil: Just like that? They give you whatever you want? Shalin: Yeah, sometimes I have to throw a fit, but I usually get it. They travel a lot for work, so when they come back they always bring me any toy I ask for. JAIN MORAL SKITS 59 Page #60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CONTENTMENT IS THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Neil: Shalin: Neil: Shalin: Neil: Shalin: Neil: Shalin: Neil: Shalin: Neil: Shalin: Neil: 60 Boy, you'll do anything for new toys! Don't you like getting new toys? No, I don't want so many toys. I have a box filled with toys in my room and that's enough for me. (With wide eyes, in shock) Is that all you have? Only one small box full?! Yeah. Once I've outgrown a toy, we give it to charity. And for my birthday, we usually donate some of my presents to the local children's hospital. There are many children out there without any toys. You really mean that some kids don't have any toys? That's right. Hey, why don't you share some of your toys with the kids who don't have any? I couldn't do that. My toys mean so much to me. But you don't even play with most of them. How can they mean so much to you? I just like to see them around me, even if I don't play with them. According to what we learnt, you should not be so attached to your toys. When we learn to be satisfied with what we have, then whatever else we receive will seem like a treasure. What do you mean? Well the more toys you have, the more toys you'll want. You'll never be happy. And if you don't get the toys you want you will be unhappy. You should learn to appreciate the toys you have, instead of getting tired of them so quickly. In order to help your soul, you should not be so materialistic about your toys. Toys will not make you truly happy. Your internal peace is what counts. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #61 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ CONTENTMENT IS THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Shalin: You know, you are right. After all, I can only play with one toy at a time. I think I am going to go home, gather most of my toys, and give them to those who don't have any. Where are my glasses? HAPPINESS The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; They just make the most of everything that comes their way. JAIN MORAL SKITS 61 Page #62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ SHARING IS MORE FUN because it is her usual school lunch. Nirav has 2 choices - they can both eat their own lunch while talking, or they can decide to share both lunches. What should he do? Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: 16- Sharing is More Fun irav and Nutan sit down for a bag lunch after a fieldtrip. Normally kids bring their favorite food, snacks and candies on a fieldtrip. Nirav is all 62 (Nirav & Nutan sit at a table and pull out their lunch bags) Boy, am I hungry! My mom packed me the best lunch. Guess what she packed? I don't know. What? (Nirav opens his bag and pulls out his lunch. Nutan still hasn't opened hers) Look. I've got a piece of strawberry pie, a veggie sandwich, and dill pickles. Yum, yum, yum. (patting his belly) And, I have a bag of chips, a can of fruit juice, and a bar of dark chocolate. What kind of munchies did your mom put in your lunch? It's the same thing she always packs. Well aren't you going to open your bag and see what you got? Maybe she packed you something different. No, I'm not that lucky. (Nutan slowly opens her bag) I don't know where to start first. (In a sad voice) Well, I don't have much of a choice. I've got crackers with peanut butter and a banana. What else did you get? JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #63 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: Nutan: Nirav: That's all. That's it? Won't you still be hungry after you are finished? My mom wasn't feeling good, so she couldn't fix me a special lunch today. Your peanut butter and crackers sound good to me. Do you want one? I'll share with you. You will? Thanks. Here, I'll share half my sandwich. Thanks. Boy, this does taste good. (Both munch on the sandwich) SHARING IS MORE FUN Have some chips. It makes the sandwich taste much better. And when we're done, we can split the banana and the pie. Picnic lunches taste so much better when you share. It sure does. JAIN MORAL SKITS 63 Page #64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RESPECT ALL - BIG AND SMALL 17 - Respect All - Big and Small sha is upset with Mrs. Thomas for giving them too much homework. She was bad mouthing her and because she was angry she started disrupting the class. Her thought was if I do not like someone why do I need to respect them, or be nice to them? Asha: (Screaming angrily and pouting) I can't believe all the homework Mrs. Thomas gave us! She is just so mean! Bina: I don't think that she's mean. Asha: Of course you wouldn't. You're her pet. I just think that she's an old meanie. Bina: That's a terrible way to talk, Asha. You know Mrs. Thomas is a nice teacher. Asha: Sometimes, maybe. But most of the time, she's not so nice. And she dresses so weird. Did you see that dress she was wearing today? Bina: All the teachers her age dress like that. And she is nice. Remember all the times she stayed after school to help you with your homework so you could catch up after your trip to India? Asha: Yeah, so what? That's her job. Bina: What about the time she lent you money for lunch when you forgot yours? Asha: Well, what about all the times she kept me after school? Bina: You kept talking and disturbing everyone else while she was teaching. She was just doing her job. Asha: I don't care. She should not have punished me. 64 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RESPECT ALL - BIG AND SMALL Bina: By sitting on the table and throwing airplanes during her lesson, you were not showing respect to her. Asha: Respect? Why should I respect Mrs. Thomas? Bina: You should respect her because she is our teacher and without her, we would not be able to learn. I plan to be a lawyer and I need people like Mrs. Thomas to help me learn the things | need to know. Without respect, you can't learn anything from anyone. Asha: What do you mean? Bina: Well, for one thing, you should never talk about anyone the way you were talking about Mrs. Thomas. Asha: How do you show respect? JAIN MORAL SKITS 65 Page #66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ RESPECT ALL BIG AND SMALL Bina: Asha: Bina: Asha: Bina: Asha: Bina: Asha: Bina: Asha: 66 Well, you behave nicely towards everyone and treat them the way you wish to be treated, even if they don't treat you nicely. That is respect. You should respect your teachers, parents, relatives, older and younger brothers and sisters, and other people in the community, like policemen. You can also respect bugs by not crushing them under your feet. I don't like policemen. They scare me. They are doing their job protecting us from the bad guys. You should respect them. Why should I respect everyone? Everyone doesn't respect me. What difference does it make to a tiny spider whether I squash it or not? Who cares? We learned in our Jain class that we should respect everyone. Jainism believes that all life forms are equal and the spider is a four-sensed being. It should be respected as much as a human being. Where on earth do I start? You should start by paying respect to your parents. You should appreciate everything they do for you. Next, start paying respect to your school teachers. How did you get so smart? You seem to know all about respect. I learned about it from my parents and in Päthashälä. I go there every Sunday. Maybe you should come to Päthashälä too. You're right. I'll be at Päthashälä next week. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #67 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Tejal: Rohit: Il the kids have decided to go to the Jain Center on a weekend to do a marathon clean-up. Rohit decides that he cannot go because he is reading an excellent book on behavior that he thought was only for grown-ups. In reading a book about behavior he forgot about his responsibilities after learning good behavior! A Tejal: Rohit, what are you reading? Rohit: I am reading a Jain book about behavior, which I thought was written just for parents. But I think it was written just for me. This book is superb and impressive. Come on Rohit! Let's go! I am ready. I am not going. I will stay home. (Nirav enters) We are supposed to clean our Jain Center today. The whole class is going to be there. Nirav: Rohit: Tejal: Rohit: Nirav: Rohit: Tejal: 18-Learning Responsibility LEARNING RESPONSIBILITY (In a louder, firmer tone of voice) Yeah, but I forgot about that and now that I am busy reading this book. I am going to keep reading this book, and I am not stopping until I finish it. You need to help us. We need everybody there. Someone else can do it, not me. I don't have that kind of time. I am busy reading this Jain book about behavior. We should read and study about Jainism, but we should do our work too. I am not going to help. I've decided to read the Jain book without taking a break. This is important to me. Let someone else do the work. (Pleading) You are the best window cleaner in the whole class, and we need your help. JAIN MORAL SKITS 67 Page #68 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ LEARNING RESPONSIBILITY Rohit: (Irritated) You will just have to try and do it yourself. Can't you see that I am too busy to leave right now? Nirav: I wish that you would come with us, because I am only good at cleaning the floor, and Tejal is cleaning the kitchen. Komal and Bina are good at washing the dishes. Rohit: I know last week's rain made the windows dirty. But, anyone can clean windows. My reading is very important. I want to be a good Jain. (Nirav and Tejal exit, Rohit continues reading) (Two hours later: Rohit just finished reading the last chapter of the book about sharing responsibilities as Vinit enters) Vinit: What are you doing? Rohit: I am reading the Jain book. There are many good stories that taught me some good lessons. Vinit: I always liked our Jain Center, but not this time. The last storm made the windows so dirty. You can't even see outside. Rohit: Why aren't the other students cleaning the windows? Vinit: There weren't enough people to help clean the center. No one did the windows. I bet our teachers will be upset and unhappy. Well, I hope you learned something good from the Jain book. Rohit: I did; the book was spectacular.! But anyway, windows should be cleaned before the visitors come. Vinit: You must be kidding. Clean? Who do you suppose is going to do all that cleaning? Rohit: I am. I just learned about sharing responsibilities. It is my responsibility to clean the windows. I will always fulfill my responsibilities from now on. This is our Jain Center and we will keep it clean, pure, and holy. 68 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #69 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ 19-Always be Merciful R ohit feels awful after smashing Manish's new bike. Feeling bad about it, he tries to cover up when Manish is concerned seeing that Rohit seems to have fallen down and hurt himself. Rohit feels good that Manish was more concerned about him than the smashed up bike - it was an accident. Should and does Rohit show the same compassion that he admired in Manish, when Tejal comes to apoligise for ruining his book? Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: ALWAYS BE MERCIFUL (Rohit enters all beaten up. He has some Band-Aids on his wounds and a sling around one arm.) (Talking to himself) I feel awful. I borrowed Manish's brand new blue bicycle, and I ran into a tree with it. I promised that I would guard it with my life. Oh no, here he comes. Rohit, are you hurt? What happened? Is there anything I can do for you? I had an accident, but I am all right. I am glad that you were not hurt too badly. No, I am not hurt that bad, just a little sore. I just came by to get my bike. My cousins are here and they wanted to see it too. I think it's in the backyard. What do you mean? Well, I last saw it in my backyard. (Manish goes to the backyard) (Crying aloud) The back fender, what happened to it? The front fender is next door in the neighbor's yard. The tires are in the tree. The chain is in the alley, and the handlebars are in Tejal's yard. JAIN MORAL SKITS 69 Page #70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ ALWAYS BE MERCIFUL Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Tejal: Rohit: Tejal: Rohit: Tejal: Rohit: Tejal: Rohit: Tejal: 70 (A little angry) You wrecked I my I wrecked your new bike. Please don't get mad. (Calmer now) Don't worry. Thanks for telling me the truth. I will gather up the pieces. You mean you forgive me? Yeah, I forgive you. I'm upset, but I can't blame you. It could've happened to anyone! Wow! You are a true friend. bike? (Manish walks to the yard.) The poor tree. I hope it's not hurt, because you sure did hit it hard. Accidents happen to everybody. (Hesitating) Ummm, uh..that's exactly what I came to talk to you about. Did you have a bicycle wreck too? (Timidly) No, not a wreck, just an accident. Do you remember the Spider-man comic book you loaned me yesterday? Well, there's really no good way of saying this but.... (Interrupting) You did not ruin it or lose it, did you? Well, not exactly. (Manish enters from the side and watches quietly) Good, because I love that comic book. It is not my fault! My little sister and the dog did it. My sister spilled water on it and then when she put it out to dry, my dog chewed up the wet book. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rohit: Manish: Rohit: Tejal: Manish: Rohit: (Angrily) What?! That was my favorite comic book! (He begins chasing Tejal) (Manish re-enters) Rohit? What are you doing? (Caught off guard) ..Uhh, I was just playing with Tejal. I really was. ALWAYS BE MERCIFUL No, he wasn't! Rohit, did you forget the lesson we learned about mercy? I remembered it, and I forgave you for destroying my bicycle. Can't you forgive Tejal about the comic book? The book only cost twenty-five cents and my bike was a lot more than $100. (Embarrassed) Yeah, I remember what we learned about mercy and forgiveness. Tejal, I'm sorry that I lost my temper. Don't worry about the comic book. I am not upset anymore. Things can happen. Thank you, Manish, for helping me remember the right thing to do. I'll work and earn some money to help you buy a new bike. (Rohit, Tejal and Manish leave.) I have thanked the trees That have made my life fruitful, But I have failed to remember The grass that has ever kept it green. - Rabindranath Tagore JAIN MORAL SKITS 71 Page #72 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS s human beings we all make mistakes and do things that we may not do if we really thought about our action. Mistakes happen, but are we honest enough to take responsibility for our actions and the consequences that follow? A Mother: Rohan: Mother: Rohan: Mother: Rohan: Mother: Rohan: Mother: Rohan: Mother: 20 - Be Responsible for Your Own Actions 72 (Offstage voice) Rohan! Where did you go, young man? I want to talk to you right now! (Rohan is playing with his friend Sahil) Uh-oh! I bet I'm in big trouble. I ate a big piece of that chocolate cake sitting on the table. I just couldn't help it. (offstage voice) Rohan, where are you? Over here, Mom. (Mother enters) Rohan, I baked a nice, big chocolate cake to take to the Jain Center today, and now it's a mess. What do you mean, Mom? Someone cut it and ate a large piece. That person also poked his or her fingers in it and drew a smiley face on it. (Very nervous) That's terrible! You don't think I did it, do you? I'd never do anything that bad, would I? (A bit suspicious) Who do you think did it? (Thinking fast and stuttering) Uh, uh... I bet Rima did it. Yeah Rima! I saw her run through here and she.......she had chocolate all over her face and on her dress, too. Hmm, makes sense. I am going to find her and ask her about it. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rohan: Mother: Rohan: Sahil: Rohan: Sahil: Rohan: Rima: Rohan: Rima: Rohan: Rima: Rohan: Rima: BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS All that cake would make her sick. Mom, please don't be too hard on her. She's just a little girl. I can always count on you. You are a really good boy. I don't know when she will be mature like you. Well, let me find out. (Mother exits) My mother always believes me. So, I will just let her think that Rima did it and I won't get into trouble. I wish I had another piece of that big, delicious chocolate cake. The Jain Center won't miss that cake. They will have other cakes. Here comes Rima, the little stringy, green bean. This is going to be a real joke. Hey Rima, come over here. You're going to let your sister take the blame? Oh, it's not that bad. They never punish her. All she has to do is cry and they let her off the hook. Yeah, but it's still not right. Well, she deserves it for all the times she tattles on me. Here she comes now. I bet Mom didn't even yell at her. (Sobbing) Rohan, I just got into trouble for eating the chocolate cake. Well, serves you right. You had that coming. (Still sobbing) But I didn't eat it. That's no big deal. A little talk never hurts anyone. (Sniff) Mom said that Dad will also talk to me once he gets home. Really? Do you mean that? (Sobbing) I was supposed to go to Bina's birthday party after school, but now I am grounded. JAIN MORAL SKITS 73 Page #74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS Rohan: You got grounded for one piece of cake? Rima: And that's not all. Mom said that I can't go to the Girl Scout camp either. I already have my back pack ready for that. I was going to earn a badge. Rohan: (Feeling guilty) Hey, I have an idea! Let's blame the dog. I bet we can say that he ate the cake. Rima: The dog can't cut the cake with a knife and what's more ridiculous is that a dog can't draw a smiley face. Rohan: What makes Mom think you did it? Rima: She told me, a little birdie told her about it. That birdie didn't tell the truth, and what makes things worse is that Dad will be coming home soon. Rohan: Oh, I didn't know things would get this bad. I feel terrible. Rima: I feel worse. Who do you think ate the cake? Rohan: Maybe, uh, may be Grandpa ate it. Rima: He's not in town. So how could he have done it? Rohan: I don't know. (He hangs his head and starts talking to himself.) What are you saying? I can't understand you. Rima: Rohan: I bet being grounded really hurts. Rima: Rohan, hope that I get through this. I hear Dad coming. Rohan: Hope that you don't get into serious trouble? Rima: Hope that Dad can't find me and hope that people realize that lying isn't good, and it gets good, honest people in trouble. 74 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS Rohan: (In his mind) I feel awful. I feel so sorry for Rima. I don't want Rima to get into anymore trouble for my actions. I am responsible for my own actions. (Rima leaves) Rohan: (Out loud) Hey, Rima, wait for me. There's something I need to tell Mom and Dad. I am the one who ate the cake and made the smiley face in the middle of it. Don't be mad. I will never blame others for the things I do. Wait, Rima, wait for me. I will tell Dad what I did. Take full responsibility for all your actions JAIN MORAL SKITS 75 Page #76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN e all have beliefs and philosophies that we believe in. The true test of our belief comes when they are tested and we have to either stand up for what we believe in or keep quiet and accept or agree to something which goes against our belief. Our beliefs are like a tea bag - we do not know how strong they are till they are put in trying situations! W Manish: Rita: Manish: Rita: Manish: Rita: Manish: Rita: Manish: Rita: Manish: Rita: 76 21 - Stand Up For What You Believe In Hey Rita, can I talk to you? I'm in a big mess. I don't know what to do. What's wrong? What happened? I have a terrible problem. I wish I could just crawl into a hole and never come out. Come on now. It can't be that bad. Well, I was studying for this big math test tomorrow and my friends started to complain how hard it's going to be. So they came up with a plan to cheat on the test. You aren't planning to cheat, are you? And remember we learned that we should not cheat. Anyway, you always do well on math tests so you shouldn't be worried. I study hard and you know how important math is to me. Well, then why are you so upset? You can't control everyone's actions. The boys at school want to cheat from my paper. Oh, no! You didn't agree to that, did you? No, but I didn't say they couldn't either. Why not? JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #77 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN Manish: I did not want to make them mad. They would call me names, and I just hate being called names. Besides, I wouldn't have any friends. Rita: Well, if you cheat, you will be in big trouble. Manish: I wouldn't be cheating, only the others would be. Rita: That's not true. Helping them on the test is not being honest, which makes you a cheater too. Doing it yourself, allowing others to do it, and encouraging them to do it even if you are not involved - all three are wrong. That's dishonest, and you will get bad karmas. Manish: What should I do? Rita: You know what to do. You need to stand up for what you believe in. Manish: Even if they call me all kinds of names that I don't like? Rita: They will do that for a little while, but soon they will forget it. They might even respect you for doing the right thing. Manish: I've got an idea! I'll invite them to my house to study, and then they won't have to cheat. They can get good grades on their own without having to cheat.. Rita: See, you answered your own question. Great! Manish: Now, I can stop worrying. Rita: How does worrying solve problems? Manish: Well, I guess it doesn't. The best answer is to stand up for what is right, and always follow the Jain principles we have learnt, even if we have to face the consequences. We should follow the principles all the time, and not only when it is convenient to us. Rita: I agree with that. JAIN MORAL SKITS 77 Page #78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER 22 - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover e often pick up a book, look at the cover, flip through the pages in 2 seconds and decide whether a book is good or not! We similarly look at people and without knowing anything about them come to a conclusion whether they are good or not! How is that possible? Can one look at you and decide whether you are a nice person or not? W Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: 78 I have a new friend who just moved into our neighborhood. His name is Suketu. He has a new ten-speed bike, and he lets me ride it. I want you to meet him. Come on, let's go. No, I don't think I want to be a friend with someone like that. What do you mean "someone like that"? How can you say that about someone you don't even know? I already know that he's a sneaky, creepy freak, and we shouldn't be friends with him. That is a terrible way to judge someone, Ram. Oh, I'm not judging. I saw him downtown last week in one of the stores. I saw him take some candy from behind the counter. I am not judging; these are true facts. How do you know he was stealing the candy? You could see that he was stealing the candy. People just don't go behind the counter. I know why he was behind the counter. Ram, his dad told him to go behind the counter. You mean his dad wanted him to steal the candy? Uh! not really, Ram. Suketu's dad owns the store. Suketu helps his father by working in the store. You mean he has a job? JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: Nirav: Ram: DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER Yes. See you weren't being fair when you judged him by just one occasion. And even there you were wrong! Well, that's how things looked to me. I really didn't mean to be unfair. You shouldn't judge people. Maybe, there is another side to a situation that we cannot see or understand. Just keep your thoughts about other people to yourself. I hope you didn't mention that you thought Suketu was a thief to anyone else. No, you are the only one I told. Well, I am glad Ram. People shouldn't talk bad about others. People gossip and spread rumors; and then start to think badly of others. I am really sorry, Nirav. I promise I won't do it again. Suketu must be a nice guy if you like him. Will you take me to meet him? All right, he is at the candy store right now. Let's go over there, and I will buy you some candy. That's so nice of you Nirav. Let's race to see who can get to the candy store first. Don't judge me for what you can't see For things aren't always as they seem. You don't have to be a supermodel to be beautiful, You don't have to have money to be rich, For things aren't always as they seem. Life goes on and we grow up, Forget our childish ways and listen up; People aren't always as we imagine them to be, And our best friend can be our worst enemy. We learn that love and lust are not the same thing, And that the easiest way out isn't always the best; But most importantly we learn not to judge a book by it's cover, And that things aren't always as they seem. -Allison Hoppe JAIN MORAL SKITS 79 Page #80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UNDERSTANDING PRAYERS 23- Understanding Prayers rayers are a way of understanding the virtues of Arihantas and trying to follow these virtues. When we listen to the prayer without understanding the meaning and application behind it we loose the essence of prayers. Rupa learns this after she listen to her päthshälä teacher's recital of a Jain sutra... p Rupa: Rupa: Nirav: Rupa: Nirav: Rita: Nirav: Rupa: Nirav: Rupa: Rita: Rupa: 80 Boy, was that prayer fast! I did not think he could do it. It only took our teacher four minutes and fifteen seconds to recite that prayer. He ought to be in the Guiness book of world records. (Rita and Nirav enter) Hey Nirav, were you at the Jain Center this morning? Didn't you see me during the prayer? I am not sure. My mind was on other things. Didn't you notice anything at the center today that was special? Do you mean the prayer at the beginning of the class was special? The new teacher said a beautiful prayer, and it made a lot of sense. What did he say this morning? Didn't you listen to the words? My mind was on other things and I could not listen at the same time. What were you doing during the prayer? I was timing him. It only took him four minutes and fifteen seconds. JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Rita: Rupa: Rita: Rupa: Nirav: Rupa: Rita: Nirav: Rupa: Nirav: You time people at the Center while they are praying or teaching? I sure do. It is so cool. I have a whole list of times for reciting prayers and lectures in my Sunday school book. It tells me how long it takes to say different prayers and lectures. This is not a marathon! You really missed a good prayer. I was not saying the prayer; he was. And what good would it do to me? The teacher was leading us in the prayer. It is important to listen and pay attention to what is being said in any prayer, not just repeat it without thinking. I thought we were just supposed to sit still and be quiet. Well, yes. But you are also supposed to pray and listen to it yourself. One of my favorite things to do is listen to the prayer and understand the meaning. That is how I can learn to pray on my own later, when there is no one around to lead the prayer. Well, I listen to the songs on MTV. I only pray before I go for an exam. UNDERSTANDING PRAYERS We should not pray before exams because Arihantas and Siddhas are viträg and do not bestow favors on anyone! Praying is one way of looking at their qualities and imbibing these virtues in us. Rupa, God does not give you the right answer in an exam, when you study for an JAIN MORAL SKITS Hello God! Please pass me in my exams today 81 Page #82 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ UNDERSTANDING PRAYERS exam your effort helps you give the right answer! Rita: He is right. Listening to the prayers has helped me understand the virtues of arihantas and try to follow them in my daily life. Rupa: Hmm, maybe you're right. I will try listening next time. I will leave my watch at home from now on. Then, I will be listening to the prayers and understanding their meaning. Awaken the Giant Within I strive for Infinite POWER to change the impossible to possible. I strive for Infinite COURAGE to seek out and conquer fear and other related blockages in my own world. I strive for Infinite COMPASSION to easily understand and accept the hearts of all others as part of my development. I strive for Infinite FORTUNE to have all my needs easily met through honest and sincere care for others. I strive for Infinite ENERGY to continue doing only my very best in all circumstances. I strive for Infinite SINCERITY to mean all the things I say, do, think and create. I strive for Infinite DETERMINATION to stay on the courses I choose to their fruition. I strive for Infinite STRENGTH in times of adversity and triumph, when I am most vulnerable. I strive for Infinite LIFE FORCE to penetrate and overcome my obstacles. I strive for Infinite FULFILLMENT of my desire for the Enlightenment of all Humanity. I strive for Infinite WISDOM to share freely and to know when not to share. The needed words at the needed time. I strive for Infinite GRATITUDE to the Universe and everything in it. I strive for Infinite BELIEF in my ability to make dreams come true. 82 JAIN MORAL SKITS Page #83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ Tejas: B hagawän Mahävir is the twenty-fourth tirthankar of this time cycle. You can recognise his idol in temples by looking for his länchhan, the lion, at the base of the idol. He spent over 12 years in meditation, and practiced and taught the principles of Ahimsä, Anekäntaväd and Aparigraha. Mihir: Tejas: Mihir: Tejas: Mihir: Tejas: Mihir: Tejas: Mihir: Tejas: 24 - Bhagawän Mahävir, Our Idol BHAGWAWÄN MAHÄVIR, OUR IDOL (Mihir is sitting and reading a book, when Tejas walks in carrying a comic book) Hey Mihir, look, I've got the new X Men comic book. Wanna see it? (Looks up) Not right now. Let me finish this book and then I'll look at it. (Talks excitedly) It's great. You've gotta see it. It's all about this new monster with these special powers and the X-Men have to come up with a new way to fight it. It's so cool. I wish I could be one of the X-Men. I like the X-Men too, but I wouldn't want to be one of them. You're so weird. What's so special about that book you're reading? It's about one of the greatest people that ever lived. Oh yeah? Who? A famous superhero? No, silly. Superheroes aren't real. They're just on TV and in comic books. I bet it's about a basketball player. You love basketball. You're right. I love basketball, especially the Chicago Bulls. But it's not about a basketball player. Then who? Please tell me, Mihir. JAIN MORAL SKITS 83 Page #84 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________ BHAGAWAN MAHAVIR, OUR IDOL Mihir: It's all about Mahavir Bhagawan. I got the book from the Jain library. Tejas: What's so special about Mahavir Bhagawan? Did he ever fight any monsters or have any special powers? Mihir: Well sort of. You see, Mahavir Bhagawan didn't believe in violence, so he never actually hurt anyone, but he once prevented a snake from attacking him and his friends. Tejas: Really? What else? Mihir: Another time, when he was a child, a big monster carried him on his shoulders. Tejas: (Curiously) What did he do? Mihir: Well, he didn't get scared or anything. He stayed calm, until the monster realized that he couldn't hurt Mahavir and put him down. Tejas: Wow? Does he have any special powers? Mihir: He spent twelve years in deep meditation. And when he would teach about Jainism, everyone, including the animals, could understand him in their own language. Tejas: That's amazing. Mihir: And he taught people like you and me all about practicing a true religion, following the principles of Ahimsa, Anekantavad and Aparigraha. Tejas: (Reaching to grab the book) Hey, let me read that book. Mihir: Tell you what. Let's go to the Jain library this afternoon and you can get your own copy. Tejas: Cool! 84 Jain MORAL SKITS